Saturday Church (2017) Movie Script

God is our refuge and strength,
and ever-present help
in troubles.
Therefore, we will not fear,
though the earth gives way,
and the mountains fall
into the heart of the sea.
Though its waters roar and foam,
and the mountains quake
with its surging.
Good morning, baby.
Your Aunt Rose
and I were just talking.
She's gonna start spending
a little bit more time...
here soon, so...
I promised your father that
I'd watch out for his family.
I'll be here when you
return from school,
and help with your
homework and dinner.
I spoke with Moran yesterday.
I'm gonna have
to start working nights.
So you and Abe are gonna be
on your own for a little bit,
before I get back home.
Only until we get
everything sorted, okay?
Oh, my god.
Speaking of ladies.
Did you shave your
legs last night?
Tell me you didn't.
How long do you think
Mom's workin' at night for?
I don't know.
When Dia's mother died,
they had to move out
of their apartment.
He's sleeping
at his grandma's now.
We'll be fine, I promise.
You, uh, got a lot
of homework tonight?
We should do it
when we get home.
I don't need your help.
How are my boys?
Hi, guys.
Hey, Rose.
- Got time for a bite?
- Hey.
Uh, yes, just let me
change really quickly,
and then I wanna hear
about everyone's day, okay?
Ulysses, help set the table.
I'm in the middle of a problem.
Can't Abe?
This looks wonderful.
Thank you.
What time do you
have to get back?
In 20 minutes.
- You'd better hurry up.
- Yeah.
How are you, baby?
My teacher said we're going
to go to a museum next week.
I need to have my
permission slip signed.
I'll sign it after dinner.
Thanks, Rose.
What about you, Ulysses,
any fun field trips coming up?
You learn anything
interesting at school today?
Not really.
The souls of the just,
are in the hands of God,
and no torment shall touch them.
And their passing away
was thought an affliction,
and their going forth
from us, utter destruction.
But, they are in peace.
For if before people
indeed they be punished,
yet is their hope
full of immortality.
Chastised a little,
they shall be greatly blessed,
'cause God tried them
and found them
worthy of Himself.
As gold in the furnace,
he proved them,
and as sacrificial offerings,
he took them to himself.
At the time of their visitation,
they shall shine...
trust in God
shall understand truth,
and the faithful shall
abide with him in love,
because grace and mercy
are His holy words.
I'll be back after Bible study.
Stop by the store, pick up
a package of chicken thighs.
I'll see you boys in a bit.
Ulysses, have you seen...
I don't know
why you're freaking out.
Mom and Dad told you
not to wear Mom's clothes.
Well, Dad's not here.
- It's not that big a deal.
- Yes, it is!
Aunt Rose thinks
you have problems.
Fuck Aunt Rose.
I'm gonna tell her
that you said that.
I told you I was
just messing around.
I won't do it again.
Little fairy.
You're gonna see me
You're gonna know me
You're gonna see me
You're gonna love me
I'm not the one to watch
I'm not the one to watch
Here you go, sweetness.
Where the hell have you been?
I was out.
How old
is your brother?
- Eight.
- Eight.
Do you think it's smart
to let a boy that age
walk home by himself
in a neighborhood like this?
You better answer me, boy.
I waited for him outside school,
he, uh...
What was that?
He left, ma'am.
Eight-year-old boys
bossing you around...
walking around
in your mother's shoes.
Whatever your mother lets
you get away with, it's over.
Do you understand me?
If I ever hear of your
brother walking home alone,
or if I ever hear of your even
looking at women's clothing,
I will beat it out of you.
You are...
a man.
Start acting like one.
Now get out of my face.
If you wanna be a woman,
where's your hair, baby?
In my scalp, boo.
What about you?
This belongs to an animal,
what's going on?
Fuck you, bitch.
This ain't no mother fucking
This some Indian shit.
I ain't sucking dick to be
wearing no raggedy ass
- horse hair.
- Neigh for me, bitch.
Imma slap that
ugly-ass mug of yours,
- if you keep runnin' that mouth.
- Alright!
Alright, everybody,
calm down, just relax.
Motherfuckin' horsehair, my ass.
What the fuck are
you lookin' at?
Calm the fuck down.
I'm sorry about her.
I didn't mean to stare.
It's fine, she's just sensitive.
I'm Ebony.
Greek myth?
My dad liked him.
New, I take it.
I know all the new faces.
So, what do you
think of the pier?
- It's nice.
- Nice?
Honey, you got a whole
bunch of cracked-out
queens in this place.
Ma, can we get somethin' to eat?
Do you wanna come with?
Oh, um, I shouldn't.
I have, like, things.
Oh baby,
I'm not looking for your ass.
- Where are you going?
- Saturday Church.
- Where is that?
- It's up the street a bit.
- At a church?
- So many questions, yes.
Ulysses, this is Dijon,
and that is Raymond.
And you already met Heaven.
What kind of name
is Ulysses?
Dijon, you hear this kid's name?
I think it's kinda cool,
I like it.
Are you ready to eat?
I'm starvin'.
You coming?
- Uh, yeah. Sure.
- Good.
Now let's hurry our asses up
'cause I don't want no bitch-ass
gettin' to the food
before we do.
Girl, he gave me
almost a 1000 dollars.
- Hey, Marshall.
- Hey, good evening, ladies.
What's up, Marshall, why you
haven't called me yet, babe?
I'm still waiting.
Hello, beautiful ladies,
are you having a nice evening?
- It's going alright.
- Good.
Hey, Ma, what's
on the menu for tonight?
Oh, tonight we've got
chicken, carrots and fries.
Chick... Did you say chicken?
Didn't we have
chicken last week?
No, baby, we had meatloaf
last week.
Oh, shit.
And that shit was
bangin' though.
My bad.
- We have someone new?
- Yeah, but he's with me.
No, Miss Ebony,
you know the rules.
- Are you helpin' out tonight?
- Yes, ma'am.
Bless your heart, Miss Bev
is gonna need some help
setting up the tables
before dinner, okay?
- Okay.
- Good.
Ulysses, let me
know when you're done.
Hi, hon. I'm Joan.
- Ulysses.
- Ulysses, welcome.
We're gonna need you
to fill out some paperwork
before you can come in, okay?
Oh honey, it's completely
anonymous, I promise.
God damn!
Love that!
Boy, give me your cookies then.
Did you get in okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Smoking blunts with my cunts
You all in the club like
You wanna join them?
Nah, I'm okay.
So, I'm thinking that
I wanna upgrade my look.
It's time for growth.
Girl listen, I wanna give you
Manhattan business woman,
1980s, the whole nine.
I want shoulder pads,
I want a pencil skirt.
No, no, no, that's too much.
That's gonna be tired,
don't do it.
Don't step on my creativity.
You're fierce.
What do you think, babe?
Do you like that look?
Very sensible, but like,
sexy at the same time?
Like Melanie Griffith
from Working Girls.
I like it, yeah.
- See?
- Please, what he know?
Oh, don't mind them,
they're all banshee-ass queens.
Excuse me, watch your mouth,
I ain't banshee.
Honey, honey,
look at these hoops, though.
Girl, my client bought
them at Zales, baby.
So, um, are you
living in the streets?
No, I live with my mother.
Uh, do you guys live
with your parents?
My mom kicked me out,
like, a very long time ago.
Like, this?
It don't fly down south.
Mm-hmm, ain't that the T?
Listen, none of us
live with our parents.
I live by myself.
Yeah, I stayed at Martha's
for a while,
but I'd rather sleep on
the streets than that shit.
Kids be getting
bed bugs and shit.
It's like,
it's really disgusting.
Yo, I got my purse
stolen from there,
the Chanel one.
I'm gonna go get seconds.
Do you want anything, Ulysses?
I'm fine, thanks.
Yo, can you get me some chicken?
Get it your damn self.
- Will you knock it off?
- Where were you last night?
- I was looking for work.
- I'm gonna tell Aunt Rose.
Didn't you learn
about running your mouth?
What do you think you're doing?
Stop acting crazy.
Can you please
help me with this?
You didn't get my candy?
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Give me that, thank you.
Be quick.
Like he needs any more energy.
You're so quiet.
I'm okay.
Things working out okay
with your Aunt Rose?
Yeah, I thought so.
She is difficult, trust me.
I've had to deal with her
a lot longer than you.
She's a good person deep down.
Having her around is more than
I ever could have asked for.
I never found those stockings.
I thought we talked about this.
- This needs to stop.
- I said I'll stop.
You said that before.
Things are hard enough as it is.
- Baby, what are you...
- I said it'll stop.
Got it.
Do you have something
to say about the other day?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
It won't happen again.
I signed you up
to be an acolyte.
You're so stupid.
Girl, let me tell you
about this date last night.
Bitch, this
motherfucker came over,
the one I was
talkin' to you about.
Sits on my bed, whips out
this big-ass-humongous dick,
and I'm like, if you
expect me to sit on that,
you better believe the price
just went up fiercely.
Date, my ass. Bitch.
- He kissed me, okay?
- Bitch, and then he paid you.
What's the matter with that?
Girl, you know
that ain't no date.
Oh, God. What about you?
When was your first time?
Baby, she ain't talkin'
about for coins.
We know you ain't done that.
- Yet.
- Don't "yet" his ass.
Raymond Jackson,
you on thin ice, baby,
- Okay.
- Thin ice.
About to roll your ass up.
Have you
ever painted your face?
- No.
- What are you,
friggin' Mother Theresa
over here?
Actually, let's do some
Princess Diaries shit.
This pink nuvo, bitch,
will look over on that mug.
I swiped
that shit at K-Mart.
Target, I don't do K-Mart.
- Uh, I don't know if I...
- Relax.
It's not gonna hurt you.
Now purse your lips.
Now blot.
Get into that mug.
Tell me that's not some
Taraji P. Henson shit
right there.
I don't see nothin' special.
He looks beautiful.
Thank you.
Goodnight, my sweetness.
Goodnight, Ulysses.
Goodnight, Aunt Rose.
Enough with the TV,
it's time for bed.
Go to bed.
What are you...
When I was your age,
my dad taught me
how to play piano,
so I figured I'm gonna
do the same with you, alright?
- Sorry.
- Babe, what are you doing?
- I just have to see.
- Give me some alone time.
- I just got home.
- I know.
I'm not goin' anywhere
- anytime soon, just...
- Okay.
Well, let me just,
I just wanna see how he's doin.
- Let the boys be boys.
- Okay, fine.
All right, so...
what you're gonna do is
put this hand right here.
- Give me that other hand.
We're gonna place
that right here.
Tap the first key
with this finger.
Your mom's never
gonna tell you this,
but this song
actually helped me to get her.
- You goin' to the ball?
- I'm thinkin' about it.
The competition is going
to be really crazy this year.
You should see what
Cocoa is comin' up with.
You ever been?
You should come to
Vogue Nights next week.
It's smaller, weekly.
You should come.
Right, I'm gonna piss, find
somethin' to drink, you want?
- I'm cool.
- Cool.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
It is okay to like that boy.
Raymond is one of the good ones.
Is there anything I should know?
You'll get there.
Just take your time
and no need to rush.
You ever have a boyfriend?
None that ever lasted.
You forget my face
And you forget my name
And you forgot our bliss
'Cause love
Is an endless kiss
For you, I broke my body
For you, I gave my soul
For you, I wept these tears
And you, you were never here
Like whispers
Of an untold story
Like wishes that
Never come true
It's vicious
And leaves you hungry
Left lonely
It's the condition of love
It's the condition of love
It's the condition of love
It's the condition of love
It's the condition of love
Abe, if you're gonna watch TV,
you're gonna fold clothes, too.
Aunt Rose,
doesn't make me fold anything.
Aunt Rose isn't your mother,
so get off your little butt
and help us fold
some clothes, please.
Thank you.
How's school?
It's fine.
Are your grades okay?
Can I get more
than a one-word answer, please?
They're good.
I hear you're quite
the celebrity at church.
- Do we have to talk?
- Excuse me?
I don't feel like talking.
Who do you think
you're speaking to?
Listen, the level of disrespect
needs to stop tonight.
Do you understand me?
This isn't easy for any of us.
- I am trying my best.
- Try harder.
Try to pay attention
and don't give it
to your girlfriend.
May the best woman or man win.
Big five hundred dollars!
Get your girlfriends up
Vogue, bitch, Vogue,
Like two one time, Vogue
Turn like undeniable
Vogue like you're desirable
Now Vogue, bitch, Vogue
On the count of three,
I want you to serve it for me
Show me what you got girl,
Bitch you are hot
Show me what you got
Bitch, bitch make it hot
Show me what you got
Show me what you got
Show me, show me, show me
Give them a round of applause.
Only one is gonna be
$500 richer tonight.
All right, judges,
who do you want?
One in the front.
One in the back.
Two in the back.
Grand prize, Zenobia!
The next category
is battle of the supermodels.
This is for the runway
of the year.
Taking it from the back
and puff it, and walk it,
and storm it, and serve it.
This is R to the U-N way
Twerk it, servin' it every day
Servin' like a supermodel
You're lookin'
Like a next top model
What you know about style,
Forget that style
Bitch, you better
Serve and twirl for it
So, we'll see you
competing at the next one?
You'll need to get yourself
a pair of heels if you do.
- No more of the sneaker shit.
- Shut up, Heaven.
What? It's about time he
come up in the world.
I'm just lookin' out for him.
The final battle tonight,
legend versus legend.
Les Combs versus Juno!
Let's do it.
Legendary this
And a legendary that
Legendary here
And a legendary there
Legendary up, legendary down
Legend, legend, legend
Legendary this
And a legendary that
Legendary here
And a legendary there
Legendary this,
Legendary that
Legend, legend,
Where you go and get
I want you to stop
Word, word, word
All right bitches, I'm out.
I gotta coin,
Annie counts the clock.
- I'll walk with you.
- Come on.
- Which way you walkin'?
- None, train.
Walk with you?
Did you have a good night?
It was great.
I knew you'd like it.
- No big date tonight?
- Me?
Nah, no way.
I barely leave my house.
And what about you?
I'm not seein' anyone.
Too busy drawing?
What you always drawin'?
I don't know, just...
And dating's not easy.
Everyone's a mental case.
You think?
Free Online Movies
Or they're flippin' tricks.
You didn't do that?
I didn't think I could, either.
You know,
Ebony's not doing that anymore.
- Really?
- Yeah.
That's why she's been
helpin' out with the program.
Joan helped her out.
- That's good.
- I think so.
I guess this is you.
I've wanted to do
that for a while.
Get home safe.
Tell me what you did
I don't have the time
To wonder who you kissed
I've been spending
My whole day
In a phased out haze
You say we feel out of touch,
But give some more time
- I'm back within a month
- Faggot.
I know you
Don't like to wait
But this love is not a race
So take that watch
That's on your wrist
Hide it in a drawer
And don't let it exist
I will shine
Within your shade
Until you feel awake
It's no road that
I'd run without a curve
So baby would you come in
Close at the turn
And let a different love song
Pass your lips
Or we might suffer shipwreck
Oh. Yes!
Put 'em on, let's see.
Show me.
You got it.
That's it.
Look at those legs,
You look good.
You look great.
Oh, God.
How much longer are
you gonna be in here?
A few more minutes.
You wanna share?
Not really, but I guess.
Do you think I look old?
- How is it?
- How's what?
Oh, it's alright,
it ain't that bad.
Some motherfuckers
pull up in their car,
and make you wanna take to
the hills, they so ugly.
But every now and then,
you get cute one.
They all different.
Sometimes they just
wanna talk, and honey,
that shit's the worst.
I've got enough
problems without tryin'
to figure out someone's 401.
You ever wanna stop?
Honey, who's gonna hire my ass?
I'm sure there's someone.
You missed a spot.
You know you're
beautiful, right?
When the night is dark
And you fall apart
Turn to me to hold onto
If you're all alone
Cannot find your home
I'm the light
That will guide you
When I'm lost
Can't find my path across
The one who leads me
All the way
Is right here next to me
I'd be so lost without you
Without you, without you
I'd be so lost without you
Without you, without you
And if you need a hand
I'm at your command
Not me and you,
It's us together
If you need a lift
The wind, it starts to shift
We don't worry the weather
When I'm lost,
Can't find my path across
The one who leads me
All the way
Is right here next to me
I'd be so lost without you
Without you, without you
I'd be so lost without you
Without you, without you
I'd be so lost without you
Without you, without you
Without you, without you
- I'd be so lost without you
- I'd be so lost without you
Aunt Rose.
Aunt Rose?
Aunt Rose.
You lied to me.
You've been lying all along,
pretending that you changed.
Come here.
I need you to join me
down here...
- Ow!
- And I want you to pray.
Oh! How da...
How dare you, how dare you!
Stop, stop, stop. Stop!
Ow, stop!
You lied to me!
You lied to me!
Don't you ever think
about coming back here again!
- Uh, is Joan here?
- Joan?
Joan, she runs
the program on Saturday.
Today's Wednesday,
Joan only come on Saturday.
Papi, are you okay?
- Well, did you try his phone?
- He doesn't have it on him.
We get multiple reports
a day about runaways,
and most of the time they
show up within a few hours.
It's pouring rain out!
Look, if he's not back
by tomorrow, come in,
you can file a report.
I, I feel
That you cannot
See me standing here
You just wish that I
Would disappear
But I'm right beside you
No more hiding
I don't need your disdain
And I don't need
To explain myself
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, darkness
After all this time
You never saw your
Heart reflected in mine
It was always here
It was always here
I said goodbye
Goodbye to lies
I said goodbye
Goodbye to ties
Shame and fear
And bullshit identity
Goodbye to twisted faces
Hateful places
I refuse to stay hid
Don't think
I won't undo the hurt on me
Goodbye, goodbye
Get it right quick
I'm not the one who's sick
No, baby
Know I'm moving on
Moving on
Moving on
Did you find him?
- Amara, I'm sure he'll be...
Don't talk to me.
The only reason why you
are still in this house
is to watch over that boy.
Let's go, okay.
Perks of living
with a dog in the city.
Nothing more humbling.
What kind is he?
Uh, Siberian Husky.
- Is he nice?
- Yeah.
I'm Mark.
- Ulysses.
- Cool name.
What are you doin' out here?
Uh, waiting for some friends.
You look like you've
been waiting for a while.
Come hang out with me
and Nelson for a bit.
Nelson, relax.
He never listens to me.
- Nice place.
- Thanks.
- What do you do for work?
- Business.
What kind?
Doesn't matter.
I guess not.
Something to eat?
- Sure.
- Uh, leftover Indian sound good?
That's fine.
Place down the street makes
the best chicken jalfrezi.
You eat fast.
It's all right,
you have a good appetite.
I could probably do
with less of one.
You want another beer?
No, I'm okay.
No, thank you.
No, just leave it.
Are you sure?
Cleaning lady comes tomorrow.
Are you cold dressed like that?
I'm warm enough.
Nobody would be warm in that.
Come on. I'll lend you a shirt.
I'm sure I have one that
could fit you somewhat.
You gonna try it on or what?
You're very cute.
You probably get that a lot.
How much?
Excuse me?
How much?
That good enough for you?
I don't wanna do anything,
but you can.
Whatever you want, boss.
Come here.
- You know I gotta pee.
- But you always gotta pee.
- Oh, my God.
- What's it they call it?
I'm a lactone girl.
What the hell happened to you?
You're a small, right?
Yeah? Yeah, I thought so.
I've got small.
Sweetie, I know
it's not perfect,
but it'll have to do.
No, no, baby,
before you try it on,
you're gonna need
to take a shower.
You look feverish,
may I feel your forehead?
No worries, no worries.
We'll take your temperature.
You're gonna have to
tell me what happened.
trust me, this is why I'm here.
Oh, you look really good, honey.
I got you some food, boo,
before these other hoes
raided the place.
Thank you.
I mean, are you okay, ma?
Listen, we all go
through it, girl,
it's nothin' fun or pretty.
But you get through it.
I still got my arm busted up
by some trick last week.
Honey, my father beat
the living Christ out of me.
I was in the hospital
for three weeks.
Motherfucker probably hopes
I'm dead somewhere.
I mean, I have a place,
if you need to stay.
I got a couch, too.
You can always crash with me.
Or with me.
I do wanna see my mom.
You broke my body
And you took my soul
And I wept those tears
But you were never there
- Abnormal, defective
- Abnormal, defective
- You broke my heart in two
- You broke my heart in two
- Left homeless, rejected
- Left homeless, rejected
- So lonely
- So lonely
- The conditions of your love
- The conditions of your love
- Forever ending
- The conditions of your love
- Forever leaving
- The conditions of your love
- Forever ending
- The conditions of your love
- Conditions of love
- Conditions of love
Y'all go to bed.
I'll be back with your
brother before you know it.
You promise?
Yes. I promise.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Where the hell
have you been?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Ebony.
I'm Amara.
Are you okay?
He's got a bit of a fever,
but he's getting better.
He's really tough.
- Get your hands off that boy.
- Rose.
You're allowing in your home
exactly what's been
infecting him.
- How dare you!
- How dare you!
I'm just looking out for the
best interests of this boy.
- He's weak.
- You know nothing about me.
I know you perfectly.
Your father is dead.
Your mother is never around.
He's crying out for help.
How the hell do you
know anything about him?
- I'm his mother.
- And you're failing.
You have one job,
to protect him,
and you can't even do that.
- You're a disgrace.
- You're the disgrace!
What kind of person
tries to destroy a child?
What do you think is going
to happen to him in this world?
He is a black boy...
and he's gay.
And you're too dumb to get it.
Are you okay?
so sorry you had
to hear any of that.
I'm glad you're back.
Me too.
I thought I would
stay home from work
and make your favorite eggs.
You doing okay?
You know...
the first moment
that I laid eyes on you,
I knew you were perfect.
To think that you're unhappy...
Just know that I love you.
Don't you ever question that.
Well, I try my best
To understand
The change
You're going through
You know it's gonna hurt me
If you're not loving you
You were born a diamond
But I see that
You're in pain
Remember that I love you
Come sun or come rain
We are only given one life
One chance to get it right
Into everybody's world
Comes hardship and strife
It's not about me
It's all about you
You know
I'm gonna love you
No matter what you do
Many different pathways
But we get there
Just the same
You know I'm gonna love you
Come sun or come rain
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out
Fire, fire,
What you want, fire
Rain gonna come
Then the water dry out