Sayen: La Ruta Seca (2023) Movie Script

Acteon, water is not for sale!
Acteon, water is not for sale!
Acteon, water is not for sale!
Get out of here, Acteon!
Acteon, water is not for sale!
Get out of here.
Fewer people than the previous years.
We've sent out the invitations,
but many made excuses.
The tension's obvious.
It's fine. They'll forget everything
in a week. It's always the same.
Make sure the guards
have the protest under control.
I don't want them to ruin
the event's closing.
- Yes.
- All right.
- Welcome, my friend!
- Senator Salazar!
Here's a gift from the community.
Look at this!
It's a bolt-action rifle from World War I.
They stopped manufacturing it in the '40s.
It's a real treasure.
Before becoming a successful businessman,
Mximo was in the military.
Let's say I've always liked
to be surrounded by weapons.
They're the only ones
that if you treat them right,
give them a bit of love,
they'd never let you down.
Eagle Eye?
Mximo's attending Candlemas.
"Candlemas party."
Hang on. Why should I send you an email
to request authorization?
- Sorry. That's the protocol.
- I wrote the protocol.
I have to do everything.
Quiet, and nothing will happen.
You want money?
I'll get you anything you want.
Sit down.
I have cash too, if...
You guys bribed a lot of people
to settle in Atacama.
I wanna see the record of those payments.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I swear, I'm just an employee.
I follow orders. No...
Show them to me.
The receipts. Show me the receipts.
I know who you are. Let me go, Sayen.
Please. I have children.
I didn't kill your people.
Thank you. That's all I needed.
What is Eagle Eye?
Security, everyone
to the manager's office!
Security, the fucking terrorist
is at the mine.
Five years ago,
we started this adventure...
in Acteon Atacama with a great dream.
Leading the green revolution.
Designing a whole sustainable strategy
for the planet.
Lithium played a fundamental role
for this change.
Without it, the future
as we know it wouldn't be possible.
We have her over by pool seven!
Thanks to Acteon Atacama,
Chile is the second biggest producer
of lithium in the world,
the second biggest in the whole planet.
And we want to keep on striving,
because we have the drive
to become an example
that makes a difference.
Thank you.
Sayen, accused of terrorism
and murder, remains at large.
Exclusive footage captured today
shows that the Mapuche terrorist
might be in Atacama, Northern Chile.
Footage captured today
reveals the presence of the fugitive
in Atacama, Northern Chile.
Throw it here.
No! Throw it, throw it!
-And why do you want to be a warrior?
-To save my dad.
To take care of the land
like a Ngen Mawida.
This belongs to us!
No! Grandma! No!
Okay, here, fine. Sit, sit.
Good, very good, very good.
How many obstacles have we gone through?
The Indian from the news...
She stole information about the parade.
And she's going after Mximo.
We decided the boss isn't going.
Take care of her.
Take this.
Here, here. That's it.
The search for the Russian-Spanish citizen
who was with the murdered scientists
continues in Araucana.
Teo Bykov was carrying out
security duties...
This and a burner.
- 3,500.
- Here's 1,000...
...and lost in the region.
Another theory is that the fugitive
Sayen Couepan kidnapped him.
I won't take this.
are you the one on the news?
Here, take the water. On the house.
- And thank you for what you're doing.
- Thank you.
I'll take this. Bye.
Are you okay?
How are you?
Did you recover from your injuries?
Yes, I'm fine.
What are you doing in Acteon?
How do you know?
Everyone knows. It was on the news.
Looking for evidence.
I've talked to people here in the North.
They say that Acteon bribed everybody
in the Environmental Impact Assessment.
They gave money to the Water Department
and the politicians.
If we reveal this,
there'd be a scandal.
They'd start to investigate.
- Isn't there another way to get the info?
-No one dares testify.
People are scared. For good reason.
Right, that's why you ventured
into the lion's den.
I didn't have a choice.
And guess who's here.
Mximo Torres, Antonio's father.
He looks so relaxed.
He thinks he's untouchable.
But I found a list of fraudulent payments.
- Sayen, listen!
- If we want his company to fall...
- Listen.
- I need you to find out what Eagle Eye is.
- You're shooting in the dark.
- I won't stop.
They killed my grandma.
And they can do the same to you.
You're being reckless.
I'll go talk to your dad,
see if he can help us out.
- Don't even think about it.
- He was a leader too.
You are not alone.
You need wise people.
- Where did she go?
- I don't know! We lost her.
Come on!
Fifteen million.
That's how much Acteon
paid to each person
on the Indigenous board.
Want the evidence or not?
I can show you the receipts.
This is Yali, my town.
How do I know this isn't a trap?
I don't snitch on my people.
Do you think I like seeing this?
It's all Acteon's fault.
It's drying everything.
They're not just taking water
from the salt flat.
They're drying out the lakes,
the aquifer, everything.
You said you had evidence of the bribes.
My dad used to be the secretary
of the Atacama community
when they approved the Acteon project.
Acteon paid them to approve it
in the Indigenous referendum.
So your dad is a traitor.
See that?
It's a school.
My dad spent all the money
he got to build it.
So if you say that my dad's a traitor,
I could say
that you're a murderous terrorist.
But I don't judge people
without knowing them.
Excuse me.
This is Sayen.
She's looking for info about Acteon.
Come in.
You should've asked me
before bringing her here.
- Come on, Tito, relax.
- Right.
How do you know
someone didn't see you coming in?
Sit down.
I know what they say
about me on TV.
That I'm a terrorist.
But I'm not a murderer.
They are.
Here. Try some of this.
I spent a long time asking the government
to help us, but nothing ever happened.
We never thought Acteon
would destroy everything like this.
We built a little school, but...
I don't know what for.
People are leaving this town.
That's why he took the money.
Your daughter told me you have records,
Yes, I have some receipts
of the payments they gave us,
and also some e-mails they sent us.
If you had them,
why didn't you disclose them?
I have a daughter.
Someone from the board tried to speak out,
but we haven't seen him in months.
The mining company, the politicians...
and the corporation right above them
are very powerful.
You have no idea what they are capable of.
I know exactly what they are capable of.
Give me the evidence.
I'll take care of it.
Well? What do you think?
The people from Atacama
are always willing to talk.
They're submissive, don't have jobs,
they're looking for work.
Here, the problem is that terrorist.
If it was tense before,
it'll get worse with that Mapuche here.
- What did she see?
- She was threatening me...
I didn't ask you that.
I asked you what she saw.
Everything that's important.
The laptop was there, the diary.
She knew what she was looking for.
She couldn't take anything.
She didn't take anything.
Try them on. They were my mom's.
Thank you.
And your mom? Where is she?
My mom died.
She and my brother. During childbirth.
After that, Tito and my grandma
took care of me.
And you?
What about me?
Your mom?
She died when I was three months old.
And I was also...
raised by my dad and my grandmother.
Can I have some tea?
Run, run!
Stop, both of you!
Run, Quimal!
Go to your grandma's! Run!
Come close, and I'll cut him.
- Quimal! To the truck.
- Let me go!
- Come close and I'll kill him.
- I'll go.
Close the door.
- Go! Go!
- No!
Chululo. Did you find her?
but she escaped with a girl,
and she even took one of ours.
And where is she?
She was at the teacher's house,
Tito Chaile.
We have that asshole, boss.
So one of the Atacama people
changed his mind about us.
He talks, he goes down.
Whatever. Our investment
is already ruined.
Chaile has gained confidence
from that girl. Now he wants to play hero.
It's him today,
it'll be the whole town tomorrow. Fuck.
Okay, Chululo.
Take him to a discreet place.
Let's interrogate him.
Fisk, yes.
I was waiting for your call.
Well, my dear friend...
I'm off.
See you.
Get out.
Hey, wait.
Who are you?
Who are you?
It doesn't matter.
What matters is that you're the girl
everybody's looking for. Aren't you?
I know who he is.
His name is Gaspar, an idiot that works
for the drug dealers.
My dad helped you
when you were in trouble.
This is how you pay him back?
I didn't know we were going there.
We were following her.
- Why are the drug dealers following me?
- I don't know. I was just doing my job.
They're offering good money for you.
If I were you, I would be worried.
Must be my boss, missing me.
What are you doing?
Let's go.
- If you leave me here, they'll kill me.
- That's your problem.
I can help you find Tito.
I work with them.
I know where they hang out.
I know where they're hiding.
- Tell me then.
- You think I'm an idiot?
- I wasn't born yesterday.
- We're leaving.
If you abandon me here,
you won't find him!
Besides, you can exchange me for Tito.
That would make everything much easier.
Tito Chaile.
Math teacher.
We invested 15 million in you.
It's a shame we ended up like this.
But you got involved
with the Mapuche girl.
How long have we known each other?
How many years already?
I never thought
you'd break my trust this way.
I betrayed my people.
I don't want to continue doing it.
If Acteon falls, it's your people
who'll end up jobless.
A lot of people will.
I'll end up jobless.
Is that what you want?
Answer, you idiot.
We checked your house.
- We found nothing. Nothing, right?
- No, nothing.
But I know you have information saved.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tito, I don't want anything
to happen to you.
If you tell me where she is,
we'll forget this.
Help me help you.
Are you going to tell me or not?
Come on. Talk.
Yali will be like this in a few years.
See those pipes?
They steal the water through them.
Same lies, different territories.
It's not so easy.
No one's been able
to stop the multinationals here.
You won't be able to either, crazy girls.
Farming's no longer good enough.
No tourism and no mining means no money.
What about people
who must support their families?
We can't live without water,
but we can't live off water.
- Don't you get it?
- No one's asking for your opinion.
You know I'm kind of right.
Why do you think
your dad accepted that money?
And why don't you just shut up? Asshole.
I'm not judging him.
Here, you do what you have to do
to make money.
Seems like you only care about money.
To live in this world,
you need more than that.
You need to live in a community,
resist as a community.
It sounds so nice and all.
Tell me something.
Would you be helping her
had it not been in your own interest?
You're alone.
You only look out for yourself, like I do.
Jorge Manrquez,
Governor of the Araucanian Region,
has been found dead this morning.
The District Attorney's office
suspects murder,
given the tense relationship
between the governor
and the Mapuche community in the area.
Senator Salazar.
A murdered governor.
The press is getting nervous.
The situation is taking a strange turn.
They say radicalized Mapuches did it.
In retaliation for something
that your dusky Mapuche girl did.
The terrorist...
They've always been, traditionally,
a warrior community, right?
And that governor was utterly incompetent.
I don't think anyone's surprised
that this has happened.
What do you mean?
You knew this could happen?
Did you know anything?
No. No, of course not.
Mximo. You always know
more than you seem to.
There's a saying here in Chile
that goes, "Row in the same direction."
Mximo, are we rowing
in the same direction?
We're not just rowing
in the same direction,
we are going on a yacht at full speed.
I also recommend you to relax
and enjoy the ride.
Since you like analogies so much,
I'll tell you this one.
If someone makes a mistake, let's say,
by chance, and falls overboard,
how do I say this?
What I mean is, sometimes
bad news brings unexpected benefits.
Do you understand?
Good day, Salazar.
This is the place.
What are we looking for exactly?
I don't know. But I think
I know where to start.
Don't try to do anything stupid.
This is my grandma's grave.
What are you doing?
Tito told us to come here for a reason.
What is that?
My grandma's ritual bag.
An SD card!
You got lucky again.
Think so?
Seems like it.
Let's go.
Jos! You're a grown man now.
I went to Temuco to see you.
They told me you were transferred
here to Santiago.
Things got heated over there
and the huincas think
I'm a lesser threat here.
Sayen... is in danger.
- Yes, I heard.
- And it's getting worse.
The mining company is very powerful.
Just like they had bribed the governor,
they must've bribed many more people.
You have contacts.
There must be someone outside.
Someone who can expose
the information we have.
There's nothing I can do.
She is your daughter.
Precisely. I don't want her
to keep doing what she's doing.
She's a warrior like you!
Her fight was your fight.
The fight of your people. They need you.
What happened to you?
Nahuel, Ilwen...
They're all dead.
What did they accomplish?
Nothing changed.
I'd rather see my daughter
locked up than dead.
Stop, stop!
That's the Acteon logo. Go back.
Take that road. Quick.
Eagle Eye Sanctuary.
I've seen that name on a map at Acteon.
Know anything about it?
It's a conservation project
of 70,000 hectares.
But I don't buy it at all.
- Wake up.
- What?
Get out.
What the hell?
- Eagle Eye Sanctuary. Sound familiar?
- No.
They always come up with
environmental plans. It's all bullshit.
All motivated, they start building things
to save the world.
Then comes the opening,
the events, the press, the pictures,
and finally, the money.
- Then they just drop everything.
- Who?
Everybody. The businessmen,
the politicians.
Like that Salazar guy?
He's your typical compulsive liar.
He just talks nonsense and lies to people.
I don't understand
why they still believe him.
Senator Camilo Salazar.
"He was the intermediary
in the transfer of the public land
"to private entities
for environmental purposes."
"Protecting Atacama
is my first priority."
My grandmother
was offered a similar project.
- Let's go.
- Where? Hey.
To think all this is gonna disappear.
They've seen us.
Let's go.
- Quimal, run!
- I'm coming!
Come on!
- Wait! My ankle!
- Come on!
Let's go!
Get off the road!
Turn, turn! Turn left, Gaspar!
Speed up, Gaspar!
There's a second one!
Gaspar! When I tell you to...
- What?
- turn left!
Go! Don't stop!
- We got away, right?
- We did it. Well played, Gaspar.
- We did it.
- Awesome.
Turn, turn!
- Fuck.
- Speed up.
Speed up, Gaspar!
Go, go!
Go, go!
- Keep moving!
- He can't! He's shot!
- What do we do?
- Take him to Yatiri's.
- Who's that?
- A healer. He can help.
- Let's go.
- Don't be stubborn. Come, help me.
Gaspar, stay with me. Talk to me.
Did you know that Tito
was my teacher?
- Yeah?
- Math.
He said I could do a lot more
with math than with drugs.
He was a good teacher,
but I was terribly dumb.
- Gaspar, stay with me, okay?
- Hang on, Gaspar. We're on our way.
- Hang on a little more.
- I like you, you idiot. And Tito too.
- We'll meet again.
- Yes, we'll meet again.
Don't worry, we'll meet again.
Gaspar, stay with me.
Gaspar, hang in there.
Quimal, hurry up.
Stay with me, Gaspar.
Help us, please! It's urgent!
Open the door.
I'll put this away.
On the count of three, turn him around.
One, two, three.
Relax, Gaspar.
Easy. It's going to be fine.
Give us a moment alone.
I'll destroy them with this.
Are you leaving?
Please. Tito is a good man.
Sometimes good people do a lot of harm.
You know I've come a long way
looking for this evidence.
I can't risk not revealing it.
It could be the only chance we have
to save our towns and our lands.
You care about that too, right?
Yes, but if you leave
and expose that evidence,
they'll make Tito disappear.
They'll kill him.
And it'll be your fault.
I'll rescue him. Then fend for yourselves.
- I'll go with you.
- You'll slow things down.
You don't know anyone,
or how to move, or where to go.
You only have me.
I'll go with you. Period.
Get out! Get out of here!
Well, Miss Olga,
who produces the tastiest cheese
in Atacama,
will now produce the tastiest
green vegetables here with this venture.
Good day, brothers and sisters.
I'm very excited to see how
a community can get organized
and partner with a company
like Acteon Atacama.
This is the first step.
Very soon, we're going to open
1,200 greenhouses like this one
thanks to the addition
of this amazing businessman...
- Motherfucker.
- Get out! Get out! Get out of here!
What are you singing?
It's a song to honor the land of Atacama.
It's as ancient as the land itself.
Don't worry, your friend will be fine.
He's not my friend.
Then why are you helping him?
Because he was hurt
because of me.
Thank you.
That's what keeps you awake.
You want to go back home.
I don't have anywhere to go back to.
You're wrong.
I have almost no one left.
Take this.
When you're hungry,
the plant inside will satiate it.
Always keep it with you.
It'll help you heal.
I'm not hurt.
Of course you are.
But there is a solution.
You also have a father
and your dead ones to keep you company.
- My dad hasn't been with me for years.
- You're wrong again.
He's with you, and you're with him.
No wall can stand between you two.
Booth number two.
Who is it?
Is that you?
Don't be afraid.
You are a warrior.
And your energy is the mightiest
in the whole forest.
No, no, no!
-Let me go!
- Sayen?
Let me go!
Easy, easy, easy.
You know what you have to do.
- Let's go.
- Wait, asshole. That wasn't the deal.
What? You've grown fond of them?
Are you stupid? Think the boss
wants more missing people?
Come on, man.
You worthless shit, Gaspar.
You worthless shit!
Control your people, Salazar.
Next time, I won't be so nice about it.
I can't control anything
with that filthy Mapuche on the loose.
She does what she wants,
and everyone thinks they can too.
They'll get tired of her soon.
You'll see.
We don't have time, pal.
We are at a crucial stage
with GreenCorp at the senate.
"We don't"?
"We are"?
Are you explaining to me
what I've come to handle in your country?
One phone call from me,
and GreenCorp will stop supporting you,
I can guarantee that.
I'm not in the mood
for your bullshit.
And I'm not your employee.
That's hilarious.
Of course you're my employee.
Of course you are.
Just like almost everybody around here.
But you already know that, Salazar.
In fact, that's why
you gifted me the rifle.
By the way, I appreciate it.
It's gorgeous.
But you're aware of the situation
and you know that you need me.
But I'm not interested
in these stupid things at all.
You know what I like?
What really gets me going?
A job well done. That's what I like.
What a coincidence.
Speaking of a job well done.
That's my people dealing with that girl.
See, Salazar? See how easy it is?
Do your part, and I'll do mine.
If you please.
I'll go check on the Mapuche.
Can I confess something?
I like beauty.
I like dressing well, smelling good,
all that jazz.
But how can I look good
with this fucking thing you did to me?
And you?
Do you like looking nice?
It's a shame you got lost
around this area, Sayen.
You don't have anywhere to hide.
You know what's in the desert?
My child.
The sun has already come out,
and you're still here, idle.
I missed your smell so much.
Don't be sad. I'm here.
I'm so thirsty.
The water is talking to you.
Can't you hear it?
I leave you on your own,
and you've forgotten what I've taught you.
I haven't forgotten.
What are you doing?
You know what you have to do.
Grandma, forgive me.
It was my fault.
Stop looking back.
It's pointless.
It's here and now
that Mother Earth needs you.
- What if I can't help her?
- You will. Trust me.
You stubborn goat.
I see you're researching Eagle Eye.
Make sure you delete
your browser history, Jos.
-Next time, use a private computer.
- Who is this?
I'm part of an organization
that supports your cause.
I have vital information for your fight.
If you want my help,
follow my instructions.
Keep the cell phone.
I'll send you information so we can meet.
Who is this?
Can I count on you or not?
Yes. Yes.
Today, thanks to Acteon Atacama,
Chile is the second biggest producer
of lithium in the world,
the second biggest!
Regarding the disappearance
of Teo Bykov
-and your son's death...
-Miss, excuse me.
My companies are my children.
Okay? The men and women
that fight every day, together,
to extract the wealth
from the Atacama desert,
to bring progress
to each of their households,
those are my children.
Well, Mximo,
the Indian has you on her radar.
You and your lithium plant.
Give her two weeks
and she'll destroy everything.
- Relax, Salazar.
- Don't tell me that.
A journalist has been asking me
about you, Mximo.
- What the hell did she want?
- I don't know.
That was dangerous anyway, right?
The real danger of a question
is that whoever's asking has an answer.
No one asks a question
without having an answer in their mind.
Listen, Salazar.
This girl has no evidence against me.
I'll find her. Problem solved.
Besides, the press
has a very short memory.
In a week, they'll forget about it.
The press may have bad memory,
but people don't, my friend.
I give you my word,
I'll personally get to the bottom of this.
And you, in the meantime,
go on vacation, I don't know, rest.
It'll do you good.
Son of a bitch.
Help me.
You're alive? Come in, come in.
Senator Salazar,
what can I do for you?
How are you, Mr. Fisk?
I'm sorry I've skipped all the protocols,
but the truth is,
Mximo Torres hasn't been able
to solve the problems
that his son created in the South.
This is becoming more and more newsworthy.
I'm worried about how this is gonna affect
GreenCorp's image in Latin America.
Yes, I'm aware of everything.
I highly appreciate and respect Mximo.
- But what he's doing...
-I already told you I'm aware of this.
-Better focus on pending issues.
-Why are you saying that?
Your mission is to take care
of the water laws. Not Mximo.
As for him, I've already taken measures
with my people.
After the issue with the governor,
I don't trust you Chilean people.
Well, since you're foreigners,
you don't understand there are
differences between us, Chileans.
I'm not like the governor,
and I imagine you aren't like Torres.
And if we are to do business,
it's important you understand
that there are differences
between us here, too.
Yes, yes, of course.
If you want to highlight
this difference and convince me
that you won't fail,
you have a lot of work to do.
I'll handle Torres.
And don't break the protocol again.
What matters is that Sayen's alive.
Yes! After everything that happened
we're going to let them go?
That's not a good attitude.
Quimal, that's your problem.
We must do something, then, Tito.
- You almost died!
- Sayen did what she could.
So what, we'll sit here, waiting?
Let them keep abusing people?
Wait for them to kill us?
Acteon people aren't idiots.
I'm sure they already got rid
of all the evidence.
We should keep looking for clues.
No! We have to go there now
and give them hell!
I'm tired of looking for information.
No one listens to us,
no one wants to see us.
- They think they can fool us?
- Calm down.
I don't care! We have to act!
I don't care if it's dangerous!
- Getting them is not important.
- I don't care.
I used to think like you, too.
But I was wrong.
You still have a family.
You know what I'd give
to have my people with me?
My grandma, Dad, friends.
Give her time. She'll get over it.
Recently, this concept
of making a sacrifice
for the greater good
has become fashionable.
But very few people
apply it to business logic.
For each sacrifice we make in this place,
for each drop of sweat,
lithium is helping us generate hundreds,
if not thousands of jobs worldwide,
and also making
our shareholders very happy.
I don't know what you think,
but that's a very small price to pay
for such a huge benefit. Let's go.
I dare people to say
I've never made a sacrifice.
You have children, right?
My son's murderer,
that fucking Mapuche from hell,
is still roaming free.
And do you know
whose fault it is, Chululo?
So go on, finish what you've started,
because if you don't,
your family will pay the consequences.
- Get it?
- Yes, boss.
Give me the information.
Come on, I don't have all day.
Calm down, calm down.
I didn't want to turn you in.
It was the only way
to save Tito and to protect Quimal.
Go to hell.
I knew you could defend yourself.
If you came to apologize,
you're an idiot.
I came to give you something.
Before Chululo arrived,
I made a copy of the SD card.
I don't believe a single word.
See for yourself.
Do you think
I'm incapable of thinking?
Fuck, you're stubborn.
If you give me this,
they'll know it was you.
So be it. I want to leave.
I'll leave with you.
We can't ever look back.
It's not an option here.
The only alternative left is to find
good people on the way.
Quimal! Quimal, come back!
- Sayen! Quimal's gone.
- Shit.
Fuck. Let's go.
This is when you pay me back.
Make up for all of the bad times.
-You sure she's here?
- I'd do the same. Exactly the same.
I know the place. I'll guide you.
- You sure they'll let you in?
- That's what I do. Get access everywhere.
Good morning, boss.
- Purpose of your visit?
- To get a load.
Busy day?
Very. I'll check your license plate
on the list.
Hey! Where are you going?
We know how to develop
the construction in our territory.
- Second thing is...
Infiltrated truck at high speed
at north wing, corridor...
- Stop, stop!
- Let go of me!
- Let go of me!
- Easy!
Here she is, we have her!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Go, I'll catch up.
- Come with us!
- I'll distract them.
- Come!
I can defend myself too.
Relax. Easy.
Attention, security. All staff
to complex one immediately.
Go! Go!
One less ecoterrorist to worry about.
Chululo, to the helicopter with me.
Open the doors. Go.
Let Chululo take care of it.
I'll deal with that Mapuche girl myself,
What you did was really stupid!
Yes, I know, I know!
You don't, stubborn goat!
A shot in the head and it's over.
That what you want?
Leave Tito on his own
and make him go crazy?
Okay, I was wrong. Sorry!
Understand this.
The only thing we really have
is our family. You hear me?
You hear me or not?
Speed up, Quimal.
End the fucking Mapuche girl.
Don't even think
about screwing up again, okay?
Get close to the truck!
- Sayen, what are you doing?
- Speed up, Quimal.
Sayen. No!
Fucking bitch.
Land now!
I'll handle this!
Let's go, Quimal.
Sayen! Sayen Couepan!
I think it's time to meet
face to face, don't you think?
You sure there's a way out of here?
Yes, there are always tourists
on the other side.
We'll get on a bus, head to San Pedro.
The girl can go.
I don't have a problem with her.
This is between you and me.
It's up to you and me
to stop the deaths of innocent people.
I suggest a truce!
You may not believe me,
but I don't hate you, Sayen.
I really respect your people.
Not all rats can remain defiant
before their conquerors for 500 years.
I've seen how you look at fear in the eyes
and transform it into something else.
is bigger than courage.
That's wisdom.
You know,
I would have loved
to have a child like you.
I'm not kidding.
A brave and decisive child.
But... I had the one I had.
He was still my only child,
and you took him away from me,
as you're trying to take
everything else from me.
I won't allow it. Do you hear me?
You defend what's yours,
I defend what's mine.
I'm starting to get tired
of this fucking game.
Son of a fucking bitch!
And you!
If you're going to face me,
make sure to kill me,
because he's not the only one
I was hired to kill.
He was a bastard.
As for you, Indian,
I took care of his son
for 12 years, and you killed him.
So say goodbye.
Kill me quickly.
Don't make the same mistake
as the last time.
- You don't know who you're messing with.
- Tell me.
Think he's the powerful one?
He was just an employee.
- An employee?
- We all have a boss. Even the bosses.
- Name him.
- Leave him alone.
Finish your job, come on!
If you don't do it, Fisk will.
- He doesn't leave loose ends.
- Fisk?
Tell Fisk
that whoever he is, I'll come for him.
I'll be dead before that.
And you will be too.
Are you okay?
What happened to you, love?
What happened? Come on.
The body of the Acteon Atacama director,
Mximo Torres, has been found.
The details of this unfortunate event
remain unknown.
GreenCorp promises
to help the authorities...
Shameless cunts.
With his death,
they wash their hands off
and continue operating with impunity.
We've received very sad news.
But life goes on, and we have to move on.
And GreenCorp is moving on
with this ambitious project,
Eagle Eye or Paka Nayra, as we call it,
that will provide sustainable development
not only in Atacama
but in all the countries in this region.
In addition, terrorist Sayen Couepan
was seen in Acteon's premises
the day of the incident.
To the crimes she's accused of,
we add the attack to the premises
and Torres' death.
It's believed that Gaspar Vilca,
a drug dealer, was her accomplice...
...whose body was found in the spot.
Thanks for everything.
Wherever you go,
be wary of those bastards.
Thank you, brother.
Let me go with you, Sayen.
No, Quimal.
This is your place. Your fight is here.
My fight is somewhere else.
And don't be so reckless, okay?
Take care of yourself and your dad.
Thank you.
Don't make a sound.
No, easy.
Eagle Eye.
What are they planning on doing?
Another mining company?
- Why are you laughing?
- I love your passion.
But you won't go far being that naive.
- There are more projects like Eagle Eye?
- Want me to tell you?
To GreenCorp, all of Latin America
is a project, dusky girl.
Problem is, these locals
aren't taking advantage of their wealth.
They despise it.
So, big companies, big shareholders,
become billionaires
at the expense of our misery.
But to get these people out of poverty,
you have to enter difficult areas, right?
- You're a visionary. An entrepreneur.
- Don't judge me.
I'm not like them.
I grew up in a fucking camp
outside of Calama.
The only thing I want is for this region,
for this city to get out
of the misery they live in.
And how do you do that?
Partnering with the assholes
that have money and power.
Dusky girl, do you want to be poor
your whole life?
- I like your house.
- Thank you.
But I like your office better.
It's interesting, the things
that people write in e-mails.
How they really finance
their political campaigns.
- What do you want?
- Fisk.
No, dusky girl.
Don't mess with Michael Fisk.
Michael Fisk.
Do you want to meet him?
Do you want to meet him? Easy.
Do you want to be in front of him?
Face to face?
I can introduce you to him tomorrow.
Do you want to see your dad free?
- It's Sayen!
- Get her!
- Let me go!
- Shut up!
- Let me go!
- Step on it!
Creative Supervisor Rebeca Rambal