Sayonara Color (2005) Movie Script

I feel terrible..
Not again...
What's wrong?
This sucks.
What a stink!
Is it the fuel tank?
Just what I need.
So what do I do now?
Bloody hell!
Great ass.
Stop that or I'll report you.
Good morning.
I hear you're Dr Sasakfs classmate.
What was he like at high school?
Well actually, I don't
really remember him.
He groped me earlier.
Is he such a jerk?
He sure is.
Here he is now.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Excuse me.
"The tiniest thing spurs
memory of that forgotten"
"Alas, it remains but a memory"
"I still remember you... "
A poem by Takuboku.
D'you remember me now?
No, not really.
How about Akimoto?
Surely you remember Kagawa?
Nozawa, the folksinger?
Yes, I remember them.
Tomoko Sake.
Akira Sasaoka.
Akito Shimaoka.
I remember them all.
During roll call my name was
between Sasaoka and Shimaoka.
I'm Sasaki.
I strike out again.
When can I be discharged?
I must leave within 2 weeks.
I've got tickets to the ballet.
They're very hard to get.
Hello? Sure, how are you?
No cell phones on the train.
No laying down on the train.
What's with her?
You scared me.
You're from Mars, right?
You're the first human to find me out.
So you are a Martian.
It's our secret.
Wanna get laid?
How many in your class?
About forty.
Do you know all their names and faces?
Never thought about it.
Which ones you don't remember?
The boys who aren't my type.
How about if I was in your class?
With a head like that,
you're unforgettable.
Call me if you get lonely.
Stop crying-
The poor man, he was too young to die.
Don't be silly.
Let's go.
Thank you. Come again.
Sorry. We're closed.
Let us in.
No, sorry.
Go away!
Some other time.
Let's go someplace else.
Good night.
I'm so drunk.
Dead drunk, I am.
I've really gotta go.
Look, about your classmates...
What was that?
Are there any classmates
you've forgotten?
Not from primary school.
But plenty from high schooLWhy?
No hope.
Come on, get up.
I'm so drunk.
Let's go upstairs.
A sumo bout!
Let's do it.
Okay. Just a minute.
You're so strong. How do you do it?
Come on, Seiko. Give me a massage.
A good one.
Your tits and your massages are...
...both sublime.
Silly b0)'-
That's one.
Yet another.
A 100 yen coin.
Excuse me.
Do you remember me now?
Remember that teacher
who was always telling
us to underline things?
He'd call my name. "Shohei Sasaki!"
I'd answer, "Yes, sir. "
Then he'd nod and tell
me to "underline it, boy. "
Still don't remember?
Hey, there!
You scared me!
This is Suzuki. My partner.
I'm Dr Sasaki.
How do you do.
You're scheduled for
a CT scan at 2pm today.
Excuse me.
My bags.
My chart
Excuse me.
Right, this way.
Great It looks good on you.
Not too colorful?
No. You need cheering up
while you're in hospital.
Apparently my doctor
is an old classmate.
Really? What was he like back then?
Actually, I can't remember him.
How tragic!
I remember everyone except him.
He reminds me of a
germ under a microscope.
That weird shape with a tuft of hair.
Now I remember him!
Sasaki! Everyone called him "The Germ. "
None of the girls liked him.
The Germ?
You called him that?
Kids can be so cruel.
I guess we were cruel.
He wouldn't want me to remember that.
Are you sure?
I'll just blank it out.
Under no circumstances must I tell him.
One of your lamps.
You can't make them
while you're hospitalized.
Uterine cancer.
You're kidding!
Is it advanced?
I very much doubt that
surgery is the best course.
But there's still hope
we can cure the cancer.
But the treatment will be severe.
Yes? No, I'm busy.
Okay, tonight.
No cell phones in the hospital.
Sorry again.
I'll switch it off.
May I ask a question?
Of course. What?
When did you leave Tokyo?
We moved back here late last year.
I see.
So you and Michiko were classmates?
Yes. What spurred you to move back here?
When Michiko fell ill,
she insisted on coming back home.
It did surprise me.
Me, too.
Does she know about the cancer?
No, not yet.
Should we tell her?
What do we do?
There's a chance that she can be cured.
But it will be hard on her... it's probably best
we give her all the facts.
Is she going to die?
I'll not let her die.
Very good. I'll leave it to you.
Listen, Doctor.
Should I tell her?
That's up to you.
How about you?
No, I'd better.
No, you're the doctor.
What I should do?
Better I tell her.
I'll leave it in your hands, then.
That Masao SuzukLthe famous stylist.
Wake up, boy!
No sleeping in my class!
Settle down. Let's continue.
The facts on page 36will be in the test.
Especially Prince Nakanooe.
So underline it. Big underline.
Teacher! Look at The Germ!
He's on the roof.
Sasaki, get down from there!
Buy what you want!
I hate shopping!
I'm sick of you!
Don't shout at me.
That's Masao Suzuki!
- The stylist.
- Who cares?
Only these left?
Michikds lamps sell very well.
I want more of them.
Impossible. She's in hospital.
Your coffee.
I went to a play last night.
Everybody was laughing so much.
I wondered why.
I didn't find it at all funny.
I wondered why they were laughing.
Even the actors all
had big cheesy grins.
I shouted out, "You're
a bunch of phonies!"
Are you listening?
From my seat I called
them a bunch of phonies.
What's your point?
I just... No, forget it.
It's cancer.
Did you hear?
It sounded like some foreign language.
Cancer. Uterine cancer.
Uterine cancer? How nasty.
No change?
New curtains.
Suzuki brought them.
What are you reading?
Brings back memories.
Do you remember?
We went north on our school excursion.
We saw that mummified
monk in the temple.
You remember that?
What you see here, are
the mummified remains
of a holy monk by the
name of Tetsumeikaishonin.
It was his decision,
while he was still alive.
It was his quest to become a Buddha.
He foreswore to eat
any of the normal foods.
He ate only bark and
weeds in his holy quest.
This regime he kept up
for a total of 4000 days.
The monk who died in
his search for truth,
made me wonder am I
capable of such devotion?
Until quite recently, I had the
dream of becoming a allerina,
I should have kept striving.
But recently I have many doubts.
My dream verges on failure.
I have no idea what I'm searching for.
I have little faith in
how I will live my life,
and even less confidence in my future.
At the temple I was overcome
by feelings of emorse.
Very good.
Shimaoka, you're next.
My school excursion, by Akito Shimaoka.
We went to Northern Japan...
I can still remember the Fatsia Japonica
through the toilet window at your house.
Such bright, green leaves.
How do you know that?
Mom, I'm home.
I'm bursting.
Who might you be?
Shohei Sasaki, a classmate of Michikds.
May I use your toilet?
Of course.
No, don't call her.
I'd rather you didn't.
Where's the toilet?
Through there.
Michiko. It's Sasaki from your class.
Michiko looks at this
same scene every day.
No, she doesn't stand up to piss.
I find it difficult to believe... don't even remember me.
Are you positive?
Was I such an
inconsequential person to you?
Now you won't even talk to me?
I'm annoyed at your insistence.
You mean "persistence. "
The words change, but
the meaning remains.
You always got good marks at school.
For a learned doctor,
your spelling is atrocious.
Such a beautiful heart
What do you mean?
Just concentrate on the diagnosis.
It's obviously terminal.
Didn't Prof. lijima say so?
So there's no hope.
Dr Maeda. Don't you ever say that.
Perhaps your love for her
can do the impossible...
"Impossible" is not in my vocabulary.
I will cure her.
You were classmates?
Yes, at high school in Yokohama.
Michiko Oikawa...
I was totally smitten.
But in 3 years, I never
once talked to her.
The purity of first love.
My first and only love.
Then she came back.
Last year, by sheer coincidence,
I saw her at the tion.
An illusion, I thought.
After that, I saw her
around town several times.
I even tried to talk to her.
But you couldn't do it?
No, she thought I was a pervert.
So she ran off.
You're frightened of people.
But now she's always near me.
I constantly see her
face and hear her voice.
Why don't you tell her
how you conquered colon
cancer two years ago?
Don't be silly.
Listen, Maeda.
Never ever use the word
"incurable" to me again.
Or I'll bite your tongue off.
How would you?
Like this!
Show your tongue!
I just came for this.
No, nothing.
Excuse me?
Anybody here?
Nobody there?
Not a soul.
How are you?
Anything wrong, Hanae?
Ms Kimura's had a turn.
Ms Kimura?
Michiko Kimura?
She's dead.
I'm alive!
That'd be your 7th miraculous revival.
How beautiful.
Brodia, isn't it?
I know my plants.
As I said before, I really
want to go to the ballet.
The day after tomorrow,
only for 4 hours.
So now you're speaking?
But I'm afraid not.
Your priority should be on getting well.
Who brought these?
Ms Kimura from room 302.
Did she really?
She said it's the flower
that suits me best.
We have the same name.
Even though we use different ideograms.
She's really sweet.
You think so?
She steals flowers from the garden.
What's wrong with her?
It's confidential, but she has a
diplaced uterus and an
aneurysm of the aorta.
Does she know?
Yes. But her aorta could
rupture at any time.
Yet she's always so cheerful.
Ms Oikawa.
Must give you,our
diagnosis of your condition.
I must say...
How's hospital life?
Tough. My memories of Paris are fading.
I never expected you two
would still be together.
Perhaps because of the
lights over the Seine.
Excellent French.
Leave hospital and
start making more lamps.
Yes, I should.
Does Suzuki visit regularly?
Sometimes he does.
Lately he seems busy with work.
I imagine the house is a total mess.
He's not domesticated.
And he never cleans up.
Look, if I should die...
If you die...?
Shall I take care of
him? Did I say that?
Perhaps I should ask you to.
I know that he does like you.
My back...
What a fright.
Are you troubled?
What do you mean?
You're acting strange.
Am w.
You sure are.
How strange?
I have a check-up at
your place tomorrow.
Will you be busy?
Of course I am.
I want you, not anyone else.
I'd better be going.
Say hello if you see me at the hospital.
Why don't you just do my endoscopy?
That's hardly ethical.
Why not? I'd prefer that you do it.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
How dare he. That idiot!
Where did he get to?
No one here?
That's their bad luck.
Nobody there?
No one here?
Not again. I'll get her now.
Just a minute.
Must be boring in here.
My doctor is quite
funny, so it's not so bad.
It's full of weirdos.
You're wanted.
- What?
- Customers are waiting.
Sorry. Can I help you?
So that's the situation.
Excuse me.
Dr Tsunekawa will be
promoted to head the hospital.
Tsunekawa? Really?
I'm off to attend his
inaugural party tonight.
Any message for him?
Yes, well...
Will Dr Mita be there, too?
No, no message.
I see. I'll tell him that.
Good day.
Excuse me.
Apparently you're fixated on a patient.
An old classmate, I believe.
Matron Kimura told me.
Well, yes.
You can't mix public
and private matters.
Some patients are complaining.
The young lady in question
also uses a lamp at night.
I did forbid it, but
she flouts the rules.
No naked flames in hospitals.
I insist you forbid her to use it.
I must go now. Excuse me.
The subtle hues of lit glass...
How beautiful.
I made it.
Did you really? toilet
Beautiful, isn't it?
Oh, nurse...
I brought some clean towels.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Not at all. Excuse me.
How did you start making these lamps?
I spent two years living
in France with Suzuki.
I'll miss this.
Farewell to the seas of France.
Look, it's beautiful.
How about making a lamp with them?
- A lamp?
- Yes, for our room.
I better collect more. Help me.
I see. France, eh...?
I've never been there.
Sleep well.
How do we carry them?
Good idea.
Hey! What are you doing?
He's taking a leak.
Come on, you too.
What if someone comes?
Why shouldn't lovers piss together?
No, I can't do it.
I missed my period.
I'm having your baby.
I'll call you back.
Is that a problem?
I like to see you looking worried.
There's more.
If Michiko dies,
I'll have your baby.
And live happily ever after.
Don't be so selfish.
Me? You're the most selfish person ever.
Didn't you know?
Michiko couldn't have
your baby after all.
But I will.
What's that all about?
I'm just kidding.
Your heart is racing.
What's wrong?
It's only four in the morning. Shohei?
You're awake?
Been out drinking?
Sort of.
I've been thinking about my illness.
Can't sleep?
It's a shallow sleep. I keep waking up.
I see.
I had a dream.
I dreamed of my late father and mother.
A dream of long, long ago.
Father was laughing.
Your father had that
imported goods store.
It was called... was "D'Azur. "
Yes, D'Azur.
I once bought a Mother's
Day present there.
I had no father.
I bought my mom a little alcohol lamp.
I put it at her hospital
bedside, like this one here.
When I tried to light it with a match,
she got so mad at me.
There were 5 other patients.
She told me "no naked flames allowed. "
In my dream my dad was
laughing so happily.
Once business was so bad
our electricity got cut off.
When night came, he'd
light his favorite lamps.
Then we'd eat dinner and
read under those lamps.
I think he had a hard time,
but I liked the family
having dinner under the lamps.
And his face always looked
so relaxed in the lamp ight.
The deep lines in his
forehead would disappear.
Deep lines?
Yes, like this.
Can you guess?
A wolf.
And this?
A cat?
What about this one?
A crab.
Alright, then...
How about this?
A swan.
Well done!
What's this?
I give up.
Good day. I'm Shohei Sasaki.
In the 3 years I was at high school,
I was called "The Germ!"
I hated that horrible nickname.
You still don't remember
me? Speak up, girl!
Well, I'd better be going.
I'll take the lighter.
Good night.
Good night.
One day everything, including
the earth, will disappear.
And we'll all become
fragments of the universe.
Doctor Ishiyama?
Doctor, come quickly.
The tumor has shrunk.
It's become smaller.
Maeda, come see this.
Look! It's shrinking.
You're right. It is smaller.
The chemo is working.
Cancer cell levels are down, too.
She can maybe survive surgery.
We did it, Maeda.
We should really consult Dr Iwaodake.
She's an authority on uterine cancer.
Dr Iwaodake?
No, I'll perform the operation.
You'd better take it easy.
The results of your latest
physical aren't very good.
You need to take
better care of yourself.
Who cares about that?
Who'll save Michiko
if I slacken off now?
At this moment she
means the world to me.
Don't worry.
If she can pull
through, then I can, too.
Yes, I will operate.
Look, don't get too upset, but...
This is the latest
CT scan of your liver.
No running in the corridor.
This lamp is for Dr Sasaki.
Thanks for everything. Michiko Oikawa
Dr Sasaki.
Ms Oikawa has left.
She left early?
I guess she couldn't wait.
You were busy at the time.
Get rid of that lamp.
"Thanks for everything?" It's
nowhere near over for her.
You scared me.
How pretty.
Love is like a beautiful
ray of light from a lamp
in the long, long night.
Love is... like a
beautiful ray of light...
I'm so sorry. I'll buy you another one.
Where can I buy one just like it'?
My back!
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
Are you alright?
Is that you, honey?
Michiko? How come?
They let me out for a while.
I wanted to surprise you.
Really? You should have told me.
I'm down in Osaka.
Really? Will you be back tonight?
No, we're behind schedule.
I doubt I can make it.
I see.
Who are you?
Where's Mr Suzuki?
She's at stage 3B.
When I first saw this,
I was very surprised.
You tried capping it?
Chemotherapy has managed
to shrink the tumor,
so now it can be operated on.
And naturally you want to operate?
No, I insist you do it, Dr Iwaodake.
Certainly, but her
chances are not very good.
At best I'd give her a 30
to 40% chance of surviving.
Is that all?
I'm afraid so.
Actually Dr Sasaki is not very well...
Shut up, Maeda!
What's wrong with you?
Nothing. Maeda has
worked wonders with me.
That's enough.
Are you sure?
I'm fine.
Then, please excuse me.
Dr Iwaodake!
I beg your indulgence.
That's worth an extra 10%.
Idiot! Why did you mention me?
How can you operate in your condition?
Shut up!
Look at you. Your
skin is turning yellow.
I'm worried.
Well don't. I'm good for a while.
And don't you dare mention
my condition to anyone.
...until the end.
What do you mean "until the end?"
Sorry to call you out so suddenly.
It's my day off, so it's good timing.
Let's fill this bag
with pieces of glass.
Here's one!
And here, too.
It scares me.
But I think he's happy.
He died to save his
fellows, so he's content.
Do you think it's fate when
someone falls ill and dies?
Fate, eh?
Perhaps it is fate.
But with effort, you
can change your fate.
Don't let it beat you.
And what if I'm beaten?
If you are, then fate has eaten you.
If I died and if you ate of me,
I'd be nutrition for you.
I'd want you to eat me,
even if you didn't want to.
I would. I would eat you.
Would you really?
I have no family left, so
I'll donate my body to science.
They can recycle any part they want.
Then spread my ashes in the sea.
That's what I'd like, too.
No, you must live on.
I don't want to die yet.
I'm with you.
You'll live a long, fruitful life
and make many more lamps.
I'll believe in you
for the next 50 years.
And die when the 51
st year rolls around.
What's wrong?
Is there a toilet here?
I need to go, too.
Return to nature what's rightfully hers.
What a wonderful feeling!
This could easily become a habit.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I almost love it.
Hey! Dr Sasaki.
It's me, Nirasaki.
Long time no see. How are you?
Fully recovered, thanks to you.
Thank you for all your efforts.
Not at all.
Going on a trip?
Unfortunately, no. My man betrayed me.
I'm going back home.
To your hometown?
Hey! Look what I got.
What's this? School girl prostitution?
No, no. You misunderstand.
Take care of yourself
If you know what I mean.
Alright, see you again.
Which do you like?
It's a hard choice.
Oh, that's right.
Look. I saw this guy at the shop.
What was he doing?
Kissing the owner of the shop.
There's still a chance for you.
What do you mean?
So what's the concept?
You have bugger-all concept!
Call him an actor?
The man's a bloody ham!
Say something!
Fuck the clients!
You're a bunch of idiots!
Always changing your goddamn minds.
I need a piss.
Welcome, sir.
Someone's in there.
Hey, hey. What's with you, pal?
I understand you're quite famous.
You'd better be careful.
Which fellow are you
You don't remember? Dr Sasaki!
Sorry... without the lab coat.
I hear she's getting better.
Shut up, you fool!
Can't you be more careful?
Never let her know you're betraying her!
That could be fatal!
- It's not your concern.
- it sure is.
Just butt out.
Why are you threatening me?
You have to ask?
That's a tough one.
I get it. You want money, don't you?
You creep! How dare you?
Stick your filthy money!
I hate low life creeps like you.
If she even suspects,
I'll bite your tongue off!
I'll eat you!
Dear Shohei, I hope you are well.
Just warm it up to eat. From Seiko
Love is like a beautiful ray of light
from a lamp in the long, long night.
Hello, Dr Sasaki.
How are you doing?
I'm fine, thank you.
Did you also get one?
- The class reunion?
- Yes, after 25 years.
It's at the school library.
If you go, would you escort me?
Too late, I refused
the invitation days ago.
Listen, I have a confession
to make to you all.
I divorced my wife.
I ask you all to toast my divorce.
Cheers to my divorce!
Congratulations on your divorce!
Hideaki Kato here folks.
I'll be your MC tonight.
Now let me introduce
you the heroine of today.
Our own princess, Ms Michiko Oikawa.
Hello. I'm Michiko Oikawa.
No one knows their fate.
Just recently, for the first time
in my life, I was hospitalized.
I started thinking
that if I suddenly died,
I would have left so many
things unsaid to so many eople.
I'm so pleased that
you,are all as you were.
You haven't changed at all.
And our teacher, Mr Tamura...
I'm so happy you're well.
To be quite honest, at school
I had a big crush on you.
I had a crush on you, too.
I really enjoyed today.
Did you really have
a crush on Mr Tamura?
Yes, I did.
What attracted you to him?
A raw sexual attraction...
And he had that air of menace about him.
I never expected such words from you.
Mr Tamura's wife was very
sexy, very attractive.
She sometimes visited the art classroom.
I really hated that,
I was jealous of her.
Still have that crush?
Yes, very much so.
And he still smells
the same as he used to.
Do you like him?
I hate his guts.
"Please focus your ears at 7pm tonight. "
"And you will surely hear my voice. "
Please focus your ears at 7pm tonight.
You will surely hear
my voice. Shohei Sasaki
Ms Oikawa! I love you!
I really do!
Ms Oikawa! I love you!
I really do!
Ms Oikawa! I love you!
I really do!
It's like being stung by a bee.
Right on the neck!
Here, too.
And the fatal one, here. In my heart
They're so damn painful.
My kids have just turned
up, after 15 years.
They want to live in Tokyo.
They're all grown up.
He's 20 and she's 18.
Damn my ex-wife! She
said "Now it's your turn. "
So what do I do?
That's your problem.
I got a letter from Michiko.
She wants me to be with you.
That's her decision.
I'm heading back to Paris tomorrow.
Flying on a big airplane.
What about my baby?
What do you want to do?
It's all up to me, anyway.
There's nothing you can do.
Do you understand?
You look worried again.
Will you leave me all alone?
I'll be on my own, too.
Okay, bye bye-
I came back.
Welcome back.
Let's give it our best.
- I leave everything to you.
- Good.
Dr Sasaki, Ms Kimura's in ICU!
She's had a heart attack.
Excuse me.
The sound of the waves, so calming
All that happened today is found there
The wind, shadows and
aromas are everything
Amidst this darkness of night
The vows we remade from that summer
The season that changed me Forever
Everything so far away, beyond the waves
Slowly. You're doing very well.
Suzuki hasn't come yet.
He may miss your operation.
Give it your best shot.
If I die during the operation,
this may be the last
time I ever talk to you.
Don't be silly.
You're going to live.
In 3 hours, I'll see
your smiling face again.
for the next 50 years...
...will you please stay by my side?
I can no longer live without you.
Don't say that...
I'm not worthy to be with you.
You give me far too much credit.
I'm basically a hopeless soul.
I buy high school girls.
My mistress is a bar hostess.
And you're always groping the nurses.
I don't care.
It's strange to feel like this.
I want to be with you. You alone...
Operation in Progress
It's taking a long time.
- Doctor...
- What?
It went well.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thanks for everything.
I don't know where Dr Sasaki has got to.
You replaced the curtains.
Thank you.
Only these bags to go?
I'll be parked out the front.
Let's have a big celebration.
We have to talk.
I know about your affair with Akiko.
But that's all over now.
It doesn't matter anymore.
You scared me. What is it?
I'm preparing for tomorrow.
- Got everything?
- I'm doing it now.
- Thanks.
- See you.
Thank you.
I proposed to Dr Sasaki.
Dr Sasaki?
Yes, just before the operation.
No way!
He didn't give me an answer.
How could you love him?
You called him "a persistent creep. "
And it was that persistence
which saved my life.
You're just confused.
We can start over again,
a new life together.
Never. The Michiko you
knew is gone forever.
She doesn't exist anymore.
Excuse me.
The Germ?
You're... We've met before?
I'm Michiko Oikawa,
rSasaki saved my life.
. We were classmates at high school.
So, it was you after all.
Shohei, she's here for you.
Give me a hand?
Turn him over.
That did it.
Whenever he heard that crack,
he always looked so contented.
Talk to him.
I'm so very sorry.
I was so absorbed in my own problems.
Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
Advanced liver cancer. It
got into his spinal column.
He suffered horrendous pain.
I had to struggle to hear
his last spoken words.
But it sounded like... "Fatsia Japonica".
Doctor. Everything is alright now.
I'm a little unsure about being alone,
but now I'm truly free.
You taught me many
strange, funny things.
I promise to cherish
this life you saved.
Now my life belongs to both you and me.
I'll continue to make my lamps.
I'll always be by your side, forever.
I'll always be by your side, forever!
You are so persistent.
I love you, Germ.
When you try to leave
You need all your strength
And no one wants to get it wrong
Every single one of us
hates to make the change
But I want to know if you really care
Or is it an easy life
you're longing for?
I don't care if you cheat on me
But you gotta stop cheating on yourself
So many things have their beginnings
But when you decide to leave
If you could only see the truth
Let me see your truth
If you do what you've gotta do
You gonna need all your courage
No one wants to be all alone
Not one among us likes that isolation
But do you really care?
Can you give up your dream?
I won't mind if you forget me
But don't you ever
forget your dreams again
So many things have their beginnings
But when you decide to leave
If you can only see the truth
Don't give up so easily
So many things have their beginnings
But when you decide to leave
You will see the truth, and you know it
Don't deny that which you know
And let me see your truth