Scandalo (1976) Movie Script

Vive la France!
Vive la France!
Bon voyage, lads!
You'll give Jerry hell for sure!
- You're living it up, eh?
Draft dodger!
- Did you hearwhat they said?
- Take that!
- Don't touch, draft dodger!
- ln 5 minutes l'll see you in the back.
- lf you're lucky, big boy.
- Always am.
- Yes, madame!
- The master's call.
- Juliette!
- Yes, madame.
Oh, finally, would you please
give this to Mr. Legrand?
- Yes, madame. - l hope that we'll
even get paid this time...
And fill out the paper
prescription too.
Don't forget, okay?
- Juliette!
- Yes, madame.
Tell Armand to clean
inside as well.
l'm going upstairs. l'll be back in
a minute. - Very well, Mme. Michoud.
- Needs some salt, Carmen.
- Okay.
The lights are always on...
Two or more layers of glass cut with the
same implements used for carving gems.
lt makes a...
- Henri?
Forgive me, but dinner's ready in 10.
- Oh, fine. Well, l want... - Justine,
how many times have l told you to turn
out the lights when you leave your room?
Oh, yes, mama. You're right.
l'm terribly sorry. l won't do it again.
- Did you finish your homework?
- Yes, she's finished.
Ah, very well...
Remember, dinner. 10 minutes.
But you know, hardly anyone's
interested in this glass nowadays.
Papa, why are you so
pessimistic about the world?
You see, Justine, when
people lose interest
in beauty, tragedy
inevitably ensues.
And then when destruction has passed,
mankind looks for beauty once again.
That's the never-ending cycle.
Ah, madame.
l was just coming to call you.
Charles is... here.
- Yes, l see he gets here a little
earlier every evening. You'd better
tell him we keep regular hours here.
Did Mr. Legrand come? - Oh, yes,
madame. l gave him the lot. - Good.
Where are you going?
- l, uh...
To turn offthe display lights.
- Don't bother, l'll take care ofit.
Weren't you in a hurry to leave?
- Yes, madame, thank you.
Oh, by the way,
did Mr. Legrand pay?
- No, he said to put it on his bill.
- l might have known.
Nothing else?
No. You may go home.
Good night.
Good night, madame.
l'll see you tomorrow.
- The money you cost me!
- Sure! - lt's always yourfault!
What, yourfucking motorcycle?
You should sell it. Sell it!
And now...
Quiet, quiet!
You want madame to hear, huh?
You want madame to hear?
We've got to be quiet!
Only a minute, Juliette...
We've got to be quiet!
Come on!
Hey, are you crazy?
Ah, into what dark abyss
love hurled my mother!
Ah, Queen, forget,
and for all time to come,
Eternal silence seals this memory.
Oh sister Ariadne, from what love
you died deserted on a barren shore!
Something rather amusing
happened today...
And what mortal agony drives you
to fury against all your race?
Could you come to the other
room with me for a moment, please?
Do you think any of us dares to
interrupt a poet like Racine?
Oh, no.
Go on.
Oh, by the way, darling, what was it
you wanted to tell me this evening?
- Nothing important, darling.
- Oh.
The price is very reasonable.
Of course, l'll have to act fast.
lt's a pity to hurry him. Everybody's
in a rush to get rid of art...
what, with the entire
continent in a mess.
Farewell, my friend.
Sell them off...
and l'll preserve beauty.
Oh, here we go again!
l wonderwhy they botherwith this
alarm every other night or so.
To wake my wife up, so she'll
know that l'm not home yet!
Everything will be
fine, don't worry...
No one from town will be sent to
the front line, l heard at Command.
We're only on alert for now...
don't worry.
Where are you going?
What are you doing with this thing?
Sorry! - Nevermind!
- Stop it, Alain! Stop it. Come on.
Children, they think everything is a
game! - Maybe for us too, madame.
They talk like that because
this is a time of war.
They ought to have done the
other one, the real one!
There he is!
- Good morning, Colonel!
Number one man ofthe Michoud pharmacy.
How are things, my boy?
Just fine, Colonel, thanks. You know,
l'll never be able to thank you
for helping with the army.
- lt was nothing!
l've always said that a man
can serve his country well by
contributing to the sound operation
of our public health services...
and by protecting the splendid specimens
of France's natural resources.
Good luck, my boy!
Good luck!
Good day!
- Colonel.
- Where is she?
- ln the back.
What's with her?
She does a big deal with the Colonel
and he kicks me out ofthe army.
And it's not for a summer holiday!
She wanted me here to clean the floors,
polish the windows,
sterilize the glassware.
Next thing, l'll probably
have to wash her panties!
And today l just come in a couple of
minutes late and l get funny looks.
As ifthat's all there was to it!
Oh, look, you're not mad at me,
are you? For last night?
Oh, yeah. You're not a strange one!
What's got into you?
Everybody's against me.
- Oh, look, Armand... what could l do?
First, Legrand comes in
for his prescription.
And you know Legrand.
lt takes ages to get rid ofhim!
And then Charles turns up
the minute Legrand leaves.
So l just couldn't make it.
l'm sorry, really.
l left you alone in the dark!
You forgive me?
Alone in the dark?
Just a moment. What did you do?
- Look, Armand, l don't understand you.
l told you l was sorry.
And, after all, there's no law
that says l've got to give it to you.
And maybe l didn't
feel like it last night.
So l went home.
ls that okay, dear?
You went home?
You never came in at all?
What is this crap?
Good day.
How much does it cost?
- Can you deliver it later?
- Yes, of course, madame.
This is the cold season.
Now, l want you to be quite sure to
take 2 ofthese every morning,
with coffee, if you like.
Mme. Mamot had the same trouble last
week and she's feeling much better now.
- Madame, have my syringes arrived?
- l'll be right with you.
Can l help you?
So... what's come over you?
Mind your own business.
Cut it out!
Yourtiming stinks.
Well, l think it's all yourfault and l
ought to smash your... - Well, stop it!
What's got into you?
What's all my fault?
And this morning, Soviet troops
unexpectedly invaded Finland
on the south and north
sides of Lake Ladoga.
Russian planes have bombed the city
of Helsinki. According to the latest
bulletins from Stockholm, it appears
the Bolshevik advance has met with
unexpected and powerful resistance
from the Finnish army, despite their
overwhelming inadequacy
of men and weapons.
- Here you are.
- Oh, yes, thank you.
... following the partitioning of Poland
only 2 months ago, is the logical
consequence of the long term
plan of criminal complicity
between Hitler and Stalin,
and sanctioned by their pact.
- Excuse me!
- For heaven's sake!
l'm sorry.
l didn't mean to.
- Thank you.
Well, l won't be coming back
down again this evening,
so if you leave first, would you please
tell Armand to turn offthe lights?
Good night, Juliette.
- Good night, madame.
Good night, big boy!
- Well, what are you waiting for?
Give me the news. What did
she say you were to tell me?
What do you mean,
"Give me the news"?
Christ, Armand! You heard her, no?
- Me? lmpossible. l wasn't there.
She only spoke to you.
So, either l wasn't there,
or l've become the invisible man.
- You're nuts! - Go on!
Why doesn't she fire me?
Too busy?
Then she wouldn't owe the Colonel any
favors and l'd be on the front line.
Western Division commanders have
intensified patrol operations along the
German front in the past 24 hours.
Observers reported skirmishes in
Rabenbush Forest, where French
units commanded by Lt. Andre Poiret
destroyed enemy observation posts.
- ... ofthis unblest line l perish,
l, the last and most wretched. - Good.
lt's still sore. Can you give me
something strongerthis time?
l'm sorry. Yes, of course.
l'll get something for you.
What can l do for you, sir?
- Yes, is my prescription ready?
Yes, l think it should be.
Just a minute, please.
And if l...
- Now, these lozenges should
be good for you. - Thank you.
- And you...
- l'm sorry.
- What do you think she'll do now, eh?
- What will who do now?
What are you talking about?
Do you know if Dr. Baret confirmed
an appointment for tomorrow?
l think so. Was it about the
treatment for Mr. Duval?
No, he already called about that,
it was forthe Sartre appointment.
- l'll check up on it.
- lt's like nothing happened.
Maybe she liked it after all.
- lt's at 4 o'clock.
- Oh, all right, thank you.
- l'm sorry!
- Watch where you're going!
- Terribly sorry, madame!
- No... no, no! Please, don't worry.
- l'm really sorry.
- Armand, please! lt's nothing!
Please. lt was my fault.
There, you'll be fine in a couple of
days. Come back and we'll take it off.
Thank you. Do you think
it will leave a scar?
Oh, don't be silly, this is nothing!
lt's a very small cut.
- Sorry, madame.
- Oh, do forgive me.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing, madame.
You finished?
You locked up?
Yes, madame.
then, in that case...
Will you turn out the lights?
Yes. l'll take care ofit.
You may go.
- Madame...
Good night, madame.
- And you say Armand wrote it?
- Why, yes. Who else could it be?
- You say it was meant for you?
- Henri!
But there's nothing
written on the envelope.
What does it matter? He left it where
he knew l'd find it a minute later.
Are you absolutely sure it
wasn't intended for Juliette?
Good night, Henri.
Well, if you're certain...
then l can't understand
why you don't dismiss him.
- l sent it express.
- Thank you, Juliette.
Didn't you just do that glass?
- Yes, madame, but...
All right, leave it and go to the
storeroom. There's plenty to do there.
As you wish, madame.
- l'm terribly sorry, you were saying?
- l just want to pay forthe ointment.
lt's 30 centimes. lt's very difficult
to find help these days, you know?
- Juliette?
- Yes?
Would you please tell your husband to
spare us this concert every evening?
Yes, of course.
You're so right.
- All right, good night, Juliette.
- l'm sorry.
- l'm going too, madame.
- No, Armand...
Please finish locking up and then
come back. l'd like to talk to you.
Yes, madame.
l don't give 2 shits! The street's
public property and l can
make all the noise l like! - Mum said
l didn't marry you for your brains.
Make your noise and l'll get fired.
And then you'll be forced
to sell yourfucking cycle,
with the money you bring home.
And then the street will
be quiet, and so will she.
Oh, yes, a girl like you can find
another job in 2 minutes!
Maybe at the front, with the workforce.
- So it's like that, is it?
Me at the front and you here
chasing other girls!
What are you doing?
Sorry, madame,
l turned offthe wrong switch.
Now, listen well.
At this point l won't even ask
if you could possibly have made such
incredible assumptions. The fact is,
you've created a very unpleasant
and embarrassing situation here.
And l find myself forced to...
- You're firing me?
- What else do you expect?
- But, madame...
Don't be infantile
with your ridiculous...
You can't send me away. l won't
bother you anymore, l swearto God!
- But l must, don't you understand?
- There's no jobs l can get...
lf you throw me out, l'll be in the army
in a matter of days. Just because l...
Yes, l know. l realize everything the
Colonel defended for you and l'm sorry.
l'm sorry about your mothertoo,
of course. She must...
What did you say to her?
You know very well she's in and out
ofthe hospital almost every month.
She'll die of fear!
- Now, you stop that, Armand!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? At your
age, still hiding behind her coat-tails?
You're right, madame.
Forgive me, but...
l love you.
l understand,
but tell me something.
What were you thinking of?
l'm not that kind of woman.
l am married and respectable.
But perhaps that simple fact has less
importance for you than it has for me.
And there's something else, too.
lf one day,
for some reason or another,
l were to do what you
were thinking of,
you would never be the one.
l wouldn't, huh?
Forgive me, but...
we're not in the same...
l mean... we don't have
the same kind ofinterests.
What is this?
Keep away from me!
- Want to see?
- What are you doing? - Want to see
what your interests really are?
Don't you dare,
you leave me alone!
Shut your mouth! Shut it!
You're always talking!
You'd be surprised that you share more
than you think. Come on, take it! - No!
- Go down!
- No!
Take it, take it!
lt's a situation with no solution.
A provincial town, a married woman,
a motherwhose behavior can result
in nothing but scorn and isolation.
Even more, she must bearthe knowledge
that public discovery would also destroy
her own family. And so it's clear
that she must remain silent
and submit to his blackmail.
- l wouldn't exactly call it blackmail.
Why not?
Well, after all,
she accepted his advances.
Perhaps she even provoked them.
So who's blackmailing her?
l say that a woman ofher age
ought to know how to dispose of
a tiresome suitorwithout all this...
- But she was in love with him,
was she not?
- Who was that?
Ah, yes, Mme. Duval. You were saying?
- Before she continues...
perhaps we should address ourselves
to the relevance ofthese, uh...
community literary meetings. After all,
who really cares about Stendhal's
'The Red and the Black'?
Perhaps you do, Mme. Duval.
Yes, what l mean is, you must
remember, poor Mme. de Renal,
she fell in love with Sorel.
lt was a serious love,
it wasn't just a passing fancy.
l beg your pardon, ladies and gentlemen,
but l want to say something.
This honestly doesn't seem to be the
time for debates. Maybe you're already
looking forward to the next trial,
Racine's 'Phaedra', l think,
but we won't be here forthat one.
Tomorrow, we leave forthe front.
He's right, you know. lt's probably
nothing, but after all, a war is a war!
l'm sorry, Pierre!
l had no intention of allowing your
departure to go unmentioned.
You know, even these brick walls
are fond of you young men in uniform.
Most of you have flunked several times
and so the building knows you best!
A moment ago, someone also trivialized
the dangers ofthese times.
With all my heart, l hope
these optimists are right.
We must trust in our government
and the future ofthis country.
- Please take this to my desk.
- Yes, madame.
Armand, tell Juliette
to get moving, will you?
Sure, chief!
- Well, madame?
- Just a minute, Juliette.
- l'll be going then.
- Yes, very well. Good night.
Good night, madame.
Oh, forgive me, madame.
No... it's my fault, really.
Doesn't matter. A little late tonight.
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
l'll post it immediately. Good night.
- Good night, Juliette.
No, l beg you! No, please!
Let's do it here!
Please, don't!
Yes, it's perfect, nobody can see us.
Please, no... please! Armand!
Good evening!
Anyone here?
Anyone back there? Juliette?
Madame Michoud?
Hello, anybody there?
Valentino can't wait any longer.
He's had an attractive offer.
Yes, of course, l understand.
l just can't miss this opportunity.
l have to go to Paris. Can you hear me?
Yes, yes, of course.
What time did you say, uh...
Oh, l'm catching the evening train.
Did you say something?
What time did you say
you have to...
Eliane, why don't you come with me?
l'd like to, darling. lt's such a long
time since we were in Paris together.
That would be nice, but l
know you're tied to the shop.
l meant, why don't you
come to the station?
We have some customers in
the shop. Goodbye, darling!
You pig!
- Why, what did l do?
l don't think she'll be back before 8.
Supposing l go home...
Yeah, put on some weight.
As far as l'm concerned, you can go
home whenever you like. l'm on duty.
Listen to that crap, "on duty"!
lf Madame Michoud isn't here,
you can't sell a piece oflint.
Orders are orders, and l'm
a model assistant.
Assistant, my foot!
You're a shop boy, my dear.
A miserable shop boy. And it's obvious:
once a shop boy, always a shop boy.
Yeah? Once a cunt,
always a cunt!
- What do you want?
- Good evening, madame. May l come in?
Are you crazy? My daughter's asleep,
you want to wake her up?
- Not if you're quiet.
Shall we wake the little darling?
All right, l'll try again.
No! Please, l beg you!
- What is it, darling?
- The kitchen, it's flooded!
Yes, l...
l left the water running!
Come along.
Justine, will you go
back to bed, please?
We're right in the middle
ofthe blackout...
and l'm sure you've left the lights on.
Go back to bed, darling.
Please, go to bed. l can
take care ofthis myself!
- Don't you want me to help you?
- No, l want you to go back to bed!
Go to your room!
- All right.
You've got to get up early tomorrow
morning. Now go to bed, please.
Good night.
Good night, darling.
Oh, and thank you for calling me.
- Here's yourtoothbrush, Mr. Dante.
- Thank you.
Oh, Justine, would you please take this
gentleman's money? - Certainly, mama.
Here's the change.
Thank you, good day.
Good day.
Where are you
putting that thing?
Here, madame, so it's ready
when they come to pick it up.
Papa didn't leave my allowance.
Can l help myself? - What's the hurry?
Must it be...
right now?
Well, l'm meeting Monique and we
thought we'd see a movie. - l see.
Well, l don't think l have enough money,
darling. l'm sorry, l need change for...
forthe customers.
Do you understand? l'm sorry.
Yes, l understand. l understand
perfectly. Papa will give it to me.
Wasn't it funny?
Please, that's enough.
Why don't you leave me alone?
Why do you torture me like this?
What have l done to you?
What is it you want, a scandal?
That was Justine!
She's my daughter!
She's my daughter,
do you understand that?
What is it you want?
ls it money?
That must be it, money.
You have no sense ofhumor.
Anyone evertell you that?
Even your shop girl
is more amusing.
Well, ifit isn't money,
then what is it you want?
What is it? Why?
And you, madame?
What do you want?
Justine, what did you mean
by "l understand"?
What have you understood?
l'm talking to you, darling.
What was there to understand?
- Nothing, mama.
l asked for my allowance, you said you
couldn't give me it and l understood.
l'll probably borrow
the money from Monique
and pay her back when
papa comes home.
Well, you haven't
understood a thing.
l couldn't give you the money at
that moment because l was busy.
And you won't have to borrow
the money from anybody. Here.
When's papa coming home?
l don't know. Soon, l hope.
And now she sends me
to run her errands!
Do this, go there, buy that.
lt never stops!
Who does she think l am?
l was engaged here...
- As a clerk!
You ought to try hustling instead.
You're better qualified forthat.
lfit was work, then l
wouldn't enjoy it anymore!
You also seem to forget...
that l'm a registered nurse.
But, the thing is, with sick people,
they make me...
And, besides,
Charles is against it!
He doesn't like the idea of all those
bed pans and enemas...
and all those otherthings
a nurse has to do, you know?
But if your patients aren't sick,
then he doesn't mind, hmm?
Good old Charles is just worried about
his health! - No! He's always jealous!
You don't understand
anything, Armand.
l love my husband!
Just because you and l...
Carmen, for heaven's sake,
there's no reason why...
ls she coming back, now?
- ... argue all the time!
- But, madame, it's not...
What for?
- Come!
- No! You can't! The potatoes!
What's got into you?
Not here! Are you crazy?
She'll find us!
l know what she'll find!
Have you lost your mind?
You'll get us fired!
- You want to bet on that?
You're crazy, big boy!
lt was Armand! He made me!
Hey, what are you talking about?
Don't be afraid.
Don't worry, Juliette. The madame won't
fire you. You know why? Shall we guess?
Because if she fires you, she would
have to fire me. Right, madame?
ln fact, she doesn't want to.
lsn't that true, madame?
You see, Juliette, madame needs me.
Of course, she's afraid of scandal.
Madame is a respectable lady.
But she's even more
afraid oflosing me.
Where do you think you're going?
l'm leaving!
No, you're staying right here!
Don't underestimate her, Juliette.
She's a bit worn out...
but she's not bad, really.
Maybe her skin doesn't glow
the way it did when she was 20.
There's some wrinkles here...
and here.
Hertits sag,
but only a little bit.
But here! Ah, here
she's nice and firm!
And her belly... it's just fine!
lt's fantastic!
Maybe one ortwo signs of fat...
You know she only had the
one daughter, you understand?
You're a bastard, Armand!
Leave her alone!
Come here! Come here,
l want to show you.
Strip, or else l'll be out that door
and you'll never see me again.
Stop it! l'm leaving!
Come here and don't
move until l tell you!
Good girl!
You see, Juliette?
You see how obedient madame is?
You've got no idea!
She's an extraordinary lady.
Her mouth...
And she sucks...
Compared to her,
Juliette, you're an amateur.
This is what she was bred for...
and she never knew it
till she met me!
You're animals!
A pen full of animals!
Stupid bitch!
And now look at this cunt!
Shut up!
Shut up!
l said, shut up!
You want somebody to hear?
They'll all hear you!
Christ, she's lost her mind!
Go away! Go!
l'll leave!
Look at me. l'll leave.
l'll leave and never come back!
You'll never see me again!
lt's all yourfault!
You know it's all yourfault!
- Get out! Enough!
- Shut up! l'll leave! You understand?
Get out ofhere!
Six splendid pieces.
You'll see.
Barrati's sending them
by a private courier.
He wants 4,000 francs. l admit that's
expensive, but still well worth it.
l'll store them in the cellar.
lt's betterto be safe.
Coming back on the train,
l was sitting with three soldiers.
lt's funny, they said that
war is nothing but a bore!
They were stationed on the Maginot Line,
staring the Germans in the face.
Ah! Just listen to this, darling.
They said there was a sheepdog who
became quite popular. One day he'd eat
with our boys and the next
day with the Germans!
How's everything with you?
Home, work?
- Fine, thank you, fine.
- You seem in a bad mood.
No, it's just that since
Armand went away,
the work in the pharmacy has
been terrible. - Ah, yes, Armand!
Then you dismissed him?
- Dismissed him?
Because ofthat business with
the letter. Didn't you say that...
Oh... no, you were right about that.
The letterwasn't for me.
Ah, you see! Well,
in that case, where is he?
Well, l don't know, he's sick,
he's at home somewhere...
All the same, you've got to admit
you're a great one for imagining things.
My God! The stupid shop boy,
in love with my wife!
Meanwhile, in Great Britain, enlisting
operations continue for the 10 classes
recalled to arms on the 1st ofJanuary.
Paris. A government spokesman
today stated that within a few days,
the French parliament will approve a law
forcing communist members of
parliament to resign their seats.
The heroic resistance of the Finnish
army against the massive offensive
launched by the relentless Soviet forces
on the Karelian lsthmus continues to
arouse both dismay and admiration.
He's not really sick, you know.
- Who isn't?
- Armand.
l saw him today nearthe school
when l came out. He was very nice.
- He stopped and spoke to you?
- He even offered me a pastry.
You stuff yourself
with all those sweets!
That's why you never eat
anything at meal times.
- What'd he want? - Oh, nothing.
He asked about you and papa.
- What'd he want to know about papa?
- Nothing. How you are,
and how things are going at home.
l'll be leaving now.
l'd like to ask you a favor.
- Certainly.
lt's Armand. His final wages.
l'd like you to take it to him,
if you don't mind.
Mind? Not at all.
Would you take it to him
in person, please?
- Better not keep your husband waiting.
- Oh, him?
l wanted to say before...
lf you want me to quit, madame...
What l mean is,
even if you send me away,
you mustn't think that l...
You needn't worry.
l would nevertell anybody.
- No, please.
Please, stay.
l'd like you to stay.
lf you want to, of course.
Thank you, madame.
- Good morning, madame!
- He hasn't gone away, has he?
l mean, did you deliver him the...
- Yes, this morning. l gave it to him.
l went by his house
on my way here.
Did he open it up
in front of you?
Well, he must've said
something to you.
Oh, yes! Uh, he said to...
to thank you.
l'll open up, madame.
- But, l...
Armand... my love!
You're right here, thank you!
All lies, huh?
Tomorrow we'll start
playing hard to get again.
No, darling! l'll do anything
you want! Please, darling!
Look! Look, darling, l'm your slave!
l'm your slave! Darling, please!
l beg you, darling, please!
l'm yourwhore!
Yes... yes, darling!
Look! Here...
Here, love!
Come, love.
- Shut up!
Put your panties back on. Hurry up.
And your shoes, too.
- Yes.
Now, go outside and walk the street.
You mean, like this?
Don't be a stupid whore!
Go out of your pharmacy
and walk back and forth.
You're open for business!
You say you won't do it?
You're hard to get. - No! l'll do it.
Yes, l'll do it.
Just a minute...
That's better.
Get your ass moving. And you'll
come in only when l tell you.
But what if somebody sees me?
l mean, if someone should
see me, l don't know...
You'll come in only when
l tell you. Go on!
- Armand, please!
- No, my dear!
You'll come in only
when papa says so.
Come on, get walking!
- There?
- Yes, there.
You're hopeless!
Shake your ass, for Christ's sake!
Don't you know how a whore walks?
- Pull up your slip! Pull it up!
- Yes.
- Like this?
- More, more!
- ls this okay?
- Yes! Okay, go, go on! Walk!
- l'm cold, Armand!
- What do you mean cold? - Cold!
You're full of shit, l'm sweating!
Come on, shake your ass!
l want to see more of your ass!
Shake your ass!
Come on!
Sway your hips.
Like this?
- Walk! - Like this?
- Okay, that's fine! - This way?
Yes, come on! You should be
smoking a cigarette!
Yes, yes, that's good!
Go on... go on!
Come on!
That's good... slowly... that's good!
You're driving me crazy!
Armand, please!
Let me in!
l'm afraid! l can't go on!
- What are you afraid of?
Can't you see he's just a drunk, huh?
- Let me in! Please!
Show him what a great ass you have!
Come on, hey!
- No! No, please!
You want me?
So be good, come on.
Go ahead, move!
Come on. Go ahead!
Go ahead! Walk!
You're a disappointment.
Let me in! Help me, please!
Enough, come in!
- ln the lights? You're crazy!
- No, no, l swear it!
- Keep calm, now! Be quiet!
- l did it! l did it!
You didn't think l would, but l did it!
l went out there and l...
naked, in the street, and l showed them
everything you wanted me to, everything!
Did you see that, darling?
- Yes, yes, come on.
Yes, and l'll do anything you want
me to, all the time, every time!
Even tomorrow night.
You tell me l must go out there
and lie naked in the street,
l'll do it!
- So you liked it? - l liked it!
- Good, madame!
And you come right out
there and fuck me!
- ln front of your husband?
- Right in front ofhim!
- The professor?
- Yes, the professor!
Ah, that's good, that's good!
Come on, let's do something else!
Give me another game to play!
Tell me something else to do,
l'll do anything you want!
Oh, l know, the game that little girls
are always playing! Huh, look!
- l know that, that's hopscotch!
- That's it, go ahead! Come on!
Come on, in time with the music!
Louder, louder!
That's enough...
... the whole house!
Here comes the big bad wolf!
Here he comes to eat you up!
Now, let's see...
Uh, go behind the counter.
l'll be a customer.
- Good evening, Mr. Armand.
- Good evening, madame. l'm very ill.
Oh, l'm very sorry, Mr. Armand.
What can l do for you, Mr. Armand?
The doctor has prescribed
drugs for me, madame.
Two per day, after each meal.
- Oral or by injection, Mr. Armand?
- Oral, madame.
Well, you already have the proper mouth.
Should l take care ofthat, Mr. Armand?
You take care ofit, madame.
ls there anything else l can
do for you, Mr. Armand?
Maybe, yes!
- Dust. Dust the counter.
Come on. - Why?
Because that's how l like it.
Come on, get dusting!
You see? You see how disgusting it is?
ls that what you call clean?
Come on, come on!
- Yes.
- Like this, all right, like this?
- ln the corners... the corners!
Don't try to cheat, you lazy bitch!
lf you want me, you've got to get busy.
You've got to earn it! You must say
"Yes, Mr. Armand. No, Mr. Armand.
As you wish, Mr. Armand. " And have you
swept the floors? Done the windows
and the toilets?
What about the toilets?
Are they really so awful?
Please, let's stop this game.
l don't like it.
l've had enough now.
- Who says?
Day after day, month after month,
l've thought about this. Now l'm
having a wonderful time making you do
what you made me do year after year.
Eh, madame, madame,
madame? Dust!
You idiot... you idiot!
Now, madame, should we play
another game? - Yes!
Uh, let's see...
a sex game!
- Yes, a sex game!
- Always, always more difficult!
- Anything you want, darling!
- Ah, let's see, let's see...
l've got it!
Ah... yes!
l want your daughter!
What did you say?
l want your daughter.
lt's not true...
You've got to be kidding!
lt's not possible!
lt's not possible...
l want Justine.
You pig...
You lousy, miserable pig!
l'm gonna kill you!
You hearthat?
l'm gonna kill you!
You bastard! You lousy...
You will give me your daughter.
Tell me what you did
to get your job back.
Did you beg her pardon?
Did you crawl on the floor and ask her
to have pity on your poor, sick mother?
Or did you just blackmail her?
- You'd love to know, wouldn't you, huh?
- l don't give a shit!
Laugh! Go on, enjoy yourself!
l feel sorry forthat poorwoman.
She's too kindhearted.
You're jealous?
Don't be afraid... don't worry!
l give you permission to touch me.
Come on, touch me!
You like that?
And that?
What's that l hear?
Well, how can you hear anything
with that racket going on?
- Hello, little one.
- Hello, papa.
Not in the icebox! How many times
do l have to tell you, Carmen?
- No, Justine, you're half a beat late.
- lt's yourfault, it's you who're late!
- What are you talking about?
- Do you have to be quite so loud?
The girl was playing softly!
My God!
And these lights. Could they be
turned off, at least in the daytime?
Yes, mama.
- Yourfucking motorcycle!
- lt's a gem, sweetie!
- What are you doing?
- l'm sleeping here.
Well, we're not open tonight.
l mean, you could've asked if...
l'm sleeping here tonight and tomorrow
night and every night, in fact.
What's the meaning ofthis?
You see, madame, they've rented my
room to a lieutenant in the engineers.
Doing our bit forthe war effort
and adding a little something
to the pocketbook.
- l don't think l can agree to that,
l mean, it would've been...
- l didn't ask you.
l see.
Well, tomorrow l'll talk to your mother
about it and l'll explain to herthat
l don't think it's...
- Will you really?
- Carmen? What happened to the key?
- What key?
What do you mean, "what key"?
The key to this door, Carmen. The key!
There's never been
a key to that door.
lt's all ready. l'm leaving.
What's happened, mama?
Oh... nothing, Justine.
l was just thirsty, that's all.
Go to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night, my love.
- Good night.
Madame is an early riser.
- Maybe she didn't sleep too well?
- And you?
- l slept like a newborn baby.
- And that's a lie, Armand,
because l heard you
moving about last night.
Now, you listen. lf you
dare as much as try...
Now l see that madame
has had strange dreams!
At night, l sleep.
All right, l'm warning you...
Now, you clean up this mess
and get that crap out ofhere,
before Juliette comes.
ls that clear?
Yes, l have it here.
For you, shop girl.
You too.
Where are you?
Come out, Armand!
l'm going to kill you!
l know you're not asleep.
Open this door!
Stop it! You want to wake
the whole neighborhood?
You came upstairs. And then you tried
to get into the house. l know you did!
l'm gonna kill you! l mean it,
l'm gonna kill you, Armand!
l swearto God! Open this door!
- Shut up! Can't you see l'm asleep?
Open this door, you lousy bastard!
Why've you closed it anyway? Why?
Because then you won't have to
come around kissing my ass. Go away!
Please let me in.
Please. l want you.
l'll... l'll do anything you want.
You want money?
Tell me. l'll give you everything!
Please let me in. l need you!
Go away!
Paris. Three arrests were made
in the capital today during...
... attempts atreorganizing the
clandestine Communist Party.
Why is it still closed? Armand!
- Good day.
- Good day.
Andre Carre, propaganda director
for the Seine and Seine-et-trois...
What are you doing here?
But ourturn for emergency standby
doesn't come up for another 2 weeks.
Or am l confused?
lt looks like you're living here!
you are living here.
- Where are you going?
This whole business is going
to end very badly, Armand.
And when it does,
l don't want to be around.
- Quitting?
- No. l'm taking sick leave.
Tell madame that my husband
came by to say l'm not well.
Not well at all. All right?
Quite the wise and
proper lady, aren't you?
l hope the two of you
will be very happy!
Since dawn, furious battles have
been raging around the bridges of
the Albert Canal and
Fort Eben-Emael,
between Belgian troops
and German paratroops...
- Tonight?
- l already said no.
l really feel sorry for you.
Go upstairs, please.
lt doesn't seem possible.
You don't see anything!
You don't seem to botherto notice
what really goes on around you.
l'm unfaithful to you.
lt's Armand.
l can't refuse him anything.
l... l do the most
shameful things for him.
But l do them without shame.
l'm a slave, understand?
l'm available to him...
any time, any way.
l'm his whore!
l've learned the pleasure of obedience.
l think that ifhe were to ask me
to stop breathing...
l would really try not
to breathe anymore.
Now l've said it all, Henri.
What are you going to do about it?
lsn't that right, my love?
You won't do a thing!
Poor Henri.
Good night, darling.
What a pretty young lady you are!
You're grown up, you know that?
Why do you look so tired?
You have dark circles under your eyes.
Maybe you're studying too much.
Let's do something about it.
Come with me.
Mama, what are you doing?
l'll be late for school!
Don't worry.
How beautiful you are, Justine!
Go show yourfather.
Let's give him a surprise.
Good day, papa!
Justine, haven't you left yet?
You'll be late for school.
Did you want something?
- No, it's just that l...
Take a look at your daughter!
Don't you see any difference?
- l see she'll be late for school.
Hurry up, or you'll miss
yourfirst class.
Yes, papa, l'm leaving.
You're insensitive,
you're absolutely insensitive!
She'll grow up by herself, Eliane.
Why rush it? ls there some reason?
Your daughter's already a woman,
whether you like it or not.
You're not very good!
Make way forthe expert.
l'll show you how to do it.
Grown up a bit, haven't you?
Pretty soon l'll have to start
calling you Mademoiselle Michoud.
Oh, one of your
stockings is messy, miss.
You have no permission to play outside
my shop, go on, all of you, out ofhere!
You too, go!
You come here!
Do you think l'm blind? Do you think
l didn't see you just now bending over
so he could look straight up your skirt?
- l didn't do anything!
Lies, nothing but lies!
You're nothing but a tease and l'm gonna
teach you a lesson, do you hearthat,
because l've had just about...
- Carmen!
Hear me well. Don't you
ever speak to her again!
Don't make me wait too long,
or l'll just come up and get her...
when you least expect it.
Think l'm not capable ofit?
Think l'm afraid? Of who?
You? Or your husband?
Justine, are you sleeping?
Want to join us for a moment?
l brought you some cake.
l'll leave it here for you, shall l?
Oh, l didn't say anything to yourfather
about what happened this afternoon.
So, don't worry.
Sleep well, my love.
lt is simply a question
of public order!
lf we start allowing prostitutes to be
our neighbors, this whole section will
become impossible. Am l right or not?
- l must say that you're going too far.
After all, this is the first case.
- But you are forgetting the children!
Eliane. Am l right,
or am l wrong?
l wouldn't really know, Yvonne. Whatever
the rest of you decide is fine with me.
Honestly, a signed protest to the
police? We're going to look like fools!
You needn't sign if you don't wish to.
Nobody's forcing you to.
Please don't insist we're fools
for attending to civic duty.
You say she was walking at night
along the street, almost naked?
Didn't you tell me that
you actually saw her?
l should say. Right in front of Eliane's
pharmacy! She had a marvelous pair of...
Forgive me, Eliane.
- Chocolate?
- They're not laxatives, are they?
- No, not aphrodisiacs, either.
Eliane, are you sure Justine
doesn't want to do anything...
No... no, she doesn't.
- Yes? - You know, Henri,
you're quite an expert.
l'm surprised you haven't
written a book on Art Nouveau.
Forthat matter, l don't know why he
hasn't written any books at all!
Novels, poems. A romantic play, perhaps.
l don't know exactly what first.
But he has, Silvane, he has!
Several ofthem.
And you never said a word
to us, you old rascal!
When have they come and gone?
- They were published 20 years ago.
Orwas it 21, Henri?
They were hardly bestsellers.
We have a basement full ofthem.
Why don't we give them as Christmas
presents to ourfaithful friends, Henri?
l'm sure they'd love them.
- lt was a youthful folly...
not worth mentioning.
- May l give you a hand?
- Oh, no thank you, it isn't necessary.
Oh, our charming young man!
Do you need anything?
ls there something you
need forthe pharmacy?
l've come for Justine.
My God!
lt's really no trouble! Please.
A pill for your daughter.
Remember, madame?
Oh, yes, thank you.
Thank you so much.
She has headaches.
Justine suffers from
terrible headaches.
Thank you very much.
l've made such a mess here!
l'm sorry, l've made an awful mess!
Don't botherwith that, darling!
Your shop boy is here.
Armand, take care ofthis, will you?
You'll find everything you need
in the kitchen. You know
where that is, don't you?
Of course, Professor.
l'll do it right away.
Pick up the other bit there.
lt has a funny effect, doesn't it?
Rather pleasant.
l didn't sniff enough
when l went upstairs.
lf l'd done it right...
that would have been
really something!
l knew it!
- Knew what?
- That you're a coward!
You needed the ether
to get up your courage.
l think you've got it backward.
Sometimes it's just about
peeing your pants.
Oh, sure. l'm a coward too.
So are you.
We both are.
Where are you going?
So l'm a coward, huh?
Now l'll show you.
What are you trying to do?
Don't move!
lf l wanted to torture you...
l bet you'd like it.
lf l wanted to cut you,
even kill you...
l bet you'd like that too.
You've already done that.
You can't do it twice.
Enemy attacks have been most
concentrated in the area to the south of
Omal and the Argonne region.
On the western side, armored divisions
are advancing in the direction of
the lower Siene. Several tank
divisions have been sighted at
Pont-de-l'Arche and Argino.
All panzers which attempted to cross
the river have been driven back.
Fighting has been particularly violent
around Montdidier, east of Beauval.
Our troops have been withdrawn
slightly in this area, but the enemy
has paid dearly for
the ground relinquished.
There you are. Where are they?
Just tell me where you've hidden them.
l want to know on the quick about it!
- What are you talking about?
l know he's been writing to you.
Little notes...
for your secret little meetings.
That's right, isn't it?
- That's not true!
- Oh, yes, darling!
- lt's just not true!
- Yes, l know it is!
And l want to see them now,
do you understand that?
- lt's not true! There's nothing!
- You're a liar!
You're a liar. l know all about
your dirty little affairwith Armand!
- Ask him, ask him!
- Both of you, very clever!
But l'm not a fool, do you
understand that? l'm not a fool!
And l won't be taken
for a fool, either!
Where are they?
l want to see them.
Where are they? - What?
lt's a war, remember?
l'm not a fool!
And clean up this room,
it's like a pigsty!
The offensive advance of German troops
into French territory has been...
- Am l disturbing you?
- Ah, Justine. What is it?
Sit down overthere.
You won't disturb me.
l have to tell you
something important.
Certainly, Justine. But let
me finish this. You mind?
lt's urgent!
Oh, Eliane!
What's that?
l'll be right down.
They're here, Justine!
Come along and give me some help.
- Right now?
- These pieces are absolutely fantastic!
- But, papa! - Come on!
- Please...
You finished, Paul?
- Shall l take one too?
- Yes! But be careful, Justine.
lf you drop it, l shall have a fit!
- Sir? l'll give you a hand if you like.
Fine, make yourself useful!
But be careful, it's all very fragile!
Don't worry, sir!
- l have to make sure nothing is broken.
- Excuse me...
Since you are so kind,
do me a favor, Armand.
Bring the boxes up while we open them
to check the contents. - Of course.
Sir, downstairs they want to know
if you'll take care ofthe invoice.
- Ah, yes, l'll go right down.
- Where should l put this?
Here, put it over here.
You fool!
You stupid little fool!
lt's obvious l can't
count on you for anything!
Do me a favor and get out. Don't touch
anotherthing, you clumsy little idiot!
Get out ofhere!
You're just like your mother!
Don't you dare set foot
in here again, you understand?
Don't let me see yourface!
Go to your room.
Go to your room!
The roads behind our front line are
crowded with columns ofrefugees
who are using all possible means...
lt will pass.
Apart from exposing themselves
to considerable danger,
this exodus is creating
serious congestion,
making military operations
more difficult.
Justine, open the door!
Do you hear me?
Open the door right now!
Open this door now!
Do you hear me, Justine?
You unlock this door
this minute! Justine!
Open the door!
We weren't doing anything!
l swear it!
Shut up! You think l didn't see
with my own eyes?
You're a liar and a slut,
that's what you are!
- l can't stand it! - l can't stand
your lying anymore, do you hearthat?
l've had just about enough of this!
Your lying has to stop, you hear me?
lt's been going on so long, l don't even
know when you started anymore.
lt must've been about the letters.
You remember the letters, don't you?
lt's not true, mama!
Don't you understand?
- You must go!
- But, why?
Because you've been silly, because
you've been foolish, because you planned
everything, because you gave him
too much... - No, it's not true!
Yes, it is, Armand said it,
he told me himself!
When will you stop living this lie...
- But l'm not lying!
How can l make you see?
Listen to me.
Please, listen to me!
Please, listen to me.
Listen to me, baby!
lt's all a misunderstanding, my love!
lt's all a misunderstanding, you'll see.
Now, you'll go down and you'll tell him
that he made a mistake, that's all.
And you'll tell him to leave you alone.
You hearthat? And then everything'll be
cleared up. You go and do it yourself,
sweetheart. l can't do it for you.
- Tomorrow. l'll do it tomorrow.
- No, baby, now! You go down there now.
He's waiting for you. He already knows
you're coming. l told him to wait
for you, sweetheart.
- Now?
Yes, go on, sweetie. Come on.
Everything will be fine!
You see, you're good now. We're clear?
Everything, huh? And then you'll
come to bed and you'll sleep
like a baby! You'll be fine, Justine!
Papa is listening to the music.
Afterwards, can l...
- Yes, afterwards, afterwards...
Oh, Justine! Go on, darling.
Go right ahead, darling.
l won't leave you!
lf you need me, you call me.
l'll be here.
You're my darling!
l came because...
my mother says that l...
Please, don't think bad things.
Don't come near me!
Please don't come near me!
Don't hurt me!
- Why would l hurt you?
What are you talking
about, Justine?
Why should l hurt you?
How could l?
Come on.
Good night, Henri.
Good night.
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