Scaler, Dark Spirit (2016) Movie Script

"And the spirits
of the giants afflict,
oppress, destroy,
attack, do battle.
Attack, do battle.
And work destruction
on the earth
and cause trouble.
On the earth
and cause trouble.
They take no food,
but nevertheless
hunger and thirst,
and cause offenses.
Cause offenses.
And now the giants,
who were produced
from the spirits and flesh-
produced from
the spirits and flesh...
Shall be called evil spirits
upon the earth.
Evil spirits upon the earth. "
The book of Enoch.
Hi, I'm Jessica lake.
I'm here to see
Haley Fletcher.
Follow me.
Don't think
you're gonna have much luck.
I'm Jessica lake.
Um, I wanted to ask you
a few questions.
I know this
is really hard,
but I need you to answer
some questions for me, okay?
You're gonna die.
You'll die.
Can you see?
Can you see?
It's him. He's near.
He's here.
I don't know!
I don't know!
I don't know.
Didn't tell me.
Didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me!
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me.
Can't you? Can't you?
Can't you?
You shouldn't be coming here.
You're going to die.
They all die.
There's just no way.
There's no escape.
Jessica? Oh.
What are you up to?
I was in the bath.
It's been one of those days.
Please don't let me interrupt.
I don't mind.
Did you get my invoice?
Yes, we did, and great job
on that asylum piece.
Why aren't you
taking your bath?
So what is it, Damian?
I have another
assignment for you.
Here's the contact
It's another found footage
of some sort.
He only wants
to talk with you.
- He sounds urgent.
- Like a stalker fan or something?
I don't think so.
Could be a good story.
- He's expecting you.
- All right, is that it?
Do you want some company?
I mean, I could stay connected
if you...
That's creepy, Damian. Bye.
Excuse me, are you Justin?
Thanks for coming.
My producer tells me that you
want to talk to me
about your paranormal
investigation, is that right?
This is not a normal
Something happened to every one
of the hunters that night.
Nobody's life
is the same now.
We're all sick.
The darkness.
Mold or something
at the site?
Nothing like that.
Whatever we ran into,
whatever we came
in contact with
was not a ghost.
Aaron thought
it was a scaler.
A scaler? I'm not
- I'm not familiar with that.
- What is?
- He called him that.
Aaron was an antiquities major
at the university.
His specialty
was sumerian culture.
Did you say
sumerian culture?
I know, it's crazy, right?
Aaron was always so smart
about that stuff.
He's in the hospital.
It's pretty bad.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What, um-
what happened?
There was this priest.
At least that's what
he called himself.
He contacted Aaron.
Was it about
the investigation or-
he thought whatever it was
that he could control it.
But really
it controlled him.
Are you saying that
you were set up by this...
Priest or-
we were invited
and we accepted.
That's the way it works.
That's the deception.
And you were invited
by the priest?
There's no turning back now.
So you said that Aaron
called them scalers?
He had this old book
with transcriptions in it.
Aaron kept talking
about the scalers.
The priest called them
The same thing, I think.
Sentients. I'm not-
I'm sorry.
I'm confused.
How do I get a hold
of this priest?
I don't know. It's-
I've never had
this feeling before.
And it's affecting us...
Thank you.
All right, remember,
if you get dizzy,
you say something
so we can get you out of here.
Why are you looking at me?
- Don't take it personal.
- Remember last time?
Maybe they just like me
more than the two of you.
All right, come on, guys.
This way.
Oh, wow.
Yep, this is definitely
the place.
You're totally getting
extra credit for this.
I swear, you're into
the weirdest things.
I mean, I can't believe you
talked me into this.
Eat your heart out,
Here we go.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
I swear, you're into
the weirdest things.
Here. These are yours.
It doesn't feel
any different.
Nope. Doesn't smell
any different.
Never touch the stuff.
Just set up
for the evp session.
Okay, Aaron.
Ooh, first find.
That's cool.
You just paid my tuition.
What do you think it is?
About three semesters
worth, at least.
- Here.
- You know what I mean.
Got it.
Haley, you are on infrared.
And I think,
if I remember correctly,
we wanna go this way.
But this is just
a ghost hunt, right?
Because that's
what you told me.
- And no.
- Aaron!
Okay, are there ghosts? Yes.
Am I looking for a ghost?
It's really more
of a spiritual remnant
of a forgotten race
kind of thing.
- Residual haunting?
- Not really.
when the scalers got here
they found that human females
were attractive and they-
and had their scaler
way with them.
Justin, you're disgusting.
I thought
you were just joking.
I wasn't joking. Basically,
I think that there were more
genetic alterations
made to suit the scalers
to make the humans
better slaves.
And when these hybrids die,
their souls or spirits
or whatever you want
to call them,
got stuck intra-dimensionally.
They couldn't move on
to the next life.
Whatever constitutes
next life.
now they're here
just waiting
for human interaction.
And then what?
Well, I don't know. Actually, I've
never gotten this close before.
The old texts are cryptic,
but they do mention some clues.
I know they need
human interaction.
- Like a priest?
- Yeah.
Also, they're connected
Now to what extent,
i have no idea.
Like these catacombs?
Yeah, they don't seem
to be able to move very far
past the origin point,
which I believe is here.
So what happens
when we find them?
Well, the scaler
that may be here
already has
a human connection,
so I don't know.
I hope to find out.
They're not gonna
hurt us, right?
- That was a question, Aaron.
- Watch your step, guys.
- Aaron!
- I think it's this way.
I think I'm rolling. I am.
A lot of people
think that ghosts
are purely incorporeal beings
and they don't actually
interact with our physical realm.
This bad boy is going to
show us otherwise.
So what does it mean
if all the lights light up?
Is it a lot of vibration?
- It means run.
- Run. Run quick.
It's got that
"Blair witch" vibe.
- You hear that echo?
- Yeah.
That was just your voice
and it was just right here.
- We're gonna record-
- hello?
So we're underneath
the old church now
in these weird tunnels.
Aaron, say hi.
Come on!
So, they're really dark,
musty, really hard to see,
but luckily we've got
Aaron up here
who's leading the- Aaron?
Man up, Haley.
How did you do that?
All right, hang on guys,
i wanna make sure
we're going
the right way here.
According to these notes,
we need to go...
That way.
That's so creepy.
Creepy is as creepy does.
All right, Forrest Gump.
Hey, how about stop fooling
around so we can get moving
before the cops get here.
- Cops?
- What?
You didn't say
anything about cops.
Aaron, you said we had
permission to be here.
Yeah, well, sort of.
Sort of?
Can you define sort of?
It's ghost hunting, man.
You break rules.
Watch out, Justin.
Dead bird, 12 o'clock.
Ooh, evidence
from the other side.
It's "parrot normal".
How's the emf?
So where to now, Aaron,
master ghost hunter?
Look, low stalactites.
I mean, I can't even-
guys, my flashlight's
not working anymore.
Guys, my flashlight's dead.
Sometimes they intentionally
drain the battery.
Keep an eye on that one,
because they'll use the energy
to communicate sometimes.
- And will it restore?
- Maybe.
Aaron, will you flash
your light back here?
Mine's still dead.
Watch your step, Justin.
This chair's freaking me
out a little.
- Huh.
- Great.
It's sitting in the middle
of this abandoned room
in the crypt on a pile
that looks like ash and rock.
Can you shine your light
over this way?
There's a tunnel.
And there's chains
on the wall.
Not creepy at all. Nope.
They don't even feel
like metal anymore.
Aah! Somebody
hung them up there.
Looks like beef jerky.
It's like they're,
i don't know,
having some kind
of ritual or-
it's certainly possible.
There has been
cult activity in the area.
I wouldn't be surprised
if it was connected.
What more could you want
for capturing little children?
It's getting colder, too.
Do you feel colder?
It does feel colder.
I think the inner chamber
should be this way.
You really think
you're gonna find it?
I think we're gonna
find something,
and I think it's going
to be monumental.
If it's so monumental,
why hasn't someone
been here before
and found it already?
Well, I mean,
the entrance was hidden.
I'm thinking people
just forgot about the place.
But if we can find
the inner chamber,
that'll be the prize.
Inner chamber?
Yeah, the old texts
describe it
kind of like
the ark of the covenant.
Indiana Jones?
It's where the host
would summon the scaler.
Like an altar?
Only the priest
could access it.
Well, up until tonight,
if we're lucky.
- Did you hear that?
- What?
All right.
Oh, my god.
Can I help you?
Hello, my name is Jessica lake
and I was hoping
to ask you a few questions
- about Aaron.
- Are you a friend of Aaron's?
Not exactly.
I'm doing a report on
a paranormal investigation
he was involved with
and I'm just trying to get
some questions answered.
Well, I'm afraid
i wouldn't be of much help.
- Aaron is- yes.
- In the hospital.
Well, come in, come in,
come in, come in.
What is it you were
wanting to know?
I've received some footage
and an article
and Aaron was in it.
Aaron's sick because
of that, you know.
How so?
Well, I was never interested
for him to be doing
those interviews,
but he was drawn to it.
You see, he has
a degree in history.
Ancient history.
Did he ever mention
anything to you
about the priest
he was working with?
Yes, and Aaron's never
been the same since.
He's more withdrawn
than before,
- almost scared.
- Of the priest?
Well, he never said
so much as that.
It was- it was like
he found something,
something very old,
very ancient and sinister.
It bothered him.
Did he ever show you
any of his research?
Uh, yes, it-
this is Aaron's.
This is it right here.
This is Aaron's.
Now you can look
through it if you like.
I don't think there's
anything I can add to it.
Do you know how I can
get ahold of his priest?
I don't think that would
be a very good idea.
Is that his laptop?
Uh, yes. Yeah, that's
just the way he left it.
Aaron did an interview
with the priest,
and I think
it's on the computer.
- Do you mind?
- No.
Okay, so just
to start off here,
can you tell me your name?
Yes, it's Richard abney.
And just to make sure,
do I have permission
to use this interview
for my documentary?
Yes, of course.
By profession,
you are a priest, correct?
Am I understanding
that correctly?
Well, yes and no.
I'm ordained,
but I'm not practicing
at the moment.
I don't understand.
I have just taken some time off
in doing the lord's work.
Okay, can you tell me
about your experiences
at the church?
My paranormal experience?
Yeah, I'm sorry. You
mentioned some kind of presence
while you were there?
Yes, well,
it's definitely something.
When I'm there alone
standing by the altar,
I can sometimes catch it
moving back in the corner.
It seems to interact with me
and I can communicate with it.
So how do you-
how do you do that?
- Communicate with it?
- Yes, yeah.
It alerts me that it's present
by causing a physical reaction.
How so?
I usually get
a slight pressure.
Then I know it's here.
What do you think it is?
I have done research
on the sentients
and it seems to have many
of their characteristics.
My sense is that
it's an ancient spirit.
In the book of Enoch,
they are referred to
as the fallen ones.
They can be found in
the sumerian texts as well.
This is not extraterrestrial.
It's inter-dimensional.
It can travel irregardless
of time and space.
It's a beautiful thing, really,
when you think about it,
but it seeks human contact.
In what way?
It has to feel
on our physical plane
an ability that was taken away
thousands of years ago.
It needs to connect
to the fire of a human soul.
Such longing.
So how was this ability
taken away then?
A perpetual
misunderstanding, really.
Misdirected lust, possibly.
But purgatory
for the end of all time.
So sad for such a state.
So you have empathy then
for the spirit?
I understand its loneliness.
So what happens to the living
that come into contact
with the spirit?
They receive
the greatest gift.
The true knowledge.
The awakening.
Is anybody else freezing
just like all of a sudden?
It does feel like it's
getting colder, doesn't it?
- Way colder.
- Oh, yeah.
- I saw that.
- Did you get a boost?
A spike?
Did you get a spike?
See, and you guys didn't think
we were going the right way.
"Deus vult. "
That's interesting.
Can I have this?
- Yes. Yeah.
- Well, thank you.
Now, you be careful.
Whatever it is
you're looking for
has a power to hurt people.
- Professor kilgore.
- Hello, professor kilgore.
My name is Jessica lake,
and I'm researching a project
that one of your former
students was working on.
I'm really busy right now.
- What's his name?
- Aaron ramuel.
He would have been
in your antiquities class.
- He was working on-
- i know who he is
and I can't help you.
Do you know anything
about why he was working
- on the project?
- Where is Aaron?
Um, I'm sorry to say
he's really sick
and in the hospital right now.
- I can't help you.
- Professor, look, I just-
I just need a few minutes
of your time-
We're about to conduct
a ghost box session,
which is basically-
what a ghost box is is it's-
it's constantly scanning
radio frequencies.
So rather than recording,
like we do with our evp's,
this will pick and choose
little bits of dialogue
from random radio stations,
and the spirits can then use
those to communicate
with us, if they choose.
- Huh.
- So ask a question.
What is your name?
Michael. Michael.
- Michael?
- -Is that-
did it say "death"?
Ugh! Something keeps
dripping on me.
What do you know
about scalers?
What did he say?
What do you know
about scalers?
Are there any scalers
down here with us?
I don't... really...
- Hell.
- -Hell?
All right. Let's move on.
You're dripping.
- Murder?
- -Hell.
What is dripping on us?
Are you trying
to communicate with us?
Are you the spirit
known as a scaler?
Scaler. Scaler.
Ask a question.
- I think it said-
- ask you a question.
- "Ask you a question?"
- Yes.
Wait a minute, you wanna
ask us a question?
Do you want-
do you- you want?
Do you want?
Do you want?
Do you want?
Do you?
Do you want?
Do you want?
Do you want?
Do you want?
Do you want? Do you-
do you want?
is definitely dropping.
Are you a watcher?
Do you want? Do you-
Do you?
Can you tell us your name?
There must be interference.
Can you tell us your name?
Sounds like-
it's not coming
from the ghost box.
Are you here with us?
- You all right?
- Yeah.
The dust in here,
it's in my throat.
I- I can stop.
Professor kilgore.
Professor, I need to know
more about scalers.
And sentients. Please!
Professor, look,
i really need your help.
Professor kilgore,
i need to know about scalers.
And sentients. Please!
Sumerian texts-
the fallen ones.
Our system was invaded
200,000 years ago.
What do you mean by that?
Aaron was working on
old writings from that era.
He found evidence
of souls here
held in some sort
of purgatory.
Scalers, demons, sentients-
different names
for the same thing.
These spirits
can't leave here.
They're trapped.
Agony, darkness-
they feed off
human suffering.
What do you mean?
It's the way in for them.
If you let them
into your world,
they never leave.
They never leave...
Guys, this is it.
Where is this place?
It's the inner chambers.
There's a reason they built
the church here.
And that is?
The origin point.
They knew it was here.
You don't know what you've
got yourself into.
All right, you guys ready?
Got it.
- Haley?
- Yeah.
You know, there's
probably a reason
that this is
on the other side,
and I don't think
we should be messing with it.
Haley, we're all
the way down here.
We are this close.
Can you please hold out
a little bit longer?
Okay, fine.
Can you tell us your name?
Did you just say Haley?
Can't see.
Can see?
Haley, can see.
Haley can- what?
Are you getting
all of this, Haley?
Haley! Haley!
Haley! Haley!
Yeah? No.
- I don't know.
- What's wrong?
I just saw-
thought you saw what?
Nothing. Just- nothing.
I really don't like this.
What the hell is that?
Hey! I just wanted to come by
and see if it was still okay
to watch kaley tonight,
just for a few hours?
Yeah, um...
Did you just knock
on my door?
- Uh, yeah.
- Like a minute ago?
I don't understand.
Somebody knocked on my door.
Okay, it was me.
No, it was a single-
like that.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't leave
kaley here tonight?
Funny. No, it's fine.
Um, when are you leaving?
Um, around 8,
and I'll be back around 10?
Okay, yeah.
That's fine, mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- All right, yeah.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Mm-hmm, bye.
Is there anyone
here with us?
Is there anyone that would like
to communicate with us?
Spirit, how old are you?
All right.
That was something.
Did you get something?
Spirit, are you a scaler?
I got two megagauss.
Temperature dropping.
Okay. Are you sentient?
Another read at 10 degrees.
- It's been 20 since we started.
- All right, well.
- Is anybody feeling it?
- Yeah.
- It's 50 degrees.
- That's our answer right there.
It's still climbing.
It's still climbing, guys.
10 megagauss.
His name is Richard abney.
I'll send over
his contact information.
He says he has access
to the old church.
All right.
Father abney?
Excuse me, father.
You must be Jessica.
It's my understanding
that you know some information
about Aaron's investigation
at the church.
I had been
in contact with him.
Can you tell me
about sentients?
The fallen ones?
Do you believe?
Do I believe?
I mean, do you have faith?
Well, if you're asking me
if I'm religious,
I don't follow
a particular faith.
You deal with spirits
in your writings
on the paranormal,
but you don't believe
in a god.
I believe in investigation
and understanding.
Facts can change.
Life can change.
Opinions and variables
in constant flux.
But if there's one thing
that doesn't change,
it's the process of faith.
I have faith in myself.
It supersedes everything,
even death itself.
And that's your opinion.
You're a man of the cloth.
Even when everything
else is lost,
and hope is a commodity
that we don't have,
there is always faith
to serve as our foundation.
Yes, but I've found that-
it was the basis
of our own lives,
and the passions
that drive us.
Evil can strip away
all of our person,
but it cannot take
a human's faith.
Sorry. You're interested
in the research
that Aaron was doing?
He was curious about the
paranormal experiences
that I've had
at the old church.
Can you tell me about that?
I noticed it first
in the catacombs.
I had been on sabbatical
my spiritual direction.
I found the catacombs quiet
and refreshing for my mind.
At first it was a feeling,
a presence,
cooler temperatures,
breeze when there
shouldn't have been.
Then the headaches
and the visions.
Quite vivid, as if the walls
were speaking to me.
What were they saying?
Inaudible at first.
Just noise, like static.
That was followed
by brief words,
and over time,
complete thoughts.
I have to ask you this.
Were you on any medications
at the time or anything?
I was on my spiritual journey,
seeking my path,
and those steps
lead me to the-
I believe it lives
or manifests itself there.
A lonely, ancient being longing
for human companionship.
And you're providing that?
I am not worthy to be its
companion, but I can serve.
Is this your god?
You must go to the church.
You can see for yourself.
Do you know what happened to
those ghost hunters that night?
They were harmed
by their own fears.
Very cryptic, father.
I'm not practicing
the traditional faith.
Please call me Richard.
So what happens when a human
comes in contact with a spirit?
Well that depends on one's
particular faith, doesn't it?
Deus vult.
They called it a sentient,
an ancient spirit,
and he's got the capability
to track you...
- Huh.
- Great.
Is there anyone here with us?
Is there anyone that would
like to communicate with us?
I got my temperature
We're at 63 from 65 now.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm just getting
really dizzy.
- Hey, are you okay?
- My eyes.
Are you trying
to communicate with us?
Okay, I'm gonna knock
on your door now,
just in case
you're hearing other knocks
Do you want us
to communicate with you?
It's complicated.
Anybody else-
it's me. Did you hear
a knocking?
- Yes.
- Good.
- All right.
- I'll be back by 11:00.
Wait, I thought you
were gonna be back by 10.
- Gotta go. He's waiting.
- All right.
You ready?
Wanna play some games?
Are we the only ones here?
Why do you ask?
It's okay.
Sorry, Jess,
he's just so... amazing.
Mommy, I'm tired.
Oh. Okay, baby.
Thank you so much.
I owe you.
All right.
Good night, Dee.
Good night.
Oh, Aaron.
Why? Why?
This is it.
Wow, they even left it
set up for us.
How thoughtful.
If I'm not mistaken, i think we
could actually summon the creature.
I think it would
manifest itself.
Aaron, you literally
sound insane.
For once I agree with Haley.
Look, we are this close.
We've come all this way.
Literally all of my research
points to this moment.
I.R. Camera.
Temperature drop. 66.
64. 63 and holding.
Just curious, but you-
you do still have
that holy water, right?
Are there any spirits here
that wish
to communicate with us?
That was freaky.
If that was you,
could you do that again?
Did you used to live here
at this church?
That was creepy.
Justin, start
the night vision.
Temperature drop.
61, 60.
Another spike.
Aaron, Haley's light.
Guys, it's here.
There's something.
It's around me.
I can feel it.
Are you the spirit that Haley's
reacting to right now?
Yeah, I just got a spike.
I just got another spike.
is definitely dropping.
Come on, come on.
What is your name?
What would you like
to be called?
Another spike. God!
Justin? Here.
Oh, my god.
It's really bad.
What's that?
It's not stopping.
Oh, my god.
Aaron, it's really
bad this time.
It's not stopping.
All right, I'm gonna
get him out of here.
Hey! It's about time.
Usually I'm the one
running late.
I was just about to call you.
Yeah, I'm sorry. I've been
working on this assignment
and it's just really, um...
Anybody interesting?
Hey! I think
i just made a joke.
It's not that. I-
I talked to the ghost hunter.
And now just-
things are just really
getting out of control.
Are you okay?
I think I've gotten myself
into something very dark.
And for the first time
in my life,
I'm actually scared
of what might happen.
Okay. I've never heard
you talk like this before,
like, ever.
I think you need to stop,
like, right now.
I don't think
i can stop now.
What do you mean?
I've already
opened the door.
...dark, dark...
Okay, you're scaring me
right now.
Jessica! Hey! Jessica!
That sounded like him.
I'm going back.
- I'm going with you.
- No, you're not.
You'll bleed out
by the time we get there.
Go to the car. If I'm not out
in 10 minutes, call the cops.
Go, Justin! Just go!
Aaron, you gotta help me!
- My notes.
- Aaron!
It's happening to you,
isn't it?
Justin, what are you-
what are you doing here?
You didn't believe me.
You thought I was crazy.
You know what I mean now.
I was just looking around
trying to figure out
what happened here.
Do you live nearby
or something?
I can show you
what Aaron found.
It's so strange that we
haven't heard a word from her.
I mean, nothing.
The police haven't heard
anything either.
No leads, no nothing.
Hello. Damian?
- Yes?
- I'm Richard.
We spoke earlier.
Oh, yeah. Hey, thanks for
coming. I appreciate it.
This is what Jessica
left behind
when we last spoke.
I hope you find it useful.
"Das volta. "
Is that Latin?
Yes. It means,
"if god wills it. "
Are you an investigator
as well?
Uh, yes, and I'm also
the editor of the blog.
We should speak further.
Perhaps I can help.
Okay, we can go back
to my office. All right?