Sawaal (1982) Movie Script

Agreed that you'll steal my heart
You'll hide at every step, my beloved
Our paths are the same
We are bound to meet
Agreed that you'll steal my heart
You'll hide at every step, my beloved
Our paths are the same
We are bound to meet
Come on!
No matter where we go
My heart is with you
No matter where we go
My heart is with you
That I be unaware
How can that be?
That I be unaware
How can that be?
I have an attraction
You are amazing
I am where you are
Agreed that you'll steal my heart
You'll hide at every step, my beloved
Our paths are the same
We are bound to meet
I am not naive
I am a veteran lover
I am not naive
I am a veteran lover
You are smart at your work
And insane too
You are smart at your work
That's right
And insane too
One day
When I take you
Then you'd say, "Yes"
Agreed that you'll steal my heart
You'll hide at every step, my beloved
Our paths are the same
We are bound to meet
Agreed that you'll steal my heart
You'll hide at every step, my beloved
Our paths are the same
We are bound to meet
Come on, everybody!
Once more!
Once more!
-Good morning sir.
Did you find out who he works for?
-Who really owns the diamonds?
-No sir, he didn't say a word.
It's evident that you have
worked quite hard.
I used the third degree too.
But he is very stubborn.
That's the problem with you.
You use the same old ways.
Let me see if he talks or not.
Your name is Vikas Anand, isn't it?
Don't tell me if you don't want to.
I won't even ask.
But what's the problem in talking?
Do you play cards?
I will show you a game.
When we deal with people like you,
whiling away time is very difficult.
Let us pass some time.
Draw a card.
How long will you sit there silently?
Draw a card.
Draw a card.
Now look at it.
Remember the card.
Keep it here.
You are a resident
of Gurdaspur, aren't you?
The name of your alley
is Unchavi alley.
Room number, B-135.
Your father's name is Sardari Lal.
How many days do you spend with him
in a year?
Just three days during Diwali?
And the other 362 days,
you wander around
searching for diamonds and gems.
This is your card, right?
Why are you looking at me like that?
I am not a devil or a beast.
But yes, you are surely
working for a devil.
And just because he is happy,
he showers a few coins on you now.
And if he gets angry, he won't even waste
four bullets on you.
He will kill you
with just one bullet.
Let it be.
What's the use of
such useless talks?
Do you recognize
the person in this photo?
This is the photo of your daughter.
You have named her Reshma, haven't you?
You call her "Reshu" lovingly.
You want to give her a good education.
Then one day, you want to get her
married off in a grand manner.
If you rot in jail,
what will happen to her?
Tell me, what will
happen to your Reshu?
Why don't you speak?
Have you ever thought who would support
your old father?
What would happen to your wife?
For a few silver pieces, you are playing
with the lives of three people.
What kind of a father and husband are you?
What kind of son are you?
Why don't you answer me,
Mr. Vikas Anand?
Coward! Weakling!
What kind of a man are you?
You have no regard
for your wife and daughter!
What's the name of
the person you work for?
Who is he? Who is the person
who's more important
than your father, your wife,
and your daughter?
Tell me!
I will tell you everything.
I will tell you everything.
He won't say anything.
If he does, many of our men
can get arrested.
-And goods worth lakhs would be seized.
-But he's in police custody.
And police will use all their means
to make him talk!
And if he utters a word,
it would be beneficial to the police!
-For us, it would mean destruction!
-But what can we do?
If we're this helpless,
can we run this business?
Our business is worth crores,
and spread out across the world.
We will have to do something.
What do you suggest, Mr. Mehta?
It is a very old saying,
but very meaningful even today.
"Beware of the insider, as he can bring
down the biggest setup."
The most dangerous man
in our business is the informer.
He can become the reason
for our destruction and death.
And to survive, the big fish
devours the small fish.
That's also a very old saying.
And even today, this saying, too,
is very meaningful.
You mean...
So that no one else has the nerve
to become an informer,
or dares to do so.
But he is in police custody.
He has been kept in tight security.
If you can't even do that much,
then my advice to you, Shamsher Singh,
is that you leave this business.
Gautam, today at 12 o'clock,
he is being taken to the court.
He will not give a statement
at the court today.
You are all responsible
for his death.
The law can arrest him,
but cannot save him!
It can punish him,
but not protect him.
It was a mistake to take Vikas Anand
to court,
because we know that the smuggler's men
are present at every nook and corner!
Their strength is unlimited!
It is a mistake
to consider them weak.
And we...
Even with our entire strength,
preparation, and intelligence,
we couldn't save one person.
That's why, now no one else
will become an informer.
Which means we cannot succeed
in getting rid of smugglers
from this country.
That's why, instead of taking
Vikas Anand to the court,
the court should
have come to Vikas Anand.
And if we keep playing with people's lives
because of our carelessness,
we can never bring justice to anyone.
We won't be able to do anything.
Nothing at all.
Is that all? You were afraid
because of such a small issue?
You are sad because
Vikas Anand was murdered.
Tomorrow if they set someone's house
on fire, you will leave the city.
Sir, what about me?
You are mocking me, Sonia?
Tell me something.
Where have you abandoned
the Ravi Malhotra that I knew?
Who was always ready
to sacrifice his life,
fighting against crime,
injustice, and atrocities?
Where is he?
What does he do these days?
Sonia, I knew a very simple
and innocent girl.
Are you Sonia?
Look, now you are mocking me.
Honestly, I used to love you earlier too.
But now, I have become your fan.
Now come on, Ravi.
That's what I am saying.
Now, come on sweetheart.
Here we are.
-See you tomorrow.
-Sonia, you have come.
Very good. I was waiting for you.
You have met her, haven't you?
Rashmi, Shamsher Singh's sister.
She is great.
When you meet her, she's unknown.
And if you don't, you'd feel like
meeting her all the time.
And if someone meets you once,
they're yours forever.
I am great.
I write my name in the air.
And many times, I have
written my name on the sand.
It's different that many times,
the waves came and...
Sonia, I am a very intelligent man.
But, I still haven't understood
what love is.
I mean, a boy meets a girl
and praises her eyes.
And the girl, praises his tie.
Then he falls for her attitude,
and the girl, for his smile.
That means, a long everlasting program of
praises persists, which people call love.
I thought I will never
get involved in this program--
-My dear brother.
-Do you want to say something?
I have only one desire in life.
That I can say hello to you.
That's all, hello.
If you can keep quiet for sometime,
then I can fulfill my desire.
Now I remember!
Ms. Hello, where were you?
I have been waiting for you.
You are asking me for a reason?
I am your elder brother.
God bless me. God bless me.
Where do you go? Why do you go?
And whom do you meet?
You will have to tell me.
And today, I have arranged
a special program
for your entertainment.
Really, brother?
Don't believe me? Hurry up.
Go up and change.
Why, these clothes are fine.
You are my sister.
If not yours,
think about my honor.
Something sizzling. Come on,
go up and change, hurry up.
Mama! My dear, dear, dear,
dear mummy, where are you?
Will you let me be in peace?
My dear mummy.
You are just too much.
Listen to that, Rashmi.
Did I say anything?
The entire city respects me.
But no one cares about me in this house.
Dad. Oh my darling, darling father,
where are you?
You carry on, son. I'll come later.
I shall reach before the show starts.
I am most honored,
respected father.
I expected that from you.
He left?
Ms. Sonia!
I am keeping your honor intact, brother.
No one cares about me in this house.
This world is a stage
A new drama is held here everyday
A commotion
This world is a stage
A new drama is held here everyday
A commotion
This world
Life is beautiful, love life
Life is beautiful, love life
Whether it is a kin or a stranger
Whether it is a kin or a stranger
Love everyone
Life is beautiful, love life
Whether it is a kin or a stranger
Love everyone
Life is beautiful, love life
Life is beautiful
Distribute your happiness amongst others
Distribute it amongst others
Who knows what sorrow one has
Keep peeping into each one's hearts
In the world's market
In the market of this world
Trade carefully
Life is beautiful, love life
Whether it is a kin or a stranger
Love everyone
Life is beautiful, love life
Life is beautiful
It is surprising, friends
In this world
It is surprising, friends
In this world
There are very few days
To make friends
How do people get time?
How do people get time
To make enemies?
It is just a question of few moments
It is just a question of few moments
Try to realize that
Life is beautiful, love life
Whether it is a kin or a stranger
Love everyone
Life is beautiful, love life
Life is beautiful
Let's do something
Let's do something
So people remember you
Everyone remembers you
So that everyone
So that everyone
Remembers your saga after you
Remembers your saga after you
Everyone remembers you
Remembers your saga after you
Come on, let us
Come on, let us write this down
On every wall
Life is beautiful, love life
Remembers your saga after you
Remembers your saga after you
Everyone remembers you
Remembers your saga after you
Everyone remembers you
-Do you want to say something?
Something about the steamer?
It is arriving at the right time, but...
Govindnath has refused
to collect the goods.
It's impossible to arrange
so many trucks right now.
And at this time, it is not right
to take trucks from any new man.
-Have you met him?
-Yes. He is not even ready to talk.
And showing our location
to a new person is risky.
That's why getting his trucks
is very important.
Yunus, Govindnath is not
such a bad person.
Sholapur and Pune, for Pune...
Where is Madhav? Madhav!
Come, Govindnath.
I heard you aren't sending
your trucks today.
I have stopped conducting
illegal business.
Are you afraid of the police?
You know I take good care of my men.
That's not it.
Then what is it?
After so many years,
how did you hear your inner voice?
We give you the benefit in lakhs
so that you don't listen to that voice.
If that's less, then let's make a deal.
But I need the trucks today.
To you, money is a very big thing.
Life is a very big thing too.
How will you save that?
You can kill me.
But I will not conduct
this illegal business.
Why are you risking
your valuable life?
What is the reason?
My child was very ill.
He was close to death.
I swore on him
that now I will not conduct
any illegal business.
With Mother Goddess's grace, he survived.
You can surely kill me,
but now I will not conduct this business.
So it's your heart that changed,
not your soul.
Your child's love has changed you.
Fine, Govindnath,
may your heart and soul stay safe.
You called me, sir?
no matter what,
Govindnath has served us a lot.
He has always been loyal to us.
And we should honor his loyalty.
What do you think?
His child is very ill these days.
Go to his home,
and on my behalf,
give his child this gift.
I will get my son a horse, a car,
motor, everything!
Girdhari, see who is it?
Greetings, sir.
Is sir there?
Yes, come.
Sir, Yunus sir has come.
Mr. Mehta has sent this gift for your son.
Have mercy on my child.
I will do whatever you say!
I will be a slave
to you all my life.
Spare my child. Spare my child.
Govindnath, what are you doing?
I don't have any interest
in killing your child.
I don't care if he's alive either.
I only care about my work.
And then, you are one of my men.
It is my duty to look after you.
Wipe your tears.
Come. Listen to me carefully.
You will give the numbers
of two trucks to the police.
And you will inform them,
that there is gold in it.
Both the trucks will be empty.
You will take the goods
in the remaining ten trucks.
Before entering the city,
there is a barrier.
Where the police are posted.
There is a turn before the barrier.
Stop all the trucks there.
And when they get a chance,
these two trucks,
which are empty, will break the barrier
and speed away.
The police will follow these trucks.
The other trucks, which have the goods,
will take the other path
that goes towards the inclination,
will pass by without any obstruction.
Lal Singh will lead the trucks
with the goods,
and will take it to our destination.
Lal Singh, be careful.
No vehicle should pass by
without being checked.
Understand? Lower the barrier!
Keep these drums in line. Hurry up!
I say stop!
Come on, follow!
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Catch him!
Where are the goods?
How I fooled them.
Dhanna, take the goods.
Now these goods are in my custody.
You forget, my name is Ravi Malhotra.
Inspector Ravi Malhotra.
He is a very stubborn inspector, sir.
He doesn't even care about his life.
A medal is a very big thing, Yunus.
Let him work hard for his medal.
And I will keep an account
of how many days he wants to live.
Let's see what he likes.
Medal or his life.
Now whether I live or die
I will love you
And I will live and die
Only for you in love
Now whether I live or die
I will love you
And I will live and die
Only for you in love
I have seen many insane people
But none of them like you
Before I met you, my beloved
The days and nights were not so lovely
Then I have to choose you
As my life partner
And I will live and die
Only for you in love
Embrace me
I have many desires
Embrace me, I have many desires
And the season of love is very small
Every season
Is our season
Every season
Is our season
Since I have bonded
With my beloved
I shall romance you
My entire life
And I will live and die
Only for you in love
Now whether I live or die
I will love you
And I will live and die
Only for you in love
Here we are.
Okay, I will call you
in the evening. Okay?
-What is this? What does this mean?
-What do you think?
I... that...
"I" is fine, who is "that"?
-Yes that!
Who does he think he is?
Openly tarnishing the pride of our family.
-We are not cowards!
-Vicky, listen.
You don't interfere.
This is the question of our dignity.
I am the elder brother, I have duties too.
-Please, brother.
-No please, and no brother.
Aren't you ashamed? You brought him
till the threshold, but not inside!
Even I wanted to see my sister's choice.
Brother, I was scared.
You are just too much,
you scared me to death.
It was a great scene, wasn't it?
Absolutely real?
According to Shakespeare, on the stage
of life, every person is an actor.
I have entered it,
now just see the way I exit.
Okay, tell me.
Is it just romance and love or have you
thought about marriage too?
Brother, he was talking about
meeting my family.
That's great. Not one,
but two marriages in this house.
Music, celebrations. Wow.
-But, brother.
-But what?
-Who will tell dad?
-I will tell dad.
I will praise him so much,
just watch.
But for that, you will have to flatter me.
A feast, or a bribe, or at least a tie.
Then you see, I'll get her married.
When are you getting married?
-Dad, I was thinking--
-These days you've started thinking too?
-Why not, dad? I am your son after all.
Don't waste my time.
Say what you want to.
Dad, that's your bad habit.
I'd thought of an entire scene,
and you ruined it in one blow.
Okay, I am sorry. Tell me, I am ready
to hear the entire scene.
Yes, please indicate where I have to clap.
What's the use of telling it now?
I said sorry. Okay, tell me.
First, close the file.
-And take off your glasses too.
Here, I have taken it off.
Now tell me.
The thing is dad,
Sonia likes a boy.
Have you met him?
Yes, I have met him.
-He is a very nice boy, dad.
Fine, then call him for dinner
Saturday evening.
-All of us will meet him too.
-That's it, scene over?
Anything else you had to say?
Scene finish, cut, and drop.
That's the end.
No reaction?
Now there is no hope of him coming.
I think he has forgotten.
No daddy, that cannot be.
He is a very serious person.
He must be stuck in some work.
He must've changed his mind,
thinking, why get into marriage?
-After all, I have to slave.
-So why're you getting married?
I am doing a favor to my father.
By fulfilling my duty,
I'm giving a successor to my family.
Thank you, son.
I expected that from you.
Mummy, can you ever find
an obedient son like me?
Tell me, what is your suggestion?
We made only one mistake
regarding you, son.
What, tell me?
We didn't enroll you at the circus.
No matter what, our mom's sense of humor
is exactly like mine: terrific!
Ravi is not like you, brother.
What do you mean by that?
He doesn't blabber like you all the time.
-I beg your pardon, Ms. Doesn't?
-He's not much of a talker.
-Maybe he doesn't now how to.
-He cares a lot about other people.
He cares about their smallest happiness.
But he is very principled.
He can even give his life for it.
He is very nice and honest.
Very serious to look at,
but very soft-hearted.
Responsibility is his duty.
He says, "There is only one way
to justify yourself in life.
One should fulfill his
duty by giving his fullest."
How nice, what a speech!
I loved it! Applause! Applause!
I am sorry for my delay.
I was late because I was on duty.
I couldn't even change my uniform.
-Please excuse me.
-We forgive you.
You will always
remember my greatness.
Come and sit here, sit down here.
Before sitting beside the sister,
you should sit beside the brother.
Isn't it?
You look smart in this uniform.
You are not bad looking either.
Just that, you have
a serious-looking face.
-Anyway, no matter. He is our daddy.
Just a hello won't do, greet him.
-That's it.
Do it again. She is our mummy.
She is so stunningly beautiful
in this age too, isn't she?
Very good. He is the high court judge.
Your fate lies in his hands.
And meet her.
She is my fiance, Rashmi.
Hello will do here.
And meet her-- You have met her.
You have fooled my sister
by reading detective stories.
She was praising you so much.
Brother, will you let
someone else speak too?
Just see Sonia, you are scared in
just half an hour.
I have to spend my entire life with him.
What might my condition be?
Listen to me now, sweetheart.
Then, all your life you will speak
and I will listen.
Fine sir, now you speak.
Now I am giving you the chance.
But before that,
you will have to promise
you will come here next Saturday too.
Because we are getting engaged.
Fine sir, now you speak. Speak.
What can I say?
The reality is that,
my name is Ravi.
Profession, police.
The rest is that...
I love Sonia more than my life.
What's wrong with this boy?
Anju, don't turn a blind eye on purpose.
Tell me, for how long will this go on?
It has to end somewhere.
How long will we have to tolerate?
Why should our daughter pay
for our wrongdoings?
The time to repent has gone.
You know that very well, Anju.
This story didn't begin because of me.
I have decided,
this wedding cannot take place.
Why not, dad?
I want to know the reason too.
I am not a guest in the audience.
I am Sonia's brother.
Just like I have the right
to marry the girl of my choice,
Sonia, too, has the right
to choose her companion!
Why do you have an objection?
I am proud of you.
It's true.
The way you are fighting for your sister.
I am not angry with you.
I am feeling proud.
But don't forget one thing.
I am not the enemy of my daughter.
But what's the problem with Ravi?
A police officer.
What happiness can he give my daughter?
What can he have?
A jeep, two pairs of uniform.
Goons and smugglers
are always after his life.
Whose life is always in danger!
What is the value
of the best police officer?
Just one bullet, that's it.
No, dad, you will have to
give me a strong reason.
Just because he is a police officer,
is that his only flaw?
And about death, anyone can die
anywhere, anytime.
Please agree.
Find some way.
If that's what you all want,
I will have to find a way.
Tell me.
Tell me, who do you work for?
Tell me! Who sent you? Tell me!
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning,
Inspector Ravi Malhotra.
Not inspector, just Ravi.
What happened?
Whenever criminals
are very pleased with us,
they leave behind a memento of their love.
I think the criminals love
your uniform more than you.
The government gave this uniform
to catch criminals.
Catching criminals cannot eradicate crime.
Crime does come to an end someday.
-Good morning, Mehta.
-Good morning Shamsher, come.
-Good morning, uncle.
-Good morning.
Shamsher, you must have
not met Ravi Malhotra.
I have heard a lot about you,
but never met you.
Now we will keep meeting.
Uncle, is Vicky at home?
Yes dear, he must be in his room.
Okay brother, bye.
Wait, I will come too.
Excuse me, excuse me sir.
Police inspector in your home?
You won't see him for long.
Take a seat. Will you have tea?
Yes, but without sugar.
Do you know him?
He is the most notorious smuggler,
Robert Pandi.
He is arriving tomorrow
by the 4 o'clock flight.
And according to our information,
he is going to meet
a big smuggler here.
Keep an eye on him.
Tomorrow, 4 o'clock.
If there's any call for me,
I am at the disco.
There is a question
In everyone's eyes
And that question is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
There is a question
In everyone's eyes
And that question is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
What are the eyes searching for?
Look here
Do you want this heart, this life?
What do you want?
What are the eyes searching for?
Look here
Do you want this heart, this life?
What do you want?
There is a question
In everyone's eyes
And that question is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
There is a question
In everyone's eyes
And that question is unique
This mesmerizing evening
Remember someone
Who will come to the jamboree?
What will he do?
This mesmerizing evening
Remember someone
Who will come in the jamboree?
What will he do?
There is a question
In everyone's eyes
And that question is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
Question in the eyes
And it is unique
And the Cochin order,
have you sent that?
And I...
I will talk to you later.
Come Ravi, come.
Not Ravi.
Call me inspector Ravi Malhotra.
What work does a police officer have
in my office?
Surprising, isn't it?
The other day you said
my real enemy is my uniform.
But when I found my real enemy,
I was surprised, too.
-Who is your real enemy?
Inspector, do you know
who you are talking to?
Dhanpathrai Mehta.
He is a very big smuggler in India.
By erecting a wall of money, fame,
and influence around him,
he thinks he's safe!
I have come to tell you, Dhanpathrai,
that there is a small distance left
between you and the law.
Soon, you will be exposed
in front of the entire world.
Is your speech over?
Now take my advice.
Get out from here!
And don't show me your face again!
I am going, but we will meet again.
I said get out!
That's great.
Friends, decorate it some more.
It should be truly grand.
After all, it is my engagement.
Decorate it.
-Brother, you're still not ready?
-I was getting the decorations done.
Who asked you to do it?
"Getting the decoration done."
No matter, Sonia.
If I don't get you engaged by next week,
then my name isn't Vicky.
What should I do?
Who knows where he is!
His son is getting engaged.
And God knows where he is.
-He must be arriving.
-It is time for the guests to arrive too.
There is no trusting that Inspector Ravi.
Yunus, empty all the warehouses.
Raid all the warehouses
of Mr. Dhanpathrai.
-But sir--
-I said do it!
-Sonia! Sonia!
-What is it, brother?
Where's my new watch
Dad gave me?
I am asking about the watch,
and you say "coming."
Why do you keep clamoring?
Here is your watch.
Come on, put it on.
Bless you, my brother.
God bless you.
You're looking very handsome.
I always said so,
but you never agreed.
Where are you going?
Now it is my turn to kiss you.
You are very, very,
very, very, very, very sweet.
You are my rasgulla. You're my rasmalai.
You're my gulaab jamoon! You're my samosa!
You are my--
-Sir, this is Yunus speaking.
Police has raided our Shivdi warehouse.
Our warehouse?
Police has raided?
Take the goods out the back door, quickly!
Yunus uncle!
Yunus uncle!
Yunus uncle, what's going on here?
Vicky, you...
You're here?
-Why are there bullets being fired?
-Nothing... the police has raided.
-Why? I ask you, why?
-What do I know?
If the police seize these goods, then--
You evade the police,
I will take Vicky from here.
Sir, sir. What has happened?
What has happened?
-Congratulations, Mr. Mehta.
-Thank you. Greetings.
-Greetings Mr. Shamsher.
-Shamsher, I will be back.
Anju, where did Vicky go?
He said, I will return soon.
The one who's getting engaged
is absconding.
-That's just great, Mr. Mehta.
-Empty your glasses first.
Vicky! Vicky, my child!
Vicky my child! What happened?
Daddy, you... daddy...
Daddy, you...
Daddy, you...
Let's do something
And go, dear
That everyone remembers you
So that everyone
Remembers you
After your saga
What is the matter son,
you are still awake?
I was just working, father.
It is 2 o'clock, son.
Go and sleep.
Bring my son back.
Bring my Vicky back.
How can I bring Vicky back, Anju?
He has abruptly left us.
No, he hasn't left us abruptly.
You killed him.
You have murdered your son.
You desired wealth, didn't you?
Then take it, take all of it.
House, vehicle, money, everything.
Return me my son.
Return me my Vicky.
Where has my cowardice brought me, Anju?
You are telling the truth.
Instead of making love my strength,
I made it my weakness.
What did I get by sacrificing my life?
I lost my only son.
The son who was the sign of our love.
What can be a bigger punishment
than this, Anju,
a man's young son died in front of him?
Tell me, Anju,
what can be a greater punishment
than this?
What should I do?
I keep picturing his smiling face.
He used to smile a lot.
We jinxed him.
I cannot see your sorrow.
Inspector Ravi Malhotra is
responsible for Vicky's death.
I swear, if I don't make him suffer
the same way,
my name isn't Shamsher.
Son, I am leaving now.
I'll pick you up
from your office in the evening.
-You forgot your medicine.
Okay, son.
-Mr. Lala, sir is calling you.
You called me, sir?
-Mr. Lala, go to the Taj.
Our client, Mr. Keval Sharma,
is in room number 303.
Give him this bag.
-Take my car.
-Fine, sir.
Take the taxi.
I just remembered, I have to go out.
Look, don't hand over
this bag to anyone else.
I am sending you
because you are a trusted man.
Don't worry, sir.
Well done, well done.
Come in.
Are you Mr. Keval Sharma?
Yes, and you are
Lala Deenanath Malhotra?
Yes. Here is your belonging.
Satisfy yourself by opening it.
Seems like it is very valuable,
that's why manager sir sent me.
We, too, have information
that the goods are very valuable.
-You are under arrest!
Deenanath Malhotra, we were informed
that you were bringing smuggled goods.
Smuggled goods?
Inspector Ravi Malhotra,
you have to sign this report.
I hope you don't have any objection?
You are the senior officer.
I agree that the smugglers
have succeeded in their plan.
The person who was known for his honesty,
they had him arrested red-handed.
Father, you are in trouble because of me.
They wanted to take revenge with me,
but they hurt you.
But if they think they have
made me helpless,
defeated me, it's their mistake.
now this war is a battle
for righteousness.
And those cruel people will be sacrificed!
Here, Jagdish.
Raid all the houses,
warehouses, and offices
of all these smugglers.
-And arrest them! Right now.
-Right, sir.
Come here, my tormentor
Try to entice me
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
I will resist
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Try to capture my heart
Come here, my tormentor
Try to entice me
Come here, my tormentor
Try to entice me
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
These are the nights
Of our restlessness
These are the nights
Of our restlessness
We have been
Enticed by your youth
We have been
Enticed by your youth
The intoxication will rise
And we shall stagger
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Try to capture my heart
Know that, now we have bonded
Know that, now we have bonded
I've always won over
The one I've wanted
I've always won over
The one I've wanted
If you wish
I shall unleash my full charm
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Try to capture my heart
Come here, my tormentor
Try to entice me
Come here my tormentor
Try to entice me
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Try to capture my heart
I shall analyze
Hands up!
Now they will feel the heat.
Now they will be mourning
and not celebrating.
Inspector Ravi Malhotra
is getting bolder day by day.
He has become a very big danger to us.
What do you want?
All I want is,
if he's still alive by sunrise tomorrow,
the sun shouldn't rise at all.
Fine, it will be done.
Hey! Hey! Run!
Dhanpathrai Mehta!
Why did your goons attack me?
What do you want from me?
How dare you barge in
a respectable person's house
-so late in the night?
-I have heard enough about this respect!
-Answer to my question.
-What is this misbehavior!
Is there any law and order
in this country or not?
You, who's always played with the law,
is now talking about it?
Ravi, what are you saying?
-Are you in your senses?
-I was not earlier.
But, now I am.
This respectable and honest man
is actually a very big smuggler.
What nonsense?
What evidence do you have?
You want evidence.
Sonia, ask your father.
Whose warehouse was it
where Vicky was shot?
What was kept in that warehouse?
Why did the police raid it?
Why did Vicky go there in a haste?
And before dying, what did Vicky
want to tell his respected father?
He doesn't have the answers
to all these questions.
your father is not just a smuggler,
but is also the murderer of his son.
A criminal! He is a stigma on society.
Daddy, how many forms do you have?
How many lives do you live?
Look daughter, listen to me--
That's the reason why you didn't want me
to marry Ravi.
Your secret wouldn't have remained
a secret.
Daughter's happiness had no value.
-You loved money more?
-No, dear.
You are responsible for
Vicky brother's death, correct?
Daddy, I used to love you a lot.
I used to consider you God.
But you... you are not God.
When the spider spins the web,
he doesn't know,
that he would be trapped in his own web.
And one day, he will die.
He will die.
He will die.
I had no hopes of you coming.
I was sure of you coming.
I have come on my own will.
You haven't come on your own will.
You have come because
your crimes have been exposed.
You have come because you are
the murderer of your son.
You have come because
your wife and daughter
consider you a criminal.
You have com, because your soul
has made you helpless.
And I have come here, Dhanpathrai,
so that I can warn you.
Until I don't lock you up in jail,
I won't rest in peace.
I will make your work easy.
I surrender myself.
You have a good sense of humor.
My sense of humor is not so good
that at 2 AM I'd call a police officer
to play hide and seek with him.
Then why have you called me here?
I want to make a deal with you.
A deal between a smuggler
and a police officer?
A father's deal
for his daughter's happiness.
Why think of your daughter now?
I have lost my young son.
Now all I have left is my daughter.
I want to see her happy.
Are you still ready
to marry my daughter?
But after arresting you.
I have come to you myself.
So that you can fulfill your duty.
I surrender myself to the law.
Yes, I surrender.
But no one should know about this
right now.
A small mistake can prove to
be fatal to my wife and child.
My criminal companions
will now become my enemies,
and will not let me be.
Don't worry.
No one will know anything.
I take the responsibility
of protecting Mrs. Mehta, Sonia, and you.
I expected that from you.
Listen carefully to what you have to tell
your police officers.
What is the name of that smuggler?
I cannot tell you that.
Why does he want to
surrender himself?
He has his personal reasons.
Why don't you tell us?
-Because this is not the right time.
-Then how do we believe the smuggler?
You don't have any other option.
Sir, I would like to know
why we've been called to this conference.
Name, we don't know.
Reason, we don't know.
Motive, unknown.
Doesn't Mr. Ravi think we are
responsible officers?
Does he doubt our honesty?
Don't we have the right to know
who we are talking about?
Inspector Kadri, if you would have
used your intellect,
you would have realized
the person who I am talking about
is a very renowned man
in the world of smugglers.
And he has a reason.
And because of that reason,
he is surrendering himself to the law.
Sit down. I have called you today
because if we agree to protect him,
if we give his family
a new name, a new place,
and a new life,
if we pardon all his crimes,
he will give us such detail
and information
that we can get rid of all the smugglers
in this country.
That's it, I cannot tell you
anything else right now.
Let's trust the discretion
of Inspector Ravi Malhotra.
Look Inspector Ravi, this matter
is so important
that I will have to talk to my seniors.
Yes, if that man is
telling the truth,
he can be very beneficial to us.
If that's true, you cannot imagine
the losses this can bring us.
And, if not impossible,
it is very difficult
for us to harm that informer.
Because that informer
is a very important man to the police.
And the police will use their entire force
to protect him.
And we cannot openly battle the police
because we live double identities.
So Mr. Mehta, what is your suggestion?
There aren't two options
to any principle, Shamsher Singh.
And then in our business,
someone's personal advice
holds no importance.
We have always
agreed on one thing.
If one of our men
becomes an informer
to harm us or for his own benefit,
there is just one penalty.
Today, too, the decision is to
find this informer immediately,
and kill him.
Sonia, call your mummy here quickly.
Yes, daddy.
Close the door.
-Have you given leave to the servants?
Anju, Sonia.
I have given the order to kill me.
I am breaking away
from this world of crime,
and surrendering myself to the police.
Really, daddy?
Unfortunately Anju, I am taking
this decision after Vicky's death.
Now all I want is for the two of you
to be safe.
Sonia, dear, you will have to be
very courageous.
Since I know the system very well,
by tonight, they will definitely find out
that I am that man.
And after, they will try their best
to kill me.
There is a possibility of us
meeting again after this,
or I may be shot to death!
Have courage.
Time is of the essence.
I am surrendering today.
Shut up!
I am right, Shamsher Singh!
It is true!
What rubbish?
Mehta, an informer!
That is impossible.
Do you know, Mehta owns
half the smugglers' empire.
He earns in crores.
What greed can make him an informer?
Samsher Singh, it doesn't
always have to be greed
that turns one into an informer.
Sometimes, people suddenly become honest.
Listen to me, Shamsher Singh,
or we'll all be ruined.
God alone knows how many
papers and accounts Mehta has.
And it also has your signatures on it.
Where can Mehta be at this time?
I don't know that.
But it is confirmed that
Mehta will surrender to the police today.
If that's true,
listen to one more thing.
Mehta shall not escape death.
First, we will have to acquire
all our documents from him.
After that...
Mehta himself said there is
just one penalty for every informer.
He is a very close friend of mine.
How can I disobey him?
Send our men after him.
He shouldn't reach
the police station alive.
Exactly after half an hour,
that man will be in front of you.
He had said he'll be at the headquarters
at 2 o'clock.
At least now you can tell,
who is he after all?
You will know at 2 o'clock.
Could it be that, we sit here
near this gate,
and he comes from the other--
Our men are present at every gate.
Let's see, whether he arrives or not.
It's past 2 o'clock, and also 2:30.
But the rabbit you were going to
pull out of your hat didn't come out.
Seems like he changed his mind
at the last moment.
I want to talk to Ravi--
Yes, it's me speaking.
Where are you?
You were supposed to be here.
What arrangements have you made
for my family?
They will be kept away from you,
and brought to you later.
When are you coming?
Ravi, I think they have
found out about me.
I cannot come there.
I will tell you
where I will meet you.
But the police should be there too.
It's time for him to arrive.
Why hasn't he arrived till now?
Possibly he is hiding somewhere.
And maybe he doesn't want to come out
till he sees you at the gate.
No sir, he said that
I shouldn't wander around.
And to go at the gate
only after he arrives.
But sir, our people
are present everywhere. Look.
-Jagdish, show us your men.
-Right, sir.
Hello, hello, show our men.
The ice-cream seller.
The snacks vendor.
The charmer.
All our men in different disguises.
No one can recognize them.
But I think he won't come now.
Yes sir, I feel the same.
He will surely come.
His soul has awakened.
And now it won't let him rest at home.
Look, he is coming towards
the gate.
Dhanpathrai Mehta!
Hello, hello, surround him.
All the arrangements have been made
like you wanted.
Good, very good.
There is danger here. Let us
take cover behind the chairs.
-How long will we take cover?
-There is a helicopter back there.
But I don't see
where they're firing from.
My child.
How can we get out of here?
Jagdish, they are firing from there.
Take your men and cover us.
-I will move ahead with Mr. Mehta.
-Yes, sir.
The house is on fire!
But how did it catch fire?
-Move back!
-It is such a fierce fire,
how can anyone survive?
It's unknown how many people
might have died.
The police say the lady and her daughter
were burnt to death.
No word on the owner.
It is the fruit of their deeds.
Which fool set their house on fire?
Who is that scoundrel?
If we work like this,
without thinking,
this will be the end of everything!
If the Mehta family was in our grasp,
Dhanpathrai would have been in our grip.
Dhanpathrai is still in our grip.
What do you mean?
This fire was started by the police
to fool us.
-And the corpses?
-That was the police's doing too.
Before setting the house on fire,
they brought two corpses
from the city morgue and kept it there.
Bravo, Mac.
Damn good.
But where are those women?
Those women will be
in our hold within an hour.
Where are they?
Call up Mr. Ravi.
Both Mrs. Mehta and Sonia are missing?
Damn it!
Is this what you call security?
Were you going to
protect us like this?
Is this how you have protected us?
I gave up my past life for their sake.
I gave up a life of luxury
and became homeless!
I surrendered to you,
so they could live!
What's the use if they die?
I committed a very big mistake
by trusting you!
No, Mr. Mehta, you have committed
no mistake.
I can understand your feelings.
I promise you that I will go
and free them at any cost.
Yes. Please have courage.
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
I live in the hearts of my lovers
I live in the hearts of my lovers
I have one heart
Everyone wants to win it
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
I have dark black tresses
I inspire poetry
Only one call is heard everywhere
I am beautiful
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
Whoever wins my heart goes crazy
Whoever wins my heart goes crazy
Whoever cannot win my heart
Loses his life
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
I am beautiful, I am beautiful
I am the life of the party
My style captures hearts
My style
-Can I use your telephone?
What? Yes, of course.
Shambhu, bring the phone.
You were entertaining the party.
Is it your birthday?
-It must be your anniversary then.
No, no, just a few friends have come over.
Aren't you interested in architecture?
Look! What a fine example.
How beautifully he has done up the house!
Go and have a look.
-I hope you don't mind.
Hello! Inspector Ravi Malhotra speaking.
Yes, I am speaking from
Mr. Shamsher Singh's house itself.
Keep an eye on all of his hideouts.
In desperation, he will try
to take them out of the city.
Would you like a smoke?
Thank you.
Inspector, is there
a camera in this lighter?
No, sir. What will I do with your photo?
We have dozens of your photos.
Thank you very much, Mr. Shamsher.
Sorry to bother you.
Come on, boys.
He was mocking the architecture.
He talks too much.
So he wants to arrest me!
-If you want, I'll finish him immediately.
-No, no. There is no need to kill him.
We should not forget our real target.
No, never.
I will not give any information
about the smugglers
until my wife and child return safely.
I have thought of a plan for their safety.
But for that I need your help.
What plan?
You will have to give a statement on TV.
The moment I talk, they will kill them!
No, Mr. Mehta, they are not
interested in them.
They just want to catch you.
Okay, if my statement
can save their lives,
I am ready.
Sister-in-law, I apologize
for my misbehavior.
I've nothing to gain by keeping you
hungry and thirsty.
But you are responsible for this.
I can free you immediately,
only if you tell me
where Dhanpathrai Mehta is.
If you know me really well,
you will not ask me this question again.
My name is Dhanpathrai Mehta.
The people of this city
and this country know me
as an honest man.
But, in fact, I used to be
a very prominent smuggler of this country.
I have accumulated wealth
by illegal means.
Today I request my old partners
in smuggling
that like me, they too
abandon the wrong path
and surrender themselves to the law.
The government will show leniency
towards them.
And if they do not heed my advice,
I will hand over to the government
all of their illegal papers,
documents, and agreements
that are in my possession.
When a dog becomes rabid,
it must be shot.
This scoundrel knows all our secrets,
we must kill him.
We will have to shoot him
before he speaks.
-But where is he?
-He is under police protection.
How do we find out
where they're hiding him?
Surely, someone has filmed this!
Find out that photographer.
Seize all the cameramen
working for TV!
Hurry up! Go!
Who is it? Who are you?
Where is Dhanpathrai Mehta?
Who? Who is Dhanpathrai?
Will you speak or shall I shoot?
Dhanpath, Khandala Guest House.
-I am the TV cameraman.
-I have told them everything!
Khandala Guest House!
Where did he go?
Dhanpathrai Mehta
missing from police custody?
My God.
He disappeared from police custody?
-Inspector Deshmukh.
-Yes, sir?
Keep a watch over Ahmedabad highway.
If you suspect any vehicle, search it.
Go to Mumbai Central with your men,
and ask Samant to go to VT.
-Right, sir.
-Hello, operator! Ravi here.
If you receive any calls for me,
put them through directly.
Where could Dhanpathrai Mehta be
right now?
Where could he be?
Mr. Mehta?
Where are you speaking from?
The places I am wandering in
have no names.
Then come to our place.
We are eagerly waiting for you.
I too want to do that,
but first, you will have to
free my wife and daughter.
We will free them.
We will definitely free them.
What do we want from
women and children?
Tell me, where should I send them?
Tomorrow afternoon,
at 1 o'clock sharp,
bring them to the old junkyard.
There I will surrender myself to you.
Fair enough.
But Mr. Mehta, do not forget to
bring those papers
with which all our lives are connected.
The papers will be with me.
Dhanpathrai Mehta...
tomorrow, you will meet
your wife and daughter forever.
Dhanpathrai Mehta, you do keep
your promise.
-I thought you--
-Where are Sonia and Anju?
Shamsher, send Sonia
and Anju towards me.
First, the bag!
First, Sonia and Anju.
Let them go.
Mehta, first throw the bag,
we will check the papers.
Go there!
Catch the scoundrel!
Look for them.
Don't let them escape.
Get out.
Come on.
Take them to Shamsher Singh!
According to the law of our fraternity,
the punishment for traitors is death.
Dhanpathrai Mehta, today
you too have betrayed us.
So you too should get
the same punishment.
Gautam, kill the three of them!
Hands up!
Raise your hands!
No! No!
Let me go!
Sonia! Sonia!
Arrest all of them!
Leave me!
Inspector, now you too are going to die!
-Mr. Mehta.
Mr. Mehta, why did you do this?
Ravi, I lost one child,
I don't want to lose the other one.
I knew my fate the day I had embarked
on this life.
Anju, now...
Let's do something
So that everyone remembers you
So that everyone
Remembers your saga after you
Remembers your saga after you
So that everyone remembers you