Saturn Bowling (2022) Movie Script

How you doing?
He died this morning.
I'm eating.
The funeral's tomorrow.
Will you come?
Sorry, Mrs.
What are you doing here?
Can I sleep at your place?
No... Come on out.
You don't get it, do you?
You don't sleep first,
you clean first!
Either that
or find a hotel, right?
The police called.
You're to be at the bowling alley at 6.
What's wrong?
It went OK.
The funeral, it went OK.
He left me the bowling alley.
Surprise surprise.
Son and heir.
I won't have time to run it.
I could sell. But he was
crazy about the place.
Run it for me.
He should have left you something.
-It would be a job, a good one.
-Anyone there?
Hello, Guillaume!
I've come for the gun I lent him.
It's upstairs.
There's this eco activist
starting to bug us.
Fabrice, a family friend.
Armand. My bro.
-Same as your old man's name.
-My mother chose my name!
-Go on up.
Why'd he go hunting
with that bastard?
Who knows.
Ever take you?
I wouldn't go.
I don't want the bowling alley.
He's dead.
Let's do things differently.
Think it over, Armand.
It's your life.
Really handsome!
He was! The keys!
-I gave them to her!
-Got them.
Hurry up!
Money for the umbrella.
This place was my Dad's whole life.
If you want me
to keep the staff, 950.
There's only two staff.
We talked upgrades,
new lanes,
equipment update,
all add up to 30,000.
So why lower the price to 950 000?
We said 980.
OK, OK. Who's your lawyer?
Furniture and lights,
all new last year.
That's got to be taken into account.
My Dad put in a lift
for handicapped people.
That's a lot of money.
Your washbasin's damaged.
What are you doing here?
I'll take it.
Mr Walter?
There's no rush.
We think...
I'll call you next week.
Two days ago, you implore me to buy this
place. Now you don't want to sell it.
That's correct.
-I can get you to court for this.
-Go ahead.
One condition.
Don't hang around here.
I don't intend to.
-You take the dog.
-The dog stays here.
Let's show you around.
It's a good decision.
The speech is ready.
I'm saying a police officer
is not there to punish but to mend,
and so must set an example.
I'm saying coppers
have high moral standards.
I am happy. Flattered in fact.
Thank you, Deputy Chief Constable.
See you later, indeed.
Nice blow job.
It's called manners.
I've just been promoted.
-Come up to the flat.
-Forget it.
this is Armand, my bro.
-He's the manager now.
She'll tell you what's what,
she knows more than I do.
That's Mal there.
You'll see, it's easy. The bar is
where it happens. 80% of revenue.
-There's two tills though.
-Fine! I'll manage!
As you wish.
Call me.
Lorraine, it's down to you.
Stop it!
Good dog.
Hello, Armand.
We're your Dad's mates.
We used to go hunting with him.
Hunting's over!
We won't stop coming here
just because your Dad died.
You're as friendly as he was.
Come on.
See you then.
-Seen him before?
-As a kid.
He's the bastard son.
His dad wouldn't talk about it.
Lorraine, about drinks...
I've been thinking...
Beer, Fanta, soft drinks, all that,
one euro less.
Vodka, Scotch, bourbon, Calvados
two euros more.
As you wish.
Remember, I pay your wages.
-Great, you got some.
-Two left.
You can do it.
You'll owe me a drink!
Right. If you get a hit.
Wait, wait...
Can I give you a free game?
No thanks.
We're going home.
I'm not a customer.
-Sorry, no.
-Next time then.
-Nice jacket! Crocodile?
Here. Bin 'em!
-Guillaume, how are you?
Are you coping?
We need to get kegs in.
What's wrong?
We're out of everything.
What do I do tomorrow?
Go to the supermarket, get supplies.
It doesn't work like that.
We have a supplier. Call them.
No way, that guy
is not setting foot here.
-Why not?
-He's disrespectful.
We have a deal.
-I run the place. How I want, right?
-As long as it's run properly.
Why are you here?
I was passing by.
You spying on me?
I'll get going.
-Bye, Lorraine.
Off you go.
I hate it when you do that!
You know I don't like it.
I'm leaving!
What's got into you?
Try this one.
I'm not much good.
Not like that.
Like this?
Now look up.
Step back with me.
-Yes. Stop!
Now forward.
Now, down,
twist your wrist
and then...
Don't look at me, look at the pins!
1, 2, 3...
-I'm not much good.
Have another go.
Let's have a beer.
-Are you really the boss?
Bit weird this,
we hardly know each other.
-What's your name?
I bet you'd rather be with someone
who'd take you costa-hopping in the sun?
Isn't that a bit old school?
Every woman wants that.
I should try. Maybe I'd like it.
Oh, a dog!
I have info on that activist.
-Go on, Claire.
-"Swan Do", written "Xuan".
36, born in Hano.
Animal Behaviour PhD.
endangered-species activist.
Basically thinks if tigers, hippos and
elephants die out, we do too.
Thanks, Claire. Great.
-Where is he?
-Upstairs, with her.
He's locked her up.
He's got his shotgun.
-You both drunk?
-I encouraged him.
-Proud of yourself?
-I called you right away.
Love your little legs.
Ecological are they?
Jean-Paul, this is Guillaume.
With Fabrice.
Don't worry,
I'm not torching the bitch.
Give me the gun.
Loaded and all.
This is serious.
Only a joke.
Get up.
Easy, young Guillaume.
Bit of respect.
She has to stop
targetting hunters!
And leave us alone.
Take him home.
Were you in there long?
-An hour.
-What did he want?
For me to sign a declaration
giving up the fight.
Did you?
He had the gun.
What can I do for you?
Want a coffee? I'll fetch one.
No, thanks.
He won't do it again,
you have my word.
I'm suing.
That'll calm him down.
He's a drunken old man.
Don't bother suing.
What's it to you?
He's a friend of my Dad's.
Your dad's one of that mob?
Not anymore. He's dead.
Are you having a coffee then?
What do you do, exactly?
Right now, a social-media manifesto.
Dead body. N-E Cemetery.
Central Section.
Don't touch anything.
The groundsman found the corpse.
-What do you think?
-Pretty recent.
Two, three days at most.
Killed with bare hands
then knife-scarred.
Massive blow to the lower body...
Battered and crushed.
After death, I'd say.
This corridor should have been
finished a week ago.
I don't manage the timetable,
my boss does.
Guillaume, a word!
If your boss appears, tell him to call.
-Kept the bowling alley?
-Hired a manager last month.
You're the owner,
you're responsible.
Two days ago we got called out
for drunken disorder.
I hope your guy's clean.
He's my half-brother.
Better not happen again.
All-night bowling
and bright careers don't mix.
Are you with the police?
I'm Madame Bonnal,
I live route de Vaucelles.
It's about my daughter. She's 24.
She's being harrassed.
Something really bad is going on,
I know it.
-Do you hear?
-I am.
This is serious.
She's gone totally mute.
It's like she's frozen.
If you came with me,
you could talk to her.
I hear you, but you need
a psychologist, not the police.
I know something really bad
has happened. Trust me.
Come with me. Look.
The numbers you want are listed here.
They'll look after you.
Good luck.
-Hey, Lorraine!
Hi, Mal.
-Is Armand around?
-He isn't.
Is he often out?
No, he's here.
Well, not always, but he is here.
-He does his job.
-So everything's OK.
What was the drunken disorder about?
Two guys got loaded.
Your brother told the police.
I'll have a coffee, please.
Yes, Romain.
We've got another one.
How old this time?
Being buried preserves.
About a month.
Who leaves their sperm?
Unless on purpose.
Forensics says consensual sex
took place both times.
We're checking DNA.
We might get lucky.
We're matching the victims
with missing person photographs,
in vain so far.
How about Europe?
I'll do that now.
Right, I'm off.
Evening, boss.
Two girls in the same grave.
One month apart.
-Don't waste time.
-I know.
A Miss Xuan Do
downstairs for you.
Send her up.
This where you do your bit?
Shall we try the coffee here?
I want security for our lab.
-Not for me, for the other girls.
-Not possible.
I did you a favour.
The least you could do is return it.
Is that how it works?
Not necessarily.
I do want security though.
That hunter won't return.
There's more than one.
We hit hard, to raise awareness.
A woman in fur tied up,
that's pretty big.
Only you're not scared.
You mean now?
That's fine.
I have to go.
I'll show you out.
Needing security was an excuse.
See you very soon.
-Why are you here?
-Got a problem with those hunters.
-Pain in the neck.
They won't keep away.
They want the place for their dinner.
-Of course they do.
You can't come here.
You come by whenever you like.
And I can't come to you?
I own the bowling alley.
The hunters are off-limits.
Got it?
I threw one out today.
Patrick and Fabrice
downstairs to see you.
Send them up.
-Hello, Guillaume.
How you doing?
We wanted a word.
In view of the situation.
-What situation?
-Your brother.
-He's lost it.
-Last night he threw Jean-Paul out.
-Jean-Paul's being an idiot.
-It's not only that.
Now he's running the bowling alley,
everything's going wrong.
He keeps having Girls' Nights.
He won't let us in!
He'll ruin the business.
Girls don't drink.
-I'll handle it.
-He has no respect.
-He wants to charge us for our dinner!
-Out of the question.
Now, trust me.
Let's go, Fabrice.
Thanks, Guillaume.
Death caused by cranial trauma.
New para, three.
Several fractures, colon...
lumbar vertebrae,
with compression, pelvis...
The results have come in.
Same DNA.
Intercourse with same male.
-No DNA match.
-No kidding.
After death. Full stop.
Bruising suggests fall from high
elevation, landing on right foot.
Guys, I need someone,
suicide case.
Route de Vaucelles,
behind the bridge.
-Get rid of those people.
-On it.
I'm very sorry, Madam.
What happened?
She was being harrassed.
She kept getting calls
then endless text messages.
Eventually, she replied.
She locked herself in her room.
Now this.
Why wouldn't you act?
I told you.
You did nothing.
I need your daughter's phone, please.
I'll go.
-There was a letter.
"I had the devil in me that night.
I wanted...
I wanted to do stuff.
Maud was not keen.
We met this man, we went with him.
I forced Maud.
Then I got scared, I wouldn't do it.
But Maud did,
it was like she'd gone crazy.
She hasn't been home,
she feels dirty for what happened.
Only she isn't dirty.
I made her dirty.
I dragged her to this man's flat.
She didn't want to.
I stayed because
I thought what he was doing
to my friend was filthy
and it got me going.
I knew I was going to do it too.
I wanted to.
I got scared. I left.
Maud hasn't been home since.
She feels dirty for what happened.
He keeps pursuing me.
He won't stop.
He knows I'm dirty.
I'm scared he'll find me
and I'll do it."
Maud Carlieu...
The suicide's friend,
she's the top corpse.
Check this phone please.
Emilie Bonnal killed herself
after repeatedly getting,
"I know you want it,
I see it in your eyes".
A stalker, a drunk after a girl.
No, a drunk after a girl says,
"I love those big tits,
I'll make you come."
This is different.
What are you doing here?
You can't charge the hunt club.
I know.
They need to know
they don't own the place.
-I'm going to open up. Coming in?
Dog! Heel!
Come on.
You okay at Dad's?
Can't be easy.
It's fine.
He stopped us
knowing each other.
-I wanted to smash your face in.
-You were only a kid.
It was up to him to work it out.
I reckon you're a cop
so I can't hit you.
So, how's business?
It's good you're changing stuff,
having Girls' Nights.
-Don't upset everything though.
-Nothing's upset.
You do wolves too?
Any species under threat.
Yes, Romain.
On my way.
Don't tell me
you're not interested.
They've found another body.
You're leaving.
-Do you have to?
What if I came along?
Out of the question.
Anyway, you wouldn't like it.
I'll call you.
-Where were the duty officers?
-By the grave.
-Did they not hear?
-Were they asleep?
Get rid of those idiots!
Fuck, guys, this is the third!
We've nothing to go on!
Fuck this!
I thought your phone was bust.
Come on.
Are you well?
I haven't slept for two days.
You're annoyed.
-Guillaume, this is Romain.
-Yes, Romain...
We've identified the lot.
The last one was easy.
Her parents filed a complaint.
Laetitia Creuzeau
21, dental assistant.
We'll match the signals
with Maud Carlieu's.
We've also found the first,
bottom of the pile.
Identified by a tattoo artist.
He thought she was stunning.
Gloria Cremonini, 24.
Sales rep, always on the move...
We have no tracking results,
her phone was stolen
just before the murder.
OK, thanks.
You smell like a cop.
What the fuck...
I must ask you to leave, Miss.
You're never around.
Nothing's moving!
A girl killed herself,
she'd been to see you!
Four women dead! Nothing!
What's got into you?
You're suspended.
-Three days. Or it'll be me.
-You've no case without me!
-Get some sleep.
Where is he?
In the back.
-It's over! You're out.
-What's got into you?
Everything's going to hell.
Dad was right. You bring bad luck.
I made a mistake, I'm selling up.
Had your say? Let me go!
Go up, get your things and leave!
I'm dealing with your hunting mates.
Stuff you and stuff the hunters!
What about the dog?
You firing the dog too?
The dog is the bowling alley.
It stays. You don't.
-Any news?
-Not authorized to say.
-Do you have news or not?
-Guillaume, I can't say.
Sorry, Guillaume.
You're right. I'll go.
Let me handle the hunters.
Go home. I'll be gone tomorrow.
You'll get it all back,
bowling alley, dog, flat.
Hey listen...
I spoke to your half-brother.
Good guy!
I thought he was a pussy,
but he's all right.
Glad you're satisfied.
Let's have a drink, OK?
No hard feelings.
Here's to the police!
-Kept you out of jail.
-Only joking!
Drink up then!
I'm selling up.
You are not selling!
That's bullshit.
Guys, come over here.
Sell up...
Know what? You need a drink.
Have another.
Guess what?
The man is selling up!
The idiot!
-What's going on?
-Want to sell.
You're not selling.
Do that to your old man, would you?
You can't!
He's dead and buried.
That's no reason.
-It isn't! This is home!
-Right. It's ours.
Fabrice! Come here!
The man wants to sell up.
Our bowling alley?
Here's to...
Reminds me of Mozambique...
Get loaded, did he?
They finished off half our bottles.
-Has Guillaume got a partner?
-I guess.
What do you mean he's drunk?
Slumped in his car. No way he can drive.
Come get him.
Not good for the bowling alley.
Nor the police.
Bowling alley?
-Yes. Come quick.
-Who are you?
His brother, Armand.
I'll send the address.
Even with lions, same deal.
It's the same every year.
That little activist is here.
Listen, lady... If you've come to cause
trouble, I'll stuff you with my big one.
Jean-Paul, calm down!
Sit down, have a bite.
-I hope some madman shoots her.
-Be courteous.
This is a private dinner!
That's enough!
She's with Guillaume.
Are you Armand?
Is he in his car?
He needs to leave.
-What's the problem?
-My truck's blocked.
-Here's some veggies.
Known Guillaume for long?
Not really.
-The dog's not well.
-How do you know?
-It's my job.
-What job is that?
Animal behaviourist.
-Whose dog is it?
-The bowling alley's.
You look after it?
It's not happy with you.
-What's your name?
-The memories!
-There's memories for you!
There he goes...
At the surface!
Single shot!
Bang! Mister Big-Shot!
4/68mm, I reckon.
A heavy-hitter!
I know someone's filming me.
It was before you went on a diet!
I've got a bit leftover.
-There's Bayou.
-Wasn't he pleased?
Proud, aren't I?
What a beast, though.
Over 350!
Good crew, though.
Bit of a brush up.
Jean-Paul! 2013! Tanzania...
Fourth Croc, if you please!
Thanks, old man.
Thanks all!
Armand, 2019... Mozambique.
His last trip.
Magnificent hunter.
There he is. On the look-out.
I'm telling you,
the guy's a Red Indian.
We miss you, Armand!
He's seen him!
A beauty!
You can really see him.
I'm telling you...
Face to face with the beast.
One of you has got to die.
Got him.
He's away.
He's charging!
He's back!
You're the boss!
The boss!
A Master.
Two Kings of the Jungle!
We miss you, Armand!
Xuan Do, Wild Feline Protection.
Leave a message.
-Romain, just listen.
In two days, I'll be back.
So cut it out, give it to me.
I was going to call. The two last girls
were cut with the same knife.
Unusual blade.
Curved, V-shaped. 4 to 7mm thick.
Quality steel.
99% certain a hunting-knife.
Classy gear.
-Party's over.
-Is this is a joke?
It is not.
You may have information
regarding a murder weapon.
You saying we're suspects?
No idea. But listen to this...
Either I call a bus and take you in.
Or we start the interrogation here.
-You! Interrogate us?
-One at a time.
What's the issue? The videos?
Stuff the videos, Fabrice.
Know what! Your lady friend
has got to you with her bullshit.
-That's right!
-She understands nothing!
-She just doesn't get it.
-Where is she?
She was here with your bro
five minutes ago.
She went off with your bro!
Xuan Do, Wild Feline Protection.
Leave a message.
Shut up!
Back! Back!
A wild, fierce she-wolf
that by a monstrous quirk of nature
had mated with a tiger
and the panther shown above
as well as a prodigious number
of animals of different species
in rage, suddenly begat...
20,000 pounds
to anyone who will kill it.
Among the fierce and venomous
beasts indicated
were counted numberless serpents
whose lethal toxins
must prove greatly inimical
to our interests.
We wish, as far as possible,
to destroy
this filthy and disgusting
We therefore charge our Citizen Watch
to crush any they find.
Master Fox,
Police Commissioner
in the City of Caen
shall be quartered alive.
His limbs shall be burnt
and scattered.
Don't touch me!