Savage Sam (1963) Movie Script

there's a hound dog
out in Texas
he says he belongs to me
when he's on the trail
I can follow his tail
through the land
of the wild country
he was born to roam
the mountains
the prairie land so free
he can go anywhere
run the fat from a bear
chase a bobcat
to his mountain lair
or run him up a tree
in the land
of the wild country
I call my hound dog
Savage Sam
he runs so wild and free
and if he don't know
where I am
he takes after me
through the land
of the wild country
we were born
to love the country
old Savage Sam and me
we were born in the west
in the land that's best
but folks out here
never get much rest
with dogs
and boys like me
in the land
of the wild country
I call my hound dog
Savage Sam
he runs so wild
and free
and if he don't know
where I am
he takes after me
through the land
of the wild country
we were born
to love the country
old Savage Sam and me
we were born in the west
in the land that's best
but folks out here
never get much rest
with dogs
and boys like me
in the land
of the wild country
Sam, you thievin' rascal,
You better
let me have that.
A little savage, ain't ya?
Old Savage Sam.
All right, keep it.
But I tell you, if Travis catches
you with that side of meat,
He's just liable to knock you
Sky west and crooked.
Dang your hide, Jumper!
Get out of there!
How many times do I gotta tell
you to quit eatin' the sweet corn?
Now git!
Bit off more
than you could chew, huh?
What's for breakfast?
Bacon and mush. And milk,
after you finish the milkin'.
Bacon and mush.
Bacon and mush.
Every mornin' in the world
it's bacon and mush.
Why don't you cook something
different once in a while...
Than bacon and mush
like Mama does?
'cause I'm not Mama,
that's why.
Now you better
go milk that cow.
Milk the dang cow.
If you get an early start,
Maybe we can finish scrubbing
that new patch of ground by night.
How much longer will Mama
and Papa be in San Antone?
Oh, could be
a couple of weeks yet.
Till Grandma dies?
Now who said
she's gonna die?
You know, Grandma won't
like it up there in Heaven.
There's nothing to do all day
but squat around on a cloud,
Trying to pick
one of them old guitars.
Harps, not guitars.
Harps, guitars...
it's all the same difference.
Grandma don't know
how to play neither one.
Grandma's been sick before,
and she's got well.
Of course, maybe they'll
teach her how to play.
I don't suppose them angels
has got much else to do.
What's all this talk
about dying?
I was just thinking,
if Grandma dies,
Mama's gonna be mighty sad.
It'll mean she'll have to
wait around until she dies...
Before she gets to
see Grandma again.
Then we'll all be
tore up 'cause we
won't get to see Mama
again till we die.
I don't like it.
Well, don't worry about it
and maybe you'll live longer.
Me, I ain't never gonna die.
I'm gonna live forever.
Why don't you milk that cow so you
have something to live on? Now git.
Milk the cow.
Grub the brush.
Bacon and mush.
You know, I was just thinkin'
we could use some fresh meat.
And if we get through with the
work in time, we might go huntin'.
You mean it?
That's if we get through
with the work,
Which won't be likely
if you don't get to the milkin'.
I'll have that old
cow dry as a sunflower
pod afore the
bacon's half fried.
old Dan Tucker
was a mighty man
he washed his face
in a frying pan
combed his hair
with a wagon wheel
and he died of a toothache
on his heel
so get out the way
for old Dan Tucker
get out the way
for old Dan Tucker
get out the way
for old Dan Tucker
he's too lazy
to come to supper
Get him, Sam!
Fire right back, Sam!
Fire right back, boy!
Out fancy her, boy!
Go on, in and out. She'll
never lay a horn to ya!
What on earth?
Arliss, get that dog
outta here!
Dang you, Sam.
Now git!
you quit taking sides!
Go on!
Get outta here!
It's all right, Sam. You
had her beat. Get outta here!
I sent you out here to milk, not
start a stampede. I was milkin'.
easy, girl, easy.
Easy, girl. Easy, girl.
Actin' like a six
year old. I oughta
cut me a sprout and
thrash your britches.
Guess you think you're
the boss, big as Papa, huh?
Well, Papa left me in charge and
said for you to do what I said!
Now go calm that cow down
and finish milkin'!
All right.
Make me!
I'll bash you
with this bucket!
Wait till I get
my hands on you.
Ow! Arliss!
Ow! You quit chuckin' me,
you hear?
I hear!
Arliss, you quit that, or these
chickens won't lay for a month.
Sic him, Sam. Grab him!
I'll learn you
to boss me around.
Stay with him, Sam!
Arliss! Sam, quit that.
you quit hittin' my dog!
When I get outta here, I'll
wear your tail end to a frazzle.
Uncle Beck!
Say, what's going on?
I could hear you hollering
on the next ridge.
Oh, what'd you got treed
there, a panther?
No, sir. Just Travis.
Travis? You mean your
brother Travis? Yes, sir.
Well, I'll be doggoned.
What you rockin' him for?
Well, dang it, he's getting
too big for his britches!
He's always
bossing me around.
Oh. Tellin' you what you can
do and what you can't, huh?
Yes, sir. He never lets me
have a say about nothin'.
and he works me
like a slave.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, I don't
blame you for rockin' him then.
You don't?
No, sir.
If it was me, I wouldn't
stand for it one minute.
'cause I know what you're going
through, Arliss, 'cause your Papa...
Used to treat me exactly the
same way when I was little.
Every minute of the day,
something like this,
"Beck, you go chop
the wood.
"Beck, go fetch the horses.
Beck, go slop the hogs.
Beck, go milk the cow."
That's why I wanted to kill
him a thousand times. Who, Papa?
You betcha. Anything
makes me killin' mad...
Is some great big, lazy,
overgrown boy...
Workin' his poor little brother
half to death.
Let's get some brush. We'll set
fire to it and burn him out of there.
Burn him out?
Like smokin' a possum
out of a hollow log.
You mean,
do that to Travis?
Well, no,
that wouldn't do neither, no.
Dang fire's liable to spread
and burn the whole place down.
Well, here you go.
Use this.
Blast him outta there
with that.
Now, it'll make some holes in that
door you could pitch a dog through.
But that's Travis
in there.
I know that, Arliss.
That's what you been telling me.
Now keep that arm steady,
boy. Steady.
see, now get
that front side down.
Make her set right there
in the middle of that groove.
Remember, you gotta squeeze
that trigger.
Aim a foot below the top of that
door, and you're gonna catch him...
Right smack between the eyes
on the first shot.
You crazy or something? You
think I wanna kill my own brother?
Well, Arliss, that's the
general idea I got from
the way you was whammin'
them rocks in there.
Well, I didn't aim
to kill him.
Oh. But you kill squirrels
with rocks, don't you?
And you killed that big
turkey gobbler with a rock.
Didn't you?
Now, I believe if it was me, I'd just
go wash the dirt out of that bucket...
And finish milkin' up
the cow.
Yes, sir.
Ah, ahem.
I reckon she'll give you the milk
without you holdin' my gun on her.
I reckon she will.
I don't see how you do it,
Uncle Beck.
Now, any way I try to manage him, it's
like pokin' a stick in a hornet's nest.
Well, that's generally the case
with being the older brother, Travis.
Maybe what you gotta do
is learn to out figure him.
hey, smells like
something's afire.
It's the bacon!
Dang that Arliss!
Can't even milk a cow.
Hey, I picked... whee... I
picked this up in town for you.
A letter. Yep,
San Antone it says.
It must be
from your Mama and Papa.
Mama says the doctor had
Grandma figured for a goner,
But she fooled them.
That don't surprise me none.
Crowd you to kill that little
ol' lady with a choppin' axe.
That's about the way
Mama puts it.
She says, "it will be a while
before Grandma is back on her feet.
But she's
just doing fine."
Well, I bet on it too.
I never will forget that
little old lady back in Sedalia.
When me and your Papa was
nothin' but tow-shirted kids,
We couldn't swipe a peach,
turpentine a cat,
Ride the old milk calf,
Without Grandma Bailey swarmin'
all over us, three times a day.
Burnt the breakfast,
didn't you?
I got another batch started.
Mama never let
the breakfast get burnt.
Always had it
ready for me to eat,
The minute
I finished milkin'.
Now, maybe your
Mama didn't have to
spend so much time
duckin' rocks neither.
I best be movin' on. Oh,
you don't aim to eat with us?
No thanks.
I don't blame you...
bacon and mush.
I ate early. I got to
hunt up a missing heifer.
Probably hold up in some thicket
with a new calf. New calf!
Golly, maybe I better
go help you hunt her.
Now you better help
your brother finish the
grubbin' because your
Papa wants to sow...
That new ground of winter
wheat, quick as he gets home.
Aw, heck!
You need any help,
you let me know, hear?
I'll be looking in on you
every now and then.
You remember what I said now.
You got to learn to outfigure him.
Outfigure who?
Outfigure who?
Nobody particular.
Well, holler when the bacon's
fried. I'm near starved.
Where you going?
While you're cookin' up the grub,
I'll go harness up Old Jumper.
He can pack in the deer we
shoot when we go huntin'.
I said we might go when
we get the work done.
There's plenty of
time to get Old Jumper.
I need him, anyhow,
to ride to work on.
Ride? That field
ain't a quarter mile off.
If you think I'm gonna do all that
walkin', then work too, you're crazy.
Be too plumb wore out
to hit a lick.
Now, confound it, Arliss, if
you're figurin' out some new...
figurin' out what?
Figurin' out some new way
to make work easier,
Why, that's fine.
And takin' Old Jumper
to drag that brush,
I don't know why
I didn't think of that myself.
Well, come on, Arliss.
Go get 'em.
All right.
I'll bring along an extra rope
to clear away the brush with.
Good idea. That's right
smart thinking, Arliss.
Atta boy, Sam.
Warm up that scent, boy.
Sam's fixin' to pick up
a varmint trail.
Go get him, boy!
nudge him out, boy.
He's in there someplace.
All right, Arliss,
she's tied.
Tote her down.
Stay with it, Sam.
You'll get him directly.
All right, Jumper, giddap.
Come on, Jumper, giddap.
Whoa, Jumper!
Whoa, Jumper!
Dang you, whoa!
You and Jumper sure made
a mess out of that.
What do you mean? He piled the
brush right where you wanted it.
It sounds like
Sam struck a hot one.
Lookie yonder!
Yee-hoo! Go get him, Sam!
Man, oh, man, ain't he makin'
that ol' cat get high behind?
One thing you can say
for old Sam, anytime
he takes to a trail,
he'll hang with it,
Better than any dog
I ever heard tell of.
Come on, Travis. We'll mount up,
and we'll jump her and follow her.
We got work to do,
But that ol' cat's been raiding the
chicken roost. We gotta catch him.
Sure we do. And when Sam trees
him, we'll go right out and get him.
But, meanwhile, we'll just
keep grubbing brush, right?
Who ever heard tell of workin'
when you could chase a bobcat?
Now, Arliss,
come on back here.
I'll set your britches
to smokin', you hear me?
Travis Coates!
Mr. Searcy.
Injuns! Injuns raiding
all over the place!
Get your gun, boy. Get some bullets.
Break out a fresh keg of powder!
Where, at salt licks?
Could be. By now, they're liable to
have wiped out the whole settlement.
Burnin', killin'
scalpin'. Draggin' poor
screamin' women off to
a fate worse than death.
Lisbeth, honey,
would you mind slippin' down?
This poor old pony is gettin'
a mite winded. Yes, Papa.
Well, who saw the Indians,
Mr. Searcy?
Well, I don't know.
Best I could learn...
Is they struck
at loyal valley last night.
Old Wiley crup, he come up with 16
head of horses missin' this mornin'.
What's that I smell
cookin', boy, frijole beans?
But, Mr. Searcy, missing horses
don't have to mean Indians.
Horses can stray.
Not them horses.
Crup says Injuns got 'em.
Told Todd McDougal they did.
But he didn't
set eyes on 'em.
Wiley said it sounded
like Injuns to him,
and you know Wiley
wouldn't tell a lie,
'less maybe there's
a little money involved.
them beans just about done,
ain't they, boy?
What's that dog after,
No. Sam and Arliss
are trailin' a bobcat.
Thunder-ration, boy. Don't
you know no better than that?
Lettin' a helpless
youngun run footloose
through them hills just
swarmin' with savages.
Them red devils are liable to haul
off and scalp that boy any minute.
Eat that dog too,
if you ain't watchin'.
Injuns are partial
to dog eatin'.
If I was you,
I'd go get him,
Before we even bother to set
a foot under that dinner table.
Oh, well, it might not hurt
to go get him.
Yeah, well, you just do that.
You just do that.
Lisbeth, honey, you might ought
to water this poor old pony.
Shuck him out
a few ears of corn too.
Build back his strength
a little. Yes, Papa.
And while you're out there
roundin' up the youngun,
I'll just be neighborly like and
go and look at them beans of yours.
Be a cryin' shame
if they was left to burn.
them beans is hot!
You know, about them Indians, that's
mostly just scare talk, wasn't it?
Well, you know Papa, always trying
to make things bigger than they are.
Sometimes I wish he wouldn't,
well, you know, go on so much.
Oh, that ain't your
fault. Did you happen
to hear just what
Tom McDougal did say?
Well, now, yes.
What he told Papa was that what Mr.
Crup said if it were ten years ago,
He'd just bet it was Indians
who stole those horses.
Yeah, that's about
what I figured.
It's been a long time
since Apaches come
out of those high
mountains on a raid.
Still need to
round up Arliss, though.
I'm gonna finish that grubbin'
before sundown.
Um, would... would you care
for a mite of company?
I ain't seen a bobcat
in some time.
Close up, that is.
Well, yeah, sure.
Wouldn't hurt none
to hang on to my belt.
Make more sense
than falling off.
Did you hear about Betsy
Miller and George Floyd?
No. What about 'em? Got
married last Thursday.
Got married? I didn't
know they was old enough.
Oh, yes. Betsy's eight
months older than me.
And George, well, he's at least
a few months older than you.
That's more than old enough.
Wouldn't you figure?
Yeah, sounds like.
My Mama and Papa were even
younger when they got married.
is that so?
Oh, yes.
Mama says, "getting
married is the best way...
For two folks to really
get to know each other."
I think I hear Sam.
He's right over yonder.
Well, I don't hear him now.
Me neither.
Be real quiet.
I wanna listen.
that's Jumper.
There he is.
go get him, Sam!
you come outta there.
Not till we get
this old bobcat, I ain't.
You leave that bobcat
alone. You keep messin'
with him, he's liable
to eat you alive.
He can't. I'm holdin'
him off with a stick.
Listen to him squall
when I poke him.
Pesky Arliss.
Tryin' to reason with him...
Is like buttin' your head up
against a stoop and pole stoke.
I'd better go in
and get him.
Sic him, Sam!
Just kill him!
That'll teach him
to leave our chickens alone.
you get outta there.
Travis, you leave go of me.
Not till I get you out of here.
I ain't comin' out till
I'm darn good and ready.
Well, you get good and ready
'cause you're comin' out.
Oh, no, I ain't!
You let go!
Quit kicking me!
Dang you, Travis,
let go!
Come on!
I'll learn you,
Travis Coates.
Ow! Now cut it out!
You stop rockin' Travis,
you hear?
Hang on to him.
All right, Arliss. You asked
for it, and you're gonna get it.
Dang you, Travis Coates, when I
get big, I'm gonna fix you good.
Hold it. Hold it!
We better make
a run for it.
You leave my brother alone!
Get him, Sam!
Chew on him, Sam.
Uncle Beck!
Yah! Yah!
It's all right.
It's all right. They're
just having fun with him.
Arliss, you gotta quit
fightin' 'em.
That little varmint bothers
me again and I'll kill him.
And get us all killed before we
get a chance to escape. Look out!
You come back here with my hat,
you yellow-bellied coward!
Arliss, quit rilin' him. Next time
he'll be lifting more than your hat.
So wild to get a scalp,
he'd even take it from a baby.
Who you callin' a baby?
You've got to quit fighting
back, do you hear me?
Yeah, I hear.
That's the one
that killed Sam.
The one what stole
my hat. Killed Sam?
Chopped him down with a chunk of
wood while you were unconscious.
I tell you,
he'll pay for that.
Listen, don't start
anything. You're gonna
mess up any chance we
got of gettin' away.
All right,
but I'll get him.
Travis, what's to happen to us
if we don't escape?
Don't fret, Lisbeth,
we'll get away.
But supposin' we don't,
what then?
Well, it's kinda hard
to figure.
They'll probably make me into one
of their slaves, more than likely.
Oh, no! Only reason I can figure
for them not killing me right off.
Well, I ain't gonna be no
slave, and I'll swear to that.
No, being a youngun, they'll
probably make you an Indian.
I'd like to see 'em try.
I'd just like to see 'em.
You just simmer down. They ain't
gonna make no injun out of me.
What do you reckon
they figure to do with me?
I ain't really give that
proper thought.
They'll make me some
Indian's squaw, won't they?
That one.
He's as much as claimed me,
hasn't he?
Say, maybe that's
the way to do it.
Do what?
Get away.
Let's get some other injun
and that one into a fight...
Over who gets Lisbeth
for his squaw.
And in the fuss, you and me
could make a run for it. Arliss!
Then we can hightail
it outta here and bring
back help. Maybe she
won't be married yet.
Hush up!
If they're gonna make her a
squaw anyway, what's the harm?
Arliss, be quiet!
Listen, Lisbeth. Nobody's
gonna touch you. I promise.
But if you try to fight them,
they'll kill you.
I'd rather be dead than see
one of them lay a hand on you.
That one your Uncle Beck shot, he's
different from the others, isn't he?
Yeah, he's Comanche. You can tell
by his hair. Others are Apache.
Why does he run instead
of ridin'? Is he crazy?
No, it's easier to run.
Jouncin' around that horse
hurts his wounded leg.
Well, I hope that bullet
wound bleeds him to death.
Look at 'em,
stuffin' their bellies.
This meat tastes funny.
Wonder what it is.
Horse meat,
more than likely.
Horse meat?
Where's Old Jumper?
Probably with the horses.
No, he ain't.
He ain't with the horses.
Travis, they've killed him! They
went and butchered Old Jumper.
Now how do you know?
-I can't see him nowheres.
I can't eat none of Old
Jumper. I tell you, I can't.
You don't know
it's Jumper.
If it ain't him,
where's he at?
Well, he could have
gotten away.
I didn't see him get away. -You
didn't see him get butchered neither.
Now, Arliss, sit there
and eat 'cause you
don't know when you're
gonna get another chance.
But what if it is
Old Jumper?
If it is Old Jumper,
he won't mind.
Jumper will know
you gotta eat.
You know,
Jumper was a good ol' mule.
Plowed our corn,
packed in our meat.
Hauled our crops.
Drug up the logs
for the cabin, Papa said.
And now he's keeping us
from starving to death.
Do you remember the time the hogs
cut up you and Old Yeller so bad...
And Jumper had to
bring you in home?
Arliss, could you just
hush up about Old Jumper?
Remember how we used to have
to tie a drag log to his foot...
To keep him from jumpin'
into the corn?
Sure was a good old mule.
Dang their
stinkin' hides.
Somebody's gonna pay
for killin' Old Jumper.
And I know just who.
That oughta teach you something
about butcherin' Old Jumper.
Put me down!
Gimme back my shirt!
What are they doing
to him?
They admire his spirit. Gonna
make an Indian out of him.
Get my knife
out of my back pocket.
How will
I ever open it?
Bring it up to my mouth.
Shh. Be real quiet now.
I'm cutting you loose.
you gone crazy?
I wasn't leavin' without
my pants. Let's git.
Travis, that's Sam.
Sam's alive!
Come on.
Look out!
let me go!
You leave him alone!
no! No!
Travis, that's Sam again!
-He's on the trail.
Come on, Sam.
Bring Uncle Beck!
Troops, ho!
Travis, look!
Forward, ho!
Wait! Wait!
That's a really
scared bunch of Indians.
Apaches from what
I could see through the dust.
Yeah. Well, there's no use
chasing 'em any farther.
I wonder what devilry
they've been up to.
Horse stealin'
it looks like.
Left by twos. Ho.
Easy, boy.
Whoa, now.
I won't hurt you now.
Whoa, now.
Hold it now.
Hold it, boy.
Hey. What's
the matter, Sam?
It's me, Travis.
Come here,
you old hound, you.
Sure am glad
to see you, boy.
Listen, Sam.
If anything's gonna be done
for Lisbeth and Arliss,
Looks like we gotta do it.
Come on, boy.
Let's pick up that trail.
Sam, come here.
Come here, Sam.
Come here.
Sam, now listen.
You gotta hold back
or you'll outrun me.
We gotta work together on this
or we don't stand a chance.
All right,
let's try again.
Sam! Sam! Sam.
Sam, wait.
Come back.
Get him off of me!
Travis! Travis.
Quit that. Quit that, boy.
Take it easy now.
Easy. Easy, Travis.
You settle down now.
Take it easy.
Settle down now.
Travis. Travis.
Uncle Beck.
Easy now.
Easy, Travis.
We're with you now.
Gosh doggone it. Tried...
tried to choke a man to death.
well, get him
some water, crup.
Lisbeth, my baby girl,
is she all right?
What about Arliss?
Back's bad sunburned.
Them bruises look ugly too.
Best grease 'em. Todd, get that bacon
rind out of my saddlebag. Here, son.
I have a clean shirt
in my saddlebag.
Here. Easy. Easy now. -You kill
any of them cutthroat savages?
they still got my horses?
Them thievin' devils.
-Sam. We gotta get Sam!
Sam? He got a hot
trail on them Indians.
We gotta catch up
with that dog before
it gets dark. You
think you can make it?
He's gotta make it.
I tell you, them red
devils so much as
touch my little girl...
Of course I can make it. -Let's go
then. You can eat while we're riding.
Now hold on a minute, Beck.
We got a little problem here.
Seven men
and six horses.
Ride double.
Why, it's gonna be tough enough of
keepin' up with that dog ridin' single.
And I say let's leave the boy here
and we'll pick him up on the way back.
I'm goin'.
Now lookie here, boy.
I won't hold nobody up.
I'll take it afoot. Afoot?
Sure, I'll run alongside and hang onto
somebody's saddle, like the Comanche.
Comanche? I thought
you said them was Apaches.
They are Apache,
all but one. -Whoever
heard of a Comanche
runnin' with Apache?
What difference does it make? Our
job's to find 'em. Beck's right.
Find 'em and kill 'em.
You say that Comanche kept up
hanging on the saddle? Yes, sir.
Well, if he can do it,
so can we.
Get up on that horse and finish
eatin'. I'll take the first turn.
If we don't catch up
with them before they get
to the mountains we're
never gonna find 'em.
Wiley, uh, I could use
a chaw myself.
Come on.
all right, who's next?
I believe I am, Beck.
no, you ain't.
Yeah, it's your turn. Bud Searcy
here's the only one that ain't run yet.
Well, is that a fact?
I reckon I lost count.
You mind totin' this for me?
This old gun ain't
no good, Searcy. An
old pony'd get swayback
just a packin' it.
No good? Did I ever tell about the time
I blew a hole through two savages...
Ridin' side by side
a thousand yards away?
never did see two more
surprised Injuns, till today.
Not to mention the buffalo
a-runnin' alongside 'em.
Come on, bud.
-Beck, he's too old to run.
Who's too old? Happen to know I'm
eight year younger than pack underwood.
Yeah. Eight years younger
and a hundred pounds heavier.
Why, 50 yards on foot and your eyeballs
would be a-stickin' out on their stems.
Crup, if he wants to run,
let him run. Now let's git.
Too old. Did I ever tell you about
the time I run a deer down on foot?
Save your wind, Searcy.
Look at that.
Could be Sam.
Uncle Beck, it's Sam! -All right,
hold it. Hold it. No shootin'.
Beat 'em off
with your ropes.
Hyah! Hyah!
Get out of here! Hyah!
Hyah! Get out of there!
Hyah! Hyah! Go
on! Get up! Get up!
Hyah! Hyah!
Go on! Get out of here!
Get! Get up there!
Get up!
Easy, boy.
Good old Sam.
Let me see what
they did to you.
Cut him up much?
Well, they chewed up
his paw pretty bad. Oh.
Think he can
take the trail?
I don't know.
Try him.
All right, Sam.
Come here, boy.
Come here, boy.
Come to me.
Come on, Sam.
What are we gonna
do now, Beck?
I say leave him here
and let's get to ridin'.
The trail's gonna be tougher to follow
from here on, especially at night.
Without that dog
we ain't got a prayer.
But that hound
can't even walk.
Hand him up here, Travis.
Wiley crup, you done
that on purpose.
Ah, quit your "bellerin'." Searcy,
a good bath never hurt you none.
Man, now I guess
I seen everything.
Blowhards and pot hounds allowed to
ride while good men are left afoot.
All right, who runs now?
-Reckon I do.
You reckon you can?
Let's git.
Yes, sir?
Take Sam down and see
if he can pick up the trail.
Supposin' he can't?
He will.
Go, Sam.
Please, Sam.
Arliss, Sam.
Go find Arliss.
Come on, Sam.
That's it, Sam!
-Stick with it, Sam.
Travis, go on,
pick him up.
We're on the right trail.
What'd I tell ya?
still say we're puttin' a heap
of Faith in a lame dog.
Right now a lame dog's
all we got.
Don't tell me
about right and wrong.
I'm not trying to
tell you anything, pack.
Then don't argue with me
about injun killing.
I wasn't arguing. I merely said the
reason the Indians fight so hard...
Is the white man's crowding
in, killing off the buffalo.
That's all. Them Injuns don't own
the land, they don't own the buffalo.
Maybe not, but after
thousands of years
they feel as though
they have a right to it.
They're gonna learn different.
And I learn 'em.
Sometimes hard to tell
who the savages are.
Dirty injun lover!
Quit that!
Quit it out, I said!
Quit that! He can't
talk to me that way!
I said, quit it. We
go fightin' amongst
ourselves, we're never
gonna catch no Injuns.
Travis, you spell
crup a while.
It's about time. My feets wore
off clean up to the hipbone.
I didn't mean
to get him so upset.
I know that.
I never saw a man
so full of hate.
Well, there's things that can
sometimes breed hate in a man.
Not like that.
You're new out here, white.
You're gonna find
this is a hard country.
You go to fightin' it, and it fights
you right back every inch of the way.
Ain't Virginia.
I realize that, Beck.
I mean, out here...
A man puts in
a crop of corn and...
You bust your back
watering it and hoeing it,
And just before harvest
it gets set on by hoppers.
They hate the land.
And you got about 50 head
of cattle ready for market.
Then blight comes
along and kills 'em
all off. You get so
you hate everythin'.
But not other people
the way he does.
Look, a couple of years ago,
pack come home...
He come one day and he found
his cabin burnt to the ground...
And his wife
and three kids was killed.
All of 'em was scalped.
And he about went crazy
That can turn into hate
real easy.
Come on, Sam.
That's a boy.
I just thought you
ought to know. Come on.
all right, let's go.
Look it.
They buried that fire and let out
in a hurry. -How long do you figure?
It couldn't be long.
The sand's still warm.
If we're that close behind them red
devils, now's the time to crowd in.
That's what we're gonna do.
Travis, go get Sam.
Come here, Sam.
Whose turn is it to run?
-It's mine, Beck.
Notice how many snakes and
spiders are movin' about? Yeah.
Come on. Let's go.
If it wasn't the
middle of the day, I'd
say those birds are
heading for their roost.
They are.
It's fixin' to rain.
Are you sure?
Look it there.
Any time you see one of them
old boys on the prowl...
This far from water,
you can bet it's gonna rain.
Well, if it rains,
what happens to the trail?
We'll worry about that
when it rains.
That's hail!
Crop 'em up behind Todd.
Head for them rocks!
Head for that cave!
This ain't the safest place in the
world, but it's better than nothin'.
Not much. If a ten-foot
head of water come
a boilin' down out
of them hills yonder,
It'll drown every
last one of us afore
we get a chance to
turn around and spit.
Wiley, if you knows of a better
place, why don't you go crawl into it?
We ain't through yet,
How could Lisbeth and
Arliss live through all this?
Ah, them Indians can find shelter, you
can bet on that. That's right, Travis.
They're a lot wilder, know
more about the country than us.
Sure. But the trail will
be completely wiped out.
We know they're
headed right for them
mountains, and Sam can
pick up the trail again.
Man alive, Coates.
Pickin' up a trail
after a Storm like
that might take days.
I'll worry about that,
crup. -How long you
figure these old wore-out
horses gonna last?
Till they go down.
Then what?
Then we're gonna
take out afoot.
-That's what I said.
Well, if that's your plan
you can count me out.
Figure on goin' home,
you can walk.
Try and take my horse? -I
wouldn't try it. I'd just take it.
I rode in here
on my horse.
I aim to ride out on him
anytime I please.
So don't nobody
try and stop me.
Wiley, you damn move
a hair...
And I'll be obliged to blow a
hole clean through your backbone.
And this close
that ain't no brag.
You ain't got the gall.
Gentlemen, would you kindly
step out from behind Mr. Crup?
Thank you, gentlemen.
Now, Wiley, would you care
to test my gall?
That's better.
It stopped!
-Well, let's get movin'.
What are we gonna do
about crup? Nothin'.
Aren't we gonna take his guns? He
can't fight Indians without a gun.
You old jackass, you.
Wiley, I could use a chaw.
Wiley, I'm askin' you
to do me a favor.
I want you to loan me
a chaw of tobacco.
Uncle Beck,
go get 'em, Sam.
Hunt it out, boy.
It's all up to you now.
Do you think he's got
it? -I know he's got it.
Stay with it, boy.
Stay with it.
come on in. He's got it!
Uncle Beck.
Uncle Beck,
we're gettin' close.
You sure? Yes,
sir. I'm real sure.
Sam. Sam.
Here, boy. Sam!
He's liable to run right into
them Injuns. Y'all wait here.
Wait? I came to kill Injuns,
not to wait.
Beck said to wait.
Now I reckon we best do it.
Here, Sam. Sam.
Come here.
Come here, Sam. Come here,
you. Hold it. Hold it.
Now quit that.
Quit it, Sam.
You bite me, I'm gonna
bite you right back, you fool.
You get your mind set
on one thing, you're
stubborn as a one-eyed
mule, ain't ya?
All right. Let's see what's
on the other side of that hill.
You'll be needin'
some extra cartridges.
Thank you.
Did you see 'em? In the
draw, back of that hill.
Well, let's go. Now
wait. Now just wait!
You wait and listen.
They're fixin' to split up.
The only chance we got is to keep
'em from gettin' to their horses.
So I'm gonna ride in and
try and stampede their herd.
Y'all cover me.
Ya understand? Travis.
You take Sam and tie him up. Put a
muzzle on him so he can't give us away.
Yes, sir.
White, you and Todd
circle that ridge.
Come up behind 'em.
Now, I'm countin'
on the two of you to
keep 'em from gettin'
up to them mountains.
Hold your fire until
you see me come into
that valley because
we got to surprise 'em.
Crup, you and bud take cover
down at the mouth of that draw.
That way you can keep 'em from gettin'
out into the open country again.
Once the shootin' starts, we'll
catch 'em in a cross fire. Now, go on.
Come on, Bud.
Let's go.
And where do I go?
You stick with me, pack.
Get up here.
Boy, Sam sure hates
bein' left out.
Well, he done his part.
The rest of it's
up to us now. Come on.
We'll belly crawl from here.
Now, look, Travis. When this
thing opens up, it's gonna go fast.
So you gotta be ready for anything and
everything. Ya understand? Yes, sir.
Now, remember one thing. We're out
here to get Arliss and Lisbeth back.
If we got to kill some Indians to
do it, that's the way it's gonna be.
Now, when you go into a fight, there
ain't but one thing you can bet on.
That's you're gonna be scared.
You feel that way too?
Man and boy,
it's all the same.
They're fightin'
over Lisbeth.
Dirty red savages. Hold
it. Hold, hold it, pack.
Let 'em get good and caught up
in their fightin'.
It'll give me a better chance
to stampede their horses.
Stick 'im!
Stick 'im!
There's my little girl.
Hold it! Hold it! You heard what
Beck said. What you waitin' for?
I'm gonna ride in now.
Y'all give me cover.
You dirty,
murderin' savages.
You dirty, murderin'
savages! No!
Look out!
Uncle Beck!
I got him, Uncle Beck!
I got him!
You yellow-bellied varmint,
I'll fix you!
Who's gonna help you now,
you skinny little Apache?
Get him, Sam!
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
Shoot him!
He's out of our range, but
that old cannon might reach him.
Give me it!
Let go.
Give me it!
Let go!
Shoot. Shoot.
Ya did it. Ya did it!
Man alive, what a shot!
Yeah. We'll never hear
the end of this.
Oh, Travis!
Chase him clean
out of Texas, Sam!
Uncle Beck!
Here, Sam!
Come on, boy.
Did you see us fightin', me
and that old injun? I sure did.
Boy, we done that injun
under, didn't we?
Well, you had a lot
of practice on your brother.
We sure cleaned
his plows good.
All the time I was
worryin' about you, I
should've been worryin'
about them Injuns.
Come on up here.
Come on, Sam.
Papa, please open up
your eyes. G. Searcy?
What's the matter with Bud?
-Mr. Crup, the water, please.
It's a-comin'.
It's a-comin'.
What's wrong with him?
Dead, most likely.
Papa, please wake up.
His pulse seems all right. -Ah,
they ain't nothin' wrong with him.
Mr. Crup!
What happened?
You made that brag shot, and then
you keeled over, you old fake.
From hunger.
Weren't nice of you pourin'
that water on me, crup.
Boy, you'll never live this
down. Two baths in one year.
Papa, are you all right?
A mite feverish.
Tell you what, honey.
Why don't you start up a fire and
cook your Papa up some hot grub?
Bud, we ain't got
time for that. We gotta
round up them horses
and get on home.
come on, Sam.
What about the rest of them hostiles
out there playin' dead in the grass?
Pack, we got Arliss and Lisbeth.
That's all we come out here for.
I ain't leavin' till I make sure
every one of them savages is dead.
Well, you're gonna have to
kill 'em all by yourself,
'cause the rest of us
goin' home.
Anytime you feel strong enough to
ride by yourself, you just say so.
Oh, yes, Travis. Just as soon as I
feel strong enough, I'll let you know.
Crup, did you see how
steady-handed I was...
When I lifted
my trusty old 55 and...
Bud, I seen how lucky you was, and
I don't wanna hear no more about it.
Mr. White.
Mr. White, I bet down
in Virginia,
You never did see a shot like
the one I put through that injun.
'course it weren't nothin'
unusual. There were a time once I...
Excuse me, Mr. Searcy.
I believe Beck needs me.
Hello, little Arliss.
Well, hi, Mr. Searcy.
Well, boy, I guess you must be
powerful grateful to me.
I run halfway across Texas on foot
just to save you and my little girl.
Oh. G. Searcy, did you see me and
old Sam when we took on that injun?
No, I didn't. But I don't reckon you
was watchin' when I made that shot?
Well, no, I wasn't.
But let me tell you.
I busted him with some rocks,
and then Sam, he nailed him good.
And afore we got through
with that poor old injun,
I'll bet he wishes he never even
thought of runnin' off with me.
Now look, Arliss. It don't seem
proper for a boy to brag on hisself.
Why, this ain't no brag,
Mr. Searcy.
Every word I'm about to
tell you is the gospel truth.
You see, the day we was caught,
Travis and Lisbeth was scared,
And Sam, he was hurt.
So I had to start out fightin'
them Injuns all by myself.
There was one injun took a particular
dislikin' to me right from the start,
So I knew I had to
fix him proper.
See, I had this little plan
right up here in my head,
And one day
when he wasn't lookin',
Why, I got me a club and I
busted it right over his head.
Then dang them, they
threw me right in a
pond, but I fought
'em off just the same.
You know, I never will forget the
day they killed and ate Old Jumper.
I picked me up a tree
branch and clubbed the
injun right over the
head and laid him low.
Then danged if I didn't have to
fight off half a dozen of 'em.
I'd have licked 'em too
if one of them hadn't...
Sure you don't wanna come
to the ranch and get some grub?
Nope, I'll just be helpin' crup
drive those horses back to his place.
Then I'll be for wantin'
to get back home. I reckon.
Well, uh, you tell the rest
of 'em I'm beholden.
It was just somethin'
that had to be done.
It was then and there
they decided to make
an injun out of me,
'cause of my bravery.
And I'll tell you somethin' else, Mr.
Searcy... I can't wait to hear it, boy.
I was just gettin' ready to escape
when Uncle Beck come down that hill...
Just a rippin'
and a tearin'.
Thought we'd never see this place
again. It looks good, don't it?
Well, bud, you wanna come in
and have a little bite to eat?
I think I better. I'm hungry,
and my ears plumb wore out.
I'll finish my story
later, Mr. Searcy.
It do got a finish, don't it? Yes, sir.
I was savin' the best part for last.
Jumper, you're alive!
We didn't eat you after all.
I'm so glad.
You don't know how I missed ya
or how happy I am to see ya.
How many times do I gotta tell you
to keep out of this here corn patch?
Now get, you ornery mule!
Dang mule!
let me help you down.
Thank you.
Well, I guess I better
go fix some grub.
No, Travis.
Cookin' is woman's work.
You go fetch some wood.
He's clean hooked, Bud. She's
planted his corn for good.
Yeah. Funny thing,
I never could learn for sure what
my little Lisbeth liked in him.
Must've asked her a thousand
times. She never let me know.
But now I can see for myself. He
must put her in mind of me. You?
When I was his age.
'course I've never been "tooken" by
them Injuns. Much too smart for that.
You was better lookin' too?
Well, not much. Maybe a mite.
But I was a much better
horseman and marksman
as you can plainly see
from that shot I made.
Yeah, that was dandy.
Stay with him, boy!
Arliss. Arliss!
Arliss. Arliss!
He's quite a boy.
Yep. Kind of reminds me
of me when I was a boy.
Sam! Go get him, Sam!
Nail him, boy. You got him!
Go get him, Sam!
Eat him up!
Get him, Sam!
Eat him up, boy!
we were born in the west
in the land that's best
but folks out here
never get much rest
with dogs
and boys like me
in the land
of the wild country