Sarkar Raj (2008) Movie Script

Oh no! He has been caught!
Kill Dholakia!
What is this?
Why have I been
brought here like this?
Kishan is with us! I
don't understand...
You had the guts to send
him to murder Shankar?
Don't talk nonsense!
I have been with Sarkar
for years, he's God to me.
Shankar is like my brother.
When the public creates a God,
a devil like me is born!
Shankar will die... he has to die!
I am the one who will kill him!
I am his right hand man... his
security is under my control.
I will finish him
off in his own house...
Now you...
Want to hear more?
Dholakia was the one above me...
Tell me.
Dholakia has been killed!
They work in absolute secrecy.
One person gets in touch with
the other, there is no third link.
I ordered Kishan to kill you.
And Dholakia ordered me.
Now that he is dead, the
link above him has been broken.
Then why should you stay alive?
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
If the prey does not
walk into the trap...
...we will take the trap to it!
Both father and son are
very fond of social service.
A foreign company wants... put up a huge power plant... Maharashtra.
This project is worth 2 billion.
Within the first
year of production...
...we will make a minimum
profit of 20 million...
...that will increase every year.
Only if the project starts...
What is that supposed to mean?
Ma'am, you are talking of India.
That too Maharashtra...
It's impossible!
Mr. Qazi, I detest that word!
Our problems won't go away
based on what you like or dislike.
Dad, I don't like his attitude.
It's negative!
There must be something that
turns the impossible around?
Not something... someone...
Who is this Sarkar?
A gangster in the garb of a leader!
Long live, Sarkar!
Long live, Sarkar!
Long live, Sarkar!
Long live, Sarkar!
Long live, Sarkar!
Long live, Sarkar!
The greatest victory of...
...a father is being
defeated by his son!
I am proud that... son has done far
more in a couple of years...
...than I have done in a lifetime.
Where is Shankar?
Either you play
politics or we do business!
Even Delhi is
heating up over this issue.
You better pay us heed now...
By the way, the
minister also wants the same.
You have come to my
house on dad's birthday.
If this threat was
made any other day...
Shankar, dad is calling.
Tell the minister, if he
thinks of Maharashtra...
...Maharashtra will think of him!
You are unique.
You are unique.
We feel very relaxed
under your protection.
HaiI Govinda.
HaiI Govinda.
Your name echoes in all
the corners of the world.
Everyone is calling
out to you... Govinda.
HaiI Govinda.
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
All the notes are yours.
You create a rhythm.
You are unique.
You are unique.
You are unique.
You are unique.
You are unique.
Bhandari, don't make it too bitter.
Have you put the
cardamom in the sweets?
Yes, I have...
Only if Amrita and
Chikoo were here...
Chikoo must not like it in Nagpur.
I just spoke to sister in law.
If Chikoo didn't have fever,
they would surely be here.
How are you Shankar?
Before elections you
were here everyday!
Since Sarkar has made me Chief
Minister, I don't get the time.
If I complain to him, you will
have all the time in the world.
You need not bother. Mr. Kanga
is already making sure of that.
Shankar, this is Miss Anita.
And I am Hassan Qazi.
Come in.
Wish you a very
happy birthday, Sarkar!
Thank You.
Take this.
Shinde, how are things?
What can I say, Sarkar?
Whenever I try to make things
happen Mr. Kanga stages a walkout.
His name should be Johnny Walker!
Give me your chair, I
will stop walking out!
If only we had 11
more elected members...
...we wouldn't have to
take your bitterness.
Perhaps it's this kind of sweet
talk that makes the MLA's stick.
Only time will tell who is what!
If you can't say
anything nice just shut up!
Yes, tell me.
Sarkar, there's a problem.
This is Anita, CEO of the
Sheppard power plant project.
And this is Hassan Qazi.
I am your fan, sir!
You must have heard of the
Sheppard power plant project.
This is going to be
India's biggest power plant.
5000 mega watts... - Skip the
technical details, get to the point.
Sarkar, this could solve
all our electricity problems.
So what's the trouble?
It's the place where the power
plant will be situated, Thakarwadi!
Why Thakarwadi?
Our engineers have carried
out detailed technical surveys.
They think this is the ideaI
place to put up the power plant.
But to make way for the plant...
...some densely populated
villages will have to be vacated.
These areas are around Thakarwadi.
Naipara, BekuI, Kuchera, Siddhi...
...some five villages in
and around Thakarwadi.
And untiI we...
- Yes Sarkar...
How many people live
in these villages?
According to the 1995 census...
40,000 people live there.
Have you gone crazy?
Bringing such a proposaI to me?
What is wrong with you?
Sarkar, I thought...
If this is how you think then
I will have to think about you!
What are you thinking?
How many times
have I told you that... are the Chief Minister of
entire Maharashtra, not just Mumbai.
You have lost your judgement
by indulging in petty politics.
You better understand this well.
You exist because of the
Government, not the other way round.
You jump at every
prospect that comes your way!
Sarkar, it won't happen again.
How can one do business where
the law of the jungle rules?
The lion rules the jungle.
If the time is right even a circus
clown can make the lion dance.
What is that supposed to mean?
Nothing... I said it just like that.
How can the project happen?
Anita, I have a
feeling it will happen.
During the entire discussion
Shankar Nagre didn't utter a word.
Dad, this project is good.
It will take
Maharashtra to new heights.
People live on the ground!
Like you say.
Before thinking about short term
gains, think about future losses.
Likewise, before short-term
losses think of lasting gains.
If the people have
put their faith in us...'s our
responsibility to take decisions...
...that are tough
but right, for them.
If we are afraid that people
will disapprove of these decisions...
...then what kind of leaders are we?
What do you think of the
people associated with this project?
Something about
them is bothering me...
People will be people,
we will handle them!
How will we convince Rao sir?
You! You make him understand.
Dad, this project is very
important for Maharashtra.
He will have to understand!
If Maharashtra is the Ganges of
politics, Thakarwadi is its source.
And Mumbai?
Mumbai is the ocean where
all the rivers merge together.
And Rao sir?
Whatever I am today
is because of him.
Even after all these years...
...I remember every
lesson he has taught me.
Shankar, all this
land belongs to me.
Our schooI used to be there,
I studied there...
Everything fine?
- Yes, sir.
- Greetings. - Greetings.
Where is Rao sir?
Rao sir was always here,
where have you been?
Only when you genuinely respect...
...somebody you should
seek their blessings...
Right Chander?
This pickle is made
from local dried fish...
...and your will vision
will not get blurred.
You are 60 years old now,
eat this everyday...
...and your vision
will not get blurred.
You will be far sighted!
At least try the sweet dish.
Dad is not allowed oily stuff.
I can see this
reflected in your politics...'s neither greasy nor fiery!
But politics is a function
of the mind, not the stomach.
Do you agree, Shankar?
Get our men together...
They have turned into cowards.
Nanhe, Ramakant, where is everyone?
Get everyone!
- I'll call you.
Grandpa, the
collector is cutting down...
...the rosewood
trees in the villages.
You better stop him or he
will destroy Thakarwadi.
I will talk to him.
Don't you see who's here!
I had seen you a few years ago,
during the elections.
Grandpa, if I see his jeep
here again, I will burn it down.
Somji, how many times have I told
you violence is not the solution.
I will talk to him.
Talk! Keep talking!
I will break his bones then
you can talk to him all you want.
The whole village is being
burnt and they are talking.
Continue with it,
I'll not spare anyone!
Come on, let's go!
Subhash, that's my
grandson Sanjay Somji.
He runs the farmer's cooperative.
My Somji is a little hot tempered,
but he's a very nice person.
The farmers treat
him like a big brother.
Shankar, come and sit here son.
You can attend to your calls later.
Don't give them
false hopes, Subhash.
The farmers have lost
faith in their own government...
...they will never
trust a foreign company.
But this will be very
beneficiaI for Maharashtra.
I am not opposed to development.
But if politics is played
in the name of progress...
...your credibility will
be questioned Subhash.
Why don't you look at
the project report once?
I am a believer of
Ayurveda (medical treatment)...
...I feeI the pulse...
I don't read reports!
So what does the
pulse of Maharashtra say?
I'm not trying to stop you.
This is just my way of making
you understand the situation.
Somji too gets impatient at times...
Look son, I'm a Gandhian but I have
studied revolutionary thoughts too.
Blood is as worthless as
water running in the veins.
It becomes worthy only
when it is shed for a cause!
Subhash, you were just
like this when you were young.
It's good to be
passionate when you are young.
But you will face
problems along the way.
Every problem is an opportunity
to get closer to your goaI.
So what do you want to do?
I believe in this project.
I will visit each and every
village and convince them.
Subhash, do you
have faith in Shankar?
Yes, he does!
And I have faith
in your dad's faith!
Go ahead!
This time you were genuine!
Bless you!
Do you think people
will agree so easily?
- Excuse me...
Hello, how are you?
Yes, he is right here.
- Hassan Qazi.
Yes. Dad.
Hi, this is Mike Rajan.
Anita speaks very highly of you.
So how are you, young man?
Shankar, what is the
issue with Rao sir?
The issue is not with Rao sir,
it's with Thakarwadi.
I will handle it.
Everyone knows...
...the Nagre's are experts at
dealing with such situations.
Once you force...
Not by force, this
decision will be made by choice.
Like I said, I will handle it.
Don't worry.
Ok, give the phone to Anita.
Yes dad...
Mr. Shankar, foreign companies...
...are just like iron nails!
What do you mean?
I just said it.
Everyone in India is waiting... hammer them down!
I always make money for my partners.
This project is
worth 2 billion dollars.
They are there... we are here...
Even the slightest sleight of...
...hand will get us 20-50 million.
It's a very common thing.
Half and half!
Half of what?
I was telling Shankar an old tale...
Really, what?
He just offered me a bribe!
I don't know who you
are nor do I know him.
All I know is that Maharashtra
needs this power project.
And every person attached to
this project needs to be honest.
This is not an advice,
it's a warning!
Even I didn't
understand what he meant...
Was he speaking in Hindi?
Chikoo! Did you get the
watch grandpa sent you?
Ask if he liked it.
Why don't you ask him yourself...
Chikoo! How is my tiger?
Did you get the watch?
Why not?
Its old fashioned...
But I thought it was
strong and sturdy!
What's your style?
Uncle Shankar's style.
That's what
everyone says these days.
Where is Amrita, call her.
It's hard to know what
the kids want today.
He is right. Why should we saddle
them with our likes and dislikes?
We have to change with the times.
If we change, how will we
recognize that times have changed?
Your words won't influence me...
Yes Amrita, how are you?
The information is correct.
His nephew has got the
contract to build the shopping mall.
And Jadhav is asking for his share.
Chandar, withdraw our tender.
That's not possible.
We didn't come to
power to be contractors!
What is the problem with
the corporator from Andheri?
Why do you ask?
He has been trying
to meet me for weeks...
He's a fraud.
That's for me to decide.
But I've known him for years...
Dad has thrown Hassan Qazi out of...
...the project and
has apologized for it.
He has nothing to
do with our company.
He was just a facilitator
to get us some contacts.
Don't waste anymore time on him.
You are right.
When are you going to Thakarwadi?
- Can I come along?
I have never been there.
Shankar... Thakarwadi
is my dream project.
It means more to me than to you.
There is dawn in your eyes.
There is dawn in your eyes.
Slightly awake and
slightly slept, eyes.
The sky has bowed down to my eyes.
There is dawn in your eyes.
There is dawn in your eyes.
Why is this project
so important for you?
It's for Thakarwadi.
Are the people your priority
or the success of the project?
What's the difference?
This project is an
investment to earn profit.
The true meaning of profit is
only when everybody benefits.
I've chosen so many...
...colors of life for you.
Your beauty is like the...
...sunrays sparkling on water.
Alleys decorated
with colorful flowers.
There is dawn in your eyes.
There is dawn in your eyes.
People live in an illusion that
the aim of life is to earn money.
The aim of life should be not to...
...make money but to
bring about a change!
Our power plant will
bring about change.
But one needs money
to make the plant.
Exactly! One needs
money to make the plant...
...not the plant to make money!
He is stealthily coming...
...home at midnight.
He has been passing... my alley's daily.
The setting sun is
giving its colors to me.
No matter how many millions we
make, one day we will all be gone.
But the power plant and the
change it brings about will stay on.
The power plant is a thought.
Men die, but their
thoughts live forever!
What was the biggest and most
difficult decision of your life?
To kill my brother.
He loved me very much.
He could do anything for me.
I overlooked all his mistakes.
But the attack on dad...
I'm talking about change but
I couldn't change my brother.
For dad, it's all about the money.
He only thinks about money.
After my mom's
death we drifted apart.
He took me into his business...
...but he is more of
a boss than a father.
I'm very happy about
this power plant project.
I will work on my own terms.
I finally get to do what I want.
Shankar, that idiot Sanjay Somji
is provoking people against you.
Mr. Rao, what am I
hearing about Somji?
It is not that Somji
doesn't listen to me.
He takes me as his principaI.
But... I don't know what his
problem in this matter is.
You tell me...
Subhash, what can I do?
Sons are born to
disgrace their ancestors.
Forget these city fools!
They will make the land
of Thakarwadi go barren.
This power plant is a farce.
They will destroy your homes
to build the power plant...
...and then supply the
electricity to the city.
Shankar Nagre wants to cripple you!
Brothers and sisters!
It is time to be alert!
You want to cripple
or make him cripple?
Shankar Nagre wants to cripple you.
He wants us to sell our motherland.
He is using his
father's name to grab it.
Once you lose your land
where will you go looking for...
...Shankar and his fair lady?
We were poor and hungry because
of these people from the city.
If anybody tries to take away
our motherland away from us...
...we will crush them all!
We will not do anything else,
but we will chop them into pieces.
Down with Shankar Nagre...
Subhash Nagre is a thief!
Who said that?
Who said it?
Who is a thief?
Come out and say it on my face!
Let's go!
Sanjay Somji's anti
power plant demonstration...
...has taken a violent turn.
In many parts of
Maharashtra his supporters...
...have attacked Shankar Nagre's men,
torched cars and paralyzed traffic.
Somji has justified this violence.
RuraI Maharashtra that once
dreamt of peace and prosperity...
...has now turned into a
political battleground.
Qazi, Qazi!
Sarkar is going to be
struck by lightning now.
Kill him!
Just be careful that
you don't get a shock.
Current lights up lamps too!
You have not become CM
just to light lamps!
Deputy CM!
What difference does it make?
It's just a small difference.
All we need is ajack to
win this game of cards!
And who would that be?
Kantilal Vora!
Not Vohra, Vora!
Vo... Vora.
Sarkar, this is my son,
Kalpesh Vora.
Kantilal Vohra!
I'm a very frank person.
Sarkar, I want this
power plant to be built... Gujarat instead of Maharashtra.
Shares worth 50
million of Vohra industries.
Sarkar tell your son not to be
so attached to this project...
So you are bribing me
to go against my son?
This is not a bribe.
A small token of our friendship!
Every father thinks
about his son's future...
You, me...
Greetings sister-in-law.
I'm Kantilal Vora.
And this is my son Kalpesh Vora.
Sarkar if this project...
Can we talk about something else?
Steamed rice balls? Curry?
That Somji is not ready to talk!
Let's break his head.
Once he is disgraced in public,
he will forget politics.
llliterate man!
Chandar, I want to meet Somji.
Shankar its useless
talking to the lousy uncouth!
Chandar! How many times
have I told you not to shout?
I believe he wants Maharashtra
to progress as much as I do.
But he is ignorant of the change
this project is going to bring...
...about that's why
he is opposing us.
I want to make him understand
the benefits of this project.
If he truly cares about the people's
welfare he will surely understand.
You just fix a meeting.
I visited the doctor...
After the check up,
she's asked for a blood test.
Why a blood test?
Avanti, what happened?
Nothing as yet, but it
will in seven months.
Why doesn't anyone
ever tell me anything?
Sorry uncle, the
doctor said there would... a delay in knowing the results.
I thought I would tell
you once it's confirmed.
You are so short tempered.
Scolding her over
something so triviaI.
I am not...
Come here!
Chandar give me a
hundred rupee note.
And a rupee.
Give me your hand.
God bless you.
Have you thought of a name?
How does Laxmi sound for a girI?
It's a great name Sarkar!
What if it's a boy?
The priest has said if it's a
boy we should name him Vishnu...
Where did I go wrong with Vishnu?
Sometimes our principles
become bigger than life itself.
I know, but the responsibility
was mine. I never meant to...
Kantilal Vora had come today.
I know.
Shankar, things are
not what they seem to be.
I know that too.
Shankar, that man...
Dad, I will handle it.
I know.
I'm having a small get-together...
...for the people
associated with this project.
You have to come with your family.
Dad, I have no
regrets over what happened.
And neither should you.
We should forget brother Vishnu.
There are two rules in business.
First, never hate anyone.
And the second?
Two lovelorn souls
roam the city streets.
One doesn't plan for love,
it just happens!
Shankar is in love with power. He
is playing the hero of Thakarwadi.
You are my hero.
If it's so easy to be a hero,
why didn't you become one?
Monkeys create a
commotion in the state assembly.
People in India
don't want development...
...they want entertainment!
What does that mean?
What happened?
I have an excellent idea
to solve all our problems.
What is it?
The idea has not taken shape yet!
Ask Somji to meet me.
- Yes.
A call from Sanjay Somji...
Hello. - Tell me! - Somji, I
have great regard for you.
If we have the same goaI then
why are we on opposite sides?
People are being misled...
They are becoming aware
of your true identity.
What is my true identity?
You are a fraud!
I feeI ashamed that people
like you are born in Maharashtra.
You are making false
promises to my people.
They are my people as well.
Just meet me once,
read the project report.
If you know nothing
about the project...
Listen. Can you switch
on the air-conditioner?
On what basis can
you say it's a loss?
The police have made
strict arrangements... maintain law
and order in the city.
Where the police is being careful...
...they do not have the
answer to a question...
...that if the home of the most
powerful man in the city is unsafe...
...then how safe are the rest of us?
The condition of the
great leader is now stable.
Sarkar suffered a
heart attack after...
...the tragic death of
his daughter in law...
...Avantika Nagre
in a bomb explosion.
It's suspected that an insider
could be involved in the conspiracy.
Now the question is who
is responsible for this?
How did this happen?
Bala, you are in charge
of security from now on.
Shankar, what is all this?
I have made a
mistake for the first time!
In our business the first
mistake is always the last one!
I know that. Just give me a chance...
...I will put in my best efforts.
I don't want efforts,
I want results!
Have I ever let you down before?
I don't have time to
argue over useless things.
Okay, so now you don't have
time to listen to me too...
Then why should I stay here anymore.
Avantika was two months pregnant...
Did you find out
who placed the bomb?
I know...
I have to go to the
hospitaI to meet dad.
Can I come along?
Move! Move!
Move! Move!
It was not your fault...
The responsibility was mine.
You have to pay the price if
you live on your own terms.
Dad, I have dismissed Shankar.
There must be a good reason.
And how is the project coming along?
Our site office is ready.
The work will begin
within three months.
In view of long term benefits... has to forget
about temporary losses.
How do I forget this loss?
Tell me how!
I have never seen such a
father-son relationship before.
Shankar whatever happens...
Do not worry about me.
- I know but...
You should never
change your thinking.
Anita, this is not the
time to think, but to act!
Intentions are always good...
...they are just misunderstood.
If you are not covered enough, a fly
can get into the wrong the place?
If a fly has to get in, it will...
nobody can stop it!
But Kantilal Vora, I am
beginning to get afraid...
Of what?
The fact that I'm not afraid!
One can't make an omelet
without breaking an egg.
It means, Shankar is the egg...
...Maharashtra the omelet...
...and we are the spice.
Thank you!
Sanjay Somji is leaving
Bikapur at 8 am tomorrow morning.
Who are you?
Move away!
Big trouble for Shankar Nagre.
Even before Sanjay Somji
kidnap case enquiry starts...
...the people already are
doubting Shankar Nagre.
How did this happen?
'This happened when...'
He was on his way to a meeting.
What were the security guards doing?
Security guards are
useless in our country.
If he considers himself the Phantom
of Marathwada and refuses security...
...what are we to do?
Leaders think of
themselves as heroes today!
Bhagat Singh! Those days have gone...
What is Rao sir saying?
Who could be responsible
for Somji's disappearance?
Do you suspect anybody?
Who should I suspect?
Shankar Nagre!
Who? On whom?
- Shankar Nagre!
Look here, I'm just
a simple Gandhian...
...who won't indulge in
political shenanigans.
An honest man has
a thousand enemies!
Thank you for coming to
Thakarwadi and showing your concern.
Who do you think... responsible for
Somji's kidnapping?
Hassan Qazi!
He was the one who
planted the bomb in our house.
He was the one
responsible for your heart attack.
It's because of him that
Avantika is not with us anymore!
Hassan Qazi!
...emotions can be dangerous.
The position we are in, with
the responsibilities we have...
...we have to be very careful
not to take things personally.
Everything is personal!
Who must have kidnapped Somji?
Do you think I have done it?
But everyone else
thinks I have done it.
How do you bear all this?
I'm used to it.
Anita, I do what I think is right.
I don't care how people perceive it.
I don't enjoy living such a life...
Making enemies...
Losing my wife...
Killing my own brother!
Decisions come from circumstances.
And now it's my decision...
...that I will make this
power plant come what may.
And if Somji
doesn't understand this...
...I will not kidnap him...
I will kill him!
Nobody is more important than
the progress of Maharashtra.
Not Somji, not me!
Dad is coming...
Hi Shankar.
Glad you made it...
My dad's here. - He
arrived from London this morning.
There he is. Come.
Hi Shankar, Anita
keeps singing your praises.
You wanted results right?
I know where Somji is!
Hassan Qazi has kidnapped him!
Anita, I don't want sociaI
reformers who talk about the masses.
I want flexible people
like Kantilal Vora...
Does this mean you are giving
the project to Kantilal Vora?
It's given!
But what about the promises we have
made to the people of Thakarwadi?
Hello! Why are you
being so emotional?
What's wrong with you?
- Dad!
This is deception!
Don't be moralistic.
Business means only
one thing. Profit!
You don't understand business...
Don't laugh dad!
Shankar is not like Kantilal Vora...
...who can stoop to any
level for his personal gains.
Shut up!
I don't want to hear
Shankar's name any more. He's out!
Out! Out?
Shankar won't allow this!
Oh really?
We will take care of Shankar,
you don't worry!
Mr. Vora!
Meet my daughter Anita!
Hello my girI...
Today Gujarat needs young and
dynamic business leaders like you.
What will you have?
- Whiskey?
Waiter! Whiskey!
Anita says Shankar will
not let us work together.
Shankar will be taken care of...
That's what I said!
Shall we talk about something else?
A lot of questions are
being asked in the city.
Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda!
Yes Rao sir, he's right here...
Talk to him. One minute.
Talk to him, Rao sir.
Shankar, when I saw
you the first time...
...I knew you had the
potential to outshine even Subhash.
And today you have proved that you
have intelligence as well as power!
I had given up on Somji...
...but you came as my saviour.
You have long way to go, son!
Mike Rajan what do you have to fear?
You are back in the cooI of London,
...but the heat is
getting unbearable here.
We don't know what will
happen after Hassan Qazi...
We don't know anything!
You too...
What did he say?
Take care!
What do we do about Shankar?
We have to do something!
What do we do?
What do we do?
That's what I'm asking,
what do we do?
And that's what I'm
asking too, what do we do?
What do we do, should we call Negi?
How much?
5 lakhs!
What 5 crores?
Are you nuts?
How will you kill him?
After a lot of thought
and souI searching...
...I have decided to withdraw...
...our agitation against
the Sheppard power project.
Is it because of
Shankar Nagre's intimidation?
Not intimidation, but inspiration!
He explained every
aspect of this project to me.
We cannot live in isolation anymore.
We have to step into the new
world with our heads held high!
'Yes, one more question.'
Why did you agitate if
you had to back down?
I have withdrawn the agitation
for the same reason I started it!
What did you say to Somji
that made him change his mind?
That we may think
differently but we dream alike!
That's a lie! You are all criminals!
Earlier it was just Mumbai, now you
are terrorizing the villages too!
Don't be afraid,
Somji, we are all with you!
Speak up Somji, we are with you!
This press conference is a sham!
Its okay, let him talk...
Please continue...
Who is responsible
for the 40,000 people...
...that will lose their
land because of the plant?
You are responsible!
And people like you who
have never cared about them!
If someone wants to do something
then you ask him questions.
I don't mind you asking me
questions, that's yourjob.
But what hurts is that
you don't understand...
...the meaning of your own questions.
Anyone here who has a
problem with this project...
...must come to my
office and read the reports.
All your questions will be answered!
Anything else?
Thank you!
Shankar, dad and Kantilal Vora
have entered into a partnership.
The project is going to Gujarat.
It's not going yet, they are
just trying to take it away!
Dad was saying that those
people will take care of you...
By offering me huge sums of money!
I don't think they are that foolish,
to think they can buy you out.
What else can it be?
I don't know!
I don't know!
Qazi was the biggest threat,
he's out of the way.
That leaves Somji, he's with me now.
That's what I'm afraid of...
So what do you think they will do?
It troubles me the
way dad was talking...
Anita you are overreacting.
I don't know why I'm so afraid...
Anita, nothing will happen to me.
You are worried about me
because you are concerned about me.
His entire spinal cord is damaged.
The internal
bleeding is not stopping.
Shankar has very little time left.
There is nothing to be
worried about at all.
I just spoke to the doctor.
He says you got here just in time!
I have faced so many attacks!
What is the meaning of a
leader if he does not get attacked?
This attack is not on
you but on your ideals.
A lot of work has to be done.
After a few days rest, you
will be absolutely fine.
Absolutely fine.
But this time I
won't let you go alone.
I will come with you.
You will take me along, won't you?
The doctor says you
are out of danger now.
Nothing will happen.
What I wanted to happen.
I can't sleep peacefully now.
I can't sleep peacefully now.
I have lost my peace of mind.
And I can't seem to find a way.
Help me Lord Krishna.
I can't sleep peacefully now.
This age seems to be less.
What I wanted to happen.
I can't sleep peacefully now.
This power plant will
be made, for Shankar.
I will fulfill his dream.
I will fulfill his dream.
He seems to be falling apart.
What I wanted to happen.
I can't sleep peacefully now.
Who was with your dad
at the party that night?
Think very carefully...
I want Vora.
Kantilal Vora.
Right Now!
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Full of troubles, where can he go?
The heart is...
- Hey leave!
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
I have asked this man standing
behind you to chop off your hands...
...if you don't answer
my question immediately.
- He will not wait for my order!
Now tell me, who all were involved?
Who did all this?
Let me know if you have some work.
Yes I will tell Sarkar. Yes.
Someone from Sarkar's
house is here to meet you.
Send him in.
Or you come to my office, here.
Okay that's alright. Okay, okay.
So Billu, how are you doing?
What's happening?
Even you are moving
with security these days?
Sarkar has come to know everything.
About Shankar.
What about Shankar?
Tell me afterwards. No, no,
Billu, let's move.
One minute! One minute!
Hey Billu, Billu don't do that.
What are you doing? Listen...
Hey, no, don't kill me.
No. No. Wait!
- Hey leave him!
'Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!'
'Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!'
I cannot believe it...
I still can't believe that you too...
...were involved in
Shankar's killing.
20 years!
I served you for 20 years.
I was like your shadow.
I was here with you even
when he went away to America.
Sarkar, why did
Shankar do this to me?
Tell me! Please make me understand!
Why did he keep me away from you?
He trusts these amateurs,
but not me!
He stripped me off all my dignity!
This is what I get in
return for my loyalty?
Sarkar, please explain,
make me understand!
You are my God!
Always were, always will be!
But Shankar didn't understand that!
Am I wrong, Sarkar? Tell me!
Please explain!
Tell me, am I wrong?
Explain to me.
What is the use of
explaining to you now...
...what you couldn't
understand in 20 years!
A few moments ago, your father
was killed in London on my orders.
The assassin.
All dead!
These were all pawns...
Even Hassan Qazi...
Each and every one of them!
What do you mean?
There is a very fine line between...
...excessive loyalty and betrayaI!
Chandar wanted to
take my place after me...
Kanga was unhappy with my decision... make Shinde the CM and
wanted to topple the government.
And you yourself know...
...about the greedy
Kantilal Vora and your dad.
The only one
standing in the way of...
...all these people was our Shankar.
They used his principles
and his passion against him.
Shankar thought that
all this was being done... make money
from the power plant.
My Shankar didn't realize that
the power plant was just a veil.
An excuse, a mask...
...behind which a heinous political...
One heinous trap was being set.
This was a big trap.
Conspiracy was being
plotted to topple our government.
To get Shankar out of the way.
And make Somji the new
leader of Maharashtra.
A very big conspiracy.
Who planned this?
Rao sir!
Rao sir pitted
Somji against Shankar.
With Hassan Qazi's help...
...he was the one who got
the bomb planted in our car.
He was the one who
staged Somji's kidnapping.
It was on Rao sir's bidding...
...that Kantilal Vora and
Kanga hired the assassin.
And the one to give the
information of Shankar's...
...whereabouts was none other
than our very own Chandar!
All these...
...were poisonous arrows.
The power plant, the bow...
...and Rao sir the marksman!
But Chandar was
always with Shankar...
During the blast,
while rescuing Somji...
...and even later...
To kill is a crime... kill at the
right time is politics!
If Shankar had died in the blast...
...people would suspect Somji.
Shankar thought that after Hassan
Qazi's death Somji was with him.
But he didn't know...
...that Rao sir was
setting the stage for Somji.
In this game of chess...
Rao sir played all the moves.
He made Somji oppose Shankar in
the beginning and support him later.
And when I came out,
Shankar had fallen and...
...people considered
Somji his brother!
Who could lead after Shankar?
What now?
Rao sir is coming
here in the morning... pay tribute to Shankar.
I was shattered to
hear about Shankar.
How can we stoop so low?
Such degradation of politics!
What has gone wrong with this world?
Shankar was the guiding star!
Can anyone ever
take Shankar's place?
Is there anyone like him?
Who is there to take his place?
What do I do with this guy?
What do I do!
Who was with him?
I need time...
I need time to think!
Take him away!
All my life...
...I did what I thought was right.
I always lived on my own terms.
I have never been afraid of anyone!
But if I knew that you will be...
...punished for my actions...
...perhaps I would do...
...things differently.
For whom have I done this?
Who do I have with me now?
Vishnu is gone.
Chikoo, Amrita, my
daughter Avantika...
...I couldn't stop
anyone from leaving!
And now you!
You too have gone away!
With every breath I take, I will
live in your regret... forever!
He was the one who...
Pushpa, I want Chikoo here.
Call Amrita, tell her to send
him here immediately from Nagpur.
Call Shinde, tell
him to come at once!
Sarkar, Radhaji is here...
Get me some tea!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
A lot of questions are
being asked in the city.
And there are no answers to those.
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Negotiation,
bribe, punishment, spying.
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Negotiation, bribe, punishment,
Heart is full of
troubles where does one go.
Heart is full of
troubles where does one go.
He would stop on his
tracks being afraid of Sarkar.
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!