Saroja (2008) Movie Script

Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
World of tomorrow would believe,,
Let's get cheeky cheeky
Watch out for us
Beginning and end lies with women,,
Let's get cheeky
So garland us
There are footprints of women everywhere
Whole world respects us
Good women are in demand in everything
We have a caring soul
Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
Heart beats,,
Drunkards feel the heat,,
Pave a new route for you,,
Boozing is harmful to town,,
Pave a new route for you,,
Boozing is harmful to town,,
World of tomorrow would believe,,
Let's get cheeky
Watch out for us
Beginning and end lies with women,,
Let's get cheeky
So garland us
There are footprints of women everywhere
Whole world respects us
Good women are in demand in everything
We have a caring soul
I am going to Bombay next week.
Guess what! Our schooI band has been
seIected for the NationaI competition.
TeII me.
It's time for the schooI.
The moment Manicka vasagam's daughter
stepped in our house...
...we Iost our prestige,
power, respect and everything.
You were adamant that
you wiII onIy marry the girI you Ioved.
At Iast you married her
after getting our permission.
She didn't respect you as you expected.
I have been cheated.
I didn't care for you,
sister and grand mother...
...this was not correct.
I don't need my wife any more.
You're important.
She can Ieave me and go.
Don't take any hasty decision.
Do you want us to keep quiet?
She didn't go empty handed.
Your girI has gone with 46 sovereign
of goId ornaments!
We have to search for her or eIse...
...we have to report to the poIice
that she has stoIen...
...jeweIs from her in Iaw's house.
What are you thinking?
Are you wondering how to
give compIaint against your wife?
Look! Do what we say now.
Or eIse, we wiII have to go out
of this house. come, Iet's go.
No, mom. I have nobody except you.
I wiII do whatever you say.
-come, Iet's go.
-No son-In-Iaw.
Where did you go?
TeII me. Where did you go?
We have been in troubIe because of you.
TeII me.
Okay, I'II definiteIy come.
This tea cup Iooks verysmaII.
-Why're you Iate? -It was a Iong scene.
-If we don't start we'II be in troubIe
Bring the vehicIe
Get the aIIowance
and come to the function this evening.
I wiII come.
It is time, come sir.
What's her name?
-I feeI very tense.
-Why are you get tense?
-What's her name?
You have married the girI you Ioved.
-I am very tense yet.
-Is the vehicIe ready?
-Oh no!
There wiII be a number in my phone
in the name of Pratap.
You can caII the number
and get confirmed.
I forgot that as I was in tension.
What is her name?
-Gayatri! -Pooja!
-is it Pooja?
TeII we're coming.
You can taIk.
-I am Ram Babu
-Where are you now?
We are near Nandanam signaI.
We wiII be there in 10 minutes.
-come quickIy.
What is her name sir?
-One day match is important for me.
For me too. Nothing. The van is ready.
It is enough to reconfirm.
You Iook Iike a groom!
You are joking!
Marriage is fuII of tension!
Why get tense?
Look at me. I am very happy now.
There was a twist onIy after my marriage.
Twist? I am scared of the twist.
If you make a mess
of the ticket tomorrow... wiII be done with.
-What is her name you said?
Do you aII know that?
What we feeI is right,
you have to do without fear.
I wiII take care of the rest.
Viswanathan sir has come.
He is on his way.
Where are you now?
AII are searching for the groom.
How Iong shouId I wait?
Look at your Ieft
Manu! Wear this garIand.
Be prosperous!
ShouId I teII him?
TeII it. Don't deIay in the Iove matter.
You have to teII it frankIy.
I missed 6 Iove issues out of reIuctance.
Our friend ship Iasted 4 years.
I'II Iose everything if I mess up.
Go and teII frankIy. I am here for you.
We have done many things.
This is nothing.
You wanted to teII something.
I don't know how it happened.
My mind is disturbed for some time.
-For you too?
Yes! I Iove Ajay!
I don't know if I am right or wrong!
You know him weII than I do.
There need not have any second thoughts.
-I know him onIy thro' you.
I am unabIe to speak
when I see him.
can you teII him on my behaIf?
Lovers shouId express
their Iove themseIves
It is a strange feeIing!
I feeI scared.
Why do you fear, when I am here?
Go and teII him.
Don't deIay when you are in Iove.
Give this to him and teII him.
Nobody can stop what God gives you.
Nobody can give what God forbids.
There is nothing Iike that.
It is there.
Don't Iook there at once.
The orange sari cIad
near your sister in Iaw.
Just find out her name and teII me.
I wiII take care of the rest.
Go and teII frankIy. I am here for you.
We have done many things.
This is nothing.
Suresh! We'II see tomorrow.
What's the matter?
She has not gone to schooI today.
Didn't she go to schooI?
We have enquired her friends.
We managed to coIIect maximum detaiIs.
Don't worry.
We wiII find her out soon.
Viswa! Have you scoIded
her the other day?
It's me asking.
You can teII me.
There is nothing Iike that.
The engagement is for the groom,,,
,,,and we are his friends!
The betel leaves have been exchanged,,,
,,,as the act of agreement,
The luck has favored him,
He got the right girl for him,
The right instrument for the drum!
Friend! Take care of her as a flower,
Be at her service your whole life
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
The engagement is for the groom,,,
,,,and we are his friends!
The betel has been exchanged,,,
,,,as the act of agreement,
The luck has favored him,
He got the right girl for him,
The right instrument for the drum!
lt is difficult to find
who is in one's heart,
lt is a secret nobody could find out,
Who is the one
who can decide the partner ?
lt is the God!
Even if you plant seeds
of affection and nurture them,,
,,girls move out from birth place
because they belong to someone else
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
The engagement is for the groom,,,
,,,and we are his friends!
The betel leaves are been exchanged,,,
,,,as the act of agreement,
The luck has favored him,
He got the right girl for him,
The right instrument for the drum!
Titanic is a love story,
lt is a tonic for love,
cross the sea and storm, with courage,
Don't forget to give
respect to your wife,
Don't build Taj Mahal when she is dead,
You virtuous friend, you prosper!
ln this peacock's shadow, happily,
From today for thousand years,,,
,,extract treasure of
happiness from her all nights!
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
come to me dear! come to me dear!
come to me dear! You are my lover,
Saroja's incoming caIIs
and out going caIIs are in this Iist.
Ninety percent of the caIIs in this Iist
have gone to the same number.
can I get the address of these numbers?
I am working here for 20 years.
Saroja has been brought up
by me since chiId hood.
PIease find her somehow.
Where did you drop Saroja in the morning?
-I dropped her In the schooI.
I dropped her out of the compound... they didn't aIIow
to drop inside the compound.
Her teacher toId that Saroja
has not come to schooI that day.
I promise you that
I have dropped her in the schooI.
Nobody is responsibIe for this
as far as this house is concerned.
If you want to know
about Saroja's whereabouts ... can ask her
friends KajaI and Vinay.
We are not her cIose friends, sir.
We have not taIked
to her since the beginning. goes sIowIy and hit the baII....
That's it. Ouch!
If I take this to my schooI
they wiII faiI me.
No dear! Four days are Ieft.
I wiII make it aIright before that.
-..the diameter of the baII.
-That's why you shouIdn't pay and quaIify
come, we wiII pIay video game!
-Not that...
-get ready soon.
You don't have any concern
over your wife and chiIdren.
You start to go some where taking Ieave.
Who wiII take care of
the house if you go away?
You shouId be a IittIe responsibIe!
-What are you bIabbering?
-Its nothing.
Do you have to go compuIsoriIy?
chiIdren are compeIIing me. That's why.
They can go. Why do you
behave Iike a smaII kid?
Do you want to go
to the match taking Ieave?
If it were some one eIse,
I wouId have managed them.
It was Ajay who caIIed me.
He wiII be joyous
for onIy for a IittIe time.
-I have to be with him, isn't it?
-Ram is going for that, isn't it?
Sister! Let brother stay here.
I wiII teII Ajay.
He is teasing me!
Ajay wiII be angry, if I don't go.
Do you think I Iike
to go Ieaving you here?
I toId him that
we'II watch it here on TV.
He does not want to Iisten to it.
You are teIIing something
and I am Iistening to it.
Your friends behave Iike IittIe chiIdren...
...and you are a IittIe above them!
Go and have a nice time
with them and get spoiIed.
Who is there to ask you?
It is not Iike that.
AII are behaving weII with maturity.
We have to wait
to assume responsibiIity.
You might think that
your husband won't be here..
....for two days as
he is going out of the town..
...and that you need
to give him something.
Something of that sort.....
I didn't see any thing!
No maturity for you....
You are pIaying for Iong.
-AIIow me to pIay.
-We have to go very far.
You are pIaying Iousy game.
Sis! How are you?
Didn't we meet yesterday?
I am keeping fine as ever.
Your engagement is over.
Be carefuI!
Don't worry sister.
I won't aIIow your husband to suffer.
Send him with me and I wiII take care.
Enough! come with me.
Get dates for iron scrap.
-What are you staring at? -You said
it's a caravan but what is this?
come in. Here is a nice fridge!
....with cooI drinks!
Here is the DVD pIayer.
You can Iisten to songs
and watch the movies.
Look! There is enough space here.
You can Iie down and pIay cards!
Sun roof. We can enjoy
nice breeze as weII.
can we go as far as Hyderabad?
What are you teIIing?
This car has gone as far as
Germany and come back.
It is after aII Hyderabad. It is cIoseby.
We can as weII watch the match.
Sir! Where is Ganesh?
He's a man of thunderous action!
He is the most fortunate!
SaIute our nationaI fIag.
-Don't cry, okay?
-Ok, uncIe.
-have you got the ticket?
-What ticket?
He asks me what ticket.
-Match ticket!
The ticket is in Hyderabad
with Naidu Babu....
You wiII get hurt.
-No!It is with me.
-Give me.
-Keep it. -see here.
-Give it.
come. Go to your mom.
There is enough time.
You can change the dress and
pack the Iuggage. Are you coming?
Do you think I won't come
if you caII me...? -I am coming.
See you dear, then!
If India wins the match,
we wiII ceIebrate it some time.
If we get defeated?
So what?
-We wiII mourn for that.
Anyway we are going to ceIebrate.
Leave me, I am not interested.
Why do you taIk Iike an oId man?
There is probIem in my house.
What is the probIem?
If you teII us something
we are here to Iisten.
Why don't you Iisten to our probIems?
We can manage the sister in Iaw.
What are teIIing?
Don't you know about sister in Iaw?
I don't want the one day extension.
My wife wiII torture me.
Why do you say that?
She is innocent. She is nice.
You want to be nice before her.
That's why you are bIaming her.
Not onIy you...
but aII men are Iike this!
Why do you taIk unnecessariIy?
-What are you teIIing?
What he teIIs is correct!
I am teIIing it for your good.
Even if I deIay for a day
you'II get scoIded more than me.
How can it be Iike that?
Why shouId poIice catch us...
...when you drove the vehicIe
after getting drunk?
It is you who is giving me the drinks!
Do you want to know how she wiII start?
Why do you have friendship
with the TV actor?
Doesn't he have any sense?
He takes my permission
and takes you and spoiIs you.
You are married..
Doesn't he know
you've a famiIy too?
Does he onIy act in
TV programs as a famiIy man?
I wonder who gave him chance
to act in TV programs.
His face is Iike monkey.
A taiI onIy is missing!
It is his face which comes before me
if I switch off the TV.
He might be your friend
with no common sense.
See for yourseIf
how he tortures being an actor.
Those who watch the movie
are being tortured.
But he tortures, being a TV actor
by coming to your house.
TamiI peopIe are very innocent.
Why are you being siIent?
I feeI uncomfortabIe
when she caIIed me a monkey.
That is ok.
He is an actor that is evident.
But nobody knows what Ganesh does.
Is it a fuII time job for him to
Iove aII the girIs he sees.
When he sees a girI the angeIs
wiII come and surround her.
He has Ioved 12 girIs so far.
Everytime he urges to
persuade the girI he Ioves
-I feeI scared now.
....that the angeIs wouId come
and surround me one day.
It wiII be you who is going to suffer.
You need not worry about that.
He has a better taste than me.
Sir! Won't she teII about him anything?
Why not? He is getting oId
and he shouId have responsibiIity.
He does not go to work
nor he stays quiet in the house!
He aIways fights with the kids.
I get annoyed...
-Dear! -I have toId you many times
to caII him dad.
You teII me
Dad! UncIe took the remote from me.
You don't have too many feeIings.
You wiII get married one day.
Your wife wiII scoId three of us.
chinni wiII aIso get married.
His wife wiII scoId three of us.
I am afraid to cIimb the cycIe.
You have enough chances for that.
ls Viswanathan there?
Give the phone to Viswanathan,
It is Viswnathan here.
Is Saroja your daughter?
Yes! Do you have
any information about her?
Friend is very earnest,
Friendship is beyond all ethics,
From South to North ,,,
,,,bring out harmony,
Friend! Our sky is always clean!
We're close like Olympic rings!
Our love won't get vanished,
Our energy won't get diminished,
Why is this?
-Switch it on!
Friend is very earnest,
Friendship is beyond all ethics,
From South to North ,,,
,,,bring out harmony,
We shall be in the dream world,
We can perform things,
Kalaam, Kalaam! Abdul Kalaam,
We salute for the word you said,
The river flows with great power,
The hurdles will be destroyed,
There is a hole in the Ozone layer,
There is a fort instead
of a hole in our hearts,
Friend is very earnest,
Friendship is beyond all ethics,
From South to North ,,,
,,,bring out harmony,
Success will come with
us holding our fingers,
Whatever we start would fetch results!
Our fate is a special thing,
So perform well
We would prove lucky
We can catch
the moon if we want,
Listen the song the breeze sings,
and make it grand,
The future is ours,
Friend is very earnest,
Friendship is beyond all ethics,
From South to North ,,,
,,,bring out harmony,
Friend! Our sky is always clean!!
We're close like Olympic rings!
Our love won't get vanished,
Our energy won't get diminished,
Our rhythm won't get lessoned,
Friend is very earnest,
Friendship is beyond all ethics,
From South to North ,,,
,,,bring out harmony,
Move away. Move.
Move away.
How Iong wiII it take to cIear this?
It wiII take 3 to 4 hours.
-Is it any chemicaI?
-Yes sir.
-Any death occurred?
-No sir.
-Is there any other route?
-No sir.
You can't go thro' any other route.
You have to go this way onIy.
When wiII the vehicIe start?
I am coming with you too.
It is four hours aIready.
I wonder what is going on?
The evening paper wiII come now.
I wiII Iet you know. Go and sit now.
I think we have to stay the whoIe night.
There was a bus and Iorry coIIision.
4 peopIe have died in that.
When wiII it get cIeared? -They say it
wiII get cIeared in the night.
Hence, I toId you to stay near station.
10 peopIe have died in the accident.
For 1 rupee you don't even get pickIe
but she asks for 10 fruits.
Guava, guava!
Does any body need it?
Two. Go there.
Have it sir!
-What is the probIem there?
It was a big accident!
20 peopIe died in the accident and...
...50 peopIe are in the hospitaI!
You try to go this way.
That wiII be easy for you.
You have to be here
for 2 days and take bath etc.,
-Here! 5 rupees pIease!
TeII me if you want food.
My friend is there.
If you want anyother thing , teII me.
I don't want any thing.
-What is your friend's name?
-What GopaI?
Lakshmi GopaI.
-is it so?
-See you then!
-Damn it. Your brother
wants a girI! -No!
It was onIy an accident.
The entire road Iooks
Iike a raiIway station.
I think we won't be abIe
to watch the match.
We wiII go back to our homes.
We have managed to ready up a caravan.
Do you caII this a caravan?
I have managed to get the tickets!
Let the traffic get cIeared.
It s cIeared now, Iet us go.
A guy toId that it wiII take 6 hours.
Another guy is taking orders
for the dinner.
It wiII not work out.
We wiII go back to our homes.
We wiII reverse and go back before
the traffic becomes heavy.
What wiII you do at home?
Don't taIk Iike a fooI.
We wiII watch very cIose with beer in our
home theater with the air conditioner on.
I wiII get the tickets
for the next match.
We wiII go in a fIight or train.
You refused to go in
the train when asked.
You don't want to come
just for a traffic jam.
PIease wait. We wiII go.
You have said that
we aII wiII watch in the TV.
can't you see the difference when
Iooking me in the TV and in person?
Am I not Iooking handsome in person?
Let us go by reversing the car.
One day I'II go to HoIIywood and
act in the TamiI seriaIs for a year
You wiII come to know then.
-How much is this?
-3 fruits cost you 10 rupees.
These are not ripened and
you want 10 rupees for that.
-Give me 5 fruits.
-I can't give 5.
These are not ripened.
Won't you give me?
Give 5 fruits for 10 rupees!
They Iook smaII in size.
These are not ripened, yet.
Give me 5 fruits.
The price has gone up.
If you move your car a bit ...
...we wiII take it in reverse and go.
If sir sees you, he wiII shout at us.
He is sIeeping.
The traffic wiII get heavy soon.
If you couId move your car a IittIe
we couId go off.
Sir wouId not see us!
couId you push it a IittIe?
Why have you done that?
What is the miIeage of this?
Did you buy this car through Ioan
or bought it paying fuII cash?
What do you think of me?
Don't you have any brain?
Don't you have any sense?
You are taIking non sense.
You take beer and getting
a bad name before my wife.
You keep quiet, I know every thing.
If you try to Iure my wife,
won't she get provoked?
Don't shout at them.
They are kids.
I have toId them to push.
-She said it correct.
-What is correct?
What have you thought of your seIf?
You don't aIIow sIeeping for some time.
You pushed the car back and got hit.
Who wiII spend for this?
You too were Iike them in your youth.
Don't you remember that?
-Is she your daughter?
-No. She is my grand daughter.
No,she is my sister.
Give her your hand. Take her with you.
You ask me why this tension is?
Don't you have brain?
Why are you doing this?
Don't you have sense?
PIease Ieave me.
Fine sir.
Go off. My car wiII not stand any more.
-Go away.
You there!
You acted good in the
MarumagaI seriaI.
In my house aII are your fans.
come. Turn to the Ieft.
PIease move to a side.
Why do you turn Ieft?
Where are you going?
Why do you yeII? I'II take you
to Hyderabad through a short cut.
If you go in an unknown route
the petroI wiII be used up
-You've come to Hyderabad for shooting
purpose! -You might know the route!
When I used to come by train,
I have noticed the routes here.
I don't think if there are any routes.
Sir! Food order!
-Food order?
Wait! Why do I need aII these?
Everyone ordered for dinner.
We have Hyderabad briyani.
PIease give your food order!
They have got short route!
If I go behind them,
I couId reach Hyderabad fast.
Is every thing ready?
This couId be him!
Don't cut it. Keep on taIking!
You have to taIk for 60 seconds.
OnIy then we can trace up
through the computer.
Take it onIy when I teII you.
It is Viswanathan speaking!
If you want your girI bring Rs.10 crore
to Hussain Sagar Iane!
I wiII bring whatever you ask me.
Don't harm my girI.
You have to come aIone
with the money in 2 hours!
can I taIk with my daughter?
HeIIo! Saroja's mom speaking!
Give the phone to Saroja!
We couIdn't trace.
Give her the phone, pIease.
Have you noticed one thing?
When Shoaib Akthar got
Sachin out in IPL match...
...KoIkatta was in
a very joyous mood!
If Shoaib Akthar gets out
in tomorrow's match...
...between India and Pakistan
which we are going to see....
...the entire India wiII mourn!
What atrocity is this?
There is no probIem between
the peopIe any time.
The probIem is between countries.
2 peopIe are going there!
They Iook Iike Iearned.
We wiII ask them the way.
Yes sir! I too was thinking that.
Boss! can we go
to Hyderabad by this route?
Hyderabad main road.....
TeII them to go and
take a circIe of the banyan tree.
PIease hoId it, sir.
If you go straight, there wiII be tempIe.
It is a very hoIy pIace. You have to go
and pray there every Friday!
-TeII me the way. -Listen sir! If you go
straight there wiII be a tempIe.
Turn to the right beside the road.
-You have hurt my eye.
-TeII me the route.
What you do is......
If you go straight
there wiII be a banyan tree.
-is it a banyan tree?
-is it a big tree?
You know what happened
to the banyan tree?
ViIIage court used to function there!
PeopIe who depose teII Iies.
-Hence, the banyan tree perished.
-Sir pIease guide me the way
If you circIe the tree,
2 roads wiII get separated.
You can take the Ieft side road then.
You can take me there
if there is a probIem.
can you understand?
ShaII we go? Have it.
Are you going straight?
-No, this way!
-Go and turn Ieft. -No, go this way.
Take care.
I think we wiII go to toiIet here.
Sit here.
I can't bear it any more.
I toId you there is a way here.
Listen to me.
I think that this the tempIe
what he toId to us.
It Iooks very smaII.
He toId that Iooks very Iarge.
He Iooked at he right and
toId us to go in the Ieft.
Is it the right way?
This tempIe is the Iargest
tempIe in this pIace.
The tempIes couId be of any reIigion!
But God is one.
-Let's go this way.
-I think we need to take right turn.
come sir. I've enough knowIedge
in Geography since chiId hood.
-I wiII get 90 marks or more every time.
-He has started, big mouthed feIIow.
-TeII me
-Shut up!
You behave Iike a mad feIIow.
How Iong wiII we hang around here?
-It Iooks deserted with none around.
-Where are you going?
Whatever may happen,
I wiII take you to Hyderabad.
Be carefuI when driving.
How can it be?
We are caught up in this pIace.
I toId you that we wiII
go back to Madras.
Sir! The worId is round and
we wiII reach the main road soon!
-ShaII We ask them our way?
-cIose your mouth.
Go, go.
They Iook Iike ghosts!
-Sir! WiII there be any ghosts here?
-Shut up!
-How can you say that?
Have you seen the movie
'My Dear Lisa' any time?
There is a watch man in that
who carries a pot with him.
That road wiII be Iike this.
I can remember things weII!
-In the fiIms good Iooking girIs
act as ghosts. -Jaya MaIini!
Why do you teII that?
Haven't you seen
the fiIm on TV tonight?
How was the demon in that?
She Iooks nasty.
You can tease me.
Don't beIittIe my profession.
Why do you taIk unnecessary things?
I wonder where we are now
and where we are going!
Is it necessary to teII
a ghost's story now?
Sir! What if a ghost comes before us now?
WiII you shut up seriaI kiIIer?
-Hey! What happened?
-It is a man!
It is a man
Sir! No sir. It is the
drunken drive, sir!
It wiII be a probIem if you are caught.
-Lift him.
-Don't shout, man.
My engagement is just over. No sir.
Stop taIking nonsense and Iift the man!
He is stiII aIive!
There is a Iight over there.
Look there if anyone is there.
come Ajay!
-There is a Iight! -WiII there
be anyone? -I don't know.
Is there anybody in?
No body is seen.
WiII there be anybody in?
come. Let us go in.
I don't know anybody.
can anybody come with me for heIp?
-HeIIo! -come sir.
It is very dark here.
We shouIdn't be here for Iong, Iet's go.
Don't stand here for Iong.
We shaII go.
Nothing has happened. My friends
have gone for heIp. ReIax!
I am teIIing you that nobody is around.
Look there!
-it is the fan.
-Is it not working?
-Yes, it is.
Look down! There is a cigarette.
Yes, it is burning!
So, somebody wiII be around here.
We wiII go down and find out.
-Superb idea! come.
Be reIaxed.
I wiII see to it.
I toId you before,
that we wiII Iet him go.
Start the van.
Sir!-Start the van.
-What is happening here?
-Drive fast. -Ok, I'II.
-Where are they?
-Go to the bus atop. -Don't stop.
What is going on?
Who are you, sir? -Go on without stopping
Go fast.
-I am going.
-Who are you sir?
-I am the poIice.
He is a cop.
-cop? Sorry!
I won't do it again.
We won't abuse any more.
-PIease forget everything, sir.
-Go fast.
Sir! They are not to be seen.
There is a tree, isn't it?
Don't Iook there.
They wiII threaten us
by hiding behind the tree.
There is one Iying wounded.
I am very much tense.
You are joking!
How can your earnest brother
can go Ieaving you?
He might have been taken
to a hospitaI nearby.
The tire mark teIIs that it is true.
PuII him
PuII him out
-How many are there?
-Two peopIe.
Shoot them.
Every thing is over.
Why it happens to us onIy?
What sin have we committed?
They have kiIIed a cop.
We are nothing for them.
We wiII be done with.
We wiII be dead.
Let me think it over.
The boys!
There is no signaI.
God! PIease save us!
come, Iet us go.
-Where to?
-Where we Ieft them.
They wiII be onIy there.
This tracking device is connected
to my GPRS system.
The maximum range of this device....
Keep this tracking device in the bag.
We can monitor it if the
tracking system goes anywhere.
If it reaches the kidnappers,
we can track them easiIy.
Sir! Your signature sir!
Sir! How did the girI seIect him?
Is it necessary for you?
He might have Ieft you
as you are GoIti(TeIugu).
How did she know that?
Sir! come here, hoId the other end.
I am tense as they are not seen.
He wants to pIay in the swing. come here.
How can Bun Babu Ieave you and go?
Forget Bun Babu.
The Ioud mouth knows onIy to taIk.
Don't worry for anything.
We are monitoring you!
We have our men surrounding you.
We can catch him somehow.
FoIIow onIy those instructions
that he gives you.
Don't worry about anything.
Don't take any hasty decision.
I wiII take care of every thing.
He is my man, send him in.
I have seen you! come to
front side of Buddha statue.
I have come with the money.
I toId you to come aIone.
I have come aIone onIy.
I am aIone with the money.
Do you think I am a fooI?
I know you have come with the poIice.
I have come with the poIice..
I wiII ask them to go.
I have come with money.
Have a Iook in the trash bin there.
I had 3 beers.
I don't find any intoxication.
I don't know what happened.
What is it? The vehicIe is toppIed over
Look there.
How did the vehicIe overturn?
Nobody is around, sir.
-Nobody is here.
-Look there.
-Where are they?
-No one is here.
Where did those two go?
You seem to be very romantic.
Two men came here.
-Did they come upstairs?
-Did they see you?
They came and asked for heIp.
They went away Iater.
-Leave it.
-Why is that?
Keep quiet.
The boys wiII take care.
It is me who saw it.
Did they see it too?
Shut your mouth
-Not here.
Where wouId have they gone?
What's happening?
Those two are not to be seen.
We went up to Rajeswari
miII searching for them.
They are some where around.
Boys are Iooking for them.
They wiII find them before dawn.
It is a duII matter. Leave it.
To Ieave them?
What happened?
He toId to Ieave it.
What are you saying?
ShaII we ask the boys to come?
-caII them aII.
Ajay! come here.
Oops! They are here sir.
-Let us go through this way.
-Okay, go.
come. come here.
Leave me.
I am stuck.
PuII it.
It is paining.
Stop it.
Ravi! Where is Saroja?
That is..
Ravi! What happened to Saroja?
That is nothing.
There was a mistake.
It is our duty to
hand over to you safeIy.
This is Saroja's dress.
I need my Saroja back.
It's disgusting.
Look! It's my responsibiIity.
We are trying hard to find her.
She is my daughter too.
She is our girI.
Do you know what she is studying?
Ramya is important for you, right?
Why don't you go to her?
I want my Saroja back.
I don't need you or your department.
I wiII give whatever it is.
We are caught up in a damaged pIace.
I don't know how to escape from here.
We have escaped.
What then?
Sir! You both went to heIp, isn't it?
He was shot to death even though
he was a cop.
-There is no time to taIk.
Try to escape from here.
Our vehicIe is invoIved in the accident.
The expenses wiII be too much it seems!
Won't both of you share this expense?
Do you have any sense?
I thought he might have dead
when caught in the window.
Is money important for you?
Why do you Iaugh?
Your brother wanted
to go into the smaII hoIe.
I appreciate his seIf confidence.
The gun shouId have kept
under your stomach.
You wiII come to know then.
-We are fighting, risking our Iives.
Do you know
what wiII happen if they find us ?
-Hey Ganesh!
What happened to you?
-What has happened to you?
catch it.
Give your hand
Give your hand
come quickIy
come sir.
What happened to him?
come, the train is Ieaving!
come sir!
-What happened to him?
-Where are you going Ieaving me?
Brother! come, the train has come.
I have Ieft the purse at the factory.
You can go, I wiII bring it.
Forget about the purse and come.
There is a train, Iet us go in it.
-Listen to what I say.
The train is moving. come fast.
I have Ieft the purse at the factory.
You can go, I wiII bring it.
-Sir! Train is going. -You may go.
-I wiII go and bring it here.
I have two purses and
I wiII give you one.
Don't crack any jokes.
Don't taIk Iike a mad man.
My purse has faIIen there.
My driver's Iicense, photos,
and address are in it.
What wiII you do
if he comes home tomorrow?
We wiII hand him over
to the cops
Don't taIk nonsense.
He has kiIIed a cop.
You go now.
I wiII take care of everything.
Don't taIk nonsense.
We wiII be done with!
-I wiII take care. You go.
-How can we Ieave you aIone?
Let us go
PIease go from here, sir.
Driver, stop it. I couId not get down.
Won't this train go to chennai?
He has Iost the purse,
and have no money to buy the ticket.
-Let us go.
-Where to?
To the factory!
I have done enough!
This is nothing.
Do you know what the punishment is
for what you have done?
Sorry! Don't harm my daughter!
Don't worry,
l won't harm your daughter,
Get the money ready,
l will tell you in the next call
what has to be done
Ask them to stop tracing the call?
By the way, your daughter is beautifuI!
Who is it?
What are you doing here?
She asked for water.
I wiII get her, you can go.
-Do you want water?
-I want to go home.
Do you want something to eat?
I want to go home.
It's onIy for some time.
Things wiII be fine.
Don't panic.
You wouId have understood
the seriousness
You wiII get your girI onIy
if you give me 20 crores!
In the morning at five
you have to come to..
...chattigunda raiIway station
which is near..
Gudur, aIone with the money.
If you go to the poIice again..
I wiII get the money.
I wiII give you an idea.
Superb idea!
He's yet to give the idea!
I wiII go in aIone.
You can wait for me here
I toId you it is a superb idea.
Take Ganesh with you.
Why me? Let his brother go with him.
Do not despair if you've a brother
There shouId be one from Babu's famiIy.
There are two from Babu's famiIy.
I am onIy the one from Ganesh famiIy.
TaIk something serious.
I too am teIIing seriousIy.
You can take him with you
-I can go.
-Go then.
But there are my friends
who act in the TV seriaIs!
WiII it Iook good if they garIand
my photo in aII the seriaIs?
Many have invested in my name!
Let us go, come.
AII have reasons!
You and I are going in.
Are you coming or not?
I wiII come.
No other way out
We have done enough!
can't we do this?
We can play and bath in the crores!
lt will be joyous
in this unique occasion,
-You beauty!
-How are my movements?
-You are an angel!
-l am charming,
Oh mesmerizing beauty!
The flag of success!
You change your route,
We can play and bath in the crores!
lt will be joyous
in this unique occasion,
It is a superb song!
Oh no! Don't beat me.
The breeze from Kuttralam,,,
,,,is dancing in this very moment!
The tune is getting lifted,
When l see you dancing,,,
,,,l feel like dancing with you,
The path is cleared because of you,
When l see you, l have a strange feeling,
The feeling inside is seen out side
when l unite with you,
This strange feeling will not leave you,
lt will touch you and make you excited,
The mind which beats will leap on you,
That has come, and it is the time
to enjoy for us,
Sir, Marutha Nayakam DVD!
-Damn it.
-I need it.
Tie with money!
Sing the song without sleep,
If you leave it, it will be different!
lt is a fortune and don't hesitate,
Will the soothing feeling
vanish when touched?
The time has changed
and you can live as you like,
lt is crowding up,
and time ahead is cheerful!
Wear the golden garland now,,,
,,,and our lives will be superb!
Should explore whatever seen,
Let's get close,
All should feel happy!
lt is our time now!
I got it. Ganesh!
Sir! I got the purse sir.
Where did you go?
Why haven't they come yet?
Wait sir. They wiII come now.
I feeI scared sir.
ShaII I go in and see?
If the boys come, you stay here.
ShaII I go in and see?
Why do you taIk fooIishIy?
Wait for sometime.
They wiII come now.
If they don't come,
we wiII go together.
Who is it?
I wiII kiII you.
Don't shout.
Sir! Did you get the purse?
Where is Ganesh?
-Hasn't he come?
-Hasn't he come?
He came with you
and you are asking us.
You are quiet.
Where is Ganesh?
We two together went in.
I took the purse
and he's not to be seen.
I searched in everywhere.
-I thought he wouId have come here.
-What are you saying?
He refused to come
at the first time.
You have taken him with you.
WiII you Ieave him
if he was your brother?
If anything happens to him
I wiII kiII you.
Why do you separate me?
You are aII important for me.
Why did you Ieave him and come?
I know now. You Iost
your purse and got it back.
That's why you have Ieft him there.
What are you teIIing?
What happened? Why have you
come Ieaving him there?
I've searched every where
but couIdn't see him. But he is..
Why are you taIking in TeIugu?
Don't you know TamiI?
Why TeIugu?
We were taIking in TeIugu so far.
I didn't think it was wrong
to taIk in TeIugu
Now I feeI you were wrong.
What shaII we say if they ask us?
I wouIdn't come if Ganesh is not there.
Nobody has gone from here without him.
I am not coming.
Did I teII you that we can go home?
You are taIking as
if he is important for you.
He is important for me too.
come then.
You brothers are good enough
onIy to eat stomach fuII.
FoIIow me.
She is not in my Iife.
It is a year since I saw her.
You won't beIieve what I say.
I agree that I am not
an ideaI husband for you.
But, I shaII be a good father.
Nothing wiII happen to our girI.
She wiII come back safeIy.
My God!
Give my Saroja back to me.
Why does this happen onIy to me?
Give my Saroja back to me.
Oh God! Show me the way to her.
PIease, don't harm me.
No, I am not with them.
Don't shout, one minute.
Stop it and go.
Wasting our time.
You're jobIess.
How come you are here?
They have seized me and brought me here.
They are demanding crores
of money from my father.
I don't know how I came here.
I was going to schooI.
When I woke up I am here.
-Is your father very rich?
-Damn it.
-How come you're here?
I came here with my friends.
We happened to be here
as we Iost our way.
Where are they?
They are waiting outside for us.
-What's your name?
-Saroja. -Saroja?
-Isn't your grandma an actress?
come, I wiII save you...
...but make sure
if you have Ieft your purse here.
Because you can't come back here.
Sir this way.
Where are you going?
There is a short cut here. come.
Where are you?
Sir! There is no way this side.
We shaII go thro' the other side.
Be carefuI.
-come sIowIy.
You toId that there are onIy two persons.
But there are three peopIe now.
Where did the third one come from?
What are you doing here?
You Iook very famiIiar to me.
We Iost our way and arrived here.
PIease Ieave us sir.
Why are you staring at me?
Do you think you are a hero?
-Leave him.
-Don't beat him.
-They're pretending.
Sir you teII them.
We won't be abIe to teII anything.
We wiII be very quiet sir.
-Sing a song.
Ok, sing a song!
-Sit down.
-You fIower decorated shirt!
-Me? -You sing.
Sir! He can't sing.
I wiII sing.
Do you think you're SPB?
Shut up!
He Iooks Iike a nice guy. Sing.
Brother wants you to sing. Sing.
Why do you hit me on my head?
-I said I wiII sing.
Are you TeIugu?
It is not me. It is them.
Why do you show up? Sing man.
Leave him, he wiII sing.
I have seen you somewhere.
What is your name?
My name is...Kumara Guru sir.
Sing, man.
God! When l saw him
l have lost my mind,
My mind is after him,
Stop it. What song is this?
Buddy! Sing a nice song.
-She is a wonderful Tamil girl!
-Sing Iike that.
She is a plant of flowers
and laughs like moon,
Sing now.
Bump them off.
The girI is missing.
Rajesh! Is it Rajesh?
Lift him.
-Brother! Don't you have
pity on us? -Shut up!
They don't know the reaI probIem.
Did you find her?
What happened? TeII me.
-What happened?
-What happened?
What has happened?
Leave him.
Don't touch me.
Is it okay?
come on!
They have not yet seen Ganesh.
He might be somewhere here
without their knowIedge.
What are you teIIing?
-We wiII go and search for him.
Is your hand okay?
-SIowIy. come.
Where is she?
What are you doing here?
The girI has vanished.
Viji is dead!
What were you doing here?
Those three who were
caught aIso vanished.
What are you teIIing?
-Oh no! -What happened?
Show me your Ieg.
What happened?
Show me the Ieg.
How is the Ieg?
Was it you?
I wouId have hit you on the head.
Where have you gone?
There was a fight here because of you.
You have Ieft me aIone and gone.
A man came there.
I was hiding there.
-There inside.
Sir! Who is this girI?
She was tied up there.
I freed her and brought her here.
Have you any sense?
Why did you bring her here...
...when we have enough probIems?
-What shaII I do?
-She Iooks Iike your sister
If your sister is been tied up
wiII I Ieave her?
Do you know what is going on inside?
We are running for our Iives.
We are on the Iookout of you
and now this!
-The girI knows TamiI.
-What if so?
Our Iives are not with us
and she adds to our probIems.
Don't you have any fear?
We couId abIe to escape as it is night.
If it were morning,
we wouId have been caught.
You have brought her
to add to our probIem.
We certainIy are in troubIe.
-Who is showing the Iight?
-Oh God!
Stop. Why do you run Iike a mad girI?
I toId you that I wiII save you.
Won't you beIieve me?
Ok, come.
That hefty guy over there.
He is Jagapathy Babu.
He is married and has kids.
His famiIy is important for him.
The one there wearing
green shirt is Ajay Raj.
He is a TV seriaI artist.
Yesterday was his engagement.
His girI is important for him.
Where are you going?
They have their own famiIies to care!
I have nobody eIse.
I wiII save you.
You take care.
The dark baniyan cIad guy
had a Iove faiIure
Don't go to him.
He hates girIs!
Be with me. come.
Who is this?
Who are you aII?
What are you doing here?
TeII us.
We Iost our way and have come here.
We don't know to get out of here.
You can't go out from here.
We saw you in the road.
You have crossed a vehicIe.
We wiII give you our beIongings!
PIease heIp us.
Give it.
Give that too.
My mom gave me this, with Iove.
Give it. Give that too.
We wiII give you everything.
Show us the way, pIease.
If you go eastward....
-Which is east ward?
-This side.
We have to cross their area for that.
-What is that murmur there?
-Nothing brother
If you go this side
for about 21/2 kiIometres...
...there is a raiIway station.
A goods train wiII pass at about five!
That train won't stop there.
But that is the onIy way out
First, you have to go from here
or eIse, it wiII be a probIem for us.
You can go.
There is onIy 4 hours Ieft.
I wonder how we couId
pass their area and go.
come. We have no other go.
Don't yeII.
-Dinesh, come.
We have come onIy to the terrace
after running so fast.
I don't understand anything.
-Where have we come?
-Which way to go?
They have come, sir.
Wait for me
Save me. Save me somebody.
What happened?
Where did they go?
This pIace is not good.
Watch out and go.
Be carefuI.
This Iooks Iike an oId buiIding.
-HoId him.
-Don't Ieave
-Don't Ieave.
-Lift him.
They are here.
Don't Ieave him.
come fast
What are you doing here?
-Boys are getting kiIIed
-They went that way
Which way we go?
l am bird craving for your relation,
The moment l came to look for you,,,,
,,the hunter has done his trick
that my wings have broken,
They have soaked in blood,
My soul!
come carefuIIy
I toId so much about him.
GirIs cannot be beIieved.
Don't Iook there.
Oh boy! He is hugging her!
I am deprived of many things.
She too has gone!
-I won't Ieave.
Be carefuI.
come. I don't know
which pIace is this.
-come. Sit down.
-They're above us
come. Sit down.
I have saved you with difficuIty.....
...and you are enjoying it.
Watch out.
-HoId him tightIy.
-Go, you can go.
come on.
They're going there
-Don't shoot
-Shoot him
He's shot their own guy.
Let us go.
Why have you done this?
I toId you not to shoot.
You didn't Iisten.
Just Iet us catch hoId of that girI.
Then, don't spare anyone of them.
They have come. Run!
You stop there.
-TeII me
-Did you get back the girI?
We got her.
Don't worry.
Our boys rounded her up.
How many times wiII you repeat it?
ShouId I come?
TeII me.
No. It is okay. There is no probIem here.
come fast, understand?
-What happened?
-No other there. Take the vehicIe.
-I have found out.
-Where are they?
He is the hero of the seriaI ''MangaIyam''!
The guy in green coIor shirt.
Don't stare. My mom
Iikes him very much.
Get down.
Where did they go?
Which pIace is this?
This is the factory end.
They can't go anywhere now.
They are caught. They wiII be here.
We know you are here.
come out, wiII you?
Don't think you have escaped.
If you are caught,
you wiII be done with.
They are here.
They have to go by crossing us.
This is the Iast warning for you.
Surrender that girI to us...
...we wiII pardon you!
Nobody can escape from here.
No one can go out aIive.
It is because of you.
Had you not come to take the purse
we wouId not have caught.
We couId have escaped
when we get a chance
Don't taIk non sense.
Did I ask you to come?
I toId you to go and that
I wiII come with the purse.
If anything happens to you..
Do you want us to Iive
with the guiIty feeIing?
Don't taIk nonsense.
It aII happened because of you.
I toId you not to turn to
the Ieft. But you did.
Do you support your brother?
-Don't taIk unnecessariIy.
-I am not.
Why bother when I am teIIing the truth?
Why are you behaving Iike this?
We don't know
if we can go aIive from here.
You can fight Iater
It has happened somehow.
Try to soIve this probIem.
How Iong we can run Iike this?
They are standing outside.
We have to fight them
if we have to escape
Don't taIk nonsense.
They are armed. Do you
want to fight with them?
Brother! She is right.
Don't taIk non sense.
Yes! We have to cross them
if you want to catch the train!
We have to fight with them.
There is no other way.
-They have guns with them.
ShaII we hide ourseIves and fight?
Superb idea! We wiII buy marbIes
from the shop and fight with them.
It is a duII idea!
Stand erect, be bold and
the time is right for you,
Do what you feel like,
and thoughts are your strength,
Break the hurdles,
Avoid the delay,
Your duties are new,
join your hands,
If you go in the same path,
you won't get any where,
Go in a new path and fight back,
The time will not change for you,
You have to change the time,,,
,,,and go forward in your life,
Stand erect, be bold and
your time is right for you,
Do what you feel like,
and thoughts are your strength,
Break the hurdles,
Avoid the delay,
Your duties are new,
join your hands,
There is no yesterday and tomorrow,
Today is right there before you,
You have to change the time
and live your life
Getting tired after running for life,
Your eyes are fatigued after searching!
Nobody is born courageous!
courage is created,
Nobody is born coward,
Not a coward if you get angry,
Your life is in your hands,
Be courageous,
Your manliness has to be proved now,
came running to open
the doors of heart
But have got stuck in the prison
came to save you
from falling down,,
,,,but am caught in the way,
My soul!
Stand erect, be bold and
your time is right for you,
Do what you feel like,
and thoughts are your strength,
Break the hurdles,
Avoid the delay,
Your duties are new,
join your hands,
I feeI I wouIdn't see you again.
We're doing this with some beIief.
But don't know if it wouId work out.
I feeI very scared.
It is not that I am going to die.
I wonder what wiII happen
to you without me.
God is punishing me.
OnIy on that day, that girI...
Whether I boozed or not..
A mistake is a mistake.
I wanted to teII you before I die.
PIease pardon me.
I shouId not have cheated you.
Who is that girI, sir?
Stand erect, be bold and
your time is right for you,
Do what you feel like,
and thoughts are your strength,
Break the hurdles,
Avoid the delay,
Your duties are new,
join your hands,
Time is running out. Her dad
wouId be coming with the money.
I don't know what to do.
come on boys.
He is coming..
Go, go man.
Aren't you the TV seriaI actor?
come on.
-Where is he?
-It didn't kiII him.
Hit him
come everyone.
PuII the box.
Push him.
He died.
It is getting Iate for the train.
come, come..
If anybody is there
pIease come on the Iine!
There is no probIem.
Boys wiII take care.
This aIso is not working.
Don't get tensed.
There is no tension as I said
You go back home.
You toId me that we can go together!
I am teIIing you to go.
I'II come with money.
As per our pIan we can go to
native pIace in the morning.
You go with KaIyani!
I am teIIing you to go!
Let us go.
I wanted you to come aIone.
He is my driver. I don't know driving.
-Is he your dad?
Give the money to him.
No. Ask him to show Saroja first.
The money shaII be given after that.
Listen to what I say.
Ask him to show Saroja
Show my daughter once to me.
Sir! That girI is not to be seen.
Give the money.
I wiII send the girI.
Money is in the car.
You show the girI first
We wiII give the money Iater.
Who are you?
Ravi! No pIease.
Ask her dad to taIk.
I wiII take care.
Money is coming!
Bring the money!
UncIe! It is paining!
What dear? Is it paining?
can't you do a job properIy?
I knew it earIier,
it wiII happen Iike this
He is not right.
KiII him.
He was our friend
who was with us.
Have you ever kiIIed your best friend?
-What? -Try it.
It is a different feeIing!
Whatever we do...
I was with you for everything!
I didn't Iike this one thing!
AII of you have
hit me Iike a dog.
You've shot me.
Leave me SeIvam.
I wiII escape from here.
I won't teII anything to anybody.
You wiII kiII me.
I know it.
-If he finds out..
-He onIy asked me to shoot you.
I toId you, isn't it?
It has worked out weII.
caII him again and ask for 20 crores!
What dear?
Why do you Iook at me Iike that?
Are you wondering that
I have betrayed you?
It is money!
We have known each other
weII for sometime
How were you before
and how are you now?
I am the same!
I want to Iive comfortabIy Iike you!
..with car, bungaIow everything!
Life is to enjoy!
I need crores of rupees for that!
WiII you give me if asked?
That's why I have done this!
She is Iike your daughter!
Yes, dear
Have you heard that?
Had you done this properIy
our friendship wouId've been intact...
...and the money wouId have
come to our hands!
UnnecessariIy, I have
become a viIIain now.
Give my girI to me.
WiII you give me the money then?
You can take the money
and give back my girI.
Sorry! I did this for money.
Take the money with you.
If you teII what happened here...
I wouIdn't teII anyone!
Sorry dear!
-Viswa...our friendship?
-Friendship wiII be intact.
Give the money to me.
Take the money.I won't teII to anyone.
-You shouIdn't teII anyone.
-I swear I won't teII anyone.
What promise?
Have you thought that,
I'II Iet you go if you promise me?
Am I a fooI for that?
If not today, tomorrow you two
wiII discIose this to others.
You wiII have to endure this pain
for some more time.
Everything wiII be okay.
...onIy for some more time.
It is not me.
No Ravi.
Hit him.
Sampath! Our pIan has worked out
weII as we have thought.
20 crores rupees!
Our Iife wiII be happy hereafter.
Get up! 20 crores are
coming to our hands.
Not me.
Who are you aII?
Why have you come here?
What is the connection
between you and us?
Why are you beating me?
It is 20 crores!
We Iost our way and have come here.
We don't know about them.
Sir! Let us taIk and soIve the probIem.
-Why shouId I taIk?
You Iook Iike Iearned.
-What have we done?
-What more you have to do?
Sir! Let us taIk and soIve the probIem
My hand!
I forgot to ask her name.
Her name oId actress!
-It is not that.
She used to act with MGR!
Pandari Bai!
-TamiI or TeIugu?
-Devika! -She is TamiI!
She has acted in TamiI fiIms.
Y.Vijaya, Latha.
-It is not those names.
-chandra KaIa.
Think weII and teII me who it is.
What did you say?
-Fatafat JayaIakshmi.
It is not her.
Who eIse it couId be?
Don't know.
I couIdn't remember.
TeII bye to everyone!
Watch out in the front
Which way to Hyderabad?
What did you say?