Satyaprem Ki Katha (2023) Movie Script

"Come on!"
"Come on!"
"Come on!"
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"Everyone says it's a mistake. "
"Marriage is a headache. "
"Yet I've set out to make this mistake. "
"You can try and stop me,
or put hurdles in my way. "
"I'll be your beloved groom. "
"I always say what I do. "
"Here I come like a king at the beat. "
"Explosive. "
"Gujju firecracker.
I am gonna have a blast at my wedding. "
"Horses are old school,
it's in the past. "
"I am going to swoop
you away on my motorcycle. "
"Explosive. "
"Gujju firecracker.
I am gonna have a blast at my wedding. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"Looking cool in the attire,
tonight is the night. "
"Girls are fighting over me. "
"Everywhere I go,
my entry is explosive. "
"No wonder they call
me Gujju firecracker. "
"I've found my treasure
chest of happiness. "
"Let's decorate the
entire city with flowers. "
"Guju with a swag, plays the drum. "
"The boy has come,
how are you? Good?"
"Your friends already
calling me brother-in-law. "
"I solve their love riddles. "
"I am so cute, I'm a Krishna's flute. "
"All the followers
of Radha dance to my tune. "
"Your friends already
calling me brother-in-law. "
"I solve their love riddles. "
"I am so cute, I'm a Krishna's flute. "
"All the followers
of Radha dance to my tune. "
"Welcome me with open arms. "
"My entry is like a King on a drum. "
"Explosive. "
"Gujju firecracker.
I am gonna have a blast at my wedding. "
"Horses are old school,
it's in the past. "
"I am going to swoop
you away on my motorcycle. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
-"He is in everyone's heart. "
-Wake up.
Wake up now!
Take a look at the time.
"He has come, the hero has come. "
"He is in everyone's heart. "
"He has come, the hero has come. "
-"He is in everyone's heart. "
-Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
Oh, come on.
Careful. Put it there.
Come on. Yes, coming.
Hey, what is this?
Sattu, please adjust for a day.
Come on.
"Listen, Mr. Sattu.
Stop being so stubborn"
Well, give me a vessel,
let me pour milk in it.
"The bride is going to
walk away with the groom. "
"The bride is going to
walk away... "
How have you been?
Good. Just like yesterday.
An irritant?
And you?
Just like yesterday...
Means... Good-for-nothing.
You know your neighbour Chandresh,
don't you?
He is getting married.
I know.
Shit happens.
"The bride is going to
walk away with the groom. "
Keep scrubbing. Keep scrubbing.
My mom and sister are such gluttons!
Washing their sins.
Clean properly.
You do it.
Four. Three.
Six... oh, no.
Why didn't you put sugar in it?
Did you pay the electricity bill?
Can you remember anything at all?
My father's words. He said,
"Narayaniya, you've won a lottery. "
"Diwali is going to bright
up your life with a million lights. "
And my father said,
"Diwali, this boy is going
to be a treasure of gold. "
"The day his garment business picks up, "
"your life will be a bed of roses. "
And look at my life now.
Mom, there's Khakhra
for breakfast. Again!
Hey, listen!
Yesterday it was "Pav Bhaji Khakhra",
and today, "Panipuri Khakhra".
I'm offering you variety atleast.
Hey, I don't like jokes
early in the morning.
If you can't make piping hot
breakfast, then let us know.
Your dad will make it
from tomorrow.
Why not?
I can't do it anymore, Dad!
You are going to
do breakfast from tomorrow.
I'm done!
-Hey, bro.
-Stop calling me that.
Why are you dancing?
Come on dance, Sattu.
I'll light you to fire, you jerk!
Jitu, did you see Sattu?
-What is it?
Why do you look so grim?
Because I'm an orphan.
Diwali and I conceived you
on our first time, you know.
But when am I going to
conceive my children, Dad?
Ever thought about that?
Forget that.
With whom am I going to conceive them,
you're not even thinking about that?
Chandresh is six years younger to me.
But tonight is his
consummation night.
And I'm officially the last standing
bachelor of Prahalad Nagar from today.
That's true...
Hey, look down.
How are you the only bachelor?
What about Mr. Himmat in
the neighboring street?
His son Jimesh...
Jimesh, come here now.
Here he comes.
He's just fourteen years old, Dad!
But he's a bachelor.
You are a bachelor, right?
Yes. He's a bachelor!
-Mahesh, hurry up...
-He's comparing me to a child.
Why are you getting
frustrated unnecessarily.
Tell me if you like any of these
girls from the Zumba class?
I will talk to Sejal
to help resolve the problem.
What are you looking for?
Your brain.
I think you have lost it.
Do you really think Sejal
will ever find me a girl?
And besides, I've checked out
all the girls, they are no good at all.
-Sattu's Dad!
Come. I need to talk to you
about something important.
Speaking of no good,
there came your mom.
Come on! Climb up!
Five, six, seven, eight. Energy!
Why am I not able to find it?
What is it about?
You know Karsan Patel
from Satellite Road, right?
Karsan Patel?
I want to talk to him
about a marriage proposal.
-Very good, Mom.
Please do it.
What's the name of the girl?
He has a son, not daughter.
Parag. Mom is talking about
my marriage proposal. Loser.
What's wrong with you?
Come with me now.
Why didn't you tell me before?
There should be a discussion
about these things...
Parag is school dropout.
What are you doing?
Carry on. Diwali!
I told you... You have to turn around...
-Mom, are you not ashamed?
Your older son is still sitting
at home unmarried!
And you want Sejal to
get married first?
You see, you are sitting at home,
that's why I feel ashamed.
If I take your marriage proposal
to people, they will ask me
What does the boy do for a living?
What will I say?
LLB fail and a complete
failure at household work.
I work from morning till night.
I get exhausted.
And you're calling me a
total failure at household work?
I know you work a lot.
But your work is mediocre!
Come with me.
-See this.
-Take a look at this plate.
-You cleaned it last night, right?
There is still soap on it.
It is not my fault.
The soap isn't good enough.
If you had bought a new one,
the plate would have glittered.
Okay. Done.
I'll buy a new soap.
But don't expect me to get you wife.
If you are so desperate to
get married,
then go look for a girl yourself.
Let me know if you find anyone...
Hey, what's so funny?
He doesn't have any followers
on Internet, how can he get a girl?
That's enough.
He has got only seven followers.
-Don't pick up a fight.
That's enough. Hurry up...
Finish the work!
In an hour from now,
even Chandresh is getting married...
-Let's get ready for his wedding.
-Hey, fill this up.
Come on.
"He has come, the hero has come. "
Chandresh's "Hastamilaap"?
-Watch where you going uncle.
Why take your mom and
sister's taunts to heart?
Forget it.
Well, Dad.
Sejal is right, isn't she?
When no one follows me on Internet,
how can I expect someone to
spend all their life with me?
You are just unbelievable.
When there are no followers,
why don't you delete the account?
-That's because of her.
Mr. Harikishen's spiciest snack.
Listen! Listen!
Someone is here to
entertain you all to the core.
The prettiest pride of Ahmedabad.
The sensation from Satellite Road!
Katha Kishen Kapadia.
"The night is pending. "
"I have dressed and
come with an explosion. "
"With an explosion. "
"With an explosion. "
"I have travelled the
world and come here dancing. "
"Dancing. "
"Dancing. "
"Come, come here... "
"I don't want to go home,
the night is still alive. "
"Beloved, half the night is pending. "
"We will talk the whole night. "
"Beloved, half the night is pending. "
"We will talk the whole night. "
How are you, Ahmedabad?
All fine!
Very good!
Didn't I leave
Ms. Falguni Pathak behind?
Yes or no?
Yes! Once more.
Brothers, don't you want
once more?
-Yes, we do.
Yes. Come on, say it loud.
Once more...
Once more...
Once more...
Once more...
Once more...
Once more...
"The breeze of love is moving,
my veil is moving away. "
"When you look at me,
I will drown with shyness. "
"The magic has worked so much,
you are pulled without a string. "
"I had not thought earlier that
I'll come close to you. "
"I am yours from today evening. "
"Today evening. "
"Today evening. "
"Save me, I am doomed. "
"I am doomed. "
"I am doomed. "
"We will meet with our eyes. "
"Half the night is pending. "
"The night is still pending. "
"Beloved, half the night is pending. "
"We will talk the whole night. "
"The veil is flying hard. "
"The breeze is blowing
from all directions. "
"I am also attracted towards you. "
"My heart is attracted to you. "
"Not only you, I am also doomed. "
"I am also doomed. "
"I am also doomed. "
"I became famous due to your name. "
"Due to your name. "
"Due to your name. "
"I wonder how long this evening
will go on with love. "
"Beloved, half the night...
"Half the night it pending. "
"Beloved, half the night is pending. "
"We will talk the whole night. "
Come. Today's last day of Navratri.
Bye. Bye, see you.
Small kids...
It's you. Once more.
What you doing here?
I've been waiting for long.
Why? Do you want it once more?
Nope. I want it life long.
Did you like my voice that much?
Not just your voice...
I like your dance, your stance...
Anything else?
You face, your grace.
Your anklet, your bangle, your ear-rings
Your booty...
My boyfriend's on his way.
He is going to kick your a.
Run for your life.
Aren't you single?
Do you really think a girl
like me can be single?
Serious boyfriend or someone
You're just having fun with?
And why should I tell you that?
If it's not serious,
I'm ready to wait.
Why, to replace him
as a non-serious boyfriend?
No, to be a serious boyfriend.
One hundred percent.
Hey listen.
What's your boyfriend's name?
Why did you ask?
Tapak. Tapa. Katan. Katap.
There can be no good wedding
hastags with your names.
And what's your name?
Now that's a hashtag!
Satyaprem Ki Katha.
True love story.
Hi! Come.
-Hey love.
-Hi baby.
Looking gorgeous.
Chandaresh, give smile.
-Congratulations, congratulations.
-Thank you.
You are still stuck there, isn't it?
I thought you're going
to tell me about a new crush...
-Bless us...
-Have a happy life...
She is out of your reach.
Okay, thanks.
Meet my wife.
Better half.
-Much better half.
-Thank you.
-Yes. Thank you...
Out of the way. Horns don't work.
Everyone has a deathwish.
Aunty, out of my way.
Jump in my lap, son.
I will see you at the phenyl shop.
And two chocolates.
Thank you.
What do you want?
Half kilo Schezwan Khakhra
and one kilo Gunpowder Khakhra.
Champak, go get them now.
Is the owner not around?
He isn't keeping too well.
What happened to him?
When there is a 28 year old
unmarried girl at home,
it is natural for the father
to have a high blood pressure.
What has he got to worry?
She has found her match, hasn't she?
The BMW guy.
What happened?
You are the gossip monger
from Prahalad Nagar, right?
[Indistinct chatter]
What are you saying?
Sad news. Very sad news.
-Hey, get out of my way!
Losers, are ready to
get killed for phenyl.
You're rather happy to
see these phenyl bottles dad?
I'm going to tell you something, that's
going to make you very happy, my son!
Why, what happened?
Well, I'll tell you.
What happened?
Tell me, Dad.
BMW has become BJW now.
-Very old news.
They both broke up.
-What are you saying!
Her ex-boyfriend's
name was Tapan Manik.
And Katha is single now.
I'm ready to mingle.
How did you find out?
What do people call me?
Henpecked husband.
Well, what do they call me
with respect?
-Panchayati Kaka (Gossip Monger)
Navratri is around the corner.
Katha is going to perform at Jalsa.
After the performance, praise her
Booty once again and propose to her.
Dad, do you think Ms. Katha will
accept a boy like me...
Of course!
Girls of this generation,
aren't like your mom Diwali.
They go with look and feel.
And you have got
both of them in excess.
-Trust me, Dude.
Just wait and watch.
Park it here.
Do you remember the names?
-Yes, I remember.
-Rasna. Kinjal.
Yes, Kinjal.
-Katha's dad?
Mr. Harikishen, how are you?
So, this year the pride of Ahmedabad
is coming to perform. Mr. Jayesh Shah.
Mr. Jayesh,
please sing something for us.
Sattu... Satyaprem my son.
Katha's parents.
Hey, son, it's okay.
This is my wife.
-Hello, Mrs. Rasna.
And she is... She's a girl.
Dad. Kinjal.
Yes! She must be getting ready
for the performance.
She must be getting ready.
No... This year Katha is not going
to perform.
What the...
She's not well, that's why.
-What happened to her?
-Shall we go?
It's started. Let's go inside, come on.
Go ahead.
What happened to Katha?
Why don't you go to
her house and check?
We won't get a better
chance than this.
The girl is alone at home.
Go and check on her wellbeing
and tell her how you feel.
But Dad, how can I just
go to her house like that?
If not now, then when?
It's the first day of 'Navratri'
you won't get a more
auspicious day than this.
Consider all will be well
without any problem.
But, Dad, she's not well.
Then go and be the doctor.
Raman! You have grown tall.
Hey, what do you want?
I wanted to meet Ms. Katha.
Why? Are you her friend?
No. I'm going to become.
Then I suggest, you become her friend
first and then come here. Now leave.
If you let me go inside and meet her,
only then will I be able to
be friends with her, isn't it?
Right! You will go inside,
then you'll befriend her
after friendship,
you both will fall in love
then you will marry her.
After marriage, you will become
the owner of HFDC.
And I will salute you, right?
Forget being friends, a person
with such a shabby scooter
is not even hired as a watchman here.
-Hey! Get lost!
-I'm leaving.
Get lost!
-I'm going that side.
-You rascal.
I wonder what type of people are
made watchmen here. Check the security.
Get lost.
I'll go to the washroom.
You stay at the main gate.
[Indistinct background song continue]
Ms. Katha...
Once more.
Ms. Katha...
Ms. Katha...
Ms. Katha.
Just a second.
Ms. Katha, once more this side please.
How are you?
What happened?
Ms. Katha.
Ms. Katha.
Ms. Katha.
Ms. Katha.
Ms. Katha.
You will be fine.
Ms. Katha.
Come fast!
Ms. Katha.
Too much blood is gone...
Hurry up.
You wait outside.
Yes, now you can meet her.
Thank you.
It's good you came on time,
she's fine now.
She just needs rest.
Thank you, Dr. I will never forget
this favour of yours.
What are you doing?
Who are you to accept his favour?
Hey! You didn't recognise me?
We had met last year
at the garba pandal backstage.
I made a #Satyapremkikatha.
True love story.
You forgot?
Why did you come to my house?
At the garba pandal your dad said
you are unwell, so I came to see you.
Am I the Shaking Minarets
that you came to see me.
Why has your tone become
like my mom's?
First of all, I saved your life...
I was not going to come under a car,
that you saved my life.
I was going to commit
suicide, because I...
Why do you want to die?
Just leave...
What happened?
-She is fine.
Her hand was cut a bit.
Why did you do this, dear?
Good day.
Son, listen.
You... Are you Katha's friend?
Then from the Pandal
to my house and then...
I like her.
My dad got some gossip that your
daughter broke up and she is single now
-so I thought, I'll go to your house
and tell her how I feel... -Hey...
You don't think even a little bit,
before speaking?
What is there to think,
before speaking the truth?
Excuse me.
Your daughter is fine, but this is
a case of attempt to suicide.
So, we will have to register
a police complaint.
Correct. Go ahead.
Are you sure?
Only due to the fear of the police,
if you think
uncle will give you money to
suppress the case then you are wrong.
And anyway, Mental Healthcare Act 2017,
section 309 has been amended.
It clearly states...
Because I had memorised it
"Not withstanding anything contained in
section 309 on the Indian Penal Court"
"any person who tries to commit suicide"
"shall be presumed,
unless proved otherwise. "
"Who have severe stress"
"and shall not be tried and
punished under the said code. "
So, your complaint to the police
will not make any difference, Dr.
Are you a lawyer?
I was studying.
I tried thrice but I couldn't clear
the final exam.
Uncle, why does Ms. Katha want to die?
She broke up.
Her singing career is not taking off.
And Kinjal's marriage has been
fixed so that's it.
So what, Uncle?
When the older child is unmarried
and the younger one's marriage is fixed,
one feels very bad.
I can relate with Ms. Katha.
Take care of her.
Hail Lord Krishna.
You couldn't cut your nerve properly?
Once and for all the whole
problem would be solved.
13 days of mourning is better
than mourning for a lifetime.
Come on... Come on.
Have you gone crazy?
Due to your such talks,
today my daughter tried...
Then what should I do?
What should I do, Rasna?
You tell me.
Why don't you look for a nice boy
and get her married?
I have spoken to six families.
I haven't received
any reply from anyone.
The whole world knows about
Katha and that boy's affair.
The boy who saved my life,
find out his number.
But why?
I want to thank him.
If I would die, I wouldn't have the
pleasure of seeing dad mourn for life.
She must love that boy
with a true heart.
That she couldn't tolerate the
breakup and tried to commit suicide.
If she can't forget Tapan
then I'll forget her.
You are too...
Don't you remember the movie
'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'?
In that the heroine had slit
her wrists for her boyfriend.
But in the end,
she went back to her husband.
Her husband...
Her husband!
Dad, Ms. Katha's message.
"Thanks for saving my life. "
What should I reply?
It was my pleasure. Write that.
She was committing suicide, Dad.
How can it be my pleasure?
Dad! Dad!
What will anyone steal here?
What a stupid message
you asked me to send, Dad!
It's been six minutes and she has
not yet replied.
How can her suicide give me pleasure?
Diwali will wake up and throw a fit son!
Calm down!
What pleasure?
-She replied
The message has come.
What did she say? I love you?
She sent a smiley.
There is no need to smile
so wide for that.
Go to sleep.
Hail Lord Krishna, Aunt.
Son, you?
How are you?
Actually I went to the hospital,
But found out that Ms. Katha
has been discharged.
Can I meet her once, Aunt?
Go upstairs...
Take a right and it's
the last room. I know.
I jumped into her room
last night, after all.
Yes. Go.
A thank you from me.
-Can I come in?
How are you?
I was a little confused
so I came to meet you.
First you got angry because
I saved your life.
Then you sent a 'thank you'
message at night.
You said thank you,
means you want to live actually.
And if you want to live then
a thank you from me too.
Because if you die then...
Then how will the Hashtag be made?
So, should I leave?
And yes.
The next time you wish to take a life,
don't think of taking your own!
Take his life who made
you feel like taking your life!
And if you need help then tell me.
I'll come with you!
As your supporting hero.
Hail Lord Krishna.
"It's not easy to say that
I will be able to live without you. "
"I will really die. "
"I will really die. "
"I won't be able to tolerate a moment's
separation from you. "
"I will stop without you. "
"I will stop without you. "
"I'll make a new house. "
"I'll keep you hidden there. "
"I will steal you from the world
and bring you. "
"Whether I'll lift you from the ground"
"or I'll drop the sky. "
"I'll decorate you
with stars and bring you. "
"I can't live without you. "
"You are my life's passion,
you are my support. "
"I'll stay with you even after dying. "
"My beloved. "
"I'll keep you on my eyelashes. "
"You are the reason of my living. "
"I am yours and will always be yours. "
"I can't stay without you. "
"Your name is on my breaths. "
"You are evening and the morning star. "
"If you go away from me and stay"
"I'll lower my head in front of you"
"and convince you and bring you back. "
"I will forget all the complaints. "
"I'll make new pathways. "
"I'll keep you in
my heart and bring you. "
"It's not easy to say that
I will be able to live without you. "
"I will really die. "
"I will really die. "
Go and wake up your son.
Let him sleep, Mom.
At least due to that, instead of
'Khakhra' we are getting a hot breakfast.
Give me.
Hello, Mr. Harikishen.
-Mrs. Rasna..
Please come in.
Hang on.
Sattu, my dear son, get up.
Sattu, get up.
Get up, you donkey!
Dad, you are the one who keeps kicking
me and then you call me a donkey.
Son, get up, look, someone has come.
Let me sleep, Dad.
Katha has come in my dream.
After eating fritters we've
both gone for a boating in the lake
Son, get up. Open your eyes.
I can see Ms. Katha's parents too.
Son, it's not a dream,
it's really her parents, open your eyes.
Get up quick.
What was the need for this?
You please sit.
Come sit here. Here. Please come.
Come here. You...
You are not hurt I hope.
This is my dad's last memento,
got it as a gift in his marriage.
I have to get it repaired.
You have come at the right time.
The breakfast is ready.
No, we won't eat anything.
How can you not eat?
Go please.
The house is in a mess,
she didn't get the time to clean...
No problem, it's fine.
Mr. Harikishen, it's like...
My dad made this house in 1962,
in the China war.
The first two floor house
in Prahalad Nagar.
Uncle, Katha didn't come?
Mom, my breakfast...
-Hello, how are you?
-It's hot. Be careful.
Take this.
So, Mr...
Mr. Narayan.
Mr. Narayan, we have come here to
talk to you about something important.
Your son...
Satyaprem and our daughter...
-I remember her name now.
We have come to ask for your
son's hand in marriage for our daughter.
Control yourself Diwali...
Uncle, I want to talk to you
both for a minute. Let's go upstairs.
-Please come.
This is an everyday occurrence,
nothing will happen, please come.
Please come.
Please come.
Uncle, from my side,
the marriage is confirmed.
But you please don't tell my mom
about Katha's suicide attempt.
Otherwise, she will think
something is fishy.
But something is actually fishy.
How have you directly come
up with a marriage proposal?
Did you find out anything about me?
I don't work.
How don't you do work?
You saved my daughter's life.
You dream of boating with her.
You love her.
This is also work, isn't it?
In a way, I am happier that
you don't do any work.
I've made my shop..
Yes, with a lot of hard work I have
made it the biggest Farsan shop
in Ahmedabad.
And today I feel,
that my shop and my daughter
I am handing over to the right person.
Do it properly, Priya...
We should get some intel on the girl.
I have it all. Everything is perfect.
Then how has she agreed to marry Sattu?
Because she's seeing my heart
Which my mother and
sister refuse to see.
Wow, Sattu. Good one!
Furthermore, Mr Harikishen
wants Sattu to help
him look after his shop.
-Did you hear it?
Then why didn't he offer you
to live in his house as well.
The four of us barely manage to live
here... Where's the place for a fifth one?
Why do you always bring it on to me,
you monkey?
An unmarried girl is
a guest in her father's house,
Not the son!
I am the bread winner of this house?
And what about me?
Do I sit here freely?
Yes. We are the bread
winners of the house...
Please cooperate you two.
I have decided.
Daughter-in-law and Sattu
will sleep in the bedroom.
And I'll try to sleep with
both of you in the living room.
-I won't sleep in the living room.
-I won't sleep in the living room.
No, Dad.
Let Mom and this monkey
sleep in the bedroom.
Katha and I will sleep
in the studio upstairs.
-No, son.
-No, Dad.
I have anyway never given
mom a reason to be happy.
I don't want to upset her further
by taking her bedroom away from her.
Oh give me a break.
If you were so worried about me,
then I wouldn't be working
at this age teaching people Garba...
You would be looking
for a job instead of girl...
Come on now. I'm getting late.
Diwali, listen to me.
-Listen to me.
-What is it?
Why does he need to find a job now?
How long will Mr. Harikishen live?
How long?
Four... Five years.
That long?
After that, HFDC
will belong to Sattu.
It will be ours.
Oh, nice.
It's so great. Keep spinning.
She did.
-Tell me something.
The AC works great in Zumba class.
That's why you got
ready to sleep there, right?
And there's a terrace view too!
So now the whole day
you'll spend at the shop
and the nights you'll be
with your wife in the studio...
And I'll be stuck here..
Alone, with your mother and sister...
On the first day, I'll make my father-in-law
suffer such huge losses at the shop.
He'll have no option
but to immediately sack me!
Trust me, dude.
Of course not.
It's about my life.
And you didn't even think of asking me?
You have done as you pleased, since your
childhood as well and never asked us.
And we've never stopped you, either.
The outcome of which,
we have all seen...
-But Dad, I...
-Not a word more!
If you don't want to get married,
Then from now,
I'll keep this with me in my pocket.
And, unlike you, I won't
hesitate in my decision.
-He is coming.
-What do you mean?
Rickshaw! Rickshaw.
Hey, Rickshaw.
Hey, it's Parag.
You have to take Sejal
and aunt to Mr Harikishen.
-The 'farsan' one.
-Yes, let's go.
Today is Sattu's engagement.
-Give me the bags.
-I'll bring the bags.
Just relax and go.
Please don't hurry. Easy.
Take this shortcut.
-Such big cars.
Hey, enough.
-Leave it here.
-Who are you?
I am Kinjal's fiance.
Who is Kinjal?
Katha's brother-in-law.
Oh My brother-in-law. Park it.
-Park it.
What a great building.
Please come.
Keep it here.
That's enough.
Mr. Narayan.
-This is from the shop?
That's great.
He is Dheeraj. Kinjal's fiance
What do you do?
We have a construction business.
And what do you do?
Well, it's a life-long alliance.
We'll talk about this later.
I want to talk to Ms. Katha
alone for a few minutes.
-Thank you, uncle.
Finish it early. Parag won't be
able to halt those two for long.
-Parag, the auto guy?
The engagement should happen before
Diwali comes and plays party pooper.
What happened?
It's my son's first engagement.
So, I'm getting a bit emotional.
My child.
That blade is still in my pocket.
What happened?
Are you feeling emotional too?
Your father came to my
house with the wedding proposal?
But are you ok with his decision?
But I have taken a lot of
wrong decisions in my life.
So, I want to go with my
father's decision this time.
Which is why,
I agree with this marriage.
Shall we?
"Waiting for that companion to arrive,
and swoop you away. "
"He'll carry you, far from us. "
"You will be leaving, "
"but it won't be forever. "
"Eyes are brimming but with joy. "
"Let the trumpets blare. "
"Waiting to hand it over"
"I was saving my heart for you. "
"I was made to be yours"
"maybe it was all destiny. "
"Let the colour of your
love overwhelm my heart. "
"Let those chosen
by destiny become one. "
"Now... be mine forever. "
"Be mine forever... now. "
"Now... be mine forever. "
"Be mine forever... now. "
"Waiting for that companion to arrive,
and swoop you away. "
"He'll carry you, far from us. "
"You will be leaving, "
"but it won't be forever. "
"Eyes are brimming but with joy. "
"Let the trumpets blare. "
"Let me fill you with joy. "
"Take you away from prying eyes. "
"Forget all the treasures in the world,
I would even give my life for you. "
"It's the colour of
my love on your forehead. "
"I've dedicated myself to you. "
"Now... be mine forever. "
"Be mine forever... now. "
"Now... be mine forever. "
"Be mine forever... now. "
"Now... be mine forever. "
"Be mine forever... now. "
Please come.
My daughter-in-law has come.
Bring it here.
I'll be back.
-Go away.
Dad, why is Diwali being so nice?
Chameleon is changing her colour
after looking at Katha's necklace.
Hey. The temple is in the kitchen.
Take the blessings of the almighty.
Sattu, take her.
Come, Katha.
Please come.
Just two more floors.
Please come, Ms. Katha.
Please come.
This is our private bedroom.
Sejal and Mom will run Zumba
and Garba classes during the day.
While the nights are just for us...
-Sorry, I...
-I'm tired.
Let's go to sleep.
Yes. Let's go to sleep.
Katha, can I tell you a secret?
I don't know if you'll
believe it or not.
But I'm a virgin.
I'm not kidding.
I never had a girlfriend.
And neither did I have the guts
nor the money to lose
my virginity by giving money.
So, I thought
I should save myself for my wife.
It will be my gift to my wife.
But I never thought that my dream
will turn out to be true
and you will only become my wife.
Why aren't you saying anything?
She must be tired.
Sattu, get up.
Sattu, get up. What are you doing?
-What did I do?
-Why are you snoring?
Sorry. I have a bit of a problem.
I'm getting uncomfortable
because of your problem.
I am not being able to sleep
I won't be able to sleep
with so much noise either.
Then what do we do?
Give me the milk.
Oh, it's you. I thought
it must be the milkman.
I wake up at 7am every day
thinking that he'll come
at the right time.
But he's never on time.
Is this Sattu's home?
-Who are you?
-What do you mean?
I'm his mother.
Sorry, aunt.
Actually, I've never seen you.
That's why I asked.
But why did you come to get milk?
Where is Sattu?
What is it?
Didn't little Sattu
support you at night?
Don't trouble your mind,
Uncle Bhadresh.
Little Sattu is fine.
My wife couldn't sleep
because of my snoring.
Which is why, I had to spend my
wedding night with my father.
Yes. So, tell me if there's a solution.
I'll look into it.
I'm not able to sleep.
"My dear son. "
I'm not able to sleep.
"My dear son. "
What are you doing?
My father's friend, Chagan, told me
to put clarified butter in my nose.
What if it doesn't work?
It will.
You're not able to sleep right?
"Here comes, my dear son. "
"Here comes, my dear son. "
"My dear son. "
Hello. Good morning.
What if Katha is actually
using snoring as an excuse?
"In the middle of the night,
understand my point. "
"My dear son. "
Diwali is inside.
Where are you going?
My friend, Chakli. It's her sister,
Vaishali's engagement.
Who is the guy?
Do you know the owner
of Manik Scooters? Harish Manik?
His son. What's his name? Tapan.
Sorry. I made you wait.
What are you doing?
No, I won't snore today.
I have 'Ujjayi Pranayam'
for half an hour.
Furthermore, I chewed
four garlic cloves too.
I know tell.
The whole room is smelling of it.
But. Now if we want to sleep together
then we have to do this.
Why do we have to sleep together?
What do you mean?
You tell me.
Why do we need to sleep together?
You're my wife, Katha.
And I want to sleep with
my wife in the night.
Your mother is
your father's wife too.
They don't sleep together.
That was after Sejal was born.
-Before that, both of them...
-I don't want to have any Sejal.
I don't want to give
birth to Sejal, either.
Sejal shouldn't be
born into any family.
But we'll have kids, right?
Why? Do you want your coming generations
also to sit at my father's shop?
-Ms. Katha...
-Please don't open your mouth.
I can't tolerate
this smell of garlic.
Take your pillow and go downstairs.
Snore away through the night.
Please go.
Are you making
excuses about snoring?
Because you don't want to...
Because I don't want to?
You don't want to have sex with me.
I don't need to make
excuses for that.
I can say it to your face that
I don't want to have sex with you.
Because I'm asexual.
Asexual. I don't have
the urge to have sex.
-How is that even possible?
-It is!
Search it before snoring.
What about your boyfriend?
What about him?
Didn't you do it with him?
That's why he left me.
You can leave me too if you want.
Hi. Come.
-Hey, love.
-Hi, baby.
Looking gorgeous.
Katha, people kiss
dogs on their foreheads.
Oh my! You have charged
extra for the 'chutney'.
Yeah, we have.
Why? You give 'chutney'
for free, right?
We used to. Not anymore.
Even the rates will increase from now.
Just like that? Do you think
you can do anything you want?
I should be able to do whatever
I wish at some place, shouldn't I?
If you don't like it, then give
it back. Hey, take the bag.
How can you talk like this?
'Chutney' is always free.
This is how I talk.
How can I give it for free?
Look at the way he is talking
to the customer.
Sorry, Madam.
It's the new staff.
Bhairavlal, you make the bill.
-Don't charge for the 'chutney'.
Am I the son-in-law or a servant?
I'm confused.
Madam, 'chutney' is good, right?
Mother, sister, father-in-law, wife.
No one respects me.
What happened?
Not to me, ask yourself.
-A daughter.
-Which I will never have.
All good down there?
It's absolutely fine.
There's no problem with me.
Then What's the problem?
Problem? Your daughter is a problem.
What else can it be?
The problem is that if
there's no problem in my life,
then it is the biggest
problem of her life. And...
What did she do?
She didn't. You did.
You have cheated my family and me
by hiding such a big thing about Katha.
Hey, Sattu! Wait. Hey.
-What are you talking about?
-That she is...
I reacted the same way.
I mean... What does that mean?
Asexual, man.
Such people do not
get the urge to have sex.
That's not possible.
I said the same thing.
I mean... I saved myself
for Katha for so many years.
And she...
What's the use of getting married?
It's the same thing that
you went to Agra
and didn't see the Taj Mahal, went to
Delhi and didn't get abused.
You went to Mumbai and didn't eat
'vada pav'. You went to Thailand...
And didn't get a massage...
Look, son. People don't get married
just because of this, do they?
Marriage means the
union of two souls.
You are saying this
after having two daughters.
Union of two souls.
Even the soul has
its own needs, Dad.
And if those are not fulfilled, then
one feels like committing suicide.
What can I say now?
I have some expectations
from my marriage and my wife.
Emotional as well as physical.
And if those can't be fulfilled...
Then it's still not too late.
We can get a divorce.
Do you even think before you speak?
Can... Can I be honest?
I think Katha is... to be As...
Yeah, right.
She's pretending to be asexual.
And it's your fault.
Why are you so shocked?
It's true.
Attempting to commit suicide means...
We can't even imagine
what her mental state would be.
That's why I say that you try
to make her comfortable.
Then you'll see.
It will all be fine gradually.
Making tea, huh?
Can I have a cup too?
Yeah, sure.
I'll give it.
Have you put cardamom in it?
Yeah, a bit.
Hey, not now.
Let it boil for some time.
Can I say something, dear?
A marriage.
Any relationship, for that matter.
It's like tea.
If you don't boil it properly,
the tea doesn't taste good.
And if you boil it too much,
it gets bitter.
But the tea has to be put
on the gas for both.
You just put it on the gas,
and Sattu will bring
it to a boil properly.
I can guarantee it.
No one in the whole
of Prahalad Nagar
can make tea better than my Sattu.
Trust me. Trust me dude.
What's going on, Dad?
Nothing. Talk over some tea.
-It's hot.
-Oh, it's pretty hot.
How come you're home so early?
-There's a special reason.
-What is it?
Will you please go out?
Go now. It's nothing.
Katha, I've got something for you.
Happy one-month wedding anniversary.
Thank you.
To you too.
Thank you.
By the way, on such occasions,
couples give red roses to each other.
I know. But before becoming a couple,
we will become friends.
Will you go to Kinjal's
fiance's birthday party
with your new friend tonight?
"I am lucky to have you with me. "
"You're the only thing
on my mind every moment. "
Wonderful. What a party!
Nice arrangement. Right, Katha?
By the way, the dress code
here seems to be western.
But you are in a traditional dress.
Don't you have a skirt?
Do you want to see me in a skirt?
No, not even that.
No, it's nothing.
Katha. I was looking for you. Dheeraj.
How are you?
I'm fine. What about you?
-I'm good.
-Happy Birthday, Dheeraj.
-I'm good.
Thank you so much.
Happy birthday,
to-be brother-in-law.
Thank you, to-be brother-in-law.
This is for you.
Gifts and all.
-One second.
-It's a nice party.
-Lighting and all.
Yeah, Tapan. Where are you?
I'll be there in half hr.
Half-an-hour more?
Yeah, take your time.
The party will go on till 4am.
-I'll be there.
-Okay, bye.
-Let's meet there...
Who was it?
Tapan Manek. He's my school friend.
He's running late. So, he called.
-Come here.
I'll be back. Kinj, let's go.
Come on. Let's go. Come on.
Katha, shall we leave?
Yes, please.
Why were you in such a hurry?
There was Chinese food.
I just hate it.
When you don't like the food, what
is the use of staying at the party?
Who benefits from
Ajinomoto, after all?
Actually, I'll take you to a place
which I'm sure you'll love.
A plate of fenugreek fritters.
One 'ghughra' grilled sandwich.
And one 'ghotala dosa'.
Anything else?
What would you like to have?
I will share it with you.
-Make it two plates for all.
-Okay, ma'am.
I'm coming here after a long time.
I don't want to share.
What happened?
Hey, tell me. What happened?
I had dreamt about this.
You and me eating
fenugreek fritters someday.
And now...
Come on. Eat it,
or it will get cold.
What's so funny about this?
It is getting cold.
Yuck! Crap!
By the way, in my dream,
after eating fenugreek fritters,
we went boating in Lake Kakadia.
"I am lucky to have you with me. "
"You're the only thing
on my mind every moment. "
"I am lucky to have you with me. "
"You're the only thing
on my mind every moment. "
"I was incomplete.
Now I am complete"
"since you are mine. "
"My sorrows have turned
into happiness"
"since you came close to me. "
"I keep looking for you even
after having you. "
"How strange is this desire?"
"I like being separated
from myself. "
"I find it satisfying
to be scattered in you. "
"I am lucky to have you with me. "
-"You're the only... "
-Good night.
"... thing on my mind every moment. "
"I was incomplete.
Now I am complete"
"since you are mine. "
Wow Diwali!
You have started cooking
very nicely to impress Katha.
I married him only because
of his sense of humor.
Even my stomach is full.
Even I have eaten so much that
I feel I need to go for a walk.
Yeah, even I need to go for a walk.
You've not eaten that much, Dad?
I ate a lot.
Try to understand, Dad.
You haven't eaten that much
-I haven't?
What are you doing?
Whenever I pass by, I always
throw a stone at this college.
Those scoundrels failed me
in my final exam.
So how is the college at fault in this?
You must not have studied.
They could have passed me
with a few grace marks.
At least, I would have had
some respect in my mom's eyes.
So try to give the exam again?
Huh? Why now?
I am handling HFDC's now.
And since the rate of 'chutney' increased,
the profits have increased too.
Don't you feel shame in managing
a shop you got in dowry?
So... So by that logic,
I should return the car too?
But I took it so that you
would be comfortable.
I don't mind roaming on a scooter.
Are you sure?
My wife doesn't mind
roaming on a scooter.
Now Excuse me. She's waiting for me.
Sorry. There were too many customers
at the shop today.
Go and submit the form.
Did you fill it out?
Your handwriting is so good.
I don't feel like giving it to admin.
Go now.
I'm going.
Listen, don't tell anyone about this.
If I fail again,
it'll be very insulting to me.
No, you won't fail.
You can study later for the exams.
Listen, I'm sorry about that night.
I said a lot of things in anger.
It's okay. No problem at all.
What are you thinking?
How shameless am I?
If I start feeling bad about
everything my loved ones say,
then Mom and Sejal's dead bodies
would be found in the Lake Kakaria.
By the way, I called you my loved one
I just slipped it in casually.
You don't think before
you speak, do you?
Why think before speaking the truth?
You have to think.
Not every truth can
be tolerated by others.
And some truths...
We cannot tolerate ourselves.
The day you're ready
to bear your truth,
you can tell me.
I'll be ready to listen.
"I am lucky to have you with me. "
"You're the only thing
on my mind every moment. "
"I was incomplete.
Now I am complete"
"since you are mine. "
Okay, then. Good night.
Stop being so formal, please.
We are a couple now.
Go on.
Good night.
Good night.
Why don't you try and
sleep upstairs tonight?
May I ask something?
I searched on Net.
But I didn't really understand.
Can't the feelings of
asexual people change with time?
I lied.
I'm sorry.
You're not?
You're not asexual?
Please, no.
No... No, please...
Please, I'm not ready.
-Please... I'm not ready.
Please... No, I'm not ready. Please...
Please... No...
-No... Please, no...
I'm not ready. Please, no...
-Please, no...
-What happened?
Please, Tapan, no! No!
I'm not ready, Tapan! No!
No... Please, no...
Please, Tapan! Tapan, no!
I'm not ready!
Please, Tapan, no! No...
Tapan, no! Please, I'm not ready.
-Please... No...
Katha. Katha.
Come out, Katha.
Katha, I'm going downstairs to sleep.
You can come out if you want.
Where are you going, Dad?
To talk to Katha.
How long will this go on?
What's this fuss about snoring?
Dad, please.
Don't get in the middle of this.
Why not?
Nine out of ten men
in the world snore
but not a single wife would stop
any of those men from sleeping with her.
Dad, stop.
This is between us.
Please don't interfere.
Please go to sleep.
Stop... Stop... Stop.
Hey, milkman.
Take me up please.
No way, ma'am. I stopped
doing that four years ago.
I almost went to prison for it.
-No way.
Why would you go to prison for
helping an old lady climb the stairs?
Oh, you want to go upstairs
to Mr. Sattu's house?
You should have said so earlier.
Not me, ma'am, hold this canister.
Carry this one.
You carry luggage
as per your own weight, ma'am.
Are you Mr. Sattu's relative?
Yes. Diwali's elder sister.
Have I seen you before?
I don't know. I come every year
in December.
What's your name?
-Were you at the wedding?
I went to my daughter in the US.
So, are you going to the studio
to meet the new daughter-in-law?
Why would the new
daughter-in-law be at the studio?
-I've heard...
That the new daughter-in-law
sleeps alone in the class.
Without Sattu.
He downstairs and she sleeps upstairs.
See it for yourself.
Oh, my God! I pray no one
experiences this in life.
He snores! Just because my Sattu
snores at night
his wife doesn't let him
sleep next to her?
Let me ask her.
Hey, Sattu.
Sattu! Go, bring your wife here. Go.
I told you
there are certain truths
that you can can't tolerate.
And there are some
that others can't tolerate.
There's not much sugar.
-Tell me if you need more, Sister.
-What happened?
Where's your wife?
She won't come now.
If you're in a hurry,
go upstairs and meet her.
That's my older sister!
How can he talk to her like that?
Calm down.
What's the problem?
Why can't Katha come downstairs
and take sister's blessings?
I'm going to find out the same.
And yes
until then, please don't disturb Katha.
Son, when did you come?
You're practicing 'Vajrasana',
You see, there's a problem
with my digestion.
So, I thought...
Why did Katha try to commit suicide?
Don't try to beat around the bush,
Only the truth.
Maybe because she still had
some shame left.
What was her fault?
It's true.
Before marriage
she had sex. She got pregnant.
But it wasn't her fault,
it was mine.
I never restricted her
for anything in life.
Is she giving you a lot of trouble
Just give her two tight
slaps and she'll be fine--
You have no idea what
happened with her.
How are you, Aunt?
I'm angry.
I've heard that you don't allow
Sattu to sleep with you at night?
I didn't tell her.
The milkman told her.
May I ask why?
Just because he snores?
That's not the reason.
What's the reason then?
Stop pretending now.
Just stop it!
I'm asking you a question.
Last year
after my last performance
at the Garba Pandal
my boyfriend Tapan raped me.
And since that night
let alone sleeping with a man
I feel scared even
standing this close to him.
Does anyone have any more questions?
If the milkman asks, tell him
the actual reason the next time.
"You have taught me. "
"All about love. "
"I have to live with you. "
"And die with you in love. "
"I need you more than myself. "
"I will be with you.
I promise you that. "
"I have bonded with you. "
"More than myself. "
"More than myself. "
"More than myself. "
"Your love. Your love. "
"Your love. Your love. "
"You will be mine hereafter. "
"Even after dying I will fulfill.
All the vows I gave you. "
"All my joys are yours.
All your sorrows are mine. "
"I will set the whole world ablaze.
If you have to shed a single tear. "
"I love you immensely.
I will prove it to you today. "
"Hereafter you will be mine. "
"You will be mine hereafter. "
"Hereafter you will be mine. "
"You will be mine hereafter. "
"Hereafter all your
sorrows will be mine. "
"All your sorrows
will be mine hereafter. "
"Hereafter you won't shed any tears. "
"You won't shed any tears hereafter. "
Please sign these papers.
The fee for the bail?
There's no need for bail.
I've just come from the hospital.
I went to record
Tapan Manek's statement.
But he
doesn't want to press
charges against your son.
He's scared.
Sign this.
How did this happen?
-I'll get the first-aid kit...
-There's no need.
It's not my blood.
It's Tapan's.
Did you hit Tapan?
I was going to hit your Dad as well.
Two tight slaps.
I should tell Chakli.
Her sister can't marry
a boy like Tapan.
Don't try to be a messiah.
Just be quiet.
Just sit at home quietly, Sejal!
Where are you going now?
To Mr. Harikishen.
He shouldn't have hidden
something so significant, Sister.
He shouldn't have done this.
Hold on.
God forbid
if something like this
had happened with Sejal...
-Would you tell her in-laws?
Would you let the family's name
get tarnished in the society?
Then you too should be quiet.
No one will talk about this.
No one will say anything
to Mr. Harikishen.
If you can't relate with
someone's pain
at least don't aggravate it.
You didn't tell him what
actually happened with you?
-What would I have told him?
How could I explain?
That if I can permit my boyfriend
to move to second base
then he has no right to assume that
I'm ready to move to third base.
How can I explain this to anyone?
I mean, boys are amazing.
They understand hints quickly.
But when a girl clearly says no
they just can't hear it.
What would I have told my father?
That I'm expecting
my boyfriend's baby?
And the reason behind it
wasn't my carelessness
fancy clothes
beer or cigarettes
but only Tapan's forcefulness?
How would they accept that?
How would I explain to them
what date-rape means?
I wouldn't have told them
about my pregnancy either.
I went to get an abortion.
But that idiot assistant of
the gynaecologist
turned out to be a family friend.
She told her dad,
and her dad told my dad.
Stupid girl.
If that stupid girl's dad
hadn't told your dad
everyone would have
remained hidden.
And your dad would never
get you married to me.
Who told you to save my life
like a hero?
How will a hero become a hero
unless he saves the heroine's life?
Especially a zero like me
has to do things like these
in order to be safe face in society.
We need more zeroes like you
in the world, Sattu.
There's a huge shortage.
Say this in front of my mom just once.
I can say anything
in front of mother-in-law now.
I told everyone
about the Tapan incident.
Mother-in-law, father-in-law,
Sejal, aunt...
You had said
that one mustn't think
before telling the truth.
May I ask something?
What's second base
and third base?
Ask your friend.
I'm sure dad doesn't know
about all this.
Don't you have any other friend
besides him?
All the friends I had
have moved on in life.
All I have left, is Dad!
I'm your friend too.
It was my dream that my wife
becomes my friend too.
Son, you're awake. Look what a delicious
breakfast daughter-in-law has made.
"I call out to you. "
"When you're with me, I'll pacify you. "
"You're like the dream that flows. "
"I'll keep you safely. "
"I call out to you. "
"When you're with me, I'll pacify you. "
"You're like the dream that flows. "
"I'll keep you safely. "
"My heart can't survive without you"
"for even a day now, my beloved. "
"I've lost my heart to you. "
"Come and meet me once. "
"I'm going to hide you in my arms
and no one can stop me. "
"You have no idea
how I feel right now. "
"My heart is incomplete.
Only you can complete it. "
"For the sake of God"
"I can't wait anymore. "
"My heart is incomplete. "
"Only you can complete it. "
"Only you can complete it. "
"To heck with helplessness. "
"Let there be troubles. "
"If your consent is poison"
"I'll drink it happily. "
How are you so cute?
Just like you're so beautiful.
God's gift.
"My heart has begun following you. "
"Even though there are
very few moments of love. "
"All my loyalty is only for you now. "
"Since you've entered my life"
"I can't stop thinking about you. "
"I'm obsessed with you. "
"Sometimes I'm on land,
sometimes on the moon. "
"Things I never saw in life"
"I saw with you, my love. "
"I've lost my heart to you. "
"I won't find anyone like you. "
"I'm going to hide you in my arms
and no one can stop me. "
"Come, let me take you"
"to a place full of love. "
"You fill the void in my heart. "
"You adorn me. You complete me.
Make space for me. "
"You adorn me. You complete me.
Make space for me. "
"To heck with helplessness. "
"Let there be troubles. "
"If your consent is poison"
"I'll drink it happily. "
I don't want to go back with you
to your house.
I want to go to my house.
I have become your friend, Sattu
but I can never be your wife.
Because for that, I'll have to give
you the right to go to third base.
And perhaps... I can never do that now.
Is there a problem
if I hold your hand?
Then, there's no problem at all.
I'm happy with second base.
Holding hands is first base.
It's okay, even if it's first.
You don't worry.
I don't want to go to third base.
You'll remain a virgin
for the rest of your life.
It's okay.
One hundred percent.
I'm sorry.
From holding my hand
to straight into my arms.
This is a bonus.
Come on, eat it...
Tomorrow we have to go to the hospital.
Yes I remember.
Let's sleep now.
Tomorrow is your appointment.
How are you?
What's wrong with me?
Every night, your face
looks like split 'basundi'.
Your dad looked like that too
when I told him
that we'd sleep separately.
It's nothing like that, Mom.
Even if there is
it's nothing wrong.
Just don't let
Katha feel guilty about it.
Until now.
Life is very long, dear.
And Katha's wounds
are really severe.
They might never heal.
But yes
if you remain yourself
they she might slowly
start feeling better.
-If I remain myself?
What kind of a person am I, Mom?
A sample.
Please stay for some time.
Hey, once more!
Do you want it once more?
I want it lifelong.
Please, Tapan, no! No...
I've become your friend, Sattu
but I can never be your wife.
One hundred percent.
Here take this.
Hey, you've arranged Satyanarayan
veneration all of a sudden.
No, Aunt. We wanted to do it
after the wedding.
Since we had the chance today,
we organised it.
Come on.
What's going on, Dad?
Where were you?
Sattu, you're here, dear.
Come on. Everyone waiting for you.
Let's go.
Where were you?
To lodge an FIR
but since your case
is over a year old
the time period
for the FIR has passed.
FIR? For what?
To file a case against Tapan Manek.
What do you mean?
What case?
What do you mean?
Rape case, Dad. What else?
Talk softly
Why? I'm not abusing.
Come on. Let's go inside and talk.
Whatever I tell you inside,
I'll have to repeat it outside.
Why waste time in repetition?
And you have no time.
After Mukesh brother, you're
the only one in India who's so busy.
Why are you getting irritated, Dad?
A man has committed a crime.
He should be punished for it.
The judge will judge
if he should be punished.
But our family is going to be
punished for sure.
Why would we be punished, Dad?
A normal rape case
itself is so humiliating.
Just imagine that's going to
happen in this case.
People will gossip.
Half the people won't even
understand what type of rape it is.
This is what people like you
need to understand, Dad.
Rape is not 'khakra'
that would have a type.
He was her boyfriend.
She went to him willingly.
So what? She said no, didn't she?
That's it.
If you go against a girl's consent,
you will be punished.
I should be punished too.
Katha clearly told me
she didn't want to marry me.
But I didn't listen to her either.
I did what I wanted to.
What's the difference
between Tapan and me?
This is why I'll pay
for having my way.
I'll destroy Tapan Manek.
All this sounds good in movies.
We live in a society.
A society has its limitations.
You've been living on your wife and
daughter's earnings all these years.
You take the monthly household
expenses from Aunt Christmas.
You borrowed money from her, started
three businesses and failed too.
Didn't you think about
the society then?
Why are you thinking about it now?
What, Mom?
Wonderful, Son!
You've been barely
married for two months
And you're humiliating
your dad for this girl.
I can give up a hundred
such wives for you, Dad.
But today, it's not about choosing
between father and wife.
It's about choosing
between right and wrong.
And what you're saying is wrong, Dad.
No, Sattu.
Father-in-law is right.
No one will understand.
No one will believe it.
And I don't even want to try to
explain or convince anyone.
Because no one else
is important, Sattu.
You understood.
You believe me.
To hell with everyone else.
Everyone else can go to hell,
but Tapan Manek will go to jail.
I became a hero
by saving your life.
But if you actually want to live
then you must become the hero
of your life.
Here are the court papers.
Sign them.
I'll be the supporting hero.
For forcing my decision on you again.
I won't force you.
If you don't want to file a case,
it's okay.
Do you know what's not okay?
I have the courage to slit my wrist
and try and kill myself
but I don't have the courage to pick up
a pen and sign the court papers.
Do you know what's not okay?
I'm ready to blame myself and
suffer for the rest of my life.
But the one who's actually at fault
is enjoying his life to the fullest.
And do you know what's worse?
That I never realised
this myself until today.
I didn't even try to fight for myself.
But I did something
perfectly right.
I married you.
Thank you, Sattu.
This balcony is very lucky.
You take the best decisions
of life right here.
This will do, right?
Please begin, Priest.
The Satyanarayan veneration.
-Leave my hand.
Call a lawyer.
Leave me. Leave.
Approx. one rape was reported
every 16 minutes in india in 2019
According to the NCRB over 96% rapes
in India are committed by
people known own by the victims
and in most such instances
the perpetrator is the
husband of the victim.
India has been characterised
as one of the countries
with the lowest per
capita rates of rape!
Because ...
An estimated 99.1% of sexual violence
cases go unreported...
Ladies and gentlemen,
let the celebrations begin
because the star of the night is
arriving. She's the queen of Ahmedabad.
The sensation of Satellite Road,
and Satyaprem's Katha.
Let's begin!
"Come on, hold my hand.
My hand... "
"Come on, let our love be announced
today. Be announced today... "
"The red bangles shine on your hands. "
"The anklets chime on your feet. "
"The red bangles shine on your hands. "
"The anklets chime on your feet. "
"Listen, beloved... "
"Listen... "
"Listen to the drums being played,
beloved. I'll dance. "
"Don't tell me to go home. I'll dance. "
"Listen to the drums being played,
beloved. I'll dance. "
"Don't tell me to go home. I'll dance. "
"Your veil has been flying.
It makes my heart beat faster. "
"Why do you blush when you look at me?"
"It's time to love. "
"There will be no distances
between us today. "
"Let my hair work its magic
on you today. "
"Listen, beloved... "
"Listen... "
"Listen to the drums being played,
beloved. I'll dance. "
"Don't tell me to go home. I'll dance. "
"Let me swirl today. I will dance. "
"Swirling with you today... "
"Doing Garba today... "
"Wreaking havoc with you... "
"Let's forget the world today... "
"Swirling with you today, I'll dance. "
"Doing Garba today, I'll dance. "
"Wreaking havoc with you, I'll dance. "
"Let's forget the
world today and dance. "
"I'll dance. "
"I'll dance. "