Savannah Smiles (1982) Movie Script

Don't you stand there! Get in!
Are you crazy? You'll get us killed! Get out of here!
You gotta get in the car immediately!
We did it, we did it.
I planned the whole thing and it worked.
You're out, you're free. Hey, come on,
aren't you happy? Aren't you gonna thank me?
Yeah, thanks a lot. I got parole on Friday.
Well, I could use a good fried chicken dinner.
If you do just exactly like I tell you
we'll get us a fried chicken.
Put your stuff down here, right there.
Go on.
All right.
- Go!
- What? I'm going. You go on!
Lokk what I'm doing.
Good looking dog you got there. Is he friendly?
No, he ain't.
Tchicky, tchicky, tchicky.
Here, tchicky tchicky, come on.
I am looking for kinfolk. The name's Tolliver.
- Wait, what's the name?
- Tolliver.
- Never heard of 'em.
- What's up, Ma? - Don't bother.
They moved out here out of Oklahoma about a year ago.
No, Pa, I think there's a weasel in the henhouse again.
Whatch this. What's he running for?
You can't even grab us a lousy chicken.
You can't even do a simple thing like that.
I'm alergic to chickens and I'm scared of chickens.
Nobody's scared of a chicken.
Well, I am.
You're pathetic.
They made a big mistake when they put in a job.
They've should send you up to a funny-farm.
Quit to bitchen and eat your dinner.
I spend
two whole years
planning what I was gonna do when I got out,
and this ain't what I was intended to do.
Well, you're out and you're free.
Free? You call this free?
Lord, I hate this mess.
What is this mess anyway?
Where did you get a rabbit?
Off the highway.
You scraped up a squashed rabbit off the road
and you fed it to me? Are you crazy?
It was warm. It's fresh meet, Al.
If you wanna cook, you cook!
Dude, give me a great reason or something...
This is just great!
Here goes another night without dinner.
It's funny, ain't it?
Half of us won't starve to death.
Another head just stuck in the gut.
The lord heat us poor beggars at all.
That faithful afternoon my father said to him:
"Governer, if that's your decision, fine,
but you'll regret it."
Judge Collier, you knew my father very well.
A very good man.
You've missed the amusing part, which was
that my father hadn't never ... against him.
What you're doing here?
I want my mommy.
Go back to your room. I'll call your mom.
At which point Governer Pearce changed his entire campaign,
not knowing what dad was up to.
I mean, it was a brilliant piece of political maneuver,
but I don't think it was exactly what he wanted.
Dad said...
What is it, Joan?
Oh, it's Savannah. She wants me to say good night to her.
But, Joan, he's right in the middle of his story.
That's odd.
Monique, give her 25 cents for her piggy bank.
Tell her I'm up as quick as I can.
- Please, Richard, continue your story.
- Oh, yes, please.
My dad convinced him to change his campaign, and he did,
and dad ran against him and won.
That's wonderful.
- Tomorrow I'll be getting trouble.
- Trouble?
You havn't fot half the trouble I've got.
The race for the senate seat was probably
the culmination of a lifelong dream.
Here's to you.
Damn right.
- I'm going to teach my mother a lesson.
- Me, too.
I'm just waiting for one more thing to happen.
- Me, too.
- Spanky.
What do you want now?
I'm about to have dancing lessons and so are you.
- Mom said so.
- Dancing lessons?
That's terrible.
- They won't hold me. Are you with me?
- You can count on me. We can fix that.
We'll talk to you later. Okay.
- Good night.
- Thank you. - Bye.
If I get judge Collier's support, it will be a miracle,
an absolute miracle.
What are you're talking about? You have his support.
He knows nobody else will win.
He was your father's best friend.
talking in the middle of my story, the confusion
could've dropping them all.
We must've truly made a great impression.
We don't have to impress Bill Collier.
Of course we do. He's chief justice of the Supreme Court of the
State. He also happens to be head of the party. I need him.
You've got him.
I'm sorry the evening didn't go well for you.
- I thought it was delightful.
- Joan...
You don't really wan't me to run for the senate, do you?
Oh, Richard, please, it's a little late in the day
to be worrying what I want, don't you think?
That is not true.
And I need my wife's support above all.
You have it.
And if it's winning you want,
you win.
I told you to get rid of the car. You call this a car?
It's the only one I could find.
Besides, it was easy. Somebody left the keys in.
Sure, it's one way to get rid of it.
- Hey, Joan!
- Yes, I'm coming.
Keep Savannah...
- Goodbye, honey.
- We're late. - See you tomorrow.
- We've only 30 mins, let's go.
- Goodbye, Monique, and
get Spirit. Bye, bye, honey, love ya.
Now don't you go chicken on me. This tank has cash.
This thing with armed robberies stinks, Alvie.
You just do what I tell you!
Look at this place. It's a dump!
- We aren't gonna make a score here!
- You leave that to me! I've decided that.
- Come on!
- I don't feel good about this.
All you gotta do is to wait there and
to stand by that door. Okay?
I'll go inside, grab the cash, and we're out of here. Okay?
- It ain't gonna work, Alvie!
- Of course it's gonna work! Now, come on!
- Will you get out of the car?
- Do we have to do this?
- Get out of the car, now!
- All right, all right, I'm coming.
Have a nice day. Come on.
- Good morning. Ah, the polens got to you too, I see.
- Shut up! This is a stick-up!
- Are you kidding?
- No, I ain't kidding!
Open that register, put the money in the sack,
and make it fast!
All right. But you'll be not very happy with the amount.
- Well, give me what's in the register. What you got there?
- Hm, let's see.
We got, uh...
18 dollars and, um...
33 cents.
- Hardly worth the trouble.
- Give me that. Hey, Boots!
Get in here! Get in here fast!
- Put all you can get in this, and make it fast!
- You won't get away with this!
- All this effort for lousy 19 dollars and 43 cents?
- 33 dollars and 43 cents!
- Alvie, leave him alone!
- Do what I told you!
- Come on. Let's get out of here!
You're going to jail because I'm calling the police
as soon you get out of here!
They will catch you! You hear me?
Please, Alvie, come on! Let's get out of here!
You put that back or you're gonna be sorry!
You heard what I said?
Come on, let's get out of here!
- Grab the bag! Come on!
- Come back here! You come back here!
Help! I'm being robbed! Help!
- The car won't start.
- What you're gonna do?
It's one hell of get-away car. I'll take care of it.
Here, Ill fix it. Here, grab that. And shut him up!
Help! You don't even have a real gun. That's a toy pistol.
My grand kids got one just like that.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah?
- Help! Help! Somebody help! Help!
Help! Help! Please, help, help!
- Shut up! Shut up!
- Somebody help!
Help! Help!
- I'm being murdered!
- Idiot!
- Help!
- Idiot!
Lord Almighty, Alvie! That was a close call,
all for 18 dollars and forty...
Shut up!
- Oh, there you are. Okay, let's go.
- You'll be real good, okay?
Bye, bye. I will.
Bye, bye. Have fun.
That witch did a spell over the princess
and she was lost in the forest.
Was she afraid?
Yes, she cried herself to sleep, but soon she
was awaken by the tinkerbells,
and she opened her eyes and saw her guarding angel
who said: "Don't be afraid, my child,
princess ... was disguised as..."
- What are beggar bumps?
- Beggars bumps, like, on scuffy type guys.
Oh, yeah. Go on.
Well, there'll find her and care for her,
and one day, in a magic moment, they'll change.
This is my favorite part.
Their love to her will her change back into a princess,
and they'll reclaim the kingdom.
But what happened to the princess?
- Then she'll become clean of all the round.
- Wow!
- Hide and seek.
- I'll seek. Everyone hide!
One, two, three, four...
19, 20, 21, 22...
Ready or not, here I come!
How much you reckon we got?
I don't know. I didn't ask her. Let's just get out of here.
I'll be damned, it started.
- Anybody something to drink?
- No, no, thank you.
- I'll be right back.
- Sure.
Hello? Yeah. Hi, Carol.
What? Hold it, I can't hear nothing you say.
- Try it again.
- I said I'm in the park. I can't find Savannah.
I've looked everywhere.
- I'm really scared.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute. Was she with the children?
- Did you see her run off?
- Yeah, they were playing hide and seek.
- Did you try the playground?
- Yeah, I tried everywhere.
Carol, the street, anything.
But, come on, this is impossible,
she's gotta be there somewhere.
- What is it?
- Hold on.
They're at the park. They can't find Savannah anywhere.
Look, could you just stay right where you are?
I'll be right there.
- She can't keep an eye on her for two minutes.
- Everything will be fine. Okay?
Come with me, please.
I think I want chocolate.
Have a nice day.
Wait, wait!
I don't like ice cream.
- Everyone likes ice cream, Alvie.
- Well, I don't.
- Then don't eat it.
- I ain't.
Hi, what's your story?
I'm sorry, officer.
I was starting to pull out and I lost control of my cone.
You lost control of your come?
Yes, sir, I saw it with my own eyes, sir.
You realize that attack an officer
with an object is against the law?
Yes, sir.
Hi, honey.
Let me see your driver's licence.
- What did you say, officer?
- I said, let me see your driver's licence.
- No, no. Before that.
- I said hi to your kid.
- Kid?
- Yeah.
That is your kid, isn't it?
Oh, you mean my sister's kid. Yeah, we just took her out
to have a big mac and an ice cream cone, officer.
Motor 7. Motor 7. Come in, Motor 7.
Robbery with injuries at...
This is Motor 7. I'm on my way. Over.
Look, I've got an emergency call, so I don't have time to book
you two, but I'll remember you, so keep your noses clean. Okay?
we've got us a hot kid in tthe back seat there.
Yeah, we sure as hell do.
Give her the ice cream.
You want some ice cream?
Thanks for not turning me in to the cops.
Why, honey? What did you do?
Maybe she's robbed a bank or something.
I don't want them to kick me back.
Back where, honey?
- What's your name, kid?
- Can't tell ya.
Sure you can. Uh...
We're your pals, aren't we?
We didn't turn you in to the cops now, did we?
- So you can tell us your name, can't ya?
- No.
- Maybe I'm ought to smack her a little bit.
- What you wanna her to do? Start screaming?
Honey, I gave you my ice cream, didn't I, huh?
- So you're gonna tell us who you are, aren't you?
- Nope.
- I think we've got a problem.
- Yeah.
One that could get us about 99 years in a federal den.
- Did you find her?
- We haven't found her yet, but that doesn't mean anything.
I appreciate your help.
- Carol, how did that happen?
- We were just playing hide and seek.
- You shouldn't have let her out of your sight.
- Honey, she's just as worried as we are.
- Here's the park, Alvie.
- We just drop her out here.
Lord, this place is crowded with cops, man.
- We can't stay here. Come on, Let's get out of here.
- All right, all right, I'm already going.
Uh, just sit down, honey, just sit real low. Okay?
We're just playing a game.
See that park over there?
Go over to the nice police man, tell him your name,
and he'll help you find your mummy and daddy. Okay?
I don't want to.
- She don't wanna.
- Come on, get in the car!
Do what I say! You'll be just fine.
Look out!
- What you're doing, trying to kill us?
- Look them damn cops over there.
- What are we gonna do now?
- Go get that kid and get her out of sight. Quick!
- Come on, hurry up!
- Okay, all right.
Hi, honey. Let me help you.
- There's no dairy steer friend here.
- What's going on here?
- Is everyone all right? Do you want me to call for help?
- Oh, no, no, everything's just fine.
Well, what happened? Are you okay, honey?
She's just fine. She just fell out of the car.
She does that all the time.
- Do you want me to call a doctor?
- No, no, she's used to it.
Just give us a push, will ya? And hurry it up.
- We're in a little bit of hurry.
- Thank you.
Ready? One, two, three...
- Okay.
- Now we've to push it from the back.
We're kind of in a hurry here.
Wer'e trying to get to the airport.
- Yeah.
- One, two, three...
There you go.
Everything's fine, officer.
- No problem, officer.
- Thank you.
We gotta get this kid off the street, boy.
Gentlemen, please, come in.
What's the situation?
Patrol man Jamison here
has a theory and some new evidence in the case.
He believes he actually saw your child
some time around noon today.
- You can't be serious. Why didn't you do something?
- That was before the APB came over my radio, sir.
I was patroling the area, and
something flew out of this old car and I was
struck by an ice cream cone.
- An ice cream cone?
- Yes, sir.
There were two men in the front of this old car and
a little girl, same age and description
as your daughter was, in the back seat.
Why didn't you arrest them?
At least give them a citation. Weren't you suspicious?
What kind of a police department we have?
He was following correct police procedure at that time,
Mr. Driscoll. He had nothing on that men.
An officer is struck by an ice cream cone.
Two unidentified men and an unidentified little girl
in the back seat, and you let them get away.
You didn't even give them a ticket, so you don't have
a name, address, licence number of the car...
- The car, sir, that I got.
- What?
The licence number.
But there is something else.
I don't think either one of those guys
even knew that little girl was in their car.
Well, I happen to believe it was a kidnapping.
And I'll give what it costs me, who's toes I've to step on.
I've already spoken to the governer.
I'm bringing in the top expert in the country.
- Harland Dobbs?
- Yes, sir, that's right.
I'm sending a plane to pick him up in Dallas.
and the princess ... in the forest.
Are you listening?
Yes. Yes.
Uh, the men with the bags on their heads are in the
forest with the lady, and they're having a wonderful...
Who is it?
You stay right there, and don't move.
- Who is it?
- It's me, you idiot. Open this door!
- This pension had better be abandoned.
- It is.
It took me an hour to turn on the light,
and the water is really dark.
- You got it.
- Of course I got it.
I ripped off a radio, too.
We may now find out who's this kid belongs to.
Bootsie, where are you?
I'll be right there!
What did you tell her your name for?
We ain't do nothing wrong.
We got you television!
If you're real good, tomorrow you can watch Wonder Woman!
What do you want for breakfast?
Chocolate milk, coco pops, butter milk,
chocolate strawberries,
peaches, chocolate bananas...
Tomorrow we'll get rid of this kid.
Now let's go in there and see,
if we can get this kid to sleep. and bacon.
Okay. Now we go to sleep.
If you need me, I'll be sleeping right over there. Okay?
Would you tell me a bedtime story?
I don't know any bedtime stories.
Then I'll tell you one.
Sit down.
This is the story about a rabbit, a fox and a little bear.
One day,
they made a log and they ... on it.
And then a rabbit came down the lane,
just came walking down the lane,
... so hard,
and he said "Howdie."
He already knew them but he couldn't talk.
And then they said: "If you don't say howdie,
I'll knock your head clean off!"
And he knocked his head off, and he kicked his head
into the bucket, and it was all stuck up in the tarr.
And then the fox and little bear
"We got you now, rabbit.
And I'm gonna cock ya, skin ya, and put ya in the pot.
And then the fox told ... to get ready,
and then the rabbit said:
"You can do anything you want ...
"but please don't ...
Please, please."
And then the fox ...
"Hmm. That's exactly what we gonna do."
And then the rabbit ...,
then he was laughing as hard as he can and said:
"I ..."
That was a really nice story.
- And, Bootsie...
- Yeah?
Tomorrow I'll better call mummy
and tell her I had a sleepover.
Well, you tell us where to call,
and we call her right now.
Oh, no, tomorrow will be fine.
Good night.
Good night.
- We've done it, Boots!
- Sshh, sshh.
- We've done it. We stepped right in a gold mine!
- Sshh, shut up! You don't wanna wake up the kid.
- Read this, read this.
- What is it?
Look at the picture, stupid!
- Hey, it's our kid!
- Not our kid! It's this guy Driscoll's kid!
He's a millionaire. His daddy died last year
and left him about 20 million bucks.
It says her name's Savannah.
Can't you see that isn't about the name?
Read the whole think. Look at that.
They got a hundred thousand dollar reward
for her save return.
- 100,000.
- We're rich, Alvie. We're rich!
All we've to do is to keep that kid happy
until we can grab the reward.
We go to get that money.
- Now I can go and live in style.
- Yeah, and we can get a new car.
I could buy a little whisky bar, with cold beer,
and live like a king for the rest
of my whole god damned life!
It ain't gonna work, Alvie.
- What ain't gonna work?
- You're a fugitive.
They don't gonna believe we found that kid.
We've got records.
It's a lifetime crime. They call it kidnapping.
You listen to me!
I've been waiting my whole damn life to
get something big and finally score!
I won't gonna lose this chance.
We're not gonna blow this, no way!
It's gonna work out.
It's gotta work out!
I am going to make it work out!
- ... a beautiful castle for you, Gavin.
- Thank you... princess.
- Now you should protect me.
- From who?
- ... and the wicked witch.
- Well, where are they?
Over there and over there!
I'll run and call for help!
- Back, villain!
- Help!
I'll take you on, haha!
Are they gone yet?
Yes! Yes. This day we won, my princess.
They've all fled. Fear not, for your castle is secure.
Oh, thank you, my beautiful prince.
I could losing my job spending all this time with you.
If you get fired, I'll just have to marry you
and take you out of all this.
Wow, you don't waste much time, do you, boy?
Yeah. Why waiting for much time? What's the point?
- How did you like my singing anyway?
- Oh, it's beautiful.
You know, with a voice like yours,
you ought to be recording stuff.
You know, if I could afford it, ...
a ranger, and take a little job in a launge.
Make a sense of something, you know.
How much money do you need?
More than I could get in a job like this, that's for sure.
Well, I know that. I wanna help you, Doreen, I do.
You're so sweet.
I've never felt such a powerful need
for anybody in my whole life.
Alvie, if you're rich, if you could help me,
take care of me, of my kids, you know,
Well, never judge a book by it's cook.
What do you mean?
Well, I've got a little proposal
that I know you just gonna love.
I can't believe Doreen won't do it.
I can't believe it, either.
Not even for half of the reward money!
And I thought I had her soul, too.
Oh, god, I must've drunk 200 beers.
- So what we're gonna do now?
- Look...
we've found that kid fair and square.
- And I'm gonna get that reward money.
- The longer we keep her, the worst it's gonna get.
- You know what she had me to do?
- Bootsie!
- Yes, wicked step mother?
- Come get the garbage! ...
- ...
- Yes, wicked step mother!
- I'm telling you, she's driving me crazy.
- One thing's sure.
We gotta take the heat off. We gotta call her folks.
Yeah, she could say "Hello, mummy, I'm okay",
tell her what happened, and that we wanna give her back.
And to figure out some easy way
to get us the hundred grand.
Sounds simple.
Is Savannah highly imaginative, Joan?
Yes, I suppose she is.
Is she alone a lot?
As you know, I'm running for the senate,
so there's a big demand of my time.
Well, would you say she lives in a make-believe world?
- She's brighter than an usual 6 year old.
- You didn't answer my question.
- What this has to do with...
- Did she run away?
- Is it possible Savannah left home on her own regard?
- That is absolutely absurd. Why would you even think...
- Hello?
- Yeah, hello. Are you Mr. Driscoll?
Yes, this is Mr. Driscoll. It's them.
Listen, we got Savannah and she's just fine.
We found her in the back seat of a car.
She wouldn't tell us her name, she's kind of cute that way.
But she's okay, and she wants to say hi to her mummy.
Sounds like it could be a prank.
Just try not to be emotional.
Hello, mommy.
Hello, darling.
- Hello, how are you?
- I'm fine.
It's her. It is Savannah.
Precious, are they taking good care of you?
Oh, yes, we're having lots of fun.
Good, that's good.
- Listen, are you warm, are you eating well?
- Oh, sure.
Darling, I love you very much. Can you say hello to daddy?
- Hi, baby, how are you?
- I'm fine.
Get on with it. A hundred grand, remember?
Hello, yours truly gettin' on.
Listen, we gotta figure out a plan
here on how to get the kid back,
but we don't want no problems,
understand, and no cops.
- She will be...
- Three minutes. If you want to...
Alvie, do you have a dime?
- Why did you got no change?
- Where did I suppose to get change?
I can't rely on you for nothing!
Uh, hello...
Listen, we've got a problem here, we ran out of dime, see.
- So we'll call you back tomorrow.
- If you harm my daughter in any way...
Looks like we've got us a couple of real jokers here.
You believe them about finding Savannah in their car?
It's quite possible.
She was playing hide and seek, remember?
She could've hidden in the car.
Well, that makes no difference.
They got her and they want the money.
But there's something I can't put my finger on here.
- What's that?
- That voice.
I've heard that voice somewhere before.
Yeah, just park it right down there.
- You didn't say nothing. You've got clumsy.
- I think, we're doing just fine.
If you're gonna blow this, I'll sure shoot you.
Where you're going?
I'm gonna get some stuff for Savannah in the drugstore.
- Look, we're sitting duckside here.
- You're wanna keep her happy, don't you?
I'll be right back.
So, are you a new father?
Uh, me, no. This stuff is for my sister's kid.
Ah. Boy or girl?
How old is the little fella?
Uh, six, seven...
I don't know really, see...
- I'm a merchant marine.
- Ah.
Yeah, just got in from San Francisco.
We just pulled in here on a tanker.
We were out to sea for six years.
Do you like me, Alvie?
Why not?
You've never done nothing to me.
Well, do you like me?
Sure I like you, kid.
You're gonna make me rich.
They gonna pay me a whole lot of money,
just to get rid of you.
- Is that the only reason you like me?
- Yep, that's about it.
Sis had the kid while I was in Singapore.
She's had it really rough, husband's a bum, heavy drinker,
you know, he beats the kid...
We were abandoned by our mother when we were 4 years old.
- No!
- Yeah.
Going to bed, Joan?
Aw, I can't sleep.
Why don't you take something?
I did. Dr. Morton gave me something.
You're gonna get sick if you don't get some rest.
That child is all I have.
I've got no one in the whole world.
She sounded fine.
I'm sure that now Dobbs is on the case,
we'll get her back in no time.
Richard, there're no garanties.
I just can't stop wondering
what could be happening to her,
what terrible thing could be happening to her
at this very moment.
There's one little duck swimming in the sea
He was very lonely but didn't want to be
So he ran far away over the sea
And brought back a friend to live with him
- There was one little duck swimming in the sea
- You want some hot water?
No, thanks.
- You better get clean.
- I'm so clean... I'm puckered.
There was one little duck swimming in the sea
- She's having fun.
- Sounds like it.
Tomorrow I'm gonna rip off some towels
and some sheets and stuff.
Tomorrow we gonna send the kid's folks a letter.
- I got it all read out here.
- What for?
Because they trace fone calls, stupid, they got
helicopters, they can zapp right down on you.
I haven't thought of that.
Bootsie, can I have a rubber duckie for my bath?
She wants her duckie. I got her one.
Yeah, I will be right there with it! Just a minute!
A duckie? You actually got this kid a duckie?
You said we got to keep her happy, didn't you?
Besides, didn't you never want something like that
when you was a kid?
Hell, no!
That's the problem with you, Alvie, you never was a kid.
- I notified the FBI.
- Great.
Now, I wanna run down on all robberies and burgleries
in this state, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.
And I need a list of all stolen vehicles.
We have all that.
Get in touch with the booking offices
of all prisons in those states.
I want a list of all these, and the names
of any recently released prisoners,
- where they are, and mug shots.
- We're putting all this together at this very moment.
I want officer Jamison to go over the mug shots
until we get an identification.
He's doing that right now.
Now, any stranger in anybody's neighbourhood,
anyone that looks at least suspicious,
I want a report on him, look at him and asking.
We're doing all that.
All the phones in the Driscoll's house have to be
connected, so we can back up any incoming call.
It's been done.
- I've a feeling you boys don't need me.
- You said it.
- Mrs. Driscoll, how do you...
- No more questions, please. The Driscolls
have been in a state of a shock since this
dreadful thing has happened, and...
Well, I feel like a member of the family,
and I would like to say to those
who took this precious little child,
to remember the words of Jesus:
"Suffering little children are coming to me,
for such is the kingdom of heaven."
- You don't spit on a priest!
- I didn't spit on a priest. I spit on a TV.
- Well, clean it off the TV.
- Clean it off yourself.
"Suffering little children", for crying out loud.
What is this little snot-nosed brat suffer?
- I'm not a snot-nosed brat!
- You're not, huh?
No, and the stuff you do is yucky. Beeh!
That's right, Savannah, Alvie's a slop.
Now, place that right there.
- You got that finished yet?
- Yes, we got it finished.
No thanks to you.
Then go out and mail it! Special delivery.
You go out and mail it! We pasted it!
All right, all right. And what if somebody shows up here?
You're able to hide her? Well, are you?
Okay, but you listen to me.
You'll be nice to this kid while I'm gone. You hear me?
Yeah, I hear ya! Now go, and mail that letter.
All right, all right.
That's one of them right there.
Good. Go ahead.
There's the other one.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Then these are the same two that you saw?
- Yes.
- Same one where you saw the little girl?
- That's right.
This just came in over the telephone.
One of the guards recognized McGaffee as the driver
of the car at the prison break.
He was just released on parole a few weeks ago.
That makes the situation take on
an even more serious aspect.
The Driscoll child is in the hands of two desperate
criminals, and the report said they're not very brave.
In a few weeks since the jail break, instead of hiding
out somewhere, they've committed grand theft,
armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon,
and kidnapping.
Gentlemen, we've to do everything possible to apprehend
them before they can commit a more serious crime.
What kind of water she's been drinking?
Right out of the tap, just like us. We ain't sick.
Doreen, I'm making out the description on your name.
Just 24 of this oral.
Give her the medicine as instructed and
call me at once if the fever goes up again.
Thanks, doc.
You listen to me, doc, and you listen good.
If you know what's good for you, you won't say
nothing to nobody about this. You understand?
Don't threaten me, cowboy.
All criminals are low types
and most crimes equally deplorable.
- Kidnapping... that as low as a man can sink!
- We didn't kidnap this kid!
- We found her in the back of our car.
- And why don't you give her back?
Because we got that reward money coming to us.
We earned it.
- We just want a fair share like anybody else.
- Look, you give her to me...
and will see if I can get the money to you through Doreen.
You really think I'm a fool, don't you, doc?
Well, I ain't! Boots, crab that kid. Let's get out of here.
Thanks, Doreen.
Be very careful. That child's life is in your hands.
The grocery clerk identified the two men from the mug shot.
So did officer Jamison, and now the Driscolls get
a ransom letter. What more do you want?
This does not constitute a ransom letter.
They're asking for reward, a reward which has been offered.
That phone call of the clerk of the grocery store
tells us exactly the kind of men we're dealing with.
we all know any criminal can be dangerous.
McGaffee is a second story man. He's a messy thief,
he's a pig fucker. I don't care much about him, but...
Alvin Gibbs, on the other hand, has a hot temper.
He can be violent when cornered.
And being a hundred men doesn't help matters any.
The only point I'm trying to make is,
what if these two men actually found the girl?
As far as I'm concerned,
that doesn't make any difference at all.
They got her, and we have to get her back.
- You want some more potatoes?
- You bet I want.
- I made them with cream and butter.
- It's the best I ever ate.
I also baked a chocolate cake for dessert.
Wow, I love chocolate cake.
- It seems you're feeling better.
- Well, it sounds like it.
- Want more potatoes?
- I'm eating, ain't I?
- Want some more?
- Yeah, why not.
- You really like my potatoes, don't you?
- Stop bothering me. I eat them, all right?
We interrupt our regular program
to bring you a special news bulletin.
It has been five days of anguish for
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Driscoll of Utah.
Their six year old daughter Savannah
was apparently abducted Saturday
after an innocent din...
What's abducted?
Well, it means...
It means they think we took you.
But you didn't. I ran away.
- You did? How come?
- There were lots of reasons.
Mummy never made me potatoes.
Poor kid.
You want some more pork chops?
- I love pork chops.
- Okay, so you really like my pork chops.
- You like the way Bootsie fixes them.
- Would you stop and let her eat your pork chop?
- You want some more potatoes?
- I sure do!
She sure like these potatoes.
- Do you like my potatoes, Alvie?
- Would you knocking off about the potatoes?
- Hmm, yummy, yummy. Aren't these potatoes good, Savannah?
- Hmm hmm.
I gotta hurry before I lose my job.
- What work do you have?
- I'm working at the car wash.
Well, I'll be damned.
Somebody's got to pay the bills.
How about washing the dishes for me?
Bye, Savannah.
- Bye bye, Bootsie.
- Bye bye, Bootsie.
All I could think of was to ask this other man to give
me a glass of water and give the baby some aspirin.
Good thinking, dioctor. At least now we have fingerprints.
We can make a positive identification.
Do you have any idea why Mrs. Lumous didn't contact us
when she first met that man?
She said she was scared.
She didn't want to get into trouble.
Ans she really believed him about not taking the child.
Well, that may be, doctor.
But the fact is they have her, and they won't give
her back, unless someone gives them money,
and that constitutes kidnapping.
Did you ever had fights?
I did.
This girl in the school pulled my hair,
and we got in a fight.
Did you win?
Nope. The teacher caught us, and she made us stop.
All right.
Now look.
Next time some kid starts messing with you,
here's what you do.
Yell "Look out!"
- You look over there somewhere, see?
- Mhmhm.
Like somebody's coming up, but you only distract him. Right?
- Then you step on her foot, hard as you can.
- Yeah.
- That will be one moment, you see.
- Mhmhm.
Then you grab her by the arm and you throw her like
a sack of potatoes on the ground, as hard as you can.
Now, if you can remember all that,
I promise you you won't lose no fights.
Sure. Thanks, Alvie. Can I try it?
As soon as Bootsie comes home, you practise on him.
Yeah, um, Mr. Driscoll? Listen,
I thought you would like to know,
Savannah is fine, she's fine.
Listen, did you get the letter yet?
Yes, I have the money in small notes in two bags,
just as you requested.
- Are you still there.
- Uh, yeah.
we don't want the money. We just wanna give Savannah back.
- Yes, of course. Whatever you want.
- We don't want no problems
- from the police, see.
- Fine. I understand.
Uh, about to get her back,
figure out when and where.
And tell Savannah's mom not to worry.
I'll take this recording to the station to analyze it later.
What happened?
They don't want the money anymore.
They just wanna give Savannah back.
I think they're scared.
No, I think they're stalling.
I almost forget... I've got something for you.
What you're doing?
Waiting for my present.
It ain't a present exactly,
just something I don't need no more.
- Can I look now?
- Sure, go ahead.
A harmonica!
Jeez, thanks, Alvie.
- I bet you got lots of presents, don't you?
- At Christmas I do.
That moment they always leave me and go skiing some place.
They always leave me.
And that's why I ran away.
Yeah, I did, too, finally.
But I've never gotten nothing at Christmas camp.
Well, yeah, once I did.
- Once I got a package of firecrackers, and you what I did?
- What?
Well, early the next morning
I tiptoed in Donna Caludy's room
and I lit that whole package of firecrackers,
and I tossed them suckers under the bed.
It was like the devil with a pump gun were behind them.
They jumped skyhigh, they ran in each other, and into
the wall, down, down. I'll remeber that my whole life.
And then they chased me through the corn field
and into the woods, but they never caught me.
That's funny, Alvie.
And that was on Saturday.
And when I came out of the woods,
them and all those kids were piling that old pickup truck,
going into town.
And I ran and ran as hard as I could
but all I caught was their dust.
And they did this every Saturday.
Always ran off and let me.
I cried like a girl.
I would have grown up then,
but I didn't know I was supposed to cry.
They didn't come back for the next days,
and when they came back they beat me so hard
that I hardly couldn't stand up.
That was when I finally ran off the grid. I was then
ten, eleven years old,
and I've been on my own ever since.
Poor Alvie.
Oh, yeah,
that was a long time ago.
And I didn't think about that
ever no more.
What do you think you're doing?
Making all that noise and leaving the door unlocked?
A hobbyhorse! It's so cute!
- It has a real mane and a real tail.
- Where've you learned to play the harmonica?
Up at Joliet, long time back.
Let's find out if Savannah is a horses addict.
Hey, Savannah!
Let's show Bootsie what we've learned today.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Okay. We've got into a fight because you're pulling my hair.
- Pulling your hair?
- Yeah, right here.
Okay. This hair right here?
- Look over here!
- Where? Ouch!
My god, she's almost killing me.
Hey, we've so much fun now,
it could be bedtime the whole life.
You want a bed?
We sure did a good thing coming up here, didn't we?
We sure as hell did.
- Alvie, cops!
- Get the kid. Get the kid!
Come back to us now.
- ...
- Hey!
- Come on!
- Over here!
Hey! Will you get over here? Everybody! Come on!
Rye whiskey, rye whiskey, rye whiskey I cry
If I don't get rye whiskey, I think I will die
- If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck
- Quack, quack.
I'd dive to the bottom to get one sweet suck
I'll go get some ice cream.
Come on, Savannah.
- Isn't that very much pretty, huh?
- Wow!
Ain't that something?
It's beautiful.
Look way up there.
Can I have three chocolate ice cream cones, please?
Say, how high them falls?
About 1700 feet.
There's the deepest trail in the world.
Umm, by the way...
Is there a road that goes up to the top there?
Well, there's a narrow dirt road,
but it winds round for hours.
Son of a gun.
Hey, by the way, do you want a puppy?
A puppy?
There're free.
A puppy.
Oh, there comes Alvie.
There you go.
One for you, one for you, and one for me.
- What's that?
- What's what? I don't hear nothing.
Well, I do, Alvie. You're making weird noises.
Sounds like a puppy.
Oh, my gosh.
It's a puppy, all right? How did that get in there?
- For me?
- Sure. I ain't got no use for a puppy.
Thank you, Alvie.
My little puppy.
That is the car we search.
Central 605. We found the car in the area.
Don't ever get in a car or even talk to strangers. Okay?
Next time you might not be so lucky.
I'll remember.
Good night, Bootsie.
Good night, Alvie.
Thanks for the puppy, and thanks for the picknick.
- Good night, honey.
- Good night, kid.
It's a lone kid's plan who wear out.
I ain't gonna steal anymore.
Well, you won't have to,
after we get that reward, buddy.
You're gonna get mad, Alvie, but...
I gotta tell you something.
Well, all right.
But if I'm gonna get mad, we better do it in the other room.
We don't want to wake up this little kid up. Come on.
All right. Shoot.
We gotta give the kid back.
We are going to give the kid back.
Without the reward money.
What the hell are you talking about?
Look, Alvie...
- What if she was our own kid?
- She ain't our kid.
Well, suppose she was our kid and somebody took her.
And we didn't what terrible things
might be happening to her.
How who you feel?
Listen, bro...
I've been waiting my whole life for something like this.
It's a hundred grand.
100,000 bucks!
Alvie, I called her dad.
You did? Why would you do that?
I told him we wanna to give her back
with no strings attached.
You did what?
What in the hell did you do that for?
I told you you would be mad.
Good morning everybody.
It's early morning right here.
Let's hear a music of your favorite country
in this early morning.
Take up your positions as we planned.
I want you to isolate Gibbs and take him if you can,
but the little girl must be nowhere near him.
It has to be a perfect shot, understood?
- Got it.
- Yes, sir.
Now, if we could pick off Gibbs,
I'm sure McGaffee will give up.
I don't like that you're going in there.
I kind of understand how you feel about the girl,
but these guys are stalling.
Gibbs is dangerous. We can't afford to take a chance.
Bill, he's armed.
I know that.
I still don't like it.
They offer to give the girl back,
and they don't want the reward.
- What's the matter? You're getting soft?
- No, but I'm not a murderer, either.
Neither am I, but time has run out.
I've never lost a case,
and I'm sure that I'm not gonna lose this one.
Hey, what's the matter?
I had a bad dream.
How did they get here?
Did you see anything? Is she there?
Right that way is your pussycat.
Don't kid yourself.
What's gonna happen? What's the plan?
We gonna isolate Gibbs.
You're trying to shoot him?
It's the only way we can be sure of getting your daughter
back unharmed. That man is a desperate criminal.
No, nobody is gonna shoot at that house. Do you understand?
Guess what.
Bootsie has a big surprise for you today.
And Bootsie gets you ready for it.
Where did that come from?
Outside! Somebody shot at me! Missed me by a hair!
- We gotta get out of here.
- Get the kid!
- What happened?
- Nothing.
Nothing. Everything's just fine. Okay?
Uh, we just gonna play a game.
- Yeah. You remeber king Boris?
- Uhuh.
- And the wicked witch?
- Yeah.
Well, they're attacking us right now. Yeah.
So we have to defend the castle. Okay?
- Are there any bad dragons?
- Oh, lots of bad dragons.
Somebody shot at Gibbs and missed.
- Why? Who did this? Who's in charge here?
- Keep cool. It's a very messy situation.
I'm gonna handle it. Give me that bullhorn!
You lousy rotten bastards!
What are you tying to do? Kill somebody?
There's a kid in here!
Nobody wants to kill anybody.
- Now let's talk this over.
- No, sir!
We made a deal that you broke now! So we shut it off!
And nobody gonna try to stop us!
And when I'm coming out of here, I wanna see nobody!
And I mean, nobody!
Officers, clear the area. Clear!
Do you see the dragons?
- They're right there.
- Where?
- Right there.
- Look over there!
And there's one right there.
Okay, keep your eye on them.
- There's one there.
- Where, where?
- And here's one over here.
- Oh, okay.
- Oh, that one is big.
- Watch for the king now.
He's around here some place.
- All right. Right. Now don't get spooked.
- Okay.
If we all stuck together,
nothing will happen to us. All right?
- Just stay close.
- But I am close. Let's go.
There's Savannah.
Yeah, don't worry about him because we'll fool him.
- Can I hold the flag?
- No, it's not your turn yet.
What are you doing?
Well, I'm trying to open the door! Will you...
Lord, there're pouring cops out here, and we're standing
around while you're trying to get the car open!
- Give that cotton to the kid!
- Here, honey, it's your turn.
Hold it up, honey, hold it high.
Would you just go...
Wait. Could you just wait until...
Oh, don't push hard.
- Get in the car!
- Wait a minute.
What is this for?
Just get off my leg.
Move on!
Why can't you get a get-away car that we could get away?
Don't be mad, Alvie.
Can't we just take her?
I'm gonna see if I can help.
Don't try to be a hero, father!
- Lord of mercy.
- Fellas.
There comes a dude in a long black skirt.
It's no dude, it's a priest.
Wait a minute.
It's the priest I saw on television.
That's father Ohara.
Hi, father.
- Hi, father.
- Hello, padre.
- How you're doing?
- Oh, fine, fine.
How are you, Savannah?
I'm fine!
- And you know what?
- What?
I went on a picknick and I got a puppy.
Oh, that's fine, real fine.
My sons...
I want you to trust me, huh.
I'd like to let me help you if I can.
Well, you can, padre.
You can get behind this car here and give us a push.
Don't you wanna give Savannah to me right now?
No, sir. They had their chance and they blew it.
Now you get back there and give us a startup.
- You, too, Boots. Go help him.
- Me?
And you stay here. The mad king Boris is out there.
The mad king Boris.
Okay, father, on three. Ready?
One, two, three!
What are they doing now?
It looks like they're pushing the car.
- Don't you wanna go with them?
- Wait for me!
Get in, padre!
- Oh, no, I could not got away.
- Get in!
All right, but...
I suppose you could drop me off.
They're in an unmarked car.
Don't push anything,
and don't let them get out of your sight.
If that's the way they wanna play the game,
we want that reward, padre!
Fine, fine.
After the ceremony we'll work something out.
Sorry. Sorry. I'm really sorry.
So sorry.
I'm so sorry. Where are we?
Ah. Now that Dorothy and Donald had given
themselves to each other bu solemn vows
with the joining of hands and the
giving and receiving of a ring,
I pronounce that theu're husband and wife
in the name of the father, the son, and of the holy spirit.
The ceremony is over and there's no sign of the suspects.
We'll check it out.
And, padre, remember... Tell them, no cops.
I just found this note in the bedroom.
- You showed this to anybody?
- No.
Yes, father, I understand. We'll be right there.
They wanna give her back.
I don't think we should mention this to anybody.
It would just complicate things at this point.
- Okay, they're there.
- Let's go.
Are you okay, puppy?
Oh, puppy.
Bootsie, my puppy has to go to the bathroom.
Okay, honey.
Just let him go right over there.
Here you go.
Come on, puppy, come on.
Come on. Come on, puppy. Come on. Come on.
Where's Savannah?
- Oh, no. Savannah. Where's she?
- She's fine, fine.
- Where is she?
- She's up there on top, but she's fine.
Why didn't you bring her back down?
I just wanted to make sure there's no dumb stunts
like happened this morning.
We did out part of the bargain.
If you want count the money... here!
You can keep your money!
All we want is to give Savannah back, save and sound.
You can keep the bargain.
No charges and no cops.
You have my word.
And you all take good care of that kid from now on.
What does that supposed to mean?
We will.
Come on, padre.
Pruitt, we're right here.
Everything's fine.
A few?
Bring them up.
All units, start to move in.
Well, Boots, the coast is clear. Where's the kid?
She was here just a minute ago.
What did you do? Just let her wander off?
I'll find her, don't worry.
She just took her dog to the bathroom.
This is no place for a kid to get lost!
Look, fellas. I think you've to leave now while you still
got a chance. I'll find her. Please, go!
We can't just ran off and leave her!
She could get hurt up here! I gotta find her!
I've no idea what they're doing out there.
They'll be down in a few minutes.
Could I use this phone, please? Thank you.
Yes, Mr. Driscoll, please. He should be right there.
- Mr. Driscoll?
- Yes. Thank you.
Richard, I don't want you to be too alarmed, but...
Savannah has wandered off.
Everything's going to be fine. Don't worry, we'll find her.
Thank you.
- She's lost.
- What?
I've to got everybody up there.
- Can you get this mashine running?
- Did you call the police?
- Richard, did you call the police?
- I had no choice.
No choice? What are you talking about?
Our choice is to get that child!
- Freeze!
- Hey! Look, hey!
- Come here!
- Over here!
- Move it! Have you seen the kid?
- Where's the other one?
It's him down there.
Go over there.
Go around behind him.
You poor little puppy.
I'll be with you all my life.
I can call you puppy, can't I?
What happened?
You've found him, did you?
He's all wet.
Dry him off with this wrinkle.
Dispatcher, Savage.
Turn all action and communication to chief Pruitt.
He stopped shivering yet?
- When you get children, will you have it back?
- No, no.
As child we had puppies. It was dirty like a pig.
How did it get clean?
My mama used to lick them clean.
- Should I lick him?
- No.
This bath he did, that will do fine.
- Who are those people up there?
- Well, they...
We thought you was lost and...
they all came up here to help us looking for you.
- Gee, have I now many trouble?
- No.
Where's Bootsie?
He must be here somewhere.
He won't be long.
What's my surprise?
Well, it didn't turn out exactly we've planned it.
I'm sorry.
our vacation is over,
and Bootsie and me have to go back there.
We can't play together and have fun anymore?
Oh, sure we can, someday maybe, but...
the time has come when playing and games is over,
and everybody's getting back home.
But that's all right.
We had a real good time.
- We have a good time, haven't we?
- We sure have, Alvie.
If you like, I'll you give a back ride.
Come on.
Give me the puppy. You hold on tight.
You're on?
- I am.
- Oaky.
- What did you got?
- Why didn't you tell us Savannah was save?
But she wasn't.
No, no, don't go down there. He's got a gun, Mrs. Driscoll.
Let me go down there. He isn't gonna shoot anyone.
You agree with her, don't you?
Oh, mummy!
Oh, my baby.
I'm your friend.
I could use a friend, padre.
Maybe you ought to take this.
It ain't loaded.
- Stay close to me.
- Don't worry. I will.
Freeze! Put your hands behind the head!
- There's dad. Go ahead.
- Easy.
Oh, sweetheart.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Goodbye, Bootsie.
- Goodbye, honey.
- I've to go home now.
- I know.
- You're not mad at me?
Of couse not.
Will you come and see me?
I'll sure try.
You promise?
I promise.
Won't forget?
Not a chance.
Here, honey.
- I'm glad everything worked out all right.
- Yes, chief.
I'd like to take my daughter home, chief Pruitt.
Could you drive us, please?
Goodbye, Richard.
Come on.
No doubt you should be very proud.
You still have a perfect record.
I hope nobody ever tells her that we're bad guys.
It won't make no difference.