Saving Private Tootsie (2002) Movie Script

Hello audiences. You're now...
...with AT-TEN the show that provides
you with complete entertainment.
The interview today's about
the plane crash tragedy...
...that we heard about.
The people on board...
...and the crew
were rescued right away...
...but there was a special
group of people on board...
Or the group that we call "queers".
They passed the life crisis
from that tragic accident.
How does the story go?
Please welcome them.
How were you involved
in this tragic accident?
Well, I was very sad the time.
Somying invited me for a trip.
I thought travelling
would help me forget...
...but instead I found myself
with another unforgettable event.
The plane crash wasn't a big deal...
...but where it crashed
concerned me the most.
We've a report from an airdrome
control tower...
...that the plane's crashed on the
border our neighboring country.
Is that the fighting area?
Yes, firing has been made legal
to suppress the rebellion...
...and to exterminate
the narcotic organization.
How are we going
to respond to that, sir?
We have coordinated
with the neighboring countries...
...asking for help.
Excuse me, sir.
I must admit that
I was very confused.
It was very dark, but I was conscious
and trying to get out of the plane.
It was covered with smoke
when we got out. Very spooky...
...but when we got out we opened our
big mouths and screamed for help.
Oh! Help! Help me! Help me! Ohh...
I lost my strength,
then someone approached...
...and ask me how
I ended up sitting there.
What are you doing here?
I felt naked and ashamed...
...but why the heck did he ask me
why I was sitting there?
Was he dumb or what?
Sem, are you hurt?
No, Jaew, I am alright.
If you're alright, let's get going.
You go! I am old.
I'm not going anywhere.
If you aren't going,
I'm not going either.
And Chicha, she was drinking
during the whole flight time.
She was still drunk
after the crash.
We're there already? Why the hell
didn't it land smoothly?
hit me with another two drinks.
Bitch! The plane crashed!
Run bitch! Run!
Move out of my way!
Go the other way!
Go the other way! Damn!
Are you going to sit
on my ass until I'm out of breath?
This way, Cherry. Cherry,
What is going on with Chicha?
Jaew, help me!
He is alright, but drink.
Cherry, Please stop crying.
We have survived, haven't we?
Everyone's fine.
Why are you crying?
No... I was thinking about Sombat.
What the hell!
I've had a boob job! Pretty?
Oh, Shit! Bah...
Chok, let go off me.
What the fuck
do you think you are doing?
But I'm in love with you.
Love? What the fuck!
You're my friend...
...for God's sake!
I really love you.
You old bitch! Sem...
...sorry, I don't mean to.
No. No. I sad no.
Don't bother me.
I will not go... No...
I'm going now, Sem.
Sir, we're found
a crowd of soldiers at crash.
Get rid of them.
No! Don't shoot!
Jaew, wait for me!
Wait for me!
Don't shoot me.
I am fairy.
Help me! Help me!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
The government of the neighboring
country is gathering armed forces... search for survivors.
Currently, there are ninety-eight
survivors receiving help.
The rest of the victims
are believed to be dead.
But the bodies
haven't yet been found.
The rescue operation is in progress.
Natchanan Prekpiboon reported
from Mongtai Camp.
It was because you were running as
if you were in a hellhole.
How would I know, sis?
People were shooting like crazy.
Gosh, what a stupid fairy!
Yeah, look who's talking.
Aren't you one of us?
Get real, hon!
I am a woman and you are daisy.
Sure, your kind is what's called
"transformation genes"...
...isn't it ballsy? With the body of
XX genes and the guts of XY genes, have. Why don't you stuff
the ovary inside?
With that you can become
a complete female. Chicha.
That this enough!
Don't you realize that
we're in deep shit. Stop bitching!
Well, look at the way
this fruitcake talks to me.
Somying, why don't you be a dear
and go talk to those guys?
Let's take those fags
back to the village.
Maybe we can trade them for some
weapons from the thais.
Don't do it! They would be a burden
and why the hell would...
...the Thai Government trade
valuable weapons for these weirdos.
Just let them die in the forest.
Hello, hello,
Hello, excuse me.
Excuse me. Where we are...
Bitch, we can speak Thai.
Thank goodness you can speak Thai!
So you must be Thai.
Where do live? Never mind,
Where are we?
Could you get us out of here?
If you did,
I would do anything you want.
Oh, right, you guys live
in the big forest, you must be Karen.
We support you guys.
What the hell!
We aren't Karen. We are Shan.
We support the Shan anyway.
We really support both.
Could you get us out of here?
You can just lead me back...
and I will send you the money later.
I promise that I would... Ekk!
Take them back to village.
The Shan soldiers propose that
the Thai Government pick up...
...the survivors at this point...
...then take them to the helicopter
and fly back to Thailand.
We've few options because they're
in the 'free to fire' area.
The chance of encountering
and fighting with the neighboring... is high because they might
think that we're trying to sneak...
...into their lands to communicate
with the Shan.
Because of this, we'd better ask
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs... help in this rescue operation.
Accordingly, there is nothing
we can do...
...but they are Thais
and we must help them.
OK, let's do it, I would like to ask
if you would bring them back.
Yes, sir.
Then take four to five soldiers
with you.
You must enter the military school.
I have a friend who could get you in.
If you do that,
I would give you anything.
You would be restored.
Fine, give me a husband.
Where the hell do you think
you are running to?
Come back!
I want you to study,
so you won't be gay.
OK, that is enough.
You could have killed him!
He is your son no matter what.
This fucking gay virus.
It must be cured by these feet.
Hey, Tis, how is your wife?
Why are you asking?
Bah, I care about your wife!
Comrades, your duty is to bring
the Thai survivors back home.
You must risk your life for this.
If you do not want
to volunteer, step back!
Look at those things! Look at those!
What is this?
It must be possessed.
Hey, dance well, dance nicely.
Being gay, you must dance beautifully
...or I will shoot the hell out of
your guts. Dance! Dance!
Dance well
and will give you some tips.
Don't itch! Don't itch!
End of round.
Line up for the next round.
First come first served.
Don't snatch.
Look out!
Line up properly!
All of you will get to dance
and watch, don't snatch!
Hey, look, don't snatch,
you will all get a turn!
The hot sister with the red shirt
comes directly from Thailand.
The sister in pink has big boobs.
The sister in the blue is pretty coy
I've to spread my ass dancing till
the sunrise for sure.
Fine! It's better than being tied up.
Hell! Whatever!
Maybe I can have
the foreign beef as a treat!
Chicha, don't ask for too much
beef as they might be horny...
...and you will be in trouble.
Great! I was abstaining
for a couple of days. Stay still...
...mommy will take you out for
a special fighting session tonight!
Your fag instinct is so pouring out.
We fairies must eat men,
mustn't we?
This mama will take
two hard ones today.
Get ready to receive your garland.
Each person will get one.
Each one can give you bliss
and enrapture your mind.
Don't snatch.
Each one of you will get one.
Stop! Calm down,
I asking for a flower.
Maybe next round, this round
I will be dancing. Trust me!
Next round...
You wicked husband!
What is wrong with my peach?
You want the asshole bad, don't you?
Forgot what you have and going...
...for something new bastard!
Go home now, you son of a bitch!
Come! Now! Go home! What the hell
is wrong with my hot stuff?
The rest of you just keep dancing.
Don't interfere with them.
That's between husband and wife.
It's none of our business.
Get out, get out!
It's freaking late! Why the fuck
do they want us to dance!
Are you coming out or what?
Yes, sir.
I am sorry sir.
I don't want you. I want this one.
Where's the money?
She's going to be raped for sure.
What do you thinks, Ying?
Where is this place?
Don't know.
What? Where are you going
to interrogate me?
Don't know.
It's late. What do you want from me?
I don't know.
Oh, What's your name?
It's Yao. Hell!
Why are you asking me?
I am the interrogator.
What's your name?
I'm Somchok.
Thai women sure have
sweet-sounding name.
Somchok, right?
Are you cold?
I like you.
Why are you here?
I don't know. I was born with
those damn soldiers shooting my ass.
I'd to move to many places.
I don't know why the fuck.
I've to be fucked all the time.
How unfortunate!
The worse I get is being thrown
out of the house...
...or meeting insincere man.
Bah, Why were you thrown out?
They can't accept who I am.
Why can't they accept you?
I'm a fairy.
Why the hell
do you have to be a fag?
Hey, why are you talking
to me that way?
You're a small crowd like us.
Why are you scolding me?
You're no better.
What in the hell
are you talking about!
You talk as if queers
are a big crowd. Yeah, right!
If you're going to talk this way,
let's fight! Come!
Fine! Come now!
Base! Base!
We've spotted the helicopter
crossing our border.
We've spotted the helicopter
crossing our border.
Send the soldiers
to get rid of them.
Yes, sir.
Report to the headquarter,
report to the headquarter.
We suspect that are communicating
with Shan.
OK. To, Noy.
Yes, sir.
Will catch up with you soon, Somchok.
Loving while at war! Cherry,
went to get home? Hurry!
Go! Run! Go! Hurry up.
Oh, fuck!
Pakorn, take everyone and run.
Keeping my heart in the chest,
ought not true love.
Bored with changes,
it does not care and gives no hope.
It's like a person with a body,
but with no soul...
...not looking or listening.
Then you walk in,
coming in the chest.
The chest that is forever closed...
...because of the love
that is cracked...
...forgive the drunken mind.
Come share my weariness.
Come and cheer
this worthless person.
To make sure
that myself has meaning.
Please take care of Somchock.
Tis, send out the news.
We have received our stuff.
Send us the bird
as soon as possible.
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
We're got the merchandise.
Doctor, help us!
Sida. Our son is shot! Sida.
Hey, get the doctor.
Panglong. Panglong.
Panglong, there're people laying
an ambush and shooting.
Thais, they must have betrayed us.
Yes, they're fooling us
into talking them back...
...and now those fuckers
are hitting us from behind!
Tell our new set of comrades that...
...we're going to hunt
those renegades. Go!
He is just like me...
...but it just so happens
he is pretty. I am not pretty.
Damn me!
What a pity that
I was not born pretty!
Captain, take a look at
500 maters ahead, there is a battle.
Take a circuitous route on
the east side and back on the way.
Why the circuitous route?
We're dying just by
walking straight!
We might encounter the Karen.
Aren't they behind?
Those are the Shan.
Then why don't we go West.
We might encounter the Wa.
Why the hell are there so many
terrorist tribes!
Can't they just be friends!
Shut up! Your gay
tribe plays with the asshole!
I don't belong to those gay tribes
that you're referring to.
Yeah, you're the millennium type,
you're the noble lady.
You're the type with no alliance
at all, in middle of nowhere!
What happened?
No clue!
Bug off!
Could we please stop?
Could we please stop?
Hello, everyone,
could we please stop for a little.
Many of us can't walk any longer.
I can't go on. Oh, no, I am fainting!
Oh! I am fainting.
It hurts badly.
Captain, my leg is hurt.
Sergeant Rueng. I can't go on.
Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!
OK, let's rest for 10 minutes.
Hey bro! Before we come...
...Sergeant Rueng beat the shit
out of couples like you.
Captain, 5 minutes should be enough.
We've to take it
to the helicopter on time.
I just gave a 10 minute order.
What is going on with you?
Those people need rest.
Comrades, go check
the road 200 maters ahead of us.
Being a straight man is fine...
why the fuck...
If we can't make it to
the helicopter...'ll have to be a fairy ghost
guardian in this forest. FAG!
What happened?
I don't know English...
I need a rest when I am tired.
What the fuck...
...does it have to do wit being gay?
Their duty
is to lead us back safely.
They must be stressed.
They're probably stressed about us
being flamers.
Queers are foxy with great stuff.
Try our cute hot stuff...
...and you would feel as if you were
in heaven. Try us...
Zip it! I'm nervous.
We'll leave you here alone
if you don't.
OK, if you're going to dump me
for joking around, go ahead.
I'm tired because I'm tired,
not because I'm gay.
I'm also tired because of my human
constitution and why the hell...
...does Sem have to specifically
be exhausted today!
Bah! I know I am old.
But bear in mind that one day
you will be old as well.
How's that? They blame us queer.
It is wrong to be tired
only because we are gay.
They aren't cursing the old fag.
They're chastising...
...the despicable drag!
Aren't we all despicable?
You can be despicable all you want.
Leave the others.
What the hell! I didn't do anything.
Why are you scolding me?
Chicha! Shut up!
How can I shut up? Look at
the way they are talking to us!
If they don't really want
to help us, Why are they here?
OK, it looks like you have got
your strength back. Let's move on.
Shit! You big mouth!
We can't get any more rest.
"Frog Jumping"
"Frog Jumping"
"Frog Jumping"
"Frog Jumping"
Hey! He said sit!
Oh, sit? Then why were
you telling us to frog jump.
Line up and follow Rueng.
Why do we have to talk this way?
If a person in the front stop...
...we all have to stop. Walking
this way will slow our progress.
Sis, if you want to know, run and
ask him yourself! Stop complaining!
Don't think too much. We walk in
a straight line so we can...
...penetrate each others asses.
Oh, what about the person in front?
He can penetrate
those Burmese asses.
I'm the most beautiful one so
I get both ass and stick.
Chicha, use your mouth wisely...
...not rottenly.
Bah, a sweet-smelling mouth you've!
As if you never use your mouth
to get dirty.
Excuse me, I do not need to. Don't
compare me with the likes of you.
I'm not a two-in-one like you're.
You've to dress like a woman...
...when you want to get a man
and show some tricks at the cafe.
You and I are different species.
Yeah, different species.
If you don't call yourself a fairy,
...what the hell are you?
You lactobacillus.
Chicha, you're crossing the line!
Noy, we call them queers
around my neighbourhood.
What the fuck does your
neighbourhood call these things?
My neighbourhood has none of these.
We got rid of them.
Sem, Are you OK?
Sergeant Rueng.
Fag! What the fuck do you want?
Why do you hate us so much?
If you hate us, don't help us.
Leave! It's my life.
It'd better to get up and walk. You
could get the others into trouble.
We don't have much time.
Get moving!
Sem, hurry up.
Other people could be in trouble,
you know?
Damn sis! What your mouth!
Instead of giving encouragement...'re blaming others!
Get out of my way now.
Hey Cherry, you have been shot!
Damn, your boob is busted.
"Frog Jumping"
"Frog Jumping"
"Frog Jumping"
There are batter roads to talk.
Why the hell
do we have to be on this one!
Bitch, are you going to lead me
or am I to lead?
No, don't walk that way. No!
Hey, stop!
There is a bomb there.
I am not moving.
What am I stepping on?
Don't move.
Hell! It was only a piece of wood.
Don't panic.
I almost peed myself.
I am sorry.
I am really sorry. Hey, I am sorry.
Can't you hear? Hey, Noy!
If you stepped on a bomb... would I tell your family.
Tell my family that
I fought for the country...
...don't tell them that
I fought for these fagots.
Excuse me. We queers are not frightened. hat kind of a soldier are you?
I didn't mean for that to happen.
Why do you have to be frightened
about such a small thing? What a...
...soldier! If I fucking die,
I will come back and haunt you.
I told you to be quiet.
Do you understand?
If you don't stop talking,
I will stuff my feet in your mouth.
This fucking disease
must be cured by my feet!
Lieutenant Rueng... must be calmer.
You might mislead our comrades.
They're my subordinates.
I won't mislead them, but chief...
...think about it.
Is it worth risking our lives?
Hey brother, can I have a light?
A light, please?
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
"Going Home Call Base".
Can't communicate, Sir!
Hello, sir! This is Sompong.
We have the goods
at the meeting point, sir!
Kindly send us the bird.
Thank you.
Chief Sompong...
...can I borrow a phone to call home?
We queers have no rights
to make a call.
No, it's not like that. I mean about
being gay or not being gay.
So, you are trying to economize.
Hello, sir. This is Sompong, sir,
we are waiting at the meeting point.
I would like to know
the arrival time of the bird.
We are currently having a problem.
We are unable to send you the bird.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is
against us sending the bird.
You must walk back home.
Yes, sir!
Sergeant Rueng, get ready to depart.
We're leaving
and heading back to our country.
What do you mean?
What about the helicopter?
We don't have it.
Hold on!
What is that supposed to mean?
I said we don't have it.
They said they do not have
a budget queers.
What about Sem?
How is he supposed to walk?
He's as big as a buffalo.
Who would carry him?
A buffalo is better than an iguana.
Sis, why did you say such a thing?
What the hell are you trying to say?
I means what I said.
Or do you want to carry him?
Selfish! Your ancestor never taught
you morals, did they?
They probably teach you wicked ideas
and that is why they are fucked.
Thanks. At least my ancestor
taught me how to survive.
Be quiet! Stop bitching!
You be quiet.
You are about to leave us,
aren't you?
Must be just you.
I'm not going to be a burden.
I'm still young not old like that.
Chief, there're soldiers fully
armed coming this way.
Hey, they're this way.
Don't. Don't shoot me!
Put your weapon down.
Put it down. Put it down.
Put down your weapon!
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun!
Bitch! Drop it.
Drop the gun. I said drop it.
Bitch! You fucker, drop the gun!
I said drop all of your weapons now!
Brothers, don't drop your weapons.
They'll shoot!
You leader is going to make you die.
They betrayed us!
We didn't betray anyone!
Don't you realize that your leader
is going to make you die?
Even if we dropped our weapons,
they are still going to shoot us!
We've a better chance
of taking you down, bitch!
Better chance? Yeah, come and take me!
Come now.
I'll count to ten.
If you don't drop your weapons,
I'll shoot.
I beg of you.
Please drop the weapons!
I'm not going to.
This is my homeland.
Bitch, we'll all die if you don't.
If I die...
...those fagots must die first.
Good. Let them die.
Why are you talking this way?
Are you out of your mind?
Don't shoot me. Don't shoot!
Stop, Sergeant Rueng!
If you let them shoot me... will die!
What the fuck are you doing?
You think I am afraid?
What? What happened?
You shoot!
Go, go fast you son of a bitch.
What the fuck did you just do?
What the fuck did you do?
Sergeant, don't come any closer
or I will shoot.
You are going to shoot me?
Fine, do it.
But before you shoot,
you must learn how.
I should shoot your head now,
shouldn't I?
Think you are smart, huh?
Think you are smart, huh?
Chief, help! Ying, help!
Think you are smart, huh?
OK. OK. That's enough.
Fine, smart ass!
Ying, help! Ying!
I said enough!
Fight me?
Wanna fight?
...if you don't,
I will have to shoot you.
Chief, are you going crazy?
You are going to shoot your comrade
for those fagots?
...seize his gun!
I said seize his gun now! Do it!
Seize his gun!
Bro, I'm sorry.
I've to follow orders.
Don't be mad at me!
I didn't want to shoot.
I just slept with her last night.
Hold on!
Let's wait for their big boss.
Move. Move.
Don't follow them.
We will lay an ambush by the river.
Water, Water, Water.
Don't use it if it's not necessary.
OK. I know.
Just look after yourself...
...and try to cross the border.
Jaew, do you think
we will make it back to thailand?
Of course.
We'll make it for sure.
I think it's going
to be only you who can't make it.
Why are you talking to me that way?
Because the chief was shot
and he cannot give orders...
...and Sergeant Rueng
is likely to hurt you.
What do you want me to do?
Escape with me.
You might have a higher
chance of surviving.
We're so close to the Thai border.
Who the hell is that?
Come out or I'll shoot!
Don't shoot.
I'm coming out.
It's me. Please don't!
What are you doing here?
Taking a piss!
What the fuck!
Why the hell were you pissing there?
Sergeant, no!
What? What is it?
This is none of your business!
Rueng, don't do it.
You are going to mess everything up!
What the hell do you think
I am going to do?
You won't gain anything
from killing them.
You son is still going to be gay.
What the hell does it have to do
with my son? You fucking child... must want to die bad,
Want to die?
Drop it or I will have to shoot you!
OK, Pakorn, shoot me!
Shoot me! Shoot me now!
Please, sergeant, I beg of you!
OK, shoot me. Queers, male, female,
I don't want to be anything anymore.
I am a fag who has no parents.
Go ahead!
What are you waiting for?
Shoot me!
We have received an update
from the plane crash.
Can I have some corn?
There is a special rescue operation,
but the government official denies
that there is such an operations.
Poke, that is your father.
However, we have been able to confirm
our report from trustworthy sources
...that there is something wrong
with the operation.
The soldiers and the survivors
are stuck between the two border.
That's your father.
Your father's on television.
Wow, we have to celebrate
this-your dad is battling.
No one will hit you noe!
Fabulous! From now on, he can wear
whatever he wants and become...
...a real woman!
There would be no one to stop him.
Right! Then,
let's drink to Poke's freedom!
Whole glass!
I don't understand.
What the hell!
Am I a man or a woman?
I have tried everything I could.
I had operations and everything.
Why can't you accept that?
How long with this whole
thing haunt me?
Was it so bad to be me?
I want to know.
If you have kids,
would you remain this way?
Be honest! One day, if you have kids,
would you allow them to be gay?
Wait until they cross the river
and then shoot!
Can you leave one alive?
I beg of you.
Chief... of us is wounded...
...and we are running out of bullets.
And Rueng...
Sergeant Rueng, let's get going!
Chief, please discharge me!
I can't take travelling
with these freaks and longer.
But I need help!
We are here and
me must help them as much as we can.
Let's bygones be bygones.
I understand how you feel...
...but we must cross the border.
You must help me!
Chief, you don't understand.
I can't bear this!
Then take this gun
to protect yourself.
Noy, leave me if necessary.
Tell my wife that...
I fought for the country...
...not for these queers.
No, we can't leave him.
We must help him and take with us.
If not, I will take him myself.
Stop acting stupid.
This is real.
Do you understand?
This is something that is
out of our hands.
It's impossible.
Bug off!
Tid, I promise that I will not die...
...and I will take you back.
Wanna be a hero, right?
This is just not time for that!
Don't you understand?
With your conditions,
you can't even save your own skin.
How can you carry any one?
It's just pathetic!
This is just making me nauseous!
Do you understand?
Is it bad for a person
to perform good deeds?
Is it too funny that a fag like me
is going to help a soldier?
OK, You're great...
...but how are you going to do that?
Are you going to be alright?
Are you alright?
Yes, I am.
If you're alright, let's carry him.
I'll be a masculine fairy for a day.
OK, Let's do it.
Leave us alone. Come.
OK, let's do it.
Hurry up. Let's carry him.
OK, I am masculine today.
Let's me do the good deed.
You are so great, huh? What is it now?
?? Can't go on? Jaew, come and help!
Bah, I thought you're though!
Yeah, we're going to carry soldier.
It's just your mouth, isn't it?
Come Jaew! Help us!
Hurry up or we will be shot!
Come fast. One, two, three...
Go everyone! Let's leave.
To, lead us 200 maters ahead.
Yes, sir.
How is it?
Trying to be tough, huh?
You're so close to be living in the
after life paradise. Still tough?
Dear God, let's me cross.
I wouldn't report anything.
I would take it to court.
I wouldn't do anything anymore.
What the hell
are you babbling about!
I told you many times that
I'm not a fag.
Why are you still talking?
You're getting on my nerves!
Yeah, I know. You're transformed,
now you're a woman.
Whatever the hell
you want to be called!
But please don't transform
from a man into a wild beast.
Chief, we will reach
the river in another 100 meters.
To isn't here.
What are we going to do?
We must cross at all costs.
At 7 am today, the demolition bomb
was dropped in the Thai border...
which damaged the villagers' houses.
It was because of the government's...
...order to demolish the Karen and
the narcotic organization.
Now the armed forces
are at the border.
We'll update you as soon as
we receive more information.
Send forces for the pincer attack.
Let the Shan
run across the river.
When the Thais
reject them at the border...
...they'll just come back and
we'll easily be able to kill them.
Yes, sir.
Chief, let's take this opportunity
and cross the river.
Go! Run! Cross!
Go! Go!
Don't come closer!
Don't come closer!
Don't come closer!
Don't come closer!
I said don't!
Don't shoot! I surrender!
Send the helicopter to the river
and kill them all.
It seems like heaven deliberately
makes thing difficult for us...
when we were born, born with a body
which does not match the mind.
My mind is a woman
and my body is a man...'s like a beautiful flower
that stinks.
I want to scream so
the world would know...
...why is it that we are wrong.
Is it wrong that
my heart is a woman?
Is ti wrong that my body is a man?
I don't understand...
who would understand?
The flower has no rights to choose
the insects to smell.
So, we face this karma over
and over again...
...we are the hidden pink flower.
We are the hidden pink flower.
Don't come! I said don't!
Don't shoot!
I am Thai!
Don't shoot!
I am Thai!
Let's me pass!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
I am Thai!
There are some Thai people in here.
Sir, There are some
Thai people in there.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
I am Thai!
It wasn't unfortunate
for us that the plane crashed.
We're unfortunate because
we were born abnormally.
Because of that event,
although we were unfortunate... be born with
the wrong sexual organs...
...we're still lucky to have been
born in the right place.
Is Sem going to survive?
He isn't in a come, but...
we're sorry to tell you that we have
to cleave his reproduction organ.
Why the hell are you here?
What if people know
that my son is gay!
How shameful that is!
You aren't dead!
No, I'm not dead.
You want me dead bad, huh?
I'll be a soldier if you want.
I'll do anything you want...
...just don't go to war.
What is with you?
You becoming a soldier?
What the hell!
Get out of my face. Go way!
I love my son!
Thank you!
I want...
Dad! There is a fag
in our square fish net.