Savage Love (2012) Movie Script

Who are you really?
The devil's whore?
No one of you has a holy name!
You are nothing else
than slaughter cattle!
Yeah, beat that bitch up!
Kill her!
You know what my men want.
Your death.
And you also know,
what I want!
me his heart!
At least, I would have
given you a fast death.
Now, you have refused
that yourself.
I curse you.
You won't leave this place anymore.
You will die like slaughter cattle!
In the name of my father,
answer my prayers.
Take what will be taken from me, now.
Give me power
and a new life.
And spill the mood of my enemies.
She is yours.
Go now!
And wait for the day
when I call you for your last battle.
Enjoy everyone who will
return to your family.
Because each one of them will
bring us closer to our goal.
Then our empire will be endless.
Bloody fuckin hell!
Can't you knock before entering?
Stop speaking French!
I only speak German.
Well, do we take your car or mine?
No idea, doesn't really matter.
It would be better if we would take my car,
with your wreck we wouldn't come that far.
Do you have any idea where
that location actually is?
No, couldn't find it on the internet.
Must be somewhere in the forest.
In the directions it says
that we have to head south,
past a military base.
Then the street changes
into a forest track.
What do you got with you?
Latex or leather outfits?
I scan the girls
right at the arrival.
When the majority wears latex,
then I'll wear the same.
Yeah, true. That makes sense.
Get going. We still have
some kilometers ahead of us.
And take that with you.
I haven't done it In a week.
Haven't done what?
Having jerked off.
Why should I be interested in that?
I think...
when you jerk off before, you are able to
think about the importance of the actual act.
You know, I mean
you can't really let loose.
Meanwhile you're asking
yourself questions like
should I do a golden shower or not?
- Maybe are there any health...
- Marc! Shut the fuck up, OK?
Do whatever you feel like doing but
please don't tell me that.
Why do we have friends then?
Hey you, that is not sexy.
When I'm in bed with a hot chick
and I have to think of what you
said to me, with all your stuff of.
What you're doing or not.
Then that's totally a blocker!
I don't want to think
of you while having sex!
You don't have to.
Seriously, are you mad?
That's Viagra.
Yeah, sure.
Putting lead In the pencil!
No, nothings clear.
You can't eat four of
those at a time!
Why not?
You blow your mind away!
You're already drinking your fifth beer
and now those pills, too?
What kind of cocktails
are you preparing?
A cocktail of passion.
Of unresisted lust of love.
A cocktail of horniness!
This will be a cocktail of
heavy rotation at best.
A girl will choose you shortly.
She likes to get pucked on.
Hey, what are you doing?
We'll be leaving soon.
Hey baby.
- How are you doing?
- One,
- Do you want to fuck?
- two,
and three.
How often do I have to
experience that again?
Sure, please, and don't tell
me what you said earlier.
- I just wanted to know from her
- No, no, no, no.
I don't want to know.
Don't mention it in front of me.
Just keep it to yourself.
- But
- No discussion.
I experienced too often what happens
when you treat girls respectless.
Come on.
The water is wet, right?
Yeah, but nice.
- Here, that's for all vegetarians.
- Uhh, is that real meat?
Of course not. It's from the toaster,
you dumbhead.
What that horny?
Yeah, give it me!
Boah, keep it...
Are you always freaking
out like that?
Oh bitch! Bitch!
Don't puke right into my ear canal!
Say, could you give us a hand?
Today, you've polished your
nails three times already.
Are you able to do
other things, too?
Girls, you promised me something.
Who wants to fuck with me?
Me! No?
Come on.
The girls are shy.
They need more beer.
- Well, we can't do something.
- We can't do something?
Say you.
- We have to do something.
- Yeah, we really have to do something.
Get beer!
Girl's, get me beer.
The Pope commanded.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, you know Judith.
You only become a saint once.
Absolutely. Well, that is...
Do you know the brothel that's nearby?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
Did you go there already?
Yeah, already mu or three times.
- Do you know Jessie?
- You mean the one with the big...?
- She has such an udder.
- Yeah!
Did you know how often
I already skeeted on her tits?
Shit, and I licked them
all the time.
Good one.
How disgusting, man!
When I think about It
Now, I have to think about
you while that. That's sick!
Have fun.
Ey boy's, cheers, what?
- Hey, come over here!
- Yes? Hey!
Here is a seat.
Oh, that's Denise.
That's an ass, yeah!
Hey, silver lady!
Oh, that's a tight ass!
I like you.
- Yes?
- Yeah!
If I want to seduce you tonight,
you won't forget that
for your whole life.
Nice, hey!
I am pretty sure, of course.
Well, ehm...
I'm here for the first time but...
If you say so, then then...
I could also write it
down on a piece of paper.
You know what I mean.
Like what I want and stuff
Sure, write everything down
so that I won't forget anything.
Yeah, right. Come on over here.
Write it down for her precisely.
And don't forget to draw the squares
which she can cross for,
do you want to date me or not?
yes or no?
- Why do you criticize me all the time?
- Dumb you are.
Down here.
May I introduce myself?
My name is Jacob.
Jacob Huge.
I'm Lucas.
Lucas Little.
He he. funny ass.
No, really. It's true.
Excuse me.
May I bring you a drink?
Something small.
You have a foreign accent?
Where are you from?
I'm Chinese.
I'm from a former
French colony.
And you?
Yes, yes. I'm originally
from the Galapagos islands.
The country of giants.
You don't know what
you're saying, little man.
Can I bring you any
drinks now or not?
- Yes, a beer.
- For me, too.
Two beers, please.
Welcome to my party.
Have you booked two single
or one double room?
Two single rooms.
Not bad.
Because all of our rooms
come with a private bathroom.
So, just make yourself comfortable.
Pm just preparing a champagne
reception for the ladies,
after that I'll make a short speech
and then, my gentlemen,
then I wish you an unforgettable night
and lots of fun.
Yes, Fm pretty sure of that.
the keys!
Room 7 and 8.
Just along the hallway
and then right.
I hurt myself.
I want you to make the speech.
Is it bad?
I cut myself and this pretty deep.
I just want Dr. Wieland
to look over it. Just in case.
- Should somebody give u a lift?
- No!
I'm OK.
Hello everyone.
Sadly, Lady Nadia is nut able to make the
reception speech because she hurt her finger.
That's why I'm welcoming you now.
But I'm sure that during
this wonderful evening
you'll get the chance to get to know
her and she will welcome you, too.
Now, for our ladies we
prepared this great champagne
and for your gentlemen we have lots of beer,
liquor shots and other delicious drinks.
On top of that we also have
another highlight for all men.
Who wants can get a goodie bag.
it's for free!
But unfortunately the
ladies are left empty handed.
I'm sorry.
- Yes please?
- What's in a goodie bag?
Penicillin, LSD, Speed, Crack and
THB and much more.
A little something for every taste.
Oh wow,
that's what I call tolerant!
Well, long stow short.
I wish you all a prickling
and a heady night.
And around midnight there will be
served a delicious chili con came.
It's getting better and better.
What was wrong with that midget?
OK, hurry then to get changed.
Let's meet in half an hour at the bar.
Next to the main room.
OK, in half an hour at the bar.
But don't fall asleep, OK?
Yeah, alright.
I can't sleep With all that club noise.
How would you like it?
You should know that I will
fulfill all your needs.
Pm absolutely without tabu.
I'm impressed.
I'll just take things as they come.
I'll get through it.
I'm ready for everything.
Then you' get a nasty surprise!
Let's go, baby! Here I come!
I'm ready for you. Let's rock'n'roll!
Do you like it?
Or do you like it?
I'll just stay how I am.
If you show up outside there,
I won't know you then, OK?
Geez, what's wrong with you again?
What the hell, dude?'
Don't you like the girls here?
Great party, dude!
Come on smell it, horny pussy.
Hey, what's happening?
Huh? Pussies! Fuckin'!
Drugs and party!
It's all inclusive. Not only warming
up here, guy. Look at that!
I'll be right back.
Man, hey.
Oh, wait, he he!
Ev, love,
what would you like to drink?
Just something.
I don't care.
We have a lot of that, darling.
You have to be a bit more precise.
Or I will serve you a bit of
my natural champagne.
Whiskey, shaken.
On it's way, Mr Bond.
This colors!
Let me guess.
You inhaled that goodie
bag quite fast.
Oh fuck.
OK, let's make a deal.
Let yourself lock up in one of
those mistress' cages to sober up.
You won't make any silly things then.
As promised, here I am.
We didn't introduce ourselves yet.
your mistress Eve.
Marc, Marc. Nu.
Alright, my dear Marc,
I want you to follow your mistress
and serve her devotedly.
The barriers of pain,
lust and passion
will merge for you.
Hey Eve.
He is not Adam.
You don't have to seduce him.
It's enough for him when
someone sits while peeing.
Oh that what you experience here
isn't anything like cuddle sex.
Here on this event...
...all of you men will experience
what it means to meet paradise.
We all here are...
...without tabu's!
Oh my God, you poor thing.
Are you here all alone?
No one is taking care of you?
I'm sure... need a special treatment!
I'm lady Cynthia.
Do you actually know what I'll
do with people who are insecure?
I'll undress you
by every trick In the book.
Until from head to toe, until
your lights will turn off.
You'll go home and cry
like a little baby.
I'll be back in 5 minutes.
Eva, Adam.
Your... Your... mate has has the right
touch... your mate. Banging... Shit!
He's totally high.
He's always lucky!
It seems like it's a motherly
protective instinct. That's all.
I reckon your jealousy
is speaking.
I mean I mean there are
enough chicks for everyone.
I mean I mean my
name is Johannes.
And you?
My name is Thomas
b... b.. big...
boo... boobs!
She has big boobs!
What's wrong with him?
Well, I like electro shocks.
And also is beloved my disease,
my Tourette.
- Ah OK. Great.
- And what do you like?
That's all none of your business.
Well, well as you like. I'll check out
the chicks and have a little fun.
What's wrong, dude?
Thomas talks a bit too much
and he's under pressure.
But I mean we're all here
In the same boat, you know.
Hey, everyone has addictions.
That's why we have to stick together.
Out there are enough retards
who think we're perverted pigs.
You name it.
I mean I can't mean it all well.
I'm Lukas.
Now listen, you freak.
I'm not your friend
and I'm absolutely not interested
in your dirty business or what
you and your retard friends are.
"I mean", OK?
And don't sound like a broken record!
Now, piss off and don't bother me!
I just mean to
Go away, get wasted!
Yeah you get off my back, too!
Yeah fuck, you too!
If you can fuck...
Any problems?
No. I just don't feel like
talking to those retards...
...who are struggling
with their own social competences.
You seem to be unhappy.
Don't you like our mace?
Sure, sure. It's alright!
But all this is quite a
fucked up freak show, huh?
What did you expect?
Do you like me?
Well, actually a real clear yes.
You see.
What would you think If I would
get with my hand in your pants
and get you all hot and horny
until you're getting dizzy and then...
In ten minutes there's
shift changeover.
My room number is 13.
Bad Adolf! Bad Adolf!
Bad Adolf!
Bad Adolf! Bad Adolf!
Bad Adolf! Bad Adolf!
- Bad Adolf!
- Give me your juice!
- Bad Adolf!
- Give me your juice!
Deeper! Deeper!
Paw! Other one!
Other one!
Other one!
Sit! Sit!
Up! Paw!
On your knees! Sit!
What means paw?
Sit! All the way down!
Sit! Faster!
Ah, yummy. yummy!
Give it to me, you pig!
What are you laughing about?
Your tits,
why do you have so many?
It's about time that
I stuff your mouth!
I can't hold myself back,
you're so bad looking.
I'll wipe that smile
right off your face!
Oh, very nice.
- ... that chick I mean
- OK, shut up!
Don't tell me a thing.
You're absolutely stoned
and puked on her.
Yes, Did you see it?
You have puke on your chin.
I just have to combine all details.
- Shit.
- Wait a second.
Wipe that off your face!
No, not really.
There's still something in your nose.
But now, right?
Ah, just forget it.
How was it for you?
are you still searching?
No, no everything's alright.
I had my fun.
But somehow ah these people
are weird, don't you think?
But I don't really know if I
should stay here tonight.
Nah, we can't drive back tonight.
It's a long way.
And I'm still hammered.
You're right.
Maybe it's better if you're puking
your ass off here than in my car.
Now, listen carefully!
I'm all ears.
You're one bad fucker.
You're dumb.
You're not pretty.
And the worst
you have a little dick.
Come on, who gives you the right
to puke at me?
You see
your also not the smartest.
And not the prettiest.
- Seven tits are maybe a bit too
- OK, OK. This guy is absolutely stoned.
I'm sorry.
- OK.
- No worries.
Just don't cross my
way anymore, OK?
No problem.
What's wrong with you, guys?
What are you up to, man?
Happy birthday dude!
What's up?
Come on!
Wrong room.
Ah! That's all you can?
Do you have any explanation
for this shit here?
Yeah, I have.
You, you, you, I'm curious.
This is just the beginning.
Nonsense. None of these
insects is alive anymore.
OK, I would say
we should get going.
Devil may ca re.
I agree.
Why didn't you become an ugly zombie?
You are obsessed too!
Could all of you have a look outside,
so that you can change your plans.
Shit, man!
Holy shit!
Eh, shit, yes but not really holy.
What the hell is going on?
Yeah, that's more precise.
What the hell!
Well, tomorrow I'll have a
barbecue at the Mount Everest!
Be precise!
At the beginning, this attractive
lady that owns the bar.
- Yes.
- Yes.
That's the whore "Babylon".
The mother of all whores.
She's mentioned in the revelations
of the canonian scripture.
chapter 17, line 4 to 6.
"And I saw the woman dressed in
crimson and in scarlet. "
"and covered In gold,
gemstones and pearls. "
"and in her hands she is
holding a golden bowl. "
"full of atrocity and her
filthiness of her harlotry. "
"And on her forehead
was written her name!"
"Babylon. "
"Mother of prostitution and
all atrocity on earth!"
"And I saw her drinking
the saints' blood"
"and of Jesus' witnesses"
"and I was injured, as I saw her. "
In the apocryphal gospel she is
also mentioned as Satan's daughter
In those gospels they focus on her
in one whole chapter.
And later on there was even
pubiished a book about her.
Which unfortunately was burned.
which Apocrypha is
supposed to be the one?
The Gospel according to Jesus.
Why should be a Gospel according
to Jesus be apocryphal?
I mean if it was by Jesus himself then it
should be the end-all for" the church.
Not really.
In this Gospel are passages
which the church doesn't like.
And due to that it was
seen as heretical,
and was threaded.
And where did they get if from?
Yeah, also the library of the Vatican
has It's weaknesses.
And I've
read it a million times.
At my researches
I found out about the disappearance
of many farmers In 1539.
After the killed a
woman in self-justice.
And since this day
over 600 people disappeared
at this place.
And now tell me
what did they have in common?
- Absolutely no idea.
- No clue.
Also you that you're standing here
Yeah, what about?
A holy name.
My child, what's your name?
Hey Eva.
That's that bitch who seduced Adam!
She's the reason why you got
kicked out of paradise.
Blah, blah shut your [Moody mouth.
No, that's not a holy name.
She made a pact with the devil.
OK, listen, my love.
You are close to making a pact with my
fist which I will stick up your ass.
Do you understand,
you little prick?
- Lucas.
- Markus.
T... T... T... Thomas.
I am Muslim and my name is Mehmed.
I don't think this is a holy
name, you disbelievers!
That's right, it's a holy name but
how did you get here?
A friend of mine got sick
and gave me his ticket.
what does all this mean?
Referring to the tradition
666 human children have
to be sacrificed
their blood has to be collected
and they have to have a holy name.
And all of you
have holy names.
Except Mehmed.
Oh-oh, there is a gathering
of those creatures.
They will get in here
and tear us apart.
Don't be afraid.
I have good news and bad news.
The good one first, please!
I'm a positive thinking person.
Due to your drug consumption you won't be
able to remember more than one sentence.
Yeah, gimme a blow job.
You're not allowed to enter.
I put a spell on this
house with holy water.
Not a bad Idea.
We won't get out of here.
Well, only til the holy water line.
I think I think we're in deep shit.
Where is that Babylonian cunt?
- Yeah!
- Yes.
Get out and give me what is mine!
You can't stop me anyway!
- Go home, bitch!
- Shit, man!
What shall we do now?
Seems to be a ritual or something.
I reckon there are more
than a hundred of them.
We have to get out and count them.
Huh, how do you think
this will work out?
Do you want to invite
each single one of them?
Asking them for age,
confession and residence?
OK. How much ammo
do you have?
More than enough.
Come on.
Marc, get a pen and a piece of paper.
That dude out there
miscounts all the time.
Your holy water spell is safe,
for sure?
Sure sure it's safe.
Except someone of
us gets killed.
OK, well let's get going.
Good evening, dear Lady Nadia.
Actually I'm enjoying this evening.
Pretty women.
Many perverted
sexual orientations.
And when your girls wouldn't
have been to dominant in some cases
then we would have driven
back home in peace and
this evening now would be
a nice memory. But no,
Instead of that your
chicks transform into ugly
grotesque faces and behave
like a piece of shit!
What kind of a human are you?
Oh, he wants his money back.
Me too.
I can even give you change.
I also want to count you all.
Well, I would suggest
In order to make my work easier that you
line up here in front of me in
groups of ten people.
I guess the minority carries their
passports and ID cards with them.
Tell all the people they have to get
outside so that I can drink their blood.
Yeah, and tomorrow we'll open up
a store at the North pole, right?
You and your crew, how should
I describe it, showed off quite a bit.
But I have to tell you that
I can do many fantastic things.
I can iron with
my bare hands.
And if I order a burger at Sabu's,
I'll get It.
You dare questioning
my intelligence.
Who's the president
of the United States?
Saddam Hussein.
Nearly right.
But sadly wrong.
Saddam should be visiting
your father right now
because I sticked his ass
up into some bad shit.
Don't you all understand this?
OK, I understand.
We just don't have the same vibe.
Marc, give me the paper.
I need a pill!
It's handy.
Yeah, but the ammo should
be enough for all of us.
How can we kill that bunch
of people out there?
If there are exactly 660
creatures out there
and except from Mehmed and Eve
we're the only six people left
then referring to the revelation the
last ritual will be right at this place.
Where Lucifer's corpse is buried.
And the blood of all the victims.
Yeah but what will happen to me?
I don't have anything to do with all this!
Here! I mean my name isn't even holy!
I can go, or not?
- Get lost, man!
- Yeah.
your blood is useless to them.
But were you attacked by these
creatures in this house, my friend?
No man. When my chick transformed into
that creature, I fed her with booom booom
sticked it up her mouth and
then it was good again.
Yeah, and on the hallways?
I don't know, man.
It was all so crowded,
I saw claws
snarling and I just boom boom.
Just into their faces because
they're so fucking ugly!
Yeah, but you know what?
Ey, one of us can get help?
- Sure, I'll do so.
- Yeah, I'll get my uncles
my brothers, my cousins and the we can make
kebabs out of these ugly chicks or condoms.
- Mehmed! Mehmed!
- He!
Leave this holy place.
I'm sick of all that shit.
I give up!
- I'll go out there and get help! Yup!
- Mehmed.
Mehmed! Mehmed! Mehmed!
Mehmed! Mehmed!
What do you want here?
I'll leave now. I don't have a holy
name, there for they'll keep me alone.
If not?
Shoot me a way.
I'm sick of these bastards, man!
They just want the
mood for their ritual.
Hey, chica.
Pm Muslim.
No holy name!
You won't need me.
I'll leave. OK?
See, see they're not interested in me!
Hey, get lost!
Why did you agreed to that?
Mehmed, you retard.
What's wrong?
He has a second name.
Yeah, and?
Yusuf means Joseph!
And Joseph is a holy name!
We have to look for
Lucifer's remains.
And for the blood of all the others.
And for Lucifer's heart!
This is an old building.
With lots and lots and lots
and lots of cellar vaults.
Wait a second. Shouldn't we wait until
Lucas has counted the creatures outside?
Wait, wait.
Where is Eva, this cunt?
She left to get some booze.
How many are there already?
I'll have a look upstairs.
I'll check the rooms.
We'll check the basement.
And if some of these creatures
are still alive in total of half
Then, I will cut them in squares.
Switching off their light is enough.
OK, let's go.
Give us the strength.
Dear Lady Nadia.
You are one sly of an old dog!
How do we get you killed?
Holy crap!
Holy shit.
Luckily, I didn't see any of that.
Strike, strike!
Yeah, old sucker.
You, it's not the right
Yeah, of course.
They're sound asleep.
Yeah, sure.
Pancakes with blueberries.
I know
with a bit of syrup.
Tomorrow morning at 8 a. m.
Yeah, yes, alright.
Don't get worried.
Sure, alright.
You, Sweety
It's not the best timing.
The milk gets burned.
No one disturbs me
when little mouse Is calling!
What happened to him?
Wrong timing. I wanted to Fuck!
He slipped and fell into
the corpses trash.
I can smell that.
Who of you has eaten some of that chili?
Me, too. Why?
Don't make it more thrilling
than it is anyway.
That was no authentic
chili con carne.
Not that the chili was
wrong or anything
What the hell is going on?
Was it poisoned?
No no,
I can exclude that.
You know once I was working for the local
authority and I was responsible for
food safety restrictions
in a few restaurants. OK?
- Get to the point!
- There is a so called minced
meat prescription.
Go on, go on.
That was not really maintained.
Yeah, it wasn't also maintained
for those freaks. I mean
do we get sick now, do we get the
shits, the runs or something?
That was
human esh!
There must be someone hidden!
Let loose, man!
Break her down, that cunt!
Was that it?
Yes, she fell asleep.
Such a beast!
Tell me
what happened out there, actually?
No idea! That critter just went mad!
I didn't assume that in those weird
goodie bags were, ehm,
LSD pills or something!
We have to stick together.
I'll get you, you midget!
Ah, Insane!
We prepared something.
Very nice!
Thank you.
Hey, shit.
- Let's go!
- Yes
Keep it under control!
Guys, was was epic, so epic!
I'm proud. I mean
I mean it's enough.
Well, what do you think, what I mean,
who I mean that I meant exactly
what I never said.
What does he want to say?
Forget it.
what's wrong?
Thanks for being reborn!
Beloved father.
This dumb ass suppose
to be the devil?
At least the little version of It.
Hey, I'm the mother of all whores.
That's that Babylon chick.
As if she has 7 heads
like the revelation says.
Seven tits!
And I had sex with that cunt!
No, Marc,
you just puked at her.
Ah, do I get it right?
Father, mother, daughter.
No prick believes that.
Yes, sure.
How can such a midget
produce such a giant child?
You don't understand!
The devil has chosen a different body.
The clever whale.
My dear lady,
How can we agree
to each other?
That plan with my stinky mutant
goths didn't work out.
And please, don't bore me with our
blood victims or something like that.
I will do mine and these, too.
Just to make that clear.
It will be an honor for me
to kill you myself.
Yeah, sure.
Normal, we're making
holiday on the moon.
But that prick is stubborn
like a donkey, right?
No, wrinkly witch, what's up?
We already eliminated about 660.
That was hard work.
I'm so tired. I need to take a shower
and some rest.
We couldn't find
Lucifer's heart.
But we got the others' blood.
I mean they were even so kind
and put numbers on the bottles.
Would we have known it earlier
then I would have saved
Marc and Lucas lots of work
and myself some ammo, right?
No, you can't do that!
It's that easy to kill them?
No invincibility,
no agonizing fights or so?
No massive explosion, no end
of the world, no apocalypse?
- Seems like it.
- It looks like.
It looks like.
God's children
leave this filthy place.
I will scatter her ashes in the wind.
Go away now!
The animal
I've seen has been and
is no more.
But will be back from the abyss.
And will go to hell.
And all these
will be wondering
who live on earth and whose names
are not written in this book of life!
From world's beginning
And they will see the animal
that has been
and not is
and will be there for good.
- You bitch!
- You prick!
Fuck. Fuck. Shit.
Shit. Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Shit.
Pumpkin pie!
I'm thirsty as hell.
I get me something to drink.
I know you already.
Interested in a hot
bloody sausage?
Where did you come from,
you perverted pig?
Come on, don't be such a pussy.
Don't you have enough?
You want it, too.
Listen, you prick!
I'm sure you like that?
You motherfucker!
I'm sure you like that.
Or you need a fill?
Yes? You want, you want?
Sure, sure. I want to say yes.
It's good.
I have enough.
Maybe next time.
You won't believe what
just happened to me.
OK. OK. I believe you.
I need to tell you something.
Well than, tell me.
I think I'm in love.
- In that woman!
- Nice.