Scarborough (2018) Movie Script

Can I help you, love?
I made a reservation.
Mrs. Wright, yeah?
- [typing]
- Yeah.
Righto. Single person occupancy
for two nights,
breakfast included,
I requested a twin bed.
Ah, you did.
I have to warn you though.
Extra guests
do incur a surcharge.
I understand.
Hey, you might get lucky. Ha!
Oh, room 531.
Bridal suite.
Best view in the house.
See? Lucky already.
Shall I show you up?
No, thanks. I can manage.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
Well, your funeral.
Anyway, welcome to Scarborough.
I hope you enjoy your stay
at the Metropole.
What floor?
That's a coincidence.
So what room you get then?
Is it sea-facing?
Can I see it?
- [ding]
- [doors open]
[door closes]
That's not why
I brought you here.
What'd you
bring me here for then?
To talk.
What's there to talk about?
You know, us.
What this is.
Yeah, but I know what this is.
[seagulls cawing]
[winding camera]
What floor are you on?
That's a coincidence.
- [ding]
- [doors open]
Door is closing.
So what room
did you get then?
Is it sea-facing?
Can I see it?
- [ding]
- [doors open]
That's not why
I brought you here.
Why did you bring me here then?
- To talk.
- What's there to talk about?
You know, us.
What this is.
I know what this is.
What are you doing? No.
Leave it.
The state of me!
You know you can't
show anyone.
I'm not stupid.
I know. It's just...
I worry.
Why? Don't you trust me?
It's not that.
I know.
You could lose your job.
It's much more serious
than that.
If anybody says anything...
I'm not going to tell anyone.
Your secret is safe with me.
But I do own you now.
Yeah, I'm sure that weirdo
at reception suspects.
Sod him!
I'll give him something
to write home about.
Oh, yes!
- Stop it!
- [continues moaning]
- Beth!
- Ohh!
- Oh, yes!
- I'm serious.
- Shh!
- [giggles]
Promise you won't shout, hmm?
- Oh, yes!
- Stop!
- Listen, I'm serious.
- [laughing]
[laughing continues]
Oww! Oww!
- [blows]
- I'm sorry.
Are you in a huff?
Bear thinks you are.
Yeah, well, Bear's wrong.
Beth's got a lovely present
that will cheer you up.
Oh! Oh!
Isn't it me supposed
to give you a present?
My birthday's not till Sunday.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes!
Is this a joke?
Don't you like it?
That's not the point.
Where am I going to keep it?
I don't know. School?
Where? In my office?
- [chuckles]
- Sure.
The office I share
with Mr. Bentley?
The office I have tutorials in
with your classmates?
- I didn't think about that.
- No.
I'm always the one thinking.
All right. Sorry!
- You never do.
- [laughing]
I'm the one planning,
risking everything.
All right, stop it.
You're doing my head in.
I don't care what people think.
I'm not ashamed.
I'm not ashamed of you.
I'm sorry, B.
It's a lovely photo.
You can keep it in a drawer.
What would be the point?
To look at.
I'm sick of hiding.
Then don't.
Ouch! The state of me.
You know you can't show anyone.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not stupid.
I know. It's just...
I worry.
Why? You not trust me?
It's not that.
Yeah. I know you said
you'd lose your job.
It's much more serious
than that.
- If anyone said anything.
- I'm not gonna tell anyone.
Secret's safe with me.
But I do own you now.
I'm sure the weirdo
at reception suspects.
Sod him. I'll give him something
to write home about.
Stop it.
- [moans]
- Daz!
I'm serious!
Promise you won't shout.
I'm serious!
Get off!
Sorry, I...
You in a huff?
Deer thinks you are.
- Well, Deer's wrong.
- Yeah, well...
Daz's got a lovely present
to cheer you right up.
Isn't it me supposed
to get you a present?
Birthday's not till Sunday.
Close your eyes.
No, come on, close them.
And keep 'em closed.
Is this a joke?
What, you don't like it?
Daz, that's not the point!
Where am I gonna keep it?
Don't know. School?
What, in my office?
Yeah, sure.
The office I share
with Mr. Lynch?
The office I have tutorials in
with your classmates?
- I hadn't thought of that.
- No, you don't.
- Sorry.
- I'm always the one thinking.
- Right.
- The one planning.
I don't care what anyone thinks.
I'm not ashamed.
I'm not ashamed of you.
I'm sorry.
It's a lovely photo.
Look, you could just, you know,
keep it in a drawer.
What would be the point?
Well, to look at it.
I'm sick of hiding.
Well, don't.
[seagulls cawing]
Hey, start walking.
- What?
- Just get moving now.
Daz, what is it?
- Just bumped into Mr. Scott.
- What?
- Yeah, walking down the street.
- Did he see you?
Yeah, he stopped and had a chat
like we go way back.
Wanted to know
what I was doing here.
- What did you say?
- I said I was with friends,
but the look he gave...
What look, like what?
Show me!
Like... I don't know.
I was on my way out of the
newsagents, and there he was.
I right froze.
I was like, "Right, sir."
I don't know. The look he gave.
He knows.
He doesn't know.
He does. He knows.
He doesn't know. He can't!
No, he must know that I'm...
I'm only joking!
Oh, you shit!
You little shit!
Just getting back at you!
- I can't believe you did that!
- Excuse me, sir.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
You'd better run for your life!
That was not funny.
That was properly mean.
I'm gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
You fool!
What would the headmaster
be doing in Scarborough?
It's not funny!
- Yeah, it is.
- It's not funny.
- Oh, God!
- It was funny. It was.
It's right beautiful.
The sun is shining.
Sea birds are singing.
Yeah. Headmaster's on the prowl.
You're never going to believe
anything that I say ever again.
Uh, no!
- No?
- Nah.
- Never?
- Never.
What if I said that I loved you,
would you believe that?
- Don't be stupid.
- I'm not.
You are.
Well, maybe I am, but it doesn't
mean I'm lying, does it?
Can we change the subject,
Sure. Bye!
Beth! Will you come...
That's thoughtful of you.
Did you steal it?
No. It was free.
- Oh, yeah?
- I could pay though.
Why? You got money?
Yeah. Well, not here,
but yeah.
Oh, right. I see.
- Can you swing us a tenner?
- Oh, God!
Come on.
You know I'm good for it.
Go on, then.
- [thump]
- [coins jingling]
- [siren blaring]
- Oh, shit.
See? That's a big bicep,
that is.
Oh, get over yourself.
I'll go again.
I'll get bigger this time.
I'm just gonna continue...
- Yay!
- Yeah!
Get 1,000 now.
Oh, what happened?
Well, uh, next time.
I could do better
if I wanted to.
We could...
- We could...
- What about that?
- We should go.
- Go on.
- I think we bust it.
- [laughing]
What are you doing,
you daft girl?
I'm turning you
into a mummy.
So did your parents never
take you to the seaside then?
No. I wanted to go.
Seen pictures and that.
Got family in Brighton,
- Brighton?
- Yeah.
Never been down though.
We're not really close.
- I don't wanna go.
- Why not?
It's cold!
What about you?
What's your family like?
Haven't seen them for a while.
What, you don't like them?
My mum wouldn't talk to me
for a quite a long time.
I don't know.
Did she not want you
to be a teacher?
She was all right with that.
I don't know.
Families, you know.
- [seagull caws]
- [splash]
[screams, laughs]
I won. Gotcha.
[camera clicks]
[winds camera]
Why do clouds
sometimes move so fast
and sometimes
don't move at all?
I don't know.
There must be something
inside of them.
The wind?
No, that's too easy.
Must be like pressure
or atmosphere.
Why make it more complex
than it is?
Scientific gas?
It could just be the amount
of rain inside of them.
I don't know.
You're the teacher.
Art teacher.
You should take more notice
in your geography class.
Why would I listen
to Miss Robson
when I can just watch you
across the quad?
[winds camera]
- [camera clicks]
- [continues]
- Ow!
- Don't be such a girl.
Don't be such a boy!
That's the truth hat.
You spill your guts
or your fill your guts.
I really don't like seafood.
Well, better tell
the truth then.
Am I the best shag
you've ever had?
- All right.
- [chuckling]
Have... Have you...
ever shagged a student before?
No. No!
Do you love me?
I do.
What's the big joke?
You wouldn't get it.
Is it from Sam?
You've forgotten him already?
I know who he is.
You still see him?
We're in the same year.
I meant...
- I know what you meant.
- Well?
Not really.
What's that supposed to mean?
Why are you so interested?
I'm not.
Are you jealous?
Don't be ridiculous.
- Yes, you are.
- Of a 16-year-old?
Well, you're having sex
with a 16-year-old,
so why can't you be
jealous of one?
Anyway, you're the one
with a girlfriend.
You're so immature.
You all right?
Oh, God. Wow.
That was intense.
It's that seafood, isn't it?
Don't know.
- Maybe.
- Shit, I'm sorry.
Do you want to go back
to the hotel?
And I can get something
for your belly, if you like.
It's all right.
I'll go.
Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Wright?
How are you enjoying your stay
at the Metropole so far?
Oh, great.
Are you satisfied with service,
the room, etcetera?
Yes, quite happy.
- You clear about our policy?
- Sorry?
- The terms of your stay.
- Yes, yeah.
Anything you'd like
to add or mention?
No. It's all good, thanks.
There was someone
asking for you earlier.
I told him you were out.
Oh, okay, thanks.
Seemed like a nice boy.
Thumb's up.
- What for?
- Ah, come on.
No need to be bashful.
She's quite the find.
- What are you talking about?
- Your secret is safe with me.
I don't know what you mean.
I bet she's quite a handful,
your niece.
[elevator dings]
Hey, you're alive.
What the hell?
Are you mad?
What did you tell him?
He caught me sneaking past.
I had to say something.
- Shit.
- Why are you so stressed?
There's a small matter of
having to declare extra guests.
And there's probably a clause
somewhere about not accepting
teachers who are having affairs
with their pupils.
It's fine.
I said I was your nephew.
- What?
- I'm joking.
For God's sake.
My niece?
That's what he said to say.
He said if I was discreet,
we could come to an arrangement.
The guy's not right.
What exactly did you tell him?
I want you to remember
absolutely everything he said
and everything you told him.
Jesus, relax!
He's just a dirty old pervert
who wanted a grope.
You've no idea, do you,
how serious this all is.
What did you say to him?
Uh, I don't know,
that we were on a school trip.
- What?
- I'm joking!
Are you insane?
Are you insane?
- You're joking now?
- I can't help it. I'm nervous.
Tell me what he said, Beth!
All right!
I was trying to sneak past
reception without him seeing me,
and he called me back,
and he asked where I was going.
Said I'm meeting somebody
on the fifth floor.
And he said, "Who?"
I said, "None of your business."
He said it was, especially if I
was doing business on his turf.
Do you know...
Do you realize what he was...
I know what he meant.
He was proper all over me,
like all smarmy,
so just I told him
what he wanted to hear.
I told him
that it was my first time,
and I picked you up in a pub,
and you told me
to meet you at this hotel.
And then he asked how much
I was charging, so I said 50.
He said that I could get
way more
and to make sure
that you paid me upfront.
Why? What on earth
possessed you?
What do you call it
when you're pointing
at something over there,
but it's really about
is right here?
The last thing he's expecting
is a teacher and a pupil.
This can't go on.
- What do you mean?
- Us.
Which part?
All of it.
It's over.
Beth, just wait, okay?
Can't end it like this.
Can't we?
I thought that you just had.
Come on.
You know how I feel about you.
- It's just... It's complicated.
- No, it's not.
You made it complicated.
You made it weird.
We go away from everything
and everyone,
and you're still weirding out.
I know, I know.
I want to be with you.
And then I'm terrified
of what it means.
Don't go! I love you.
No, you don't. Don't say that.
It doesn't make sense.
- It does.
- So then leave her.
Be with me.
Leave school with me. I will.
I'm gonna ask you
to marry me.
When I get back.
You can't.
It's the right thing to do.
You came here knowing?
It's for the best.
I won't let you.
- You can't stop it, Beth.
- You want to bet?
I've got pictures that could be
all around school tomorrow.
Wedding off. Done.
- You wouldn't.
- Try me!
- You couldn't.
- Are you sure?
I've taken them.
Are you lost in there?
You all right?
I may look busy, but you can
still use me for sex,
if you like.
Do you...
Do you ever think
about the future?
Yeah, sure, I mean,
I wanna get me A-levels
and go to college like you.
Why do you want to do that?
Just don't want to end up
like my mum and dad.
What's wrong with that?
They can't stand each other.
Yeah, but they're still together
though, aren't they?
Yeah, but he's
a womanizing bastard,
and she hates his guts.
So why don't they split?
Don't know.
I suppose they must have
their reasons.
Yeah, but stupid ones,
if you ask me.
Like if you're that unhappy
that you'd shag someone else,
then why are you with
the person in the first place?
It's not as simple as that,
is it?
No, but it is.
It's black and white.
He's a bastard. He can
get away with it, so he does.
And he don't respect her.
I mean, how can he?
And if you don't have respect,
then, you know...
Then what's the point?
Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't...
Don't be.
[water dripping]
- I meant what I said.
- Apology accepted.
No. What I said earlier.
When I said I loved you.
Do you love me?
[dripping continues]
[dripping stops]
Do you love me?
You can't say it, can you?
- Can we talk?
- What?
We need to talk.
Isn't that what you say
to someone when you dump them?
I don't think this can work.
Funny that.
Seemed okay last night.
"Yes, Daz. More, Daz.
Never felt like this
before, Daz.
This is really difficult for me.
What? Two guys on the go.
That the problem like?
- Don't bring him into it.
- Right.
So it's okay for you
to nag me about my ex,
but I can't even bring up
your current boyfriend?
Right, I get it.
I'm sorry.
I was out of order.
I shouldn't have
said anything.
What's he like?
- Daz.
- It's a simple question.
What is he like?
- Is he like me?
- [scoffs]
- What's so funny?
- Nothing.
How old is he?
At least he'll be dead soon.
That's the least
of our problems.
What, the age or him?
The age, him, everything.
- Well, then leave him.
- It's not as simple as that.
Well, it is to me.
You don't understand.
You can't.
- Why? Because I'm a kid?
- I didn't say that.
Don't fucking patronize me.
I'm the one who chased you.
For fuck's sake!
I'm pregnant, okay?
Are you sure?
I've never skipped one before.
And you did a test?
I'm sure, okay?
[mock vomits]
I was gonna tell you.
How long has it been?
Months? Fuck's sake.
It's quite a lot to take in,
that's all.
I bet. Poor you.
Of course.
Look, I'm sorry. I mean...
- How are you?
- Don't worry.
I'm not gonna fuck up
your perfect life.
So it was the first time we...
Why didn't you tell me sooner?
What's the point?
You don't want it, do you?
That's what I thought.
I'll do, you know,
whatever you need.
I don't want anything from you.
So you've decided?
Yep. Bye-bye, baby.
How can you think like that?
It's a life inside of you.
It's not even got a heart.
It's just a... a thing.
Hey, that's my thing
and your thing.
It's gonna be incredible,
with hands and feet.
Daz, stop, please!
They will lock me up.
I will go to prison.
- For loving someone?
- Yes!
They don't care about that.
They care about the law.
I'm your teacher,
for God's sake. It's illegal.
Forget school then.
It's never taught me anyway.
We can leave, be together,
start over.
It's too late.
It won't take a genius to work
out when the baby was born
and when you made me pregnant.
Why are you smiling?
Just what you said,
"When you made me pregnant."
It sounds boss-like.
Daz, please, be serious.
Look, I love you.
I love you, and you're
gonna have my baby.
I'm not.
I'm having a termination
as soon as we get back.
You serious?
Don't I have a say in this?
It's my body.
Yeah. It's my baby.
I can't breathe in here.
[door opens]
It's simple.
We leave together.
New place, new start, new life.
- No one's gonna know.
- Where would we go?
What would we live on?
- Breast milk.
- Oh, stop it.
Oh, my God.
They're gonna be epic!
Okay, so how are you
gonna provide for me
now that I'm all knocked up?
I told you. I've got money.
My nan set me up
a SuperSaver years ago,
so now after all that growth,
we'll be good.
For how long?
- Forever.
- That's a long time, Daz.
I'll be old and wrinkly
before then,
and you'll be back
with Sam Woods.
No. Her tits are too small.
Stop it now, Daz.
This isn't a joke.
Do you know how long
we've spent together?
In each other s company?
I don't care.
I added it all up.
All those lunch hours,
that afternoon away
before this weekend?
Two-and-a-half days.
Two-and-a-half days, Daz.
That's the sum total
of our relationship.
It's the best two and a half
days of my life.
I've been with the same man
for the past 20 years.
Well, five minutes
of something wonderful
is better than a lifetime
of nothing special.
I want to go on that.
This is my favorite food.
It's like your coat.
It's like your hair.
One more. One more!
I think I missed
my last train.
The room's all paid for.
We never checked out.
Oh, you have
such a way with words.
[distant chatter]
We tried for years
to have a child.
The tests said it was him
with the problem.
I got stuck.
Just had to accept that...
motherhood was something
that happened to other women.
You're a mother now.
Did you mean
what you said before?
The baby.
Can you see yourself?
Jesus Christ!
How many times? Yes!
It's just with me,
it'd be so complicated.
I want it with you.
Your baby, my baby,
We could get married.
And what if someone
found out?
Why would they?
When I was at school,
a teacher fell in love
with one of the pupils.
It got out,
and they had to leave.
Well, did they leave together?
Yeah, they did.
So what's your point?
They won.
It can be a lonely place.
Can you imagine no one
wanting to know you?
Well, I don't want
to know them.
We'd have to leave everything.
I'm ready.
Sorry I've been such a dick.
Floss fingers.
Did I say I loved you?
I think you might have
snuck one in mid-argument,
so technically,
I'm not sure it counts.
Well, I do.
Do what?
Love you.
Aiden, I know that you like
looking at my naked body,
but can I put some clothes on
'cause I'm freezing my tits off?
Is it weird saying my name?
I could never call a teacher
by their first name.
Speaking of names, Aiden,
you still haven't told me
what your girlfriend's is.
So what do you call her?
Christie? Tina?
Bloke's name, isn't it?
Yeah, and Sam's a girl's name.
What does she look like?
Show me a picture of her.
I don't want to go there.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
You don't do pictures.
- [fireworks exploding]
- [whistling]
There's fireworks!
[bursting continues]
Your face!
Don't I get a present?
Who says you don't?
There's nothing in your bag,
and I looked everywhere else.
I didn't find anything there.
I got you a card.
- Pffft!
- [chuckles]
There might be clues in it.
Where is it?
"Ask and it shall be given.
You seek, and you shall find.
Knock, and it shall be
opened unto you. Ask."
I told you about the card.
Seek, and you found it, right?
Yeah, come in.
Where is it?
Your very first "A" from me.
Do you like it?
I proper love it.
"I don't know how.
I don't know when.
But wait and you'll see.
I will be part of your world."
It's from The Little Mermaid.
My little mermaid.
Happy birthday.
I'm starving.
I'm gonna have everything.
What are you having?
I'll have yours too.
Could I have the straight
out of bed breakfast
with black pudding
and the pancakes
with maple syrup
and a coffee, please.
Or a tea.
No, I'll have a coffee,
And for you?
I'll have a Bloody Mary.
- But make that a virgin, love.
- What?
Just play along, okay?
Just one day, right?
And then you can do
whatever you want.
Then you can
kill me unborn child!
For God's sake!
You go first.
Actually, no.
- Don't even think about it.
- Yeah, but we made a deal.
Well, this wasn't
part of it, was it?
I just don't want my kids
to end up with flipper hands.
Oh, Daz, shut up.
And it ages your skin.
I swear I'm gonna deck you!
[phone beeps]
[phone beeps]
I want the baby.
I really want it.
Beth, me too.
You have no idea
what this means to me.
Thought it was never possible.
You've just got to choose
the right woman.
It's easy with me.
I know. It's mad.
We had fertility tests
back months ago.
Couldn't even open the envelope.
- Why?
- Until you do,
there's still a chance that
things are gonna be okay, right?
Well, now you know.
This is amazing. This.
But I can't have a kid now,
all right?
Beth, listen to me,
please, listen.
Look, I want this,
I promise you.
If you have the kid now,
people are going to ask
so many questions.
I'll say it's someone else's.
Like who?
I don't know. Sam's.
And he'll just...
Did you two...
Yeah, at Mikey Parker s party.
It was before you.
But you said that...
Can't do that to someone.
I promise.
I promise we'll have a child
together, okay? Soon.
Who knows?
Maybe we'll have loads.
Let's have them freely.
With a father
who can be there.
What do you think?
I'll do it if you leave her.
- Okay.
- No more faffing.
I want you to do it proper.
I promise.
So do it.
I will.
Call her.
- Beth.
- Now.
What, do you need more time to
wriggle out of this one as well?
You meant what you said, yeah?
So do it.
You really want me to do this
in front of you?
[clears throat]
Yeah, hey, it's me.
Sorry I missed you earlier.
I didn't hear the phone.
I know.
Yeah, I know what we discussed.
Yeah, I know I promised.
I said I would do it.
I thought I could...
but I can't do it.
Sorry, Chris.
No, it's something else.
It's hard for me
to say this to you, but...
Yeah, she is.
Two months.
What would be
the best name for a dog?
I don't know. What would be
the best name for a dog?
It's not a joke. I'm actually
asking. I don't know.
What about him?
I reckon it's "Lad."
I'm a lad factory.
I was thinking, right?
I just can't wait
to start traditions.
You know, like take him places,
tell him stories about us and...
Daz, stop, please.
I can't.
I can't hear you play daddy
- Being this...
- You think I'm playing?
I want this more than you,
You have no idea
how difficult this is.
I was pregnant once.
I got rid of it
just like that.
'Cause I thought
it was what he wanted.
What are you
talking about, Beth?
I can't have this child,
no matter how much
I might want it.
I don't get you. Why can't you
just do whatever you want?
Because you're just a kid!
You don't know any better!
And you shouldn't have to.
Beth, you'll make yourself sick.
Ooh. Is that her again?
When is she gonna get it?
You've lost him. Get over it.
Don't gloat.
You got what you wanted.
Be gracious.
Well, turn your phone off
because she's ruining my day.
I want to see the show!
[distant chatter]
PUPPETEER: Just put your head
through the hole in the rope.
No, show me!
You want me to show you
how to do it?
Oh, yes.
- It's quite simple.
- Show me how to do it!
Just put your head
through there.
- Through here?
- And I will pull the rope.
- [phone beeping]
- No, not your foot.
- [beeping continues]
- That's the way to do it!
That's the way to do it!
Yeah, it's me.
[chatter continues]
AIDEN: It's me, Beth.
Chris opened the letter.
I can't have children.
How could you make up
something like that?
I wasn't gonna keep it.
That was the deal, wasn't it?
For God's sake, Beth!
This isn't a game!
This is real! This is my life!
I had to do something,
or you're never gonna leave her.
So you lied?
You lied about a baby.
And then you would've lied
when you...
How can I ever trust you, Beth?
Don't say that. Yes, you can.
I love you.
It's the only thing
that I think about,
how happy we're gonna be
The wedding that we're
gonna have, my dress.
- Everything.
- Beth...
It's gonna be in Greece.
All in white. I've decided.
Just you and me.
I've seen the place on the
television, and it's beautiful.
And we can live there together.
And the children
that we're gonna have,
I've got their names
and everything.
Beth, I can't have kids, okay?
- That's bollocks!
- Beth...
That's her, not you.
She's old.
I can give you children.
I know I can.
- Just stop.
- I'm sorry.
No, stop, okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please don't leave me.
Please! Don't leave me.
I'm sorry.
- Don't.
- No.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you go back
to the hotel?
I just need to...
- I'll come.
- No. It's fine.
I just need to...
clear my head, you know.
So I'll see you later.
- What?
- Give me the keys.
[door opens, closes]
How was it?
It was good, thanks.
Did you get some thinking done?
Yeah, I did.
What did you get?
It's a pregnancy test.
I can see that.
I'd like to be sure.
Don't you love me anymore?
There's a lot at stake here.
And I've given up a lot.
And I haven't?
Have you?
I just want there
to be any doubt,
even the slightest between us.
I know what the result will be.
I'm sure you do.
I just want to as well.
It'll test positive.
Is it Sam s?
Hello? Excuse me, love.
Excuse me, wait up.
Yes. I've had someone
staying here.
Can we deal with this later?
It's about your husband.
- My what?
- He called this morning.
Several times.
Did you tell him I was here?
Well, he asked to be
put through to you.
- I assumed...
- Yeah, of course.
He was... how shall I say...
asking about
your present company.
- Oh.
- Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
I don't know the nature of your
relationship with your guest...
What the fuck is it to you?
We'll have none of that language
here, young man!
Thing is, love, we don't want
to get involved in anything.
So why you sticking your nose
in other people's business?
We'll get our stuff, okay?
I think that would be best.
- Why is he asking...
- Come on, come on.
I didn't say nothing to him,
the little shit.
[door opens]
Why are you so upset?
I didn't tell him.
Tell him what?
It's all a mistake.
A big mistake.
What was I thinking?
He knows.
Of course he knows.
What are you talking about?
He knows what?
He knows because
I've been here before.
The same hotel.
Exact same room.
When I was at school,
I came here with Aiden.
He brought me here.
Aiden, you've got to believe me.
I didn't plan none of this.
- It just happened.
- Yeah, sure.
He doesn't mean anything.
- It's you that I want.
- Why did you sleep with him?
To get back at Saskia.
That's all.
He doesn't mean anything.
It was just sex.
How can sex not matter to you?
How can it mean
so little already?
It was just once before you.
You had her and me.
It didn't stop you loving me.
I don't know who you are.
No, please!
We're meant to be together!
- I'll die if we don't!
- Grow up.
I'm going downstairs
to settle the bill.
I'll see you outside in five.
Five minutes!
I won't wait.
So how did you find
- Full of surprises.
- Well, there you go.
First of many trips then?
It's unlikely.
Sorry to hear that.
Any particular reason?
Here's the extra.
For the guest.
Oh, that's not necessary.
I'd feel better
if you took it.
What, like things are clearer
when you pay for them?
Daz, wait, please!
- Please listen to me.
- Get off of me!
- Please let me explain.
- It's a bit late now.
I tried to tell you, I did,
in my own way!
By saying you knew a girl
at school who fucked a teacher?
I'm supposed to know
that was you?
I'm sure you're right.
I should've told you.
I just didn't know how to.
So this is
your thing then, Beth?
Teachers and pupils?
You get off on that shit?
I've only ever been with him.
Just Aiden.
Why me?
What, am I just a little fucking
science experiment to you?
No, Daz, please,
don't think that!
Don't touch me.
How old were you?
I was sixteen.
That's fucked up.
This is your train.
Aren't you coming?
I think we should
travel separately.
I'll take the next one.
I so want the baby
to be yours.
You should get on.
Tell me what to do,
and I'll do it.
I'll get rid of the baby.
You think that's what you want,
but it isn't.
- It is. I'll prove it. I will.
- Just leave it, okay?
Come on.
It's for the best.
Just get on the train, Beth.
We should go.
Look, I think we should travel
I'll, uh...
see you at school.
Go back to how we were
before-like, okay?
[warning bell ringing]
I love you.
Hi. Is that Christine?
You don't know me.
My name is Beth.
And I'm in Mr. Pott's
art class.
Sorry to disturb you
in the middle of the day,
but there's something
I think you should know.
[inaudible dialogue]
[train rolling over tracks]
I've been neglecting
All that I hold close
You are distracting me
And now I have to go
To you, your words
mean nothing
But it's my heart
that they kill
And sometimes all I can do
is look at you
And wonder
what to make of you
Don't get me wrong
I still love you
And I don't know
how I'd forget
'Cause memories are made
and they don't wanna fade
And I know if I stay,
I'll regret it
I know if I stay,
I'll regret it