Sarah, Plain and Tall (1991) Movie Script

Oh, where have you been,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Oh, where have you been,
charming Billy?
I have been to seek a wife
She's the joy of my life
She's a young thing
and cannot leave her mother
Did she bid you to come in,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Did she bid you to come in,
charming Billy?
Yes, she bid me to come in
There's a dimple in her chin
She's a young thing
and cannot leave her mother
Did she set for you a chair,
Billy Boy, Billy Boy?
Did she set for you a chair,
charming Billy?
Yes, she set for me a chair
She has ringlets in her hair
She's a young thing
and cannot leave her mother.
Did Mama sing every day?
Every single day?
Every single day.
And did Papa sing, too?
Yes, Papa sang, too.
Don't get so close, Caleb.
You'll heat up.
What did I look like
when I was born?
You didn't have
any clothes on.
I know that.
You looked like this.
I had hair.
Not enough
to talk about.
And she named me Caleb
'cause Caleb means bold.
I would have named you
And before she died,
Mama handed me to you
in a yellow blanket
and said...?
And said...?
And Mama said,
"Isn't he beautiful, Anna?"
And I was.
The end.
That's your end
of the story, Caleb.
I thought
when you were born--
I said you were
homely and plain
and you had a terrible holler
and a horrid smell.
And that it was my fault
Mama died the next morning?
I never thought that,
Caleb-- never.
I forgot to say
good night to her.
That's all
I could think about.
And Papa didn't
sing anymore?
Do you remember
Mama's songs, Anna?
Kind of. Some of them.
Maybe if you could remember her
songs I could remember her, too.
(Caleb humming "Billy Boy")
Nice soapy smell,
that dough.
That's my hair, Papa.
I caught
a horny toad today, Papa
and I kept him
in my pocket.
Is he still in your pocket?
I put him
in the vegetable garden
so he can eat
all the bugs.
Good thinking.
God, thank you for all the food
except the turnip.
A while back I placed
an advertisement
in the newspaper.
An advertisement?
What for?
Someone to
help us out.
Not like Kelley;
she snored.
No, not for a housekeeper.
Well, then...
For a wife.
You mean a mother?
That, too.
We had a mother.
"Needed: A kind woman
to share a life
"with a widower and his
two young children
"to make a
No picture necessary."
Oh, Papa.
I have received an answer.
"Dear Mr. Jacob Witting:
"I am Sarah Wheaton
from Maine.
I am answering your
I live with an older brother
who is about to be married.
I have always loved
to live by the sea
but at this time,
I feel a move is necessary
and the truth is, the sea
is as far east as I can go.
My choice, as you can see,
is limited.
This should not be taken
as an insult.
I am strong and I work hard
and I'm willing to travel
but I am not mild-mannered.
If you should still care
to write
I would be interested
in your children
and about where you live
and you.
Very truly yours,
Sarah Elizabeth Wheaton.
"P.S.: Do you have
opinions on cats?
I have one."
Ask her if she sings.
The children are named
Caleb and Anna.
Caleb is the youngest--
only six.
Too young to write
a long letter
he asked me to send you
the footprint of his dog Nick.
He asked if you could live
in a house with small rooms.
He wanted me to tell you
he holds his breath--
that he has been holding
his breath for a long time.
There you are.
Sarah, you don't
have to go.
You're wrong,
Will; I do.
There's plenty of room
in that house.
Meg wants you
to live with us.
Nothing has to change.
Things do change
if you let them.
You belong here.
If I don't go now
I'll never know what it's like
to have my own life.
But, Sarah...
This is my chance, Will.
It's been so long,
you broke Jack, finally.
More or less.
He loves Jack...
no matter how bad he is.
You look tired, Anna.
Stay for supper
can you?
I've got chicken left over,
biscuits, currant pie...
We found some baby rabbits.
Want to see?
How many
are there?
So, you look fine.
Big, Jacob. I look big.
And what about
you, Jacob?
Anything new?
Go ahead, Anna.
Go with the others.
is something wrong?
I've had a reply
to my advertisement.
A woman in Maine.
She's interested?
She's coming.
Forgive me, Jacob
but are you ready
for what is going to be like?
I better start supper.
Dear Anna, my favorite colors
are the colors of the sea--
blue and gray and green,
depending on the weather.
My brother William
is a fisherman
and he tells me that when he is
in the middle of a fogbound sea
the water is a color
for which there is no name.
He catches flounder
and sea bass and bluefish.
Sometimes he sees whales.
(dishes clattering)
You have nice things...
all around you.
Oh, darling...
your mama had
nice things, too.
Do you remember?
A little.
I remember candlesticks
on the table;
a painting of a black bird;
a quilt Mama made--
stars of color.
Papa put them away.
I know.
Your mama made this for me
a long time ago
when you were a little girl,
before Caleb.
Somehow this shawl makes me
less lonely for her.
She won't stay, Maggie.
I know she won't.
I don't want her to come.
Anna,I came
to be Matthew's wife--
Rose and Violet's mother--
when they lost
their mother--I stayed.
But what if she's
not like you?
Your papa won't do anything
what isn't right for you.
What if he doesn't know
what is right for us?
Come on, ye fair
And tender maiden
(harmonica accompanying)
Take warning how
You court young men
(children joining in):
They're like a star
? On a summer's morning ?
As they appear
And then they're gone...
(Maggie humming)
Maybe I could
get a harmonica.
I could carry it with me
wherever I go.
It would be like a little music
in my pocket.
Caleb, Anna... time to go.
Thank you both.
Wait, Jacob.
For Anna.
No need for that, Maggie.
Let her keep it. Please.
Thank you, Maggie.
Come on.
(horse neighing)
(rain falling)
Read my letter again, Anna.
You said you would.
You've memorized it already.
Just read it.
"Dear Caleb,
my cat's name is 'Seal'
"because she is gray
like the seals
"that swim offshore in Maine.
"She is glad that Nick
sends his greetings.
"She likes dogs
most of the time.
"She says his footprint
is much larger than hers
which she is enclosing
in return."
Papa, look!
"Yes, Icankeep a fire
going at night.
"I do not know if I snore.
Seal has never told me."
Thank you.
Read your letter
again, Papa.
(thunder rolling)
"Dear Jacob:
"I will come by train.
"I will wear a yellow bonnet.
"I will stay
for one month
"to see if I can
make a difference.
"Very truly
yours, Sarah.
P.S.: I'm plain and tall."
She's really coming.
Doesn't mean she'll stay.
What's that written
at the bottom?
"Tell them I sing."
"Tell them I sing."
(whistle blowing)
Why did you ask her to come?
We don't need
a stranger.
You and Caleb need someone.
We don't!
We're fine by ourselves.
She won't be my mother.
She can be Caleb's,
but not mine.
This doesn't mean
we'll forget Mama.
I get so scared, Papa.
Sometimes I can't
remember what she
looked like.
Go, Papa. You'll be late.
Not until
you're all right.
Not until you smile.
(whistle blowing)
(cat meowing)
One-way ticket, please,
to Camden, Maine.
Let's see. Camden, Maine.
There you are.
Thank you.
Sarah Wheaton?
Mr. Witting.
Is your trunk outside?
I'm Jacob.
(cat meowing)
Your cat?
Yes. No, thank you.
I'll carry it.
This is my trunk.
(cat meowing)
There you are.
Afternoon, Jacob.
Is it my hat?
We don't get many
new people here.
Not many visitors.
So I see.
Is my face clean?
Can my face
be too clean?
No, your face isnot
too clean.
What if she thinks
we're loud and pesky?
You are loud and pesky.
Sarah loves the sea.
We don't have a sea.
What if she doesn't
like our house?
I told her it was small.
Maybe I shouldn't have
told her it was small.
Hush, Caleb... hush.
Will she be nice
like Maggie?
I don't know.
Wait... just wait.
How far away is Maine?
You know how far.
Now leave me alone,
Will she like us?
Of course,
she will like us.
We are nice.
It's six miles
from town to home.
Some say the spaces here
make them nervous.
I'm used to the open sea.
How's the train?
Comfortable enough.
Where are the children?
I thought the two
of us should...
It would be simpler.
We could talk.
Anna is shy about this
but Caleb loves
your letters.
My wife died six years ago.
It's been difficult
for me.
I hope you...
I hope you
won't expect...
It's all right,
Mr. Witting.
I didn't come for love.
What I was saying is...
I hope you won't
expect the house
to be in
perfect order.
I didn't ask for love.
A bonnet, Anna.
I see a
yellow bonnet.
Did you bring some sea?
Something from the sea...
and me.
(cat meowing)
And Seal, too.
(cat meowing)
(Nick barking)
Cat will be good.
In the barn, for mice.
She'll be good in the house,
I brought this for you, Caleb.
Where I live
the gulls fly high
and drop shells
on the rocks below.
When the shell is broken,
they eat what's inside.
That is very smart.
And Anna, this
is for you.
A sea stone.
The sea washes over
and over and around it
rolling it until
it's round
and perfect.
That is very smart, too.
No, thank you.
(cat meowing)
Caleb means "bold."
Are you bold?
Yes, very.
When will we sing?
I like to sing.
So do I.
She isn't snoring.
Caleb, Anna.
(Nick whimpering)
(Seal meowing)
(Nick barking)
(cow mooing)
(Seal meowing)
Seal likes it here, Papa.
(door opening)
(cow mooing)
Seal is happy here, Sarah.
(horse whinnying)
Caleb's pretty eager.
I know.
Who made the coffee?
Anna... trying her hand
at it.
Well, she doesn't
drink it, does she?
After this, I'll
make the coffee
and I'll get up
No matter.
You're a guest here
for a month.
Would you like to see
the barn... animals?
Could we walk first?
It's windy here.
Not too many trees
to protect us from it.
Katherine never really
liked the wind.
Said it made a
sad sound at night
like it was looking for
something it couldn't find.
Over here is sorghum.
We'll harvest
that soon.
You'll have
to teach me.
No, that's
not for you.
I hope you won't think of me
as just a guest, Jacob.
I've worked
all my life.
Fine, but there are
certain things that...
I'm used
to rolling up my sleeves
working alongside my brother,
doing what needs to be done.
And I'm used to having
things done a certain way.
And I'm not used
to being told what to do.
I see that.
Our ways, perhaps,
are different, but...
Ways can change.
Stubborn, aren't you?
And you're not?
(bird chirping)
Friendly, Anna.
They're friendly.
They're not.
They're not?
I think...
I think Sarah's not...
what Papa thought
she'd be.
Papa thought she'd
be like Mama.
Mama did everything
Papa wanted.
(birds chirping)
Here's one of my treasures,
a crab.
This is a sea urchin.
You can touch it.
Here's a scallop.
Look at that
pretty design.
Anna, there's a razor
clam on my bed stand.
Would you get
it for me?
Here's a mussel...
and a sea snail--
very simple
and beautiful.
This is a sea clam.
What's the big one?
Oh, this is a conch shell
someone gave me.
Now, if you hold it to your ear
you can hear the sea.
You can.
Wow, that is nice.
So, that's the sea.
Anna, listen.
(horse nickering)
(dog barking)
At least Sarah
can hear the sea.
Good evening, Jess.
Matthew says you might need
help later with the harvest.
I'm looking for work.
Yeah, for the harvest
I can use you and your horses.
This is Sarah Wheaton.
She's a friend from Maine.
Jess Stearns, Sarah.
I've been to Maine.
It was beautiful
and the ships
and the water...
cobblestone streets.
You sure you got
no work here now
m-maybe mending fences?
I could bed down in the barn.
Fences, maybe.
Not right now,
though, Jess.
I got to go to Topeka
for posts and wire.
Well, then...
I'll see you
at the picnic?
Well, I don't know.
Papa's taking Sarah
to the picnic.
Then, I will see you there?
We'll talk about Maine.
(insects buzzing)
Evening, folks.
It's at the church
the picnic.
We schedule
the harvesting...
sign on workers.
There's food and music.
And dancing.
Papa never dances.
Everybody dances.
Not me.
I don't know
how to dance.
Well, then,
I'll teach you.
Put this
in my pocket.
Put your hand here.
You ready?
One, two, three...
One, two, three...
One, two, three...
One, two, three...
One, two, three...
Maybe... couldn't we...
just the four of us
have our own dance here,
away from everybody?
Where are you going?
To pick flowers.
I'll hang some of them
upside down to dry
so they'll keep
their color.
There'll be flowers
all winter long.
Sarah said, "Winter."
That means
she will stay.
Wait, I'll come, too!
(dog barking)
(dog barking)
(horse nickering)
(tongue clicking)
(bird calling)
Do you miss the
sea a lot, Sarah?
Yeah, I do...
but the land here rolls
a little like the sea
and when the wind ripples
over the grass
it looks just like the wind
on the sea.
I've never seen
this before.
What's it called?
Bride's bonnet.
(cat meows)
Well, we don't have it in Maine.
We have seaside goldenrod
and wild asters
and woolly ragwort.
"Woolly ragwort"?
Isn't that a name?
(chair sliding)
Wooly ragwort
on the ground
Wooly ragwort
all around
Wooly ragwort
grows and grows
Wooly ragwort
up your nose.
Here you are.
thank you for all the food.
Thank you for sending us Sarah.
Would you please help
her like it here?
(cat meows)
Supper's fine, Sarah.
Bread, too.
Papa baked it.
It's my mother's recipe.
What does "ayah" mean?
Well, where I come from,
it means, "Yes."
Want some beans?
Sumer is icumen in
Loudly sing, "Cuckoo"
Sarah and Children:
Groweth seed
and bloweth mead
And Springeth would anew
Sing, "Cuckoo"
Ewes are bleating after lambs
and loweth calf and cow
? Bulleth starteth,
buck to burn ?
Doth merry sing, "Cuckoo"
"Cuckoo, cuckoo"
Well singst thou, "Cuckoo"
Oh, cease thee never now.
(hands clapping)
My mama used to sing that to me
when I was your age, Caleb.
I like it.
Sing it again.
All right.
Sumer is icumen in,
loudly sing cuckoo
Groweth seed
and bloweth mead
And Springeth would anew
Sing... ?
Sing, Jacob.
(crickets chirping)
Sing, "Cuckoo..."
Ewes are bleating after lambs
and low with calf and cow
Bulleth starteth,
buck to burn
Doth merry sing, "Cuckoo"
"Cuckoo, cuckoo,"
well sings thou, "Cuckoo"
Oh, cease thee never now.
Tomorrow, I would like
to meet the sheep.
You know
I've never touched one?
I've touched seals, though--
They're cool and slippery
and they slide
through the water like fish.
They can
cry and sing.
Sometimes they bark,
a little like a dog.
Woof, woof.
I wish I could
touch a seal
right now.
Mmm... so do I.
(insects chirping and buzzing)
(water flowing)
How was your walk?
It's beautiful.
The wind dies down
and it's peaceful.
You should take Nick
if you go any distance
from the house.
I love the sound
of water.
I expect.
I expect you might
feel lonely here.
Anyplace can be lonely.
I want this to work
I know.
So do I.
(humming "Billy Boy")
I cut Caleb's hair
most times.
I'm sorry.
Here, you do it.
I'll watch.
I want Sarah to do it
this time.
You do it.
What's the name
of William's boat?
It's called theKittiwake.
It's gray and white.
It's named after a little gull
that's found way offshore
where William fishes.
We have three aunts
who live next door.
They wear silk dresses
and no shoes.
They call themselves
"the unclaimed treasures."
You'd like them.
Does your brother
look like you?
I'm afraid so.
He's plain and tall.
What are you doing
with the hair?
It's for the birds.
They'll use it
to build their nests.
Later we can look for
nests of curls.
Sarah said later.
That means she will stay.
Here, this is for you.
May I?
When I was a little girl...
when I was ten,
my mama died.
My papa was away
for long days
fishing after that.
Sometimes I...
I think he worked
harder than he had to
he was so sad.
I had the aunts who loved
me and William, but...
it wasn't the same.
I know.
(footsteps approaching)
You look alike--
like family.
(Anna crying)
No! No!
Anna? Anna?
It's a bad dream.
Anna, wake up.
Wake up.
Your mama made this,
didn't she?
This was my mama's.
Maggie gave me
this shawl--
Mama made for her.
Papa put away all the
things that she loved--
quilts, her picture.
Papa doesn't understand.
(Seal meowing)
Go on.
She all right?
She's wrapped
in her mother's shawl.
I don't know
what to say to her.
When Katherine died,
Anna had these...
Every night.
She'd hang onto me
for an hour.
When I'd let her go
she'd cry again.
Sound asleep...
mournful, abandoned,
terrible sound.
She's better now.
Katherine's not coming back
no matter how much
you and the children
want her to,
perhaps it's a mistake
to deprive the children
of their memories.
That's enough!
What do you know about it?
Katherine meant for her things
to be used and loved.
I said no.
She's dead, Jacob.
The children are alive.
They need the connection to her.
You asked for someone
who would make a difference.
Cutting their hair,
teaching them to cook
singing with them
helping them
with their schoolwork.
This is a help to me.
It's all I want.
I cannot make a difference
until you come to peace
with Katherine's death.
This is not your business.
The past steps on the heels
of the present
whether or not you like it.
In this matter
you will do as I want, Sarah.
And you are not to encourage
the children
We will do what is right.
What is right in my house
is what I say is right.
(horse whinnying)
(door closing)
(door closing)
I did it for Anna.
I know you're angry
and I'm sorry for that
but I'm not sorry
I did it.
I'm sure of that.
(fiddle playing lively tune)
Come on, Caleb,
I see Rose.
Jacob, what have you told
people about me?
Matthew and Maggie
know, of course.
And the others?
They've been told
you're visiting
from the east
for a month.
Old family friend.
You're such a fool, Jacob.
Not a soul here believes
I'm an old family friend.
Over here.
This way.
Sarah, this is Matthew,
Matthew Grant.
This is Maggie,
Hello, Maggie.
Jacob has told people
I'm an old family friend.
Somehow I don't think
they believe it.
Somehow I think
you're right.
Come sit here
with us.
These people aren't
really unfriendly, Sarah.
They protect
those they love.
Yes, those alive
and those dead.
We don't live very far
away, you know, Matthew and I.
We are the closest farm.
Sometimes when
I walk at night
I imagine I can
see your light.
Sarah Wheaton...
The Parkleys.
We'll be at your...
at Jacob's house
for the harvest.
Mavis Ridley,
Sarah Wheaton.
That's Mavis.
She likes Papa.
She invites him to
dinner all the time.
Sarah, we practiced.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Papa, Jess took Sarah away.
It's called cutting in, Caleb.
You cut in.
Take Sarah back.
I'd say
Jess looks quite smitten.
Thank you, Jess.
Now I must dance
with an old family friend.
Straight, Sarah--
keep contact.
Don't let Ben
take the bit...
or he'll go
back to the barn.
Few days, we'll plow
up some more grass
for next year's
The gang plow...
Matthew and Maggie'll
come with the horses.
I want to do
that, too.
You want to do
Drive a wagon,
ride a horse...
so I can go into
town by myself.
What are you looking at?
Is it so strange
to see a woman behind a plow?
Surely Katherine
knew how to do this.
She grew up on a farm.
It was like breathing
to her, all the work.
I'd known her all her life.
Then one day
we were married, and...
it was as if we'd
always been married.
What about you?
You must have had someone--
A man who felt that way
about you.
I wouldn't marry him
for the same reason.
Everyone expected it.
Well, we'd known each other
for so long, he thought...
He thought he knew
everything I was thinking.
That's the way it was...
with Katherine.
I know.
I loved Katherine, Sarah.
You still do, Jacob.
I think these lambs need names,
don't you?
How about Harriet,
after one of the aunts, and...
that little one
over there
with the black face
will be Mattie.
She reminds me
of her-- her walk
her steady eye.
And that little one
over there will be Lu.
Sumer is icumen in,
loudly sing "cuckoo"
Groweth seed
and bloweth mead...
Oh, I'm hot.
What do you say?
Shall we be wicked
and go swimming?
Swim? Swim where?
We don't know how to swim.
You don't know
how to swim?
Well, come on!
I'll teach you
in the pond.
Come on!
(all laughing loudly)
(children laughing)
Come on.
I drown every time.
Look, you just take
a big, deep breath
and hold it
and you'll float
like a balloon. Watch.
That's what whales do, Caleb.
Is this like the sea, Sarah?
Oh, goodness, no.
The sea is salt...
it stretches
as far as you can see...
gleams like sun on glass,
and there are waves.
Like this?
(all laughing)
I dreamed
a perfect dream, Papa.
I dreamed the field
had turned into a sea
that gleamed
like the sun on glass.
I dreamed Sarah was happy.
Is this for William--
the prairie?
There's something wrong
with it.
Something's missing.
But what?
Is that a camel?
That is a cow.
Couldn't tell
by the ears.
"Windmill" was
my first word.
My first long word.
Papa told me so.
Mine was "daffodil."
What was yours, Sarah?
At home we have rock cliffs
by the sea
but William and I found a sandy
place, and we made a dune.
When we were little,
we'd slide down into the water.
We have no
dunes here.
Yes, we do.
We do?
We do?
Come on.
Come on.
(Nick barking)
our dune.
It looks high up!
Are you scared, Sarah?
Scared? Scared?
You bet I'm not scared.
(Sarah and children laughing)
If you do it
I'll teach you
to ride.
You'll teach me
to ride anyway.
(children laughing)
Jump, Sarah!
Is it a good dune?
Oh, it's a fine dune!
Go on. Climb up.
That's right.
Big jump.
You can do it.
Now Anna.
Jump, Anna.
Now you, Jacob.
No, no.
Are you scared, Papa?
(Nick barking)
Jump, Papa!
Papa, jump!
(all laughing)
I want to go again.
So do I!
(children laughing
and hooting)
Jacob... coffee?
Nice difference you've made.
Coffee, I mean.
Thank you for the dune.
Oh, well, it wasn't a big thing.
It was a big thing to me.
Then I'm glad.
You're welcome.
(Nick barking)
(horse neighing)
Whoa! Whoa!
It's a grand day,
isn't it?
Ah, yeah.
It's wicked hot.
Oh, God...
I'm getting heavier
every day.
The light, Maggie--
I thank you for it.
You noticed.
the chickens.
They are for you,
for eating.
Aren't they dear?
Those chickens
won't be for eating.
These are for your
flower garden.
My garden?
you shouldn't be lifting.
I'm fine. It's not due
for another month.
Zinnias, marigolds
and wild fever-few.
Please do have
a flower garden.
At Mama's grave
we always put flowers there
that wilt and die.
Papa doesn't want us
to plant flowers there.
I don't know why.
But it would be
a good thing
wouldn't it, Sarah?
Yes. It would be
a very good thing.
Anna, would you please
bring us some lemonade.
It's not what you
expected, is it?
Well, in some ways, it is.
But there are some things
I never reckoned for.
She's here, you know?
I can feel her here.
Sometimes, I... I think
I can smell her scent.
I know.
Jacob... can't let her go.
And the children?
Well, Caleb...
Caleb has so much room for me.
Anna's trying.
But it's not enough.
Shouldn't we plant
the flowers?
Ayuh. Right now.
There is something
about a garden.
It's very dirty.
(both laughing)
Soon you can drive
your wagon to my house
and I will give you more.
I have tansy.
Ah, I had tansy in Maine.
But I've never
driven a farm wagon.
Jacob can teach you.
So can I.
Maggie brought us
these flowers, Jacob.
It's my garden.
It's nice you're here, Sarah.
You must miss your friends
and family at home.
Well, there's always
something to miss...
no matter where you are.
You will come?
I'll come. Soon.
Before the baby.
So, now, what are we going
to name these chickens?
I knew it-- These chickens
won'tbe for eating.
This one's "Ayuh."
And that one's "Dune."
And that one's "Woolly Ragwort."
(children laughing)
Okay, come on...
get some supper.
Sumer is icumen in,
loudly sing "cuckoo"...
Shoo! Shoo! Go on!
Wash your hands,
all right?
Thank you.
Can Nick come to town?
He'd be happier here
with gophers to chase.
Come on, Nick.
(Nick barks)
Did you ever have
a dog, Sarah?
William did.
Her name was Gracie.
Sometimes she went
fishing with him
but she barked
at gulls.
Papa did when
he was little.
Ask him.
Ask him what?
Ask him what the
dog's name was.
All right.
What was his name?
All right.
No? Well, then...
No. Guess!
Um, Willy?
(kids laughing)
No, Sarah. Guess.
Uh, Mike?
Sarah, the list.
Good morning, Mrs. Parkley.
I was wondering whether
you have any canned peaches.
Yes, I have those.
What about those
homemade ones over there
in the glass jars?
Sarah, Mrs. Parkley's peaches
are terrible.
Doesn't matter.
These are
my peaches, Miss...
Well, they
look wonderful.
I'll take two.
Oh, well, good.
Listen, Sarah.
(blows harmonica)
Anna, do you like
to draw?
I don't know how.
Would you like
to try?
Sarah, we have fresh oranges.
Good. I'll take
this sketch book
and these, too.
And one more thing.
(Caleb blowing harmonica)
Aren't we going to stop
at Mama's grave?
Not today.
Jacob, it's all right
if Anna wants to.
I don't mind,
It's early.
We can stop
if you want to.
No! We'll do it
another day.
Papa, listen.
You'll be
sorry for that.
Maybe. At least
we'll know where he is.
That's fine, Caleb.
Are there ever any geese here?
Sometimes flocks
of them come in.
The next day,
they're gone.
Going somewhere.
(Nick barks)
Oh, Nick! Oh, Nick!
The dog's name was Guess.
Is that right, Anna?
Smart woman
but crazy, you know?
She bought
Mrs. Parkley's peaches.
(kids laughing)
Jacob, what's wrong?
Something's dead.
Come on!
Jacob, it's Mattie!
Do something.
Coyote got her.
What? In the middle
of the day
while we were in town?
Bones will be picked
clean by morning.
No! Shoo!
Go on! Go away! Shoo!
Go on! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!
They're doing their job.
Do something, Jacob!
Do something!
The sheep have got
to be out.
They've got to eat!
This happens!
You can't let yourself
get attached.
The barn's a good place
to think.
You would think,
wouldn't you
that in this big land
there'd be enough space
for everyone
but there isn't...
is there?
(thunder rumbling)
Are those your overalls?
I borrowed them
from your father.
Women don't wear overalls.
This one does.
The roof needs fixing.
Caleb, better get
the sheep in now.
I don't like
the look of this.
Anna, bring some
provisions to the barn.
I'll get the roof fixed
before the storm comes.
I'll help you.
I've done it before.
I know about roofs.
I'm a good carpenter.
Remember? I told you.
(cow lowing)
Caleb, the sheep.
Anna, you know what to get.
Then help Caleb.
You fast?
I'm fast
and I'm very good.
Those my overalls?
Why does she want to wear
Papa's overalls?
Did Mama ever wear overalls?
Hurry! Hurry, Caleb!
(dog barks)
(dog barks)
Quickly, Sarah.
It's not safe up here.
Sarah, come
to the barn now!
You go on.
Seal, where are you?!
(animals bellowing)
Where's Sarah?
Sarah, where were you?
Are you all right?
Is Seal in here?
Sarah, don't go
back out!
Sarah, no.
Come back here!
Seal?! Seal?!
What are you doing?!
Jacob, the chickens.
Sarah, come on.
Jacob, please!
Forget the cat.
We're going to
get killed.
We got to
get back.
Let me go!
Sarah, are you all right?
Anna, go back.
Go back!
Anna, where's Seal?
Do you know?
I never should
have brought Seal!
I never should
have come here!
I didn't mean that!
Yes, you did!
I saw the train ticket
in the drawer by your bed!
You never meant to stay!
Anna, hurry!
Sarah, come on!
(chicken clucks)
(cow lows)
What colors are
seen in storms?
Blue and gray and green.
Now I know what's missing
from your drawing.
What do you mean?
Colors. Colors
of our sea.
Colors of our storms:
Blue and gray
and green.
That's hail.
(dog whines)
It looks like
sun on glass.
Oh, Jacob.
Everything dies.
We'll plant
more flowers,
I promise.
The crops?
Two fields are gone,
maybe another.
Oh, I'm sorry, Jacob.
Can you replant?
It's late.
Might have
to sell the sheep.
Sell the sheep?
The sheep
are not pets, Sarah.
We live by them,
one way or another.
I know that, Jacob.
I just want to help.
How can I help?
We'll be all right.
We'll manage.
I have some money.
You're welcome to it.
I don't need that.
You don't need anything, do you?
You don't need anyone.
You don't need.
You can't take
anything from anyone
because you're still
so filled with her.
Filled with Katherine.
There's no room
in your life for anyone.
There's no room for anyone
to make a difference.
There's no room
in your heart.
That's not true.
I wanted this to...
I'm doing the best I can.
Some things you
just can't make happen.
I know
This isn't going to work, is it?
The children
are very fond of you, Sarah.
So am I.
It just...
Isn't going to work.
You got the worst
of the storm.
We hardly got wet.
Something isn't right.
I'm not right.
It's been so nice.
She brought out
all of Mama's things
and Papa didn't make
her put them away.
But the month
is almost over.
She's not going to stay?
Seal, you're all right.
Yeah, my girl.
Now that she's found Seal
she has everything
she needs to go home with.
Don't tell Caleb
I said that.
Are you sorry
she came?
Neither am I.
We're going to Maggie's first,
and then where?
Well, first, you're
going to teach me
how to drive
this wagon.
The line, traces,
cooper, hame, collar.
Mama would like this.
But, Anna, these flowers
aren't for her.
They're for you.
But it will
hurt Papa.
Not any more
than he's hurting now.
I'll tell him.
Are you going to leave us?
Oh, Anna...
I can't...
Your father wants
the kind of woman I can't be.
But you could try,
couldn't you?
For Caleb?
I did something
you will not like.
Wedid something
you will not like.
We planted flowers
on Mama's grave.
It wasn't your place.
No, it wasn't.
It was your place.
(horse galloping)
Sarah, the baby.
It's too early.
The doctor's gone.
We'll come.
Will she die, Papa?
Will Maggie die
like Mama?
No, Caleb! No!
(gasping and groaning)
I don't know how
to do this, Sarah.
I know.
I don't how to, either.
And I'm too old.
Oh, no.
My mother was old
when she had me.
How old?
How old are you?
You did not expect
to love him.
Did you?
Get Matthew, Sarah.
(Maggie groaning)
Jacob, I'm so afraid.
I know.
She's not breathing.
I don't know what to do.
She's not breathing.
Matthew, quick.
I don't know what to do.
(baby crying)
She was too young,
17 when Anna was born.
It took two days.
Terrible pain.
The doctor said it was
because she was
so young... small.
Said maybe we
shouldn't have any more.
I thought three years...
I needed... a boy.
Then she...
...wasn't there,
wasn't curled beside me in bed
and I couldn't stop
long enough to...
I had a newborn, Sarah,
a three-year-old...
farm, crops, animals,
the house, but she just...
...wasn't there.
I... I couldn't stop long enough
to... tell her good-bye...
that I was sorry...
and that itwasmy fault.
That I missed her...
more than life itself.
That you loved her.
(door closing)
a strong hand.
Yes, Jacob.
Best to be home
before dark.
Driving is hard if
there's no full moon.
Yes, Jacob.
Why can't we come?
Why do you have
to go alone?
Because I do.
Take care of Seal.
I am loud
and pesky.
You said so.
No, Caleb.
She would tell us.
The house
is too small.
The house is not too small.
She's leaving.
She's not.
Not without
her trunk and Seal
and saying good-bye.
Not yet.
What has Sarah
gone to do?
I don't know, Anna.
Sarah's Sarah.
She does things
her way, you know?
I know.
Ask him if
she's coming back.
Of course
she's coming back.
Papa, it's gone!
What's gone?
Sarah had a train
ticket home in
her bed stand.
It's gone!
You'll say it's not
my place to know it
but it's true, Papa,
and it's gone.
Go after her
Jacob, I...
I turned in my ticket.
I have this money.
(playing a sad tune)
Hush, Nick.
Seal was worried.
And the house is
too small, we thought.
And I am loud
and pesky.
We thought
you might
be leaving us
because you missed the sea.
Well, I'll always
miss my old home
but the truth of it is
I'd miss you more.
For you, Anna.
And for Caleb.
For all of us.
Blue and gray
and green.
Papa, look!
Sarah has brought
the sea.
(Sarah laughing)