Saunkan Saunkne (2022) Movie Script

The light of a lamp, my love.
People say the flowers are blooming
but I can smell your fragrance, my love.
Look into my eyes, my beloved.
I breathe only when I look at your face,
my beloved.
These are the experiences of heart.
When lips go quiet, eyes start talking.
There is a clip in my braided hair...
Clip, my beloved?
Mom, what was that about the clip?
-A pin in the braided hair.
-Yes, a pin.
There is a pin in my
braided hair. May God...
May God...
May God what, mom?
May God bless us with fortune and
we become three from two, my beloved.
The witch doctor asked you to
memorize just these two lines.
And you couldn't even do that. How
will you perform the witchcraft?
Go ahead, pour it now.
Come on.
Put that in as well.
-Put it all in.
-Come on, boy.
Call the boy.
Come, son.
So slow?
He is not sitting behind the wall.
He is behind the clouds.
Yes. Come, son.
Speak loudly so that
the skies can be pierced.
Say it loudly.
-Okay. Come, son!
-I am coming. You scoundrels.
Doesn't the boy have a very heavy voice?
Fauji is awake. Hurry up.
Mom, you will get us
into trouble. Go from here.
Mom, run. Hurry up and leave.
Buta, come over here.
-Come. We won't let them run.
Don't let them escape.
What was that?
They are running away. Come on.
You were supposed
to call out seven times.
Come, my son. Come!
-Someone did witchcraft again today.
-Come, son!
-Come on, Buta.
Sarpanch, they ran away.
Let's call the Panchayat
meeting in the morning.
We will clear all doubts tomorrow.
Come along.
Mom, who asked you to
climb an eight-foot wall?
You could have just chanted
God's name and passed them by.
People would have thought that
you are going to the Gurdwara.
It's not like I wanted
to climb that wall.
I thought I was running straight.
The wall came in my way.
I am an old woman so I couldn't turn.
I had to climb the wall.
What kind of an old woman are you?
You couldn't turn and you
climbed an eight-foot wall.
It's eight foot on our side.
It was seventeen foot on the other side.
While I was falling, I felt
that I died without seeing
my grandson's face.
Mom, you didn't think of God.
Hold this.
Mom's bones are broken
and you'll get mine broken too.
Have a little shame. I am a
member of the village panchayat.
If we had been caught, it
would have been so humiliating.
We didn't get caught.
Member, are you at home?
Buta, then people will
do whatever they want.
We are caught.
Where is the panchayat going
this early in the morning?
You are acting as if you don't
know what's happening in the village.
We don't know anything. What happened?
May people rot in hell.
Someone did witchcraft for the
fifth time in the village.
It's been five times?
Did any one of you see
anything? Do you suspect anyone?
I have seen them.
One of them was...
like a knot.
She had crazy, unruly hair. She
jumped the wall within minutes.
I couldn't understand what she was.
I just heard the sound
of someone falling. Bam.
Aunt, why are you soaking
your feet in hot water?
Did you fall somewhere?
I am fixing the grease in my knees.
So that my knees start working.
Did anyone see anything else?
The remaining two ran away as well.
They were just saying while leaving,
come son, come son.
And Fauji was saying
that if someone says,
come son, in front of him,
he will recognize
the voice immediately.
Come on, guys. Anyone can
change their voice and say that.
-Come, son!
-Could you understand anything?
-Okay, I agree with you but...
How can you agree like this?
The thing about the knot-like
woman is still relevant.
Soemone who fell in a seventeen-foot deep
ditch, must have been broken some bones.
She may not be able to walk at all now.
Well, I will go and make
some tea for you all.
Aunt, you left your
walking stick right here.
My grease has been heated.
I don't need my stick now.
I think mom dropped the sugar.
Go and check lest your
mom herself has fallen.
I think milk is lying on this side.
I think mom spilled the milk too.
Why don't you send her to her maternal
house if she destroys things like this?
Listen to me and call for a vote.
That after today, if
anyone in the village is
seen practising witchcraft,
shoot them on sight.
Come to the meeting spot in the evening.
We'll have a vote.
-Cancel the tea.
-Come on, brothers.
Be there on time.
I think the tea leaves
are in the kitchen.
Let it be, mom. They are gone.
Hold me! Get me my stick.
-Oh, I am dead.
-I can't walk.
-Go and get some more hot water.
If the witchdoctor asks us
to practice witchcraft again,
be prepared to get shot.
Son, I am ready to be a
martyr for my grandson.
We won't stop until the
witchdoctor gives up.
Here you go, I give up.
I can't do anything now.
Don't say that, Sir.
Please bless us.
Then you...
have to serve this
holy place for 45 days.
That too with your heart and body.
Out buffaloes are dependent on her.
-I will serve you.
How can we make the elderly serve us?
The one who was supposed
to take care of the buffaloes
is asking to serve this holy place.
And the one who is supposed to serve
this place is tending to the buffaloes.
Do one thing, go to a doctor.
Your reports tell us
that there is still a one per cent
chance that you can have a baby.
Doctor, you have been
saying that for six years.
At least change the percentage a bit.
Make it one and a half percent.
Look, only God can do that now.
Look at me.
I was born after seven years.
And I was born after ten years.
That means their child will
either become a doctor or a nurse.
It's alright. Don't worry.
Nothing will happen.
I am worried too that
nothing will happen.
We are still kids yet.
We can't even look
after ourselves properly.
It's alright. God will give us a baby.
God will give.
Will you have an ice cream?
Which one?
Orange flavour.
I will have one with a fat orange in it.
It's all sorted for you, right?
You drink and sleep. No worries at all.
What will I do with
such a little amount?
Is it less?
I think too much, don't I?
Big mom, pick me up.
Move aside.
Big mom, what did the doctor say? Will
my right hand, my brother come or not?
He will come, child.
He will come a little late.
Why does he need to come if he'll
come late? I am here, aren't I, mom?
Go to your mom. Go.
It's alright, big mom.
Just go.
He calls you big mom so affectionately.
Let him say it. How does it matter?
You know why he calls her that.
His mom teaches him to say that.
I think the land has
slipped from our fingers.
Why, son?
Are they expecting a baby?
Is there good news?
Mom, there is no good news.
They are just very clever.
Oh, you scared me.
Son, aren't we clever enough?
They have fifty acres of land.
Make her your big mom somehow.
Okay, mom. I'll do something.
But I can't deal with
this school problem.
Don't go to school.
-What is in schools anyway?
-Why won't you go to school?
Just be quiet. Make him DC.
Son, hurry up and do something.
You are so cute as of now.
Even I won't like you when you grow up.
I fear that they might
do the other thing.
Listen, daughter.
Should we do the other thing?
Don't feel bad about what I am saying.
If a tyre of a car gets punctured,
then we use the spare
and make do with it.
Yes, mom. But what is
there to feel bad about?
You didn't understand.
I mean...
If sticks are wet then you
mix dry ones with them,
light a fire and you can cook.
Do you understand?
But there is nothing
to mind about this too.
What if we get your
husband married again?
Do you understand now?
This is definitely something to mind.
You are siding with them too, mom?
I am thinking about your good.
If you bring her yourself
then she will be under your control.
If he brings her then
things will get difficult.
Mom, he is not like that.
All men are like that.
He is not like that.
Oh, Mr Member, why
are you troubling yourself?
So what? You too have been working
in our house for the past ten years.
-You seem like a family member now.
-Oh, wow.
This is amazing.
Your language has improved
so much because of me.
Oh, you forgot this.
You placed it so nicely on my
head that I didn't miss the support.
-You are really very nice.
-Go on, silly.
Meena, if you need anything now
just take it without asking.
I think he may take this one.
Let me go. What are you doing?
Where are you going, my Ranjhi?
Why Ranjhi?
If Ranjha grazed
cattle for twelve years,
you too cleaned
cow dung for thirteen years.
-That is why you have become Ranjhi.
-You are so funny.
What are you staring at? Do the dishes!
Should I come and smack you?
Why should we let her meet our
newly-married daughter-in-law?
Let's go inside, child.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on.
She has no other work. She sits there
idly. Come on, let's go from the backside.
Where were you? I heated
the clay oven with such difficulty.
What have you done?
I heated it with such difficulty.
Here, I have put dry sticks in it.
Now the fire will light.
Food can be cooked.
Did you speak to Nirmal?
When you have to make a deal, mom,
pay an advance and
the man doesn't refuse.
Now, we too will talk to him
after we will choose a girl for him.
I didn't understand.
You are the boy's...
-Mom? Okay.
And daughter, you?
I... am the boy's wife.
Which boy's wife?
Her son.
Then what are you looking for now?
Second wife.
You don't have any objections, right?
He is the owner of fifty acres
and he has no addictions.
On top of it, you are so nice.
Then how can we have any objections?
Here is the customary
money and let's finalize it now.
See the girl first.
No, no. Why should we see the girl?
We can't do it here.
Why? The girl is so pretty.
That's the problem. She is too pretty.
Once the wedding is done
then both of us sisters will
handle the household together.
That is fine, sister.
But what is the man like?
You have used him properly.
He is just amazing.
He listens to me completely.
Then, sister, you will
have to let go of him a little.
Only then he will be under my control.
My husband is just amazing.
He listens to everything I say.
He does exactly as I say.
Is that okay?
Come on, everyone.
Hurry up and get down.
-Come on, people from Majhouli.
-Help me, dear.
-Mhindo, did you go to the city too?
Not at all. I went to collect my
husband's dress from the tailor. And you?
I went to find a
new wife for my husband.
-You know everything.
We have been to enough
doctors and witch doctors.
We are getting Nirmal remarried.
Select the girl properly.
The girl is very innocent and sincere.
Don't be under that misconception.
They are only innocent in the beginning.
Listen to this story
from my maternal home.
Exactly the same case as you.
They brought a new bride
with such exuberance.
As soon as she came, she
got together with the husband
and poisoned the first wife.
Stop scaring me.
All girls are not alike.
I will treat her as my sister.
Don't act crazy.
Instead of making
an outsider your sister,
it's better that you
bring your own sister.
If you bring one of
your own, the risk is less.
Right, mom?
Yes, child. There is a difference
between family and outsiders.
Yes, but why will Kirana agree?
We don't even get along with each other.
And I used to even snatch
her dolls during childhood.
Well, now it's time to return the doll.
Why will Nirmal agree
for his sister-in-law?
Child, at least try.
Otherwise, we have
finalised this girl anyway.
Oh, there is too much work.
I get so tired.
The olden times were good, right?
One kind had three hundred queens.
They used to all handle
the palace together.
-The kings were great
that they could handle
three hundred queens.
A man can't even handle one nowadays.
Three hundred will drive a man crazy.
Do I trouble you?
I am not talking about you. I am
talking about the kings and queens.
No, don't be scared.
You are right though.
Three hundred is a lot. They must
really be troubling the kings. Right?
Two are fine.
The woman is happy too and the
man doesn't need to make the bed.
-What do you mean?
-Didn't you get it?
You won't get angry, right?
Look, when the tyre
of a car breaks down,
we use the spare and make things work.
Do you understand?
That is usual. Why would
I get angry about that?
You didn't get it.
When the sticks are wet,
we add dry sticks to
them and start a fire.
And the food is cooked.
Do you get it now?
Marry my younger sister, Kirana.
Do you get it now?
What nonsense are you
talking about? You have lost your mind.
Why? Don't you find Kirana pretty?
She is my sister-in-law.
I have never looked at her like that.
No problem. You can look now.
Look at her now.
Go do your work.
Look, Sardarji, listen to me this once.
If we bring one of our own,
atleast she will
trouble me less if at all.
-Sardarniji, you listen to me.
I will give you the trouble
that you are seeking.
You finally said what was in your heart.
This is what you want,
that I should die of worries.
Okay. No problem. I'll die then.
Where are you going now?
Why do you care? I can go anywhere.
You didn't listen to even
a small request of mine.
-How is this a small request?
-It is a very small request!
Your sister-in-law is
insisting that I marry her.
Isn't she the one who was wearing
a green dress at your wedding?
Her hair was quite stylish too.
She was adamant. She said she will
take 500 rupees for cutting the ribbon.
You didn't refuse, did you?
Of course, I had to refuse.
She is my sister-in-law.
Have you lost your mind?
Be grateful that you don't have a baby.
You don't find someone like
her even if you try very hard.
Members, you are being so bizarre.
Member, the fair is for four
days and there are two shops.
You may buy stuff
from there when you want,
and you may go to the second one when
you want. Things will go on like that.
Just think,
how well both of us sisters
will take care of you together.
She will wake up early in the
morning and make tea for you.
I will make tea in the afternoon.
I will cook lunch and
she will cook dinner.
Sometimes, I will massage
your legs and sometimes she will.
You will be on cloud nine.
Just do one small thing.
Sardarji, you will have to make
my sister fall in love with you.
What do you mean?
Don't make me punch you, Sardarni.
What are you talking about?
I won't be able to do this.
"Listen to what I am saying, my love."
"Get married, my love."
"Listen to what I am saying,
my love. Get married, my love."
"Even mom has agreed so
why don't you say yes too?"
"When I have agreed so
what are you worried about?"
"I will dance like crazy,
I'll be so happy at your wedding."
"Please say yes, my love. Come on,
let's start your wedding preparations."
"You will look like a king when
we both link our arms together."
"Our bangles will sound like a folk
song when we wear them together."
"One will iron your clothes, the
other will make you wear a tie."
"If one gets angry at you, the
other one will keep you entertained."
"The other one will
keep you entertained."
"You will get fresh food even
if you ask for it late at night."
"When I have agreed then
what are you worried about?"
"I will dance like crazy,
I'll be so happy at your wedding."
"Please say yes, my love. Come on,
let's start your wedding preparations."
"This will be very
beneficial for our family too."
"Our house will become more alive
when the fortunate girl comes into it."
"All the men will respect you.
They will all come to you for advice."
"It will start a
new trend in the world."
"Everyone will say they
want to get remarried."
"Everyone will say they
want to get remarried."
"You will get double respect.
Everyone will call you Sir."
"When I have agreed then
what are you worried about?"
"I will dance like crazy,
I'll be so happy at your wedding."
"Please say yes, my love. Come on,
let's start your wedding preparations."
"Please say yes, my love. Come on,
let's start your wedding preparations."
"Please say yes, my love. Come on,
let's start your wedding preparations."
God bless her.
My beautiful daughter is here.
Well, look.
Our elder son-in-law is here too.
-Come, son-in-law.
-Come inside.
We thought we will give you good
news after we finalize Kirana's wedding.
It's good that you are here.
Great, come in.
Kids, bring a chair for your Uncle.
-Greetings, mom.
My Seebo is here today.
Our son-in-law is a
member of the Panchayat.
Is that so?
Girls, bring some
tea for our son-in-law.
It's alright.
He can have a sip from mine.
Are our things divided?
Son-in-law, you take a look too.
This is Gurvinder Singh,
the boy's father.
From the village, Majra. He
owns twenty acres of land.
He is quite educated.
So, son, how do you like the boy?
Yes... he's nice... He's nice.
Here, keep this here too.
Hold this.
Excuse me,
can you come here for a minute?
-What happened?
-The motor.
Seebo, I'll start the motor.
No, no, Brother.
You come here.
I'll be right back.
Well, I like the boy. What do you think?
Okay... so should I turn on the motor?
Break this alliance.
What on earth? Break the alliance?
She is your sister.
It is a good match. The boy
owns twenty acres of land.
So, are you bad?
You too own fifty acres.
She will get twenty-five
acres. She will live like a queen.
Fear God a little.
God is the one who sent us here.
This was his sign. If we had
come tomorrow, the marriage
would have been finalized.
Understand the sign, Sardarji.
You are just too much.
Then what should I do now?
Do what you need to do, I don't
know. Go and say something.
Poor Kirana must be so happy.
She is not happy.
She wants to study.
We will let her study further.
The outsiders don't let a girl study.
We will get her an education
and make her an officer.
Oh, God, you have
been so kind to my sister.
God, you have made my sister's life.
You look beautiful.
Did you like the boy?
He is handsome, isn't he?
Yes, the boy is handsome.
The boy is good-looking
but not as much as you.
Well, if I start looking for someone as
good-looking as me, I
will be single all my life.
What? It's not like you're old.
This is your age to study.
Concentrate on your education.
I said yes to save myself from studying.
I hope I get married before the exams.
Even cheating isn't easy nowadays.
There is very strict checking.
Nirmal Singh, take the boy outside.
Show him our fields.
Please show him around.
Do you see now?
The poor girl is so happy.
Happy? Well.
That poor child has said yes
only because she fears her exams.
Save her.
Is this the cow farm?
Yes, Manna started it but it failed.
And this land?
This land has been
mortgaged since my wedding.
I don't know if they got
the papers back yet or not.
And they will mortgage
these two acres for Kirana's wedding.
Things are more
expensive now, aren't they?
What is... Kirana's nature like?
You have already started talking like
that? You'll get me into trouble too.
What should I tell you about
her nature? She is very jovial.
Is that so?
You will be punished.
You are taking away the
exuberance of the family.
I used to come here because of her.
Now too, whenever you sow or
harvest, we will be at your place.
We won't like it here.
What's left behind now?
This family is full of scoundrels.
May I tell you something personal?
No, let it go.
Alright, I'll tell you.
We all went for a wedding once.
And Kirana said,
brother-in-law, I must pinch you.
She is my sister-in-law and it was dark.
She had to pinch my face.
I slept on my stomach by mistake.
She pinched me on my foot by mistake.
I tell you. This keeps going in between
brother-in-law and sister-in-law.
"No one can catch me except
my brother-in-law."
"He holds my hand and what a
sister-in-law goes through."
The scoundrels didn't even bid us goodbye.
What happened? They didn't even eat.
Son-in-law, did something
happen with the boy?
No, nothing happened.
In fact, he was very happy.
Yes... We spoke about the farm.
I told him brother Manna had started it.
It incurred some loss.
You were born to incur losses.
That's enough. Don't cry, my
daughter. It's their bad luck.
The boy owned twenty acres.
We will find you one with
twenty-five acres, Kirana.
-Right. Twenty-five acres.
He was an only son. He
didn't even have a sister.
Don't worry, child.
We will find you a family this time
without a mother and father-in-law.
Why mother and father-in-law, dad?
I will find such a boy for Kirana
who doesn't even have a right hand.
He won't even be able to slap you.
Talk sense.
I won't give my exams this time, mom.
Don't give them, child.
We will make you an officer.
You couldn't even
pass fifth grade yourself.
Do you know how difficult
home-science is?
-She is talking about officers.
-Oh, this girl.
It's alright, child.
You know how she is.
-Let's ask about that from the society.
Get snacks from inside for your Uncle.
I'll get them.
-Have you watered the crops?
I want to discuss
something important with you.
Go ahead.
We couldn't find the
fertilizer this time.
You know that we are having
difficulty conceiving a baby.
Yes, child.
do you know what his mom said?
That radish looks
nice only if it has leaves.
And she...
wants to bring another
radish with leaves.
Oh, my God.
I said did you hear that?
-No, mom...
Son-in-law wants to get married again.
Is that so?
What happened, dad?
Is that right?
Whisper something in my ear
too, so I can also say, is that right?
It's alright. I'll tell you.
Dad, don't let him leave.
Son-in-law, we didn't
expect this from you.
We used to think
that you are a wise man.
You are a member of
the village panchayat.
Will you behave in such
a cheap manner now?
If you don't have a sister
or a daughter that does not
mean that you will treat
other's daughters like this.
At least tell me what happened? I don't
even know what you are talking about.
Just wait,
I will tell you what happened.
Just a minute! What did you
say? Tell me what did you say?
I just said that you
want to get married again.
-No! Tell them the whole truth.
-Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
The whole story is that...
he wants to get married to Kirana.
-With Kirana?
-With Kirana?
No! Tell them the whole story!
Just a minute. I'll tell
you the whole story.
He told me that I shouldn't worry
and he will win Kirana over himself.
So, you will win her over, right?
No! Tell them the truth. Will you
tell them when I am dead? Tell them!
He is pointing a gun at you.
I am scared. I forgot the story.
Hold on!
-Put it down.
-Put it down, brother.
Look, you all know that we are
having difficulty conceiving a baby.
So we thought Kirana is better than an
outsider. And we all can't convince her.
So, I told him to win her over.
Is that so? You will win her over.
Come on then.
Win me over first. Come on.
You are a man.
Alright. So you win girls over.
Dad, do one thing, wear your
daughter-in-law's scarf.
Come on, win him over.
Son, it doesn't seem
appropriate at my age.
-Just win him over.
-Please don't do this. Please, brother.
What happened?
It's alright. It's nothing.
Son-in-law had a catch in his back.
You guys are making a lot of noise.
Your voices can be heard from outside.
-Who is winning who over?
-Your brother-in-law.
He wants to win us over.
Well, brother-in-law, is it a
hard task to win men over?
Place a bottle of alcohol in front of
them and you can win their hearts.
Son-in-law, you have
really won our hearts.
Forgive me. I unnecessarily got
angry and pointed a gun at you.
I forgive you.
It's alright.
He is just like our son.
I love my younger daughter dearly
just like the elder one.
If she happily
wants to go with you,
then she is absolutely free to go.
She can definitely go.
And if she happily...
doesn't want to go.
She is absolutely free not to go.
That's right too.
We are happy if she is happy.
What if we both get together
and win her heart?
If she says yes happily then?
Then... do it.
We are saying yes.
You try and win her over.
Alright then. First, you win her over.
If you are unable
to do it then I'll do it.
If I am unable to do
it too then you do it.
Make their drinks. Keep them large.
-Pour some.
-Eat this too.
And we have heard they
thrashed their son-in-law very badly.
A man who never hit a dog,
he too lost his temper.
The only thing they didn't do is
no one slapped him on the face.
What happened?
Nothing. Yesterday one of
the village boys got beaten up.
-What did he do?
-He was flirting.
She is my sister-in-law.
He too was wooing his sister-in-law.
What are you doing here, brother-in-law?
I came to drink a soda.
Do you want to drink it?
Yes, we do. But one isn't enough.
A lot of my friends are sitting inside.
Should I get it for all of them?
Yes, get it for all of them.
It's good that you all get together
every day for stitching and embroidery.
Do you all study?
All these losers study with me.
By the way, may I say
something, brother-in-law?
You won't mind, will you?
God knows where you got stuck.
Seebo doesn't get along
with anyone in our village.
And she has fought with all of us too.
Listen to my sister's praises.
If my brother-in-law wasn't married,
I would have got him married
to whomever he placed his hand on.
Let it be, silly. It's already done now.
Oh, your brother-in-law
put his hand on you.
Should I teach you a lesson?
Give it to me.
Oh, God.
-Give it to me, sister. I'll do it.
-It's alright.
You should put the
clothes up for drying together.
How was the day?
What should I tell you? If you
were my friend, I would have told you.
But she is your sister.
Well, I am your friend, so tell me.
First of all, let me tell you, you
are not respected much in the village.
Be grateful that
you got married on time.
Otherwise, she wouldn't
have let it happen.
I know that. Tell me about
the job that I sent you to do.
I met her friends today.
I got sodas for all of them.
Okay. How much money did you spend?
I opened an account.
I'll check it later.
It's alright. One mustn't
think about profit and loss.
I also got them some fritters to eat.
Is that so? Oh, so much expenditure?
It cost around twenty-five rupees.
Be grateful that it's a family matter
so we need to spend less money.
If it was an outsider then we
would have to spend this much daily.
That is why loverboys
are always at loss.
Okay. Anyway, what happened next?
She said where did you
get stuck, brother-in-law?
You are so good-looking that
anyone you touch would have said yes.
I touched her shoulder by mistake.
Did I ask you to put your
hand on her shoulder?
Did I ask you to put your
hand on her shoulder?
-Then why did you do it?
Do only what you are told.
There is no need to touch
her shoulders too much.
-A man needs to think for himself too...
Do only what you are told.
Do you know how difficult
it is for me to send you?
Then don't send me.
Did I ask you to send me?
What do you mean don't send me?
It's not like I am doing it for myself.
I am doing it for both of us.
For our family.
Then I can't do it. I will
use my mind a little I tell you.
What happened, brother-in-law?
What is she saying?
Listen to me, sister. Don't you dare
say anything to my brother-in-law.
Do whatever you want in your village.
Don't fight here.
My brother-in-law is so nice.
He is not nice or anything.
You don't know him.
I know him and I
know you quite well too.
you were right about her.
What did he say?
What did you say about me?
Nothing... Just like that.
I was talking about your nature.
Who knows her nature better than me?
Forget it, brother-in-law.
Come on, let's watch TV.
What happened?
-My tyre is puncture.
Come, I'll drop you.
"You are a pious soul are blessed too."
"You are a pious soul are blessed too."
"Even birds fly and
sit according to your wish."
"Even God cannot go against your wish."
"Those who call you just beautiful."
"I swear those people have
not looked at you carefully."
"Those who call you just beautiful."
"I swear those people have
not looked at you carefully."
"Even the ground gets excited
when you put your foot down."
"Whatever things you
eat gives blessings."
"Even the ground gets excited
when you put your foot down."
"Whatever things you
eat gives blessings."
"We have heard that Heer was beautiful."
"But your much more beautiful than her."
"Those who call you just beautiful."
"I swear they have not
looked at you carefully."
"Those who call you just beautiful."
"I swear they have not
looked at you carefully."
-Move aside, Seebo!
What did you do?
One minute.
I had an ice cream.
An ice cream with alcohol?
It's a sober ice cream.
You mustn't doubt, Seebo.
Kirana, listen to me, my dear.
Talk to the girl directly.
God forbid, that brother-in-law
wins her over and leaves tomorrow.
And he doesn't marry her.
We may not say anything.
But the way he is acting like a Mirza,
someone else in the village
may cut him into pieces.
I sent you to win Kirana's
heart over, not to lose yours.
Silly, you can both
win and lose in love.
And if we lose today, only
then we can win tomorrow.
Shut up.
There is no need
to go anywhere tomorrow.
We will talk to Kirana
directly tomorrow.
Oh, you silly woman,
the deal is almost sealed now.
Don't ruin the game unnecessarily.
She will come herself and say yes.
The love has reached to
its extreme.
There is no need to go anywhere.
Stay put.
Seebo, going in the
morning is very important.
The crochet is working on the
birds kissing with their beaks.
Don't play with your beak too much.
Don't make me peck you.
I will fix everything in the morning.
Sister-in-law, give me a little butter.
Give me some more.
Kirana, my dear. Listen.
Come. Come here, my child.
You know your sister is
having difficulty conceiving.
Her in-laws are insisting that your
brother-in-law gets married again.
Has she agreed?
What could the poor
girl do if not agree?
She is just dying of fear thinking
how will she live with an outsider?
That outsider should be scared.
Your daughter is very sly, mom.
Kirana, my dear.
I really like seeing you and
your brother-in-law happy together.
The silly man is really fond of you.
How about we get you
married to your brother-in-law?
Mom, don't joke with
me early in the morning.
No, child.
Why will I joke?
God is the one who is joking with us.
The girl is feeling shy.
She got a little angry at first.
I think she's feeling shy now.
Have some shame. I am not feeling shy.
Have you lost your minds?
Should I marry my brother-in-law?
I can't even imagine doing that.
You put mom up to all this, right?
You are the one who is scheming, right?
That is why you keep
coming here so often.
Look, mom.
You didn't even tell me.
How can you say this to her?
I didn't tell you?
No, you didn't.
I thought of all this all by myself?
Mom, if you weren't
my mom, I would have...
set you right...
Listen, my dear. Kirana.
Tell me something.
Does brother-in-law know about this?
Is that why you send us both together?
That poor man...
is very innocent.
He doesn't...
I think all of you are
playing me in some way.
Caught you.
Come on, Kirana, let's go.
You have your crochet class.
If we get late the other
girls will leave you behind.
Oh my goodness.
You still haven't finished your food.
Come, we'll eat together.
It increases love.
Isn't that so?
Here, eat it.
Eat, Seebo.
Here, eat it, mom. Come on, just eat it.
Here. Now it's the turn of the
main member of the family.
No, brother-in-law.
Aren't you a part of the family?
You are the most important one of them all.
Isn't that right? Here, eat it, my dear.
Well, look at that.
May God bless us in such a way that we feed
each other affectionately just like this.
We should never snatch
each other's bites.
Let's go, Kirana. We are getting late.
We will race the motorcycle today.
Let's go.
Be a little careful.
Don't call out to anyone from behind.
It ruins the work.
Stop the bike for a minute. I need to
talk to you about something important.
Just talk like this. What is so important
that you can't say while we ride?
It is very important matter.
Stop for a minute.
I'll stop. What's the big deal
about stopping? Here you go.
Yes? Tell me.
Do you know the family is
discussing marriage?
My dear, you are at a marriageable age.
Everyone will talk about
marriage, why just our family?
Yes, the way they are behaving,
everyone will definitely discuss it.
They are discussing our marriage.
Now what?
What do you mean?
Tell me one thing.
Does it seem appropriate
to say such things?
This isn't something one should propose.
Is that so?
That is why they send us
both together everywhere.
Like you have to go get the
carpets, what will I do there?
That's what.
And when I have to go get fuel in
the bike, why do you need to be there?
That is why they gave me a
turban matching with your scarf.
They are turning us into
a couple in peoples' eyes.
Did you really not know about this?
So, that means they didn't
ever discuss this in front of you?
I mean they must have
discussed it behind my back.
As you know that we are
having difficulty conceiving.
And your sister has the habit of
discussing about marriage everywhere.
She must have mentioned you too.
That's it. I have
realized, brother-in-law,
this is all my sister's doing.
Don't I know her? She must have told you
that we can't have a baby.
So, marry Kirana.
And I know what you must have said.
You must have said that
she is my sister-in-law
and I don't think of her like that.
Yes, absolutely. That is what I was
supposed to say. That is what I said.
But don't worry.
Your brother-in-law
won't be belittled in your eyes.
I will give your family a curt reply.
They won't think about getting
you married for a few years.
Am I that bad, brother-in-law?
Why curt?
You can answer them politely too.
If I answer then I will do it curtly.
If you want to answer politely
then do it yourself. I'll do it curtly.
I won't respond politely either.
I'll be curt too.
You may do that, it doesn't
make a difference to me now.
Talk to them once at least.
Alright... whoever thinks of an
answer first, will talk to them.
It wasn't even such an important matter
that you had to get down for this.
It could have been
discussed on the bike too.
Should I turn around?
Let's get the carpets at least.
What happened?
She is going to refuse.
Let's see when she does it.
She hasn't refused yet, has she?
Well, then she may say yes.
She is like that. Don't worry.
-She will think tonight.
-Is that so?
Did you refuse?
No... I couldn't find the time.
Did you refuse?
I couldn't find the time either.
This is all happening for a baby, right?
I have decided.
I will give you my first baby.
It doesn't work like that.
Your husband won't agree.
Then we'll give you the second one.
If your mother-in-law says
that she wants a pair, then?
I'll give you the third one then.
Will you keep having babies?
No, until your child's turn comes...
I am coming.
Make the beds at least.
My dear.
Your mom must have spoken to you.
Tell me what you have decided?
There is no pressure.
We are happy if you are happy.
Tell us, are you ready
for this marriage or not?
It is a no from me, dad.
Alright, guys. It's been decided.
Get up, dad, help me load the trolley.
Come on, guys. You go home too.
Let's go home.
Get ready.
I will also pack my clothes.
It's alright.
Don't worry.
Just keep your promise.
Your third baby is ours.
Get your tyre fixed.
It's a little flat.
It's alright.
Let it be.
It is her wish.
Why are you looking at me?
What did I do?
You were supposed to do what you had to.
Oh, let it go now.
Come, my dear.
Big mom.
Big mom, you are back.
Do you know my wisdom
tooth has surfaced?
Mithu, go away.
Son, will you have churi?
I think your wisdom
tooth has surfaced too.
Come, I'll make churi for you. Come.
I don't know how these
panchayat members come to know
that I have come back to the village.
Yes, Nirmal?
I have good news for you.
Our Kirana has agreed to marry you.
Alright then.
Big mom.
Don't let there be any lack of churi.
I will turn the fifty acres
of land into fifty-five.
Eat this.
Kirana has agreed for marriage.
-Yes. She said she just has two conditions.
She said firstly, you got one
chest of drawers, she wants two.
She said you got a diwan bed
and she wants a double bed.
And she just wants them
to spend more money
on her wedding than they did on yours.
She just wants the family to
spend double the money, is that it?
I accept.
-Come then, have something sweet.
-This is my churi.
-Move aside!
You move aside.
Get lost from here.
You haven't been fair, Big mom.
You'll be punished for this.
You scoundrel, you'll be punished more.
-Will you leave or not?
-I will show you.
-I will get punished?
Come on now. Come on.
I will deal with you later.
Let him go.
Let's start the wedding preparations.
What will I prepare for?
Mom, look the boy is feeling shy.
"Jatt has a bitter
tone, he is the king of destiny."
"According to his friends,
he is amazing."
"According to his friends,
he is amazing."
"Jatt has a bitter
tone, he is the king of destiny."
"According to his friends,
he is amazing."
"Sardar's style can give
the Sun a run for its money."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
"Listen to me carefully, lad."
"What does the stylish moustache say?"
"Money is for greedy people."
"Friends never put a
price on relationships."
"Sardar's rifle speaks when
the atrocities get too much."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
"If you look at him once,
he enters your heart."
"We live in hearts with style."
"The boy makes
headlines in the entire city."
"Sardar is appreciated and
will continue to be so always."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
"Sardarji's blink eyes
don't give away his style."
Whose daughter are you?
God has blessed you with good fortune.
"My father is getting married."
"My father is getting married."
But then why are you sad?
Now there will be two good news.
You got your husband married.
And you are also pregnant.
There will be two good news.
But three lives will be ruined.
Now what?
What are you going to do now?
That's what I can't understand.
What should I do?
It is also possible that you must
have eaten something bad there.
Did you have cheese fritters?
And gulab jamuns?
And chamcham?
Didn't you eat anything?
Did you just go there to
get your husband married?
It happened because
you didn't eat anything.
We'll go to the nurse and get a
check-up first thing in the morning.
There is still time to fix things.
But he is climbing the stairs, right?
You go to sleep too.
You have done such a big thing.
You go home too, girl.
Your husband must be waiting.
Alright, I'll leave then.
I can't even ask you to sleep.
Can you lift your veil?
I am feeling a little awkward.
Thank God,
I was so uncomfortable myself.
A summer wedding and on
top of that, so much jewellery.
How was your day?
It was right in front of you.
So many rituals.
A person gets tired.
It was your first time that is
why you must have felt that.
I already knew this would happen.
When to sit during the wedding
and when to stand.
Did you eat something?
I don't feel like it.
I am feeling dizzy.
The fumes were making
me sick in the car.
Drink a little milk.
Is there no milk?
No one kept it here.
This is strange. No one kept milk here?
What will a person think?
It's not my first time. They should
have kept the milk. This is too much.
There, I think they
have brought the milk.
Didn't you bring the milk?
-There is no milk inside.
-Isn't there any milk?
What? How is that possible?
No, no. It must be here somewhere.
Is it on the floor?
The milk should have been here.
It's alright.
I'll get it right now. You sit.
I will bring it.
No, no, sister.
Don't trouble yourself.
I am not hungry anyway.
He was forcing me to have milk.
Is that so?
I want to say something.
Sister, I...
I am feeling very awkward.
I am not used to sleeping alone.
May I sleep here tonight?
You are already lying here so go ahead.
Okay then you sleep too.
Lie down, Kirana.
We have slept together so
many times since childhood, right?
And we...
Yes, I will be able to sleep now.
Kirana, turn off the lights.
Are you asleep?
[Spiritual song]
Oh, God.
You are our only hope.
Make some tea, my dear.
She isn't here either.
Hey, has Seebo gone
to check on the animals?
No, ma'am, she is not there.
Hey, Nirmal.
What happened, mom?
Why won't you let me sleep?
Son, I am so worried.
I can't find the elder one.
She is sleeping right here.
And what about the younger one?
She is sleeping over there.
Have some shame.
You turned out to be very clever.
You slept between them last night?
What cleverness? I am just worried
that three lives might be ruined.
Don't worry.
We will know the truth soon.
The dispensary will be closed for
three days due to the doctor's strike.
Don't worry.
-Let's go to the midwife. Come.
Let's go.
Congratulations, my dear.
Really, Aunt?
You got your husband married.
And didn't even get me any sweets.
It's hard.
Aunt, that is my knee. Feel here.
Do you feel nauseous?
I do feel nauseous, Aunt.
I even threw up.
What do you think, Aunt?
Here, show me your hands.
I can't be certain right now, my dear.
Come after sometime.
-I'll come back in half an hour.
-Not half an hour, come back in four days.
Never mind.
It's just four days.
They will pass too.
The days will pass.
I am worried about the nights.
Well, I have eaten so
much tonight. I am so full.
The younger one made it.
It's tasty, right?
It is tasty, mom.
But the lentils are a bit too salty.
Do you want to taste this?
This is delicious.
Come, I'll massage your legs.
I was saying...
We should all sleep here together.
We will all talk.
But she is climbing the stairs.
I suggest you should sleep too.
I am tired anyway.
Point this cooler towards yourselves.
Attach your beds, okay?
I forgot the milk.
Mom, don't let her get scared.
-No, I...
-My dear.
Don't call out to anyone from behind.
You sleep with me.
I will tell you a story.
There was a king, a queen.
The queen had two sons.
One of them was Roop.
And the queen used to watch
the sparrow's nest from the palace.
The sparrow died one day.
The male sparrow got
married to another sparrow.
Mom, how long is the story?
Just a little bit.
She threw the eggs away.
If I die then...
don't get married again.
If you die then I
won't get married again.
I got the milk already.
Open the door.
Go and sleep.
Are you feeling awkward again today?
I am feeling very scared.
Mom is there with you downstairs.
That is why I am feeling scared.
Kirana, I don't know
what mom is mumbling.
She is calling out for Niranjan.
I think mom is
missing dad a lot today.
Dad's name was Sujjan Singh.
What? Then who is Niranjan?
I am not bothering you two, am I?
No, no. We were getting scared
too. It's good that you are here.
Then it's fine.
I suggest we sleep. I have to
milk the cows in the morning too.
It's alright, you can sleep.
I will think a little and then sleep.
Do your work.
Lots of work is pending.
Look at how she is smirking.
Why are you scolding me?
It's not like I will tell anyone.
How are you, member?
You have attached two trolleys to your
tractor. You might damage your engine.
It doesn't matter.
If you want attach third trolley also.
Come on, girl, get dressed.
Let's go to my sister's
place for two days.
Mom, can we go day after tomorrow?
Who knows what might happen to me?
My end might be near.
That is why I am missing my sister.
Come along. Let's go.
Mom, but the house...
They will handle it themselves.
She is new. The buffaloes
are also used to me.
Let her get used to the
things who are used to you.
Mom, you don't understand.
Oh, God. No one listens
to me in this house.
How would you know
how much I miss my sister?
If I go alone I might lose my way.
Mom, I have hidden something from you.
Nothing is hidden.
The whole village knows.
No one else knows what I know.
What is that?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I was thinking something else.
What now? I too was worried
that three lives might get ruined.
Alright, my dear. I will take
you to the city tomorrow morning. Okay?
It's fine about the morning but...
what about the night?
Look, dear, just as you
have managed for two nights,
now I will manage tonight.
Talk to him.
It's alright, my dear.
He will fill the
cooler with water first.
Then he'll start it.
He will sit with
us for five minutes too.
I will say it's our turn to
water the fields tonight.
I have filled the cooler with water.
Sleep comfortably.
And keep a glass of water near
your pillow. You won't get nightmares.
Son, it is our...
-Go and get a glass of water.
Mom, you didn't say anything.
How could I? I was choking.
He is climbing the stairs.
He climbed the stairs so quickly?
-I will go myself.
-Hurry up!
-My slippers are under the bed.
Oh, mom, here. Wear my slippers.
Wear them.
Where's my scarf?
Here's your scarf, mom.
Scarf. Hurry up now.
What happened?
Hand me my walking stick.
You usually run and climb the stairs
and today you need your walking stick?
It is evening and my joints are aching.
What if I trip and fall?
I will get it.
Thank God, mom went up.
Has she reached?
God bless me.
Give me my walking stick.
You still haven't gone?
I went to make the curd.
We can have buttermilk in the
morning once the curd is made.
Oh, mom, I will make the
curd and the buttermilk. Just go.
Just go.
Mom, hurry up.
The light has been turned off.
I beg of you, mom, just go.
Yes, mom?
Son, it is our turn to
water the fields tonight.
Mom, I told Maggar to do it.
How can you trust Maggar?
He is an alcoholic.
You come.
Mom, it's just water. He doesn't
have to drive a car. He will do it.
Son, you are wise.
You have two responsibilities now.
Come, my son.
Mom, he will water the fields.
What is going to happen? He'll do it.
Oh, God, no one listens
to me in this house.
If my husband was alive,
would I have come to you?
Only ten minutes are left for our
water turn. Someone might take it.
Hand me the axe. I'll do it myself.
Oh, God.
I'll tell you the rest
of the story tomorrow.
I will go and do it.
You are mistaken about the baby.
She ate something bad at the wedding
which is making her nauseous.
Thank God, there is no good news.
Otherwise, there would have
been a huge problem in our family.
Let's go.
Hurry up or we'll miss the bus.
May God bless you, my dear.
I too want some water.
Mom, I am not feeling very good.
I was thinking I should go
home for a couple of days.
Why would you go?
You stay, I was thinking I will go.
Do you need to think too?
You can do as you please. Go ahead.
No, Kirana, I just thought about it.
No, it's good. Go ahead.
No, I will go.
But you shouldn't say it.
Okay, I won't say it.
Go ahead.
No, you are saying it again...
Mom, she is not understanding.
Dear, she has understood.
You haven't understood. Go on.
Where are you planning to go?
My sister is saying she wants
to go to our maternal home.
What? Maternal home?
It's nothing. I was just saying that
I will go in the four o'clock bus.
It's only fifteen minutes to four.
Pack your things quickly.
I will drop you to the bus station.
I haven't even eaten yet.
You can go there and eat.
The place is hardly two hours away.
Pack your things. Mom,
help her pack her things.
I'll start the bike or else she'll
postpone it. Help her pack her things.
Sister, I will cook food.
Here... give me that.
Come quickly. We only
have five minutes. Hurry up.
Should we go?
-Wait, sister. Eat your food at least.
-Here, take it.
-Make a roll.
Hurry up and eat the roll.
Stop the bus!
-Stop the bus!
-We missed the bus.
Oh, we missed it.
You missed the bus.
I have been asking you
to hurry up for so long.
You wanted to eat. Eat it now!
I will go tomorrow.
I will make lady
fingers for you tonight.
Don't you dare talk about lady fingers.
Will I be able to eat lady fingers now?
I will leave in the morning.
Will the morning come anytime soon?
There are still twelve hours left.
Member, she missed the
bus and you are so confounded.
It might have barely reached
the next turn. Step on the accelerator.
Sit! Hurry up and sit.
-I will go tomorrow.
-Just sit.
Sit. Who knows how much
your family might be missing you?
Your mom must be missing you.
Just stop the bus!
Stop the damn bus! Stop!
You scoundrel!
Ride slowly otherwise I will fall.
What are you looking at? Move the cart.
We'll miss the bus. Get down.
Move the cart.
Move it!
-Move it!
-What's wrong with you today?
Come along, you'll make us late.
Hurry up and sit.
Stop, brother!
What's this?
-The wind.
-It's alright.
I wasn't racing with you.
A passenger needed to get on.
I will talk to the panchayat about you.
You get on the bus.
Alright then.
"There are white pigeons on our roof."
"There are white pigeons on our roof."
"Our union, my beloved,"
"Our union, my beloved,"
"Is as gems in a ring."
"Is as gems in a ring."
"There are sparrows on our roof."
"Everyone in the village is talking"
"About our wedding."
"Your in-laws village is very famous."
"The entire district of
Sangrur came for our wedding."
"Your in-laws village is very famous."
"The entire district of
Sangrur came for our wedding."
"A pair of rings."
"I have your illness."
"I have your illness."
"I don't feel like staying alone."
"I don't feel like staying alone."
"I am living my youth."
"Every happiness is
doubled because of you."
"I am living my youth."
"Every happiness is
doubled because of you."
"Flowers have been
planted along the way."
"Ask my heart and see."
"Ask my heart and see."
"How excited it is about you."
"How excited it is about you."
"The white cotton has bloomed.
You say such sweet things."
"The white cotton has bloomed.
You say such sweet things."
"There is Egyptian
acacia in our fields."
"Where will he keep you?"
"Where will he keep you?"
"The boy is worried about that."
"The boy is worried about that."
No, Aunt, let it be.
-Buy something. Don't say no to your Aunt.
-Take it.
Take it, son.
She is giving it with love.
Let's go and get sodas.
Alright then, sister-in-law.
Look at her, she didn't
even come to see you off.
You could have stayed another few days.
I was having such a good time with you.
I would have stayed, mom.
But I don't know what
condition my home will be in.
Kirana is still a child.
And mom can't work anymore.
Yes. My dear.
You two were staying
here as you pleased.
Live nicely with each other there.
Don't worry, mom.
I have planned something else.
I will just go and tell him
that have a baby and give him to me.
Then... he may make a house for me
and my son, Mal, in the fields.
We will live like that.
We don't want anything.
No, my child.
Don't say that when you go there.
You are the owner of that house.
They will die without you.
And you are older and wiser,
my daughter.
Keep the younger one under control too.
Both sisters should
live together peacefully.
Alright, mom.
Okay then.
I will go and see the
condition of my house.
You are sitting here?
Okay, so, it's locked.
They must have gone to watch a movie.
They keep going out.
Even mom?
She is the first one out of the door.
She wears high-heeled sandals.
She even missed a few religious
gatherings for the sake of movies.
You are asking about mom.
What happened to you?
Mithu has changed now, Aunt.
Yes, Aunt, yes.
Here you are.
And here I am.
Neither you got anything,
nor you let me get anything.
Now, I will study and make my destiny.
How long will we keep
staring at other's houses?
Come on, mom. Let's go.
I need to go home and study too.
Oh, great.
The guests have come.
You are a fool. Today is Saturday.
Why did you come today. You should
not visit relatives on a Saturday
Mom, it is her home.
We started at the door.
Give me the keys. Let's unlock the gate.
She has the keys.
Here, open the gate.
I really liked that part in the movie
when Parul tells Rahul
that I have left everything
and come to you.
Now make me yours.
Rahul was adamant too.
-He said don't worry.
I will even sacrifice my life for you.
I will shoot each and everyone of them.
Oh, wow, bravo, mom. Do that again.
Rahul Verma, what are you saying?
If you utter another word,
-then you will see my dead face.
What have you said, Rahul?
Don't say another word for my sake.
What are we discussing?
Guests have come.
Make some tea.
I'll make some tea.
Kirana, one minute.
I want to discuss something
very important with all of you.
Give me my baby and
let me stay apart from you.
My son and I will stay away from you.
You may even give us a room
in the fields. I won't say anything.
You are all happy.
We are very happy.
And you know very well
that we just got married.
You want a separate room?
We'll see when the baby comes.
-We'll give her the terrace then.
No, mom. Will sister be able to
go up and down the stairs at this age?
What if she gets hurt?
We'll give her this room.
Why? Do you want to
throw this old woman out?
I won't give my room.
You give your room.
No, hold on.
Just a minute. As Kirana said,
who will be responsible if she
hurts herself going up and down?
Sister, the entire house is yours.
Just not this room and
the room on the terrace.
You can put your cot anywhere.
You own each and everything.
Exactly. And listen to me...
I was just joking.
What kind of a joke is this?
Did anyone laugh?
Go and make some tea.
Go, Kirana, teach her
how to make tea on the new stove. Go on.
Very good.
Go on.
-Mom, shall we do it once again? Come on.
Tell me that story.
What? You want me to tell you
a story in the middle of the night.
Go and sleep.
I have told you a hundred times, I got
late because of some panchayat work.
-Which panchayat works at night?
-Don't make noise.
I will do something mean.
-Just try and touch me.
-They won't even let me sleep.
It's okay one or twice but
she has driven me crazy.
Should I stop seeing my friends for you?
-Leave them.
-You are crazy.
You may hang me around your neck.
Sometimes for a movie
and sometimes to aunt 's place.
Sometimes you take them to city.
Are you out of your mind?
Why don't you let me sleep?
-What happened?
-Mom, where are the bike's keys.
-I want to sit on the bike.
-Tell me what happened?
-I told you to bring the bike keys.
-Okay, fine, don't tell me.
Just sit. Sit comfortably.
Just sit.
She has driven me crazy.
-Look, she is a million times
better than you. -Just sit.
She has never asked me once in
my life what time I'll come home.
It's alright. Everyone has a
different temperament. Come here.
Sit here. Sit.
Sit comfortably.
Tell me what's going on?
I'll talk to her.
-She is a child.
-Is she a child?
If I tell you what she does.
All night she tells me movie stories.
I don't know where she
has seen so many movies.
What did I say to you?
I too was married into this family.
I didn't run and come here.
I just asked you where you
were so late in the night.
Mom, tell me, what did I say wrong?
I don't feel like staying
here! Get me the bike keys.
You won't do anything.
Just sit here. Sit.
Where will you go so late at night?
Sister, let him go.
He'll come back in the morning.
It's not like the morning won't come.
Don't move. Stay right there.
I'll teach you a lesson.
-Just wait there.
-Listen, boy.
-Don't say anything to the girl.
-Where are you going? Stay there.
Mom, it's okay. He is just
going to make her understand.
Where did you go now?
Just wait there.
Take it easy.
Don't hit her.
Let it be.
Go to sleep.
I think the girl convinced him.
The girl is wise.
-Eat it.
-Whose sweater is that, mom?
Is it my Mal's?
Is Mal your brother-in-law?
Mom, we didn't tell you.
We both had decide to call our baby Mal.
Mal? They were think of something else.
What will you name the baby?
Jagjit, mom.
No, Mal is a good name.
He will take his land when he grows up.
You are talking about taking the land?
They are planning on winning the world.
And, sister.
Mal is a very old name. Jagjit is good.
Mom, we won't bother
the kid with land issues.
We'll educate him and send him abroad.
Yes, we'll send the boy abroad.
Come and eat it.
You neither have Mal nor Nirmal.
I am a sinner.
Beat me up as much as you want.
I made a mistake
by advising you regarding your sister.
How could I know
that your sister will treat
you worse than outsiders?
I felt the worst when I realized
that girl turned out to be really nice
whom you had finalized for Nirmal.
You gave her a rupee and the
girl turned out to be worth 1.25 lacs.
She got married to my Uncle's son.
Well, the boy has been blessed.
Look, how pale your complexion is.
You are in such a sorry condition
that I don't even know what to say.
You are like a terrace
that doesn't have any stairs.
You couldn't even sit in the shade
of the plant that you planted yourself.
Well, don't start crying now.
Don't make such a face.
Don't cry.
Okay you may cry.
Enough now. Don't cry so much.
You must keep some
anger inside your heart.
What should I do, Mhindo?
Look at that.
Now even a woman needs to
be told what she should do?
Come here...
You handle this, I'll handle that.
Tell him.
Bring two bottles from the wine shop.
I am here, sister.
Are you planning to go out today too?
No, he was asking
me to go but I refused.
The eyesight becomes poor if we
watch too many movies, right?
What a glow. You are looking so pretty.
Well, you are no less.
Nothing special about me.
I just want now
that I shouldn't let your complexion
turn pale like mine. No.
What do you mean?
How should I explain it to you now?
I liked what you did last night.
So? I had to say it.
Yes, be like that now. Don't step back.
Look, he slipped through my fingers.
At least you control him.
He sat with few people
and had two drinks.
Tomorrow, he'll sit with two
people and have four drinks.
Men will keep decreasing,
drinks will keep increasing.
He has six drinks too sometimes.
I have never seen him drink so much.
He won't drink it in front of you.
I made him take an oath in the saint's
name before your marriage.
That he won't drink for one month.
The month is over now.
Before he has eight
drinks and comes home,
get him under your control.
Keep him on a tight leash.
You know Maggar from
our village, don't you?
-He got drunk and beat up his wife.
He beat her so much that her rib broke.
The villagers thought that
sister-in-law is carrying a bottle.
-Oh, no.
-Some even asked her for it.
They said, sister-in-law,
give us a couple of drinks.
That is what I fear.
That he'll come home drunk
and beat us up.
I can't get beaten at this age, sister.
You may be able to tolerate
it for another few years.
To hell with it.
Let him even touch me once.
You better not interfere.
Stay out of it now.
I will stay out of it.
Okay, don't push me aside.
I won't interfere, okay?
Oh, God, I hope he doesn't
come home drunk tonight.
God Almighty.
If you are your father's son
then come home drunk tonight.
Okay, Member, I am leaving.
I'm going.
Yes, because you fear sister-in-law.
Sometimes wives get upset.
Do you see?
I told you, didn't I,
-that your friend is afraid of Kirana?
Why should I be scared? There
is nothing to be scared about.
Pour me another.
Sometimes he can forgets the way home.
Let him come. I'll show
him the way properly.
You just talking unnecessarily.
Is my brother afraid?
He had four drinks.
I am not scared of anyone.
Pour me a drink.
Pour him a drink.
He'll be able to sleep then.
Stop waiting for him.
That horrific night
that I feared is here.
His oath ended today and he...
Just lie down.
Go to sleep, girls.
She is the one who encouraged him.
She is the root of all the problems.
Don't say anything to her now.
How can I not?
-What are you whispering about?
-Go to sleep quietly.
"Alcohol is Jatt's favourite."
Where are you going?
He is singing the same song.
-I will teach him how to sing.
-Listen to me.
We'll talk in the morning.
-He won't eat me.
You don't know about his temper, Kirana.
Don't get scared unnecessarily.
-He will beat you.
-Let him hit me once.
"It will go with me to my grave."
Bring food for me.
Shouldn't we serve cake for you?
Where were you drinking?
What are you looking at?
I am talking to you.
-I don't get it.
-Then you shouldn't drink so much.
Speak politely, girl.
You shut up. You have
encouraged him to do all this.
Had already kept it under control,
wouldn't have done it today.
Mom, wasn't she polite until yesterday?
She said you now.
It's alright, son.
It's okay if she said that to me.
Don't say anything to her now.
What will I say, mom?
I haven't had too many drinks yet.
Should I get you something to drink?
A man can have a couple
of drinks at home.
I will go and get it.
She deserves to be appreciated.
This girl has never refused
me for anything ever.
You have lost your place in my heart.
Okay. I will also see today.
It'll either be alcohol or me.
I found it!
Will this one do?
Think about it.
Either that or me.
What is her fault?
You go from here.
You... have broken my faith today.
Go away. Broken her faith.
Look at that. She gets
upset over such small things.
It's alright.
You sit.
We won't drink it
on the rocks today, okay?
I'll bring some water.
Here you go.
Wow, sister.
You said mom encouraged him.
But you are the root cause
of the real problem.
Go ahead and drink.
Give it to mom, have it
yourself and give it to her too.
The whole family should
celebrate my ruin.
And you should have
been married to Maggar.
You should have broken your rib. The
whole village should have said to you,
sister-in-law, get us a drink.
Are you happy now?
You said that to this godly woman?
It's alright.
I am her elder sister, she is younger.
She keeps calling me names.
I don't mind.
Just a minute. Don't move from there.
Just watch what I do to you.
Wait right there.
-I'll explain to her and come.
-No, no. Don't explain.
I won't let you go. Sit right here.
Move aside.
Alright then.
Either explain it to her today,
or listen to me and have this drink.
I will explain it to her and come.
You move aside!
Wait right there.
Just wait.
Where are you going again?
Just a minute.
My dear, open the door, my darling.
Open the door, my sweetheart.
She got scared and went inside.
I will wake up in the
morning and talk to her.
I have seen how you
explain things to her.
Just watch what happens
to her in the morning.
Just listen to me, Seebo.
My darling.
My dear, make some food for me.
I am very hungry, my love.
Oh, my cutiepie.
My love.
Come, son.
Lie down. I will tell you a story.
Get lost from here then!
There were two brothers,
Roop and Besant.
Who was elder, mom?
-Roop was elder.
The queen said to the king that if I die
don't get married again.
If you die then I
won't get married again.
The queen died.
Then the king got married again.
That is where the king
made a mistake, mom.
I slept hungry last night.
I didn't eat anything.
I am very hungry. Make me some food.
Are you upset?
Your cheeks are as red as tomatoes.
Should I drink in the morning?
We'll beat her.
Make me a few rotis.
My darling?
My beauty.
My beauty.
My beauty.
My sweetie.
My cutie pie.
I didn't eat anything last night.
I am very hungry.
Make me some rotis.
Are you upset?
Your cheeks are as red as tomatoes.
Should I drink in the morning?
We'll thrash her up.
Make me a few rotis.
My beauty.
My darling?
My sweetie.
My cutie pie.
-Make me a few rotis. I am very hungry.
Your cheeks are as red as tomatoes.
-Should I drink in the morning?
-You are just too much.
Hey, don't invite a third
problem for the sake of two rotis.
Go out and work there.
Come, son. I'll make rotis for you.
You haven't eaten? So much anger?
Eat a little.
I made this sauce
of red tomatoes myself.
I swear by you, I won't drink again.
She is the one who spoilt me, you know?
Did you see how she was
making drinks for me last night?
I suggest we send her away in a bus.
I requested her so much last night
that open the door, my beauty.
If she had opened the door,
I would have beaten her to a pulp
and broken her rib.
How would you like it then?
As if she is carrying
a bottle in her side.
And then what would people say?
-People would have said...
-Sister-in-law, give us a drink.
What are you doing here?
I brought food for you.
What did you make? I made the sauce.
-My sweetie!
I will be right back after
talking to her, okay?
Have this food. I'll bring mine too.
My sweetie!
My cutie pie.
My beauty, listen to me.
My sweetie!
Just a minute. Why are you so upset?
What did you hear? Tell me.
What did you hear?
What you said about the ribs.
Then you didn't hear the whole thing.
I heard that too about
putting me in a bus.
Oh, God...
So, you came right then?
A person should knock a little.
A person should cough a little.
You didn't cough today,
she won't cough tomorrow.
I am absolutely stuck, right?
When someone is upset, one
says a lot of things to pacify them.
Who did I say that for? For you, right?
-You know very well
she is absolutely thick. She doesn't
have a brain and no manners to talk.
She is educated.
She calls a kanife a knife.
That's what it is called.
We call it a kanife.
She acts like Praveen Babi.
What was she saying yesterday?
That I am the root cause
of all the problems.
No! When she was
clapping like Kader Khan.
Celebrate my ruin some more.
My beauty.
Look, she didn't cough, right?
First, I will teach you both to cough.
My darling.
My sweetie, listen to me.
Listen to me, my dear.
My darling.
My darling.
My cutie pie.
My darling.
My darling, open the door.
My beauty.
Nirmal, my son, come to me.
I'll tell you a story.
Mom, let it get dark at least.
Son, you life is already dark.
Mom, shouldn't we take the matter
to the panchayat in the morning?
So soon?
It is necessary, mom.
Look, first of all, I
would like to tell you
that right now I am a member of the
panchayat first and then your husband.
Although both the parties
are looking very beautiful.
Look, whatever happened in this house
in these past few days is very painful.
I have suffered badly due to hiding in
separate rooms and talking secretly.
I have decided that we should all sit
together in the panchayat and decide.
We are all wise people
who have gathered here.
And let's start the panchayat.
Yes, son.
And, mom, if I make even
the smallest mistake, do warn me.
According to the panchayat
and as per age,
we'll listen to Ms Seebo first.
Ms Seebo.
Mr Member,
the thing that I was most scared about
was that an outsider will come and
snatch my home from me.
So, I brought my younger sister
so affectionately into this house,
but she treated me
even worse than outsiders.
She took my home as well as
my husband. I still tolerated it.
But when she took my Mal from me,
I couldn't tolerate it.
Now tell me,
what's my fault in all this?
Look, Mr Member, just as she said,
her home and husband
were taken over within a month.
They weren't really hers. She was
living under a misconception.
If I hadn't taken over,
someone else would have.
-Don't talk nonsense.
Don't disturb the
decorum of the panchayat.
Choose your words wisely.
You can call nonsense something else.
And she is one who
acts over smart with me.
She provoked me and made
me fight with my husband.
I didn't even hate alcohol as
much as she made me hate it.
Yes. What about my husband
whom you snatched from me?
He doesn't listen to me at all.
He is always following you around.
You could have bedazzled him.
You had him for ten years.
I got married with
such great expectations.
That she is my elder
sister, she is like my mom.
She will look after me.
But you tried to take away
my home from me, you witch.
Stop calling me your mom.
I am barely six years older than you.
What's all this?
Don't go up the stairs, you are old.
Don't go down the stairs, you are old.
Even now, if I bathe with
Keshnikhar for three days,
I'll look way prettier than you.
Look at this Sridevi.
Have you ever seen your face?
She is talking such nonsense.
Look at her.
Look, how she speaks to me.
I am sitting in the panchayat right now.
-Look, the matter of the panchayat...
-You stay quiet.
Look at him. Mr Member.
You couldn't fix her in ten years.
Look how much she talks.
What is this? You said
if one fights with me,
then the other one will fight for me.
Handle her now.
And what about my entertainment?
You scoundrel,
you are worried about entertainment?
Your family is being destroyed here.
What did you say to me?
Don't talk too much, you sly fox.
Don't call me sly.
I am not scared of you.
-Come. I'll deal with you.
-Choose your words wisely.
-Look at this Praveen Babi.
At least listen to the
panchayat's decision.
-Keshnikar will decide now.
Your approach is wrong.
You go to one and talk about the other.
Then go to the other
one and talk about the first one.
You praise whichever one you sit with.
Is this how things work?
They know that you have a good heart.
You follow both of them
individually to pacify them.
Women can't be pacified like that.
Listen to me, when you go home now,
-first go and start yelling.
Then hit one on her ankles.
The other one will come running.
Eat your food, eat your food.
But you won't eat it.
We treat one wife like that.
You have two.
-Keep them on a tight leash.
This is your chance, grab it.
Otherwise, your cot will be transferred
to the field too just like Uncle.
-Drop me home quickly.
-You came on your tractor.
It will take longer on the tractor.
-Come and start it quickly.
-Go with him.
-Watch what becomes of them today.
Watch out, Member, don't be too harsh.
They have sucked all my blood.
Wait, just watch what
I do to you both now!
Let your husband come today.
-I will not spare him today.
-Don't go. Stop.
Do whatever you wish to.
He was my innocent husband.
-You taken over him.
-I said don't fight.
-Witch, you spoiled my family.
-Stop it now. Let it go.
How dare you!
Hasn't your mother taught you
any manners? They don't stop.
Get aside otherwise I will thrash you.
No! Mom...
Don't come inside, son.
-Sit right here.
-Come, mom.
Sit here.
Oh, I am dead.
When did I become a
scoundrel from Mr member?
When I became you from mom, son.
Mom, what have you done to your hair?
How is it going, Member?
You are sitting outside?
It's nothing.
We got this stump made.
And we never used it.
I thought mom and I should try it out.
Carry on. We are enjoying ourselves.
Yes, mom, are you well?
I am absolutely fine.
Sister looks after me
more than a mother can.
Should I give her the
phone? Here, talk to her.
Take it.
Yes, mom?
We are having so much fun.
-I take proper care of my little sister.
-They are laughing.
-Exactly. Ask her yourself.
-I don't know son.
When I left they were
fighting with each other.
Mom, she can't manage without me at all.
Would she have brought me here
if she could manage without me?
No, no. I won't bring any complaints.
Has your daughter ever
brought any complaints?
Mom, he is here. Let me
give him something to eat.
You are here.
So, you finally found the time?
What are you looking at?
I am talking to you.
Start your panchayat today.
She asked me in front of four women,
what right do I have on this house?
I was brought here to have babies.
Listen to me.
I didn't study home-science
just to have babies.
Tell me what did I say wrong?
Didn't we bring her here to
have children? Tell me.
Here are two witnesses. Ask them.
Start the panchayat.
When do you listen to the panchayat?
And you have only seen
my love, not my anger.
-Show us your anger first.
-Yes, show us.
-Show us.
-Show us.
-Let it be, son.
Keep it safe. It will
come in handy someday.
I appreciate my mom. She saved you two.
-Let it be.
-She is no less.
What did you say just two minutes
ago while you were running away?
Didn't your mom teach you manners?
What's wrong with our upbringing?
We have such smiling faces.
Someone should ask her, how
much wisdom did she give to her son?
You are not even worth two pence.
You keep changing your statements.
Don't you dare call my
son a two-pence man.
I am still holding myself
back with you two.
If I lose my temper,
I will twist your braids.
Settle down. She will twist our braids.
I will touch your feet and lift you up.
Are you happy?
Wear your high heels and
go watch movies with her now.
I fold my hands. Will you
tell me what's the problem?
What is the matter?
There is just one thing.
I don't want Mal.
I want Nirmal.
I want you.
She is standing right here.
Ask her if she'll let me have you.
Who is she to give you to me?
I am the one who brought her here.
Who the hell are you to bring me here?
My bad luck brought me here.
Don't you get tired of
fighting with each other?
We have come from outside,
we are tired. A person may offer
some refreshments, some food.
You have some food too.
We'll start from here again.
You asked for me, she refused.
We will start from here, right, mom?
Okay. Go and get something to eat.
I won't bring anything.
Now ask the one whom
I have to ask you for.
It's alright, I'll make food.
-Go and cook then.
-Tell me, what will you eat, Sardarji?
Scrambled eggs.
I'll make them right away.
Is that even worth eating?
I will make stuffed
bitter gourd for you.
Stuffed bitter gourd?
Brinjals. I will make
brinjals for you, Sardarji.
Aaloo mutter! I'll make
aaloo mutter for you.
She makes it really bad.
I'll make mushrooms for you.
Should I slaughter a chicken?
Mutton, Sardarji, mutton.
Fish? A red wattled, Sardarji.
It's a pheasant.
Fish was fine, right? A fish?
That's not what it's called.
-It's not red wattled either.
-Get lost from here!
Cook whatever you
want to cook and bring it.
Fix your hair.
I will make a new hair-do.
"You came into our
lives and poisoned them."
"I have picked up the rolling pin.
You can't be saved now."
"I am also ready today. Just come out."
"I too will let out my
pent-up anger today."
"You get up every
morning and start barking."
"Take water in a bowl
and drown yourself."
-"You die!"
-"You die!"
"My husband brought that dress for
me and you snatched it from his hand."
"She took all my
makeup and hid it away."
"Are you less than me, you witch?"
"I made bitter gourds
and you took them away."
"I'll pull your braid
and break your teeth."
"I will break your legs too."
"You have no sense at all
and you pretend to be stylish."
"Take water in a bowl
and drown yourself."
-"You die!"
-"You die!"
"I have invited trouble in my life."
"Why did I marry two women?"
"One was holding her by the neck."
"The other one got angry
and grabbed her braid."
"They fight like cocks all day."
"The whole family has had enough.
Two women..."
"Have put a noose around my neck.
Two women..."
"Have got the whole village
talking about us. Two women..."
"You are always imitating me."
"You keep getting
jealous of me all day long."
"Let it be, don't blame me."
"I will beat you black and blue."
"I will gouge your eyes out if
you stare at me sideways."
"I will beat you up and
break your face too."
"If anyone asks you to do
any work, you start panting."
"Take water in a bowl
and drown yourself."
-"You die!"
-"You die!"
"My innocent man was
beguiled by her sweet talk."
"Your black magic has
destroyed our family."
"Now you keep gathering
scared threads from witchdoctors."
"I don't even go to
an ascetic's funeral."
"That's enough. One
shouldn't lie so much."
"Have some shame. Think
about the consequences."
"You jump like toads."
"Take water in a bowl
and drown yourself."
-"You die!"
-"You die!"
What did you say?
-Take water in a bowl and drown yourself.
You die.
Or will you die?
You die. Or you?
What happened, Sardarji?
I have lost it.
Should I make some lemonade?
No. You won't be able to make it now.
These broken hands won't
be able to hold the cups.
Come on, move it.
Who will make food for you?
Meena is here. Leave. Go.
They will be washed.
Will you leave or not?
-I am hungry, Sardarji.
-Mom, bring some food.
-My handsome Sardarji.
Get lost. Handsome Sardarji.
Start the bike. Go on.
Will you leave or not?
These two have made me suffer so much.
-They have driven me crazy...
-What did we today, Sardarji?
Mom, hold this stick.
If they move, hit them hard.
Take your food.
-You take this too.
-These two have crossed the line.
-Stop the bus! I have two passengers!
-Ride slowly, Sardarji.
Sit quietly or I'll ride ever faster.
Stop the damn bus!
Don't call me Member if I don't talk to
the panchayat and cancel your bus permit.
-Don't let one of them fall.
Stop the bus!
Stop the bus! Stop.
Get down!
Come over here. Come on.
Are you in such a hurry?
You left two passengers behind.
You don't care about your passengers.
What kind of a driver are you?
You two... come over here!
Will you walk or...
Sardarji, there is still time.
Get lost from here.
-Take care of yourself...
-Will you get in the bus or not?
Sit there.
Take care of yourself.
-Look after mom too.
Sardarji, have your food on time.
The king tried really hard
to convince the queen
that his son Roop is not
like that. He is very nice.
But when does the queen listen, son?
A step mom.
She said either Roop
will stay here or I will.
The king listened to her
and called Roop to his court.
And he exiled him.
What happened, son?
You never cried so much even as a baby.
Mom, I didn't know much
about the world back then.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, my son. Stop it.
My darling.
My sweetie.
My beauty.
-My cutie pie.
-Well, look at him.
Come, son.
Your cutie pies are not here.
Come. Come to me.
It's not like I miss them, mom.
I am happy.
I am very happy.
We are happy, son.
They must be in a bad state.
I hope the silly girls don't
eat poison or something.
They can do whatever they want, mom.
But I won't go to get them
for another couple of days.
Alright, son.
Let them learn their lesson
for another couple of days.
Son-in-law, why are
you lying here like this?
They have all gone to Giani's
daughter, Komal's wedding.
Go there, you'll find them there.
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced
in the in-laws house."
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced
in the in-laws house."
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced
in the in-laws house."
"Say yes sometimes."
"Say yes sometimes."
"Dance around with your
arm out, you beautiful girl."
"Dance around with your
arm out, you beautiful girl."
"Dance around with your
arm out, you beautiful girl."
Who is it?
Mom, it's Seebo and Kirana.
Mom, what have you done to yourself?
-Get up. Sit here.
Mom, forgive us. We got a little late.
Mom, where is Sardarji?
Which Sardarji?
Mom, Mr Member.
He not a member anymore.
They threw him out.
They said deal with your
personal problems first.
That's good, mom.
He used to get irritated there
and come home and fight with us.
What is in a membership anyway?
Where is he now?
He went to bring you home.
-But he left three days ago.
He didn't even meet us
properly before leaving.
It's been three days?
I was thinking that he went to you both
and forgot his mother.
I hope I don't lose my
son because of your fights.
What are you talking, mother?
Go and ask Jarnail and Kinda
-to go look for him.
-He will come, don't worry.
-Oh, my heart is sinking.
I am imagining the worst.
Did any accidents happen
here with the trains?
No, nothing of that sort happened.
Sir, have you seen this
man in the Gurdwara?
Oh, God.
What we feared has happened.
The fights were the end of him.
Did he know how to swim?
Then he wouldn't have gone in to bathe.
This is God's will.
He came empty handed.
He left barefoot.
He left his shoes as his last memory.
Sarpanch, we found him!
Really? Where is he?
It is not something we can tell you.
-Come to the village.
-Come on, let's go.
-Let's go.
-Then whose shoes are these?
-Must be God's creature. Let's go.
Hurry up.
This is all that was left
for me to see at this age.
I already knew when he used to
laugh and help her with her basket.
And they are both useless too.
I have to do everything myself.
Tell me where member is?
I said I don't know anything.
She won't tell you anything
like this. I will ask her.
Where is your husband?
He has gone to Bihar.
And what about their husband?
They must be knowing about him.
Meena, tell me, otherwise,
I'll pull your braid out.
You can do whatever you
want. I won't tell you.
Sardarji made me swear on himself
that I mustn't tell anyone anything.
-What are you looking at? Grab her.
-Wait, stop.
I will tell you.
Oh, my God.
My son is here?
Oh, no. The key is here.
I am not wrong.
If I hadn't taken him in,
Sardarji would have
done something terrible.
I respect Sardarji a lot.
The poor man is sleeping.
Look, don't come inside all at once.
Otherwise, he gets upset.
Come inside one by one and see him.
We didn't come here to see a circus.
-We have come to get our boy.
-But he'll get disturbed...
It stinks so badly.
Oh, God.
Nimma. Nimma, my son.
Who is it, Meena?
What has she done to Sardarji?
Meena, didn't you look after him?
His arm is broken too.
He is not even capable of folding both
hands and saying greetings anymore.
Get out of here. Get lost.
-When he's asking you to leave, just leave.
Shut up and go out.
Boys, come on inside.
Why is he lying with a
quilt in such a hot weather?
Come on, son. We have come to get you.
I won't go, mom.
Not Meena.
Look at your Kirana.
-And look at your Seebo.
I don't have anyone.
I won't go.
Well, Meena even took away his Punjabi.
I will give Meena everything.
She looked after me.
I'll give her everything.
Sardarji, you can speak
as much Hindi as you want.
But don't say that.
Who Sardarji? Sardarji died right there
when you sang and danced
there with your arms out.
May your enemies die.
Go. Die.
You both should go and die.
Come on, boys, grab him.
-Yes. Grab him.
-Grab him.
Help him up. How many times
have I asked you not to drink?
Look, how much he is stinking.
He has soiled the bedding too.
-Have some shame.
-Thank God, we found him this time.
If you listen to me then summon
both the village panchayats
and get this matter over with.
Or else you will lose the boy.
Alright. That's what we'll do.
Meena, your scarf is with me.
Instead of her scarf, worry
about your turban, you fool.
-Come on.
-Just walk.
Look, until now, panchayats have been
bringing families together.
This is the first time,
that our panchayats are
going to break a family apart.
This is a new thing in history.
That is why the panchayats
are a little excited.
If the decision turns
out to be appropriate today,
then in the future too, for the
sake of social benefit,
we will take such decisions.
Considering her age,
ma'am will tell us
what really happened. Tell us, ma'am.
I am Chand Kaur.
Wife of Surjjan Singh.
We know. Go on.
What is certain about my life?
I may live for two or four more days.
I may live for six
months or even ten years.
We don't know that.
Go on.
Both my daughters-in-law
are the same for me.
But none of them has given me happiness.
They went to their
maternal home for a few days
and those were the
best days of our lives.
Even though my teeth became black
from the smoke of the earthen stove.
And my eyes turned white.
But my son and I,
used to sleep peacefully.
Okay, ma'am.
Then tell us, what do you want?
Which girl do you want
to keep out of the two?
If the panchayat allows,
then may I keep this decision
a secret for half an hour?
You may do that.
Yes, son. You tell us.
For me, all three of them are the same.
Including my mom.
I am standing safely
in front of you all today
only because of Meena Srivastav.
She looked after me really well.
That is fine, son.
Tell us how all this began?
I will tell you everything
from the beginning.
I made Kirana my second
wife for the sake of a child
at the behest of my
first wife, Naseeb Kaur.
It was such a fortunate
and happy decision.
We took the entire family
in the wedding procession.
We got married. Everyone ate.
We all had tea and came
back home in the evening.
Then the time came
that was most awaited by everyone.
The wedding night.
When the wedding night arrived,
I climbed the stairs,
the door was open.
I entered and I locked
the door from inside.
I went and sat on the bed.
And then lifted her
veil and I said greetings.
She too said the same.
-She is cultured.
I asked if you drank milk. She said no.
I saw there was no milk.
Just a minute.
Turn that off. Why are
you making so much noise?
Whenever we have to discuss
something important in the panchayat,
you can't stop making noise.
Mr Member, we can understand everything.
Son, carry on with your noise.
-Shut it down!
I will thrash you.
-Shut it down!
-Shut it down!
Don't you hear. Shut it down.
You are too much. Keep going.
-Shut it down!
-Shut it down!
Yes, tell us now.
-Yes, go on.
-Not like this, son.
Tell us in detail.
If you skip anything,
then the right decision cannot be taken.
Panchayats, when you
are done with such talk, call us then.
Get up, dad.
Just a minute, brother.
Son, we have come to know everything.
But tell us, what do you want?
Who do you want to
stay with out of these two?
I decided the very same day
when she came and lay between us.
When the wedding
happened with her approval,
everything happened as she wanted,
we got married for the sake of a baby,
she should sleep downstairs. What is so
urgent? She can meet us in the morning.
Look, according to me,
the elder one is at fault.
Alright then.
By that account,
the fault lies with the elder girl.
Listen, girl, it is all your fault.
How is it my fault?
I did it for the growth
of the family, right?
Girl, you could have adopted a baby.
It is the blood that matters, right?
One's own blood is one's own.
Are they from Prithviraj
Chauhan's family?
His father died under a stack of hay.
He got his arm broken
while riding a bike.
If you had adopted a beautiful child,
this society would have benefitted too.
it is all your fault, girl.
Alright then.
If it is my fault,
I did everything,
I made all the decisions,
then I will take this decision too.
Do you want to know
who the real culprit is?
Mithu is the real culprit.
If he hadn't called me Big mom
and embraced me,
he wouldn't have woken up
the motherly instinct inside me.
And I wouldn't have started fearing
that someone will seize my land.
I wouldn't have been dying
because of my worries.
If these mother and son were
nice, I would have adopted him!
Does that mean I am answerable
to the whole panchayat?
They should give me one of them
and we'll elope.
Are you all happy now?
I have heard what I needed to hear.
At least hear the
decision before you go.
Let them hear your decision.
I am not dependent on your decisions.
Listen to us at least.
The way that this girl left crying,
I think the panchayat was
about to make a mistake.
It doesn't seem like she's at fault.
According to me, the fault...
lies with the younger one.
She was your elder sister. If
she had brought you into the family
affectionately, you should have
stayed like that. What was the big deal?
The fault is yours.
Brother, look, first they blamed
my elder sister in front of you
and now they're blaming me.
Can't they see these two?
Are only we sisters evil?
-At least you listen to the decision.
Listen, girl.
I think this girl is unhappy too.
The way she cried and left too,
I think it isn't her fault either.
According to my experience, the fault...
lies with...
You. You were wise.
If you had brought two
of them affectionately,
then you should have
kept them like that.
If my husband had been alive,
I wouldn't have had to see this day.
I had kept the decision
safe in my heart.
The panchayat is after me now.
-I don't know what this panchayat is up to.
To hell with such a panchayat.
Hear the decision
before you leave, ma'am.
Look, people.
I think the fault isn't
with anyone in the family.
The way this family is weeping,
the fault then obviously
lies with you, Member.
Yes, it is my fault because
I let you influence me.
The fair is for four days,
and there are two shops.
Buy from the first and
then from the second.
You have all made me suffer so much.
On top of that,
you have insulted my mom.
Wait... I will break your
legs... Scoundrels...
At least hear the decision.
-Sit down.
-Just sit down.
They didn't even hear the decision.
Mr Sarpanch,
let's get together and
take a unanimous decision.
And we will go to their house
and announce our decision.
-That's right.
Where are you going with that bag?
I am elder. I will leave.
That's enough. No one is elder
or younger while leaving home.
And the way I was humiliated
in the panchayat today,
it is not even appropriate for
me to stay in the village anymore.
And wasn't I humiliated?
I was the favourite
in the village earlier.
I can't show my face to anyone now.
I won't be able to stay here.
I am the one who will leave.
You stay. I will leave.
-You stay. I will leave.
-Can't you hear me?
-I can't hear. I will go.
-You stay here.
Okay, I am going to leave
anyway. You decide for yourself.
Yes, let's both leave.
-Okay, let's both leave.
-Let's go.
-Then you walk.
-You walk.
-When did I say no? I am saying let's go.
-Let's go.
Look at that.
But if we both leave then
who will cook for them?
If you have so much sympathy
for them then you stay back.
-Don't you have any sympathy for them?
-No, I don't.
How long have we been
talking about leaving?
Did they stop us?
Did they feel any mercy?
On top of that, they humiliated us
so much in front of the panchayat.
Yes. He is how he is.
But we are nice.
-Well, our upbringing is good.
-It is good, isn't it?
Then listen to your elder sister.
I will leave, not you.
I am the one who will leave.
Can't you hear?
I will leave.
I will go. I will go. That
means I am the one who will...
-Just wait, I will thrash you both.
-I can also say that I will go.
Go! Whoever wants to leave can get out!
-Which one?
-Both of you!
Just a minute.
Before you leave, sing that couplet.
The one that your were
singing back home...
Both sisters dance in
the maternal house...
At the in-law's house...
Who danced at the in-laws house?
Tell him.
-Sisters-in-law danced in
the in-laws house. -Yes.
Is this the time to do all this,
So was that the time to do all this?
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced
in the in-laws house."
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced
in the in-laws house."
"Both sisters dance in
the maternal house."
"Sisters-in-law danced in
the in-laws house."
I think we came at the wrong time.
We ruined their celebration.
No, no, no.
No one ruined any celebration.
Announce the decision of the panchayat.
Okay then, listen.
The panchayats from both the villages
have unanimously
found Naseeb Kaur
to be the culprit
of this family problem,
and decided that Kiran Kaur
will start her family with Nirmal Singh.
And Naseeb Kaur will go
back to her maternal home.
The panchayats will be responsible
for securing Naseeb Kaur's belongings
and one third of the land
for Naseeb Kaur.
Tell us, Member, do
you accept the decision?
I accept.
Do you accept this decision?
I accept.
Get their signatures.
"I am melting inside just
thinking that you are leaving."
"I will die if I am separated from you."
"This disease of love is so bizarre."
"I tolerated your disloyalty.
I still couldn't win you over."
"Don't cover my rotting soul
with the sheet of your worry."
"The water that I had
held in my palm is leaking."
"My life is leaving me
and my heart is crying."
"My beloved is becoming
a stranger to me."
"My life is leaving me
and my heart is crying."
"My beloved is becoming
a stranger to me."
"My beloved is becoming
a stranger to me."
"Oh, my beloved, will you talk
to me or stay upset with me?"
"Keep me in your eyelashes.
Don't throw me in your feet."
"Oh, my beloved, will you talk
to me or stay upset with me?"
"Keep me in your eyelashes.
Don't throw me in your feet."
"Oh, my beloved."
"Oh, my beloved."
"By sitting close to
you I stare at you lovingly."
"If it was in my hands I would
splurge sun and stars on you."
"I give dreams to your eyes
and be proud of your smile."
"And I would live my entire
life in that one breath."
"Why are you going away on seeing us?"
Congratulations! Stay happy.
-How is Seebo?
She came to me the
day after your wedding.
She came with Rajja's daughter.
Seebo was worried that
3 lives might not get destroyed.
But God has his own ways.
Just one small misunderstanding
has created a big conflict.
"My soul is blooming more with the
wounds that you are inflicting on me."
"A poet said that light
shines through wounds."
"Love is above all lies.
Love won't beget anything."
"Hundred lost bodies can't be
found but one lost heart can be."
"The dream that I dreamt
ages ago is dying."
"My life is leaving me
and my heart is crying."
"My beloved is becoming
a stranger to me."
"My life is leaving me
and my heart is crying."
"My beloved is becoming
a stranger to me."
"My beloved is..."
"Oh, my beloved, will you talk
to me or stay upset with me?"
"Keep me in your eyelashes.
Don't throw me in your feet."
"Oh, my beloved, will you talk
to me or stay upset with me?"
"Keep me in your eyelashes.
Don't throw me in your feet."
"Oh, my beloved."
"Oh, my beloved."
Take a look at your things.
I will check if all of it is there.
Son-in-law, come sit.
Manna, bring the cot.
Sit, Son-in-law..
Should I make tea first
or will you have food?
No... I am in a hurry. I must leave.
No, no. Don't become
a stranger so quickly.
After all, you are ours.
Make some tea.
We'll make food later.
Didn't you bring my chest of drawers?
Chest of drawers...
Mom's things were in it.
I will send it within a week's time.
Yes, give it back.
I can't do without it.
The fan is not here.
The fan must be in there.
The fan had a short circuit.
I gave it to the scrap
merchant while you were there.
Yes, I forgot.
I can't see the smaller fans too.
The smaller fans...
They must be inside this closet.
What if they are not there?
If you can't find them
then I'll buy you new ones.
Bring them.
I embroidered them
myself when I was unmarried.
They had parrots and
nightingales embroidered on them.
If I can't find them, I'll ask Kirana
to embroider new ones for you.
No, let it be. There's no need for that.
Here is your jewellery
Mom sent it for you.
The necklace and earrings are not here.
The boy's family gave you those, dear.
That is why mom must have kept them.
Then it's fine.
My belongings are all here.
All your belongings are not here.
I checked. Nothing is missing.
No, it isn't all there.
They are my belongings. I know.
But your most precious thing is with me.
Congratulations, Seebo.
You came to get me
once for the baby, right?
I have come to take
you for the baby today.
We won't send Mal abroad.
He will do farming here.
You look after the kids.
I can't raise them.
Look, mom, they didn't
pay any attention to us earlier too.
Now the root cause of the problem is here.
Who is going to pay attention to us now?
Look at that.
You are the support behind us.
Take off your clothes, son.
-I won't.
-Take a bath.
I won't. First, you let a bull chase me
and now you want to drown me.
Are we outsiders? I am your mother.
Sujaan Singh's wife.
Take a bath. Don't you want
to look like a handsome boy?
I am Seebo, your first wife.
I am the younger one, Kirana.
Mom, she is my sister-in-law.
I was your sister-in-law earlier.
Now I am your real wife.
You have been married for
seven years. You have four kids.
Mom, four?
That's Jagjit.
That's Kamal.
This is Jyoti.
And that is Mal.
-Who is that, mom?
-Look, that is Mal.
Go on, dad, take a bath.
Just wait.
Everything happened because of you.
Just wait!
Stop or I will shoot!
Here comes Sai.
Hide them away.
Who knows? He might
hit us in the head with them.
Sai, where are you going?
This way.
Don't go there. There
is a crazy bull roaming there.
-A bull?
No, I will go this way.
He went that way.
A bull?
He has handled two wives.
How will a bull harm him?
Behave yourself.
You are acting so funny.
-The bull is after me! Run!
-Let's go and see.
The bull is after me! Run!
"I have invited trouble in my life."
"Why did I marry two women?"
"One was holding her by the neck."
"The other one got angry
and grabbed her braid."
"They fight like cocks all day."
"The whole family has had enough.
Two women..."
"Have put a noose around my neck.
Two women..."
"Have got the whole village
talking about us. Two women..."
"You are always imitating me."
"You keep getting
jealous of me all day long."
"Let it be, don't blame me."
"I will beat you black and blue."
"I will gouge your eyes out if
you stare at me sideways."
"I will beat you up and
break your face too."
"If anyone asks you to do
any work, you start panting."
"Take water in a bowl
and drown yourself."
-"You die!"
-"You die!"