Savage (2009) Movie Script

Hey Paul.
You okay?
Ah yeah.
what did this guy get?
Didn't get enough.
Four years.
You never know the
full story, do you?
Tell you what I do know,
he bit her fucking nose off.
Yeah I know,
Horrible right.
Here we go.
Get out of the way.
- It's a great shot, we're gonna
run it on the front page.
- No problem.
Did you get
the other shots?
The other shots!
What was that you were saying?
Did you get
the other shots?
Yeah, no use for them Paul, sorry.
Anything for tomorrow?
I'll let you know. Bye.
- Bye.
Watch where you're going
you fucking prickie!
Hey Michelle.
- Hey. How are you?
How's he?
Yeah he's good.
He has something for you.
I'll leave you.
- Thanks.
Happy Birthday.
Thanks for the card.
No problem.
Any plans?
Do you want to go for a drink?
- Yeah.
So what do you think of the place?
Nice. Quiet for a friday,
but it's nice.
I come here for a drink
after work sometimes.
I took that photo.
CITY RAPIS Man that case gives
me the creeps.
Oh, hi Eddie.
How's things?
Yeah, good.
This is Paul.
Give me a call sometime, yeah?
So.. Your work
must be pretty interesting?
The personal stuff is.
I really admire
what you do though,
Caring for other people.
I enjoy it.
I don't know what my Dad
would do without you, Michelle.
Can I ask you a personal question?
How come nobody else
comes to see him?
The weak old man you care for?
He wasn't always a weak old man.
You're very good to him.
We have to take what role is
left for us I suppose.
Thanks for a really nice night.
Thank you.
Would yo like to do it again?
- Can I get your number?
I'm off Sunday.
- Sunday?
Do you want to share or.. ?
I'm going that way.
See you.
Sorry bro, you don't
have the time on you do you?
Don't say a fucking word.
I'll fucking kill you.
You understand?
Don't move.
You fucking hear me?
Then empty your pockets now
or I'll slit your fucking throat!
You fucking understand me?
Is that all you got?
You think I'm fucking joking!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Empty your fucking pockets.
Give us something worthwhile.
Give me your jacket.
Take it off you!
Take it off!
You fucking prick!
You laughing?
Are you fucking laughing?
Hold that.
You alright?
What's wrong with you?
Look at me when
I'm talking to you.
Fucking prick.
Look at me when
I'm fuckign talking to you!
You alright?
You're scared.
You're fucking scared?
Now you're scared?
Do not say anything,
You hear me?
Look at me.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at!?
Whatcha looking at?
Take those.
I'll fucking mill your head you sap!
You gonna cry for your mummy? Waaah.
You fucking prick.
You were staring at me.
Look at it.
Look at the fucking knife.
You prick.
I see what you're trying to do.
Put your shoulder back, prick!
Put your fucking shoulder back!
You fucking little prick.
Stay off.
Yeah, he hasn't had enough.
What have we got?
It's okay, you're safe.
Everything is going to be alright.
What's your name?
Paul Graynor.
Paul Graynor?
- Yeah.
You're in St. James' hospital Paul.
Can you remember what happened?
Is there someone we can call,
to let them know where you are?
There's nobody?
How long have I been in here?
4 days.
I want to go home.
Do they look familiar?
I know the images are poor.
I can't help you.
I can't remember anything about them,
they were complete strangers to me.
Hold on to that, and contact
me if anything comes back to you.
Do you have any idea why
you might have been targetted?
It was no reason..
There's.. something else.
We're going to release
the images to the media.
I want to ask your
permission to do something.
I think we will get a much better
response if we reveal all the details.
We won't release your name.
We'll only do this with your consent.
And we totally respect your decision.
I'm sorry. I can't do it.
I'm looking for Mace,
or pepper spray?
You won't get that
in this country.
You might get it on the internet.
I don't know.
I've got a press alarm,
if you're interested?
What's that?
It's really simple.
Gives you a chance to run away.
How much is it?
- 10 Euros.
I'll take it.
- Cheers.
- Hi.
Paul, it's Michelle.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Paul, I ring about your Dad.
He's been very poor over the weekend.
Nothing too bad, but
I thought I would let you know.
Why haven't you been in?
I had an accident.
- An accident?
Are you okay?
How is he?
Yeah, he's much better today.
Can you leave us alone please.
I'm really sorry.
Where is that twenty I gave you?
- What twenty?
- It's probably somewhere.
I fucking gave it!
You were the only one there.
Fuck you!
Fuck off.
Have you got the time?
Have you got the time?
Is that it?
- That's it.
Here, hold on to that.
No problem.
Thanks again.
- Good luck.
Detective O'Neil?
It's Paul Greynor.
Yeah. I want you to do it.
I'd like you to release
the information.
Good evening.
GARDA have revealed new details on the
assult that took place on the 3rd of july.
This report from Ken O'Shea.
At 12:40 am on Saturday, a young man was
walking on Vexford street in the city centre
In the direction of Rathmayer,
when he was approached by two men
According to GARDA he was subjected to a totally
unprovoked attack where he was beaten and dragged up an alley
Where he suffered a further violent assault.
This was a particularly vicious
attack which was entirely unprovoked.
The victim was taken up a
laneway where he was severly beaten..
.. before his assailants used
a knife to castrate him.
This is not your average
mugging or alcohol-fueled fight.
It was a cruel and savage act of violence.
Which you can appreciate,
has left the victim devastated.
GARDA has released this
CC-TV footage of the attackers.
GARDA are appealing to the public
to reveal any information...
Paul, please
open the door.
I saw the news.
That's healed nicely.
Keep it clean and
let the air out of it.
The ringing in your
ears is Tinnitus.
There's nothing
I can do for it.
But hopefully it
will ease, given time.
And for your taste and smell..
.. well I can't guarantee anything.
Brain injuries are very complicated.
But don't.. worry
about it just yet.
I'm putting you on these;
They'll replace the testosteron
your body would have produced before the..
If you notice any side-effects,
come back to me immediately.
And as for sex..
You'll be capable of erections..
.. You'll be also be able to ejaculate,
there just won't be any sperm.
Once we've established
the correct dose of Andrial..
..your libido should stabilize.
Many people with testicular cancer..
..who have been through castration,
live perfectly normal lives.
Weight gain is a possibility but a
healthy diet and excersize can combat that.
I'll monitor the dose of Andrial,
and we can up the dose if needed,
but in the meantime..
Try joining a Gym.
And follow a healthy diet, huh?
There is an operation
that might help.
It's basically a cosmetic procedure
where you would have a prostethic implant..
.. inserted into the testicular sack.
Yes, I'd like that.
I'll set it up. It's a very simple
operation done under local anastethics,
No need to spend the night.
Thank you.
I'm also going to
refer you to a psychiatrist
Dr. Kuzak.
Make an appointment as
soon as possible.
This place could do
with a bit more light.
You've got no food?
- I'm not hungry.
You have to eat.
Geez Michelle,
I know you want to help but..
..I'd rather be alone
That night.. Did you feel
something between us?
I still do.
So Ian, have we reached a new
low in violence in our Irish streets?
It's very easy to fall
into the tabloid..
..Hysteria about things, but sometimes
it's right to be weary about just walking down the street.
..but there's a grotesk malevolence
that we witness on the streets now
.. where we actually see people
engaging in recreational violence
Do you think we're becoming
a more brutal society?
We have become a
more brutal society
.. And we are become a more
brutal society again, on top of that.
And the acceleration of that is almost exponential.
People are sick and
tired of feeling affected
and people don't like feeling affected
and that brings a resentment
and it brings a hostility.
basically ordinary people are closer
to snapping, under less provocation.
than they would have in the past.
We're now reaching a tipping point
..and I'm worried what we're going
to see in this country in the next 5-10 years.
Is it merely as simple as 'we drink too much'?
What part does alcohol play?
Once again, one of the problems
we've had with legalization in the past
Is that people use booze as some
sort of exhonorating.. practice.
And that's not good enough, because
they put themselves in that situation.
They chose to get drunk, and they
chose to let their inhibitions fall to a degree
.. that they become
a menace to society.
So what lengths do you think
you should be allowed to go to defend yourself.
and to protect ourselve in the face of violence?
If somebody breaks into my house, I'll kill him.
It's too heavy for you man.
Are you okay?
- Yeah..
If you want to lift heavier,
give me a shout and I'll spot you.
Please.. Ian..
Just doing my job Paul.. you know..
Yeah but I'm trying
to get my life back.
Jesus Paul..
Are you alright?
Yeah, of course.
If you need anyt..?
Yeah. Thanks Ian.
Paul, is it?
- Yes.
You can go on in now.
Thank you.
You can go on in,
and just sit over there.
Thank you.
How are you?
How do you feel about
what's happened to you, Paul?
I can't forget about it.
It's constantly with me.
Anything sets it off..
Sound.. Light..
...Sudden movement.
Even the look on
someone's face.
It's important to take steps in
your life that will give you a bit of control back.
You might try a support group
for victims of violent assault.
Also you could try self-defence classes.
Some victims find this gives them
a sense of empowerment. Do you understand, Paul?
Is there anything you
can do to help yourself?
I'm waiting for plastic surgery.
How will that make you feel?
- Hi...
Come in..
Sorry for coming un-announced.
I thought I'd get you some food.
How are you?
Self defence classes.
An ex of mine runs these.
I can introduce you if you like?
To your ex?
Don't worry, he's one of the good guys.
How many ex's do you have?
That doesn't sound..
I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to help.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hello everybody.
For those of you that don't know me..
My name is Tom Kirren.
Welcome to my class.
Everything is quite relaxed here.
All I do ask is that you treat eachother with respect.
The first thing we're going to do
is demonstrate how to break a fall correctly.
So, if you want to pair up
and have a go, that'd be great.
Hiya, I'm Jane.
- Paul
Paul, I'm gonna go first, okay?
You alright?
Are you alright?
- Yeah..
What's your name?
Paul. What happened?
I don't know, something just came over me.
I mean, what happened?
Something bad?
I got attacked.
Well. There's two things we can do.
You can leave now,
and let this thing beat you.
..Or, you can go back on the mat.
Back on the mat?
Good man.
Now listen. Forget about this, okay?
I'll show you what to do,
just a gentle push, alright?
Fantastic, well done.
Want to go again?
Scalpel please..
Thank you..
Close please.
Now, retractor.
And I'm going to create
a small pouch now.
What's the heart rate?
- Sinus rythm at 85.
I'm glad it's gone so well.
Just a day or two and you will
feel heaps better.
See how you feel, maybe we get get
some groceries on the way home.
Pick up a take-away if you feel like it.
Just give it time.
It'll be okay.
No it's not!
It's what everyone keeps telling me.
I know already this isn't going to help me.
It's not. Okay.
I remember the nurse in the hospital
on the night of the attack telling me it's okay.
You'll be alright.
What can she do?
What can you do? Huh?
Do you think this is easy for me?
Seeing someone I care about hurt so much?
Fuck off.
Could you have done it?
- Maybe.
I didn't know I was standing in
that path. I realized I wasn't scared anymore.
Scared of what?
The life I've been living since the attack.
I thought an operation
would make me feel like a man again.
Is that how you define a man?
By his testicles.
I'd give anything to be able
to go back. To be able to react like a man.
That doesn't make a man either Paul.
How the fuck do you know
what it means to be a man?
Would you like to see a
male psychiatrist?
I don't want to see any man.
Wait until you see this
broad from last night.....
Check out the piss-flaps on that...
Beautiful curves...
What did you do to her?
I wrapped my dick around her neck ..
and choked her to death
Fuck her up the ass?
Fuck eachother up the ass!
What did you say to me?
You heard me.
Leave it out lads.
He's alright.
You crazy, man?
I'm looking for steroids.
Can you get them?
Hold on.
(Speaks Russian)
I can get you metherol. It's a steroid
that give you aggressive, power. Strong.
Yes.. um.. when?
I can get you now.
I want to make a statement.
In connection with?
It's more a statment of intent.
My name is Paul Graynor,
and I will be wearing a knife for my protection.
I just wanted you to know
this, in case I have to use it.
I have to inform you,
that carrying a knife is an offense
under the weapons and firearms act.
I am aware of this.
I want you to take a record of it.
Why don't you go home,
and think about what you are saying.
I want you to write it down.
Paul Graynor, 38 aenger street
Okay Paul.
Are you carrying a knife on you now?
No, but I intend to.
Is that it?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Hey man. Would you like
to see any of them?
I'm looking for something a bit bigger.
Bit bigger.. let me see.
That's a great hunter knife.
That'll cut through anything.
I'll take it.
Thanks for coming. Sit down.
How have you been?
I just wanted to say sorry.. I..
...shouln't have shouted at you.
- You're welcome. Um.
It's just.. I've got to
stop seeing you.
With all this going around
in my head right now,
I can't be around you, you know?
How are you doing Paul?
Good! .. how are you?
So. You never called.
See you around, yeah?
I'm gonna go.
Fuck you!
Do it again.
Paul, step off the mat.
I'm going to have to ask you to leave, Paul.
I know. I'm really
sorry about what happened.
Could I ask you something?
I need to know what to do
after I disarm an assailant.
You run away and get help.
What do you mean?
Thank you for everything.
You're not well, Paul.
Take it easy!
You psyched?
Take your fucking hands off me.
He grabbed me.
Take your fucking hands off me!
Do you wanna go?
Leave him alone.
Come on lads.
It's not worth it.
Where are we going?
I don't know.
Let's go and get some fucking asses.
You bought six cans. Where are they?
How fucking stupid are you?
- You fucking prick.
I don't fucking owe you anything.
Sorry bud.
What are you doing?
Where are they?
Where's who?
Get out of my way.
I'm not getting out of noone's way.
What have you got?
What have you got!
- Get out of my way!
Fuck off!
Fuck off he said!
Hello. You awake?
You'll be okay.
You're fine.
Just a little dazed.
The doctor hasn't had a
chance to look at you yet.
He's very busy.
Is there someone I can call for you?
Kiss me.
Yeah this is Paul.
I wanted you to know first.
We'll do our best, I promise you.
They'll be in court today, looking for bail.
Which we'll object to.
This afternoon?
- Yes.
Thank you detective.
Paul, what is it?
They got them.
They're due before the judge this afternoon.
Paul. What are you going to do?
They're not worth it!
Paul! Just think about it.
Please, just think about it.
I am.
Let me get a shot.
Sorry man, you got the time?
Please don't!
No, please!
Get away!
Get away!
Stop it!
Please. Don't!
Please, don't!
Give us an ambulance in Kepler park.
It's alright.
Everything is going to be okay.
It's alright...
...everything is going to be okay.