Santoalla (2016) Movie Script

You're going to do it now?
In front of the camera?
Do you know how to seed? Watch!
here you are free.
It's different air...
a different experience.
Because when your children are here,
you have everything.
Julio was always everyone's favorite.
Almost every day...
he needs to feed the cows
and take them to the mountain.
He loves the countryside
and working the fields.
Carlos isn't crazy about working.
But, of course, I've always
loved him very much.
Maybe more than the others...
because his mind is a little...
Manolo...he's eighty some years old now.
He still wants to work but,
I tell him not to worry about it.
If you can't, you can't.
We've lived here our whole lives.
And everything was fine.
In Santoalla, there were no problems.
But, when Martin disappeared...
there were a lot of officers here.
I was surprised when I saw them all.
They said, "Have you seen Martin?"
I said, "What are you talking about?"
They said, "Martin's gone."
I said, "I know nothing.
He left...
and he never came back."
Martin, for me that was...
I don't know. I don't know.
I don't want to say anything
because I don't know.
But, if he didn't go away,
somebody took him away.
Santa Eulalia.
They named the village after her,
Santa Eulalia.
If you ask from your heart
she gives many things.
But, you have to ask the right way.
When Martin and Margo first got here...
we were alone here.
People started to leave...
because men were out of work.
There were no jobs here.
But, I like people coming here,
normal people.
The village is big enough for
three or four more neighbors
but, you need to get along
with everyone.
So, I helped them
as much as I could.
"Do good no matter to whom."
That's the proverb.
"Do good no matter to whom."
Galicia has always been a rural region,
but during the twentieth century
the number of people living on
agriculture has diminished.
It is estimated that in recent years
nearly 300 villages in rural areas
have been abandoned.
However, there are some people
who are leaving the city for the country
to make their living in agriculture.
They are the new inhabitants
of the countryside.
This house used to be a stable but,
the walls are very bad...
and we are repairing it
to be a good structure.
Our idea is an ecological center,
like Noah's Ark.
A few things from different species...
from both plants and animals.
We also expect people to take
organic farming and things like that.
This campsite is for them.
I worked their garden and
the first few years were very productive
because I gave them sheep fertilizer.
And they grew huge carrots.
But, you need to work hard for that.
With a small hoe, you can't get that.
Our zucchini this this.
Huge. Impossible.
This place has a lot of potential.
All the places around here.
It's very beautiful...for tourism,
canoeing, fishing, hiking...
there are a lot of possibilities here.
What do you think of
your new neighbors?
I think it's good if they stick it out.
They came from Holland and
want to build a house for rural tourism.
And that's what they're doing.
Do you want to see
their project succeed?
Yeah. Sure.
If they don't bother me,
I won't bother them.
We love our land very much.
If there's a piece of land that's mine,
I don't want anyone to touch it.
It must be in our genes.
I used to come here with my parents
and my aunt when I was very young.
And now, I have a three year old son.
He's been coming here with me
since he was born.
He likes it more than computer games,
tablets...more than anything.
He already tells his mother that
he doesn't want to go to school
that he wants to go
with his father.
But, maybe he won't like it later.
Maybe he'll like girls better.
And girls won't come here.
I feel nostalgic about the past
because there's no one here now.
But, as long as I'm around
Santoalla won't be abandoned.
It's my village.
That's how it is.
What projects are you planning
to start here?
Which ones have you
started already?
Initially, man...
a few of everything, like Noah's Ark.
But, every year we have to
consider if it's possible
I want to do things, but we
have a lot of obstructions...
things that block our plans...
like the old neighbor
that lives up there.
We have difficulties with everything
we want to do here.
If I try to build a water mill,
the neighbor says,
"You can't put that there!"
When I clean a path and I want to
move the stones from the ruins
to build a wall for that same path
the neighbor immediately says,
"Those stones aren't yours!"
Neighbors should be
on their own property.
To know that you need to live here
and know how things work here.
Everyone on their own property.
They were outsiders and
they did what they wanted.
And in a village like this,
you need to do as everybody.
Of course.
Their mentality is very closed,
absolutely closed.
And I simply can't understand
this mentality.
I can't work this way.
Last question...
after being here for five years,
how do you see the future of these
villages in the Galician mountains?
Should they be rebuilt?
How do you see the future?
Only two families live in Santoalla,
a situation that should create
a bond between them.
But, they haven't talked to each other
for the last six years.
We had a good relationship
with the neighbors before
but, now we don't.
None at all.
The conflict got worse
because the Dutch couple
requested to have rights
on the common land.
This morning I put a sign
in front of the village
that says, "Welcome to Santa Eulalia...
Kingdom of the Moroccans."
I put it there because sometimes
I feel like I'm living
in an Arab country.
The old man here thinks
he's Sun King of the village.
That it's his village.
I disagree with this idea.
He also says he's the mayor
of the village.
And that's not true.
He's the mayor of nothing.
But, he is the president
of the common land.
And that title not only involves rights
but, responsibilities as well.
He doesn't give us the same rights
to the land as they have.
And he doesn't fulfill
his obligations at all.
He kept all the money
and didn't spend any money...
not a cent on the village.
Trial number 27 of the year 2008.
We'll start with the questioning of the
president of the common land...
Manolo Rodrguez Fernndez.
You've seen the plaintiffs there,
living in a house in the village, right?
In the village?
He's always in Germany or in...
or in Holland...he only
comes for vacation.
They fixed up their house,
didn't they?
I don't know.
I've never been inside.
Martin, isn't it true that you do not
live in Santoalla permanently?
No, that's not true.
Until this Saturday, nobody saw you
in the village since last November.
That's because there's
nobody in the village.
It's only us and them.
They have animals
at their house don't they?
They have goats...
They have three pigs and hens...
hens that get into my fields.
You don't really work
in agriculture do you?
Our goal, when we came
to this country,
was to build a self-sufficient farm.
It's very simple.
Go up to the village right now
and see the fields
we are working.
Have you received four letters
and requests
from my clients, Martin and Margo
to be included as part of the common land?
Letters? No.
No letters?
No petitions from them?
No letters. The mailman doesn't
go to our village.
No more questions Your Honor.
Good morning, dear.
Take five!
The weekend breakfast.
It's August 23rd.
They forbid me to pass
through their property
and where there is not
an official pass on my land...
they come through with a tractor.
All of them.
Everyone in my field...
everyone in my field.
They don't look after their animals.
June 6th.
Carlos, the disabled one...
spraying pesticide.
There's the mother.
She also knows.
Where are they?
During a walk with the goats,
the goats came out with a jacket
and inside the jacket...
we found some bullets.
This type of bullet...
is not from a rifle.
It appears to be from an
automatic pistol of the neighbors.
Carlos, is this your jacket?
Whose is it?
It's Julio's.
Your brother Julio?
Take it please.
You're going to do it now?
In front of the camera?
Martin...he was good to me.
But, I don't know what happened.
He was a little crazy.
Yes, he was.
He was always fooling around.
He acted like a child.
But, you need to earn respect
like everyone else.
Everyone needs to
know their place.
Margo was always nicer to me.
We don't cross paths
much nowadays
but, when we do I
try to talk to her
as I did her no harm.
But, I don't know.
If my husband was missing,
what would I do here?
I wouldn't stay here by myself.
My husband...
my friend, my partner.
A stubborn man
who always wanted
to do things his way,
but, also a man
with a big heart.
I hope the day comes
when we'll know what happened,
as not knowing is
the hardest part.
Martin, I don't know where...
Martin, I don't know
where your body is
but, your spirit is here with me.
Martin Verfondern disappeared
on January 19th, 2010.
He was last seen driving his car
when he was coming back
from shopping.
The police searched the hills
and swamps of the area
over the years
but, with no success...until now.
Police are investigating a car
found on a mountain
in the municipality of A Veiga.
They think it belongs to the Dutchman
who went missing four years ago.
Authorities have closed off the place
where a helicopter investigating a brush fire
found the car that belongs
to Martin Verfondern.
It was discovered burned out
in a pine forest
accessible only through
mountain paths and fire lanes.
Human remains that might belong
to Martin Verfondern
were discovered very close to the place
where the Dutchman's vehicle was found.
All leads point to a homicide.
What do you think happened?
Well, it's a crime...
that we know for sure.
But, what happened and how it happened
is still under investigation.
What was the problem
you had with your neighbors?
Problems with the common land.
The money, like always.
The land here?
The place where they found
the remains and the car...
was it a place that
Martin used to go?
No, never ever.
We don't know that place.
We've never been there.
Thank you very much.
I saw nothing,
so I can't say anything.
You had a bad relationship
with him right?
He was very good at heart.
Really. He used to
dance with me in the kitchen.
But, I never said anything
bad about him.
And what do you think happened?
They probably had something between...
I can't say what it is...
between them...down there.
OK, come on...I'm done.
They came and asked questions...
but, I don't want to
gossip or anything...of course.
Because you talk and then
what can you do?
I saw nothing, I know nothing
and that's all.
But, Martin...
I didn't really trust him.
I never told Margo this.
I'm going to tell you the story.
All kinds of people
would come here to meet him.
But, I don't know what
they would come for.
But, they used to come when...
when Margo was gone
there were always people here.
And women...
but, he was a man and he could
bring over anybody he wanted to.
I mind my own business.
Are you scared being here
after what happened?
Why should I be? If you have peace of mind
why should you be scared?
Of course.
If you do something wrong...
but if you don't...I don't mind
the police coming here or whoever.
Of course.
Because if you have a clean conscience
you tell the truth...
that's the way to be.
Of course.
Because...why would you do that?
No sir, I've always been very clear.
Things are like they are and that's it.
Why would I be hiding something?
Come in, come in.
Alright, I have to ask you
to sign a document
confirming that I'm giving you
the remains and that's it.
It's just for evidence.
This is what it says,
"On this date around 11 :30 AM,
the anthropologic forensic unit
is giving the remains
identified as Martin Albert Verfondern
to Maria Hilligonda Pool.
So, please sign here.
And I will give you the remains now.
Should I wait here?
No, come with me.
We should put the box in here.
No, up a little bit.
Oh, OK.
This will do then?
Yeah, I think that's good.
Maybe you can just put
the nail up there...
Sounds good.
You got all the chestnuts, Carlos.
Where are you going with a hoe?
Well...just start digging.
Manolo always says,
"We're here until death."
His mother and father are buried here.
So, when he dies...his cemetery is here.
Well, I could go before Manolo.
And with the children,
that's what hurts me the most.
I can't leave him by himself.
This one has a lot of malice.
When I get angry I can't stop.
And you have to look after him.
I want to go to The Canary Islands.
The Canary Islands?
The Canary Islands are too far, my son.
Bananas. Bananas.
If I can't take care of him, Julio will.
Julio wouldn't leave Carlos by himself.
And he won't be on his own like others.
And life goes on.
Do you need help?
No, it weighs nothing.
You can throw the soil on top.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Take away, Lord, any link of sin
the soul of your servant Martin
so in the glorious resurrection
he will be counted among
your chosen saints.
Rest in peace. Amen.