Scalawag (1973) Movie Script

All right.
I can't tell you twins apart.
Now what do you say?
And whatever your name is,
take a good look around.
The Painted Lady.
Gimme that glass.
Come on.
Aye, mates.
Howdy, sir.
State your business.
Same as yours.
Running from the law.
You are alone?
Yeah. Mexican dragoons've been breathing
down my neck for the last week.
Oh, they say I got a few trinkets
in my saddlebag...
...don't rightly belong to me.
Like what?
Oh, some silver.
And some of the prettiest green stones
you ever saw.
Don't know what they are.
- Shh.
Stranger, you're not welcome
aboard my ship.
Then I best keep riding.
Oh, if then dragoons turn up,
I'd be mighty grateful...
...if you point them in the wrong direction.
Wait a minute, mister.
What can you do?
I'm a rotten cook.
You can't be any worse than ours.
Come on aboard.
Much obliged.
I get my gear.
Why you-
Killed your own man.
You like soup?
It better be good.
Go on, finish me, you scum.
I have no cause to shoot a fellow captain.
Velvet, the captain's coat.
Here's your coat, Admiral.
The world is yours, Captain.
And you can have my horse.
You'll pay for this.
May he rest in peace.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Hey, Rooster.
What do you got there, Rooster?
Get her, Rooster.
A bit too much for you, Rooster.
I'm gonna be real thirsty.
Well, I'm glad it ain't me.
Haul away.
Haul away.
Hoist the flag.
Stand about.
Watch out for fire.
Scalawag. Scalawag. Scalawag. Scalawag.
Divvying up of the gold.
Little Dick tried to take more than the rest,
so they put them back down in the hold.
Yes they did. They put
him back down the hold.
And he ain't gonna grow very old.
There you go. There you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
Drink your whiskey. Drink your rum.
If your chances ever come.
But you know when your number's up,
you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
There you go. There you go.
When fate takes your hand,
drink them down while you can.
Because you know
when your number's up, you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
She thinks she's a rooster.
She's drunk.
There you go. There you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
Get your whiskey. Get your wine.
Get your women in a line.
But you know when your number's up,
you go.
And when they take you up on high.
To that gin house in the sky.
Then you'll know.
That your number's up.
And off away you go.
Because you know when
your number's up, you go go go.
Because you know
when your number's up, you go.
Yo ho ho ho.
Then you know
when your number's up, you go.
Let's get out of here before
the dragoons come down on top of us.
Who blew up my ship?
You sure look funny.
Ah. There's only three of them.
Dragoons don't travel in threes.
Come on.
Get them fast. Heave 'em out.
After little burro.
Hey, Peg, the gold? Where's the gold?
I'm Brimstone.
Whatever your name is.
Run that gold out of here
and slow us down.
And get the dynamite before
we blow this place up.
Bury that stuff and make us a map.
Where will we meet?
Vulture's Creek.
And don't lose your sense of direction.
All right. Move them out.
Move them out.
Take this silks along.
You mean you trust him?.
- No.
I'm signing on to my brother's.
You're staying here with us.
What if one of us gets killed?
I mean what about his share
of that saddlebag gold?
He can't spend it in hell, can he?
I shoot good.
Hee-hee. Ha-ha-ha.
Hee-hee. Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Hee-hee. Hee-hee. Hee-hee.
Are you hit, Peg?
Naw. Only a flesh wound.
Let's ride. Let's ride.
Sound address.
Let's go. Let it go.
Come on. You're holding us up.
Peg broke his leg.
He broke his leg.
Peg broke his leg. Peg broke his leg.
Whoa. Whoa.
99 west.
- 99 west.
Shut up.
25 north.
25 north.
Why didn't you pipe down?
Hey, what's that?
Hey, we can use that donkey.
Hey, Peg.
Lookee here, Peg.
I made us a tally sheet.
Tallying what?
I crossed off Crow.
And this here's Banji.
Dutch. Mohawk. And Prairie Plow.
That's only 11 of us to divvy up the gold.
Which is your marker?
If someone lets the air out of your sail,
I want to know the right one to cross off.
Ah, you laugh.
Your brother doesn't show up,
I want to see you laugh.
Box canyon.
- Box canyon.
Leave it.
Right here.
Right here.
Me fed.
Where's the gold, men?
Just bury those pretty silks, mate.
Bring that gold.
Oh, why do I have to do this?
Come on.
Under bridge.
- Under bridge.
Don't you ever shut up?
Help Jallop and see if there's
another way out of here.
Hey, Brimstone.
Ain't no other way out of here.
That's good.
Keeping us honest.
That's what they want.
Ya. Hiyo.
I know my brother will turn up.
Hey, give me a chance.
We waited long enough.
I'll give you a chance.
Long knife.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, Peg.
Peg, the gold.
We gotta find Brimstone.
We'll find him.
We start right now.
You want like a double.
You want the gold, Peg?
You want the gold?
You'll have to take me to hell.
To hell.
Never be a sailor, buddy.
Bye. Best wishes.
Go back.
Bad dog.
It's no use barking through the door.
What you smell now. Another cold cat.
Sent 'em up, mates. I'm paying.
Hey, where'd you come from?
Where's the grog, mates?
You wanna stay with me?
He belongs to me.
Let him go.
Call him off.
Call him off before I throttle the both of you.
Down, Beau.
Who's staying here?
Who's staying here?
Who's staying here?
No one. The ship leaves in the morning.
The one-legged man?
No, sir. Everyone's left.
Read the will.
Come on, Barfly. Come on.
I got the shivers.
I need another drop of medicine.
Would you like a room, sir?
No, this room will do just fine.
Put the bottle down.
Is that a gun you're pointing?
And I know how to use it.
And there's a lot more
where that come from.
And it'll buy more than one bottle.
Look at this.
I said put the bottle down.
And take your money and go.
Ma'am, you wouldn't... wouldn't turn me out
in this foul weather, wouldn't you?
Get out.
But my bones is rattling.
I got the shakes.
He does look sick.
Get over to the fire.
I thank you kindly, ma'am.
Oh oh oh oh.
That needs taking care of.
I'll clean it first and then make a bandage.
Jamie, you get some towels.
Boy. Boy.
Be a good lad and fetch me a drink.
But my sister won't like it.
Just a - just a swallow.
All right.
Borracho. Borracho.
What's your parrot's name?
I told you to fetch towels.
Getting him to do something is
like eating soup with a fork.
Pretty girl.
A drink? Set em up, mates. I'm paying.
Hey, uh, did you wish to drink with me?
This is glistening liquid.
Do you think he's gonna die?
- Hush.
Jamie, will you please put Beau in the barn.
And get the wagon hitched up?
All right.
I think a better get Mr. Aragon.
You're always going after him.
The bigger the mouth,
the better it looks shut.
Get me a drink.
And be quick about it.
One-legged devil.
You'll never get it. Never.
They're deep in your legs.
A ton of gold.
Ton of gold.
Ton of gold. 99 West. 25 North.
Box canyon. Under bridge.
I'll do you in, you talking chart.
I'll wring your neck.
Why you
Come on, fight.
Come back here.
Aw, scrap it. That's the only way.
I'll cut you up.
Oh. Sir?
Your drink, sir.
Don't move, sir.
I made you fresh coffee, sir. Huh?
Howdy, son.
Drinks on the house.
Pretty bird.
Took a tumble down the stairs, did he?
Hate to tell you this, lad.
But your pa's dead.
He isn't my pa.
Hmm. Who is he?
Don't know.
Well then, fetch a blanket.
We'll cover him.
It don't look nice to have
a dead man in the parlor.
Son of a birch tree.
Shut up, Jack whiskey-head.
Where's the map?
You go when your number's up.
You go when your number's up.
I'm looking for something
with his name on it.
It don't seem right
to bury a man without his name.
Does it?
Which is his room? Hmm?
You lay that blanket on him.
I'll look for his war bag. Hmm?
Better hurry.
Before the flies start swarming.
Mr. Aragon. Mr. Aragon.
- Buenos dias, Jamie.
He's here.
Who's here?
- The one-legged man.
The one-legged man?
Jamie, you're not making any sense.
I saw him going through his pocket.
I did.
That's what he's doing in the room
right now. Looking for a map.
A map?
Look at the gold he was spending.
The rest is buried.
He said so many a time.
There's got to be a map there.
Going to the wicked. Praise the Lord.
Whoa unto...
Stay here.
And as the wicked,
sprung up like the grass.
And all the workers of evil sprout.
It was that they might be destroyed forever.
Like sheep they are laid in the grave.
Death shall feed on them.
And the upright shall have dominion
over them in the morning.
And their beauty shall consume
in the grave from their dwelling.
Money you're after?
You're holding of the wrong man.
Miss Lucy, the room upstairs, please.
Keys in his sack.
Jamie, his rifle.
Forgot something.
Do you mind telling us who you are
and where you come from?
Mind telling me who you are?
And why you see fit
to hold the pistol on me?
Me with nothing in my hand
but the Good Book?
You were going through your pockets.
You're right.
Jamie? Is that your name?
Mighty partial to that name.
James. From the Bible.
It runs in my family.
Were you going through his pockets?
I did get my hands
in that strangers pocket,
hoping to find his name tucked away.
The room's tidy
except for a broken window.
Being a part-time saddlebag preacher,
I buried many a man.
Yes, sir. Many a man.
And I do like to get the name straight.
For a man of God,
you carry many weapons.
For my sword shall be bathed in heaven.
Isaiah 34. I go by the book.
He does know his Scripture.
All I've been spoke I've been
reading the Bible for years.
Why would this man be running
for his life from a one-legged preacher?
He say that?
He did say he was a preacher.
Which leg right or left?
Didn't say.
- There's a smart lot of difference.
A bowlegged, one-legged man,
he say that?
No. But he couldn't catch me one.
Catch me?
Did you see any barnacles on me?
A tattoo?
I'd assume that the moonshine
in my mouth means dry-land.
You still haven't told us your name.
You still haven't put that gun away.
John Pettibone Stewart.
My friends call me Peg.
I'm on my way to Texas.
In desperate need of a Bible.
What Bible?
Oh, nothing as grand-sized as this, ma'am.
And I do prefer thinner paper.
Easier to carry.
Well, I'll look for you.
Bless you, child.
Lost my pack of savages up north.
Remind me to tell you
Liar liar liar.
Why you
Aw, the poor orphan.
Let's you and me
find a pickax and a shovel.
And scout out a final resting place
for the deceased here, huh?
Come on.
- I'll take care of it.
No. Don't you trouble yourself Mr. uh...
- Aragon. Incantato.
This crooked leg ain't never stopped me
from a lot of toil yet.
Oh uh services in about an hour.
Lord, we are herded together
on a mighty solemn occasion.
A man is dead,
leaving no one to grieve for him...
...except his faithful parrot.
And with the kind permission
of these two young people,
we bury this stranger beside the graves
of their beloved mother and father.
Not knowing the gent's name, I
I'll have to commend him
to you by guess work only.
He appears to be a man of the sea.
And I'd be surprised if he's seen
the inside of a preach house...
...since he was crying tired.
Oh I reckon the places
he's been are so sinful,
they'd make hell look like a firefly.
But I wouldn't be surprised...
...if you were to quarry his heart,
you'd find a ton of gold.
Ton of gold. 99 West. 24 North.
Can you keep that bird quiet?
I hope this stranger is privileged... go gallivanting straight up to heaven.
If you can find a spare set of wings
that he may use.
Do you perform weddings?
I don't get much call for that
in these places.
Twenty-three. Forty-three.
That bird's taken quite a fancy to you.
Mr. Stewart, I do hope you'll stay for dinner.
I hope you cook it too.
No, you can just go to the hen house
and choose us a nice fat chicken.
Would you?
Can't say no to a lady.
Never could.
Oh. If you wouldn't mind.
Pluck it too.
Ha ha. Certainly.
I'm a chicken plucker.
I think he knows where this came from, sir.
Look at him. I'm sure he does.
Have some rum on me.
Pass the bottle over.
Key it right. Key it right.
And a whole lot more.
Come on, you little sneak.
The gold, Barfly. Where is it hid?
Come on. Tell me.
Get the map?
- There ain't no map.
Should've got the parrot.
That parrot. He knows a thing or three.
I bet he's giving them
a golden earful right now.
What are we waiting for then?
I ain't anxious to keep
tangling with Mexican dragoons.
These folks might come in handy.
I say we wring their necks.
We'll make the move when I say the word.
Ton of gold. 99 West. 25 North.
Box canyon. Under bridge.
The map. He's the map.
Come with me.
Batten down the hatches.
You shut up.
Let's see. We' re here.
95 West. 25 north.
Baja. Mexico.
Mexico? That's what he said.
What do you think?
I think there is treasure there.
Let's go after it.
Won't you be in danger
from Indians and bandits?
We'll run sheep.
Everyone knows it's
a waste of time to rob sheep herders.
Brilliant, Mr. Aragon.
I'll take Sandy and Benjamin.
- And me.
I'll need a sextant.
- We've got one.
Oh, Jamie.
Not a word to anyone.
A matter like this could start a stampede.
Yes, sir.
I'll start getting my things ready.
- Un momento.
An expedition of this nature
is not for a lady.
Mr. Aragon, there are
lots of things I can do.
Well, I can cook and so and
Get your skillet.
Oh, no.
Mr. Aragon is taking me on a trip.
A real adventure.
What for?
To help herd sheep.
Indian, bandit country.
Boy, that's a slow way to travel.
Wish you had come too, Mr. Stewart.
I wish you'd stop calling me
Mr. Stewart like I was great folks.
Call me Peg.
All right, sir.
- That's better.
You ever fight Indians?
Did I ever fight Indians?
You notice the way I was sitting?
With my fighting tools handy.
Walked that way too.
You gotta be real careful in Indian country.
A man never knows what's lurking.
Always keep your fighting tools close by.
Yes, sir. Okay.
Let's say I was walking along,
minding my own business.
When out of nowhere
pop eight scalp hunters.
Yowl. Get the wagons in a circle.
Guard the womenfolk.
Send someone back to the fort for help.
This one's mine.
I missed.
We're running out of water.
Keep down.
Ha, let's kill them all.
Well done.
One. Two. Three.
Four. Five. Six.
That's only seven.
I got the ace in my bare hand.
Go get my fighting tools.
Seor Stewart,
I would like you to join us.
As an Indian fighter.
I would gladly pay two dollars a day.
That's mighty generous of you.
But this warped timber of mine
it ain't got many more miles left in it.
You just have your men
carve me up a good oaken leg.
And leave Jamie home.
I'll go in his place.
Here, Peg.
I can't make chicken dinner
without chicken.
Take this in.
Sure, Peg.
Is it a deal?
The boy stays here.
It won't take me a minute.
I'll fetch my gear.
- Sir?
I can't take you with me.
Miss Lucy-Ann would not sleep
a wink while you were gone.
But... I'm big enough.
But a woman's small. Delicate.
Delicate? Lucy-Ann?
You are big enough.
Big enough to look after your sister.
A ripping tooth from the biggest grizzly
this side of the Mississippi.
You almost got me, tooth.
I want you to wear it for good luck.
Baba Russo.
- Coming up.
You'll take care of yourself.
Good luck.
Watch the leather.
You hurry back.
I made candy out of cactus once.
What'd it taste like?
- Candy.
You use the thorns to pick your teeth.
Can't you stand still long enough
for me to get a measurement?
Sandy, don't you make that leg too short.
I don't want to limp.
Joe, Gen. Jackson once said to me. I
used to cook for general Jackson.
He said 'Peg. You give me the finest
case of indigestion I've ever had.'
He said that?
- That's what he said.
Benjamin, compasa.
What's that all about?
Hey, Jamie.
Did something happen to Lucy-Ann?
- No, sir.
You deserted her?
I never would've gone off
without permission.
No, sir. Never.
First thing in the morning,
you're going right back.
Get something to eat.
Hi, Peg.
Mr. Stewart, to you.
He knows we're looking.
Nothing to drink the coffee.
You'll have to do without.
Oh, I drink coffee all the time.
Hardly had time to catch your breath.
And you told another lie.
Mmm. It's great.
What is it?
- Snake stew.
I like the bear's tooth.
I brought you a Bible, Peg.
Mr. Stewart.
Lucy-Ann dug it out of my mom's old trunk.
The paper's thin.
And it's old, just like you wanted.
A Bible?
Yes, sir.
- Get some sleep.
But I ain't going back.
I'm sorry, Miss Lucy.
For all the trouble he's caused you.
But you take him back
and make sure he stays.
I left San Juan.
- You what?
I closed up the inn.
I figured we might as well both go along.
Look, let me take them both back home.
Oh he had only run off again.
I won't permit you to do this.
But you can't stop me, Mr. Aragon.
I've already done this.
All right. But be here it like a lady.
Even if you don't look like one.
Told you I wasn't going back.
I'll tell you something.
If you end up crow bait,
it'll be your own fault.
Indian country.
I'll scout up ahead.
I'll swing around the other side.
Well, be careful.
Stop mothering everybody.
Shut up.
What happened?
Slow drowning.
God save America.
Hold on.
I'm coming for you.
Stay there, lad.
Go back. Save the others.
Oh. Thank you.
You're a brave man, Mr. Aragon.
Very brave.
Grab on. Quick.
Thank you. Thank you.
Doing our duty, sir.
I'm an Indian.
How can we ever repay you?
Repay your brothers.
May the Lord lift up his countenance
onto thee and grant thee peace.
How can we ever repay you?
we are shorthanded in event of attack.
I can offer a dollar a day
and excellent meals.
A dollar a day?
That ain't bad.
- I'll get my men.
We'll be right back.
Mr. Aragon.
I reckon you know what you're doing.
Those critters look awful ugly to me.
I want them to fight Indians.
Not to look at.
Trust my judgment, Mr. Stewart.
Yeah, I wish I could trust mine.
People have been able to fool me all my life.
You are on guard duty tonight.
Hey, look.
Vultures picked him clean.
That's murders.
Lost a lot of weight, huh?
It's you, Mud.
Mmmm, real tasty.
When are you getting your new leg?
Eh, pretty soon now.
Pretty soon.
How's your old one holding out?
- Fine.
Every man should have one.
Look. You can use it as a weapon. Ha.
A hat rack.
A knife rack.
That's wonderful.
Now look.
You can stoke the fire.
Stir the stew.
Now you stir it for a while.
Oh, I can do that.
Hey. Not with your foot.
Here. Use this. Go on.
Go on. Give it to him.
Well, I'll be.
Hey, Jamie.
That's a beauty.
Why, a king would be proud
to wear a leg like that.
Let me try it on.
Let me see it.
Jamie, look at that.
I wish I had one.
Well, Benjamin just wants you to work.
Now that's a leg, I tell you.
Fit for a King. Ha.
Dirty petticoats.
Shark got a leg or two.
Glad he didn't get more.
One day, thank the Lord,
someone pushed him overboard.
And he swam and he swam.
But he never reached the shore.
Poor man ain't with us anymore.
There you go. There you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
Get your whiskey. Get your wine.
Get your women. Don't take mine.
Because you know
when your number's up, you go.
Oh you go. Yes you know when
your number's up, you go.
When I was a gypsy,
And so far from the water.
I'm so much in love
with a pretty bosun's daughter.
But one day her husband...
...came knocking at the door-o.
And Fly Speck went a fly
from the very next porthole.
He's never been in love
Any more-o. More-o.
Never been in love anymore.
There you go. Don't you know?
That you go when your number's up,
you go.
You can be the boss for long.
Take a girl and meet her mom.
But you know when your number's up,
you really have to go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
There you go. There you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
With a tankard in your hand,
get it down while you can.
Because you know
when your number's up, you go.
Yes you know when
your number's up, you go go go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
Yo ho ho ho.
You know when your number's up,
you go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This should be easy for a dancer.
Well, it's not much further.
Tomorrow, we'll get an early start.
Then I'd better get some sleep.
Isn't he the nicest man?
And a gentleman.
You dance very well.
Thank you.
Very beautiful.
Thank you.
Sleep on it.
There you go.
There you go.
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
Drink your whiskey. Drink your rum.
Take your chances...
Yes you know when your number's up,
you go.
How dare you come in here.
Get out.
Hey, it's a wagon.
Lucy-Ann, are you all right?
A monster.
Watch out.
All right, now. All of you, get out.
Why, you mealy-mouthed
You heard what he said.
Now a lot of yougit.
Let's go.
You did right, senorita..
Don't cry to me.
Keep moving.
We was lucky.
We could have been murdered in our sleep.
And I will love you.
If you love me.
I'll bring you flowers from the forest.
Cherries from the tree.
And I'd be good to you.
If you were good to me.
As good as gold from the Sun.
Silver fishes from the sea.
And I would make for you a house.
Wherever you should make your bed.
Whichever road should lie ahead
I'll be right there with you.
And ev'ry dream I've ever dreamed.
And ev'ry sweet thought in my head.
And all the things I've never said.
These I will share with you.
And if the sky should ever break.
And take the sunshine from my days.
And if our paths should ever stray.
And you're not here with me.
Then ev'ry morning as I wake,
you'll find me sitting by the bay.
I'll while each lonely hour away.
Till you're back here with me.
And I will love you.
If you love me.
I'll bring you flowers from the forest.
Cherries from the tree.
And I'd be good to you.
If you were good to me.
Come on. Hurry.
What's all the fuss about?
Hey hey.
Here it is.
Get out the lariat.
We have to make a rope ladder.
Well, Jamie. You knew
about the treasure the whole time.
I kept the secret, Peg.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Keeping a secret is almost as hard
as not telling a lie.
But it isn't a secret anymore, Peg.
- Listen.
Ton of gold.
Ton of gold. 99 West. 25 North.
Box canyon. Under bridge.
Why don't you try counting sheep?
Couldn't I go down?
Take a look around.
And come right up again?
Morning's soon enough.
Good night.
Good night, Peg.
Amigo, you're a good friend.
I've always lived my life by the Good Book.
Sleep well.
You was mighty slow getting here.
The gold in that canyon?
Going down to get it.
Going down.
Watch it, boy.
It took us long enough get here.
Here's something.
Get that gold and be out of here
before they wake up.
We should've killed them all.
Gold. Here come gold.
You got a leaky mouth.
It's the boy.
Let's get him.
What'll we do, Peg? What do we do?
Watch the ladder.
- Yeah.
You'll never get the gold, Mr. Stewart.
You got the drop on me, Jamie.
I'm proud of you.
You did it quicker
than a cat can lick his ears.
You lied to me.
Well, just kind of.
Like trying to keep a secret, Jamie?
Same as you.
You lied to all of us.
Of course, the first time's the hardest.
Oh, I won't hold it against you, Jamie.
I know just how you feel.
You go right ahead.
Go right ahead.
Pull the trigger.
Hey, Peg, what're you doing?
Hey. There he goes.
What'd you do that for?
You want them all down on top of us?
Hey, he's in there. Let's get him.
He ain't gonna hurt you none.
Hey, come back here, jackass.
Get the boy.
Did you see him?
No. But I think I saw
somebody go by on a donkey.
I'm sick of this boy.
Let's get the gold.
Help yourself.
I better get back on top.
Well, where is it?
Maybe Drake will catch you
hauling gold up this ladder.
Aragon looking down with a pistol.
We better wait.
- I'm sick of waiting.
And we're sick of being tied to your limp.
Tell us where the gold's hid, Peg.
We'll let Aragon do the digging for us.
Stay here till we get the gold.
Make yourself comfortable.
But don't hurt the boy.
Hey, what you doing?
One of these days.
I found the gold.
I found where it's buried.
Come on.
Stay here. Watch the ladder.
We were robbed.
Oh, where's the gold?
Hey, it's getting complicated.
Must've woke up early and give us a slip.
That scalawag's got no sense at all.
Aw, don't worry.
He's probably off exploring somewhere.
You just go treasure hunting.
I'll find him.
- Thank you, Mr. Stewart.
What now, senor?
Look out for banditos.
Don't worry.
You look in there.
Sandy, the gold.
Where is he?
He must've grown wings
and flew outta here.
I don't want the boy. I want the gold.
Tone it down.
Don't worry. You'll get that gold.
Move it.
- We got to control that ladder.
If possible.
Ya think?
Climb up and force it out of Luigi.
He's up there, Peg.
- You can handle him.
He's a big fella.
Use your knife.
I found it.
Here it is.
Here's your money.
Much obliged.
We are here. We were walking right over it.
I found one too.
Hey, I got another one.
There's got to be more here.
Hey, Lucy-Ann.
Stay there.
We'll bring it to you.
Daniel Aragon.
Mr. Fly Speck is lifting up the ladder.
Jamie, are you all right?
But Peg's not with us.
Pegs with Mr. Velvet and the others.
Behind that ledge.
Get that kid.
Seor Stewart.
Your friend may control the ladder.
He'll lower it for the gold.
Come on.
Get him when he lets down the ladder?
Stay back.
You get over there
and get that ammunition belt.
I'll cover you.
And you're gonna be
worth your weight in gold, little boy.
Come to Velvet, little boy.
Where is he?
I'll trade him for the gold.
All of it.
Ain't you a might greedy?
Yeah, well,
I'll let you fill your pockets.
You'll find I got big pockets.
Get him.
- Yeah, you make the deal first.
Hold your fire.
Where is Jamie?
We got him.
You got the gold.
We'll make a swap.
Better throw down your gun.
You're hang for this.
Fly Speck.
- Yeah?
Throw down the ladder.
Here I go. Wee.
Well, now you can get the boy.
Hey, who you shooting?
There ain't enough gold for both of us.
There never was.
Hey. Hey.
What's going on down there?
Hey, what's going on down there?
The ladder.
We want that gold.
But we're only going to take two.
I think you could do it now.
Hold him there, Jamie.
Throw down the ladder.
We'll make a deal.
We've got the gold now.
Throw it down.
But if it's all right with you,
I'll lay it down--
What are we going to do?
How do we get out?
If we had a balloon.
A hot air balloon.
That's it. The silks.
Come on. Let's get the silks.
Jamie, Sandy.
The fire pit. A big one.
Lucy-Ann, got your needles?
Yes, Mr. Aragon.
Well, then. Start sewing.
Thank you for this leg.
I won't be using it much longer.
Use a little more light?
No, thank you.
Here. Let me give you a hand.
Just want you hung,
by the first dragoons we meet.
Did you lose this?
That's enough wood, Jamie.
Now let's get the sheets.
What are you doing?
Come on up.
- Jamie.
Come on up.
And the sheriff says 'we kill too.'
With his bloody boys in blue.
There's a hanging job to do.
And I...
And it's up the rope I go. Up I go.
And it's up the rope I go.
Up I go.
So it's up the rope I go.
And the folks all down below.
They'll say 'Sam.'
They'll say 'Peg, I told you so.'
And then I'll...
How'd you lose your leg?
I've told so many lies about it,
I can't even remember.
You don't have much of a memory.
I don't.
I can remember things
that never happened.
Did it hurt when they sawed your leg off?
Not much.
They did it in New Orleans. The folks
in Baton Rouge heard me yelling.
That's only 50 miles off.
I can still feel that leg. Yeah.
Sometimes it itches
right at the bottom of my foot.
And I close my eyes and wiggle my toes.
Ah, it's a nice feeling.
The Lord giveth.
And the Lord taketh away.
Right now, that leg's in heaven.
That's right.
After all,
if I'm bad, it don't mean
every part of me's bad.
When they hang me,
the rest of Peg Stewart will be in hell.
Oh, I deserve it.
To have your leg up in heaven.
The rest of you, down below.
I might've been a different man.
If I hadn't lost that leg.
Scalawag. Scalawag.
I'd like to fry you. Shut up.
Here. You better hurry.
I'm disappointed in you.
You lied.
And you ran away from your sister.
And now while on guard duty, you try
to help a desperate criminal to escape.
You wanna grow up to be like me?
Yes I do, Peg.
Don't you ever think that way, you hear?
You ain't learned a thing.
I reckon it'd be best
if you saw me stretched by the neck.
That's a pretty ugly sight.
I thought you'd growed up.
When I saw you up in that balloon,
I was proud of you.
Jamie will do, I thought.
Jamie's got more savvy
than a tree full of owls.
But I was wrong.
Be like me?
No, sir.
You had me fooled. But I'm staying.
Please, Peg. Leave now.
Nothing can make me change my mind.
They'll hang you.
It wouldn't surprise me
if you tried to follow me.
No. No, I won't.
I promise.
All right.
I'm going.
Will I ever see you again?
Oh, I wouldn't be as hard to find
as a punk house rat.
One day our paths may cross.
Maybe when you're full growed up.
I'd rightly enjoy seeing you full growed up.
Where you go?
New Orleans.
New Orleans?
Yeah, I always figured
to settle down there someday.
If I ever got money ahead.
I'd put up a fine restaurant.
The best of everything.
You ever get to New Orleans,
you drop in.
Sure, Peg.
You promise?
- I promise.
All you can eat.
On the house.
I want you to have this.
It came out of the biggest shark
ever caught in the Gulf of Mexico.
I caught it.
Bring you luck.
Old Peg.
He was born to set a bad example.
Now you remember me that way.
You hear?
I will, Peg.