Sardaar Gabbar Singh (2016) Movie Script

I think he ran away.
Let's go. -Sir!
You're looking for whom, he is hiding here...
Hey, you come out.
Hey! Don't come near me... You will catch me, for him.
If you will come near me, then I will kill him.
Please don't do this.
It's very easy for me to bring down his wicket.
Take him away. Let's pick him up and arrest.
Come...come, getup.
If he would have killed you, then? You don't scare?
Who got scared, assume he is dead!
What's your name?
Gabbar Singh.
Who has given you this name?
There was no one to give name, so I gave this name to myself.
And you know that, this Gabbar, put my name Sambha.
Come with me.
Hello Madam! Ramna Ji is in the market.
5 multiplies by 4 is equals to...? -20.
Twenty of? -0.
Ramna Ji!
Hello! I was waiting for you.
Seems, this year you have a very good harvest.
If we did not get justice, then it will be our last harvest.
Where is Raghav and his team?
As you said, I have taken signature of all the village people.
These are the documents.
Hari Narayan Ji told me all about your struggle...
I promise you that, you will get justice.
Bhairav's hooligans are coming, run and hide.
Oh Krishna! -Uncle, I have seen Bhairav's hooligans.
Not like always... this time, they are coming with many people.
Regardless of how many people, we will not leave them.-Raghav.
It's important that, first you stay alive.
The legislation will do justice, give me a chance.
Until then, will not do anything?
She is right. They are more powerful than us.
But, Uncle? -Raghav, don't be obstinate.
Run... Run, quick... quickly run fast.
Oh! My son...
Hey you people! Will be good for you, if you..
..tell me the address of Hari Narayan's People.
You can't save this village, at least, save your own life.
Come out... Your death is coming, the king, Bhairav Singh.
Oh no, no! My daughter...
You people are fighting for these villagers...
... so if you dare, then come and save her, she is crying.
If you do not come out, then you'd be responsible for her death.
My daughter!
Listen Mr. Ramna Rao! I like to have deal of this land.
I'm not interested in putting this on my forehead.
From this land I will get benefit of millions.
For this I have given money to government officers.
Then why you people oppose it unnecessarily?
This is our ancestor's land, where will go, by leaving this?
You are living here for only 60 years.. are saying that this is your ancestor's land.
But previously, till many millions of years..
..this land was under our royal family.
How I can forget that?
You want to kill these people and take their land for own benefit...
Is this not an injustice?
Sir, she is a civil rights lawyer.
You are looking only this land.
But I'm looking the business through this land.
Your dream of mining on our land, will never be true, Bhairav Singh!
Then, I'll kill you.
You will fight for justice for these people..
..these people are my slaves from decades.
Through these documents, you want them to be liberated.
Till now, no one able to harm me.
And you also could not harm me.
You don't know me; I am Bhairav Singh.
Hey Dhannu, tatters these people's lives like these papers.
I am the king of this Basantpur area. -Oh, No...No!
Who can dare to stand in front of me?
Is anyone here...?
Is anyone here...?
What happened?
-Gabbar...Gabbar! I saw Gabbar... I saw Gabbar.
-What? Have you really seen him...?
Who is this Gabbar Singh?
You're afraid to hear his name.
Let him come here.
I will handle him, I'm the king of this place.
You are wrong. Everyone was afraid of Cobra Gang in Hyderabad.
They were doing Real Estate business and killed too many people..
..despite all this they were living freely.
I'm getting married to her, Sir.
You will marry her, but after spending a night with me.
First time, I had seen the attack of Gabbar Singh.
That day, we had started to run by seeing him, and still we are running..
So, you are Gabbar Singh!
Now I will tell you that, what is fear?
Hey Idiot, you are telling me about fear.
I am the definition of the fear.
Kill him.
You have left us?
You are a victim of misunderstanding.
There are always a mean of every calculus..
..and always a time for every encounter.
You guys made so many mistakes, I cannot forgive you.
But who will kill all, I will let him go.
Who will? you guys decide it. What happened?
I am that one, please.
Arrest me, that's all.
There is no arrest word in my dictionary.
But encounter word! Of course.
Hey you, Hyderabadi police!
This area does not come under your jurisdiction.
By the way, what is your name?
Gabbar Singh...!
My name is Gabbar Singh.
And all India is my jurisdiction.
Who feared... consider him dead.
Got it...
Ladies and gentlemen, he is back once again.
This time as Sardaar...Sardaar... Sardaar... Sardaar.
So all the bad guys beware...
Listen you all, began to stir...
... lion came, full of obsession.
You do not fight... don't you refrain...
... He is stubborn, and what shall I say...?
He only gives the orders.
He has broken many borders.
Its own rules and principles, he is the King...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... He is back to do something...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh...He is back... do something.
Which I speak, that is right...
...and that's final for all.
Where I stand, becomes a police station...
My nature is cranking... all know that...
No permission to speak, in front of me...
When he walks, the earth also vibrates, he has power of world...
Is resonating in the sky... the clop -clop sound of pistol.
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... he is back to do something.
Got it!
The look is cool... watch gamely, he is left-right, excellent police.
He is power bank, the military tank, he daily gives a massage to hooligans...
He is a hero, hero... is famous in the whole world.
Catches to the villains... he is Columbus.
Impatient in giving punishment, This policeman is a bonus of the society.
My red scarf... is very dangerous.
My uniform is like 24x7 bullet proof...
I am a pure police man, who can stand in front of me...
I fixed the corrupt system, repairing is my job...
He will change the law and orders with new style...
Who will stop him? He will teach him a lesson.
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh...he is back...
... to do something.
Sir! -Where is he?
He is in anatomy class.
In anatomy class? -Yes sir.
This is called the water tank body.
If we will drub on head, then he will become pistachios.
And this is called tank bank treatment, sir.
He looks like a whiskey bottle to me.
If we beat him from bottom side, then his upper lid will be open.
This is called Dhootpet Treatment, sir.
Live here... die here...hey!
Which treatment is this, in which you have broken my arm?
Hey lousy quack! If you know any other treatment, then tell me.
Do you want to damage your other hand too, Sambha?
Hakeem! -Yes Sir...
Do you have any perfect treatment for eve teasing?
Yes, Sardaar I have...end to end treatment. Yes!
If I will... his back, then he will feel relaxed...
and press toward the bottom, that's all.
That's all? --Oh ho, that's all...
I will try this treatment.
Will fall your wicket.
Please wait Sardaar!
Hey, stay there... stay there. -I don't want to become like that..., I will not leave you, break your wicket.
Sir... sir, please save me sir. -What are you doing this?
Sir... sir, hello sir!
Where is my cap?-From where I bring your cap?
Leave it, there is no need for formality.
I heard that, the government wants to give you a gold medal...
...but you! you have sought for guns.
Are you mad? -No, sir. The medal is only for old people like you.
But gun suits to brave man like me. -Hey Pappu, explaining him.
Oh, I am old!
I picked up from the street and made..
..a police to you, and now you guys kidding me.
Take this, you got a promotion as a C. I..
..and transferred to Ratanpur, go there.
Sir, in life you don't allow us to settle.. least let us settle in the City.
You are settled in now.
Settled does not mean the salary.
I need a divisive, who can share my happiness and griefs.
I don't want to see only the Rowdy's face, must be a girl in my life.
Very good! Maybe your wish come true in Ratanpur.
Look there, there's a friend of mine named Hari Narayan.
He has a daughter? -He has a problem.
Shut up.
There is need of a strong C.I., then I remembered you.
Take this trail with you.
Why me, sir? I'm not free like him.
Are you a great archer?
Both were sent to the training of S.I. but, you came back as constable.
Get out from here. -No.
You have to go.
-I will not go... ...Have to go.
Hey the train which came after us also gone.
I come here as a C.I., but there is no garland, no vehicle for picking us.
Hey Sambha! -You wait.
How will we go?
Oh ho, 1 second, Mr. Gandh Lal...!
Hello sir! My name is Nand Lal.
Naturally, I am helping in nature.
Okay. -Full positive.
If you would come into my car, my pride will increase slightly.
So now we'll have wine every night.
We are now bottle friends.
Where is your car?
My car is there. -That one?
Why so many horses are here?
After the king's horses there are so many customers for Ratanpur's horses.
Ok. -These also exports in abroad.
You have again come back...
...what a discipline.
These people are standing sincerely, despite the gate is opened!
This is a good discipline..
They are standing here not because the train is coming...
Bhairav Singh's trucks are coming.
Oh No! -Oh brother, carefully.
Good Morning Sir, myself Pratap.
Let's go, you too.
Okay then, see you.
Sure sir.
Sorry sir, got late.
Despite the bypass road, these people take their trucks from this side,
So they can take more rounds.
The mining, you see, all of Bhairav Singh.
In a day from here to port thousands of trucks come and go.
And not only that, it was a village Laxmapur.
Bhairav Singh had ravaged this village for mining.
Okay! It was a village. -Yes, sir.
A few years ago the people were farming here.
We have entered into palace service gate.
Sir, this is Kotwal bungalow, you will stay here, sir.
Hey Sambha, sir were talking about problem.
But this is a heaven.
Bungalow to stay, Car for roaming and horse for riding,
Quickly find a relationship for me, will get settled here.
Is it possible? -Yes, yes could be possible. -Silent!
Who is this crime master?
You will only see this car and horses but I will use these.
This bungalow is not a permanent address,
You will have to stay like a refugee, understand?
He is Mr. Sher.
Don't call me only Sher!
I'm Ghotala Sher Singh Chauhan.
Rajput.-You are Rajput?-Yes.
But you don't look like a Rajput.
I don't show my personality, I'm not a milking animal.
I'm the god who nurses to others.
Oh good! -Yes.
He is the only nephew of the commander of this royal family.
Well! you have come to welcome me?
No! I have come here to warn you.
Mr., you have eat whatever we give, you have to listen whatever we say.
If you get upset, then do not bother us.
If you will do any harm, then you will have to pay for this.
If you go that side, you will see a bungalow.. are not allowed to go there.
The pleasure palace is there, don't go there to enjoy.
Take care all of you. -That's all.
This Rajput seems a big serpentine man.
Very serpentine man.
It looks very nice from the inside -Very cool.
This is a very old place.
Sir, it was an organization.
Here the school, post office and..
..police station was built by Raja Sahib, sir.
Where is he now? -He is now no more.
The Princess handles everything.
The palace is fulfilling our needs..., that's mean, the palace also needs us.
I have caught many thieves by these hands..
..but now, they are cutting the wood.
So master, get start.
What's your name?
Sardaar, are you doing something auspicious in this forest?
You are going without telling your name.
Ganga Ram...! -Yes Madam.
Have you seen Arshi?
Don't tell. -I have not seen, madam.
Mr. Hari Narayan will come in some time.
Mitali, have you seen Arshi?
No, have not seen.
Oh ho.
Arshi Ji...! -Hello madam!
Little salt is required, uncle.
Arshi...Arshi? -What happened Madhu?
Why are you shouting?
Oh, today is your birthday.
you have to take holy bath, where did you go?
I was in a palace.
What...? Miss Arshi, you get lot of fun in annoying me.
Tell me the truth, where did you go?
Where I will go, you know, my favorite place in this palace...
...Kanchanavan, there are childhood memories.
My doll has drawn such a good drawing?
Mother, do you remember that, one day father...
...was going to abroad.
Was very sad and sitting in Kanchanavan.
And when father saw me dispirited...
Arshi dear...
And given me an elephant toy...
...and promised me that, while returning..
..he will bring a prince for me on this elephant.
I thought, wherever he may go, but he will be back by evening.
But, I did not think, he would go far, and would not ever return.
Oh ho! I forgot, I first wanted to say happy birthday.
Happy Birthday... my dear queen.
What happened?
I told you, I avoided from huge trouble.
There I met someone...
...he saved me from falling into the chasm.
That's why, I was refusing to go anywhere alone.
Well, who saved you?
A real man...
Hey, speak.
Hey, leave me.
Welcome to Ratanpur.
He is Rajmani, S.I. of our police station.
These are labors, sir, they drink till full intoxication..
..and fight till remaining intoxication.
It's very common here.
You go to the police station, I am coming after taking bath.
Sir! Just 2 minutes, sir, everybody is getting ready.
Hello sir! Okay...okay.
Jai Jai Mahadeva...
Star of the stars, power star.
Come...come. Oh!
Nothing, sir, it's very common.
Come...come, come. -Come inside sir.
Please sit here, Sit...sit.
You have maintained the police station very nicely.
Jai hind, Sir!
People come to the police station to solve their problems..
..but here the police station itself is a problem.
We want a chair to sit and a place to keep that.
Yes sir.
Hey, Yes.
Let's go? -Go.
Let's go...let's go.
What's in your heart...?
... in your heart.
What's in your heart...?
... in your heart.
Hey... hey, what are you doing? -Shut up.
Sir... sir, please come.
Please have your seat sir.
Hello sir! -Hello.
This is a new chair, sir!
You are my first customer.
What's your name? Sir, my name is Govinda.
Govinda... -Yes sir.
It feels like, I'm sitting in any throne.
Sir, will you take facial?
Which beauty service you want to take?
If it's free then, I will take all services.
Bring a chair, come sir...come.
Sit Sir, sit. Hey, bring face pack.
Everyone walking here with a rifle, like a mobile.
Do they have licensed or not?
Here, Mr. Bhairav Singh name itself is a license.
Bhairav! Bhairav! Bhairav! I have listen this name many times.
Is he is a big shot? -He is Rajvanshi, Ji!
Okay...okay. After the this village King, he is our king.
He is not less than any God's incarnation. -Really!
Doesn't matter how many murders he did, but no one can harm him.
Oh really! -Yes.
And sir, he has four right hands...
...first one is Appa Ji. -Appa Ji!
He plans to steal and kill. -Wow.
Second one is Dhannu, he does only murders.
And third one is Pathan.
Pathan? -Yes.
He does only robbery. -Oh ho!
And the fourth one is Matka Singh.
Do you know what he does, sir? -No.
He entertains to all, sir.
Wow. -Ha ha ha...
Dancer King...
Here you will not find any trace of Law and Order.
There is no work for you. -Really
If there is no law and order, so why we came here? -Yes, why we came?
For holiday.
Let's go and enjoy.
Hello sir!
With the first love... with intoxication eyes.
a magician has come, from the city of the magic. -Give it to me.
I told you about Matka Singh, sir. He is Matka Singh.
Your body is very energetic.
Hello sir! -Hello. Sit down.
He said to sit, so sit down.
Inspector, sing a song.
I have to do my duty, sir, I will go.
He said to sing a song, please sing.
Where are you going?
If you won't sing a song, then it will not be good for you.
Anklet sounds like Jhunmun... Jhunmun...
Anklet sounds like Jhunmun... Jhunmun...
Sounds like Runjhun... Runjhun...
Have water... -How sweet...
Clean your throat.
What happened?
Smoke is coming out from everywhere.
If you will not sing a song then, we will shoot you.
So, do I sing?
Yes doesn't see him, only sing.
I try...
Why are you blushing for him?
What is the heart...
... you take my life.
What is the heart... you can take my life.
Nothing is difficult...
Nothing is difficult...If determined...
Nothing is difficult, if determined.
Just once...
Just once...
Just once, think over me...
...think over.
Wah! Wah!
Wow! This is your reward.
Looked him, your brave C.I.
Hey Sambha, this bald sir has given me 100 rupees, what I do?
Thank you...-Enjoyed it.
I want to see him in the palace within 10 minutes.
I have to call him? -Yes, you.
Greeting! Greeting.
Mr. Accountant, please take him inside.
Wish you very happy birthday to you, Princess.
Bless me...
My blessing is always with you, Miss Arshi.
I am the commander of this palace, so to save this dynasty is my duty.
It's amazing.
This is a treasure of the fourth generation's King Bhupendra Singh.
It is an emblem of the King Mahendra Singh.
I cannot insult him by deciding its cost.
You tell me the price. -We will decide its final cost after auction.
You just take 85,00000 in advance.
Hello Arshi darling, a very-very happy birthday to you.
Do you know, what is your birthday gift from your aunt?
He is the King Vighnesh Chandra Verma.
He was the king of Kodgiri.
His palace is made in thousands of acres, entangled in the court case...
...but will get back soon.
Arshi, how long you will deal these memories to run your father's trust.
Mr. Verma...? -Arshi!
Please, get out of here.
You are insulting me, not him.
Madam Geeta, I know that, which groom, she wants.
Who are you to interfere in our family matters.
Don't forget that, who are you?
You are here because of the mistake of the king's father.
King has given you 10% of the property.
But you want all property.
That's why you want to implicate to the princess through this marriage.
This cannot be possible until this Hari Narayan is alive.
Let's go from here with our shares.
Ok, will do.
What is this?
To stop this, I would have to find out a brave groom for the princess.
So, he is a police officer.
Hello, that is a royal entry for royals like me.
Common entry is for common people, come here.
What's going on there?
Today is princess birthday, she is distributing cloths.
She is distributing herself? -Yes.
Shekhar sir, please, since childhood, I wanted to see the King and Queen.
Let me see once. Please... please... please.
What you think, you will request me and I will allow you to see her?
Do you want to see her with your evil eyes? Come.
So, she is the princess.
The arrangement of meals is there.
She is little older than me.
But she is doing good work.
You have watched? -Yes.
Your Princess age and your age is same.
Just one year younger than me
This is none of your business. Man, come on... come on, I say.
You distribute, I'm just coming.
I had requested you for a brave police officer, who can face Bhairav Singh.
You will send this type man, I never thought.
This is only starting, slowly-slowly you will see his power.
It's my fault... I want to do that, which is not possible.
Hey silly, your goggles... -Sorry. -Oh, listen...
You cannot save justice, at least save the honor of your uniform.
Did he call me for this speech?
And he did this through me?
Sher Singh...? -Yes, uncle.
There is a parcel in the trunk, bring that.
Me, uncle? -Yes, you.
Control your eyes. -Okay, okay.
You go from here. -Oh! What are you doing?
I am saying that, go from here.
Hey, what are you doing here?
That day, you did not tell your name?
So now tell me your name.
What's your name?
My name...?
My name is...
What happened?
I know, how you will tell?
But I will use my brain not the gun.
There is a brush in your hand.
And no blisters on the hands, so, what are you doing here?
What are you doing here? Hey...
You are following me.
Why you were following me?
Turmeric in your hands, means you were.. that place where the clothes were distributed.
It means, you work for the princess. Am I right?
Don't worry, I'm here.
I have done the same things that you are doing.
Our lives are very similar.
I will make you happy, your life will be full of happiness..
use me.I mean marry me.
In return, you just have to take care of me.
Let one thing clear before proceeding...
you will say I love you, or I have to say....
See, my salary is 30,000.
I will spend 18,000 on you, I'm not addicted to cigarettes.
I will make you happy.
Do not just decide, take your time.
Why the wind is singing like this...
Where had you gone?
I will not tell you, I'm very shying.
You can't hide anything from me.
Greetings! -Greetings.
Who is standing next to your princess?
Next to the princess? She is Madhubala.
Wow, what a sweet name!
She loves me.
She loves you means?
She was already in my heart, but, the matter has been set now.
That means you already know her.
First she had fallen on me, then I fall in her love.
No, Madhubala is royally loyal, I know.
Greetings! -Stupid. -Hello! Hello...
He is saying hello... who is he?
This is the man who had saved me near the waterfall.
Why he is doing like this?
He is saying that, your face is like his aunt's face...
...perhaps he would have remembered his aunt. -Oh!
Oh my god! What's going on here?
Chauhan, give this bouquet to her.
Where are the flowers? You're Highness!
Will you please go inside? Please, madam.
Let's go.
Did he hold the hands at the time of falling?
He told you? -Why, should not tell?
Actually, I wanted that, anybody will not know this, except Arshi and me.
You both discus such things?
Why we should not discuss this?
We belong to the royal family, it will become a big thing.
Don't tell anyone, keep this in your heart.
That means, you have hidden lots of things.
So, what can I do? If I will say, then his job would be in danger.
Who do wrong things, should not be punished?
What's wrong in this, he has worked like a real man.
If you would be there, then could you leave?
So sad... I have never got a chance like this.
This is not the matter of chance, it's the matter of guts. -Oh ho! -Yes.
Have you thought something to avoid this matter?
That is only one way to avoid this, keep it in your heart.
Oh my God!
Take this and keep it.
What I have to do with this, Sir?
Go and ask to Sardaar.
Hey irritated fellow, what were you saying?
I have not said anything
I have to do something through these woods?
just make a police bat.
Police bat...?
There is nothing special in police bat, It works like a cricket bat.
Cricketers hit Sixers and we make Sixers.
I Understand, sir.
Sir... Sir, please meet us with him.
Please say to the minister sir, to come outside.
They cannot come, you go.
We want to meet with the minister..
..our children's school is not running properly.
I'm saying, get out of here.
The teachers are not teaching proper to our children..
Minister Sir is busy inside.
If you want, then come, otherwise, I am going.
Sir has come, Sir has come.
Sir, Greetings Sir! Our children's future is in your hands now.
Let's see, what can I do?
Hari Narayan Ji! Would you like to some coffee or cold drink?
I want the trust. Our future will be bright...
..I want this trust, can you give me?
What happened? Again school problem?
To this school, the King had donated a palace in his property.
You are misusing this Maharaja Education Trust.
You know, what is the condition of those schools?
The precious things of the palace, to be auctioned...
...give us, we will sell these things.
Good thought, brother.
You are a minister, shame on you.
At least, you should respect your position.
Otherwise, you have to pay for this.
Sir, what said the minister?
Until this police and those ministers will not be improved..
..till then our lives cannot be improved.
Why he always taunts me?
Rajmanik what's their problem?
These are themselves a problem.
When the minister come, they start to ask about their demands.
Hey, you people, get out...
Get out from here.
Come here, dear, what happened?
Get out...
I want to go school, but my mother stopped me and said..
..the school is occupied by thieves.
You are police, so please arrest those people.
Sambha! -Yes Sardaar.
I thought that, we should go to school again. -So let's go.
Come Sardaar...come.
Brother, Sardaar has come.
Hum! -Hi!
Leave him Sardaar, enjoy here.
Touba Touba, Touba Touba.
Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
She is amazing...
She is amazing...
When any girl dances...
...people consider it wrong...
If Nymph dances, then God says Wah! Wah!
Urvashi, Rambha, Menka they all dance the same.
That's different rule and this is different rule..
..which principle is this? Touba Touba.
Touba Touba, Touba Touba. Touba Touba, Touba Touba.
When they do, its dance and when she makes, its mistake..
..which is this principle? Tauba Tauba...
Touba Touba, Touba Touba, Touba Touba, Touba Touba.
Hey! Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
My heart has immersed in the color of intoxication...
My heart has immersed in the color of intoxication...
If anyone takes a sip...
...then he is known as groggy.
If Gods have this in paradise... then all calls that Somras.
God Indra and company having this drink, morning and evening.
That's different rule and this is different rule..
..which principle is this? Touba Touba.
Touba Touba, Touba Touba. Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
If they do it's cool and we do, its fool...
..which principle is this? Touba Touba.
Touba Touba, Touba Touba... Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
Hey...Tauba Tauba, Tauba Tauba...
Tauba Tauba, Tauba Tauba...
Play the cards and take experience...
Play the cards and take experience...
If anyone plays cards here, call as a gambler.
When Dharmraj played this game known as the player.
Gambling was the cause of the Mahabharata.
That's different rule and this is different rule..
..which principle is this? Touba Touba...
Touba Touba, Touba Touba. Touba Touba, Touba Touba.
You are playing cards here, it's your mistake...Tauba Tauba...
Touba Touba, Touba Touba. Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
You are playing cards here, it's your mistake...Tauba Tauba...
Touba Touba, Touba Touba. Touba Touba, Touba Touba...
It's your mistake...Tauba Tauba...
It's your mistake...Tauba Tauba... Tauba Tauba, Tauba Tauba...
It's your mistake...Tauba Tauba...
Tauba Tauba...Tauba Tauba...Tauba Tauba...Tauba Tauba.
Everybody, listen carefully.
If you are supporting wrong things.. change this place in school within 10 minutes.
You have already missed 2 minutes.
Do fast otherwise, an earthquake will come here.
You guys don't know him.
Why you are doing this, I know very well.
How much amount you want? Tell me.
Otherwise I will try another way.
He doesn't afraid from money or murder.
If you want to save your life, then follow him, and become his fan.
Like me.
What do you think about me?
I think that, you are gay.
Hey...! Drop your guns, we should have to follow strategy.
Don't kill to the Sardaar, very easily.
Close the doors. Take your weapons.
Matka... Matka Singh is here.
Don't ever fight with the bald man.
He is very strong.
Wow, what a brain, they are making strategy for Sardaar.
It's a huge tragedy. He will teach a lesson to everybody.
Hey, why you are scared?
He is gone.
All of you, come together and catch him.
What? What will you do, together?
Sardaar... take it.
Seems, he watched many Chinese movies.
Hey Damodar, hit on his legs.
Oh no!
Hey Ranjeet Singh, hit on his back.
Oh, why you scared?
Hey you, attack from the back side.
He seems like Bruce Lee's father.
Any other strategy is remaining?
He will tell you.
Hey you, bald man...?
Stop...stop sir. If we are wrong, then..'s also wrong to use weapons in the school.
You are right.
Bajrangi! -Oh my god!
To punish every bad student, is the duty of every teacher.
Hail to the goddess Kali.
Would you do such these bad things, speak... speak, you would do?
Sir... Sir, Sir, I am only a student, class monitor is there.
He is monitor? -Yes.
I respect to class monitors, that's why I myself come to him.
What do you want?
I made the bar in this school so will build this bar as a school.
I will change this place as a school within 5 minutes.
This is 7,50000 rupees. -Okay.
Sir, we don't know anything except this work.
Until you don't get another work...
...keep it.
Thank you, Sir.
Why you are distributing the money to them..
..the government has the right according to the law.
Rajmanik, the law is my property.
We received just 1000 Rupees, write so.
Whatever I say, that becomes F.I.R.
Yes, understood.
We got our school again...
If you want to improve the country, will have to do work hard.
My blessings are with you.
Sir, when Mr. Hari will say thanks to you, then I will click a photo.
Yes definitely, click.
Please smile, sir.
Sir, he is coming... he is coming.
Only lucky people would be in the photograph with Sardaar.
Uncle, thank you uncle. -For me?
Oh wow!
You're welcome!
Who is this?
Why is the phone on silent mode? Are you there?
I'm already in line. -Oh, you!
Why did you call me? I wanted to say thanks.
For what?
These children are going to school again, only because of you.
There is no need to say thanks, That was not a big deal for me.
Okay. Will lunch together? My princess is inviting you.
Princess is inviting or you?
Both are the same things.
Will you come? -Sure...sure.
What happened, Sardaar? You are looking very happy.
She has invited me for lunch.
We have also invited on lunch? -Only me.
The invitation has come from the Palace.. have to take dry clean, keep ready my clothes.
Princess is inside?
Sardaar Gabbar Singh has been come.
Gabbar Singh has come here!
I am very scared.
By the way, he is a police man.
You want to send me to prison? Please, don't do that.
Please Madhu, for me, just once.
Oh my god!
Oh highness...highness, sorry. Hello! -Hello.
Please sit.
Please you sit.
It's ok.
I think, I scared you.
What are you saying, I have invited you?
This matter has reached to this point?
I helped many people in the past.
But anyone did not invite to me for lunch.
Maybe I just was not deserving it.
Hey, do not talk like that, now we are friends.
We are friends? -Really? -Yes.
There are some customs for the guests, first finished them.
Dirty thoughts and this sacrament.
You sit, I'm just coming. -She is very shameless.
Hey Sardaar, I'm telling you respectfully, listen to me...
To forget Madhubala will be better for you.
First, tell me one thing. -What?
Madhu is palace member..
not a family member. -Yes, so...?
So, why you are worried, like she is a princess?
If the princess would have then
I will cut off your head through this sword, and hang like a flag.
Oh, Mr. Sher Chauhan, what are you doing here?
I should not have come here. What are you doing here at lunch time?
Why, I cannot have lunch, here?
You have not yet your lunch? -No.
Okay, but first you have to go to take a box of betel from the kitchen.
Me...? -Yes. - I Have to bring the box of betel...?
Okay. -Okay.
Use more white lime and take more time.
Go. -Okay.
Thank you, madam.
Have juice, I just come.
Look Madhu, You will not get another guy like me on google.
It's a bumper offer for you, so why are you thinking so much?
What do you know about me?
You are very nice and perfect for me.
How many days will you work here as a maid, I will keep you like a queen.
Take it...take.
Before meals, we do, welcome to our guests with gold and pearls..'s our custom.
Take it. Oh my god!
Never mind... Never mind.
Its ok, I will take it. -May I do, it's because of me.
Why are you bending?
Where are these people?
Hey, do not hurry, otherwise, it will be more scattered.
Give me that one. -Wait, giving you. -I will conjunct all.
Hey Sheru, you're back.
Oh no, I'm applying white lime in the kitchen.
Have you brought betel? -Yes, take it.
Now let's have lunch.
I don't need food, my stomach has been filled to seeing this.
Oh, please join us.
I don't want to join...okay.
Oh leave him, please sit.
Okay, please, sit.
Come on, what are you talking?
This Ratanpur historical palace.. going to be associated with our hotel group...
...I'm not afraid to such hooligans, like Bhairav.
Anybody can not dare to face, this business tycoon Ramesh Talwar.
Bengal Tiger... thirteenth prey.
My father was hunting in front of me... he was fleeing to save lives.
If anyone get the chance, will definitely struggle.
If we don't give this opportunity, it would be a confirmed victim.
And hunting is my hobby since childhood.
My father said, you're Rajput, hunting should be your hobby.
You have to grow this empire, just snatch that, which you like.
The King of Ratanpur Empire, did not like this.
Whatever he had, distributed to the public.
And I have evolved my empire, by robbing that people.
He did not like that..
..In front of the whole village, he punished to my father.
Now look, his condition...
I could not tolerate this humiliation, wanted to kill him.
But could not kill...I was kid.
I didn't know, how to shoot.
And, when he heard the news of his death...
... then father came out of the coma.
What advantage? He has become a living corpse.
Now they are trying to make money through this palace..
..want to make this, as a heritage hotel.
Before you, two people came here.
I had explained, but they didn't understand.
... was killed, now you have come here. Tell me, what should I do?
Sir, everyone does the business for life, not to die.
They are your enemy, I didn't know that, please leave me, I will go from here.
Trust me, sir.
Go after having lunch.
I'm going.
Work has begun in Sector 8, Sir. -Congratulation!
Greetings, Raja Saheb! -Raja Saheb...
...I'm Matka Singh.
Now what's wrong with them?
A new C.I. has come here Sir, he closed the bar and open the school.
Appa Ji! -Yes sir.-Tell to Matka Singh, handle it, himself.
I understand, Sir. I will explain to him, you go.
Now, will you run, back of the car?
Shit! He is avoiding and he took away our school,
We are in a very miserable condition.
To live such a life is worthless.
Criminal skull should be cracked like these fruits, understand...?
Understood, sir.
What happened, Sambha? Have you put henna on your hands?
I am the senior officer, Sardaar, helping to my juniors.
Pratap...? -Which you will speak, that will be right, Sir.
That's right, but, his helping nature is increasing, keep a fruit on his head.
Wait...wait, Sardaar, it's better to follow the order than fruit.
Your focus should be only on your target.
Sir, please give us order quickly..
Without counting, we will shoot, sir.
Okay. -Just tell only ready, sir.
Hey! Don't shoot.
You idiots...
Sorry sir.
No Sardar.
All of you come to this side. -Yes...yes, we are ready.
Take your position.
Gun ready...? -Ready, sir.
What you were watching secretly, look openly.
Hey,, no.
I will shout.
Shout...You will call Mr. Hari Narayan -Yes.
Call him, Mr. Hari Narayan... -No, No, please don't call him.
Mr. Hari Narayan, where are you? -Please, please... be quiet, please be quiet.
Oh, please be quiet. -She was watching me to changing cloths.
And now threatening me. -I will do everything, which you want.
So, kiss me. -What? Kiss...?
You know... there was no one to kiss me, since childhood.
Just give me one kiss. -I will not give.
Well, I will give, you just cooperate.
I will hit you.
Who have stop you?
Get married, get love, after that, hit me.. much as you want, but don't tell others.
But, do not say no to my love.
Hey, do you like this handsome, tell me?
You met, thank god...
My heart makes a noise.
You have stolen... this sleep convoy...
Our love story...
...would be colourful.
You come slowly...
... hug me tightly.
You met, thank god...
My heart makes a noise.
You have stolen... this sleep convoy...
I have no control on my heart...
You have done something just now.
I'm blushing much...
...watching shining stars in the daytime.
There is also some bustling began in my heartbeats.
Since you came into my life, I forget everything.
In your eyes...
...which I have seen.
May, this magic would begin soon.
You met, thank god...
My heart makes a noise.
You have stolen... this sleep convoy...
I know this... are in my heart.
Oh, I always see dreams...
Come to my dreams, quietly.
You are talking about the love...
...feeling very good.
Don't make false promises to me...
I have decided, to spend my whole life with you.
I'm saying heartily...
... my breaths...
... all are yours.
You met, thank god...
My heart makes a noise.
This sleep convoy... have stolen.
My heart makes a noise.
Hail to the King Bhairav Singh!
After shaving, I will give you a head massage.
Hail to the King Bhairav Singh!
Hail to the King Bhairav Singh!
Hail to the King Bhairav Singh!
Rajmanik, come here, what's going on, here?
Today is the birthday of the King Bhairav Singh.
His well-wishers are celebrating.
Look, they are firing, It can be dangerous.
Here nobody says nothing. -It is common here, sir.
Look the attitude of the king.
If you want to save your life, then look at his feet, not the head.
People like you will see in the legs, but I can break his legs.
Hey, kill that C.I.
Go... -Sardaar, take it.
Hail to the King Bhairav Singh! Hail to the King Bhairav Singh!
Hey, you...
Put the gun down, do you understand, it's a joke?
You are a new police officer, you don't know, the rules of here.
We do not need any license.
If you guys will not go from here, then I will shoot you.
You are single, can't do anything.
You are wrong, we can shoot you from all sides. Raka...
Give order, Sardaar.
Vijay...? I'm ready, sir.
Narasimha... -I'm waiting for your order, sir.
Drop your guns.
Why you came here?
Where is he? Call him.
Come here, sir, is calling.
Hello! My name is Appa Ji.
I came or Bhairav, the same thing.
I should have to meet you at that time, when you came to this city.
That day you closed the bar and now you are saying to go from here.
Bhairav Singh will call you, before that, I came here to meet you.
Look, in English mine means my......
After saying mine word, if anyone oppose, then we have to kill him.
We don't care...understood.
Rajmanik, hold it.
If you talk to me again like this, then next time..
..your legs and head will be there instead of tire.
Understood...? Give me.
Hey, I came here in the middle of shaving...
... after finishing my shave, I don't want to see anybody, here.
All police officers are frustrated.
Out... -Poor fellows! He seems more frustrated.
He is married? -No.
If he will get married, then he'll be on track.
He is like a Red Fort's waving flag, he does not listen to anyone.
Maybe, would listen to you.
Appa Ji, he is an employee.
To meet such a person is my insult.
Let see, the festival, which comes after 12 years..
..going to begin, tomorrow, in the temple.
He will come there.
What are you seeking to God?
Today I will say that thing, which is in my heart, will not hide.
Which thing?
I'm the princess of this empire. I'm very nervous...
... I do not know what will happen next?
Sir, he is Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
Hello Sir!
All arrangements are ok?
Everything is perfectly fine. -Sardaar sir...
The king Bhairav Singh has come, he is there.
Bring him here.
Hey, the king Bhairav Singh is calling you.
Come with me...come.
This circus, I have never seen in life.
It's good that he did not see.
I cannot tolerate this insolence, who does that, will never leave him.
I teach him manners, by hitting.
Learned? -Yes.
Tell me, why you came here?
Inspector sir, Bhairav Singh is calling you.
Go into the corner.
So, you are the King Bhairav Singh.
You are looking like same as the hoarding.
If you have any problem, tell me, I will solve that.
I will break his bones.
Sardaar Ji...
Sardaar, do you know, you are talking to whom?
Bhairav Singh...the King Bhairav Singh.
And do you know, you are talking to whom?
Gabbar Singh...Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
I am the king and belong to Rajput family.
I am a police inspector, and born to punish to the criminals.
There is no life or death here, without my sign.
If the matter is about life and death, then there is no need of your sign.
I have no problem, with the name King Bhairav Singh.
I have to change the law and orders...
... time should be changed and timing also should be changed.
If it will not be changed, then do you, know what will happen?
I will change this world.
Good bye.
Bhairav, the time of the sacrificial worship is running out.
Madhu was coming, but I can't see her.
Must be somewhere here, everyone gets lost in the crowd.
He was looking for whom, she has got?
Had never thought, that, the enemy is so gorgeous.
Father, if I will play with this flower, so revenge will be great fun.
He is doing with hands, -He is mad.
Children, this district must be filled by the sound of your drum.
Let's go. Bye.
Oh, my god!
Very bad, sir. They were children.
At which time they will come again?
At 3 O'clock, sir.
Will be on time.
That is my world. Hope you enjoyed the stay.
Thank you. -Thank you.
What happened? Why these trucks are standing here? have to go to the port.
What's the problem?
Sardaar has blockaded the road.
The truck can move up on his body.
All of you have no guts?
Come with me.
Kill him.
Hey Sardaar, you would blockade of this Bhairav?
For these people...?
These villagers, are my slave.
You want to be a hero?
You have any idea where you stand? This is my kingdom.
Here, the sky, the wind, and water all are mine.
Everybody understands, that, this land is his property.
But they don't know that, after the death will be merged into the land.
A fighter has born to kill the devils like you.
And it will be happen forever.
You think, you are a leader by killing two people.
I can build an army just now.
What will you do lonely. You are single.
You are single...
Yes, I'm single, I alone, but enough for you.
Only who can achieve his goal, who takes the first step?
In this crowd, only one person could be famous.
Wherever go, go alone, I will be alone, will always be with these people.
Hey Bhairav, I will show you my power, before crossing this border.
Will you see? So watch.
He has come to destroy these demons...
...he is more powerful.
He is like a lion...
...very strong and brave.
He has come to protect people...
Hail to him...hail to him!
Hail to the hero...! Hail to the leader...!
Hail to this brave man...! Hail...Hail...Hail!
Hail to this saver...! Hail to this public servant...!
Hail to this strong man...! Hail...Hail...Hail!
Sir, he is looking like sea storm.
Right now we should go from here, that would be good for us.
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
Who is standing... who is powerful... Who is standing with firmly?
Who can fight with this brave man... Watch, he is standing like a rock...
His arms are like steel... And his skin is like a Lion...
Destroys in an instant... Anyone, who garbed by him...
He teaches, this lesson everybody... He can also melt a stone...
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
Who is standing... who is standing... Let see, who is standing with firmly...?
Hey, do you remember my name?
Gabbar Singh...
...Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
How's the situation, now?
What happened to him?
I was thinking he would be on fire, but he fell in love.
Sir, Minister Sir has come with the whole assembly.
And home minister, sir, also has come with him to impress you, sir.
I have not come here to impress him, I've come to pay their favor.
You tell me the name of the place, for his transfer.
Let him stay here.
By working hard for so many years, I had built up the fear...
...he finished that, in 5 minutes.
Now people have the confidence in him.
If any person opposes without fear, then he would become a hero for them.
It can be dangerous for us.
First, we have to kill their trust and after that to Sardaar.
Shekhu! -Little back...little back.
Are you guys getting personal...?
Go to your work otherwise, I will shoot you.
He always comes at the wrong time.
In the beginning, I didn't understand you.
After a long time, I'm looking a man who fought fearlessly.
I want to talk to you something important.
Sometime ago they all were grain growers...
..Who all tortured and killed by Bhairav..
..because of his mining business.
They lost everything and ended up as refugees.
There are many who are living like refugees.
On behalf of the trust of our king, we are helping as much as possible.
Oh Yes! You were trying to say something.
The only desire of all these people is...
At one time it was the palace, Here, there was much ado.
And now it has become like this.
Whatever Raja Saheb retained with great love...
...Those precious things we have to sell..
..Somehow we keep alive our desires.
With great sorrow..
..queen has taken a decision to convert this palace to heritage hotel
For which the Talwar groups had come here.
But Bhairav Singh threatened to kill him, So they moved back in fear.
We have public strength, but they don't have courage.
You will be, their strength.
Where my needs, I arrive myself.
But here you have called me.
I will surely be here...
... where I can go.
In life you don't afraid.
To the brave man...
You are ignoring me by wearing glasses.
Listen to me...
Excuse me! -Yes sir.
Talwar sir, knows, that, we have come here?
I told him, sir.
Hello! Talwar group here...
I'm very sorry. We should not call you to come here.
Let's go.
Why? What happened?
I thought that, we will explain him together, but he doesn't want to meet.
You wait here, I'm going to meet him.
What game is it, sir? -This is the game of marbles for rich people.
Sorry, guys. -Good shot, sir.
That's good. Getting better.
First time, I'll see, someone playing golf in the uniform.
Sorry, I have not come here to play, I have to talk to you.
So, tell. -Mr. Hari Narayan has come to meet you.
I have said, I'm not interested, He doesn't understand.
I don't want to do any risky business.
If it would be risky, I would not run away like you, but face it.
You have nothing to lose, that's why you are talking like this.
Sorry, sir.
There is also a risk of death, in the game of entertainment.
I'm not saying that, there is no risk. But you must face it.
You have built this business, through 5000 monthly income...
...have you done it without any risk?
Now Royal family has come to you, to discuss about the public's problem.
He is giving his place for your business.
So, this is your duty too.
By the way, in your language this is a Corporate Social Responsibility.
... understand this like the same.
Mr. Talwar, if the matter is about the goodness of the people.., should decide from the heart.
I have protected them, will protect you too.
It's Sardaar's promise, I will protect you, by giving my life.
You have come, without confirmation. -Just wait for 2 minutes, he will reply.
Listen! See you on Monday morning.
He is just like the hot sword of the furnace...
... touched my heart.
It was my fault, I lied to you.
If you then angry with me say something.
I cannot afford, your silence.
Will you not forgive me?
What I say? I was very careful...
... I'm angry with my carelessness.
After knowing about you, it seems...
... your life will be worse with me.
According to your status, it would be fine for you to marry a prince.
Since you came into my life...
... confidence and the hope of living awake again in my heart.
I don't want this palace, this honor. I want only you.
Arshi, I do not know, how to tell you?
I never had such a situation like this, and neither will be.
I respect you.
And for that respect, we have to stop.
I love you and you are talking to go away.
I don't want anything, I want you, only you.
Please accept me, Sardaar.
If you truly love me, so don't let go this love.
She talks like angels.
She hurt from eyes.
The day goes and night comes when she opens her hairs.
Her moves like a river, and looks like branch of buds.
Your street's sand looks like colours.
I'm yours...only yours. What magic you have done.
I have come to you, no control on myself.
Why you are gleaning your dreams from the threads of hope...
Why you are counting the stars at day.
I'm blushing little from your talks, but more from your eyes.
She talks like angels... She hurt from eyes...
The day goes and night comes when she opens her hairs.
Her moves like a river, and looks like branch of buds.
Your street's sand looks like colours.
My heart is like a book... are like a rose, kept in this book.
Where is the rose, that is my answer.
My dream is only that...
...this dream is impatient.
Tell me, you are my darling and I'm your lover.
I should not talk to you about which but, I have done this.
Don't know, how I fallen love with you.
The pair has become.
She talks like angels.
She hurt from eyes.
The day goes and night comes when she opens her hairs.
What gift, I give you...
Tell me something...
How you will take care my heart, which I have given to you.
After making yours... would take me...
If you do not love me, I will not let you go.
You would love on terms, is not fair.
There is love in these terms, it's not a compliment.
Don't give me so much happiness...
She talks like angels... hurts from eyes.
The day goes and night comes, when she opens her hairs.
Sir, Ramesh Talwar has been convinced by Gabbar Singh.
He was too afraid to enter the city.
But, Gabbar Singh took responsibility for her safety, so he is coming.
Father, after defeat should be afraid.
Look, the poor fellow elephant has died.
Appa Ji, what is the name of this elephant?
Sir, its name is Ramesh Talwar.
Hey, pass the signal.
Hey, let's go, they are coming.
Let's go.
You don't worry, I have full faith on Sardaar.
Hi sir! Are you Mr. Ramesh Talwar? -Yes.
We are commandos of Ratanpur.
Sardaar sent us to pick you safely from the forest.
Please get down.
What is this?
Nothing sir... -Sardaar is giving training to police.
... so you will hear gunfire, but you don't worry.
Okay. -Mr. Sambha, how many children you have?
I have two boys and two girls, sir.
In which standard?
It will know only their parents.
Did not understand anything?
Means, we are transferred from one place to another.
You must have understood.
We should not marry.
Seems, they are well trained by Sardaar.
Raka... -Yes, Sardaar.
Now your palace has been associated..
..with our Talwar Group of Heritage Hotel, equal shares.
Very good. -Please have sweet.
Sher Singh, don't do that in front of the guest.
Thank you. Nice to meet you.
What are you looking?
Many years later, I have seen the joy in the laughter of the princess.
And in your laughter too.
It's very nice. -Thank you.
All these things... -The court is that way.
Looked that, I was thinking that, where is the gun?
He has come in the form of a machine gun.
Greetings! -Greetings. -Greetings.
How was your journey?
The wind and rain will be under control in front of you.
I don't know anything about you..
..but, everybody will be safe in your protection.
Thank you, sir. When you want to go back?
I will arrange security for your journey.
He has accepted our invitation for tonight.
You must have come.
Its okay, sir. You go ahead.
Alright. -See you tomorrow, bye sir.
Let's go.
I have heard that, this palace will become a hotel.
Hey, what are you doing?
I heard that, you had taken any risk.
Before that, you didn't thought about me.
Nothing happened. -Could be wrong?
So, now, what you want to do?
Pay tax for this.
Tax! What...?
Kiss me.
If Mr. Hari Narayan will see, can think wrong, then do not tell me.
You will kiss me or not, if you will not kiss me then I will call him.
Call Let's see, call him.
Mr. Hari Narayan...
What happened daughter?
One minute...
I will tell him, if you will not kiss me.
Okay, please don't tell him, he will kill me.
Tell me, daughter. Have you shown up, the Darbar hall to Mr. Talwar?
I was going with him for the same.
Please show to him.
What happened? You are sweating, without doing something.
Are you scared?
I have heard many things about you that, you are very daring, where is your guts?
Don't challenge me.
Okay! than give me.
Come on...
Not like this.
I said, to kiss me...
...not sound effect. I will have a side effect from your romance.
Move aside.
Look you guys, this palace is so romantic..
..If Salim were here, then he would have kissed to Anarkali.
Now what?
According to you, that was a kiss?
So...? I will tell you that, what is kiss.
Hey, you are not scared, while flirting?
I love you, so why have to scared? I am making love not stealing.
Talwar sir, you can use this place also.
Okay. - If will go forward, there is a temple.
Hello! -You were with us in our bad condition.
And where are you going at this happy moment?
Please have sweet. I'm getting late.
I have got this happiness, just because of you.
Yes, have it...have.
Nowadays, you are giving her great pleasure.
You people are doing romance openly...?
Do you not afraid from anyone?
Hey, what are you talking?
Mr. Sher Singh, we should share the happiness in front of everyone.
This is not a little happiness, this is the matter of telling generations.
Oh! It means, it will continue for generations. Very good... Very good.
Where are you going? Stop, I will say to him.
I will tell to uncle, about both of you.
Uncle...Uncle...Uncle! -You have to go there, this way.
What happened?
Uncle... -Mr. Sher has forbidden to Sardaar to enter in this palace.
No...No uncle. -Mr. Hari Narayan, I think he doesn't like me.
He always bothers me.
Uncle... I... -Sher Singh, say sorry to the inspector.
No. Being a Rajput, I'm not supposed to say sorry to a common man.
I'm telling you, say sorry.
Say, otherwise, will be not good for you. -Sorry.
I have not heard. -I say...sorry.
If you will stop him to come here, then you will have to go out.
Sardaar, you are trying to take advantage with my weakness.
I have made this Rajput honor.
One to one and man to man, you have to show your power.
We will meet at the crossing of Ratanpur.
I make you try, left be cow boy.
Sardaar, come out...Sardaar.
Come out, you come out.
This is impossible to get her. Show me your power.
Come on...shoot.
Gabbar Singh... I will kill you.
But, when...where and how...?
He enters in the market at 9:30, and signs outside of the saloon at 9:52.
At 9:56... -Special tea.
And before having tea, these people from there..
..and those people from here...
...will hit him.
This is the Akashvani's vividhbharti channel of Ratanpur.
And now you will listen Chitrahaar..
..Gabbar Singh himself is the presenter of this program.
Are you fine, sir?
Let's start.
The good people feel...
...the pain of others.
Those are called gentleman...
... who understand the pain of others?
Have you seen, inspector sir..
..the horses of the Ratanpur are very famous.
We make million dollar within a few days through this business.
Hey fool, this is not the stable of the horses..
..This is Rajput's horse show.
All Rajput's of the country meet here on this day, this is our tradition.
What they will do after the meeting?
They talk about the winning of past wars.
After that, they talk about their broken heart.
Oh! And they also talk about hunting.
Sometimes monkeys and sometimes lions.
I am going, sir. Here this ass is shouting than the horses.
I hate you.
Highness, you are looking gorgeous.
What's happening here?
The princess Arshi!
Hello! -Hello.
He is King Mahendra Singh. -Hello.
He is his son, Yuvraj Singh. -Hello.
He is his brother Virendra Singh Chauhan. -Hello.
He is married.
He is his brother. -Hari Narayan, introduce me to him.
They do their business in all over the country and in abroad.
My son does business in the country, even richer than them.
Hello, Mr. Hari Narayan..
I have come into this gathering program.. give me little attention too.
I thought, after this defeat, we will never come here.
Even after such an insult...
Mr. Hari Narayan you are on my target.
Your people and that Sardaar...
... any chance I get, will hunt you guys.
First go and control to your uncontrollable horse.
Raja Saheb...
It will become a case of animal cruelty.
Which charges on you, that are not sufficient for you?
Do you belong to our phratry?
If you want that, my Arshi will get married to the man..
..who would control the horse, so...
... there are many boys in our community, I can call them?
Will say no to them.
Don't know, when this Hari Narayan will die, so we will get our share.
King Bhairav Singh, uncontrolled animal..
..does not come under control by show of strength.
We can control them, through love and patience.
Would be good, if you would be a Rajput.
Mr. Hari Narayan, nowadays, we share the blood.. our blood has been mixed.
Who think to win, that would not be a king, a winner, will be a king.
You guys have seen, which I saw...?
I have also seen, that you have not seen.
I had doubts on them, but now, I am sure.
They are in love.
Hey beautiful, you are excellent...
Hey beautiful, you are excellent...
Who would touch you, will die, you are like an electric shock.
My heart's agreement has done with your heart's agreement.
You are also very hot, love remote.
You are also very hot, love remote.
You are like a raincoat in cold-cold rain...
You are like a sweet boat in the ocean of love.
Hey, let's shout... your cheeks are very soft.
My stupid heart says, do love openly.
You have broken the lock of my heart.
This is a scam, a thief is a policeman.
You look very cool in uniform, and look awesome with your baton...
You look very cool in uniform, and look awesome with your baton...
You are very cute, and suit for me.
You are very cute, and suit for me.
My heart's route goes to you.
Heartbeats sound like toon, toon... you are that fruit.
The love should be very much, my dream should be true...
The love should be very much, my dream should be true.
Should be your touch in the feeling of my heart..
..your romance should be always switched on.
You are like wine, I have to drink you, see you and wink you.
You are very smart, will implicate you in my eyes...
Will catch you, by putting handcuffs in your hands.
You look very cool in uniform...
And look awesome with your baton...
You look very cool in uniform...
And look awesome with your baton.
She Should be well bred... high grade.
She Should be well bred... high grade.
My heart's trade should be started with you.
I want to see you only, Whether the world would be faded.
You are very naughty but sweet.
You are very naughty but sweet.
You are my dream's hot beat.
My name should be repeated with you.
I will little reveal this...
I'm thirsty... you have intoxicant.
You are crazy... difficult to flinch.
I'm your of your gun.
You look very cool in uniform...
And look awesome with your baton.
You look very cool in uniform...
And look awesome with your baton.
This place seems safe.
He will come to the market for tea after sign the register, like always.
Again the same planning, nothing will going to happen, I'm going to home.
That is the real twist.
He will be confused to see our people..
..instead of Chameli Sisters... at that time...
And now you will listen Chitrahar..
..and again, the presenter of this program is...
...Gabbar Singh.
Sardaar's army...
Yes, Sardaar.
Hit them. Hit them well.
No...No please leave us.
Leave you...?
Please forgive us.
So nice.
Pure gold, for you.
Reason, for giving me...?
My husband, wants to marry with your niece.
While having you...?
Why? Your father was also married with your elder mother.
So, why he had made relation with your mother. There is only one king.
Doesn't matter, having so many queens.
I know, who are you?
You are so called sister of the king.
Being illegitimate child...
... they treat you as an outsider.
If will get married, then we will give you your shares.
Everyone will be happy.
We accept it.
But without Hari Narayan's permission...?
Don't worry, he is nothing in front of me.
Your Hari Narayan is like our Appa Ji.
Go, and talk about this matter, rest, we will handle.
Geeta Devi...!
You are the daughter of the king...
... so, I respect you.
The person, who wants to ruin our lineage.. have come for his propasal.
You do not deserve respect.
Sir, the princess is roaming with that inspector...
... this is the matter of honor?
Princess is in affair with Gabbar Singh, since long time.
All are talking about this, next generations do not do like this..., older people have decided something..
..further, he will explain you.
Explain to him...
This is happening, without your knowledge?
Hari Narayan, if you will break the clan's limit..
..then it will not be good for you.
That would not be, Whatever, she has done, Bhairav Singh would accept her.
Mr. Bhairav Singh, wants to marry with the princess.
Hey...if you would say this again, then...
You will kill to how many people? All know about this.
You're the commander, so, you must have to know, where is she?
Everybody knows in this palace, except sir.
We, love to each other, we were thinking, how to tell you?
It's good, you didn't tell me.
For me, King's reputation is more important than your will.
The organization shall be destroyed because of you, that's not fair.
For you I can give my life, and this is my responsibility.
Your husband should be what type, I know it very well.
Who is he? After all, he is our serving soldier.
Nobody knows, where he has borne.
Derives from the dust, will get into the dust.
Don't know, he belongs to a higher caste or lower caste?
Catch him.
Mr. Hari Narayan, if you will talk about caste discrimination..
..then, I will not sit silent.
When you were in trouble, that time did not remember?
When I was falling love with her..
..At the time, I did not know that she is the princess.
After knowing that, I had tried to go away from her.
That was not acceptable to my destiny.
If someone comes in the way of my duty, then, would not sit silent.
If the matter would be of my love, then think, what I'll do?
I will kill him.
Please have it.
How is the tea?
Like the tea.
How's Arshi?
I'm looking first time, you are sad.
I like it.
Little by little, you will understand...
... That's me who is writing your destiny.
First inform then attack is my politics.
You speak to me loudly, what is your status?
You are watching dreams of the princess...
For me, killing you is like putting sugar cube in tea.
Listen Dhannu, Whenever you talked about killing.. know, why did I refuse?
Because he is not like others.
He is born from the minds of people.
Shall not kill him at once.
Killing him slowly, will be fun.
Your last run has been started.
Sardaar, in next 72 hours...
...where you have defeated me..
..if I will not defeat you in the same place..
..then my name is not Bhairav Singh.
Hey Bhairav, Arshi is mine and Ratanpur is also mine.
And if you looked at them, I will scrape your eyes.
72 hours.
Let's watch.
So much money and gold, have come from where?
When the ACP sir raid on my home, then in fear I told everything.
Told everything in fear? what you have told?
Sorry Sir, I couldn't able to maintain your trust.
I had brought to the sir in this city, and since then we became friends.
Sir used to take bribes from thieves in the forest.
And also from truck owner without license.
No one knows.
2-3 times he send me to bring.
What are you saying...?
Control yourself.
Today violent event have been seen in Ratanpur.
When we asked to the people, they told that these were laborers.
As you are looking, the investigation is going on.
Queen! Have you heard about what's coming on TV?
As you can see at the moment, all the people are shouting..
..slogans against the Sardaar. -Go Go inside and shout slogans.
Hey! Where it came from, what came, how many times I tell you?
Sardaar! Sardaar! you can't be silent.
You will have to answer to the public.
He did not answer any of the questions.
Here we received only 1000 Rupees, write that.
Rajmanik! The law is my manor.
This is the leader, who understood..
..his rights on government money and was doing riotously.
His name is Gabbar Singh, but by profession, he is a police officer.
Law and order is not in his jurisdiction.
Take a bribe, give bribe otherwise sow to the path of death.
That was the theory of a Sardar.
Every day he came to our house and threatened my husband..
..and used to send him outside.
I prayed in front of him, but he didn't agree.
Always by threatening to implicate me in case, he used me.
Inspector Sardaar has brought to D.G.P. office.
What do you think the whole country is in your jurisdiction.
The inquiry has been completed today and tomorrow we will get answers.
Hey! In 72 hours, if 45 hours passed, then how many remains?
Only 24 hours.
All the allegations have been found solid evidence.
So you are dismissed from service..
..and for your judicial custody the law has commanded.
Considering all your services.. have given time till Monday to surrender willingly
It seems that the sun is going down.
But the truth is that we are going to the dark side.
Life is same like this.
Some questions in my mind which only you can answer.
Because I have no one else.
My Sardaar has made a big mistake.
Helped me and loved me, both are mistakes.
He is not one of us, yet we can take help.
But can't love him.
Where are you going? Going to meet that Sardar?
Soon he will be behind bars.
You can go to give him food.
For the time being, we have many things to decide.
My regards to your conditioning and ethics.
Gita Devi also has the shares in your property.
Then, without her signature how you have allowed me to do business?
What you want to say?
Look! This is court notice, this is bank notice.
And this, shareholders petitions for me.
And in clear word, she went to court and court granted stay.
Whatever problem you have, resolve it internally.
Why you are involving me in this?
Money which I paid, either you have used.. trust foundation or paid loans, I don't care.
In single settlement, if I am not..
..receiving my cash, then I will go to court.
This court fight, reached to family elders.
And then reached for me, then I came here to help you.
I have sympathized for you.
How suddenly my Gita Devi remember court, I know very well.
As a commander, number of murders I have done..
..Your age is not that much Bhairav Singh.
Get out from here.
Commander! in your army only these two are left.
Only these two.
Marry in front of the commander, this is also a heartfelt desire of Arshi.
Nothing will happen to you. Sit.
Arshi!!! Oh!
Hold it.
Sit.. Sit... Sit...
Now, I'll tell you about your future.
Like these both, everyone will die..
..and with that Sardar will spend life in jail.
The palace has been already on the court case..
..and one above you are a girl
You don't know the outer world.
You will come on the road, If you will think of suicide...
... then it will be an insult of your father.
People will think that outsider used and left.
That's why in shame she had given life.
Although, I can give you a better option.
Marry me.
Giving presage with my wife hands.
If you will say yes for this marriage, then we both will be happy.
And if you will say no, then only I be happy.
Rest, is your decision.
Take this presage Madhu, I agree to this marriage.
Take the plate!
Take it Sir...
Show that.
Mr. S.I., Old S.I.
Our Bhairav Saheb's second marriage.
Same, with queen Arshi.
Have sweets.
Let's go.
Tomorrow Arshi is getting married.
I know.
This is all because of me.
I Was living so far in the ego, received from ancestors.
Everyone follow my world, I think it was foolishness.
To whom the princess Arshi loves, I didn't able to accept.
And now, the one who killed her father mother and tortured people...
...with that person I am sending her as his second wife.
Now in front of you, a weak commander is standing.
I had lost sardar.
You are not one of us, you are below to us.. saying this in my ego, I have hurt you a lot.
But, now I am saying, Kings do not take birth in the dynasty..
..but take birth in between public.
Not the one who exploits, But the one who protect is the king
Save to Arshi, Sardaar.
A commander is begging in front of you.
For God's sake, do not bend your head, it does not suit you.
Leave Arshi along with Bhairav Singh on me.
I will take care of all.
You are still here, come we have to go.
Come! Why you are standing with such sadness.
I can't leave by quitting job. -What you said?
Job is my identity - you have told me once.. I can't go by leaving that identity.
See! what he is talking?
It's difficult to get bail and you are talking about getting job back.
Do I touch his feet.
Don't need that. -What?
Please arrange a meeting with Bhairav Singh.
What will you do to meet him?
I will tell him, sorry and ask to return my job.
What if won't agree, so?
I will humbly request him.
What if he would abuses you. -Will hear.
If he beats you, then? -Will tolerate.
What if he put the knife inside you?
Will do that, but for God's sake! Will you arrange a 5 minute meeting?
Are you ready to do all this?
Yes Master.
Not only to keep head up, but we should also know to keep it down.
You have learned to talk.
See there, they are waiting to kill you once you cross that railway gate.
And you are talking to take me directly to Yamaraj? Are you mad?
When I thunder! I cross all the limits of madness.
Still you trust on him.
If I kill him easily...
...there is no fun in that, father.
The fun is in the torturing victim.
Hey! Leave him. Come.
Greetings. -Greetings.
Sir, please forgive him this time.
He came so let him say.
Sir, I understood wrong by seeing weapon in god's hand.
You are older, please forgive me considering me as a child.
By unknowingly, I said so many things to you and Raja Saheb.
In the joy of this wedding, please forgive me.
If you would give back star on my uniform and lion on the cap..
..then I would very much favor.
Sorry, won't look good on your face.
Expressions are not in sync.
My face is like that Sir, if say seriously, still no one believe.
But I am saying from my heart, I am sorry.
This is the matter. Do you dance?
No Sir, that just like...
Why are you feeling shame? want to star on uniform and lion and cap...
...then do this. -I am in this police uniform...
You are in police uniform then what?
Rock this party.
Like Sharukhan has come to this party.
I and Sharukhan...?
Look brother, you have to dance.
First, you win a dance competition from my people..
..then only I will think.
Greetings Sir!
Move away. Papa Ji Greetings.
Greetings Sir. -Thanks.
Greetings. -Greetings.
Take advantage. Use of situation is your habit.
Ok Sir, as you wish.
Ladies and gentlemen, D.J. Prithvi is on deck.
The Gangs of Ratanpur and Sardaar and his team.
Here we go!!!
If my lover move out.
I will also go with him.
If he gives me a pain, I will take it with pleasure.
If my freind will give poision, I will drink.
In my courtyard...
In my courtyard, what will you do?
In my courtyard, what will you do...?
One who is very famous....
One who is very famous, is only discredited.
In my courtyard, what will you do?
Yo! V.I. P...
What you will do?
Hey...! -Aaa... Aaa... Aaa...
Yo!!! 1...2...3... come on.
Who is bad, who is bad. You are bad.
You are bad, who's bad.
Dear don't tell lie...
We have to go to God...
Don't have an elephant or horse...
There, we have to go alone.
Dear don't tell lie...
We have to go to God...
Don't have an elephant or horse...
There we have to go alone.
Dear don't tell lie.
We have to go to God.
Don't have elephant or horse, there we have to go alone.
I know you want it but you never gonna get it...
I won't fall in your hand...
Believe it or not the world is crazy for my love.
I feel like I should gently hold myself.
You will lose.
I love myself.
Why you guys are not going there and dancing.
My name is Sheela, Sheela's killer youth.
I am so sexy for you, I won't fall in your hand....
Hey, Stop.
What you guys are singing and what you guys are dancing!
Do we sing like this?
Hey Tell!
What is rhythm, tell? -Sa, Ga, Ma, Dha, Ni, Sa.
And what is cadence? -Sa, Ni, Dha, Ma, ga, Sa.
Then why your rhythm is messed up?
Ah Mian, don't you feel shame by singing a tuneless song.
Hey! Leave me, brother.
If anyone sing tuneless then I become very angry.
If you broke the plant...
...then I will play you like a guitar.
Hey Guys, now it's time for a make a moves.
This beautiful face, has made me crazy...
Your anklet made me injured...
Say once more friends. -Once more!!!
This beautiful face, has made me crazy...
Your anklet made me injured...
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Hail the Sankardada.
Yeah! Friendship.
Yeah! Friendship.
Friendship is what you looking for?
Mustafa, Mustafa don't worry Mustafa, I am your Mustafa.
Mustafa, Mustafa, don't worry Mustafa...
Well done! Performed very well.
Thank you.
You have turned the atmosphere with your dance.
So you have forgiven me, Sir?
How I can forgive you so easily. What to do...?
You have made such mistake, which cannot be forgiven with your sorry.
In my entire life, first time I stepped back.
First time in life I forced to retreat.
My ego got hurt, Girl which I wanted, you loved her.
My heart has broken, how to forgive you? tell me.
Hey Sardaar! On your knees, hold my feet...
...King Bhairav Singh Sir..
..I made a mistake. Please give my life back Sir...
...Say that, and put your head on my feet, then I will think...
What you say, Arshi? will be good?
So father!
If you want to meet God Shiva then first touch Nandi feet.
Hey! Hey.
Even you all!
What we got in return for giving our life for you.
Still will give our life, but not for you; for Sardaar.
It's better to cut your feet than touching them.
You were laughing much?
Who else want to touch their feet?
Do you want, I touch your feet?
Don't want! Lot of respect is coming for you, thinking to touch your feet.
Please. Let me touch.
Anyway! Tell me, Have you ever seen Lion is touching Jackal's feet?
Then how you even thought of, that Sardaar will touch his feet.
What have you thought..!
Oho! Papa Ji, let's go on walk.
How we will go on walking.
Hey! If won't come for walking then shooting will start.
That day I agree for marriage, but had full faith in my love...
...and on Sardaar's courage.
All of you, come...
You sit Sardaar, will handle it.
Sit. -Go go.
You go. -Will handle here.
Where are you going Appa Ji?
Any one should not stay alive.
Why are you hiding here?
If do not hide, then what to do?
What was the point of shooting in the marriage?
He will marry to my darling, how can I sit quietly?
What you said? You don't love Madhubala.
You love to princess Arshi. -Exactly!
Who is standing... who is standing... Let see, who is standing firmly...?
Who can fight with this brave man...
Watch, he is standing like a rock... His arms are like steel...
And his skin is like a Lion...
Destroys in an instant... anyone, who garbed by him...
He teaches, this lesson everybody... He can also melt a stone...
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
Who is standing... who is standing... in front of death, who is standing...?
No... Hey Son! Stop.
I will not kill him, so easily.
He is mad about business!
Till he will not return the land of all people, I won't let him die.
Sambha! -Yes Sardaar.
Take him away.
Come... Come.
Sardaar, What to do with them?
Hey Sambha! Write down. -Yes
Once again, days of writing are back.
This Gandh Lal is going to prison for the full life.
And this Rajmanik Sir! Forget bribery, he will worry in taking his salary.
Sir, my wife has eloped. I will also surrender.
This much civility, does not look good on your face.
Your wife eloped, got freedom. So enjoy.
Go! -Thank you Sir.
Mr. Groom...?
Yes, you...
Auspicious time is running out, so if you can get ready?
Sheru, start preparation. -For what?
Please keep quiet.
S.I. Sambha saying to calm down.
Constable Rajmanik? -Yes Sir.
Bring Tea. -Yes, Sir.
What a nonsense tea... -Sorry, Sir!
Now not only Sardaar, He is now the King Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
King of the King great King, my King.
You are the king of the people's heart.
Ah! Hey! Please stop him.
How this will work.
Didn't enjoy. Brother, you play music.
Sardar in Suit and boot, so be alert.
I can hit and finish.
Come on...
Ladies and gentleman, he is back once again.
This time as Sardaar... Sardar! Sardar! Sardar...
So all the bad guys beware...
Listen you all, began to stir...
... lion has come, full of obsession.
You do not fight... don't you refrain...
... He is stubborn, and what shall I say...?
He only gives the orders.
He has broken many borders.
Its own rules and principles, he is the King...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... He is back to do something...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... Sardaar Gabbar Singh...
Gabbar Singh... Gabbar Singh... He is back to do something...