Saving Onome (2024) Movie Script

[tense music playing]
[man's voice] You never know
what you'd do until you have no choice.
How far you'd go
how much you'd risk.
We all believe we're saints
until we find out how easy
it is for us to become sinners.
[tense music continues]
[phone rings]
[woman in Pidgin] Guy, I've said my bit.
If your friend messes up,
one bullet for each finger.
I'll kill him myself.
Do you understand me?
[gun cocks]
[in Pidgin] Jite, I get it's been
a while since you've been on the streets.
Do you understand me?
But you need to coordinate yourself.
I'm not pissed at the phone,
it's your trembling.
Why are you fidgeting?
It's because you're my brother
I choose to keep quiet.
Do you understand?
Please coordinate yourself.
You need to understand the reason you're
here and that should be your motivation.
You know you need the money,
why are you behaving
this way? I don't like it.
Take it!
- I'm good, bro.
- What do you mean by you're good?
Am I offering you food?
[drops gun]
That's it there.
[tense music plays]
[tense music crescendos]
[Jite] My intentions may be good,
but I'd be lying to myself
if I say that's
the only thing that matters.
I have to believe God
will forgive me... one day.
[woman singing] What can't you do?
You who created
The heavens and the earth
What can't you do?
What can't you do, my God?
What can't you do?
- [man] Continue. Read the next verse.
- Daddy, please.
Daddy, please.
- Daddy, please I'm begging you.
- Read...
There's a time and place for this.
- Um, never mind, I'll read the rest.
- [woman 1] No!
But why?
- We all came here to pray with you.
- [machine beeping]
You've started, right?
See, you've started
- this your behavior again.
- [woman 2] But Aunty you can pray
for me from home.
You guys just came here
to come and suffocate my daughter.
- Ah-ahh!
- She needs to breathe fresh air.
[aunty] Eh?!
Fresh air?
[in Yoruba, laughs drily] Did
you all hear that?
[in English] Who and who
is smelling among us?
Can you hear your daughter?
- No, no, please...
- [in Yoruba] Please don't be angry.
- [aunty scoffs]
- [in Yoruba] Don't be angry, please.
- Tola.
- [in English] Look, Tola, I told them
that the foundation pulled out.
That's why they are all here.
Just to encourage you.
[in English] We all came
when we heard the news.
Why are you making it sound
as if we're carrying a weapon
or something here.
No, continue.
[sighs] "Hold not thy peace
- oh God of my praise."
- Hm.
"For the mouth of the wicked
and the mouth of the deceitful
are open against me."
"They have spoken against
me with a lying tongue."
[Tola] Jite should be leaving
the bank with the money by now.
[tense tune plays]
I should feel
guilty that I pushed him to do this,
but I'll do anything
to make sure our daughter lives.
[gunshot sound]
[gunshot fired]
[man] Hey!
- [man in Pidgin] Start the car!
- [woman screams]
[hasty footsteps approaching]
- [woman squeals]
- Guy, start the car!
- [panicky] What about the other guy?
- [hurriedly] Start the car!
Move the fucking car!
[engine starts]
[breathing heavily]
[engine revving sound]
[tense music crescendos]
[siren blaring]
[man in Pidgin] Jite, Jite!
If you don't drive this car,
Jite, I'll shoot you! Jite, if you
don't drive this car I'll shoot you.
[siren blaring]
[suspenseful music playing]
[excited screams]
[siren continues]
[suspenseful music continues]
[crowd singing]
[tyres screeching]
[in Pidgin] Guy, hit these people.
- I can't hit anybody!
- Why can't you hit them?
- [spluttering] I... I can't...
- Hit... Hit them!
I can't hit anybody, bro.
I can't hit anybody!
[siren approaching]
Shit. The police are here!
- Guy! Guy!
- The police are here!
- [man splutters] Can you... can you run?
- No, no. Just go! [screaming]
[Tega in Pidgin] Jite,
I'll deal with you, I swear!
[muted upbeat music playing]
[policeman] Take her!
- [Martha groaning]
- Freeze!
[shot fired]
[crowd clamoring]
[woman] Anyway, we can't complain.
Hm! Maybe this
is God's blessing in disguise.
- [Tola's dad gasps]
- And this girl has been sick since birth.
Aunty Tiwa, why? Don't say that.
What? Is she lying?
Every time I get a phone call
like this, Onome is in the hospital.
Since they gave birth to her,
that's all we've been hearing.
[Aunty Tiwa] Uh, let me tell you,
they are still young,
and they can start again.
This time around,
they will do a proper wedding
[clears throat]
they will take it over.
Proper wedding with who?
- [Aunty Tiwa exclaims]
- That one?
Of course.
[Tola's dad scoffs]
My daughter knows
better than to marry that man.
[man] Mr. Oghene.
- Mr. Adeola, good evening.
- Mr. Oghene.
Were you able to get
the additional aid you mentioned?
- [sighs]
- See, Oghene,
the hospital cannot afford
to keep your daughter here
in the ICU beyond this week without pay.
But the operation
is not for another three weeks.
the hospital is not
a charity organization.
And trust me, we cannot
afford to bear the cost.
Mr. Adeola, you have to help me.
You have to help me please.
You know what I'm gonna do,
I'm gonna try my best, okay?
But you still need to come through.
You need to come through.
Just take it easy.
[somber music plays]
[door squeaking sound]
- [Jite] Good evening sir.
- [gasps]
- Good evening ma.
- Hm.
Good evening, Ore.
- [Jite breathing heavily]
- [silent mouthing]
I thought that guy was an expert.
Which stupid expert?
Expert that's in prison every two weeks.
- Wow.
- Look, I knew something was...
I knew something was going to be wrong.
I just knew it.
- I'm sorry.
- I knew I shouldn't have been a part
of the stupid operation.
- Babe...
- I was running on the road
- like a common thief.
- I'm sorry.
You did this for our daughter
and we're so proud of you.
You're our hero.
[in Pidgin] Hmm. I see.
A super hero who
couldn't deliver. [sneers]
Calm down, please.
So now, how are we
supposed to come up with this money?
Ten million naira in three weeks. How?
[Tola in Pidgin] What sort of
magic can we perform?
[sighs loudly]
Jite, what happened to your shoes?
[Jite inhales deeply]
[Tola] Is Onome okay?
Yes, she's okay.
Well, it's just this thing
Aunty Temi was telling me about,
- it's called DashMe app.
- DashMe?
Yeah. Remember her cousin's son,
the one that was battling with drugs
and needed money for rehab and everything.
[scoffs] Cousin's son or her son?
Must you say everything
that pops into your head?
Anyway, my point is this,
so, they uploaded pictures um,
about him and they told his story
and people started sending him money.
- Just like that?
- Yes!
You make videos with Onome
and you beg people.
You tell them you
need money for her heart surgery
and they'll start sending you guys money.
Mm-hm? And they'll just
send us ten million naira
in three weeks, just like that?
[in Pidgin] Ah-ah. Share your ideas.
Aren't we just sharing ideas?
Um, we'll think about it.
No problem. Before I get insulted.
are you good?
I'm not.
These people, they want me to run me mad.
- Which people?
- Them.
If you see the way they were talking.
[Tola] "Don't worry, we got this."
"We're praying for you."
"We'll do this, we'll do that."
Do it then.
Must you talk about
everything you want to do?
Babe, it's okay. Just take it easy.
- I'm sorry you had to go through that.
- Don't be sorry, just don't leave me
with these people next time.
Okay. Don't worry, hmm?
Next time, I will book your...
Don't worry, next time
I'll book your own slot
- for the bank robbery.
- Shh. Stop. [laughs]
[Jite sighs]
[Jite] See, babe,
- Hmm?
- let's just enjoy our little fighter
while we have her here.
- Tola, the situation is very...
- No.
This is my fault.
How is this your fault?
Eh? Babe, don't talk like this, hm?
Don't kick my wife when she's down.
It's okay.
Is it?
It is. Hm.
We'll be alright.
Let's just go back and beg them.
Beg who?
The Azuka foundation?
-Yes, the Azuka foundation. Babe,
-[scoffs] Tola...
they offered to pay and
these people, they have money.
Let's just swallow our pride
and just go and beg these people.
Because how else are we supposed
to find ten million naira in three weeks?
I can't.
Okay, no problem.
Just take it easy
because you need to get some rest.
- Thank you.
- Hm.
We'll go there tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- You've heard?
[police siren wails]
[Tola's dad] No, no, no, just... just wait.
Explain this to me
one more time. One more time!
You let the robbers escape.
No, sir. We apprehended
two of the robbers.
But did you not just say that two of
them escaped through the crowd?
Am I the one making the mistake here?
- Yes sir. But...
- But what?
[splutters] Did they
go away with the money?
We recovered most of the money,
they only made away with a little.
[Tola's dad heaves]
So, it's because of this rubbish that
you brought me back to the office now?
That girl, have you interrogated her?
No sir. Apparently, she lost
a lot of blood and is in a coma.
[grumbles] Oh, oh God.
You know that the DPO is not
pleased with you for allowing thieves
shoot up a bank
and almost run over pedestrians.
- You know that?
- Yes sir. I understand.
Go and find those men!
Find them wherever they are
and then you bring them to justice!
- Get out of here!
- [splutters] Ye... yes...
- Yes sir. Yes sir.
- Get out!
[phone dialing and ringing]
[sighs] Hello?
- [Ore] Hello daddy?
- Yeah. [tuts]
[Ore] What's wrong?
I'm sorry. I... I won't be coming home.
It's that case.
[Ore] The robbery?
[sad music plays]
[Tola's dad] I... I don't know.
[sad music continues]
Today is going to be okay.
[sighs] Fuck!
[intriguing music playing]
Good afternoon ma.
Oh, you guys are here again?
But I told you the last time that...
[man] Hey you! You cannot greet, right?
Good afternoon, Mr. Azuka.
Mr. Azuka, sir. Good afternoon sir.
Sorry, but we came to see you last week,
they told us you were not around, sir.
It's about our child's heart transplant.
- You had promised to...
- [in Pidgin] Please, please.
[solemn music plays]
Let's just go back to the hospital.
There's no need.
They're right.
Maybe this is God's plan for us.
Uh, babe, stop.
Eh? Didn't I beg you earlier?
Stop talking like this.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
See, you people should wait a bit.
Mr. and Mrs. Azuka are still inside.
That was just his brother.
Just wait outside.
- Okay?
- Thank you.
[birds chirping]
[Tola] But if they're closing down,
our problem is not really theirs.
Maybe we can reason with them.
[woman] Goodnight, Mrs. Azuka.
- Excuse me, ma.
- Hey, hey, hey, stop there.
Please ma,
I just need a minute with you ma.
You can't just pull funding,
our child is dying.
Excuse me. Please open.
- Ma.
- [Mrs. Azuka clears throat]
Please ma. Ma, please.
You can't just pull off...
Ma you can't pull the...
- [Tola screams]
- [Jite] Babe.
- [Mrs. Azuka] Oh my goodness.
- [in Pidgin] Are you mad?
[in English] You want to injure
my wife? Do you want to injure...
injure my wife? What's your problem?
- [Tola yells in pain]
- [Jite in Pidgin] I'll hurt you here.
[man] Let go of him. What's going on here?
[Tola yelps]
What's happening? What is it?
[Jite] You pulled funding
for the medical scheme.
The foundation has shut down.
There's really no need for all this drama.
[Tola heaving] Please Ma. Please ma.
I'm begging you. Woman to woman.
I really need your help.
My child, my daughter,
she just need
to undergo heart transplant and
if you pull the funding,
we can't pay.
We just need ten million naira
and we... we have three weeks to get this.
Please. Please.
Sweetheart, what do you think?
Arit, you know, you know
that we're already very late.
Right? So, if you... Don't you have
something in your purse like change?
Give them something for transport
or something. Let's go.
Let's go!
[Jite breathes heavily]
You know what, um...
- [sniffs] A speedy recovery to your child.
- [Mr. Azuka] If you like break her hand
so we can't go.
Take care.
[Arit breathes heavily]
- [Arit] Open please.
- Yes.
[Arit sighs]
[sad music plays]
[car door closes]
[winces] Oww.
What? Is there something on my face?
just beauty.
[tuts, sighs]
Babe, I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry I can't provide
for you and our daughter.
Babe, what are you saying?
Babe, if I had the money, we wouldn't
be going through all of this right now.
I'm sure that's exactly
what your dad is thinking.
Ah-ah, is it Inspector Dayo
that you're minding?
[in Pidgin] Have you forgotten
he's uptight?
[sneers, hisses]
[sighs] Look babe,
maybe accepting the reality
of things would help us
not do anything irrational.
- Eh?
- No.
What kind of parents would that make us?
What kind of mother would that
make me if I can't keep my child alive?
Do you want these people
to think I'm cursed?
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- [Skyscraper] Jite!
Good evening sir.
- Are you okay?
- [Jite] Yes sir.
You're fine and
you're not coming to work today?
No sir, I'm not coming in today.
But there's no need to worry sir,
I've already spoken to Seyi
about the set up.
Ah, you gave your work to someone else.
Yes sir, I'll be there tomorrow sir.
[Skyscraper chuckles drily] Jite,
you're playing with your job.
- [Skyscraper scoffs]
- I'm sorry sir.
Goodnight sir.
[dial tone sound]
- [tuts]
- Is that your boss?
- [chair creaks]
- Wait,
he doesn't know that your daughter is ill?
Babe, I should tell
Skyscraper my daughter is ill?
So that he can ask me
if he's a doctor, right?
You're missing the point.
We're running helter to skelter
looking for money.
Your boss can just help us.
Look babe, I don't think
there's a point here.
Okay? You don't know
this man any better than I do.
He doesn't care
about anything but himself.
[machine beeps]
[Onome coughs]
Baby, baby, baby. It's okay,
it's okay. It's okay, it's okay.
Sorry, sorry, sorry. Just take it easy.
Don't cough. Don't cough.
We won't talk loudly, okay?
Just take it easy.
Everything will be fine.
Everything is going to be okay.
[sad music playing]
[intriguing music plays]
That money is for the exotic dancers.
Seyi, did you hear what I said?
- Yes sir.
- Exotic dancers.
Don't go and bring all those
hungry, dirty-looking strippers
and... [tuts]
If you try that, I'll mess you up.
-[woman] Please stop you can't go in there
-You understand?
- Yes sir.
- [Tola] I'm Jite's wife.
He wants to see me.
[door closes]
Good afternoon sir.
Wonders they say shall never end.
Good afternoon sir.
[door closes]
So Jite is sleeping at home
and decided
to send his wife to come to work.
Do you know that that your useless
husband is the one supposed
to be updating
the guest list for the show?
Yes sir. I'm so sorry about that sir,
but Jite hasn't been coming to work
because of our daughter.
- Oh, you have a daughter?
- Yes sir.
[Skyscraper] Congratulations.
But how is that my business?
Or does this place look like a daycare?
No sir. Sir, please,
our daughter, we need
ten million naira for her heart surgery.
Yes sir. She needs to
get a heart transplant.
Please sir.
I... I promise you don't
even have to dash us,
it can be a loan.
We'll pay back
little by little, sir.
Ten million naira.
Now that's a lot of money.
- Do you think I pick money from trees?
- No sir.
I'm a businessman
and I'm always
thinking about profit, profit, profit.
I don't do charity.
That's why I said
it... it can be a loan, sir.
You know, we'll be paying you back.
Uh oh...
[anticipatory music plays]
[Skyscraper] Mmm.
- It's interesting.
- Yeah.
I'll consider it.
Ah! Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you, sir.
You've got yourself a deal.
- Ah! Thank you so much, sir!
- [chuckles]
- Thank you, sir.
- Come on, get up, get up.
[chuckles] Thank you so much, sir.
And uh...
one more thing.
Come, come
Okay sir.
[sighs] You know
the reason why we men spend money
is because of women, right?
- Right?
- [door opens abruptly]
[Jite] Look, I just knew
you would come here.
Why don't you listen?
- What is your problem?
- [Tola mumbles]
Finally, we have the honorable here.
Stay away from my wife!
Oh, she came to me, Jite.
Tola, let's go.
Hey, hey!
So, we're still seeing tonight?
So that we can um...
seal the deal.
Kachi! I'm warning you,
- stay away from my wife!
- Hey, shut up!
[growls mockingly, laughs] Fierce!
Now if I wasn't
interested before, now I am.
See the way you're barking. [laughs]
Let's go.
Uh... Wait.
[suspenseful music plays]
[indistinct whispers]
So um...
Are you... sure...
you still want... to go?
- [Skyscraper] Wow.
- Let's go.
[chuckles mockingly]
[opens door]
[Jite] What were you thinking?
Why did you come here?
I told you that man
doesn't have sense. Why?
Jite, don't shout at me.
I'm doing this for our daughter.
- Oh, you want to sleep with him?
- You...
It's... It's not like I want to.
- It's just...
- Okay, it's what?
Tola, what exactly
were you expecting to happen after?
Onome will be fine.
Will be fine. Right.
Go. Go.
But just know that when you're back,
- you won't have a man anymore.
- Ah
- ah, Jite.
- I don't want to hear it!
Okay, just go.
Okay? Do whatever it is
you feel you need to do.
But just know this,
after it's all done
you might have a daughter
but you'll not have a man.
- Jite, come on.
- [sneers]
[Jite] Tola.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Come on, let's go.
[Jite] I knew you won't go.
[Tola] Let's go home.
[soulful music plays]
This whole day, eh...
I need a drink.
[grunts] Who are you telling?
Why is this fridge always empty?
You can't even perform a miracle
and put something for me to just find.
[Jite sighs]
This guy...
[in Pidgin] So you're hiding
alcohol from your woman?
- [groans]
- [laughs]
Remember how we made Onome?
I still can't believe it, you know?
Two virgins fooling around,
next thing, pregnancy.
- Man, I wanted to die.
- [laughs] Mm.
Everything I was telling you that time
to calm you down, you weren't listening.
You, you were just there saying,
[mimics Jite] "Oh don't
worry babe, calm down."
"I'll take care of you,
I'll take care of the baby,
I'll take care of us."
Like as if you've been
hungering for a baby. [laughs]
But seriously though.
I was like, [in Pidgin]
what is wrong with this man?
[in English] Are you the one
that is going to push this thing?
Eh? Are you the one that is going
to have to face my father?
My father would just kill you.
I mean, I just didn't
want to be like my dad.
You know he left us when my mum fell ill.
I know. But I wasn't ready, Jite.
Up till now they still judge me
for bringing a child out of wedlock.
I felt fucked.
I still feel fucked.
Like is God punishing me
for bringing shame into the family?
Ah, babe, no.
Okay, so what is it?
Is he punishing me
because I wasn't ready to have Onome?
Which one?
Look, babe...
[mellow music playing]
God is not punishing you for anything.
God is love.
- Please get out.
- [chuckles]
You and my father are
always in a competition
on who is more spiritual.
Child of the world,
- you better repent there.
- Oh, screw you.
- Hey, I mean, there's an idea.
- [sneers]
[Jite mumbling]
Wait, is this not fornication?
Ah. Fornication how?
- You are my wife.
- Who is your wife?
[in Pidgin] Somebody that you
impregnated and dumped in the house.
-[in Pidgin] Yeah right. Please,
-Because I'm just playing with you.
-keep quiet, let me just give you
-Give me alcohol.
-something you like
-I need the drink not this one.
[upbeat music plays]
[music continue playing]
[suspenseful music plays]
[upbeat music plays]
Yeah, who's that?
Hold on.
Come in.
[door opens]
Ah-ah, you came back.
- Yes sir.
- Oh, sit, sit.
You are back for the money right,
[sings] Money, money, money.
Um, our child needs the money.
I see. You look good.
Thank you sir.
I like you in red.
Please pour me a drink.
[inhales] Pour me the
most expensive drink there.
[distant street sounds]
[Skyscraper] Hm.
[Skyscraper laughs scornfully]
Of course,
cheap recognizes cheap.
Uh-uh, why are you
looking at me like that?
Have you ever
seen ten million naira in your life?
[laughs scornfully]
I'm still waiting for the drink.
Oh, the vintage cognac.
Which one sir?
[Skyscraper] The one on your left.
This one?
[sighs] No. [chuckles] The other one.
[Tola] The other one.
This one?
[Skyscraper] Yes please.
[Skyscraper sniffs] Mm.
Easy, easy, easy.
I'm sure you've never been
close to a drink that expensive.
How does it smell?
That is the smell of money.
[Skyscraper laughs scornfully]
[Skyscraper chuckles drily]
Woah, look at that!
Aw. Hmm. That's a good girl.
So, what shall we drink to?
A long lasting relationship.
[laughs scornfully]
Ah, always hits the spot.
So! Shall we?
- Sir?
- Um... where do we start?
Do you take it from the back?
What? Why are you looking at me like that?
You think
ten million naira is small money?
Huh? What are your special skills?
- Huh? You don't? BDSM?
- I don't have any sir.
- Huh?
- What's that sir?
[sighs] Or you like it in your ear?
Or which holes do you take it in?
- Or is it twosomes, threesomes? [slurps]
- [man's approaching] Skyscraper, bro,
[in Pidgin] you have really
upgraded your club.
Ah-ah, my man.
- How are you?
- Miracle,
- Mm?
- who let you pass?
What sort of question is that?
Did you mount a toll gate?
[in Pidgin] What are you doing here?
[in English] I don't understand.
[in Pidgin] Aren't we friends again?
[in English] And I can
come here anytime I like.
- [Skyscraper] Friend?
- Yes.
Me, your friend?
Ah ah, Miracle, since when?
If not for your brother, would
you have the guts to speak to me?
[in Pidgin] Stop that! Why are you
peeved on a Friday night?
What sort of talk is that?
See, my brother,
leave my brother out of this.
I came here to discuss
how we can make good money.
[in English] Big business opportunity.
Can I use your bathroom sir?
Oh, I... I just want to clean up sir.
Oh! [chuckles] Uh, so, um,
it's just by the door there. Eh?
- Okay.
- Clean up well.
- [exclaims]
- [Skyscraper laughs]
[in Pidgin] Skyscraper,
that means everywhere is soaked.
[both make slurping sounds]
- Bad guy!
- [laughs]
Nice. Sharp.
[in Pidgin] What are you doing here?
You know my brother will soon travel.
Yes, I got the invite
for the send-forth party.
- What is the matter?
- Good. So, what will happen to us?
[in English] To who?
What do you mean "To who?" To us.
[Skyscraper] Us how?
[in Pidgin] Miracle, how are we the same?
See where you're sitting
and see where I'm sitting.
Stop telling me anything about us,
we're not the same.
We're not the same
but we're after the same thing.
- Mm.
- Bro, we're talking about money here.
Do you have a problem with money?
- Mm.
- I'm talking about the over 200 million
in that cash room.
- [Skyscraper] Eh?
- My gripe is that Nedu wants to hand
this business over to another person.
He wants someone else
to clean this business for him.
- [in English] Can you imagine?
- I can imagine.
- Okay, you can imagine.
- Yes.
- Wow.
- [in Pidgin] Why would anyone hand
- a business to you?
- It's clear now.
- Eh?
- I mean, it's clear you all underrate me.
But don't worry, let's save that energy
for another day.
What I want us to do is align.
Let's find a way
to go in there and get that money.
- We?
- Yes.
Listen, I'm not saying we should
go there and do it ourselves,
but let's gather these petty thieves
who will burst in
and get what belongs to us.
That's it.
Have you started smoking again?
- God.
- [Skyscraper] Eh?
What kind of talk is this, Miracle?
I've told you that whatever happens,
whether your brother travels or not,
I'll still get my own share.
And now you're here
to tell me how you plan to rob...
Look, don't you ever think
about something like that in my office.
Don't involve me.
- So that's how it's going to be?
- Don't involve me.
- That's how it's going to be?
- What kind of stupid plan is that?
- Listen to what you're saying.
- Telling me you plan to commit robbery.
- Listen to what you're saying.
- What am I saying?
- It's because you all underrate me.
- Miracle...
You see me as a nobody,
- that's what it is.
- Miracle...
Yes! You guys don't... Who am I?
I'm your errand boy.
But I have good news for you,
this table will turn.
Power will change hands.
I'll be sitting in your chair,
and I'll transform things.
- Don't worry yourself.
- Hey, hey! Miracle!
Sit down.
What's wrong with you?
Eh? Is it with this sort of behavior
you want someone
to hand over a business to you?
Any little itch, you flare up.
Your brain hasn't matured.
You are a man,
you shouldn't run your mouth anyhow.
Coming into my office and blabbering.
I've told you,
whether your brother travels
or not, I have your back.
Haven't I told you this before?
- Good. That is what I want to hear.
- So, what's your problem?
Now you're talking.
[Skyscraper] Look, an event
is going on down at the bar.
- [Miracle] Mm.
- I've arranged a VIP table for you
- with all those girls you like.
- The juicy ones?
- [Skyscraper] The light-skinned ones.
- Like the one that just left here.
Are you crazy?
Why were you looking at her?
That girl has smooth thighs.
[Skyscraper] I saw you
looking at her thighs.
- Everything looks soft.
- Miracle,
- stop looking at my woman.
- [laughs]
We can't be sharing a woman.
Meanwhile, let them give me
one bottle to settle myself.
Because I'm sleeping with you?
- Okay, you want to sleep with me? Let me...
- [Skyscraper exclaims]
- Let me bend for you.
- [Skyscraper] What is wrong with you?
- [laughs] Skyscraper!
- Miracle, respect yourself.
- Bro, I'm downstairs.
- Collect one bottle.
- Mm. I know the drill.
- Don't take more than one bottle.
If you do more than that,
the bouncers will throw you out.
- Eh-eh.
- [door opens]
[upbeat club music plays]
- [door closes]
- [in English] Stupid boy.
[door opens, closes]
Aaah. Eh, you have cleaned up.
- I have to go sir.
- Ah-ah, go?
- We haven't done anything.
- [sneers]
[Skyscraper] Come. Wait!
[Tola] Jesus!
[door opens, closes]
What is your name?
You, respect yourself.
[in Pidgin] Why are you acting...
[phone rings]
Ah ah.
- Hello?
- [Tola] Hi baby.
Tola, where are you?
I need your help please.
[upbeat club music plays]
[muted club music playing]
[phone vibrating]
[Jite] Hello, I'm outside.
Hi Baby.
Seriously, Tola?
I didn't do anything wrong. Please.
I was asking for the sleeping pills
because there's somebody in here
who has the money that we need.
I don't understand, what do you mean?
I mean, there's somebody in here
that I'm trying
to use the sleeping pills on
and when he's drowsy we can take him out.
Babe are you listening to yourself?
You want to drug somebody inside the club
Okay drug him then what?
Then you call us a cab.
And we take him outside
and then we'll take it from there.
I don't have it figured out but,
I mean it's not strange
to have someone who's drunk
taking someone out who's drunk.
- Please.
- [tuts]
Where is it?
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Alright, go and call the cab.
We don't have time.
I'll come out now.
[upbeat club music playing]
I'm with him.
I'm his guest.
What's up?
[in Pidgin] I'm fine. Skyscraper
said I should come and join your table.
Wow. Guy, get out of the way.
[Miracle] Come.
No, no. I mean, it's fine, it's fine.
It's nothing alright?
Um, you know what, just...
Hey, take.
One Azul for you. Come on, it's nothing.
You know, spice it up, huh? [laughs]
- It's okay.
- It's alright. It's alright.
- I'm coming, let me just...
- Feel free, feel free.
Oh, shit.
[in Pidgin] Babe, babe,
the plan has gone downhill.
- [Jite] Are you okay?
- I swear...
- Tola what's happening? Talk to me, Tola.
- Hey,
- I'm fine.
- [Jite] Tola, are you okay?
- Who's that on the phone?
- Tola, do you need me to come in?
It's nobody.
- Hello?
- It's just um...
[in Pidgin] Are you messing with me?
[Jite] Tola, do you need me to come in?
- [yells] No, no!
- Hey!
- Give me that phone!
- Jite, come to the toilet!
Hey, who's this?
- [grunts]
- [yells]
[body thuds]
[tense music plays]
Oh, fuck. Fuck,
Fuck it. Jite!
- Tola...
- [yelps]
- [whimpers]
- Babe, what happened?
I don't know.
But that's the guy.
I told you,
these things are never as
easy as you think it would be.
- Eh.
- So?
Let's just get this guy out of here
before anybody sees us.
Okay, okay.
- [groans]
- [Tola grunts]
Careful. I have him. I have him.
[indistinct chatter]
[both grunting]
Get the door, get the door. I have him.
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] Excuse me sir.
[man] Excuse me sir!
Ah, Mr. Jite, it's you.
Sir, is Mr. Miracle leaving?
He can't leave, he hasn't paid.
As you can see we're trying
to lead him to the car right now.
He's very wasted
so he can't handle any bill payments.
So, maybe tomorrow.
Ah, no sir, no sir, no sir. Please sir.
The boss said if nobody
pays I shouldn't let them go.
So sir, maybe you
have to leave him behind.
Whenever he wakes, I can
- ask him sir.
- No, no, no. [whispers] We can't do that.
Okay, okay, I'll pay for him.
- Oh good.
- Yes, I'll get my money
when he wakes up tomorrow.
- [waiter] Good.
- So, how much is the bill?
- Five hundred thousand.
- [Jite exclaims]
[waiter] Five hundred thousand, sir.
- Five hundred thousand.
- Babe,
just pay, just pay.
[in Pidgin] Babe, it seems
like we'll leave this guy here.
We can't do that.
Have you forgotten
we need to collect money from him?
The money is plenty.
[in English] You have 510
in your account, just send the 500.
[in Pidgin] What did you even drink?
[sneers] I've sent it.
Confirm with Seyi.
Thank you, Mr. Jite.
Mr. Miracle, goodnight.
You know that money
was for Onome's surgery, right?
Babe please, I'm sorry.
We really can get this money back,
- I promise.
- And what happens after that Tola?
It's like you're just not getting it.
Actions have consequences
and what you did
is a betrayal of my trust.
Babe, please.
Please what?
Look babe, we're supposed
to be a team, okay?
You can't just go
and do things like this on a whim.
You cannot just go and meet
another man behind my back.
I didn't do anything with him.
Oh okay, and I'm supposed
to just believe that?
Tola, you lied to me.
You said you were not going to go
and you turn around
and you do the exact opposite of that.
And I'm supposed
to just believe "nothing happened"
because you say nothing happened.
Jite, I'm trying
to save our daughter here,
I'm not doing this because it's fun.
- Oh!
- I'm doing it for her.
Okay. So, I'm the one that doesn't want
our daughter to be good,
is that what you're saying?
I'm saying, get the fuck off my back!
Okay? That's what I'm saying.
Get off my back!
I had to take
a lot of shit from your boss today
just because I'm trying to save
our daughter and now I have to do this.
I'm saying don't
pile on things and make it worse!
Get off my fucking back, please!
[sad music playing]
Get off your back, right?
No problem. Um, driver,
change of location. Can you please drop me
at St. Cathedral Hospital.
Yes sir.
- Thank you.
- Jite, what are you doing?
- Jite, please, we still need to take...
- No.
you need to take him wherever the fuck
you need to take him to Tola.
I'm going to be with our daughter.
I didn't sign up for this.
[music playing]
[Tola] Jite. Jite!
Sir, you can go.
[man in Pidgin] So, for this one,
she's walking, she's walking.
Can you see her catwalking?
Can you see how she's walking.
She's a fine girl
and she doesn't have a boyfriend.
That's how it will be for you as well.
No boyfriend yet.
Life is in stages.
You'll be moving steadily.
[suspenseful music plays]
- Tega, if, if I...
- Shh!
Nothing is really happening.
Your daughter is a smart girl.
We're just getting
to know each other better.
[Jite in English] Whatever it is
that you want us to discuss,
can we take it outside please?
You like your life, right?
Everything is going smoothly.
[in English] You have
a beautiful baby girl
and you have a very pretty wife.
[in Pidgin] Right?
I wouldn't want to stop that.
I wouldn't want to obstruct your life.
But you'll give me my money
so that I can go away.
my underpants are tight
and I wouldn't like
to adjust it in front of you.
- [Jite gasps]
- You understand?
Tega, what's your deal?
The operation
did not scatter because of me.
What... what is all this?
[in English] The operation
did not scatter because of you,
[in Pidgin] but you were there
fidgeting. You were shaking
like an old man with a stroke.
You made me lose that money.
if I don't get that money,
[in English] You're here.
You just left Onome on... on her own.
Where did you go?
I went to get her water.
Is there a problem?
[in Pidgin] She's asking you.
Is there a problem?
[nervously] There's no problem.
My point exactly.
No problem, um...
Ore, how are you?
Let's talk outside.
Yes, let's go outside.
Onome, don't worry.
Cause trouble.
How are you doing, Ore?
[door squeaks]
[in English] Are you okay?
Are you sure?
[Jite] You can see
how sick my daughter is.
Okay, can we do this some other time?
[in Pidgin] Because I don't talk much,
I smile often,
maybe that's what makes
you feel I'm a deputy to Jesus.
Or is it because that day
I called you my brother
that makes you
feel we shared the same womb?
Listen, I want you to tell me
how I'll get my money
and I must leave this place
with that money.
Are you listening to me?
Listen, you've seen... You know what bread
looks like when it has been pressed?
If I enter that room,
I'll get a hold of your daughter's neck,
I'll wring it like a cloth
I want to extract liquid from.
I'll press it.
[in English] Tega,
Tega, stay away from my daughter.
- Eh.
- Do you hear me?
I'll stay...
So, you understand?
[in Pidgin] Everything
about life is planning.
- Anything you want to do...
- Yeah.
So, are you listening to me?
Eh? I'll stay away
but you need to tell me how
I'll get that money or...
Okay. I... I have
a plan to get your money back.
[exclaims] Okay, I'm listening.
[stutters] I... I... I will explain
the plan but just know I have a plan
to get you your money complete.
That's it. Good boy.
You're stressing me, a fine boy like you.
You're stressing me.
[in English] Jite! My guy.
Where's Tola?
Um... she's at home.
I'm going to meet her now.
Wait, no, wait.
You're going to make the video
so I can submit to DashMe tonight.
We don't have time.
I don't think this is a good time.
I don't have time right now.
Maybe some other time. We have to go.
Wait! Jite, what exactly is your problem?
Do you realize we're talking
about your daughter here?
Eh? Which one is, "I don't have time."?
Tola is not around but you're telling me
you're going home to join Tola,
how does that make sense?
Jite, you're going
to go into that room, make that video
so I can submit to DashMe tonight!
Do you understand me?
[in English] Come, you are keeping
the pretty woman waiting.
[in Pidgin] Go inside there
and do what she's asking you to do.
Why are you acting like that?
Every time you choose to behave
like a sissy. Not even a pretty sissy
but like a foul-smelling sissy.
Even Tega has more sense than you.
[Tega exclaims] You're
starting to underrate me and
I don't like that.
Why would you compare me with Jite.
It's like comparing the Champions League
with the Nigerian League.
- Let's go and make the video.
- Get going.
Take care of it.
Bro, go and take care of it.
If I enter inside that room
I'll wring your daughter...
[suspenseful music playing]
- Boo!
- [in English] Jesus!
[breathing heavily]
Where am I?
[suspenseful music playing]
- You fucking prostitute.
- Your mother.
Where's the money?
What? What money?
The money that you were
talking to Skyscraper about.
- The one in the cash room.
- Cash room...
[splutters] Are you... are you... are you mad?
[in Pidgin] Are you crazy?
[in English] Hey, do you know
who you're dealing with?
Do you know who I am?!
- I'm asking you!
- [knock at the door]
- Jite?
- Hey, hey, hey!
Where are you going to?
Listen, I'll fuck you up!
Hey, I swear, I'll... I'll fuck you up!
[knock at the door]
[breathing heavily]
Babe, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[in Pidgin] Hey, my friend, Tola.
Sweet girl.
You don't ask about me.
[sing song] Ask about me, ask about me.
You want to tell me you didn't miss me?
That's not how things are done.
What the fuck?
[in Pidgin] Look, where's my money?
[in English] What money?
Hey, hey! What is this now?
- What's all...
- [in English] Hey! Now listen to me,
[in Pidgin] I'm impatient.
Are you listening to me?
Ask this guy.
I'm very impatient. Where's the money?
Whi... which money?
Where's the money that you were
talking about with Skyscraper?
- Where is it?
- [Miracle tuts]
[Tega in Pidgin] I will not ask again.
[Miracle] Okay, fine.
Now listen.
My brother and the wife,
they were doing money laundering
for the local government chairman.
the local government
chairman got arrested.
Is that why they closed the foundation?
[Tega] Hmm, let him finish.
Guy, where's the money?
The cash room is in the house.
That's where they kept
over 200 million naira.
- How can we get to the cash room?
- [exclaims]
- Babe, come.
- Hmm?
babe, does Onome
need parents who are robbers?
- What are we teaching her?
- How can you teach someone
who's not alive?
Okay? And I'm trying to avoid that.
Babe, you're missing it.
You don't want this life.
- This is not the life you want...
- [grumbles] Jite, stop! Stop.
You keep talking
about the life that I want.
I've already told you, the life
I want is the one where my daughter
is alive and healthy.
If I have to go
and collect money that belong to us,
national cake
for that matter, then I will!
Tola, I hope you don't call me in front.
[Tega] Okay.
Babe, we can get away from this.
- We can...
- I will not call you!
I won't.
[Tega in Pidgin] Hey! There's no time
for your Jack and Rose type love.
This is not Titanic.
What is going on?
[tuts] My guy, tell me about it.
This cash room you speak of,
how do we get in?
[Miracle in Pidgin] Bro, it's not
about how we will enter
but how I will enter. Because only I
will enter and sort out everything.
[in English] There's a party tomorrow.
So, how do you intend
to carry all the money alone?
- [in Pidgin] I will go in with him.
- No!
Stop talking nonsense,
I don't like to listen to nonsense.
What sort of talk is that?
He enters and you want
to enter as well. You that are
representing Jite. When you
get the money you will all swindle me.
Bro, nobody is planning to swindle you.
Ideally, you wouldn't be able to enter.
Because, sorry to say,
you're looking like a criminal already.
Anybody who sees you
would know that you're a thief.
- Are you listening to this guy?
- Because you look like a suspect.
It won't work.
But for this girl, it makes sense.
Because I could say she's my guest,
or maybe she's my girlfriend.
You understand?
Ah, this man has folded his arms.
That's not what I meant.
[in English] I mean, how
do you expect me to invite a man?
[in Pidgin] What do
I say I'm doing with a man?
True, true, and number three,
you won't run away with the money.
Talking about running away with the money,
how will I run away with the money?
Listen, I'm looking
for the same thing as you people.
We're all looking for the same thing.
Do you understand me?
Let's put our heads
together and make this work
and everybody will
smile at the end of the day.
There's no way we'll break in there
and not leave with like... [tuts]
five bags each. Let's do this.
Follow my lead.
Just let it flow. It will work.
Trust me.
Look, Tega, I don't think this plan...
Look, what I'm trying
to say is the bank that you watched for
well over a week,
the plan still went sour.
Not to talk of a house
you know nothing about. Tega!
I swear to God, eh, I hate this guy.
[in Pidgin] What are you trying to say?
What I'm trying to say
is I don't think we should be doing this.
Okay, I don't think I want to do this.
If I was the one whose daughter
needed money for surgery,
I'd have found the ten million
a long time ago. Long ago.
- Coward.
- What exactly are you trying to say?
- What do you want to do?
- No, what are you trying to...
- Get away!
- Babe!
Hey, hey!
[in Pidgin] It's a gun, it's a gun.
- Uh, dude please calm down.
- [Tola] Relax!
You see this your guy, I will fuck him up.
Relax there!
A woman marrying
a woman, that's lesbianism.
- Tega!
- [Tega] Get away!
- [Tola] Relax! Relax.
- [Tega] Don't worry.
- [in Pidgin] I'll go speak with him.
- [Tega] I said what I said.
I will...
[somber music plays]
Tola, what are we doing?
This thing won't end well,
I hope you know.
As long as Tega is involved...
Babe let's just forget
about Tega for a second
and tell ourselves the truth.
Would you be able to sleep well at night
knowing that you could do
something for your daughter
and you did not?
Would you?
Babe, why are you
asking a question like that?
Are you planning on doing
something at night with the pillow?
Jite, I'm being serious.
This is our first child.
Maybe even our only child.
- Our only child?
- Yes!
Ah, this one nearly killed me,
I'm not going again.
Wait, Tola, you're trying to get me to rob
by threatening to not have
another kid with me?
Mm-hmm. Maybe.
Maybe not. Is it working?
Tola, you won't kill me.
- [laughs]
- That's right.
You can't die before me,
because, uh-uh, you're gonna be bored,
in hellfire.
- Ah! Wow.
- Yes.
[sighs] Don't worry baby, I'm here.
Till death do us part.
Mm-mm. Nobody is dying in Jesus' name.
I love you.
I love you too babe.
[tender music playing]
- Come.
- [tuts]
Follow me.
[Jite] Onome.
[upbeat music playing]
[guard exclaims] Mr. Mimi.
[in Pidgin] Oh it's you.
[in Pidgin] Abbey, you've started
again with your silly nicknames for me.
Does your brother know you're coming?
What sort of stupid question is that?
Huh? Stop blocking the way
and open the gate so I can enter.
Or do you want the stuff
I brought to go to waste?
Look at it, it's food.
Mr. Mimi, do we look
like people who haven't eaten?
When I say you cannot
enter, you cannot enter.
You can't pass through this place.
- What is your problem?
- Sir, you cannot pass here.
- You cannot pass here.
- Come on, shut up!
It's because I've been
smiling too much with you
you don't have any regard for me anymore.
- Come on, open the gate for me!
- [in Yoruba] What's with the madness?
- What is your problem?
- [in English] What is all this?
- What is your problem?
- [in Pidgin] Please!
- I said open the gate for me!
- Don't make them sack me from this job
- I'm managing here.
- What is your problem? Are you crazy?
Okay. Anyhow you choose
to play it, I'm not leaving here.
[guard] Sir, calm down.
Let me call inside.
It seems like
they would be very alert at night.
[rhythmic music plays]
[phone vibrating]
This man again.
[Mr. Dayo] Tola, I'm in the hospital.
Huh? Is everything alright?
[Tola tuts] Daddy, please can
we talk about this later.
I'm busy.
[Mr. Dayo] You're busy?
Is it not your child
that is dying in the hospital?
Or am I dreaming?
You and that boy, you... you left your child
in the hospital and you're
perambulating God knows where!
And I'm calling you and you're telling me
that you'll talk to me later.
[Tola] Are you finished?
Please I don't have
time for this right now, please.
Are you... Are you shouting
at me because of Jite?
Eh? Tola!
[Ore] Dad! Daddy, what happened?
- What did she say?
- [inhales deeply]
I can feel it,
something... something is wrong.
[in Pidgin] Listen, it's because
of the call you went to make
we're stalling on plans
to enter this place.
Mimi, you're too soft.
Don't you know
your plans are simple.
- [Mrs. Azuka] Miracle.
- Ah, Arit.
- Good day.
- [Arit] You came for the send-forth.
Well, we were not expecting you.
Um... well I'm here now.
And who are these
people you brought with you?
- Oh...
- You know it's not a party right?
Of course I know, um...
This is my driver,
that's my security and my girlfriend.
You know what, let's do this later, huh?
I do not want any trouble.
You know your brother
is still angry with you.
I... I understand.
Right? But please just let me in.
- I will speak with him.
- Your brother is in a meeting right now.
So, it's either you
wait till he's finished
or have this conversation at a later time.
Come on. Arit you can't do that to me.
It's me. We're family.
Fine. But if he says
you should leave, just leave.
-Huh? Miracle,
-Thank you. Thank you.
I do not want you to cause a scene.
No drama.
Don't even say a thing.
Trust me, no drama.
I have washed my hands clean of yours
and your brother's relationship.
- It's okay.
- So whatever you see in there,
you take it.
- It's okay, no problem.
- Hmm?
Thank you very much.
- Let them in.
- Okay madam.
Miracle, I do not want any trouble.
I'm serious.
Trust me.
- Let them in.
- Okay ma.
- [mouthing]
- Mr. Miracle.
- Mr. Miracle.
- [in Pidgin] What is it?
[in Pidgin] The food is not a bad idea.
Eh-eh? Oh, so you need this food?
Eh? You've not eaten
and you were shouting
with all your strength.
- Do you still want to go in?
- Please, take it.
Look at your weak chest. Out of the way!
[upbeat music playing]
[Tega in Pidgin] Clear!
We've made it in.
That was smooth.
Don't go in there and
mess things up. If I see you drinking
I will smack you.
[Arit] So Miracle
can actually settle down?
[chuckles] Well,
she made it easy for me.
- Hmm.
- [chuckles]
You know, look rather familiar.
Thank you.
Have we met before?
- Mm.
- Where?
Right. I... I might be confusing
you with somebody else.
- Yes. Yes.
- [Arita sighs]
Right. I need to get back to my guests.
And uh, do not forget
what we talked about.
[sighs] No problem.
Enjoy the party.
- Thank you ma.
- Thank you.
[inhales deeply]
[in Pidgin] Where did you two meet?
If you were sharp,
you would know we've also met before.
- Where?
- [scoffs]
[in English] We need the access card.
There's a spare
in the drawer in the study,
the last room by your right.
- Downstairs or upstairs?
- Upstairs.
[Tola] Can't you see the guard?
How do we get through?
[in English] Um... just come.
Follow me.
[Miracle groans]
Yeah babe
Easy. Just relax.
Hm? I need you to play along.
You get ready
for your Oscar-worthy performance.
Mm? So just move. Alright?
[Miracle] Good.
[Miracle mumbles]
[Tola yells]
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
What is wrong with you? Are you blind?
- I'm so sorry sir.
- Can't you see?
Babe, babe, please. It's okay, alright?
Let's just get you cleaned up, alright?
Watch where you're going.
[whispers indistinctly]
[Miracle tuts]
My friend...
There's a bathroom downstairs.
- What?
- There's a bathroom downstairs.
Um, yeah I know.
You see, it's occupied, alright?
So let her just
use the one upstairs. It's fine.
The lady can go.
After you.
You wait.
- No, no, but...
- Wait behind.
[guard] The bathroom is by the left.
- First room.
- Okay.
It's alright.
[suspenseful music plays]
[suspenseful music continues]
Sorry, I... I was looking for the bathroom.
It's downstairs.
Yes, sorry.
Fuck my life.
[suspenseful music builds]
You have nothing to worry about.
- [woman] Right.
- I didn't even that know
Alhaji has a beautiful daughter like this.
- [woman] Seriously?
- [Miracle] You're all grown.
Can you turn around let me see
- something.
- [woman] Aww.
[Miracle chuckles]
- [Miracle] This is what I like.
- [woman] Aww. Thank you.
[Miracle] I like it.
So amazing.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman laughs]
[crowd chatter]
- Easy.
- You're here flirting
[in Pidgin] while I'm upstairs
doing the heavy lifting.
Which heavy lifting?
- Didn't you get the card?
- [in English] Of course not.
Your brother is in the study.
And guess who he's with?
- Who?
- Skyscraper.
[in Pidgin] Why didn't you
tell me he'll be coming today?
[in Pidgin] Of course he would,
he's one of his benefactors.
- [in English] What the fuck? Don't you...
- Hey, hey.
[clears throat]
So this is the game that you're playing.
Jumping from balls...
[laughs mockingly]
to ball. [laughs]
This one is broke.
He won't give you a dime.
You should have accepted
my offer when you had the chance.
[laughs scornfully]
- [tuts]
- [sucks teeth]
[Skyscraper scoffs]
Did you do anything with him?
- Of course not!
- [sighs]
[Miracle] Oh shit.
We're running out of time.
- You were saying?
- [mouthing]
Hey, small penis!
[Skyscraper gasps]
[guests exclaim]
You think you can actually bully me?
Eh? You think you're better than me?
[in Pidgin] You think because
you have money you're better than me?
Let me tell you something,
without that money,
nobody would sleep with you!
- [Miracle] Wait wait!
- [guests exclaim]
- [woman] Oh my...
- What's with you?
[Miracle] Babe, babe.
- [woman] Oh my God.
- [Arit] Okay, mind the...
Mind the glass. Mind the glass.
[Mr. Azuka] Sorry about that.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Tola] There's your distraction.
[Arit] Calm down. Calm down.
- It's not small.
- [Arit] It's not the point.
- It's not that small!
- Calm down.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mr. Azuka] I know, I know,
but just calm down.
- [Arit] It's not necessary.
- [Miracle] Relax.
[Miracle] Don't overreact. Just...
- relax.
- [Arit exclaims]
- It's not that small.
- I know.
- [Arit] Bathroom. Use the bathroom.
- Where's the bathroom?
[Arit] Use the bathroom.
It's not that small.
We believe.
- Just get...
- [Skyscraper] It's not that small!
[Arit] Calm down. Calm down.
[Skyscraper] It's not that small!
It's okay. I know.
[tense music plays]
[upbeat playing]
[Tega in Pidgin] The guards
have taken the bait.
Let's move the car.
[indistinct conversation]
- [Miracle] Guy.
- What's up?
You need to text your wife.
She went upstairs,
I've not heard from her.
[in Pidgin] What do you mean
you've not heard from her?
Didn't the two of you
go upstairs together?
Text her.
[tense music playinng]
[grandiose music playing]
[laughs, yells excitedly]
[Jite] She's not responding.
I'm just going to text
her to leave immediately.
She should come downstairs.
This mission is aborted.
[exclaims] What do you mean?
What's mission aborted?
- Don't do that!
- [phone chimes]
Bro, you've started,
you've started again. What nonsense...
- Wait.
- What?
She's already in the cash room.
Hm. Sharpiru, sharpiru.
I swear to God, your girl is too sharp.
Ideally, I deserve that girl.
You know my second name is James.
Eh? Your girlfriend and I
should have been bonding.
Like James Bond.
Do you get the joke?
[suspenseful music plays]
is there anything you want to tell me?
Of course not.
Jite, Jite!
Bring it, bring it, bring it.
what are you doing here?
And what was all that fiasco about?
[Skyscraper] I'm sorry,
but please I need to go home
and change because of that stupid girl.
[Mr. Azuka] No, I'm sorry.
Okay, look, can someone please tell me
what is going on
because I really do not understand.
What don't you understand?
That Miracle here is
seeing a married woman
who offered me sex,
desperately too.
[Arit scoffs]
Miracle, so it wasn't enough
that you got
that local government chairman
framed and arrested,
destroying our business,
you had the nerve to bring
a married prostitute into my home.
[Miracle] No.
No sir.
Actually, I...
[chuckles] You're joking.
Wait, where is she now? Where is she?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Skyscraper] Wait. Aaah!
That girl is desperate for money,
and you know
who is desperate for money too?
And who even gave me the idea
to rob you yesterday.
- [in Pidgin] Ah! It's over.
- [chuckles] My goodness.
Call the police, hm?
But first make sure that they
haven't gotten into my cash room.
- Bring it, bring it.
- [breathing heavily]
Okay babe.
Okay. You're doing great, babe.
You're doing amazing, baby.
- Guy, did you see that babe?
- Which one?
- The babe that came with Miracle.
- No, no.
[in Pidgin] Go and check the bathroom.
[dramatic music playing]
[in English] Who's there? Who's there?!
[groans, pants]
[knocking on the door]
[sighs] Tola!
[Jite] To...
[Tola] You guys,
they're trying to break in,
I have to jump.
[guard groans]
[guard mumuring]
[Jite] Guy, see, see, see.
[indistinct chatter]
[Jite] Oh my God, guy, we're busted.
Shit, shit, shit. [panting]
- [Jite] Tola, babe!
- [grunts]
- [Jite] Babe!
- [guard groans]
- [Jite panting]
- [guard groans]
- [Tega mumbles]
- Babe!
[Jite] Babe, don't jump,
we'll figure it out.
[in Pidgin] Don't you have any sense?
They already know we're here,
in less than two minutes
they'll lock this place down.
I don't want to go to jail.
Do you hear me?
Listen, don't worry. Just jump.
- [Jite] Babe...
- [yelps]
Babe. [panting]
[Tega] Hey! You guys hurry,
let's leave here.
What's going on?
Go and open the gate.
What do you mean by open the gate?
I'm supposed to drive.
[Tega] I said go and open the gate.
Tega what's your prob...
It looks like you don't...
You want me to... Go and open the gate.
Alright. Tega.
[Jite] Tega! Tega! Tega!
Bro, what's your problem?
[Tola] Tega! Tega stop the car!
Jite is not in the car!
- Jite! Jite! Tega!
- Tega!
- Tega!
- [Jite] Stop!
- Jite!
- Stop the car, fuck you Tega!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Tega in Pidgin] Everywhere is clear.
Tega, stop the car! Stop the car or
I'll jump!
Tega! [tuts]
Mad man!
[siren blaring]
That one is gone.
Tola is also gone.
The bags of money are mine. [exclaims]
I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
You made out with our money.
Take. We have to run,
the police are close.
What? Let's go together.
- No, no, we can't go together.
- [gasps] Why?
We'll be too slow, they'll catch us.
Babe, the police are close.
Okay, look, you have to run.
- No, I don't want to leave you.
- Baby, Onome, Onome, we did this for her,
- okay?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Look, listen, listen. It's alright.
- [police siren]
- Okay, I got this. Okay, I got us.
- [sobs]
Baby let me handle this.
What I need you to do right now is run.
- I don't want to.
- You have to run babe.
I love you so much but you have to run.
I love you.
[siren wailing]
Now go.
- [Jite] Tola, run!
- [Tola crying]
Run! Let this not be for nothing.
Hey! Mr. Man! Show me your hands!
Show me your hands!
Come forward! Come forward!
[pensive music plays]
Now get down! Down!
Where's the money, Mr. Man?
Where is...
Where is the money?
- I said, where is the money?
- [coughs]
Am I talking to a stone?
- Where is... Where is the money?
- [groans]
[Jite groans]
- Where is the money?
- [groans]
If you don't tell us
where the money is, you're dead.
[Tola] Wait! Wait!
[police] I won't ask you again.
On your knees. Show me your hands.
Show me your hands!
You want to die?
- Where is the money?
- [Tola] Stop, stop, stop! [panting]
- Stop! [panting] This is the money.
- You!
Alright, you, step forward.
- [Tola panting]
- Step forward, step forward.
Kneel down here. Kneel down next to him!
Kneel down.
Eh-ehn, where are the officers?
Tola, I asked you to run.
- I already told you, I can't leave you.
- We're in this together.
You should just let me be the hero, Tola.
You are my hero.
You! Where is the third person?
I said where's the third person?
[Tega] See life.
[in Pidgin] Stupid girl should've come
with me to enjoy but she chose love.
Jack and Rose.
[singing] I'm unavailable
- They can't see ...
- [siren blaring]
[siren stops blaring]
I'm dead.
That is the police.
Shit, I'm dead.
Let me reverse.
- [siren blaring]
- [exclaims]
They have blocked me from behind.
- They have blocked me.
- [car door opens]
They have blocked me.
Comport yourself.
Comport yourself. It's all good.
Hey! My friend, Officer Samuel.
How's it going? Looks like you
guys are on patrol this night.
Officer, listen, let's find
a way to settle this thing
- so you and your boys can go enjoy.
- [policeman] There's money here.
If I hear any more words from your mouth
I will shoot you in the crotch.
Get down from the car!
Officer, no need
to shoot me in the crotch.
Let me give you something small so
you can tell your men to clear the road.
- [exclaims]
- Please.
- Officer, relax.
- Come down, my friend!
Relax. Officer...
Officer, relax let's talk.
On your knees!
[Tega] Officer, relax. Officer, relax.
Back seat!
Daddy, I can explain.
It's Inspector Dayo to you.
Criminals refer to me as Inspector Dayo.
[Tola] Sorry, Inspector Dayo.
I did what I did for Onome.
I had to save her.
I can't just sit back
and allow her to die.
I had to try.
So, it's better for you
to sit in jail while she dies?
Alone. Without her father,
without her mother?
I never realized that
I raised such a coward.
Please sir, don't talk to her like that.
She's not a coward.
She did everything to save our daughter.
- Everything.
- Oh, this is how you convinced her
to go along with your criminal activities?
- Oh my God.
- You made her think
it was to save Onome.
[Tola] Don't you get it, daddy?
Sorry, Inspector Dayo. Don't you get it?
Stop blaming him for my actions.
I'm responsible for my actions.
I did it!
I chose to have unprotected sex in Uni.
I chose to keep the baby.
I chose to stay unmarried.
I chose this criminal activity.
It's all my fault.
Stop with this whole
innocent little girl image
that you have in your mind of me.
I am so tired of apologizing
for it, that's not me!
I'm a grown woman
and I take
full responsibility for what I did.
I did it for my daughter
and not even your opinion
is worth my changing my mind.
[Mr. Dayo sighs]
I miss her.
I miss her... I miss your mother.
You know she was the um...
[grunts] she was the most
stubborn woman ever in my life.
No matter what you told her,
she would still do what she wanted to do.
But you... you must learn
to tell her the truth!
If she asks you to jump into hellfire
now would you jump into hellfire?
Yes, I would.
Tola is my life.
[soulful music playing]
Oooh, you're both fools.
Only God loves you.
Daddy, is there nothing you can do?
Of course not.
I'm not a miracle worker.
Your situation with Onome
will help your sentence.
Thank you, Inspector Dayo.
It's just... Onome.
What do we... How do we tell her
- we're not... now that we're not there.
- It's okay.
- Now that we're...
- It's okay.
[Jite] It's okay.
[Mr. Dayo] Don't worry, uh...
I will tell her
that you did everything to save her.
I'll... I will hide the details from her.
Thank you.
[sighs] We will pull through
this together as a family.
Yeah? Okay?
I um...
I love you daddy.
[tuts then sighs]
[somber music playing]
[female voice] Jite Oghene and Tola Dayo,
the notorious robber couple
were charged in court today
for the theft of 50 million naira
which they claimed was needed
for their sick daughter's surgery.
Their lawyers claim
that their theft is not a crime
because the stolen money
were proceeds of money laundering
by the notorious Azukas
who have since fled the country.
Debates are raging on social media
about whether or not the couple
should be punished for their crimes
or declared innocent.
However, what is true
is that many people were moved
by the couple's story
and claimed that they
would donate to the cause.
Though, only time will tell
if it is enough to save their little girl,
Onome Oghene, the true
victim in this entire story.
[phone chiming]
[somber music playing]
[Tola] I always
thought God was punishing me
for having Onome the way I did.
But I realize now
that she is a precious gift.
I never knew this type of love existed
until she came into our lives.
I do not regret anything I did
to ensure my daughter survived.
[doctor] So, I'm pleased to inform you
that the surgery was a complete success.
- Ah.
- [sighs deeply]
- Whew.
- [chuckles]
Is she going to be alright?
Oh, yes.
She was very brave,
I'll tell you that.
[chuckles] Thank you.
[Ore] Can we see her?
-She's in recovery right now,
-[Ore] Okay.
but yes. Um, I'll go prepare her for you.
- Thank you.
- [doctor] Excuse me.
Thank you so much, doctor.
[Mr. Dayo sighs]
What's wrong, dad?
[Mr. Dayo sighs]
We're going to have
to tell her about her parents.
And what they did.
Well, I think she's a fighter.
Just like her mum and her dad.
Dad, don't worry.
She can handle it.
It's okay dad.
[Mr. Dayo sighs]
[muted conversation]
[hopeful music plays]
[Tola] I will do it all again, gladly.
And I will happily bear
the consequences, over and over again.
[hopeful music continues]
[Jite] We may be sinners
but God delivered us anyway.
Onome is going to be fine
and that's all that matters.
[engine revving]
-[Jite] Babe,
- where are we going?
- Don't worry, just trust me. Come.
Wait, is this where they arrested us?
Mm-hmm. Trip down memory lane.
Wow, things have changed.
Yes, pretty much.
So, babe what are we doing here?
Trust me.
- Babe, what is it?
- I'm trying to think, Jite. Hold on.
- Tola, what are you doing?
- Can you please come and join me?
Help your wife here.
Just help.
What's that?
- How?
- [giggles]
[Tola] When I was going to return
the money to stop them from killing you,
I realized they
didn't know how much we had.
So I took a gamble and I buried some.
I didn't know it would
take us five years to come back
and I can't believe it's still here safe.
[exclaims softly]
You know you're not okay.
See who is talking.
Wow, my God.
Thank you.
For everything.
Thank you for loving me.
Ah-ah, If not you, then who?
[Tola grunts]
[engine revving]
[Tola] See, the first thing
is that we're buying our own car.
[Jite] Ah-ah, you mean
it's not for Onome's school fees?
[Tola] Okay. The second thing
is that we're buying a new car.
[Jite chuckles]
[Jite] Don't you feel bad
about keeping this money?
- [Tola] Please, ask me tomorrow.
- [Jite laughs]
- [Jite] I love you.
- [Tola] I love you more.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [inaudible conversation continues]
Subtitle translator by: Anu Akiyode