Sawney: Flesh of Man (2012) Movie Script

But one... one survived.
So here we are.
Shh shh Shh!
Jesus, no!
Trick or treat, darling.
No thanks.
Oh. Ah.
What's taken you so long?
Have you been using?
Jamie, you promised me
this wouldn't happen again!
Jesus! Hand it over.
- Piss off.
- I will if you don't hand it over.
- Moan moan moan.
- Right.
I'm coming.
Okay okay okay.
Hey hey!
- Take it.
- Shit, Jamie.
I'm sorry.
Why do you do this?
I don't know.
Look, I'll get the car, all right?
You can't drive like this.
- Get in.
- No. You're in no fit state to drive.
Leave it.
We'll get a taxi.
Last chance. Get in!
No. You shouldn't be driving!
- Fuck you!
- No. Fuck you.
Come on.
Let us pray.
"God of grace and peace,
in Your Son Jesus Christ
You have given us new birth
into a living hope.
Strengthen us now to live
in the power of the resurrection
and to keep us united
with our loved ones
and with all Your people
in heaven and on earth
from whom, in death,
we are not divided."
What is this enigma
that we call human?
What is our nature?
defines our identity?
What makes us who we are?
We're animals.
You had no right to publish
unnecessary details
about the body's condition.
I gave you those details
in strict confidence.
Listen, Bill, she died
under violent circumstances-
The public have a right to know.
There is a lunatic out there.
We have to stop this
from happening again.
Somebody out there
could have some information.
- That's our job.
- But you haven't been doing your job!
Charlotte could still be alive
if you had reacted to this sooner.
You only found her
when she turned up in bits.
Missing persons seem to be just
another statistic with your lot.
The police attitude is
"Oh, someone's gone missing,
but nobody seems to miss them."
I think you should
leave now, Hamish.
This story will make
caring parents realize the significance
of the escalating problem
of missing people in Scotland,
because next time it's their son
or their daughter
or their grandchildren.
What is it with you, pal?
I thought we were
helping each other.
Just forget it.
"We meet to give thanks
for Charlotte,
who has gone on before us
into the world
of God's eternal light.
While we are glad for her,
we feel the sadness
of the parting,
and our loving sympathy
goes out to the whole family.
And the blessing
of God the Father,
God the Son,
and God the Holy Spirit
be with you all,
now and forevermore."
You've got a nerve
turning up here.
How could you write
those things about Charlotte?
- Drinking again?
- No!
You've got a sick,
warped mind then.
Look, I'm sorry, Wendy, okay?
But it's my job.
The public had a right
to know what happened.
The public?
Charlotte was my sister
and your friend.
You insensitive bastard.
My parents were shocked
at the article.
It was tasteless
and heartless.
- Look, Wendy, I'm sorry!
- Just go!
"The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He leaded me...
He leaded me to lie..."
"I am the bread of life.
He that cometh to me
shall not hunger."
"He that believeth in me
shall not thirst.
Mmm. He that eats this bread,
shall live forever."
Make sure you crush
everything to a pulp
before you dump it.
I will check.
The fruits of the Lord!
Hungry! Ah.
She was a cute young thing.
God, it stinks in here.
You'd better clean this place up.
Make sure you get rid
of all the waste this time.
And no figurines!
You've been warned.
You're a pretty little thing.
Ooh, you're pretty.
What are you looking at?!
Clean this place up!
It stinks!
You're awake.
Why not the real thing?
Why not
the real thing?
Hello, little girl.
Yeah, but you're not as pretty
as your picture, are you?
No, we'll just have
to taste the delights.
Oh. Ah.
Oh, tidy.
Very very tidy-
Now if it tastes good,
you get to stay alive...
for a little while anyway.
But if it's bad-
I bet you will taste good, huh?
Ah. You taste good.
Ah, tidy.
T351!/, eh?
I feel a happy moment coming on.
A very happy moment.
The films you requested,
Mr. MacDonald.
- Ah. Right. Thank you.
- Thanks.
Article dating back from 1970.
Comparisons similar
to Charlotte's case.
What the hell is this? Huh?
I know. I... I tried...
You know?
Well, why didn't you prevent it?
He's taking this personally.
He knows the deceased, sir.
Oh, he's a friend of yours, is he?
No. Well, I wouldn't go
as far as to say that.
I want this Hamish MacDonald
off our backs.
And what kind of name is that
for an Englishman anyway?
Well, his old man
came from here.
You should see him drink. He's got
Scottish blood in him, all right.
I don't care.
This doesn't look good.
The chief's breathing down my neck.
He wants results.
This journalist's going
into missing persons in great detail.
We're getting public enquiries
dating back years now.
They could take civil action against us.
I want him stopped.
I'm working on it.
Work fucking harder, will ya?
Give him something, anything,
to make him think
we'll cooperate with his enquiry.
No more incriminating headlines,
you understand?
I may have something.
You're on a slippery slope,
Bill Munro.
Make it work.
Yes sir.
This is not the sort of thing
that goes down too well
with my superiors, you know.
Usual, Hector.
- Drink?
- No. I'm on duty.
I'm sorry about being flippant
with you the other day.
- It was just...
- Flippant?
You mean being an asshole.
Yeah. Well, I'm sorry, Bill,
but me and Wendy, you know,
and this whole thing with Charlotte-
it's not another story.
It was Wendy's sister
and she was a friend of mine.
What happened to her...
I mean, Jesus Christ!
We've got to catch the bastard
who did this, Bill.
So we're on level pegging
again, huh?
everything I discuss with you
- is confidential. Hmm?
- Yeah, of course.
Let me get you a drink.
Still on the heavy water, hmm?
I'm fine. Later.
off the record,
I've never told you this...
and I mean...
I've never told you this...
but when we discovered the remains
of Charlotte McIntyre,
it was like no other find
we'd ever had before.
Look at this.
Yeah, I know.
I've already seen this. It's not pretty.
Her decomposed head and feet
were all we found of her body
and we had to identify
through dental records and DNA.
What do you mean, her head and feet?
What about the rest of it?
What about her arms,
her hands, the other bits?
That's it.
They're not hers.
What do you mean
they're not hers?
The rest of the remains
belong to other victims.
- Jesus Christ. Why didn't you tell me?
- Because we didn't know
at that time,
and headlines like this
would have guaranteed
a mass panic.
I do hope you're not driving.
So how many
are we talking here?
This is mass murder.
There's a fucking lunatic out there.
The public need to be alerted.
Surely with your tech...
Cheers, Hector.
I mean, surely with
your technology you can...
- you can find out...
- Shh. Listen.
The samples didn't
provide us with any clues
as to who the other persons were.
There were no personal effects,
What the forensic report did say
is that some of the remains
were immersed in water
over a long period of time.
This spot is called Clootie Well.
It's a reputed sacrificial site
belonging to druids.
We've checked it out...
found nothing.
Okay, maybe I'll take a look.
But why are you
telling me this now?
You have a way
of finding out things.
We don't want this out.
Not yet.
- Hmm?
' Okay,
I'm going to need the facts
as I go along, Bill.
And I won't wait forever.
I appreciate that.
Look, as soon as we have
something, it's yours.
By the way, forensics also said
that some of the flesh
had been eaten and gnawed at.
What by an animal?
By a human.
Are you kidding me?
You might have to add
cannibalism to your story.
Oh fuck!
Hey! You can't park here.
There's a rank at the shopping center.
Move there.
Is there anybody in there?
Hey! What the hell
do you think you're doing?
You better open up, mate!
I know you're in there.
Jesus Christ.
No. God. Oh my God.
What the fuck?
Listen, mate, I've told you,
you can't park...
Oh my God.
No. Please please.
Please please please
please please.
Oh my God.
Cheers, mate. Thanks.
Wendy, come on.
Wendy, come on.
Look, we need to talk.
Let's go have a coffee
- at the hotel or something.
- What do you want?
I don't have time.
When Charlotte disappeared,
who reported it and when?
I thought the police gave you
all their information.
Yeah, they did.
It's just that I'm tying up
some dates and times
with some of my own notes.
One of her student friends
who left her at the taxi rank...
Wait. She caught a taxi
before she disappeared?
But the police contacted
all the taxi companies,
even the private ones.
Nobody remembers seeing her
or taking her home.
She just vanished.
Nobody knew or saw anything.
I know.
I even published her photo
in the newspaper.
Not one call.
Anyway, it's too late now.
I just really miss her.
We can try again.
I wanna s...
For fuck's sake! What?
Ah, good afternoon to you too.
Yeah, your timing's shit.
Oh, so you don't want
to know the latest then?
- Ah. So what's up?
- Well, we've just received a call
from a Jamie McPherson.
It seems his girlfriend
has gone missing.
We're questioning him right now.
He left her outside
a club a few nights ago,
thought she'd get a taxi home,
- hasn't been seen since.
- A taxi?
Listen, Bill, we need to meet up.
I need to run something by you.
- Is it all right if I come down?
- Sure.
I'll see what I can find out
and I'll let you know.
Get off him!
Jesus said, "Unless you eat
the flesh of man
and drink his blood,
you have no life in you."
The gospel is deliberate
in giving us these words
and inviting us
to feed upon them.
Ah, tasty!
No more tickets.
Get more gravy!
Patience, Mother.
What took you so long?
If you've been touching that girl,
you'll know what I'll do.
Yeah. Ah!
Take this to your mother.
And get your brother
to fillet this rat.
I'll be upstairs
preparing the motor.
What now?
You idiots. Find her!
She's pretty.
Do you think, uh...
he had anything to do with it?
I don't know.
Can I trust a dealer?
But the doorman did say that he
saw her on her own before he left.
I'll get it ready for print,
you just say the word.
So what was it you wanted
to talk to me about?
Well, two things.
First, this is the site
of an unsolved case
where the bodies of missing people
were discovered in 1970.
And this is where Charlotte's
remains were found.
They're in the same vicinity.
So where did you get the photo?
The library.
And the murders were
a similar act...
I'll get someone
from records onto this...
and I'll check
the details of the case.
Simple detection, Bill,
all from the library.
That would be
over 40 years ago.
It means the killer would be
getting on a bit. Don't you think?
Well, I'm going out there
tomorrow anyway.
I'll let you know how I get on.
I'd be interested.
Any leads are welcome.
So what's the other thing?
Everyone's been talking about taxis
before the girls go missing.
Isn't it strange that the last time
the girls are seen
is before they catch a taxi?
If you're talking
about Charlotte McIntyre,
we carried out extensive
enquiries for over a week.
Nobody saw anything.
We did bring in a couple
of convicted drivers
and had them thoroughly checked,
but they had proven alibis.
What about this new girl Rebecca
and the taxi she caught?
I said the boyfriend
thought she caught a taxi.
She's not missing yet.
Very very tidy-
You little dancer.
Hail the winds of vengeance.
Slay what may be in our way.
The guilty will
always be condemned.
Hey. I was just
thinking about you.
Why? Do you need
more information?
No. Come on, Wend.
I really miss you.
Anyway, I think
Charlotte was being stalked.
W-what do you mean?
A student friend of Charlotte's
sent me some photographs
from the graduation party.
Two of the photos
with Charlotte in them
have got the same car
in the background.
They were taken
at different locations.
It's a taxi...
a black cab.
Can you see
the registration number
or a face behind the wheel?
No, you can't see
the number plate-
it's blocked by a person
and then another car.
It looks like the windows
have been blacked out.
Do you think it's possible
that the killer is a taxi driver?
I don't know, Wendy,
but that sounds suspicious.
Look, I want to come round
and see them but...
look, I'm in town at the moment
but I want to come and see you anyway.
No, you can't.
I've got to go to work
and I'm already late.
But you can take me
for dinner tomorrow.
I'll bring them along then.
I'll call you.
Look... great.
That so... that sounds great.
Look, I'll see you then.
I love you.
I love you too.
Come on, Hamish.
Hi, Wend.
Mr. MacDonald.
You can see
what I mean, can't you?
The smell's obnoxious
and it's specially strong
at night for some reason.
It is strong.
And there's a higher
than normal reading.
Possibly a blockage somewhere.
Do you know this has
been happening for years
and nothing's been done about it?
But it's gone too far this time.
I mean my husband's
even willing
to sell this place
at a loss because of it.
I'm quite surprised,
because a new
pumping station was built
not far from here
a couple of years back.
Your line used to run
through the old mine shaft...
so let me check that out first
and I'll get back
to you, Mrs. Cameron.
Oh Jesus!
God, what a day.
Where are ye?
North, south or east...
and west?
East it is.
Standing in the middle of...
Clootie Well.
Small stone steps...
lead, uh, into the forest
to the right of the crime scene.
An old wreath marks the spot
where they found her.
This is a person, or persons,
who commit savage acts
and does so repeatedly.
Predatory killers often do
far more than commit murder.
Some have
sexual desires,
They create gruesome rituals
as much for pleasure
as for any other reason.
This killer is not merely deranged,
but evil.
Evil in that they're habitual,
deliberate, savage,
defying any
psychological explanation
or moral judgment.
They know what they're doing.
Hamish. Help me.
- Bill.
- Hamish?
You sound startled.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I'm at the site
where Charlotte's
remains were found.
It's fairly rugged here.
There's nothing much to report.
Well, it's official.
You can go ahead
and print your story now.
Okay, will do.
I'm heading
to the next site now.
Look, can we meet up later?
I'll have more pictures
to show you.
I think my theory on taxis
has some substance.
- I'll call you.
- I look forward to it.
The location has, uh,
dramatically changed.
The forest has...
overgrown everywhere.
I'm going to go look
for a high point.
What's that smell?
Oh shit.
Help! Help!
Please! Help me!
Someone help me, please!
No no no!
No! No! No!
No! No!
What in the name
of God is this, huh?
Where did you find him?
Have you checked the tunnel?
Did he come with anyone else?
Did you search him?
A waterboard man.
Get him in the chair!
Okay, get his car,
take it round the back,
make sure no one sees you.
We'll dump it later.
Clean up the mess!
Leave no trace!
You're a sweet
little waterboard man.
He's a sweet
waterboard man.
We're gonna have
some fun with him later.
Tie him up.
I've got a job to finish.
Oh God.
Hello? I need your help.
Our intrepid journalist
is awake, huh?
You fucking maniac.
Hey, you save your profanities
and characterizations
for your news article, yeah?
Oh yeah. I read your column
with the greatest of interest.
I know who you are.
You've made me,
so to speak, an icon.
Who the hell are you?
And what do you want with us?
Well, the answer to that,
you have to go back
over 500 years
and follow my bloodline.
To the time
when food was scarce,
life was cheap and only
the ferocious survived.
Well, then my forefathers,
they found succor
in the good book.
The Lord will provide, yes.
"Any man who eats of this bread
shall have everlasting life,
and the bread that I give
shall be my flesh for
the life of the world."
"And the unbelievers,
they said,
'Why would Jesus give us
his flesh to eat?'
And Jesus said, 'Amen.
But I say unto you,
eat the flesh of the son of man
and drink of his blood
and ye shall have everlasting life."
Jesus! Fuck. Fuck.
"'My flesh is meat indeed,
and my blood is drink indeed."
You're fucking crazy.
"This is from heaven."
You bloodthirsty bastard!
Thirsty? No.
Which brings us to the second part
of your question.
You're just food.
You are a gift from God,
which is who we are.
And what godly end did
you plan for Charlotte, huh?
Oh yes, Wendy's sister, huh?
Wendy? Wha...?
You didn't know
I knew Wendy, did you?
Yeah, but first,
to answer your question,
we thought Charlotte was
really sweet, really cute
and we also found
her blood tasty as well.
So what I did was
I made a really nice stew
out of her ears, out of her nose,
out of the flesh
of her face and her belly.
Oh, threw them in some oil,
some cloves of garlic and chili.
She was... mwah!
...utterly delicious.
You see, anyone can eat
human flesh,
you just have
to make sure you wash it
and garnish it well to avoid disease.
Now I particularly like
the thighs and the calves.
They're my favorites-
the muscles.
I prefer the taste
of women to men
and I never eat hands
or feet or testicles.
I mean, there was a time
when food was scarce...
- ...and I nearly had to try it.
- Shut up, you maniac!
Shut up!
Ah. Mother's hungry.
What the fuck?
You're all deranged.
Take this to Mother.
Oh, I forgot to ask...
are you hungry?
Bad men do what good men dream.
Im going to show you
a little delicacy-
the sweetest part
of the human body
that I make the most delicious
and nutritional soup from.
It is utterly utterly delicious.
It is the human head.
No! Fuck.
No. Wendy.
Wendy! Bastard!
Fuck! No!
I take it you don't want soup then?
The music.
Mother of God,
this is going to get ugly.
Come on.
Oh fuck.
What the...
I'm sorry.
What are you looking at?
Get the power on!
It's Bill.
Give me the gun.
Give it to me.
Put it down, mate.
It's okay.
Give it to me.
Come on, Hamish. That's it.
What are you doing here, Bill?
They're down here.
Th-they're down there.
It's okay. It's okay.
I know.
How did you find me?
Hamish, you best...
you... you'd better sit down, eh?
They killed them.
They killed them all.
It's me. I'm here.
You're in on this?
From the beginning, Hamish.
You set Wendy and Charlotte up.
- You murdered them!
- Sit down!
Why them?
What is it they say?
"Keep your friends close,
but your enemies closer."
No, that's not why.
I'll tell you why.
Because I hate
your fucking guts.
That's why.
The problems you've caused me
and my family are tenfold.
But you just couldn't stop meddling
and coming up with new ideas.
This is not looking good, brother!
What, that fucking lunatic?
It's okay.
It's okay. Leave it.
My brother dislikes swearing.
Who gives a shit?
You're all fucking crazy!
- She's loose.
- Shit! Where is she?
- I don't know.
- Where's Judd?
He was feeding her!
Torch this place
and get out of here now!
- Jake!
- You're all a bunch of sick cunts!
I think it's time our friend
joined the food chain.
No! Bastard!
Hamish, please...
let's talk.
Come on, Hamish!
Let's go for a drink.
We can talk about this,
talk about Wendy.
She was the...
sweetest of the two sisters.
What else can you say
about Wendy, Hamish?
she had great head.
Does that hurt, Hamish?
Do you know
how much Wendy hurt?
Come on, Hamish.
What, no fight left?
Come on!