Savage Youth (2018) Movie Script

- All right, are you good to go?
- Yeah.
All right, here we go.
Quiet, please.
Picture's up,
quiet on the set.
Thank you, guys. Thank you, everybody.
Hustle, let's roll sound.
- Mike, you're just gonna keep it rollin'?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- You got it with your...
- I'm good to go.
- Cameras.
- Roll camera.
Marc, you wanna see me.
I haven't memorized. You don't want
to see me read from it, do you?
No. Yeah, memorized. Go.
- Right around, Marco.
- Mm.
You all ready?
Sometimes in life,
I feel Like I'm stranded On an island
Feel my face It's his
fault I'm still crying
Feel my heart slowing down
I'm still dying
You're listening
To this world
And it's still fucking
Lying, lying, lying
In a casket
With no latches
Holes, but no patches
Like every time I roll This
dice, some fucking Crack been...
This shit's Salvador Dali
It can't be real
I want the world To slow down
Man, it won't be still
I'm a corpse in the dark
No mask, no torch
Night on the battlefield
No sword, no horse, head up
I look to god and pray
But I'm still time
I'm still hazed
I'm still cast away
I think I'm going crazy
I'm feeling mental
Somebody grab a pencil
I'm documental
You try to copy me But
boy There ain't no stencil
Filled with fact
My fix like a riddle
A song and dance
I hoe-down with no fiddle
So get out of my life Out
my head It's getting boring
You want to take the credit
But you knew I had the glory
My mind, we divide
And it's getting kinda thorny
If you die, world I will
fucking see you At the mourning
When I make the tears
You know they gon' be pouring
Oops, world got mad
Well, world, I'm sorry
The world's fucking dreams
Are my fucking life's story
That never tell the truth That's
why they call me Jason Dory!
A child said,
"What is the grass
catching it to me
"with full hands?"
How could I answer the child?
I do not know what it is
any more than he.
I guess it must be the flag
of my disposition
out of hopeful
green stuff woven.
Or I guess it is
the handkerchief
of the Lord.
A scented gift and remembrance
designedly dropped
bearing the owners' name
somewhere in the corners
that we may see and remark
and say, "Whose?"
One, two, three.
I wrote to you, every day for a year.
- Did want to...
- I didn't know...
I wrote to you
every day forever.
This is real love.
This is what
real love is like.
I need to know how many times
you've seen this movie, though.
- A lot.
- The rain just coming down.
- Oh, right, right, right.
- Erratically.
And there's, like,
lightning and stuff.
- Mmm-hmm.
- It's a good one.
- It's good?
- Yeah, it's really fucking good.
Oh, no. No, no,
my love. No.
Oh, your poison...
Your poison just left.
I'll be with you.
Me and the crew Coming through
With nothing better to do
And if you're feeling The vibe
Shorty, you can come, too
I mean, we might be shy But
we sure as fuck Ain't bashful
And if you're looking To hide,
I'm just wanting The handful
Yeah, that was gold.
That shit was lit, man.
I'm over here spitting fire
like a motherfucking dragon.
We gotta record that shit.
Yo, man, see, that's the problem, man.
You talking about, like...
What is that shit, like...
Bashful and stuff, like.
It fuckin' rhymes, Jay.
Bro, that's the same shit
they sing in every fucking song.
Like, we're gonna try
to do something real,
we're gonna try to just
fucking say,
"Oh, look at me, flowing."
"I'm free. Call me
the freestyle king."
Yup, he's right.
Might as well just jack off
in your own fucking notes, bro.
I ain't tryin' to hate,
I'm just sayin',
if you took some shit
seriously every now and then,
we might actually be able
to lay some real shit down.
Man, fuck. All right, man,
what you got?
I'm workin' on what I got.
Don't worry about what I got.
You worry about you, fool,
let me worry about me, all right?
This girl's a freak, man!
Oh, shit.
Hey, I'mma have her bring
a friend for you, too, Jay.
- What about me?
- You? You gay.
Am not.
Right, Jay?
Yeah, man, you straight.
Life sucks, love's a loss.
Hate is war,
and politics starts it.
And politics is shit,
and anyone who argues
over it.
As for me,
I give up on life, love,
politics, war,
and all that other bullshit.
To hell with it.
Well, name's Lucas.
I'm single,
I like to have fun.
And I hate drama,
so don't start it.
And I like to party.
Life's a playground,
so have fun.
Oh, shit.
- Ladies.
- What's up?
What's up?
- This is Elena.
- Hi.
That's my boy, Jay.
He's all right.
And this is my friend, Molly.
You all down?
Her dad is out of town.
No shit.
Hey, yo, we got a place
to go kick it.
Ladies first.
Let's get to it, huh?
So what are you
thinking about, huh?
Mmm, I don't know.
Hey, we should get out of here.
It's getting a little boring.
We should...
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Hey, yo, Jay.
You be good, man.
That is pretty dope.
You could try, like,
sell it or something if you wanted to.
- It talks.
- What?
I said you talk.
I do.
It's a real talent of mine.
Your girl's a hoe, huh?
So you like to draw?
Can you draw a tree?
Yeah, I can draw a tree.
Can you draw a panda bear?
Yes, I can draw
a panda bear.
Panda bears are dope.
Can you draw me?
Yo, what the fuck is this?
Like a dungeon or some shit?
Your parents make you live down
here like a troll or some shit?
I like it down here.
Where's your fam?
My dad's away for work.
What's he do?
- Sell shit.
- What kind of shit?
Like, manure.
Oh, so it's like,
he sell shit then?
For real, then?
He's a shit-slinger.
Fuckin' weird.
Yo, you sure you don't want
me to take my clothes off,
Get my David on, you know.
Hey. Hey
Man, it's all right.
That's pretty good.
You got a little bit
of talent, maybe.
Did you get a chance
to polish your lyrics yet?
No, that should take some...
Freestyle me something, like.
No, girl. I'm faded right now.
Come on.
Come on. I get it.
I understand and respect
the process, just...
Let me hear something.
Never thought I'd meet a girl
So sophisticated and sweet
Never knew how fast
My heart could really beat
Perfect combination
Of beauty and smarts
A walking, talking, smiling
Laughing, breathing Work of art
Every time I see her It's like
a sumo Standing on my chest
No need for other girls
She's the undisputed best
Undisputed, yes
For the first time in my life
I'm feeling goddamn blessed
I told you not to put it
on me like that, you know.
I don't like being put on the
spot with that shit, you know.
You're mine, you know.
If you break my heart,
I'll fucking kill you.
I mean it.
You got some Lau, bro?
- The fuck?
- What? I need Kush.
You were at my mom's house at 8:00 in the
morning. You could have called, right?
You said, "I want
to talk about this shit..."
No, no, I said don't talk
about weed on the phone.
You call, you say something like,
"Hey, Gabe, Happy birthday."
"I know you're probably eating your
mom's banana pancakes right now,
"but I was hoping
you could hook it up.
"Hit me back. Beep!"
You follow me?
- I got you.
- All right.
I'll talk to my guy.
- Want some pancakes?
- Yeah.
Oh. How much
you want of K?
- The usual.
- All right.
Hey, Gina.
Give me two.
Gina. Give me the two ounces.
You got a girl...
workin' all that?
Listen, cat.
You buy from me,
you sell a little bit
to your friends,
so you can, you know,
keep yourself smoked out, I get it.
But where is your ambition?
Right? I mean...
You know, you're...
You're a charismatic guy.
You know,
you've got character.
You're capable.
It's about time you started
doing something, you know,
bigger in your life.
You talking about
selling drugs for a living?
There's money to be made.
Money will be made.
Money will be made.
But it's not just
about the money.
You know what I mean, Gabe?
It's about the power.
Power. in simplest terms,
Take cellphones.
They're a contemporary
and the social norms
haven't been established yet.
Anomie is a new road
without stoplights.
At intersections, there's
bound to be some accidents.
I got into DePaul.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
So, uh, I guess
this is it, huh?
You're not gonna
come visit me?
Shit. I'll wife you.
You just gotta say a word for it.
What you laughing at me for,
I'm a joke to you?
No. You're my best friend.
- I really care about you, Gabe.
- Okay.
Thank you. Just...
Stop saying shit
like that, please.
Like what?
Like we paint each other's toenails or something.
Look. I'm good for you.
You're gonna be all right.
If you say so.
So what, are you trying
to go pro or something?
Just tired of being
passive, man.
Tired of waiting.
I'm a grown-ass man
still living with his mom.
22 years old, and I
ain't got shit to my name.
What'd I graduate
high school for?
Well, because people told me it was the
fastest way out, and I believed 'em.
But I'm still right here.
I ain't goin' nowhere, Mike,
and I don't see that shit changing.
So the world that is word...
You just gotta know
the rules. Word ain't shit.
I'm really just feeling like
either you fucking the world,
or the world
is fucking you. Period.
All rightey, then.
I'm gonna get to you man.
I'll call you back.
All right.
- Yo.
- Damn, yo.
Look at this shit.
Hey, what's back there?
- Yo, that room's perfect.
- Perfect.
Set it right here, bro.
What's going on over here?
Trap all day
I ain't givin' a...
Exactly what we need,
though, yeah?
How I look?
Like you trying
too hard.
Come on, man, just take
the damn picture. Come on.
All right.
Look at that shit!
Hey, yo, you always say
keep this shit on the DL.
- I know me, dawg.
- The fuck?
This is New World Order,
all right?
Just post that shit.
All right, man.
Put a whole bunch of...
Put a dope-ass caption, too, like.
You know what I'm sayin'?
What you want me to say,
"Open for business", right?
- Yeah, yeah. Open for business.
- All right.
- I don't know, bro.
- I'm about to make some money.
What's crackin'?
What do you mean what's cracking?
You ain't got the job yet.
It's a job interview.
You been in one of these before?
Yeah, man.
Tighten up.
Yeah, I've been
in one before.
What, you lyin' now?
- Yeah, man, yeah.
- No, no, "sir".
You call us sir.
I'm Gabe.
My boy Mike says
I can trust you,
and that's good enough
for me, but I...
Just make sure you don't fuck up or
steal, or Mike will kill you.
Just like that.
Real quick.
Stop bein' nervous, man.
You look like you're about
to piss on yourself.
Calm down.
All right.
Damn, bro, just chill.
Fall back, will you?
You gon' be all right.
It's just trappin'.
But welcome to the team, now.
Now listen, I got to
tell you something, all right?
Try not to shoot yourself
with it.
And remember,
the only thing that's gonna
stop a bad guy with a gun
is a badder guy
with a bigger gun.
Want some bullets, man?
No, it's just for show.
Oh, just for show.
You got anything
bigger than this?
You want bigger?
Gina. What are you doing?
All right,
raise the gun up, yo.
Put your elbow in some more.
Turn yourself sideways.
You're shooting like a fucking cock.
- All right, all right.
- Come on, dawg.
Get ready.
All right, yeah.
That's it.
I don't know what they mean
But I know what I mean
And you haven't seen
You everything
I ever wanted to see
You like God up above
But you right
In front of me
Deena, you beautiful
You pretty
You wonderful
You everything I see
You're invisible
You're my life
You're everything to me
I know you beautiful
But more than that
You like my heart
And every time I feel like
falling You like my jumpstart
I can't even stop
I keep on moving
I keep on living
For you and me
You know what I'm doing
You like...
You like the world to me
You're like my everything
You fill the hole in my heart
And made me feel whole again
I mean, you're my...
You my amazing
You my sexy lay
Like, I love your eyes...
I love your...
I love your ass and titties
But like most of all
I love your heart
I mean, you're like...
You're like
Everything to me
And I'll always be with you
Always and forever like...
Like, pinky promise
Sincerely yours...
Lucas T. Branchesky.
Like everytime I see you...
I wouldn't wanna
Be without you
'Cause you fine as hell
You everything
You're everything to me
Even if I fail
Fell down to the deepest hole
I don't give a damn
'Cause you're my girl
You're my number one, yo
Hyde and I,
we always come from here.
You can tell because
the grass is shit.
It'll get
a little bit tall.
- Yeah
- So, look, like, this bit right here.
Look, so you know
they ain't home.
- Yeah.
- You see that little fence?
Now they got a fucking pool back there.
Come on.
Come on.
Getting comfortable, huh?
We getting too comfortable.
Shit, sorry, you ain't
gotta fuckin' cry about it.
I'm not crying,
it's fucking water.
- All right.
- It's not funny.
All right.
I can bellyflop.
- All right.
- Okay.
Oh, so now
you wanna grab on me.
I'm gonna keep you off of me.
Do you ever
wanna have kids?
Will you change your mind?
No, I won't.
Yeah, you will,
I will make you.
I mean, I'm just...
I'm just talking.
I don't wanna...
I mean, I don't really wanna
have kids right now or anything.
I think you and me got
too much to do first.
You should
hit the road.
I can work on my drawings,
you can rap to pay the bills.
You makin'
fun of me?
What am I standin' in a box in
the side of the road or some shit.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I'm gonna
have to really...
Everything... I don't know.
Fucking no,
I don't know,
everything's fuckin' movin' too fast.
And I got a feel like I don't
really have time for myself.
Like, I don't...
- Okay.
- I don't have time to like write.
You know, like... you know...
like... do my shit.
You know, like... it's just like...
it's like too...
it's like us all the time,
like too much, too fast,
- you know.
- Okay.
Okay, well, I mean,
if you need time you can just take time.
You don't have to--
Why the fuck you being
so nice to me right now?
Because I care about you.
Well, you shouldn't.
Well, I do.
All right, well,
that's your problem.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Nothing. Everything.
I'm not...
I don't know, fuck.
See you tonight.
just like fuck him.
Like, he's
a fuckin' loser.
Little boys get scared as
soon things start to get real.
Like... you should just forget about
him, it's not your fault.
I know.
Guess what?
I'm pregnant.
No offense, Jay.
But guys like
you and me,
we ain't the type
to settle down.
You sure is
fucking the type
that nice girls settle down
with, you know.
Yeah, we're
straight savage.
You ain't shit
fuck boy.
Gimme that.
What the fuck we doin' right
now, man.
We doin'
what we always do.
We should be doing
something, you know.
That's what
we should be doing is...
fuckin' something, instead of
sitting by this fuckin' creek.
We should be
writing something,
we should be in the studio
recording some shit right now, man.
- Studio time costs money, homie.
- Well...
You got money, Jay?
I don't have any
fucking money, Lucas.
Hey, I know how
we can get paid.
Man, it's shit.
Hey, you think stamps
is worth something?
What the fuck
are you doing?
Playing with
fuckin' dolls.
psst, take this.
- Careful, careful...
- Are we collecting spoons?
That's silver,
God damn it.
I know what it takes, bitch.
What the fuck is this?
What you got?
All right. All right.
Oh, fuck.
Turn that shit off.
Go, go.
Mr. Darren?
You are charged with
one count of burglary.
How do you plead?
I'm guilty, Your Honor.
You feel sorry
about what you did?
Yes, sir. I do.
Am I going to see you
in my courtroom again?
No, sir.
And I want you to watch the
films, To Kill A Mocking Bird
and A Few Good Men.
And I want you to
write me an essay
on both of them
about character.
Five pages each.
And you bring me those
by the end of the month.
And I'll drop
the charges.
I, um...
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Thank you,
Your Honor.
How did you get my number?
A friend.
I don't know what you talkin' about.
I ain't got no friends.
Told me to call Vincent,
who told me to call you.
I've only got 20.
Then you only get half.
- Please?
- No.
Can I come inside
for a while?
Thirty seconds.
Erm... well,
I don't know why
I acted like that,
I guess, I was just...
I was just afraid of fucking this
up cause I fuck everything up.
Twenty seconds.
I was scared.
I am scared.
My entire life I've been rejected
by a woman who was supposed to care.
And never gave any shit about
that, you know.
I never cared that they didn't care.
But it's different with you, because...
Look, ever since I saw you,
I never wanted anything so bad
in my entire life, you know.
But I know I'm not
good enough for you, so...
Fuck you.
I got you some flowers.
I forgot to give them
to you before.
Well, I picked them
but um...
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I have something for you.
What is this?
It's yours.
Where did you get that?
My mom sends me money every month
to make herself feel better,
for takin' off
and leaving me.
No, I can't take that.
No, you're not
taking it.
This is me making
an investment.
I'm just gettin' in on the
ground floor of a sure thing.
So take it.
Yeah, we in the studio
We drinkin' down Julio
They keep on carryin'
What they
What I mean
With my AK with 'em
Yeah, I be killin' 'em
Hey, Hyde,
I'm gonna do the third verse.
- I swear it.
- Do you...
You ain't doin'
shit man.
We ain't got
time for you.
No, that's what
Jay said.
Uh... Jay said
I could do the third verse.
And dude Jay says a lot of shit
that ain't fuckin real.
- Yeah, but, okay. But--
- Dude, Lucas, you suck.
We ain't time for you, man.
Cost money to be in here.
but I'm doin' the third verse.
Yeah, fuck.
Do the third verse in your own
universe, man. Not this one.
Lucas, I know no one
has ever told you this, man.
Definitely not your mom,
but you suck.
All right, levels set, Jay.
Hey, yo, how's your
girl doin'?
she's knocked up.
- That shit ain't mine.
- Okay.
Your girl's a slut.
Straight up.
Fuck, she's been
around the block.
I can tell it right away.
You can smell it off her.
Like, yeah. You know...
What man?
Shit, Jay.
Fuck, dude.
Get off.
Get the fuck off me, man.
God, fuck!
What the fuck's wrong
with you, man?
Shut the fuck up, Lucas.
God, fuck.
Let's get this shit
started, man.
Fuckin' burnin'
cash right now.
Pop, pop, pop, pop
Like the sound of
A hammer on meat
Same sound as the sound of
His fist when I let The bruise
On my mama's cheek
Click, click, click, clack
Now my old daddy's
Locked away
Mama passed away
I'm tryin' to say this grace
But ain't got
No place to pray
This world is savage
Ain't no time
For that fuckin' baggage
Keepin' these chips
On my shoulders
To feed the poor
And the motherfuckin' ravage
Shit is savage
Put on the lightning'
That flashes
I'd burn
The whole world down
With a massive rise up
From the motherfuckin' ashes
Feel this savage
How you doin', Officer?
Not guilty.
Are you sure about
this, son?
Not guilty.
You know you can go to any
gun store and get a gun legally.
What does a kid like you
need an unregistered gun for?
You're just askin'
for trouble.
Have it your way.
Setting bail at $30,000.
Next case, please.
Don't even worry
about now.
Go and do a day on us.
I'm gonna see to it.
I don't care what we got to spend,
whatever lawyers, I don't give a fuck.
I'm not gonna
do no time.
I'm done.
Tsk... whatever happens,
however it goes,
it's over for me.
Ah, man, we'll find you
somethin' else.
All right, no more guns,
we should find somethin' else.
You're not listenin' man.
You never listen.
I'm out.
It's finished.
All right.
I get it.
- How you doin?
- Good, man.
You're still with your mom?
tryin' to get clean,
you know.
What you mean,
you can't hang or what?
It's part of
the program.
It's part of the...
it's part of the program, man.
All right, well...
What about the music?
I gotta
give that up too.
Just for now.
Look man...
I'm sorry about
what happened.
It's just not me, and I'm tryin'
to make some changes, you know.
I didn't mean
any of that.
Just what the fuck, dude?
You tryin' to make
mince in me.
I should be apologizing
to you, dude.
If this shit is about
that shit at the studio,
I wasn't even tryin to
charge you up, all right.
Like it just
the heat of the moment.
All right, yeah, we're...
we're cool, man. It's whatever, man.
Thank you.
Yeah, man.
All right, fuck off.
Fuckin' faggot.
See you later, all right.
Hey, Jay,
you keep on, man.
Can you...
can we communicate?
What you want me to say?
I don't know, something.
Start with that, anything.
Okay, it's done.
- What?
- This, this is done.
You and me...
It's fuckin' done.
All right, well...
What, what happened?
It's just like you said,
you fuck everything up eventually.
This isn't going anywhere.
You're not going anywhere, you think
that you're something fuckin' special.
But you're not.
You're a fuckin' rapper?
Grow the fuck up.
You're not.
Hey, I...
well, hey, look--
You wanna
fuckin' hit me?
Do it. Do it.
I love you.
I love you.
All right.
That's a shame,
'cause I can't fuckin' stand you.
Fuckin' pussy.
Like, I don't where people getting
their facts from but it's bullshit
Like, really?
Like, really, like I could
Care less whose Dick is bigger
Like you bought me a $30
Flannel shirt
Like, I'm never
Gonna see you again
So you never
Getting this in
I mean like If you want
to do Something about it
Like, you let me know
You know where I live
And like, please
Please send some one Or a lot
of people over To fix your shit
Cause that's fun
I mean, that be real fun
Like really?
Like you and everyone else
Needs to grow up
Cause like
I try to be the good person
I try to do the right thing
I try to say, "What's up?"
But I'm done
Like I'm fucking done
Shit like
I hope when you
Get your next man
Or in your case
A little boy
In your case a little boy
In your case a little boy
I hope you see how it is
I hope you feel how it is
Cause in your case
I break "Bam" with that shit
"Bam" with
That shit Bitches
I'm gonna smack "Bam"
with that shit Bitches
Fuck that shit
While I'm click clacking it
While I'm still rapping it
These hoes don't want me
They don't even know me
Flip flopping it
Spit that shit While they
still Rick rocks in it
I'ma tell you How you
don't even know me Man
You wanna flow me, man
You can blow me, man
Grand slam with a click clack
In the AK, baby
I'm going crazy
Rapping with my Mac 10
Cause they talking about
Lucas back then
Lucas is the man when
Lucas always
Be the man, huh
Yeah, dumb ass hoes
Trying to talk to Lucas
About smoking some dro
But they too slow
To know what Lucas is about
Cause Lucas got a heart
Lucas is a good kid
Lucas had been
Lucas always nice
Lucas will win
I don't give a fuck
Lucas is the man, yo
Lucas give you a grand slam
Lucas never made the team
Lucas don't give a damn Cause
you all bitches Don't know
You don't know Lucas
So don't fuck with Lucas
If you fuck with Lucas
You get stuck with Lucas
If you get stuck with Lucas
You get punched with Lucas
Lucas knock you out
Lucas knock you out
Lucas knock you out
Bang, bang
Lucas knock you out
Bang, bang
Fucking hit you in the face
Lucas knock you out bitches
Lucas knock you out
I'm a keep it real
All these dumb hoes
Don't know
I lost the baby.
What? I...
Actually I got rid of it.
Oh. Uh...
You know, what I mean, um...
I'm sorry.
How's Jason?
Did he do something to you?
I have some pepper spray. We can go to
his house right now and fuck him up.
he didn't do anything.
My dad kicked me out.
You can stay with me.
If you want.
I will really miss you.
If I could be naked
all day I would.
You're a nudist?
No, I'm not a nudist,
but if I was a nudist...
It's fuckin' 100 degrees
out here, man,
what am I supposed to do?
So, like, classical music
is playing, right,
and I'm in this
fancy ass dining room
with a white table cloth,
fine China,
and I'm on this kitchen table
completely naked.
I can't move my arms
or my legs or anything,
but I could still talk and I
could, like, still look around...
And rich folks,
just a whole bunch of rich folks,
they just come in and start
taking seats at the table,
in tuxedos and everything.
And at that point I'm really
embarrassed 'cause, like,
everything's hanging out.
No, but they don't even
seem to notice me, they just kept
going on about this trip
to Europe they took.
Then somebody rings
a little bell,
everybody quiets down,
this lady, who must be
the host of the party,
she welcomes
all of her guest...
and she starts telling them
about me, like,
his name is Gabe.
He's 22 years old.
Born in Atlanta,
raised in mid-west.
He was on the honor role
in high school.
And she's all like,
"Bon appetit."
And everybody starts carving me
live a fucking Thanksgiving turkey.
And I'm screaming.
I don't even know
if they heard them.
I'm screaming,
begging them to stop,
but they just keep putting
pieces of me on the plate,
eating that shit, like,
real properly.
I'm just looking at 'em eat,
listening to them talk like... "Damn,
"these motherfuckers
really enjoying themselves."
I'm like so high.
What are you doing?
I want to...
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Hit that bitch.
Listen, you're ready.
You're gonna hit it.
He was just gonna keep getting in the way.
You want to make
some real money?
Let's take a walk.
Excuse me, sir,
you got five bucks?
What 'bout a wallet?
Hey, man.
We ain't really got
shit to lose.
How 'bout you?
So do you usually hang out
with your customers?
Well, my best friend
just quit me. So...
I'm the only motherfucker
right now.
Oh! We can be your friends.
- Really?
- Yeah.
We're friends. Yeah.
Yeah, we're friends.
Hello, Jason,
you're looking like,
like really good.
Oh. Sorry, man.
I ain't trying to be rude.
Gabe, bro.
Hm, germophobe, huh?
Fist bump.
Okay, well, we were...
My food's done anyway, so...
Have a goodnight, bro.
Yeah, you too, bro.
I'm gonna talk to you nicely.
No. Just let go.
- Yo, everything cool?
- Yeah.
Copacetic, bro.
You know, this is not what most people have
in mind when you ask them for a favor, right?
Is this for school?
I haven't drawn in a while.
I'm trying to get back
on the horse.
And I inspired you, huh?
Something like that.
People tell me
I'm inspirational.
I think, I think that
you're interesting.
I'll take it.
So, um...
So you and Steph is that...
She's real friendly all that and--
And you're lonely.
Was that your man?
Used to be.
You still love him.
How can you tell?
You look miserable.
Where did
all the good girls go?
Everywhere I look,
you see some bunch of sluts.
I don't need that.
I try to be a nice guy,
and all they do is
they break my heart,
and, and they just
treat me like shit.
Where did they go, man?
Where did all the good girls go?
You know?
Hey, Jay,
whatever you wanna do,
I got you.
I got you.
Come on.
Hey, Jay.
Whatever you wanna do...
I got your back.
I got you.
I got your back.
What's up, baby?
I know I messed up.
There we go.
I'm gonna marry you.
I love you.
Good morning.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
That's what fucking happens
when you give a fuck, huh?
Thought you were
gonna learn that,
but you didn't learn shit,
did you?
Didn't learn shit, did you?
I guess your dad's
out selling shit, huh?
That's so much better.
It was freaking me out
seeing you in my dad's clothes.
Let's hang tonight.
We can't be friends?
It's not that, I just...
I have plans with Stephanie.
And the black guy.
Well, I'm not dropping down
on my knee, am I?
Not asking you to marry me.
Friends hang. Friends chill.
You don't even wanna
make an effort?
See you later.
Yeah. See you.
Yo, what if we open
a legit business?
I mean, we smart.
You restless, huh?
If we lived in Colorado
we'd be legit already.
We here, though.
You ever think what your life would be
like if you was born somewhere else?
In maybe a different time?
But still you'll be you.
You know what I'm saying?
But you are just...
Oh, I've been, uh...
I've been kicking it with these
two white girls lately, man.
Sound like trouble.
No, no, no. One of them
is all right.
She cool.
She real easy to talk too.
She smart, and the other one,
she a freak.
Think you might like her.
How'd you meet 'em?
Come on, man, don't go making
assumptions about people.
Careful, bro.
Break, break
Break every bone
In your body...
Hey, uh...
Charice or uh...
What the fuck is her name?
Stephanie. Stephanie.
Yeah, it's Stephanie,
you fucking dickwad.
Thanks, babe.
How long you had that van for?
I... It's my mom's,
so for like a while.
Should we take the bitch on a
road trip before summer's over?
No, actually we can't,
'cause I'm not gonna be here.
We're just like saving up
money to leave.
How much you need?
Like, just enough
for gas and shit.
Well, we should rob that
trap floor boyfriend ya'll got.
I bet he's got stacks on deck,
doesn't he?
Yeah, he probably got
lots of money.
Uh, actually
we should thief him.
- What? No!
- Yeah.
Yeah, let's let's po...
Let's snatch his shit.
Yeah, like, we could
really use the money.
Let's do it.
When I go like this...
that's when we jump.
Got me?
I'ma fuck him up.
Show me.
Hey, Elena.
What do you think?
Let's do it.
So, what do you do?
What, for a living?
To pass the time.
Kick ass and chew bubblegum.
- You're so mad.
- It's just I hate her.
- You're so mad.
- I just can't stand her.
If my name was a number,
it'd probably be 37.
I just think it's sad
that as all these babies
that die here... they...
they didn't even know
their names, you know
I heard that you were
born high as a baby.
That must be tough.
Yeah, but it's
a woman's right
to do whatever she wants
with her body,
no matter what
the Bible says. So...
I think what you did
was right.
I do.
Jay told me if you guys wanna
drink any of this, you can.
- I'm good.
- No, we're okay.
- You sure?
- I like Elena.
- I love her.
- Maybe you should treat her right.
What, you think you're gonna do
something about it if I don't?
No, you see,
I'm a lover.
I pay people to do
that type of shit for me.
- What you say to him?
- Nothing.
We just talked.
He's not so bad.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah?
I'm on your side.
Yeah, I know, baby.
What up?
Hey, come on out.
I can't.
I'm with my girl.
Hey, I'm with some girls,
too, man. Come on.
How's it going, man?
Look, just come out
and meet us, man.
I can't.
Come on, stop being
a little bitch, man. Come on.
All right.
You straight?
You know if you need me
I can make it, bro.
No, no, no.
It's all right.
Just, everything's tight.
Have a nice night, Mike.
Come on.
Gonna text Hyde.
No, don't.
Hyde's no fun anymore.
He's sober now.
Were you aware of this?
He's fucking taking classes.
Wants to be a fucking teacher.
Professor fuck-face.
Professor fuck-face, indeed.
You know, school's
not for everybody.
It's good for him, right?
Yeah, I guess so.
Guess it's great for him.
And then,
she was like,
- "I dig it."
- Yeah.
And I was like four years old.
- Doing it since then?
- Yeah.
Yo, where's your ass at, man?
Kickin' at E's crib right now.
Yo, E, what's your address?
1313, Oakwood Drive.
You get that?
My boy's coming over.
What's he like?
He's a grown-ass man.
You'll like him.
I can see
The white birds everywhere
They ain't hers, everywhere
I can stare
White birds in the sky
Shoot 'em down
Bang, bang, till they die
Till they die
White birds in the sky
Imma see one bird
imma shoot 'em dead
Imma see one bird
Imma shoot him in his head
White birds in the sky
Shoot 'em dead
White birds in the sky
Give 'em back
Give 'em bread
White birds
Bake 'em, mama
Break 'em, mama hit
'em, mama Smack 'em, mama
Break 'em, mama, take 'em
White birds in the sky
White birds in the sky
- Elena?
- Hi, Michael.
Pop, pop, pop, pop
Like the sound
Of a hammer on meat
The same sound as the sound
Of this fist
When I left the bruise
On my mama's cheek
Click, click, click, clack
Now my old daddy's
Locked away
Mama's passed away
I'm trying to say this grace
But ain't got no place
To pray
This world is sad
What if someone's
pushing dials
in life. Like...
Like, what if...
What if we're not doing it,
and it's like a video game.
Like, God's up in heaven
and he's playing on, like,
a giant Xbox.
Be a fucked up game,
I tell you that,
It'd be like, uh,
I was playing Grand Theft Auto...
It would be like
some Grand Theft Auto shit.
Funny you say that, though.
I always used to think
that life is just like...
like a dream, like,
- we just like babies, you know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.
Just, like, in a crib,
sleeping and dreaming.
Okay, yeah.
So when do we wake up?
I don't know. Shit.
- So, you got a baby at home?
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, Tiana, she's two.
- That's a pretty name.
- Yeah.
- Do you wanna see pictures?
- Sure.
- That face, I can't get over it.
- Wow.
- Could I see?
- Yeah.
Yeah, she cute.
I got a little one,
too, actually.
- Oh, really?
- Mmm-hmm.
You like that line, 'in the flash line'?
You like that shit?
- Yeah, man. That shit's dope.
- Word?
- You wrote that?
- Yeah?
It's not bad.
Actually, better than
I expected. For real.
- For real?
- For real.
Appreciation, man.
Thanks for listening.
- I got one question, though.
- What's up?
Why y'all white boys always rapping
about that horror movie shit?
Why brothers always rapping
about bitches and money?
That ain't all it's about.
Tell me what it's about then.
You wouldn't understand,
I guess.
'Cause I'm white?
Shit, you mad, bro?
Ah, man.
She's pretty, isn't she?
Like the way she looks?
You wanna fuck her,
don't you?
You wanna fuck my girl, man?
That what you wanna do?
You can come here and
fucking disrespect me like that
- and try to fuck my girl?
- She's not yours.
Hmm? What's that
supposed to mean?
That mean she don't belong
to no-fucking-body.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
Hey, I think that
you should go.
You heard her.
You little passive-aggressive
fucking bitch.
Get the fuck out.
Who the fuck
are you talking to?
I'm talking
to you, motherfucker.
- Get the fuck out.
- You want a fight, just get it over with.
- I got bodies, motherfucker.
- My dad's...
Fuck you.
Hey, don't fucking
talk to her like that.
Mike, Mike, wake up.
I hit him with the south-side.
The fuck, man?
Wake up.
Oh, my God,
oh, my God...
Get the fuck off me.
Get the fuck off me.
My mama always said that family's
the most important thing in life.
I'd never believe that
until now.
I just had to find you.
You may not be blood
but you my family. Right.
You're definitely my family.
He got, like, sixty bucks.
Take it.
- Lucas, sit down.
- You don't want it?
Nobody's gonna
fucking go anywhere
or do anything,
until we figure this shit out.
You don't actually think you're
getting away with this, do you?
No, we're in this together.
No fucking way we are.
You wanted to rob him.
It's his mom.
Give it to me.
Take that shit, fuck it up,
get rid of it. Far away.
Stephanie, take your mother's
fucking minivan,
take him,
dump their fucking car
somewhere far away.
Let's be fucking smart,
let's use our fucking head,
instead of our fucking pussy
for once.
You fucking understand me?
Give me a nod for yes.
Nod yes.
Nod yes.
Good girl.
I'll take care of this shit.
I've never seen
a dead body before.
When I was younger,
I went to this boarding school.
And there was this kid,
and he walked
right into the showers,
and he shot himself
in the head.
And I always thought
that was, like...
a nice thing to do, 'cause...
he didn't want nobody to
clean up after him, you know?
So, you taken?
'Cause I was thinking,
if we get out of this,
maybe me and you...
we could kick it sometime.
Lucas, you're a really nice guy
but you're not my type. Sorry.
You could, like,
sell this shit.
It's good.
If you're going out,
pick us some trash bags.
Hey, girl, you should smile
a lot more.
- It's all good, Jay, I got it.
- No.
I need some shit
to do this with.
Yeah, all right.
I'll get you some coke.
Jason, did you take care of it?
Um, I'm out.
You're leaving?
Yeah, I have
to pick my baby up.
Just don't
say anything, Steph.
okay, ma'am?
"Has anyone supposed it
lucky to be born?
I hasten to inform him or her
it is just as lucky to die
and I know it
I pass death with the dying
and birth with
the new-washed babe.
And I am not contained
between my hat and boots.
And peruse manifold objects
no two alike
and every one good
The earth good
and the stars good
and their adjuncts all good
I am not an earth
nor an adjunct of an earth
I am the mate and companion
of all people
all just as immortal
and fathomless as myself
They do not know how immortal
but I know
Every kind for itself
and its own
for me mine male and female
For me those that have been
boys and that have loved women
For me the man that is proud
and feels how it stings
to be slighted
For me the sweet-heart
and the old maid
for me mothers
and the mothers of mothers
For me lips that have smiled
eyes that have shed tears
For me children
and the begetters of children
Undrape! you are
not guilty to me
nor stale nor discarded
I see through the broadcloth
and gingham
whether or no,
"And am around,
tenacious, acquisitive
tireless, and cannot
be shaken away"
I know we all try
A little too hard
In our own way
And I just wanna
Be a good dog
Licking my wounds
That are looking
Like something I'm not
Right on time
The memory
Of the shit I made
Reminds me of why
I give up, I give up
Pretending that good
Was ever good enough
I give up, I give up
Pretending that good
Was ever good enough
It's a better fate
To wanna be loved
So badly
You stop making fun
Of me so
And I just wanna
Be a good dog
Wagging my tail
At the things that I got
Right on time
The memory
Of the shit I made
Reminds me of why
I give up, I give up
Pretending that good
Was ever good enough
I give up, I give up
Pretending that good
Was ever good enough
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
I give up, I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up, I give up
I give up
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh