Sashiyum Sakunthalayum (2023) Movie Script

'Sashiyum Sakunthalayum'
Hey, stop there
Hey, stop
Stop there
Go, man
Hey Chacko!
What is it?
Where were you?
Go call everyone
Urgent meeting
Urgent meeting!
Okay sir
Have you seen the results
of class 10 this year?
Do you see this?
That bloody Sundaran
Panicker's 'Excellence' has...
19 first class, 16 distinctions!
For us 6 first class & zero distinction!
And not to mention the number of losers
What bullshit you are doing here?
I have been saying for ages...
We are weak in Mathematics and English
Sir it is...
Teacher don't say anything
We are best in Hindi
Only in Hindi we are best
In all other subjects...
As usual we failed...
If you don't want your children to fail in exams
enroll them in Excellence
Aren't you all pleased when you all gave that
Sundaran a chance to mock me?
How long have I been saying, Sir,
to change them?
Sir's good heart does not agree to that,
that's it
Don't forget that Excellence has 20%
increase this time than last time
All of you don't destroy me
Our children are not only backward in
Maths and English, but in all other subjects
If we don't make good results this time,
I will close the institution
Or I will dismiss all of you
and bring good teachers
Then, do it sir
Here we are doing worth more than
the 60 penny you give us a month!
Don't get me wrong sir, the basement
is broken, sir try to fix it first
Sathyaseelan sir
Don't try to be over smart
Don't try to pluck the mango
as the tree is leaning!!
I know what to do
Dear natives, this is not
just an advertisement
Excellence Tutorial has achieved prestigious
victory in this Year's SSLC result
Stick it, stick it everywhere
One tutorial is enough in this village
Sir, Gopi drew that 'Harisree' right?
Then why are they showing so much pomp?
Didn't you see his face on the SSLC result day?
He was like a vengeful snake
We have to close down that tutorial, we have to!
Stick to it
The losers has arrived
Oh, he is coming with a notice
What's the point of losers pasting
notice and shouting on the mic?
Stick to it
- Stick it on his chest
- He has come with a notice!
Come on
Stick it above
Hey show your courage in
your Harisree and not to me
- Panicker...
- Yes..?
Start the count, I will
close your Excellence down
and start farming
there within 2 months!
Put my name to your dog
Find a new name to the dog
come, why notice for the winners?
- Come
- Go
Come on.. Come on...
Losers are pasting notices
Will it be late when you come back home?
I will be back
Grandma don't go anywhere
Oh, it's all gone, dear
I will feed you everything His pazhanchoor,
chammanti and sambar
Everything is packed
Be brave enough to go and eat
Come, get up
Get up
Is it you who is going to teach the children?
Man must keep their words!
For that, are you hitting me with a vehicle?
I came here to beat the pulp out of you
Hasn't it been 5 months since you
paid me the interest money?
I will throw out your stuffs from
home and start dwelling there!
Please give me some more time Paramu sir
There's a 100 rupee fee pending from students
I will pay it to you once I get it itself
100 rupees?
Will it be enough for your interest payment?
You can consider it wherever you want,
in principal or interest
I will clear the entire liability
within 1-2 months
I warned you that day itself, just 2 months
In the meantime, didn't you promise
to pay back my principal and interest?
If you don't keep the promise...
You will know the real me
You know that, right?
Sasi sir
Why are you late today?
I just fell from the
cycle, that's why I'm late
Enough enough
Take out yesterday's imposition...
Let me see
Where? Where are the impositions?
Let me see
Kumari sister
Can you please wash this vessel?
It is full of mud on it
Let me see what everyone has written
Oh sir, it started raining
I have something to say
What is it sir?
Can you give me ten rupees in advance?
- There is more than what I asked for
- Didn't you say you have some need?
- There is a three month cash in advance
- Great favor brother
You can't save ten rupees even
after teaching day-night?
This is the problem with working in the country,
even if you hard work like a dog...
You can't earn even a penny!
Better to go to Persia
Shall I arrange a visa for you?
But I have to earn something
for that too, right?
I have nothing with me
And I like to stay in the homeland
I like to teach the children
We should bring up an educated
generation in our homeland
And I want to do whatever I can for that
Dear natives...
Excellent tutorials, the pride
of our homeland...
This year too, the success
in SSLC exams is flying high
Harishree in the name only
Some tutorials taught by teachers, who doesn't
even know how to read and write...
I would say it is a disgrace to this homeland
80% marks in SSLC exam this time
Achieved high success..
how much?
The daughter of our Mani
bro, PK Ramani has become...
...the pride of our homeland
by scoring 80% marks
We are gathered here to honor Kumari PK Ramani
To honour PK Ramani, to honour
her with the precious golden cloth..
I invite Mr. MLA Vattayath Gopi sir,
the pride of our homeland
Everyone have a cake, let's cut
the cake and celebrate, it's good cake
Come on, everyone have the cake
Sudhakran, don't you know that I won't do
anything without looking back and forth..?
Yeah, I know
10/100 is the interest rate
But I want to get it on the correct day
If interrupted...
I will lock you up
And your college too
I will bring here the principal and interest
of yours within six months
Sir, you can trust me
It is because I heard that the
business in your college is not bad
I must count the money for you now?
Given date 1152 Midhunam 12
Must get back on 1152 Vrishchikam 12
You sign and give your cheque too
- Kunju...
- Oh
You lock it in the locker
Yes sir
- Sir stop..stop...
- What?
Do you understand that person? Eh?
- Who is he?
- That is Sasi
Sasi sir
He is taking tuition for children house by house
Hindi, English, Maths, Science
Everything is super
That Panicker tried to get him
- Didn't happen...
- How is his English?
- It is fantastic
- Then try to get him
Sasi sir...
Sasi sir, stay there sir
Can you drop me to the junction?
Get on
Okay sir
- Just leave me there, beyond that
- Alright
My Beloved Subrahmanya Swamy
Even if I call from my yard,
Swami can hear my call
Then why do I come before you day by day?
Don't you know it well?
Please lend a hand
Tired of hearing scoldings from the house
Please get me any job
I doesn't need post of typewriter
The post of accountant is enough
And there is no money to even give you
Don't me give up
This is a request
Hey, Shakundhala
There is no point in praying with your head down
Nothing is going to happen
Come and try to dry this paddy before it rains
Won't you even agree to pray with peace of mind?
Why are you shouting so loudly?
Enough praying
Oh you are acting like that you are
going to get the post of Tehsildar
Come before it rains and try to dry the paddy
Don't curse me
Letter from employment will arrive soon
Wait and see
I was sitting without coconut to grind for curry
I am done by hearing the poverty of this mother
And then
Oh, are you the daughter of a British emperor?
You are trying to blame me
for each and everything
- What have I done?
- You don't have to do anything
Fate brings up everything
For others it's a well known
Kaliyath ancestral house,
But to light up the kitchen and make food,
Subramani Swamy should take care of it
Mom, good times are coming
Savitri Sister
Savitri Sister
It seems to be from employment
You won it
You don't get, right?
- Is your class going well, teacher
- Yes sir
Sir, Shashi sir has came
- T.K Shashidaran
- Ah
- Greetings, sir
- Greetings
Sir, I have not met you yet, but I
have heard a lot about you
Sir, you are joining to this Harishree
school, it's a blessing for this institution
Sir, thank you very much
Students are less in here, and
results of them is bad
Chacko may have told everything to sir, right?
Everything is now in the hands of Shashi sir
We have to shut down the
class of excellence Panickar
Do you want to tell him that specifically,
won't you lock it up and hand it to him, right?
Isn't that also an institution?
Why do we need to shut it down?
If we work sincerely, success will come to us
And sir, about my salary
Everybody's salary is 60 rupees in here, but
I have made 100 rupees only for you
Oh, that's not possible, sir,
I have to atleast get 200 rupees
Sir, which one is my first class?
That third class
- Be careful sir, they are troublemakers
- Ok then
200 rupees is nothing, it's English
subject right, you should have pay him that
My name is Shashi, Sashidaran T.K
I am going to teach you English
from today onwards
Does everyone likes to learn English?
Sir, not only English
We don't like to learn anything
And sir, father is strict at home, so
that's why we come here, right?
If you think we will be saved,
just write a letter to principle saying
that we are really an idiots
If principle give that letter to our home,
then we don't need to come here and suffer
Please sir, please sir
What's your father's job?
My mom and dad harvest paddy
in Abu Bakr Sahib's warehouse
Sir, my father is more idiot than me,
you can see him if you visit the toddy shop now
Then I can help
Listen carefully to what I am saying
Those who can't hear it, get out from here
One thing to remember once you get out is...
After 10-12 years, you will be ruin
your life using toddy or working in a warehouse
You are young guys
This is your young life, if you learn
something you can revise it quickly
Don't think I'm giving advice
If you want, it's enough
Listen everyone, today we are
going to study Robert Frost
His poem "stopping by woods on a snowy evening"
Sudakaran sir, has a new
sir join to the college?
Whose woods these are I think I know
His house is in the village though
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow
I don't know if you all have noticed,
why the poet mention it as woods
Sir's selection is super
How silent the children is sitting in the class
It's the first time to see a sir
taking class with such grandeur
It's great to find someone like this
Who's here?
Where has the poet traveled
and what has he seen?
What are the visual experiences?
Shashi sir will make our college awesome
Similarly, if you get a good
teacher to teach math
Excellent will shut down
Sundara Panicker will fail
You just sit here by listening to radio
and reading Kumkumam book
You are not checking
further for employment
I heard from Mr. Gopala comrade
that there is a...
...vacancy as a Accountant in
the Co-operative Bank
Just apply for it
How many applications have I sent mom?
If you want to get a job without giving money,
you need someone's recommendation letter
Who's there to speak for us, mother?
Who is it, Oh! Sudakaran sir?
- Sir come inside
- No problem
Sir, why are you here?
We are out of money, if you have
came here to ask...
...for the money that we want
to return from that chit
We will give the rest of the money
within three months
I am not here as the president of that chit
I came to tell about something else
Your daughter is studying BSC math, right?
Yes, why?
It's been a while since she has pass out
I need a math teacher for my tutorial
college, I can't find a right person
It's been a while since I am
searching for someone
I will pay her 100 rupees per month
If you don't mind, can you send your
daughter to the college?
I am sure she will be good
Dear Shakunthala, take a
cup of tea for Sudakaran sir
Or else I will take it
You just sit here and cry
while reading Kumkumam book
This is a God-given opportunity
Don't waste this opportunity
Narayanan give a tea for Chellappan bro
Ok, I'll give him
This is Chellappan's tea
Narayanan bro, give me a tea
5 Dosa, one Vada and wrap some Chamanthi
Take it
- Give me two Dosa and one tea
- Take a sit sir...
Didn't I tell to you mother,
not to enter him in here?
Ah...Paru mother
Take food, mom, it's late
Take it dear
Ok I'm going
Narayanan bro include my bill in overdraft
- Sir
- We can meet from the college
- Teacher, did you need a lift?
- No sir, I will come by bus
Oh ok
- Sir, sometimes I will become late, I will come
- Ok then sit down
- Ok
- Ok
Teacher, you look awesome
Have you and sir became affair?
If you have come here to study,
just study, otherwise you will be out
Sir, just go away
Is this the daughter of Savithri?
Come sir come, I'll wrestle with
you the strength of love
Look here I have you, that I let you
go and give you to the gods
Explain this situation, answer me
- Sir
- Yes
- Are you Shakunthala, the math teacher?
- Yes
Sudhakaran sir is in the office, come with me
This is the new Math teacher
It's over
The math teacher's voice is awesome
- A new teacher has came, right?
- Yes, Shakunthala
Sir Sudhakaran thinks that Harishree
will be saved by Shashi and Shakunthala
Hey, new teacher is awesome,
why don't we go to the class?
Do you want to be in trap?
Don't we want to know that she teaches well
- Yes
- Come
Hey, go to your classes
- Teacher
- Yes
Why are you both late?
Teacher I was late, that's why I was late
Come in
Let's see if you remember that you
learned during the last year
What's the rate of Pi?
Who know it?
Teacher, Shamir knows it
He has 4 - 5 Pi
- Answer her
- So I should see the cows for that
If I see it, I can tell the price
If it gives good amount of milk,
we will get a good price
Teacher should come and see then ask for
the price you want after being convinced
Anyway, without 50 rupees,
my dad will not sell the cow
If you trick me as if you trick other teacher...
You both will suffer
If you come late and say nonsense like this,
I will beat you and throw you out
Stand up
Show me your hands
Show me your hands
Release it
Release your hands from the stick
He got it
Sit down
Show me your hands
It's not the cow, it's the Pi in math
Pi is a constant value that is
very important in mathematics
Pi is the ratio of the circumference
of any circle to the diameter of a circle
Stay aside
My expectation is saved by you teacher
I was waiting for someone like you
who was smart and self-possessed
Well done teacher, I really appreciate it
Thank you, sir
Sir, new wife will destroy your house, ok
Don't say that I haven't told you yet
- Sir, you have started it already?
- Yes
Sir is eating his food
without calling us, right?
Students are really cunning,
I didn't expected this from them
No matter what we say,
they are not going to get better
They have failed 3 times,
no matter how well we teach them,
they will not become better
Anyway, what teacher had done is right,
it will be a warning to others
Sir, do you want gooseberry
Chammanti, I have made it
- Take it
- No
- Hey
- An incarnation of Kali
That means...
Take that chair
Hey idiot, do you have self respect?
What's it?
You should have known to
return back that money
You must keep your promise
If I bought money from you, I'll return it,
but don't create a scene while I teach
Did you want to teach?
His university....
Hey, if you are living by receiving less salary
And if you don't return back my
money at right time. I'll kill you
Paraman bro, don't create
a scene from the college
I'll bring Sashi
I'm going now because you have said so
If I want to return here once more...
Come here
I'll kill you...
Bro, I'll look after it
Hey, come inside
Oh, the great one
What a self-compliment is this...
Teacher, why are you in this night?
I'm in the way back from the temple
I came to visit you, since I get
to know that you live in here
Isn't the temple next to your home?
Isn't today the full moon,
it's Kumbam in Edachan temple?
That's why I have came here
What's this?
Sir, please don't mind, this is some money
You have some debt to return
back to Paramu, right?
I know this is not enough, but still...
But sir, you should accept it
No teacher, I'll see another
method to return that money
Sorry, sir
Give it to me
I will pay back when I get
my next month salary
Ah, now everyone write down
So, in this picture
The groupe of hypotenuse
Is equal to the opposite side
and adjacent side
The poem of William Wordsworth
"I wanted lonely as a cloud,"
"that floats on high over
the valleys and hills."
I will repeat once more
The complete meaning of this is...
For the question,"who is a beautiful girl?"
asked by Unnayi Variyar
and the answer from Kunchan nambiyar
was"a beautiful girl is a good wife"
From where did it happened?
In the bathing ghat, isn't it the same thing
I have been taking about?
When Unnayi Variyar and Kunchan Nambiar
went to take a bath
They talked from the bathing ghat.
Sir, is the servants more beautiful
than the princess?
There is no Shakuntala without Priyamvada
and Anasuya in the Abhijnanashakuntalam...
...Poet Kalidasan has said.
As same as the queen
There is no love without heroines,
there are no love stories
Only because, Laila to Majnu
and Juliet to Romeo
These famous stories only happened.
Those who have sacrificed for love
have longed for love in history
A famous paint artist Van Gogh
who cut off his ear and gave to his
is an example, what I have said is
- In William Wordsworth poem
- Teacher....
- What did the poet mention here
- It's true
What is the poet
trying to say about love?
There is no history
without heroine in this world.
Until the hero knows the hidden love
of heroine, it's a pain in the heart.
- Is the love in between the maths
- What is the happiness from that pain?
That's right
So let's solve the next problem
Next is, Equilateral triangle
- Teacher, are you not having the lunch?
- I will have later.
- Teacher..!
- Ahh!!
The class was amazing
A real teacher should be like
Shakuntala teacher
Apart from the subject, a teacher should be
able to give more knowledge to the students.
When I heard that there was no love story
in the world without a hero and heroine
I was shocked
- Okay sir
- Mm
Just do it softly...
Its only coming to a track,
if it loose in between
It's finished
- My dear..
- You go idiot
All documents are correct
the ownership is under Sekharan Nair
But still we are the owners Paramu Ashan
In Ravanan's ashokapuram
Sita stayed for 11 and half months
But one day, when the real owner come
Isn't it gone?
very bad.
Likewise, if someone comes
to my house and ask...
...will you give me my money?
It's urgent Paramu Ashan
Its for my daughters study
What are you studying?
BSc Mathematics
Hey girl, can't you just stay home
by marrying a guy and give birth to your kids?
Come on mother, let's go.
It late, this place is very bad
- I will give you lift.
- Mom, are you coming?
Hey Kunju..
Take it out
Mom, I am leaving
This jackfruit is grown in my home.
If you cook it with jaggery and ghee
Your's soft body
It will be a good figure
Isn't it?
If you add 2 drumstick
in it, it will be amazing.
- You go outside
- Mm
Savitri, take it to your kitchen
I will end the starve of mother and daughter
Who said Paramu Ashan that,
we are starving?
There is flaws in your body
Don't you want to remove
the dark circles under your eyes?
I have a desire for a long time
to get married
Who said to Paramu Ashan that
I am waiting here to get married?
Mother and daughter, came with
the documents to my yard...
...that night with nothing to eat
I felt it that day
If you want cook something
in the kitchen and eat...
...I know that you should beg
for food which is kept in house
I am not lagging,
Not for you, I came
with a proposal for your daughter
The wedding suit for your daughter
is in my car, should I take it...
...or will you let me know the decision later?
You idiot
Get out from my home
We two poor women are only living here
Because the tongue has no bone,
you think you can tell anything
Don't step here to let your fat get spoiled
I will break your teeth,
do you understand?
Get lost with your jackfruit and mango
Hey, Paramu has seen it many time
At the bottom of my 7'5 feet
If mother and daughter come
and beg to me one day
My name... it to your dog.
Don't be scared, smoke it deeply
How is it?
- Don't feel like sitting in the Kailasam?
- Ah..
This is shivamulli
Hey, teacher is coming
What is it? What is in you hands?
Show me.
It's nothing teacher
- Why are you suspecting us? nothing is here.
- Teacher, it is pure weed
Teacher, do you want to try?
Do you say the same thing to your mother?
You idiot..
- Teacher, go and it from your home
- Ah
Teacher, don't play with us
- Let it go
- Give it back
- Go on
- Will we be in trouble?
- Teacher..
- Mm
That students create a scene again, right?
Stop there
What did you do the teacher?
What did we do?
She tried to hit me with a umbrella first
I took it by hand
Don't be argumentative, dog...
At an early age, smoking cannabis
and trying to hit teachers
You don't step foot in the classroom or in this
tutorial without apologizing to the teacher
Go away
Hi sir...
I have paid the fee for
SSLC re-exam to treasury
Where is the students?
Sir, Murali has misbehaved
with the Shakundhala teacher
With that class was dismissed
Shashi sir interfered and
asked student's to go home
Sir, we should take action against that Murali.
I loved her sometimes through night's like this
Sir, you have a letter
It seems to be from the university
It will be a letter containing the information
about research which I have been applied for
- Ok sir
- Ok
One of the best poem of Pablo neruda,
I like it.
Especially the last answer
Come and see the blood in street,
it is classic poem.
The poem ends with
a feeling of not ending
The maths teacher is great, you have
a good knowledge on Neruda's poems
I used to go to the library near
my house since my childhood
And now I am the librarian of that library
We need atleast a reading habit,
as we are teaching students
I had seen the postman come and go,
whose letter it was?
I have applied for research
on "love and revolution" in Neruda's poem
The letter said that the rough draft of
the thesis should be submitted this coming week
- Ok sir
- Ok
Thank you
It's past Midnight,
Why aren't you asleep?
You sleep mom, I will sleep later
Sleep after locking the door
"Oh! dear, apple of my eye"
"Let me embrace you
close to my heart and"
"Let me whisper about this
eternity my dear love"
"Oh! dear, apple of my eye"
"Let me embrace you
close to my heart and"
"Let me whisper about this
eternity my dear love"
"Oh dear you are
singing so close to me"
"Humming like a astounding bee"
"Where im lost in a
bunch of breezy cravings"
Can you give me a puff?
- Go away
- The member is coming
Hi member, you have a letter.
Take it
Bye then
Sasi sir
What's up teacher?
What happened?
That..., I...
There seems to be tension on you
No, I had something to say
What is it?
Sir please read this
To its beauty with the lightness of dew
falling on yellow leaves in the morning
The poet describes the beauty of his wife
Everyone write this note,
I will come now
Beauty of the poet,
I will tell you the rest later
- Teacher!
- Yes
What is this?
This contains, everything I have to say
Students are listening
Teacher.. one minute
Sir, here it is.
I have read your letter
I haven't expected it from you
Forgive me sir, you please
consider it as my foolishness
It's not because of that
I am not in a situation to love
You don't know about my situation
With the time I write the reply for your letter,
I can prepare my thesis notes
Teacher, don't think that I'm advising you
Love is the most dangerous
emotion of the human mind
If it's altered once, everything is over
Our minds won't stay in our hands
Sir, I haven't thought like that
- I was falling for you, that's why...
- No teacher, I'm not interested in it
- Teacher
- Ah? Why are you pushing your bike?
Nothing, it just broke down
Let me show this in Koran Babu's workshop
Teacher, have you read my letter?
- You haven't answered to it yet
- Sir, it won't work
"Oh! dear, apple of my eye
Let me embrace you close to my heard and"
"Let me whisper about this
eternity my dear love"
"Oh! dear, apple of my eye
Let me embrace you close to my heart and"
"Let me whisper about this
eternity my dear love"
Do you come to
this temple normally?
I thought about it several
times, but today only I got a chance
- Is this a wedding invitation?
- Oh! No...
It's the first draft of my thesis,
I thought of submitting it after keeping
for pooja
Ok, then
"Where I'm lost in a bunch of breezy cravings"
Is he that Chandran's son?
Are you that Mannan Chandran's son?
- Yes, what happened?
- Didn't you see that board?
President, are you saying this
nonsense before the God?!
This is not the olden era
Didn't you know about Guruvayoor
Satyagraha and Vaikom Satyagraha?
Don't blabber, just get out!
Get out!
"Dear koel who writes kohl"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
Teacher you sings well
I just hum only, I don't know to sing
I was just singing when I sat here
- Teacher, sing a song for us
- No, better not to
Please sing teacher
Dude, clap
"Dear koel who writes kohl"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
"Dear koel who writes kohl"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
"Without hearing the singing riddles"
"Where is my better half?"
"He is in the nest with a blushing face"
"he has a desire to hide"
"leaf fluttering in the palace"
"Why should we hide our feelings?!!"
"Dear koel who writes kohl"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
"Get me close to your wings"
"Let the sky decorate our suite"
"Time is passing so as the face"
"Heart longing for her desire"
"leaf fluttering in the palace"
"Why should we hide our feelings?!!"
"Dear koel who writes kohl"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
"Dear koel who writes koh"
"In her dazzling eyes"
"Without anyone noticing her smile"
"Heart longing for her desire"
Dear Shakunthala..
This day...
Is so dear to me
Until this moment
I haven't thought about you
Actually, this is a request letter to forgive me
Once you have opened your heart for me
I spoke to you very technically
What I said then, felt true to me now
I said that the most dangerous
feeling for a human is love
I understood that's true
Have you read my letter?
And you?
I have also read it completely
I never thought I would have love in
my mind until I heard your song
Teaching and learning was my only goal
My natives always isolated me,
saying that I'm a low caste
I have no kith & kins
I only have a grand mother
Even though she has love in her heart,
she doesn't knows to express it
I do have everyone, but I'm always alone
But now I feel like someone is there for me
Can I believe that you will be
with me in my entire life?
You will not leave me, right?
Classes are over, right?
Belram Azad
Belram Azad sir specially
prepared this guide...
...for those children who shamelessly
failed their 10th standards like you
Did you understand?
There are some technique to apply this
I will show it
Ah, now this technique...
Hey, look at this, atleast learn this
That means, which question's answer we need...
Tear that page from the guide like this
After that it's 4 corners
Cut it precisely like this
Then make the first row come up
And repeat folding it like this
Do it like this
Ah...there is an important point
You should go to the exam hall
only by wearing a full sleeve shirt
Keep it inside like this
And fold your sleeve like this
Similarly, the answers of Math, Hindi, English
Tear all of them & keep
it like this inside your shirt sleeves
and corner of the
- Kesu bro, give me one tea
- Ah
Sudakaran sir, I have taught
everything to the kids...
Class have finished earlier,
haven't they left yet?
You don't worry sir
Don't you know that there's night class today?
Sudakaran sir...
This won't happen, sir
I'll report this in the school, it's not
important to pass the exams
Let the children learn to be smart & intelligent
- I will not allow them to go astray
- Ohh
I'll report this in the school
If I do so, you are trapped, remember..!
Sir, don't trouble me
Sir, just mind your business
Sir, if you try to trouble me, do it then!
Mom, Come fast
Someone please come and safe me
- What happened, dear?
- Sasi sir abused me
Just kill that idiot
Beat him...
Catch him
Kill him
Beat him
Stop there
Catch him
How dare you?
Kill him
Don't leave him, catch him
You can't go abroad that quickly
We can try
It will become a trouble if you stay here
We will somehow help you reach ashore
Until that, you should stay
in the place where I say
Do you understand?
The letter is from Persia
It might be Sasi sir, right?
Dear Shakunthala..
I hope you are well
I'm fine in here
In the heat of the desert
I'm in a bad condition
That heat fades away in your memories
My mind has become frigid...
You only got that child abuser to love?!
Who are you?
Are you a miss world?
I proposed you not because there
aren't other pretty girls here!
I thought I can help you and your mother
Why are you staring at me?
You idiot...
Hey, mind your words.
Keep your money in your hands itself!
Don't try it on me
I have a lot of money,
Paramu knows where to keep it
A girl like you insulted me that day
I already decided then
For at least one day
- You will lay with me...
- Che..!!
Hey, take off your hand from my body!
I forgive you for now
If I don't destroy you before my eyes...
My name...
name it to your dog
Where did she go?
As you have asked in the letter,
I'm fine in here
I hope sir is fine in there
Is it too hot there?
Are you sitting here?
Aren't you going to teach today?
I have to write a lot of notes,
so I took a leave today
Can't you say it earlier?
Would I have prepared this lunch then?
Keep it there mom, I will have in the noon
But in the pain of my mind...
I'm grieving a lot
Don't be afraid. Although Iqama,
Visa and Passport is with that Arabi
We have arranged everything for you to go
Shashi, there is nothing in the world
more precious than gaining the loved one
Have courage
God is with you
- You can go
- I take leave
Don't worry, you can go
'New Harishree College
Pooncholakkadavu, Palakkad'
'New Harishree College
Pooncholakkadavu, Palakkad'
Can't your hear the cow bellowing?
Give it some grass and water
There were few coconuts here
I will go and sell it in the market
'New Harishree Tutorial College
- Did Sasi sir come?
- No
- Good morning sir
- Have a seat
Good morning
I didn't expect that you all will leave
Harishree and come here with me
Sir, we stand only with the truth
This is a Saraswati temple
We have been tolerating that
Sudhakaran for a long time.
We were longing for a better tutorial college,
that's when you started this New Harisree
Teach well and gain victory,
that should be the moto of new Harishree
For that all of you should support me.
Surely there will be, sir
I have faith in you sir
- It's 8 clock, ring the bell
- Ok sir
Gopalakrishnan came with me,
when I renew the excellence from Sundarapanikar
- So all of you start the class
- Okay, sir
Triangles with three equal sides
and three equal angles...
...are Equilateral Triangles
An equilateral triangle has equal sides
Sir, you are wasting time staring at Sasi
Students are flowing there as if a river
Look for some new way here
Denotes equilateral triangles
How did that fugitive cheat us?
Everyone write this down
and I will be back now
Sir, do you know what is the speciality
of our tutorial college?
- If you look from one end, you can see to the other end
- Are you sleeping?
- Sir, take a walk
- Don't you have yesterday's notes with you?
Be ready with it, I'll be back in half an hour
Today, we are going to study
The Poem 'Manimuzhakkam'
of Edapalli Rakhavan Pillai
The poem Manimuzhakkam was written
before he died due to love failure
Let us familiarize ourselves with the lines of the poem
- If this Shakuntala resign, you will be
Then we can sell
all the things here to some scrap
Death day's knell
'Sweet, here I come'
I won't spare him
'I will come to persuade'
- I have built a final cross to defeat him
- 'Let's talk to the group'
- 'My final journey statement'
- Wait and watch
'Here the poet welcomes death sweetly'
'Harishree Tutorial College'
Where is your boss?
Here he comes
Sudhakaran, are you in a hurry?
Change your pants and shirt
Wear some rugs and walk south to north!
Who will pay my cash?
I will somehow pay it back Paramu sir
Can you give me some time?
You want some more time?
You will do nothing!!
How long has it been since you
started telling this, Sudhakaran?
Is it just 1 or 2 days, don't you know?
What can you do with these 3+4, 7 students?
Now if you open your mouth,
I'll kill you!
Do you understand what I mean?
Paramu sir, Please don't insult me.
Let's go to the office and talk
Office?! Your?
Have you put a canopy bed
for me sit there?
Within three days from today,
If I don't get back my cash
Come here...
I will put my waste on your chest.
Don't stink by staying here...go...
Hey Sudhakaran, you just hum
and I have made a bed
But you have to make up your mind
Although not to make her my wife,
just one day I need her in my house
Until then, this thing of yours
will be with me
The cheque that you gave me
You can think that you are
doing a pimp work
May I go
Why are you so early today?
Mom, I don't think
I can work in Harisree anymore
I asked you,
tell me what's the matter
No students, no teachers
And he is totally a bankrupt
And that scoundrel
usurer Paramu came there today
He is angry that I kicked
him out from here that day.
I'm not anymore going anywhere!
We owe him many times, so you
must go until he tells you not to go there
We are still surviving with
the support we get from there
What is this?
Nothing was needed
No, let it be here
I am not a stranger for you
Sir, please have a seat
I will take some tea
While you call me "sir",
I really feel like a stranger
- Kunje
- Yes
Take out a stone
Burn down that school
Aren't you ashamed?
Demolish it!!
Demolish it all !!
Demolish it!!
Didn't I tell you then
That I will demolish your Harishree!
Do you know Gopala Panicker?
My father
Do you understand what I mean?
I am born to a father
Get into the jeep
You keep sitting here obstinately!!
Mother, you should have thought about
all this then!
Wasn't that you
who begged for food and not me?!
Don't be argumentative
Our last pinch of
rice finishes today!
You & me are going to starve
from tomorrow onwards
I don't care!
How can I go back to him shamelessly?
It is even better to drink poison
Shakunthala...listen, the need is ours
If begging is the only way,
we should beg
Let's move to a small house
selling this property
Let's start some trade saving the cash
This house and land
is in your father's name
That won't happen
All you know is teaching
Didn't I teach you
despite all this suffering?
Who else has passed degree in our place?
You do one thing
Go to him and try to get a job
How many times should I tell you mother?
I can't
Then do one thing
Like you said, have some poison!
Then give some to me also...
It won't be me
opening my bedroom door tomorrow
It will be you & the people
breaking it down
New Harishree Tutorial College
What's the matter?
New is first class, sir
Thank you
Teacher, go to 9th
It's already late
Here..take this guide
The midterm result is very good
You should get first class
for the final exams
You will be the hero of this village then
Sure sir, I will achieve it,
promise sir
Okay sir..
Sasi sir
- Chacko, have a seat
- No, sir, I'll stand here
Sir, Harishree is closed
Now I am jobless
Please save me, sir
I thought the police caught you
too with Sudhakaran
Sudhakaran sir is a fraud
I am neat, every slave would
also have a sense of guilt?
Do one thing, join here.
- But don't play any tricks here
- No, sir
If I am with sir,
then I'm a 916, pure gold
Good morning, who is it? Chacko?
Long time no see
- Teacher, put the bag there
- Alright
Sir, how about we put
all this tiffin box here?
Or let's put the whole books here, right?
Ok, sir
What is special today, sir?
Sardine fry, this is my favorite
Haven't you brought anything for us, sir?
I packed this for all of you
- It's my own preparation, tolerate it.
- Take some
Uff! Sardines! Superb!
It's awesome sir
Good cooking
- Sir
- It's good, isn't it?
- That's enough, sir
- Thanks
The taste is good, right?
What's the matter teacher?
You lost the way?
I came to here itself
I need a job here.
Now, we are in a job here
After this we have to resume our work
Please don't make fun of me...
I came here looking for a job
I only know teaching...
Not only teaching but also cheating
Come back after two days
Let me think about it
Isn't Sasi sir here?
Hey Sasi, some girl has come here
I have made a list of students
who haven't paid the fee yet
I have also prepared the new time table
Also sir, please hire Shakuntala teacher
She had come to see me
Sir can decide who can or cannot
work in your organization
I was just saying
Okay, sir
It's nothing out of
generosity and compassion
You are given a job here,
for you are a good teacher
One's personality belongs to him only
I don't want your personality
but a good teacher
Sir, I didn't get you...
I understood everything
Teacher, go take the class
'Hindi poem verses'
- Tulsi Das
- In his childhood...
Spending time with his own mother
Instead, Ravana is said to be the one
who climbed out of the valleys and hills...
Similarly, he saved his mother's breast
milk for his younger brother
Drinking muddy water from puddles
- Eating vegetables from thorny plants
- Parallelism is one of the...
the 5 important forms that
comes in quadrilaterals
The man who laid down
his life for his younger brother
- Lead role in Megha Lakshmi and Ravana
- Opposite sides are parallel and equal
Parallelogram is the rectangle,
it's opposite sides were equal
Shakunthala Teacher
I will drop you.
- Get in the car.
- Okay
- Can I also..?
- No, come after closing the class
I will get down here
Please stop here
Okay sir
Okay, Sathyasheelan sir,
see you tomorrow
- Bye then
- Bye
As you think, I am not in love
with Sarala teacher
I know that you can't fall in love with
anyone whether its Sarala teacher or anyone
As you are in good condition now
Can't you bring your wife
and kid along with you?
Wife and kid?!!
Whom are you talking about?
Sir, you wrote about it in the letter...
...that you have a wife
and kid at Persia
Sir, how old is your kid?
Wife and family at Persia?
What are you saying?
It was in the letter
Don't you remember?
It was said in the letter that you got
married and that you have a family...
...and not to bother you anymore
You forgot them
when you settled here, right?
I'm in a race
to meet both ends of life
In this race, I had to adopt
a destitute mother and a daughter
Now they are living in my protection
I am now a father
and a husband too.
Please don't give me mental
stress replying to this letter.
Wishing only your good...
I am concluding.
Sashindran T.K
He is cheating!
He should never
step in this Harisree anymore!
What you said is true
But he is not like others
If we dismiss him for no reason
Sundaran Panicker will take him away
Then we would witness
the rapid growth of 'Excellent'
An enemy is a friend to an enemy
Isn't it correct, Sudhakaran?
How much money
you need to butcher and...
...bury him in Bharatha river?
You can leave
Keep it
Nothing will happen as you fear
It's my word
But sir, the future of my Kid
Nothing will happen to your kid's future
Just listen me
She is losing SSLC for the second time
Do you think she will pass this time?
I know you owe cash to Usurer Paramu
Pay off all that debt with this money
All you have to do is, shout loudly
After the thing is done
I take the responsibility
of making her pass
Has he done something that
our villagers can forgive?
That scoundrel!
And that too to a small child
Would you forgive him if this was
done to your daughter?
He has no other choice.
He will come here first
Your tongue is gold, Sudhakara
Brother, I will sit inside
Please help me
'Medium' is the means of distributing
ink to the drawing surface
So you understood what medium is?
- Sir, Shakuntala teacher isn't here today?
- Shakuntala teacher is on leave today
- Pachu Pillai
- Hmm..come on
- Now let's look at the combining of colors
I will look everything
I'll take a look
It's me calling
Take the letter to Shakaundhala
Without my permission
don't deliver any letter to Shakundhala
I need every one of it
This is the reward for that
Sir, if anyone finds,
I will be dismissed from job
I will take care of that
If you don't do as I say
Your life is over
I will destroy it
You know who this guy is..?
Kutanga Pillai
- When did you get out of the jail?
- I'll tell you all that, now do as he said
- Chacko come, have a seat
- No, sir
Where education is supposed to be lit,
goons has shown up
'Will make hasty decisions
when the bad time starts'
Shakundhala, Harishree Tutorials
From Sashinadran TK
Al Fathan, Dubai
Tie up your hair properly and
write what I say in Sasi's handwriting...
Oh alright!
Dear Shakundhala
I hope you are fine there
Dear Sasi
This is the sixth letter without reply
I am writing for you
I am very lonely here
As a single wife, I spend
here as a prayer for you
In a state of mind where one cannot
freely scribble a single letter
I'm stuck here
I am writing this letter from Ambalakaavu
Just give this letter to Shakundhala
Now we are safe
We are high class people
The Nairs
If the locals find out that your daughter
gone with a low class person
The bad name is not
only for you but also for us
I will not allow to bring
a bad name to our family anyway
'6 Months Later'
'Harishree Tutorial College'
Viyur Jail is nothing for me
I have been counting
day and night for 6 months
For that moment of getting him
within my eye
Not only did he take my girl
That scoundrel insulted me
making me unable to even stand upright
before anyone at Pooncholakkadavu
Sudhakaran sir
We were waiting for you to come out
Now you can say in this moment
I will chop off his flesh and...
...will feed the fishes of
the Pothundi River
Sir, you just say a yes
We will look after the rest
Sir, why are you silent?
The time has not come
for that, Kutangapilla
Sudhakaran sir,
can I put one more bottle here?
I know what to do next
Open the door..
Open the door
Hey, I say open it!
Open the door
Open the door
Oops! Father!
So you can recognize
your own father, right?
Where is your mother?
Your face seems to be very sleepy
For 10-14 years, mother and daughter
slept comfortably inside here
I won't let you to sleep peacefully
here even for a single day
What a wicked man you are..!!
Didn't you go to Persia to earn
money and take care of your family?
It was to the jail, right?
Back then, you have
only destroyed the family!
He has come to destroy the peace of mind
and that too in the middle of the night!
Stop it!!
It has been 14 years...
I was suffocating inside the iron cage
At least to find out if I'm dead or alive
Has mother or daughter ever
checked on me even a single day?!
And now she's standing upright
and blabbering!
We never wanted
to visit a killer in the jail
Shut up!!
You arrogant!
Are you preaching too much?!
Now Mother and Daughter
should not stay here anymore
This is my house
This is the house that my father
Kaliyath Sankaran Nair built for me
I will stay here, mother and daughter
have to leave now
Get out
I told you to get out
- Mom...
- Get out here
- Get out
- Oh dear
Take everything and get out
Her silk saree!
Both of you get out
I don't want to see
both you here anymore!
Go anywhere else
Why are you here at this hour?
What's up, mom?
Come on, get in the car
Come out...
You are committed with a person who built
a shed for a cow that doesn't even exist?
After marrying your mother...
I started giving you the cost
Before that you have already started
receiving money, haven't you?
Don't say unnecessary things!
Let us live somehow
Don't come and bother us anymore
You have forced us to leave,
now you have came to investigate!
Do you have self-respect?
I'll slap you, idiot...
Don't argue with your dad, get inside
We live in someone's generosity,
will you give us some peace?
Can you go away without
bothering us like this?
I won't let you to live happily
I'll always keep an eye
and ear on both of you
If mom and daughter make an ill name...
Its disgrace will be
for this Kaliyath Shekaran Nair!
This evil has come here too!
That's right...
You are the one
who asks their debt, right?
Did you get it?
- Shekaran Nair...
- What's it?
If a grain of rice should move
from the warehouse of Paramu...
I'll get it
I already knew it
If your family was destroyed
because of you
You are a good person...
Moreover, we belong
to the same caste, right?
This is the money
which you have asked
I will not spit because of you
It's enough to return the money
only if you have it, no need interest
Oh...I will never forget this favor
Can Shekaran Nair go..?
- Shekaran Nair
- What?
If I collect and sell
the sorghum from my field...
- Four generations can live with it
- I knew it already
Paramu will not say it in a crooked way...
A desire to marry your daughter
Oh sir, shouldn't you have
said it before
Shekaran Nair would have
done it immediately
- Really?
- Yes...
If this marriage happens, it will be
a great honor for our Kaliyath family
So, Sekharan Nair is going
Drink this porridge
I don't need anything, mom
Mom, what a pity situation is this?!
I am the only one
suffering like this at this age
Don't cry
God will show you
a way for everything
Which God?
To show when?
Didn't we live
until now infront of this God?
Did we ever lived a day with peace?
Did we ever eat one good meal?
Am I not a girl, mother?
Mom knows it, dear
It was for my daughter that I
have accepted Sudakaran's help
But now I understand...
That was not necessary
Even if we are hungry...
Don't create an ill name for yourself, dear
'New Harishree Tutorial College'
New Harisree tutorial college
It's made by stepping on my chest
It shouldn't be here anymore
Pour the oil and burn it
Come on
What kind of indecency are you showing?
You have shown the indecency
Because of you, my life has become a mess
Now, mom and daughter is happy
being in touch with that guy, right?
Hey, stop it, saying unnecessary things?!
If anything has happened to you,
it's because of your character
If you blame my daughter...
I have given you a job offer
by seeing you...
I'm not like the other girls
you normally see
If that was your intention, I would
never have come to work there
Shilavati, are you telling
history from here?
Leave her hands
- Come here
- Leave her
What's it?
What are you doing here?
If there's such indecent father in a family,
any male will enter to that house
Stop it..!
If you utter a word,
I will break your knees
- Stay aside, you will do nothing
- Hey..!
You dare to enter my house?
Oh, no...!
Get in...get inside
Let me go
I know you would come...
You destroyed the institution that I formed,
you played with my life several times
But if I don't ask you in turn for that...
I'll just be a fool
Where are you going, Nair?
I'm going to the toddy shop...
no not to the toddy...
I have kept some porridge
and dal in the stove
I came here to check
whether it is cooked
If Nair goes now,
I will cook your porridge and dal
- Hey
- Yes, sir
This is the perfect opportunity
for you, just go...
Oh, no!
My dear Shakunthala, as you think
I haven't done it by mistake
I did it intentionally
The sword with which I sheared
your father Sekharan Nair's neck
Is eighteen years old
Have you seen my mother?
She went paralyzed 18 years back
Only those eyes are alive now
Just to shed the tears...
It was the festival in the temple
Put it in yours, put it in yours
I have put the money
- You go, I'll come, you go
- It's your turn, play...
Change the money
Hold it...
- Do you have money with you?
- Yes, there is money
- Show one card
- Don't say at last that you don't have money
What are you doing here?
Do I need your permission
to come to the festival?
You take the card
Are you saying nonsense?!
This is my family temple
This is not a place for
impure castes like you to enter
Then you should conduct the festival in the kitchen,
God is not anyone's family property
- Who are you arguing with?
- What's this?
- What's it?
- Stand aside
Leave him
I have told you many times
not to set foot in this temple
- I will come again
- Don't you see his pride?
Stand aside
- Let it be soon
- Just creating some problems
- What did he say?
- Shut up and play
- Leave it
- Just play
Sekharan Nair often harassed my father
for he was of lower caste
It happened from that day onwards
But your dad killed my father
My dad collapsed to death before our eyes
I kept the sword that sheared
my father and my revenge
I gained higher education
But I've been waiting for...
...your father to return back
after serving his sentence in prison
That day... it was the end of my waiting
When I swept away the rust
and sharpened the sword
My mother must have known that her
son will not come back anytime soon
In fact, Sudhakaran was just a veil for me
A veil for my vengeance
Now I am very delighted
Delighted of fulfilling
my vengeance of 18 years!
I spent my whole youth
Only to take revenge
on the one who killed my father
Even I was been living with
my unfinished revenge
My love is sincere
It was honest
It was sincere
I will come back after the punishment
Can I hope you will wait for me?
I want to start my life again
I am stopping this letter here
Hopefully, Saseendhran T.K