Saving You, Saving Me (2019) Movie Script

Stop saying my daughter!
My daughter!
That's it?
So we should forget
about the prophecy
and the consequences?
I dont care about the prophecy.
Let them find someone else!
Someone else?
She must fulfill her destiny.
Let's just... let's just
take her away.
- Go away. Let's go...
- Where? Where?
The only way is to put things
to the blood regionals.
I'm her father. I love her
just as much as you do.
You dont love her!
If you love her,
you'll find another way.
I have!
I'm not doing this
for the order.
I'm doing this to save her.
If the Scandals
get a hold of her
before the rituals take place...
they'll kill her.
The signature immortality
lies within the rituals
being performed.
It's her birthright.
And the only thing
that will keep her safe.
Every year afterwards,
she will become stronger
and stronger
until her 21st birthday
where she will become
more stronger and more powerful
than any vampire
who's ever walked
the face of this earth.
Please! Please!
- Please!
- It's begun with her.
So it can only end with her!
I have a purpose in this world.
I know it.
Please help me.
Tell me what that purpose is.
Pass me a lighter would you?
- Dont smoke in my car.
- What the hell is your problem?
You're the one who decided
to end it with Amber.
Don't you ever
say her name again.
Still little sensitive. I see.
Pass me a lighter would you?
Fine. I'll get it myself.
You want to smoke?
Take it outside.
This plan is so good.
Yeah, she's right.
I like it too.
What are you doing?
We're making a plan.
What for?
What did I tell you
about saying her name?
We talked it over,
and we realized
we had to get revenge on her.
My girls and I,
we have this little motto
we go by.
"We hurt those who hurt us."
What the hell
are you guys talking about?
She never hurt you guys.
What the hell are you doing?
Put that out now!
You know, I still dont get
what your problem is.
You've been acting like this
for the past two days now.
And I dont get it.
I mean, you're the one
who ended it with Amber.
So, this plan...
tell me all about it.
What is it?
I'm sorry.
I was just thinking about them.
I understand.
It's normal.
Especially since you just
got here.
I just wish
I could have done something.
Your parents
had terminal cancer.
There was nothing
you could have done.
But stay by their side
and love them.
You feel like family to me.
That's 'cause we're family.
We're brothers.
- So, last night was fun.
- Last night was fun.
How do you like the stew?
Mm, it's okay.
Why can't we eat human anymore?
Boss, may I talk to you
for a moment?
Yes, come in, Robert.
Please take a seat.
Sorry to bother you right now,
but Tom does not want to train
today and he's not listening
to me. So, you think that...
Is everything alright?
I need to talk to you Robert?
What's wrong?
I need you to do
an assignment for me?
Who is it?
Before I tell you,
I need your word
that you won't tell
a single soul about this.
You have my word.
This is not
one of our everyday cases.
I want you to find the girl
named Amber,
train her, and bring her here.
Boss, I've done that before.
This one's very special,
for you and for everyone else.
Because soon
she'll be your new boss.
Why would we need a new boss?
You've been our boss
for centuries.
Because Robert,
I'm not going to be here
for very much longer.
- Why? But...
- I'm going to the Scandals
- in a few days and...
- Why would you even think
of going to the Scandals.
Because if I dont go to them,
they'll come here.
And if they come here...
you know what could happen.
So this girl.
She's the one
weve all been waiting for.
When you find here,
never let her out of your sight.
When Scandals
find out about this,
they will not hesitate
to come after her.
When that happens,
it will be your job
to protect her,
no matter what you have to do.
I will.
I swear to you.
Is something wrong?
Boss has an assignment for me.
- What?
- I cant tell you right now.
What do you mean
you can't tell me?
You always tell me everything.
Why is this any different?
This is a special assignment.
I'll tell you more
when the time is right.
Whatever it is you're doing,
just be careful.
I love you, Rob.
Hi, what would you like?
Just give me... whatever.
I'll get you an Old Fashioned.
Old fashioned.
- Excuse me, miss?
- Yes.
You seem very familiar.
Do I know you?
No, I dont think
I've ever seen you before
in my life actually.
Well, in that case,
let me introduce myself.
- I'm Robert.
- Amber.
I dont think
I've ever met someone like you.
Well, we just met.
How do you know
I'm not just some ordinary girl
that you've met before?
Well then, how about
I get to know you then,
right here, right now?
Not up for it, huh?
Bring it.
- Ill start with something easy.
- Ok.
- How old are you?
- Twenty-one.
- What's your favorite color?
- Black.
Why do you look so surprised?
Most girls would answer
by saying pink or red.
Well, I guess I'm not like
other girls now, am I?
Let's get
to more specific questions.
Lay it on me.
Were you born here?
No. I've moved
to many different places.
What's your relationship status?
I rather not talk about that.
- What happened?
- It really doesnt matter.
You know, I may be wrong,
but I've always heard
it's better
when you talk about it.
This is a long story.
I've got all night.
I became close
with these three women,
Ruth, Claudia and Natalie.
It was really great.
Actually having friends
for once.
Until when I got to meet
Ruth's friend, Brandon.
He caught my eye suddenly
and apparently I caught his.
After that,
we started to see each other
more and more and...
it got to the point
where I would come to the place
and immediately start talking
to Brandon.
Not even acknowledging
my friends.
One day, they were acting
really weird towards me.
Different, as if they would
rather not talk to me.
When it was over,
they all walked out together
not even acknowledging me.
So, I was up to them
and asked what their deal was.
Then they just said
that they were done with me.
Eventually, it affected
my relationship so bad with him,
that he just...
walked away from me.
And then I got a text
form Brandon,
"It's over."
You know,
it really does
make me feel better
getting all that off my chest.
It just...
No one deserves to go through
what you went through, ever.
But I'm just glad
you're doing better now.
Will you do me the honor
of having this dance with me?
I dont know.
Come on. What's the worse
that could happen?
You really seem so different
from everyone else.
I was just about to say
the same thing.
Yeah, um, you know,
I completely lost track of time.
I should probably
start heading home.
- You're sure?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm positive.
- At least let me walk you home.
- No, no, no, I'm good.
I'm good.
See you soon.
Get her!
Please dont hurt me.
Oh! She hasn't changed a bit.
Still the fragile little girl
that I remember.
Yeah, she seems a lot shorter
to me, too.
Can we just do this and leave?
Hey, babe.
- Looking good?
- What's going on here?
I haven't seen you
at the place in a little while.
What happened?
We miss seeing
your pretty little face
- around there.
- We?
You're saying
you dont remember us?
Amber, I'm so disappointed.
Well, looks like she does
after all.
I have to say though, Amber,
you really haven't changed.
Ruth, what is going on?
Well, like Brandon said,
we missed you.
And we just had to come
and see you.
Aren't you happy to see us too?
I dont know.
Ruth, what happened to you?
Who did that to you?
The same person
who's going to do it to you.
Amber. Amber, hey.
Hey, it's alright. It's ok.
- You're safe now.
- Robert?
Yeah, it's me.
- Where am I?
- Youre in my house.
- Oh my God! We didn't...
- No, no!
Trust me, I would only do that
if you wanted to.
then why am I in your house?
- Well?
- Amber, you don't...
feel any different?
what happened to me last night?
You got beat up by Brandon, Ruth
and two other girls.
Oh my gosh!
I'm sorry, Amber.
So, what?
You just saw me on the street
and decided to take me
to your house?
Why do I get the feeling
that there's something
you're not telling me?
Go and look at yourself
in the mirror.
Oh my God!
Take off your sunglasses.
It's rude.
Please sit down.
Are you sure
you want to do this?
It's what needs to be done.
Hey, hey, hey!
Everything is going
to be ok, Amber.
- What's going on?
- I'll explain everything later.
But right now,
you need to drink this.
- Why would I do that?
- It'll stop you from fainting.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Please trust me.
Come on.
- How do you feel?
- Full.
I feel full.
How is that possible
after me drinking blood?
You're a vampire.
No, thats...
that's not possible.
There has to be
a logical explanation,
because vampires,
they are not real.
We are real.
And we've been around
for a long time.
If you're telling the truth,
- then prove it.
- What?
Prove it.
Why me?
Because you are chosen.
What do you mean chosen?
Youre special.
More special than anyone else.
What's so special about me?
There's a place
far, far away from here
that no one knows about
except for the people
that live there.
These people are vampires.
There's a person
called "The Boss."
He's in charge of everything
that goes on with us.
The last one we had...
he's no longer with us.
What happened?
He went to the Scandals.
Something tells me
that's not a good thing.
The Scandals are also vampires.
Only problem is,
is they are our enemy.
All their leader wants
is for the Scandals
to be the only vampires
to exist.
So, this Scandals...
did they kill him?
Their leader did. Yes.
Then why would he even
go to them?
The Boss was kind
of like a psychic.
He could always predict
the future.
All he told me was is...
if he didn't go to them,
they'd come to us.
If they come to us,
they wont stop until they kill
every single one of us.
I don't understand
Why you chose me.
What exactly do you expect me
to do to here?
Youre going to be our new boss.
- Look, I'm sorry...
- Dont you dare say sorry to me.
- I'm not sure that I'm...
- The Boss chose you
for a reason, alright.
He always choses
his people wisely.
This was meant to happen.
You were meant to do this.
Well, I'm sorry to break it
to you, but I'm not.
Come on, Amber.
If it wasn't for this,
what else would you be doing?
I could always look for a job.
Why haven't you?
Dont you think there's a reason
why you haven't gone
looking for a job,
or tried to figure out
what you could to be doing
for the rest of your life?
Dont you think there's a reason
you went through
what you went through?
My past has nothing
to do with this.
Oh, but it does.
Everything you ever went through
was like a pre-training for you.
It all just made you stronger.
You knew.
What are you talking about?
My past.
You already knew about it,
didnt you?
So, everything
was lie then, right?
Flirting with me,
pretending to be interested,
it was all because
you needed something from me...
- No. No!
- Right?
Look, yes he gave me
your information,
but I never read any of it.
And I'm supposed
to believe that?
You dont have to.
But it's the truth.
So, what then?
I'm supposed to believe
youre going to be nothing
- but honest to me from now on?
- I swear.
I swear.
But if you ever lie to me again,
I'll kill you myself.
Fair enough.
I cant handle this.
I know this is a lot to take in.
Trust me, I know.
But I believe the Boss
made me do this for a reason.
I'm glad he did.
I got the chance to meet you.
If you want me to stop,
Ill stop.
You wanted to see me, sir?
There's going to be a new boss.
I need you to find out
who it is.
Because if you dont,
we may not ever be safe again.
- What do you like me to do, sir?
- I dont care
what you have to do,
who you have to kill.
Just find who this person is
and whos protecting
this person, then tell me.
I'll handle it from there.
I didnt think
that it would be that amazing.
- I did.
- Ok, no need to brag.
What do you mean brag?
I mean, I know
that wasn't your first time.
- Wait, really?
- Dont laugh.
I'm not laughing. It just...
seemed like you knew
what you were doing.
Well, in that case,
brag as much as you want.
What is it?
It's... nothing really.
You can tell me.
you know everything about me...
but I haven't had the privilege
of getting to know you.
Well, I, uh...
didn't have much
of a regular childhood.
Or a childhood at all
for that matter.
My parents were vampires.
When I was five years old,
the member of the Scandals came
and... he turned them.
And he said that,
they could either turn me,
or he would come back
and do it himself.
But my parents, they never did.
They wanted me to live
a normal life.
Five years later,
he came back and...
he killed my parents
in front of me.
And he turned around smiling.
He gave me a choice.
To either join the Scandals,
or join my parents.
I told him
I'd rather die than join him.
Just as he
was about to kill me...
the Boss swooped in
and ripped him to shreds.
That same day...
I had to leave with him and...
leave the only home
I've ever known behind.
But only did he save me,
he treated me
like I was his own son.
He trained me everyday
for the rest of my life,
until I was ready.
I was 21, he turned me.
It was weird at first...
to have the strength
and speed that I have.
It's amazing
that how in the blink of an eye
your whole life can change.
Everything you need to know
is in this folder right here.
- This is her?
- Yes, sir.
Are you positive?
I've never been wrong
before, sir.
Leave me.
how long have you been 21?
Thirty years.
So, it's true?
- What is?
- Well...
I've actually read
a lot of books about vampires.
And one thing I read
was how when you turn,
you stay that same age forever.
Hmm, so you've done
your research on us.
Well, yes, the whole staying
the same age thing is true.
What about food?
Oh, you want to know
if you're going to bite
- people's heads off?
- Ok, well, that would be nice
- to know.
- You'll be happy to know
that where we're going,
there are plenty of animals.
I dont want to hurt
any animals.
- Ah, youre one of those, huh?
- Yeah.
Dont worry.
We'll prepare the food for you.
Ok well,
that sounds a lot better.
What about the eyes?
They're only red
when you first turn
into a vampire
or if youre hungry.
The rest of the time,
theyre dark brown.
What about our speed?
- What about it?
- How fast?
Faster than you could
ever imagine.
Well, then how do you
control it?
That's something
you'll learn how to do.
- What?
- Am I leaving here...
- forever?
- Yeah.
And what about the Scandals?
- What about them?
- Will they come after us?
- After me?
- They might.
I dont know.
Look, the Boss
sacrificed himself...
For us,
for you.
He knew
this was meant to happen.
And we'll be ready.
- We're always ready.
- And what if I'm not?
Well, that's what
the training is for?
- What training?
- The training that starts today.
So, you ready to start
the rest of your life?
Well.. I have no choice,
so I guess I am.
You should probably change
into more appropriate clothing.
I didnt bring any...
Oh, thank you.
What are you change...
Am I going to be that fast?
- Give it time.
- Cool.
I want to do this alone.
- But, sir...
- I said alone.
We'll start easy, ok?
Small bag, quick combination.
You're in your stance, right?
You give it a shot.
How was that?
We got a lot of work to do.
I'm coming for you.
And I will find you.
Come on, Amber.
- I cant do this.
- What are you talking about?
I havent been making
any progress yet.
This is hopeless.
I cant go with you.
I'm staying here.
What the hell
are you talking about?
- You have to!
- I can't, Robert.
I can't even defend myself.
This is not something
I'm capable of doing.
That's why we train.
We train non-stop.
No matter how hard I train...
I'll never be good enough.
Can I tell you something?
When I first became a vampire,
I had to go straight
into training too.
And it sucked real bad.
How bad?
I can never win any fight
that I got into.
I would throw things
just... way too far.
I would even run into walls.
- That's not funny.
- No, it's not funny at all.
Ok, its a little funny.
But that's my point.
We all start out bad.
That's why we train,
to improve
and make ourselves better.
- Let's do this again.
- Alright.
Now remember what I told you.
Watch my every move,
but anticipate
what I'm going to do next,
got it?
Oh shit!
Jump rope.
How did you do that?
Years of practice.
But mainly timing and focus.
Those are the two keys
for this exercise.
And you want me to do
what you just did?
That's the plan.
What is it?
I guess
I'm just being paranoid...
What the hell was that?
- Robert?
- He was part of the Scandals.
How could he know
I would be here?
I dont know.
But they know youre here.
- So, what are we supposed to do.
- We get out of here.
If they ambush us again,
we fight back.
I thought
I was going to lose you...
Youre never going to lose me.
I promise.
At least I know
how to kill a vampire.
What now, sir?
I know where they went.
That's where we're going.
- Tom...
- Who is that girl?
- This is Amber.
- Why is she here?
Stop pointing at her...
I have some terrible news.
Someone is no longer
with us anymore.
Who are you talking about?
It's the Boss.
How dare you say that?
Do you think
I would lie about this, brother?
Tell us Robert?
How did he die?
Please tell us
how he died, Robert?
He went to the Scandals.
He wouldnt do that.
- Not to us.
- I'm sorry.
Everyone, this is Amber.
She's going to be the new Boss.
So make sure
you make her feel welcome.
Dude, what about the shorts?
You got a spare change
of clothes for me?
- I have to go, Amber.
- What?
I have to go after Tom.
Where is she?
Where is who?
Where is Amber?
I have no idea
what you are talking about.
See, I knew you would say that.
Which is why I did this.
- Robert, help me!
- Let him go!
I've got a great idea.
Why dont you and I
make a trade?
I'll give you him...
and you give me Amber.
That's not going to happen.
I think Tom and I
should get to know
each other better.
Don't you dare.
I think we're going to go now.
And when I get back...
I expect you to give me
what I want.
Youre letting him take me?
Help me!
- How are you...
- There are lots of things
I didnt tell you.
- And for that, I'm sorry.
- You're right.
You should be sorry.
All this because of you.
You think I wanted this?
You think I like the fact
that I'm not around here
- anymore?
- There had to be another way.
You didnt
had to sacrifice yourself.
Remember when we first met?
I had a vision that day.
That you need to go
on a very special assignment
sometime in the future.
And I knew...
that it'd come
with a great sacrifice.
- Me.
- This isnt fair.
I didnt deserve to lose you.
Life isnt fair
sometimes, Robert.
But right now,
you got your family in there.
You need to help Amber,
so she can lead them.
I know you can do it.
But I'm going to be with you
in here.
Robert, where's Tom?
The Scandals.
Oh my gosh!
They took him.
They took him
because I didnt give you
- to them.
- What are you talking about?
- James wants you.
- Who's James?
Their leader.
He's going to come back
because he wants you.
- Let's just give her to them.
- Enough!
She's the one
we've all been waiting for.
She's the chosen one.
I'm the new boss here,
but please just...
call me Amber.
We know what happened to Tom.
But they didnt come here
for him.
They came here for me.
Theyre coming back.
I dont know when,
but I know that they are.
And when they do...
we'll be ready.
And we will fight.
And we will get Tom back.
Now, who's with me?
Come on, whos with me?
Then let's get started!
Right! Right! Yes! Yes!
Wait. Stop, stop, stop!
If you two fight like that,
youre going to get killed.
Ok, I know
you're the Boss and everything,
but trust me,
I know what I am doing.
So, why dont you
just back off, alright?
- Morgan.
- Shut up, Kaitlin.
- I know what I'm doing.
- I'm sorry to break it
to you, Morgan, but you dont.
Listen, just let me give you
a few tips to help you...
Look, I dont need help,
especially from you.
- Come on Kaitlin, let's just...
- Look, I'm sorry, but...
I don't think
I was finished talking.
Actually, when I'm done talking,
the conversation is over.
Remember that.
And when I say
that you should take my advice,
you should take my advice.
Unless you want to die.
Morgan, just shut up
and listen to Amber.
Stop being stubborn.
You should listen to Kaitlin.
She's smart.
And you should listen to me
and mind your damn business!
I know you know
what youre doing.
Why don't you try to turn,
go in and then kick out.
That will help your stance.
Dont take it personally.
Hello Amber.
May I speak with you
for a moment?
Come with me.
What do you want?
I just want to make sure
that youre ok.
You did?
You sure it wasn't Amber?
- Both of us.
- And why would she care?
she feels we're all a family,
even if you dont agree.
I dont.
you could tell her
that I really appreciated
what she did,
and it really did help.
- I'm sorry, what?
- I'm not repeating myself.
Now go. My sister
and I have to eat dinner.
What can I help you with?
I want you.
I'm sorry.
You heard me.
I said...
I want you.
Well, I'm sorry, I'm not single,
but also not into women.
Well, I'm definitely up
for the challenge.
I'm pretty sure
you could do way better.
Oh, I know I can.
So, why have you taken
a sudden interest in me?
Oh, I see you misunderstand
my intentions.
- Oh!
- I'm not interested in you.
Nor do I want a relationship.
I just want sex.
Well, I'm sorry
but that's not going to happen.
Come on, Amber.
Do you really think Robert...
could ever rock your world
the way I know I can?
How dare you say that to me?
You know what, I dont care
if you could rock it
better than him.
I care for him too much
to ever cheat on him.
So, why dont you do yourself
a favor, turn around,
and walk out that door
and never talk to me
like that again. Understand?
Youre the first person
whos ever rejected me.
And I've been
with a lot of women.
And for that, I respect you.
So, I promise,
I wont talk to you again unless
it has to do with my training.
How does that sound?
Now, please leave.
So, you were talking to Susie?
Yeah. Does everyone know her?
She does have a reputation
that upholds her.
Well, it looks like
I just ruined it.
Oh, thank god!
You actually thought
that I would cave that easily.
Well, I mean,
she eventually gets
- what she wants.
- Well, this time, she didnt.
I promise.
Did you have
to tell me something?
Yes, well...
Morgan wanted me
to personally tell you
that she appreciated it.
It sure didn't look that way.
She doesnt mean to be mean.
She's just like that
for the sake of her sister.
So, Morgan and Kaitlin
are sisters.
I should have known.
Ever since they both came here,
Morgan has always been that way
to protect her sister.
Why would she have to act mean
to protect Kaitlin?
we're all vampires here.
We really are all a family.
But you got to
understand, us guys...
we're always going to be guys.
So, when we see
a beautiful woman,
we can get a little crazy.
Oh, I'm beautiful now?
Well, now that you mention it
Morgan is pretty.
Hey! Okay.
Of course,
youre beautiful to me.
What is it?
What if something
happens, Robert?
What if we're not prepared
when the Scandals come back?
What if someone... dies?
- That's not going to happen.
- And how do you know that?
Look, being the chosen one,
makes you the most powerful
person in the world.
In a way,
it shows people who you are.
It cant be changed, I'm sorry.
I didn't ask for this, Robert.
We're going to keep you safe.
I promise.
Someone knocked on the door.
Something tells me
that doesnt happen.
Come in.
What the hell do you want?
I came alone.
And to see Amber.
I'm sorry, but...
who are you?
I'm James.
You can leave.
Excuse me Robert,
but I think that's up to Amber.
- Come with me.
- What?
Youre the one who took Tom?
Didnt you?
I'm sorry, Amber.
But Robert left me no choice.
What do you want?
Well, there is nothing
special about me.
We both know there is.
Well, I'm sorry,
but you cant have me.
- I'm staying here,
- May I?
So, youre the new Boss?
It feels good, doesnt it?
Having all that power?
You remind me so much
of your mother?
You know my mother.
Knew darling.
- Knew.
- She is...
she's dead?
Unfortunately, yes.
How did you even know her?
this is just sad.
Dont you recognize
your own father?
Hi, daughter.
I dont blame you
for not recognizing me.
I was never there anyways.
Youre not my father.
- I'm so hurt, Amber.
- Youre lying to me.
I'm sorry,
but why would I do that?
You realize I could kill you
right now?
But I won't.
Because for some reason,
I actually believe you.
I knew you were smart.
Why did you give me away?
when you were born,
the Scandals found me.
They gave me a choice.
Either join them
and never see you again,
or they kill you.
I didnt know what to do,
I had no choice.
Well, then how did
my mother die?
I turned her.
She just didnt make it.
I believe you.
But this doesnt mean
that I'm going to be a part
of the Scandals.
- I told you the truth.
- So did I.
Have it your way.
But I'll be back.
And just know, when I come back,
I know you'll make
the right decision.
Dont count on it.
Oh, and James...
if I somehow find out
that youre lying,
well, I'm going to rip
your head off myself.
I think
youre in my way, Robert.
I'll be seeing you real soon.
Amber, what happened?
That bastard!
Tell me what happened?
- He's my...
- What?
He's my father, Robert.
What the hell
are you talking about?
He's my damn father!
What are you going to do?
We're going to train.
And when they come back,
we'll be ready.
But you leave
that asshole to me.
She's training everybody.
I just know it.
She thinks she's going to win.
Tomorrow night is when we'll go.
Kill every last one of them.
But leave her to me.
That's an order.
- What was that for?
- Just because.
What's wrong?
It's nothing, really.
Well, now you have to tell me.
Well, Tom...
he's your brother, right?
How come you never told me
about him?
I'm sorry.
I shouldnt have said anything.
No, no, that's fine.
He actually isnt my brother.
I was one of the first ones
to come here.
Trained every day of my life.
People like me, we...
we have to train the new people
that come here.
I was assigned to Tom.
When he first came here,
he was very, very shy.
Practically terrified.
So, I thought it would be best
to get to know him,
his past and everything.
And well...
when I did,
I managed to crack his shell.
He was actually very nice.
But he also revealed
his true personality.
But we still got along.
You know, I even opened up
to him a little bit.
And we felt like brothers,
so we started calling
each other brothers.
I promise you...
we're going to get him back.
Alright everyone, stay alert.
They can come from anywhere.
We can't take any chances.
Well, well, well.
Look at what we have here.
Where is my brother?
He's safe.
Hello, James.
Hello, my darling.
Now, listen.
I dont want to fight.
You know what I want.
Have you thought about it?
I have.
Robert, stop!
Just, stop it now!
Stop! Stop it now.
Why dont you give me
what I want?
No, no.
I suggest
you make your decision quick.
Because I think
your dear boyfriend
is withering away.
Dont listen to him, Amber.
Okay, alright, alright!
I'll do it. I'll go with you.
Don't do it, Amber.
Come here.
Amber, darling.
I'm waiting.
Well, I guess, youre going to
have to keep waiting.
How could you do this to me?
How could you lie to me?
Like you lied to me.
What are you talking about?
Youre nor my father.
What the hell are you talking
about? Of course I am.
I read your story.
Youre the poor little boy
whose parents abandoned you
out in the cold.
So the Scandals,
they came
and they decided to take you in.
And you've been with them
ever since.
Do you know what else
I found out?
killed my parents.
You saw me with them one day
and you wanted to have me
to finally have a daughter.
So you know what?
I read the police report.
They said that they didnt know
what had killed them.
So you know what you did.
You took me to the Scandals.
But they didnt want me.
Did they?
So, you had no choice
but to leave me out
on the streets.
I do whatever needs to be done.
To get what I want.
And I will have you.
You'll never have me.
I suggest you all leave now.
We'll be back for you, Amber.
What do you want to do with it?
Burn it.
You know,
when I think about
what happened earlier,
it made me realize
how many people
sacrificed their life for mine.
You belong here.
I know we haven't known
each other for very long,
but I can't help but feel
that it was meant to happen.
You're the kindest, sweetest,
most loyal woman
I've ever known.
And the only one I want to know.
I love you.
Will you marry me?
I think that I would be...
the happiest woman in the world.
Yes, of course,
I would love to marry you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Dear Amber,
if you're reading this letter,
then that means
that your father and I
are no longer around.
I just want to say
that we have always loved you.
We have always loved you
so much.
And even though
were no longer around,
I hope that you'll still be able
to feel that love from us.
I also am writing this letter
because if anything,
you need to know
how special you are.
Our family is special.
For as long as a I can remember,
our family has this bloodline
were when we turn
into a vampire,
we're unstoppable.
Indestructible even.
They call us
"The chosen ones."
It's important that you know.
So if you ever become a vampire,
you must know
that you'll be stronger
than any of us would ever be.
And if anything,
you're the last one of us.
I chose to keep us human,
I just wanted to give you
the best life you could have.
I know that the Scandals
will want their revenge.
And when they do
make their move,
we'll be ready.
We'll always be ready.
I've got some news for you.