Sarpatta Parambarai (2021) Movie Script

Neelam Productions
- How many sacks have been loaded?
- Around 300.
- Dont let him hear us.
-Theyre deliberately slow.
- We are late for the match.
- Go on!
Don't take him away during work hours.
Get lost!
- Go away, dude.
- You refuse to work everytime a match is on!
'Focus on your work, Kabilan.
They keep distracting him, too '
Hey, keep going.
Get to work!
Measure now!
[Conch shell horn blows]
Kabilan, stop!
Finish your share of the work, at least.
But the shift is over, boss.
Kabilan, hold on.
Let me come with you.
Sarpatta clan has never lost a match
that I watched.
I bring luck.
Take me with you.
Hurry up, then.
Move, people.
Coming through!
Watch out!
The country has become upside down
in under a week.
There is no one to question her.
Do you have the money?
Scram, if you don't!
What was the tearing hurry, idiot?
I almost shat myself.
Are you out of your mind?
You instilled the fear of death in me.
No good will come to you,
I swear to god.
I don't want the Sarpatta clan to lose.
Make it fast, old man!
Go on.
Show me your ticket.
- I am from the Sarpatta clan.
- Give me your ticket first.
I am a boxer from the clan.
Coach Rangan's student!
That's what they all say.
Look at you dressed like a joker!
Don't irritate me.
- How dare you?
- Kabilan, it's okay man!
Bloody bugger!
I will break your balls.
I don't need no balls.
I need his ticket.
Take this.
Don't get mad, my love.
Come, let's go.
Don't push me!
Didn't I ask you to wait outside?
He refused to believe
that I am a boxer of the clan.
Hey, come on child!
Who would believe a bathroom boxer?
Get up on the that ring and fight.
I will believe you.
Come, let's go watch the match.
Today's "English Professional Boxing Tournament"...
... is held for the benefit of the
North Madras Gymnasium.
In spite of the declared
emergency in the country
...Contractor Koni Chandran has organised
this spectacular event.
The major sponsor for the event
is "Okasa Performance Booster".
Look at the crowd, Kabila!
Everyone is excited to watch the match.
Patrons and Audience
Is your performance slow?
"Okasa Performance Booster"
will make your sex life better!
What is the use of performing better
if I can't even find a woman?
'You knuckle-head.
I am going to beat you to pulp!'
Get him out of here.
- What took you so long?
- The Supervisor wouldn't let me go.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Go on. They are all there.
- Whos that, Daddy? Look!
- Hi!
The co-sponsors of the event are...
Hey, is the coach inside?
- Yes. He is.
Hey... go, man.
Go on!
The boy is ready.
- Don't let the audience frighten you.
- Yeah.
- You shouldnt miss a punch.
- Alright, coach.
Watch your game.
Go on!
- Who are you representing?
- The Sarpatta clan, coach.
You should strike the first blow!
Hey, wait here.
The prominent clans of Madras...
Sarpatta clan, Idiyappa clan,
Sunnambu Kulam clan,
Ellappa clan, Military Boxing clan,
Karikalan Bhai clan,
will fight each other right now.
Are you all ready?
Sarpatta and Ellappa clans
will fight each other in the first game!
Red, Blue!
Watch how he progresses!
Sarpatta always lands the first punch.
Look how powerful his punches are!
Whose student is he?
Coach Rangans, of course.
Coach Rangans students are the best
of the whole Sarpatta clan.
'What skill!'
"Sarpatta" and "Karikala Bhai" clans
will fight now.
'He may look like a bunny
But his punches - not so funny!'
'Sarpatta clan is stealing the show!'
'Fiercest opponents Sarpatta and Idiyappa
are now in the ring...'
'...there goes the final punch.'
- Sarpatta wins this match too.
- Fantastic, bro!
Sarpatta clan wins the match!
- Sarpatta!
- Say it again.
Announce the next match.
Crucial side-board matches begin now.
Our next guest is Manja Kannan.
When his hero lost his voice to a bullet,
he tried inflicting the same wound upon himself.
Sarpattas speed boxer and
Coach Rangans son, Vetriselvan
will fight Coach Duraikannus student
from the Idiyappa clan.
'The match is about to begin.'
We all know hes a fiery boxer.
'His opponents can't even imagine
the power of his punches.'
'Wow! Idiyappa clan fighter has
landed a punch on Vetriselvan's face!'
'Watch Vetri progressing with anger.
Wow, that punch must hurt.'
'What a fantastic left hook!'
'Look at how punches
rain down on the opponent'
'The speed, the anger...
Vetri is a brawler!'
'Referee, take him aside!'
Has he knocked out his opponent?
- You!
- Louder!
Get down from the ropes!
This one guy will ruin
Coach Rangan's reputation.
Sarpatta clan's ray of hope...
Coach Rangan's heir...
Most prominent main-board fighter
of the clan
Vyasarpadis iron fisted
Meeran has arrived!
Brother, today is your day!
It is our lucky day.
We will defeat Vembuli!
Kabilan, your mother is here!
Oh, no. Get out of my way.
Oi, she is not there.
Come on!
Have you lost your mind?
I really thought my mom was here.
- Look how he is shivering.
- Are you so scared of your mom?
Why wouldn't he be scared?
Once when Rangan was fighting a match...
...this fellow bunked school.
He came to watch the match.
It was in the same place.
The child was watching the match.
Bakkiyam came and beat the pulp out of him.
'The fellow went flying.'
'Seeing her thrash him,
Rangan had to stop the match.'
- Whats wrong?
- Shut up!
You are the reason behind this.
Come on!
Shut up, I said!
You must have seen Rangans face.
Like a monkey that ate ginger!
I can't watch or practice boxing.
I mustn't even brawl.
- She wouldnt even hesitate to choke me.
- She is the worst.
It's Daddy who paid the price mostly.
Hey, here!
Keep this, little boy!
It is amazing.
You must have won
so many matches wearing these.
- You are phenomenal.
- Daddy! Are you nuts?
It is the worst story in the world.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- How many warnings have I given!
What the hell is wrong with you?
You are spoiling the little childs dream.
Bakkiyam, stop it!
Out! Get out now.
- Hey...
- Out!
I am a servant in your house.
Not your slave.
I know how to take care of my son.
I know how to bring him up.
Is he luring him into boxing?
Daddy, the next time you do this,
I will poison your food.
Watch out!
Missiyamma, dinner is ready.
Come home. I will kill you.
What's wrong with her, Kevin?
My story is still better.
This fellow joined Rangan's class
without his mother's knowledge.
- I knew you would be here. Move!
- Ma!
- How dare you!
- Why are you beating him? Stop.
Don't you have any sense?
It's my husband's boxing skills
that got him killed as a henchman.
I don't need the same fate for my son.
Hold on!
Not every boxer becomes a gangster.
I am trying to be respectful
because you are a good man.
You gather all these children
and turn them into thugs?
Do you have no conscience?
- Shut the hell up.
I will break your legs
if you come here again.
Coach hates me since that day.
Knock him out in just one punch. Alright?
The next match is between Raman and Socrates.
- Look, hes here.
- Is he?
The epitome of idealism.
The one with a pure heart.
The regional organiser of the DMK party.
- Brother, can we start?
- Please proceed.
The next match begins.
Raman and Socrates in the ring.
Raman lands 2 punches.
Socrates retaliates.
Socrates is aiming his punches
to the opponents face.
Raman is trying his best
but Socrates comes out stronger.
What a match!
Round 3!
It is a knockout!
Munusamys lineage in the Sarpatta clan
is no less to anyone.
The most technical of the lot,
fiercest of them all!
Go on!
Click a picture.
Vembuli is here!
The boxer who keeps
Idiyappa clan at the top!
The one who defeats
Sarpatta clan each time!
The young and fierce
Vembuli is here!
Watch him walk in
with his Coach Duraikannu.
- Watch out! Careful!
- Look at his clout. His each punch a jolt.
Move all of you.
Get off the stage.
The next match begins!
What's up, Ranga?
Have you brought
your little sacrificial lamb!
Make sure its tied.
It shouldnt run away in fear.
Keep moving, all of you.
Its time to start the match.
The organiser is unhappy.
Get ready!
Vembuli's opponent today
is Sarpatta clan's...
'Hey, come on...
Stop shouting!'
We have won all 10 matches
from the morning.
But there is nothing
fantastic about it.
We need to defeat Vembuli.
Each one of your punches should be powerful.
Bear that in mind.
Do whatever it takes.
You shouldn't win him in points.
Knock him out.
Knock out!
Watch out for his southpaw stance!
He will elbow you.
Stop him and inform the referee.
Finish him off!
Thats it!
Drain his stamina!
He is ruthless.
Make sure you miss all his punches.
When you throw a left punch
he will miss it
As he moves forward
dodge and throw in an upper cut.
Then land two punches
between his stomach and chest. That's it
-He wont be able to recover.
- Stop it!
What are you guys doing?
Why are you confusing him?
Get out all of you.
You heard the coach.
Get out!
Dead mosquitoes.
Rascals, causing confusion.
Play to your strength.
Coach, I will put an end
to Vembuli's game today.
Hey, Vembuli is such a
phenomenal fighter.
He needs an equal match.
Did you see Meeran's face?
It is pale with fear.
One chance is all I need.
I will knock him out.
Hey, what am I waiting for then?
I will beat him to pulp
the first chance I get.
Vembuli will beat the lights
out of Meeran.
I don't know how he trusts him.
Hey, what's this talk?
The coach must have
his reasons for picking him.
Watch how precise
Meeran's game will be!
Vembuli's reign ends today.
Don't foul-mouth the coach.
- Scoot!
- Oi!
Who the hell are you?
Buzz off from here.
-Look how he is glaring at us.
-Get lost, I said.
Isnt your place with the crowds?
Stick to doing that.
- Move, I said.
- Hey, not cool!
Why are you talking to them?
They are waiting to pick a fight.
They are talking nonsense
about the coach.
He is a legend.
These newbies are commenting on him.
Doesn't he know what he is doing?
He beat Nat Terry.
I still remember that match
like it was just yesterday.
It is because of him that we are
so fanatical about boxing.
And these people are running their mouths.
People from villages near and far...
...have gathered in great numbers
here today.
Sarpatta's Black Panther Meeran and
Idiyappa's Tiger Vembuli...
...are the reason for
this large turnout here today.
- I should have never placed my bet on him.
- Come on, cough up the cash.
Representing the Sarpatta clan today
is Rangans favourite student.
The Iron Fisted, Meeran.
In the last 3 years, every mainboard
boxer from the Sarpatta clan
has been defeated by Vembuli.
Today, Coach Rangan is presenting
his last hope in defeating Vembuli.
This one is the most tactful
of all the mainboard boxers in Sarpatta.
Rangan is hoping to
defeat you with him.
Vembuli, you have been avenging
my defeat successfully for so long.
It must continue in this game too.
Bear that in mind.
Come on!
Vembuli is the precious, golden child
of Madras Clan Boxing.
11 mainboard matches so far.
11 knockouts, too.
He has defeated boxers from all clans.
Especially Sarpatta clans fighters
Sivan, Ethiraj, Muthu, Sankaran.
Have all been defeated
by the undefeated Vembuli.
Here he comes!
With the only agenda of
defeating the Sarpatta clan
comes Coach Duraikannu
with his best student yet.
The fight inside the ring
is between Meeran and Vembuli.
But the actual war is between
Rangan and Duraikannu.
After his defeat to Rangan,
Duraikannu ended his boxing career.
But as a way to avenge his defeat
he has created Vembuli
to defeat every single student of Rangan.
Our clan must win.
Bear that in mind.
Meeran Brother!
Show them who you are.
Now begins the match between
Vembuli and Meeran.
- Come on! Begin the match!
- Box!
Vembuli has begun landing his punches.
Wow, look how fierce he is.
Come on! Thrash him!
What is the hurry?
Knock him out, Vembuli!
Vembulis fan base is the best by far.
Come on, Vembuli!
Come on, Vembuli!
Looks like he wont get up.
Finish him, Vembuli!
Keep your guard up.
- Meeran is back in his element.
- Punch him, brother!
Sarpatta clan is no less, I guess.
Alright. I will sit.
Get him, Vembuli!
What a punch that is.
That punch landed like a thunder!
Round 3!
Get up!
Foul, Brother!
That was a foul!
Meeran Brother, get up and box.
Are you okay?
Vembulis punches are a message
to Coach Rangan.
This pain must be unbearable.
Look at Vembulis punches.
Block him!
- Come on...
- Meeran!
Blue retired!
It must be so humiliating
to surrender in a match like this.
Sarpatta clan,
Have you no self-respect?
How will Coach Rangan
recover from this blow?
Red is the winner!
In the match against Sarpatta
Idiyappas Vembuli
has won, asusual
knocking out the opponent!
Get up, Brother!
It's okay.
Come on!
It's okay.
What's the point?
We lost.
Rangan, he wore our party colours but lost.
Ensure you win the next match.
Its embarassing.
Emergency rule has been terrorising
the citizens across the country.
Prime Ministers aggressive rule
has swept the country like a storm.
But Tamil Nadu hasn't given in.
Our leader
has ensured our autonomy.
His leadership has made
this massive event a reality.
Party's senior comrade and
the Coach of Sarpatta clan, Rangan... also the reason behind
the success of this event.
I congratulate the winner!
Ranga, accept that your clan
is wiped out.
Don't waste your time
preparing another boxer.
We have defeated the
last mainboard boxer in your clan.
Don't go around arranging another match.
Our women will laugh
not through their mouths, then.
Rose! Watch your mouth.
If I get hold of you
I will smash you to pieces.
You guys can't win a match.
You think you can take me down.
You played a foul game.
How dare you talk?
Be quiet.
No fighting here.
Boxing rules are not meant
for the ring alone.
A boxer shouldn't even hurt a fly
using his skill.
Coach, doesn't your son know all this?
Koni, shut up and leave.
Let's go, Ranga.
Watch what happens!
Hold on, Coach Rangan.
Such arrogance inspite of
training only losers?
They don't have the gall
to fight in the ring.
Come fall at my coachs feet.
He will teach you how to
create a boxer like Vembuli.
How dare you!
Oh, yeah?
Come on.
How dare you talk to him that way?
- Stop it.
- Get lost, all of you.
Like father, like son.
Who asked you to come here?
Take him away.
Take him, I said!
One more time I see you here,
I will kill you.
Listen, we have lost to him.
He will gloat as he pleases.
Take it all in.
Respond to him within the ring.
Get lost!
That was very graceful!
Go on!
Durai, let's see how far
you will take this.
- I will see you in the next match.
- Come on, Coach!
How many more people
should I defeat?
Understand that you will never take down
Idiyappa clan until my Coach is around.
Hey, be nice!
Look how sad he looks!
Ranga, go home.
I ask you for one final bout.
If you lose,
Sarpatta clan will never step into the ring.
Do you agree?
- Alright!
- Thats it!
Sarpatta clan shouldnt even exist in Madras.
What do we do?
You are so dead.
Coach, I will take him on!
Hold on!
How dare you all leave me behind?
Who won the match?
Tell me!
- Vembuli
- What?
How humiliating!
I would defeat him far more easily!
Aren't you ashamed
of losing yet again?
Are you ever going to win?
Kabila, your dad gave everyone
a run for their life.
All you do is roam around the village
in your stupid pants.
- Hey, shut your gob!
-Daddy. You will be a deadbody!
- Daddy!
- Bakkiyam is awake still.
She will definitely pick a fight.
Ignore her. Alright?
Ma, why are you awake still?
Have you eaten?
How dare you?
Inspite of all my warnings
you go to watch the match...
and pick up a fight too!
How much more beatings should I give?
Hold on!
It was me who took him.
If you support him,
I will thrash you too.
What is all this?
- You shouldnt keep hitting a grown-up boy!
- Buzz off!
Even if he has done a big mistake
take him inside the house and scold him.
Don't you dare support him.
How many times should I tell you?
You are good, I am bad!
But I am not at all mad!
- Hey, go on!
- Do you get it?
He is no more a child!
So many people are watching.
Take him inside.
Let everyone watch.
Let's see if he understands at least then.
How many times should I spell it to you!
If you do this again...
I will immolate myself in the street.
- Ma, stop saying that!
'Stop it, Bakkiyam!'
My husband wasn't any good.
-Couldnt he be considerate? My luck!
- Ma, would you stop it!
Leave me alone!
No! I cant deal with him anymore.
Let Mariamma come.
She will teach you a lesson.
I curse you!
Kabila, go talk to her.
Go on!
- I tried to cut you some slack. No more.
They are here.
'Which one of you is the groom?'
- It is me, grandma!
- The tall one
I am happy that this
worked out smoothly.
- Get up!
- Greetings.
A handsome fellow!
Go bring the bride.
- Look how shy he is.
- Yeah.
He kept resisting.
Look at him now!
'Greet everyone, dear'
Kabilan has swooned!
- Make her change into this.
- Yes. Sure.
Be quiet!
Do you like this boy?
Don't be so shy.
The bride is alright.
Groom is the one all shy!
Listen up.
With the sky and ocean as witness
With rice and all other grains
as the witness
With Goddess Kamatchi and
Goddess Meenakshi as witness
With Kasi Visalatchi and
Venkatachalapathy as witness
With Tiruthani Murugan and
Tiruvallur Veeraraghavan as witness
With Mother Mary and
Gangaiamma as witness
we agree to the marriage
of your bride and our groom!
Bless you, dear.
- Mariamma, I am leaving now.
- Why so soon?
Keep this for your expenses.
- Stay a while longer?
- Whats this?
- Stay!
- Let go of my hand.
'Look what the groom is upto.'
You've just been engaged.
What's the hurry to make a baby?
Everything will happen
in its own time. Get out!
Looks like the groom wont wait
till the wedding day.
- It's being said they'll dissolve our government.
- Yes, I heard.
Our leader won't allow that!
Nor would we.
Don't say such things.
Nothing of that sort will happen.
Our leader will take care of it.
Your dad is waiting.
Mom, have you told him?
Who else will he offer the chance to?
There's nothing to tell.
Yeah, right.
Like he wouldn't choose someone else.
Listen, you speak to him directly.
When will you stop provoking him?
Enough already.
Go on, Mom!
Hey, how do I look?
Oh, get a grip.
What was that?
Let go!
Let me go!
'What is taking you so long?'
Shame on you.
- Is this the time?
- I am coming.
Buzz off!
I will be back soon.
Oh, bugger off.
What about my son's job?
- I'm on it.
Okay, then.
- Pa, will you bring sweets when you come?
- Sure!
- You must pick our son, okay?
- Alright.
- Move.
- See you, Mom.
Looks like you were just waiting
for your mom to bring up marriage.
- Nothing of that sort, Daddy.
- Don't act naive.
Bugger, thanks for dropping me.
You are getting late for work. Go on.
What do you mean?
There is an important meeting happening.
Don't I need to know
who will take on Vembuli next?
Nothing else is important.
Come on, Daddy.
Didn't you think of consulting with us?
Can you make such a decision
in a fit of rage?
Winners will try provoking you.
They will pull your leg.
How can you give in to it?
What you did is not right.
You aren't the only coach
in Sarpatta clan.
You gave your word
in front of all those people.
Not a single boxer in Madras
has managed to defeat Vembuli.
Who do we have in our clan now?
Brother, what are you talking about?
Coach Rangan's challenge has created
an uproar among the boxing audience.
I could help by bringing an outsider
to represent your clan.
Shut your stinky mouth!
Shut the hell up.
How dare you say such things?
Hey. stand down all of you.
- Sit, I said.
- Watch who you are talking to!
Muthu, my move wasn't uncalculated.
They are trying to wipe us out.
We must go all in
to defeat them. Understand?
You are right.
Don't choose any of the
existing mainboard fighters.
Choose one of the younger men.
Surprise them with a newbie.
Lets show them who we are.
Do it!
Hey, you are right man.
The best boxers have always been
defeated by a rookie.
Vetri is the one who can do this.
I nominate him.
You are right.
It is what we have in mind, too.
Vetri will put up a good fight, Brother.
- What do you all say?
- Ya! Absolutely.
Rangans son is no less to anyone.
Vetri looks like you will be the one
to fulfil your dad's wish.
Of course, I will.
I wish for nothing more.
I have been waiting for this moment.
Watch what will become of him.
If it was a war of words
you will win, surely.
Coach, let me know what you feel.
I have a lot of work to do.
I am thinking on similar lines, too.
Vembuli cant withstand
even a single Bolo punch from Vetri.
He is such a fierce fighter.
But he is too reckless.
Boxing is like a penance.
He should rely on his skill.
Not on his agression.
I feel that the one to represent
our clan right now is...
- Raman.
- What?
'Raman is a good choice.'
He has got good game too.
Ranga, are you out of your mind?
A skilled fighter is not enough
to tackle Vembuli's aggression.
Shut up.
Rangan has made the right decision.
Raman is the right choice.
Get out of here.
Whats everyone running their mouth for?
Dont you dare!
As someone who taught them their game
I am familiar with each of their strengths.
Raman is the right choice.
Coach, its not easy fixing a fight
between Vembuli and a beginner.
Alright. Let me set this match.
Send him for the photograph.
- See you.
- Alright!
- Dont do that!
- Thanks, Coach.
I trust you wholeheartedly.
You can do this.
Let's go!
- Represent the clan.
- I will live up to your trust, Coach.
He has chosen a cub.
He refused his own son this opportunity.
That's how desperate he is to win the bet.
He is scared of losing
his son in the ring.
Listen, its beneath me to fight these kids.
- If he dies in the ring, its not on me.
- Absolutely!
- Let this be the last time.
- Alright.
Sarpatta clan is done for.
Wiped out!
The day is finally here.
This is the first big match
in your boxing career.
I wish your Uncle Munusamy were
here to witness this.
Give him this.
This is the moment I've been waiting for.
Sarpatta clan was under our control
when your Uncle was alive.
Now it is run by a bunch of "nobodies"
Raman, don't miss this chance.
I will provide everything you need.
Make sure you win.
Our family shall go down in history
as the restorers of Sarpatta's glory.
- We shall, Uncle.
- Pray, now!
Make it fast!
All this is for you.
For your victory.
'Here is the advance money'
You take it, Uncle.
Look at my nephew's stamina!
Like this!
Watch out, the deer!
Ha! Scared him.
- Fantastic.
- Stop supporting him unneccesarily.
Get your guard up.
What is wrong with you?
Dont you know to guard your face?
- Do it!
- Shut up!
- Why are you letting him belittle you?
- I am the coach here. Shut up.
Be quiet, or go away.
Don't let your mind wander.
Guard up!
One tight slap!
Hold your position.
He is moving too slow.
What the hell is he doing?
Ask him to leave.
Take him away.
Can't even get the basics right.
Prime Ministers autocratic rule
is degrading the essence of democracy.
Tamil Nadu is in safe hands
under the protection of our leader.
Our Chief Minister is opposing
the Centre single-handedly.
People should ignore the lure of actors
and gather behind his leadership.
That will make the Centre shiver in fear.
Prime Minister!
Resign your post immediately!
'Resign your post immediately!'
Kumar, punch higher.
Come on!
Give me an uppercut.
Hey, where is he?
It's late.
Why isn't he here yet?
- He should be here soon.
- When?
Hold your hands up stiff.
You think people will come for the meeting?
Extend your arm fully.
Meeran, is he going to turn up at all?
What does he think of himself?
I dont know what happened.
I have sent someone to bring him.
Has he no worry about the match?
- I dont know why he is doing this.
- What an irresponsible boy!
I knew this would happen.
That's why I didn't want him chosen.
Don't you dare say another word.
How can he be so arrogant?
- Oh! Welcome.
- Hold this.
- Isnt he Munirathnams son.
- Of course!
- I have fixed his wedding.
- Is that so?
- It is on the 12th of February.
- Thats good!
I want you to preside over
the wedding, Coach.
Of course. I will be there.
Take this.
- Where is the bride from?
- My brother's daughter.
A marriage will keep him
under control, I feel.
Looks like the Port Trust
is opening up more permanent posts.
I suggested they consider you.
Listen, stop hanging out with these guys.
Get married.
Concentrate on your family.
Your mother has been through a lot.
Alright, Coach.
Please do come.
Don't you worry.
I will be there.
- All of you must attend.
- Of course, we will.
Give that to me.
We have a lot more people to invite.
Oi, I am furious now.
Match day is fast approaching and...
Let's go there ourselves.
No, Coach.
Why should we go to his house?
Is that so?
I am the one who accepted the challenge.
You keep your pride intact.
Let me go get him.
Don't go there.'
Ask if he needs a ride.
- Brother!
- You carry on.
- Coach, let me take you.
- Don't trouble yourself.
Let me drop you, Coach.
Go on!
Coach, it makes me so happy
that you're riding in my cycle.
You are my biggest inspiration.
I remember every single match of yours.
Coach Duraikannu was bleeding
because of all the punches you placed.
He ran from the ring.
You followed him to ensure he was okay.
You're so large-hearted.
The way you posed after knocking out
Sekar in one of the mainboard matches!
Wow, it was so stylish!
Muhammad Ali wouldn't have
stood a chance against you.
If my mother had let me,
I would spend all my time with you.
- What was that?
- Nothing, Coach.
We are almost there.
Thats it. Punch harder!
- Come on!
- Jab!
Raman, what's happening here?
- Who is this?
- Rangan, come sit for a moment.
Muthu, what is happening?
They have brought a boxer from the Army
to coach Raman.
- Just for a couple of days.
- Why are you beating around the bush?
Can we do anything
without his knowledge?
Coach, Raman isn't happy
with your training.
That's why I have brought
a different coach to train him.
Coach, Meeran was your pupil.
He didn't stand a chance.
Vembuli has deciphered all your moves.
I thought of trying something new.
Am I outdated, then?
The nature of the game has changed.
Why are you angry?
Hey, watch your mouth.
Who the hell are you?
Who let you in here?
Someone like you mustn't even be here!
If you interfere in the clan's affairs
I will finish you.
Raman, show some respect.
Thaniga, you can't speak
on behalf of the clan. Shut up.
Why can't I speak?
You all ran away from a challenge match
with the white guy George.
It was my brother who fought bravely
giving up his life in the ring.
Who but me can speak?
Didn't you all rejoice in his death?
You sidelined us then on.
Our turn has finally arrived.
Your coach is trying to ruin it.
He is picking on my nephew unnecessarily.
Do you want to kill him too?
Don't you dare misspell history.
Our coach was the one
who avenged your brother's death finally.
- Dont I know what actually happened?
- Let bygones be bygones.
Uncle, hold on!
Let him be the coach of the clan.
Can't I choose a coach I prefer?
Of course you can!
You could have informed him formally.
Ranga, forget about all this.
It is not just your reputation in line.
The whole clan is facing a danger.
You shot your mouth in front of everyone.
If he loses, the clan loses too.
Share your notes about his game.
We will work on it.
All we need is for the clan to win.
Isn't it?
Come on. Sit.
Come on, man!
Hit him hard.
Get lost!
Come on!
Hold on, Coach!
I will kill you
if you try stopping me.
Coach, wait!
How dare they treat him like that?
A bunch of nobodies!
Isn't he the one who trained them all?
He can stop the match.
But he doesn't want to.
This is going out of hand.
He chose a stranger
over his own son.
What will he do now?
He deserves this.
- Stop that.
- Why should I?
Are you trying to fan the flames now?
- It hurts, Grandma.
- I'm sure it does.
You can never handle the truth.
Only I know of your sons suffering.
Forget about me.
They shouldn't have messed with my dad.
Watch what I do next.
Let them come for a sparring bout.
I will teach them a lesson.
Beat the pulp out of him
in front of your dad.
Wait and watch.
Have you heard about Raman's progress?
Looks like he is training well.
He runs till Sathya Studios
everyday, it seems!
He is defeating every one of his opponents.
Raman has won
every single boxer you can name.
Coach Rangan's training club
is his next stop, it seems.
If Raman wins, it will be a huge
embarrassment for the coach.
Is that fine by you?
Do what you must.
Ensure that you take on Vembuli.
Your dad is watching you.
Come on!
Punch harder.
Come forward!
Hold the bag!
Meeran, why are they here?
For a sparring bout!
- Who with?
- Vetri!
Who gave you the permission
to call him?
Are you trying to escalate the rivalry?
This is utterly irresponsible.
What got into all of you?
Why are you getting upset?
Wait till Vetri breaks his bones.
I will break your jaw.
Vetri is reckless, as it is.
What if something happens to Raman?
Won't they say we did it on purpose?
Thaniga, take him and leave.
Don't come here from now.
- You are disrespecting us intentionally.
- What?
Look how times have changed!
We must take all this nonsense from you.
Do what you came here for.
Don't talk unnecessarily.
We would.
You are the ones trembling.
No one here is scared.
One more word and I will punch you.
I dare you to touch us.
Your dad is the one
fearing for your life.
You are all disrespecting me.
Why am I here
if you all do as you please?
I am ashamed of you.
Go on!
Do as you please. You don't need me.
- Hold on, coach!
- Dad, wait.
Come on, Vetri!
- Dad, dont just walk away.
- Shut up!
Why would you walk out!
We must beat them.
- Youre the one instigating everything.
- Dad, they are gloating.
- We must go back.
- Ill smack your face.
We must show them.
Don't go!
Why did you call us, then?
As Coach Rangan's disciple,
I challenge you to spar against me.
Whose student, did you say?
Uncle, did you hear this joke?
- Buzz off.
- Hold on!
Who are you to represent the clan?
Are you trying to pick a fight?
- I will whack you.
- Shut up. Wait!
Kabila, what's all this?
Raman, leave.
Get inside, all of you.
You call yourself a fighter?
Come, let's see who is better.
Coach will be furious if you do this.
Who wants to fight him?
Does he even know how to wear his gloves?
Keep moving.
Ignore him.
Run away!
I could see the fear in your eyes.
Get lost!
We can't have the likes of Munirathnam's son
speaking up against us.
Give him a few whacks.
It will be fun to watch.
Do it for me!
Go on.
I agree to your challenge.
But I will only use one arm.
Let's see!
Why dont you trust me.
I can take him, dad.
Kabilan is sparring with Raman.
He won't listen to any of us.
- Kabilan?
- Why is he fighting him?
Raman, get that punk.
Go on...
Listen to us, Kabila.
Hey, what is taking you so long?
- Just one moment.
- Finish him!
Yes, yes...
What is going on here?
Hey... Raman!
Get up!
Nobody must enter the ring.
Get out!
Out you go.
Leave the boxers alone
Come on!
Get up, Raman!
- Raman, can you continue?
- Get up!
Why are you still here.
Go get him!
Hit him!
Hit back, I said!
- Raman, can you continue?
- Yes.
- Raman!
- Is he okay?
- Carry him
- Gently!
I am Coach Rangans student.
Fight me!
Move back, Kabilan!
- Your death is in my hands.
- Go back!
- Get up!
- Listen!
Check on him!
- Go on!
- I am going to kill you.
Carry him, quick!
Carry him!
Come on!
Why did you do this?
Calm down!
Though I wanted it very badly,
I refrained from boxing, for you.
They disrespected my coach.
That's why I had to box.
Won't you try to understand me?
Why do you keep doing this?
What did I do?
Bury me alive
and then do what you please.
Don't you dare call me
your mother after this.
- Get out of here.
- Ma, dont say that.
Listen to me, Ma!
Kabilan, why are you hurting yourself?
Kevin, you frozen frog!
Do something.
Kabilan, did you really do it?
You really did it!
You thrashed him, I hear.
I can't begin to imagine.
Wish I was there.
Show me your hand!
You found your path, Kabilan.
Yes, you did!
Just march ahead.
Don't worry about all this.
Ignore your mother.
An old woman with her old stories.
She will never stop crying.
You have to do this.
I am with you.
- I am there with you.
- Shut up, Daddy.
Hey, come on!
You are a boxer now.
Like me, huh!
Daddy, Coach asked me to bring Kabilan.
He has asked you to come
to Idiyappa clan's club.
What are you waiting for?
Coach will be expecting you.
Come on!
Why are you waiting?
I will see you, baby!
Bakkiyam, I will bring him safe.
Let's go.
Bakkiyam, make some beef curry!
You think setting up a match
is a simple task?
Dont you know?
I have to receive permits from police
and fire departments.
Approach the commissioners office.
Struggle there all day for a permit
Pay the rent for the stadium.
Get both clans to agree to the bout.
Take photographs of the fighters.
Put up posters and then sell tickets!
This lad hurt Raman so badly,
he can't fight for the next 6 months.
- What am I supposed to do now?
- Shut up!
I am here to set it all straight.
You need your money, right?
Give me that.
Give it to me!
Here you go.
Come here.
Not you.
Kabilan, come forward!
Come, stand here!
Stupid fellow.
This here is Kabilan.
Ask Vembuli to fight him next.
He is better than Raman.
What do you say?
- Hold on, Vetri!
- Move!
Rangan, does this deal sound fair to you?
What is all this?
What will I tell Mom?
Would anyone be interested
in fighting a beginner?
- Is this fair?
- Don't expect any fairness from Rangan.
He has brought this joker here
without consulting any of us.
Shut up, you loudmouth!
Stop creating a ruckus.
Logu, shut up!
Not another word from you!
I can speak for myself.
Duraikannu, trust me!
You will be amazed at his game.
I trust him completely.
He chooses him because of one game!
What am I here for then?
The uncontested leader of
Madras' boxing clans... at our doorstep today
pleading for a chance.
It makes me so happy.
Atleast Raman would have
sustained for a couple of rounds.
This boy won't withstand a single punch.
Vembuli, fight him.
...please don't take this the wrong way.
I don't want to fight.
- What the hell?
- Let me speak.
When a pioneer like him
is requesting us...
How dare you sympathise with him?
My mom couldn't accept the fact
that I sparred with Raman.
I feel bad for her.
Get your hands off me.
Move back.
Rangan, hold on!
You can't walk in and out
as you please.
Do we all look like idiots?
Coming here was a mistake.
- Forgive me.
- Why are you doing this?
What did I do?
You are right.
Listen to your mother.
- Coach
- Get lost.
What man, Ranga!
Dont lose your cool.
Let me fight, Coach.
I will.
- I will fight on behalf of the clan.
- Go on. Tell them.
Whats all this?
How dare you offend my Coach.
Vembuli, I will bring you down.
What is all this drama?
You asked for a bout with this guy.
As though that wasn't funny enough...
...this nobody is challenging
to defeat Vembuli.
Is this some kind of joke?
You think it's funny!
Kabilan will wallop everybody's face.
Nothing will remain of you.
Daddy, is this how a boxer speaks!
Every move in the ring is a challenge.
Each punch matters!
Thats why we stayed on top for so long!
You bring a toddler
and expect us to dance to your tunes!
Rose, a trained eye can spot the best
in no time.
Alright, let him be as good as you claim.
Get him to fight a good boxer.
I will set up a match with Vembuli
if he manages to win.
A good boxer?
Aren't you good, Rose?
Take him on.
You will be sprawled on the floor.
I am ready to fight.
Right here, right now.
Rose, watch what you say.
Don't provoke him to fight you here.
Rangan, have you forgotten
Rose's boxing capabilities?
That boy won't hold beyond 2 rounds.
What if he does?
Kabilan, what do you say?
I won't hold beyond 2 rounds.
I will finish him off before that.
I will finish you off here.
Rose, stop!
He is provoking you.
Don't give in.
Two rounds is all I need.
Are you serious?
Coach, let him do what he says.
- I will take him on after that.
- Stop it, Vembuli!
He said it. That's it.
The match is set.
No one else should speak.
Kabilan will close the match in 2 rounds.
He will fight Vembuli next.
Vembuli, see you in the ring.
Hey, do you even know what you are doing?
They are volunteering for a washout.
Let's finish them off.
You will defeat him in Round 1.
He is just a rookie!
Agree to this match, Rose.
Ask for a good sum.
- He is luring you into this.
- It is his loss.
I have been waiting for a fun match.
This joker will be the best opponent.
Contractor, I am ready.
I agree to the match
if you agree to double up the pay.
Expenses are skyrocketing.
There is a consensus, finally!
Rose, a huge throng is awaiting
your return.
All this drama to defeat Vembuli!
Prepare yourself.
You will be next!
Coach, I am awaiting that day.
Look what they have done to him.
Look at this!
Rangan is the reason behind all of this.
Now they have fixed a match
between Rose and that boy.
I will finish him off tonight.
Don't do anything that will
prevent me from representing the clan.
That boy will never win.
Stay calm.
- Listen to me, Uncle.
- What is wrong with him.
- What say?
- Lets finish him off!
Who is the idiot who said
he'd defeat Rose in 2 rounds?
What a load of bullshit!
He is a legend!
This guy is supposed to defeat him
in 2 rounds, eh?
Are you that gutsy?
You shouldn't even step into the ring.
Your game may help you win Vembuli.
But it will not work with Rose.
Rose has the best footwork
in all of Madras.
He moves as effortlessly as a dancer.
That's why he is "Dancing Rose."
Even the opponent clan prays for his victory.
That's how skillful he is.
Your feet are as important as your hand.
That's when your game is set.
You need to build a strong base.
Don't just punch continuously.
The audience can't follow.
I am going to make you run
till you are breathless!
Don't roam the streets.
Eat well.
Dont even dream about
liquor and tobacco.
He will fake a punch.
Watch out!
Give me two uppers!
Come on!
You must float like a butterfly
in the ring.
But sting like a bee.
Muhammad Alis words!
- Let me see
- Look at that intensity!
This will be an easy win.
He shouldnt have thrown
a challenge like that.
- How are you?
- Im alright.
I will respond to all your nonsense
in the ring.
Two rounds, remember.
It should have either been him, or you.
Where did this boy come from?
Left jab!
Look how he is moving!
Guard up.
Duck his punch.
Go on!
Whats wrong with you?
Why are you freaking out?
He isn't better than you.
Get this into your head.
You and your stupid gloves!
Let Rose be as big as they all claim!
Opportunities don't come our way
so easily.
This is our chance.
Make your enemy tremble in fear.
Move with courage, Kabilan.
Our time has arrived.
Give me a back pedal.
Come on!
Dont panic!
Take the ones on the top row first.
Come on!
Just 2 matches.
First Rose. Then Vembuli.
I want to help Coach win his bet.
After that I will never box.
It's Mom I worry about.
Cheer up!
You focus on winning the match.
I will make your mom understand.
That's all I need.
I will punch your face!
Get up!
Tamil Boxing was our sport.
You could punch
only on the face.
- Thats how it was here.
- Where?
In the localities surrounding the port.
Our people worked for the Whites.
They taught their version of boxing
to entertain themselves.
Grandpa Vettiperumal was the first
to defeat a British boxer.
He was the one who trained us
after the British left.
We were all part of a single clan then.
Then we split into 2,
and then into 4.
I remained in the Sarpatta clan.
My brother shifted to Idiyappa clan.
Siblings or not, each of us wanted
our respective clans to win.
Sarpatta was in the lead.
Everyone tried to defeat us.
Boxers from Mysore were brought in.
Foreigners were brought in.
Nothing worked.
The boxers who were in the forefront
were me, your dad...
Raman's uncle Munusamy,
Muthu, Beedi Rayappan...
Daddy here was a phenomenal boxer too.
No one could defeat us.
Your dad lost his way
and got himself killed.
The rest of us stuck to the clan.
We were the best.
But now...
Rose and Vembuli have destroyed our clan.
You take care.
- Rest well.
- Alright, Coach.
- Come on. Lets go!
- Go on!
You have the bicycle key?
Wait up!
What man?
Kabilan, come here.
Daddy, go on!
I will take care of him.
Stay here tonight.
- Vetri!
- Yes, Pa.
Come here.
Yes, Pa!
He is your responsibility
till he reaches the ring tomorrow.
- Take care.
- I will, Pa.
Thaniga is waiting for a chance to attack.
- I will take care of him.
- Sure? Alright.
Sleep well.
Don't worry, Pa.
Eat well.
Come on!
Keep a watch.
None of you must sleep tonight.
If there is anyone suspicious,
take them down.
[Vetri screams]
- Vetri!
- Run away!
Vetri, whats wrong!
What happened, Vetri?
- Vetri!
- Who are you all?
- Who are these people?
- Kabilan, get away from here.
- Hold on, brother!
- Kabilan, I will take care of them.
- Kabilan, leave!
- Brother, no!
- Kabilan, they will kill you. Run away.
- No!
Move back, Vetri!
- Kabilan, run away.
- No, you leave!
Run away!
Scoot, you all!
Vetri, don't mention this to Coach.
Whats this, Vetri!
Stop it!
Come on!
- What's all this?
- You have usurped my place.
I have spent all my life
dreaming of becoming the best boxer.
It should have been me
next in line.
Where did you come from?
What's the point of me, then?
It should be me in the ring.
You ruined it all.
You are the reason I lost the chance.
- No!
- Get out of here.
- Vetri, this is unfair.
- Go, I said.
Get lost!
Stop, I said.
Why would you do this?
What's wrong with you?
Kabila, I should be the next in line.
Run away, Kabilan!
Where is he?
- I will kill him.
- Coach, stop it!
- Let me go!
- Dont do this.
How can I not be angry?
Look at what he has done.
I am furious.
I don't need anyone.
I will take care of this on my own.
Get everything ready.
- Give them way
- Come on!
Kabilan Brother!
You never need a ticket after this.
Son of Boxer Late Munirathnam!
The young man to secure
direct entry to the mainboard!
Kabilan has entered the grounds!
It is not easy to secure
a mainboard as your debut.
Kabilan is a lucky man.
That too a match with Dancing Rose.
Make sure he isnt beaten to pulp.
Say what?
Coach is going to lose badly.
Now they will come to us.
Let my son lose, Mother Mary.
Grant me this wish!
Roses are women's favourite.
Dancing Rose is everyone's favourite!
Dancing Rose is a magician in the ring!
We present to you, Dancing Rose!
Watch that stylish entry.
Watch what I do to you!
Do what you said.
2 Rounds!
Finish him in the 1 round.
Make your punches powerful.
Kabila, just 2 rounds.
Wallop him, child.
Boxers, come forward.
Rose, step forward.
The audience is ready.
So is our favourite Rose!
This guy mustnt win.
Rose, move back!
- Just 2 rounds!
- Box!
Wow, what a punch.
Look at that style!
Rose is the best
He enjoys himself and entertains us too.
Don't worry.
Go on!
Wow, look at that!
Rose is the best, I say.
- Come on, Kabilan.
- Take that joker down!
Come on!
He doesnt stand a chance against Rose.
What a fantastic miss!
Rose is moving like the wind
Brother Manja Kannan
can be seen enjoying the match!
Dancing Rose always draws
the best crowd.
Let's see how he defeats
Rose in 2 rounds.
Rose will finish him off
in just 2 minutes.
A punch to the face.
Thats it, Rose!
We all missed these moves, didnt we!
Punch! Yes!
What a punch that was!
Rose is slithering like a snake!
Looks like Kabilan is getting his share.
Come on!
Kabilan is trying to block!
There he falls.
Gets up, at once!
That is impressive
Come on!
Wow, he has managed to hit Rose!
He has managed to land a punch on Rose.
Rose wont let this go!
Watch what happens now.
Rose is up.
Come on!
Thats it.
He is back!
Move back, Rose!
See you in Round 2, Rose!
Boxers go to your corners!
Move, I said.
Couldnt you finish him off in Round 1?
Why are you moving in?
Listen to me, Rose!
Kabilan, what are you doing?
- Kevin, shut up!
- You tell him, then.
Defeat him in this round.
This boy doesnt look like a debutant
Round 2!
That boy has landed the first punch
Rose, make him run for his life.
Wow, he is missing Rose punch
What is happening here!
Kabilan's game is strong.
You could never tell it's his debut.
Rose, thrash that boy!
Kabilan or Rose?
Who is it going to be?
The match is picking momentum.
Will Rose close him in 2 rounds?
Or will Kabilan finish him off?
We will know the result in few seconds.
Will Kabilan earn his chance to fight Vembuli?
Rose, there is only 30 seconds left!
30 seconds more!
Finish him off!
What a punch!
Looks like Kabilan will be knocked out.
You cant defeat Rose that easily.
- Kabilan, has dropped his guard!
- Guards up, Kabilan!
Kabilan, guards up!
Don't drop your guard, Kabilan!
Kabilan has knocked out Rose in Round 2!
That's all you got?
Sarpattas Kabilan has defeated Dancing Rose
just as he said he would.
Smile returns to Coach Rangans
face at last.
Sarpatta fans are rejoicing at their
long awaited mainboard victory.
Celebrate all you want!
You deserve it.
Coach, I accept your challenge!
- Shut up, Vembuli!
- I will fight him.
Contractor, set the match.
I will kill him in this very ring.
Hey make the announcement!
Kabilan, it is between you and me now!
- I am waiting!
- Me too!
Lets go!
I am sorry.
Forgive me.
I will beat you death, you scoundrel.
How dare you do such a thing?
Coach, let him go.
It was just a mistake.
Didnt I trust him with you!
Now my blood is boiling.
I will slaughter him now.
Yeah, just kill him!
Someone like him shouldn't live.
He's dedicated his life to boxing.
Why not give him a chance?
Why not show him the affection
you shower on strangers?
Shut up!
Haven't I told you not to
talk to my dad this way?
He is punishing me for my mistake.
What's it to you?
Oh, so defensive about your dad?
Does he love you as much?
I refused him the chance
because I love him.
You need a certain technique
to defeat Vembuli.
You don't have what it takes.
Why would I reject you if you were good?
You bloody waste.
You call yourself my son!
Did you hear him?
He thinks you are not fit to be a boxer.
Put all this aside and
do something worthwhile
Mention boxing again and
you will earn my wrath.
Fine, what can your wrath do?
Why do all of you
pick on my son like this?
Shut the hell up.
Only I know how he suffers
every single day.
His nights are sleepless.
"My dad doesn't trust me.
Nobody believes in me"
How he laments!
He is only human, right?
Why are you crying?
I am no good, Pa.
I give up
I shall never step foot into the club again.
- Hey, stop crying!
- Shut up, Mom.
Take him inside.
Hey, come inside.
Come on!
How they bully you!
Keep your sport to yourselves.
Come in!
I wasn't offended by what he did.
Why all this, Coach?
- I am unable to accept this.
- Stop it, you old bugger!
Bible says to forgive those who repent.
Forget it, Coach.
Let's prepare for the match against Vembuli.
Come on, Muhammad Ali!
- Come on, Kabila!
- Whats all this.
You are the talk of the village.
Give me that.
A much-awaited victory
of one of our own.
People have lined up till the harbour
to see you.
The sun has risen
Let the beats begin.
Tough times are gone
Let the dance begin!
Here comes, Kabilan!
No one can mess with him.
He is here, give way.
Take your show elsewhere.
He will spin you like a top
He will beat your lights out!
There is none like you
Your victory proves it true.
Watch out for him
Your gimmicks will never win.
Come one, come all
Lets celebrate and dance!
Dont mess with him
Dont regret it then.
Dont mess with him
Dont regret it then.
The sun has risen
Let the beats begin.
Tough times are gone
Let the dance begin!
Here comes, Kabilan.
Dont you mess with him.
Give way for Kabilan.
His time has begun.
He flies high, as a kite
He will never lose, try as you might
Fireworks trumpet his victory
Watch him make history.
Watch out for him
Your gimmicks will never win.
Come one, come all
Lets celebrate and dance!
Dont mess with him
Dont regret it then.
Dont mess with him
Dont regret it then.
The sun has risen
Let the beats begin.
What a fantastic match that was!
You were phenomenal.
You defeated him just as you said!
Hand me that garland!
Take this sword!
Hey, stop this!
Who are you all?
What's all this nonsense?
Sister, don't you know who I am?
Of course I do.
Am I blind?
One victory and
you are all hounding him already.
Get the hell out!
What more do I have to witness?
- Daddy, ask her to be respectful.
- Its ok, Manja. Relax!
Kabilan, warn your mother.
She will sort you out.
Girl with a pearl nose ring
Watch her walk with a swing.
Groom in cloud nine
Bride like a sunshine.
Ward of the evil eye
Beat the drums skyhigh
Garlands with money
Let the feast be yummy.
In a glistening new attire
Our bride is a slayer.
Dont be so rigid
Dance, lets see it!
Let the evil be gone
She is now one of our own.
Listen to our song
Let the celebration go on!
Stop messing with him
Dont regret it then.
Stop messing with him.
Dont regret it then.
The sun has risen
Let the beats begin.
Hey, why aren't you ready?
To go where?
What do you mean where?
To the studio, for the photoshoot.
And be a spectator?
I can't put myself through that shame.
It is shameful only if you didn't go.
Our family has a right over the clan.
Never give that up.
Get up!
Get ready, I said.
Kabilan, give a big smile.
You need to look as handsome as me.
Welcome, Raman!
Whats up.
Munirathnams son?
Coming atop a horse!
You are lucky!
I will come in an aeroplane, if I wish.
What do you care?
Ofcourse, you will.
The wind is favourable to you now.
Don't forget that
you are fighting Vembuli.
It's Vembuli you should be warning.
He is facing Kabilan, afterall.
Aren't you gloating a little too much
for a single victory?
Raman, haven't you mentioned my blows
to your Uncle?
He is still in pain, you bugger.
Aren't you, Raman?
Get yourself an oil massage.
You will be alright.
Can I get you some oil?
Daddy, do we look like a joke?
Didn't you warn him about me?
Hey, I know who exactly you are.
You're nothing to me.
You are alive, thanks to my mother.
Shut the hell up and get out.
Get out, you bugger!
- Hold on!
- Let go of me.
This is why I didnt want to come.
Why should I put up with these people?
Raman, bugger off!
Get lost, idiot!
Why are you like this?
Don't mind these buggers.
Don't wipe your ass with a small towel
or you'll get shit on your hands.
Contractor, ask them to make it fast!
- Its getting late.
- Just one moment.
That's enough.
Change your pose.
He got scared.
Vembuli, this will be your last match.
I will kill you.
Come on!
Give it a shot.
Hey, what if he does as he says?
Why is the match more important
than his nuptial feast?
Aunty, you don't worry.
I will take care of it.
He chose boxing over me.
I am all alone because
I didn't control his dad.
Bear that in mind!
Hes a newly-wed.
Cut him some slack.
What is it, Mariamma?
You are dazzling!
Can't you see me standing here?
Do you atleast remember that
you are a married man now?
You are only worried about your match.
- No such thing.
- Yeah, right.
Come on.
Hook. Left.
Hey, one second!
Give me a left cross and then a right!
- Do it.
- Come on!
He received the punch on his face.
He missed my right punch
and then landed his right fist on my face.
I was shaken by that punch.
Why are you butting like a bull?
I have only one wish.
I want to witness you...
defeating him.
Defeat him, Vembuli!
Stop it!
Move back! Move!
I heard Vembuli is
doing a bad job at the sparrings.
Looks like Kabilan will defeat Vembuli.
If he ends up winning...
Oh, let him win.
I'd like to see how.
Hey, what if Kabilan defeats you?
Hear me out!
He doesnt have a single mainboard win.
Didnt he still manage to defeat Rose?
He mustn't win.
If he does...
It's all over.
Hey, Get out!
Go on!
What happened?
We are talking. That's all.
Go in, please.
Sit down.
I will be the happiest person
if Kabilan loses to you.
...if he does win,
what happens then?
Only you would know
if he is about to win.
Just bat an eyelid as a signal.
I will take care of the rest.
Buzz off!
What does he want?
'She hasn't eaten at all.
She is worse than you.'
Kabilan, just eat and sleep.
Alright, Daddy.
Wow, you're dressed to seduce.
Like it matters to you.
Take this inside.
Let me have a bath.
What is all this?
Put the food out.
- Have you eaten?
- Wow!
This is the first ever time you are
asking me this since our wedding.
I made this.
Really? It tastes just like
my mothers recipe.
Yeah, right.
- Coach seems disturbed.
- What happened?
I have no idea.
He asked me to bring you.
- Just give me a minute.
- Make it fast.
Why are you in bed already?
Don't you want to eat?
- I dont want.
- Why?
What's with you?
Hold me.
I have a match tomorrow.
Aren't you worried at all?
Coach has asked me to come.
Eat before you sleep.
I am leaving now.
Stop right there.
Do you even remember that I exist?
Who do you think you are?
I am a part of your life.
You don't have to spoil me or anything.
Atleast acknowledge my presence.
You come and go as you please.
All you do is boxing.
You have been doing just this for 2 months.
I wore this sari for you.
These flowers, this vermillion - all for you.
But you don't even care.
Don't you dare step out
of the house today.
'Kabilan, Coach will be expecting you.'
Listen, Kabilan won't come now.
Meeran Brother, go ahead.
I will join you.
If boxing is all you need,
why did you marry me? Be honest!
I was so excited about living with you.
Do you even care?
I am not hinting at anything else.
Don't worry.
I know about abstinence, too.
Hey, come here!
Let go of me.
Why are you grinning like a fool?
I am starving.
Get some food and feed me.
Go, I said.
He is so huge!
Like a bison.
Why are you fighting him?
Can't you choose an easier opponent?
Hey, the real challenge is
to defeat someone like him.
Don't worry.
Why would I be scared?
Yeah, go ahead.
Swallow my fingers too.
[Radio voice]
A recap of todays headlines.
An urgent meeting to discuss Tamilnadu Governments
divisive agenda has been convened in Delhi
This emergency meeting will be
presided over by the Prime Minister.
What happened, Kabilan?
What's wrong?
It's nothing, Coach.
Hey, can't you be more careful?
Alright. Its ok.
That's it.
Almost done.
I am fine, Coach.
Don't worry.
That's it.
Move your wrist.
- Does it feel okay?
- Yes.
That's enough.
Let's concentrate on the match.
Take it easy.
Sleep well.
Daddy, make sure he gets home safe.
- Go on!
- Ok!
'See you all at the match.'
- 'Alright.'
'Meeran, we must get him
to the match safe.'
'Don't worry, Coach.
He will be fine.'
How can I not worry?
Our own clansmen are unhappy
about his victory against Rose.
The moment he defeats Vembuli...
I will get on that stage,
and with all those people watching
I will scream with joy at the victory of
Sarpatta clans Vettiperumal lineage.
Even if I were to die right that moment,
I would do so gladly.
'Why do you say such things.
You think we would let that happen?'
'Coach, only good things
will come to someone as good as you.'
'In a little while...'
Idiyappa clan's Vembuli will face
Sarpatta clan's Kabilan in the ring.
All you have to do is blink, Vembuli.
Everything is set.
I will do the rest.
- What do you say?
- Get lost!
Coach Rangan is on stage
with his loyal disciple, Kabilan.
'Kabilan has become a superstar
in a single match.'
'He is more popular than Vembuli now.
See how the crowd is celebrating him.'
Finish him off.
Go on!
Round 1
Both sides are coming forward
for a handshake.
'Vembuli has received the first punch.'
'Looks like Kabilan will win the bet
for his Coach, after all.'
'Vembuli hits back.'
'Kabilan has the upperhand now.'
Vembuli lands 2 punches.
Kabilan retaliates.
'They are raining punches on each other.'
'Kabilan has cornered Vembuli'
Vembuli is retailating.
Wow, Kabilan is punching so hard.
Kabilan is unstoppable.
Vembuli pushes him away.
Kabilan comes back.
You arent Vembulis first opponent, remember!
Whoa, Vembuli is being thrashed
Punches are raining
He pushed Vembuli down
Looks like he will win in Round 1.
'Whoever thought Kabilan would be so good?
Looks like he will finish off Vembuli.'
One punch to the jaw
Ah, one more!
Equal exchange of punches.
Come on now!
Hey, what is wrong with him?
- What the hell?
- Where did Coach Rangan find this prodigy!
What is happening with Vembuli?
Vembuli hit him back, now.
- Round 4!
- Hit him back!
Thats it.
Punch his face!
Stop the match. Stop
- Listen to the announcement.
'The ruling DMK Government led by Karunanidhi
has been dissolved by the Centre.'
The Government has been dissolved.
We have orders to arrest DMK members.
It's better if you co-operate.
- How dare you arrest him?
- Take him away.
I am a proud DMK cadre.
I am not scared of anyone.
I will be right here.
The match will end soon.
Take me anywhere you wish after that.
Contractor, ask him to wait there.
You made a laughingstock out of us.
What is wrong with you?
I am telling you.
Can you continue?
Vembuli, thrash him!
Come on, Kabilan!
Come on!
Hit him!
Go check on him!
What happened to him?
Go check on Kabilan!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Rose, stop!
Come. Let's go.
Buzz off all of you!
They prevented Sarpattta's victory, Daddy!
No. They prevented "your" victory.
They were this malicious
towards your dad, too.
It is a personal vengeance, you bugger!
Thaniga's brother Munusamy
wanted your dad to be his slave.
But your dad outgrew him
and ruled over Madras.
Isnt that why they killed my friend.
They are doing the same to you.
Vembuli should never call himself a boxer!
Vembuli lost to me!
Right, Daddy?
You are right, my boy.
He did lose to you!
You won, bugger!
- Any information about the coach?
- I dont know.
I don't have any clue, man.
After the Government was dissolved...
...the ruling party cadres were arrested
to avoid protests.
Under MISA Act!
Nobodys whereabouts are known.
We cant bail them either.
They have arrested
the Chief Ministers son.
Rangan doesnt stand a chance.
Pretty sad, huh?
'Forget what they say.'
I will find your dad's whereabouts.
For your sake.
Join hands with me.
The ruling party has been dissolved.
This is a good time.
The harbour is booming
with blackmarketing.
Wheat, millets, kerosene...
everything is up for poaching.
Thaniga's men are having a field day.
If I was backed by a boxer like you...
...I would pocket the whole place
Like my hero sang, "Kinsfolk we are.
Tribesmen with a common cause."
Why can't we both work together?
We should.
My dad called me a thriftspend,
excluded me from his business.
He sidelined me from boxing.
I am lost, like a kite in a storm.
Not one soul
respects me anymore.
I have to show them my worth.
Just say the word!
I will take care of you.
Listen carefully!
I dont care what you were
in the past.
But I am here now.
I am with child, too.
Daddy, tell him to stop all this.
I won't spare you, either.
Kabilan, what a loudmouth she is.
Just like your Mom.
Stop yelling. Didn't I say
I will put an end to all this?
I won't put up with your antics,
unlike your mom.
'She is the right match for you.'
Aren't you coming?
- His mother will yell at me.
- Stay here, then.
We found my dad's whereabouts.
He has been locked up
in the Central Jail.
- Thats good news.
- Yeah.
Brother Manja helped me.
My dad has asked to meet you.
Come, let's go.
Come on!
Why are you thinking so much?
Daddy, stay back.
You just gave me your word
I will be back soon.
- Dont worry.
- Get in!
- Where is he off to?
- Ask your son that.
He will never change his ways.
I curse the day he was born.
'My life is going to be a struggle.
That much I can sense now.'
Hey, put that back!
Kabilan, what a game that was!
You brought the mighty Vembuli
to his knees.
You are the superstar boxer from now.
Looks like my dad
would make this guy his legal heir!
- He would do anything for a good boxer.
- Thats right!
Stop the car, brother.
This restaurant makes a great rabbit curry.
Coach's favourite dish.
Shall we pack some for him?
- Let's go.
- Do they allow food in the prison?
I can even make them feed him!
Let's also eat.
- Welcome, Brother Manja?
- Yeah.
'Listen, let's go to another restaurant.'
- Pass me that, I said.
- Should we leave because he is here?
We came here to eat and we will.
Kabilan, sit.
Ignore him.
Hey, why are you doing this?
'Take my orders, man!'
'Two spicy rabbit curries to go.'
'Bring some rice and curry to eat now.'
Why are you glaring at him?
Turn around, I said.
- Ask our men to be ready.
- Lets eat and get out.
They are laying a trap.
Let's leave.
Stay calm.
Let's see.
- Hey, what is taking so long?
- Dont shout.
Hey, one more curry!
- Why arent you eating?
- Shut up!
Thats it!
Is the takeaway ready?
- Make it fast.
- Kabilan, eat.
- What are you looking at?
Should I strip you naked too?
- How dare you?
- One more word and I will kill you.
Think you could destroy me?
Come on, Kabilan.
You did the right thing.
- DIE!
- Get out of here.
We warn you!
Come on, Kabilan!
- It's ok, brother.
- What the hell?
- What if he dies?
- [Kabilan whimpering]
Ma, I made a mistake.
Didn't I warn you? Didn't I?
Why didn't you listen?
I knew it would come to this.
I knew they would do this to you.
You wielded a weapon!
Why would you do this?
Did I give birth to you for this?
You are no son of mine.
I dont need you!
Get lost!
Stop your wailing!
It's not like you killed the guy.
Just go to sleep.
We will get out of here soon.
I will kill you if you snore.
See you, sir.
- What's up, Daddy?
- 'Welcome!'
Brother Manja, how are you?
- Stop yelling.
- Alright, sir.
What are you standing there for?
Daddy, what's with all this weight gain?
Hello, Brother!
- It is ok child.
They would have kept us in, if not for you.
Getting you out was an arduous task.
Kabilan, he is lucky to be alive
after your brutal attack.
'They have been waiting
for you to get out.'
Be careful.
That's all I can say.
Brother, we should put an end to this.
Let's call for a mediation.
You preside over it.
What do you say, Kabilan?
Daddy, make him understand.
What do you say, Kabilan?
- Alright!
- Ok!
'Look who has come.'
This is what you wanted, right?
Did you even think about us?
Look at you!
Get him out of those clothes.
Take him in after a bath.
Pour water over his head.
Do we need all this?
'Listen, let's put an end to all this.'
You should be proud that we
let you off the hook so easily.
Another move from you,
and we won't remain quiet.
Is that so?
Let's see.
Not too long ago,
your people begged us for food.
But now...
Watch your mouth!
Don't talk rubbish.
How dare you come here for mediation
after all that you did?
'Stop! The state of affairs
is so bad now.'
No arrack.
No smuggling.
They have just come out
serving a 6 month sentence.
Isn't that enough?
Fine. I will let it all go.
'Come on!'
Tell him to clean my house and
clear the carcass when my cow dies.
If I'm pleased with his service,
I will spare him.
Or I will chop you the way
I did your dad.
I am nothing like my dad.
Thaniga's men are still distilling arrack,
despite our warnings.
'Let's go take care of that.'
Get out, all of you!
Kabilan, don't break those.
- Vetri, let's run this business.
- Let go, Kabilan.
Hey, their time is up.
Let's take over now.
Chase them all out!
- You must take care of all this.
- Dont you worry.
Load all the vehicles.
Here drink this.
- No.
- It just like tender coconut water.
I am sober, I said.
- Your son has come home drunk!
- Not at all.
Mix it well.
Buzz off!
- Ma, take this.
- What do I need this for?
- One slap.
- How dare you?
- Stop that.
- Oi!
How dare you hit your mother!
- Get out of my house.
- I will kill you!
- Get out!
- Come on!
Don't ever step into this house again.
- Look who's here.
- Hello!
Please accept this money.
I don't need this.
Hey, take it.
He is offering it with love.
Hide it properly.
Move fast.
Come on.
- Here!
- Is that the way to serve?
Why are you shouting? Huh?
- How dare you talk that way?
- Stop that.
You are the reason behind this.
Don't you dare shout at him.
I will kill you!
Take her!
Why do you ignore my child
for his behavior?
You horrible woman.
Come, let's go!
'I asked Manja for some quick cash.'
'He refused it so bluntly.'
'He doesn't like my growth.'
We should just do this
on our own.
Do what you must.
I will be stand by you.
Are you sure?
Let's do this!
I hear that you are
operating on your own now.
I treated you as my own.
I even got you into the political party.
This is how you thank me.
I am not Thaniga.
I will finish you off.
Shut up!
What are you all looking at?
We run this place now.
Check what they need.
Hold on!
Give him that.
Keep this, sir.
Sit, darling.
Sit. Come on!
Is it comfortable?
This is for you.
Wear it.
You think you are being fair?
You had such aspirations,
and look what you've become now.
Even my father didn't respect me.
Nobody from the clan did.
They said Kabilan was the best.
Kabilan is at my beck and call now.
You know that?
'Don't worry!'
What's wrong with him?
- How many times to tell him.
- I wont stop.
Thats enough, I said.
Mariamma, come out!
'How dare you sleep?'
Look what they have done to me.
Drink this.
Let me take care of it.
I took such good care of them.
'Sister, have you seen my husband?'
'He is passed out
around the corner.'
Look at your father!
Kabilan, get up!
Come on!
Get up.
Let's go!
Who is that?
Kabilan, get up.
Someone is here.
Wake up, Kabilan.
- What happened, Mariamma?
- Leave him alone.
Let go of me.
- Sister, take my child.
- Why are you all shouting?
Brother, let him go!
Come on!
Fight me.
Leave. Leave, all of you.
Get lost!
'Run away, all of you.
Come on, Mariamma!
Get up!
Kabilan, get up.
Let go of me.
- Come now.
- Kabilan, stop it!
Stop it.
Shame on you!
Would anyone even believe this nonsense?
Even a child would piss on your face
if you lose control.
Did you think of me for one moment?
What would we have done
if they had killed you?
You shouldn't even be alive.
- Stop it, Mariamma.
- Shut up, Daddy.
I can't live another day with him.
Let me go.
- Your drunk! Let go of me.
- Go on!
- Buzz off!
- Kabilan, stop it.
Hey, where are you all hiding?
I will take on all of you.
I will be right here.
Come on!
Hey, who is that?
[Sings] "Hey you bigwig
I am not who you mess with!"
- What do you say?
- You are wrong, Pa!
Hey, put that back.
This is why I never
come out with you.
I'll slap you.
Who here can question me?
Kabilan! I lost my way.
Do you hear?
Hold on to your mother
and come up in life. Okay?
'Who is that?'
Hey, who are you all?
- Go! Get back!
- Who are you people?
- Stay calm!
- Who the hell are you?
- Come with me.
- Take the child and leave.
- Go, I said.
- Leave him alone.
- Dont do anything.
- Get out of here.
- Go. Take him.
- Pa, please come with me.
Hey, where are you?
I shouldn't have done this.
I put my child's life in danger!
Why did you leave me, Mariamma?
What am I going to do?
- Forgive me!
- Why are you apologising now?
How much I put you through...
- Forgive me!
- Ya right. Cut the act.
What would become of you
if I leave you too?
Go wash your face and drink what you want.
There is tea and alcohol.
I shall never drink again.
This is a promise.
Don't you dare make a promise
in the child's name.
I've had it with your false promises.
She hasn't stopped crying
since last night.
She's so shook up.
They attacked me only because I was drunk.
Nobody would have laid a finger on you
if I was in my senses.
- I should finish them off.
- Do that and get arrested.
Why should you worry about me or her?
You will never change your ways, ever.
- Wait and watch.
- Ofcourse I will.
Go have a bath first.
Remove those stinky clothes.
Brother, Coach is getting released today.
Vetri is waiting for you near the butchery.
See, he has already come to take you.
Why wouldn't you stop crying?
Kabilan, it was Manja and Thaniga.
Let's take them out tonight.
That will show them.
Hey, stop it.
Stop everything for sometime.
Coach is about to be released.
- Come on!
- Hello, Coach!
Brother, start playing.
Go on!
Ask them to stop.
Let them play at my funeral.
Not now.
Didn't you hear him?
- Stop!
- Make them stop.
Give that.
Brother, bring the rickshaw.
Pa, let's go in my car.
Welcome, coach!
- Thats all the cadres?
- Coach, the rest have gone to welcome the Mudaliar.
Take this to him, too.
Coach, Raman is fighting Vembuli.
A lot has happened
while you were gone.
Look, your son has joined with
the opposition
I dont know where all this would lead to.
Serve that bone. Give!
Here let me serve.
- Thaniga has somehow managed to fix a match
-Did he fix or buy?
You think Raman can win?
Setting a match with bribe
is called gambling, not game.
- Eat some more.
- Thats enough.
If Vembuli and Raman are fighting,
is it part of the Coachs challenge?
How is it Rangans match?
Did Rangan choose the player?
Coach Muthu is setting this game.
Its not Rangans game.
'Vembuli's punches
reverberate like thunders'
'Will Sarpatta's boxer Raman
tackle the mighty Vembuli?'
Announce that Coach Rangan is here.
Coach Rangan has arrived!
Coach, watch Ramans game now.
Sarpatta clan is ours now.
So be it.
Stop messing with the boys. I will kill you.
Come on, Coach.
'You all must be wondering
what happened with Rangan's challenge'
'For the 4th year in a row,
no one has managed to defeat Vembuli.'
'Will the curse be lifted today?'
'Raman is hell-bent on compensating
for his lost chance.'
'Anything might happen today.
Let's see!'
Look at those powerful punches.
Come on! Punch him.
Finish him!
Come on!
What is this!
Calls himself a boxer. Shame!
Hit him!
Raman has lost to Vembuli.
He can be seen sprawled on the floor.
'Vembuli has defeated
the Sarpatta clan, yet again.'
Hold on!
Coach Rangan, will you ever defeat me?
I am still waiting for
your challenge match.
Arrange that soon.
Vembuli, why are you gloating now?
It is not like you defeated
an equal opponent.
Poor Raman.
Defeating him doesn't matter.
Oh, look who is talking?
Are you drunk?
Did you land here by accident?
You shouldn't speak.
Get out!
Shut you, you bloody fellow!
You teamed up with Thaniga
to avoid defeat.
You stopped the match, you coward.
If you can talk...
...why can't he, who defeated you, speak?
- What a freak, man?
- Daddy!
- Don't talk rubbish.
- Coach! That's the truth.
You could have stopped the game.
Have you forgotten Vembuli's wailing?
The match stopped midway.
- I would have killed you otherwise.
- What the flick?
Rose is the only decent human in your clan.
He accepted defeat.
You are just a coward.
You are no tiger, you are a scoundrel.
- How dare you?
- You lost to me.
Ask the audience, if you please.
Vembuli, you lost the match on Round 4.
Yes. You lost the match.
Accept your defeat!
- You lost!
- Shut up!
You are a loser!
Fight me now.
Let's see!
You are a loser.
You lost!
Accept your defeat.
[Sings a lullaby]
[Lullaby continues]
'What's this?'
Your dad has come home early.
What a surprise.
How come you are home early?
Did you turn up by mistake?
Look, Gunavathy!
Your dad has come home sober
for the first time since your birth.
Hey, I wasn't feeling great.
I wanted to be with you.
So you do think of us, huh?
Brother, Vetri sent for you.
Here comes the home-wrecker.
Don't hesitate.
Tell him I won't come.
Mariamma, what I did was wrong.
I won't repeat this.
Believe me.
If you don't believe me,
who will?
My mother has disowned me too.
Hey, stop crying.
Will you?
I am here for you.
What more do you need?
Our family will do better
if you stop drinking.
Quit that ugly habit.
That's all I ask.
I will show you that I have changed.
I have brought your favourite
beef biriyani.
Come, let's eat.
Come out, you bugger.
It's me... Daddy.
Come fast.
- Morning, you bugger.
- Wow! so early.
Why have you brought the Contractor?
Gauthaman, why are you all here
so early?
It is regarding something important.
Finish washing your face.
- Here! What's up?
- That's all the water you will offer?
Hey, buy something from the shop.
Why are you shouting?
- Why do you keep yelling, man?
- Rani!
Sit, Brother.
'Buy two drinks
Keep the change.'
'With lots of sugar.'
Vembuli wants a match with you.
He has sent word.
'What do you say, huh?'
You called him a loser.
So did the audience.
He didn't let me sleep a wink.
I don't care what you have to do.
I need a match with him.
Every single clan in Madras
is mocking me.
Only if I defeat him
can I retain my pride.
Looks like he has forgotten
all the blows he received.
He needs a reminder
Hey, I know your plan!
Are you making him fight
knowing he would lose?
- Shut up, Daddy.
- Don't you know Kabilan?
If he gets back in form
he will defeat everyone.
'Don't speak nonsense.'
He has given 5000 rupees
as a token!
Does he think I am after his cash?
Brother, fighting him isn't a problem.
Accept then.
We can figure out who is the best.
- 'Am I not right?'
- He is chickening out, you bugger.
- Who is chickening out?
- You!
Everyone knows who is the best.
I don't have anything to prove.
All you could talk about last night
was defeating him.
Do that.
The opportunity has come knocking.
Hey, stop it.
Why would you agree?
You don't want to change your ways.
Kabilan, how long are you
going to be this way?
You know how hard it is for someone
from our neighbourhood to make it big.
Everyone is feeling let down.
Return to boxing, for their sake.
As if he would.
He is just an alcoholic.
Surprisingly, you didn't drink yesterday.
It was so nice.
You could quit alcohol.
Why don't you agree, just for that?
Will Coach Rangan agree to this?
Of course he will!
He is waiting for this moment.
Don't worry.
Why wait then?
Let's go talk to him.
'What do you say, Coach?'
Shut up and leave
before I swear at you.
Look at Kabilan!
How can he fight?
He thinks he can defeat unfit boxers
and claim victory over us?
Rangan, Kabilan is still as good.
Don't you think I know who can,
and who cannot?
Does he think boxing is
as simple as drinking?
Wielding a weapon and boxing
are not the same thing.
Slashing with a knife is easy.
Boxing isnt that.
The day he laid hands on a weapon...
...he lost his credibility as a boxer.
What are you saying, Coach?
A man can never change his ways, is it?
Will he remain the same?
He is trying to set his life straight.
How can you talk this way.
I wish the same for him.
He became the person his mother feared
he would become
If he wants to mend his ways,
ask him drop the weapon and take up a job.
I will get him a job.
Let him take care of his family.
Kabilan, I beg you to leave
the clan alone.
'Rangan. Stop this.
Why don't you trust him?'
Listen Contractor, that is my game.
Let me give you a good opponent.
Hey, ask Kumar to come forward.
- Kumar!
- Hey, come forward.
- Coach!
- He is good on the sideboard.
I will train him.
Ask them if that's okay.
What are you saying?
You trust a newbie.
Why wouldn't you trust Kabilan?
This is why I left boxing.
Now you want Kabilan out too?
One more word and I will thrash you.
You are the reason behind all this.
You ruined his life and now
you pretend like the good guy?
Kabilan, stay away from this guy.
You will be alright.
Yeah, right. Hes a child
who doesnt know what hes doing.
This is how you ruin all our lives.
- Do you want your word to be the order?
- Yes!
Vetri, watch what you say.
Kabilan can never take on Vembuli.
Contractor, stop messing with us.
Why? Where there is will,
there is way!
Kabilan, I will stand by you.
Don't listen to these old men.
Wow! Stop all this drama.
I don't want to have
anything to do with you.
I will tell Vembuli that...
... Kabilan is scared
And so is the Coach.
In fact, the whole clan is scared
that Kabilan will die in the ring.
If I arrange for a match for you,
I will end up on the streets.
Brother, wait!
Coach, who once believed in me,
has now turned against me.
My physique may have changed!
But I am as determined as ever.
I haven't been a good son
to my mother.
Nor a good husband to my wife.
And today...
...I am not a good student to my Coach
Who am I, then?
I want to mend my ways.
Even if I have to die in the process.
Go tell them.
It's time I show them who I am.
I agree to the match!
- Come on!
- Move!
So long...
- Careful. His intestines might roll out.
- Shut up!
Don't intimidate him.
Come on.
It is getting late.
I am going to kill you.
We shouldnt have let you win.
You shouldnt even be alive.
I will kill you in the ring!
Wait and watch.
Coach Rangan has disowned him.
Don't you have a better opponent?
Let's fix a re-match with Raman
if you want.
Kabilan will only ruin
the clan's reputation.
Listen to us.
We speak on behalf of the clan.
Stop the match.
What do you say?
- Stop!
- Thats impossible.
Hey, how do you expect me to stop it?
He shamed me in front of
so many people.
I will destroy him in that very spot.
- Stop all this.
- Dass!
Ask him to call off the match
if he wants.
Shut the hell up!
All you old buggers have assembled
to stop a man from fighting.
Kabilan will be there
and he will fight!
Vembuli, Kabilan will see you in the ring!
Good, Daddy.
I was so scared.
The match will happen.
See you all that day!
Leave now!
'I tried my best to convince him.'
He is hell-bent on fighting.
We should let Kabilan fight him.
Everyone will then see what happens.
And if he wins, you will have
nothing to lose.
I will be left licking my wounds?
See this?
What have you done in return?
I put up with so much for you.
I fixed a match for you with Vembuli.
You cost me my pride.
Today, you want Kabilan to get a chance?
He must never rise.
I ask you for one last thing...
...defeat him and prove him worthless.
Do you have the guts to do that?
Get lost!
'Let him be!
Why do you keep bothering him?'
Hey, there!
Why don't you spar at my place?
Haven't you gotten enough from me?
Yeah. That's the purpose of my birth.
To be beaten up by you.
So why don't you spar with me?
Alright then.
But let's not spar there.
We will have it here.
People need to witness this.
See you here, then!
- Why should I spar with him?
- Hold on!
The entire clan has made
a laughingstock of us.
Only if you defeat him
will they respect us.
Trust me.
Come on!
Won't I do what's good for you?
This boy is being adamant, unnecessarily!
Kabilan, what are you doing?
Hit him!
Defeat him!
Thrash him!
Kabilan, whats this.
Hit him back.
Raman, stop it.
I am calling a break.
Finish him!
Whats wrong with you, Kabilan!
Raman, move back!
Finish him off.
Listen to me!
- Do it!
- Come on!
Dont let him go!
Why are you hurting yourself?
- Dont go!
- Vetri, let him go.
I am Kabilan.
I will take you down.
You should never represent the clan again.
Stop. Where are you running away?
You are running away from him.
Shame on you!
- Vetri. Stop it.
- No. Go on!
But Kabilan, don't you dare fight Vembuli!
You are not a boxer at all.
Look how they are gloating!
I am ashamed.
I went against my dad's words
to support you.
I should have taken his word for it.
My dad was absolutely right.
Everything he said is unfolding now.
Kabilan, listen to me carefully.
Give up all this. There is a lot of money
in the liquor business.
Join hands with me.
What do you say?
- How dare you?
- Thats all we are fit for.
Am I not telling the truth, Daddy?
- Hey! Wait.
- Ignore him, Kabilan.
- Look at what he is saying.
- Its ok, my child.
Kabilan, come join me!
'I still haven't fulfilled my offering'
'We must go to the shrine without fail.'
- Ma!
Kabilan, what happened?
Talk to me, Ma!
Why wouldn't you talk to me?
- Didnt she warn you to never drink?
- Talk to me, Ma!
In spite of that,
you come home drunk?
Mariamma, he didn't drink.
- Yeah, right!
- I am not drunk. Believe me.
- Tell her, please.
- He is not drunk.
Hey, what happened?
Who hit you?
I am not the man I once was.
The old Kabilan is no more.
What's all this?
Raman beat me up so badly.
Everyone there laughed at me.
All those who appreciated my game...
are now asking me to step down
from the ring.
My foot movement is bad.
My defence is worthless.
My body and brain aren't in synchrony.
Should I just die?
I am trying with all my might.
But I am unable to
get back into form.
Vetri says I am worthless as a boxer.
And that I am only fit
to be a liquor peddler.
You surrendered yourself to him!
He wants you as his henchman.
That's why he is doing this.
My own clansmen are calling me unfit.
Am I not a boxer?
Am I not?
Let people speak as they please.
You are a boxer!
Stop crying.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
Poison me.
I don't want any of this.
Ma, I want to crawl back into your womb?
Please, take me back.
I will feel safe there.
Stop that.
Get up.
Get up, I said.
Why are you crying now?
I prevented you from boxing because
I didn't want you to become a thug.
But to redeem yourself,
boxing is exactly what you need.
You must get back to boxing!
Who prohibited my son from boxing?
Where can we find
the old man with the beedi?
Where else?
The old man would be in the sea.
You take him there.
Get up, I said.
Hey, Beedi Man?
Old bugger!
- How are you?
- Hello, Kevin!
That man there, is your dad's friend.
'Beedi' Rayappan!
He was our boxing coach.
Kevin, have you come to dump
trash from the land into the ocean?
Someone has played him well.
Isn't he Munirathnam's son?
Yeah. Take care of him.
Leave. I will take care of him.
Take the oar, go!
Go on, I said.
The ocean doesnt feed us everyday.
But we never curse the sea.
The sea may be filled with salt.
But to get it, you need to work hard.
'What is stopping you?'
'Why do you falter?'
Dont you have faith in your heart?
'Are you scared they will defeat you?'
Why do you want to box again?
Do you want to do this
for the coach who disowned you?
Is it for your mother
who has asked this of you?
Is it for your wife who dreams of a better life
'Is this for Vembuli who lays in wait
to defeat you?'
'Is it for those who prevent you
from winning?'
'Is this for the people
who are counting on your victory.'
'Or are you doing this for yourself?'
'Throw. Come on!
'You don't end up with a big catch always.
Waiting is the key!'
Come on!
You are your light
You are your way.
Rest you shall not, now
You are your hurdle
You are your answer
Let your fury, fuel you!
Your sweat is your solution
Break the veil of fear
Your destiny is near.
One step forward
Your clan will redeem its honor.
Move on stronger
Future generations will prosper.
Let your self-respect take over
Its your chance, fight harder.
A mother awaits your victory
Rewrite your story.
Let your self-respect take over
Its your chance, fight harder.
A mother awaits your victory
Rewrite your story.
You are your light
You are your way.
Rest you shall not, now
You are your hurdle
You are your answer
Let your fury fuel you.
Winning one game
isn't what you call victory.
It lies in keeping up the fight!
Go catch that crab.
Run... even if no one
comes to your aide.
Run... even if one of your own
fails you!
Run... ahead of those who overlooked you.
Run... to prove your haters wrong.
Run... if you want to bring change.
Run... Keep running!
Come on!
Keep running!
Climb your path to victory.
There is none like you here.
Get yourself back in form.
Breathe life into your bones.
Among those who disgraced you
Hold your head high, walk through!
You are your destiny
No one will set you free.
Break your shackles
Let the mighty bend before you.
Break your shackles
Let the mighty bend before you.
Come on!
You are your light
You are your way.
Rest you shall not, now
You are your hurdle
You are your answer
Let your fury fuel you.
I swear to god. He is going to be
sheer magic in the ring.
Hey, Get lost.
Your breath is your weapon.
This is your time to win.
Rise like those magestic waves.
Crash those who bar your ways.
Your resilience is true
Enemies shudder at the sight of you.
You are making history
Your victory will be our story.
Love will heal you
Your courage will save you.
You have shoulders to lean on
Show the world who you are, come on!
You are your light.
You are your path, rest not!
If there is ever a written history
on Madras Boxing...
...I want to top that list.
- I will be.
- Only a loser would cheat.
This is the chance
to correct your mistake.
Prove yourself as a decent sport!
Hey, you are back, Kabilan.
You are your light.
You are your path, rest not!
You are your hurdle
You are your answer, rest not!
I ask for one last time.
What do you say?
I will chop you to pieces
if I see you here again.
You know how happy I am!
I feel like I've been re-born.
You, me, our daughter...
- now another one.
- What are you saying?
I am with child now.
Do you want a boy or a girl?
I want you.
A girl it is, then.
Hey, aren't you scared?
Why would I be scared?
You are fine.
You will be.
Even your mother stands by you.
What more do you need?
Mariamma, I am scared of losing.
It is a sport.
If you lose, you lose.
- Hey, the clan has to win.
- Shut up!
What is this constant talk
about clan and pride?
Why do you associate clan with pride?
You will win if you fight well.
Don't worry.
You will be the one to win.
Kabilan, nice breeze, it looks like.
I know what you are hinting at, old man.
I won't do anything.
Don't worry!
In that case, I will go to sleep.
Will you please shut up?
Let's see you try!
Why are you so salty?
Really? Tastes sweet to me.
- Yeah, sure.
- 'Hey!'
What are you both upto? Huh?
It's alright, old man.
I am not doing anything.
It was just a kiss.
He has a match tomorrow.
What's all this?
- Get out of here.
- I won't.
Oh, is that so?
- Raging hormones, huh?
- Don't laugh.
Let's see you kiss now.
Look, a whale!
Get up.
Get out of here!
- Why should I?
- Get up, I said.
- So you won't.
- I won't.
- Get up.
- Don't shout, old man.
- I'd like to see what you do.
- Fine!
I am going to be right here.
I won't move.
Take this.
Time doesn't wait for you.
You need to make this time yours!
Bear this in mind.
Go win this for us!
- Everyone's waiting for you.
- Is that so?
- Boopalan, is that you?
- Brother, no!
Suresha, boxing is all I have left.
I need to get to the ring, brother.
I am staying away from all this.
Move, Kabilan!
Kabilan, run away!
Run, Kabilan!
Kabilan, no.
Stop it!
It's ok, Kabilan.
Concentrate on the game.
Finish them off!
Kabilan, come!
- I'll kill you like I killed your dad.
- Brother, let go!
Go, Kabilan.
Leave, I tell you.
Go to the match.
Go, I will take care of this.
- Watch out, Vetri.
- Stop!
Go on!
Tamil Nadus fiercest
Sarpatta and Idiyappa clans
will battle in the ring shortly.
The match between these equal opponents
will begin shortly.
In the brightly lit Kannappa Thidal,
with thousands witnessing
Kabilan, this victory won't just be yours!
It will belong to our people.
Win this for us!
Every boxer in Madras
is waiting to fight Vembuli.
But the one person Vembuli wanted to fight
is Kabilan!
His own coach prohibited him.
His clan abandoned him.
But Kabilan has come to fight
for his people, his clan, and himself.
Sarpattas Kabilan is on stage!
The match between Vembuli
and Kabilan begins!
You will be victorious!
Come on!
Daddy, where is the coach?
You dont need anybody.
Arent you enough?
How does it matter who comes?
Go on. Fight!
This is your match.
Finish him off.
Refree calls forth the boxers!
Here it begins
Kabilan is on the offensive.
Thats it, Vembuli!
Looks like Kabilan will be washed out.
End of Round 1
Vembuli, he is a nobody!
Break him into half
in the next 2 rounds.
- Dont care about him.
- Upper cut!
- Sarpatta is done for.
- Let him say what he wants.
Show them who you are!
Pounce on him like a lion!
- Round 2
- Come on, you bugger!
Kabilan is back!
Hey are you newbies?
No hitting after the break is announced.
This match is going to be tough.
That's my boy!
Break his guard!
How vengeful he is!
Come on!
Round 3 begins
Finish him off, Kabilan.
Defeat him!
Come on!
Kabilan is done for.
He is not going to get up.
- Get up. Hit him!
- Get up!
Finish him!
Get up, I say.
What are you doing?
Get up!
Get up, I said.
I'll slap you.
- Get up!
- Listen to him!
Get up!
- Defeat him.
- Up!
- Get up!
- Thats it.
- Up!
- Come on!
'That's it!'
He is up, alright.
Can he fight?
'Refree is asking if Kabilan
can continue.'
'Kabilan says he can.'
A round of applause.
The match continues
The round has come to an end!
I am coming there.
Make him sit.
You are fine, Kabilan!
You are!
You will be ok.
Is it hurting too much.
You will be fine.
Give me that towel.
Loosen up your hand.
That's it.
Coach Rangan, should we call off
the match?
'What do you say?'
Save Kabilan's life!
Stop shouting!
Let them do their job.
Let me do it.
Thats it
Loosen up!
Lift your hand.
Let's see.
That's it.
You are fine.
Look, you know he is approaching.
He is waiting for you to fall.
Charge and finish him off!
Go on!
Get up. Go!
Let him make the first move.
Guards up!
Rangan is here.
Their strategy will change.
Ensure Sarpatta's defeat!
Go for a cross!
Come on!
Finish him off!
Right and then left hook!
Kabilan has dragged Vembuli to 7th round
They are both waiting for the moment
Watch Kabilans foot work!
Vembuli seems unnerved.
Come on, Kabilan.
Come on!
Vembuli, whats this!
Vembuli play offense
Targeted punches from Kabilan.
Round 9!
Yes. Go on!
A punch on the face!
Vembuli has no plans to hit back?
Is it the champion Vembuli?
He is tired.
Come on!
Will Kabilan lead the next round?
Kabilan, I cant believe
I disrespected you.
- What a game you played!
- You taught me everything I know.
No. You proved yourself.
Tharsh him now.
He shouldnt survive this round.
You are letting Rangan win!
It's alright.
Let me throw my towel in!
Let's ask them for another match.
After almost a decade
both the clans are in a close match.
We are on Round 10
of this phenomenal game.
Vembuli is back!
Kabilan or Vembuli?
Who will it be?
Right on the face!
Guard up, Kabilan!
Is it over for Kabilan?
Hit him back.
Kabilan, get up!
Come on!
Hold your guard up!
Good the referee separated them!
Those punches were powerful
Hit him back!
That is a bloody punch!
Come on!
Hit him!
Do it!
The final round.
Whats wrong, Kabilan!
Give me some water.
Drink it.
Kabilan, look at me.
Get up!
You said you would win.
Tell them to not be scared.
He is not going to get up!
Get up, Kabilan!
Don't let all your efforts go to waste.
Kabilan, get up!
Don't worry.
Take my word.
You will be the one to win!
Listen, he is not better than you!
Get this into your head.
Opportunities aren't handed over to us
on a silver platter
This is our time.
Make your enemy tremble
- Put up your best fight.
- Our time has come.
Get up!
How much longer will you stay like this.
It is your body that is in pain.
You heart is as strong as ever.
Finish him!
- Go on, Kabilan.
- Defeat him.
Look out!
Watch him!
Go on!
I doubt if the Madras boxing audience
has ever witnessed a match like this.
Just when everyone was sure
of his failure
Kabilan managed to rise
from the ashes.
'What a remarkable person!'
He has won!
'Kabilan has fulfilled Sarpatta's dream!'
'Kabilan from the Black Town has won.'
He won!
Victory is ours!
I am from the
unbeatable Sarpatta Clan.
I am Coach Rangans protege!
Sarpatta clan has won!
We have won!
The sportsmanship you displayed today
is phenomenal!
You didnt lose!
Your victory is undeniable!
You won, Kabilan!
My dear boy!
You won.
Didn't I say you would win?