Sara (1997) Movie Script

Take them away.
The special UN emissary...
has been just evacuated after
his car was attacked...
by three unidentified gunmen.
What happened?
I can only say that
our soldiers...
- Any casualties?
- Why the shooting?
Was it an assassination?
One of them protected me
with his body.
- Is he wounded?
- Did he survive?
Thanks to him, I'm here now.
- Are you all right?
Will you make a statement?
Please do not film the unloading.
We have a few wounded but their
lives aren't in danger.
Our soldiers showed
extraordinary heroism.
If they're only wounded
why are they covered?
They are special forces.
Their faces are never shown.
I was standing there, five
meters away from them.
The guy who took this picture
suddenly fell down...
and a Jeep with a machine gun
came around the corner...
so we started to shoot.
Later we learned that none of the
refugees had been killed...
and that woman gave me this pot
out of gratitude.
Oh, it's only a rib.
- Broken?
- It doesn't hurt.
Yes? I remember.
No, nothing like that.
Of course I do.
I shave everyday.
I'm telling you that you...
can't do this legally.
I don't want it to be legal.
I just want it to look that way.
Hey buddy, where to?
Where do you think you're going?
He has an appointment.
What's that on your head?
- My hairdresser was drunk.
- John, show him out.
You won't find anybody
better for this job!
Four years in the special forces!
He protected people
with his own body!
He's had some problems,
but everybody
drinks from time to time.
He drinks everyday,
you can see it in his eyes.
How could you bring
me such trash?
It shows a lack of respect.
Can I have a drink before I go?
Give him a beer and throw him out.
- I don't have a gun.
- Good, you'd only hurt yourself.
Stop shooting, for God's sake.
What an idiot!
I heard you.
We had a deal, didn't we?
To guard me means to show up before
they kill me, right?
The car wouldn't start.
You should have told me.
I would've bought you a new one.
See if he's still alive.
I think he's dead.
The son of a bitch is asleep.
I'm taking him home.
He'll puke all over the car, boss.
Where am I going to find
a lawyer as good as you?
You'd like one like that,
wouldn't you?
What is she doing here?
She wanted to go dancing.
Here, in this whore-house?
This place is good for thugs,
thieves, and corrupt cops.
You were supposed to guard her,
not take her out dancing.
I figured if she wanted to dance,
better to do it near you.
Starting tomorrow you're
the new gardener.
Get out of here.
What stinks?
You puked in the car and
I had to clean it up.
Leave us alone.
Can you tell me why you debased
yourself like this?
I had some family problems.
I can help you out.
I can call the doctor to give you
an Antabuse implant...
or I can put half a liter
of vodka into your IV.
Put in a liter.
Christ, Doctor, at least
give me an anesthetic!
Go and call Sara.
If I tell her, she won't listen.
Why don't you go, darling?
Go call the boys for dinner.
This is the man who'll be
driving you to school.
Couldn't I drive someone else?
I'll never shoot a cop
in uniform.
What about undercover cops?
Why is he alone?
Because I'm good, pal.
Boss, talk to him.
Buy him something big,
better make it a shotgun.
- What the hell for?
- Because it's big.
Give me a break Leon.
We're both in this for the money.
- But I'm not staff.
- That's why I earn more.
I want two legal guns,
a Colt and a Beretta.
The doctors won't let me drink
vodka or eat fatty food...
but they allow me to drink wine.
Did you know
that the French have...
the fewest heart attacks?
- The house is poorly guarded.
- I'm not a connoisseur.
I just know that you drink
red wine with steak.
The best wine I've ever drunk
was Bulgarian Sophia...
right after the Chernobyl
- Don't worry about a heart attack.
- That's enough!
Somebody'll come here and kill you.
What happens in this house
is none of your business.
I have some problems right now,
but I'll manage.
All I want you to do is drive
my daughter to school...
bring her back...
and go home.
She's in good hands here.
Do you understand?
So if she's hurt on this side of
the fence, you won't blame me?
- Exactly.
- But you'll feel a little sorry.
What if, for example, something
happens to her...
when she has one leg on
this side of the gate...
and the other on the street?
Do you really want me
to lose my temper?
Just trying to determine the scope
of my responsibilities.
I just wanted to pour you some.
It's a very good school.
I need someone who'll make sure
that all she does is study.
I don't want her to know that
she's threatened.
Is she threatened?
When she was born, I was sorry
she wasn't a son.
Ten years later I was happy
she was not a boy.
Nobody killed women then.
But now times have changed...
and a few of my competitors
don't have sons anymore.
You don't trust those thugs
of yours, do you?
You need an outsider.
But I'm a drunk.
I'll get drunk and
shoot her myself.
The doctor assured me that if you
drink a glass of vodka, you'll die.
Besides you're the only guy who's
not doing this for money.
You're doing this for yourself.
You won't let her get hurt,
whatever the cost...
that's why I hired you.
I asked you not to get out of
the car every time.
I can open the door myself.
If you keep smoking in the car,
I'll die of lung cancer.
The girls say I have either
a bodyguard or a lover.
- I'm just a driver.
- You scare my boyfriends.
The one from the Chicago Bulls
isn't afraid of me, is he?
He'll be playing in the NBA,
you'll see.
If he paints himself
with shoe polish.
Let's get something straight.
I already did, with your father.
You're just like the other bastards
that work for him!
Did you think I wasn't?
Stop, I want to get out!
- Yes, I understand.
- I didn't know you could read.
I burn them in the fireplace.
Some drunk set fire to the trailer.
We can go back.
- Do you have anything to drink?
- No.
Just a driver, huh?
Put this on.
We're not leaving here until
you put on the jacket.
- It'll wrinkle my jacket.
- So take it off.
All right.
Enough of this.
I want to leave.
I'll call the neighbors.
Help! Help! Fire!
They've heard worse things.
I don't know why you're here.
I swear on my mother's gray head,
it was just a cigarette butt.
There are lots of hoodlums
Go home.
Do you have to smoke so much?
The car stinks.
I have a nerve-racking job.
Isn't he overdoing it a little?
I understand he's afraid...
but he'll end up telling us to
lock the girl in a safe.
Do I protect her or not?
Make up your minds.
But she doesn't want protection.
She says you're weird.
If I was normal,
I wouldn't be here.
Then maybe he can drive
and I'll protect her?
Go and tell Sara's mother
to bring her here.
I told him to call you because
I got information...
that they're trying to get to me
by using my daughter.
I don't think it's true
but I won't risk it.
I've been trying to come to
an agreement with them.
I'm hoping we'll make peace
in the next few days
My dear, I'd like us together to
think about what we should do now.
Simple, hire a tutor
and pull her out of school.
I have a few problems right now,
darling, but...
I'll try to resolve them and you'll
be able to go back to school.
No way, the boys have
a game tomorrow.
If they win, there'll be a dance.
If you want to keep me home, put
bulletproof glass in the windows.
They're already bulletproof.
Put these earphones on.
You want me to wear them
during the game?
If you don't stick them in your
ears, you won't go to the dance.
Maybe I ought to put on
a bulletproof jacket too?
Yes, but then you wouldn't
be able to dance.
So you'll have to stay close
in case someone tries to kill me.
Do you want to go in the girls
dressing room with me?
Time out!
Cezar, come here, now!
Go back to the car and drive
around the school.
I told you that you only needed
to be a driver.
You were right.
One, two, three.
I'm freezing out here.
There are bandits and thieves
all around me...
They're about to rape me...
I hope.
You can listen in the car.
My bodyguards have disappeared;
I'm sure my dad'll fire them.
Want to dance with me?
I'm not a good dancer but I wanted
to tell you something...
- What?
- I don't know where to start.
But I can learn to dance
if you want me to.
Then come see me when
you learn how.
Hey baby, come on, sing along.
- Is it my fault that my father...
- No.
Christ, you wrecked the car.
Get her out of here.
I love you...
I think.
Ow, the rib hurts.
The rib, the arm, and there's some
buckshot in your ass.
But the doctor said you'd be
up and about in two days.
I hate doctors.
They say cirrhosis of the liver
will kill me, but I feel worse...
since I stopped drinking.
- You'd better stay in bed.
- Mind if I take a piss?
Wait, I'll help you.
- You want to hold it?
- I'll help you find it.
Tell Jozef that I need protection
- and don't let her come near me.
I'm sorry.
Not only will you soon
lose your pay
but you'll have to buy me a bottle
for bringing you out alive.
I would've left you.
Me too, but Sara got hysterical.
She started screaming that
you did this for her.
I had to put you in the back seat
and clean up that fat slob
you shot in the street.
You were lucky he was aiming
at your back, and not your head...
because at that distance, he
would've blown your head off.
He was aiming at the head...
Remember when we shot
The Sausage?
He was really heavy too.
The boss caught him in front
of a butcher shop.
I remember how his guts spilled
all over the pavement...
and how Jozef put his
cigarette out in them!
That's enough.
I was seventeen and I remember it
as if it were yesterday.
I dream about it every night.
Really. In color, or in
black and white?
How did Sara get the car keys?
I'll go and check on the lawn.
Aren't you worried that one of your
gravediggers has the hots for her?
No one dares touch her.
They know I'd kill them.
Besides I've got you.
No, no, I'm leaving tomorrow.
Haven't you ever seen
a sleeping bodyguard?
You can't go away.
Sure I can.
You can't leave me alone.
Why not?
I'll never do anything stupid.
I'll only listen to you...
I'll do whatever you tell me to,
just please don't go.
Take off your clothes.
I was kidding, go away.
But you won't leave?
Promise that you won't leave
and then I'll go.
You were supposed to do what I say.
What are you doing here, dear?
Promise me that you'll
always protect me.
Darling, call Sara.
I want to show her off.
My daughter attends the best
private school.
She's going to study law in America
and when she comes back...
the smartest guys will be fighting
to have her working for them.
But I won't let her go.
I'll make her my right hand
in my legal business.
My daughter!
Let me give you a hug, sweetheart.
Let's drink to her health.
Her father's true pride and joy.
Is that why you tried
to have me killed?
Oh, honey, that's not true.
Your sources are misinformed.
I admire young people
who say what they think.
When they go to university,
they'll learn to lie.
What are you waiting for?
You're a dead man...
I'm begging you!
Don't shoot!
You're dead, and I decide
when it happens.
Not today, OK?
If you even think about hurting the girl
I'll find you and kill you.
Nothing will stop me.
Do you understand?
- Yes.
- No you don't.
If the girl falls down
and breaks her leg...
- you're dead.
If she gets pneumonia, then
I'll kill you.
You can shoot everybody in this
country, but she is sacred.
- All right.
- No, not all right.
I'll also kill your wife,
your sister and her children...
and then I'll cut your mother's
throat; I know where she lives.
My mother hasn't done
anything to hurt you.
The driver's in the trunk.
You sons of bitches!
Is that the way Jozef makes peace?
I'm not working for Jozef.
I'm working for her.
If I see you here again, you'll
be singing in the opera.
Anybody want any party favors?
They're free today.
What did you say?
With these it's easier
to screw a girl...
you dance better, you're not
afraid of the teacher!
I want some.
- Take a big hit, it's faster.
- I'm scared.
Then go see your girlfriend, or go see
a priest if you don't have one.
- What are you doing?
- After this he'll be even more scared.
Somebody call an ambulance!
They're aspirins with vitamin C.
I've got pockets full of them since
I had to go on the wagon.
God bless you.
He already has.
You know that even a little sip
will kill you.
I want two Johnnie Walkers,
two Ballantines,
four Napoleons
and twenty beers.
- I want to go to your place.
- You like it that much?
I could call my father and tell him
I'll be home late.
Ask your father to buy it for you.
Then you can come anytime you want.
- But it'll be expensive.
- I'll be your woman.
Where are the fish?
You're the kind
that looks but doesn't touch, eh?
A test of your willpower.
How can you walk with this on?
I've gotten used to it.
Let me stay.
Why are you sitting there like
the little match girl?
I'm going to stay here.
I'll ask your father to take you
out of school.
A woman knows who her man is.
You're not a woman.
But you'll make a woman out of me.
- Get dressed.
- I am dressed.
You can throw me out, but I'll
come back tomorrow.
You don't have to make love to me
just let me stay.
I'm throwing you out.
I love you.
I didn't know it was so easy.
I'll be with you forever.
I know I'll have your children.
Look, the mob there is civilized,
not like here.
Here, he sells drugs in front
of his own daughter's school.
I don't control dealers.
I'll put the word out that if they
sell drugs in front of school...
I'll shove enough drugs up their
ass to give them constipation.
- Do you believe me?
- Yes, I do.
Drugs are for idiots.
Who forces them to buy?
Do I put a gun to their heads?
When you were a child
did you take drugs?
No, but you weren't in town then.
I have a Russian test today.
Are you worried?
Heads or tails?
- Don't you regret burning them?
- I don't have any hot water.
Have you read them all?
Yes, a long time ago.
Now I like the cinema better.
Was it good for you?
It's because it was
my first time.
I want you to do it again.
To lay on me and to be inside me.
I want to feel what a woman feels
when making love with her man.
I'm not your man.
It didn't hurt at all.
Not even for a moment.
My mother told me that if you love
the man you do it with
it doesn't hurt at all
the first time.
And I love you.
You just think you do.
Love is something that
doesn't really exist.
It's something that makes
mercy disappear.
It's like building a house and
burning everything all around it.
Love is listening at the door
to hear if those are her shoes
on the stairs.
Love is when you whisper baby to
a woman forty years old,
when you watch her eating even
though you can't swallow a thing...
and when you can't fall asleep
until you touch her.
Love is when you're standing under
a tree together and you wish
it would fall over so you'd
have to protect her.
And when somebody wants to hurt
her, you shield her with your body?
No, then it's just a job.
You can't keep skipping school.
Let's do it again.
Stop it.
I'm not sure I had an orgasm.
You did.
I have this book...
"How to have regular orgasms
until you're ninety. "
I just don't know why they call it
a guide for lonely women.
What's so funny?
You know what?
Throw that book away.
You only had four hours of lessons
today, I checked...
Haven't you heard about
extracurricular activities?
I have a chance to get an award
for the best grades this year.
I went to the Zacheta gallery with
Leon and I have a speech to give tomorrow.
One of my girlfriends, said
that Matejko was
a famous Polish basketball player.
Thanks, son.
It's none of your business.
Do you think my lover
will like this?
I really don't know.
May I try it on?
You let her get away with that?
Want to see?
My hands have to be free.
So how much longer, doctor?
That long?
I feel that this implant
is going to fall out.
Are you sure?
I think it's stopped working.
No, I feel it instinctively.
All right, I won't worry.
There's no reason to worry,
is there?
Thank you.
Which one do you like better?
Neither, they both make you look older.
How about this?
You look better in the red one.
The one with holes.
Come over here for a minute.
What for?
I don't deserve to be treated
so impolitely.
Look, so young, and she has to
fuck that dirty Italian.
As I remember it, she fell
in love with him...
Yeah, sure!
The punk found her in a pasture
and bought her like a goat.
Christ, I'm really glad that
we live in Poland...
I could take anything except
somebody doing that to my daughter,
I'd go crazy!
She's my only child, you know?
We know.
Listen I trust you.
If you see that something's wrong,
that some punk
is hanging around her,
let me know, all right?
There is a guy hanging around her.
A big guy.
Couldn't you take her
out of that school?
She could learn the
same things here.
Will a tutor give her a diploma?
Please, I won't be able to keep
an eye on her there.
Try to understand,
Sara has to finish school.
I need it, and so does she.
I once told her that I'd give her
a wonderful husband.
Do you know what she told me?
"That's obvious, Daddy".
And that's why I love her.
She's at a difficult age now but
we'll work it out together.
You'll help us, won't you?
Do I draw well?
These drawings are staying here.
If I ever take them away
I won't come back to you...
but that won't happen because
I believe in relationships
- that last a lifetime.
- Whose lifetime?
Even elephants love each
other for years...
and scientists have proven
that whales...
- Do I look like a whale?
- Your fishes do it, too!
But in water!
We're not going to raise baby fish...
Matejko's last exhibition...
was at
the Zacheta Gallery in 1921.
I didn't know that.
Then you'd better learn.
Then I better go to school.
Will you tell me if you love me...
even a little?
I can't give you my coat.
And you can't hug me,
can you?
Now you can't hold me even
though five minutes ago...
you burned my school book because
you didn't want me to freeze.
And now, out here and nearly to
the car, you can't warm me?
Great soup, darling.
I was just telling Leon that nobody
cooks as well as you do.
That's true.
Great soup.
The last time I ate soup like this
was in the Golan Heights in 1980.
Darling, do you know what's
going on with our daughter?
Nothing, I just feel sick.
- Maybe you have indigestion?
- I feel like vomiting because I'm pregnant.
A great joke for Sunday dinner.
I can't seem to finish this house.
Yesterday I got rid of ten workers.
Did you bury them in the garden?
No, I just fired them.
You think she's fallen in love?
With whom?
With you.
She'd have to call you
Daddy, or Uncle.
You're like a piece of antique
furniture to her.
Do you know that next year I'll be more
legal than President Kwasniewski?
You mean you'll get your Masters'?
And I'll need a business partner...
Don't make me laugh.
Someone who's not in the business,
who's absolutely honest
and whom I can trust.
A friend.
I'm going home.
Wait! I haven't finished.
Find somebody else
to take my place.
Why not put some fish in here?
We'd have something alive...
Everything has to end sometime.
We love each other.
I love you.
Then you have a problem.
Why do you hurt me?
- How was the test?
- Fine.
For you.
How do you know I like them?
I know a lot.
I know everything about you.
I know how tall you are,
how much you weigh,
what your shoe size is,
and your bra...
- I even know when you have your period.
- Did you go through my things?
- No way.
You prefer him to drive because
he's more handsome.
More handsome?
And a little intelligent, huh?
He took you to an exhibition of
Matejko's paintings...
But you're more subtle.
- Really?
- Yes.
That was supposed to be a joke.
I'd like to go somewhere.
No, Jozef won't let us.
We can go back home and ask him
and I'm sure he'll let us go.
And this Leon, he's a psychopath,
you know.
I heard he accidentally killed
his own daughter.
Hey! Where?
He's been waiting for you,
listening at the door when
anyone went up the stairs.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
Well, you've seen me.
I miss you.
See this?
Gray hair.
Can I touch it?
Why can't a forty-year-old man love
a sixteen-year-old girl?
And why can't a man in his sixties
love a twelve-year-old girl?
Dad, stick to the fish.
I've already told you,
you don't have to love me.
All I have to do is sleep with you?
I wasn't so lucky when
I was your age.
Shut up, dad!
- We'll live with your father?
- You'll think of something.
Beat it.
Get lost.
Either you're not my son, or you
have your mother's brains.
What were you doing there?
And what about you?
I was just walking down the street.
There's a Picasso gallery there,
he's a painter, you know.
But I could've driven you there.
I asked him but he said that
daddy wouldn't allow it.
That's not true.
It was a brown Pontiac Fiero.
It'll be easy to find.
Sara, excuse us for a moment.
But this is my room.
You have to come back; we need you.
Will you?
It's all because of that kid.
This basketball player keeps
hanging around her.
Give me a break Cezar,
go get some sleep.
- But at school...
- You idiot!
This is the second time you've
lost the car keys!
But Sara took them.
I want you to find out who
tried to run her over.
I have to know who the target is
before we start shooting.
Don't you want to talk first?
I guess not.
It's a shame you don't have a big
bathtub in here...
one we could both get into.
There was a Jacuzzi here once.
Your wife took it?
I drank it away.
She didn't take anything.
She had a lover fifteen
years younger then me.
She used to fuck him when
I was away.
Now I know that I was doing
penance for you...
just in the wrong order.
Did you catch them?
No, my wife couldn't decide whether to leave
me, so she was very careful.
So I helped her.
I left my gun on the table and one
of my daughters picked it up...
I don't want to know any more.
I've already accepted that
it was an accident.
You could call it an accident.
I know you don't want
to talk about it.
Why not?
Today it seems very funny to me.
My daughter took a gun and shot
my wife's poodle,
her favorite one.
By accident.
My wife couldn't stand it.
That horny little you know who...
had lots of money and took
her to Switzerland.
I begged her to come back
but she said
I'd always remind her of the
poodle's brains all over the wall.
Have the girls written to you?
No, I think they prefer
their new daddy.
Don't say that.
Now you clean this place up
and I'll cook dinner.
Where did you learn
to cook like this?
Out in the world.
Two of our cooks were killed.
Will you teach me?
What for?
I like cooking.
And we'd like to be alone, OK?
- Where's the photographer?
- It's self-service today.
Are we going to do it... here?
With all those people
right outside?
What are we going to do then?
Take pictures.
And now like this.
Get dressed right now.
Jesus, where's the rest
of the class?
They told us to see it on our own.
We've found the Pontiac.
It belongs to your friend's father.
Your basketball team captain.
The punk hasn't been in school
for the past week.
Didn't I tell you?
He's broken-hearted.
When will you be home?
Late, I still have some
lessons and French.
At least put your dress on
the right way.
What's sort of damn fad is this,
wearing everything inside out?
Your pictures.
You have pictures?
Show me, all right?
No, not all right.
Why not?
Fine, but I'm sorry you won't.
Here you are, it's an even
Great! Almost like yours!
When did you have
your last period?
Was it when you didn't want
to make love...
and broke a vase filled with
ice-cream over my head?
You weren't yourself then...
just like a real woman.
I see you're really wound up.
Did your mother ever tell you,
you know,
how to avoid having children
and such things?
What things?
You have to think about it
if you don't want to get pregnant.
But I want to have children...
All right, but how to have them
when you want them,
and not have any that
aren't wanted.
Let me explain.
You can make love everyday until
the sixth day before ovulation,
and you can't do it for three days
after ovulation.
After that you can, but
it's not certain
because the sperm
can still be viable.
Do you feel good?
You know what?
I'll draw it for you.
It's a very good method,
the Church supports it.
Why don't we order something else?
Oh, I forgot the most
important thing.
To find out when you ovulate.
You have to use a thermometer.
Fuck your yellow mother.
There are a lot of things you
don't know about me.
But I know perfectly well
when I ovulate.
Really? Thank God, because I still
don't understand it at all.
I have to tell you something.
Chinese food is the best
in the world!
Careful, I'm good at this.
Go through the kitchen
to the back door.
I'm staying with you.
I'm not planning to stay here.
Move it!
Can I go back for my bag?
- I arranged it all.
- What?
I asked my friend to pretend that
he wanted to run me over.
He said he still loved me.
- Fuck, they'll kill him.
- They'll see he's just a kid.
Don't you dare call him.
What's his address?
10 Bzowa street.
I want you to come back.
I'm at home.
They said he was hit by a car.
It could've been an accident.
I didn't know this was how it is.
I didn't want to know.
One day in Bosnia I was
protecting an old man.
Two guys wanted to kill him. One guy
hit me and the bullet broke my rib.
He had an old pistol,
so I was lucky.
The other guy was shooting at us
with a Kalashnikov and my friend
wasn't lucky because the bullet
pierced his bulletproof jacket.
- What happened to them?
- Who?
The guys who wanted to kill you.
They didn't want to kill us.
We were just standing in their way.
You protected that man with your
body, didn't you?
Yes, I was blind drunk.
You do stuff like that
all the time.
You told me the story to make me
understand, didn't you?
Did something made you sick?
You're doing this for money.
That's your job, huh?
They pay you a lot.
What difference does it make?
- Did you warn him yesterday?
- No.
You're just like them.
You decide who lives or dies.
Come to my father's place
at 1:00 p. m. Tomorrow.
We're flying to Paris
in the evening.
Why are you taking
those drawings?
There are still a few great guys left
in the world and if you look hard, then
in a few years, you'll find somebody as
witty, intelligent and charming as I am...
and he'll be younger.
Forcet that he'll be worse in bed.
Sex isn't all that important.
I'm sixteen. I have to grow up.
Don't be so grown up, all right?
I'm not grown up and that's why
I'm going be alone now.
When my father was your age
he burned a German tank!
I love you but I don't want my
child to have a father like that.
Come tomorrow, OK?
Red - pregnancy, green - nothing,
pink - who knows.
Will you drive me to school today?
What about Leon?
He's not coming.
- I finish at three.
- I'll be here earlier.
It's fifteen minutes fast.
Why don't you help me?
Where are you two going?
To Africa. Professor Bartezi
has a research base there.
I was there on a scholarship,
remember, Dad?
Sure I do, and I bet he remembers
when you ran off to hunt poachers.
- Felt sorry for the elephants, huh?
- No.
I'm a racist and I didn't
like the Masai.
We'll send for you, Dad.
We'll go to Zaire
and you'll catch fish the likes of
which the world has never seen.
Nothing doing, son.
She's not coming.
She'll come; she loves me.
I'd like to be as lucky
in life as you are.
Not the fish!
Come out, now, or your old man gets
another dose of buckshot, hear me?!
I'm coming out!
Hold it!
First the gun, then you!
Call an ambulance.
Tell me it's only trick
You think you can't love
a sixteen-year-old?
How could you have been such a son
of a bitch? That's what I can't figure.
That's because you don't
go to the movies enough.
It happens all the time in films.
Call, hear me?
He's still alive!
Just don't tell us you'll
kill us for this.
I'll kill you for this.
We're very sorry but your daughter
didn't want us to bring her here.
She jumped us and then hit
the wall with her head.
She went nuts... look at this.
Thank you.
You liked shielding her
with your body?
Did she scream, or just talk?
She never mentioned you.
Give it a rest!
The boss just told us to beat
the shit out of him
Let me go.
Are you nuts?
Now we'll have to bury him.
Let the taxpayers bury him.
How could you?
How could you be so irresponsible?
Tell me what this bastard did
to turn your head around?
Nothing, it was me who wanted it.
You wanted him... to...
I begged him on my knees to fuck me,
if that's what you mean,
and when he did, I wanted more.
We did it every day.
Sometimes we stayed
in bed for days!
Stop it!
I love him, Dad!
She's pregnant.
I've changed my mind, kill him.
Well, you know...
He saved my life and
I saved his, once.
Now I want him dead!
I think we've already killed him.
You think?
Everything will be fine, dear,
your father will get over it and...
Take the money from the safe and
go to the Canary Islands.
I don't want to see you here
for the next two weeks!
You'll marry her.
I'm a Catholic.
I can only marry a virgin.
I'd rather keep cutting the grass
in front of the house.
If that's what you want.
Call the doctor.
They didn't find him, did they?
You did the dumbest thing
you could have.
The only consolation is that
it may be the last time.
That's not funny.
I'm not saying you didn't kill him,
but you shouldn't have killed
his father.
Now it's personal.
Find him.
He'll show up himself,
faster then you think.
You should have that looked at.
It's a birthmark.
I wanted to know if my father
was brought here.
Your father is dead.
I'm sorry.
The surgeon who operated on him
will be here soon. Please wait.
Hello, sweetheart.
Please don't do this to me.
You'll thank me for this someday.
Is it over?
She kicked me in the nose.
Either I have normal work
conditions or I say goodbye.
So put her to sleep!
No, she has a weak heart.
It could hurt her.
Oh Jesus!
- Where's the son of a bitch
who's guarding the gate?
- Send someone
No, he's not that stupid.
Make sure Jozef doesn't leave
the house until...
Don't do it, I'm a cop.
You're not wearing a uniform.
If you kill a cop, they'll hunt
you all over the world.
That's exactly where I'm going.
Maybe you're not pregnant?
I just said I was because I wanted
to upset my father.
You probably don't know it, but
I studied psychology too.
You don't know how to lie.
You're too late! I saw the doctor
scraping your whore!
- What did you come here for?
- For my woman.
She's in the room where she
spilled the soup on you.
- Did I make it in time?
- Yes!
- Jesus, you're drunk.
- Yep.
I told you the house
was poorly guarded.
Move out of the way, dear.
This gun shoots a wide pattern.
I once got 7 ducks with one shot.
You ordered them to hurt me, Dad.
You said yourself that you don't
forgive harm done to the family.
Give me a break,
that's what Italians say in low-
budget movies about the mob.
I do not forgive.
I'm a gangster's daughter
and it's in my blood.
I wanted to save your life,
your career.
I wanted to save your youth,
for you to remain a little girl.
No one stays a little girl around you.
Besides, you killed my man's father.
Let's get out of here.
come back here right now.
I don't know if I'll find a job.
I'm lazy and get bored quickly.
I don't mind.
I think I'm a drunk.
I'll drink everyday and enjoy it.
If that's what you like.
I can't show my feelings and
I rarely buy flowers for girls...
- actually, never.
- That's OK.
I hurt the people who mean
the most to me.
I'm patient.
Excuse us for bothering you,
but we got a call that
shots were heard in
the neighborhood.
It's a quiet area,
no one has fired
a gun here since the war.
- What do you have in this bag?
- Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Great joke.
Excuse me once again, and
have a nice walk.
Forget it, it no longer
concerns us.
Do you really have two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars in the bag.
Actually, it's four hundred thousand.
Would you like to have
a fish farm in Africa?
I'd like it if you didn't have to
shield people with your body.
What did you say?
Open your eyes.
I've seen guys survive
worse wounds.
Listen! Wait!
No, you can't fucking die.
Don't die, hear me?
Don't do this to me!
We'll go to Africa and
we'll raise fish.
Do you know how much Germans pay
for one fish? Forty marks!
Child, we'll have a child.
You have to live, understand?
What have I done so bad that
you're going to leave me alone?
You know I can't live without you!
If you leave me now, I'll kill
myself, do you hear me?
And if you wake up now I'll be with
you forever!
I'll be with you until the day I die.
If you like, I'll count to three
and you'll open your eyes.
One, two...
I love you, my little girl.
Did they really have to kill me
before you could tell me that?
It's the same one.
Third time in the same rib!
I think I'll have it removed.
Get up or we'll miss the plane.
Don't worry, I'll always
protect you.
If you want a lover
I'll do anything you want.
And if you want another kind of
love I'll wear a different mask.
If you want a partner,
take my hand...
if you want to hit me in anger,
here I am.
I'm your man.
If you want a boxer,
I'll step into every ring.
And if you want a doctor,
I'll examine every inch.
If you want a father
for your child...
or only want to walk with me
across the sand...
I'm your man.
The moon's too bright,
the chain's too tight.
The beast won't go to sleep.
I've made so many promises...
that I couldn't keep...
I could beg on my knees for you
to come back, to no avail...
I could crawl to you, baby,
and grovel at your feet...
Rip your heart and tear your
sheets, I'm begging you...
I'm your man.
I'm yours, little girl.
I'm yours, all yours.
I'm your man.