Satellite Boy (2012) Movie Script

Home, this way.
We off track.
I'm sick of your stories.
This is the place where
me and Mum gonna live.
This is my country right here.
You live in the past, Jubi.
When Mum come back,
we're gonna open up a big restaurant.
See? Look here.
Lounge room.
Hey, it not open yet
till Mum comes back.
She is coming back!
- She's not coming back.
- She is.
She is not.
I can look after myself.
More than you,
more than the old ways,
more than your Dreamtime bullshit.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
- Got something to show you.
- What?
Come on, hurry up.
- I'm gonna show you.
- What are you gonna show me?
- Come on.
- No, just tell me first, but.
Is it far?
You'll see when we get there.
Who's that?
Come on, let's go.
Come on, brother, race me.
Overtake me. Overtake me.
You the fastest fella in town.
- You fat.
- You ugly.
- Lumpy.
- Ugly jaw.
- You got hairy legs.
- You got balls and that.
Here, look.
Somebody been camping here or what?
What does this say?
'Thursten Thrumveld'. Probably dead.
You right on top?
Well, hold on.
I'm putting on some
air-conditioning now.
You right there?
Look what I've found.
Whoa, whoa.
Squeeze a little bit.
Got it.
You gotta light?
Whoa. Oh.
Whoa. Gimme the lighter.
Light yours, light yours.
Just like in the movies.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
What now?
Come to pick you up from work.
Mum's gonna kill you, Kalmain,
you're meant to be home.
Just tell her we were with you
all afternoon.
- Aye, sis?
- No.
- Aye, Mrs Joffe.
- Hey.
How's that grandfather of yours?
Jubi is alright.
Hey... here.
Trying to fatten me up, are you?
Hasn't worked yet.
Where's Mum?
Hey, Mum.
Callum... out!
Oi, Callum!
Where's my smoke?
Where? Where?
Oh, no,
another mob's coming.
Kalmain Grady,
you've got a knack.
We'll have to charge you this time.
Malicious damage, public nuisance -
that about sums you up, mate.
You're lucky your grandfather
is such a respected man.
This time we're gonna
let you off with a warning.
Come on.
- Like Clint Eastwood.
- Yeah.
Kirk Douglas,
he another good actor.
- Glenn Ford.
- Yeah.
What do you know, young fella?
Everything. More than you.
You watch them DVD?
Oh, he no good that DVD...
but when he gets scratched,
he stop one place.
He no good, that DVD.
Not like that old-time...
movie projector...
where he go round and round
like a windmill.
He show 'em picture proper
and he never stop.
- Old-time picture.
- Yeah.
He never stopped there,
lived a long time.
That old one, he never stopped
when he go round like a windmill.
Pete! Wake up!
Get up!
What's going on, Jubi?
Do you want this?
I'm sorry, Jubi.
I'm sorry I was bad, aye?
What are they gonna do
to this place?
Didn't you read the notice?
Building a holding pen
for the equipment.
The big stuff doesn't come in
till Monday. Today's Friday.
Gives you the weekend
to get your stuff sorted.
But come Monday, you gotta be gone.
Jubi, please, stop them.
- This is my home!
- Not anymore, little man.
We can't leave,
Me and Mum gonna
turn it into a restaurant.
- Aye, no fighting. Quit.
- But this is our place.
Mum told me.
This is my real home.
'H'... 'l'...
- Mainstay...?
- ..Constructions.
- What's going on?
- They're kicking us out.
Can they do that?
Mm. Mainstay Constructions.
Well, if they're not in the book,
then they must be in the city.
Kalmain, where are you?!
Kalmain, where are you?!
Hey, Kalmain, where are you?
You right, Uncle?
Yeah, I'm right.
Do you know who own the place
where me and Jubi stay?
That's my country.
That's where you're living now,
my mother's country.
Em Kama way?
Whitefella way, city mob.
They know that business.
But where are that mob?
Easy. If you head on this road,
take you to town.
You'll be there in two days
if you're lucky.
Thank you, Uncle.
Thank you.
Kalmain, where are you?
What's wrong? Your dad?
They're kicking us out.
The owner - Mainstay Constructions.
I thought you said your mum
owned that place.
Mm. Yeah.
Well, you could stay with us, aye?
I just need to find the owners,
talk to them, tell 'em to stop.
Tell 'em Mum's gonna make
something out of the old place.
She'll be wild once she knows
what's happening.
She'll come back for sure.
It'll be great. Everyone will come.
I only got three days to stop them.
OK. I'll get my stuff.
I can't see.
- Hey, look out.
- Hey.
Keep on your side.
I'm covered in bites.
We should've camped in there.
So, what - follow this road
and in two days we get there?
I'm starving.
Have you ever been to the city?
No, but Mum has.
I reckon the city camp.
Best video games in the world, I heard.
Oh! Not now.
Come on, Kalmain, don't be giving up.
Come. Come help.
Come on, boy. Wanna get out of here?
How far?!
What, you buggered already?
We only got up till Monday.
This is the way, aye?
No houses, no shops, traditional.
You're mad.
What, don't you wanna be
a real blackfella?
What, like you?
I'm gonna go out bush, live old-style.
I mean it.
Bush tucker, bush medicine.
- What do you know about that?
- Plenty.
Where'd you learn about
fixing tyres like that, anyway?
Mate, I used to shoot a .22
with my uncle. I'd be fine.
You got no .22 round here.
You'd have to make a spear.
Oh, cops.
- You go on.
- What?
You go on without me.
Wait there, boy.
What's going on?!
Come on, they're gonna catch us.
Come on.
Look at this, Sarge.
We gotta get away from the road.
Come on.
Why are they chasing us?
I'm meant to be home.
Gotta see magistrate on Monday.
We gotta go back.
No! They're taking me away
to boys' home.
Hey, wait.
So what's your mum studying anyway?
- Hospitality.
- What's that?
I don't know.
- So she gonna get a job or what?
- Yeah, that's why she there.
What you gonna do
when the cops get you?
They ain't gonna get me.
I'll go out bush...
become a stockman,
do rodeo someplace.
You should go back.
For what, go to boys' home?
Maybe not.
Magistrate might let you go.
Nah. I'm a Grady.
If anything happens,
they come looking for me.
You alright.
I'll go into town, aye?
See if they been there.
They probably just gone fishing.
- Oh, close.
- Oh, see? Nearly got him.
Sugar fly, look.
What are you doing?
- Help me, boy.
- Huh?
Do you wanna go old-style or what?
Oh, right there.
Don't lose it. Where is it?
There it is!
Faster. Hurry up!
Aye, boy. Sugar bag!
Wait there.
We off track.
Right up here.
How do you know that?
Come on, boy.
We should stay here, aye?
You don't know where we are.
No food, no water - nothing.
Let's go.
Jubi says 'If you walk country,
country will look after you.'
Now you wanna listen to him.
Fixing the tyre, sugar bag -
that's all him,
that's what he been taught me.
Come on, boy.
We searched
the road and everywhere
we thought they could've been.
We just can? find them.
See him? Aye? Aye?
I'm a real space cowboy.
You're crazy.
Kalm, get up.
Country looking after us.
I'm gonna be an astronaut
when I'm big...
cruise to stars, cruise to space.
What, no restaurant?
I thought you were saving the
cinema for you and your mum.
We're dead, cuz.
Real blackfella? I'm hopeless.
No, we alright.
Couldn't sleep.
Come on, we gotta try. It's Monday.
What is it like to be in country?
Come on now... get up, boy.
Get up!
Come on, brother.
Please, Kalmain, you're strong.
If you don't get up, we're gonna die.
Country helping us, we'll be right.
- Get up' boy.
Come on.
See? Country saved us.
Are you coming or what?
I can't swim.
Come on.
Thought you was in a hurry.
For what?
You're a proper-deadly blackfella.
Good swimmer anyway.
Here, catch one.
Over here!
The front door was open.
Oh, chicken.
Nothin'. Biggest bed, aye?
- I'm not going back home.
- Why not?
Why would I go back
to that dump anyway?
Where you go?
I got plans. I'm gonna keep going -
I'm not stupid.
What does that mean?
Your mum left,
she's not coming back.
Everyone knows it but you.
She is coming back! She promised.
- What do you know anyway?
- She doesn't care about you.
That's why she left in the first place -
she doesn't want you.
At least she's not a useless pisshead.
She got a brain,
she gonna be something.
Shut up!
Don't need a spear now.
- Where you get that from?
- House back there.
No-one can make me go back now.
I'm gonna be a bandit.
Is it loaded?
Course it is.
You're gonna blow your balls off.
Yeah, 'cause mine's bigger than yours.
Here, you take it.
Come on.
Come on.
Where's this Mainstay mob, anyway?
In town.
Come on, boy.
Hey, Uncle?
We looking for Mainstay Constructions.
Oh, that's the mining mob.
They're back out here
on this road out here.
Come on. Thank you, Uncle.
That's the mine office up there.
Excuse me.
- Hello!
- Yeah, no worries.
Excuse me. Aye? Excuse me, mate.
Man, what's wrong with you?
What do you want?
- Can I talk with the manager?
- No.
What are you doing here anyway?
Stay right there.
Mate, head down to the second pit.
We're nearly there.
There. Come on.
- We made it, bala.
- That's the manager office there.
Let's go.
What the bloody hell do you think
you're doing here?
- It's dangerous.
- You the manager?
As if.
Come on, you gotta go
out to the gate, boys.
You know who own the place -
the cinema screen
where me and Jubi stay?
Come on, we're working here.
Go the office there.
- Make sure you get there. Run!
- Oi, oi! Stop!
MAN; Oi!
Stay there.
Don't do it! No!
Bra, stop!
- What are you doing? Go.
- No.
- Run!
- Don't do it.
And in the East Kimberley,
an update on an incident
at Waterford Mine
involving two young boys
from a remote community.
Mine officials have declined to comment
on how two young boys remained
undetected in a blasting area.
According to witnesses...
Mate, you gotta look for Pete.
- He comes whenever he like to.
- "with a firearm.
His mum's there.
The firearm was discharged
during the incident,
but no injuries were recorded.
The two young boys,
previously listed as 'missing',
are in police custody.
The boys claimed their home
was being bulldozed
by a mining company.
The media outcry has stopped
all work at the old cinema.
Tough little buggers.
He's coming with me. He just got lost.
Come on, sweetheart.
He's headed for Boys' Home.
You're right, bala.
I'll be right.
I'll come visit you anytime.
We famous, bro. We on TV.
You a hero now.
Hey... friends forever.
Family forever.
- Forever.
- Forever.
Come on, little man.
What flavour?
with a berry on the top.
Look what I found.
Jubi said you get seashell
in the desert.
- I didn't believe him at first.
Can you hear the ocean?
You need a new shin.
- It goes well with your shoes.
- It don't fit me.
You look handsome.
You look like new boy now, see?
So how's Jubi?
Yeah, Jubi's alright -
yarning up, sitting round the campfire.
Jubi teach me
to walk across the desert -
me and Kalmain.
If it wasn't for him... me and
Kalmain would've been dead.
Mum, I just want you, me, Jubi
to be back together. Aye, Mum?
What were you thinking, sweetheart?
Come on, let's go.
Well, I'm still doing this course, Pete.
Ah, hospitality didn't work out so well.
I'm doing a different course -
beautician course.
What about our barra shack, our cafe?
Well, it's an amazing dream, Pete,
but... I've got an even better idea.
Let's go to Perth.
It's a big city with traffic lights,
proper houses,
big shopping centres.
I can go shopping there.
Hey, we both can go shopping.
What about Jubi - he comin?
Jubi, he'll be right where he is.
Stop the car. Stop the car!
Stop the car, Mum. Stop the car!
- Stop the car, Dave.
- What?!
- Stop the bloody car!
- Stop the car!
- What is it now?
- Easy, right?
I wanna go back to Jubi.
I hated leaving you. You know that, aye?
You was here the whole time.
Why didn't you call me,
come for a visit, aye?
Listen, Pete, I can take us to Perth,
get us a nice house,
give us a proper life.
You can have everything you want,
any toys.
New bike, video games - anything.
Jubi don't need all that.
He got feeling for country.
Every day you was gone, he look after me
with his old ways, stories...
- He'll be fine with his old ways.
- His old ways saved my life.
But, sweetheart,
I wanna live in the city.
I need you to come with me... please?
You go be a beautician in the city.
That's what you want, aye?
That'll make you happy.
It's OK, Mum - you got your dreams,
I got my dreams.
I'm sorry.
Drop me back into town, aye?
Jubi! I missed you, Jubi.
I missed you, Jubi.
I missed you, Jubi.
Which way are we going now?
Go back country.
Yeah, go back country.