Sawako Decides (2010) Movie Script

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19th PFF Scholarship Fund Film
Sawako's 5th year in Tokyo
Aldi Arman
On your side, please.
You first colonic irrigation?
It purges toxins, tones the skin
and aids weight control.
And prevents colorectal cancer.
It's not my first time.
You could have said so.
You're very constipated.
Let's flush it all out.
Here we go.
Let's hope we clear it all away.
No that's impossible.
I'm too busy.
Sawako's 5th job in Tokyo
It's no good.
No. 2 clearly isn't enjoying it.
We can't sell that.
I agree, sir.
Look at No. 3 kid.
Your tea, sir.
Leave it there.
You've got wheels on a Mom doll.
Isn't that strange?
A Mom with tires?
It's ridiculous.
Who came up with this?
Excuse me, sir.
No. 2 boy is wetting his pants.
Don't just tell me.
Go clean it up.
Yes, sir.
That's why we pay you.
Perhaps you're right, sir.
No 'perhaps' about it!
When you've finished that, I want that file.
Yes, sir.
She deserves it.
Don't you agree?
It's the Global Financial Crisis.
We're going round in circles.
Sawako, what's up?
Just a little accident, but I'm fine.
Are you sure?
We were talking about the GFC.
Yes, business is bad.
But it can't be helped.
Well, that's right.
I saw that program on TV
about global warming.
We're headed for a catastrophe in 50 years.
Like the Earth exploding?
No, that's too extreme.
But warming will worsen at
an accelerating rate.
It can't really be helped, can it?
"It can't be helped?"
She doesn't care.
She's in love with Arai.
Sawako's 5th Tokyo boyfriend
Children's toys need that human touch.
Much the same can be said for adults, too.
What does Arai wear at home?
Tight sweaters, I bet.
He'd look so cool.
Not awesome, rather ordinary.
...arrested for beating
his daughter to death.
Unemployed Harumichi Takaoka,
52, of Higashi Ward.
killed Naoko, 22, at their home last night.
...struck in excess of
10 times with a beer bottle.
Police are continuing their investigation.
Not another one.
Then don't watch it.
Your sweater will be just like mine.
Do you like this stitch?
I've no idea.
- D'you like it or not?
- I like it.
Then I'll do my best.
And so begins my eco-lifestyle.
What's that?
I'll get the washing.
It must be an eco-friendly life.
Isn't Arai an annoying little man?
Well... but...
Yes, he is.
I guess so...
Can't be helped.
Must you always say that?
I know I'm not very self-assertive
I have no real dreams or aspirations.
Sorry to sound like a miserable wretch.
I'm the same.
Me, too.
We all are, I mean.
Anyway, I'd say Arai is rather average.
The most important trait.
- I agree.
- Fully.
There's a heavy stench of urine.
Sure is.
Frankly, Sawako...
You stink.
Yes, you're right.
See, Kayoko?
That gorilla isn't enjoying life at all.
How pitiful.
Here, Kayoko.
Where's the popcorn...?
Kayoko sweetie.
Ith thith fun?
Do you like the gorilla?
Kayoko, answer her.
Do gorillas' underarms smell bad?
She's asking if a gorilla's armpit
smells bad.
Ask Sawako, dear.
Me? How to put it?
Well, maybe...
...they're stinky-poo.
I suggest you lose that baby talk.
You'll soon adjust to her.
So Arai is divorced, with a child?
That's scandalous!
You said you liked average, right?
Maybe he's not so average...
...he's more 'lower-middle.'
He's a total disaster.
Break it off now.
Besides, you hate kids, don't you?
Did you know about the kid
from the beginning?
I bet he was a lot less than honest.
Forget him.
Break it off right away.
Dare I say it...?
...I'm very much a sub-middling
woman, myself.
You underestimate yourself,
that's why they all dump you.
Don't be so...
You're right.
Men always end up dumping me.
It's because I don't have big
breasts, like melons.
So, without melons,
I can't ask for too much.
That's sick, Sawako.
What is?
It's bizarre.
You're behaving very strangely.
Give me a minute.
I'll be out soon.
Just a minute, okay?
Sawako Decides
Hey, Kayoko.
Want a toy your Dad made?
I really think she needs a mother.
That's no pressure on you, though.
Generally speaking, the lack of
motherly love is nationwide.
It's a breakdown in morals, don't you think?
No pressure on you, though.
Kayoko, go give Sawako a big kiss.
Okay, there you go.
What's this?
Really, don't.
She doesn't want to.
You don't mind, do you?
Go and play, then.
I'll kiss you instead.
No thanks.
Not here, please.
Listen Sawako, do you love me?
I know you do, but I want to hear it.
Totally impossible.
Don't say that.
Don't make me have to call you all the time.
I know you have issues about coming home.
But your father's seriously ill in hospital.
And what about the business?
What will happen?
You can't let it fail.
You're the sole heir.
I can't go back.
Don't be so stubborn.
It's been 5 years and not a peep from you.
I've got things to do.
I've been busy.
- What's more important?
- Various things.
Even if you are busy, your Dad's ill...
Sorry to hear your Dad isn't well.
It just can't be helped, can it?
What's up with you now?
Are you crying?
Am I?
No way.
I am crying, I didn't realize it.
Because of your father?
No, not that.
But I wonder why?
I really don't know.
But why?
Why would I cry?
...didn't look like this.
See you around.
Your father owns a freshwater
clam packing company, doesn't he?
How's that holding out?
You'd best go back and save it.
I haven't been home for 5 years.
There are complications, it's not so easy.
Why not?
I have to go now.
I'll call you later.
Any empty cans?
I'll recycle them.
That's a lot of beer.
Cut down.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
So painful.
Now I hurt here and here.
My first time ever to have
two injuries at one time.
Listen up, Sawako.
You're getting nowhere.
There's no future.
But it can't be helped, right?
Why do you have such a negative attitude?
What's going on?
Stop idling away company time.
Sorry, sir.
And where's that file I asked for?
- Sorry, sir.
- Now!
They're all losers.
Nothing, sir.
Can't be helped, can it?
You're very stressed out, aren't you?
Yes, I'm sorry.
Okay, let's suck away all that tension.
And the memories of all my ex-boyfriends.
And how they all dumped me.
All four of them.
I was kidding. I can't really
suck away such things.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You've learned how to relax
for insertion, haven't you?
You're doing well.
Thank you very much.
But you're stuck in a dead end, as usual.
You reckon?
Thank you very much.
Oh, I did it.
You did that.
- I feel dull.
- Me too.
Have you heard?
Arai has quit.
- No idea.
- How come?
What about poor Sawako?
That man is impossible.
He certainly is.
All men are like that.
You're so right.
Poor Sawako, such an unlucky girl.
- She sure is.
- Poor kid.
Don't you feel lethargic today?
I do.
I'm so dull.
Nobody told me.
About me quitting work?
Of course.
What else?
Your new mother's angry.
I'm not angry.
And I'm not her 'new mother' yet.
Yes, well.
The thing is...
That ecology thing I broached,
that's why I quit.
I've decided to bring Kayoko up
in the wilderness.
A poor excuse. They fired you
because of that dud toy.
That's nothing to do with it.
Leave that for now.
I'm talking about an eco-lifestyle.
Try to think about it.
Can you imagine a future here in
Tokyo decades from now?
Then, let me tell you what I see.
There is no future for Japan as it is now.
So it makes sense for us to move
to your hometown.
We'll rescue your father's company...
What's all this?
First time I've heard it.
I thought I'd mentioned it.
No, you didn't.
- I did tell you.
- You did not.
If I didn't, I'm sorry.
That's why I'm clarifying it for you now.
I've told you many times,
I haven't been home for 5 years.
There are reasons I can't go back.
But it's good timing to go back now.
Besides, your father's critically ill.
There's every reason for you to go back now.
So that's why I offered...
Or would you rather we break up?
Is that what you want?
I don't think so.
But I do.
It's by far the most natural course.
Hello Sawako.
How do you do.
I'm Arai.
I'm Sawako's uncle.
I'll take your bags.
Please get in the car.
Sawako, I like this place.
Who are they?
Is he the one?
No, it's not him.
I didn't tell him.
So don't say anything.
I won't.
But what about that girl?
How can I explain?
Are you ready?
Yes, sure.
I don't know how to put it.
Why bother?
She's my daughter.
That's Kayoko.
You should have warned me.
Good lord...
I don't care about such things, anyway.
You mean it?
Forget it.
Let's go to the hospital.
Hello Doctor.
How is he?
Still under the anesthetic.
He'll soon wake up.
Please excuse me.
Sawako's here at last.
This is Kenichi.
How do you do.
They tried to operate yesterday.
It's end-stage cirrhosis.
There's no real hope.
Can't be helped.
He drank too much.
The doctor suggests he spends
his last days at home.
Okay, Sawako, talk to your father.
What do I say?
I've nothing to say.
You have to say something.
You used to sing songs for him.
Come on, sing him a song.
That was back in kindergarten.
Mom's photo.
Is it ready?
I've made iced tea.
Just leave it, thanks.
That's the door to the basement.
And it's also...
Did your new mom show you around?
What do you want?
I'm leaving now.
Meet me at the factory tomorrow.
Times are tough.
The economy is bad.
I miss the good old days.
We all dreamed of a bright future.
Nowadays there's no future.
Don't worry.
I'll do my best.
Kayoko's a good girl.
But you two get married and
have your own children.
Slip her a bit and keep her knocked up.
You know how to do it.
Okay Uncle, that's enough.
Let's call it a night.
Take care.
Sawako, don't worry.
I'll fix things up with your dad.
But you did run off and elope 5 years ago.
What's that?
Sorry to bring that up.
What's he talking about?
Nothing really.
Want some help?
No, just watch.
- I insist.
- Just watch first.
A vegetable garden?
You spread human excrement
on the vegetables?
But doesn't it stink?
Sure, but there's no other choice.
It's your waste, anyway.
As long as we lack sewerage,
we'll keep doing this.
Yes, but still...
I've been doing this since I was
6 years old.
You're big on ecology, you should try it.
Yeah, but...
Does everyone remember?
It's Sawako, the boss's
daughter who went to Tokyo.
Hello, Sawako.
Long time no see.
Hello, Tomomi.
Sawako's childhood friend.
She works here.
Oh, I see.
So, you're back?
How did the elopement go?
You ran off to Tokyo right after
high school.
How did it work out?
Look, I need an explanation.
Uncle, please.
She deserted her father
and ran off with a boy.
Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.
Doesn't matter.
What's going on?
Can you explain to me?
I really don't know.
She soon forgets, doesn't she?
I'll ask you one more time.
What's going on?
I know nothing.
Everyone else does.
- Uncle tell me.
- No idea.
- Come on.
- I really don't know.
I see.
Did I say something wrong?
Not really.
But I don't think what I did
was 'eloping.'
What we did wasn't such a bad thing.
Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
Blue rivers, ponds and
the great expanse of nature
Pure smiles, hopeful futures and
a spirit of cooperation
Cherish our history, Learn from our past
Reach out to our bright future
We all work hard and make
our dreams come true
Kimura Shellfisheries
Make a speech, Sawako.
Just a few words.
Hello everyone.
In stead of my father who has fallen ill...
I, Sawako Kimura, will...
...take over the business of
packing freshwater clams.
Can't hear you.
Speak up.
We're all old and we have poor hearing.
You can't just turn up and take over.
We have some say in this.
That's for sure.
Ran off and had a brat.
She's not my child.
I didn't elope, either.
By any other name.
I'm sorry.
Forget about it, then.
She's useless.
This place will go down the tubes.
No future here.
They're all stubborn country women.
Tough at first, but you'll
soon get used to them.
They're all wives to
freshwater clam fishermen.
We buy their hard-won catch
cheaply and pack it to sell.
So they're not happy from the start.
Yes Sawako, don't let them worry you.
I have to go back now.
I'll leave her to you.
Does that hurt?
Your skin is so smooth.
Feel comfortable?
Mom's watching you.
I didn't know you were home.
I did plan to introduce you to
your new mother-to-be.
She's working at the factory.
My mother died when I was a child.
Your new mother, I meant.
Where will you go?
Sawako, try to understand my situation.
You've done nothing since you left school.
You need a mother's guiding hand.
- Drop dead!
- How dare you!
Sawako, wait!
It's here!
We won't have any interruptions in Tokyo.
What are you talking about?
We can try various positions.
Huh, what?
Oh, I'm so horny.
Let's do it.
- Do what?
- You know.
Now I remember.
I did run away with him.
You take your responsibilities
lightly, don't you?
You're incorrigible, you are.
More rain, more rain
Mom will come with her big umbrella
Kayoko, you love to sing, don't you?
I didn't know.
So, you're back, aren't you?
The elopement didn't work out, eh?
There's a definite trend
of rising temperatures.
All due to global warming.
Why did you suddenly leave today?
Kayoko, take yourself outside.
It's dark out there.
What for?
When are we getting married?
Don't you love me anymore?
How can you ask me such a question?
Put yourself in my shoes.
- I'm trying.
- No, you're not.
Act your age, will you?
Make a firm plan.
You can't make excuses anymore.
There's a factory to run.
- Sorry.
- That's pointless.
Business is bad.
You have no money.
Kayoko needs schooling.
I quit my job in Tokyo
to come back on your account.
- You were part-time.
- So what?
Only a part-timer.
What's your point?
What about Kyoko?
She's your daughter.
Before we get to that...
What's this 'elopement' they're
all gossiping about?
You want to know?
- Of course!
- I thought so.
Come on.
I want the truth.
No doubt they over-exaggerated.
It wasn't a big deal, was it?
I really wouldn't know.
You mean it?
I did elope.
- Really?
- Yes, sorry.
- Honestly?
- Yes, I was young.
- Blaming it on youth?
- Yes.
I ran off with the tennis club
captain when I was 18.
He dumped me in Tokyo.
It finished.
Sorry I didn't mention it.
Then I got dumped by my 2nd
and 3rd boyfriends, too.
And the next...
I didn't ask about that.
I don't want all the sordid details.
But everyone has a secret or two.
How come you can just shrug off
your failures?
It just proves that you're incompetent.
So what's wrong with that?
But don't you care about it?
Don't you feel any guilt about it?
Of course.
I know I was foolish.
I know I'm a loser.
That's why I'm stuck with
a divorcee' like you.
What was that?
How dare you say that!
You're like our planet.
You're only getting worse.
But I'm nothing special, either.
I have no choice, that's why I'll marry you.
Oh no, Sawako.
That's too much.
And don't use ecology
as an escape from reality.
That's offensive to the Earth.
No, you misunderstand.
I'm so confused...
Wait a moment, Sawako.
Do you love me or not?
Let me see...
Forget it.
I'm off to bed.
I'm an awful woman.
I am sorry.
We're happy.
Yes, we are.
Money doesn't buy it.
There's nothing interesting on TV tonight.
We have plenty of time.
Let's make love.
Silly woman.
No way.
Why not?
You're too old to be shy.
No way.
Come on.
Stop it.
How can I?
- No way.
- Come on.
It hurts.
So painful.
Are you okay?
What did you say?
That was a big crap.
You're a good boy.
Come on.
Be careful, darling!
I'll get heaps of fat clams.
I love to eat the big fat ones.
You had a feast on my
big fat one last night.
Don't be so greedy.
Good luck!
Here I go.
I worked for a toy manufacturer in Tokyo.
That's terrific.
Yes, well...
Do you enjoy this work here?
It's not boring?
Hey, Sawako.
Can I go drinking with Tomomi tonight?
Don't worry.
He won't stray.
What do you mean?
What's this all about?
Shall I tell him?
What's going on?
Tell me.
Freshwater Clams
Good morning.
Stop staring at me.
If you've something to say, say it.
I was very sorry at that time.
Please reconsider marrying my father.
He needs someone.
When he introduced you that time...
I couldn't bring myself to accept you then.
But I've changed.
Become my new mother...
Are you bullying me?
You are, aren't you?
She's a proper devil, this one.
A real bitch.
Stop it.
Don't bother with her.
A waste of time.
I don't fit in at that tiny
factory with those grannies.
Yes, you do.
What's Tokyo like?
Is it really cool?
Better than here, I suppose.
I knew it.
I feel quite drunk.
Shall we go back?
Good evening.
Hey, Kenichi.
Having fun tonight, are we?
Are you two on a date?
What do you mean?
So you're just after
a bit of tail, after all.
Get her liquored up first, though.
And this is the right place to
get that sorted out.
Sorry. You have no need to
do all of that.
Let's have a drink, anyway.
Come on Sawako.
It'll improve the sex tonight.
It's Tomomi, not Sawako.
Your men and your women
are both bloody stupid.
Especially the women.
They're big, bloody liars.
They only tell the truth
when they're all sexed up.
Don't you agree?
Why laugh?
The only time they're truthful is in bed.
No, that's not right.
They tell lies in bed, too.
That's how I came unstuck.
Doesn't matter.
I buggered it up...
Her mother, Kanae,
is being held on murder charges.
Both father and mother are now in custody.
Miho, aged 4, was dragged
into a freezing cold bath,
where she was heavily beaten and abused.
Police investigations suggest
vicious and on-going torture
of the toddler, which generally
took place in the bathroom.
Didums your da-da come homey...?
Why bother?
Is your dad back?
Okay Kayoko, we'll sleep together tonight.
Come here.
You won't kill me?
Why say that?
Of course, not.
Come on.
Stop there!
Come and sleep with me.
I beg you.
We're both motherless.
Too late to catch a bus?
Of course it is.
No taxis, either.
I'll just wait until I can grab a taxi.
What the hell?
Don't touch me.
I didn't mean to.
I'm sorry.
- Go on, touch me.
- No, I...
Go on.
How should I...?
No, don't.
I will go get a taxi.
No taxis, I said.
I'll call for one.
There's no taxi here.
No, I should get a taxi.
Get a taxi home.
I love you, Kenichi.
Sawako, I'll do that.
No need.
I'll carry it.
Weren't you two at the bar last night?
No, forget it.
Wait up.
How come you never come to me for anything?
Don't you need money, advice, nothing?
Too damned hard-headed.
I am. That's why I always
fail with men.
An uncle doesn't need to hear that.
What next?
You look well.
I'm relieved.
I know everything.
Will you marry him?
I don't know.
Why didn't you ever re-marry?
It would have driven you away
forever if I had.
So I never did.
You're my only daughter.
What have you been up to?
I'll go back to work.
You get out first.
I need 20 minutes to think things over.
I'll cry for a while before I get out.
Please look after her.
Can you get along with the other children?
She ran off to Tokyo and
had a bastard child.
Never married, though.
And now she's back.
How depraved.
...bad influence
on all our children.
She's noticed us.
Looks like she's been dumped again.
Another man's duped and dumped her.
Everything down the drain.
Business is at rock-bottom.
She looks ill.
Naturally they dump her.
Two major incidents today.
First, Tomomi has quit.
2nd, orders are in a constant decline.
We'll scrape through next month.
If it keeps sliding,
we have less than 2 months.
I'm very sorry.
Let's all sing the company song.
Gather around, everyone.
Here you are.
Watch the steps.
I'm fine.
Sawako, this is no time to be drinking beer.
I'd love a beer, myself.
- Forbidden.
- I know.
Have some clam soup.
That'll fix your liver.
Anyway, where's Sawako's fella?
He isn't here now.
Bring him here.
Forget him.
We're back.
Your father is heavily medicated.
Go easy on him if he acts childishly.
You're like a kid when you get drunk, too.
It's in the blood.
We all share the affliction.
Don't single me out.
Back into bed.
I'm fine.
Come on.
You need a rest.
I'm fine.
She got drunk and fell asleep.
Excuse me.
I'm researching dioxin
for a university in Tokyo.
- May I ask you some questions?
- What's dioxin?
Clams on river bottoms
absorb dangerous impurities,
including environmental hormones and dioxin.
I don't know what you're on about.
The clams I catch are brimming
with goodness and nutrition.
A fisherman doing physical work is so sexy!
You're really cool.
I retain fluids, I do.
You really are awesome!
You're so cool!
Sawako, how's the business?
I bet the old dears are tough on you.
Are you okay?
When I die, please scatter
my ashes in the river.
A big dose of nutrition for the clams.
To help them become big and fat.
You can pack and ship them
to make a mountain of money.
Then go buy yourself a pretty frock.
Why a frock?
Dresses suit you.
That was back in kindergarten.
They still suit you.
I'd better head back.
What's so good about Sawako?
She ran off with the tennis club captain.
Want to hear the whole story?
Sawako and I belonged to the tennis club.
We both fell for the captain.
She ran off with him right after graduation.
He dumped her after the first month, though.
I guess she's never loved me
from the beginning.
Of course.
She's that sort of woman.
I'm not like her.
I want to go away to Tokyo with you.
Finish your dinner.
It's all your fault.
Kayoko, see you later.
Kayoko, let's go.
Come here.
Come on.
You don't love me, either?
Sawako, this is all your doing.
You stole Yoshio from me.
Who's that?
The tennis club captain.
What do you mean?
Forget it.
Let's go.
What about Kayoko?
Come on.
- Kayoko!
- Leave her.
Shouldn't you go, too?
What was that?
I'm her father...
It's my duty.
I'm her father, after all.
You son of a bitch!
Get out.
What for?
You bastard!
I am Sawako's father.
Running away?
Son of a bitch.
Boss, that's enough.
You're the reason?
I'm sorry.
Biting the hand that feeds you.
You can't be serious.
Stop this now.
Sawako drove me to it.
Why is it her fault?
It's all her fault.
What's wrong with Sawako?
It's all her doing.
Spell it out, then.
Come on.
Stop it.
Your wig.
I'm sorry.
That's why Mommy left us!
Let's go.
- But...
- Come on.
I'm disgusted with myself.
Listen, Sawako.
Some fatherly advice.
This is my plan.
First, break up with that man.
I know it'll be hard.
But you're still young.
You can start over again.
Regrettably, we'll have to put
Kayoko into foster care.
It's not fair, I know.
I appreciate your concern.
But the thing is...
...I've decided to marry him.
That's the complete opposite to my wishes.
I'm nothing special.
All I can do is my best.
Right, I'm off to bed.
Good night.
Sawako, just you listen to me.
He cast you away.
Don't you understand?
That's not my problem.
Yes, it is.
What's so special about him?
That doesn't really matter.
I've made up my mind.
And besides, it can't be helped.
Kayoko, get ready for tomorrow.
You're off to day-care.
Look, you're nothing special, either.
You'll just have to tough it out.
I will.
Good, go for it.
Time for a song.
Gather around.
Excuse me, but I need you to all listen.
Good day.
Okay, I'm a runaway.
You've criticized me for that
and deserting my father.
But I was madly in love,
barely 18 years old.
I got lost in the passion
and we ran away together.
He was tennis captain and very good-looking.
So we ran away.
I was young, I was stupid.
And what's worse, I stole him from Tomomi.
But it all ended up in failure.
And I'm just a lower-middling woman, right?
But who here can claim any better?
Come on, raise your hand.
Not one of you.
We're all very ordinary people.
Or maybe even a tad under lower-middle.
But what's wrong with that?
No matter how many times men have dumped me,
I still tough it out.
What other choice is there?
I'll go get changed.
Sorry to sound so bossy.
I'm just like you.
One very foxy lady.
- I didn't mean you...
- That's okay.
We're all foxy ladies.
You opened your heart for all to see.
That's so cool
You really didn't have an affair...
...with my dad?
Of course not.
I don't have all the answers.
But I can cuddle you.
Come on, a nice big hug.
I thought we'd settled that.
What's she up to?
Whatever it is, I'm impressed.
She'll save this business in record time.
You reckon?
She did spend 5 years in Tokyo.
And eloped to boot.
She's something special.
Kyoko, I hear you can compose music.
Yes, so what?
You formed that band back at school.
Then married one of the
members, but you broke up.
- He dumped you, right?
- Shut up.
So we've all been dumped?
Not everyone.
Tsukishima and I weren't.
But the rest of us have.
I'm good at writing lyrics.
So what?
Come on, try it.
Don't overbalance.
I'm just a hick fisherman, aren't I?
I'm so ashamed.
Working your butt off
may look comical to others.
Life itself is full of shame.
I'm reconciled to that.
I must get back to Tokyo.
No stopping me now!
Right, let's go shopping.
Who's that?
Why must you knit?
No particular reason.
- I'm beat.
- Me too.
- We're really beat.
- Indeed.
So you're here.
The doctor has been.
Your dad's getting worse.
He's sleeping.
Leave him be.
Dad, hang in there.
I'll do my best.
How do I fit this?
- No need.
- How come?
You used to say a man must look his best.
Sawako, please let me sleep for a while.
What now?
Kayoko, time for a big kiss.
Come on, let him kiss you.
- She doesn't want to.
- No, she's a good girl.
Are you sure?
Kayoko, say it.
You kissed me, now loan me some money.
I need a million yen.
Good job.
You did very well.
You're a good girl.
I'll get the money for you.
Is this for me?
It's just a crummy toy.
I'm so touched.
Reminds me of my late wife.
Thanks for the money.
I'll use it to rebuild the company.
I'll give it my best shot.
This is all very sudden.
There are some things in life
you just can't fix.
I know that.
I knew it when Mom died.
She's a strong woman.
She has nothing to hide.
I love that daughter of mine.
I'm glad you've reconciled.
By the way, I'm broke.
I need a loan.
My dear little brother, Nobuo.
My dear little bureaucrat with
a job for life.
Our tax bill keeps on rising
But we don't have any rich friends
Bring it on, a major depression
Down with the government!
Down with the government!
Fresh picked, packed and shipped
freshwater clams!
From the bottom of our river
into your hearts
Have no fear of setbacks
None of us minds that you ever ran away
We are stuck with our losers
Our work is tedious and boring
Because, after all, we're only lower-middles
But we enjoy our lives
We are all very happy
We enjoy a lower middling life
We're no big deal,
We never ask for much
Fresh picked, packed and shipped
freshwater clams!
From the bottom of our river,
into your hearts!
Mr. Endo!
How is it?
Double sales?
Tell me.
Almost double.
I thought Tokyo was better than this.
Everywhere is the same.
It's all crap.
You're crap, too.
Don't sit there moping.
You do it on purpose.
No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
I think I'll go back.
Where will you go?
Maybe your ex-wife's?
I'll drive you there.
Sawako, are you there?
I let myself in.
That's fine.
I made too much clam soup,
so I brought you some.
Thank you very much.
Eat your fill, girl.
Is the Boss in bed?
Some of my good clam soup for you.
It'll cure anything,
cancer, cirrhosis, all of them.
See you.
Thank you so much.
Good night.
Leave it open.
Women can be a bit complicated sometimes.
Kayoko, you're such a child.
Oh, it's you.
What are you doing here?
I guess I'm doing nothing.
Just thinking.
It's tough being a man.
The women seduce us every time.
What does it mean to be a man?
I think a man must always be on a journey.
When he ceases to travel, he heads home.
Goes home with dignity.
I'd best be going.
Please apologize to Sawako for me.
I only did it because...
I know why.
You were settling old scores, right?
I understand.
Sawako, a call for you.
I need a drink.
With me?
With Sawako?
How is he?
Sawako, over here.
Dad's wearing his wig.
I put it on earlier.
Wearing his wig.
That he is.
In his last moments.
He's wearing his wig.
Did you tell everyone?
About the wig?
No... I meant...
About him dying.
I forgot to.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Do you think he can last a little longer?
Dad, don't give it up.
Hang in there.
Just tough it out.
I beg you.
Come on.
That's enough.
Let him go in peace.
No, he can beat it.
I'll never give up.
Father, I'll do my best.
I will not be beaten.
Kawaminami Funeral Parlor
Get in.
Everyone, this way.
Are you alright?
We're all mothers to you now.
Thank you.
Does that mean that maybe you were all...
I mean, did you all...
...have sexual relations
with my father?
Of course not.
Not all of us.
I didn't.
And Mrs Tsukishima didn't, either.
The rest of you did, though.
But you all loved him, didn't you?
So, it's alright.
It's not a problem.
That's because the Boss was such a cool guy.
You plan to scatter his ashes
into the river?
You'll do that to the Boss?
Just do it quickly.
Quickly, eh?
It's the greenhouse effect.
What a big watermelon for this time of year.
It's very sweet.
The clams will be wiped out
if we keep this up.
So what do we do?
Go bankrupt, I guess.
Business is good now, though.
We'll get by somehow.
Hey, have some watermelon.
I will.
But I'll scatter his ashes first.
This watermelon grew from your poo.
Aren't you tired?
How about you, my new mother?
Stop calling me that, will you, please?
I'm truly very sorry, Sawako.
I was bad, but I came back.
It's okay.
I don't care anymore.
Listen. From tomorrow,
I want you to work hard.
I finished your sweater.
That really pisses me off!
These are your father's ashes!
Sawako, forgive me!
I'm not mad at you!
I'm mad at myself for missing
you while you were away.
I mean, I actually do want to love you.
But maybe it's too late.
I'm sorry for being no good.
What's wrong with that?
I'm no good myself.
But still...
I'm no good, but I still...
But I still must do my best!
And you do your best, too.
Yes, I'll do my best.
I really want to love you.
But whether I do, or not, doesn't matter.
We shouldn't care about such things now.
We have more important things to do first.
Quick, gather up his ashes.
Aldi Arman
I've no choice, so I'll
hang in there tomorrow, too.
Hikari Mitsushima
Masashi Endo
Kira Aihara
Shiro Namiki
Kotaro Shiga
Ryo Iwamatsu
Written and Directed by
Yuya Ishii
Produced with the support
of the PFF Scholarship Fund
(C)2009 PFF Partners PIA / TBS / TOKYO FM
/ IMAGICA / avex entertainment / USEN