Saturday Killer (2010) Movie Script

Go with me?
Err, what's your name?
...What's your name again?
Oh, Sound interesting.
And you?
I'm Rain.
Rain or mud?
Huh, you're so funny.
Err, you are very funny.
- Do you like comedian?
- Like? It's okay I like them.
And do you have your favourite comedians?
Favourite comedians? I like some.
And who are those your favorite comedians?
"3 Cha" Gang
Huh!!! You like "3 Cha" gang, aren't you?
And who do like specifically?
Mum and Teng.
Only two of them?
And what about another guy who is chubby?
You mean "Koh Tee"?
Which fucking channel that you watch?
Koh Tee is in "3 Cha" gang.
Same channel with you.
Do you want to watch television?
What are you doing, Bro?
I have to attend my relative's funeral tomorrow.
He fucking drowned.
Bro Bro, Let me ask you something?
You're calling me to have sex or to talk.
Stressful, you know?
I will.
Just relax and chat first.
Never mind, have a chit-chat first.
Have a chat then, we will know each other.
Come on, bro.
I want that also but...
Are you ready?
I ask you whether you ready or not
I'm ready.
- Honey
- Aww, her voice, almost cum.
Are you ready?
Slow slow, okay.
- Bro
- Aww, oh oh oh
- What are you doing?
- What happen to you, bro?
Umm, I'm finished.
What!!! Finished?
I've just touch you.
Ho, you touched so hard.
I didn't touch that hard!
No more, no more.
I'm finished.
People call me "Tee Rifle".
Phoenix of Bang Pla Ma.
The killer people talk about.
A fearsome killer.
But actually...
I am lousy bird.
A humiliated bird for women.
A bird that finish early..
A bird that can't even fly.
A broken wing bird.
A broken wing bird that only walks.
Walks, walks and walks.
Until one day...
A bird have met a beautiful swan.
A heaven swan that should be dancing on the sky.
But, she is dancing on earth now.
Huh, this is just a coincidence.
Even it is a destiny.
But a swan is still a swan.
And a bird like me is still lousy bird.
And end up with lame ending.
What if a heaven swan know that.
I'm kind of lousy bird.
Let her go.
Let the swan be on her way.
For me...
Don't even compare with her.
Put it down lightly, idiot.
Never pour it properly at any shots.
Hey, boy.
One more shot.
Give me one more shot.
Did you drive?
You've 8 shots already.
Huh, I feel nothing. NOTHING.
Are these water?
Because you're drunk, sir.
I still can talk consciously.
This is what we call unconsciously.
Slept already.
Hey, your voice like girl.
- Are you...?
- What are you talking about?
I know you knew.
Are you...?
- Yes
- Ah-ha
AC or DC?
Oh, scary.
What about you, AC or DC?
Am I look like?
I know you are.
Hey, I'll hit you unless I'm drunk.
Remember that.
Careful your words.
How much?
2400 baths.
3000, can't I?
Depend on you.
That's my boy.
Here's 3000.
You're very fast with this, idiot.
One shot of Vodka, sir.
Flirting, idiot.
That's hurt, bastard.
- One shot of Vodka, sir.
- A moment, ma'am.
What the fuck happen to you, idiot?
Shut the fuck up, idiot. I'm thrilled.
I'm sorry, did I poke you too hard?
No no no, Not that hard.
Ehh, What do you want?
Do you have lighter?
I'm not a smoker so I don't have, ma'am.
Ehh... Awww Awww Ohh.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Anything else do you want?
Nothing, sir.
- Are you okay?
- Awww Ohh..
Enough Enough... no more.
Give me the tissue.
- What you doing to do with tissue.
- Awww, I don't want it anymore.
Heaven swan have just sat beside us.
Do you still think that this is coincidence?
This is our 2nd time so it's not coincidence anymore.
It's destiny.
Then what?
She's gone.
See, my son.
It's time that I have to do something with you.
Yes, sir.
I'm used to be like you before.
Didn't you?
What about present, sir?
Idiot. I won't open this clinic if I still have problem.
That means you have very good medicines.
I have.
Doc, I tried this one already.
I still have the same problem.
Still the same?
Yes, sir.
This one as well.
Still the same.
Still the same?
Yes, sir.
Oho, your problem are not normal pre-ejaculation.
This must be very early ejaculation.
Very early, Doc.
Before this, I'm finished before start of inter-course.
But now, just touch... I'm finished.
I've never imagined that will be someone as bad as me.
Which medicines that you took?
You must have a very good medicine.
Can I have the same with you, doc?
Actually, I don't want to give this to you
because it's very strong.
How strong it is, doc?
It's take normally around 10 minutes to ejaculate.
But this Red-rose medicine.
More than 3 hours.
3 hours?
How much is this?
Friendly price.
Don't forget that 3 hours.
Hi, dad.
Happy birthday to you.
Have you just realized?
I heard that...
You are with purple shirts group.
It's your choice that you chose green shirts.
This is democracy, isn't it?
But you've known that...
I hate purple shirts very much.
Then did you know how much I hate green shirts?
You've never understand anything about politics, haven't you?
I don't understand.
Why did politics force me to choose color?
After I chose...
The other colors hate me.
Is this what you called politics?
No, I don't understand.
Other countries have never been like this.
You've stayed aboard for a long time.
That you didn't know the difference between Thailand and others.
No, dad.
I've stayed aboard for a long time.
To realize that democracy is the same in every country.
Only this country.
That interprets democracy disastrously.
Make difference by color of shirts.
And the reason of these.
Because of people like you!!!
I'm enough that you choose purple color.
Don't make me hate you more than this.
Go ahead and hate me.
Hate me like you hate other colors.
There are 100 colors in this country.
Don't even think that you'll win with your hatred.
He dare not sell this price unless it's very good.
No more "Pre-ejaculation".
Come on.
Put it on already?
Why don't you let me take it out?
Never mind, just put it on.
And what about sunglasses?
Just put it on, okay?
Then everything is okay. Don't take it off. Understand?
Copy that.
Then let's start.
What's happened?
Your medicine..
What with my medicine?
Do you know, doc?
From pre-ejaculation.
Do you know what is my problem next?
What's next?
It's not erect anymore.
Then what?
I want my money back.
What money did you mention about?
Money for your medicine, doc.
How much?
Do you have receipt.
You didn't give me receipt.
Where did I get my receipt, doc?
So you don't have evidence to claim your money back.
Do you want like this, doc?
If you're unhappy...
You can sue me if you want.
We found a bullet on the bridge.
"Tee Rifle".
- How do you know that, sir?
- I'm guessing.
In Thailand.
There are not many people who can snipe from far away like this.
Check the victim's record.
Mobile phone.
And Twitter.
Check all the communications whom this doctor contacted.
Killer like you should not kill anybody...
Without fees.
My dick is not erects.
Just pre-ejaculation is bad for me enough but this...
I'm impotent.
Just only that.
You can say that cause yours is still erects.
Uncle, how old are you?
Shit!!, Yours is still erects.
You have very good medicines, haven't you?
Tell me, tell me.
Let's finish this job first.
And I will tell you.
Don't lie to me.
In the age of argument.
The age that some groups killing each other for their superiority.
This is golden age for killer like me.
Nobody knew what sniper is...
But now...
Everybody knows "sniper".
Our spy reported that..
The guy who sent killer to murder our man...
is brown color.
The brown color is always stands opposite with the purple all the time.
In the mean time...
They are opposite of our color as well.
Enemy of enemy...
Is friend.
I think...
If Brown merged with Purple.
Our group
will be voted in council twice harder than before.
Any idea?
Sent killer to murder Brown's men.
Same like they did to us.
I don't think so.
We won't only kill their men.
We will kill all candidates.
Not only Brown but also Purple.
And we will be only us left in competition.
This will make us all in council.
I don't agree with this.
In this meeting.
Does anybody disagree with this?
So you all are confident.
That we will win this with our hatred.
In conclusion...
We've reached unanimous decision
that we will avenge them.
Although, I'm a killer.
I'm still a human..
That feel guilt....
Every time I kill people.
Killing some groups of people...
Make me feeling surprisingly good.
Some people...
should not live in this world.
Happy birthday.
Uncle Guan Yu recommended this place to me.
So you're "Phoenix of Bang Pla Ma".
The famous killer.
The phoenix is not here anymore.
It's left only un-awaken bird.
What is this?
The king of dragon.
The king of dragon?
How to use this?
Just rub it.
Pour it to your hand.
Then massage yours within 1 minutes.
It'll be big like dragon.
It'll be big like dragon, won't it?
Are you sure?
If not, you can burn my shop.
Uncle, who will do that to you.
I'm not a terrorist.
Why did you put the balloon inside your pants?
This is not a balloon. This is my dick.
How come did it inflate like that?
Do you remember your relative's medicine?
He told me that it'll be big like dragon.
Shit, Longer I massaged, Bigger it inflated. Not even hard.
Look at this, it's bigger than your head. The bigger is okay.
But inflated like this, how can I put it in?
What are you looking?
Take a look at this, come on.
I use this one every time.
You use this also?
- Nothing happen to me.
- But it happened to me.
Which side of your relative?
- Come on Tee.
- Did he your close relative?
Tee, Don't do this, okay?
Okay, because he is your relative.
Mr. Ong-ard Nernkorkyai, sir.
Oho, look at this.
It's unbelievably red.
How did you let it become inflame?
It's just happened.
If you came here late than this.
Frankly, I have to cut it.
You're very lucky.
Cut it?
Yes, sir.
You are so sweet, doc.
- Just little bit.
- Does it hurt, doc?
- Like an ant bites.
- Is it?
- Yes.
- Okay, doc. Go ahead.
I want my problem to be cured.
It's will be cured.
Not only cured but also can use, doc.
- I guarantee.
- Same like before?
Why did you talked so sweet?
Hey doc. What the fuck!!!
It's exploded.
It's exploded.
After exploded, it's fucking wet inside.
- What is this, doc?
- It's just exploded.
What a smell.
How do you feel?
It's very painful, doc.
Any feeling?
It's sore.
Doc, do you know any fucking thing?
I've never seen like this before.
Uncle, that's not even your house.
Why are you so serious?
Uncle, about the job...
You told me that he is not your close relative.
- What do you want, ma'am?
- Mix with coke.
One shot of Vodka, sir.
Here's lighter.
Do you remember me? I'm Mark.
You've ever borrowed my lighter.
I'm Christ.
Here's lighter.
I'm quit smoking.
Why did you stop?
I'm not in a mood to smoke.
Did your father ask you to stop?
Father is dead.
Did you scold at me?
No, I'm not.
My dad is really dead.
I sympathize with you.
Did you come here alone?
Yes, I'm alone.
And you?
- I'm waiting for...
- Christ.
Did you understand? You're looked confusing.
Ake, this is Mark.
Ake, this is Mark.
Doin? Doin for long time.
I told me him that I want to stay longer.
But he want to go now.
- Are you going?
- Take your time.
Meet me after the pub closed, bastard.
Did you forget something?
No, I didn't.
See you again.
See you.
Did you forget something?
Who is the client?
I don't know. I got it from other place.
What's wrong?
I know the girl in these pics.
Close friend?
Then you don't have to worry about.
Be professional.
I can't do this job, uncle.
If you can't...
the others will do.
What is your decision.
Could you find out who is the client for this job?
Who the hell will tell.
Can you do this for me, please.
Find out for me.
Okay, I'll do it for you.
Client is a woman named "Madame Heng".
She is the owner of "Bobae market".
The girl is having an affair with her husband.
She's not a good girl.
You should do it sooner or rather.
Although, I am a normal person.
But I'm a professional killer.
Professionals must follow the order.
Not follow the feeling.
But after this...
You can call me "amateur".
I'll accept it.
Bro, the shop is closing.
Do you need my assistance, idiot?
Why did you tell me?
If I didn't tell you, how did you know?
Give me one more.
You've just said that before.
This is the last.
I want like that also.
Sorry, Ma'am.
Why did you just walk, idiot?
Do you remember my name?
Do you remember Ake?
Yes I do.
He's dead.
He died in my house.
It's good that he died.
Good that he died?
Yes, it's good that he died.
Because, if he didn't.
I would not know that he has wive.
Fucking shit.
How rude are you.
Are all men the same?
What do you mean by "the same"?
Do everything for...
Every men aren't like that.
I don't think men are serious about love.
From now on.
I'll think like men.
How will you think like men?
Think only sex.
Forget about love.
Can you relax a bit?
Fucking relax for what?
No love, no pain.
A woman think like a man.
I don't think it is a good idea.
Sex is for men only?
- It's not like that.
- Then what?
Just have sex and end up with the same pleasure.
Yes, it's the same.
When women think only sex...
- It'll be.
- What will she be?
Double standard.
Then what if I am a whore?
Men would not have sex with me?
Fucking sure they will.
Won't you?
No, I don't.
Because I'm really whole-heartedly love you.
No intruder in this scene.
When did you love me?
Since I first met you at dancing school.
How long?
Not too long.
But long enough to know that...
I love you.
You didn't lie to me, did you?
No, I didn't.
Then do you want my love?
That what my heart demands.
You must have sex with me then I will give you my love.
This night will be surely long, I will pay for you.
You'll make a mistake one day, idiot.
Hit her face then I'll kill you.
You want to test me, don't you?
I'm serious.
Will you agree or not?
No, I don't.
Am I not beautiful enough for you?
You are very beautiful, Christ.
Despite beautiful you are, I can't.
I can't have sex with you.
Holy shit.
Did you really think like that?
Don't decide all men
by that one bastard, Christ.
What a gentleman.
You... come to me...
Just one night stand or forever.
Aren't you?
That you love me not fooling around.
Are you sure?
With your love that keep saying...
It's-not-one-night-stand, aren't you?
I'm not an easy-going girl.
I do not use this word easily.
I speak from the bottom of my heart.
You should realize.
I don't know the truth.
I don't know is it true or not.
With your love you tell me.
Can I believe you?
You should realize.
It's not one night stand.
You'll always love me, won't you?
Will I meet you when I woke up.
Don't make me hesitate.
Then left me.
People use this one, bro.
And then?
Even 70 years old man can do.
70 years old?
- Yes.
- Still can?
4 pills must be okay for me.
Come on, girl.
I'm back to normal.
This symptom called "Sex spasm".
Because you are allergic to Viagra.
I suggest you to avoid...
Everything stimulate your sex organ.
Can it be cured, doc?
The medicine for this symptom have not been invented.
- Cause it's latest.
- Enough, doc.
That mean it can't be cure.
- Sir, what's wrong with you?
- Get out.
Get out, Get out.
Sir, the nurse has already gone.
She's already gone, sir.
Take a deep breath, sir.
Take a deep breath.
Slow slow, sir.
Don't think about boobs.
Don't think about boobs.
The nurse has very fair skin.
To be honest, her boobs are incredible.
Oh, sorry. Cool down, sir. Cool down.
I like this one.
But I like this.
Where did you get these guns from?
From my dad's ex-colleague.
I have not found Tee Rifle's pictures yet.
Nobody knows what he looks like.
Only that he disguises himself everyday.
Did you ask from killers' lair?
Each lair is very hard to approach.
They contact only the insider.
I'm military spy so I can access only military.
The information that I received from uncle "Uncle".
Uncle "Uncle"?
Why did uncle "Uncle" involve with this?
He is looking for "Tee Rifle" also.
Is he?
Anyway, have you met Mark yet?
He disappeared since that day..
Are there any good men left in this world, Christ?
I love you with my heart.
Oh, you pick the green one.
Why did you talk, idiot?
Can't I talk?
You have a health problem. Am I correct?
Hey, everybody has their own health problem.
I mean your secret place.
Where is the secret place you mention about, nikka?
Your fucking dick.
Hah, you are starting to tell accurately now.
Let me ask you one thing.
Do you know everything by looking at these stones?
Just listening, I can see everything.
Wow, just listening only.
What did they said?
Do you like men or women?
Be careful what you asked, nikka.
Nikka, your dickhead. I asked you a question.
Fuck, you are a fortune-teller, then tell me what you see.
I can not see, I must listen from stones.
- Don't you?
- What did stones said?
You are gay.
Then ask them again what did they see?
No more fucking stones.
You didn't listen to stones anymore?
- No more, no more.
- Then what will you see next?
Your punches.
Just saw from your punches, you're 100% man.
So you are not blind.
I'm not fucking blind.
3 times like this. I can't blind anymore.
So these three hits enlighten your eyes.
Yes, they are.
- Now listen to me.
- Yes, sir.
Next time don't fucking tell anything stupid..
Sorry, sir.
And don't guess.
I won't do that especially for you.
So I'm going back. No charge, okay?
Yes, it's free. Special some more.
- I'm going.
- Good luck, sir.
- You have a good manner.
- Have a safe trip, sir.
Shit, am I your son, bastard.
I heard that "Tee Rifle"
will kill "Piak Thonglor" on his birthday.
Either home or karaoke.
I will tell you when I'm sure.
Why do you use pistol?
Do you want to change the style?
I don't want to change.
But the place forces me to.
Shit, why like this?
I have to shoot as close as this.
Today, our customers will use only this room.
I have to inform you all first.
Firstly, You have to be quick.
Quick but don't spill the alcohol while pouring.
Cause you'll get shot if you spill.
Secondly, be careful of customers' feet.
Look out for their feet while you give them service.
Don't accidentally step on someone feet.
Thirdly, ...
Follow customers' request.
Don't say "no" to them.
This restaurant have no angles for sniping.
If Tee Rifle work today.
He will kill him in close range.
Sorry, we close for today.
We're dancer.
Mei, we're waiting for you upstairs.
Powder, this is Christ.
Hi, Christ.
Long live my boss.
Hope your wive die soon.
Shit, you.
Don't you like it, sir?
That's good.
I've prepare you a special show.
- Good.
- I guarantee you will ike it.
- Make it quick.
- Wait for a while, sir.
They went to examination and will be back soon.
- Good
- Examination?
- Still have to do an exam.
- That mean they're very young.
- Must be good.
- I guarantee.
You are always a big-talker.
Go downstairs, I will take care here.
Let's have some drinks.
Boy, our drinks are finished.
- Me?
- Yes, you are, fat boy.
Our whiskey's finished.
Okay, Mr. Piak Thonglor.
Wow, he knows me.
You are very popular "Piak Thonglor". Everybody knows you.
You hold like this, who the hell will drink from you?
Sorry, I'm new.
What the..., what are you doing?
What happen to you? He's just kidding.
You're squeezing.
So what? Come and sit with me.
Again? He's squeezing again.
No no, It's just my gun.
Ahh, never mind then, do as you wish.
Do you have girlfriend?
No, not yet.
You're chubby.
I'm fat and stinking, nobody will look at me.
Yes, that's true.
Fresh meat.
I'll modify you.
Chubby boy.
Stay with him and you'll be better.
Come closer.
- Hey, closer.
- Yes, sir.
That's cute.
Yes sir.
Can you dance?
I'm not good at dancing, sir.
Show him.
I've just follow my friends' step only.
- Show me.
- Yes, sir.
Apologies, sir.
Which steps can you dance?
Which one you do like?
I'm not good at that.
- This is my birthday.
- A little bit.
- Like coyotes.
- Yes.
Okay, baldy.
You're getting om my nerve.
I've just want you all to have fun, sir.
5 people did like this and died by his hands.
No more kidding.
I want to see you dance.
Show me, show me.
Follow the rhythm, quick.
This is Thai traditional song, how can I dance?
Just dance with this song.
Okay, sir.
More more and show me your navel.
I like that, sexy.
Make your navel smile.
This idiot is very funny.
- You told us you can't dance.
- Little bit, sir.
I can make "Teng's step" also.
Enough, get out of here.
Get out, he released you.
- Get out of here now.
- Yes sir.
Where is the show you've mention?
Be careful when you watch this.
Let's see.
Come on.
What happened to you.
What happened to you, fat boy?
Don't touch me.
- Mark
- No.
I need helps.
- What happened to you, fat boy?
- No no noooo.
Why did you come here?
- Mark.
- Don't touch me.
Why did you keep touching me? I told you not.
Okay, I won't touch you anymore.
But when you talk to me, please look at me.
Why not?
I told you no.
Why? Why don't look at me?
Are you gay?
If you think so.
Please leave.
Get out.
I will for you at the same place.
If you won't come.
It means you don't love me.
Or you are gay.
How did you know this ascetic.
From internet.
Did he believable?
I think so.
Even HIV was cured.
Even HIV?
Yes. My friend was in last state of symptom.
1 month after taking medication, he was cured.
Now, he is Casanova.
You found the right place.
Hey, where is ascetic?
On the mound.
I've heard you.
Let's go up there.
- Do you understand them?
- I'm guessing.
Go on.
With respect, Ascetic.
Ascetic is up there.
- Who the fuck is this guy?
- His pupil.
Why did he sit here?
They're annoyed me.
Step back.
With respect, Ascetic.
Did we come here for listening this song?
No idea.
What did he say?
What did he say?
Spasm when horny?
How long?
Not too long.
Not too long.
He told you to get out.
- Thanks
- You're welcome.
Have you ever been to India?
I've ever been to Libya.
Like Lydia?
Lydia is more beautiful.
Never shaved?
What did he say?
He said that he won't look good after he shaved.
I see.
He told you to duck.
Oh my god. Bro looks.
What is this?
Hold it tight.
What are you doing?
- Relax
- That's urine.
Oho, what a smell.
What is this?
- Medicine.
- That's urine.
It's come out from your dick.
I said medicine.
Drink after meal, 3 times a day.
After meal 3 times a day?
Yes, then your dick will erect...
My dick will erect.
Bigger and bigger.
Unstoppable sex.
That's miracle.
In one condition.
Do not cry.
Crying is not a big deal.
I've never cry for 10 years.
The big deal is how to drink this urine.
Just swallow.
He drinks everyday.
- You are also.
- Yes.
I'll show you.
You drink your own urine!!
It's medicine.
This is fucking urine.
Your symptom will be cured.
And back like normal.
Try it.
I'm not gay.
I'm not GAY.
I won't be cured if I won't drink.
Don't even that it will be cured after drink.
Do you think you can scared me?
I'm not scare of you.
Come on.
I want to vomit.
Come on "Tee".
Did you remembered that movie?
That the main actor can eat that.
The main actor like me can do that as well.
The smell is so strong.
Don't think that it's urine.
The ascetic told you it is medicine.
This is medicine.
Christ Christ Christ.
For Christ.
Fuck... Shit...
His urine is full of Roti and peanuts.
Are you ready?
I'm ready.
Come out if you are ready.
Wow, almost look alike.
Wow, Relax...
Bro, You dick is hard.
Oho, where did this come from?
Touch me, come on.
Ohhh. Nothing is happening even touching.
Ascetics urine is the best..
What do you want next?
You can go back.
- Don't you sleep with me.
No, I'm not.
This is reserved for special person.
I'm occupied. You can go back.
Wow touch but won't come, Ascetics urine is the best.
Wow touch but won't come, Ascetics urine is the best.
We've closed.
Check bill.
Can I pay for you?
There he is.
I though you wouldn't come.
Can we go now?
Wait for the bill first, chubby.
Did you drink that much, Christ?
More than 10 shots.
You've never got drunk.
Can I pay later?
Start nicely, end poorly.
Never mind, I'll pay by myself.
No, you won't.
No, please. No.
Enough enough.
Don't even have money, still act like rich.
I'm feeling ashamed that you have to pay.
Then can you send me home?
Send home?
Easy for me.
This is my house.
Yes, Ma'am.
Your umbrella is opening.
Yes, Ma'am.
This house is as beautiful as the owner.
Err, Christ.
Do you know the leader of green color?
Is he your favorite?
No. He is my dad.
Your dad?
And I've known who is the killer.
His name's "Tee Rifle".
How do you know that?
I have my own way.
More importantly, I will kill him.
With this gun.
Is this yours?
Back to our business.
I'll go upstairs.
Follow me after 3 minutes.
My story...
is worse than any movies ever.
Is this "destiny"?
I don't think so.
If it wasn't the god..
who else make this story.
Who's making such as this story.
What is this?
Where did it go?
I told you not to cry.
Why don't you tell me, idiot?
That my dick will disappear if I'm crying.
How should I know..
You told me that you've never cried for 20 years.
Look what you say.
- Do you have a remedy?
- No, I don't.
- I have.
- I have.
- Go and take that remedy.
- I don't want to.
I don't care whether you want.
I don't want to shit.
What's with shit?
Just give me the remedy.
We need ascetic's shit for the remedy.
You want me to eat your shit?
Just your urine is enough for me.
Then do you want me to eat your shit?!!!
Fuck. Do you think "Tee Rifle"
will eat your shit, won't you?
You won't be cured if you don't eat.
How is it?
I like it.
"Piak Thonglor" has been killed.
Who's the killer?
"Tee Rifle".
These are pictures from CCTV.
There was a suspected car nearby.
Did you check who is the owner?
He maybe use fake registration.
Hi uncle"Uncle".
Is this a body?
Yes, it is. In the middle of forehead.
How do you know that the killer is "Tee Rifle".
From those 2 witnesses.
They said that...
He drives the same car as the pictures you showed me.
This means my dick is not disappear.
It's just gone inside.
Because your body..
suck it.
And the devices that can pull it are in Japan.
1 million?
1 million for the treatment?
Just 1 million.
Just 1 million?
What is your decision?
- Can I close my legs?
Can I close my legs?
I'm shy.
Whom did you shy?
Many people are here.
That's the reason, I'm shy.
Nothing difference.
Dear god.
If you created the world..
You must create it also.
And if you create it.
You must know the price of it.
Now, I'm like a loser.
If you took it...
Please give it back to me.
Do you want to confess your sin?
I will call father.
No, Mac.
Confession is good, you know?
I do it every week.
Are you Christian?
The guy like you have religion.
Don't judge a book by its cover, bro.
I judge from behavior.
Say whatever you like.
Anyway, why did you call me?
You don't have to come here, actually.
Anybody accept the job for killing "Ple AK47 and Pae Uzi"?
No, not yet.
Are you interested?
I want 1 million.
1 million?
Yes, for my medicine.
Oops, my allowance.
It's not an easy job to kill legendary killer.
Okay, I will talk with my boss.
Anyway, Did you drink urine?
Don't be silly. I will not drink that.
It's good.
Because that ascetic was killed yesterday.
It'll be very hard to claim responsibility,
If you have side-effect.
How is your symptom?
Which symptom?
Spasm. Do you still have?
No more.
No sign of that anymore.
- Is it suddenly gone?
- Yes.
You're almost drink that urine for free.
What's up, Mei?
I'm still here.
But I can't find "Tee Rifle".
I've driven around province already.
Where will I find that "Ple AK47"?
It's okay, Mei.
Found him.
One trigger...
One life's killed.
Get 1 million then fly to Japan.
Pull it out then finished.
Yes, sir.
Thai killers' biography.
It's not like the killer in Hollywood.
What's the difference?
Hollywood's killers....
is very handsome.
Gorgeous weapon.
Can shoot with every action.
Upside down...
Behind their back...
Even have sex, they can shoot.
But Thai killers aren't.
Then how are Thai killers?
Just like me.
Fucking old man.
Fucking old gun.
Don't even think about upside down...
walking is very hard for me.
What is your weapon?
"Ple AK47"
You're fucking old.
You should have retired.
I'm not a sharp-shooter.
I need a gunfire.
And this AK47.
It's suitable with gunfire.
Can I take your picture?
Shit, this is two-timer.
This job is mine.
Tee Rifle.
If you dared, fight with me in face to face, coward.
There are two of you, come on.
Oh my god.
It's wonderful.
Did I commit a sin?
Yes, I killed people.
Then what?
In the end, they will be dead.
And my victims should be killed.
What about me?
Does this suit me?
I'm hurt.
But I'm still alive.
Why don't you kill me?
Why did you keep me?
Come on, give me everything you got.
Tee Rifle.
Men are the same.
Every men are mean.
Why did you do this to me?
What have I done?
You've done nothing wrong.
What about my dad?
Your dad did nothing wrong.
Why did you kill my dad?
Because someone hired me.
What if he hired you to kill me?
Will you do it?
I won't do it.
You've already done. What you did was like..
You shot me through my heart.
I apologise.
Apology can't help anything.
Please god, bring it on.
Bring it on.
I'm major Uncle.
The leader of orange color was killed yesterday?
So this is not orange color act.
Then who else?
Nobody knows.
And every color has been killed.
Except our purple color.
Did that sniper is ours?
Why did he tell us?
Do you really love "Tee Rifle"?
No, I'm not.
If you don't. Why didn't you kill him?
He did nothing wrong.
Then who's else?
All politicians are killers.
Because of them.
That's why my father was killed.
You're in love with him.
You can say that.
Congratulation Christ, from now on.
Thailand won't have any candidates for election.
Will you waiting for him?
That is love.
Thank you for watching, Yuthlert Sippapak.
You're very brave.
How did you call me "brave"?
You cut your dick.
I'm not.
How did it disappear?
I'm allergic.
Don't you?
So you are not transvestite.
I'm a man,
not transvestite.
Just an unlucky man.