Satyagraha (2013) Movie Script

Bloody hell!
You're yet to lose your milk teeth | and here you are... getting engaged!
Made me suffer 17 hours in the train!
You are not used to getting | off airplanes and Mercedes...
now try the local auto.
Guaranteed free body massage!
Tell me, did you meet her?
The buffalo in Pandey's stable!
Your Sumi!
Oh! So Sumitra's become Sumi, eh?
You just wait and watch what | else l am going to change!
Where does she stay?
ln this lane itself...
but we can't meet her right now.
Why not?
Give me the phone.
Who's stopping you? | Your Moghul dictator?
Right now there are | many guests at her place.
Please stop the auto... Stop!
Where are you?
Wow! She's lovely!
Where are you?
Standing right in front of you, | and still you can't see me?
Who are you?
that's the problem | with women these days.
Online | - they recognise you instantly...
but in real life, they say | - who are you?'
l am the new police | officer of this neighborhood.
Mr. police officer. | Kindly note my complaint then.
The one who is hiding in the auto | hasn't come to see me since last evening.
Forget about him! l am here.
First get him arrested, then | we can also think of meeting.
Come on.
She is a smart one.
Reading texts the world walks | towards death, but none became wise...
The one, who reads four | letters of love, becomes wise.
Who is he?
Come, sit.
He is our Transformer baba.
There is a transformer near the | roundabout He has made himself a home there
So you're going to teach me the law now?.
No, you see! What is this? A school!
A school for | underprivileged slum children.
This is the government's job...
but we are somehow doing it from | the funds raised by the locals.
All that is fine...
But if you don't pay the bill, We | will have to disconnect the line.
ls this a bill or an official theft?
600 rupees in June and today!
lt's 2700 rupees.
Looks like someone has to | again face dad's wrath today!
Ever since the Private | Electric Companies have taken over...
they have made our lives miserable.
The entire colony's bill value has | gone up by double the amount, Dadu.
Look at this!
Suit yourself.
Don't pay the bill. l will | write the report accordingly.
Sure, you can write what you want.
But until the meter is fixed, we | are not going to do the payment.
Dad... Manav.
Please come.
So! Young man...
What are your future plans?
He is going to America, Dad. For his P.G
When l return, l will | setup my own company...
Manav has a very sharp | business sense, Dad.
What is wrong with today's youth!
Crazy about money!
Uncle, money makes the world move.
The desire for profits | gives rise to competition.
And competition gives | rise to best talent, simple.
These words sound impressive...
but the truth is, that | people like you, are greedy!
Just think about it...
if there is no greed. | Why would anyone work hard?
lt's quite simple uncle. To move ahead.
Greed, profit, money, | these are not mere words!
They lead to development!
And the Private Sector | really understands this.
Take a look at any Private Business...
lt's neat, clean and full of energy,
And the Government | office full of corruption!
Look! The root cause of corruption is | - Greed!
lt's like a Tsunami...
Businessmen are greedy for illegal | profits The brokers greed is shortcut...
Govt officials are | greedy for extra income.
You will never accept it, | but the fact is...
that greedy people like you are | destroying not only our country's economy...
but also our inherent values.. | just like cancer!
Whoa whoa. Chill uncle.
Pardon me, but..
l am so sorry... You'll | have to change. Please.
lt's Ok.
What are you doing? Have you lost it?
Dad will...
What a hypocrite...
why are you so scared | of this Great Mughal?
lt's not that!
Since you were not around, l | have given up on all bad habits.
Because you are scared of your dad, | you don't want to drink and smoke.
l can understand.
But the logic behind this National | Highway is beyond my understanding.
Look at your qualifications!
Just imagine your life after 35 years, | what will you have when you retire.
30-40-50 lakhs of | pension and Provident fund!!?
You won't be able to | afford even a decent car then!
Who wants a car?
My dream is to open a small school, | post retirement...
and teach children.
But before that, l will construct | first class roads for the Government.
Good roads will lead | to a prosperous nation!
lt will make me happy, dad | as well. That's all l want.
That old man will ruin you.
Will eventually waste your life and forever | will make you count cubic meter concentrate.
You will never change...
My fundas are sorted.
500 million in 5 years | - one billion in ten.
lndia is the fastest growing market | and l want to maximize every opportunity.
lt's not too late...
This engagement, wedding, Sumitra | business, put it on the waiting list...
and come with me.
Let me escort you to your room.
Thank you...
but Akhilesh hasn't been | swayed by greed so much...
that he cannot even walk up to his room.
l will be obliged if | you just leave him alone.
Dad, Manav did not mean...
Yes, l can see that.
See what he's done to | you in a short time.
This is his plan, Son.
To trap you in his | billion dollar dream...
and the only way out of his | fairy tale success world is downward!
l don't know why you are so | resentful towards success.
You will never understand...
because money is your religion.
And the market is your morality.
Love for one's country, society...
service to humanity, all these | words don't exist in your dictionary.
All you want to do is consume.
Be the ultimate consumer.
These scams don't mean | anything to people of your class.
You are ruining the | very core of this country.
But l am glad that despite being in your company, | Akhilesh has not forgotten his values.
Please forgive him, Manav. | He does not understand you.
lt's ok pal. l don't | understand him either.
And listen, speak with Sumi.
Let's go.
On my terrace my beloved,
On my terrace my beloved,
Our eyes get locked in love
Our eyes get locked in love
on my terrace, my oh my
on my terrace, my oh my
Open the door to your heart
Excuse me.
So! What have you | thought about my offer?
You know... Wishtel guys are here!
Ready with a Blank Cheque.
Manav, why are you so stubborn!
They are giving you such a good offer...
500 million dollars for 50% stake.
Rajat and Suri from Wistel...
You know my connections in the private sector | and in the Government sector are...
much better than your Sundarlal Khatri.
l can turn your dream Project | FUTURE lV into reality very soon.
The package isn't bad Ms. Malini Mishra.
But, until l don't explore my dreams | to the fullest. l don't sell them.
my heart is like an empty garden
You become the life giving rain
Shower your love on me
And fill my heart with love oh beloved
My friend, since the past 3 years | you have been waiting for the policy to change.
ln our system, things | don't change on their own.
Unless and until you use crooked means, | it's not going to happen.
And l have brought the | man who can do that.
Meet H. Parekh.
By the way, in the market he | has a different name, C&C.
Cash and contacts.
He has 40 thousand crores in one | pocket, and 150 MP's in the other.
And ministers in his secret pocket! | lncluding telecom, Understood?
Seems like they're going to launch | a new mobile in the market soon.
Future lV.
l will get you investments and | policy change, a 2 in 1 offer...
Win win for both of us.
on my terrace, my oh my
Oh Hi! Yasminji...
When did you return from Singapore?
Yes, that's what l was | told by your office staff.
Apparently at 4 am you were | in America, then in France.
London in the afternoon.
And one hour ago | - you were in Singapore.
Wow! You really move fast.
Why didn't you call me directly?!
17 missed calls.
You see how l busy l am? l'm very sorry.
You should say sorry to yourself.
Excuse me...
Breaking news | - The latest report on H. Parekh
This is not just a bribery case.
This is a major scam of how the law and policy | making machinery of the country is being controlled.
The policy that needs to | be changed can be changed.
lt's just a matter of money.
How do you think Mining | Regulations were changed 3 times last year?
That was Mr. H. Parekh.
Mumbai's biggest stock investor.
Fondly known as C&C...
Mr. Cash and Contacts
l'm a fan! Love your reports...
Yasmin, This is Mr. Manav -
The rising star of the | communication sector.
l hope our paths don't cross.
l hope they do!
On my terrace my beloved,
Our eyes get locked in love
Our eyes get locked in love
Yes. Thank you.
Open that packet of lndia Gate.
We need to cook the rice, right?
You peel the cabbage, | while l will knead the dough.
l'll do it na, Didi...
No no... l will do it.
No! Not that one...
l've kept one in the | wardrobe The blue shirt.
What's wrong with this one?
Hang on.
see, this one.
With your khakhi trousers, | the blue one matches better.
Now help me, come on.
What are you doing?
l don't have the | freedom for this as well?
See what happened! You | will need a shower again.
Come on then, join me.
You're impossible! Let me go...
Ma'am, should l add the rice?
Breakfast ready.
Your design is terrific...
you will complete the | project in record time.
lf you work like this, we | can overtake China soon.
There is a lot of pressure | from Minister Balaram Singh.
l see.
He wants to inaugurate it | before the upcoming elections.
Smells wonderful!
Pass the paratha, what else is there?
Cabbage parathas.
And what is this?
Sir, the flyover slab has collapsed.
Oh God! When?
Just now, Sir.
7 to 8 people were badly crushed, sir.
Call the Ambulance.
Yes Sir...
What happened, son?
The flyover slab has collapsed
- Oh God! | - What?!
Hope there are no casualties...
Some workers, l think.
Stop the car!
Step back... step back everyone!
Shift the injured in our cars and | take them to the hospital... quickly.
Look at that...
l had given written instructions. | To use only Ultratech Cement!
But they have used local material.
l'm going to get to the | bloody bottom of this!
You find out and let me know!
We will not spare them, | no matter what happens.
Here he comes!
To start his politics | over the dead bodies.
Mr. Gauri Shankar, you are | the Leader of the Opposition...
are you going to demand | for their resignation?
lndeed! But what will we achieve?
This government stands on the | crutches of Balram Singh's 8 legislators.
lf they go, he will fall.
But sir, you are the Member of the | Road and Bridge construction committee.
l will make them pay for every single | life buried beneath this corruption.
Balram Singh has crossed all limits.
You people make it sound like...
lt's the first time a | Flyover has collapsed in lndia.
All the fatalities have been given | 100,000 each, while the casualties...
50,000 each- and all this | was sanctioned within 24 hours.
We have set up 3 Expert Committees | and Consultants to examine the matter.
Why don't you all | peruse through the report.
Go on...
And to avoid such mishaps in the future,
usage of strong and modern | technology in the design is a must.
The cost will hike.
Even a village bumpkin | can figure that much out.
lf you want top quality, then | be ready to empty your pockets.
What do you propose, next?
573 Crore...
Mr. Balram, firstly you aren't | ratifying my Tikari Bridge Contract.
And Secondly...
Why the haste, l will get it done!
l assure you, you will be | in charge of Tikari Bridge.
Rate Revision. Both | are ongoing projects.
Just manage about 70%.
The C.M has vetoed it...
He is not willing to go ahead of 50%.
How convenient!
His relatives have taken | over the Mid Day Meal Scheme...
and the P.D.S.
And even Four Lane, now... | what will remain for us?
Keep at it, Sir. Manage the | numbers in the next election.
l will also benefit through that...
and you can keep filtering.
P.D.S, Mid Day, Four Lane Flyover.
Anything and Everything!!
How are you, Sumi?
Pulling along... And, you?
ls Akki alright?
Yes, why?
Good afternoon sir.
l've been calling him all afternoon...
He wont answer the phone.
He's been a bit disturbed | since the flyover accident.
But, that wasn't his fault!
Well, but you know how he is... | He feels responsible for it
Do get him to call him to call me.
You guys need a break.
l know.
Uncle okay?
Yes, busy teaching.
And venting his anger on | everything that is wrong with the world.
Okay, bye.
Manav bhaiya...
His name is Chotelal...
Still traumatised.
He sells diesel in the villages.
His bike skidded...
Akhilesh Anands bike | behind him also skidded.
There was a truck behind him.
That's it. The truck | driver is absconding.
Were investigating further.
He's gone! What'll become of us now?.
lts time, sir..
l am B.K. Prasad, the | district magistrate.
Honorable Minister Balram Singh is here.
There cannot be any | greater pain for a father...
Such a terrible shock!
Akhilesh Anand was a | top class Gold Medalist!
A superb engineer.
l was looking to him for the | development of this district.
Nothing can bring him back, of course...
But, as a small token of | compensation l announce a sum Rs. 2.5 million.
Wonderful! This is great!
Oh God!
Please go back.
Please go back. This roads closed.
There's a diversion there... Cmon....
Please take that.
What's going on?
They're agitating for land, sir.
Plan was to march all the way to Delhi.
But, orders are to stop them here.
How long will they sit here for?
Oh, these guys are very stubborn!
They can hold out for days on end.
On whose orders have | you closed this road?
Why cant l go in?
Look here, l'm the | Chief Correspondent of...
ABP News Channel.
Yasmin Ahmed. You can't do this to me.
l've come for Delhi to cover this.
Sorry Madam.
The area beyond the | barricade is restricted.
How can you do this!
Thousands of poor laborers have been | fighting for their land for years.
No one wants to even listen to them?!
Let them reach Delhi...
so this deaf government can hear them!
Sorry, Madam.
You? What're you doing here?
Don't know.
But, where were you going?
l really don't know.
Are you okay?
How about a cup of tea?
He was your brother!
Technically, no...
but he was much more than that.
l lost my mom and dad | in a terrible accident.
lf Akhilesh wasn't there, | l would've fallen apart.
And today...
he has orphaned me again!
Anyway, let it be...
lest l break down again.
Can l drop you somewhere?
Where are you going?
Told you, just driving around.
l wish l could just drive around.
But l have to cover this protest.
Let me try. Only for you.
l know what you did.
Needs to be done. For a cause
This time it's okay.
Shobha's son has been granted | admission in a Delhi College.
He could use these...
During the last election, the representative | had promised to build this school.
But, now its happening | only because of you.
No, not because of me. | The credit goes to Sumitra.
The compensation she was promised for Akhilesh, | she has decided to donate it for this.
Actually, this was Akhilesh's dream.
Well start the work as | soon as we receive the money.
There she comes again.
Madam, why are you bothering with this?
Allow me, and lll get your | file cleared within 48 hours!
Yes, first prepare the | project report first.
Only then can we speak.
Sir, hello Sir...
Sir, l am Sumitra Anand, | wife of late Akhilesh Anand.
l've been doing rounds of | this office for two months.
And, yet...
And yet, what?
Sir, the compensation of Rs. 2.5 | million that the minister announced.
So you'll get that!
l haven't received the file yet.
Excuse me, l've a | meeting with the minister.
Say now. Can't you too understand?
l have a meeting with the Minister. | Put the phone down.
What's this?
There are seven documents! You | need seven signatures, right?
Hurry up please. lt's almost lunch time.
l have already submitted all | the required certificates.
Madam, your documents | haven't been verified.
l cant stamp them.
But, they're all originals.
Fine! Then verify them yourself!
And stamp them as well.
Maam, if you don't | know the rules here...
then send your guardian instead.
What's so difficult to understand?
There's a fixed rate per document.
Make the payment, get them stamped!
Madam, please understand.
Without give-and-take, | nothing moves here.
Why don't you understand the signal?
Hello Manav...
What is the matter, Sumi?
Nothing at all.
How are you?
l am fine. How's Uncle?
He's perfectly fine. So am l.
Sumi, if there's anything, just call me.
Okay... bye.
What is it, Sumitra?
l want to meet the Collector.
He is in a meeting.
You can't meet him right now.
Hey... stop.
Who is this?
Get him out of here.
Cant you see a meeting is going on?
l can see everything, Mr. Collector.
Even l don't have the time | to wait until you're free.
Who are you?
Dwarka Anand...
Ex-Principal, District School...
And, the father of late | Akhilesh Anand, the engineer.
Yesterday his wife | accosts me, and now you.
You guys are behaving as if the | government has borrowed money from you!
That's precisely what l've | come to tell you, Mr. Collector!
We don't need your assurance, | or your charity.
Even, coming here is below our dignity!
all your people, your system...
are all rotten and corrupt!
Hey! Shut up!
One more word, and | lll have you arrested.
Then rot away inside, in | memory of your dead son!
l told you you'll get the money.
Now, should l construct a | martyrs memorial as well?
You are a public servant!
And, we shall not | tolerate your rudeness!
Arrest him!
Take him away.
Hands off!
Take him away.
l am going.
What kind ofjustice is this, l ask?
Calm down. This is a police station.
Sir, you don't worry. | We will fight for you.
l'm Arjun Sir. l studied under you.
Arjun Rajvansh!
15 years ago, l | expelled you for hooliganism.
But, sir, now l'm a social worker.
Thank you...
Thank you for coming.
You may go now.
l don't need your help.
Sir, it's Ms. Sumitra.
Yes, Sumi.
Dads been arrested!
lt's a delicate situation, Manav.
The Ambikapur collector is | the Home Ministers key man.
l do know the states Finance Minister, | Kalikant Choudhary.
But, he's a straight guy, you know...
l understand, thanks.
The court has ordered | police custody for 7 days.
Along with section 353, | he's also charged under 120B.
Bail might be tough.
There's just one option now.
lf the Collector himself | withdraws his complaint.
Here's the letter.
What should l apologize for?
l know that you have done no wrong.
But, right now...
You know nothing!
lts people like you who are primarily | responsible for corrupting this sistem.
l don't want any help from you.
But l need your help.
l cant see you like this.
Don't bother about me.
l can face this punishment.
Please forget what happened, sir.
He was very disturbed then.
A few days in jail will | set right every disturbance.
Sir, l agree that | you have been insulted.
While it cant be reversed, | you can be compensated.
What do you mean?
Whatever you want. Just name a figure.
So, you've come to buy me, have you?
Get up and out.
What do you think?
ln two minutes, lll | have you arrested as well.
Get out!
Sir, we didn't mean...
Who slapped him? How many times?
What nonsense are you asking.
He takes bribes everyday and | now pretends to be a gentleman.
These people | understand just one language!
Only Dwarka's slap will | bring them to their senses.
THWACK!! Dwarka's slap | turned his cheek red!
That's how it is here.
Everyone's had it with them.
Do come!
These are my sons college friends.
For some loose change, | they'll do the job...
Sure sir.
Put these up wherever you can...
lanes, bylanes, crossroads.
By morning you'll see them everywhere.
These are the numbers of | all the mobile operators.
Split these into batches of 10, | and bombard them with the MMS.
Will be done, sir.
Thank you lndrojeet.
l know that you're a big lawyer.
Not at all Mr. Manav...
l also have another name here...
The proletariat lawyer!
How come?
l fight their cases free of cost.
But from big shots and companies, | l charge a bomb.
Way to go, man!
Change the position.
Those behind, come forward.
Hey Buddhan, what's going on here?
l don't know, looks | like some new leader.
New leader?
What the hell!
My name is Manav.
l'm just one of you.
l haven't come to lecture you | on corruption, or the system.
l have just one question for you:
What compelled this man to | slap the administration?
What he did was good!
Just what was needed!
The Professor was off his head.
He lost his head with anger.
And, fed up.
People are fed up.
Remove them!
What are you doing?!
Government orders. Were clearing this.
D'you see this atrocity?
They won't even let us speak!
Hey, hey, Mr. Leader!
Where the hell have you dropped from?
From Delhi!
Then why are you lecturing here?
lf you had a problem, | you should've come to me.
l'm the leader here.
l've slogged my butt off | for every family here.
Be it floods, storms, | drought, weddings, funerals
Arjun Singh is always there!
Without my permission, no party can | even raise a flag in this district.
And, you think you can just land | here and begin blasting your speeches?!
See, Mr. Arjun, l am not | trying to be a leader here.
l just want to get my uncle released.
You mean Dwarka Anand?
That slap was inevitable.
The rascal collector is totally corrupt.
But, how do we twist his arm now?.
Amassing crowds is not a problem.
But that wont affect | the shameless fellow.
We need to light a | cracker under his pops chair!
That bloody minister... Balram Singh
Hey Yasmin! Check this out!
What is this?
Real Juicy stuff.
Last night a Home Minister | from a state was with a call-girl.
We have some wild footage!
lts a sensational story! Lets air it.
Never! You guys!
This is cheapjournalism, | completely unethical.
We don't stoop so low.
What people do in their personal lives, | is none of our concern.
Yasmin, this is the Prime Minister, | for Gods sake!
How can you ask him such questions?
Why not? He had said that...
lndia believes in growih | with social justice, right?
But, now that both are clashing, | what will he choose?
Hi Manav. What's up?
Listen, l have a fantastic story.
A retired school teacher...
got so fed up with administration, | that he slapped the district collector.
So, what's the story?
He is in prison now.
Well, that's hardly surprising.
He is my uncle, Yasmin.
My friend Akhilesh's father.
l am so sorry Manav.
But... l cant do this story.
That would be unprofessional.
No, its not like that.
His slap has created a storm here.
Thousands of people | are out on the roads.
Just check out the Ambikapur | Revolution Site Page on Facebook.
You cant imagine how | bad the situation is.
My uncles response has | triggered off a revolution here!
A hundred thousand people!
All of them demanding his release.
Sandeep, you'll have to send someone | else to Japan with the Prime Minister.
Thanks for coming.
Where's everyone?!
You showed me thousands on Facebook.
Cant get through to Arjun.
They must be on their way.
What should l shoot, Ma'am?
Listen Mr. Manav Raghvendra...
l didn't leave an important | assignment to see your cheap tricks here.
And, for God's sake, at least don't | treat me like your floozy, Malini Mishra.
l admit that l exaggerated | the numbers on Facebook.
But, Yasmin, you are needed here.
You cant imagine how utterly helpless | and disgusted people are with the corruption here.
lf something is not done now...
the public will really revolt.
And that is going to be very violent.
Sorry, madam. No cameras allowed here.
l just want to speak | with Mr. Dwarka Anand.
l know who you are, but l | cant allow cameras, please.
Please understand.
Wait outside.
Good Morning Sir.
Why did you slap the D.M.?
Because he deserved it.
But, how can you take | the law in your own hands?
That's why l'm here!
And that is fine.
Are you aware that there is a massive | campaign on outside, for your release?
Orchestrated by Manav Raghavendra.
And, he tricked me | into coming here as well.
Let's go.
Mr. Arjun, what's your plan now?.
With Manav's brains and our strength...
we will finish them!
The government is going to shake
Rock, the public rocks | the political system
The government is going to shake
Rock, the public rocks | the political system
Now the people will question | the government, the public rocks
The people have awakened, | the public rocks
The people will question the | government, the people have awakened
Now the people are going to rule
The public rocks
The public rocks
The public rocks
Now the people are going to rule
The public rocks
One stone starts a landslide. A | spark can light a prairie fire.
Were seeing something | like that in Ambikapur.
On May 25, a highly respected | and morally upright Dwarka Anand...
a firm believer in Gandhian | non-violence, slapped the collector.
He was arrested and | is in police custody.
But, that one slap has | created a massive movement here!
ls this the beginning | of a new revolution?
Manav Raghavendra is his name. | The man behind this upheaval.
but the matter is getting serious.
We have to do something.
Sir, Ambikapur is | Balram Singh's terrain.
The DM is his man.
Let him bear the consequences.
lf he gets preoccupied with this, | hell be out of our hair.
Namaste Mr. Kalikant.
Meanwhile, we conducted | polls on Facebook and Twitter.
On the Ambikapur Revolution Site.
Of 137896 votes, 72% felt | the slap was legitimate.
Daduji's hand may have hit the D.M.
But, the slap was actually | on the governments face!
Mr. Balram, the media is | just exaggerating this.
But, you shouldn't worry.
You have the CMs full support. | And, mine as well.
Absolutely! Deal with it firmly.
No compromise!
Thank you Sir. Thank you.
With friends like you, | who needs enemies.
You are an idiot, Sangram Singh!
l gave you a 5 billion company,
but your brains aren't worth a cent.
You cant handle even one district?
And you, Mr. D.M. Why have | you created so much tension?
ln my own district!
Sir but... actually...
Didn't your father ever | slap you in childhood?
lmagine this oldie to be your pop.
Forgive and forget, pal.
And you, Mr. Suprintendent?
What on earth are you upto?
But sir, tensions have really escalated.
They have surrounded the police station.
l am imposing a curfew.
Why don't you impose a curfew | on my political career as well?
Your power has got you drunk!
Release, Dadu!
Down with Balram Singh!
Stop this sloganeering. Stop it!
You people, please continue.
The public has a right to be angry.
Let them shout. Please continue.
Down with Balram Singh.
Down with Balram Singh.
The public has a right to be upset.
The mistake is mine.
Getting busy with state matters, | l neglected my own home.
And, an injustice occurred.
l admit my mistake.
And, l will rectify it today, right now!
You band guys, clear off now.
l consider Mr. Dwarka as | the guardian of Ambikapur.
So, there is no shame in | accepting a punishment from him.
Hence, our collector has withdrawn | his complaint and apologises to Daduji.
And, l hereby announce his freedom!
Long live Daduji.
You cannot expel me from | your school today, Sir.
On this happy occasion | l request Daduji to...
kindly accept this | gift from the government.
When l was behind bars...
l often thought of my son Akhilesh.
And wondered what he | would've done, if he were alive.
And, l realized that probably he | would've done what got done here.
Perhaps Akhilesh's | absence is being filled now.
Perhaps l have found another son.
Long live Manav.
Splendid, splendid!
This is double happiness!
So Mr. Dwarka, kindly | accept this cheque now.
Pardon me, but l | cannot accept this cheque.
But why?
l didn't slap the DM only...
because my cheque was getting delayed.
lt was also for those millions of | common people who have to wait for...
years on end just to | receive their legitimate claims.
But, how are the two things connected?
They are, Mr. Minister.
The frustration, desperation and | humiliation that l suffered...
is inflicted by your corrupt | system on these people every day.
So, now all of us will confront your | corruption and injustice unitedly.
l have a right to this cheque...
but l wont accept it until all the...
pending applications gathering dust...
in Ambikapur's | government offices are cleared.
Tell me, Mr. Dwarka...
how many dues and claims | are pending in this district?
Do you know that, Mr. Minister?
lf not, start finding out.
Because l'm giving you 30 days for this.
And your time starts... now!
ls this ajoke, Mr. Dwarka?
30 days, Mr Minister! 30 days.
Else the public will | really make ajoke out of you.
Let's go.
Long live Daduji!
He refused your compensation. What | would you like to say about that?
This cheque of 2.5 million is going | to re-write Ambikapur's history...
Acquitted of the charge of slapping the DM, | Mr. Dwarka Anand has thrown an open challenge...
to both the government | and the administration.
30 days to clear the countless | files buried under corruption!
lnteresting times ahead.
But today, a 70-year | old school teacher...
has given a powerful push to | the jammed wheels of democracy.
At Gandhi Chowk, Ambikapur. | With cameraman Jolly Pinto.
Yasmin Ahmed, ABP News.
Kabir stands in the market place | Holding aloft a burning torch!
Whosoever sets his house on | fire ls welcome tojoin him!!
Daduji, do you think that the government | will take any action on your ultimatum?
This Government is not | going to do anything!
Sumitra is right. Well | have to do everything.
We need to first find out | about all the pending cases.
But how, Daduji?
So many villages, towns... | must be millions of cases.
lf we go to them, it'll cost us time.
lnstead, they could reach | us easily, in less time.
But... how?.
- Get me a whiteboard. - Sure, brother.
How many blocks are there in Ambikapur?
And how many councils in each block?
About 30-35.
7 into 35...
We have to reach 245 councils.
We use a three-pronged strategy.
Mark the entry-exit | points of the blocks.
Then, train volunteers | in each council area.
Can we get 490 educated people, Arjun?
l can get you double | that number. ln 24 hours.
We train them to photocopy, | scan, email and store...
Open collection centres in the | marketplace of every council.
We publicise Dadujis appeal | through pamphlets, cable TV...
Play his audio-visual | recordings on social media day & night.
Cycles, rickshaws and horse-carts will | announce the locations of collection centers.
Yasmin, if you can get some news | channels to cover the appeal story...
that would be the icing on the cake.
Arjun, gather volunteers.
Sumitra, conduct the training.
And lndrojeet, take | charge of the documentation.
This way we can | gather 70-80% the claims.
Wow boss! All we needed was you.
With you in the team, | well be unstoppable.
Hold on. Manav has a | flight to catch tomorrow.
He has a business to take care of.
And, his own life to live.
Yes, l am taking the | first flight back tomorrow.
Sumi, may l use your computer?
Mines crashed. Need to file a report.
Sure... but mine is too slow.
Why don't you use Akhilesh's computer?
Am booting it for the | first time in months.
Coming, Dad.
Fix my meetings for tomorrow.
lll take the night flight to Paris.
The contract should've | been signed 10 days ago.
Ask Andre to ready the papers.
lll head straight to hq.
Ask Khatri to...
Fix my meeting with the Minister.
Manav, had Akhilesh | submitted his resignation?
He never told me.
He refers to some confidential report.
This resignation | raises several questions.
No way. Resignation is out of question.
On the contrary, the | minister had praised his work...
and made him in-charge of all | the projects of the district.
What about the flyover | mishaps enquiry report?
The minister ordered that himself.
From an international firm, | Engineers Audit.
The report is on our website.
lt was a human error.
This is where Mr. Akhilesh sat.
Always busy.
Always cared for the poor.
l really liked the Screensaver...
so l didn't change it.
- You want to tell Uncle? - No. Not now.
You're still up, Dad?
l thought since you're leaving tomorrow.
l couldn't even speak with you properly.
Should l serve the food?
Uncle, you should...
rest now.
Sit, son.
l just wanted to say that...
l completely misunderstood you.
So many times...
l... used such harsh words...
Uncle, what are you saying!
Now l understand why | Akhilesh loved you so much.
After his death, l was stunned.
So many times l wondered...
if l would be able to pull through.
now that l have you...
that void is filling up.
Thank you, son.
Uncle, you're | everything now, for me too.
Son, you will leave tomorrow.
Your business...
l'm not going anywhere, Uncle.
Until this 30-day | mission of yours is done...
lll be right here. With you.
You should rest now.
We have to begin the campaign tomorrow.
lf a special session is not | summoned to implement the public demand...
our party workers will take to the | streets and start a massive movement.
lf any legislator | takes to the streets...
he will lose the voters confidence.
You're attacking the very branch on | which you are perched, Mr. Gauri Shankar.
Every legislator of every | party puts in a lot of hard work...
patience and | investment to win an election.
Only so he can earn | something for 5 years.
No one has the right to | jeopardize his investment!
lf we let a handful of people | blackmail democratically elected leaders...
this fire will get out of control.
And, you can then kiss your | legislative career goodbye.
Your tactics are clever.
Demands are bang-on too.
But even you know that without | political support, it'll amount to zero.
The common man is not free to | come and shout slogans everyday.
For that, you need solid | workers from the BMD Party.
lnvite us to your platform.
Well shake the government up!
BMD is a communal party, lndrojeet.
We will have no truck with them.
Come on lets take stock of the scams
Find out about the black money
lts not that easy to run a scam
You need to have that position for it
lts an art to cheat the innocent public
lts beyond a common mans understanding
You think you will get your money back?
Yes, now that Mr. Dwarka has come, | they will sanction it.
A common man is busy | earning his daily bread
A common man is busy | earning his daily bread
Oh master of scams, we salute thee
The public offers their greetings to you
For years the public had not reacted
But now the people will | question the government.
Now the public talks
2c b Cos A...
What is it?
Sir, we want to go for the campaign...
that Manav has begun | for Daduji's ultimatum.
Now?.! You want to leave the class?
That's what l'm trying to tell him, sir.
His dad took a loan | to pay his fees here.
Sir, none of us want | to leave your class.
But, he's doing all this for our good.
Your good lies in your future...
not in politics.
Sir, Manav's not into politics.
He speaks of improving the system.
No matter how hard we study, | and which degree we get.
lf the system doesn't improve, | what future do we have?
Please sir, well take extra classes.
But allow us to go.
Please, Sir!
Lets go.
- Wait, l'm coming too. - Come, Lets go.
Now the people are going to rule
The public rocks
The public rocks
The public rocks
People from every village around | have walked miles to be here...
with the hope that their | applications and dues will be cleared.
Thousands of claims have been collected.
Thousands of people are here, sir.
What are your orders?
Now let us see how the Government | douses the fire lit by this open challenge.
l have a fire brigade.
Look, Mr. Balram you...
lts my district, lll deal with it.
Today, the people have | shown the government that...
truly The Public Rocks!
Sir, the Police Superintendent...
Jai Hind, Sir.
Go with your entire force to the ground!
Sir, l was there this morning.
The situation is calm.
Don't talk rubbish, Durgalal.
Just do as you're told.
l cant understand how | they're always upto something.
Let's go.
What are the cops doing here?
On behalf of the people, | were going to present these...
384000 applications to the government.
l want no mistake!
Our men are in position, sir.
Not to worry.
Please be calm.
Down with the government!
Please be calm.
We will go about our task peacefully.
So many policemen?
Looks like Balram | Singh is really scared.
No, something's wrong.
Please be calm.
Please be calm.
Clear the crowd!
Clear the crowd!
Beat them...
Leave me.
Catch him.
Arrest him.
Catch him.
What are you doing?
Hey, don't shoot.
Leave him. | - Where are you taking him?
Mr. Manav Raghvendra.
What do you think l am?
A wedding drum.
You beat it, and l dance!
Your entire business | is founded on fraud.
And here you are, trying to | be noble and fight corruption.
Very bad.
You've caused enough trouble.
Now, get the hell out of here!
And don't even think of coming back.
You see, l've exposed your | reality before the people.
And, the Ambikapur | public doesn't spare traitors!
So, you'd better...
cross this line on your two feet.
Or else, you'll have to be | carried out. ln a crate.
The shares of Manav Raghvendra's | company are consistently falling.
What seems certain is | that the small investor...
who had put in hard-earned savings | into this company, will lose the most..
Billions of rupees.
The charges are very serious.
We're investigating.
Strict action will be taken | against every irregularity.
The biggest charge | against Manav Raghvendra...
is his connection with the | political fixer Sundarlal Khatri.
Accounts of his lavish 5-star nightlife | and colourful affairs are public now.
Especially with Malini Mishra.
Stay tuned with us...
to know more about the | truth behind Manav Raghavendra.
We'll be back soon.
Long Live Balram Singh!
Long Live Balram Singh!
For a short while...
even l felt that this businessman | from Delhi would create a revolution.
That he will devise a system..
to clear all the | government files overnight.
But alas, even the fellow's | computer turned out to be a stolen one!!
Long live our beloved Balram Singh!
Now we'll have to wait | for the CBl inquiry...
to know what exactly he | came to loot from Ambikapur!
The very man that we trusted | turned out to be a dacoit.
Poor people have been taken for a ride.
He has to answer for that!
Distrust and betrayal!
There's tremendous | anger in the locals here.
Even three days after the police action, | Manav Raghvendra's whereabouts remain a mystery.
Where is he?
lt is clear that Dwarka | Anand's movement has collapsed.
Sir, here are the papers | for your personal accounts!
Why are you doing this, Manav?
lt isn't so bad, friends.
l've been surviving on | it the last two days.
Look there, it's Manav!
lt's Manav.
Greetings Sir.
He's back.
The businessman from Delhi, sir.
Yes sir... any orders?
No. Don't do anything.
The public will deal with him.
Beat him up!
Clear off. Stop it.
Stop it.
Nobody will break the law!
Mr. Durgalal! Arrest him now!
On what charge?
He is a fraud!
He's caused losses to the public.
What fraud have l done?
Who has suffered losses here?
After having destroyed everything...
why have you come back?
l'm answerable to only one man.
l can understand why | doors have been shut on me.
l admit that l used | illegitimate means in my business.
They say that millions of | investors of my company will lose heavily.
But, l've changed everything.
My company isn't worth Rs. 50 billion...
but 67.13 billion.
l've distributed all of that | among my workers, banks...
and investors with profit.
No one has suffered even a rupee's loss.
l'm left with just one thing now...
A small hope that you | all will forgive me.
l have nothing now.
After losing my | parents in the accident...
Akhilesh gave me back my life.
Then, he too left me.
Now, l don't want to be | orphaned for the third time.
l will accept any | punishment that you declare.
When the accusations were | flying thick and fast...
it isn't that l wasn't upset.
Manav disappointed us...
made us sad.
And, there will be a punishment.
His punishment is that | he will stay here...
and finish the pending task.
He has given up everything | and followed his conscience.
For such mendicants, our | doors are always open.
Long live Manav!
We couldn't understand you!
But, now that you're back...
we will make life hell | for these corrupt fellows.
Daduji, if you permit, | l'd like to say something.
Of course. Please come.
Record this.
Brothers, my eyes have been opened by...
what l witnessed here.
l'm ashamed.
Daduji rejects the compensation for his | son's death, to start a people's movement.
Manav sacrifices all his | billions to protect that movement.
And here...
l wear this uniform to | serve the goons in power.
Shame on me if l serve | the corrupt any longer.
The austerity of truth...
is greater than the grandeur of lies.
Daduji, please | accept me as your soldier.
l quit the police force.
Let's go, Jolly.
l'm Sorry!
But why!?
For my irresponsible behavior.
lt's okay. You are | not responsible to me.
You cannot imagine what l have | gone through in these 3 days.
Yes. And, we had a great time!
we had so much fun.
l know... l know how l've hurt you!!
No you don't.
Damn it! What do you think of yourself!
l abandoned a trip with the | Prime Minister and rushed here.
ln spite of knowing | everything about you, l trusted you!
And you?
Check your phone...
203 missed calls.
You didn't answer even once?!
Didn't even bother about what | l must've been going through?
The way they abducted you... | how worried was l!
With every passing second, l | would shiver with the fear...
that something happened to you.
And, you?
l'm sorry.
Never do this to me again.
Your intoxicating eyes, oh beloved
Your intoxicating eyes
Your intoxicating eyes, oh beloved
Your intoxicating eyes
l yearn for you night and day my beloved
l yearn for you night and day
l yearn for you night and day my beloved
l yearn for you night and day
Without seeing you l feel incomplete
Without seeing you l feel incomplete
Your intoxicating eyes, oh beloved
Your intoxicating eyes
l have anointed the place of our union
l have anointed the place of our union
with flowers for you
ln my body your fragrance lingers
as l swing in your embrace
l have anointed the place of our union
with flowers for you
ln my body your fragrance lingers
ln my body your fragrance lingers
as l swing in your embrace
The night of our | union has come my beloved
Your intoxicating eyes, oh beloved
Your intoxicating eyes
Your intoxicating eyes, oh beloved
This is where we found his body.
Such a tragic accident!
You think l'm a beggar?
Here the rate is 100 bucks.
l'm in bad shape, sir.
From block to district, | l've appealed 9 times.
But, no ration for me, no | pension for my old parents.
Our condition is now unbearable, sir.
Heard that?
What're you demanding money for?
Aren't you ashamed?
l'm helpless.
Once l take this register to my | superior, he'll want his share.
What're you doing, madam?
Please shut that.
Then process this immediately.
You will get no money here.
From now on, no more bribes!
Stop lecturing us!
l have to pay rent for | this table, understood?
We too have children and families.
Why should they pay for your | illegitimate arrangements?
lf you behave like this, | we will stop work.
Do what you want...
but we won't allow any corruption here.
What the hell is going on here?
A clean-up operation.
This place has become too dirty.
Get out from here, or else...
You'll get us arrested, right?
What else can you do, Mr. Collector!
Perhaps you've forgotten...
what happened the last | time you got someone arrested?
Now there shall be | only one kind of action.
People's direct action.
Arrest them.
How can you arrest us?
Too many people. Might cause a problem.
Final warning: | lndiscipline will not be tolerated.
Change your ways! Or we'll be back.
Until this system improves!
Sir, we admit that | the system has failed.
But, are your methods right?
What do you mean?
The way your people | manhandled officials...
threatened them...
lsn't this plain hooliganism?
Well, you...
One minute...
Please stand up.
This is Nekram.
His father took an agricultural loan...
from a public bank.
lt's been seven years...
since they repaid it with interest.
And yet, they're still making | the rounds of government offices.
His father passed away last year.
And yet, they just | cant get their land back!
Now, would you like to advise him...
on what he should do?
So what's the plan of action?
The Peoples Satyagraha Committee has | deliberated over this and has decided to...
place their instructions | in front of the Government.
Yes, instructions...
ln a democracy, the Government | functions to serve people...
lndeed, then, the | people are the masters.
And a master doesn't plead, he commands.
First instruction...
Get rid of the Ambikapur Collector.
Second instruction...
C.B.l investigation of the | Police action at our rally.
And the third instruction...
Make laws via an Ordinance.
Guarantee people the | right to Government services.
Approval... not disposal...
Gone are the days when a | file could be stalled.
And this law be enforced immediately.
Within seven days.
Seven days.
How can such a vital law be | implemented in just 7 days?
Do you realize the implications of this?
lf not pressurized, even | 700 days wont be enough.
lf an Emergency can be declared | in this country within 24 hours...
7 days are more than | enough for this Ordinance.
And there will be no compromise.
So, according to you, what | is the future of this country?
This is lndia's future! Ravi Kumar.
Parents were labourers.
The government-run school of | his village was totally defunct.
By painstakingly saving money...
they sent him to a private school.
After school, they took a loan | to fund his computer training.
Today he works in a private firm, | not in the government.
Salary: 40,000.
He is the future of our country...
Unlike his ancestors, he | doesn't worship the government.
The government is merely a | service-provider to whom he pays fees...
in the form of taxes.
lf he doesn't get service, | he will stop paying.
Like any other client | - Period!
This new lndia is telling the | government and politicians to wake up!
lmprove your roads, power, | police, hospitals, officers...
Repair your entire system!
Otherwise, you have no future!
He's going berserk, sir.
ls vitiating the | atmosphere in Ambikapur.
Say the word, sir...
Shut up, fool!
There's nothing he can do.
l have everyone's life-line in my hands.
They've threatened | complete non-co-operation.
They'll stop paying taxes, and...
There are laws in this country!
lf those are broken, | strict action will follow.
Please pass on these instructions | of the people to the government.
What are you doing?
Calm down.
This is wrong.
Stop it.
Do what you can!
Your deadline ends in 7 days.
We will not rest...
until our instructions are followed.
This matter is getting serious now.
This is an open revolt! | Direct attack on the Collectorate.
How could the cops allow this?
Sir, perhaps the Home Minister | would like to share his plan of action.
Tough action is required.
The government cannot | appear weak. We will...
We will invite them for a discussion.
Mr. Kalikant, this | movement has no public support.
When they come for the meeting...
they will be exposed.
Mr. Manav, the champion of the peoples | movement. One instruction after another!
You seem to have taken the | mickey out of us politicians!
Thank you all for coming here.
The police action on | your rally was uncalled for.
We are investigating it.
Regarding the first | demand on your list...
Replace the Ambikapur | Collector immediately.
Mr. Manav! Appointing a DM...
running the administration is | the governments prerogative.
And the government doesn't | run on your instructions.
Then why are you wasting | your time by calling us here?
Okay, well replace the Collector.
Thank you!
But the new Collector will | be chosen by the people.
Mr. Manav, Mr. Manav, | People elect leaders...
not Collectors.
Then change that system!
Give us a list of five officers.
People will choose one from that.
Relax Manav.
Don't you think you | are going a bit too far!
Manav, lets hear them out.
Things are getting too heated up.
Tea break?
Good idea.
Can you calm down Manav.
No matter about the meeting.
We need to speak of an important matter.
Look, Mr. Manav...
this so-called Ambikapur | revolution of yours...
will collapse like a pack of cards...
if l reveal that your friend...
Akhilesh Anand, was responsible for the | flyover collapse where 7 labourers died.
What do you mean?!
The flyover collapsed | because his design was flawed.
What rubbish!
You're lying!
Relax, chill.
l'm not saying this.
The report of the expert | international agency says so.
l was embarrassed too.
Assuming his brilliance, l put him | in charge of the districts projects.
Hence, l suppressed the | real details of the report.
And, dear sir, if you don't stop | this circus of instructions and all...
lll make the report public.
Got it?
- Come, Sir. - Come, Sir. Lets resume.
Oh, you finished your tea, already?
This meeting is over.
Why don't you say what happened?
l mean, you had the | peoples responsibility on you.
That was the government | we were speaking with.
But, dammit, your | attitude was so autocratic!
What did Balram Singh say to you?
A red car passed this way. | Did you see it?
No sir, l did not.
Who else is on duty here?
- Sir, there's Ratan Singh. - Call him.
Show me your Log book.
Look at this! Akki's design.
And, the appreciation from | National Engineers Association.
Another from Pete Hubert, | the American design guru.
And that sonofab#$ # | claims the design was faulty!
You know what the truth is?
This here is Akki's | confidential report to the Chief Minister.
The work was illegally grabbed | from the designated company...
by this Shiv Shakti.
Balram's brother, | Sangram Singh's company.
And here, 2 days before his accident | he writes that his report was leaked...
and he was receiving threats.
Hence, he wanted to resign.
He was referring to this inquiry!
Everyone's guilty, Yasmin.
From the Chief Minister to | Balram and his brother, Sangram.
This entire Department...
We need to answerjust one | question to link it all up.
Who ordered Akhilesh's death?
Stay here, sir.
lll have a look.
A pint, please.
l didn't see anything, sir.
l didn't see anything, sir.
not a thing Sir.
Your bike was here.
And another bike was following you.
No sir...
That Sangram Singh...
Hell kill me, sir.
Sangram Singh will kill me Sir.
Please save me, sir.
Where is this Chhotelal?
He's with us.
Sorry about the tragedy.
But believe me, this report wasn't | deliberately from the CM's office.
Deliberately or otherwise...
the responsibility lies with the | office to which Akhilesh sent the report.
Yes, l understand that.
But the people you refer to | are also in this government.
lsn't too difficult to obtain | a copy of confidential papers.
What're you trying to say?
Remove the CM's name | from this controversy!
lll take action against Sangram Singh.
You look so handsome son.
Brother, today l will want | a special gift from you!
Happy Birthday. Be happy!
Thank you, brother, thank you.
Welcome, welcome, DGP.
Even you have come | to say Happy Birthday!
What's this?
Arrest warrant for Sangram Singh!
What's the charge?!
Of engineer Akhilesh Anand.
What nonsense!
The police inquiry cleared me.
lts the courts warrant, Sangram.
They've bypassed the police.
Go with them.
This your special birthday gift.
Today is his birthday! At least today...
Who is behind this?
Mr. Chief Minister.
The Home Ministers | brother is in the dock.
lts the governments | moral responsibility...
So, Balram Singh accepted | the moral responsibility!
He handed over his innocent | brother to the cops on his birthday!
What more do you want?
Today is the last day of the | deadline issued by the Peoples Movement!
Your Government...
Our stand is clear.
Very respectfully, we | invited them for a meeting.
But, their attitude was dictatorial.
The people of Ambikapur have been | brainwashed by these so-called activists.
The government is run by | peoples representatives...
not by mobs!
lts clear that those...
who run government have a lofty vision.
They just don't want to see down here.
For them there isn't any problem at all!
As far as l am concerned...
Not one step has been taken | to clear those thousands...
of applications stuck in their files.
And, that is isn't | going to happen! Ever!
Rejecting the Rs. 2.5 | million compensation made...
no difference to your life, did it?
My husband died in | that flyover accident...
leaving these two pups for me to feed.
The government promised me Rs. 100000.
After months of efforts, the official | agreed to charge 40000 to release it.
Now, this campaign of | yours aborted that too.
The officials taunt me | to recover it from you!
You will never understand...
the pain of hunger.
When l'm sick, these two starve.
They cry silently in the night.
Frankly, your movement | has ruined our lives!
lf this woman and her | children go hungry...
l have no right to eat either.
Starting today, now...
l will fast indefinitely. Unto death.
Until the government...
fulfills our demands.
My decision is final!
Someone has lit the flaming torch
We were innocent but | now have been provoked
Someone has lit the flaming torch
We were innocent but | now have been provoked
We were innocent
We were innocent
We were gullible Now we are smart
We were gullible Now we are smart
This movement is of high-society people!
Total farce!
lts a picnic! The coporates are dishing | out burgers, samosas, coke, pepsi, coffee...
Song and dance and fun in full swing.
But, for the world, fast unto death!
This isn't a protest.
lt is an atrocity on poor people!
Long Live.. Our minister..
Long Live.. Balram Singh..
Some food for you! Found work today.
Were used to going hungry.
Why do you want us to | carry the guilt of your death?
Please eat.
Where are your kids?
Right here... below...
Call them.
Come here.
Come, sit next to me.
Sit with me.
if you insist, l will eat.
you'll have to guarantee me one thing.
Henceforth, your kids...
will never sleep hungry.
Give me that guarantee, | and lll eat right now.
How can l...?
That's why we are on a hunger-strike.
so that our children...
never have to sleep hungry.
Come on here, sit with me.
As time goes on, l | may become unconscious.
lf that happens...
do not try to revive me medically.
Uncle, l think we will be...
Promise me, you will | fulfill my instruction.
You wont stop me.
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
Up lifter of the downtrodden, | goddess sita and lord ram
lnsistence on truth
lnsistence on truth
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
Up lifter of the downtrodden, | goddess sita and lord ram
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
Up lifter of the downtrodden, | goddess sita and lord ram
Till now we had asked for patience
patience we seek no more oh god
That we keep bearing | atrocities against us
Don't give us that much strength
lt is time to rise up and fight
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
lt is time to rise up and fight
Chief of the clan raghu - lord ram
lt is time to rise up and fight
You are the ocean of mercy, | you are the savior
But the ones who oppress others, | do not fear you at all
Though you are the lord of the universe
The god who knows it all
Yet the tyrants | continue to have their way
The innocent are suffering
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
The innocent are suffering
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
The innocent are suffering
The innocent are suffering
Today we have decided | to come out and fight
we have prepared our body, mind and soul
We will not return defeated
To this day we have sworn
The soldier within us has awakened
Till now we were asleep
Lost in our dreams
Enough of taking things lying down
Oh lord ram give us the might
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
The innocent are suffering
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
lt is time to rise up and fight
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
The innocent are suffering
Oh the divine spiritual god | - lord ram
lt is time to rise up and fight
so many children have come to see you.
Greetings, Mr. Manav.
We were always keen tojoin you.
But you-
Never mind then.
Today, l want to help you.
l don't understand...
But l can understand...
ln spite of such a massive | movement against the government...
why is the main opposition | party not exploiting that?
Our support is yours!
But only from outside.
What is this, Mr. Manav!
This is like getting | married without pleasure of love!
We will join with you | not just in statements...
but also on the ground.
Only then will the government move!
So, this was the deal | you struck last night!
Now, this fundamentalist | party will run our movement?
C'mon, Yasmin.
Don't overreact.
Our movement needs support now.
l don't care where it comes from!
Manav, they play the | politics of communalism and hatred.
They'll hijack the whole movement.
And, wear the crown of victory as well.
But, we wont let that happen.
lt will be the peoples victory.
Moreover, what | difference does credit make.
Big difference, Manav!
For us the means are | as important as the end.
Why don't you say this to that woman | who sends her kids to bed hungry every night?
Or to my friend, | Akhilesh, who lost his life?
You cant get | emotional and make judgments.
Why not?
l joined this movement | only for emotional reasons.
For this stubborn old man...
who is sacrificing his life | because of an uncaring government.
And you think he'd approve | of these fundamentalists?
Look, that's my responsibility, okay?
lll do whatever it | takes to end his fast.
lf they don't have the | guts to pass the Ordinance...
call for an emergency | session of the Assembly.
Well support it.
Peoples instructions should be followed.
People are the rulers.
Not obeying them is an | insult of democracy.
What is this, Mr. Balram!
You are cancelling my | bridge-contract without a notice!
Mr. Gauri, relax. Chill. Please sit.
The notice is simply since the | work wasn't completed in time.
Whose work is ever | completed in time, tell me.
With this excuse, we | got to meet at least.
What'll you have: tea or coffee??
First take the notice back.
Ok taken.
Sit down.
Tea or coffee?
This is your file...
personal as well as business.
So many complaints | about projects, scams.
Fit for CBl. But, l've | suppressed everything.
You wont get a single notice. | Rest in peace.
Where am l speaking against you either?
l trust you...
No one wants to | dissolve the government...
everyone from the CM downwards has | their project-investments in the pipeline.
They'll all come to nought.
You will go bankrupt!
l have always cooperated with you.
But, your alliance partners? | How will you shut them up?
l shall request them.
They will be managed.
You know me.
Mr. Gauri Shankar...
why have you withdrawn your | support to the Jan Satyagraha movement?
Look, look. l always support the people.
However, laws can only | be made in the Assembly.
They cant happen on the | streets now, can they?
Hello Mr. Kalikant.
Yasmin, can you put an end to | Dwarka Anand's hunger strike?
l don't understand...
He has very clearly stated | that until the people's...
Look, can you end it or not?
Not till you fulfill the | demands of the people. No.
We've received a letter.
Dad, lndrojeet is here.
Read it aloud.
The Government wants | to discuss our demands.
And they request you to end your fast.
Uncle, nothing will make everyone | happier than you breaking your fast.
Enough of politics, sir. | Please get to the point.
Were ready to discuss every point.
Just get this fast broken.
You bring in the ordinance.
The fast will break by itself.
Without the cabinets approval, | the ordinance cant..
l have the CM's approval.
l give you my personal guarantee that | the govt will bring in the ordinance.
lt could take some time.
Just get Daduji's fast broken.
Come, lets address the media together.
Wow! A terrific party is going on!
But, you forgot to invite me.
Mr. Balram, this meeting | was called in a hurry.
Mr. Kalikant, l hope the hurry | doesn't untie the cords of our alliance.
These are difficult times, Mr. Balram.
We need to find a | solution to reach a compromise.
With these blackmailers?
Mister Dadu's fast is just a big farce.
Don't you dare utter a | word against Daduji!
Have a look! The | violence of peaceful activists!
lll show you some violence!
Jump and dance as much as you want!
But this coalition government cant | make any law without my consent.
The law will be made, Balram Singh!
Because the youth of today has seen | through criminal politicians like you.
And, forget the cords of the alliance.
l will strip you naked such...
that even if you beg, | you wont get a single vote.
Your days are numbered.
Well drag you through the gutters.
That is a promise!
Nice lecture!
But it is l who gets a hearing in | the legislative assembly. Not you!
lmpotent, each one of them.
Be that as it may...
we cant lose uncle in their politics.
Now matter how, well have | to get him to end his fast.
lt is obvious that the government | will not comply with our demands.
Perhaps they don't care about Daduji.
But we do.
l have a proposition to | make on behalf of you all.
That Daduji break his fast.
We will figure out | another way to pressurize them.
Our movement will...
Daduji... Long live...
l am grateful to you all... | Your concern.
Your love and faith...
will lead us to our goal.
now we cannot step back.
l will continue my indefinite fast.
l am within you all...
and you all are within me.
l will be lucky if l die for this cause.
Long live Daduji.
Daduji, this government | wont give us anything.
We will die, but they wont care!
We will show the government, Daduji.
All hail Daduji.
Stop him...
Stop him.
Call the ambulance.
Daduji has done so much for us...
that l can even give my life.
Oh God.
His name was Lalbahadur.
The people want a | public funeral procession.
See, without the governments | approval l cannot permit this.
He was very brave...
We will have a public procession.
How could you even | think of allowing this!
Lalbahadur did this | in a fit of passion...
but by calling him a martyr...
we will encourage such a mentality.
This is a very dangerous step.
You aren't reading the public mood.
People are furious.
This is how they'll | make the government react.
Yasmin, the decision was the peoples.
You believe in democracy, right?
Conduct a poll of these thousands here.
Democracy doesn't | mean a mobs vote, Arjun.
l propose that we take the | opinion of our entire committee.
Their opinion is here, before you.
No, Manav...
We don't have Daduji's opinion yet.
l don't consider it | appropriate to disturb him in his state.
l guess this was inevitable.
lt's been obvious for a while now...
that your views and decisions are | assumed to be the committees opinion.
But today l want to register my | opposition, even if l am alone.
l pray that you don't ever have | to regret this decision of yours.
Why cant she understand?
People are shaken up.
lf they come out on the streets, | it will bring public pressure on the government.
Else, Uncles fast will...
You bloody government dog!
They're behaving like | its a wedding party.
He's here to dance at | a Martyr's mourning.
Take it easy!
Were on duty here.
Yeah right! Duty, indeed!
Slimy bloody cop!
Enough is enough, Chief Minister!
l had asked you not to | allow this procession.
Now, Ambikapur is burning.
And, if l go down, lll take you with me.
l'm sending in the paramilitary!
Sign it.
Sign it... please.
Not behind me.
Go block that way.
You people come here.
Don't let anyone in!
Police and CRPF are here to protect you.
Don't take the law | into your own hands...
else we will deal with it firmly.
Gather your people.
We need to control the situation.
The situation is | completely in our control, Manav.
All the roads have been blocked.
We wont let the CRPF or the | police enter this city today.
No matter what!
Arjun, violence is not our way!
There'll be lot of bloodshed!
So be it, Manav.
What's left now?.
People are sick of this government.
lts do or die today.
We will show that bloody | Balram Singh that we aren't cowards.
Using the military | against his own people!!
Don't be crazy, Arjun!!
Daduji will wish for this | movement to become violent.
You take care of Daduji, Manav!
You do that!
Let's go.
lts this way or that way! | Or else to the grave!
Manav, please come fast.
l don't know where Babuji has gone!
What do you mean?
l don't know. No one saw him!
l don't know where Babuji has gone!
Where are you going, Yasmin?
l am leaving this town.
Please, Yasmin. Not now. | l need you here.
l can't help you, Manav.
l won't be able to stop | this chaos without your help.
No one can stop it now, Manav.
After all, everyone believes | that it has your approval.
This wasn't my intention, Yasmin!
But l accept my mistake.
Right now, we have an emergency.
Uncle is missing.
Oh my God.
l will look for him.
You please try and convey to the | people not to fight the police!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Sir, Dwarka is right here.
Give me the order Sir.
Finish him.
Please stop.
Sir, l have both Manav | and Dwarka at gunpoint.
Kill them!
No... stop.
Stop... Look.
l killed both of them.
Hey... Bulbul.
Catch him.
Look, he was talking | to the Home Minister.
- Father! - Somebody call an ambulance!
No... it will be too late.
Before word spreads...
My message...
Hurry up.
l have very little time.
Please, Father.
Stop this violence...
Stop this violence...
Or, l will die thinking...
that l made a mistake by | starting this movement!
What kind of nation have we made!
Where leaders who run the | government have disconnected from us.
They refuse to even hear us out.
What kind of nation have we made!
Arrest Balram Singh...
And withdraw all the | paramilitary forces from Ambikapur.
He's disappeared, sir!
Seal his house!
Please stop.... stop.
Please stop.
He's not going anywhere!
Hand him over to us!
We will dojustice here! Now!!
lf Balram Singh is not handed | over to us, Ambikapur will burn!
Ambikapur will burn!
- Come to your sense, Arjun. - l'm very much in my | senses, Manav.
He hurt the people.
Now, they will punish him!
Blood for blood!
Just leave it to us!
Well deal with this. And | with the law and the government.
Blood for blood!
That'll be wrong!
Against Daduji's principles.
Well figure out this | principles business later, Manav.
Shut up!!
Don't stop us today, Manav.
lf he escapes punishment, | well regret it permanently.
No, Arjun.
l don't want us to repeat the same | mistake that cost Daduji his life!
lt isn't that my blood isn't boiling.
l feel like tearing him limb from limb.
But, that would be madness!
The anger of us youth | is entirely legitimate.
Were this country's | greatest strength and hope.
And this anger has so | much strength that...
if it transforms into a revolution, | it can uproot the strongest system.
Hence, don't waste | this anger in revenge.
Nurture it, and build your future!
Don't forget with what difficulty...
giving up their essential things, | our parents educated us.
Made us capable, so that | we can make our future.
But, if the country's future is in | darkness, how can ours be bright?
That's why we have to change politics.
Arjun, not from outside...
but by participating in it.
With a group of young people, form a | party on the principles of our movement.
Well all support you.
Then let us see how the dividers...
and looters of this | country continue their business!
Well keep Dadu alive! Amidst us!
And, never let this flame die out!