Saratoga (1937) Movie Script

Good boy, Miracle!
Come on, take your neck!
Catch or I'll give birth to you!
? Yes?, Dare and you'll
see what happens to you!
Ah, the last
stallion I had left.
How do you think I'm going to
take a block without a stallion?
That is your thing.
Fix them as you can.
Hey, Limpy, wait a minute.
Take that horse to the barn.
I have a bank order, Mr.
My son's imbecile sold
it to Abe Kenyon.
I'll go to the bank and
fix it with Mr. Kenyon.
Very good, Mr. Bradley. Fix it.
Of course I will fix it!
Come on, return the horse to
the barn as I told you before.
How daring!
, Try to take my horse!
My son is an est.
How do you think I'm going to
raise horses without a stallion?
Thinking it well, that would
be a real feat, grandfather.
They want me to sell everything I have.
I suppose Moon Ray will
be next on the list.
I'm surprised he has
not tried to sell me.
Have you received any offers?
Stop joking, Duke.
When I was young, Brookvale was
the showcase for Saratoga.
When I brought my wife
from Niagara Falls,
I have a hard time making
her enter the house.
I wanted to see the
champions in the stables.
You're proud of
Brookvale, right?
I was then.
But now, we have more
horses dead than alive.
All were great champions.
No block from Kentucky
could match us.
These Blue-grass were acclaimed
throughout the country.
In 1881, when my
father was young,
It was toasted by the champions
of our stable with champagne
in the shoes of the ladies.
?For real?
There's Ebony Star, the
best foal of the 90s.
I got all the
trophies of his time
and his record has never been matched.
And there's Blue Bolt, son of
Flying Demon and Mad Power.
There is his grandfather.
And here, his father, Dawn Boy.
The best horse in the
history of American racing.
I raised him, trained him and
buried him myself. Yes, I know.
Why is Dawn Boy's grave
in front of the others?
Because Dawn Boy was always
in front of the others.
It is the place it
deserves, alive or dead.
- Grandpa, I love you.
- Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Clayton, they call
you on the phone.
Conference of London, England.
Carol is orlando.
He will want to talk
to his father, not me.
Tell him he has gone to the doctor.
I can not talk to someone who
is so far away, it scares me.
- Talk to her, please.
- It's fine.
I'm just his grandfather and I
can not talk to her anymore.
She has become so presumptuous
since she is in Europe.
He already talks to royalty.
His father is worried.
He is always traveling and
never leaves an address.
Yes, he needs good spanking.
It's not a bad thing, Mr.
Duke, it's the way it is.
Rosetta, I love you.
, Say!
Hi. Hi, dad. Dad, I'm Carol.
Prepare for a surprise.
I'm getting married.
It seems fine, but do not bring
anyone to scare your father.
?With whom I speak?
My name is Duke Bradley and I
am a friend of his father.
You should be too.
- Tell my father to wear it.
- ? Who?
An idiot.
I want to talk to my father.
It is not here.
Where can you locate it?
I'm in Northborough House.
And the address?
It's the mansion of the
Duke of Northborough.
It would be better to take
off the tiara and go home.
Who do you think he talks to?
D game where my father
is so I can call him.
I'll tell him, he went to see the doctor.
He has problems with the heart.
The heart?? It is something serious?
I would be better if I
did not have anything.
Tell him I'm back
on the first ship.
Very good, very much, although you
come with that foreign monkey.
- ? What did you say?
- Nothing.
Please, tell my father that
I marry a good American,
Hartley Madison from New York.
Hartley Madison.
Congratulations, doll, you
have caught a big fish.
Bring her home, I
want to kiss her.
Wait, here is your father.
?Listen?? Listen?
He has hung me.
This is Ms. Carol, a character
since she was born.
Hi Frank.
I just talked with your daughter.
With Carol? How are you?
Prepare for good news.
The little lady has caught a rich man.
- ? Caught?
- Going to get married.
- , Do not!
- With Hartley Madison.
- Well, do not tell me.
- That millionaire from New York?
The same.
, An idiot in the family!
Everything will go well!
, We will have a
real stud again!
, Hundreds of mares and horses!
, We'll put Brookvale
back where he belongs!
- , The best!
- Exactly, Rosetta.
- Wait. Did you call him an idiot?
- Clear.
Who was the one who won you
50 thousand dollars in Belmont?
- Hartley Madison.
- I thought so. And is he an idiot?
Madison retires
when I was winning.
His father died and he had
to take over the business.
But the next time...
,Quiet!, I'll help you!
I'll have Carol bring him here.
Grandpa, you are a friend.
- Are you crazy, Duke?
- ? Why?
A guy like Madison
can ruin any bettor.
He has more money than the government.
Frank, since the Depression
I've made small bets.
50 dollars, 100 dollars,
1,000 dollars at the most.
But the good times have returned.
Your little daughter will
bring a lined guy home.
I think you have a lot of courage.
Frank, I love you.
?What did the doctor say to you?
- Did you want Kenyon to Miracle Lad?
- I think so,
but Duke did not leave
that they will take it.
He said that he will fix it
everything with Kenyon.
No, it will not.
Frank, this is between
my grandfather and me.
I do not want to discuss anymore.
Bring that horse to Kenyon.
But what kind of son are
you if you can know?
We explained how we are going to
have a stud without that stud.
I do not know.
I'm going to the barn to get drunk.
Let the grandfather have his horse.
No, thanks, Duke.
I owe you too much already.
That reminds me of something.
Accompany me, do you?
You know, Carol must really
be in love with Madison.
It does not go behind your money.
You do not know I'm broke.
?What did the doctor say to you?
It scares me a little.
He said my heart is weak.
But it's nothing that a
good bet can not cure.
If you stopped betting, it
would cure you long before.
Do not be silly, Frank, you can
not beat the professionals.
Everyone who does end up losing.
Anyway, I can not bet.
I do not have a cent.
And now that Carol is getting
married, I want you to take this.
?What is it?
The writing of the farm, as a
guarantee of the money I owe you.
- ? You've gone mad?
- C gelo.
- Your friendship is worth more than that.
- S does a year or you know me.
Even if it was a week.
We are friends and that is enough.
Save that.
- Thanks, but I insist.
- Do you want to shut up and save that?
- Accept it.
- I will not and you do not know.
I don't want to discuss with you.
Hey, the doctor told
me not to get excited.
- It's fine.
- Thank you.
If that's what you want.
It's funny, I've seen the
best specialists of the heart
and none of them prescribes what
I feel best, the bicarbonate.
Yes, of course.
Well, Duke, I'm glad my
daughter gets away from racing.
I always wanted it to be something
more than a well-dressed girl.
To your health, little one.
50 dollars to Jay Blue.
500 to 50 winner.
250 to placed. 150 to double.
No. 748.
- Agree.
- Hello. It has arrived.
- Hello grandfather. Who has arrived?
- Carol!
- 10 a 1 a Rester.
- Yes, I know. 60 to 10 a Rester.
No. 738.
- Did Madison come with her?
- Of course I do. MRALOS.
So that's Frank's daughter?
That guy knows how to use his money well.
- Rusty Gate, 20 a placed.
- Yes, but she has become so corny
that you do not understand a word.
Rusty Gate, 20 a placed.
Yes, I know. 40 a 20 a placed.
Number 410.
Take, Tip, follow t.
Come on, grandpa.
10 to Light Fantasy.
Light Fantasy 60 to 10.
- 25 to 10. No. 526.
- All right.
- Hi Frank.
- Hi, Duke.
- Se or Madison, I'm glad to see you.
- How is it?
Do you remember him? Duke Bradley.
I have not forgotten what he
did to me once in Belmont.
,Oh, sure! I remember now.
I won some money, right?
That is, some money.
- Duke, this is Carol.
- How is it?
- Haunted.
- ? What did I tell you?
- You do not remember me, Miss Clayton?
- I'm afraid not.
I spoke with you on the phone.
I think he was in an Earl's house.
Yes, I remember.
Congratulations for your commitment.
You have chosen the winner.
I'm glad that a good player
returns to the races.
Thanks, but I'm just a spectator.
The race is going to start.
It's more fun if you bet.
If you're looking for customers, Mr.
Bradley, you're wasting your time.
We are not interested in hip dromos.
Do not tell me.
We have come for Daddy.
Spending time, huh?
A good way to do it, Mr.
Hello, Duke!
Hello, Fritzi!
Gorgeous, you're
shorting your breath.
- Lico, I'm married.
- ? Do not?
- Who is the idiot?
- Harriet Hale.
- ? Who?
- The cosmetics magnate.
His real name is Kiffmeyer.
It has pasta, huh?
- All that the government leaves him.
- Honey, I love you.
Fritzi, this is Clayton.
- Haunted.
- How are you?
- How are you, Mr. Clayton?
- Well, I...
My heart has not been good for
40 years and here I am still.
He has a veterinarian for a doctor.
- Why did you bet, dad?
- I bet a lot for Jay Blue.
, Run, Jay Blue!
, Dad!
What's wrong with you, dad?
Hartley! Hartley!
Easy, Frank.
Could you bring me
some bicarbonate?
Right away.
,Come on!
A bicarbonate and water, please.
- How are you, Miss Clayton?
- All right. Thank you.
- Quiet. It will be fine.
- He looks really bad, Hartley.
- When has he returned?
- A few days ago.
- She's very pretty.
- Thank you.
- Is it for your father?
- Yes.
- I knew, lately he asks for a lot.
- Thank you.
- Have.
- Thank you.
?What happen?
Say, what's wrong?
Carol, dear.
, Jay Blue has won!
Is he Bradley?? Who is calling?
Just a moment.
She is the daughter of Frank Clayton.
?What? Are you in Saratoga?
That means that
idiot is with her.
Good morning, Carol.
How are you?
I'm in the bank, Mr. Bradley.
- Would you have the kindness to come?
- ? In the bank?
Could not I see it somewhere else?
The banks do not feel good.
It will only be a moment. I'm in Mr.
Kenyon's office.
Kenyon? Wow, that's the vulture
that took the grandfather's horse.
I never smile. When he was born,
they opened his mouth with a chisel.
I can not see him, it drives me crazy.
Do you want to come, please?
I'm in a hurry.
Carol, I have not had breakfast yet.
Why do not you come here?
?Listen?? Listen?
It's the second time
the phone hangs up.
I never saw any banker
make a decent bet.
It must be the writing
that Frank handed me.
I will look for it and
I will give it to you.
?To her?
What do you want, that I have it?
You do not need the farm.
He'll be New York's owner
when he marries that guy.
Yes, but the grandfather does not.
I think you've gone crazy.
Tippy, I love you.
- Good morning, I know Bradley.
- Good morning, Ernest.
Tip, I have to get Madison
to bet on the races.
I'm already seeing it, 10, 20,
50 thousand in a single bet.
That sounds good.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Come on, come in.
Thank you.
- Is not Mr. Madison coming?
- Do not.
- Where is it?
- In Newport.
- ? Newport?
- Yes.
- Are you going to stay?
- We'll get married there the next month.
- And he will not come back here?
- Do not.
And as I said,
If you think that Madison is
your victim, you can forget it.
Do not blame me for being ambitious.
- Breakfast?
- Of course not.
?Do not? Do you mind sitting
while I eat breakfast?
I came to ask you what you intend
to do with my father's farm.
- ? Do?
- Is...
I hope you will not do anything before
giving me the opportunity to buy it.
I get it.
I assure you that I do not like
to ask you for this favor,
but my grandfather does not
know that now he is yours.
I know.
I would appreciate it if I
did not tell you anything
until I get him to
be paid by Madison.
?You've finished?
Can I give you a spanking already?
I do not like that kind of jokes.
I've been out of here
too much time.
I also think that. Sit down.
It was a mistake to come see him. I will
leave everything in the hands of the bank.
Just a moment. Ahead.
Hi, Duke. Hello Carol.
How are you?
Hello Beautiful.
Are we going to see those horses?
I have to talk to Carol.
Do you mind delaying the trip?
Of course not.
I'll see you in the hip dromo.
- Fritzi, I love you.
- Adi s, Carol.
Adi s.
So you think I'm going
to keep the farm?
Well, I'll tell you
what I think of you.
I'm not interested in knowing
what you think of me.
I can not tolerate you talking to me
like that a mare that left Saratoga
with grass in the helmets and now
the queen of the world is created.
Not even a disgusting banker
would be able to think so of me,
me, Duke Bradley,
your father's friend.
My father could lose
with other bookies.
You will not deny me that your
friendship was very good for you.
I will not answer that, Carol. I do not
know what I would do to another bettor,
but I will not throw the grandfather out
of his house because I appreciate him.
Stop worrying about the farm and dedicate
yourself to your boyfriend's money.
In case you're interested, I marry
Hartley because I love him.
- I'm Duke, you can tell me the truth.
- , I do not know what you are talking about!
Frank's daughter would not fall in
love with a rich man from Wall Street.
A rich man from Wall Street?
What would be of you without them?
For you, you are imbeciles.
Call someone "ricach n"
and already feels superior.
, A sleazy punter calls ricach n
to a member of one of the most
important families in the country!
I could buy twenty as you do with
what you have in your pocket.
Would you marry him if he were poor?
Of course I do.
And now, open the door.
Go with that idiot
and pay me the debt.
That is what I intend to do.
And do not kid yourself it's
about being in love, baby.
A girl who kicks her
boyfriend 60 thousand bucks
before taking it to the
altar, it is simply a thief.
, Want to open the door!
Wow, you trot like a foal.
The mare with the number 45
is Dubonnet, a thoroughbred.
His father is Giber, winner
of 115 thousand dollars.
Including the Belmont
and the Withers Stakes.
Duke, I'm the most miserable
woman in the world.
- ? Why?
- Ah, the mare I want to buy
and my husband is not here.
He reached the door, but
did not want to enter.
Is it a taca or?
No, he does not like horses.
They make him sneeze.
- ? Sneeze?
- Yes, sneeze. They give him an allergy.
, There you are, dear or me!
- Who, your husband?
- No, that mare.
, 2,500!
, A gentleman offers 2,500!
Does anyone offer 3,500?
,lt has already begun!
Do not worry.
Leave me Mr. Kiffmeyer.
I will tell you that Dubonnet
does not cause sneezing.
- No, no, both together, no.
- ? Why not?
He is very jealous.
He believes that all men
are in love with me.
Is not that true?
, Cari o!
I present to you an old friend of mine.
How are you, pray?
How old?
Carl, look, there's the mare
I told you about, Dubonnet.
Do not change the subject.
How old?
Since I was in the choir.
Oh, there he goes!
Well, let him go.
A horse would do Fritzi's
company while you work.
- ? What?
- , S ! And it would be good publicity
for your cosmetics.
My horses do not need cosmetics.
I mean, my cosmetics...
We have understood you, dear.
You know I can not stand horses.
And how will I know what you do
while you are with the horses.
If I can not get close to them?
I know K, you will not speak seriously.
- Well, I... Why?
- 5,500, 5,500.
Does anyone offer 6,000?
, 6,000 dollars!
Thank you, pray.
Who was it, please?
Who has bidded, please?
Thank you, pray.
They offer 6,000 dollars.
Who offers 6,500?
- , Health!
- Thank you. But do not bother.
, Awarded for 6,000!
?Your name please?
I know Jesse Kiffmeyer,
from New York.
What are you doing?
, Awarded to Mr.
Kiffmeyer of New York!
- Good job, I know K.
- , Can not...!, I waited!
Take a picture of Mr. Kiffmeyer.
- ? Why?
- Does not matter.
- But we do not have plates.
- Does not matter.
Here you are, guys.
The new owner of Dubonnet.
- You can not force me...
- Fix the bow tie.
- Leave me, dear.
- I will not pay that horse.
Her name is Kiffmeyer, but for
millions of women it's Harriet Hale.
?lt's her?
The largest seller of
cosmetics in the world.
Beauty products is
the modern term.
Raise your head, se or Hale.
Hale is prayed...
No, I better be Kiffmeyer.
- Excuse me, I know Kiffmeyer.
- Yes.
- The teller is waiting for you.
- But if I do not...
Stay, Kiffie, so do not sneeze.
I'll go fix everything.
- I'm with you.
- , Do not wait!
I'll take care of his wife.
I mean, or despite...
Hello, Duke!
- Hello grandfather.
- Talk to that girl.
- I can not bring it into reason.
- ? What a Girl?
- Carol!
- ? Carol? If you are in Newport.
None of that, is here willing
to sell to Moon Ray.
- The last foal I have left.
- Relax, I'll see what I can do.
- Good evening, Carol.
- Hello.
You have not been to Newport, huh?
No, I'm in Coney Island.
Go, Carol, that seems like a joke.
Are you going to sell Grandpa's colt?
I need the money.
I'll pay you everything
before I get married.
You will not do it because of the
joke I made about Madison's money?
That has nothing to do with it.
I've thought better, nothing more.
If I were in your place, I
would marry him right now.
In addition, for that colt
you will not give much.
Relax, I'll get your money.
- And how will you do it?
- Betting.
- You do not know anything about horses.
- ? Do not?
No, even if you were born in a hip drome
there are many things that you do not know.
That is your opinion.
What does your fiance think about
the postponement of the wedding?
Mr. Madison believes there is
something called integrity.
I see.
Carol, if you're going to sell that
colt, they're waiting for you.
- Good evening, Clayton is praying.
- Goodnight.
Go ahead, Clayton is urged.
You pray and pray, this colt
bears the name of Moon Ray.
He was raised on the Brookvale farm and
his father is the famous Dawn Boy.
His mother was the great
champion Hemet Girl.
It is the best foal of our stud.
Strong and fast, with his pedigree,
and in the hands of a good
coach, will be a champion.
Thank you.
They've already heard Clayton pray.
How much do they offer for him?
1,000 dollars.
, 1,000 dollars!
Have I heard 2,000?
, 1,000 dollars!
, Your tail is worth more than that!
Shut up, grandpa.
What will I have done to
have this granddaughter?
, 1,000 dollars!, Small change!
, 5,000 dollars!
, They offer 5,000! Thank you.
Oh, but it's my friend
Hartley Madison.
, And has offered 5 of the
big ones to the first one!
What a great idiot!
- It's your chance, wrist.
- I do not want that...
Be careful, I also push.
Go ahead, friend.
5,500 - 6,000.
Bettors can not have horses.
I try to win more, more.
- , 7,500!
- , Well done!
- Is not that much for that colt?
- You think?
8,500 - For now, you want.
- , Leave him alone!
- , 9,000!
I like this., 9,500!
, 10,000 dollars!
I do not want him to take
out more than 15,000.
Do not be silly, you
will reach 20,000.
Do not go above 15,000, please.
Agree. 11,500
I'm going to greet Hartley.
The gentleman said 11,500.
Do you offer 12,000?
- That colt is not worth that much.
- , 12,000!
- , 12,000 dollars!
- Hello Darling.
- Hi, dear.
- , 12,500!
- Let him keep it for 14,500.
- ? Why dear?, 13,000!
They offer 13,000.
Who gives 13,500?
I have seen the treachery in the
kisses of his granddaughter.
?For real?
- Please, do what I ask.
- Honey, I want Moon Ray.
- Do it for me.
- Of course I will do it for you.
- 14,000!
- Now let him keep it.
, 14,500!
- Mr. Madison, the horse is yours.
- Great!
- What's up, dear?
- You do not see what it is...?
Do not you want me to have Moon Ray?
Yes, of course, but...
Mr. Madison, it's been a lot of fun.
Of course. Why leave?
Carol wanted her to keep it.
- ? For real?
- Yes.
Wow, how nice.
What are you going to do with my colt?
I know I did not buy it for you.
- How are you, Mr. Clayton?
- All right. What will you do with it?
This month is my birthday.
- , Grandfather!
- , Get out!
If he does not have a coach, I
recommend him to his grandfather.
It is a good idea.
Would you train him for me?
- Of course not.
- ? Why not?
It would do me a great favor.
Will he do it?
They want it to be the nor was
it a horse that is not mine
and I do not even have a stallion.
I would not hurt one.
Mr. Madison, have you thought
about betting since you're here?
I do not know, maybe.
Could I go through the box, please?
Yes, of course.
Duke, take care of Carol, please.
It will be a pleasure.
Leave him alone.
If you want to bet,
why not do it?
I told him that Mr. Madison
does not bet, but maybe I do.
- You're a charm.
- Do you want to take my bets?
If I brought the hip drome
a couple of times...
- Accept or not my bets?
- Yes, of course.
110 pounds, wet track...
That's Fritzi's orita.
Mr. Duke has told you a joke.
Do you want to shut up?
You'll go crazy if you
keep working like that.
Belmont, Aquaduck and Maryland.
You have not rested from Saratoga.
Carry 115 pounds, that
means you will get 5...
Tell Mr. Bradley that I want to see him.
Right now.
You have an ink
stain on the cheek.
?And that?
Do not you want to be pretty for Mr.
?For what?
He is a real man.
If it was the right
color, I would marry him.
Good evening, Carol. I did not know
you were traveling on the train.
How long will your friends continue
to make fun of each other?
You will not have forgotten
what are these special trains?
It would continue all night long.
Why do not you go out
and have some fun?
I'm afraid that's
not my idea of fun.
I see.
- ? How is everything going?
- I can not complain.
No, I see no.
Do you know that I already
paid you 3,700 dollars?
Well, if you continue with that
lucky streak, you will ruin me.
- Good luck, huh?
- What do you call it?
The correct word is work.
Hey, if the noise bothers you,
occupy my cabin in the next vag n.
- No thanks.
- I will not use it.
Rosetta, tell the waiter
to change the luggage.
S .
- And if they're playing, throw them out.
- Insurance.
- And do not play t.
- What are you saying, Mr. Duke!
- ? That's it?
- Yes.
Hello, Clayton is praying!
- Hi, Clipper.
- Look, we have another guest!
,Well done!
Thank you.
- Hello Carol.
- Good evening, Mrs. Kiffmeyer.
- Hi, Fritzi.
- Hi, Duke.
- Hi, Miss Clayton.
- Hello.
- Remember Hurley?
- How are you, Hurley?
- I'm glad to see you, Miss Clayton.
- Thank you.
I've been thinking a lot about
you since your father left us.
He also reminded them.
Hurley, I'm sure he
does not remember her.
Hello, Miss Clayton!
But if it's the child,
the little Katie!
It's Katie, but it's not a girl anymore.
Come on. Pearl!
Hello, Ms. Clayton.
Here is the last edition.
Pearl, how do you do it?
, Little angels! Can I take it?
,Ms. Clayton, he's finally back!
Katie, be careful! Duke, c gelo.
Katie, you're going to drown me.
Come here and sit down.
- Take it from him, please.
- No, Duke, you do it very well.
Here, take it before it breaks.
No, stay with him.
I have another one here.
I do not understand this.
Look, he seems to like me.
Duke, give me 5 dollars.
- And t too.
- ? For what?
Dugan lost everything in Havre.
I would like to collaborate, Speed.
Great. Thank you.
Give them to me, please.
Come on, guys, the pasta.
Pearl, it will be better if you take it t.
Yes, of course.
It will be better if you take this one too.
, Sing with me!
Pay attention to me and
I'll tell you a story.
It is the story of a
horse and a madman.
It is a story of
sadness and problems
and how to lose a lot of pasta
by the snout of a hack from which
I have learned to distrust,
the horse of the eyes so adores.
The horse of the eyes so adores.
, We want Fritzi!
Let Fritzi sing!
, We want Fritzi!
Always entered only the goal,
but that fool did not
renounce his dreams.
He ran like a devil to pay,
but they tell me I was going
in the opposite direction.
I do not know because I
fainted and Elmer too.
The horse of the eyes so adores.
The horse of the eyes so adores.
, We want Bradley!
Let him sing Bradley!
, Get out of here!
Let him sing Bradley!
OK OK. You have wanted it.
When I trotted off to the track,
I limped and I had lumbago.
His neighing was a cough.
And when someone shouted:
", All van!",
he put on a horrible gesture of surprise
the horse of the eyes so adores.
The horse of the eyes so adores.
Let sing Oglethorpe!
- Let sing Oglethorpe!
- Look! Oh, it's Rossie!
, We want to...!
- Miss Carol, your bunk is ready.
- Thanks, Rossie.
- Come on, give him a little color.
- Mr. Duke, I can not.
- Let's go ahead.
- It's fine.
You already know
why I feel so sad.
I am poor since the
day I was born.
And the reason why I'm like that
is that men and horses
are not a good mix.
Accept advice, girls, and
be careful if you see
to the horse of the eyes so adores.
The horse of the eyes so adores.
, We want Cantor!
, We want Cantor!
- Well, I have to go. Goodnight.
- Wait, I'll join you.
Here you can work at your leisure.
The boys will not bother you.
Do you think I'm a snob, right?
No, I would not say that.
I know he thinks it.
But there are other things in
the world besides the races.
Yes, I suppose I do.
- You've never been to Europe?
- Do not.
I should know England.
Do you talk about Ascot,
Epson, New Marke?
It must be great.
No, I did not think about racing.
Of course not.
I should know those
English mansions.
For centuries they have
belonged to the same family.
You know, the tradition, the honor that
passes from parents to children...
Yes, like the purebloods.
Yes, good.
Have you ever looked at
an old painting and felt
what the artist wanted when he
painted it 400 years before?
I have learned a lot of things.
Do you know what he would like?
Rowing in the Tmesis.
With the moon shining among
the leaves of the trees.
Yes, I paddled once when I was child
in an Ohio swamp.
There are so many things
to see in the world
and so many wonderful
people to meet.
You know, I never understood you,
but now I see what you want.
- ? For real?
- Yes.
And I think I would like those
things if it were not such a fool.
It is not a fool.
He's smart, handsome...
- Stop joking.
- I am not kidding.
I'm really glad you think so.
It seems good that you
pursue your dreams.
I'm glad you understand.
Yes, but you never explained
it to me like that.
I know and I'm sorry.
Hey, I have an idea that would lead
the two of us to row to the Tmesis.
- Yes? What is he?
- Yes.
Where will you stay in Florida?
In the Central Park.
Go on, Duke.
When we arrive,
You call Madison and
tell him to come.
A word from you and it will come running.
Then, let him bet with me.
I will give you 20 percent.
You can pay me the farm right away.
- , Get out of here!
- ? What?
I say come out of here!
?What happens?
I thought you would
have a gram of decency.
Carol is orlando!
What's the matter, little one?
, I do not want to see that
cheat again in my life!
Carol is orlando!, My child!
- One moment, please.
- Hi, I know Madison.
What's he doing in New York?
- I came to see you.
- ? Really?
Yes, but it is more difficult to
enter here than in the White House.
- Excuse me for a moment?
- Yes, of course.
"If the conditions are
I would pay 101 net with a one
and a half million guarantee.
Please send your reply
as soon as possible.
That is all.
? We reviewed the government
proposal, was it Madison?
- I'll take care of that later.
- Yes, I know.
?What I can help?
See, it's about Carol.
Carol? What's wrong?
Carol needs you, I know Madison.
It's not good
?Do not? Last night I called her in
Baltimore, before leaving for Florida.
- And was it okay?
- He did not say anything.
I was not nervous, irascible?
Well, now that he says it, yes.
- Yes, it's not Carol herself.
- You went to the doctor?
No, and it's a real
bunch of nerves.
Last night I suggested that he
ask her to come and see her
and, believe me or not, he kicked
me out of his compartment.
- ? For real?
- Yes, she was furious.
- That's not good, Duke.
- Yes, I think it works too much.
- I'm afraid I know.
- Go to Florida to talk to her.
It may be right.
Yes, if he were with her and
helped her choose the...
I'll go, Duke.
I'll go right now and tell Dr.
Beard to come with me.
He will tell us what happens to him.
Call me with Dr. Beard.
Mr. Madison, that will not be necessary.
There are good doctors there.
But Dr. Beard is the best
specialist outside of Vienna.
Yes, I know, but such an
important doctor will scare her.
But he will find out
what is wrong with him.
Doctor Beard, could you
come with me to Florida?
- I know Madison, I do not think...
- Yes, today.
My girlfriend has a serious nerve
problem and I want her to see it.
We will leave in two hours.
I will pick you up. Adi s.
- Allow me, Miss Washington?
- Thank you.
Take, boy.
Ms. Clayton, it's Mr. Madison.
Do not be silly, Rosetta.
Mr. Madison is in New York.
Hi, wow.
What's the matter with you, honey?
What are you doing here?
Duke told me you're not okay.
Yeah, I had to go to New
York and talk to Hartley...
Well, here we are.
- It could help you bet.
- I do not need any help.
- Carol!
- Of course not, dear.
Doctor Beard.
Yes, Dr. Beard has also come.
- Clayton is oritated, Dr. Beard.
- Yes, yes.
- How are you?
- How is it?
I want the doctor to examine you.
?Why?? What does this mean?
- Hartley was very worried.
- What are you talking about?
- Do not get excited.
- Who is excited?
No one. I'm sorry I bothered you.
You have not bothered me.
You will go from here.
But Carol, Carol, do not
you forget something?
Let's go ahead.
Do not worry about us.
Of course not.
Of course not, what?
You have not kissed Hartley.
Do not you happy to see him?
?What do you think?
This is ridiculous, doctor.
I tell him that nothing happens to me.
Calm down, relax.
Clayton is urged, when did
they plan to get married?
- August.
- Five months have passed.
Go, go, go.
Nothing happens to his heart,
but it beats too fast.
I already told him I'm fine.
And so it is, but you
are very temperamental.
- ? What does that mean?
- What is a woman
whose system is controlled
by their emotions.
He should get married as soon as possible
and live happy and content in
your small and beloved nest.
- ? What?
- And now
I want her to have a hot and
bubbly bath, very relaxing.
I will send you to a masseuse who
will give you a gentle massage.
And then, in the darkness
of this same room,
You can sleep a little
with a restful sleep.
I have not been to hip drome for you.
But I do not intend to take a
hot and relaxing bath or sleep
by nobody in the world.
I think that Mr. Madison
should not have come.
- Neither do you.
- My dear, not...
Nothing happens to me.
I'm perfectly normal.
That is the problem,
it is too normal.
I suggest you see your boyfriend as
little as possible before the wedding.
And I hope to have soon the pleasure
of receiving an invitation for her.
Adi s.
- ? What happens?
- Nothing really.
Are you okay, dear?
?What happens?
Only his nerves are.
See, she's...
- We apologize?
- Yes.
?What happens?? It's bad?
Yes, but it is not a
case for a doctor.
?What happens?
"Me miserum,
Quod amor non est
medicabilis herbis ".
And what does that mean?
That love can not be
cured with pills.
Poor little girl!
- Yes, and you should not see her often.
- Yes, of course.
- Will you make that sacrifice for her?
- Yes, of course.
- I'll see you before I leave.
- Very good. Thank you.
You are a lucky man.
- Adi s, I know Bradley.
- Adi s, doctor.
- Carol apost in this race.
- ? For real?
- Rosetta, you want a breath?
- Yes, I know.
I have not given one for a week.
Skeeball, 3 to 1.
The same horse told me.
And the others did not say anything to him?
I bet 2 dollars for your whiskers.
Let them be 5.
- It's okay, make it 10.
- So I like it.
Skeeball? Is not it the horse
that Carol has put on?
- Do you want to bet?
- No, I do not think so.
If he wins, he can get married sooner.
They have already left.
Invite me to the wedding
and accept the bet.
Run, Skeeball, my little horse!
- How are the bets?
- 3 to 1.
- Are they still 3 to 1?
- What I offered him.
- Do you accept 1,000 dollars?
- Make it 2,000.
Done deal. Ahead.
- Do you want something, Mr. Madison?
- No thanks. Run, Skeeball!
How is Gloris K going?
They have not even named her.
- And Raucus?
- He has abandoned.
- Apost for him?
- Yes, I know.
I should bet on Skeeball.
Run, Skeeball!
Come on, Skeeball!
Come on, Skeeball!
Come on, Skeeball!
- , Win Skeeball for five bodies!
- , S !
, This Skeeball is a heaven!
- You lost a lot, Boswell?
- 2 d, pray.
- I am sorry.
- Here you are, Rosie.
Thanks, Mr. Duke.
It's like a gift.
- I'll write you a check.
- Relax, Duke.
Hi, wow. When did you arrive?
I arrived with Skeeball.
Wherever there are horses,
the world will be a party.
Carl, I've won 6,000
dollars with Skeeball.
- Wow, how happy I am.
- Yes, this man is a sorcerer.
For you; We are 6,000 dollars
closer to our wedding.
- I can not accept them.
- But, dear...
- Do not spoil Hartley's party.
- , Please!
I have to do this alone.
Now you know.
All right, honey. As you say.
Duke, we have not seen each other
for a long time.? We apologize?
Of course not.
Thanks, Duke.
When will you bet again?
I'll make a selection in the morning.
And if we have lunch together
and then we go to hip drome?
I think Florida will sit us down
very good to everyone.
Beware of sunstroke.
Is not it cute?
Hartley, I do not want
you to bet with him.
- ? Why not?
- Why...
Do not you see what you intend?
That you bet again.
My dear, always lose with me.
You've seen what happened today.
It does not matter.
You do not belong to their world.
What do you know about horses?
Carol, wait.
Are you trying to tell
me you want me to leave?
S .
I understand, dear.
I do not care.
What do you understand?
What do you want me to leave?
Dr. Beard explained everything to me.
Doctor Beard?
Doctor Beard?
You do not have to be ashamed.
The idiot with the sad eyes.
What are you doing?
Prepare the bets of Hartley.
Yes, it was a good idea to give
3 to 1 in favor of Skeeball.
I think so.
Did you know that they were
10 to 7 in their favor?
You're the most vile guy I know.
Denying the bait to a poor idiot.
Did you say idiot?
Your problem is that you do not know
how to deal with that kind of players.
In ten days we will be covered.
Yes, and in half an hour he
will have left the city.
Your suitcases are on the sidewalk.
- ? What?
- He's going to New York.
And he has earned you 6,000 dollars.
If he is an idiot,
I am a goldfish.
Where are you going, idiot?
- Are you t, Rosetta?
- Yes, it's praying!
Well, it's Mr. Bradley!
I'm glad to see you around here.
You told him to leave.
Of course.
Did you think he would let him stay?
You are a traitor.
?Listen?? Listen? With room 218.
It's a good day to fly.
Tip, prepare a suitcase.
I'm going to take Madison's plane.
It will not do you any good.
We'll need a radio.
- Have you been in Hartley's office?
- Yes.
And he thinks he's going
to leave everything?
Your business does not care about anything.
Say to the stock
market, to the banks
and will devote to listening
to the radio with you.
Carol, leave it alone for ten days.
It would be better if he left.
Hartley is coming to say goodbye.
Well, let him come.
He would not like to find you here.
No, and that would not be
good for you either, right?
I'll tell him he came by force.
Just a moment.
?That makes?
Since you're so
smart, explain this.
Get out of there.
It would be better if you tell him to stay.
Hartley would not like
it if I made noise.
Duke, please!, Please!
, Want to get out of there?
Carol, I do not have much time.
Are you t, dear? Enters.
Perd name, I was distracted.
No, do not get up.
I would come to say goodbye.
It has been wonderful to be
with you and I hope you feel...
There is something...
, Cari o!
What's the matter, Hartley?
Since when...?
When have you...?
Since when what?
Since when do you smoke pure?
Recently. The doctor advised me.
He told me to leave the cigarettes.
But, my dear, you will sit down badly.
Yes, well, but I have to do
something for my nerves.
But, dear, that cigar
is very strong.
I know. I...
I'll leave it right now if
it bothers you so much.
Poor little me!
- I am very worried about you.
- But you do not have to worry about me.
What's wrong with you, honey?
Hartley, I'd like you
to stay in Florida.
- Really, Carol?
- Yes.
Carl, nothing would make me happier.
That is, if my presence
here does not disturb you.
Of course not.
I want you to stay.
- But this afternoon you said...
- Yes, I know. I'm nervous.
Sometimes I want you to stay
and other times you leave.
Now I want you to stay.
What does it matter if I'm nervous or
if sometimes I get a little angry?
I want you to stay.
Do not you understand, dear?
I can not do this.
You are too considerate.
You always think of
everyone except yourself.
Why do not you take a vacation?
Carl, I have to go.
- Please.
- Do not.
- , Please!
- It's fine.
You can not go away. You must not leave.
,I will not leave you!
Dear, we decided this afternoon.
Catch yourself, please.
And believe me, dear,
I know it's the best.
It is good. What you say.
Adi s, dear.
And take care of your little heart.
And now lie down, dear.
- And, please, do not smoke anymore.
- I will not do it.
I'll call you from New York.
- Adi s.
- Adi s, dear.
But that man is an iceberg!
I'll have to melt it again.
I hope it has not
been very inc mode.
He was convinced until
he saw you smoking.
I will remember you sometime.
But, er, you did
very well for Dukie.
Idiot, I did what I
should to get him out.
? Yes?? What?
I kissed him.
That's why he left?
Carol, you underestimate yourself.
He does not understand.
Hartley is a true gentleman.
Well, I'm glad I'm not.
Kiss me and then try to kick me out.
I would not believe that I was
going to keep him here for you?
Of course not.
I would never have dreamed of that.
- I made him go.
- , S !
- You do not believe me?
- Of course I do. I heard it.
He left because the
doctor told him I'm...
What are you?
I am...
He wants to leave, please.
Muca, I love you.
Your idiot and you, huh?
Hey, if we go to New York,
I bet you everything I have against
25 cents to which he returns.
Yeah, just like your little
friend made her stay.
Carol tried.
She behaves like a champion for me.
?For real? She betrayed you.
, And you do not think
you're working for you!
How silly! How silly!
Hi, Duke.
- Do you mind repeating it?
- What?
- Is it really you?
- ? Surprised?
- No, not exactly. Sit down.
- Thank you.
Carol insisted that I stay.
He stopped me at the airport.
- ? Really?
- Yes.
Blessed be your heart.
- Carol's fianc. My assistant.
- How is it?
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
Duke, today runs a horse
that likes Carol, Rester.
- ? Rester?
- Yes.
- Has Rester said?
- Yes.
- Does Carol like it?
- Yes.
Well, run in the next.
You are already at the exit.
- D game, what is your offer?
- 7 to 1.
7 to 1?
What do you think of 5,000?
Done deal.
- Where is the lady?
- I had a headache and went to the hotel.
What a pity. I am sorry.
Come on, Rester!
Come on, Rester!
? Where is Rester?
- I'm afraid the third one is going.
- Yes, I'm afraid.
,Come on!
- Rester is losing ground.
- A bit.
Yes, now the last one.
Carol must have a good headache.
Yes, that seems.
You will arrive home for dinner.
Only eight horses have won him.
It is true.
Well, I'm going to the hotel to see Carol.
- Get out of my part.
- Thank you.
- I'll give you a check tonight.
- We'll bet tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Well, I have to admit it.
It was worth waiting, but...
Why bet on Rester?
Why do you think?
Dukie, I love you!
- Good morning, Mr. Bradley.? One?
- Yes. One.
- Hi, Duke. How is everything going?
- Very good.
Does not matter.
, Wow, what luck! Good morning.
How are you, beautiful?
He does not care, right, is he praying?
It's the love of my life.
He's lucky, he lasted two days.
Duke, do you remember my husband?
S . How are you, Brother Kiffmeyer?
- How is it?
- I did not know he was here.
Yes, it's obvious.
Do you mind letting
go of my wife's hand?
D nde, at the table?
Do not pretend to be funny.
Give it to you. What is not bad?
I wish I was in his place.
- ? Sees it?
- Of course I see it.
Because of him, I bought a horse for
my wife so she would not be alone.
And now I do not know if he travels
the country chasing horses
or if he persecutes
you with the horses.
- Kiffie, no...
- You've already heard it.
You pray, what would you prefer?
I do not think I
understand women.
That I do not understand women?
- Do you know who I am, pray?
- I have no idea.
- Hey, I'm Harriet Hale.
- The queen of cosmetics?
Exact. And now, Mr. Bradley...
Can you tell me why your
foundation makeup is caking?
That my makeup is caking?
You pray, you do not know how to put it on.
And in addition...
And I say he does not know how to do it.
You pray, the foundation
makeup of Harriet Hale.
It has been the key to
female beauty for 30 years.
- And now, Mr. Bradley, I want...
- Kiffie, please!
- Wait, dear.
- How should it be applied?
With a circular movement.
Do not read the directions?
I already tried that.
? Yes? Well, from now on,
his face is in his hands.
, Nice way to talk to a client!
See , I... Yes, forgive me.
- I was upset.
- Yes, I'll alter it.
, Do not get involved in this!
If you accompany me to my cabin, I
will teach you how to put it on.
?I can see?
If he talks to his wife again...
I mean, my wife...
We already know what wife
you are referring to.
Miss Hale, you will never know what my
face was before using your cosmetics.
I can imagine it.
What I say, Mr. Bradley,
is that I do not cheat
him or for a second.
I say you do not...
It's a bad influence!
Why do not you teach her
how to use that cream?
Now you want to get
rid of me, right?
Very good.
I'll see you in the compartment.
Do you think it will improve my appearance?
Fare in me, pray.
And I'm 45 years old.
Go, but if it looks 25.
That's what Harriet
Hale has done for me.
What is the compartment of the orita...
of Lord Hale?
- 6 B, car 51.
- Thank you. I will leave the door open.
Thank you.
Poor Kiffie! Is not it a charm?
,The salt of the earth!
I wish I was not so jealous.
And I'm not that, he's a smart
guy when he's not in a race.
Surely more than me.
Good morning, you pray.
- Hello, Rosetta. And Miss Carol?
- He has a very bad cold.
- ? Really?
- Yes, Mr. Duke.
You have to take beaver oil,
but I'm afraid you will not.
Yes, I sure do.
Take two orange juices.
Yes, I know.
It's hard for a girl to travel alone
in the country betting on races.
S .
You're in love with her, right?
- ? Whose?
- De Carol.
- ? Why do you think that?
- I have some experience.
- I knew it before t.
- No, I knew it when I saw it.
- ? And why do not you tell him?
- His father was my best friend.
He told me that he wanted his
daughter to stay away from the races,
that it was something more
than a well dressed one.
I can not ask you to leave
Madison for a bookie.
If he loves you, he will be happy
even if he lives in a barn.
I have no money for Brookvale
to be what it once was.
For her and her grandfather,
and to keep it that way.
You know, security.
But I hope to get it from Mr.
Do you want Madison to
house Carol and you?
And to grandpa.
You are an incredible man!
Fritzi, I love you.
I'm going to give him that medicine.
- ? Who?
- Duke.
Just a moment.
?What happens?
I, m not dressed.
Put something on.
I'm not good with something.
Well, anything.
Do you dress to go to the pear?
Good morning, wrist.
- How are you?
- All right.
You are very pretty with that kimono.
Thanks, but it's a neglige.
What did he want, Duke?
I have come to cure your cold.
Hey, you have a fever.
No, it's very hot.
Ah, yes?
It would be better if you lie down.
You were under this blanket
when I knocked on the door?
Yes, Rosetta brought it to me.
Come on, come back and cover up.
I know you're pretty.
Come on, get in bed.
Except for my mother, I never
worked so hard for a woman.
Do you have goose fat?
There is in a jar inside that box.
I do not need anything, Duke.
Nice box Only the pipe is missing.
A gift from Hartley?
- Yes.
- A detail on your part.
I do not want that, it smells bad.
Well, take your nose.
Fritzi and her husband are on the train?
Yes, I just left you.
?For real?
Are you in love with her, Duke?
Of Fritzi?, What are you saying!
Kiffie thinks so.
He also told you?
Is not it a charm?
To me and fifty more.
- Go back.
- , No, I do not want to!
- Come on, turn around!
- Oh, Duke!
- ? What's wrong?
- I was thinking about that night in Miami.
When did you smoke the cigar?
I will never forget what you looked
like when you left that sofa.
Do not move.
- I want to get up.
- , Do not move!
I can not breathe.
Hey, do not move.
Come on.
Are you okay?
S .
Now I am fine.
You have given me scared to death.
Tell me dear.
I love you, Duke.
What do you intend?
Steal my phrase?
Is not it time we stopped
fooling ourselves?
Come on?
Yes, I wrote to Hartley
to break our commitment.
- What have you done?
- All finished. I will not see it again.
- What will not you see again?
- No, we're finished.
For all the saints, honey,
he was going to Kentucky!
, You can not do this to me!
What can not I do?
Remove my client
from circulation.
?I can not...?
What can not I do this?
- Wow, this is good.
- ? What's wrong?
Now I understand, for
you, I'm a bait.
Do you want to stop drama?
, A bait, nothing more!
Come on, take the blanket.
, Get out of here!
Take the blanket. Do you want to
take a lung? Do not kill this.
- Castor oil.
- It's not that.
- , I do not want!
- , T matelo!
It is good.
Wow, very beautiful.
And to think that I was
going to leave a real man.
Just what I told you, the
best man in the world.
- Yes? All right, I'll bring it for you.
- What will you do?
- Go to Kentucky.
- Wow, that's how it is spoken.
- That's the oil.
- I'll choose your horses
and you will end up on the street
begging with a cup of brass.
Thank you, wrist., Luck!
Go, go.
Dixie Gordon is still in the lead.
- He made a bad bet, Hartley.
- Hurley will pass him.
Gordon goes first.
You will not reach it.
Hurley has the best horse,
that's why Carol chose it.
, Hurley advances!, Come on!
, Hurley will overtake
to Gordon on the curve!
Do you want to double the bet?
I give you 4 to 1.
- How?
- 4 to 1.
You accept.
Gordon is giving war to Raucus.
Yes, I think so.
- Try it out, Hurley!
- , I have the right to pass!
, Move or I'll throw you against the fence!
- Who has fallen?
- , It's Hurley!
Hurley?, What a bad luck!
The boy is fine, dear.
It has been a scare.
?Have you seen that? Dixie
has won with a real penco.
- Duke!
- Fritzi!
Have you seen Dixie? And it's mine!
, I hired you for Hopeful!
- You have Hopeful in your pocket!
- , I love you, Fritzi!
,High! I want you to witness
that I order you to move away...
Relax, do not apologize.
I do not apologize.
Aprterte of my wife.
It's the only thing I
say to you and to...
Kiffie, be careful!
It has infected the horses.
Do not try to be funny.
I can not stand the horses.
Go for monkeys.
Be careful, Duke.
Are we leaving, dear?
Yes, dear. I'll see you later.
I feel that they have lost.
Lucky the next time.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, wrist.
- ? Why?
- For making him double his bet.
- Do you want him to be more angry?
- The more you get angry,
more will make him play and more will lose.
?A soft drink?
No, I just want one of those glasses.
Say it and tell him that
I feel it is not brass.
Thank you.
Duke says to give him this and to tell
him that he feels it is not brass.
Go, go!
Carol is orlando, more
glasses of Mr. Duke.
- Tralos.
- ? Everybody?
- You guys!
- Yes, it's praying. Do not read the note?
- , Do not!
- It says: "Memories of Dukie."
He is a joker.
He teases me about my physical,
to you about Mr. Madison
because he loses his money
and the poor man is
Kiffmeyer about his wife.
But nobody gets mad at him,
except you and Mr. Kiffmeyer.
Please contact the Hotel U.S.A.
Can I keep one of memory?
You all throw them away.
Call me with Mr. Jesse Kiffmeyer.
Can I keep one of memory?
Throw them away.? Listen?
Yes, talk...
, Clayton is praying!
Yes, Dixie Gordon's
contract is in my name.
My financial answer...
My wife and that Bradley?
Yes, I would do anything.
Well, almost... whatever.
?You too?
Oh no.
Would I do it?
?Oh no? Well... the truth...
Yes, stay with the contract and
with the horse if you want.
I did not retreat.
I'll see if he's here.
One moment, please.
It is the new fashionable
rhythm, Saratoga.
But it's a dangerous
thing, Saratoga.
The high society
and the celebrities.
Stroll, bet, enjoy the hubbub.
When you're in the mood,
When you have money, Saratoga.
It is the place to enjoy.
Have fun.
Find the fashionable
place and dance.
Everything you can,
because tonight is night
and tomorrow is the day.
Your luck can change.
Your luck can change.
Enam rate while dancing.
Reach the top of the
cliff, rejoice.
I toast for the best foal in the world.
What's your name, Hartley?
- Moon Ray.
- Nice name. I toast for Moon Ray.
A friend told me to
bet on Dubonnet.
He says his rider is the best.
Dixie Gordon is the best
jockey on the circuit.
But Moon Ray is a great horse
and horses also count.
I'm afraid it's not objective.
Maybe, but I think my horse
will win and I'll bet...
Carol does not agree, but
I'll bet on him anyway.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
We dance, dear?
The sorrows are forgotten
dancing the Saratoga.
Why do not you listen to me?
Your advice has cost me
a lot of money, Carol.
From now on I will
choose the horses.
But why bet tonight?
Duke could change bets tomorrow.
- Hi, lovebirds.
- Hi Steve.
Keep up, please, we do not
want to interrupt the romance.
Thank you.
Moon Ray will not win tomorrow
if Dixie Gordon rides Dubonnet.
My new coach thinks otherwise.
He only wants to keep his job.
You can not do more for
Moon Ray than Grandpa did.
You are very right.
, Put a new trainer to Moon Ray!
I raised him with a bottle
from the moment he was born.
And I took care of him myself
when I got sick in September.
We know, grandpa.
His father has a cold
twice in 31
and his grandfather twisted his
ankle a month before the Preakness
and I cured them both.
Did you know?
You told me yourself.
Both were champions and
Moon Ray will also be.
And you take it from me
right before Hopeful,
when he needs me the most.
I have been like a father to him.
- Please, grandpa.
- , Moon Ray will not fail tomorrow!
I have it ready.
He is a good horse and he will win.
He will not forget anything I taught him.
Why are you taking off your shoe, Grandpa?
I take it off so as not
to kick the new coach.
That's not funny, grandpa.
Not t either.
And he has gone crazy!
- ? We enter?
- Yes, Hartley.
Cursed hard collar!
The house full of rich New Port,
in the stables s
dry grass is left,
a new coach,
and my feet hurt.
?Who are you?
Please, I am...
Are you the watchman?
?The vigilant? Damn crazy!
, My grandfather built this hut!
Wow, I'm so sorry.
I'd like to see Ms. Clayton.
?For what?
Well, it's something personal.
It's private.
?Private? Damn crazy!
, You could be his father!
What insin?, I'm a married man!
It surprises me.
Here you are, Mr. Clayton.
Could you see Miss Clayton?
It's very important.
No, tell him to come out, please.
Yes, I know.
- You know, I do not know what it is,
- Yeah?
But there is something in
you that I do not like.
Well, now that he says it,
you do not like me either.
Hello, Mr. Kiffmeyer.
- Miss Clayton, I would like...
- Do not.
Grandpa, do you care?
What if I care what?? That?
I'm going to the barn,
there it does not smell.
Do not you think...?
- What do you answer?
- I think it is a great idea,
but do you think it's the right thing?
- Does Bradley think of you?
- Do not.
Are you sure your horse will
win if Dixie Gordon does it?
I'll bet the farm for him.
And Mr. Madison will bet
strong against Bradley?
Just enough to ruin him.
Well, that's all I need to know.
Here it is.
She tells me that he does not
care, but I do not believe a word
- since he walks with horses.
- You have to sign it, I know Kiffmeyer.
Oh, yes.
Imagine that Bradley finds out
and does not accept the bet.
He will not know
unless you tell him.
Do not tell the jockey until tomorrow.
Now, sign here.
Yes, it's fine.
, I knew it sounded like something!
?Do you know who it is?
- , Your wife is the owner of Dubonnet!
- Leave us, grandfather.
, Plot something!, Mra!
He's guilty as a rustler!
Wait a minute, Mr. Clayton.
He can not... I..., Leave!
My first one confuses
me with a vigilante
and then says leave.
, Out of here!
- Hey, grandpa...
- , And do not call me grandpa!
Leave us alone for a minute.
It's fine, but I do
not trust this guy.
The house full of monkeys
and not a single stallion.
- I do not like his form...
- Sign before they interrupt us.
S .
I hope this puts that
Bradley where he deserves.
I also.
And I trust that nobody
knows that I've been here.
- Adi s.
- Adi s.
Saratoga 1558.
Do you think this is fine?
Very good.
Duke and you have discussed?
Discussed? With a bettor?
You're so mad at him that I
can not help thinking...
Hi. Call me with Mr. Bradley.
Mr. Duke Bradley, please.
There has been something between you?
,You've gone mad!
Hey, Duke?
I would like to bet on Moon
Ray for tomorrow's race.
Did Moon Ray say?
Do you want me to go and talk about it?
I have nothing to do.
Yes, I'll get there right away. Adi s.
- Well, cross your fingers.
- Brother Madison?
Yes, I thought I had lost
him, but he is sentimental.
- Will you bet on your horse?
- Yes, I think he has fallen in love with him.
With a little luck this
will be my last bet.
- You will not leave the races?
- ? Why not?
Because I would stay very lonely.
Dear I love you. Bye.
Good luck, Duke.
- How are you, Dixie?
- Hi, Duke.
Hey, it's better to
ride Dubonnet tomorrow.
Duke, I do not like those jokes.
I wish it were as humble as you.
Hello, Mr. Bradley. How are you?
Well well. Is something wrong?
No, nothing happens to me.
I'm great.
A co ac, please.
Better p ngamelo double.
Hi, honey.
Well, I'm glad to see
you alone for a change.
Are you going to start over?
Yes, you have not been alone for long.
I just saw your friend come out.
?Can I sit?
Come on, honey, why do
not you end that once?
Yes, you can.
Kiffie, dear.
? Yes?
Duke told me something
that made me think.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Maybe I'll leave the
races after tomorrow.
Yes, it's true, maybe.
?What do you mean?
Well, I want to say...
what you have said.
S .
A year ago or you're in
love with Carol Clayton,
but he has not asked
him to marry because.
He can not offer you
as much as Madison.
But he will ask for it tomorrow
if he earns enough money.
Do you mean to say...?
Duke is...?
Ask me another double co ac.
Kiffie, do not you drink too much?
Well, it's just that I... I...
I'm very nervous.
Carl, or, you know,
Duke made me realize
of the ego that I have been.
Dubonnet will win
at Hopeful ma ana
and I will have my moment of glory.
But win, lose or draw, I will
leave the races for you.
Fritzi, dear...
Yes, dear?
See, there's something that I...
?What is it about?
, Cari o!
I already told you that you
were drinking too much.
Fritzi, honey, I've done
something horrible.
What have you done?
Ask me another double co ac.
No, give me a bottle.
Please do not get mad at me.
Tell me, Kiffie, what's wrong?
I gave Clayton Clayton the
Dixie Gordon contract.
- ? What?
- Yes.? It's not horrible?
Tomorrow he will ride Moon Ray.
With the Brookvale farm.
Hurry, please.
Hey, please, Brookvale?
Has Mr. Bradley arrived?
It has not reached n, pray.
Yes, I'll tell you as soon as it arrives.
- Good evening, sir.
- Sam.
- Good evening, Mr. Duke.
- Hello, Rosetta.
Mrs. Kiffmeyer says to
call her right away.
Then I'll call her.
Mr. Madison is waiting for me.
Go to the library.
I'll let you know.
Very good.
- Good evening, Duke.
- Hello, Hartley.
- I'm glad you came.
- It is a pleasure. And Carol?
With our guests.
He asks me to apologize.
- Do you mind getting to the point?
- Of course not.
How are the bets for
Moon Ray tomorrow?
Well, let's see.
Twelve horses in the race...
I think I can offer 2 to 1.
Seem right.
How much do you want to bet?
He's a cigar smoker,
right, Duke?
- Yes.? Why?
- You are welcome.
- How much do you bet on Moon Ray?
- 50,000 dollars.
Agree. Do not want to bet more?
What is the maximum
he can cover, Duke?
Let's see, I have to think about it.
This is a magnificent place, Hartley.
And with a few thousand dollars,
it would be the best in the world.
Stables and new horses...
I ask him what is the
maximum he can cover, Duke.
Would you bet 100,000?
Can not get higher?
For me it is enough.
Se or Duke, Mrs. Kiffmeyer is
to the phone. He says it's urgent.
- Thanks, Rosetta. I apologize?
- Yes.
You've spent a lot of time with Mr.
Bradley, right?
Yes, everything I could.
Smoke some very
strong cigars, right?
Yes, I know Madison, and she
forgets them everywhere.
Yes, throughout the country.
What if he has bet?
That idiot just bet 100,000.
Yes, you heard me
well, 100,000 bucks.
?What? Repeat that.
That Dixie Gordon
will ride Moon Ray?
How is it possible?
I thought you had hired him.
Carol has organized it?
I'll have to leave Saratoga
in a freight train.
That he annul it?
No, Fritzi, I've given you my word.
It's fine, doll.
I love you.
- I have to go, Hartley.
- Do not you want a drink before?
No thanks.
I have to find a rider to
ride Dubonnet tomorrow.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Tell Carol that I'm taking this.
Maybe tomorrow she is
begging in a corner.
How are you, Medbury?
Well, this morning took a walk.
He's in top form, he sure wins.
All right. Dixie I bet a lot on him. You
will have a premium of 5,000 if you win.
- Well, you can now sign the check.
- I hope you lose,
damn traitor termite
of New Port.
I'll see you after the race.
Aprterte of the horse.
He has already heard me.
It is making you nervous.
I have raised him since I was born.
How will I get nervous?
Take the old man from here.
I tell him to get rid of that horse.
You and who else?
Why do not you go home to sleep?
- Do you want to see them with me?
- It's fine!
What happened to you, grandfather?
?He is okay?
?What happened?
I think he fell.
Yes, I think I've fallen.
Moon Ray, I'm going to bet
100 dollars against you.
I'll see you later, young man.
Duke, come here.
Hello grandfather.
What's wrong with you, a pull?
No, I tripped with a
rat and I'm lame.
Hey, did you withdraw the bet
you made against Moon Ray?
No, I gave my word.
I've been following the races for 60 years
and it is the first time that I
bet against one of my horses.
Thank you Grandpa.
If I'm lucky, you'll have your stallion.
- My old stallion, Miracle Lad?
- The same.
- I'll see you after the race.
- Agree.
Duke! Duke, I do not get
a bet that's worth it.
It's fine, forget it.
Dubonnet seems to be in shape.
I'll have to trust him.
You have one rival, Moon
Ray, ridden by Dixie Gordon.
He will do anything to win.
- I already saw it in Kentucky.
- Come on, Hurley.
Keep the horse away from Dixie
until the final stretch.
- Surely you won.
- Thanks for this opportunity.
- Hi, Duke.
- Hi, Fritzi. It seems in shape.
I hope so.
Hello, Fritzi.
Do you mind telling me "hello"?
,Clear!? Why not? Hi.
I will take care of your losses.
What are you?
Well, I could lose and
I want to protect you.
Kiffie, I love him.
Yes, but she does not.
Come on, a moment.
Fritzi, give him a kiss
or I'll give it to him.
Come on, Fritzi.
You are the most disconcerting
man in the world.
- I know, I know.
- It's better for you to win Dubonnet.
Heavens, I hope to avoid the sword.
Hello, Hartley.
- Are you nervous, honey?
- Yes, quite.
How much have we bet?
Enough to give you a heart attack.
Go back to your wheelchair, Hurley.
It's your thing.
Remove that horse from there, Gordon.
Get out.
Productive first, Moon Ray
second, Dubonnet third.
,I can not stand it!
Well, close your eyes.
How is it going?
Dixie Gordon is going to move
to Productive with Moon Ray.
- And Dubonnet?
- Third.
Come on, Hurley!
Gordon is riding Moon Ray well.
- And Dubonnet?
- Third.
, Dubonnet is coming!
You will not overtake Moon Ray,
Gordon will not leave you!
- , Dubonnet is already second!
- Is not sufficient.
- Come on, Gordon!
- Gordon?
I mean, Hurley.
- Get out, Gordon!
- It will not happen, Hurley!
Do you want to fall again?
- , Come on!
- , Dubonnet!
It seems that Moon Ray has won.
It may seem like it because I
ran down the street outside.
Anyone knows! Who has won, Tip?
- Do not ask me.
- Okay, I will not.
- Have they arrived together?
- I do not know.
Who thinks you win, judge?
Moon Ray, but we will not know
until we see the pictures.
- Slow camera or still picture?
- Slow camera, it's more precise.
From my seat I saw that
Moon Ray was winning.
He was also sitting
when I trained him.
Call before I throw you out.
I want to give him a shot.
How long will it take
to get the film out?
17 minutes.
He would have saved a lot of
time if he kept his eyes open.
What happened, grandfather?
I think he has fainted.
- A little bicarbonate, please.
- Yes, it's praying.
- What's wrong with you, Fritzi?? Nervous?
- Yes.
- The magician full of butterflies, huh?
- Duke, they look like pigeons.
When you start like that,
it's time to quit.
It's not for me, it's for Carol.
- ? Carol? Where is it?
- Outside, in my box.
- He saw you here and he did not want to enter.
- ? Why not?
I think it feels like the most
miserable girl in the world.
Tell him it does not matter,
that I would have done the same.
No, you never would have done it.
She knows it and it hurts.
A woman can do terrible
things to the man she loves.
Yes, that's why I can sleep peacefully.
What will you do if you win Moon Ray?
I will be in a bind, I will not be able to
buy your stallion from the grandfather.
Neither fix the farm nor
fill it with champions.
Do not feel that way, Duke.
Take it, take it with you.
No I do not.
- Duke...
- Stop pitying me.
- , Fool!
- Here you are. Hello, Dukie.
- Hello Friend.? A drink?
- No thanks.
- I'll see you in the judges' room.
- All right.
- P ngame another.
- Yes, I know.
I do not know what I'm going
to do if Dubonnet has lost.
And you will not be able to fix
the farm for your beautiful lady.
- Your co, I know.
- Take, he needs it more than me.
Yes, maybe I do.
- Hello, Hartley.? Look for someone?
- Do not.
He's in the Kiffmeyer box.
Thank you.
I do not know, I do not like that man.
It's time to go see those images.
Yes, come on.
What will happen if Dubonnet has lost?
I could give me a job
in a beauty salon.
I will give you a beauty salon.
Hurry, Kiffie.
They are going to start.
- Where do I feel?
- Here.
- Thank you dear.
- Ready?
All ready. Close the blinds.
Duke, I hope you win the
race, for all of us.
Let's see the movie.
Who runs inside?
It's Dubonnet!
I think I will not be able to stand it.
Can you put it faster?
,I'm dying!
And how do you think I feel?
Hurley is riding
Dubonnet very well.
It is the first time that Gordon
runs abroad in a long time.
Come on, Dubonnet!
Win Dubonnet.
Duke! Kiffie, honey!
And that horse you promised me?
- Go find him, grandpa.
- Duke!
Did I hear you say Dubonnet?
In Miami you were smoking
a cigar from Duke, right?
Yes, Hartley.
You can leave the races now, Duke.
Fritzi, I love you.
His whinny was a cough
and when someone shouted:
", All van!",
he put on a horrible gesture of surprise
the horse of the eyes so adores.
, The horse of the eyes so adores!