Satya 2 (2013) Movie Script

Any Organization that works against
the system is called as Underworld.
But the system itself
is abig underworld.
Police don't want to know and...
...understand this...
...and they keep claiming they
finished the Underworld.
But both Police and politicians
should understand this that... long as people
are unhappy with the system...
...and there's a disparity
between the rich and the poor... police can ever
erase the underworld.
Underworld never dies just changes its form.
And history tells you
that every new underworld...
...has always been
started by a Single person.
Now anew Underworld in 2013
will be initiated by one man man...
...who's about to
get off the train.
The name is Satya.
I could have punched
yourface and left.
You should be thankful
that l just hit you on the back.
You never called or messaged me.
Tell me one thing
am l the only one
concerned about a friend.
You show up whenever
you've work in Mumbai.
Now tell me how are you?
Now come...
Come on.
Yes! Darling...
Yes! Satya's here. He just arrived.
Yes... dear... do you want
all the details over the phone.
I will talk to you later
Keep the phone down.
She was my GF.
I hadtold you...
...that when I become producer
she will be my heroine.
She is already heroine ofmy life
This is my palace.
Check it out.
Now listen carefully.
Water comes from 5 to 5:30.
But don't worry.
When that gujju switches on his Ac
this bucket gets full.
At first l gave
lots of slang to him.
I even decided to kill him one day.
But now l thank him... I use this
to clean the utensils
The aunty residing
beside our flat is mad.
She drinks a lot and
in evening she tries to jump.
But you don't worry.
Don't worry at all.
One white cat comes
and cleans the dirty plates.
But you don't take tension
about it. You just chill
So... did you find this place?
This is hotel cum theater cum...
...jogging track... all I one.
Hey. Laugh men
l just cracked a joke...
...when l will become the
producer l will make you villan
First you get fresh then
lwill show the Mumbai city.
Hey! How's Chitra?
She is all right.
I didn't tell her
that l was coming to Mumbai.
Due to some reasons...
and you know what?
...she is writing poems these days
Chitra and Poems?
Ya Some days back she
recited one
I've written a poem
want to hear it?
How was it?
Very nice.
But what does it mean?
You should not go
for meaning of poems...
...instead go for
the feelings... got it?
"With moon in it's drape..."
"...the night blossoms."
"The heart skips
a beat in anticipation."
"L wonder what has happened to me."
"With moon in it's drape..."
"...the night blossoms."
"The heart skips
a beat in anticipation."
"Lwonder what has happened to me."
"I see your image in clouds."
"L write your name on water."
"I see your image in clouds."
"Lwrite your name on water."
"You leave your mark behind."
"The way you run your
fingers in your tresses."
"L wonder what has happened to me."
"Everyday my glance
is stuck at one point."
"When my eyes can't find you."
"Everyday my glance
is stuck at one point."
"When my eyes can't find you."
"The heart still has hopes."
"L wait at the window for you."
"Every sound reminds me of you."
"L wonder what has happened to me."
"With moon in it's drape..."
"...the night blossoms."
"The heart skips
a beat in anticipation."
"L wonder what has happened to me."
"With moon in it's
drape the night blossoms."
'Satya never told Chitra
who they were...
...or what happened? '
'Chitra also didn't know that... '
'... Satya left straight for Mumbai.'
'Satya started studying the city
'Of its hunger greed...
...jealousy and hatred.'
'At first look this is just
a city of a arge mass of people
'lt just keeps growing everyday.'
'But if you look closer... every
person has a face... '
'... and every face
has a thought behind it
'And every thought...
has a destiny.'
'And every person inthis city... '
'... is busy trying
to change their destiny.'
'But the city of Mumbai
is actually an entity... '
'... that asserts its
own destiny on others.'
'its true that Satya was just
another face in its millions... '
'... but the difference is he's come here
to change the destiny of this city.'
Where the hell are you?
I have been waiting
foryou since morning.
I have two tickets of Salman bhai.
Lets go watch the movie...
Come on hurry up.
I got a job.
We met yesterday.
You have asked me to come today.
Yes come in.
Gangaram confirm
the deal with gulati
Ok Sir.
What are your qualifications?
But the job I'm going to give
you will not be related to that.
I can do any job or
can make others do it.
I like it.
But there is a thin line...
...between confidence
and over-confidence
Just trust me
To get the job done.
I like this even more...
Sir Mr. Khanna has called 3 times.
if you could discuss the account
Tell Khanna Sir calling repeatedly
will only increase the bill...
...not the amount on the cheque. Go.
Deepak take 7 crore
instead of 5 and settle this...
That's the spirit
Lahoti sir.
Talks of millions
like its loose change.
That's not a big thing.
You will come across many
others like him in Mumbai...
...born with a silver
spoon in mouth.
Morons are driving cars...
...intelligent people like
me are riding bikes.
Listen Satya
for the rich girls are an object...
...and the poor are a curse.
The poor can't afford
a single room to live.
And the rich have
homes they never live in.
Because they live
outside the country.
The truth is the poor
are like the carpet for the rich.
The rich always walk onthe carpet.
Few think it's are fuge...
...while others think
they're being crushed.
But take my advice Satya.
Listen carefully.
Never underestimate
anyone in this city.
You will never
know who's carrying...
...a million rupees
in a plastic bag.
Just remember
those who stand outside...
. and stare atrich people's homes
...can never get to sit next to them
You know Satyal have
a good script. Really nice.
But nobody will finance me.
Because I am poor
But the time will change.
I will get what l wants
That should be your only motto.
When did you come?
You didn't even call me.
This Is my friend Satya...
I had told you that day.
How did it go the other day?
I am talking to you.
Why are you making faces?
I 'm talking to you.
Talk to me.
I forgot to call you
sorry... Let it be now.
I said sorry...
Shall I make Taj Mahal
for you now...
You won't talk?
You won't talk?
Naraa. Leave it
- Are you angry?
Are you angry?
Naraa... leave it.
Okay fine fine.
What's your name?
I heard that...
What your full name is.
- That's it.
...first time I heard
such along name.
I'm special.
Whole world will know this when
I will make you heroine.
This is my name.
You might have heard it
first time in your life right.
There is along short story...
...why my name is special.
I will tell that later...
about my present.
I want to become heroine in films...
...of some musicals
Romantic films
And later l wantto
get married to this idiot also
This is my life till now
Where did yout wo meet?
In a camp.
We had lots of fun for3 months
Right Satya.
I thought you both
were from same place.
No... no...
So where are you from and...
...what for?
Where from doesn't matter.
Work gets done from the mind
not from background.
Not only brilliant
but you are smart also.
You are the smart... he is not.
So what work you
want to do in Mumbai?
You have to do a
special work for me.
Go and meet RK.
Yes RK...
He's an ex-gangster...
...who used to work for Bada Raja.
He's not that powerful anymore
But still he has his reputation
And he could help in dispute
between me and Sanghi...
...regarding the Vikhroli property
I already had a word with RK.
L just want you to meet him...
...and give him the details.
Lahoti sir sent me.
That rascal was abusing my men.
And he was doing it publicly.
I found out that he's
in a hotel in Juhu with a girl.
I barged in.
I barged in
and sliced him up.
Where are you from?
L want to meet RK sir.
What work with him?
- Lahoti sir sent me.
After that till 2004
I have killed his 10 people.
I had support of Bada Raja Saheb.
Thinking police can't do anything
and with that over-confidence...
...I did anything I pleased.
Iwas in jail for 5 years.
Now Raja sahab is no more...
...and times have changed to.
Who's he?
Lahoti sir sent me?
Hey Sanghi...
...why are you having
issues with Lahoti...
Now do you want to settle this
or increase this matter.
You know Lahoti is
my important person.
You both are inthe same business
so learnto share.
You scratch his back
and he'll scratch yours.
You'll be happy and so will be I
And I hope you will
give me some good news.
Thatmla's son is making nuisance
we need to shut him up
Are you crazy?
I have told you many
times don't get into this mess.
Why don'tyou understand
such a small thing?
Why doesn't he understand?
L told him repeatedly
don't challenge me.
And anyway
if we don't shut him up...
...then we will look like idiots
Someone give him some cold water.
Calm him down.
You talk like me.
At your age
I used to sound just like this.
But that time was different...
These days we need to
keep cool and do our job.
I heard you're
threatening people again.
lf you call Sanghi again...
...l will come home
and shoot you dead.
And listen Bada Raja's dead.
if you try to threaten
people again...
...l'll make a bullet
hole in your back.
Lahoti sirl don't wanna
create issues with ACP Bharti.
You know the time...
...has changed now.
It's not like olden days...
...l would've barged in Bharti's
police station and cocked him.
If Bada Rajahad been alive...
...these cops wouldn't
have the guts to interfere.
Not now
This one is necessary.
I was sure of you...
I've made lot of commitments
in Dubai regarding this land.
They already made investments.
Do anything and sort this matter?
Look Lahoti sir
I understand your problem.
You understand my issue.
- I don't care.
I cannot kill anyone anywhere now.
I cannot create a
issue with ACP Bharti.
Can I give a suggestion?
Go on.
As far as I can understand...
Sanghi knows
our situation...
...and he'll never accept our deal.
And your Dubai commitment
will be in danger.
There's a deadline too.
So there is really just one
solution... we should kill Sanghi...
...even we know.
That we need to kill him.
Even the little kitten
in my house knows that.
But do you think it is that easy.
We just bump off Sanghi
and chill at home.
ACP Bharti... who will handle him?
Can I complete what l am saying?
My suggestion is
kill both Sanghi and Bharti...
Sanghi's so confident
of his friendship with Bharti.
That he did not make an
official complaint of RK's call.
That means only we know about this.
And with him dead
no one will never know a thing.
I will give you a plan in which...
...they will die in different
places differently.
And police will never know...
...that this was
due to Vikroli plot issue.
After hearing my plan RK
sir with his experience can tell
...whether there's a
problem in my plan or not?
And you have to take final decision
What is the plan?
I have something on my mind...
I would like to say it in detail.
I'll need anna sir
'No one knew that one
small suggestion by Satya... '
'... was going to change
the entire face of Mumbai.'
'But only time
and sometimes history knows... '
'... this is how
something new emerges.'
'Without any noise
There is a corporator named
Pandharkar of Behrampaada area.
He gives instigating
speeches against muslim.
He is friend of ACP Bharati.
There's a meeting next Tuesday
at Pandharkar's place.
ACP Bharati will be
there with his Security
I have arranged for
Pandharkar to be killed there.
ACP Bharti will also
get hit by a bullet...
...and media and police will think...
...that ACP got hit by accident
Only we will know...
...this is actuallyto kill Bharti.
And Pandharkar was sacrificed
That's what Sanghi wil think too.
And two days later Sanghi will die.
Sanghi visits Bandra's
Rose Apartment 242...
...on 24th floor to
meet his Girlfriend.
Sanghi's brother-in-law is
a powerful politician in Haryana.
The police will find
evidence that will indicate...
...that Sanghi's brother
is behind this murder.
And now Anna sir and l will
tell you the murder plan.
"He is going to control."
"He is goingto control."
I feel the plan's... perfect.
So this way ACP got hit by the
bullet passing through Pandharkar
...and the ACP also died.
It was a coincidence
That he died
Sources say that Pandharkar's
instigative racist speeches... the reason why a
militant group devised this plan.
This incident has made
this situation tense.
The police are trying to
bring things under control.
People are worried...
...and it has affected
Leaders as well.
The Chief Minister
has shunned this incident...
...and the Police
Commissioner has said that...
...the culprits will
be apprehended soon...
...and they will face
capital punishment.
And now we have news that...
...on the 24th floor of Bandra's
Rose Apartment in flat no. 2402...
...builder Sanghi was found dead.
His dead body is found in an
apartment of a girl named Sabina.
Sanghi's wife's brother is
a powerful polictian in Haryana.
In the flat police found
evidence pointing towards him.
Bloody amazing...
...bloody amazing.
When you told me
the plan at first...
...l thought it is so filmy.
Honestly I never saw
this happen in movies either.
I wish we had met before.
You could've solved
so many of my problems.
You've no clue. No clue.
I used to stay in Mira Road.
In a cramped one-room...
And my journey
to where I stand now...
I have gone through many
phase of life to be here.
But what you did...
I could've never done it.
Because...'re bloody amazing.
You are Satya.
Welcome Satya!!! Welcome...
Welcome to my humble abode.
Please come.
Police have surrounded
youfrom all sides.
This is Lahoti junior...
...he watches lots
of police serials.
When did you come?
- Listen to her.
Doesn't make a difference
whether l'm home or not.
Meet my wife Promila.
- Hello.
Promila do you know
what Satya did for me.
I was bowled by him in cricket
This is a great achievement.
Making my husband admit
he has lost is a big deal
He has done much big deal.
He has clean bowled
by competitor also.
Now he is in my team for permanent.
Jr. This uncle doesn't laugh.
It's your job to
teach himto smile.
And your job is to make coffee.
Tell me one thing...
How you did this... who are you?
From where did you come from?
What's your background?
I respect you Lahoti sir.
You gave me job a flat.
An identity.
But I've a request.
Kindly don't ask me about my past.
No problem.
No problem.
We will talk on other stuff.
Are you married?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Until yesterday
you were just another employee.
But now you're special.
And I always take special
care of my special people.
Lahoti sir... I've no one
in this world except for one.
Her name is Chitra
You left me alone for so many days.
Do you know how much I cried?
And suddenly you call me
and say come to Mumbai.
This is not done.
You trouble me because I love you.
Now stop it Chitra.
I had told you on the phone.
After what happened back there...
...I didn't have any other option
but to leave.
But still Satya.
Now leave it
l will never leave you again.
We will live
in Mumbai now forever.
Lets go home
This one?
Hey! Whose house is this?
It's ours.
What? But Satya...
My boss gave it to me...
But this must be costly?
My boss has many flats.
Is this a stove?
How am I going to light it?
With electricity.
This bed is so soft.
How am I going to sleep in it?
I think I'll have
to stand and sleep.
So you are Chitra?
My name is Special.
What it is?
This is my name... Special.
There is along short
story behind her name...
Satya does some building works.
What will you do in Mumbai?
I will take care of house.
Take care of the house?
I loved this idiot only
to take care of my home.
I am away from house
for the same reason.
Now tell me where
did you guys meet?
Now stop it...
CID... a television show
comes of police people.
Want to put her in that...
She'll fit the character.
Satya... is her
name really'Special'?
And does she hit
Naraa always in public?
No that's just in good fun...
What fun? I can never think
of hitting you even in dreams
In dreams?
You hit me 132 times in real
Shut up!
Now shut up and
show me Mumbai city.
"There is nothing without you."
"Nothing without you."
"There is nothing without you."
"Nothing without you."
"I hear nothing without you."
"I say nothing without you."
"The sky and earth will be there..."
"...but l won't be
there without you."
"May we never live
without each other."
"The sky and earth will be there..."
"...but l will always
be there with you."
"Says my heart."
"May lt read the path you take."
"There is nothing without you."
"Nothing without you."
"My life starts and ends with you."
"I too want to be in your company."
"May we become one."
"You are my desire."
"I feel only you."
"You are my soul."
"You are special."
"I am only for you."
"I dwell within you."
"Come into my arms."
"You tell me
what should I say for you?"
"I just want to say..."
"...only this for you."
"There is nothing without you."
"Nothing without you."
Satya I've a friend Malhotra...
He owns some steel business.
He needs your help.
Go see him.
I am sending you the adress on sms.
I don't know what
you can do for me.
But let me tell you
whatl expect from you...
I've a daughter.
A month ago...
...she went to our Satara
farm house with her friends.
I've prospective businesses
in Satara.
One evening
she was taking a stroll...
...when a car stopped next to her.
They pulled her inside the car.
The car was...
...roaming on the
highway for 4 hours.
There were 3 guys.
Out of the 3...
one was MLA's son Maane.
Police gave me info
thathe is underground now.
And cannot be apprehended.
But the truth is he's
in Mumbai and I know where he is.
I know Police has destroyed
all evidence of the rape.
So that whenever Maane's caught... case can be built against him.
I have money...
...there's nothing I cannot buy.
But yet...
I cannot avenge my daughter
I cannot.
Because they have power.
Even Mumbai Police
can'ttouch Maane.
That rascal's...
...having a ball after
ruining my daughter's life.
I want Maane to be brutally killed.
I think apart from your...
...daughter there must be
many others who suffered at his hands
Do you know anyone?
You were all made
to suffer by that Maane.
I'm giving you a
chance to take revenge.
This is not a favour.
I've my own personal
interest in it.
And in return
you'll get your revenge.
Who is it?
Don't kill me.
Let me go.
Forgive me. Save me!
After Maane's death
the second chapter... Satya's life began.
Lahoti introduced himto Gupta.
And Gupta introduced him to Bajaj.
All of them were rich
and famous people of the city.
And old players of this game.
They all knew Satya was special.
Satya's growth was
based on one policy.
And that policy was...
The real strength of power
is in concealing it.
Slowly Chitra started getting
used to Mumbai life
Special had become
close friend of Chitra.
Since he behaved so normally
with all of them.
Naara Special
Chitra none of them knew...
...that the Satya they're
sharing popcorn with...
...will soon become
the king of Mumbai.
Who the dance bar owner?
Tk has gone to kill him?
How many times l tried explaining him
but he just doesn't understand.
That dance bar owner
has political connections
RK sir
I have told you many times...
...we have to hide our strength
And what T K did...
Killing in public
will bring us onto police radar.
How many times I said.
The real strength of power
is in concealing it.
You want me to control myself. Me?
I have a question dad.
Justlike that.
Am l your illegitimate son?
Was I born of a prostitute.
That... Bastard always
comes and pees on me...
And it doesn't make
a difference to you.
...use this voice to
speak foryour real son.
That guy used to ask Permission
to come inside our house and now...
He tells us what to do...
That jerk Satya...
...Is telling whole Mumbai that
"I brought back the dead RK back into business.
I gave him his fame back.
He's grown big again
because of me.
Bloody ass
I admit Satyahas brains...
...but he could've done nothing
without your support.
The people he's surrounded by
wouldn't give him a second look.
He exists because of you.
And you have kept him on your head.
And me...
All I proved by beating that
guy is that l am your real son...
That's it.
End of story.
Speaking up for my
own right was wrong?
Be careful of him dad.
Because if you don't... then
I'll have to save you.
Remember one thing.
These people don't take
long to take undue advantage.
Give me one chance.
I'll do a better job
then that jerk Satya.
You want money
respect honour don't you.
I'll get you all that. Me.
People will know
only Tk RK... Get me?
Dad he's an outsider.
So keep him outside the door.
Believe in me. I am your son.
Your own blood.
Give me one chance.
I'll make you the don.
Give me one chance.
Just one chance.
Shoot that bastard
Don't let him escape.
Where are you running off to?
Don't let him escape.
Kill him.
Don't leave him.
Find him.
You mutt.
Barking at your own master.
Don't spare him.
What the
Look that way.
You look that way.
But why would anyone
want to kill you?
They mistook me for someone else.
Satya this is not a movie.
And the rage that they
were displaying in killing you...
I don't think so.
They had any doubts
about who you are.
But why would anyone
want to kill me?
That's what l am asking.
Lf there was no reason...
...why would you run?
Special don't be a fool.
Did you want him to
wait there and get shot?
You're such a...
Whoever they were.
They tried to kill
him in broad daylight.
We need to complain to the police.
But what good is that?
I am sure it was a mistake.
What's wrong with you RK?
You okayed a hit on Satya?
Your respect
honour is all because of Satya.
He could never go against you
because he respects you.
You didn't do the right
thing by listening to your son.
I Gupta Malhotra
we are all furious with you.
Disputes Between us are only good...
...for the police.
These cat and mouse games...
...only give rise to trouble.
They always spell trouble.
Have you seen those
Tom and Jerry cartoons?
Remember what Happens?
Sometimes the cat gets the best...
...sometimes it's the mouse.
Sometimes the cat wins...
...sometimes the mouse.
...the mutt always
gets the best of both.
10 years later...
I'm getting back inthis game.
And I don't...
...want to ruin it
...and let the police
get the best of us.
Lahoti you're right.
Only the police will
benefit from our dispute.
We're all in the same business.
We should work together.
Mistakes Happen
Everyone makes mistakes.
Just say sorry and move ahead.
I said sorry.
I said sorry.
He said sorry.
Your son had arranged to kill me... soon as I stepped out of here.
Whether you believe it or not
I believed it
And so... I did this.
He's your son you love him.
I understand.
But you should understand...
...that we're all
here for our own motives.
I didn't kill your son.
It's your man
...this should make you realize... much your
own people hated Tk
And Some people present
here said I should kill you too.
But I didn't do it
for two reasons.
You gave my life a new turn.
You didn't do it for me.
You did it because... saw your own
benefit in my thoughts
But your understanding
benefited me as well.
And I am thankful to you for it.
And secondly you had the
brains to understand my thinking
...but your love for
your son blinded you.
I hope this has knocked
some sense into you.
But if you still want to be an
enemy I've no problem with that.
In the path I have chosen...
...will Make me lot of enemies.
And you will be just one of them.
And That too not special.
I've decided to
open my own Company.
And my advice to you is that... Should spend the rest
ofyour life in retirement.
What Company?
A company that has no name...
...or face.
Lahoti sir Fromthe study I did
...this was biggest weakness
of all the past dons.
Their desire to be
famous Finished them
I believe...
Mr. Dawood lbrahim
made the biggest mistake... giving D Company his name.
By publicly admitting and
accepting Sharad Shetty also
...invited trouble for themselves.
That goes for Abu Salem as well.
My Company will be just 'Company'.
Only l will know
about its structure.
And in future
even you won't know about me.
The product of this
company will be fear.
Because something that's...
...has no shape is more scary.
So what's the plan?
I mean how will
you form the company?
L will tell you all in
detail when the time comes.
And until then
I need A lot of investment
And later
money will come by itself to us.
I need some special
members for this company.
I need to form a structure
to work with them.
Until I do that
I need your trust...
...and your money.
Of course.
We're with you.
- Thanks.
And I've a request Gupta sir
I've heard that you've good
connections in the film industry.
Where's Satya?
- Whathappened?
I've hit the jackpot.
I've hit the jackpot.
Won't you ask what happened?
- What happened?
I have become a producer.
I've found a financer.
But who arranged funds for you?
I don't know.
He's a big businessman.
He liked my story.
Just fantastic.
Didn't l tell you?
I had told him.
"All and everything.
One and only motive."
I did it didn't l?
Now I'll make
everyone's life better.
Yours mine everyone.
Sir my name is Satya.
It's not important for
you to know who I am.
It's important to know
why I have come here.
Can I come in for a while?
Do you live here alone?
It's none of your business.
Come to the point.
Sir I have studied
your track record.
You gave 24 years to
the police department.
To save Mumbai's rich
people fromthe underworld.
You Killed 81 times
You risked your life many times.
And what did you get?
The moment Underworld got finished.
The rich people forgot you
since their work was done.
And your own department
suspended you for taking a bribe...
...which they still
don't have proof of
I hope that after all this
you must have understood.
That whatever you have to do
you have to do it for yourself.
And if the fake
accusations are actually true...
...and you are just
greedy for money...
...l will give you so much
money that you can't even imagine.
I am starting a company.
I have come to give
you ajob offerin it.
What company?
You Know how to make tea?
Make One for me too.
I know you are a
proficient financial expert.
I will give you a
single cheque of 50 crore.
You just have to shift
to London with your family.
And prepare such a
structure for my company...
...that no one can find out where the
source of 10000 crores has come from
I know 50 crores is a
huge sum for this work.
But compared to 10000 crores...
...the sum of 50 crores is nothing.
And you are very important in
the structure of my company.
You won't be fool hardy
enough to reject such an easy job.
But Because now you
know about my company.
And after hearing all this if
you refuse due to any reason...
...l will have to kill you.
Why will I refuse?
Whoever joined the company
none of them knew...
...who else is part of the company.
Satya created a special team only
on the basis o his convincing power
"lf you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"Lf you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"Lf you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"Lf you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"The way you want..."
"The way you want..."
"The way you want..."
"The way you want
you get your God."
In The past underworld
killed some rich people...
...and From the fear that
rose from it earned a few crores
Rich people would pay 1 crore
2 crores 75 lakhs.
And in Some time it
totalled into afew crores.
Now in 2013 l will do
something that my company...
...will earn 1000s of crores
1000s of crores!
Three people will die.
Firstly the country's
richest industrialist.
Sunil Chandani.
Secondly the police
commissioner of the city.
P.N. Singh.
And thirdly owner of SNN
media channel Gurdeep Raj Desai.
The reason of killing
Chandani is that...
...the corporate
world is the richest.
After Chandani's death all
corporates would runto the police.
But this company won't
run away from the police.
Infact on the
announcement of the company...
...the police
commissioner of the city will die.
So that any policeman
will think ten times...
...before stepping out
of the police station.
The reason of killing media baron
Gurdeep Raj Desai is not money.
All channels newspapers
and internet broadcasters...
...will get the company's warning.
To Only broadcast what the
company wants them to do.
Or else they will also
suffer the same fate... Raj Desai.
The death of these three will be the
company's advertisement and also its launch
Another thing. Lahoti Saab
I arranged for Rk Saab to be killed
Because in such a big plan as this
There's no point in letting
Loose ends like
Rk to be still there
But Satya from where will you
get shooters to kill such people?
There won't be
shooters in my company.
Laxman coffee
What happened? Bring quickly.
Brother the work is done.
You have still not found out?
But the police
sources have informed me...
...that it's his servant's doing.
Sunil Chandani murdered.
I can't believe it.
The entire economy will shake.
Our security is more
important than market crisis.
Lf the government can't take
the guarantee of VIP's security...
...then what about the common man?
If common man is not safe
why is the government there?
The government will have to give
a reply for this carelessness.
I will not leave them.
Anyway l will talk to you later.
Because I am getting ready
for the highest TRP ever.
Right in Delhi.
Give me the countdown.
Hello. I am Gurdeep Raj
Desai from SMM news channel.
Today's biggest news.
Country's biggest industrialist
Sunil Chandani has been murdered.
Yes sir.
We are doing our best sir.
I will brief you
tomorrow on the progress sir.
Yes sir.
I will let you know sir.
Keep quiet. Silence.
I will tell you tomorrow.
Try to understand.
An entity called company has taken
the responsibility ofkilling...
...Sunil Chandani.
Gurdeep Raj Desai and P.N. Singh... after the other in a
single day in broad daylight.
Seeing this forget common man...
...even politicians and
police department are scared.
And a very terrified
Home Minister...
...looked into the
entire police department...
...and gave the most formidable
officer of the department...
...Sudir Mahajan the task
of going after the company.
But before SudirMahajan
could even take charge
...and go to his office
Satya killed him.
Within a few minutes
of taking charge
...the company killed SudirMahajan.
What is this company?
Who is its owner?
The police have still not found any
clue of the death of industrialist...
...Sunil Chandani media
baron Gurdeep Raj Desai...
...and commissioner P.N. Singh.
The question arises who
else the company is targeting.
The entire police department is
alarmed by many such questions.
Now the company has started.
And on this festive
occasion l want to...
...thank everyone
especially Mr. Lahoti.
Because without all of you this
company couldn't have been formed.
And l want to request all
of you to understand this.
This company is bigger
than all of you and me.
Because the company is a thought.
We should be loyal to its thought.
And inthe future
if due to any reason...
. lf. l feel that even any of you
is going against the company...
...or is thinking of
betraying the company...
...l will kill them myself.
I know who you are.
And where you live.
But you don't know...
...who I am.
And where I come from
And maybe my name is not Satya.
Due to the terror of the company...
...all the millionaires
of the country...
...kept huge amounts of money ready even
before they got a demand to pay
So that there is no
delay in making the payment.
Because in the history
of the country... one ever felt
a bigger threat than this.
To defeat a dangerous player... need another
dangerous player.
And the Maharashtra
government felt that only...
...retired police commissioner
Dr. Purshottam is that player.
Because there was a time when
entire Mumbai underworld...
...was afraid of Dr. Purushottam
In his career of 30 years
...caught or killed
most of the underworld criminals.
And in the process of breaking
the backbone of the underworld...
...he developed an ache in his back.
Because of that he
retired a little early.
But the department
had decided that... needed a cunning
mind like Purshottam.
So on that Monday morning
a government official knocked...
...on the door of Dr. Purushottam
Someone has come to meet you.
My experience of 30 years... nothing in front
of this new company.
Because whatever is happening
it never happened before.
On top of that
I got retired because
of my backache.
Mr. Purshottam
whether you have the capability... break this company or not
that's a different matter.
But the truth is
that the department...
...has no other option
but to trust you.
Asfaras your
backache is concerned...
The company's terror is rising.
The police have not found any clue.
And the Home Minister
is not taking calls.
Let me tell you that even
the press is not being allowed... enter the crime scenes
No one can understand what
the government is thinking.
What is this company?
If killed Chandani
Raj Desai Mukul Mahajan.
In the past 10 days
30 people have got extortion calls.
If this goes on
our turn will also come.
How will we live like that in fear?
No need to be afraid.
Look carefully.
The company is targeting
only rich people.
Maybe there is a reason.
There is no justification of crime.
Whether it's committed
on rich people or poor.
Crime is a legal term.
A person commits crime...
...due to some issue
...or for a motive.
Without knowing it
calling anyone criminal
is foolishness.
So you are justifying the company.
I am not a judge or
God to give justification.
All I am saying is that
before saying anything... should understand
You will feel neither
...nor angry with them.
Only l feel like this
or you also feel that...
...Satya is not what
we think him to be?
What do you mean?
What he thinks
he says he has the way...
...of making every
wrong thing appear right.
I feel there is
something about him...
...which he is hiding from us.
My filmy baby
You are so filmy.
That's why your
mentality is also filmy.
What you are saying
happens only in films.
I know my friend.
Yes he is quiet. He talks less.
That doesn't mean he
is hiding something from us.
Every quiet person... not strange like Satya.
From where he has come?
What he has come to do?
Why he has come?
Look every person
has the right to decide...
...what he wants to talk
and what he doesn't want to talk.
There is something
called privacy too.
Satya is not just my friend
but he is like my younger brother.
I know him very well.
I can say with certainty that
he never hides anything from me.
Do you hide something
from me at times?
Many times.
Because you need not
know about those things.
And what you need to know
you already know that about me.
Just promise me.
Nothing will happen to you.
I can't give you any
promise which I can'tfulfill.
If there is an earthquake
or if there is tsunami
while I am standing... the seashore
I can't do anything
about that right?
Butl promise you one thing.
I won't let anything happen to you.
This special team's
headquarter has been formed... my house not just
because of my back pain...
...but also because l wanted that...
...we should learn
something from the company.
So that our work...
...our investigation...
...our people should
remain anonymous.
Like the company.
To catch such a cunning
and devious company...
...we will also have
to think like them.
The entire thing is about thought.
If he has donned
a mask on his face...
...we will also don a mask.
If he attacks us stealthily
we will also attack stealthily.
Because a person
loses by his own ruse.
Don't waste your time
investigating the murders.
Because the way the entire
thing has been planned cunningly...
...I don't think we will
find anything from there.
But the money they got
must be going somewhere.
So keep an eye on those people...
...who suddenly became rich
overnight in the past few months.
I also feel a policeman
is involved in this task.
Because the waythe entire
thing has been done so professionally...'s not possible without
the help of a policeman.
...who has a grudge
against the department.
For instance
Mr. Soloman has come to meet you.
Offer him tea or coffee.
I will just come.
I had gone to meet Purshottam
about my reinstatement
Something was going on over there.
I saw many cars.
No one was inside.
...the effort to
close our company... going on there at Mr.
Purshottam's house.
What's so surprising?
Some special team had to
be formed to track the company.
I would have had a problem...
...if someone had
challenged the company...
in front of the whole country.
That would have been challenging
the company's image.
I never met a man like you... my career of 30 years.
Also in my career of 30 years
I never said this to anyone...
...which l want to tell you Satya.
The first time you had asked me.
'Do you live here alone?
- It's none of your business.'
There was someone in my life.
After her
I have been living alone.
What do you mean after her?
That's not important
for you to know Satya.
Did you see the photo in my house?
She had clicked it.
I don't have a
single photo ofhers.
I don't want any of her memory.
I want that henceforth... won't remind me of her.
Tell me about yourself.
Her name is Chitra.
We are getting married
lt was the most important
day of Satya's life.
Because Chitra was
his greatest wealth.
He loved Chitra as much
as he hated his enemies.
After marrying her
Satyatook Chitrato Kashmir.
"O my partner."
"O my partner."
"L was oblivious.
You gave me my identity."
"L was oblivious.
You gave me my identity."
"Yes I am.
Righ there right now."
"O my partner."
"O my partner."
"L was oblivious.
You gave me my identity."
"I was oblivious.
You gave me my identity."
"Yes I am.
Righ there right now."
"O my partner."
"I met life for the first time."
"First time I am in a friendship."
"Life can be so colourful."
"I learnt when I meet you."
"I am in love with
life because of you."
"I am in love with
life because of you."
"Yes I am.
- Righ there right now."
"I'm walking on sky."
"Whatever l feel..."
"'s because of you."
"This has happened
with me all of a sudden."
"This love story
is all overpowering."
"I am in love with
life because of ou."
"I am in love with
life because of you."
"Yes I am.
- Righ there right now."
"O my partner."
"I am in love with
life because of you."
After returning from honeymoon
Satya got back to company work
Purshottam thought that however
dangerous the new company may be... the end it was
only an underworld company.
But his thought process was wrong.
Because Satya's company was
not actually an underworld company.
Satya's company was
Satya's own thought.
He had his own perspective.
It was a way of stopping
the injustice of the system.
It was a platform
to stop ordinary people...
...from getting crushed under
the exploiters
Purshottam couldn't understand...
...Satya's greed to
have thousands of millions.
Not knowing that Satya wasn't
earning this money for his own sake.
Satya wanted the money to reach those
people who were getting crushed...
...under the feet of
the system.
Without them knowing
who was doing it.
Satya had developed the
company network in a way...
...that there were many different
people between the company...
...and the people working for it.
And money and work would
be given through so many hands...
...that no one would be able
to trace the actual source forit.
No one will come to know as to who
was in the company and who wasn't.
Even the people of
the company mustn't know.
In this way many many people became
an invisible part of the company.
People from all over the country
without their knowledge...
...have started working
for the company.
And without knowing they
have become apart of the company.
In this way...
...gradually Satya's company
spread over the entire country.
And started making another
system within the system.
Company's system.
To put it in another way
Company was making
another lndia within India.
31 names have surfaced
Whose total asset value
has gone up all of a sudden.
These 6 people have... property from
their dead relatives.
These five people have made profits
from the share market overnight.
These three...
...have won a lottery.
Andthese 16 people
have criminal sources.
This means that one thing is clear.
All the money that they have got...
...has been earned by stealing...
...fraud or by commission.
And there is a cursory
search on all of them.
But all of this come
up to only 30 names right?
You had spoken about31 names.
There are 31.
This one name...
...has no background.
Allthe financial
statements are in white.
No criminal history.
His name is Naara.
Film producer.
Get him.
As many times as you lie... will have to suffer
my torture as many times.
Why are you making
me do this dirty work?
Please let go of me.
One day Mr. Chitrajit told me
He will finance to me.
I don't know anything.
What do you think?
Someone just came and kept money
at your doorstep and went away.
Look I know.
All the money that has
been invested in your money...
...has been received from
accounts of different banks.
Are you a girl?
And he wants to have fun with her?
Or may be you are his
illegitimate child.
That is why he wants to launch you
Who is your friend in the company?
What do you mean by vanished?
I don't know.
Even his phone is switched off.
I called up on the sets as well.
I spoke to everyone.
But no one knows where Nara is.
He is nowhere to be found since
when I came home last evening.
Where did he go? Why did he go?
I don't know anything.
Maybe he is stuck up somewhere
at work all of a sudden.
And even the phone's
battery could be down
Chitra in these times if
someone wants to contact someone...
...there is always a way to do so.
He would have contact from
any where in any way he could.
I know him for the
last five years Chitra.
I am sure he is in some trouble.
I think he is dead.
Sorry sir.
You should have taken
care of him right?
I had told you that he mustn't die.
Satya there is bad news.
The climax could
have been little better.
I had saidthat earlier.
Who are you?
I am asking for forgiveness for...
...coming to your house
without permission Mrs. Nayak.
But l wanted to meet your husband.
You can talk to me
about whatever it is.
Who are you... What do you want?
- There is no need to talk so much.
But whatever he did with me...
...made me want to
come here and thrash him.
Who are you?
No! Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me.
It isn't your mistake Mrs. Nayak.
But what can I do? Yes?
You have to suffer the result
of associating with people like him
Let go. Leave me!
Abhi. Abhi getup.
Abhi. Abhi.
No. No.
Abhi... - I only had one friend.
Even if he got one scratch...
...the one to hurt him
would be bled by me.
And your husband
killed him
- You...
No! No!
His mistake was
that he was my friend.
And your mistake is
that you are his wife.
that swine has reached to an extent
where he killed your own son.
Now what will happen next?
You have done...
...whatever you wanted to do.
No sir.
Whatever l have to do...
...I haven't even started yet.
My aim wouldn't stop at the
rich people and the police alone.
I want to go beyond them as well.
Company will kill the CM now.
And make such a leader
sit in that position...
...who is under the control
ofthe company
The next CM of the state would be...
...a man from the company.
And then?
L will cast my eyes on Delhi.
Check and mate.
Sir after the interrogation
of the people Naraknew...
...we have come to know that
Nara has a very special friend.
Very very special.
And the name of
that friend is special
lt is a very big problem.
And I am sure this has something to
do with his film for sure Chitra.
I had said it earlier.
Why would someone invest
in such a film Chitra?
No one listened to me earlier.
The problem occurred right?
Without the help of police
nothing is possible.
I will call after getting
a complaint written Chitra.
I am hanging up.
Hey who are you?
Game over.
Game over Satya.
There are many cops
standing outside Satya.
At the door.
Nothing can happen
as long as I am here.
Come on. - What is all this?
There is no time.
What is happening here?
- There is no time.
There is no time.
Tell me. Who are these...
- Don't do anything
...that might prove to be
a danger to the company. - Yes.
And what about the information...
- What is happening here?
That is not important.
What is going on?
- Not important.
Who is it? Who gave the
information? Leave all that...
Hey what happened?
- About the safety of the company.
You can find out information
about that later.
Open the door please.
Please for God's sake open the door...
- I don't want to take any risk.
Because police will...
...torture me to find
out information about you.
Open the door.
Please. Open the door.
Search throughout the place.
Why don't you open the door?
Open the door.
I had called up because
l wanted to tell you that...
I am very proud of you...
- Open the door.
No no no sir...
- Open the door.
Who is it inside?
- Who are you?
Open the door.
Can I speak the truth? Truth?
- Open the door.
- You move aside.
Open the door.
It is about the heart.
- Please open the door.
No sir no.
- What is going on?
Break the door open.
- What is going on?
Being apart of the
company and by being a partner... was an honor.
All the best for
your company Satya.
Sir no please...
- Open it.
Please. Stop it.
- Open the door.
God's sake open the door.
Open the door. Please.
Please. Open the door.
Hey sorry Promila.
Hey Satya. Hey Satya brother.
Sir l tried to track the phone.
But it is out of service.
Hey Satya.
How Did this happen?
I just saw the News on T.V.
Who did this to Lahoti sir
all of a sudden?
Who did this and how?
- Someone has betrayed the company.
They have given out
Satya what do you feel?
Who could it be?
I don't have evidence.
But very few people knew...
...the position of Lahoti
sir in the company.
And people who know about
the position of the company...
...and the ones who are in touch
with the police are fewer in number.
Only you
Satya are you making
an allegation at me?
I have another reason
to have a doubt about you.
You met Purshottam at the time when
he was making a task force.
After that you met him
at seven different times
Yes I did but...
- You didn't tell me about it.
What do you think?
You are the only one who works in
the police for the company?
Maybe you haven't done this deed.
Someone else did it.
You are a cop and you
knew Purshottam from earlier.
Or you could be meeting him in
your trials to be reinstated in the police...
But at the moment I don't have
any option other than doubting you.
And for the sake of
the safety of the company...
...I cannot let go of you.
I have come here kill you.
Solomon Sir for the sake
of whatever relation you and I had...
...before killing you
l want to know...
...only for my sake...
...if you have even a small
amount of respect for me...
...or if you ever
had it in the past...
...please tell me the truth...
...that you are the
one to have done it.
Be it truth or a lie
You are going to die anyway.
I am a policeman from my heart.
And l will be a policeman all my life from my heart.
At that time
in those circumstances and because
of whatever was happening to me.
I gave into your words because of the
frustration that l was going through.
But you should have thought
and understood Satya...
...that the respect that l command
in the police force till date... only because I am
a policeman from my heart.
If l would have wanted
to be a criminal...
...why would l join
the police force Satya?
Purshottam Sir reminded
me of my reality and...
...rekindled the spirit
of a cop inside me.
I had come into the system
to not go against the system...
...but remain within the
system and fight against...
...the people who were against it.
You gave me respect
and gave me a status.
You gave me money.
But Purshottam...
...compelled me to look
within myself and introspect.
Whatever you did was
right in its own place.
But what Purshottam did...
Stop it Solomon!
People saythat...
...the shooters and terrorists
of the underworld are brainwashed.
But the truth is that
Stupid police men like you...
...are the ones who
are actually brainwashed
And this reason alone
is enough for you to die
Sir I don't understand something.
When Solomon told
you about Lahoti...
...why didn't he
tell you about Satya?
That is because...
...Lahoti is well known
And Solomon doesn't
even know Satya.
Who is he? Where does he stay?
Satya has made the structure
of the company in a way...
...only Satya can meet someone.
But no one can meet Satya.
Who are all of you?
And what do you want from me?
Malad police knows that l was
coming to file a missing complaint.
And if l don'treach
...they will understand
that l am in a problem.
Leave me before they come here.
Please say something.
Why have you blindfolded me?
Leave me.
Or else l will call the police.
We are the police.
Now tell me.
What do you know about the company?
Or else
even you will be in a condition...
...that happened to your Nara.
What happened to Nara?
What happened to Nara?
Where is he?
Nara has afriend in the company...
...who funded the film of Nara.
We have evidence to prove this.
We only want to know the
name of that person from you.
That is it.
Tell us or else...
...whatever we did to Nara.
It will seem like a game of Holi.
That is it.
Nara died in a very bad state.
Since you are a woman...
...a lot worse can happen to you.
You can think over it.
Maybe Nara and you don't have
a direct contact with the company.
Even our investigations
till now make it seem like that.
But it isn't possible
that you don't even know...
...who the person
from company could be.
Does Nara have a friend...
...who knows his
wish to make a film?
A friend who isn't scared
of committing a crime.
Or maybe something has happened...
...that you couldn't
understand at that time...
'Crime is a legal term.'
'Maybe... '
'... my face could
be resembling someone.'
There's one.
Are you going somewhere?
Lwas just asking because
l was feeling very restless.
I don't know but since
the time Nara has disappeared...
...there is a strange
fear that has gripped me.
Please don't go today.
It is my life's biggest day today.
Today is the day that...
...I had dreamt of since years.
Today I don't need your fear...
...but your encouragement.
Because if whatever l am going
to do today gets materialized...
...fear wouldn't be
able to touch you at all.
What is going to happen?
Our company is going to
get the biggest contract today.
She says that he is from
Bhilwara village of Chattisgarh.
This is what Chitra
Satya's wife has told her.
Contact the Chattisgarh
crime branch immediately.
after checking all the people...
...who have disappeared
from Chattisgarh... seems that He could
be Satya Prakash.
He is missing for
the last one year.
His father Pushka was a rebel.
He was killed some years back in an
encounter in the Bhilwara area.
Pushka's information was given
by a very rich man of the vicinity.
Since that time he has started
hating Both rich people and the police.
And then one day he killed
the rich man and disappeared.
He got engaged to
a girl called Chitra.
But for the last few months
even she went missing.
Who are all of you?
Where is Satya?
- But... But who are all of you?
From all the information that
I have from Solomon and Special...
...I don't have any doubt that your
husband is the boss of the company.
Sunil chandani.
Gurdeep Raj Desai.
P.N. Singh.
Sudhir Mahajan.
And my son Abhijeet.
Satya has killed all these people
and started his own company.
In the history of this country...
...and maybe in the history
of the whole world...
...a bigger criminal than
your Satya wouldn't have been born.
What happened?
She's no more.
You know that
She's got hit by mistake
But she had to
pay the consequences...
...for being associated
with a person like you.
Stop lecturing me and
showing false sympathy.
I knew
someday l would have to pay...
...forthe objective
lwanted to achieve.
Chitra's dead.
My son's dead.
What's done is done.
I'm here to make anew deal.
If you help me finish the Company
and give us everyone's names...
...who are apart of it
then I can recommend... the Government
to lower your punishment.
You're such a... fool.
The Company is not a human
being that you can finish it
The Company is an idea
And it's impossible
to kill an idea.
I made the Company
but l don't own it.
And even if l myself want to
I cannot finish the Company.
Every person in this country
that understands...
...the Company
is a Company by himself
Once a idea starts to spread
then no one can stop it.
And you think by arresting me
that the Company's finished?
Let see what happens in court.
Then we'll see
who will finish whom?
And by the way why do
you want to finish the Company?
What do you think
you're the protect or of the people?
You're their well-wisher?
I can assure you
that in today's times
...the Company's taking
better care of the people...
...than your entire system.
People like you...
...go after those who commit
crimes outside the system.
And follow orders of those
who commit crimes...
. from within the system.
You expressed your
regret publicly...
...on the death of
Industrialist Sunil Chandani.
Didn't you know how
he was earning his wealth?
Commissioner P N Singh.
Although he was a public servant...
...didn't your department
know who he took orders from?
Media Baron Raj Desai.
Called himself the
Messiah of the people.
Don't you know whose
empire he was running?
And so what if the CM's dead?
The most corrupt and rogue
politician of the country is dead.
He had 100 crores in black money.
Didn't your people know that?
Those whom the Company killed
even your son...
...its because if
anyone goes against the Company... becomes the Company's
responsibility to kill him.
Your uniform stops you...
...from apprehending your bosses.
Butthe Company has
no such restriction
Justly Kill those who are unjust.
That's it.
That's the Company's policy.
And History stands witness to this
...History is made only
when something changes.
When something new emerges.
And for something new to emerge...
...the old has to be destroyed.
That's important.
I am sorry for what
happened with Chitra.
And the police started trying
to destroy the Company.
And started looking for...'s members all over
But what the investigation
Started uncovering?
How useful was it for
the police?
What was Purshottam actually
thinking about Satya?
Since Satya's arrest
what are Anna Gupta Bajaj...
...and many other members
ofthe Company doing?
And now
as the new CM of the state...
...himself is a part of the Company
what is Satya...
...planning next?
All that is another story...
...which l will tell
you some other day.
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"The way youwant..."
"lfyou ask you getnothing
so snatch everything."
"Lfyou ask you getnothing
so snatch everything."
"Lfyou ask you getnothing
so snatch everything."
"Lfyou ask you getnothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"lf you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"if you ask you get nothing
so snatch everything."
"The way you want..."