Scales: Mermaids Are Real (2017) Movie Script

I sit alone
out on the seashore
Only I can hear the Siren
Phantom voices
calling me home
Like day dawning
in my heart
My whole life,
I've dreamt of water.
Not just being in it,
or swimming in it...
but living in it.
Breathing it, tasting it,
loving it.
And yet, in life, I stay pretty
far away from it.
Siren Siren
Like a warning
Day is dawning in my heart
In my heart
And that desert
from a seashore
Feeling somehow
I've been here before
And though the light
is growing darker
Somehow there's sunlight
on the way
Get off the road!
Mom, next time can you
drop me off on the other side?
Sorry, honey.
Oh... hey!
So what you're saying is,
if I punch you...
your bones will break like
Come on.
Yes, that's what I'm saying.
How about we give it a try?
Hey! Leave him alone!
This isn't your fight, Siren.
Get out of here.
You know I can scream
loud enough.
I'll get Principal Strauss
out here in a heart beat.
Last I heard, you're one scream
away from being expelled.
Whatever, we were just playing
around, right, brittle boy?
What was all that about?
That didn't look like nothing.
She found out about this.
It's a form of Osteogenesis
It just means my
bones are very fragile.
Like all the time?
Every day for the rest
of my life.
Thanks for stepping in, though.
Gross! Stop.
All right, everyone,
settle down.
First things first, we do have a
new student joining our school.
Please give a warm welcome to
Adam Wiltz. Adam, please stand.
The floor is yours,
introduce yourself.
I'm Adam.
What's wrong with you?
A better way of asking that
question would be...
what's different about you?
Okay, then what's
different about you?
I have what's called
brittle bone disease.
Oh, that sucks.
No, she's right, it does suck.
We talked about throwing paper!
What's something else
you threw last time?
Was it your sandwich?
Are you all done, Adam?
Uh, yeah.
All right, well now that you've
been properly introduced...
let's get back to studying!
Okay, don't make friends
with the new kid.
It's social suicide.
I don't know, I kind
of like him.
A biological process in which
an animal...
goes through an abrupt change...
due to something called
Now can anyone tell me
another animal...
that goes through metamorphosis?
Mermaids aren't real, Crystal.
What don't you try
something else...
like a different type
of fish or a caterpillar?
Did you know that
metamorphosis is a Greek word?
Meta is a prefix that means
What is it, Siren?
I have to go to the bathroom!
All right, everyone, settle
down. Eyes back up front.
You can't control nature.
Where do you think you're going,
young lady?
Siren, you get back here!
Oh, hey there, Siren,
everything okay?
What are you doing home?
Nothing, Mom!
School is canceled!
What do you mean, it's canceled?
Siren, are you okay?
Fine, Mom, just let me be
for a minute.
I said I needed a minute, Mom!
I'm not your mom.
Okay, what's going on?
I've never seen you break
a single rule before.
Now you're ditching school?
You ran out of class after me?
No, I went to the bathroom.
Cute, you can go home.
Please, your face has psycho
written all over it.
So what happened?
Did you get your period?
What? No!
Okay, so is it a boy?
Is it that new kid?
A girl?
Okay, well, I didn't come all
this way to play guessing games.
Spill it.
Okay, sit down.
What are we doing?
Just wait.
Knock, knock. Mini sandwiches!
Yay! You're the best,
Mrs. Phillips.
Try to convince Siren of that.
I will...
if she stops acting
like a crazy person.
All right, well, you know,
have fun.
It's not every day that school
gets canceled.
What is this? Have a little
respect for your room?
Mom, out!
What? I'm just saying, the
solution is less pollution.
Fish sandwiches.
Is something wrong?
It tastes funny.
Since we're not in school,
you want to go to the beach?
Mm, okay.
Whoa! Take it easy
on that thing.
What? I'm thirsty.
So, has your mom talked to you
about anything lately?
My mom talks to me
about all kinds of things...
all the time.
Well, anything unusual?
She gave me a lecture on
properly watering the lawn.
Is that what you mean?
What about your
birthday next week?
Or your body?
My body?
What are you talking about?
Never mind.
You feel like people
are watching us?
Well, we are pretty cute.
Not like 'those two are
adorable' kind of stares.
More like...
psychotic killer kind of stares.
Come on, let's go
somewhere more quiet.
I got you an early birthday
You didn't have to get me
You say that, but you still
took it.
Wow, it's beautiful!
Do you like it?
I mean, jewelry is not really
my thing, but it's very pretty.
Thank you.
Promise me you'll wear it.
Well, put it on!
You really don't get me.
Well, you look awesome.
Keep it on.
Hey, I brought you something.
I just dug these up.
This is pretty.
Thanks. Crystal got it for me,
early birthday gift.
Where did you find these?
I was just going
through some old boxes.
You know how clutter eats
up the important stuff.
I thought you could put a few
of them up on your wall.
Tell me what she was like?
She was beautiful like you, and
she was very kind also like you.
What else?
She had a laugh.
Oh boy, when you would get her
going, oh my god.
I remember one time, she got an
entire room laughing...
and I don't even think they knew
what was funny.
If she were alive, do you think
she would love me?
She would love you.
She does love you...
when she protects you
in her own way.
The day that your mom left us...
well, that was the day
that I got you.
That was the happiest and
saddest day of my life...
all rolled into one.
Do you think my dad's
out there somewhere?
I don't know, honey.
I suppose if he was, I wouldn't
have ended up with you, huh?
Hey, sorry, did I hit you?
What are you doing here?
I'm not stalking you
or anything, I swear.
Then what are you doing
at my house?
Can't we take a walk?
I guess I didn't think
this through too much.
Fine, wait there,
I'm coming down.
Do you want to sit down
or something?
Don't do that.
Do what?
Treat me like I'm a special
All right, so we're walking.
Nothing, you're... you're
really pretty.
Nothing. Thank you.
Are you laughing at me?
No, sorry, I laugh
when I'm nervous.
I make you nervous?
When we're walking alone,
yes, a little bit.
You have nothing to be nervous
about me, Siren.
So why did you move here?
It's kind of embarrassing.
Well, now you pretty much
have to tell me.
My dad says he's chasing down
a cure for me...
but it never gets anywhere.
I mean, if he'd asked me, I
would have told him not to move.
Oh, okay.
Don't... don't take that
I just... I feel like
I'm a burden sometimes.
We're kids, we're supposed
to be a burden.
It's like our right.
My dad's a bit intense, I guess.
I just never know
what's real with him.
I mean, he's convinced there's
a way to really save me...
but I don't know, he drove away
my mom trying to find a cure.
My mom's gone, too.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, just don't treat me
like I'm a special case, either.
So, where are we walking?
Honestly, you're the local.
I don't have any idea
where any of these paths lead.
Well then if we follow this path
back, it should take me home.
Okay, yeah, that one I knew.
Hey, wait up.
Are you wearing my present?
It wasn't cheap, you know.
Hey, Siren.
Hey, Adam.
That was really fun yesterday.
Yeah, it was nice.
I like your necklace.
It really catches the light.
Anyway, I'll see you around.
Siren, stay away from him.
Why, do you have a crush on him?
No! I mean, yes.
I have a crush on him,
so stay away.
I'm coming over for dinner
tonight, okay?
I'll have to check with my mom.
No, you won't, it's happening.
It's my job to tell her
when the time is right.
Yes, I agree and guess what,
it's time.
I'm just saying, this
is Emerald's daughter...
we're talking about
and she deserves to know.
I mean, look at Crystal. She's
known since she could talk.
It's different for you. This is
a world that makes sense to you.
I'm not one of you.
Yes, you are, honey.
Emerald chose you.
That's good enough, tell Siren.
Tell me what?
Hey, honey.
Your mom invited us over
to have dinner and to talk.
Talk about what?
Why don't you just come
in first and let's eat.
Just try not to freak out, okay?
Saying that's making me
freak out.
Anyone want to tell me
what's going on?
This isn't gonna be easy, so I'm
just gonna go ahead and say it.
Say what?
Quinn has something she'd
like to tell you.
Right... Crystal?
Oh... wow... okay, here it goes.
So, you know how my mom goes off
to work every couple of years...
and I come live with you?
Three years at sea,
three years on land.
For your job right?
Well, she actually
goes into the ocean.
Like on a submarine?
Like in the ocean.
Mom, are you sending me away?
No, baby.
I mean, you do have to go
into the water for a little bit.
Like three years.
What are you talking about?
Um, you see...
half-breed mermaids live
three years in the water...
and three years on land.
And you are a...
Could you help me here?
Uh... honey, you're a mermaid.
So is your birth mother.
So am I.
Quite a few women in this
town actually.
Okay, very funny.
Then how come I've never spent
like any time in the water then?
Because the change doesn't
happen until your 12th birthday.
Joke's over, right?
My 12th birthday is this
I'm not prepared for this.
Okay, remember how I had
to go to summer school...
but that school was out of town?
They were training me
to live in the ocean.
My birthday is before yours,
where's my training?
Your mom made me promise
to protect you...
and she wanted me to keep
all of this secret.
This would explain why I can
control water.
I thought I was losing my mind.
You can do what?
Control water.
That's a mermaid thing, right?
Wait, show us.
This is what you were trying
to show me yesterday?
She showed this to you?
Well, tried to.
I just thought she was going
a little cuckoo.
This makes you very unique,
Well, I feel unique.
Why do you all look so worried?
We'll need to discuss this
with the others.
If you can do this...
it's possible that your blood
may also have healing powers.
Which would make you very
desirable to the Hunters.
The Hunters?
Well, this has been a really
great dinner!
Thanks for coming over!
Should I go after her?
No, honey, just let her
process it.
Is she taking a bath?
You'll be okay.
Oh, honey, that's a great idea.
You should take a bath and get
used to being in the water.
Leave me alone, Mom!
Siren, are you okay? Open up!
Siren, open up!
Okay now, sweetie,
when she wakes up...
let's just go slow with her,
We don't want to overwhelm her.
She's had enough for one day.
I understand.
My feet!
Hey, hey, you're okay.
Quinn, where's my mom?
You know, she just ran home to
grab a few things...
but she'll be back very soon.
You were out for a bit.
Siren, how are you feeling?
I thought I had a tail.
What's happening to me?
This is normal, honey,
everybody goes through this.
Everybody does not go
through this!
Everybody that's like us.
And how many people is that?
Well, I'd say about 10 or so
in town...
but there are more of us
out there.
Out where?
In the ocean and in other towns.
I want to know the names
of the others in town.
Why has no one
told me this earlier!
What do you even eat
in the ocean?
How do you breathe?
You are going to develop gills!
Okay, Mom, you're not good
at delivering news.
Okay, they're not bad.
They're actually pretty cool.
How can I turn this off?
A woman's body goes through
several changes...
at your age, honey.
This is not puberty!
I know, but...
Is my real mom alive?
Yes. She lives in the ocean.
This is all a bit hard
to explain.
Can you at least try?
Okay, all mermaids have to stay
on land until they are 12...
and then the half-breeds,
they live in the ocean...
for three years and on land
for three years.
They can't control it.
But the purebloods,
they can go in and out...
of the water as they please?
Wait, my mom could come
and get me anytime she wants?
It's not that easy, Siren.
She's trying to protect you.
From what?
Well, your mom's not just
a mermaid.
She's the leader.
My mom's the leader?
And I barely know how to swim?
Tiffany was keeping you safe,
To her, that meant not telling
you all this...
until the time was right.
So she's been lying to me
about everything!
Shh, honey, not here.
Someone might hear us.
Yeah, keep the freak out
to a minimum.
Hi, how are you feeling?
I would like to rest, please.
That's something I can prescribe
without the doctor's consent.
Okay, Siren, we'll be just down
the hall, if you need anything.
Send a nurse for us.
I'm fine.
Do you need anything before you
go off to slumber land?
I could use some water.
Coming right up.
I was sensing some...
I don't know...
unwillingness to accept
the truth.
Yeah, there was a little bit
of that.
Other than being totally
freaked out...
and hating her mom
for lying to her.
I think she did okay.
Well, she can't stop this.
I'm just hoping she allows us
to help her through it.
One cup of sleepy-time water.
Hello? Hello?
Ms. Phillips?
You about to throw stones at me?
No, sir, at your window...
but I decided against it
before you came out.
And who are you?
I'm Siren, Adam's friend.
Well, that's a curious name.
It's the only name
I've ever had...
so it's not very curious to me.
Sounds normal, but that might
have been true...
no matter what they called me.
Well, he's inside, come around.
Thank you.
So, you're one of Adam's
How old are you?
11, almost 12.
Hm, wow, happy almost birthday
to you.
Thank you.
Sorry, you scared me.
I thought maybe since you
dropped by on me, I might...
Drop by also.
Yeah, but I didn't mean
to almost break...
your dad's things, though.
Don't worry about those ships.
He's got tons of junk here.
I like this one.
Ah, the wailing stick,
it's used to kill large fish.
They say the ball
at the other end...
is used to call them to shore.
Its tip can pierce
through tough skin.
Some fish, the kind that you
might read about.
Well, some fish, they are quite
difficult to catch.
I didn't really read a lot
of books about fish.
Your mom doesn't tell you
any stories?
Are you guys hunters?
Depends on what's being hunted.
That's a tranquilizer gun,
it's not for kids.
Anyway, uh, Siren, what did
you need?
Nothing really...
want to go on a walk?
Sure, take a walk.
After all, you have two legs,
don't you?
It was nice of you to stop by.
Unexpected, but nice.
Yeah, well, I needed someone
to talk to.
What about?
I'm gonna sound like a crazy
You can trust me, Siren,
I won't freak out.
People say things like,
"I won't freak out."
But then once you realize
I really do sound crazy...
you might feel differently.
I won't, I promise. Go crazy.
I'm a mermaid.
Are you being serious right now?
Okay, I'm starting to get
the crazy bit.
You know, you were just on two
feet and not in the water, so...
You're not going into the water,
I'm not a mermaid yet.
Okay, I'm actually having a hard
time telling if you're joking.
I'm not joking.
I'm kind of freaking out,
Just tell me I'm crazy.
I'd prefer if I were crazy.
At least that I can understand.
So you're a mermaid?
Wait, so you're really
a mermaid?
You know, my dad tells me
these stories.
Do you have gills?
Gross! No, I don't have gills.
Okay, relax. I was just asking.
How else do you breathe
Want to go for a swim?
What kind of stories
did your dad tell you?
They're a bit dark.
You really know how
to cheer a girl up.
Hey, I'm trying.
If it makes you feel any better,
my dad's a bit of a nut.
Are you okay?
Just checking for scales.
Anyway, I want to show you
something, come on.
What is this place?
Why are we here?
My dad got this storage
when we moved here.
As if our house didn't already
have enough junk in it.
At least he trusts you
with the combo.
My mom holds as much information
from me as possible.
It's actually set to my
so I kind of just figured
it out.
My dad would kill me if he found
out I was taking you here.
Wow, what exactly does your dad
do again?
You're kind of looking at it.
He collects stuff.
Nautical stuff.
You know, ocean items to
folklore-type things.
A lot of things about mermaids
Is that the reason you
moved here?
To be close to my kind?
I guess.
It's not like we had a long
conversation about it.
Here, check this out.
Mermaids and other Sea...
That's the Wailing Stick.
It's the one from the drawing.
He's got a replica in here
Can I see it?
If I can find it.
It's lighter than I would've
My dad said the core
is balsa wood...
and the outside is something
called snake wood.
It's supposed to be rare.
It's beautiful.
So are you.
I'm sorry. You're really pretty.
That's what I meant.
New shirt?
New shirt?
Come on, we should go.
The crystal ball on the end.
According to the story, if
a mermaid sticks that side...
in the water, it'll call the
other mermaids to her side.
It acts sort of like a distress
One side kills, and one side
calls for help?
That sounds dangerous.
It is. That's what makes
it a good story.
It's just a replica, Siren.
Don't worry about it,
it's not real.
Mom, you scared me!
You had me worried sick.
I've also been worried sick...
but about having to live
in the ocean.
You should have told me earlier,
given me time to prepare.
I know. I know that.
I wish you could be
out there with me.
You know what somebody
told me once about parenting?
They said that it's a series
of moments...
where you have to let go.
I just didn't think I had
to let go all at once.
I thought I could just
sort of loosen my grip.
Will Crystal be out there
with me at some point?
In a few months, you're on
different clocks, so to speak.
I wish I could change my clock
to be in sync with hers.
It doesn't really work
like that.
Here, there's something I should
have given you a long time ago.
What is it?
It's an aerator.
It's gonna help you
transition from land to sea.
You need to keep this on you
until you're in the water, okay?
What do I do with it?
When your gills start to come
in, you're going to need to...
Ew. Yuck!
When they come in, you need
to put this on both sides...
of your neck like this, okay?
To cover them, so that
you can breathe.
The transition to mermaid the
first time, it's slow and...
Yeah, sure, I was looking for a
nicer word, but...
There's no nice word for ugly.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm going to miss you, too.
Have you heard
of the Wailing Stick?
Where did you hear that?
Boy at my school, he had all
these old books...
and his dad had a replica of it
in his storage locker.
What boy?
Just this new kid, Adam Wiltz.
When did he move here?
I don't know.
How many people did he move
here with?
Why can't we just have
a nice moment?
We had a nice moment.
Now I'm asking you some very
important questions.
I don't know, I met his dad...
but he might have an army living
in his basement.
How did you meet his dad?
Don't talk to him ever again!
Is that a real fine
or a pretend fine?
Oh my god, okay.
We're gonna talk about this
more in the morning, okay?
No more secrets.
No more secrets.
I don't know,
that's all she said...
a new boy and his father.
There's got to me more, right?
They are hunters. You know what
they want her for?
I know, that's why I called you.
I have no useful information,
I thought maybe you would.
Apparently I know less than you.
Maybe we should notify
the others.
I'll take care of it.
I mean, if they're here because
they think someone...
is gonna change, they can't
know who, right?
Who won't know who?
Good morning, did we wake
you up?
Hey there, fishy.
Cori, ssh!
Too soon?
What are you talking about, Mom?
No more secrets.
No more secrets.
If these people, these new
people are bad people...
you know, well, bad people do
bad things.
I know what's going on and that
was too vague even for me.
The Wailing Stick.
Only two sets of people
know about it.
One is us, and the other...
The other side of the stick.
Yeah, exactly, the other side
of the stick.
The side that wants to hurt you.
Maybe there's a third kind.
People who just collect stuff
and hear stories.
That's your innocence speaking.
Spend a few years out in the
ocean being hunted by sharks...
and we can talk about it.
Sorry, it's just, it's early...
and I have a lot going on
in my head right now.
Who are the others?
What do you mean?
You said you'd notify
the others.
The other mermaids.
Spill it. Who are they?
Why don't you come to the
meeting tonight...
and find out for yourself?
There you are!
Okay, what's going on?
First you just disappeared right
under my nose yesterday...
and now my mom's called
to your house.
She won't even tell me
what's going on.
She said I'll just get upset.
Siren! Um, can we talk?
Not here, somewhere else
Excuse me for a second.
Uh, wait, where are you going!
Listen, Siren, so my dad sat me
down yesterday...
and he told me the stories.
Not so much stories, as history.
I know.
My dad said a pureblood
could save me...
or a half-breed at the time
they change.
And here I am.
Are you guys in on some kind
of elaborate joke?
Me and your dad
partnering up to trick you?
It's more likely than the
It's your blood, Siren.
I want to help you keep it.
I can't do anything.
My body is changing
and I can't stop it.
Well, what am I supposed to do?
My dad, he's hunting you.
He just doesn't know
it's you yet.
Well, don't tell him.
Right, of course...
But he's my dad!
Adam, he'll kill me.
You don't know that.
Most of the hunters, they're
in it more for the science...
than to hurt anyone.
My dad's just made it personal.
Maybe I can reason with him.
Tell him to choose me over you?
Okay, I won't say anything.
All right... I'll do it.
I'll make you better,
but on my own terms.
Really? Okay, what are your
Well, no killing me,
that's a term.
Reasonable, what else?
Can we talk about this later?
I just feel light-headed.
Is it because of the,
you know, tail?
I'll be fine. See you around.
Are you and lover boy done
with your secret side meeting?
Siren! Siren, are you okay?
What did you do to her?
I didn't do anything!
Where is it?
She didn't bring it.
Principal Strauss, I need help!
What is it, what happened?
She doesn't have her aerator.
All right, let's get her
into my office.
What's an aerator?
This is girls stuff,
just stay here.
All right, one, two, three.
Do you need help?
Could you run down to the
medical room...
and get us some ice packs?
Lock the door.
Wait, but what about the ice
Don't need them. Lock the door.
This should help.
All right.
You're okay now.
You know what's happening to me?
Why do you think I'm always
so hard on you?
We're gonna have a bit
of overlap you and I.
I'm off to the water again
next year.
Are all the teachers mermaids?
Oh, no, some of them
are half-breeds.
This is your gills trying
to turn water into oxygen.
You know, two hydrogens
to one oxygen?
Hasn't Ms. Harper talked to you
all about this?
Oh... I've stressed this
so much to her.
Hi! I have the ice packs.
Great! I'll be right with you.
All right, put your scarf
thingy on...
and we've got to find you
some place safe.
Ice packs?
Everything is fine,
you can just take 'em back.
Well, if there's really
a fire...
I'd rather just take them
with me outside.
You know, that's fine, too.
Oh, good! Okay.
All right, everyone,
false alarm.
You can go back inside.
All right, come on.
Not you, not you.
Need to get you someplace safe.
Uh, take her to the river room.
Ms. Harper...
next week could you please teach
hydrogen composition?
Thank you.
What's the river room?
Come on, don't worry.
It doesn't involve water,
if that's what your thinking.
Hey! Come back here
with my bike!
I know where you live!
You're my my neighbor!
Can I see where I'm going now?
Okay, but you have to promise me
not to freak out.
I'm already freaking out.
Okay, but you can't like scream
at me and stuff.
It's not my fault things
are this way.
Where are we?
We're at a water desalination
Wait, slow down!
Come on, we're almost there!
This place is so weird.
Well, it's not the weirdest
thing that's happened to you.
Look, you have your gills.
Mom, stop, it's embarrassing.
It's not embarrassing.
It's something that's happened
to every single person here.
Except for me.
Are these all the mermaids
in town?
I can't believe that sentence
just came out of my mouth.
Okay, let's move to the front,
there's lots to talk about.
Congratulations, Siren!
We're all routing for you.
So lovely, honey, you've got
nothing to be afraid of.
What's happening?
They're welcoming you,
it's tradition.
Why do I feel so warm?
It's their energy.
Isn't it beautiful?
Welcome to the club, honey.
All right, let's get down
to business.
First order of the day,
who's in charge...
of the bake sale on Thursday?
No, no, no, Betty,
that was a joke, sorry.
No, we have much more serious
to discuss here today, ladies.
Siren Phillips... has become
one of us.
She's currently undergoing
which will culminate Saturday
on her 12th birthday.
What are you doing in here, kid?
Um... oh, I'm...
Yeah, that's what I thought,
you're coming with me.
Take your hands off of him!
That's my son.
Sorry. Sir, I didn't know.
Hey, kid, welcome to your
Don't mind him. He's harmless.
What are you doing here?
I was gonna ask you
the same thing.
We found out that there's
at least one in town...
and she's changing.
This is my chance
to save you, son.
Dad, this is crazy,
who are all these guys?
These are the guys that
are gonna save your life...
catching us a fish.
I don't want to be saved,
not like this.
You said yourself, they're
human half the time.
So what?
When a caterpillar turns
into a butterfly...
it's no longer a caterpillar,
I don't know, I guess not.
But people appreciate the
butterfly, Dad.
They don't try and kill it.
You need to get your head
on straight!
They are the hunted,
we are the hunters!
I don't want you blurring
that line anymore.
You understand me?
Yes, sir.
You can do better than that.
Yes, sir!
Come on, I want to show
you around.
All right, so it's settled then.
Siren will spend the night
in her own home tonight...
and then be escorted tomorrow
to a safe house...
where she will finish her
transition into the ocean.
Crystal and Ms. Harper
will join you.
There is still so much we
have to show you...
and so very little time.
I just want to say...
and I know it doesn't feel like
it right now...
but you're living
every little girl's dream.
You're officially a mermaid,
We're so proud of you.
What's happening, are they
Each mermaid wail is unique.
You know how whales have
songs and dolphins speak?
It's kind of like that.
What are we looking at here?
This is a map of the area.
Couple of our guys spotted
some women...
driving out of town in a hurry.
Could be something.
What's down there?
It's a desalination plant.
That sounds promising.
We'll get a team out there.
So let me get this straight.
A group of mermaids are meeting
at a what plant...
and doing what exactly?
Not now, Adam.
But, Dad, I know who it is.
I mean, I think I know
who's changing.
You do? How?
She told me.
She just gave you her identity.
Who is it?
You have to promise not
to hurt her.
Adam, to heal you,
I need her blood.
She knows. She'll give it
if you can promise her safety.
I am not giving anybody a chance
to back out.
Then I'm not saying who it is.
It's the girl who came over
to our house, isn't it?
Who else is just gonna
tell you she's a mermaid?
Dad, no.
I'm sorry, son,
I'm doing this for you.
One day you'll understand.
Send a team over to her house.
Yes, sir!
Come in.
Hey there, little swimmer.
Please don't call me that.
I have some people I want you
to meet.
This is Amber and Betty...
they're both half-breeds
like you and Crystal.
It's an honor to meet you,
Your mother is very important
to us.
And so are you. I'm Betty.
I like your room.
What's that you're holding?
This is a fem stone and it does
lots of things...
much like your necklace there.
This one creates a force field
about six feet around us.
Cool, can I get one
that does that?
Maybe when you come back.
Well, we'll be outside making
sure things stay quiet.
How ya feeling?
I was just thinking, I can't
really bring anything with me.
That's true, but it's all going
to be here when you come back.
If I come back.
Don't speak like that.
You're the one who had me
worrying about sharks.
Your tail is going to keep
most things away.
You're going to swim fast
and hit hard...
and I'm sure you're going to
like the way it feels...
once you get used to it.
And off life support?
We're going to take you down
tomorrow to the safe house...
to complete the change.
Okay, is it going to take
so long each time?
No, it's just the first time.
Once your body gets used
to the change...
it'll just, you know, turn on
and off like a light switch!
Except, I get to choose when
to turn on the lights?
I guess I'm not that good
at analogies.
Similes actually.
Okay, well, look who's paying
attention at school.
It's gonna be beautiful,
you'll see.
Love you.
Be quiet, they're here,
we need to move quickly.
You go towards the front,
I will go towards the back.
Siren, get in here!
No! Help!
Got one!
Get off of me!
Where's the kid?
I didn't see!
She was headed toward you.
Run, Siren!
She went towards the back.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get her
in my condition.
This is why we don't bring kids
in to do an adult job!
No! Get off of me!
What are you doing here?
I followed. I just wanted
to help.
You should be at home resting.
Come on.
Run, Siren!
I think we're far enough
away now.
What are they gonna do
with my mom?
Are they going to hurt her?
They'll use her for leverage.
Try to get you to cave.
I don't think they'll hurt her.
Get me to cave?
This whole thing is a fairytale,
a folklore!
My blood may not even heal you!
Look at your neck, Siren,
you have gills growing there.
Does this seem like a fairytale?
Once you have changed,
the best they can do...
is find the location
of the other mermaids.
Which is pretty useless,
if they're half-breeds.
They won't hurt her.
If they do, I'm gonna...
Listen! I'm gonna do the
best I can to help you guys.
I'm so thirsty.
Whoa, you weren't kidding.
I need to go to the river room.
What's the river room?
You really don't know much
about what's going on, do you?
Hey, I'm doing the best
I can to catch up.
So this is the place my dad
circled on the map...
back at base camp.
Do they know about the
safe house?
What safe house?
Good, come on.
Hey, hey, hey...
It's... it's me.
What are you doing out here?
I'm Gary's son, I wanted to
check this place out...
but I wasn't sure if you guys
were just a bunch of mermen.
Yeah, I recognize you.
Come on, I'll show you
what we found.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Is anyone here?
Hey, it's just me. Relax.
And teachers here, too.
Hey, Siren, I'm glad
you're okay.
They have my mom, Crystal.
They took her.
I'm sorry, Siren.
We have to help her,
or at least send someone.
We will, but you need to rest
and be safe.
They won't hurt her.
That's what she would have
wanted, for you to be safe.
What is this place?
We call it a safe house...
because this is where
you come to transition.
Sort of like a right of passage.
Once you get in the water...
it'll take about 30 minutes
for your tail to form.
It's not as easy
or hocus pocus-y...
as the fairytales
make it out to be.
And there's been accidents...
where people go to the ocean
to change.
So this gives you a safe
And once I turn,
they'll let my mom go?
They'll have no use for her
Well, then... let's do this.
Why don't you get cleaned up...
and then we'll head
over to the pool.
Oh, hey there, ladies!
Everything okay?
Well, well, well, look what
the tide dragged in.
Let me guess.
You're the leader here on land.
But, you're a half-breed.
You're not the real leader
out there, are you?
For a grown man, you sure
spend an awful lot of time...
studying mermaids, you know?
It's my life's work actually.
I know all about your kind.
So, you here to to negotiate?
And Adam, I thought you and
Siren had become friends.
I, I...
I said are you
here to negotiate?
I'll speak with the boy,
if it's all the same to you.
If it's all the same to me, huh?
Well that's very kind of you.
To be so concerned
with what's okay with me.
I'll think about that.
Get inside.
Oh, hello...
ladies of the ocean.
We're not here to waste any
time, Gary, where is she?
That's funny, that's exactly
what I was gonna ask you.
She's inside. She's safe.
You know we'll never give you
her location, not yet.
Why don't you just let us
talk to Tiffany...
and see if Siren will give up
her blood willingly.
Be reasonable.
If I was reasonable,
I wouldn't be doing this...
in the first place, now would I?
We're willing to make a trade.
I'm listening.
Take me instead, let Tiffany go.
If there is anyone who could
talk the girl into giving up...
willingly, it's her own mother.
I don't know, she's pretty.
I kind of like having her
Yeah, that will be enough
of that.
All right, a trade.
All right, then.
Here, walk over to me, darling.
Come on, it's all gonna be fine.
Just go to Amber.
She'll take care of you.
How did you find us, anyway?
It really wasn't that hard.
We've been monitoring
your chatter in the ocean.
Your kind likes to talk a lot,
out on the lonely sea.
You have 4 hours.
After that, this spear
will not be so clean.
Come back here with the girl.
Where is Siren?
She is safe and you know where.
Go home.
We'll be in touch soon.
Wait, we're just gonna
leave her here?
Go home, Tiffany.
This isn't the place.
There's too many of them here.
Let her go.
Not a chance!
Oh, hey there, Tiffany,
everything okay?
Not really!
I-I want to help Siren, please?
It's... it's broken.
What are you doing here?
You can look
but you won't find me
I've already gone
You can tell
that I've been well
And I keep moving on
I'm already gone
Happy Mermaid Day!
Thank you, it's really pretty.
Make a wish.
What did you wish for?
I'm not saying.
It ruins the wish.
I know what I would wish for.
You'll get it soon enough.
I also got you this.
You know what?
I could really use a present.
Wow. This is beautiful!
Being a mermaid comes
with a few perks.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
But not as much as I'm gonna
miss this bed.
I know, right?
This place is amazing.
How do you even sleep
in the ocean?
Seaweed beds.
Well, I know you're gonna
do great, Siren.
I'm excited.
I haven't been around
a guppy in a while.
Um, thank you?
So I just stand here
and a tail forms?
Yeah, pretty much.
Uh, we're gonna have to work
on your form.
Is it that bad?
Well, it's not that good.
Let's just put it that way.
My feet!
They're fusing together.
This is freaking me out.
Okay, just stay calm. I mean,
it doesn't hurt, right?
No, it just feels weird.
And you're just normal
right now?
Three years on land and three
in the water for us half-breeds.
I didn't make the rules.
Besides, I haven't even
changed yet. Lucky.
I don't feel so lucky.
I have my tail! It's gorgeous!
That was quick.
Okay, now you're on-board
with this whole mermaid thing.
I can't believe it, it's
Let's see how you swim.
All right. Now let's try my
favorite move.
A high jump out of the water.
A high jump?
Yeah, you dive under, come up
to the surface...
and give it two big pushes
right before you break...
and it feels like your flying.
I'd show you, but I don't have
my tail right now.
I don't know.
It's okay, Siren, you can do it!
All right, I'll do it.
Mine won't work!
What's your problem?
Maybe it was three hard pushes
before you break.
It's okay, it takes some
Come on, let's get you
to the water.
How do I get out of the
water with this tail?
It's fine, we have a wheelchair
and we have a truck out back.
Shot gun!
Ms. Harper?
You have to drive.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, Siren, it's time!
Is anyone here?
What is this place?
It's nothing, it's a second
You don't have a second home.
We looked.
Nice pool. This is the mermaid
No, it's not.
You're a really bad liar.
I like that about you.
Base, this is Brodie, track me
and send a team.
We've located the mermaid house.
Let's search the house.
Look for hidden doors, secret
rooms, that kind of thing.
And somebody start tracking
these girls...
in case they already left.
I found something. There's a
truck headed down for the water.
Stop. She's already changed
and you're too late!
Yeah, do your homework.
We've got 'til sunset.
You think you have until
but no one living has ever
caught one of us...
at the time we changed.
Yeah, well let's find out,
what do you say?
Let 'em through.
All right, let's load up.
We've stalled them and the
others are already...
down by the beach and I'm sure
Siren has changed by now.
Let's go to the beach.
Ready for this?
Not really.
It's okay, you're gonna
do great.
I know it's a lot to take in,
but just breathe...
through your gills.
And remember what
I taught you in class.
You didn't cover any of this
in class.
Oh, yeah.
Drop it!
You tell her to come back here!
She can't hear us,
she's in the water.
You're too late, she's gone.
She has already fully changed.
You lose!
My project, it will work!
She's not your project!
You look like you'll be changing
pretty soon, won't you?
Yeah, I suppose you'll do.
Not a purebreed...
but you'll just have to give me
twice as much blood.
Let go of her!
Who's this, your mommy?
Mom, don't do anything stupid.
You took the words right
out of my mouth.
Get your hands off my daughter!
Or you'll what?
If I had my tail...
Adam? What are you doing here?
What are you doing?
I don't want this.
Son, this is not the time.
Is Siren okay?
Look at how you're acting?
Who do you think is half-human
now, you?
Or them?
Adam, just go home! It's not
safe for you out here.
It's not safe for me anywhere,
It's okay, baby, you're gonna
be okay.
Let go of me!
Where is Siren?
She's fine.
Stay away!
You're in no position to
threaten our children!
Stand down.
Sir! With all do respect...
I need one of these things
to prove my methods.
Not like this.
To save your son! Sir!
Let her go!
Come here.
Come on, son, let's go home.
I want that girl!
Adam, wake up.
Adam, wake up!
What did you do?
He got in the way!
It was his fault, not mine.
Stay away!
Tiffany, what are you doing?
I'm calling her.
I'm taking this one back
to study.
This will not all be
for nothing!
My son! My son.
Don't... don't touch him.
Adam! Adam!
Oh, Adam!
How did you... is he really okay?
Dad, not too tight.
Oh, sorry, I don't want
to break you.
Actually, it's okay.
I feel... I feel different.
I thought you changed.
I did... turns out
I'm a pureblood.
I can come and go as I like.
Wait, so, you're staying?
I think I have to go
for a while.
Learn about this half
of my life.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm going to miss you, Mom.
This is all very sweet.
Very nice, indeed, but
there is just one thing.
I have spent my whole
life studying you things.
And I am not leaving here
without advancing my career.
Not a chance!
What are you gonna do?
Wash me out into the ocean?
You'll take everyone of us out.
Including your unchanged.
Just give me this one.
The rest of you can go.
Stay away from her!
What are you going to do?
Make small little waves?
You're forgetting something
about yourself.
Oh yeah, what's that?
Your body is made up of 65%
Okay, you have to teach me
that move.
I'll be back soon, Mom,
I promise.
I'll be waiting for you.
I'll see you in two months...
I guess.
If only I could
see your face
And help you
hold your breath
If only I could tell you
How our story ends
Come on, sweetie.
Just close your eyes
It'll be all right
I've been waiting for you
I've been here all along
You have carried my heart
With me is where
you belong
My whole life
I've dreamt of water.
You could be at sea
Not just being in
it, or swimming in it...
This is where we meet
but living in it.
Breathing it,
tasting it, loving it.
Open your eyes
This is your new life
And now that it's not a dream?
I can't imagine living any
other way.
I've been here all along
You have carried my heart
With me is where
you belong
I always thought I lived
a strange life
Like a stranger
in a strange world
People talking
all around me
But I don't know what
they say
Modern life
almost consumes me
Bricks and concrete can't
contain me
I need the freedom
of the waves
And the breeze in my hair
Your world's out of time
With the rhythm in me
My life underground
Is not meant to be
Dreaming of sea
Dreaming of sea
Something in me always
dreaming of sea
I know how it feels
Feels to be free
When dreaming of sea
I'm dreaming of sea
I know how it feels
Feels to be free
When dreaming of sea
I'm dreaming of sea
I always thought
I lived a charmed life
Solitary in a lonely world
But the life outside my
window on the street below
Just wasn't mine to live
Sing sweet like the Siren s
Hearing water all around
Yes life is full of magic
And beautiful sound
Dreaming of sea
Dreaming of sea
Something in me
always dreaming of sea
I know how it feels
Feels to be free
When dreaming of sea
I'm dreaming of sea
I know how it feels
Feels to be free
When dreaming of sea
I'm dreaming of sea
I always thought
I lived a strange life