Satyameva Jayate (2018) Movie Script

When you light a matchstick...
...the flames blaze
up almost arrogantly.
Like it can turn the
entire world down to ashes.
But eventually,
it realizes its worth.
Starts flickering because
its scared of burning out itself.
it burns brightly one last time.
And then turns to ashes.
Commissioner sir, this investigation
has been put on top priority.
We're questioning all our informants.
And they have activated their
entire network in the city.
Strict orders have been given, to prevent
this news from being leaked to the media.
Every criminal thinks twice
before killing a Police officer.
Not only did he kill him,
but also burned him alive.
And left his ashes outside
the Police Station to challenge us.
Whoever he is, he's not afraid of us.
And that's his biggest strength.
It's so nice to see
all these people here... this early hour
to join this Cleanliness Drive.
In fact, I take responsibility to clean the
entire country, and not this beach alone.
So that our tricolor flag
can proudly soar in the skies.
Before making our
tricolor flag proud... should learn
to hoist it properly.
Why raise a commotion
for such a small mistake, dear.
Small mistake!
It could be a small mistake for you.
But not for those soldiers...
...who risk their
lives every day for it.
Nor for those citizens
who stand up in cinema halls...
...and sing the National
Anthem with honor.
But if it's still
a small thing for you...
...then every soldier, every citizen
in this country, should be allowed... hang you upside down too.
You should be more careful.
See, you've cut yourself.
Doesn't matter.
One needs to shed a little
blood to clean up this city.
One can clean up the
city without shedding blood.
Hi. Shikha.
I read that.
I'll see you, bye.
I was going.
Yes, Inspector Kadri Speaking.
I already got the instructions.
Imagine that your son was never here.
You just send him straight to the
airport, and from there to America.
No need to thank me.
Just transfer the money
in my account by tomorrow.
But this isn't justice, sir.
This is not justice.
Where are you from?
- Faridabad.
Then you should've stayed there.
Why did you come here with your wife
to lie on the pavement like trash?
All trash shares the same fate.
They don't get justice.
They only get cleaned up.
Just like she did.
Let's go.
Our currency changed...
...but your intentions did not.
Whether it's Patil or Qadri.
They all belong to one community.
What's the current rate for
people sleeping on the pavements?
I asked for the rate, not your name.
When you're not ashamed to ask...
why are you ashamed to say it?
2 million.
2 million!
What was the rate in
the year you joined duty?
Good days have definitely arrived.
There are nearly 4500
religions in this world.
And thousands of people
Die for it and kill for it every day.
But people like you
have created a new religion.
Now, I am going to make your
death a very painful experience.
You'll burn in this life...
...but feel the pain
in your next life as well.
Poor Qadri sir.
His new toaster was delivered today.
But he himself became a
burnt toast.
And you...
You were supposed to
deliver this two days ago.
If only you had
delivered it on time...
then at least he could've
enjoyed few toasts before he died.
Any eyewitness.
- No, sir.
Is everyone around here deaf or blind?
- Yes, sir.
I mean, no sir.
If the protectors of the city
can't protect their own officers...
then people will start
losing faith in the Police.
Yes, sir.
When is DCP Shivansh
Rathod's leave ending?
Papa, you've been sitting
here for two hours?
How many fish must have been caught?
But you are just not moving.
Just sitting there and snoring.
The fish I am after
hasn't taken the bait yet.
Why should I announce my arrival
by catching the small fishes?
Let the word spread...
about an amateur fisherman...
...who can easily be deceived.
He doesn't know how to fish.
Finally, the big fish will come along.
To taunt the amateur fisherman.
Then I will lure him.
Catch him and cook him.
We'll have fish fry for dinner.
Got him. Got him. Got him.
Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
Sir, two Police officers
have been burnt to death in Mumbai.
The Police Commissioner wants you to cut
your vacation short and return to Mumbai.
Papa, where are you going?
I am done catching small fishes, dear.
Time to go after the crocodile.
Welcome back, Shivansh.
Jai Hind, sir.
I hope you had a good
time on your vacation?
I did, sir.
But it was smaller than I expected.
I didn't have an option.
I wanted my brightest
officer on this case.
It's my honesty that
will help us crack this case...
...and not my intelligence.
Well, both the officers who died...
...were facing some kind
of corruption charges.
The inquiry against them was dropped.
We can safely say that honesty
was not one of their qualities.
There are only two options
to stop this killer.
One; We must catch the killer.
Two; Our department's officers
will have to stop being corrupt.
sir, we have just one option.
We must catch the killer.
Sorry, sir.
Then catch him.
- I will, sir.
Good morning, officers.
Good morning, sir!
After finishing his duty
Inspector Sadashiv...
...left Santacruz Police
Station at 10 pm.
Next day, at 7 am...
...someone left his ashes
outside the Police Station.
At 11 am, his jeep was
found abandoned on the highway.
During this time, the killer abducted
Inspector Patil and burned him alive.
Turning him to ashes.
And now...
...we Police officers
will turn him to ashes.
- Yes, sir!
Who were Inspector Patil's friends?
What was his routine?
Whom did he meet after work hours?
Did he have a mistress?
Did he like watching movies? Or not?
Which bar did he drink in?
And from which shop
he used to buy betel-leaf?
We will definitely find some clues,
through these questions.
I want the footage of every CCTV
camera, ATM camera, and toll-bridge
Check the footage of the
ATM outside Inspector Qadri's home.
The killer must have left some clue.
- Yes, sir.
Don't spare the rascal.
Two Police officers were
brutally murdered in three days.
We've heard that there's an atmosphere
of fear amongst the Police officers.
Only cowards attack from the dark.
I'm standing right in
front of you and the killer.
In broad daylight. Without any cover.
But sir, it's being said that
both the Police officers were corrupt.
There's also a raging
discussion on the Social Media...
...that the killer maybe
doing something right.
What is your opinion?
I am sure you must
have heard the saying.
"The Long arms of the Law."
In fact, it's been used
in films so many times...
...that it's become a joke.
the Law doesn't have long arms.
Some have big arms, some have small.
Some are weak and some are strong.
But the Law doesn't have long arms.
But only the officers of the Law...
...have a right to take
the Law into their hands.
Filing an FIR is next to impossible.
This killer is giving them
a fitting reply in their own language.
DCP Shivansh has
challenged the killer...
...but this doesn't
look like an easy task.
This slogan has been resonating in
Mumbai as well as throughout the country.
"The corrupt will pay,
and corruption will end."
"The corrupt will pay,
and corruption will end."
"The corrupt will pay,
and corruption will end."
And not just the Police.
I think the killer should also target
the corrupt politicians as well.
And the rapists also.
If we ever meet...
...I will teach him a few
tricks with the matchbox.
These people are no different
from those invaders or the British.
The only difference is
that they came from outside.
And these police officers are
plundering our country from inside.
I've tried taking
the path of non-violence.
But the country now needs
a punisher and not a leader.
I beg you...go away.
Why don't you let us live in peace?
I am not going anywhere.
Nor will I leave you.
Look here, don't think that I'll
be intimidated by you or your uniform.
Come, dear.
Excuse me.
Bring him here, let me see.
Hey, baby...
It's okay.
We met on the beach the other day.
Oh, yes.
Is this your puppy?
I found him on the street.
He's in pain.
His pain will grow,... won't reduce.
Isn't there any way to save him?
I can save him.
But the death would be better...
...than the life he would live...
It looks like you
cannot deal with death.
Only if it's someone innocent.
I can't see an innocent person die.
DCP Shivash Rathod speaking.
DCP Shivansh's wife speaking.
Sorry Sorry, love.
You were pre-occupied with the case
...and answered the phone
without looking. Right?
Promise, it will never happen again.
Don't ever make promises
that you can't keep.
You left your wife and daughter
mid vacation.
What would you guys have done here?
I haven't gone home since I got here.
Just a minute.
Talk to Pari.
Hi, baby.
Papa, where are you?
Dad's getting a surprise gift for you.
And it will be waiting for you
when you get back home.
I want three chocolates, one ice
cream, and no vegetables for one week.
Okay-okay, done.
What "done"?
Look, save your authority
for your Police Station.
Not in my home. Okay.
Okay, fine.
I am really busy now.
Let's talk in the morning.
Goodnight love.
- Okay, goodnight.
Say Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Love you.
Yeah, love, what is it now?
I think you're mistaking
me for someone close?
I am happy that you called.
Do you want to surrender?
I want the Law to
surrender before Justice.
You're not the first criminal
who thinks of himself as a crusader.
You're not the first Police Officer
who thinks he is above everyone.
The taxpayers are already bearing
the brunt of bringing criminals to justice.
And we're running out of
nooses to hang the criminals.
But our bullets still
make an impact.
It doesn't take a 9mm
bullet to take a life... takes a heart full of courage.
You won't escape.
You can stop worrying about me...
...and try to save the
others who are going to die.
Is this a threat?
No...just advice.
I don't want an honest officer
like you, to put your life at stake.
Those who died had no right to live.
But you do.
Thank you very much for
worrying about my safety.
But I chose this uniform,
knowing the risks that come with it.
I won't stop until,
I have stopped you.
Then I'll give you a chance.
I'll kill the next
cop in your own territory.
Try and stop me.
I will stop you...
...and kill you.
Are you listening?
You just try...
You just try, you rascal.
And I will shoot you!
Just get on my turf.
Come on.
Sir, we tried tracing the call
with the help of the mobile company.
Here are the records.
But the killer bought
the card with fake details,... we couldn't trace him.
And sir, he used this voice-modulation
app to disguise his voice.
We tried to separate
the voice from the distortion.
But sorry sir, no luck.
Put every Police station
in the city on alert.
He's challenged us,
but if he attacks...
...he won't make it out alive.
Damle, we already had a deal.
How can you demand
more than 5 million now?
That was a different time, bro.
Back in those days,
villains ran the show.
The Law had her hands tied.
But now there's someone...
...who thinks he's the
upholder of Law and Order.
And he's running around
burning Police officers.
You don't know.
Every Police officer in every Police
station is scared out of his wits.
That's why...
I made an excuse and took the day off.
I am Damle, I never leave my share.
5 million before Holi.
Delivered to my home.
When is Holi?
When is Holi?
"O sweetheart"
"O sweetheart"
"The craze that have
occupied my heart"
"Is certainly caused by you"
"It's all your gaze's fault"
"O sweetheart"
"Come closer, why are you far?"
"In this madness of love"
"My heart is intoxicated
in your charms"
"O sweetheart"
"Now I have no sense nor
any idea of things around me"
"What kind of effect is this?"
"I have no sense nor
any idea of things around me"
"What kind of effect is this?"
"It started happening since I met you"
"It started happening since I met you"
"O sweetheart"
"O sweetheart"
"O sweetheart"
"O sweetheart"
"The way you walk,
kills so many peple"
"Someone solve this
riddle of her charm"
"You're a chest filled with beauty,
a blooming lotus"
"I will wait patiently cause
the fruit of wait is sweet"
"You are my dream"
"You are the peace of my heart"
"Please pay attention to me o my love"
"Just pay attention to me once"
"My inner peace is gone"
"Something has happened to my heart"
"My inner peace is gone"
"Something has happened to my heart"
"It started happening since I met you"
"It started happening since I met you"
Did it have to run out of fuel now?
Come, sweetheart.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Fill the tank up!
...smoking at the petrol
pump can be dangerous.
Hey wise guy...'s also dangerous
to taunt a police officer.
It's not an taunt...
It's a warning.
Rascal, how dare you hit me?
Why are you hitting me?
What did I do?
You bloody...
Unfortunately, you won't be
able to read tomorrow's headlines.
So let me tell you today.
Petrol Prices and Damle...
...both go up (in flames).
Like I said...
Smoking at the petrol
pump can be dangerous.
The saying is pretty obvious, sir...
What is ordained, cannot be changed.
You die when its your time to die
We shouldn't have
fallen for his challenge.
He lied to distract us.
No, sir.
He did just like he said.
He said "our territory."
It was my fault.
I thought he meant the Police Station.
Sir, where was the first killing?
Santacruz? Why?
And the second?
How does it matter?
Just tell me.
And the third one in Thane.
Meaning the killer is
trying to spell out something...
...using the first letter of the places
where he's committing the murder.
Like 'S' from Santacruz.
'A' from Andheri.
'T' from Thane.
What's the complete word?
Truth Alone Triumphs!
Whoever the killer is he's
not some ordinary criminal.
In fact, he's much more dangerous.
Because he thinks that
he's doing the right thing.
He's no different
from the others.
But in his own mind,...
...he's a soldier...
...who wants to fight for the truth
and wants to triumph over lies.
Which means the next target....
...will be someone in
a place that starts with 'Y'.
Absolutely right, sir.
Shinde, I want a report of all the
officers in areas starting with 'Y'...
...especially those have
corruption charges against them.
Okay, sir.
So we can find
out his next target.
Whoever he is, believe me...
he's currently choosing
his next target.
You're back? with another stray puppy.
It's a fracture, but he'll be fine.
Are you fine?
What are these scratches?
It's nothing.
Looks like some animal clawed you.
Did you fall in a tigers cage?
It was more of a cat.
Let me see.
I know I'm a veterinarian.
But I can treat humans too.
"Since I've fallen in love with you"
"My soul keeps chanting your name"
"I just pray to God that"
"May you hold the
destiny lines in my hand"
"The words are silent,
so how should I express my heart"
"You say the things
that I'm unable to say"
"I want to flow
alongside you like water"
"I'll tell the stories
and you keep listening to them"
"I want to fly alongside
you like the clouds"
"I'll turn towards you
with just one signal of yours"
"The earth and the
sky were both incomplete"
"The destinations and
the paths were both incomplete"
"Everything became
complete when you arrived"
"The world seems
worthless without you"
"I'll become your heart
and I'll beat with you"
"I won't let myself
be distant from you"
"I want to flow
alongside you like water"
"I'll tell the stories
and you keep listening to them"
"I want to fly alongside
you like the clouds"
"I'll turn towards you
with just one signal of yours"
Good evening, sir.
Inspector Satish Bhonsle.
Yari Road Police Station.
He will be the killer's next target.
There are other Police officers from
other places facing corruption charges.
But theirs are relatively
less than Bhonsle's.
But maybe the killer might not choose
the obvious target in order to mislead us.
You're forgetting that right
now we're a step ahead of the killer.
He doesn't know that we know...
...that according to 'SATYAMEV JAYATE'
his next target will be 'Y'.
But we have this
advantage only this time.
If we miss this time
...then we'll lose
the element of surprise.
And he'll know that
we've understood his game.
Have you told Inspector
Bhonsle that he's the next target?
- But why?
When you hunt a tiger,
the goat is used as bait.
And the hunter hides
in wait with his gun.
If the goat finds
out that she's bait...
...then she will look at the
hunter and beg him to spare her life.
And the tiger will know
of the hunter's presence.
But you're only
risking Bhonsle's life.
Believe me, sir.
The bait will be unharmed.
But when the tiger comes along...
...we'll hunt him down.
This looks more like an
old ghost town Police station.
Both the AC and CC are not working.
In fact, nothing works properly here.
But you're still breathing, Shinde.
Yes, sir.
- Breathe in. Breathe out.
Yes, sir.
Sir, please let me go.
I haven't done anything, sir.
- Aslam.
Right now I want two things.
First is your confession.
And second, my promotion.
But the problem is...
...I can't get one without
the other, Aslam.
I can't.
I know you are innocent. I know.
But Aslam, if all the
criminals are apprehended...
...then no one will
need the Police anymore.
These are gold teeth.
And I didn't get these
by being an honest cop.
Right now I have only two.
I want 32 gold teeth, Aslam.
Alcohol is a sin in your religion,
isn't it?
It's a sin, isn't it?
Drink it, Aslam. Drink.
Let me go.
I want this bait to be sacrificed.
I will celebrate
In fact, I'll throw a feast.
Sir, maybe the killer
isn't doing anything wrong.
Because such Police officers give
a bad name to the entire Department.
You mean to say a handful
of Police officers... the Department
from getting a bad reputation.
What, sir?
It's not one dirty
fish polluting the pond.
In fact a handful of fishes
are trying to save the polluted pond.
Gaikwad, get some tea.
Okay sir.
Sir. Sir.
Please let my Aslam go, sir.
You've kept him in remand for 40 days,
without a reason.
Mother India...he's in remand
because he's in demand.
You know, in your weddings...
... it doesn't take long
for you to say "I do".
But even after I tortured
Aslam in every way I can...
...he didn't accept his fault.
He's innocent, sir.
He hasn't done anything.
My son is very decent.
- Hey...
'Decency' sounds good
only in the Koran (Holy Book)!
Run away.
Gaikwad, get my tea.
The Koran you talk
about is the words of God.
You should be scared of God.
Be scared of his judgment.
Be scared of God.
Be scared of his judgment.
It takes you 20 minutes
to say the numaaz right?
Sit here.
Raise your hand and pray.
And I'll raise my
hand to beat your son.
No, sir.
He'll get a taste of
my hand and my bullet.
No, sir.
Let's see if your God
can stop me in 20 minutes?
Let's see if He sends one
of his angel's to your aid?
No, sir...
No one's coming.
When God is kind...
...even the wicked prosper.
Why you bloody...
- No, sir...
I wore this uniform
to be a protector.
But duty has tied my hands.
I want to put a bullet in him myself.
My son hasn't done anything.
Let my son go.
Let my son go.
Did you hear?
Your mother's time starts now.
You bloody...
I can't hear a thing.
Yes, sir.
No screaming or yelling.
Or beating sound.
Can you hear anything?
Is something wrong?
No, sir. Please.
Keep screaming.
Is this working?
- Yes, sir. It's working.
Is it fine?
- It's absolutely fine, sir.
- Sound. It's proper.
I can hear a different sound.
No sir, listen carefully, it's him.
Shinde, these are
two different screams.
Come on.
You are lying.
You are lying that
you didn't see his face.
Sir, he blindfolded me, like the Law.
How could I see?
I see...
So why were you screaming
when he was thrashing Bhonsle?
I was screaming because
I was scared, sir.
I thought he would kill me next.
Why? Why? Why?
What kind of a guy are you?
You're trying to save a criminal.
Aren't you ashamed?
You mean the criminal
who saved my life.
You heard everything, didn't you.
How Bhonsle was
torturing me.
But did you come to my rescue?
Why don't you explain to him?
Aslam didn't see anything, sir.
And, even if he did...
...he wouldn't tell you anything.
How can you say such
a thing being his mother?
I can because I am a mother.
I've no regret about whatever
happened to that Bhonsle.
My God was kind...
...and the devil was struck down.
My duty is against your sentiments.
But as a human being...
I know this was justice.
Goodbye. You can go.
Sorry, sir.
But I let the mother-son go.
I would've done the same thing.
Could none of the Police
officers describe him?
They did.
According to the description
from two Police officers...
...the Police artist
prepared two sketches.
One was 'Singham' and
the other was 'Dabbang'.
Just like a chameleon changes
colors to disguise himself...
...he just had wear the police
uniform to disguise himself.
Excuse me, sir.
"Truth alone triumphs; not lies."
"Through truth,
the divine path is spread out..."
" which the sages whose desires
have been completely fulfilled."
"...reach to where is that
supreme treasure of Truth."
This mantra from the 'Mundaka Upanishad' was
declared as India's National Motto in 1949.
You seem to know alot
about Sanskrit and History.
No, sir.
Just a fast 4g internet
connection and Google.
When it starts to pour in the city,
even 4G connections dwindle.
And there's a storm heading your way.
Just wait and watch.
How can I wait?
I have 11 more letters
to complete SATYAMEV JAYAYE.
I you're going to give
me 11 more chances to catch you.
This is your last chance to live.
Who are you to give
me an opportunity to live?
Only God can do that.
If God is supposed
to look after the world...
...then he should
get pay cut next month.
Don't cross my path again.
I am not someone backs off in fear.
I will cross your path again.
There are only a handful of loyal and
honest Police officers left in the country.
I won't enjoy hunting you down.
You will have security with you at
all times.
Even at home.
- No, sir.
You're like my son, Shivansh.
If we want to catch this killer,...
I need you to be alert and rested.
Sir, I...
Shivansh, it's an order.
Go home.
Yes, sir.
This is a nice way
to greet your brother.
You haven't changed at all.
Always sneaking up behind me.
What if I had shot you?
You wouldn't shoot me.
Okay, brother.
Next time you can sneak up behind me.
Sorry, I thought...
- Some killer had broken into the house.
I tell you, brother.
Thanks to your game
of cops and robbers... think everyone else is a criminal.
- Fine, stop lecturing me.
How are you?
- Very angry.
It's been days since you
returned from your vacation.
But you neither called nor come home.
I am very sorry.
I am busy with a case.
You must have heard
about the killer...
...who is killing Police officers.
That's why I had to leave
your sister-in-law and Pari... the middle of
our vacation and come back.
So what happened, brother?
Did you catch him?
...but I will.
Of course, brother.
There's no way he can escape you.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
But your opinion doesn't matter.
You're my brother.
You're biased.
Maybe the killer is too
smart for you to handle as well.
I don't think you
should underestimate him.
I won't.
Now at least give me a hug.
Come here.
What medal is that?
This is no ordinary medal.
It's a Gallantry Medal.
Our father was awarded this medal.
For doing his duty
honestly and fearlessly.
I want one too.
You've to got to earn it.
You've to earn this
uniform and take a vow.
What vow?
I... I...
- No.
In the presence of God, I vow to...
Shivansh. Veer.
Papa, please teach us the vow.
Yes, papa. Please.
In the presence of God, I vow to...
In the presence of God, I vow to...
... always speak the truth.
... always speak the truth.
Be fearless.
Be fearless.
Always follow the
path of righteousness.
Always follow the
path of righteousness.
I will protect the citizens...
I will protect the citizens...
...and the constitution of my
country according to the Law.
Respect the Police Department...
Respect the Police Department...
...and it's officers.
...and it's officers.
And always follow their orders.
And always follow their orders.
Papa, when I grow up,
I want to be like you.
Me too.
The day you two will wear the police
uniform and take the oath together...
...that day I will
proudly salute you both.
But...don't ever
forget this oath, son.
It's an oath that every honest officer
abides to until his last breath.
We'll never forget.
- Promise.
Jai Hind.
Did you bring the entire force to along
to wish me on 15th August, my friend?
We have a search warrant
against you, Shiv.
I know you're an example of honesty
and loyalty for the entire Police force.
But my duty has my hands tied, Shiv.
Manish, believe me...I...
Sir, this money and drugs are not mine.
If you're corrupt,...
- I...
...then no one in
this world is honest.
The motto of our country is
'Satyamev Jayate' for a reason, Shiv.
Manish, I...
I know, the truth will
always triumph in the end.
I never imagined that on the
eve of our country's independence... hands will be handcuffed.
Such tall claims about
honesty and bravery.
Take a closer look.
That's not a Gallantry award.
It's been given to
your father for corruption.
He's embarrassed all of us.
He pretends to such an honest guy.
Bloody imposter.
He's been booted
out of the Police Force.
He didn't even think
about his two sons.
I heard that he sells in drugs.
His honesty was just a facade.
He belongs in jail.
No, Shivansh.
Shivansh, what were you doing son?
I will never be like
you when I grow up.
Shiv... Shivansh.
Veer. Son...
No matter what the world says,
don't believe them.
Your father hasn't
done anything wrong, son.
He's always respected this uniform.
I believe you, papa.
Take care of yourself.
I shall always be with you.
Are you going somewhere?
When will you come back?
Go...go inside and play.
You took an oath...
...for your uniform, for your duty.
Now I've taken an oath, father.
To restore the lost
honor of this medal.
And, those who don't deserve
to wear this uniform,...
I will burn them to ashes.
Which way are you heading?
The gallery.
To prepare for the exhibition.
I'll drop you.
- I have my car.
I've given lifts to criminals.
I can definitely give
you a lift.
So did this killer threaten you? quit this case.
But I know that he knows...that
I am not a quitter.
But he still tried.
I think he cares for you.
He should be worried about himself.
Because whenever we cross paths...
he shouldn't be expecting
any mercy from me.
Why did we stop at the hospital?
It will only take me 10 minutes.
- Okay.
Any update?
Your phone.
You left it in the car.
I've become so absent-minded.
The killer thinks that
he burnt Bhonsle alive.
But he was on the brink of dying.
But when God protects,
you can't be harmed.
As soon as he wakes up...
...he'll help us prepare a
sketch of the killer and catch him.
The killer doesn't know,...
...that in this game
of cat and mouse...
...I am still one step ahead of him.
Be careful, brother.
If I was the killer...
I would be keeping an eye on you.
You would unintentionally
lead him here.
Right to his target.
Don't worry.
Okay sir.
Come, sir, I will see you out.
- Come on.
What happened?
Missing Madhuri?
Four, five...six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...
Twelve, thirteen...
Brother...I'll join you.
"Been counting days..."
Come soon, I am waiting.
Missing Madhuri?
No, brother.
Four, five...six,
seven, eight, nine...
I think he will recover pretty soon.
I hope so.
The killer is flying pretty high.
And Bhonsle must live so
that we can clip the killer's wings.
This is Dr. Mehta, Burns specialists.
He was looking for you.
I'm going upstairs to examine the patient.
- I'll come along too.
...nine, ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen...
But when God protects,
you can't be harmed.
But he who kills for
truth has God's support.
Veer! Are you okay?
Don't worry about me.
Catch him.
Stay here.
Are you sure you didn't see his face?
No, brother.
He attacked me from behind.
I couldn't see him.
I should've known that
he was watching me closely.
It's not your fault.
He's just very confident.
But his overconfidence
could've cost him today.
We could've caught him today.
He couldn't control his
anger seeing Bhonsle alive.
And for the first time,
he attacked without a plan.
He may have succeeded,
but this was his first mistake.
Jai Hind, sir.
The killer managed to get to Bhonsle
for the second time on your watch.
Believe me, no one's as angry as I am.
Something is definitely
driving that killer.
Something in his life
that he thinks was unfair.
He is taking revenge!
Sorry, sir.
I'm really sorry.
The killer's next target
will be the area starting with 'A'.
This time I won't take any risk.
I will catch him this time.
Even if I have to kill him.
Or give my life for it.
Your life is valuable to me, Shivansh.
But without results, the situation is
getting really difficult for me to handle.
I understand, sir.
Jai Hind.
Another example of
Police incompetence... JP Parija hospital, where the killer
broke into the hospital in broad daylight...
...and burned Inspector Bhonsle alive.
And for our special report...
...around 40 MLAs have been
moved from Gujarat to Karnataka...
...and put up in a resort.
There are allegations of BJP
trying to buy out the Congress MLAs.
Accusations of Horse-trading are rife.
What nonsense is this?
Does the Commissioner know
that you're bullying us around?
Shivansh, this is not the way.
You can't just herd
us all in here like sheep.
No, you're not.
You're all wolves in sheep's skin
Your bulging bellies
and popping buttons...
show how corrupt you've become.
You've managed to get
a sea-facing flat for yourself... threatening slum-dwellers
for the builder's lobby.
And you...
Thanks to you, the water mafia's
tankers are running amok in the city.
But my duty is forcing
me to protect all of you.
Do you want to go back to your homes?
Do you want to go back to your wife?
Do you want me to let you all go?
But will he spare you?
He will turn your bodies to ashes...
...and your wives will become widows.
Trying to steal the
tiger's prey is stupidity.
But what if someone makes
all the animals disappear.
Then the tiger will turn
towards the city looking for food.
We'll make him starve, suffer.
And wait for him to
show his face in the city.
What happened?
I think the mirror
didn't like my face.
And did this.
How can you joke about this?
- I got it stitched.
Why did you call me if you're alright?
I was having dinner with my friends.
Because I need an alibi.
When the Police want to know
where I was during the murder...
...I can say that I was with you.
Wow! That's a new one.
Yes, Shinde. What's up?
I have bad news, sir.
How did this happen?
See for yourself on the CCTV monitor.
According to recent news...
...18 Police officers have been
burnt alive in the Police Safehouse.
DCP Shivansh has failed again.
I think a fire broke out somewhere.
See, now you can vouch for me.
That I didn't start this fire.
Sir, Inspector Mohan Shrivastav.
A year ago, during his posting
in Marine Lines Police station...
...he was charged for
raping a college student.
Unfortunately, the girl committed
suicide after a couple of days...
...and the charges were dropped.
And he was reinstated.
But look at what he did today.
He lit a matchstick and
killed everyone including himself.
How did you do it?
Even Lord Ram had to take Vibhishan's
help to destroy Ravan's Lanka.
I am just a human being.
Just like all my targets...
I was keeping an eye on Shrivastav
for the last couple of months.
One day, after he was drunk...
...Shrivastav tried to kill
himself with his service revolver.
He was disgusted with himself.
His wife and child had left him.
I made him my Vibhishan,
so when the time comes...
...he would burn Ravan's Lanka for me.
He had to die.
But this way he atoned for his sins.
And anyway, those he killed...
...didn't deserve
to wear that uniform.
Their job, their duty...
In fact, I am sure they
don't even remember the oath...
...they took while
donning this uniform.
In the presence of God, I vow... always speak the truth.
Be fearless.
Be fearless.
Always tread on the
path of righteousness.
I will protect the citizens...
and the constitution of
my country according to the Law.
Respect the Police
Department and it's officers.
And always follow their orders.
I haven't forgotten.
I still remember the vow.
I'll take another vow today.
Whenever we came face to face...
I will personally make
you pay for all your crimes.
But I promise you,...
...the day we meet... will clap for me.
Let's meet first...
...then I will clap for you.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
a huge round of applause...
...for the man of the moment, the talented
brilliant artist, Mr. Veer Rathod.
Good evening, everyone.
This is a special moment for me...
...because everyone I love is
present here to celebrate my success.
Especially you, big brother.
The only person I am missing today... my father.
All my achievements
are dedicated to you, dad.
My victory is your victory.
Why did you have
to bring up dad's name?
Why be ashamed of the
person who gave us our names?
And what about the
shame he brought on us?
Inspector Shiv Rathod.
25 arrests.
Saved 3 fellow officers on duty.
Awarded the Police Medal of Gallantry.
Believe it or not, but this
Shivansh is a part of that Shiv.
You remember all the
stories of his honesty, Veer.
But what about his dishonesty?
But I haven't forgotten
how Inspector Shiv Rathod...
...was arrested along with
the bribe money from the drug mafia.
He was suspended.
His uniform was taken from
him because he didn't deserve it.
And committed he suicide like
a coward, leaving his two sons behind!
I may be a part of him, Veer.
But it took me all these years
to clear his reputation...
...and to make a name for myself.
That's the difference
between you and me, brother.
You want to clear your name...
...and I want to clear his.
Can I say something?
I think you're softening, Shivansh.
You're fighting with yourself,
With everyone else.
Because you're unable
to catch that criminal.
Do you also believe that
he's doing the right thing?
Can't believe it.
Shivansh, please.
I don't know who's
right and who isn't.
But I do know that you
two aren't that different.
You want to change the
system without crossing the line.
So does he, but by breaking the law.
These limits are what separates
us from animals.
The government gives
us a gun and bullets.
But we think twice
before pulling the trigger.
The day we stop thinking
before pulling the trigger...
...there will be no difference
between a soldier and a terrorist.
Thanks for coming tonight.
It was really nice
meeting your family.
They are crazy about you.
Such people become
your reason to live.
Do you have space for
another reason in life?
I think your parents didn't teach
you that you shouldn't play with fire.
Are you scared that
I might burn myself?
I am scared because you will survive.
And that day, will you love me more...
...or hate that you love me?
I am ready for both.
For the hatred...
...and for love.
So you can sketch
smiling and happy faces.
Why didn't you do it before?
I didn't have a reason to.
So what's next?
Marriage and lots of babies?
One big happy family.
Is it really that easy
to have a happy family?
It's not.
Sometimes your father beats
up your mother in a fit of rage.
And sometimes the mother leaves her
husband and 8-year-old daughter behind...
...and commits suicide.
And sometimes, that child grows up...
...and tries to find
her smile on someones canvas.
I am sorry.
I've been living away
from dad for 15 years.
So do you still love your dad?
Some relationships are your weakness,
not your necessity.
So what is your necessity?
Do I need to say it?
This will be the right opportunity
for the killer to strike.
And one of these five Police
officers will be his next target.
Our officers will accompany
them in plain clothes.
So this time he cannot
give us the slip.
What is this, old man?
The bundles are getting
lighter every time.
Business is slow.
Your medicines.
You always forget them.
Old man, if business is slow...
...then why not let
her run the business?
What are you saying?
Move, father.
Now I run the business.
But unfortunately, we don't sell
that one thing that you need the most.
And you should've
learned from your mother.
How dare you insult my mother?
Because you didn't
learn anything from her.
Now I'll teach you manners.
"O light of God!"
"May I be graced by Your benevolence"
"O God!"
"May there be strength in my prayers"
"The condition of my heart
is obvious to You, O Prophet!"
"We will bow down our
heads in front of You and say"
"O King of the holy sanctuary!"
"O King of the holy sanctuary!"
"With eyes full of benevolence"
"O King of the holy sanctuary! "
"O King of the holy sanctuary!"
"With eyes full of benevolence"
"The hearts of us poor
ones will also blossom"
"O patron of the poor! "
"What will the world say?"
"If I go back empty
handed from Your doorstep"
"O King of the holy sanctuary!"
Hello Shivansh sir,
We can't find him anywhere.
What do you mean you can't find him?
You had one job,
and you couldn't do that either.
Leave me!
You wanted to teach me manners.
Whether she's wearing
a sari or a burka...
...women are worshiped
as Goddesses in our culture.
And we kill anyone who
disrespects our Goddess.
Beat him, brother. Beat him.
Beat him.
Hit him.
Hit him.
See how strong a woman can be.
Now no man will ever taunt
anyone saying, "Are you a girl"?
Deception has a speciality.
It often comes from
someone close.
When did you start doubting me?
On the night of the exhibition.
When we argued about
dad and I returned home...
I was feeling really bad.
I tried calling you.
I went back to the exhibition.
Then I noticed your paintings.
And then those faces.
All those officers.
That you killed.
Doubts often turn to reality.
But I never wanted
my doubts to turn out to be true.
Surrender yourself.
I will.
But not right now.
I have one move left
in this game.
It's the reason why
I started this game.
Don't be crazy.
You don't have any
aces left to win this game.
A game is won using the queen,
not the ace.
Veer, stop.
Veer, stop.
I can't believe it, Shivansh...
...that your brother
Veer is the killer.
I can't believe it either, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Leave me, Veer.
I told you this game could only be
won using the queen and not the ace.
...if anything happens
to my daughter...
I knew that someday she would
come in handy to defeat the king.
I am waiting for you
where it all started.
I hope you two are
smart to come unarmed.
Otherwise, you'll lose your daughter
in the same place I lost my father.
Everyone Veer killed so far...
...were corrupt and not innocent.
But I still did my duty.
I tried to protect them.
And I'll protect you too.
But everyone who's broken
the Law will be punished.
Whether it's Veer or you.
He did say come unarmed.
Remember anything, brother?
This is where we held on to
our father's arms and learned to walk.
These walls were witnesses
of his innocence.
This tricolor flag...
which he hoisted so proudly.
And this is the same place...
where he turned to ashes.
Nothing has changed.
Come forward.
- Brother.
Pick up the can of kerosene.
Pick it up!
Now pour it on yourself.
Now let's play a game.
Called 'Satyamev Jayate'.
If you lie... die.
So let's begin?
Was our father corrupt?
Was his best friend, his colleague,
meaning you...
...behind falsely implicating him?
Why did you implicate my father?
Shiv...was too honest.
He wouldn't accept any bribe,
nor would he let us.
And so you killed him.
I didn't kill Shiv, Veer.
I never wanted Shiv to kill himself.
A man whose entire life was dedicated
to his honesty, and his duty.
What else did you expect him
to do other than give up his life?
You didn't pour kerosene on
my father and light the matchstick.
But you were the reason he did this.
You took him away from us.
I said...
I will clear dad's name.
Here I am DCP, arrest me.
Sorry, Shivansh!
But the Law is blind and stupid.
These are the officers...
who were on your brother's
list to complete 'Satyamev Jayate'.
The most corrupt and disloyal cops.
I didn't pour kerosene on
your father and light the matchstick.
But I will turn you
two brothers to ashes.
The world will assume
that you two killed each other.
One became a martyr
while upholding the Law...
while the other died
for breaking the law.
Don't spare him.
Are you alright, brother?
- Don't worry about me.
Stop. Don't try to take
the Law in your hands again, Veer.
Veer! Stop!
Stop, Veer!
The Law will punish him!
I will kill him myself.
And complete my mission
which is 'Satyamev Jayate'.
I will shoot you, Veer.
You won't shoot me.
I will shoot you, Veer.
I will shoot you, Veer.
I will shoot you.
Satyamev Jayate!
The sentiment of Satyamev Jayate
literally runs in your family's blood.
Law. Duty.
These shallow sentiments
drove one brother to shoot another.
The killer has turned
to ashes himself.
Come on, arrest me.
I will be out before your
brother's memorial service.
Truth doesn't triumph here,
Power does.
And Power comes to those who have
the ability to influence this system.
Come on. Arrest me.
Come on.
Handcuff me. Come on.
Come on.
Arrest me.
Come on.
Handcuff me.
Come on.
Come on.
Arrest me.
Veer! You'll be fine.
I'll take you to the hospital.
No, brother.
- Come on.
I am lucky...
...that I didn't die by the
hands of a coward and corrupt man.
But by the hands of an honest officer.
You'll be okay!
You'll be okay!
Like I said...
Either you'll love me...
...or hate that you love me.
Whatever you do...
I hope you'll forgive me.
Let's go, you'll be okay.
Brother, let's...
fulfill our father's dream one last time.
- Veer!
In the presence of God,
I solemnly vow...
In the presence of God,
I solemnly vow...
In the presence of God,
I solemnly vow... always speak the truth. always speak the truth. always speak the truth.
Be fearless.
Be fearless.
Be fearless.
Walk on the path of righteousness.
Walk on the path of righteousness.
Walk on the path of righteousness.
I will protect the citizens...