Savoring Paris (2024) Movie Script

[audio logo]
[stirring music]
[singing in french]
For our full menu, we are
going to be offering a fun twist
on our traditional
French fare, something
I call Je T'aime Paris.
Now, for those of our diners
who are not Francophiles,
that means I love Paris.
Of course, we are
going to be offering
our diners their
favorite homemade meals
just like mom used to make.
We'll have a sandwich
version of the coq au vin.
And Ella, you will
be excited to learn
that your [speaking french]
has made it on to the menu.
That is a croque monsieur with
comt cheese, Ella's brainchild
and it is fantastic.
We are now going to
take a one-hour break
to get the presentation
set up and the testing.
Use that time to
peruse your packets.
And if you have any questions at
all, you know where to find me.
Keep your head up.
We all know you should
have gotten that promotion
but you'll get the next one.
Will I?
Can't wait to try your sandwich.
Never had comt.
[sighs] Changed my life.
A cheese changed your life?
I was 22.
I had just graduated
college and I was
working at the sandwich shop.
I saved all the
money I made and just
blew it on two weeks in Paris.
It was the best.
I have photos
actually, somewhere.
The first thing I did when I got
there was visit a fromagerie,
buy some cheese, and had
a picnic by the Seine.
I know.
I was a baby.
That bite of comt made me feel
like I got dropped into my body.
[phone beeps]
Your mom found
you another condo?
Yeah, she won't give up.
And you just won't say no.
Come back hungry.
[playful music]
So isn't it gorgeous?
So much light.
And the neighborhood
is skyrocketing.
Schools around here, all 10's.
It's great.
I mean, I don't
have children, mama.
I'm well aware.
But you buy a home
for future you.
Plus, the sellers are highly
motivated, meaning divorcing.
Ella, the condo is a gem.
Gosh, I really
appreciate all the effort
you put into finding
this place but it
just doesn't feel like me.
What would feel like you?
[sighs] I don't know.
I know you're scared.
It's a big step but
it's time to commit.
Buy a home, build equity.
You keep gunning for a
promotion, freeze your eggs.
Freeze my eggs?
The thing is, honey,
[sighs] we only get one life.
[playful music]
[stirring music]
Yeah, you're right?
You know what I mean.
Oh, just in time.
[phone beeps]
[sighs] Thank you.
I am glad they chose
my [speaking french]
Oh, yes.
[playful music]
Not what you hoped for?
It's a little different
from what I pitched.
Well, you how we do things here.
There's research
and development.
[phone ringing]
So not the life changer?
I'm not sure we can
legally call this cheese.
[moans] Trs bien.
FRIEND: Are you OK, girl?
I'm just realizing that
comt I had in Paris,
that was the happiest
time of my life.
What if I'm never
that happy again?
What if this is it?
What if this is the happiest
I'm ever going to be?
I can't live like that.
Corporate ladders, and plastic
cheese, and flash frozen eggs.
- Ella, sweetie.
- What?
You were sounding burnt out.
You just need a vacation.
[stirring music]
I do need a vacation.
[chuckles] Yes.
Where are you going?
[upbeat music]
Oh, pardon me.
[singing in french]
I'm very sorry.
[singing in french]
Oh, [speaking french]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
I speak English.
ELLA: Oh, that's helpful.
Although, it's good for
me to practice my French.
But maybe not good for me.
[chuckles] OK.
Let me guess, you're American.
Yes, I'm from the States.
Well, apologies, but I
don't sell cheese in a can.
Thank you for the disclaimer.
I am actually looking for comt.
It has a special
place in my heart.
As it should.
Comt as a special cheese.
It's aged for up to two
years in mountainside caves.
So when will you be eating it?
As soon as I get outside.
And for how many people?
Just me.
What are you writing.
Name of the cheese maker
and its origin, of course.
Hmm, of course.
My name is Ella so you'll
remember me when I come back
for more fromage, monsieur?
Not ready to share the
personal details of your name?
Holy smokes.
Yeah, the euro is strong.
ELLA: [chuckles] All good.
[device beeps]
[speaking french]
[sighs] Thank you.
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
No, I was just asking if you
wanted me to take your photo.
Oh, thank you
very... merci beaucoup.
I have gotten it already.
But that's very gallant of you.
As Moliere declared,
"Frenchmen have an unlimited
capacity for gallantry."
I believe the rest of
the quote is, "And indulge
it on every occasion."
[speaking french]
I'm impressed.
[chuckles] So you are
just visiting Paris?
Do you need a tour guide?
Are you offering to be one?
Are you flirting with me?
Are you flirting with me?
No, I'm just being civil.
Well, what you call civil, we
call coquette in the States.
[speaking french]
[chuckles] I have to go
but can I get your number?
[dramatic music]
I'm only staying two weeks.
Thank you.
[speaking french]
I think I'll stick to au revoir.
[sighs] It's Ella.
I'm here about the sublet.
[speaking french]
I'm Clotilde.
I'm Ella.
No, no, no, the
French don't hug.
We just...
[speaking french] Come in.
This is the flat.
Oh, it's beautiful.
CLOTILDE: Yeah, I know.
I have a love of beauty,
a need for it really.
Plus, there is so
much history here.
I was raised in this
flat and now it's mine.
ELLA: Aww.
- Are your parents...
- Dead?
Or not that I've heard.
[chuckles] No, my dad
has been in meditation
for the last 15 years.
[chuckles] And my mom is in the
Seychelles with her new husband.
I think her fourth.
Well, this would
be [speaking french]
I love it.
It's perfect.
- I want it.
- [speaking french]
Yes, please.
Oui, oui.
And I'm a great roommate.
I'm out early in the morning
in case you work from home.
[sighs] I don't work.
How do you make that possible?
Family money.
[chuckles] And you?
Yes, I work at a
restaurant food chain.
It's called Bistro Bon Vivant.
Oh, mon die...
No, that horrid
fake French place?
Come on.
[sighs] I went to one in
the States and I remember
there were escargot tacos?
[sighs] That was not my idea.
But I can tell you
that the escargot
is made out of cod, if that
makes you feel any better.
It doesn't.
So you're on vacation
in Paris, right?
Well, sort of.
I guess I'm looking
for something.
CLOTILDE: For what?
I don't know exactly.
Oh, thank you.
[speaking french]
I've got great friends,
and a good job, family,
and everything I
could ever want,
except the joy of
having any of it.
[sighs] [speaking french] We
all feel that way sometimes.
But there is no place better
than Paris to find joy.
So you will move in today.
[upbeat music]
MAN: Bonjour.
[singing in french]
WOMAN: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
WOMAN: Do you speak English?
Yes, but I'm
working on my French.
So what can I get for you?
[singing in french]
This one.
What can I get you?
Won't anyone in Paris
speaks to me in French?
Probably not.
SERGE: [speaking french]
I see you're back.
You remembered.
Did you enjoy the comt?
I reveled.
That comt is why
I came to Paris.
It was well worth the airfare.
You came to Paris for cheese?
I came to Paris
for the experience
that I have while eating cheese.
So that's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to spend the next two
weeks just gorging on dairy.
Yeah, stock up on that feeling.
[clicks teeth]
I'll probably do
some other things
too, museums and shopping.
Do you offer cheese
making courses?
I have always wanted to
learn how to make cheese.
No, I don't.
So you're going to do
all that and then what?
And then I'm going to go home
and hope that 10 days in Paris
cured total corporate burnout.
Good luck with that.
So what would you like today?
Cheddar, perhaps?
Your disdain is
palpable and noted.
What's wrong with cheddar?
Nothing, except, I mean, there
are so many cheeses in the world
and Americans eat only cheddar.
That's not true.
We also eat mozzarella.
ELLA: In stick form
and in deep dish pizza.
I see your point.
SERGE: [laughs] So what
would you like today?
Dealer's choice.
How about a mimolette?
Sounds mysterious.
[soothing music]
You know, if any cheese is
going to change your life,
this would be the one.
Do you say that from
personal experience?
[device beeping]
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[playful music]
You know, I like cheddar.
I like it on apple pie.
I like it on Buffalo wings.
I like it on a chili dog.
You know, you really should
rethink your cheddar shade,
[playful music]
[singing in french]
[phone beeps]
- Do you speak English?
- Oui.
- Yes.
- Oh, you do.
- I do.
- Oh, you sound American.
Yeah, I am.
Sorry to bother you.
Can you tell me where
the Place des Vosges is?
The Place des Vosges?
This is the Place des Vosges.
I'm in it?
You're in it.
Oh, lord.
All right.
Thank you very much.
Are you here for
work or vacation?
Don't do both.
Really, if you're here,
try to be like the French
and have a proper holiday.
All right.
[chuckles] I'm Anya, by the way.
Oh, hi, I'm Ella.
I'm sorry.
Well, from one American
to another, turn off
and really allow yourself to
recharge while you're here.
I actually came here
on vacation and voila,
ended up a Parisian.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, my group is back.
Excuse me.
Well, try to enjoy Paris, Ella.
Hi, guys.
All righty.
So we have made it to
the Place des Vosges.
Place des Vosges.
ANYA: And during the
17th and 18th century,
it was epicenter of French
nobility, originally
built under King Henry IV.
[soothing music]
[speaking french]
I come bearing cheese.
Oh, from that handsome
grump of a cheesemonger
down the street?
Do you know him?
CLOTILDE: I know everyone, baby.
What is his name?
CLOTILDE: I have the perfect
champagne for the cheese.
So how was your day?
I woke up excited.
I ate a piece of cheese that
didn't taste like the machinery
it came from.
And then I realized,
[sighs] I'm delusional.
[upbeat music]
[sighs] I thought I was going
to escape my life and come here
for two weeks, and then
go home and suddenly,
everything would be different.
And it's not.
So you came to Paris to
find yourself in two weeks?
I guess I did.
[chuckles] It will not happen.
You must stay longer.
Your tourist visa gets you
three months in Europe, right?
And my apartment is available.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, so sweet.
I just... I can't...
I can't just quit my
job and move to Paris.
What, am I going to
nope out of my life?
[speaking french] Why not?
Well, because...
[dramatic music]
Why not?
Why not?
Why not live a life
I actually want?
Do you know that I have
always done what I should?
I've never done anything
just bold in my entire life.
Ella, you need this.
I think you're right.
I think I do need this.
Yes, you need this.
Oh, my gosh.
BOTH: Yes.
I'm going to do it.
I'm moving to Paris.
Ella, to living your life.
[laughs] [moans]
Do you know that cheese man,
that grumpy cheese man said
if one cheese was going
to change my life,
it would be this one?
No way.
Oh, my gosh, I
think he was right.
CLOTILDE: [chuckles]
[playful music]
you can't just quit
your job and move to Paris.
I already did, Mom.
Well, undo it.
Take a longer holiday
or a sabbatical.
And then what are the stakes?
What are the stakes if
nothing changes and I just
go back home to the same old?
I'm sorry, by same old do you
mean the job you've invested
10 years of your life in?
How are you affording
this midlife crisis?
I am not midlife, thank you.
And I have savings.
Yes, for a down
payment on a home.
I don't want a home.
I want this.
I want... I want time.
You know, honey,
if there's a problem,
you can't run away from it.
Love you.
Good morning.
Ooh, la, la, you
look [speaking french]
Oh, I'm OK.
My mom and I are having a
little fight about, thank you,
me choosing to stay.
But you're here for
joy, not for logic.
She has always been
really fixated on making
really smart choices, having
everything be really stable.
[chuckles] Funny,
the opposite of my mom.
I mean, to be fair,
my dad passed really
suddenly when I was
10 so it left my mom
with this sense of uncertainty.
She just has a hard
time understanding
that I need to wander.
Or she's just jealous of it.
Ella, [speaking french],
stop with the self-doubt.
[speaking french]
you're boring me.
[laughs] Thank you.
Also, I'm throwing you
a party this weekend.
[speaking french] My friends
want to meet the American
who noped her life.
Oh, no.
I'm going to have
to wear something.
I don't have... I don't...
I really love your style.
Where do you shop?
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
Bonjour, I'm back.
SERGE: I'm aware.
So what can I get for you today?
I was thinking maybe
some cheese in a can.
Would that be by the truffles?
No, I keep the canned
cheese refrigerated.
A joke?
Yes, madam, a joke.
I think you mean mademoiselle.
I'm not married.
Well, madame is not determined
by marriage status but by age.
Thank you for that.
So, once again, what
can I get for you today?
How about everything?
Would you like it all
wrapped separately
or should I just melt it into
one giant, disgusting fondue?
No fondue is disgusting.
That is my favorite food
outside of a croque monsieur.
But I'm serious about
the everything thing.
I really want to try
every cheese there is.
SERGE: But there are more
than 365 types of cheese.
There is no way you'll
try every cheese.
No, you're wrong, I'm
staying for the summer.
So I've got 89
days, 365 cheeses.
That's five cheeses a day.
I'm going to need
a bigger cracker.
[chuckles] Wrap me up five
of your best, monsieur.
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
Well, am I too much?
Do you need to be too little?
[chuckles] What
can I do to help?
You can ice the champagne.
Oh, my goodness, these
are really nice bottles.
Are you sure you don't
want to save them
for a special occasion?
Life is too short to save
things for special occasions.
Besides, you are special, no?
[speaking french]
Oh, Ella, this is
my cousin, Gaston.
Gaston, this is
my roommate Ella.
We've met, actually.
Paris is a small city.
[chuckles] [speaking french]
[singing in french]
So are you going to
flirt with me again?
I don't know.
Are you going to flirt with me?
[chuckles] [speaking french]
ELLA: [chuckles]
Where are you from?
Well, right now I'm
living in San Diego but I...
[speaking french] Ella.
She lives in California.
Oh, bonjour.
[speaking french]
Do you know any famous
American movie star?
Movie star?
I don't know any movie stars.
But my mom was in a music
video for Debbie Gibson.
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
[singing in french]
CLOTILDE: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
[singing in french]
Too much fete?
Oh, just feeling a little
out of place, I guess.
At the party?
In life.
You know, I think the
cure to what you are feeling
is connection.
[serene music]
Like, maybe dinner
Friday night with me.
[chuckles] You're
Clotilde's cousin.
She won't mind.
You're quite a
bit younger than me.
[chuckles] I feel
like I shouldn't.
Do you want to live your
life by shoulds or by wants?
Oh, boy, you're smooth
as cream, aren't you?
[laughs] Well, only if
you're laughing at it.
[laughs] [groans]
No shoulds, Ella.
If you don't want to go out
with me, [speaking french]
But if you do...
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
With banana, strawberries?
Why not both?
How much can you fit in there?
[speaking french]
MAN: [speaking french]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
Thank you.
Well, this is embarrassing.
Actually, it's quite
entertaining for me.
Well, I don't care.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Be careful.
Nothing is good if
you have too much.
I disagree.
Some things you just
can't get enough of.
I'm sorry.
Always a pleasure.
[speaking french] Ludo.
LUDO: Hey.
Going this way too, huh?
Well, did you grow up in Paris?
South of France with my mom.
And what brought you here?
What brought you here?
Well, what about cheese?
Did you just grow up to
be a cheese whiz or...
In another life, I
used to be a lawyer.
So why cheese?
Why cheese for you?
You're a tough nut to crack.
Then don't try to crack me.
All right.
See you later.
[bell rings]
Yes, still heading in
the same direction.
Well, how about that?
[sighs] All right.
So are you coming in for
your five cheeses of the day?
Oh, I'm going to
walk off the crepe.
Au revoir, Monsieur Fromage.
Let's stop about
the Monsieur Fromage.
My name is Serge.
Serge Pellerin.
A bientot, Serge.
A bientot.
[stirring music]
Are you hiring?
I mean, I need part-time help,
three or four days a week.
Hi, [chuckles] I'm a
tourist but I can intern.
Why would you want to do that?
Well, why wouldn't
I want to do that?
Cheese is expensive.
You could pay me in
my five cheeses a day.
Do you speak French?
[speaking french]
So no.
Tell me, beyond your
vacation comt revelation,
why do you love cheese?
Is this a job interview?
- Maybe.
- Well, cheese is delicious.
It makes us smile.
Say cheese.
[clicks] OK, all right.
[stirring music]
Cheese is impractical.
It's illogical, isn't it really?
Why would you use 10 pounds of
milk to make 1 pound of cheese?
Why would you wait
months or years to eat
something that could kill you?
[chuckles] It doesn't make
any sense and yet, cheese.
It's the things that
don't make any sense
that make life worth living.
We'll do a trial period.
[chuckles] [sighs]
I can't believe you're going
to work for the handsome grump.
[chuckles] That's not very nice.
Sorry, but that's what
everyone says about him.
Best cheese, worst attitude.
And that's a
compliment in Paris.
Well, I'm excited.
Maybe that's why I was
sort of called here,
to start a whole new career.
[chuckles] Are
you sure you don't
mind me going out with Gaston?
Yeah, sure.
Of course, he's dated
several of my friends.
I love Gaston but when it
comes to matters of the heart,
he can be, how do I
say, a dilettante.
[laughs] [sighs] OK.
What do you think?
[gasps] [speaking french]
But you're missing something.
I am?
[upbeat music]
[speaking french], red.
Oh, I can't wear red lipstick.
It doesn't...
Everyone can wear red lipstick.
It's the first color we see.
But also, it's a warning.
It's a statement that says,
I'm comfortable with my skin.
Go, girl.
[speaking french] Ella.
This is my favorite
restaurant in France.
[chuckles] [speaking french] OK.
[speaking french] [chuckles]
[speaking french] Wait,
allow me.
GASTON: [speaking french]
This really is
your regular spot.
Everybody's so friendly.
[speaking french] No,
they are not friendly.
They are differential.
I'm a food critic.
Oh, that explains
the VIP welcome.
So tonight's work then?
Well, with you here,
it's also a pleasure.
I really should have
guessed you were a writer.
You're very good with words.
[chuckles] Merci.
This was always my dream
and now I'm living it.
I think that's really cool
that you know who you are
and what you want.
ADELE: Gaston?
[speaking french] [chuckles]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
Adele, this is Ella.
Always good to see you.
[speaking french] [chuckles]
Do you mind if I order?
I always know what I want.
By all means.
ADELE: Compliments of the house.
[speaking french]
Ella, to Ella who refuses
to live a life of shoulds
and also to Ella
who is stunning.
I double take every
time I see you.
I'm full.
I'll be stuffed for days.
Thank you for such
a lovely evening.
Thank you for joining me.
I can take you out
again sometime?
For work?
It's never work
when I'm with you.
Oh, I'm not quite there yet.
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
Au revoir.
[upbeat music]
ANYA: That's right.
You'll actually find the
residents of Victor Hugo...
ELLA: Anya.
Bonjour, Ella.
Ca va?
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
OK, thank you.
Bonjour, Ella.
[speaking french]
Oh, excellent choice.
ELLA: Bonjour.
[sighs] Happy first
day of work to me.
Oh, I forgot to hang a banner.
Good one.
So where do we start?
We start each day by
caring for the cheese.
You see, this one is cracking.
It's losing moisture.
Needs a breather.
And this Gouda has mold.
Do you have to throw
that whole thing out?
Cheese is just mold.
So we cut off the bad
mold and that's it.
No, no, no, no.
[speaking french]
I can help them.
No, we open in 10 minutes.
They're just waiting.
Yeah, well, we're French.
We expect everything
to open an hour late.
Put that on.
[upbeat music]
[speaking french]
Did this woman just ask for
a quarter kilo of the Pouligny?
Well, that's Valencay.
But that's all right, keep that.
She'll like it better.
She asked for the Pouligny.
We're not here to
satisfy her wishes.
We're not?
No, actually, we're here
to challenge her palate.
- Tell her that.
- OK.
SERGE: Oh, I forgot,
you can't speak French.
Cut this wheel, I'll do it.
I'm so sorry.
[singing in french]
[bell rings]
Thank you.
[singing in french]
CLOTILDE: [speaking french]
Are you ready
for your first [speaking french]
or as you call it, Bastille Day?
I am.
I am indeed.
Although, do I have to storm
a prison or topple a monarchy?
Because I just don't know
if I have the energy today.
Yes, but we have
cocktails first.
Also, I'm throwing
a soiree at Vicky's.
You have to come.
I have another date with Gaston.
Another date?
You've been seeing
each other a lot.
I know.
It's kind of getting serious.
[laughs] [french], but sorry, it
never gets serious with Gaston.
[chuckles] Yeah, I know.
Well, what we have is
fun and flirtatious.
- You know.
Feels good and...
Serge invited me to a picnic.
You're becoming more
French every day.
[upbeat music]
[ducks quacking]
So you have to try.
All right.
Here's your five
cheeses of the day.
Oh, gosh, you're definitely not
going to have seen
this coming but I'm
reconsidering my decision.
Because the point was for
me to do things differently,
and I'm doing the same
thing the same way.
I'm just eating this cheese
in a structured manner.
It's for savoring.
Less is more.
SERGE: But then if you're
only going to eat one a day,
it must be the mimolette.
The cheese that changes lives?
Well, it did change mine.
OK, you admit it.
Tell me the story.
[chuckles] I told you I
used to be a lawyer, right?
I lived in Nice, ran
marathons, worked weekends.
Yeah, I know that
story very well.
And then a few months
after my divorce,
I went on holidays with my
mother in the mountains.
And while on a hike one
day, we found this farm.
The shepherd came out,
welcomed us with water and this
very same cheese,
this mimolette.
I thought it was good
but not anything special.
But then the shepherd told
me to go slow, to savor it,
and the flavor changed.
Magically, it became
richer, softer, sweeter.
It's hard to explain.
So you just quit your
job and moved to Paris?
No, that would be irresponsible,
like what you did.
Instead, I learned about
cheese, started making it,
took a business course,
and years later, here I am.
Wow, you made a whole new life.
I'm going to have to go.
Oh, Bastille Day party.
Yeah, sort of.
I have a date.
Madame has a date.
ELLA: [chuckles]
With whom?
He's a food critic.
His name is Gaston.
Gaston Bachelard.
You know him?
Everybody knows Gaston.
He's a cad.
He's a cad?
Yeah, Lothario.
[speaking french]
I know what it means.
I guess I thought
you meant bon vivant.
Well, thank you for this.
This was just so lovely.
Can I help you clean up?
No, no, please leave it.
I'll take care of it.
Just take this for later.
ELLA: Well.
[serene music]
See you at work.
SERGE: Have fun.
ELLA: Bye.
[upbeat music]
I double take as usual.
GASTON: Bonsoir.
[moans] You smell like cheese.
You don't like the
intoxicating scent
of buttermilk and barnyard?
Lucky you, I'd say.
[chuckles] Bien.
Hey, is that our
waitress, Adele?
- Adele?
- Gaston.
[speaking french]
GASTON: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
[chuckles] [speaking french]
[speaking french] Bonsoir.
Pardon, I'm Adele.
Hi, Adele.
I remember.
We've met before.
Bonne soiree.
Bonne soiree.
Hey, Ella, this is the boat.
[upbeat music]
Oh, it's so loud.
I said it's so loud.
Oh, we'll go there.
ELLA: [chuckles]
GASTON: Perfect view.
Oh, so dreamy.
Oh, I have something for you.
For me?
A gift?
In honor of the
cheese I always smell.
[chuckles] Sorry.
You've got to try
a bite of this.
[singing in french]
What do you think?
That's amazing, right?
Not exactly my flavor profile.
It didn't make you,
like, feel anything.
It's cheese.
[laughs] I know.
But oh, well, maybe
you're too young.
I'm not that much
younger than you.
Oh, people mature at
different rates, I guess.
Some of us never mature at all.
Is that true?
[speaking french] But
I do generally tend not
to take things too seriously.
Oh, that's why you have the
reputation of being a cad.
[scoffs] Who said that?
Your boss, the grump.
You know him?
He makes buying cheese as
pleasurable as paying my taxes.
[speaking french] no.
As for me, I'm not a cad.
I just enjoy romance.
Have you ever been in love?
So I have cared deeply for
people but I have never said
I love you to a girlfriend.
Why not?
I believe the words have power.
And when I say them, I
want it to be forever.
And I do want to say them
but just to the right person.
[firecrackers bursting]
GASTON: [speaking french]
ELLA: Oh, it's so pretty.
GASTON: I love fireworks.
GASTON: You know, Ella,
you say that I am smooth
but also, I am honest.
[romantic music]
And it's true when
I say that I love
how I feel when I'm around you.
How is that?
[stirring music]
[speaking french] Ella.
ELLA: Mom, he said
he loves me a lot.
And this was right
after telling me
that he's never told anybody
that he loves them before
and that when he does say
it for the first time,
he wants it to be forever.
Honey, he's French.
Sweet nothings are
their national anthem.
Honey, just tell him you
don't feel the same way.
Ella, you don't
feel the same way.
You've barely known
this man six weeks now.
Logic has its limits.
What if I will feel the same?
What if I will because he's
wonderful, and he's passionate,
and he's great.
He really knows who he
is and what he wants.
Kudos to him.
But you're not going to achieve
self-discovery through some kind
of dating osmosis.
[chuckles] OK, Mom,
let's talk about you.
Let's talk about something else.
What's going on with you?
As a matter of fact,
I sold that condo
for above market value.
Oh, congratulations,
that's great.
A nice little payday I thought
I would spend in Paris.
Mom, that's so exciting.
I'm glad to hear
you say that because I
booked the cutest little
hotel very near you.
you in three weeks.
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
SERGE: [speaking french]
Oh, hello.
What's up?
What's going on in there?
It used to be a popular
bistro back in the day
but the owners just retired.
They had asked me if I
wanted to buy the business.
Oh, why don't you?
Well, because what I
have now is contained
and I don't need
uncontrollable variables.
Oh, like life?
[laughs mockingly]
[chuckles] I think
you should do it.
I think you should
open up a wine
and cheese bar, and host
tastings, and events,
and workshops.
Well, you seem to have
passion for the project.
Why don't you do it?
Well, maybe I will.
Maybe I'll open up my own
cheese shop right next to yours,
and I'll greet my customers
with a smile and by name.
But all you'll sell is cheddar.
It's versatile and
subtle, yet satisfying.
Yet you eat it on a
chili dog so your taste
can't be accounted for.
So how was your
date with the cad?
Actually, he knows you too.
Oh, let me guess.
He called me a grump?
[growls] I know what people say.
ELLA: Oh, thanks.
Merci beaucoup.
Ella, will you cut half
a Camembert for that man.
That man?
You mean Hugo who's been
coming here a year and a half?
Hugo whose wedding you catered?
Ella, I pay you to
work, not to talk.
You don't pay me at all.
Ella, the Camembert.
That guy.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[groans] For the soft rind
cheeses, use the skeleton knife.
[speaking french] Be gentle.
[serene music]
[speaking french]
GASTON: Bonjour.
Gaston, the cad.
Serge, the grump.
Oh, well, I see we've all met.
[chuckles] I'm just going
to take a short break.
What are you doing here?
I have a
[speaking french] for you.
[gasps] Nothing in a
Chanel bag is a little gift.
So you don't smell like cheese.
Thank you.
I do kind of like
smelling like cheese.
Oh, mon die...
Gaston, I just wanted to
talk with you about what
you said on Bastille Day.
What did I say?
Je t'aime bien.
Yes, and I meant it.
I appreciate that.
I know what a big deal it
is for you to say that.
I'm not sure that I
could say it back.
Because your French is terrible
or because you don't like me?
No, I do like you.
I like you.
OK, then just say,
Gaston, I like you.
I just am afraid that
might not be enough.
Why wouldn't it be?
I'll text you later.
Au revoir.
Is there any inventory
or anything I can do?
Actually, I thought
we close early today.
I have a surprise
for you in my home.
No, I'm not him.
[upbeat music]
[chuckles] OK.
SERGE: Welcome,
kitchen is on the left.
ELLA: What is this?
Is this like a little
mini guillotine.
Are we going to re-enact the
French Revolution in miniature?
[chuckles] No, that'd
be strange even for me.
No, we're making cheese.
Actually, we're
making Camembert.
And why we're making Camembert?
Because it's a quicker cheese.
It takes only four to six
weeks to ripen so it should
be ready before you leave.
Oh, don't remind me.
[sighs] Thank you, though.
I'm really excited.
I've always wanted to
learn how to make cheese.
I know.
You told me the first time
you came into my shop.
So it's fairly straightforward.
We'll pasteurize the milk, start
a culture, then add the rennet.
Gosh, I'm so impressed.
You taught yourself
how to make cheese.
I was just, you know,
very bored, very sad.
I needed a distraction.
What were you sad about?
I taught myself
to make cheese when
I was going through my divorce.
I was married for nearly a
decade to my [speaking french]
College sweetheart.
Oh, yeah.
So we were renovating a house,
had adopted a puppy, you know,
the whole thing.
And then what happened?
She realized that she had
feelings for someone else.
And I'm not sure it
was cheating per se,
but it was an
affair of the heart.
All right, come here.
Now we can add the culture.
Oop, oop, oop, sprinkle it.
That's it.
All right.
So while we wait for the rennet,
I want to show you something.
The landlord has asked
me to watch over it.
You've been holding out on me.
[chuckles] It's so beautiful.
You know, you could
put a long hightop here
and you could do wine
and cheese tastings.
And then partner with local
wineries and host events.
And you could do
cheese-making activities.
You could.
I would do this in a heartbeat.
Then why don't you?
Because I can't
legally work here.
[chuckles] And I have probably
blown through my nest egg
by now.
But you would if you could?
[sighs] Definitely.
I feel like there would be so
much joy and community here.
I wouldn't be saving
the world but I'd
be bringing people together.
I think I could find
meaning in that.
Yeah, I think I would, too.
ELLA: So why don't you?
Why don't you do it?
You've got the client base.
It would work.
Yeah, well, what I have now
works well and it's contained.
Is it contained or
is it comfortable?
I'm not judging.
Fair enough.
[chuckles] I get comfortable.
I stagnate.
[serene music]
I would help you.
You would?
I would.
I mean, I leave in six
weeks so you'd have
to get a lease like tomorrow.
[chuckles] But we could get
this place open before I leave.
[sighs] All right.
SERGE: Why not?
[upbeat music]
Thank you so much.
[speaking french]
Yes, I'm off to Ibiza.
I'm throwing a little party
at my friend's penthouse
overlooking the [french].
So the apartment's all yours.
Don't behave yourself.
I'll try.
[speaking french]
Oh, merci.
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[singing in french]
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
Ooh, la, la, you look beautiful
but you still smell like cheese.
Do you not like the perfume?
I love the perfume.
I just... it's dinner.
I made fondue.
[chuckles] [speaking french]
Oh, no, you don't like fondue?
It's the backbone
of French cuisine.
Oh, it's the fast
food of French cuisine.
It's so salty and one note.
I know.
But you know, I've
never had your fondue.
That's right.
This much cheese is good.
I admit this is some of
the better fondue I've had.
Thank you for admitting it.
But you know, I'm
surprised that you want
more cheese after your what?
Five a day.
I'm just down to one now.
So why did you
stop with the five?
[upbeat music]
I was trying to enjoy what
I had, and all I could do
was think about the next one.
Like, the maybe better one.
But yes, maybe it
is the better one.
But how could you really
enjoy and appreciate
what you have in front of you
if there's endless options?
How could you have
lasting satisfaction?
[scoffs] OK.
Satisfaction doesn't
have to last.
You just make some more.
Is that how you want
to live your life?
Just chasing the next cheese?
I mean, no, it's not
chasing the next cheese.
It's living a life of
discovery, and joy,
excitement for the unknown.
This is who I am, Ella.
You're here early.
Yeah, I couldn't
really sleep last night
and I started
thinking about paint.
Did you decide if you
wanted cloud or eggshell?
Oh, and did you see
the changes that I
made to the business plan?
Are you all right?
I was thinking about something
my mother said last night,
which is that my life
here is a fantasy.
And I'm going to go home and
have no job, and no savings,
and no prospects, and really
no interest in obtaining
any of those things.
And there's still no
answer on who I am
or what I'm supposed
to be doing.
It's just a rude awakening to
find out that wherever you go,
there you are.
You still have a month.
So I'd say, don't give up.
[upbeat music]
ELLA: Ooh.
ELLA: [laughs]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
[singing in french]
[speaking french]
[singing in french]
Claude just finishing the stools
and delivering them next week.
Thank you.
And Eve... oh, good,
Eve is on board
to have a little flower stand.
That'll be sweet.
We still need a name
for the expansion space.
And the grand opening, are
we going to have a party?
I don't like parties.
Too many people.
Too much attention.
Who wants a party if too many
people coming to their new shop.
Want to grab dinner?
[serene music]
[speaking french]
[upbeat music]
You know this is the
first thing I did when
I got here, come picnic
on the Seine both times
I came to Paris.
I mean, most tourists
first up is the Eiffel Tower.
Why did you come here?
Well, my dad.
He passed when I was young.
And he used to tell me all these
stories about the adventures
we'd have together.
Picnic on the Seine
was one of them.
[chuckles] He had a whole bucket
list of things he wanted to do.
Well, I do not
believe in bucket lists.
Instead, I have a
reverse bucket list.
Yes, Madame, I cross off
everything I don't absolutely
need to do until all
I have left is what
I can't live without doing.
[chuckles] So what is left
on your reverse bucket list?
I'm still a tough nut.
I don't think you are.
I think you're just afraid of
getting hurt like we all are.
I get it.
Are you free Saturday night?
I could cook us dinner.
[serene music]
ELLA: I'd love to.
ELLA: Let's take a picture.
I have one when I was 22, one
of me when I first got here,
and one now.
All right.
Here, you have
long arms, take it.
So grouchy.
The grump.
I'll smile.
I'll smile.
Gaston, hi, it's Ella.
Just give me a buzz
when you get a chance.
OK, bye.
Hello, you're back.
How was Ibiza?
[speaking french]
[phone beeps]
[speaking french]
I were throwing
a party for all the fabulous
people and I suddenly realized
I'm boring.
[chuckles] Clotilde, You
are anything but boring.
I know.
I know that.
I know that everyone thinks I'm
so glamorous, so interesting,
that my life is amazing.
OK, I know.
But it feels empty.
You're so special.
You're a light.
I mean, my goodness,
if life is boxed wine,
you make it champagne.
I want to be like you, Ella.
[speaking french] I see
you making these changes,
making meaning, and I want that.
I want to feel like...
I want to feel...
I want to feel like I
was put on this planet
to do more than just party.
[speaking french]
[stirring music]
You are.
You've made a huge
difference in my life.
I came here to run
away from my problems.
And instead, I found meaning.
And I love Paris and
I love who I am here.
And you helped bring
that out in me.
[speaking french]
ELLA: Yes.
Oh, I don't want to go home.
Maybe you don't want to go home
because you're already home.
I thought the French don't hug.
They do when you need it.
[sighs] The only jobs I'm
qualified for are internships.
Well, that's OK.
I'm doing an internship
and I love it.
Hey, why don't you replace
me at the Fromagerie?
And have all my clothes
stink like Camembert.
[speaking french]
Ooh, my mama's here.
I've never been so
excited to see my mother.
Not even as a baby.
Hi, baby!
Hi, Mama.
LAURIE: Oh, I've been waiting
for this hug for 11 weeks.
I missed you.
ELLA: I missed you too.
Look at you, very French.
You must be Clotilde.
Ooh, la, la.
Now, this is what I
call prime real estate.
I'd love a little tour.
Oh, but then, you
girls have to take
me for a real French croissant.
Oh, yes.
Clotilde, what do you say?
I will.
But I have to apply
for an internship
because I'm a working woman now.
So I have to find
a job by myself.
Bye, girls.
[upbeat music]
Aww, honey.
How was your flight?
It was really smooth.
No turbulence.
That sounds great.
I'm glad to know.
[singing in french]
[singing in french]
The Place des Vosges
is one of the oldest
plant squares in Paris.
Ella, taking my job now?
Bonjour, Anya.
You look very Parisian.
Merci beaucoup.
Au revoir.
A bientot.
You must be the mama.
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french] [chuckles]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
That's my florist.
And my butcher's just
around the corner.
Oh, Mama, mom, this is
Gaston in the chair.
That's Gaston?
Now I get it.
Ella, ma cherie.
Oh, [speaking french]
You look tres belle.
Thank you.
This is mama...
This is Laurie.
[speaking french] No,
you could be sisters.
Ella said you were charming.
Did she adequately describe
my debonair good looks?
Just once or twice.
So I called you a few times.
Where have you been?
[speaking french] I
was sailing in Cannes.
Of course you were.
Well, when you get
a chance, call me.
I just want to
have a little chat.
A little chat?
Sounds serious.
ELLA: [chuckles]
[chuckles] [speaking french]
I have to take this.
- OK.
- Ciao.
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
So that's Gaston who loves you?
Yes, unfortunately.
I realized I don't
feel the same way
and I haven't had a
chance to tell him yet.
So it's just awkward.
I really don't want to hurt him.
Something tells
me he'll be fine.
[speaking french]
You look fabulous.
[speaking french]
So the croissant.
Ooh, la, la.
Today, really?
SERGE: [speaking french]
ELLA: Don't want to interrupt.
Just wanted to introduce
you to my mama.
- This is Laurie.
- Hi.
And my roommate Clotilde.
Oh, the famous Clotilde.
Well, it's an absolute
pleasure to meet you both.
Ella talks often about you two.
Show me where the
caviar is, please?
- Oh, we don't actually carry...
- [shushes]
But there's some goody.
I know why you work for free.
You and the grump have a thing.
He's not a grump.
And it's not a thing.
We're single coworkers, and
we are together non-stop.
It's just going
to get confusing.
Listen, from what
I know of Serge,
he's not really
interested in dating.
All good.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Ooh, which one's this?
Hmm, tastes like cheddar.
What about the grand opening?
Well, I gave it more thought
and realized that a party
could be good for business.
So yes, you were right.
Shall we hire an event planner?
I know the best event
planner in Paris.
[upbeat music]
You throw intricate parties
like every other weekend.
Why don't you just
make that a business?
No, that's true.
No one can throw a
party like I can.
So I've got the job.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm so happy.
Oh, mon die...
I've got so many ideas.
[speaking french]
It's open.
Yeah, go take a look.
She's fun.
Are we still on for dinner?
[upbeat music]
[singing in french]
I really enjoyed seeing Paris.
It's a magical place.
I wish we could
stay longer but...
I don't know if I want to leave.
Ella, you can't stay in Paris.
Why not?
Serge could get me a
work visa, probably.
And if the expansion takes off,
then I could recoup my savings.
That's a lot of ifs.
And none of them are
remotely realistic.
Well, I'm happy here, Mama.
Well, of course you are, honey.
You're on vacation living
a fantasy, [chuckles]
Eating nothing but
croissants and Camembert,
being seduced by a
dapper food critic
and a rugged cheesemonger.
I mean, I've read bodice
rippers that are more...
Oh, stop.
And let's say you do stay in
Paris for one of these men.
Then what?
I actually wouldn't be
staying here for one of the men.
I'd be staying here for me.
Your visa is up in a week.
You have got to come home.
Am I going to get a house I
don't want and get a job I hate?
There's nothing for me at home.
[dramatic music]
You know, I think the jet
lag is catching up with me.
I'm... I'm going to
go back to the hotel.
You stay.
SERGE: [speaking french]
Oh, a croque monsieur.
SERGE: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
Wait, is that...
Comt maybe?
Yes, madame.
It's a [speaking french]
It's my fantasy
sandwich come true.
[laughs] Bon appetit.
The French way.
[chuckles] I don't know
where to start here.
Not what you hoped for?
It's the best thing
I've ever eaten.
It really is.
[soothing music]
Oh, thank you.
[sighs] I'm so happy.
I've never been happier.
Is that true?
ELLA: [chuckles] It is.
Being in Paris right now, eating
fabulous sandwiches, [chuckles]
Learning how to make cheese.
Then stay.
SERGE: I mean, why not?
Yes, stay.
Run the expansion.
We can do this together.
I know I told you I came to
Paris to start something new
but life here was
more of the same.
And then I met you
and everything has
been richer, softer, sweeter.
I mean, there is
something here, right?
Oh, wait.
I'm sorry.
I just... I can't quite yet.
Why not?
It's just complicated.
Oh, of course.
The cad.
I don't think he's a cad.
But yes, it's... he
told me he loved me.
And you believed him.
Why wouldn't I believe him?
Ella, you're here with me.
I know because I feel...
No, Ella, sorry.
You know, it's my
fault. Yeah, my fault.
I'm trying to end
things with him because I
don't feel the same way.
Yeah, it's very messy, isn't it?
I think you should just leave.
Serge, please don't shut down.
[dramatic music]
I was really trying to do
the right thing because I
know that he's been hurt.
And he just put all his
walls up and pushed me out.
I see this as
progress, you know.
You were completely shut down
to the idea of dating anyone
and now you know.
Call it mom's intuition but
I think you're going to meet
someone great back home.
Back home?
Mom, is that all you can think
about is getting me back home?
Because I really
like this man a lot.
This whole trip has been a
way for you to distract yourself
from the fact that you're
searching for something,
that you've lost your thread.
Mama, I feel like you are never
supportive unless I'm
doing things the way
you want me to do them.
No, I have to tell you this.
Don't you want me to be happy?
Don't you want me to not have
the same regrets that Dad did?
I don't want you
to have any regrets.
I just want you to
make good decisions
and to be able to
take care of yourself.
Is that not what I'm
learning to do here?
Honey, something you
said, you have nothing
waiting for you back home.
Well, you were wrong
because you have me, El.
You have me.
[dramatic music]
Gaston, it's Ella.
I've tried you a few times.
Could you call me back, please?
[chuckles] Never
mind, I see you.
[speaking french]
Hi, Bonjour.
I'm Adele.
I know.
We've met three times.
Can I speak to you?
Can I have that word
I've been asking for?
GASTON: [speaking french]
So you're dating Adele?
And you're dating Serge, no?
I want to but I was waiting
to break up with you.
Why would you need
to break up with me?
I thought we agreed that what
was between us wasn't serious.
We did.
But then you said
you loved me a lot.
[speaking french] [chuckles]
When did I say that?
Are you kidding me?
The Eiffel tower,
Bastille Day, fireworks?
You leaned in and you
said [speaking french]
Oh, Ella, [speaking french]
means I love you.
[speaking french]
just means I like you.
Do you love me?
I... I... I mean, I like you and
I like spending time with you.
I think we want
different things.
I kind of want to find
one cheese and savor it.
[chuckles] Oh, I'm
so embarrassed.
No, don't be.
I forget you can't speak French.
Easy mistake.
Au revoir.
[dramatic music]
[sighs] Can we please
talk like adults?
This whole thing snowballed but
I think we can figure it out.
There is something
real between us.
Ella, you're first to admit
that you live in a fantasy
and maybe that's all this is.
I mean, you're leaving.
I don't have to.
But even if you didn't, how
could I trust being with you?
What do you mean?
Who would I be with when
you don't know who you are?
[upbeat music]
LAURIE: I've done some thinking.
I'm sorry for not
being more supportive.
It's your decision to make, El.
It's your life.
Being here, I can see how good
it feels to be somebody new.
Fair Warning, though, if you
do decide to stay in Paris,
I'm going to visit a lot.
LAURIE: [chuckles] [sighs]
Thank you.
But I'm coming home.
[serene music]
I think we should put...
How do I say this in...
[speaking french]
Amazing, right?
It looks amazing.
Clotilde, how did you do
all this with the budget?
Julie made all the desserts,
Eve provided flowers,
and Marcel is making heaven.
But he did for Ella because
everyone loves Ella, right?
You look very nice.
Thank you.
You too.
Oh, I wanted to ask
you, I think that we
should invite Gaston tonight
to write about the opening.
I think it would be
a really good press.
But I understand if you
don't want to see him.
No, it's fine.
If things are OK between
you two, it's fine.
Yes, they are.
It was just... it was
a misunderstanding,
my misunderstanding.
I really should stick to
English while I'm over here.
But we're friends again.
[chuckles] Just friends.
Actually, I'm hoping we
could be friends again too.
Because I'm sorry
about how I acted,
how I muddied things between us.
We were good friends.
I shouldn't have
tried to make us more.
[dramatic music]
So can we keep in
touch after you leave?
You know, like talk cheese?
WOMAN: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
[upbeat music]
It's really gorgeous.
CLOTILDE: [speaking french]
[speaking french]
CLOTILDE: No, [speaking french]
[speaking french]
[speaking french]
Oh, [speaking french]
CLOTILDE: [speaking french]
ADELE: Ella.
Oh, bonsoir.
Thank you for inviting me.
Gaston, get us champagne?
Oui. monsieur.
So merci for the invitation.
I promise to write
a glowing review.
Only if it's true,
which it will be.
[chuckles] But I wanted
you to come as my friend.
This summer was
life changing for me
and you were a
huge part of that.
Thank you.
Well, thanks to you, too.
You made me want to
savor just one cheese.
[chuckles] I'm
so glad to hear it.
[speaking french]
Thank you.
[speaking french]
Look at what you did.
Thanks, Mama.
Congratulations, honey.
Thank you.
I'm so proud of you.
[glass clinking]
[speaking french] And now
I'll switch to English
so Ella can understand.
If only because you all
refuse to speak to me in French.
I guess I just want to say
merci to everyone who has
supported me over the years.
I know I can be a grump, but
I'm also a very grateful grump.
And I want to say Thank you,
especially to Ella, whose
fantasies become our realities.
A good adventure may
not change your life
but it definitely changed mine.
WOMAN: Sant.
WOMAN: Yeah.
Do you want to
say any last words?
Any last words.
Well, I'm just leaving.
I'm not dying.
But I do have so
much I want to say.
I mean, best three months of
my life because of all of you.
You taught me how to indulge,
and be bold, and savor.
And you taught me
about the importance
of friendship and beauty.
So thank you.
Oh, wait, wait.
I'm sorry.
I have a quote.
It's from Simone de Beauvoir
and she said, [speaking french]
And it means, "I accept the
grand adventure of being me."
And I do.
And I promise to eat good
cheese because good cheese
requires good friends.
Sant [speaking french]
[serene music]
[seagulls calling]
Ella, your mom is here.
Taxi's waiting.
Gosh, I feel like I'm
forgetting something.
like you are too.
But if you do, I'll bring
it when I visit, OK?
CLOTILDE: [sighs]
I'm not going to cry.
I'm not going to cry.
[speaking french] Go.
Ella, you did forget something.
Someone dropped this off
for you this morning.
[dramatic music]
You can eat it on the flight.
Stink up the whole plane.
(SINGING)... friend
For folks like me
No, I can't.
Not this one.
Mama, you've got to
go back by yourself.
(SINGING) Something I can lean...
Wish me luck on.
(SINGING) Something to hold
when everyone else has gone
I was lucky to have you
Feelings at my side
[speaking french]
when you said hello
What are you doing here?
Aren't you going to
miss your flight?
Yeah, I'm totally
going to miss my flight.
[chuckles] And then
I'm going to have
to rebook a new one for today
because my Visa is expired.
But it's going to be expensive,
and annoying, and illogical,
and it'll be worth
it because I have
to eat this cheese with you.
And then we have
to make cheddar.
Why cheddar?
Because you age cheddar.
You age it for a
year or five years...
The rest of our
lives if we want to.
I want to because
you're my mimolette.
I know I'm mixing
cheese metaphors.
I'm sorry.
Serge, you're my
reverse bucket list.
And in spite of
all my searching,
you are the little
voice reminding
me that I do know who I am.
I know how I want my life to be.
(SINGING)... loves you many dear
And you and I, we are free
We were
Je t'aime
[chuckles] Bien.
[upbeat music]
BOTH: [speaking french]
[singing in french]
Oh, yeah.
I just thought of the
perfect name for the expansion.
ELLA: Oh, yeah?
SERGE: It's kind of cheesy.
ELLA: [laughs]