Sattar (2022) Movie Script

One, two, three! Suaydan!
Let's go, kids. The ring is ready.
One, two...
Today is career day.
Which means we want to know
what you want to be in the future.
What's this dress?
Call that a career?
When will you grow up?
Do you want to be one of those?
Show me your palm.
I'll teach you wrestling.
- Hey, kid! Why aren't you playing with us?
- Get lost!
- What do you want to play?
- I only like wrestling.
You think it's real? Wrestling's fake!
Saad, my boy, open the door.
It's your fault!
You made me like wrestling.
Open the door, and let's talk, Grandson!
Why didn't you teach me to like soccer?
Or any other sport? Like shooting marbles.
What are you talking about, Saad?
Marbles? Open the door!
For God's sake, Grandpa! Leave me alone.
I won't watch wrestling with you again.
It's all just acting!
Saad, handling disputes, right?
Hi, I'm Saad, Global Insurance Company.
How may I help you?
Yeah, I want to dispute
a car accident charge.
- Can you approve it?
- Have a seat, please.
You know, I was with Abu Fahad just now!
We're talking about the accident.
It's just a small dent.
Is the car outside? Can we see it?
Yeah, but it's a bit far,
and I don't want to waste your time.
You can see it here.
Just a small dent.
Zoom out. I need to see the whole car.
The car? It's a minor dent, you know.
This isn't a dent.
The license plate is on the floor.
- But you can turn a blind eye.
- Sorry, I can't help you.
But you know Abu Fahad, I mean, you know.
Give my regards to Abu Fahad,
and tell him it is not minor.
I see.
A big match between Shank and Warrior.
- Hello, champion. What's your name?
- I'm Talal.
- Do you like wrestling?
- Yes.
Come here.
Look. Shank and Warrior
only met once in wrestling history.
It was Monday, the main night,
ladder match. It was intense.
Shank entered the ring.
- You know his theme song?
- Yes.
Warrior followed.
He did his backflip. He was on fire.
The match started: punches, scissor kicks,
body slams, stunners and spears!
Everything you could wish for
happened that night.
Suddenly, Warrior was knocked out,
unable to move!
Shank reached stage three,
nearly world heavyweight champion.
Suddenly out of nowhere,
Finger Man emerges from beneath the ring!
The lights are out. We can't see anything!
The lights come back on,
and we see him face up,
and he grabbed him and...
- Can you explain to me what you did?
- I didn't do anything, sir.
Do you know who his mother is? Any idea?
Sure, she seems respectable.
That lady holds all the insurance
contracts for Alhanhoony Holdings.
I just asked him where his mom was,
and he started crying.
I apologize. It won't happen again.
What' up with Abu Saleh?
Well, Abu Saleh passed by
and said it was a small dent.
I asked him to zoom out.
Turned out it's not a minor dent.
The car is wrecked, a total loss.
Do you know what's a "total loss"?
Your bonus. Forget about it.
Abu Fahad!
- What?
- Abu Fahad.
What? What do you want?
Abu Fahad, you know, I need that bonus!
For marriage expenses. I told you.
Did you deserve that bonus?
You haven't met your target,
and even when I referred that customer,
you did nothing.
Bonus to get married?
Marriage is responsibility, like work.
You are not responsible,
and regarding Abu Saleh...
Saad! Saad! Saad!
- Yes.
- Got it?
You won't get a bonus this year!
Hopefully, next year.
Hey, hey, hey!
Where are you going?
All dressed up! What are you up to?
I'm doing laundry. Tomorrow morning,
Felowah and I are apartment hunting.
The wedding is approaching.
No way! What about the cage?
- Which cage?
- Andre, the son of Putin.
Andre Patton, Grandpa!
Exactly, he will challenge Ginsin.
They're going to clash in the cage.
You know the son of Berweez...
Grandy Boys. An important family. And yes!
I saw the ad. I know it's tonight.
Yes, yes, those two will face off,
because on Monday...
I know, Grandpa! Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
When I get back,
we'll watch them all and talk about them.
Take. Open it. I give up.
Anything else?
By the way, check what Abu Tariq sent
on WhatsApp.
The gang will be visiting soon.
EEW will be in Riyadh?
They're looking for a Saudi wrestler!
You know about wrestling.
Don't miss this chance.
Oh, Grandpa! Things are different now.
Best of luck to those guys.
- Do you need anything?
- Just go.
All right!
God bless you.
- Hey there. Hello, handsome!
- Hello, how are you doing?
I'm good. And how fine you look!
- Oh, and you smell very nice.
- Thanks, you too.
Hello, Auntie.
- Join us!
- Happy to.
- Why is she here?
- What?
You told me it'll be us.
Adjust your seat.
Let your mom have more space.
No need. This car is so small.
The seat's been adjusted.
It's more spacious now!
Felowah, my love! What was the make
of Saud's car? Fawziah's son.
I don't recall, Mom.
Now that was a classy car!
Leather seats, luxurious,
spacious, and smelled nice.
Yeah, God bless him.
Is anyone else from your family
joining us?
No, nobody else.
Hey! Close the door!
- I love it, Saad. It's gorgeous!
- I'm happy to hear that.
- Breathtaking!
- Go ahead, Auntie. Look around.
Come here! Take this.
Let me see where those posters will go.
- What's that?
- Look! We'll put a high shelf there.
We'll put our figures there,
and it'll be our bat cave.
What bat? This is a living room, Saad!
You want people to sit
and look at your bats?
Oh, Saad, what a darling!
Are you thinking of children?
Yeah, let me take this. Yeah, I am!
How lovely! You know what? I'm thinking
that room would be perfect for kids.
We'll put a bed in each corner,
one for Aboodi and one for Fahoodi.
She already named them. She named them.
- We'll paint it blue.
- She chose the color too.
Would you like to see the rest?
We need your opinion
because you have more experience.
The open kitchen will be here.
It has to look good
because it's open to the living room.
I can't believe it.
This is going to be our home.
I'm so excited.
Here, we'll put six buckets
of fried chicken.
- Two plates of garlic.
- Why? We'll share one.
But you mix ketchup with hot sauce.
And I mix it with mustard.
Felowah, ketchup, garlic and hot sauce,
they are like a family.
Same bloodline. Inseparable.
Together forever. You get it?
Two plates for the sake
of lasting love, Saad.
Okay, one plate for you,
another for me and one for both of us.
- Nice.
- Listen.
The kitchen must be to my taste.
I'll pick the colors and the design.
My buddy has a shop on Imam Street.
Once he heard I was getting married,
he called to say the kitchen
of your children's mother is on me.
- "Your children's mother"?
- That's what he said.
You know what! A German-made kitchen
will be perfect here.
Yes, Auntie! But if we passed the German
kitchen shops just a little bit further,
then left, and then right,
my buddy, a good friend of mine,
has a kitchenware store on Imam Street.
Once he knew I was marrying,
he gifted us a whole kitchen.
did you see what Auntie Aljawharah
shared on WhatsApp about kitchens?
German, German, for sure.
Auntie, I have nothing
against German kitchens,
but it takes them months to make one!
That's too long!
So what? Order it now, and within
six months, the kitchen will be ready!
- Right.
- "It takes time," he says.
Just let it go!
- Is she going to live with us?
- Saad, can't you just let it go?
She might as well
pick the color of our bed.
I'm very impressed with your taste,
Auntie. It's impeccable!
Your daughter is gorgeous,
and the apartment you picked is perfect,
so beautiful, honestly!
But it seems just a little bit expensive,
don't you think?
If we look in the suburbs,
just to the north, we'll find way cheaper
and more spacious places.
I like that one,
and I want my daughter to live nearby.
Sure! As you wish, Auntie.
It was just a suggestion.
I don't want us near her place.
Let it go. This is my mother, my mom.
- Why don't you play something?
- Sure, sure.
How did that happen?
Auntie, this is a Saudi band called
the Sawt Alyaqoot, an amazing band.
I used to listen to them,
trying diverse cultures and tastes.
WIN 200K
If you change your mind,
click on this link and sign up.
Look, "He who doesn't eat
with his hand stays hungry."
Tell your mother, she'll get that kitchen,
and the apartment too.
Saad, you don't have the body.
I need someone
to come with me to audition.
Consider it done.
- Can I rely on you?
- Of course.
Hello! I'm Saad Mohammed Abdulmohsen.
I signed up online.
Thanks, much appreciated.
Look, look! Do you see what I'm seeing?
Check this out! The fridge is warming up.
Dude, leave the poor thing alone!
His neck is lost in all that fat.
- Lower your voice! He might hear us.
- So?
Yo, Captain. It seems like
your water is leaking.
I didn't get it!
Good luck in there.
Waleed, buddy, where are you?
I'm calling but you're not answering.
See if Faris is nearby,
so I can come bring him.
I just got my audition number.
Listen! The place is packed
with muscular dudes.
I don't know why.
This is wrestling.
It has nothing to do with muscles.
Waleed, answer your phone, please.
It's important.
Hello, everyone, I wish you all the best!
Numbers 900 to 1200, come with me, please.
- I'm 1021.
- Welcome.
Live from Riyadh, ready for the start
of the second EEW tournament.
The search for a Saudi
wrestler has kicked off.
There's a large number of competitors,
and we spoke to a few.
This is an amazing event. I came here
especially for EEW. This is my first time.
This is Saad from Riyadh, and I hope
we deliver something good tonight at EEW.
This is an extraordinary event.
It's very new to me.
I'm looking forward to the audition part,
and I hope they choose me.
Weight has nothing to do with it.
We have seen many successful wrestlers
of my size and even heavier.
Thank you very much. Saad.
This will be a very long day,
full of auditions at EEW.
We've seen strength, resilience,
persistence and ambition,
all under one motto: "A confident person
walks like a wrestler."
Channel KHPC Sports,
Tariq Al Jaljooli, Riyadh.
Waleed, I'm about to audition,
where's Faris?
Dude, please! Find him!
And, man, answer your phone!
- Saad Abdulmohsen, 1021.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi, how old are you?
As we mentioned in the email,
we need each participant to bring someone
to the audition. Did you come alone?
If you allow me to ask
one of those guys to join me, please.
Guys, can someone help me please?
- Here, here, dude. Do you see me?
- Anyone. Help?
Yes, please.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You can start.
- Thanks.
Can I leave my phone with you?
- Sure.
- Thanks. Apologies! It's on silent mode.
Sorry, one minute.
Look, the scenario is this.
I will perform two scissor kicks,
then one punch.
But you've got to overreact
when you fall, okay?
Thanks for your help.
No, wait! The scenario!
Damn! He got some whipping all right!
Thank God it's not me!
This is what you get, fatty!
You couldn't do anything.
I told you! Don't encourage those fools!
They beat him badly.
Have you seen the hashtag
"Saad, the punching bag"?
His future in wrestling just ended
before it began.
Away from the headache of #Saad.
I want to show you guys
where I'm staying in Europe.
The area I'm staying at
is lovely and quaint...
Hey, Punching Bag!
Can I take a selfie
with your battered face?
I didn't consent to photos.
Punching Bag! One photo, please.
One picture. Come on, Punching Bag!
Punching Bag!
Stand back. Make way. I'm a doctor.
Are you okay, are you okay?
Take it easy. It's all good.
Take it easy. Relax.
- Take it easy.
- Your things.
The ambulance is on its way. Relax.
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay.
Any pain in your head or neck?
No, nothing. What happened?
You'll be fine.
The ambulance is on its way.
- I have...
- You'll be fine.
- I have work. I have work.
- You'll be fine. Take it easy.
Saad, come here!
Yes, Grandpa, what's up?
It's your fault! A giant like this
must be tackled by his legs!
You reminded me of Toti what's his name?
Titi Montana.
Yeah! Toti Montana, when he tricked
and whipped that giant kid!
- Andre.
- Yeah.
He sneaked under him and brought him down!
Why attack from above?
I promise you, Grandpa!
I'll start each fight laying down.
Can I get some sleep now?
Go ahead. Godspeed!
- Hello.
- Hey, love!
If you saw those videos,
I don't want to talk about it, please!
What videos, Saad? I just woke up.
What are you talking about?
Nothing, long story.
Let's talk about it later.
- How have you been?
- I'm all right.
The Punching Bag?
My daughter is marrying the punching bag?
You were asleep, huh?
I'm sorry, love!
But you haven't seen the whole thing.
They didn't film it all.
I started all this to make money
for the kitchen and
apartment and all the expenses!
Didn't you hang up on this Punching Bag?
Okay, Mommy! Okay.
You didn't see the whole fight.
I knocked him around afterwards,
but no one filmed it.
Sorry if I embarrassed you.
I know. I believe you,
and I'm proud of you. Okay, bye.
All right, love! Take care.
I swear I didn't back out.
I called him many times. He didn't answer!
- You're a liar!
- I'm not a liar.
No, no, you're a pathological liar!
- Hello, everyone.
- Hello, welcome
Great job, all.
- Thank you. Appreciated.
- Apologies for keeping you, guys.
Good news. The new insurance deal
has been approved.
- Abu Fahad, I have a question.
- Go ahead.
- We are targeting big companies, right?
- Correct.
Does it include work injuries?
Yes, of course. Work injuries within
the parameters of the work environment.
But outside that,
of course, we don't cover it.
This includes anyone
who was beaten outside this building.
We don't cover that, you got it?
- Excuse me.
- Sure, take your time.
Take your time, Punching Bag!
Sorry, man, I just found this phone
in my backpack. It's not mine.
Saad, it's yours. I put it there.
Who-Who is this?
Do you want to be a wrestler?
You want to be a wrestler or not?
Tell me who you are first.
Listen up, fatty.
I'll make your dream come true.
If you still want to be a wrestler,
be at this location at 8:00 p.m.
Come alone.
Wait! I need to...
No, love, it's all good.
No, nothing!
What are you up to tonight?
Nothing, I got changed after work
and went for a ride to clear my mind.
Just thinking.
Saad, are you okay? Talk to me.
It's nothing, love.
Listen, let me call you in a bit, okay?
All right, darling, take care.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Are you Saad Ibn Mohammed Ibn Abdulmohsen?
- Yeah, were you on the phone earlier?
- No.
What do you want?
- I'm supposed to be at this spot.
- Why?
- You ordered shawarma.
- I haven't...
- Hello.
- Take the order and pay the guy.
Double-check though,
I ordered extra garlic sauce.
Sorry, can you tell me who you are?
Take the order and we'll talk!
- How much?
- Thirty-five.
All right. Thanks.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Tip him, dude! I made him come
across the city for you.
No, tip him yourself
and tell me who you are.
Apologies, I forgot the tip.
Best of luck, man.
Want the path of glory?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Ali Hogain, Wrestling Talent Manager?
The most famous talent manager
in the region.
I'm going to pave the way to glory for you
and fill it with roses.
Give me back my card. It's my last one.
Give back my phone. Are you robbing me?
You put it in my backpack.
To achieve your goals.
All right, thank you.
I'm getting nervous, so I'll leave.
Where are you going?
This is the path of glory.
And this is the path to my home.
And that's where I'm heading.
You know? There's no wrestlers here.
How can you be a manager?
How can you manage something
that doesn't exist?
It does exist!
There is wrestling, a ring and a suplex.
Who told you there is none of that?
It's private and underground.
All right, let's go there now.
- Do you want to become a wrestler?
- Yes.
This way.
- Right behind you.
- This way.
All right, send me the location,
and I'll pass by tomorrow. This is weird.
Why are you scared? Are you suspicious?
I'm not scared! I'm not.
I come from a police family.
Whenever I don't show up home,
they trace my phone to know where I am.
And they always know.
No one says that lie anymore.
Oh, mommy! You scared me now!
No, it's for real.
Get in, man. Just get in.
Welcome. Come on in, Saad.
Clean your shoes, and step carefully.
Happy to have you! Welcome! Welcome!
- Welcome. Have a seat!
- Happy to be here.
Welcome to my space!
What do you think of my museum?
- I have two questions Mr. Hogain.
- Go ahead.
Why all these locks?
Are you in trouble or something?
Tell you later. Next question.
Your date of birth?
I was born on 28th July 1986.
Why? Are you going to buy me a gift?
No, but 123 Man died in 1999.
And that picture looks like
you took it yesterday.
Same outfit, same beard.
It looks like you photoshopped them
or something
Who told you 123 Man has passed away?
The dude is on the lam.
He is laying low on his farm.
Doing good there,
but people make up stuff.
Everyone knows he died in 1999,
and he's not laying low on his farm.
What do you mean?
Are you calling me a liar?
No, no, I'm just asking.
So I'm a liar!
- I'm only asking, I swear.
- Just say it!
Open the door. I want to leave.
Say it! Say I'm a liar.
- Mr. Hogain.
- Abu Haghoog!
- Don't know legends?
- Sorry, I'm just kidding.
What's that?
Whose underwear is this?
- Yours?
- No!
And you say you know all about wrestling?
Whose is it?
This is the underwear of Abu Hogain!
I'll never forget that moment.
A significant moment in wrestling history
and all its glory!
When Abu Hogain destroyed the Mortician.
After winning,
he looked around to see this man.
Abu Haghoog. We made eye contact,
and I was challenging him to look away.
That song started playing.
People were anticipating something big,
everyone was in awe, like this.
No one knew what was going on.
And I was looking at him
and said, "Abu Hogain."
He got it.
He took off his underwear
and threw it my way.
Got on his Harley
and went to the locker room.
That was a historic moment.
Oh, really?
You're a liar. Get well soon.
Open the door!
Yo! Ali.
- Yo, Ali.
- Hush!
Yo, Moneerah's son.
I don't know them,
and I'm not Moneerah's son.
Here, my mother's name.
I didn't see a thing,
and I knew that you have problems.
Are you going to pay what you owe?
You're also a thief?
It's my fault that I came here.
- I must always trust my gut.
- Those guys are liars.
You are the liar.
And your place stinks! Try cleaning it.
Why do you have underwear in the AC?
I'm your only shot
at making your dreams come true.
I'm going to guide you
on the path of glory.
Yo, Ali. I know you're there!
- Now! We go now!
- Sure.
- To the pit now!
- Now!
Hey, Ali!
Thanks, that was a good dinner.
Great, but where's that pit?
It was back there!
Around the kitchen? Right?
So people can get in and out?
You lost it, Saad.
This is a regular Bukhari restaurant.
I was just hungry.
You just ate shawarma.
Why am I buying you all this food?
Slow down, man. Don't jinx me.
I won't, but you spent all my money.
You're nuts.
Take me there now!
Sure, I ate shawarma,
but I didn't enjoy it with all that noise.
Are you satisfied now?
Yeah, I am, but now I need a cup of tea.
To get caffeinated with Madina mint.
My man! You can pay him now, Saad.
- Pay him yourself. I spent a lot already.
- Just pay him, dude.
How much?
My man! I swear.
Riyadh, my darling.
You spent all my money now.
Are you stingy?
Why are you walking this way?
Collect yourself. You're a wrestler.
I have a normal walk.
That's all right.
With Abu Haghoog, it's all good.
- Hello, guys!
- Hello!
Saad needs a mechanic to change
oil and piston rings at area one.
Immediately. Mohammed!
No, no.
Oil change here.
- Come on in.
- No, thanks.
- My car isn't here.
- Just come along for God's sake.
I'm a married man, and I don't like this.
I know what you're up to.
Are you nuts?
A wrestler can't be a coward.
Just go ahead.
- Where to?
- This man will sort it out. Don't worry.
- It's here?
- Yes.
- This is the underground.
- Here?
You can't bring drinks inside. Leave it.
Why did we buy it then?
Let's go. Hoghoogin
is making things happen,
and you want to screw it already!
Where's the door to enter?
Down there. Down the pit.
- Here is the private spot.
- Let's go.
I'll lead the way.
There is a smart door with a sensor.
Don't let me fall, Saad.
Don't grapple! Idiot!
There is very little room.
This is the dream and the path of glory.
Ali, it is too narrow.
Will you look at that!
The private getaway union.
- Welcome to the pit.
- Damn!
Yes, this is the betting area, Saad.
Don't greet those guys. They specialize
in motorcycles and phone snatching.
Check out those guys,
betting all weekends on winning.
Packages, and all.
Roberto Carlos, Amokachi, Saad Aldossary.
Let's play against them.
No, man!
Those guys are pros. They never sleep.
Baloot game is here. For two years,
they've been waiting for someone to join.
No one dares!
That's how pro they are,
and they only play even moves. That's it.
- Tough rules!
- Exactly!
I know this one.
These are light liver sandwiches.
Get two of those, then enter the ring
to do a suplex and never feel ill.
No, this is regular liver.
You just eat it as it is.
Excuse me, Abu Johnson.
Two liver sandwiches with hot sauce.
Extra hot sauce, please.
Extra hot sauce, pour it up
and then add some more.
Doesn't look like meat.
These betting areas are just an entre.
The main activity is wrestling.
They invest and make extra money here.
It looks like you were telling the truth.
- I believe you, I believe you now.
- Really? Am I a liar?
You're not. Apologies
for not taking you seriously.
- Am I a thief too?
- No, far from that.
That's good. I'm glad.
If you stole my heart give it back Saoudy
What's wrong with you?
No way. Robot moves you got going.
That's smooth, Saad.
How did you do that? That's awesome.
This is banned in the ring, right?
- Be careful, "Don't touch."
- I didn't.
These tools belong
to the previous generation.
They started here. All of them
were the rough and tough kind.
Those tools are symbols. Whoever
knows those tools, knows the wrestlers.
- Who are they? There are no tags.
- Not needed.
That one, Abu Maha.
He stands on the corner of the hood.
Shouting, "This is what I like!"
And starts thrashing his neighbors.
Is he around? I want to see him.
This one died, God rest his soul.
What about this chain?
- The chain! Are you familiar with Gyks?
- No.
Gyks fights in the afternoons only.
If you pass by a supermarket and see
someone beating another man, that's him,
sweeping the floor with their faces,
kicking their asses.
- Crazy afternoons.
- Say no more. He's dead, right?
Alive and well,
but serving time at the moment.
What about that stick and ring?
Whose is that? Gyks's?
Saad, that guy's got a weird hand.
It looks like a claw.
To rip out noses and throats.
ENT speciality. If he slaps you,
it feels like a hit-and-run accident.
Slapping type.
Legendary slaps, makes your head turn.
You wouldn't know which direction to go.
I need a whole day to tell his story.
I wish I met him. He's a legend.
- The previous generation...
- Hoghogain, come with me to the Doberman.
- Listen!
- Who's that?
If I'm not back soon, go to my office
and delete my browser history.
- And no snooping.
- Ali!
Hello, I was told you want to see me.
Hogain! Finally. Where's my money?
I'm sorry, I know my payment is overdue.
I just brought in a new wrestler.
- I'll work him and pay you back.
- Punching Bag?
I chose him with care.
I've been watching him for a while,
and I saw him get hit by a car.
He stood up like nothing happened,
like a cat.
- You see that one?
- Yes.
He was handsome before.
How much you think he owes?
- How much?
- 500 riyals.
I haven't seen my 50K, Hogain!
You have one month.
All right. Deal. Bye.
Tonight's first American wrestling match
is between...
Will Hulk Hogan defeat John Studd?
Will John Studd win the champion's belt?
- Andre, what's his name? Putin's son.
- Saad! Saad! Saad!
See our child, The Mortician.
Look at our child, Saad.
Join them, Saad. Join them.
Build our future.
This is your son.
The Mortician!
- Would you like a suplex? Come here!
- Join them. Make us proud.
Where did you go, daydreamer?
I've been calling your name.
This place, man, it's amazing.
I know it is, but what's your deal?
You want to be a wrestler or what?
- Agreed?
- Agreed.
Let's go.
You see! You see!
- Please let's stay there a little longer.
- You lost it? That's it.
A little longer! What a place! The ring,
the hall of fame and the trophies!
- Sweet talk a little!
- You are the man!
You know what I was imagining?
I was in the ring. The referee
shouted, "Watch out," and I did my move.
Didn't I deserve
the bukhari and shawarma meals?
- Man, I'll buy again if you want.
- Mr. Saad?
Punching Bag!
- Quick, quick.
- What the hell?
Punching Bag!
Yo! What the hell's going on?
Get lost! Just get lost!
- What were they saying?
- Get lost!
Listen very closely, Saad, my man!
Your battered face and this viral trend
is bad for business.
I know, I know. I'll sort it all out.
I'm going to create a costume for you.
We need to hide your face.
Please meet the master, Alaam.
The most famous fashion designer
among the wrestlers,
and the best tailor on 20th Street.
- Come in.
- How do you do, Alaam?
Good, thanks.
I'm Saad.
- Very good, very well?
- Very well.
Listen! You require a certain personality.
- Scary and likable at the same time.
- Yes, yes.
The name must be easy to remember.
I have an idea, from my childhood.
I was going to share it before,
but I kept it for today to surprise you.
The Destroyer, Saad The Destroyer.
- Okay?
- Goes around destroying wrestlers,
flipping his opponents like a bulldozer.
What a horrible name! Weak!
We need something blunt!
Something that incites fear!
Like what? Go ahead. Like what?
I got you! I'm the brand Abu Haghoog.
You need that name that...
Got it! Alaam!
- Check the outfit inside.
- There?
That's it, yes.
The mummy that escaped from Giza.
He terrified visitors at the pyramids
and then descended on Al-Haram Street
beating up everyone he meets,
then started walking
along the Nile scaring everyone.
His name is The Mummy.
- What?
- Stupid and weak idea.
- Got it, Alaam!
- Check the outfit inside.
That's it. He escaped
from a mental institution.
A fearless addict,
you can't anticipate his moves.
He walks with a limp from poor sleep
and diet. His teeth are loose!
His name is The Spook.
Do I look like someone drifting his car?
- Got it, Alaam!
- Check the outfit inside.
Yes, that's it. Have you heard of Goldus?
- No.
- No?
You are a car painting specialist,
spraying white paint with two red lines
on the sides and top
of a Toyota Hilux, like...
Terrifying everyone.
The youth will love it. Fantastic!
What idiotic ideas, dude! Get lost.
What's going on? Still upset
that I rejected your idea? The Destroyer?
No, The Destroyer is way better.
You know? You might as well
copy The Mortician.
Alaam! The Undertaker,
let's call him that.
- No, God forbid, that's taboo.
- Do you hear yourself?
One second. Damn it.
Abu Mohammed's sons will raid us now.
What's your deal with those guys?
You're on the run, right?
Be quiet. They might be close.
Why? Let them hear.
Hey! Ali Hogain is here!
Shut up or I'll bash your face in.
You wouldn't dare.
I would! I'd slap the hell out of you
and your stupid face!
No you won't... whack...
I'd smack you so hard
your mug will shatter.
- Sattar.
- Yes, shatter.
Hey, that will be my name, Sattar!
My wrestling name is Sattar.
Sattar enters the ring.
The Sattar suplex, fantastic!
- You see how I roll? I told you.
- I came up with the name.
I was your muse and inspired you.
- Alaam!
- I'm on it!
Looking good, I told you.
This is Alaam, man!
- Nice?
- Absolutely, man. Trust me.
Tell him to change the fitting down there.
Don't worry. It's all good.
Let me get back to you.
One of the guys just fell. Bye.
That's it.
What's going on? He's okay?
He's all right,
just a couple of scratches and bruises.
He looks sick, poor guy.
He's good. Focus!
We've got more important things.
Be ready to fight, all right?
Abu Haghoog, about that.
Who's my opponent?
I want to discuss the fight.
My moves and his moves, you got me?
We need to develop the scenario.
Yeah, sure, the scenario.
You'll get it over there.
Just be ready, you hear.
Yeah, my man! Quick moves.
You see! That fast.
Scowl! And glare!
My man, let's roll.
Ladies and gentlemen, joining us...
Gernas, here we go!
What's the deal with him?
Gernas! A high school teacher,
famous for lashing his students.
He was fired after lashing
the whole class.
That school gave us Casanova
and The Reckless.
They call the new guy Sattar!
He is a fighter? The belly, dude!
Not a wrestling type,
fried chicken at best.
They say Sattar walks and whacks!
Let's see how he stacks against Gernas.
Look there! He's ripping his outfit.
The teacher is ripping his outfit.
Why is he ripping his outfit?
Don't mind him.
He's just trying to scare you.
- He always does that?
- Every fight! He's got a wholesale deal.
Don't worry.
Sattar, get ready, man.
This guy's a lightweight.
Hey, let's talk about the scenario.
Should I start or do you want to go first?
Quick move, quick one.
Watch out. The Teacher's on fire!
Ali! The scenario, the scenario!
No scenario, man. Man up!
- What the hell?
- Your feet! Watch out!
No way! He's going to whip his feet!
- What's this?
- He's going to whip your feet.
I'm on the ropes! What's the safety word?
The safety word's at your insurance work.
There's no safety here!
Lash him! Lash him!
I won't do it again, teacher!
Please, teacher.
- Lash him.
- Please, teacher.
Catch him!
The finishing move, the finishing move!
Say goodbye to your fingers.
He'll give up now.
Give up! Give up! He gave up.
10, 20...
I can't put my feet on the ground, man!
You'll be fine, my man! 30, 40, 50.
Here you go! This is yours.
I get paid even if I lose?
I knew you'd lose. I bet against you.
Every time. Just handle getting whipped.
One day, you might find yourself
buying your first land up north or east.
That wasn't our deal.
Remember! The path of glory!
Paving the road! What happened to that?
Plus, I was anticipating
the scenario back there.
How do I say it?
Drop that. Get me into the championship.
You'll see what I can do.
- That's not for you.
- Why not?
Because there you'll be whipped,
beaten and squashed.
And when you're defeated, you're out.
"Goodbye" as they say in English.
Play it safe with those friendly matches.
Who knows! In that championship,
you may enter alive and leave dead.
I'm not kidding, Saad. That's the truth.
- No one gets there unless...
- I'm fed up. Let's talk later.
I don't need these friendly matches.
Get me in the championship.
Stay in the friendlies.
No way! No way!
How's Abu Awad?
Not that good. No, no.
Enough! Get me in the championship!
A bird in the hand
is worth two in the bush.
The championship! I'll give it my best.
We're getting paid.
Just put up with the beatings.
Enough of this. Get me to the big one,
and I'll get what you want.
For real? You won't back out?
We're making money now.
For sure.
Ali! Trust me!
This is bullshit. Get me there!
Don't make it hard on me. Let's keep
making good money here. Just focus.
Listen. I'm fed up
with these friendly matches.
Get me into the championship,
and I'll pay you 50K if I win.
- What?
- 50K if I win. Just get me in.
50K whether you win or lose.
You'll put it in the safety box.
Deal. 50K, win or lose. Just wait
till the end of the championship.
- Deal.
- Where are we?
The psychology of humankind thrives here.
This is a local chicken. Watch out.
Healthy food. Beware no one steps on you.
They're construction workers. What's this?
I brought you to the best trainer.
Watch out! Those guys are tough.
Let's go.
You see, everything is local and healthy.
- Yo, Abdulkhaliq.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How's it going?
- It's going well.
Hello, I'm Saad.
- This is the dude who needs training?
- Yes, this is him, Saad.
He's a little full but very strong.
Do you know what wrestling is?
Yes, it has been my passion
since I was little.
- When do you want us to start?
- As soon as possible. How about now?
Let's get some breakfast first,
then we train.
When exactly do we start?
What's with him?
Where have you been, dude?
Abu Mohammed passed by.
You know, if I win,
I'll sort out all my affairs.
An apartment, a new car.
- You think I have a chance?
- No.
Encourage me!
What kind of manager are you?
I can sweet-talk you to the moon and back.
Let's say you beat the hell out of them.
At the end, you'll face The Doberman.
Saad, The Doberman has been there
since the start of the pit.
No one took the title from him.
The little ones come
and get buried at the final match.
No one even scratched him.
You want to convince me that you're going
to get that title, barrel!
You'll see what this barrel can do.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to our yearly
wrestling competition.
Led by the private united union
at the pit.
Don't worry, Sattar!
Here we have a cheerful
and awesome fighter!
Check out the audience,
how they salute him!
We can definitely say,
Sattar is the total underdog here!
Abdullah check in is among us!
Always blowing our minds
before every match!
Always, before every match, Abdullah.
Right, my friend?
No, no.
What? That was your cue.
No, no, no.
Your previous comments are way better.
Lift his face!
I will send it to Snapchat maps.
Dude, focus, focus. Take out his teeth.
Pinch his nipples.
Apply the instructions of Abdulkhaliq.
Show him. Go!
Beat him up! Beat him up! Beat him up!
A provocative move from Sattar!
He took the phone!
Startling Abdullah check in!
Hand me my phone.
Give it back.
Get lost, man.
- Give it back.
- Ali! See his Snapchat!
One! Two!
Check out the girls there.
I'll catch you.
- Checking!
- What do you want?
Fantastic Sattar!
Yes, Sattar! Eat him up!
Up! Up!
That's it!
One! Two! Three!
Beast! You are a total beast!
Come on, captain, a haircut here?
Hurry up. Just move.
Damn! Burhan dude!
Who's that?
That's a shawarma chef at Mama Nawara's.
He battered a guy
for asking to add more hot sauce.
- You haven't seen the hashtag?
- Not really.
That video! "Yo! Add more hot sauce."
Poor little kid.
He was furious! What, what!
What the hell's this?
Then he started whipping him
with the big shawarma skewer.
- For real?
- I swear! Without mercy.
Look! He brought his barber along too.
It's not a convenient time for a haircut.
Why is he giving us his back?
That's disrespectful.
- What are your moves?
- Slaps.
Yes, slaps, punches. Listen!
This is water mixed with pepper.
Throw it at him.
Cheating isn't nice. Don't worry.
I'm going to win.
Listen carefully, I want to see action!
I want hitting, smashing, beating!
- There are no rules here!
- Excellent.
My role is to count to three, that's it!
Got it?
Got it.
Weren't you fired
for awarding a wrong penalty?
- Yeah, and I'll do it again!
- Okay...
Get in line with your ridiculous outfit!
Take it easy. I just asked.
- Don't trash my fighter!
- You shut up!
What a fool!
Focus, Sattar. This is nothing!
Get him.
One, two, three...
- What's that?
- Four.
Enough. Get off.
My man!
What's with that dude?
He kept repeating "four."
You see now! He wants to escape.
Make that move, the star move now.
Give him a good thrashing!
Yes! As if you were snatching his phone.
My man!
- Why is he kicking the air?
- He's furious now.
- He's burned out.
- I have an idea.
- Hold him!
- "More hot sauce"!
"More hot sauce"!
"More hot sauce"!
"More hot sauce"!
Hot sauce!
My man! Where are you going?
- "More hot sauce."
- "More hot sauce."
One shawarma, please,
and add more hot sauce.
"More hot sauce"!
What a performance, Sattar!
What's your take
on their performance tonight?
Wired up! Absolutely wired up!
"More hot sauce"!
- Ali, I did the Cristiano move!
- Well done!
Hold him!
Let's get it over with.
One! Two! Three!
I won! I won!
Sattar! Sattar!
Sattar! Sattar!
If we stay next to each other I'm worried
people will find out
Sattar is the Punching Bag.
Take it easy. No one knows.
This is a popular place,
filled with visitors and tourists.
This is a well-known museum.
Looks like a pentathlon, right?
Survival of the fittest.
They beat each other
till the strongest one wins.
Last man standing!
Exactly! Last man standard.
Who's that? He's very good.
That's Ryan the Ape. Damn his strength!
He's quick too,
jumps between cars for fun.
Once he clashed with Mutasim
around the chill Mac.
You know that huge dude with the big SUV.
He jumped over his car,
started piercing the roof and hood.
Ryan the Ape,
start with knocking his head.
That's the move.
- And a scissor kick.
- Exactly.
You see that weakling?
He shouldn't be here.
Actually, he's a mighty wrestler.
Do you know what's his strength?
- What?
- His mom, never misses a match.
God give strength to my son.
A mother's prayer.
- What was his name again?
- Luai.
Luai. How can I beat him?
Distract his mother
with a box of chocolates, right?
That's Fahad, the tackle dude?
- That's him.
- Why is he here?
This is the misfits zone.
They come here to hang out and have fun.
They get a few quick injuries,
knee injuries, ankle injuries.
Then they go home peaceful and relaxed.
- Who's that?
- Bader Bungee jumps!
He only has one move.
Knocks them down with his rump,
then sits on top of them.
They come up gasping for air. God forbid.
Bader Bungee jump. I can do that!
- Abdulkhaliq?
- That's Abdulkhaliq.
What's he doing here?
Surprise appearance! The best of the best.
The Rock of Islamabad? No, he's not,
but he's a rock nonetheless.
Apparently, his name is Abdulkhaliq.
The displays say so.
Aziziah tunnel.
Kid! Going to Sulai storehouse.
Take and go to the Boulevard!
One! Two! Three!
No way!
You snitched on the Rock of Islamabad?
For two years, he lived here illegally.
I told him, "Renew your residence card.
Hurry up."
He refused. I told the guys
to take this dude out of the country.
Damn! You're dangerous.
- That's Abdulkhaliq.
- Sartar.
Abdulkhaliq, I'm Sattar, not Sartar.
Sartar, Sattar, we're all children of God.
Absolutely, all children of God.
Look, I'll train you.
I'll teach you all the moves.
With time, if we get in the same ring,
I'll crush you.
- Is he for real?
- Yes, might as well plaster you up.
He's just beaten five guys there.
That's Abdulkhaliq!
Check out how they enter
the ring and people cheer.
I need my own entrance move.
You came with nothing.
What do you expect me to do?
It's not included in the contract.
Abu Hoghoogin! That's on you!
All the details, theme song and branding
are the manager's responsibilities.
Got it! I got you, Saad.
Abu Hogain got you!
I got something way better
than regular songs, hip hop and all that.
I'm going to record a folk song for you.
An amazing folk song.
- Folk song?
- Yeah!
What's wrong with you, Ali?
What folk song?
- What?
- Are you for real?
Yes, dude! For real! Check out
folk songs for wrestling on YouTube.
See how many views they get. Millions!
Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow,
they all get millions of views.
Any wrestler who has a makeover
goes for folk songs.
- You think it's going to work?
- Work? Just check out YouTube.
- Right! Let's do it.
- Consider it done.
One! Two! Three!
He did it! Abdulkhaliq!
Did you see the way I smashed his face in?
- Saad!
- One second!
Look at that. This is who you take
the beating for? Because of her!
- Felowah, what brought you here?
- What's this weird place?
How did you get here?
I put an AirTag in your bag.
- What?
- More importantly, what is this place?
- More importantly? Where did you put it?
- Side pocket.
Are you crazy? Why did you put it there?
Get in the car.
- Ali!
- Yes, buddy.
- I've got family here.
- God bless her.
For real! You make the best tea in town.
- There's something you should know!
- You're back to wrestling?
Yes, but let me explain.
I joined a championship,
and I'm winning now.
The prize money is good.
It will cover all marriage expenses.
The apartment and the kitchen
like your mother wanted.
I'm doing really good now.
I know you will support me.
The problem is your mother.
Can you explain it to her that I'm a good
wrestler now and everything's okay?
What if you get knocked out?
I no longer get knocked out!
I knock others out.
- Who's that?
- Ali Hogain, Wrestling Talent Manager.
- How do you do?
- Don't take the card! Don't!
- What's up with you?
- I got my family here!
- Sure! She needs to know your manager.
- I'll tell her! Now go away, Ali!
Peace out!
Ali Hogain, my manager.
A good person but a little weird.
Nice to meet him.
As we launch the quarterfinal
of the competition,
with our own folk band Al Jamer.
Talal the Charcoal!
Strong like a bull!
He will wrench your soul out!
Throws punches, slaps,
That's my man!
God damn, Sattar!
The dark horse is back!
- Oh, my God!
- The dark horse goes to the semifinals.
Hello, Saad.
I hope you're doing well.
I think you've already received the ring.
Even though you were doing
all of that for me,
I wasn't able to convince my mother.
But you know how stubborn my mother is.
I truly tried!
I hope you'll forgive me.
I can't continue with our relationship.
Thank you for everything
you've done for me.
I mean it.
I wish you the best!
I look forward to your victory.
I'll never forget you, my love.
I support you with all my heart.
Best of luck. Goodbye.
Sattar, my man! Keep it together.
This is it. The final's around the corner.
- Keep it together, dude!
- I'm not in the mood. I want to go home.
My girl is gone. She left me.
Sent me her ring back, left it on my desk.
I know, man! I feel you, man!
I've been there, man,
but let's focus on the task at hand.
We came a long way already.
Now you're a brand, Sattar.
The name, the folk song,
the intro, the crowd!
You want to leave all of that? Come on!
If you lose the competition,
you'll lose your life.
Get it together, man. Let it go. Focus!
- All right!
- Growl and snarl!
Don't let them see
you've got a broken heart!
Army of Indix! Army of Indix!
Thanks for paying us a visit!
You! At the corner!
I noticed you yesterday.
Today, I'm going to get you.
Why silent? Scared?
If your dreams die, mine shall shine!
Hold him down. Slap his face.
- Fixing and slapping. One, two.
- I want to go home, man.
Keep it together, dude!
Where do you want to go?
For real? At the semifinals? Man up!
I know those sneaky guys,
I gave them stuff
three months ago,
and they still haven't paid.
I got him!
Two against one!
You were absolutely right!
I told you! I never forget my customers.
- Hold on!
- Copy that!
- No one finishes him. He's mine.
- You got it, big boss!
Air platoon! All yours.
He got a clear shot. Let him have it.
Air platoon! All yours! Do you copy?
Take him out.
Yo! Referee! What's going on?
His belly!
Take him out! Take him out!
No, no! Stop him.
Reload, reload!
Referee, come on!
- They are going to kill him.
- Sartar!
That's my man! Abdulkhaliq.
That's him! Abdulkhaliq!
The commando hero!
Amazing! Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Standing tall and proud!
- And give me back my money.
Sartar lives!
Sartar! Get up, Sartar.
- Give me your hand.
- Bless you!
- What's wrong with you, Sartar?
- I don't want it anymore. That's it.
One more round and that's it.
You'll get the title.
So what! My love is gone. No marriage,
no life. I don't want this anymore.
Are you nuts?
One more round
and you'll meet The Doberman.
Win and take the belt!
And everyone will love you!
Get in.
Sartar. Sartar!
Go! Go away! I'll continue.
Happy? Happy now? Sattar get it together!
Back again.
- Abdulkhaliq, that's it. He's back!
- Take them out!
That's it!
- That's my man! Go!
- Take them out!
That's it, yes!
- Yes!
- Oh, God.
- You have them.
- No!
Flip him!
- Will you trick us?
- Oh, no!
- Here we are.
- Sattar! He'll flip him.
- Beat him.
- No!
- No, I know this move.
- Break his bones!
I'll never forget you, my love.
I support you with all my heart.
Remember, you win by holding
his shoulders down until he surrenders.
Bless you, I hope to see you
become the top wrestler.
One! Two! Three!
Sartar, Sartar!
We knew what would happen.
Abdulkhaliq will withdraw
from the championship,
and Sattar will go to finals
and meet the Doberman.
This means we got to the finals?
- Yes!
- Listen, Saad!
I'm going to take the belt.
- It's okay to come second.
- Second?
I'll never settle for second place.
I can feel the belt around here,
and we go out for dinner after that.
That's my man, Saad!
- You got a hunch?
- I got a hunch.
Not only that but I'll pay for dinner
while wearing the belt.
I'm a little hungry now.
Not now, after the win.
Watch out though.
He's tricky, that Doberman.
He won't have a chance.
You don't know his ways.
You won't see it coming.
Every year, he brings a new set of tricks.
Don't worry. I'm going to get him.
The Doberman did it!
Kidnapped my buddy Saad.
Poor Saad.
Abu Mohammed's sons?
Hi. I don't want to bother you,
but I think there's a misunderstanding.
I'm not Ali.
I swear to God!
Check my papers if you'd like.
Ali was on my right when you snatched me.
Still, I'm ready to pay what he owes.
I swear! From a penny to a thousand,
I'll pay it.
Just untie me, please.
Sons of Abu Mohammed! Answer me, please!
Take it easy! Take it easy!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
I swear I won't do anything.
Please, let me go.
Untie him.
Let me go! Let me go! I'm kidding.
Wait for me there.
Why are you pranking me?
Why did you kidnap me?
- What happened to your mustache?
- You mean this one?
Abdulkhaliq, resides in that pit.
Here, I'm Rashid, undercover cop.
No, please! I got nothing to do with it.
Ali Hogain lives near the place
you took me from.
At the pit, there's gambling
and betting taking place. I'll cooperate.
But please, no jail.
I'm scared! I don't like bars.
Saad! We've been watching
the pit for a while.
Those competitions run by the Doberman,
we are following them all.
Each time, before the finals,
he kills his opponent.
I practically saved you.
He was going to kill you there!
I spoiled all his plans.
- Please, I don't want to go to jail!
- You won't.
You have to cooperate with us now.
This is an official mission.
It requires a small effort from you.
We are very close!
You just need to take his mask off.
We'll take it from there and arrest him.
We'll take care of that pit too.
Please, no jail, okay? I'll try my best.
You mastered that role! High five!
How long have you been wrestling?
Grandpa! Grandpa!
- The ring and stick? Whose are they?
- Saad, that dude's got a weird hand.
It looks like a claw.
You called me Sattar?
- Who told you?
- I've seen all your matches.
I followed you. Why didn't you tell me?
Why haven't you mentioned all of this?
I've seen a picture of that stick.
And the hand pictures. Were you
the legendary slapper and I have no idea?
The legendary slap is a heavy
responsibility. No one can talk about it.
Take it easy! You were a trailblazer.
But now you're an old-timer.
Your fist has shrunk.
You can't even cut a watermelon.
- What did you say?
- You can't open a jar of olives.
And you're saying
you're the legendary slapper?
Don't you believe that I can slap you
and land you over there?
Oh! Legendary slap!
Don't exaggerate, Grandpa.
I can't feel my face!
Listen up, Saad my son.
Do you want to defeat Doberman?
You must learn the legendary slap! Got it?
- Listen, Saad!
- You hurt me, Grandpa.
- Just listen.
- I'm listening.
You inherited one thing from me:
the legendary slap.
I tried to...
- Don't interrupt me!
- Okay.
The legendary slap
is a chemical interaction.
Signals from the brain pass
through the veins to the fingertips.
- For example, the first finger.
- The thumb.
It's for anyone bothering you.
- The second.
- Index finger.
For anyone betraying you.
- The third.
- My manager!
No, for Felowah and her mother.
- The fourth.
- The ring finger? Or pinkie?
- Ring finger!
- Okay.
For anyone irritating
or trying to cheat you.
One last finger! I can't smack this way.
The last finger is for balancing the arms.
Go, Saad! Go!
Listen up, Hogain!
The final match is approaching.
When I give you the sign,
throw this towel my way.
This means withdrawal. Repeat after me!
If you do that,
all your debts will be cleared.
- Even the 50K?
- Even the 50K.
Deal, but...
It looks like you're a little scared of...
No! Why would I be scared?
I'm a busy man! I'm not looking
to fight him all night.
We got things to do.
- Do what I told you, you hear!
- Yes, consider it done.
Listen, that's it.
You just need to take his mask off.
Two photos, and that's it.
We've surrounded the place.
We'll get them tonight and close the pit.
Clear! I'm ready. I just have one request.
- Tell me.
- Can you wait till the end of the match?
- I have a feeling I'm going to win.
- Saad!
Why didn't you pick up your phone?
I was asleep!
Look, Abdulkhaliq was saying...
All right! Abdulkhaliq, I know the move.
- All and all, all right?
- All right.
- Everything is perfect?
- Yeah.
Fatty! You're going to win
and get that belt.
God willing.
Let's go.
Much appreciated, Abdulkhaliq.
- Where have you been?
- Dude!
- Who kidnapped you?
- Listen!
- Abu Mohammed's sons?
- No, no, not them.
- Snouka?
- Not Snouka.
My grandpa kidnapped me.
This is his way whenever I stay late.
He sends cars, and they pick me up.
- He likes punctuality, very serious guy!
- You are fine?
All is good. Abu Haghoog,
we made it to the finals!
That's it. You came a long way!
For real, Ali, I want to thank you.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me.
I thought I got into the pit
for Felowah and the expenses.
To make money, that is.
But then I realized I came here for me.
You helped me make it.
My family and friends didn't support me.
They laughed at me.
But you supported me.
You're closer to me than family.
Why are you talking like that?
I'm about to shed a tear.
- A tear?
- Yes.
Don't worry. I'm Abu Haghoog.
Saad! The kindest heart.
Listen! I need to focus.
I'm going to the restroom and back.
All good?
All good.
- Thanks.
- Most welcome.
This is the final test,
either loss or victory!
True, true. Sattar, I called him
the dark horse of this competition.
But tonight, after meeting the Doberman,
I'm going to call him the donkey.
- That's Doberman.
- Exactly, Doberman, the leader.
He is the first candidate.
He isn't a nobody.
He has a special presence.
Exactly, the business flourishes
when he gets here.
I told you, fried chicken type!
Sattar, you can do it.
No, no, no!
Punching Bag! Punching Bag! Punching Bag!
Don't mind them. Go get him.
That's my man.
Counting the fingers! That reminds us
of the legendary five-finger smack.
What was that?
Do you call that a five-finger smack?
Remember me? I roughed you up.
Turns out Doberman
was the one who beat him up.
One! Two!
Are you kidding me? Count faster!
Stand up, Saad!
You can, Saad!
Stand up, Saad!
You can, Saad!
Stand up, Saad!
Yes, yes!
Hogain, the towel!
The towel? Get lost!
The first finger
is for anyone bothering you.
The second one
is for anyone betraying you.
- Three!
- The third is for Felowah and her mother.
The fourth is for anyone
trying to cheat you.
The last one is for balancing the arms.
One! Two! Three!
Nobody move! The place is surrounded!
- You're here?
- I just came.
Did you see the final?
- Did you? Who told you about it?
- I did.
- You saw the five-finger smack?
- That's my man!
I swear you'll regret it!
I said no means no!
Please not here, not now.
Who did she marry? A wrestler!
Not acceptable.
- Salaam.
- Hi
I got into Doberman's office,
made a big mess and brought you the prize.
- You got it?
- I took around 100K and more!
- You took your 50K?
- Of course, Saad, first things first.
Right away!
My man!
I'm all right!
Are you mocking your manager?
You are nuts, Saad?
- Didn't I tell you I'll win?
- Yeah, you did.
Congratulations, my son-in-law!
Oh, my God, Auntie. As long as you're
pleased with me, that's the main thing.
Of course I am, of course.
Who else can protect my girl?
All right! I've to go.
There's a live wrestling match. Bye.
- I'm heading home too.
- My man.
Make a record of all this.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Thank you, Saad.
- God bless you.
Come on, Saad. Come with us.
You told me there would be no jail.
Who said you're going to jail!
Just come to finish paperwork,
and you're good to go! Come on, Saad.
Show me the way
So I can know
What to do
And know what's true
Do you want the path of glory?