Saving Paradise (2021) Movie Script

[light music]
[pencil scratching]
[air blowing]
[mouth whistling]
[engine rumbling]
[upbeat music]
[Radio Host]
This is WPAR.
Good morning,
Paradise, Pennsylvania.
Thanks to the men
and women who volunteered
to fill those
potholes downtown.
Great job, guys.
This town
always pulls together.
I know a man
Who wore his
heart up on his sleeve
And not for
lack of trying
Found he
could not leave
This town
And here he stays
And alone he
walks these empty streets
And desperately
he stumbles as he sees
he can't fight
Born to live
Born to die
Born to fall
Born to fly
I will give my
spirit and my blood
Born to live
Born to love
[machine whizzing]
I knew a girl
Who turned and
looked the other way
[door thuds]
you okay?
- Hey, George.
- Hey.
Catch any keepers
up at Lake Copewell?
Oh, yeah. I caught
something all right.
A good case of poison ivy.
[Don laughs]
Hi, good morning,
How's your grandson
settling in to Ohio State?
I haven't heard
from him in a week.
Thinks he's a bigshot now.
[Don laughs]
Morning, Fred.
[light music] Hmm, well.
[door squeaks]
[George] Okay.
[machines whirring]
[light music]
Nice job,
Miss Leah.
[door thuds]
[muffled talking]
[light music]
[Man] Hey, Don.
How are ya?
[laughs] Steve.
Looks like that order
will be shipped next Friday.
aren't you the sweetest thing?
You ever been to Paradise?
[laughs] Good morning, Julie.
How are we doing today?
Good morning,
Mr. Peterson.
14 billion pencils
were produced throughout
the world last year,
two billion in the
United States of America.
Peterson made
about a billion of those.
I learn something new
from you every day, Walter.
Morning, Leona.
What's on the
menu for today?
Leftover liverwurst
from last night.
Well, I'll go
heavy on the ketchup.
[both chuckling]
Oh, I heard from
Joey last night.
he couldn't tell me where he was
but he sure sounded good.
Should be home
in a couple of months.
You tell Joey he has a job
here when he returns home.
Oh, Don, you
gonna make me cry.
[Don grunts]
[both chuckling]
[phone ringing]
[Don sighs]
The morning's shit, Don.
What are
you talking about?
It's a beautiful day.
Yeah, just,
just beautiful.
You didn't
happen to see Fred Willis
on your way in,
did you?
Yeah, walked right
past me without a hello.
What did he want?
He wants his money back.
What do you mean?
90 day notice.
Bank's not
renewing our loan.
I thought we had a handshake
on a five year extension.
We did, but now they
want us off their books.
Bad credit was how he put it,
nothing personal.
I should've seen it coming.
Schmidt will fix this.
[buttons clicking]
Steve retired from
the bank months ago.
Fred said the
decision's final.
90 days?
We owe them
10 million dollars.
We don't have
10 million dollars.
We don't
have 10,000 dollars.
[light dramatic music]
Merry Christmas.
I personally
guaranteed that loan.
They wouldn't have
given us the money without it.
And it
didn't tell Barbara.
What are we gonna do?
Don, you know
what we have to do.
It's been under your
nose the past couple months.
Charlie, this will
transform the way
we've always
done business.
we don't have a choice!
Let's do it and in
two months we'll refinance
with another bank.
It will work.
It has to.
[light dramatic music]
Do you think Michael's
firm could help?
You think Wannamaker's
gonna throw us a life jacket?
Cement shoes is
what they'll throw us.
[light music]
[traffic humming]
[horns honking]
[engines rumbling]
As managing
director of this firm,
let me just say thank you
for that exercise in mediocrity.
Edward, what's the
latest with the Sea Coast deal?
Sorry, Cameron, but I just
returned from my honeymoon.
We landed an hour ago
on the red eye from Hawaii.
You got married?
[chuckles] Yeah.
You have 15
minutes to give me
a status
report on Sea Coast.
Martin Mitt.
They make baseball
gloves in Mishawaka, Indiana.
[everyone laughs]
Company's annual
revenue's 105 million
- but its net profits-
- Cut to the chase, Michael.
What have we got here?
The company's in dire straits.
We buy it for
pennies on the dollar,
load it up with debt,
clean out the pension fund,
move the plan to China
and we sell it all
off for a big number.
Pump and dump.
I love it.
Keep me posted.
[light jazz music]
Did you know that
every partner's office
has a private
bathroom outfitted
with a Butler 950 toilet?
How many of you have
ever used one of those babies?
True luxury.
Personally contoured seats,
adjustable temperature settings,
and you can choose
just the flush you may need
for any occasion.
At the end of the year
the board of directors and I
will be choosing
one lucky associate
from amongst all of you
to be this firm's next partner.
Soon one of you
will be able to say
that you've used a Butler.
The return of
Mr. Worthington.
[paper rustling]
What have you got, Edward?
It's upside down.
[light music]
Who else
has got something?
[light music]
[leaves rustling]
[birds chirping]
Dixon, I hope your day
was better than mine.
[Reporter] American Electric
Company announced today
that 500 manufacturing
jobs in the United States
will be eliminated
and moved offshore.
In response,
many of the company's workers
protested the move,
but in reality there's little,
if anything,
they can do about it.
I'm Jerry Kramer.
This has been Running
With the Bulls on KCNYC.
[light music]
[engine rumbling]
[birds chirping]
[machines whirring]
I'm going down to
the floor, Leona.
Hold my calls,
will ya?
I've only got
two hands, Don.
The switchboard's lighting
up like a pinball machine.
[both laughing]
[engine whirring]
[light music]
[pencils rattling]
The best pencils in the world.
Oh, Don.
[woman laughs]
[machines rattling]
[light dramatic music]
[Don groans]
Don, Don, sit, sit.
I'm gonna get some help.
[muffled talking]
Somebody get some help!
[light dramatic music]
[machine thudding]
[machine whirring]
[alarm ringing]
[heart rate monitor beeping]
I want this done today.
- Come on.
- I know, I know.
what's up?
Um, Cameron, I
just figured out that
the owner of Martin Mitt
has cancer and it's serious
and maybe we
should back off for now.
Are you kidding?
Now's the time to pounce.
don't go soft on me.
You're up for partner.
It's gonna be between
you and Edward Worthington.
- My money's on you, but-
- Edward Worthington.
Choate, Yale, and his
father's the managing partner
at the city's
largest law firm.
He can do a lot for us.
What's your
father do again?
[phone buzzing]
[Michael sighs]
I'm sorry, Cameron.
I have to take this.
Mom, slow down.
[light music]
[birds chirping]
[bell clanging]
[train whirring]
[door thuds]
[car beeps]
[dog barking]
[light music continues]
[lawn mower rumbling]
[door squeaks]
[door thuds]
[woman sighs]
[somber music]
[Mom gasps]
thank God you're here.
[somber music continues]
gonna be okay, Mom.
[Mom sighs]
He wasn't feeling well all
and I begged him
to go see Dr. Berlin
but you know your dad.
you look thin.
[both laughing]
Mitch made a casserole,
I'll go heat it up, okay?
Go upstairs and unpack.
it's way back.
[light music]
[light music continues]
[pills rattling]
[Charlie sighs]
[switch clicks]
[somber music]
[muffled talking]
[somber music]
My deepest condolences.
Anything I can do.
[muffled talking]
[light music]
[muffled talking]
- Oh.
- Thanks so much.
Must be 10 years since
he poked his head in town.
That suit cost more
than we make in a month.
You think Don left
the company to him?
Come on,
Don wouldn't want a buncha long
faces at his funeral, right?
He sure
loved pencil jokes.
He would say,
"It's not lead, it's graphite".
- [all laughing]
- oh, God.
Oh, I'm gonna miss
that son of a bitch.
- Oh.
- It sure won't be
the same
around here without him.
To Don Peterson.
- The prince of Paradise.
- The prince of Paradise.
- [Leona laughing]
- The prince of Paradise.
Well, if it
isn't Julie Barnes.
I'm sorry about
your dad, Michael.
Oh, well,
this is a little different than
the baggy suit you
wore to the junior prom.
[Michael] Yeah, that
was back in the days.
You fill this
one out real nice.
Well, it's my dad's suit.
[water splashing]
- [light music]
- Ouch!
[light music]
Excuse me.
I'm Walter's grandfather.
Who's Walter?
The mail
boy at the plant.
You know Walter.
Everybody knows Walter.
No, I'm sorry, but...
How did you know Don?
I'm uh...
You're DJ Peterson.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
[light music continues]
[water rushing]
[high pitched ringing]
[dramatic whooshing]
[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music]
[water splashing]
[Charlie] Hey, Mikey.
It's been awhile.
Yeah, it sure has.
So, uh, what've
you been up to?
I mean, besides
throwing wine in people's faces.
[chuckles] Yeah, he
wanted me to go out
with him in
exchange of a business favor.
You said no?
What, would you?
If he's paying.
I guess you're not married then.
Just to my work.
You were the smartest
kid in the class.
Can't believe you're
still in this god forsaken town.
I work...
I've worked
for your father.
I'm the CFO.
Michael, I need to talk to you.
Charlie, no,
No, no, no,
it's not about that.
Charlie, I gotta
get back in there.
I'm sorry.
[somber music]
What? So that's it?
You're not even
gonna stay for dinner?
It's been a week already, Mom.
Gotta get back to work.
What about the factory?
We've had this conversation
a millions times.
Three generations,
Michael, can you forgive me?
I'm holding out some hope.
I'll call Charlie
first thing tomorrow.
We'll figure it out.
What are you looking for?
My goddamn car keys.
[plastic rustling]
[Mom sighs]
So, I guess this is goodbye?
Until when?
I'm sorry, Mom.
[somber music]
[doorbell dings]
Give me a minute.
It's about the company.
[Mom] Who's there, Michael?
In private.
[door thuds]
So, let me get this straight.
In 90 days the
bank will not only throw
the company into bankruptcy
but take everything my mother
has including this house?
Yeah, there's something else.
Your father never told
your mother about any of it.
What the hell was he thinking?
You know what, Michael?
Don't even worry about it.
You just go back to New York,
I'm gonna take care of it.
Peterson Pencil
has been running like
a charity for
the past 100 years.
Where the hell are
you gonna find a bank
to loan you 10 million dollars?
Don't worry about it.
The more you say don't
worry, the more I do.
[crickets chirping]
[light music]
[Charlie sighs]
Change of plans.
[engine rumbling]
[door squeaks]
[machine rattling]
[phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Did you know the
average pencil can draw
a line 70 miles long?
Or write 50,000 words.
That's good to know.
[light music]
Thank you.
[Leona cries]
[Leona] I'm so sorry
about your dad, honey.
It really breaks my heart.
[somber music]
Thank you.
[paper rustling]
Company scholarships?
Not a pot to
piss in but you're
still sending
kids to college?
Come on in.
Good morning to you, too.
This will allow us to
refinance with another bank.
Gets your
mother off the hook.
[phone ringing]
Uh, Charlie?
I'm impressed, really,
but this may get my mom
off the hook,
but whatever plan I come up
with will get
her off the hook.
you have a plan?
First I need to see
copies of the quarterly
financial statements
from the past two years.
[light music]
This is the plan.
Oh, and one more thing,
if you car isn't out
of the employee
of the month spot in
the next 10
minutes I'll have it towed.
[Leona hums]
Uh, hey, Liana?
It's Leona.
Uh, could you do me a favor?
Move my car?
What is this?
[machines clattering]
[papers rustling]
[phone ringing]
[light music]
From Charlie,
Mr. Peterson.
And who are you?
I'm Walter Wilson.
I'm Michael.
You okay?
I reported the
daily plant statistics
to the late Mr. Peterson every
day at the close of business.
Shall I do the
same with you?
We produce
152,775 number twos,
gross margins are off
3% off from last month,
and the plant is
running at 79% of capacity.
And what do you recommend
we do to increase capacity?
I can't make recommendations,
I'm only good at facts.
And do you have any
other facts for me?
Pencils were invented
in 1565 by shepherds
in the town of Cumbria,
The shepherds would rub wooden
sticks against graphite rock
and then use
them to mark their sheep.
That's a fact.
Thank you, Walter.
[light music]
[engine rumbling]
You ever notice
that the only winners
are the ones
that's willing to donate
their winnings
back to the church?
What are you saying?
That Reverend
Solomon puts a fix in?
[all chuckling]
Well, well,
look who it is.
Do you know how
he could afford that?
He bought the Plymouth
Tool Company in Rhode Island.
I read about
it on the web.
I think my dad
used to have one of
those Plymouth toolkits.
The handles had
little pilgrim hats on it.
You know,
the ones with the buckles.
Let me guess, they're
making power tools now, right?
No, they still
make that wrench set.
In Asia.
Leona, if you know
something, tell us.
All I heard was that he's
putting a plan together.
[horn honking]
Kelly Lynn Williams,
you touch that horn again
and you can kiss that
driving permit goodbye.
[light music]
I'll talk to Charlie first
thing Monday morning,
see what she knows.
[foot thuds]
Don't lie to me,
Has Michael told you anything
about what his plans are?
Slow down, Mary.
And would you come
to us if he did?
- I...
- Look, we're all working
our asses off down
there in the dark, Charlie.
And it's real hard to
make pencils in the dark.
[Charlie] Mary!
Would you please
just sit down?
I don't wanna sit.
[Charlie] Please?
Are you
trying to manage me?
[Charlie laughs]
You? Manage?
Michael and I go way back, okay?
We have been
friends since we're kids.
I will get through to
him I just need some time.
that line needs to keep moving.
That pencils
have to get out the door
without any hiccups.
Get through to him?
In case you hadn't noticed,
the days of you and him
and DJ slurping sodas at
Moseley's have long since passed.
You're either
with us or with him.
You can't
have it both ways.
I'm with the company.
[Mary chuckles]
[phone ringing]
I have work to do, so...
Thank you, Mary.
[Charlie sighs]
[pencil scratching]
[light music]
[light dramatic music]
Hey, look.
Is that the Big Dipper?
No, idiot.
It's Uranus.
[Mikey] Sorry.
I know, I know.
Hey, but next year you're
gonna miss my bad jokes.
And just because
I'm gone doesn't mean
you can mess with my shit.
All right?
You touch my side of our
room I break both your arms.
I'll be back plenty.
Yeah, that's what
Jake's brother Tony said
before he went to college.
Tony hasn't been
home in four years.
Yeah, that's
because Tony's a tool.
And listen to me,
Jake, kid's on a fast track
to federal prison.
All right? Stay
away from that kid.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, do you hear me?
I'm serious.
[DJ] I may have to come
back just to kick your ass.
[both laughing]
[DJ burps]
You know, I never
thought I'd say this,
but I'm actually gonna
miss your burps and farts, DJ.
[light dramatic music]
[traffic humming]
[horns honking]
[muffled talking]
[light music]
Look, I feel for your
loss but a two month
leave of absence?
And at such
a critical time?
I'm sorry, Cameron,
but I have no choice.
Pencils, right?
It's a family business
for over 100 years.
Just hire a
broker and sell it.
It's a little more
complicated than that.
Listen, Michael, I told
the partners you have
an extraordinary
ability to set priorities
and solve complex problems
with your head, not your heart.
Don't make me look stupid.
I can still work
on Martin Mitt.
Company policy: we
don't do telecommuters.
I'll assign it to
Edward Worthington.
I need an answer
from you by five on Friday.
Yes, sir.
You didn't
even look at it.
[Michael] Don't
you ever knock?
No doors,
just doorways.
Where'd you learn that?
At a management
seminar in Altoona?
Some asshole tells
you the profits will sky rocket
if you rip the doors off
- the goddamn hinges.
- What is your problem?
You think I
have a problem?
Take my word, Charlie.
I don't have a problem.
But them? Those people?
They have a problem.
I bet you wish there was
a door there now, don't you?
Yeah, well, I
have news for you.
You're one of them.
[desk screeches]
[desk thuds]
Feel better now?
I feel terrific.
So, what is next?
What's next?
This is.
[paper rustling]
It's all about the
bottom line, isn't it?
What other line is there?
What happened to the
Michael that I once knew?
People's lives are at stake.
You don't need
me around here for this.
What's that mean?
Read between the
lines, asshole.
You don't seem like
the quitting type.
[light dramatic music]
That was a
thousand years ago.
[light dramatic music]
[somber music]
[muffled talking]
[engines rumbling]
[birds chirping]
[light music]
[machines whirring]
It's over.
Everything up
here will be remade.
We'll restructure up here.
There's another floor
that isn't being used right now.
And our very own
pencils so works been
part of packaging
and getting the offers out.
[door thuds]
Thank you,
we'll be in touch.
[door thuds]
[light music]
Aw, shit.
So, you got time for
them but no time for us?
I'm the plant
manager, Mary Williams.
This is George O'Malley
from maintenance and shipping.
And that's Freddy
Furman from coatings.
He's been with
the company 15 years.
Gladys from quality control,
17 years.
Norm from receiving,
14 years.
is it as bad as it looks?
I wish it didn't
have to be this way.
Oh, jeez.
But I don't
have a choice.
That's bullshit, man.
What do you mean you
don't have a choice?
It's very complicated.
It's too
difficult to explain.
We may not be big
city business tycoons
like you,
but try us.
We'll understand.
Do you remember when
the old dock burned down?
No, probably not,
you were just a kid.
Dock or no dock, we
were never leaving a shipmate.
We broke down
those pallets and carried
those orders to
their trucks by hand.
We all came in on
the weekend and rebuilt it.
You see, this company is
what it is because of us
and we can do a lot
more to make it even better
if you just hear us out.
Or do you just
wanna let it burn?
Are we done?
You and me right now.
George, George, George,
that's enough.
[light dramatic music]
[alarm ringing]
All right, everybody.
Break's over.
Come on,
let's go back in.
[light dramatic music]
[phone buzzing]
[Cameron] It's Cameron.
Are you in or are you out?
are you there?
[light music]
[lighter clicking]
[door thuds]
Oh, uh.
Hey, Mom.
Look, I...
I don't know
what you heard
but you don't
know the whole story.
I know enough.
I know your father
wasn't the greatest businessman,
I know that his heart
was bigger than his wallet,
but at least
he had a heart.
I didn't ask
for any of this.
I know.
I know,
none of this would've happened-
- If what?
I don't know, I lost
my train of thought.
No, you mean it
would've been better
if DJ inherited the
factory instead of me.
I didn't say that, Michael.
You didn't have to.
[light music]
Where you going?
I'm about to make dinner.
[engine rumbling]
[pins rattling]
[upbeat music]
You're pretty good.
A bowling lane is 60 feet
long and 41 inches wide
not including gutters.
Each pin is 15 inches
tall and 4.7 inches wide
at its widest point.
Those are facts.
Mind if I try?
[pins smacking]
[Walter laughs]
what's so funny!
The odds of making that
split are 525,750 to one.
We'll see.
- [Michael sighs]
- Mr. Peterson.
- Yeah?
- How do I put this.
Too much spin on the ball.
Don't turn your wrist so
much when you release it.
All right.
Wrist release,
I got it.
Pretty good!
[muffled talking]
[light music]
You know, a long time
ago I swore no matter what
I'm not standing in
an unemployment line.
First the steel mill,
then the lumber yard,
and the cement plant,
I never thought we'd be se...
Don't you even think about
touching that remote, Julie.
Come on, Mary, who
wants to watch this shit?
You wanna
lose that hand?
Wah, wah, wah.
I can't believe you guys are
already throwing in the towel.
Well, what else is
there to do, Mary?
Go on strike?
He gonna lay us all off anyway,
so what's the point?
George, what is it
you're always saying?
A company isn't much of a
company without its customers.
[upbeat music]
You're right, Mary.
Who wants to
buy a pencil company
that can't
fill its orders?
Well, every Friday
night the adults would go
to Flanagan's and
the kids would come here.
This was the place to be.
Yeah, um.
The place to be.
You come here when
you were in high school?
I was never invited.
You didn't have to be
invited, you just showed up.
I've seen
that smile before.
Mandy Hudson from
accounts receivable.
Works here on
Tuesday and Thursday nights.
And you just happen
to know her schedule?
And it just so happens that
those are the nights you bowl?
- Yeah.
- Hey!
What did we
tell you last week?
We don't want
you hanging out in here.
Excuse me?
[guy laughs]
Look at that, the
moron's got a friend.
Who are you?
His babysitter?
I'm the guy who's
about to roll a strike
right through your teeth.
- [light dramatic music]
- Go, go!
Yeah, that's
right, keep running!
I better not
catch you in my hood!
Where is your hood?
It's Upper East
Side Manhattan.
[pins rattling]
[Woman] It's only 60
days, what's the rush?
I was very clear.
The latest I can
close is December 26th.
[Woman] Sorry, Mr. Peterson,
but I can't push any harder.
I'll get back to you.
[phone beeps]
[light music]
What do I
owe this pleasure?
I need your help.
[laughs] Yeah, you need lots
of help, mostly professional.
Way past my pay grade.
I'm serious.
All the help
you need is in
that little
binder on your desk.
We need to
go to the bank
and ask for a
two month extension.
[Michael] We just do.
What's with
all this we shit?
You're the CFO.
You know them.
You'll credibility to the table.
Good job, you saved
your mother's house.
Too bad she's
gonna live in a ghost town.
So, I take it
that's a no then?
[pencil sharpener whirring]
Did you know
the average pencil
can be sharpened 17 times?
[pencil sharpener whirring]
[light music]
[machines clattering]
[light dramatic music]
[heavy breathing]
[machines clattering]
[engine rumbling]
[crickets chirping]
[light music]
All right.
It's all right.
A Bushmills neat with a beer.
Hand me
down that memory
The one that
I can't see at all
Turns out
there is no such thing
You ever see a zebra
drink from a watering hole
full of crocodiles before?
Try, please.
I'm tired of fighting,
I just wanna
drink my beer in peace.
I actually came
over here to tell you
I will go to the bank with you.
Why would you do that?
An extension will buy me
more time to change your mind.
So you're staying.
In that case, I'll buy you lunch
before we meet at the bank.
[both chuckling]
Your dad still get
a buck off his drinks
for winning that trophy?
No, he doesn't really
get out that much anymore.
He got exposed to
asbestos in the mines.
Didn't know that.
Yeah, how could you?
You know, um,
when I saw DJ and your initials
on your dad's desk the
other day, it got me thinking.
Charlie, don't.
Don't what?
Just don't.
Plain and simple.
it's not simple.
Not even close.
What happened that
night didn't just happen
to you, you know.
I'm coming down,
coming down
And the
weight of the world
[car beeps]
[muffled rock music]
[engine rumbling]
[somber music]
[dramatic music]
[keys jingling]
[door clangs]
Guys, this isn't right.
follow me.
We're in search of the
ghost of Henry Mortimer.
This is where it
happened 50 years ago tonight.
Henry, good old Henry
working overtime on Halloween.
[Charlie howls]
Thank you.
When that machine
[dramatic music]
grabbed his left
hand and mangled it.
The next morning
when they found him
he was nothing
but a bloody pulp
eaten alive by
a pencil machine.
You can still
see the blood.
I don't know, DJ,
seems kinda fake.
Spookiest part?
They never
found one of his hands.
[everyone screaming]
Okay, very funny.
[dramatic music]
What the hell was that?
Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.
Wow, you guys are
a bunch of wusses.
Oh, come on, you
can't be serious.
[Michael] Henry.
[DJ] Mikey.
Mikey, get back here.
Charlie, go talk to him.
Say something.
[Michael] Henry.
[heavy breathing]
[spoon clinking]
[Employee] Hey, Lois,
this order's getting cold.
You sleepwalking or something?
[bell jingling]
[door thuds]
Mr. Peterson?
Mr. Peterson?
Walter, hi.
This is your friend?
Gramps, he's not my friend.
This is my boss,
Mr. Peterson.
Thanks for giving
Walter a job.
He didn't give me the
job, his father did.
I thought you said
this is Don Peterson.
Don Peterson died,
we went to his funeral.
Don Peterson died? When?
How sad.
He doesn't remember
things too good anymore.
This is Don
Peterson's son.
Here we go again.
Gramps, this is
Michael Peterson.
You're the asshole
that wants to move
the company to China.
[Michael chuckles]
Mind if we
join you for dinner?
[Michael sighs]
[bell jingling]
[door thuds]
[Server] Hoped you
liked your dinner, boys.
Thank you.
[Server] I'll be right
back with the check.
[light music]
Me and your grandfather.
He used to say that
I worked twice as hard
with half as many legs.
Blown off in Korea
[metal clangs]
trying to dismantle a bomb.
I wasn't too good at
bomb dismantlement.
Anyway, when I came
back your grandfather came to me
and gave me a job.
Can you believe it?
He came to me.
Restored my life,
gave me back my dignity.
And with my grandson,
your father did the same.
Your company is a lot
more than just a pencil factory.
But you already knew that,
didn't you?
[Server] You can pay
when you're ready, fellas.
I'm hungry!
Let's get
something to eat.
[Walter chuckles]
[engine rumbling]
[light music]
[muffled talking]
It's Friday night, I
am outta here, Charlie.
Uh uh, no, don't
you take another step.
What is going on?
This is our
biggest customer,
the order has to
get out the door today.
Bad shipping labels, Mary
said it can go out on Monday.
Well, it can't.
Come on,
you know better than that.
Look, Charlie, my
kids are waiting on me.
Take it up with Mary.
[scoffs] You
gotta be kidding me.
Whatever you
wanna say to me
it can wait until
the next commercial.
Mary, call George, get
those pallets out the door.
If Michael finds
out he'll fire everyone.
Fire us now, fire us later.
What difference does it make?
You're talking like
it's already over.
It's not.
Maybe not for you.
You're young, you're educated,
you still have a future.
But us?
Where do we
go? Who wants us?
Mary, I will get
through to Michael.
But if you continue your sabotage
I'll never get the chance.
You're management,
why should we trust you?
Because you have no
one else to turn to
and in your heart of
hearts I know you don't
want to bring
this company down.
And so if that
line keeps moving
and the orders get out
the door there is still hope.
Once that
stops it's all history.
In two hours this
place will be so loud
you won't even be
able to think to yourself.
But right now,
when it's quiet like this,
it's almost like a church.
You agree?
I'll call George.
Made the
bed and now I lay
Wish I could
find the words to say
How do you watch this shit?
With the sound off.
But that was
someone else
He said to go away
And told you goodbye
Thought it was me
[spoon clinking]
Well here,
you forgot one.
Oh no,
Three's all I take.
You got a death wish?
You know, I could never
find a good burger in London.
Thought workaholics
didn't take vacations.
No, no, not vacation,
I lived there five years.
Mm hmm.
I worked for a big European
bank, lived with my fiance,
in a Hyde Park flat.
So you just gave
up all that for this?
Well, um, last year
when my dad got sick
I took a leave of
absence to help him out.
I didn't realize how much
I missed it until I came back.
And then your dad called.
And then he just asked
you nicely to be his CFO.
I'm pretty great, yeah.
[both chuckling]
No, um, back there
I never really felt like
I made much of a difference,
you know?
But here in Paradise I
make a difference every day.
Until you showed up.
You know, you may
think you know me.
Oh, but I do.
[paper rustling]
Small letters means
you're a focused introvert.
No slant, methodical.
Heavy pencil pressure, intense.
Yeah, thanks, Miss
Cleo, but you don't need
to see my
handwriting to know that.
No, no, no, I'm not done.
Loops in the Is and Ts.
You calling
me loopy now?
Detachment, difficulty
establishing relationships,
inability to access
inner emotions all caused
by unresolved pain.
But you know what's more
interesting than your handwriting?
You wrote it in pencil.
That means it can be erased,
Maybe with a few
less loops this time.
[Michael chuckles]
The bank will be
paid back every penny.
But first we need a
three month extension.
[man laughs]
Look, I applaud your efforts,
but the answer's still no.
Michael here wants to
know if that special offer
you made me
is still on the table.
It was him?
[Charlie hums]
Let's go.
How many employees,
retirees and friends
of Peterson
Pencil do business here?
What's gonna
happen when they all find out
that the bank not only
put Peterson out of business
but took
Barbara Peterson's home?
What are you getting at?
Don't fuck with us.
- Okay.
- I will make sure
that anyone that has any
allegiance to this shithouse
will withdraw every penny.
Nothing personal,
Okay, okay, okay.
We'll give you an extra 60 days.
Okay, come on.
Proud of yourself, huh?
I just got us
an extra 60 days.
Look, Charlie, I know
you're trying to help
but what you did in
there will most likely backfire.
what do you mean?
Fred's on the phone right
now dialing for dollars
trying to sell our
loan at a discount.
You think Fred
wants to face the nightmare
you so accurately
and eloquently described?
How do you know?
How do you know?
I'm the guy Fred would call.
Well, hope you're
proud of yourself.
[button clicking]
You have
gotta be kidding me.
[light music]
You have gotta be...
I don't think so.
[George whistling]
I'm headed to the plant,
you need a lift?
You are a life saver,
wrong with your Jag?
door won't open.
Look at that,
mine work just fine.
Get in.
[doors clanging]
Oh, I gotta make one
quick stop at Bertie McKowski's,
it's my turn this week.
[light music]
[birds chirping]
[engine rumbling]
[horn honking]
[door clangs]
Bertie can't run errands
since her husband took the car.
So, he left the
kid and took the car?
Well, after the cement
plant went out of business
the closest job he could find
was at the pipeline upstate.
Why don't they just,
I don't know, move upstate?
And leave Paradise?
This is their home,
[light music]
Hold this for me.
All right.
Please don't touch the pie.
[Michael sighs]
[door clangs]
[birds chirping]
[papers rustling]
[light music]
[Michael] Hey!
Get off my lawn!
[ground rustling]
Does that have
anything to do with this?
So, this is why you've stayed?
This is why you're
selling the company?
Don't you get it now?
I am doing
all of this for you.
Did you actually think I
would wanna keep this house
if everyone
else lost theirs?
[light music]
[machines clattering]
- [light clicks]
- Hey, whoa!
What's going on here?
Don't bullshit me,
Charlie, I swear.
That circuit breaker would
trip 1,000 times in the past,
but I've always
been able to reset it.
The whole plant is down.
10 big orders are scheduled
to go out this afternoon!
What? No, not now, Mandy.
Is it the main
circuit breaker box?
All right, come with me.
[light music]
[George sighs]
[hums] Slow down.
All right, can someone
turn off the main power?
The power's already off.
Hey, George.
Can I get some
gloves, a fuse puller,
and an A25 fuse?
Here you go.
Can you help me with this?
Somebody better get
a first aid kit, too.
That's not funny.
[Leona] Hope he
knows what he's doing.
[metal creaking]
All these years I
never knew that was there.
What do you think of that?
[Michael] All right, uh...
[electrical zapping]
Michael, be careful!
Go up there and help him.
[George chuckles]
[Mary laughs]
All right, pull
the main breaker box.
Go ahead.
[buttons clicking]
[light music]
[people clapping]
- Brilliant!
- Well, you sure don't
see that every day.
[hands clapping]
[people cheering]
All right, all
right, show's over.
Everybody back to work.
Move, move.
Hm, unbelievable.
Surprised me.
[upbeat country music]
[muffled talking]
We were born in a fire
So far from home
Got lost in desire
We're the lucky ones
I don't think so.
Four days of hope
I'll trail this highway
You're sitting in my seat.
I'm sorry, Julie.
Sit your pretty
little ass down.
Long Island iced tea.
I'm gonna go get you one.
Well, if it isn't Mr. Fix It.
How did you ever
know how to do that?
Your dad.
Yeah, you saw him do it.
So, um, 35 years old,
already three ex-husbands.
Wanna know how
she gets rid of 'em?
Do you have fun torturing me?
All right.
What do you say, hm?
[Michael] No, Charlie,
I'm not dancing.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I am not dancing.
There's quite a few
single men out here.
Why don't you
go get your own?
[Charlie laughs]
She spikes their
drinks with antifreeze.
That's how she does it.
Don't leave
me here tonight
- Don't leave me here tonight
- [Michael] Excuse me.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
That was neat.
Thanks for the dance.
[upbeat music]
[engine rumbling]
[birds chirping]
[bell jingling]
[light music]
Are you
waiting for someone?
What makes you think that?
Because you have
two cups of coffee.
Normally when
somebody has two cups of coffee
it's for two
different people.
Yeah, well,
that's not the case.
You want it, Walter?
[light music]
Black with
three Sweet'n Lows.
You and Charlie take
your coffee the same way.
Hey, Walter.
You think Charlie hates me?
She never told me
that, but the employees-
- What?
The employees.
They hate me, right?
I never heard say
anyone say they hated you.
They say that you're
a heartless son of a bitch.
But Charlie says
that you have a heart
but that it's buried
so deep that nobody
will ever be
able to find it.
What about you, Walter?
You think I have a heart?
Yeah, Mr. Peterson, you
most definitely have a heart.
Otherwise you
wouldn't be alive.
Well, there is that.
[light music]
[birds chirping]
[flowers rustling]
[wings flapping]
Thought I'd try one last time
to talk
Michael off the ledge.
Oh, well I'm so
sorry you missed him.
Truth be told,
I don't know where he is.
We've kind of avoided
each other this morning.
Lake Livingston.
We were 16 on
summer vacation.
[laughs] We caught
the ugliest fish I ever saw.
Don called you guys
the three musketeers.
My dad called us
the three stooges.
How is Frank?
God, he looks like a
different person when he smiles.
I wonder if he
remembers how.
Don't give up on him, Charlie.
Please don't
give up on him.
I mean, Lord knows
I've been trying,
but we're
running out of time.
Has he ever talked
to you about DJ?
Has he ever talked
to you about that night?
Me neither.
Barb, we never should've
been there that night.
I was the one who-
- Stop.
Don't do that to yourself.
It's like my greatest
nightmare is coming true.
You know,
Michael, this entire town,
it's all about to crumble
away and there's nothing,
nothing I can do
about it and I just...
I just feel like I
let everybody down.
Charlene Clarke, you
could never let us down.
[phone ringing]
You're kidding.
Okay, I'll be there in 10.
Michael's at Flanagan's
and he's had one too many.
I'll go get him.
[light music]
- Take care.
- Thank you for the tea.
[door clicks]
[engine rumbling]
[Michael laughing]
Your mom couldn't make it.
Are you my ride?
[Michael laughs]
[crickets chirping]
[Michael sighs]
[door thuds]
No what?
I'm not disappointed.
I'm sorry I've
been such an asshole.
Witty and charming.
The seventh
stage of drunkenness.
Hey, let's do
something crazy tonight.
[laughs] Bulletproof, wasted.
Let's do something crazy.
[light music]
[keys jingling]
[crickets chirping]
[light music]
What the hell
are we doing here?
We're gonna talk about what
happened up there that night.
Oh, this is sick.
You asked for
something crazy.
you take me home.
we're not going anywhere.
Who the hell do
you think you are?
A friend.
Not many of us left,
That's it,
I'm done.
[door thuds]
[light music]
talk to me, damn it!
Just what I need,
another shrink.
Now get the
hell out of my way.
Go ahead, run away!
Your specialty.
You know what?
Two Peterson
boys that died night.
Problem is one of
them's still breathing. Barely.
[DJ] Oh, come on,
you can't be serious.
[Michael] Henry!
[light dramatic music]
[Michael screams]
[metal clangs]
go get your brother!
Why don't you go
get him, Charlie?
I've had
enough of his shit.
Come on,
- Oh, come on.
- Sorry, DJ,
we're outta here,
- Guys!
- You're on your own.
[door clangs]
get down here!
[light dramatic music]
Mikey, you okay?
Come on, Mikey!
Where are you?
Mikey, come on.
Where are you?
Answer me.
[light dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[both screaming]
[metal clangs]
[body thuds]
[light dramatic music]
[somber music]
It was all my fault.
it wasn't.
DJ was drunk and he fell.
You don't understand,
that's not what happened.
Okay, then help me,
help me understand.
I was the
one who screamed.
I wanted to
scare the hell outta him.
When he got up there,
I ran right at him.
That's what
really happened.
I killed my brother.
Never told that to anyone.
it was a mistake.
It was an accident.
It was an accident, we were
all drunk, stupid teenagers.
Nobody killed anybody.
He was always
looking out for me.
Yeah, because he loved you.
[somber music]
[paper rustling]
[somber music continues]
[traffic humming]
[metal clanging]
Attention all employees,
general meeting at 10 a.m.
General meeting at 10 a.m.
[light music]
When was the
last time you slept?
That bad, huh?
I hope you know what
you're doing, boss.
Yeah, me too.
At least smile back at her.
It's not against company policy.
Or even talk to her.
What facts do
you have for me today?
Come on, Walter,
I don't have all day.
I got a speech to make.
In order to offset some of
the raw material cost increases
we should raise prices
on our number twos by 6%.
3% this month
and 3% on January 1st.
I also have some
ideas on how we can buy
our cedar at
a cheaper price.
These aren't facts.
Those are recommendations.
Hey, Walter.
Delivering the
mail's a worthy profession,
but how about
doing something different?
[Walter] Like what?
Something that would require
a little decision making.
But what if my
decisions are wrong?
Can I borrow that?
Here's a pencil fact
you're not gonna find
in any book
or on the internet.
Everyone, and I mean
everyone who's ever used
one of these has
used both ends of it.
[Walter sighs]
All hands
on deck meeting?
I thought I'd let everyone
know what's going on.
What is going on?
[light dramatic music]
[muffled talking]
I have a
confession to make.
When I was growing up
I was jealous of all of you.
Jealous that my
dad had to split his time
between his
family and this company.
I wanted him to spend more
time with my brother and me.
What I didn't understand
is that he was spending
all of his time
with his family because
you were his family too.
He was so
proud of all of you.
Proud that your
kids could go to college
on company scholarships.
He was proud to
be from Penciltown.
But times have changed
and we haven't
changed with the times.
[Woman] Spit it out.
Peterson Pencil's on the
verge of going bankrupt.
You see,
we owe the bank a lot of money
and we have no way
of paying it back right now.
What do we do?
Option number one:
sell the company,
use the money from
the sale to pay off the bank.
Easy and clean.
What are the
chances that they're
gonna keep
this plant open?
[everyone groaning]
[muffled talking]
That's why if you
all agree I'm voting
for option number two.
What is that?
Charlie put this together.
It contains
hundreds of ideas,
your ideas on how
to bring this company
into the 21st century.
Implement these and maybe,
just maybe,
we can
refinance with another bank.
It is not gonna be easy
and there are gonna
have to be some sacrifices.
What kinda sacrifices?
An across the
board 15% pay cut,
no exceptions, everybody.
[muffled talking]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whose idea was that?
It was mine.
it was the only way to guarantee
that nobody gets laid off,
nobody gets fired.
Who here wants to
see this company die?
No one.
so then who is with us?
We can do this!
You will not
lose your jobs.
Come on,
Come on, come on.
[everyone clapping]
[people cheering]
And one more thing.
Walter Wilson
will be working with us
on all our
efficiency improvements.
- Aw.
- Walter!
Oh, my God. [everyone clapping]
[light music]
Bravo! [everyone cheers]
[light music]
[hands clapping]
[machines whirring]
[pencils rattling]
- Hey!
- Hey!
[light music continues]
[machines clacking]
[machines whirring]
[light music]
[muffled talking]
["Deck the Halls"]
[muffled talking]
Hey, uh,
did you call me?
Yeah, we made a
profit last month
and we haven't
even hit our stride yet.
[Leona clears throat]
Michael, Mr. Alan
Knowles is here to see you.
[Leona] He
says he knows you.
[light dramatic music]
[door squeaks]
[muffled talking]
[light music]
Like you predicted?
Paradise National sold
our note to Bluffton Capital
for seven million.
That's three
million off of face.
Who's Bluffton Capital?
Wannamaker on steroids.
Okay, so what?
With the
extension the bank gave us
and our improved profits,
we will have no problem
getting another loan.
The extension was with
the bank, not Bluffton.
Our loan
expires in three days.
They're moving the plant
to Mexico City early January.
[plastic rustling]
Your severance package.
[muffled talking]
[light music]
Seven million dollars?
You drove all the
way here to ask me that?
Sorry, Michael.
We don't give loans.
Bad business.
I thought that just this once
you could make an exception.
personally guarantee it.
Michael, nobody
would be foolish enough
to guarantee that loan.
But I do have some
really good news for you.
Ed Worthington
dropped the ball on Martin Mitt,
just as you thought.
You can pick it
up on the rebound
when you come back
at the beginning of the year.
Maybe you know someone.
A bank or a friend.
Someone who could help
us out on a temporary basis.
Haven't you learned
anything from your father?
You can stick
this up your ass.
[sirens wailing]
[engine rumbling]
[somber music]
[phone buzzing]
["The First Noel"]
[Michael sighs]
[door squeaking]
[door thuds]
No matter what your dad
would've been proud of you.
Do you remember the Christmas
when you were, I don't know,
about 10 and DJ was 12?
When you and dad went out,
DJ and I carefully unwrapped
all our gifts that
were under the tree.
We opened them,
we played with them,
we re-wrapped
them and we put them back
in the exact same spots.
[laughs] The minute you
came down for Christmas
to unwrap 'em,
we knew something was up.
DJ's Game Boy was on
when he unwrapped it.
He forgot to
take out the batteries.
[laughs] No, I
forgot that detail.
Oh, I just knew you
knew where the good stuff was.
[Mom laughs]
How do you know
all these people?
I don't, not really.
That and mostly
their kids and grandkids
of people who
worked at the factory.
Yep, Gertie's niece.
Graduated college in June.
[light music]
[phone clicking]
Okay, what was so
important that you needed
to drag me out of
bed at this ungodly hour?
I didn't, I couldn't
see it, but the money's
been here right in
front of us this whole time.
slow down.
What money? Where?
The people on the scholarship
list, our employees,
the entire town.
Sell the shares
to all of them.
The town will
own the company.
I don't the loss for
the college graduates
have contacts with potential
investors, access to capital.
[laughs] Oh my God, yes.
let's get started.
What are we waiting for?
[upbeat music]
[door squeaks]
Dr. Garcia?
Michael Peterson.
Merry Christmas to you, too.
That did,
that's amazing news.
Well, then congratulations, Pam,
'cause you are officially a
shareholder in Peterson Pencil.
All right, you take care.
[pencil rustling]
[phone ringing]
Charlie Clarke.
[Michael] Good
afternoon, Miss Clarke,
I see here that you're
a Peterson Pencil
scholarship recipient.
Uh huh.
[Michael] You are,
in fact, Ivy League?
Are you surprised?
Well, no.
Get back to work.
[Michael] I have something
important to tell you.
Oh, God, don't tell me
the plant's down again.
When were
you gonna tell us?
Tell you what?
That you're looking
for shareholders.
Here's a thousand dollars,
I wanna be part owner.
[light music]
Phil and I can go to
Niagara Falls next year.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Are you serious?
You're gonna
wanna save some of that.
[George] Merry
Christmas, Charlie.
[light music]
Think we got a shot now.
I've always wanted to
own a pencil company.
Thank you, I don't
know what to say.
Thank you so much.
Oh, wow.
There you go,
that's the spirit!
I'll around and pick that up.
Oh, Steve, I knew you
would come through for us.
You are our personal santa.
Yes, can I call you Santa?
I get to call you Santa.
- You tell Miss Jones I said hi.
- Yes, all right.
- Thank you!
- Bye bye.
Appreciate you, Norma Jean.
[Leona laughs]
- Thank you so much.
- Okay.
No, this is not a robocall.
This is Walter
Wilson from Peterson Pencil.
No, no, I understand.
Thank you for your time.
Happy holidays.
[Charlie sighs]
[muffled talking]
[Charlie sighs]
[Michael sighs]
We're finished.
Last count we were six
and a half million short.
Do you wanna
tell 'em or should I?
- I will.
- Cha ching!
Hank's Garage just
invested a thousand bucks.
Yes, yes, yes!
[everyone cheers]
- Yes!
- I got it.
[everyone clapping]
We're well on our way.
Everyone, wait,
can you quiet down?
Charlie and I
would like to thank
all of you for everything.
[Man] Oh no.
It was a valiant effort.
This doesn't sound good.
[George hums]
You think we'll
get our checks back?
[Mary scoffs]
[phone ringing]
The fact
of the matter is
we haven't
achieved the goals-
- Michael, Charlie,
hold on one second
I got a Tommy or Thompson.
I can barely make it out.
Returning your call.
Please just tell him
we'll call him back.
- Charlie very kindly-
- Wait, Leona, hold on.
Hi, yes, this is Charlie Clarke.
[light music]
[muffled talking]
[light festive music]
Sorry, folks.
Everybody's gone
home for the holidays.
Uh, we have an appointment
with a Mr. John Thompson.
Is he here?
Uh, hold on just a minute.
My favorite.
Every year I take it down and
put it up on my tree at home.
I'm John.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, and you must be
Don Peterson's son.
I'm Michael.
Thank you very much
for seeing us tonight, sir.
Oh, please, pull up a chair.
So, you've come up
short on your equity rates, huh?
We could do it if
we had more time, but-
- But we all need seven
million the day after Christmas.
Mr. Thompson-
- Please,
call me John.
I know we're not the
most cutting edge company
to invest in,
but please understand that
we have hard working
employees and they don't deserve
to lose
everything because of-
- Michael, no need to explain.
Does Harriett Moseley still
run that little coffee shop
on Main Street?
Uh, no, Harriett passed
away about 10 years ago.
Millie, her granddaughter, runs
it now.
Stayed in the family.
That's good.
I can't tell you how
many times I sat at that counter
and devoured a hot
fudge sundae after school.
You know, back then
there weren't many places
that would allow
people like me to do that.
But good old Harriett
made me feel right at home.
And then your grandfather
granted me that scholarship.
[light music]
You'll get every
penny that you need
the day after Christmas.
A bank I represent,
they'll loan it to you.
Just like that?
Well, it will require
my personal guarantee,
but at my age I'm
willing to take the risk.
There is one condition.
I understand Paradise
Elementary needs new computers.
Now, when the
factory gets back on its feet,
what do you say
that the three of us,
we make that happen?
[Charlie laughs]
John, I don't even
know what to say.
Michael, when the deal is
done the conversation's over.
Besides, I gotta get
to my granddaughter's
Christmas Eve dinner.
[John sighs]
Here you are, my dear.
Give her a good home.
Now you guys go
have a wonderful holiday.
You just made a lot
of people very happy.
Merry Christmas.
[upbeat festive music]
[engine rumbling]
[everyone cheering]
[everyone clapping]
Peterson Pencil's always
belonged to this town,
and now it
officially does.
Yes, yes, yes!
[everyone cheers]
One more thing,
one more thing.
Effective immediately, Peterson
Pencil will get a new CEO.
Hold on,
not so fast!
We're all shareholders now.
[Woman] Tell him, Mary!
we get a say, right?
You're right,
just don't kill me.
[Michael laughs]
So, by a show of hands.
It's my pleasure to
submit for your consideration
my nomination for the position
of CEO, Charlene Clarke.
[everyone cheers]
[Everyone] Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!
At least I got my baby
to come home in time.
- [everyone cheers]
- Cheers!
[Man] Give her a kiss,
[everyone cheers]
- Lucy, Lucy, heck yeah!
- Hey!
[light music]
I guess that
little talk we had
kinda made an
impression, huh?
Good job, DJ.
Uh, uh, yeah, thank you.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Gramps.
Did you know that you
can write with a pencil
in zero gravity,
underwater and upside down?
That's a fact.
Walter, you ever try to
write with a pencil underwater?
Then how do
you know for sure?
Remember when I told Gramps
that you weren't a friend?
[Michael hums]
the fact is, I was wrong.
[light music]
[Michael chuckles]
Thanks, buddy.
There's someone
you should meet, yeah?
All right.
- [Mary] I can't believe I'm saying this
- Hi Walter.
You did it,
kid. You did it.
Just a beer.
To you, the man
who saved this town.
No, this town saved me.
So, um, I guess Wannamaker
will be glad to get you back.
Who said anything
about going back?
What? Don't tell me.
You quit Wannamaker?
You don't have a job,
what are you gonna do?
I'm gonna teach small
town companies how to eat,
not get eaten.
You can't make a
living doing that.
You're thinking with your heart,
not your head.
My father thought
with his heart,
so thanks for
the compliment.
And I may even
have my first client.
A company that makes baseball
gloves in Mishawaka, Indiana.
I can't believe it.
And get this.
I'm setting up shop
right here in Paradise.
In this hick town?
You see, I'm in
love with a girl here.
She's got a
very important job,
lots of people
depend on her.
Okay, so let me just
get this straight.
You made an
emotional business decision?
This girl I was
telling you about,
she taught me
that it could be done.
I was hoping to keep
this behind closed doors
for the time being.
Yeah, no doors in
Paradise, just doorways.
Kiss her already.
[everyone laughs]
I love you, Charlie.
I always have.
I love you, too.
Welcome home.
[upbeat music]
[everyone cheers]
Just glad to see ya
Summer's soon, yeah
Yeah, you think
Yeah, baby
[light music]
[light music continues]
[upbeat jazz music]
[man humming]
[woman humming]
[light music]
[light music]