Sarrainodu (2016) Movie Script

Uncle, I am son of CM.
you must have heard my name.
Vairam Dhanush.
Yes, yes.
Tell me why did you come here?
I want your land.
I have already talked to your sons.
They are in registrar office.
If you would have also come then..
Sons will of course be ready. What
affection do they have with this land?
I knew that one day
they would do like this.
That is why I have made my will.
What? So you have made a mistake.
Which fool has made this will?
Anyone whether it be your son,
grandson or even me..
..would like to see you
alive after writing the will.
Day and night they would
pray to God for your death.
Every day they will
pray for your death.
Now tell me how we will
enjoy till you are alive.
You have just heard my name.
You know nothing about my back ground.
Don't be so proud
of your background, son.
Even my background is very strong.
He was talking of background
so now he has become underground.
Your father is dead. Show
the will and get the registry done.
Tell me madam.
Lawyer sir, we are from army family.
My husband Anwar died
fighting at the border.
For his bravery and
sacrifice government..
..had given us 16
acre land for farming.
But a builder has forcefully
captured that land.
He has taken control of it.
My son-in-law raised his
voice but they dragged and took him.
This is injustice.
Didn't police do anything?
Police, MLA and others
are scared of him, lawyer sir.
No one did anything but I will do.
Please give me the file.
I will drag them to court.
What is his name?
His name is Masood Pehalwaan.
Take this file, sister.
Look, not only me but no
one will file a case against Masood.
Please forgive me.
We had come with great hope.
Look, I cannot do anything..
Please brother, save my husband.
There is one such lawyer.
Get up sister.
Only Sripati can help you.
He does not like to go to court and
does not have the habit of arguing.
But only he can help you.
By going in the court
he has just not won any case.
But outside the court
he has never lost.
The reason behind this is his son.
Even terror is scared of him.
From where a man
loses he justice starts.
He does not wait for
the decision of the court.
Straight away he punishes.
Once he takes the case in
his hand then whether it is CM, PM..
..PM, ISI, he does not spare
anyone who goes against law.
He is caretaker of the society.
There is no need to worry.
My son's entry means
problem for these hooligans.
Who are you?
Hey, who are you?
Oh God. This is going to be dangerous.
What will happen of the now?
Brother, these people are not
scared of God. They will kill him.
You are thrashing me.
Do you know what my name is?
Whatever is your name
but could you save yourself?
Could you stop from being thrashed?
You will have to pay for
the sins that you have committed.
Wounds and pain are not
dependent on name and fame.
I will go against all injustice.
And anyone who goes
against law I will..
Thank you..
- Sister there is no need for this.
Don't worry at all.
Son, I hope you are not hurt.
Nothing has happened.
Even if you have been
hurt you will not tell me.
Can anything happen to me, uncle?
Jai Prakash,
just to help people and for progress..
..of the village you took
voluntary retirement from job.
I am so proud of you.
Why have you come here?
Umapathi, I want the village should
enjoy the benefits of my experience.
It is getting difficult to stop the
murders that are taking place every day.
I hope that being a
CS you will surely help me.
What did you say, murder?
Who is getting it done?
Vairam Dhanush.
Yesterday he killed their father.
I don't know when
will these killings stop?
What is his problem after all?
Look at this. Here..
In Haredand this is farming land.
For thousands of families this
is the means of living and earning.
But they want to lay down
pipelines for oil refineries.
They have taken crores of
rupees as advance from oil companies.
They want to buy farming land.
The farmer is ready to
sacrifice some of his land.
There is no problem
if there is development.
Make road, hospitals, school
and airports and many such things.
With these things the
village will progress.
The future generations
will benefits from this.
They are ready to leave their homes.
But progress work
should take place there.
Why should people give their land
to those companies which are selfish?
If we agree to them
then the environment..
..of the village will get polluted.
The sad thing is that the son of
CM is supporting these oil companies.
And just because of this
no one wants to help us.
I cannot do anything in this.
I would suggest you
stay away from that man.
Do you think people
are quiet because of CM?
That is not the case.
The real power is
in the hands of the CM.
The information that you have come
here would have reached him by now.
He is not a king but a king maker.
Don't worry. I will do whatever I can.
Think about yourself
and not the public.
Have you thought something
about your daughter?
She I a child without a mother
and her responsibility is on you now.
I just hope we find a good boy.
Okay, come home with me.
I am sorry. Today I have come
with him. I shall come some other day.
Tell me, how is sister-in-law?
Idiot, fatty I will see that
she loses weight and becomes sensible.
Hey, my child you are here.
Hey grandmother, what are you cooking?
Can't you see I am making breakfast?
If you are making breakfast
then add some sambhar also.
Shall I put poison too
so that I get rid of you as well.
Whatever you may say but Sambhar
has no comparison. It is the king..
And you are the queen of the witches.
My dear, I am going to office.
Hey lazy fellow, did you cover your
eyes when you had gone to see the girl?
He would have liked
the color and the weight.
And you brought this girl home.
You are still luckier than me.
What problem do you have?
I had kept a condition that I don't want
a selfish grandmother in the house.
When I came here and saw
you I had decided not to marry here.
If you had decided then
why did you get married?
He lied to me.
What lie did he tell?
Grandmother, he might fight outside..
..but he always offers prayers
as if he has won a battle.
Speak softly otherwise
she will thrash you.
Ganesh is son of my elder son.
But they both consider
him as their son.
Just because their love
for him does not lessen..
..they did not have their own child.
Oh God..
Tel me one thing.
A lawyer fights a case in the
court and gets justice for his client.
You take up a case
but d not fighting a case.. the court and
make him fight outside..
Brother that case was different.
Yesterday you thrashed a contractor.
- He had illegally taken over a land.
He is not an ordinary man.
I was doing a noble deed.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.
Take this son.
Everyone listens to me outside
but no one listens to me in the house.
You are making hi eat sweets.
He will become fat.
You will become and not he.
Drink this as you have just done a fight.
- Thank you, aunty.
He is serving him as
if he has done a great job.
What happened?
What can I say as
to what has happened?
I asked him to become
IAS but he refused.
Then I asked him to
become CA bust he said..
..that he has no interest in accounts.
Then I asked him to do law but
that also he could not do properly.
Brother, he got the degree.
- So you think he did a good job.
He went into military
and won many medals.
But just five minutes before
the promotion he left the job.
Military fights with
enemies from outside.
But the country has
become worst from inside.
Someone will have to correct it.
I will do it.
Have you gone mad?
- Excuse me sir.
Here comes another one.
- Oh no!
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Do I need to tell you
in a different language?
Greetings, greetings
So Padma, you have come.
Come, I will make you eat Sambhar.
You have come at the right time.
For last 10 years you are
seeing this drama free of cost.
If you make a donkey eat grams for
25 years he will not become a horse.
Can anyone inflate a punctured tyre?
Such is his condition.
Even if you give him book in the
exam hall he will not be able to pass.
If you water mud then
it will just be dirty.
Till the potter makes it
into pot it will spread dirt.
I am a follower of google so
that is why I keep track of everyone.
And I automatically speak the truth.
You continue. It does not affect him.
Sir, please don't say that
he is useless. He will feel bad.
Especially when he is really useless.
Some stubborn people
do not feel bad as well.
Don't feel bad. You are lucky
that your son respects you a lot.
Just 3-4 days ago he was smoking 15th
or 16th cigarette outside my house.
He saw your car coming and he
threw the cigarette that very moment.
And in a filmy style blew
off the cigarette with his foot.
By lucking basil leaves from
garden he started chewing like a goat.
Then he came in front of you. To hide
the odor he had eaten basil leaves.
Look child,
there is a Buddha temple here.
Lord Buddha has one hand on the
stomach and second towards the sky.
Do you know what
the meaning of this is?
If you do not keep any
secret then you are dead.
Absolutely right.
Your son knows how to
explain things with signs.
Stop cracking jokes and
learn something from uncle.
Sorry sir. I am not that great.
I have some work in Ooty.
I have to do a survey there
and make a report on buffaloes.
I have brought my wife but please
keep her away from even his shadow.
I will leave after meeting her.
What is the matter, Padma?
Why are you so sad?
Just because your
husband is going on tour.
Hey, he is not a child like Mahesh.
He is an old man now.
He has become wrinkled
and has become bald too.
Whether he stays at home or out..
..but why are you wasting
your youth because of him.
Listen to me.
That old man can die anytime.
Why don't you find anyone else?
She is insulting me.
Don't speak like this.
My husband is like God to me.
Are you mad? I am not asking
to take divorce from that old man.
All I am saying one in
the house and one outside.
Oh no!
Eat less otherwise you will become fat.
- It is not good to insult your son.. front of anyone.
It will dry up.
- Ganesh, come here.
Yes, father.
Do you know Jai Prakash uncle?
Do you remember anything?
He was an IAS who took
voluntary retirement.
He has a daughter.
Go with your uncle to see that girl.
Father, I will not go. You all go.
I am sending you so that
the girl sees you and chooses you.
Your consent is not necessary.
Again an insult.
Why are you taking tension, brother?
Our Ganesh will surely
create a scene there.
What nonsense are you talking?
Of course grandmother.
No one will like our Ganesh.
He is a rejected piece.
Isn't it?
Why are you so angry?
They say that they
want the girl's consent.
What is the drawback in you?
You just have small eyes
but how does that matter.
Without seeing in each other's
eyes doesn't anyone fall in love?
Salman Khan is Mr.
Perfect but did he get married.
Why did you stop the car?
Where is the beauty?
She is beautiful.
No, no she has broom in her hand.
She must be from an NGO
- Which NGO?
She is from municipality.
- Municipality has maintained well.
Do you know that your grandmother
is of opposition party?
Idiot, stupid, you got a daughter-in-law
who has broom in hand.
That is why I had sent you with him.
Uncle, I think she has gained
too much fame with cleanliness.
How can you say that?
- Look at her necklace?
It is not gold but it is artificial..
Gana..where has he gone?
But the girl is
absolutely pure, uncle.
The royal family is waiting for us.
We are not royal people.
They needed the approval of the girl.
I have fixed this one with the broom.
These are case papers.
What is the matter?
The matter is very simple.
I love you.
Do you know my file?
Ma'am here..
Ma'am here..
Excuse me madam,
why are cleaning the road?
These cleaners day and night
work hard and keep the city clean.
Inspite of so much hard
work their salary is so less.
I tried a lot so that people
could notice this but all went waste.
After that I had to adopt this method.
Even you all do something
through media and social media.
You are doing work
just like your father.
Always remain happy.
- Always remain happy.
Did you understand anything?
I am MLA of this area.
Then it is your duty to do this.
What did you say?
- We have made you MLA.
Don't you think you
are speaking too much?
Did I say anything wrong?
I have got pink belt once
and golden belt twice in karate.
In just one punch I can thrash you.
So this is the secret of your figure.
What did you say?
Look, even you will
fall in love with me.
- Yes.
With this meeting of
ours you will be interested.
Then you will become curious about me.
You will be in tension
thinking day and night about me.
Then you will trace out my nm end
telephone number and then my address.
Then there will be
chasing and some fighting.
In that fighting
I will become injured.
Then you will come,
open the door and hug me.
You will say that you are
sorry and love me very much.
I cannot live without you.
Marry me.
- Loafer.
Do not speak dialogues
of movies of South.
Otherwise I will kill you.
You try to thrash me
and I will try to woo you.
Sweetheart, thank you.
Because of your father I became a
minister. Tell me how can I serve you.
You had promised to give
me tender worth 500crors.
But you gave that
contract to someone else.
You did not do a good thing.
How much bribe did you take?
Your father had asked me
to give tender to that company.
Sir business Prasad
Kumar and his son have come.
Don't ask him to sit.
- Sir.
Keep those rascals standing?
- Okay.
I have to go for a press meeting.
Next time you will get the tender.
Shall I go?
Will you listen to my father?
I am the king maker here.
- Hi.
Sit down.
Have you come for
rape and murder case?
Yes, I have come for that.
Did you do the rape?
- Yes sir.
Did you do alone or in group?
I did it alone, sir.
Why did you kill?
So you tried to be smart.
I, that..
I don't have time for your nonsense.
If you waste my precious time then
I will spoil your life. Understood.
One minute.
Tell him.
- Bye, take care.
Leave me, please.
Sir, she is dead.
Hey, if she is dead
then let us bury her.
Come on hold her.
How did the matter leak?
I do not know who gave
this information to the media.
Media can come to know everything.
If someone does a good deed..
..then they will publish
on the last page in a corner.
But if someone teases a girl..
..then they will telecast it
again and again in the news channel.
And by exaggerating they
will make it block buster news.
By showing it again and again
they will make it international news.
There was a time when
you could see news with family.
Now even A certificate
should be put on that.
I have heard that you have
300 acres of land in Vijawada.
Do you still own
it or you have sold it?
It is with me.
I have not sold it to anyone.
Good. Your work is done.
You can go.
- Thank you.
Just take out the details of the case.
Your father had paid
my daughter's college fees.
College was far away from
home so we had kept her in hostel.
She had gone out to
take medicine at night.
What did she know that..
She was raped and killed.
By giving punishment to those rascals
my daughter will not come back.
But people will at
least have faith on law.
I shall help you
completely in this case.
You will surely get justice.
Today if my father
would have been alive..
..then even he would
have done the same thing.
Mr. Moorty.
- Yes madam.
Call up the lawyer immediately..
..and gather all the
evidence related to this case.
The culprit should be punished.
You don't worry.
Did everything go off well?
Done. Absolutely smoothly.
Our welcome was amazing.
The girl was well dressed
when she came in front of me.
She is very beautiful, father.
My grandson became victorious.
Here, eat this sweetmeat.
Do you know I went
to meet her at night?
Hi Lakshmi.
- Why did you call me here?
Tell me, what do you do?
Not much but for sure
do fighting twice a day.
That means you do not earn anything.
Why should I earn? I get money
from home for gambling and drinking.
Why should I do hard work?
Why should I take
tension of income tax?
This means you are totally useless.
Yes 100%
And your job is just to fight.
- Yes. It is just my hobby and not job.
A stupid girl would select
such a useless candidate.
She recognized you
absolutely correctly.
You are this way only.
I had told you that he will go and
see the girl and she will reject him.
And he will get insulted.
Hey, your fat sister
Radha be for Ganesh?
The girl is healthy and
the pair would look good.
My sister is so good
and he is useless.
I will not let my sister marry him.
I will not let this marriage
take place. Understood.
How dare you speak
nonsense about my son?
What is the drawback in him?
He is all in one.
Don't bother about anyone. You
will find many if one rejected you.
Find someone beautiful than her.
Forget her.
She was a witch.
Promise me that you will find
a fairy like daughter-in-law for me.
It is okay if she is dark complexioned
but she should not be fat.
Gana, the world may agree to this
or not but you are really creative.
When did you come to know about it?
After hearing the false
story about the girl.
If I would have told the truth then
he would have thrashed me with broom.
Which is this place?
Why is there so much rush here?
This is MLA's house so
naturally it would be crowded.
This means this is the house
of the girl who had broom in her hand.
- Do you want to die?
If you have to see heaven
then you will have to die, uncle.
You want heaven and
for that is should die.
If you have decided to
sacrifice me then move ahead.
All his papers..
Why is this loafer here?
I want to meet MLA.
Madam is in press meeting.
You cannot meet her.
Hey, madam is my girl friends.
She has called me.
I have never seen you before.
Hey fatty,
have you ever seen your kidney?
- Have you seen your liver?
- You must have seen your heart.
If you have not seen your heart..
..then how will you see
my name written on madam's heart?
On my heart?
Our love is quite old.
We used to go to same school,
eat in same plate, slept on
Brother Javed
- Madam..
Let him come inside. Do not stop him.
- Come.
- Did you understand?
What did you understand?
- You both do together.
You will surely progress.
- Thank you.
We used to eat in one plate
and slept on the same bed.
When did this happen?
Wow! What a style?
How dare you come here?
Who are you?
Do not underestimate me. I am the MLA.
She is too much.
Our area is dirty
so come and broom once.
Here is the complaint letter.
Do not unnecessarily feel proud.
You go. The work will be done.
Oh yes. I forgot to
tell you the main work.
What about our love affair?
- Should I consider it a yes?
Have you gone mad?
I am an MLA.
- Don't you have a heart?
- Doesn't a MLA have a heart?
Look, it would be good
if you find a girl of your level.
Look at my position and yours.
It is a simple logic. For an ordinary
girl 50 boys compete with each other.
In your case there is
no question of competition.
Just imagine that a
daughter of a business man..
..will not pay attention to
me if I am without a suit and tie.
Then why will I spend money for that.
So it is better to
woo an ordinary girl.
No one will try for her.
Look at yourself. You are an MLA.
24 hours you are surrounded
by police, press..
..bodyguards, car with red light.
Does anyone have
the courage to woo you?
If you remain alone then
you will become frustrated.
If I try for 4 days you
will also start liking me.
No competition.
- You
That rascal is saying that
I will start liking him in 4 days.
In fact I will thrash him.
Save my number and name on your heart.
You will surly call me.
Even if you don't call me
I have your number. I will call you.
If you are feeling shy then
message me I will understand.
Shut up.
- How much will you pour?
- Have you gone mad?
What are you doing?
Did you get it from
your parents' house?
If you eat sambhar then
your mind will remain cool.
Is it from your parents'
house that you are wasting?
Sambhar in idli, bread, chapatti,
and so much sambhar here as well.
Do one thing. Dip yourself
in a bucket full of sambhar.
Grandmother, if I take a bath
with sambhar then will become fairer.
Lazy fellow. What did you see
in her that you agreed to marry her?
Come here.
What is the matter, father?
Give me your phone.
What did you do?
I had just bought a new one.
What was the need to break the phone?
You have made my life hell.
In whose name is this sim?
In your name.
Who pays its bill?
You pay it.
If you trouble any girl by talking
nonsense then who will police arrest?
Of course you.
Senior IPS and IAS officers
of this state wait outside my room..
..just to talk to me.
But today a SP complained and asked
me to stop going around with girls.
You are married and
all this does not suit you.
Because of you he gave me lecture.
I was totally insulted by him.
Who is that unfortunate?
She is MLA of our area.
Didn't you find a girl who
was on a lower position than this?
You just wooed a
girl from the assembly.
It is really a matter
of happiness brother.
You keep quiet.
What is the meaning of these messages?
Which messages, father?
1, 2, 3today I am free.
4, 5, 6 my heart is fixed on you.
I copied from school book.
Come sweetheart in the garden and
I will make you eat delicious things.
What have you written?
I tried to write poetry.
Akkad, Bakkad bambe pao,
asee nabbe poore sau.
What nonsense is this?
- It is the ringtone of the alarm.
When will you accept me?
- Application of love.
Tell me when will you fall?
- Love..
When will you do?
- Phone..
I will not..
- Keep quiet.
Tell me one thing. Didn't
you find anyone else except a MLA?
If I marry a MLA then
my life will be set.
I will get a car
with red light for free.
Government home,
ticket for train will be free..
..and will also get a phone free.
I will get ration and
lecture for free, grandmother.
You will also be insulted for free.
How inauspicious he is
and at what time he has come.
Welcome sir.
Look son it is your personal
matter to woo a girl..
..but because of that
parents can get heart attack.
That even you can get.
It said..
[Regional language]
Do you know that?
If you worship a girl
she will tie rakhi..
..and if you woo
her she will marry you.
Is this the meaning, uncle?
Great sir.
His concepts of life are very clear.
One day I will clear him.
Learn some good values from uncle.
Sorry sir. I am not that great.
I finished my work in Ooty
ns now I have come to take my wife.
Enough. How much will you put?
- Padma..
Hey my husband has come.
I don't want to eat anything.
What has happened?
You are getting ready s
if a boy is coming to see you.
That baldy has come.
Don't say like that.
For me even today he is my hero.
He is not a hero.
He looks like a fool.
Now you will go home with
him and cook food for him.
Then he will eat
food and sleep soundly.
What else can you expect from him?
Why are you wasting your youth?
Hey fatty,
how much will you insult me?
Padma, shall we go home?
I got 8 crores
sanctioned for pipelines.
Now you will not have to go
here and there for drinking water.
The work for metro
will also begin soon.
Madam has a meeting
with press so you can leave.
MLA madam, I love you.
How dare he come here?
I am your true fan, madam.
I have got these flowers for you.
Where are you going?
Let him go. He is madam's lover.
They do everything together.
I will tell you the details later.
Let him come.
Just like you even he is my fan.
Yes, she is right. I am her fan.
You all leave. Madam is great.
Will you kill me?
What is your name?
- Ganesh alias Gana.
What do you do, Ganesh?
As of now I am wooing you.
Don't you think you are over frank?
I was even more frank
than this in childhood.
What did you say?
- Why didn't you meet me in childhood?
Why are you following me like a dog?
Why? Don't you do the
same while asking for votes?
Different people have different
interests. Demand and supply.
Oh! Have I won just because
of your one vote, rascal?
Each vote is precious.
Have you forgotten that you had
come to our colony and promised us?
When did I come there?
You had come. Didn't you come to
Shastri colony during last elections?
Yes I had come.
You had come in an open jeep.
Yes, so what?
You had said dear public.. didn't you?
I would have said.
You had even given flying kiss.
You had said that you all are mine.
Didn't you?
Yes, so what?
- So from that day I am yours.
Hey, did I say it personally to you?
I don't know all that
but I took it personally.
- Everyone is looking at you.
I will take you to task later.
Idiot, stupid, loafer..
MLA madam..
..I Love you.
I will thrash you with slippers.
I am your biggest fan. Kill me.
We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice..
- He has done rape so he should be hanged.
We want justice. We want justice..
We want justice. We want justice..
We want justice. We want justice..
My work for today is over.
Shall we go?
Uncle, I want to file a case.
On whom do you want to file a case?
On that MLA.
Will you file a case on that MLA?
- Yes.
Why doesn't she attend my call?
Is this any reason?
If a case can be filed
for a stolen cycle..
..then why not on her
as she has stolen my heart.
I have to file a case.
- No law is applicable to this.
Will you kill him? Go away.
Get up and go.
Arrest Virendra.
Arrest Virendra.
- What is the matter?
We want justice, we want justice..
What is MLA doing here?
Today on 28th January
the final hearing.. going to take place
of Mahima rape and murder case.
The public is protesting outside
the court in support for Mahima.
Now we have to see whether the court
punishes Virendra or relieves him.
Because Virendra is business
man Prasad Kumar's son.
We want justice, we want justice..
- Down! Down!
- Down! Down!
Arrest Virendra.
What is Dhanush's men doing here?
Arrest Virendra.
Arrest Virendra.
Madam, our lawyer
has still not arrived.
Arrest Virendra.
Arrest Virendra.
- Silence.
Mr. Moorty,
why hasn't lawyer come till now?
I have called him many
times since morning..
..but he is not receiving my calls.
His house is also locked.
Even relatives do not
know anything about him.
I do not understand where has he gone?
..MLA seems to be in tension.
Come on.
Greetings sir.
It is time for the hearing.
Why hasn't your lawyer come till now?
I do not know sir.
Then you will produce
evidence from your side.
Lawyer has the entire evidences sir.
There is no lawyer and evidences.
In this way you are wasting precious
time of the court and nothing else.
That is why I am dismissing this case.
- Excuse me, sir.
Sir, please grant me leave of absence.
I cannot give you that authority.
A lawyer is needed.
Uncle, get up.
You will fight the case.
Get up.
What nonsense are you talking?
It has been decided so
make the official announcement.
But how will I start.
Ask for leave of absence.
And what about the evidence.
Evidence. They can be arranged.
It is my job to get
evidence and witnesses.
Come on.
Your honor.
My name is Sripathi.
I take over this case.
Please grant leave of absence.
Do you have any evidence?
On what basis will you fight?
Let him fight the case.
Let him fight the case.
Let him fight the case.
Hang Virendra.
Arrest Virendra.
Hang Virendra.
- Silence.
Objection your honor.
What do you need in any case?
You need evidences and witnesses.
You will get justice. But when?
When the crime is proved.
But just by making
headlines in newspaper or.. becoming breaking news on TV..
..or by shouts of people
and support of one MLA..
..a decision of the case
cannot be made, Judge sir.
Judge sir, if rape is done at night..
..then a girl cannot be
six months pregnant the next day.
Even you know this.
You are calling it rape.
The day the rape was done
she was six months pregnant.
Here is the postmortem report.
The girl was characterless.
Not once but ten times the girl was
arrested by constable from hotel room.
Come sir.
This is absolutely right sir.
We arrested her ten times.
But she requested us
not to tell her parents'.
That is why we complained only once.
Sir, please don't do this.
She was my daughter.
Do not put wrong allegations on her.
I beg of you.
My daughter was very nice.
We will take this case back.
Hey, the court does
not work according to you.
Did you see judge sir..
..when the secrets
started getting revealed..
..then they started
shedding crocodile tears.
They had a special reason to trap him.
My client is a business man.
Icon of young generation.
The entire family made a plan
of blackmailing and looting my client.
And when he did not get
trapped they harassed my client.. giving him threatening calls
day and night of filing a rape case.
Their daughter was in prostitution.
He wanted to blackmail Virendra
and get a good amount of money.
All evidences also say the same.
This is not just my
claim but the only truth.
This girl is a shame to the society.
Who knows that her parents
must have forced her to do this?
This is the dirt of the city.
Such people have no right
to live in the society, judge sir.
To waste the time of the court and put
wrong allegations on an honest man..
..the court holds you a criminal.
The case is dismissed.
Come on.
It's okay, child.
Sir.. sir..
What have you done?
My daughter was not characterless.
- Nothing will happen to you.
Uncle, get the jeep ready.
We will go to the hospital.
Uncle, start the car.
We will have to save him.
Hurry up, uncle.
Start the car, uncle.
We have to take him to hospital.
- Hurry up!
Nothing can happen now.
- Why?
He is no more.
He is dead, son.
- He is dead.
Lawyer, parents' of Mahima
has committed suicide.
Don't you think the decision
of the court is wrong?
How dare the judge
give a decision against us?
Law works according to rich people.
We bought the judge,
by given him money.
Uncle, hold him. What did he say?
Nothing, let's go from here.
- I'm telling you..
What did he say? We don't
want to get involved in all this?
What did he say, uncle?
Try to understand that
they are Dhanush's men.
I am saying that he is Dhanush's men.
- Dhanush.
We should not get involved with them.
Try to understand what I am saying.
They are Dhanush's men.
You have won the case
so why have you come here now.
I have brought the papers
of the land you had asked for.
Get two cups of coffee. Come with me.
Why did you take just 250
acres of land out of 300 acres?
I did not understand this.
Remaining 50 acres is for my watchman.
How did this happen?
Hey, youth icon you have
got the license to rape.
Now do whatever you wish to.
Rest I will take care of.
Love you brother.
- Enjoy.
Let's celebrate.
- Cheers.
Hey, try this.
Hey, thrash him.
I will take care of the court.
That is called justice
which you get at the right time.
If the court does not
do it then I will do it.
Who was he?
Who was he?
You seem to be very enthusiastic.
I had 2-3 more drinks at
night so I am just trying to..
..get out of that intoxication.
That means you are still not
out of the intoxication of night. Why?
Hey Ganesh..
..where were you last night?
With my friends.
Listen, in 10 days
DGP is getting retired.. he is giving
a party in the evening.
He has asked me specially
to get you along.
Don't do any stupid deed there.
Who me?
He seems to be happy
because of the party.
Thank you.
Are all the arrangements proper?
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Greetings. How are you?
Thank you.
- I am fine.
Happy retirement.
Thank you so much.
- Hello sir.
Thank you.
- Where is Gana?
He is here.
- Sir. Congratulations.
How are you my brave man?
We will be right back.
- Okay.
Are you seeing, brother?
My son Gana seems to be close to DGP.
Not a big deal. Police and
hooligans are always very close.
Your father told that often you have
a fight with someone or the other.
I have heard that you
have killed Masood Pehalwaan.
He was a wrong man and you did right.
I am happy with your work.
That Pehalwaan was worth that.
Law has certain limits but not yours.
You can do anything.
But remember one thing.
Never get involved with
those people who are connected..
..with law and its system.
Their daughter was characterless girl.
What are you saying?
Try to understand that
they are men of Dhanush.
I am saying that they are Dhanush's men.
- Dhanush.
Welcome son.
Certain ministers
have come from Delhi.
So because of protocol it was
necessary for father to meet them.
That is why I have come.
No problem, Dhanush.
What did you say, rascal?
How dare you take my name?
I think along with job you
want to retire from life as well.
Where is Ganesh?
Find out about him.
Leave him, son. Let him go.
Gana, they are men of Dhanush.
- Gana..
MLA has come here.
- What?
Wait here. I will go and meet her.
You all..
- Hi.
Hi. Excuse me.
Yes, yes you may go.
You have come here too.
This is celebrity party.
Hello, even I am not
less than a celebrity.
I have come with invitation.
So your arrival has
made my heart throb.
What do you mean?
I was ready to be
in love and you came.
Why are you looking so sad?
After whatever happened
in the court yesterday..
I cut his feet..
- What?
I chopped of his feet.
You chopped off Virendra's feet.
For that there is system, law and court.
- What did your law do?
Could it save that girl?
Did her parents get justice?
What did you women organizations do?
Leave them.
You are MLA.
What did you do?
Leave it.
I do what is right but I will not do
what is wrong even if I have to die.
This is my rule. This is how I live.
I am not bothered
about living or dying.
I have done military training.
I strictly follow rules
whatever may happen.
What if they come to know the truth?
- I will kill them.
Don't you get bored roaming around
with senior citizens all day long?
I do get bored but what can I do.
Do you want to go to a pub?
Are you mad?
- Is it necessary to be mad to go there?
That is not the case.
Even I feel like having..
..a boyfriend and we go
on long drives like everyone else.
Even I feel like roaming, clubbing..
But I am a MLA.
Let me tell you something.
Come along if you are convinced
otherwise drop the idea.
Which idea?
Your grandfather was
a great freedom fighter.
In 1922 the tyranny of
British started increasing..
..and then he lifted the gun.
Am I right?
- Yes.
Even being married he had no children.
He fought against
the British all his life.
In 1947 when the country got
independence then he had 4 children.
That means even after
fighting the whole day..
..he would get time
to romance at night.
Hey, my grandfather was not such.
If your grandmother was
alive then she would be convinced.
She is getting impressed.
In DGP's party you scared me.
Don't worry uncle.
Oh God..
The rascal has come again..
- I will..
Have you come to meet father?
Hey Padma, you have come.
Come with me.
Bye, baldy brother-in-law.
Do you know the meaning
of 'Atithi Devo Bhava', son?
Thrash the guests
and send them to Gods.
When did you come?
1-1 minutes ago.
I was just giving tips
to Ganesh to be healthy.
But why?
Because the odor of alcohol
was reaching my house from his room.
He vomited yesterday
night in front of my house.
He will really progress.
- I will kill the rascal.
I will make him dip
in alcohol and kill him.
People drink to enjoy
and become relaxed.
You should not drink thinking
it to be your duty and responsibility.
Anyone please ask him to shut up.
There is only solution
for such people.
Get him married.
Who will marry him?
Leave that on me.
His horoscope will match
a dark complexioned, 10th std fail..
..walks with a limp and
has eloped from house twice.
How did she run if she was lame?
He is unemployed.
Both will play one legged game.
He will not get a MLA or collector.
Why will he not get?
She has straight from the assembly.
How come she is here?
Thank you so much for
agreeing to come here.
No, no it is okay.
If I select you then you are
selected otherwise you are rejected.
We have already selected her.
Tell me one thing.
You should have done stitching,
mehndi or beauty course.
Why did you do MLA course?
Actually I was studying in US aunty.
Suddenly father expired so
unexpectedly I became MLA aunty.
Oh God, her sambhar and
your English both are useless.
Don't you take bribe?
I don't take aunty.
Are your hair real
or you have put wig.
Grandmother will make
sure Hansika dyes her hair.
They are real.
Can you make Chinese food?
I can boil tea.
Just boil the tea and not me.
She will break the
relationship before it is tied.
Do you always wear Sari or have
you ever tried wearing two pieces?
I am more comfortable in Sari aunty.
Everything is fine. You are an MLA..
..and if you remain so
delicate then how would it work.
Aunty, it is an urgent call. Please.
Okay go and talk. But keep
it down before y mood gets off.
Grandmother is so irritating.
What did you say?
What are you doing grandmother?
If you scare her then
she will refuse to get married.
This was just a trailer but the picture
still remains, daughter-in-law.
Rascal, I will break your bones.
Will you open a beer bar
outside the girls college, rascal?
Don't try to fly so high?
I shall thrash you so badly that
you will incapable to do anything.
Are you tired of your life?
How dare you threaten
me of under world?
I am not scared of underworld.
You may call your don.
If within an hour
your shop is not closed..
Chhatri, my enquiry is going on.
I am getting angry
answering questions.
Let me finish with this first
and then with you. Keep the phone.
do you want to ask any more questions?
What more shall I ask
daughter-in-law, you are selected.
I like you.
Now she is on the right track.
We will have to be careful of her.
Sambhar is better than her.
There is no match to Sambhar.
-What happened, child?
I want to talk something
personal with you.
The thing is that uncle when
my father was going to become CM..
..then he unexpectedly passed away.
Everyone in the society respected him.
In the same way they
respect me as well.
MLA is a public servant, uncle.
I want to win the hearts
of people with my work..
..and not because of any fear.
I know he is a very nice man and
that is why I have come here uncle.
I wish that he should come
with me to the family God temple.
And he promises that he will
never ever engage in fighting.
It is very important
to understand each other.. make the relationship
of marriage strong.
She wants that I should
always follow her.
Oh no, idea drop.
- I will not be able to do.
Did you hear her condition?
She wants more of assistant than a groom.
- All are like this.
Stop it. What are you saying?
That girl is absolutely right.
- What right is she saying?
There is nothing good in fighting.
Get married soon
and have 2-3 children.
He will become grandfather and I will
become grandmother so it will be fun.
Will we have children also?
- I'm right.
No, no I will not be able to do.
I am not going to do.
I don't want to get married.
Don't say no.
don't try to run away from marriage.
Get married. She is a nice girl.
Don't make decision in haste.
- She is a MLA.
So he is trapped now.
[Religious Chants]
[Religious Chants]
- Yes.
What is all this?
So many handicapped people.
You are right.
-Tell me.
What are so any physical
challenged people doing here?
If you first make promise
to God and then break it..
..then you are sure to get handicapped.
- Oh God.
Come on now.
Now it is time to make a promise.
Come up.
Great priest, you recognized
the person who is trapped.
I have an experience of 25 years.
I am not born today.
I very well know when
and how things will happen.
I know detail of everything. Come on.
Come on now.
- Come.
Come child..
- Come..
Come on. Don't feel shy.
Otherwise the priest will run away.
What are you doing?
- Move forward.
Move forward, son.
Now repeat what I say.
- Tell me.
Today and from now..
- Today and from now..
In every condition..
- It's hot..
In every condition..
I will follow my wife to be..
My wife..
- What?
I will follow my wife to be..
I will never fight from today..
I will never fight..
Save us.
What has happened?
It's a terrorist attack.
Save our life.
What happened?
Where is Chotu?
- I don't know.
How come men of Dhanush are here?
Why are they thrashing her?
W have been able to trap
you after 4 days. Who will save you?
Be ready to die.
People offer animals
as sacrifice to Goddess.
I will offer you as sacrifice.
Play the drum.
The entire city should come
to know that I will sacrifice her.
Go, kill her.
Leave my hand.
I am asking you to leave my hand.
- Ganesh..
Didn't you hear me?
I understood everything.
I understood everything.
Control your fear.
Do you have faith in me?
Look, look into y eyes.
Look at me. Keep looking at me.
Don't be scared.
I will surely sacrifice her today.
Is she your father's property?
Come on. Just touch her and see.
Enmity with Dhanush will
cost you and your family a lot.
He will finish you all.
Thinking about enemies at border does
not cause turbulence in my blood.. much by the name of your Dhanush.
You are his hired men..
..but I am that king of
jungle who if steps into jungle..
..then no one can stand against me.
Janu is mine and you
better understand this.
No one can separate us.
Just touch her and
then see what happens.
Then whether it is you or
your Dhanush I will not spare you.
I was going to swear not to fight.
But today in front of
this Goddess I promise that.. a new battle will begin.
It is the beginning of the battle
between his power and my anger..
..his pride and my stubbornness.
Anytime, anywhere, anybody.
I am ready.
Tell me the entire matter, child.
Where did those people come from?
Why did those people want to kill you?
Ganesh had come to
see me in the village.
Uncle, after seeing MLA does
it make any sense going there.
If we do not go then
your father will get angry.
That is why we will have to go.
We will go there and tell them to
forgive us. We did not like the girl.
Often it breaks down. Idiot..
The groom's side must be reaching
anytime. I will disown you one day.
The jeep is coming and
I would request them for a lift.
Give me lift..
- Who is this joker?
Sir, please give me lift till further.
I will adjust at the back.
Thank you, brother.
By entering at the right
time you saved me from trouble.
If I would have got late then
I would never have been able to see..
..the groom who is supposed
to come and see my daughter.
If I would not have reached
then JP would get angry with me.
- You don't take tension.
The boy has not reached there.
What are you talking?
Why hasn't the boy reached till now?
The one who is driving
the jeep is the groom.
So, you are the one.
What body you have?
It is absolutely strong.
What is your name? I remember
it is donkey. It is a good name.
- What is there in a name?
You are young and handsome looking.
From my side it is a yes.
Till where you have studied, son.
I am illiterate.
There is no connection
between education and marriage.
You are absolutely fit.
It is fine with us.
He is too stubborn.
Uncle, being bad is not
having any effect on him.
He will make sure the marriage
takes place. - You are right.
If the bride's side is also
like him then we will lose the case.
That is not right, uncle.
You will have to do something.
What should be done?
- Tell me.
Please tell me if there
is a dance bar in this area.
I want to make my evening memorable.
Great. You are like us.
We will get along very well.
Which dance do you want to see?
Mujra, Lavani,
dance bar, cabaret or that of Mumbai.
Don't ask me but ask my father.
We will go wherever he says.
Is he more interested?
- Any doubts.
I understood.
Just like Amitabh and Abhishek
you want to do dance there.
Even I feel like watching dance.
In the nearby village
there is a dance bar.
That is not fine. It is
my in-laws house so I will dance.
If you will dance then
earth will start shaking.
We father and son
is dancers from birth.
If you pay the entire
bill then we can take you.
Why should I pay?
No one will dare to ask money from me.
Just promise me that you
both will dance well there.
I am expert in singing.
- And I dance well.
Are you speaking the truth?
- Absolutely.
Take left.
"I can't stop looking at your face."
"My night does not pass without you,
my dear."
"I can't stop looking at your face."
"My night does not pass
without you, my dear."
"Look here, slim young
and beautiful girl."
"Listen to me and don't
make my heart flutter."
Gana, the marriage
is cancelled for sure.
The old man is still in shock.
Uncle, uncle..
- Yes. Yes. seemed to be in shock..
..after hearing our
singing nd seeing our dance.
Give us the good news
that the marriage is cancelled.
Why will the marriage get cancelled?
No one would posses such
a talent in this entire district.
You have danced amazingly.
You shook the entire body.
I could not take eyes off you.
Listen son, the marriage is fixed.
- Is it fixed?
Once the nuptial
rounds are taken then.. both dance this
way in every marriage..
..function and opening
ceremony of bar.
What? We have lost.
Here drink coffee, son.
Here there is tradition of
coffee but we drink something else.
What are you drinking, son?
- Yes.
You should have this
with soda and snacks.
We have entire stock in our house.
- Oh God.
I did not know that villages
had progressed so much.
Son, this idea of yours has
also flopped. What will we do now?
We will have to think big.
What a six pack hunk you have found?
How much will they make us wait?
I feel like eloping with him.
You are already engaged.
If he agrees then I would
take divorce from my husband.
If I go on date with
him then my life will be set.
- What is it?
The astrologer has said that
an inauspicious time is going on.
You will not be able to
meet the bride for one more hour.
I hope you will not be tired.
- I will wait. You can go.
Keep waiting, brother-in-law.
she has fixed the marriage as well.
So wait for another hour now
to hear the decision of the girl.
What will we do for an hour?
Will we sing religious songs?
Uncle, let us make this
inauspicious moment auspicious.
Let's go and see the girl now.
100% the marriage will break.
Come on.
They have called us to meet them and
a conference meeting is going on here.
Son, just wait for
two more minutes out.
I am waiting for long.
Where is JP uncle?
Greetings brother. - Sir, father
had asked me to meet your daughter.
But someone told me outside
that the time is inauspicious.
Actually I want to leave early so can
I meet the girl or shall I go back.
She is not here so
how will you meet her.
What do you mean?
- I will tell you clearly, son.
He has been punished
for helping all of us.
An oil company wants to illegally
capture our land to lay a pipeline.
He went against them.
That is why he is in trouble.
Just to scare us they
use different means every day.
But he did not bow down.
When they got the news
that you are coming here..
..then they kidnapped their daughter
and kept her at Obul Reddy's place.
Now how can we tell you this?
- Enough..
Look son,
let us finish this proposal here.
If we take one wrong step then we will
have to suffer severe consequences.
Our enemy is not an ordinary fellow.
He does not believe in any law. To
kill someone is just a game for him.
Tell father that you
did not like the girl.
Don't tell anyone that
her life is in danger.
Sir please,
there is no need to say anything.
There will be no
problem from our side.
- What is the report?
We have kidnapped the girl, sir.
It has been 6 hours but
there is no response from there.
This means they have still
not given up despite the kidnapping.
Kill the girl.
Only then he will agree.
Uncle, I hope I am not looking drunk.
No one gets drunk by having 7-8 pegs.
Who are you?
I was finding Mr. Reddy's residence.
Does Bulbul Reddy stay here?
There is no Bulbul Reddy
here but Obul Reddy stays here.
He is my boss.
Actually I had come
from city to see a girl.
I came to know that the girl is here.
Let me meet her once
and then I will leave.
Don't try to be very smart.
Just leave from here.
Sir, I think you do
not understand my problem.
If I see the girl
then you will thrash me.
And if I do not meet the
girl then father will not spare me.
What will father do?
Firstly father will turn me like this.
So much anger. Will you talk
to father in such a loud tone?
He is very much scared of his father.
- Yes, come on. Come on.
Let's sit and watch the show.
- Yes, come on.
Weapon? How dare you
show weapon to your father?
Have you grown so big?
Have you grown so big?
Do you know how much will
mother be hurt? It is very wrong.
You should not have used a weapon.
- Hey..
Wow! How good his aim is?
He has many more talents like this.
- Really.
Why is that thing in your hand..
..which should be around
the neck of the buffalo?
How dare you speak in between?
- I will kill you.
You spoke in between.
When two elderly people are talking
then why you did talk in between.
Did I bring you up for this day?
It is really enjoyable.
I would have bought this
ticket in black for this show.
Just watch what happens further.
- What are you talking?
You had gone to see the girl
and you came without seeing her.
Papa.. - You do not
do whatever I ask you to do.
How dare you do not listen to me?
Daddy, daddy I am sorry daddy.
- Who daddy?
Forgive me, daddy.
- You call your father, daddy.
Will you call me daddy?
Aren't you ashamed?
Will you speak in English?
English medium.
You have studied in municipality
and still speak English. - Sorry.
Sorry, I didn't knew. - Once
you get thrashing you forgot English.
You do not know how to speak Hindi
and you want to speak in English.
Daddy, father, papa, Pops..
I do not where has he
learnt these things from?
Who else wants to learn English here?
Save us.
Save us.
What happened?
- Father is hitting people outside.
Who is he?
- He is father..
..and will kill you also.
- Move aside.
How dare you thrash my men?
Who is Obal Reddy here?
Tell me. Where have hidden him?
Where is he?
Who is he?
- He, he..
Tell me quickly otherwise,
I will keep o beating him.
Listen daddy,
he has gone to the washroom.
Listen, now everyone go upstairs
and get the girl ready nicely.
I want to meet her. Come on go.
I have come to see the girl for the
first time so leave no stone unturned.
Otherwise, I will thrash you.
- No.
I am calling you, idiot.
Come here.
- Yes.
Obul, who Obul?
Obul, if you write it in
such big letters on your hand..
..then even a blind man will read.
When the time is bad
then what will God do.
Do you know the meaning of this?
You mean band.
- Yes.
No idea.
I will give you the idea.
You get the girl.
Okay, I will get her.
Amazing. After seeing you
fighting I am feeling so proud.
Whether it is dance or fighting there
is no one who can compete with you.
From childhood till now,
I have not seen a piece like you.
This relationship is final now.
Just do the formality
of seeing the girl and say yes.
It is confirmed that
girl will like me.
Absolutely sure.
Janu, you are gorgeous.
Shall I say something? I feel
like staring at you continuously.
I forgot to tell you.
Your father JP and my father UP.
That means Umapathi.
Both were classmates.
My uncle and I are glass mates.
I had come here to see
I had come here so that you see me.
Janu, there is a small issue.
I will set it in two minutes.
The ladies of the house
take care of the girl.
There are no women here.
Uncle, isn't it looking better now?
One by one give your introduction.
Son-in-law, I am the girl's mother.
Don't get so much into character.
Don't touch her.
Where is father-in-law?
What did you say? Father's character.
I have not got married.
There is a technical fault.
Son-in-law is in form. Become daddy
in front of him. Go and get ready.
No problem. I am ready. I
will just get into the character now.
So now Reddy has become daddy.
Father-in-law, tell me something
about your daughter. - Yes.
You mean to say qualities.
- What else?
When my daughter
laughs winter arrives.
When she smiles it starts raining.
When she gets angry summer arrives.
I am asking you about your daughter
and you are telling e about seasons.
Tell me your daughter's education,
talent and hobbies.
I don't know.
What is her age?
- I do not know.
What is her name?
- I do not know.
How many languages does she know?
- I don't know.
What kind of a father are you?
- How will he know?
He kidnapped her today.
Why are you holding your dhoti?
It has opened.
- What?
The dhoti has opened.
- Take care of your dhoti and sit down.
Father-in-law, you are ugly
nut your daughter is beautiful.
This relationship is fixed.
Uncle, just talk
to them about the dowry.
In dowry we need papers of the land.
Where did this dowry come from?
I am not going to give anything.
You keep quiet.
We have got such a nice son-in-law,
he will keep our daughter happy.
Give them whatever
they are asking for.
I will not give.
If you will not give then I will
give her all my clothes and jewelery.
He has seen the girl.
He is going to get married
but I am not going to give dowry.
Do you want logic?
Uncle, while entering I had
become father so let's do the replay.
Only then he will understand.
- Okay.
Listen, son-in-law is coming
into form again. Do something quickly.
Give him.
Stop giving reaction
and start doing action.
This is not hard earned money.
We have earned this by stealing.
First time we did kidnapping
and we had to see this day.
We have been thrashed just
because of you but not anymore.
Give him the money.
I bless you my child.
It is time to go.
Let's take their leave.
Without marriage how will
I bid my daughter farewell?
Okay, who said marriage
did not take place.
Look, I have held her hand and
from today I consider her as my wife.
Come on, Janu.
One, two, three, four..
..five, six and seven.
We have walked seven steps
together so now we are married.
Come on let's go home.
Your daughter is leaving your house.
Won't you cry?
So what lesson did we learn today?
If you kidnap a girl even
then you have to give dowry.
You are intelligent.
Come on, child.
These are the papers of the land that
the hooligans had illegally captured.
Keep it safely.
Everything has been done by my nephew.
Sir, if there was anyone in your
place then he would have bowed down.
I appreciate your courage, sir.
They kidnapped your daughter.
She is daughter of my father's friend.
If something would have happened
to her then you would become sad.
And because of that my
father would have become sad.
And if father becomes sad..
..then I cannot control.
Sir, I do not let injustice
happen to strangers..
..then how could I see injustice
happening to my dear ones.
They had to be punished.
Sir, I wanted to ask something.
When you explained the
matter you had said that..
..there is someone behind Obul.
Do you know who he is?
What is his name?
- Son..
..actually the thing is that..
- Leave it.
Let him tell sir.
I will stay back for two more days
and solve the problem from the root.
Whenever I fight to get justice..
..then I take rest
only after achieving it.
Tell me sir.
- There is no problem now.
You solved the problem by
bringing my daughter back home.
Thank you for that.
If, if father calls then
do not tell him about the fight.
Tell him that your
daughter rejected me.
..if there is any problem
in life then Gana will solve it.
I will miss you. Take care.
Let's take a selfie. Come closer.
- Hey, selfie.. Selfie..
Let me see it.
I will see you soon.
- Bye.
Next time without a moustache.
- Bye.
I will surely come next time.
- Please give me a hug.
Okay, take care.
- Please give me a hug.
Now I will have to go. Bye.
- Bye.
What happened, daughter?
Father, with whom I will
marry he will take care of me.. my husband. He will protect me.
But without any relationship
he saved my life.
I want to marry him, father.
I will talk to Umapathi
about marriage of you both.
In this entire area people
do not dare to look into my eyes.
He alone thrashed us
and took away the girl.
He said that it was good if we stayed
away from the people of this area.
What is your problem with me?
I do not have any problem
with you but with your plan.
Very little land is left for farming.
There is quite a lot of
infertile land in the city..
..that can be used
to lay down the pipelines.
Even then why are you after our village?
- Hey, don't change the topic.
I have never ever taken
away anyone's right.
I offered land in exchange of land.
I offered money to you
but even then you refused.
That is why to put pressure
got your daughter kidnapped.
And you got my men thrashed.
If I lose my temper then the
accident is surely to take place.
- Listen to me.
This was just a small teaser.
I will kill everyone here.
Tell me who was he.
Your silence will kill the villagers.
Who was he?
Open your mouth otherwise
I will thrash you.
Don't you want to remain alive?
Are you a human being or a demon?
Do you want to know who he is?
He is a real man.
Real men do not raise
hands on weak people.
If you have courage
then fight with him.
He will not spare you.
You take help of 50 hooligans
but he kills 50 hooligans alone.
This proves that you are
not a man but he is the real hero.
Run child, run from here.
Tell me his name.
Brother Dhanush, I request
you to forgive him. Let him go.
Don't kill him.
- Tell me his name.
Spare him.
Tell me his name.
Where is your hero?
Look, she is a child.
Leave her. Let her go.
Who was he?
Father, what has happened?
- Child..
Run away from here.
No father.
Run, child. Run.
Run away from here.
- Father..
Go to Ganesh.
Ganesh.. Go, go to Ganesh.
Go child, run..
Father, father..
Where will you escape?
Surround the entire area.
If someone asks then chop the head off.
- Yes.
Hey, get the car. Get the car.
Don't spare her.
Drink water, child.
Don't cry. Drink water.
I am hungry.
I have not eaten anything
since last four days.
I thought that I would
die without meeting Ganesh.
Come with me, child.
- Keep quiet.
Come child.
Be careful.
I had thought that I have
solved the problem, father.
But unknowingly, I increased it.
I had asked him that
who is behind all this.
He did not tell me.
I wanted to do something
right and it became wrong.
Now, I will do wrong
and get everything right.
Look at the condition of that girl.
I can understand her pain.
I have lost my friend
but the truth is that.. one can arrest Dhanush.
When a celebrity sneezes
it becomes breaking news.
But if a politician burns an area..
..even then media
does not do anything.
But you will have
to finish this system.
If you do not control it then
the entire country will be destroyed.
It is of no use going to IPS or IAS.
They will ignore it.
These people take undue
advantage of power and system.
And that is why they do
not hesitate to commit crime.
You and I cannot do
anything regarding this.
How will we save that
girl and this city from them?
There is no answer to it.
Seeing your reaction in the temple,
I misunderstood you.
But after hearing what that
girl said I feel you are right.
If you would not
have helped her today..
..then, it would
be a defeat of humanity.
Now, I have started
respecting you all the more.
You have proved that
humanity is still alive.
I am not worthy for you Ganesh.
You are made for her.
Her father's wish should be fulfilled.
Don't ever leave her
and not even the enemies.
If ever in life you
need help then remember me.
I am always there for you.
I want that girl at any cost.
Drink some coffee.
I don't want it uncle.
Don't take tension.
The treatment is going on.
Take it.
Tell me what your name is.
My name is..
- Janu.
Am I right?
I had heard your name in flashback.
Do you like sambhar?
She has started again.
If you eat Sambhar made by me..
..then you will never
need any medicine.
Sambhar is solution to every problem.
Actually sister-in-law feels
that sambhar can cure cancer as well.
Gana, just wait and watch.
If she eats sambhar made by me then
she will become zero figure like me.
She is laughing. Are you happy now?
Janu is mine. If you touch
her then I will not spare you.
Come on go and drink coffee.
Come on go now.
I hope you are happy now.
Everything will be fine now.
You will have some pain but
don't panic. There is no problem.
They are twins. In just one
hour the delivery will be done.
Is he your husband?
- Present, madam.
You mean husband or rubber band.
- That is me.
She is my wife. Personal.
I am responsible for this.
I have worked very hard for it.
Do you want something?
We have to operate her
and need your signature.
Is that the only thing?
Champakali, in one hour we
will become parents of two children.
I am out.
Okay, so after Ooty you have
come to hospital to do survey.
I am not that what you understand.
I am that only.
- We know everything.
I had just come here for work.
What made you come here?
We had to do someone's postmortem.
In front of father you
talk a lot of moral values.
Then what is this.
This does not come in
the category of bad habits.
- This is called change over.
Change over.
- Relaxation.
What happened about that Ooty trip?
Ooty for work and
beauty for relaxation.
When the time is bad
then what will God do.
It is a nice proverb.
Do you know the menaing?
You mean, I will be thrashed.
- Yes.
No idea.
- I will give you an idea.
You have such a beautiful wife.
Why do you such deeds?
Even if you have a beautiful wife..
..but it is more enjoyable
with the other one.
She is my wife but my
girlfriend is more beautiful.
Why are you giving
such a dirty expression?
Shall I tell you an open secret?
- Yes.
Wife is like a temple.
What is the enjoyment in that?
But girl friend is
alike a spa of the resort.
Mind and body relaxed.
The mood of the man
becomes absolutely fresh.
Thinking becomes creative
and mind becomes intelligent.
Sir, how do you manage your wife?
Wife? As soon s I enter
home she comes running to me.
Padma, the entire day
I was just thinking about you.
I have taken half day off
after being scolded by boss.
My dear, I am blessed to have you.
That is enough. She will be yours.
She will cook all
your favorite dishes.
Eat the sweet dish made
from bitter gourd as well.
I take little of every dish.
Padma, your cooking is magical.
That is enough.
She will love you a lot.
Darling, I will not be able to eat so
much but don't feel like wasting it.
You.. I will tell you
how food can be eaten quickly.
And then she will
eat everything quickly.
She becomes fat and I become fit.
She will sleep as
soon as she lies down.
And I go to my girl friend.
What if your wife
comes to know about it?
She is very dumb.
She will never come to know.
She is responsible for all this.
- Really?
Why are you so shocked?
Since last two years we
were not able to have children.. I asked her to
get ourselves checked.
She refused saying that she is fit.
She asked me get my tests done.
I got it done and became
successful with that beauty.
Double success.
Grand success.
You look to be very innocent
but you are actually a demon.
You are fool to judge people on looks.
You get to know the taste
only after eating something.
If she is intoxicating like
my Champakali or duplicate like Padma.
Women should be beautiful
and healthy like my Champakali.
Not just like my unfit Padma.
- Really?
Yes. - Sister-in-law Padma
he is saying that you are unfit.
What? How come you are here Padma?
From starting she is here.
Did she hear what all we talked?
- She heard every word.
Did you understand now?
He used to go to Ooty to have fun.
Why are you standing here now?
Thrash this rascal.
Save me, mother.
You said that I am unfit.
Do I look like one?
Beat him.. badly.
What did you say.. Tv?
You used to offer prayers
here and he used to enjoy there.
Thrash him. - I always
respected you as my husband..
..about you are a rascal.
Don't instigate her, fatty.
Wait.. let him go.
If you thrash him then he will die.
Go to hell.
She thrashed him well.
I have to learn a lot
from you in life, son.
Sorry sir, I am not that great.
Okay. Okay.
Get your tests done once again. Okay.
What is the use now?
You said that he was the real hero.
And I am not a man.
Where is he?
Will he come after you are dead?
Call him.
- There is no need for that.
Is he the one?
- Yes, he is the one.
Hey, do you wish to be my enemy?
It is old enmity. Not once
but I have defeated you many times.
After Mahima rape case
I had cut the feet of Virendra.
On the retirement function
of DGP I killed your man.
I thrashed your man Obul Reddy
and his men and set them right.
Every man of yours
has been thrashed by me.
Only you are left.
You cannot even touch me.
I am a dangerous brand.
I am Vairam Dhanush.
Brand, brand..
Made in Japan. Did it break or not?
Made in China. Did it break or not?
Made in America.
It has been crushed into pieces.
Brand is not of any importance
when you have to fight with someone.
You should have the power
and that is too much in me.
Do you want to see it?
I look stylish but if you get
cheated by that then you will regret.
You will regret a lot.
If you play with fire
then you will be burnt.
Come on, you do it.
I do not want to kill him so easily.
I want world to know about his deeds.
The way he has killed people
by torturing them just for land.
He should be severely punished.
Only then those people
will get justice.
You are right. Such an easy death.
He should suffer more.
I will not be at
peace till he suffers..
..the same pain that
he has given to people.
He has committed so many sins that
he will not even get place in hell.
Law will punish him.
Let's not waste 10-15 years till the
law punishes him. Let us decide now.
You did right.
He was lucky that is why he was saved.
I will kill him.
But he is a rascal.
You got scared.
Who can touch you when I am there?
Let's go.
Don't look at me otherwise
I will fall in love. Come on.
An unknown person attacked
CM's son Dhanush today morning.
Till now no one has come
to know that who is behind this.
Security guards have
been injured in the attack.
If CM's son is not safe
then the question arises.. to how the common
man will feel safe.
The police has filed
a case and efforts are..
..being made as to
who is behind this attack.
There is high alert in the state.
Who attacked you?
- I did it, sir.
I entered his guest
house and thrashed him.
He was lucky so he got saved.
Next time.
What did you do?
You should have not spared him.
You should have killed him.
What if he attacks again?
You are scared that he will kill me.
We will see whatever that happens.
I just need your help.
Whoever he may be but
how dare he touch you.
He does not know me.
Let me talk to the DGP.
A new revelation has been
made in Dhanush attack case.
DGP will update media about this case.
Sir, what happened
with Dhanush the other day?
He will insult m in
front of the entire world.
He will die.
What had happened there?
You will not believe
I am a great fan of Dhanush.
I am unemployed that is why my father
asked me to go and meet Dhanush.
So hoping that I would get
a job I reached Dhanush's guest house.
What is he saying Dhanush?
When I went there then that
great man was drinking fruit juice.
Wow! He is such a
health conscious leader.
I thought of falling at
his feet but I could not do it.
Now I will make sure that I hang
his photo and offer flowers every day.
When I talked about the job
then that great man asked my choice.
I was stunned.
He asked me where
I would like to work.
Will you work in Hitachi?
Made in Japan.
Will you work in Dragon Company?
Made in China.
Do you wish to work in apple?
Made in America.
He said that for doing a job power is
not required but brand is important.
You should always
be conscious about brand.
I became your fan, sir.
And then suddenly
just like advertisement..
..during a TV serial
some hooligans came.
What a scene it was.
They thrashed every man of Dhanush.
Their men wear one type of clothes.
Just like school uniform.
They thrashed them badly.
Such fighting does not
even take place in movies.
Amazing. Worth the money, sir
The whole world thinks Dhanush to
be a brave man. But it is wrong sir.
That coward fell at
their feet and apologized.
I will not die before I kill you.
Seeing him crying even
the mood of hooligans became off.
They went from there sir.
Can you recognize them?
I don't need to recognize them.
I have clicked their photographs.
Look, they had attacked.
Are you sure?
- 100% sure.
Sir, who are these people?
Did these people attack you?
I have killed these people.
He is playing a game.
Do you know the address
of these people?
They stay in a village nearby.
Then come along with me.
- Come on, sir.
If the police come to know your
truth then you will be behind bars.
What a game he has played? Great.
Stop praising him and call up the DGP.
Ganesh is talking the police
to the place where attackers stay.
We shall give you
news about every moment.
The police are quite fast.
I think police and media are together.
This planning has
been done in advance.
DGP is also with him.
Call up Obul Reddy. Ask him to
leave from there as soon as possible.
Pick up the phone, pick up the phone..
Don't spare anyone. Kill everyone.
If someone attacks
me then I will kill her.
Get back. Everyone get back.
Get back.
Yes, hold him.
Sir, arrest me.
I don't want to die sir.
Arrest me sir.
I will tell you everything sir.
Give me the mike, madam.
I will tell you what happened.
The truth is that..
Surround the entire area. If
anyone asks anything then kill them.
I did whatever Dhanush asked me to do.
Dhanush killed 21 people of this area.
I am ready to give
statement in the court.
Sir, please arrest me. Please.
You came at the right time, son.
Absolute wrong happened.
From today I am the son
of every mother of this village.
He will not be spared..
Uncle, even after so much has happened
will system and law support him.
Now it will be little difficult.
People of the state have
gone against CM and his son.
And in anger they are breaking
the property of Dhanush.
People have come on the roads
in protest in the entire state.
People are going against Dhanush.
Arrest Vairam Dhanush.
Arrest Vairam Dhanush.
- CM should resign.
CM should resign.
CM should resign.
Sir, party chief is on line.
Party chiefs.
I will not be spared now.
Hello sir.
- First listen to me.
Because of you the
party is getting insulted.
Immediately resign from the party..
..otherwise face the consequences.
- But sir..
Look sir, serving the country for
so many years what have I achieved.
I could not do anything.
Police department along with
entire system could not do anything.
But your son did it.
People of this state had no option
left then to oppression and tyranny.
But now everyone is awake.
Your son is perfect for such rascals.
Today I am going to retire.
It is the last working day of my job.
Today I have got a chance
to do the greatest work of my career.
Yes. You do not worry.
I will take care of everything.
You can go home.
Will you arrest me?
- Yes.
Oh no.. what has you done?
- Brother..
What is this?
- Hold on.
You very well know..
..that I am that demon who makes
his enemies reach their ultimate.
Even then you messed up with me.
Sorry sir.
Every hour one member
of your family will die.
No, sir.
Do you know what you have to
do if you do not want this to happen?
You will have to call Ganesh here.
Very good, father.
You know people in media.
Even we know few.
Do you know what would be
the breaking news of next hour?
Some terrorists attacked
DGP and he reached hell.
In this attack policemen
were also killed.
And unfortunately CS's
younger brother was also killed.
Who would be the witness
of these killings?
You will be the one.
Sir, please I have to
take him to the hospital.
Okay you can take him
but after you call your son.
Okay, call him.
Yes sir.
Yes father.
- Ganesh.
Listen; come to DGP's
office immediately.
I will come but why are you so tensed.
Come soon.
Father, father..
Father, hello..
Get up.
Go and take care of your brother. Go.
What are you staring at? Go.
Listen, take all of them
and lock them in a room.
He will come and then die.
My brother, what has happened to you?
Get up..
What has happened?
Uncle, Nothing will happen.
I will not let anything happen to you.
Nothing will happen.
I will not let you die.
Father, I will take
uncle to hospital..
Hey uncle..
No Ganesh, I beg of you.
Surrender yourself to them
Only then they will allow
taking your uncle to hospital.
Otherwise your uncle will die.
I will not let uncle die.
Nothing will happen.
Nothing. I surrender myself.
Just save uncle.
Take him to hospital.
Take him, father.
My brother.
We do not need a child. He is our son.
Wait for some time.
Even he is going to die.
Then take them together.
Sir, let me go otherwise he will die.
I am telling you..I
know my son very well.
He will not take more than a minute.
Even my son has the same problem.
What do you mean?
He loves his uncle a lot.
If something happens to his uncle
then I do not know what he will do.
What will he do?
I know my son.
I am saying it for your benefit, sir.
What can he do?
He will kill you.
He will kill you.
Will he kill me?
If I tell him that his uncle is dead..
..then not only me even if
God comes He also cannot save you.
Hey, Dhanush..
If something happens to
his uncle then he will kill us.
Leave the nephew and first kill him.
What did you say?
You will kill my brother.
Will you kill him?
Kill him.
If you have the courage then kill him.
They are going to kill your uncle.
Did we bring you up for this day?
If you have the courage then show if
you can take your father to hospital.
Uncle, just two more minutes.
Just two minutes more.
Your son will surely save you.
I may not remain alive but
you will have to stay alive.
We three will go together from here.
Nothing will happen.
Just wait for two more minutes, uncle.
If you remain alive then
take your father to hospital.
I had told you that you
need power to play this game.
If you have the courage
then win this game.
Hey, Gana..
Hey wait, wait..
'CM and his son have been killed.'
'Police is busy in
searching those attackers.'
'DGP who got injured in this
attack is admitted to the hospital.'
Sir, please tell what has happened?
Don't worry.
He is out of danger.
Call the media.
I want to talk to them.
Sir, please tell what has happened?
Sir.. please..
CM sir died in front of me.
Yes, yesterday was last working day.
CM was supposed to come with
his family to congratulate me.
But his son came with CM
and wanted to surrender himself.
But that moment 10 terrorists
entered and attacked all of us.
Three bullets hit DGP.
And uncle was hit by one bullet.
Inspite of being old CM tried
to fight with the terrorists.
But at the end he sacrificed
his life for the country.
The son could not tolerate
seeing his father being attacked.
And he also dies fighting with them.
Somehow Gana informed the police.
But before the police came
terrorists had left from there.
While dying CM called me
close and said one thing to me.
Gana, I am not scared of death
but I am worried about my public.
Before dying I want to
meet Jaganath Reddy's daughter.
I want to make his
daughter Hansika as CM.
And while saying this, he died.
Hail to Lord Shiva.
Hail to Hansika.
Hail to Hansika.
Gana tried a lot to save the CM.
But he could not save CM.
Our late CM was a great CM.
Clap for him. Loudly.
Even you..
Clap your hands. The entire
city should hear the clapping.
Clap your hands.
Even you clap. Do as I say.
No, no not like this..