Scarborough (2021) Movie Script

I need you to wake up, please.
What's happening?
We have to leave, okay?
I need you to wake up and hurry.
You're going to your dad's.
Go get your stuff.
Come on, go get your clothes.
Bing, I know you're sleepy,
but I need you to be awake
so we can be fast,
and then after
we can get some food.
What happened to your eye?
It's not safe
here anymore, okay?
So we're gonna go somewhere
where we're safe.
Is that okay?
Come here.
It's gonna be okay.
Come on, Laura.
Hurry up!
Not those, hey!
Get your clothes!
All this shit, Laura,
anything you want to keep.
It's okay.
Oh, Edna, your face is...
Is this all you're bringing?
I have to go.
I don't have very much time.
He's gonna be back soon.
Give me your hand.
Do not let go of these.
Do you understand?
Hey, Laura, Laura Lou, hey.
No crying...
No crying.
Laura, we're gonna be
like little mice, okay?
Only whispers
until we get outside.
You can start working
at the nail salon with me.
I'll teach you, no problem.
You can stay with me
until you find a place.
Thank you, Mae.
Oh, shit.
I know it's in here.
I-I just saw it,
like, this morning.
I've gotta keep things moving.
Sylvie, sweet girl.
Get mom's big fat purse.
We have to find
Johnny's health card.
Could you maybe
step to the right, or...
Can you just
give me a minute, please?
Miss, I've got
other people here waiting.
Hold on a second.
It's in here.
Found it.
There you go.
All right, here you go.
Get off of there,
you silly goose.
Fill it out
and hand it back to me
when you're done, please.
You know what you're doing?
Maybe you don't remember,
'cause it's been a while
since you been in school,
but you're going against
the hypothetical oath.
Don't look at him.
I'm not going anywhere
until I get on the phone
with my lawyer...
If you make
a call, you need to go outside.
You know what?
I'm calling my lawyer.
There are
no phone calls in here.
Now, you need to go outside!
There's a payphone!
That payphone doesn't work!
There's no phone calls in here?
You need to go, Sir!
Sir, I'm asking you nicely.
- Let's start...
- Out!
- Let's start again.
- You gotta go.
Let's start from the beginning.
You need to go!
How's your day going...
Wait, he's coming back.
He's four years old.
He doesn't say much.
And the rest of the time,
he's just humming to himself.
The other day,
I threw a ball at him
and he didn't even lift
his hands to protect his face.
It was a soft ball.
It wasn't hard.
I just know there's
something wrong.
DR.- What is it?
He's back.
DR.- What
did you tell him?
Same as I always do.
That we don't prescribe
narcotics here.
DR.- And?
Well, he's
threatening to sue us this time.
DR.- You can't
sue a walk-in clinic
for not prescribing Oxycontin.
Yeah, I know-
DR.- In Scarborough,
no less.
But he's getting aggressive
and he's threatening
to attack me, so...
DR.- Fine.
I will be out in a minute.
All right.
DR.- So, Ms. Beaudoin,
let's say something
is wrong with Johnny.
What do you achieve then?
Well, maybe we can find
the right supports for him?
DR.- It's not like
once you have a diagnosis,
that you're waving a magic wand.
It's a lot of work.
And is that really what
you want to do right now,
considering everything else
you're dealing with?
I see from your chart
that the phone number to call
is the reception desk
at the Galloway shelter.
My advice would be
to take one thing at a time.
Next year,
Johnny will be in school,
and if there is a problem,
a teacher will flag it.
I mean, right now we'll
be looking at specialists,
we'd be looking at appointments,
we'd be looking at
travelling across the city.
Can you really afford to add
that to the current challenges
that you're dealing with?
DR.- Truth is,
you know, in a couple of years,
Johnny could be fine.
I suspect he's just
a little behind right now.
I gotta go.
Can I keep the gloves, Mamma?
I would want to live in
this house because it's big.
Get my own room.
You like that house?
Get my own room.
No problem.
While you get
to sleep with Johnny.
Free chicken?
MS.- Yes, girl!
Oh, that looks amazing.
MS.- And you know
my damn cousin,
he said he can't come and fix
the freezer until next week.
What am I supposed
to do with that?
Anyhow, how is the little one?
- He's good.
- How are you, darling?
Eh, eh, whoa...
You're hiding from me!
And Miss Sylvie...
MS.- How are you?
I'm doing great.
MS.- You're doing great?
You sure?
How is school?
MS.- Mmm?
It's fine.
Oh, geez.
MS.- Anyhow, try and
eat it before it go bad, okay?
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
Thank you so much.
MS.- You're welcome.
Ooh, it looks like our
luck is turning around, girl.
- Hey, Victor!
- Hey, Sylvie, what's up?
When am I gonna
be on one of these?
Tell you what,
if I can finish these in time,
I may have a spot for you.
How does that sound?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Sounds good?
See you later, Victor.
I'll see you soon, all right?
Be good.
- Hey, Sylvie.
- Hey, Cindy.
Did she give birth yet?
Not yet, Love.
Might be Christmas puppies.
- Wow.
- Sylvie, come on.
Let's go!
Okay, see you later.
Come on.
I told you, we're in a rush.
Family residence.
It is.
They're next door
at the Idlewood Inn.
How may I help you?
Is he okay?
Oh, you know what?
I see his wife.
I'm gonna go run
and let her know.
Thank you so much.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I got a call from the hospital.
Johnathan's in there.
It's an emergency.
It's okay, he's okay.
But you gotta go.
Come on.
Let's get going.
Mr. George?
Hey, Mr. George!
Can you watch Sylvie?
Yeah, thank you!
Bye, sweet girl.
Wheel of Fortune!
Here's the start of our show.
I fucked up.
Yeah, you did.
Anak, wake up.
Wake up, wake up, come on.
Hey, I need you to
do me a favour, okay?
Can you do me a favour?
You see that?
You see it there
on the back of my neck?
Can you see it?
Anak... please.
Take it out, please.
Anak, just take it out,
It hurts...
It hurts!
Take it out, take it out!
Take it out, take it out!
I can't!
Please take it out!
It hurts so much!
- I can't!
- Just take!
I ca...
Please, Anak, ay sakit.
Where are your glasses?
That's why we put
the thing on the back
so you won't forget them.
Cuticle cutter.
Nail cutter.
Fine file.
Cuticle pusher.
Okay, Edna.
I show you everything here.
You have any question,
you ask me.
Everything organized.
I have to tell you, though,
Some people just
need a good foot scrub
and a polish.
But some people need
cosmetic surgery.
Sometimes, we have some people,
they come in,
they have a little problem,
I don't know where.
Maybe with the eyeball,
maybe with the brain.
They want to pick the colour.
Even if you know it's very ugly
and no look good,
you still tell them, "Honey,
that colour's perfect on you!"
For now, you'll do walk-ins.
But soon, you will
have repeat customers.
Don't worry.
It didn't work out with us,
'cause his mother expected me
to make chapatis and rotis
every single day.
Like, who can go to work
and make chapatis and rotis
for a family of
fuckin' 10 people?
Like seriously.
You know what I mean?
Anyways, I'm dating
somebody new now.
Sometimes people in here,
they want us to be
like a therapist.
We don't get paid enough.
So you pretend.
You sit there, you listen,
you say, "Okay, okay."
You do the nails.
You pretend, okay?
- No therapy.
- Okay.
Not here.
His mom is totally freaking out.
She doesn't know where
they're gonna live.
They still live at home.
Like, how do you have a baby?
It doesn't make any sense to me.
I have a kid too.
It's hard.
It's hard, for sure.
But you figure it out.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It sounds so scary, though.
You don't want any kids?
Uh, it's not
that I don't want them.
I'm just not ready for that yet.
Like, I'm just not...
I don't know.
I'm not done being selfish yet.
My life is so easy right now
without having to worry
about somebody else.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hello.
How was school?
You can do your homework
in the back, okay?
Is that temperature okay?
I just keep thinking
about what I was doing
when I was 21 years old.
I just don't even know.
They're gonna have to
grow up so fast.
people come in too, men.
They want to take
advantage of you.
They tell you, "Rub here.
Rub there."
No rub here.
Only nails.
You have time for a manicure?
Your hands are really shaking.
Don't be nervous.
It's all right.
I like it.
Have you worked
here a long time?
- No.
- I can tell.
Got me.
It's getting a little
personal, I think.
If this is what you
can do with my hands...
imagine what you could
do somewhere else, huh?
Anak, you didn't tell me
if you have any homework.
Are you okay?
Show me your homework, Anak.
Ms. Finnegan
asked us to create a picture
of what we wanted to be
when we grow up.
You want to be Jesus?
No, I want to be a Saint.
Anak, that's not a job.
No one pays for saintliness.
Grab your bag.
Isn't it a job to do
saintly things while alive?
It's not a job
until you're dead.
Your wife was just on the phone.
Your daughter's at
the bowling alley.
Thank you, you too.
Have a good day.
You too.
Laura, sweetie, it's Daddy.
It's Daddy.
How you doing, sweetie?
You okay?
Is this your kid?
Your wife just
left her here alone.
She's been here for...
She's not my wife.
You can't just do that!
I'm trying to run
a business here.
Why don't you get
the fuck out of my face?
You know what?
You're lucky I didn't
call the police.
Take care of her and get out!
How can you shut up?
Do not come back.
How can I get you to shut up?
What about...
crossing guards?
What about crossing guards?
They must really enjoy
their job if they're really old.
All the children love them,
and they don't really
have to work long hours,
only in the mornings
and the afternoons.
Anak, crossing guards
are volunteers.
They're old because
they're retired.
Can I be retired?
Do you even know what that is?
- Yeah.
- You do?
And you want to be retired?
You want to be a baby still.
I'm not a baby!
You're still my baby.
- Mm?
- Uh-huh.
But I'm not physically a baby.
No, but you're
still my baby... right?
But I'm not a baby.
Well, in my eyes, you are.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on Earth
as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass
against us; and lead us
not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
You're a good boy.
You're smart.
I'm sorry, Anak.
Do you have
a backpack for school?
Stand up.
Arms out.
You wanna hit me?
Okay, Mr. Mitkoswki.
You are in our catchment area,
so she can attend Rouge Hill,
but she'll most likely
start next week, though.
We just have to figure out
which grade one classroom
she'll be in.
And the next time
you bring her in,
can you please bring
her health card?
Does she have any allergies
or any other health risks
we need to know about?
She's had her immunizations?
She has.
Well, when we figure out
which classroom she'll be in,
I'll give you a call.
And this is your phone number
for during the day?
- Uh-huh, uh-huh.
- Okay.
Well, for now, while you're
waiting to hear back from us,
we do have the Ontario
Reads Literacy Centre.
It's just down the hall there.
We're gonna go home.
We're gonna go home.
Just let me know when
she's ready to go to class.
I will.
They also serve food there,
if you want to join them.
Are you hungry?
MS.- Oh, hi.
Good morning, guys.
Are you joining us today?
Actually, I don't think we are.
MS.- You're
welcome to join.
We have breakfast,
as well, for everyone.
Yeah, okay.
Build them up.
Build them up.
Build them high up.
Build them up, up,
up into the sky.
Oh my God.
Oh, thank you.
Always making a mess, huh?
I'm used to it.
When animals eat each other,
10% of the animal's energy
goes to the other animal,
and then 90%
stays in the animal.
If you go to space,
you lose all of your bone mass.
Yeah, right.
Your legs turn into jelly.
You want to see something cool?
Okay, give me your nail.
I see something.
It looks like a bug.
They're germs.
It's really cool.
While I appreciate
everyone coming to school today,
I strongly encourage
that maybe we be on time?
Can we all do that?
Sorry, Principal.
Thank you.
We'll do better tomorrow, yes?
Okay, thank you.
Good morning, young lady.
MS.- A bit of
a slow day today
since the centre
has just opened.
So, it's like
an after school program?
MS.- Uh, it's
sort of like that,
but it's actually before school,
and before lunch.
Hi, what's your name?
MS.- Alice,
it's nice to meet you.
I'm Ms. Hina.
MS.- We just need you to
fill this out when you come in.
It's just our way of letting
you know that the centre
is needed in the community,
and you can come in every day.
Any time you want.
00 am we open up.
We have snacks and breakfast.
You can bring the kids.
You can hang out.
Today's most popular activities
included the parachute...
the sand table...
Oh, no...
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!
No more water, Johnny!
Johnny, come!
Johnny, baby.
and the water table.
Oh, no!
Oh Johnny, oh, you're so wet.
MS.- I look forward
to building relationships
with everyone
in the community here.
Oh, hi.
Good morning.
Hi, my name is Ms. Hina.
We open every day at-00 am.
We make fresh coffee.
But I know it'll take some
time for them to trust me.
I want you to be
cautious about making food
the main draw for families.
We know you are located
in a low-income neighbourhood,
but there are food banks
that can help them in that way.
That's why we just provide
small portions of snacks.
The focus of
the centres is to encourage
healthy parenting and literacy.
It's not a soup kitchen.
We're trying to cultivate
the next generation
of good parents,
not just full tummies.
I know your sentiments
and I've felt them too once,
trust me.
MS.- Is everybody
having a good time?
Two, three, four,
five, six, seven.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven.
Take your time, take your time.
Watch me.
Then you just
touch it to your lip
to check if it's cool.
You see?
Do you know your mama's name?
Oh Lord,
do you know where she lives?
Well, then...
What's your name?
Let's start there.
Nice to meet you, Laura.
You had a patty before?
Taste nice?
Hey, come on, let's go.
Get your shoes.
Hold on.
Are you her mother?
Yeah, I'm her mother.
Were you even looking for her?
Yeah, I was looking for her!
Obviously I found her.
Well, you can't
just have a little girl
just run around the place.
Who the fuck
do you think you are?
Excuse me!
You're gonna take somebody's kid
and hold them in
the back of the store?
I'm gonna call
the fucking authorities.
Stay away from my kid!
I never touched your kid.
Stay away from my kid
and mind your own
fucking business.
Come on, Laura.
Hurry up.
You make me look
like an asshole.
Five little ducks
went out one day
Over the hills and far away.
Mama duck said,
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
Only four of her ducks
came back.
I've been waiting
in this fucking apartment
for three hours!
You were supposed to
be here this afternoon.
Bullshit, I've been
waiting all day for you!
Half of that money is mine.
Jimmy, don't move.
I'm coming over there.
Jimmy stay there!
I'm coming over!
That's my money and I want it!
Jimmy, it's mine!
Four little
ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away.
Mama duck said,
"Quack, quack, quack, quack."
Only three of
her ducks came back.
Da, da, da, da, da, da,
da, da, da, da, da, da!
Here you go, baby duck.
Save some for mama duck.
Uh, we got a call,
and I'm sorry,
but this is unacceptable.
No, it's just...
Who told you?
Who called you to come here?
- I'm sorry.
- Was it Carmen?
This is my business.
Like, I'll clean the place up.
I mean, the kids
were all here today.
It doesn't usually
look like this.
I'm going
to have to write this up.
And someone else will come back.
No, you can't.
You have to give me another
chance because I am my own kid.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm sorry.
We're not going to be able to
let you to continue to do this.
I'm not gonna
be able to pay rent!
Laura's not gonna
have anywhere to live.
Get out of here!
MS.- All the way up!
Who wants to go underneath?
MS.- Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go!
MS.- That was good, guys!
You were so fast.
Edna's gotta go!
She's gotta sneeze.
Hey, Laura, we need a hand.
Do you want to come?
We need more people
to hold the parachute up.
I got a spot right over here.
You see this one?
With your name on it.
Come on,
you wanna take this one?
Up, up, up...
Back down.
Up, up, up, up, up, up...
Go up, up, up, up, up.
It's pretty, huh?
Up, up, up, up, up, up, up,
up, up, ah... back down.
Up, up, high as you can,
high as you can, high as you...
Faster, faster, faster,
faster, faster, faster!
The storm is coming.
Faster, faster, faster!
Okay, what's your
favourite thing, Zach?
Reading books.
MS.- Reading books.
That's a great one.
Everybody for reading books.
MS.- What about you,
What's your favourite thing?
You don't know?
That's okay.
Sometimes I have
a really hard time
picking favourite things too
because there's so many things
to choose from, right?
- What are you drawing?
- A ducky.
Looks cute.
And he just says
random words and he goes like,
And he goes like, "Ahh!"
Oh, I forgot to make his eyes.
MS.- Hey.
Looks like Laura's
really enjoying herself.
MS.- I was gonna give you
this to take home with you.
I know lice shampoo
can be kind of expensive.
This does the trick.
We actually use it here
to make Play-Doh but we...
What kind of shampoo?
MS.- Lice shampoo
can be expensive,
but this works just as well.
You just gotta put it
in her hair for three days,
let her sleep with it on,
and pick out the nits,
wash her clothes, and...
it works just as well.
We do need her to be treated
before she can come back
to the... centre.
Let's go.
Grab your stuff,
grab your stuff.
Let's go.
We need to get out of here.
Johnny ruined my puzzle again.
Puzzles aren't permanent, eh?
That's why you
get to take them apart
and put them
back together again.
Pick that up.
Here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna give
your brother three pieces
of your puzzle, okay?
Give your brother
three pieces of the puzzle.
That way he can play over there
and you can play
with the rest over there
and I can finish what I'm doing.
Look at me.
Look at me.
He's retarded.
He's not retarded.
We don't use that word.
He just has his own
special language.
Okay, sweet girl?
I'm going to the dollar store!
Come on, Mr. George!
Hey, Victor, looking great.
Hey, Sylvie.
How you doing?
I'm going out
to the dollar store.
See you later.
All right.
MS.- What're you dressing
up as this year for Halloween?
I don't know.
MS.- You don't know?
Well, maybe you'll find it
at the dollar store.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, little Sylvie.
Mom said I can't talk to you
because you have
a puppy mill in your house.
Well, you tell your mom
at least I have a home.
See you.
See ya.
What will I buy
with my shiny dollar?
So much good things.
I can't even decide.
Mr. George,
you're a wanted man.
Put your dukes up.
Because you don't listen to me.
If I don't make a big...
I hear you when I want to.
You don't hear!
You don't hear.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's the problem,
you don't hear.
Do you have to
bitch all the time?
Oh my God!
Well, then why do I care?
Why do I care?
Don't need you.
You get outta my face.
Happy birthday, sweet girl.
This is your medicine box.
Not anymore.
You can put anything
you want in there.
I won't look in there,
your dad won't look in there,
even your brother
won't look in there.
- You promise?
- Mm-hm.
You know how I told you
that your brother
had a special language?
Well, I forgot that you
have a special language too.
I have a special language?
Like, you know when
you go like this?
You want me
to buy you something.
Or when you go like this...
That means
"No, I don't want to."
Guess what this means
in my special language.
It means I want candy.
Yeah, right.
Hey, you remember
what tomorrow is?
- The zoo?
- Yes.
Are you gonna say hi
to your real mom?
That's not true.
Yeah, it is.
It is.
I seen you in the orangutan cage
and you were so cute.
So I picked you up...
Shaved all my fur off
and made me your daughter.
And that's why you're
my little monkey.
Hit by a UFO.
Tic tac toe,
give me a high, give me a low.
Dina told me to tell you
to go to her birthday
party next weekend.
But I have to cut my hair
because it has split ends.
Three, two, one...
Ahh, you win.
You're so weird!
Why are you so fat?
What're you eating today,
disgusting rice?
Get off of our bus.
Ms. Finnegan,
something's going on back there.
MS.- Just give me
a second, okay?
Hey, guys!
Let's beat this fat kid.
Leave it!
Leave him alone!
MS.- Settle down!
MS.- Everyone
take their seats!
I will have a talk
with every single one of you
when we get back to school!
Are you okay?
What happened?
When those kids were
bullying me on the bus,
I pooped my pants.
That's okay.
That's okay, Anak.
That's okay.
It was just an accident.
Are you okay?
Did they hurt you?
They did?
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
Did you have a friend
on the bus?
- Sylvie.
- Sylvie?
She gave me her sweater.
That's nice of her.
You like Sylvie.
Sylvie's a good person.
She's your good friend.
Don't listen to them.
They were being mean.
That's not nice.
But you're nice.
You're good.
You love your fingers?
What about your eyes?
Do you love your eyes?
How about your cheeks?
Those cheeks?
I love you, Anak.
I love you, Ma.
Why can't I just
stay at Mr. George's house?
Because he's not home.
Next time I'll ask him,
like ahead, okay?
Ahead of time.
The bus!
You want a manicure?
Uh, no, thank you.
Come on, we gotta get going.
Oh, hi.
Hi, one second.
I have something for you.
This is Sylvie's.
Oh, I was wondering
where that went.
She was nice enough
to lend it to Bing.
Hi, Bing.
- You work here?
- Yeah, I do.
You wanna get a manicure?
- No.
- No?
We're actually in a rush.
I gotta get my husband
to his appointment.
- Oh.
- Come on.
Well, Sylvie can
stay here if you want.
- Really?
- Yeah, I'll watch her.
They can play.
Yeah, you wanna play?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Do you wanna stay with Bing?
- Cool, thank you.
- No problem.
- Scalpel.
- There you go.
Making an incision.
Just try to be careful, doc.
Remember what
happened last time.
I know my job.
Oh, no!
She's flat-lining!
Crash cart!
I told you to be careful!
- We've got a heartbeat.
- Thank god.
Hey, what you guys doing?
That's customer jacket.
Give me that.
This is the 10th person we lost.
- We're finished.
- Mm-hm.
On your marks, get set...
Three, two, one, go!
Oh, Anak.
Calm down.
You're cheating!
I win!
I'm gonna win one
when we get back there.
I like Blue Diamond or...
Which one is Blue Diamond?
Blue Diamond or Ocean Spray.
Blue Crush, Pinkini.
10 more minutes.
You think
you can do this, Sylvie?
- No.
- No?
Why not?
Because I'm bad.
Don't say that.
Bing, can you draw?
- Kind of.
- Kind of?
You think there's
anything else I need to do?
Like I should make this darker?
Alright, Sylvie,
you give this a try.
Just gonna shade this in,
all right?
Make sure you're looking up
every now and then,
to make sure
you're doing it right.
How's it look?
I think it looks like it.
What do you guys think?
- Mm-hm.
- You think so?
Oh no!
I won double.
Do you want to meet Star?
- Who's she?
- She's my friend.
You have to wait until one
of the white ladies come in,
so Ma won't notice,
and we can sneak out.
Smart move.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, let's go, let's go!
Where are you taking me?
- You'll see.
- Okay.
Hi, Bing.
And who's this?
Hi, I'm Sylvie.
Hi, Sylvie.
I'm Star.
Do you work at the spa, too?
Sort of.
We don't do nails.
Ooh, Bing.
Got this for you.
Thank you.
- People don't want people
to know that they come here,
so they wear those.
And if I'm lucky,
they forget them.
Right, Bing?
I also have... this.
Oh, thanks.
Oh my God.
- Woo!
- Pretty cool, huh?
Why is your hair so oily?
And why are you
wearing your backpack?
It's recess, you know?
Just leave her alone.
Come on, Clara.
Let's just play, okay?
Are you new or something?
She's from the literacy centre.
Dad says that's where
the poor kids get breakfast.
Goddammit, Claire.
My mom says you're
nothing but a snooty bitch.
I'm telling
Ms. Finnegan.
Go on, go tell her.
I'm never letting you play
with my skipping rope
ever, ever again.
I don't care.
I've got five
skipping ropes at home.
Get back here with that!
Get away from me,
snooty little brat.
Give me that skipping rope!
MS.- Well, hi, Laura.
Did you come inside
to help me tidy up?
Hey, you can come in.
How are you today?
Looks like a cool bag.
Can I see?
It is really cool.
These are some of
my favourite colours.
I love blue and pink.
And you have
a lunch bag attached.
Can I look inside?
What a beautiful lunch bag.
I bet you this lunch bag is real
good at keeping cold things cold
and hot things hot, huh?
Hey, guess what today was?
It's make your own muffin day.
While the kids were in class,
all the grown-ups learned
how to make
yummy oatmeal muffins.
We made extras.
Want one?
Daddy says you eat babies.
MS.- Do you think
I eat babies?
MS.- No, I don't
eat babies.
That's for sure.
I do love to eat
carrot cake and coffee.
It's one of my favourites.
What do you like to eat, Laura?
You don't have
a favourite snack?
Let's put this inside
of that bag, shall we?
Want to open it up for me?
What's that?
MS.- That's my hijab.
Why do you wear it?
MS.- Because it
reminds me of who I am.
Hey, do you know what this is?
It's the letter H.
All these letters,
they all make sounds.
And those sounds together,
they can make words.
And those words together,
they can make a whole story.
This one's H.
Makes a "hah" sound.
Hah, hah...
I give this to you,
promise you'll
give it back to me?
But you have to tell me
other words that start
with a "hah" sound, okay?
Pinky promise?
There you go.
All yours.
Better get outside and play
with the other kids now, huh?
Body of Christ.
That's when
you say "Amen."
Can I have some Jesus, too?
Body of Christ.
You like it?
I love it.
MS.- If you have a bottle
of water and it's finished,
what do you put it in?
MS.- Get it,
get it, get it!
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
What are you guys waiting for?
Oh, no, come on.
Where's the prize?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
There you go.
Bing's got it!
That was close, Sylvie!
You almost tricked me.
Do you want some?
Okay, come here.
Go like this.
Now move them together.
Okay, come,
lemme see both of you.
Ooh, so pretty.
Are you gonna
make your peace face?
Let me see your peace face.
So serious.
Are you gonna make your face?
You don't wanna make a face?
MS.- Are you going
to smile for the photo?
MS.- Why don't you pump
your blood for the photo?
Aw yeah, that will
look good in the photo!
So gross!
Let's see those scary
faces this time, okay?
Oh yeah, it's Halloween!
A little bit closer
this way, okay...
Happy Halloween!
Hello, Hina!
I just got your
report for today.
Halloween sounded like a hoot.
Judging by your
attendance, though,
you only had 17 children
and their caregivers/parents.
Did you have the chance
to flyer the neighbourhood
as I'd mentioned?
MS.- Hi, Laura.
Did you have a nice time
at the Halloween party today?
What you got over there?
Did you bring me back my letter?
Did you bring me back
some words too?
Can I hear them?
MS.- Great job, kiddo.
Those are such good words.
High five.
And guess what that starts with?
H-h-high five.
Good job, kiddo!
Also, I was watching
the CBC the other day
and noticed you in the crowds
at some Indian cultural event?
Was that you?
We have a right to stand
by our political opinions,
but I must caution you that
the centres pride themselves
on being no politics zones.
You can imagine how the simple
things we do every day
can make a statement.
MS.- Look what
I found, Laura.
The letter "U".
Do you know what
sound that makes?
You look so nice
in that costume.
Do you like it?
Do you want to keep it?
Why don't you keep it?
I don't know if you guys
go trick-or-treating or not,
but... you should just
hang onto it anyway!
You can wear it any time
you want, okay?
I'm gonna give you
this letter too.
You remember the deal?
Gotta come back with
more words for me, right?
Up, up, up, up, up!
MS.- You do look so nice.
He kissed me!
I'm gonna kiss you all!
I'm gonna kiss you!
Pick a number.
One, two, three.
- Pink.
- P-I-N-K.
MS.- This is
for you, Bernard.
Thank you.
What's that for?
Don't you know?
This is the year
they start testing kids
for the gifted program.
My dad says
I'm gifted in other ways.
Some people are book smart,
but I'm art smart.
That's why I'm part of
the children's choir.
Kids in the gifted program
are socially awkward,
but arts kids are
social butterflies.
No one cares.
MS.- We're going to be
talking about Venn diagrams.
Who knows what
Venn diagrams are?
A Venn diagram
is basically a thing
to compare and contrast
the two subjects.
MS.- Okay!
So we have two big
circles right here,
and then we have something
in the middle, right?
So let's take, for instance,
who knows what a herbivore is?
Can I see that letter
Ms. Finnegan gave you?
- No, it's for Ma.
- Please.
If you don't show me,
I'm gonna tell your mom
that you used that slutty
nail polish on your binder.
You can't.
Close, getting close, yeah.
I would if I had to.
A carnivore!
What about...
What other ones?
Which ones are omnivores?
Which ones eat
both meat and veg?
Well, a lot of
people are omnivores,
but it depends on your culture.
MS.- Very true.
So you have humans, right,
that are also omnivores.
Psst... Bing!
Bing, can I please see it?
And it depends on your culture.
Some are vegetarians.
Some are pescatarians, right?
So that means
they only eat fish,
and there are all
different types of diets.
So when we use Venn diagrams,
we can really use it
to compare and contrast.
So what I'd like
for you guys to do is to draw
some Venn diagrams,
and I would like for you guys
to choose two different things,
two topics,
to compare and contrast,
and show in the middle which one
is the same between the two.
What do they share in common?
I watched my dad
put his hand in the frying pan.
That's why we're alone now.
My mom says he's sick
in the head and the heart.
But it's not his fault.
He didn't want to
go to the doctor.
You're my best friend, too.
Are you really
going to a gifted program?
But it's really far away,
and I'm really scared.
Let's see the inventory.
What have we got?
Cotton balls?
White glue?
What's that...
What's that red thing?
He wears a belt thingy.
A belt?
Let's see, will that fit me?
Let me see that.
Let's see.
Let's see.
Put it on me.
Oh, he's a fancy snowman.
Fancy boy.
Build me a snowman.
A little snowman-building music?
Come on, let's get into it.
Get your mean face on.
That's not mean.
I want you to rough
and tough, huh?
A snow maniac.
You gotta put the glue first.
Oh my God.
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Are you stupid?
Is there fucking
rocks in your brain?
Did you piss yourself?
Did you fucking piss yourself?
Are you fucking kidding me?
What the fuck is this?
Oh shit.
Fuck, Jesus!
Fucking great!
Look what you made me do.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey.
You want to hit me?
Do you want to hit me?
You should hit me.
Come on, hit me.
Hit me.
Come on.
Hey, hello?
Hit me.
Come on!
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hit me!
Hit me in the face!
Hit me!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Those aren't your lights.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
MS.- Everybody,
big round of applause
for Johnny's light show!
Okay, guys,
it's clean-up time now, okay?
We have to hurry up and clean up
so we can do stories.
Put that stuff away for me?
Bing, are you setting up
for circle time?
Thank you.
How old is he?
He's four.
He's a little tiger.
You really have your hands full.
Does he speak much?
He's more of a climber.
Yeah, we can see that.
Fucking bit...
MS.- That's all right.
MS.- Hi.
I was wondering
if maybe we would be singing
some Christmas carols?
MS.- That's
a great question.
And I have some songs in mind.
Would you help me
clean this stuff up?
Thank you, I don't know
who left this one here.
MS.- Micah is
my Martian friend.
We're intergalactic pals
until the end.
And he likes to eat...
MS.- And he likes
to eat... pasta!
MS.- With a poop on top!
Micah is my Martian friend...
Big finish, folks!
Smash your guitars!
Now smash 'em!
Smash 'em!
Smash 'em!
Good job, everyone.
Did you guys like
your Christmas song?
MS.- Hey, everyone?
I just put some leftover food
in these boxes up here.
Feel free to grab
a box if you want.
It's just gonna go to waste
if it stays here, so...
MS.- Yeah, exactly.
MS.- Bye, love.
See you guys later.
I'll see you later, Bing.
Oh, I'm gonna miss this face.
I'll see you soon, next year.
I'll see you then.
It seems so far away,
doesn't it?
Bye, Ms. Hina.
Thank you so much.
MS.- Oh, bye, Edna.
Take care.
You make that food.
MS.- Thanks for everything.
Yeah, thank you!
I will make that recipe.
Thank you!
Bye, guys.
MS.- Hi, Laura.
Are you excited
for the holidays?
I know, it stopped snowing.
I don't know what the weather's
gonna do anymore.
My letter?
You remembered.
Did you come up
with any words for me?
MS.- Yes!
That's a great word, Laura.
I'm so proud of you.
Do you know what this letter is?
It's a "G".
It makes a "guh" sound.
Do you know any words
that start with a "guh" sound?
MS.- You remember
all these letters?
What if you put all
those sounds together?
MS.- Yes!
Laura, you just read
your first word!
Laura, is it okay
if I give you a hug?
What are you
doing to my daughter?
MS.- Um...
Laura just read her first word.
I'm so proud of her.
MS.- Hug.
She, um...
She said the word "hug."
Uh, there's a box of food still.
You guys should take it home.
It's just gonna go bad if we...
I don't want your food box,
and I don't want
you touching my kid.
- Hello, guys.
- Hello, how are you?
Good, how are you doing?
- Very, very good.
- Good.
How's the evening going?
Good, you?
Okay, you know what?
I brought gifts for you.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
Merry Christmas, Miss Carlene.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you.
What have you been up to?
I was watching
some scary movies tonight.
Aw, you know
I don't like scary movies.
You like scary movies?
I was watching Scream.
One or two or three?
Which one?
All three.
- Back-to-back?
- Back-to-back.
Wow, you are good.
I can't do that.
It was really, really scary.
Come in!
- Hello?
- Hello.
- How is everyone doing?
- Good.
I came bringing gifts.
- Ooh!
- For you.
Sylvie, how are you?
What are you doing?
Oh, just...
I'm making you.
Let me see me.
Me, I gotta see this.
You see this?
- She's gifted.
- Wow.
I love this.
I love this.
I have something for you,
Miss Dr. Sylvie.
Ooh, lucky.
- Thank you!
- Yeah, you're welcome.
Wow, that's a big hug.
Thank you.
I love it.
I want another one.
I want another one.
In Scarlet Town,
where I was born
there was a fair maid dwelling.
Made every youth
cry well away...
Hey, Sylvie.
Look's like you're
gonna be A-okay, sir.
Is that so?
Yep, all you
do is need your meds.
That's what they tell me.
When I get better,
you wanna go to the tracks
with me again?
And slowly she came nigh him
And all she said...
We have doubles, deconstructed.
MS.- Melvin,
what is this?
Doubles, de constructed?
Melvin, I sent you in the back
to make doubles,
the traditional way.
What is this?
W-what is this?
The chana 'round the doubles
looking like goat shit!
It's presentation!
MS.- Presentation?
MS.- Melvin, go in the
back there and bring me doubles,
the traditional way.
Two doubles together
with the chana in between.
I don't want no chana business.
Round the table.
This is avant garde.
MS.- Avant garde, my ass.
Go in back there and bring
doubles for me, please.
And where's the rest
of the people's orders?
Make us some
and come back with...
Damn stupidness.
That's what you sent him
to school to do?
Huh, huh?
It's avant garde, Auntie.
MS.- Avant garde?
Avant garde?
Damn stupidness.
He still have
an interest in local cuisine.
He just want to ensure
that he diversify
so that he can get
all the populations.
Toronto's a very diverse place.
MS.- I thought
I put up a closed sign.
The place closed.
I have a closed sign up.
MS.- May I help you?
Yeah, do you guys have any food?
MS.- Yeah,
but we are closed today.
The sign is up.
I see people right there.
MS.- I know,
but it's my family dinner.
It's Christmas.
I'm having my family over.
We are having
our Christmas dinner.
Just I know that
you give out food sometimes
in the neighbourhood.
MS.- Yes, I do, I do.
But not today.
So, I forgot that...
MS.- What?
It's Christmas, I...
MS.- You forgot
that it's Christmas?
And I have a daughter,
and we don't have any dinner.
MS.- I'm sorry
to hear that.
I thought everything
was gonna be open.
MS.- Mm-hm.
But the corner store
down there is open.
You'll be able to
get something down there.
But I don't have any money.
I don't have any money, alright?
MS.- Okay, alright.
My daughter is starving.
MS.- I'm sorry.
Here, that's all I have.
What is this?
What am I gonna do?
MS.- I don't know, you...
A bag of chips from
a vending machine 'n shit?
MS.- Excuse me?
I need you to give me
some fucking food, please.
MS.- Listen to me.
Listen to me,
and listen to me very well.
I am closed today.
I'm not the reason
why your child is hungry.
I'm not the reason why your
child don't have any food today.
We're closed.
Hold on.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, you don't have
to be a bitch about it!
Clara, stop
staring at the window.
Then why do we leave
the curtains open all the time?
Well, that's
so everyone else can look in.
It's good for the neighbourhood
to see what a proper
house looks like.
MS.- Get your
foot out of the door.
Get your filthy foot
out of the door!
Fuck you and your
fucking, dirty food.
It's fucking rotten, you bitch.
Fuck you!
I'm not going any further.
Honestly, you have to pee here?
You peed here a million times.
Hey, Cindy.
Look, right here.
Right here.
I don't want to
be here right now.
Come on.
Hey, Suresh.
Hey, buddy.
How's it going?
It's goin' good.
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm good.
When are you gonna be
putting me in that mural?
Um, I don't know.
I guess you'll see
when I finish.
We'll see.
Hey, put that down.
- This?
- Yeah, I can see you.
Fuck you.
I'm looking at it, man.
Just put that
shit down and get out.
How much is this?
You're not really
looking for stuff, man.
How much for that?
All right.
I'll take a hundred
of these, please.
Man, put it down.
Get out.
Get the fuck out.
You guys have beer?
No, we don't have beer.
Beer Store is next door.
Do you speak English?
Yeah, I speak English.
Get the fuck out.
Beer Store's closed,
fucking Paki.
Bro, don't do that.
He told you to leave,
so just leave, man.
What'd you say?
I don't want no problems, bro.
Put it down.
Get out.
What did he say to you?
None of your business.
Get the fuck out.
What did you say to him, man?
- I didn't say anything.
- What'd you say?
Get out.
Put that shit down.
I can see it in your jacket.
What'd you tell him, man?
Bro, why don't you just leave?
Man, fuck you!
Who the fuck are you?
- Get the fuck out.
- Man, fuck both of you!
- Whoa.
- Fuck your shit.
What are you looking at?
I don't want any problems, bro.
Hey, get the fuck out.
Fuck you, Paki.
Fuck your food.
Fuck your food.
- Get the fuck out.
- Fuck your food.
I don't want any problems, man.
I'm just trying to get home.
Why are you
starting problems, then?
I'm just trying
to get home, man.
I'm gonna fucking
crack your skull right now.
Gonna fucking kill you, bitch.
I don't want problems, bro!
Run fast like
you're fucking good at it!
That's what you're
good at, bitch!
Run fuck... there you go.
Fucking run, bitch!
Did you see that?
The spirit
of the Lord is upon me
because he has anointed me
to create good things
through him...
Fuck you!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
What the fuck?
Holy fuck...
But how would the three
wise men know that Baby Jesus
is the king?
Well, you know,
the thing is about faith, Anak,
is that you just
have to have faith.
Sometimes it's just a mystery.
Maybe an angel
visited them, or...
And then we never know.
And sometimes...
MS.- Hey, guys.
MS.- Is there anything you
guys want to talk about with me?
Anything that you're feeling
or any questions
you have about what's happening?
Well, it could have
been me instead of her.
She was too little to die.
MS.- You're right, Sylvie.
She was too little to die,
and it's not fair, is it?
I don't know why
these things happen.
I don't know why we have to say
goodbye to people that we love.
It's okay to feel sad about it.
Sometimes people leave.
Sometimes we have
to lose people,
but we still have
those really...
those really great
moments, right?
We have to remember that
we were lucky that we got them
even for a little while.
What was your favourite game
you played with Laura?
Do you remember?
Um, when we were
playing in the sand pit
and pretended
the sand was sugar.
We named the game Sugar Village.
And it was illegal to not
have sugar on your food.
MS.- It was illegal
to not have sugar?
MS.- What about you,
That's okay, honey.
I found these letters.
The last time I was with Laura,
I was sitting right over there,
and she read her first word.
MS.- Yeah.
She was so happy.
She danced when she read it.
I was thinking maybe...
maybe if each one of us
got to keep a letter...
then any time you think about
Laura and if you miss her...
you can just send her a big hug.
Aniin, my name is Elder Fay.
Aniin is the way that we say
"Hello" in the Ojibwe language.
Can we all say,
Very good.
Today I've come here
to be your mom.
I've come here
to be your auntie.
I've come here
to be your grandmother.
We've lost our friend, Laura.
I can see some of you
are sad, and it's okay.
We can be sad.
You've all lost a friend.
A very beautiful girl.
Creator has called
her back home.
And now she is going
to be walking with Creator.
Tobacco is one of the four
medicines that we use.
We use our tobacco when we pray.
We hold it in our left hand,
and we say our prayers.
When we are done our prayer,
we're going to offer
that tobacco to that fire.
And those prayers are going
to go up to that spirit world.
And she's going
to receive all those prayers
and all those memories
that you're sharing.
So can we close
our eyes for a moment?
Think of happy thoughts.
Think of those memories
that you shared with Laura
while she was with us.
Ah, Miigwech.
I was afraid I'd missed you.
MS.- I'm sorry.
Uh, we're just closing up
for the day.
Oh, it's me, Jane.
MS.- Jane, hi.
Uh, I was just about
to get out of here.
Do you have a couple moments?
I just got your email.
MS.- Right.
So you got the email,
so you know what happened?
Yes, exactly.
MS.- Jane, this is not
a great time right now.
Just feeling pretty
exhausted, you know?
Just a long day of kids crying,
you know, and...
the adults crying.
Just everybody's...
I can only imagine.
MS.- I mean,
you wouldn't have to imagine.
Excuse me?
MS.- You wouldn't
have to imagine, Jane,
if you'd just been there
today for the ceremony.
The ceremony?
MS.- For Laura.
It was in that email.
Oh, well,
I'm here about your request
for time off on Monday.
MS.- For the funeral?
I can tell by the way
you're looking at me
that you must think
I'm a monster.
I just wanted
to quickly check in,
make sure we're
on the same page.
MS.- Thank you
for checking in.
I need to go and pick up
my daughter from school now.
Hina, I'm going to tell you
something my manager told me
when I was fresh
out of my Master's.
Now, it hurt then to hear,
but I needed to hear it.
Community members
are always in need.
And it can be hard to
draw the line with them.
But for the sake
of your own self-care,
you need to keep personal
lives out of the picture.
Now, our focus here is family
literacy, not social work.
Now, I know there
are grey areas,
and I appreciate the love
that you put into the centre.
But if we don't draw a line,
our hearts can be hurt
a million times over.
Now, if you need
some skills building
or whatever to support you,
we can chat any time.
MS.- Wow.
Any time?
Any time.
Any time at all.
So Monday instead,
I'd like to propose some
strategies for self-care.
I'll be making...
MS.- You want
to meet on Monday...
Instead of me
going to the funeral,
you want to strategize with me?
This is what you
came here to tell me?
Hina, I know this has been
a very, very sad time.
MS.- Yes, it's been
a very difficult time.
There's a child that died
in a house fire, Jane.
I-I know.
MS.- There are people
in our community that have
brushed shoulders
with her family once, twice,
that are showing more
emotion than you are.
I'm not sure what
the disconnection is with you,
but I am deeply
saddened by this.
This has been a tragic loss.
Absolutely, yes.
MS.- And I have every right
to feel this way, Jane.
I certainly have every right
to ask for a day off
to attend her funeral.
Oh, I know.
I couldn't believe it either.
When I saw it on the news,
I was shocked.
MS.- Laura was more than
just a news item to me, Jane.
I wasn't shocked.
I was hurt.
We failed her.
You do understand that, right?
And you showing up here
and asking me to feel nothing...
you are continuing to fail her.
If we write
our names in concrete,
a hundred years from now,
people will know who we are.
Someone's coming!
No, no, no.
No, thank you.
That is not what...
Don't touch him.
Marie, I'm not touching him.
I'm trying to get him
to help clean up.
Just like everybody else.
Don't ever touch him again.
He's wildly undisciplined.
And he needs to be taught
how help out and clean up.
MS.- Everything okay?
Everything is fine.
We're just trying to
do a little parenting.
MS.- Fern, I don't
think this is your place.
If everyone just
minded their own business
while stuff like this happened,
what kind of state
would the world be in?
Can you get him down?
MS.- Fern, I don't think...
Why don't you
come with me, and we'll...
Don't touch him.
There's a whole lot of
touching happening, isn't there?
MS.- This is
not your place.
Look at what he's doing.
I'm trying to get him to...
His name is Johnny,
and he's not like other kids.
He can't help it.
Maybe you could help it, if...
Who could've seen that coming?
MS.- Bye.
See you later.
Bye, see you later.
Hey, how's it going?
MS.- I was wondering if
you wanted to maybe have a chat
about Johnny now that
it's a little quieter here?
I think that obviously
I just thought we could talk
if you're open to it.
MS.- How's your arm?
It's okay.
It looks worse than it is.
MS.- Ah, yeah, tough mama.
Marie, I've noticed
that Johnny seems to be
struggling to express
himself sometimes.
He's finding it
challenging to...
to tell us what he wants, and...
I wish that I knew
how to help him better.
I-I just...
Marie, I'm no expert.
I took him to the walk-in clinic
and the guy didn't
want to assess him.
MS.- Right.
It's so complicated.
They don't do assessments
at the walk-in.
They should have told you.
You actually...
you need a family doctor
to be able to get
the assessment,
and then the referral.
I don't have a family doctor.
MS.- Okay.
So let's figure that out first.
I have a friend of mine
that works at East York General.
I'm sure if I called her,
she'd be open to seeing Johnny.
I don't even know
when I'd have time to go there.
I have to pick up
the kids from school,
and then I have to get them
home and cook them dinner,
and then put them in bed.
And then I have to get...
MS.- Marie, I'll take you.
I'd be happy to.
Look, Marie, I can't imagine
how challenging it must be to...
take all of this on.
He's my son.
MS.- I know.
And I see how much you love him.
And so it's okay, Marie.
You're doing a great job.
And you don't need to have
all of the answers right now.
We can take
the first step together.
MS.- Okay.
Ever since he was born,
I just knew that
there was something
different about Johnny.
I know that there's a way
to communicate with him.
Like, he has his own
special language;
I just don't know what it is.
How does he try and talk to you?
Boing, boing,
boing, boing, boing, boing.
He doesn't pay attention to us.
Like, he does his own thing.
You just have to
keep an eye on him.
Like, you have to
watch him constantly.
Like, you can't take
your eyes off him.
You have to, like,
lock cupboards.
We have to make sure
that everything's put away.
If you leave something out,
he'll find it.
Johnny has taken markers
and written all over everything.
His worst case scenario,
he has rubbed his poop
all over the place,
and then I have to
clean it up, and...
he runs all over the place
when we're at
the literacy centre.
He'll go to one thing
and then he'll play with it
for a little bit,
and then he'll go
to something else.
And then he always goes
back to the light switch,
and he turns it on and off
and on and off.
And then you take
him away from there,
and then he goes back.
He'll keep going back
to the same thing.
And if you take
him away from it,
he gets super frustrated.
See what I mean?
What are you looking at, Johnny?
You looking at
the leaves out there?
Yeah, there's lots, hey?
It does appear
that Johnny is displaying
autistic disorder.
And he's operating at
about a 12-month capacity.
So this could mean
that Johnny may never
speak in full sentences.
We can look at some services;
we can improve
his communication,
but he will not communicate
like his peers
or like other children his age.
That means that Johnny
might always need
supports in his life.
So Johnny may never be
independent with his toileting.
He might always
need personal care.
He might never
live independently.
And he might always require
somebody there for him.
So it's something
to think about,
maybe long-term planning
for yourself as you age,
and who will look after Johnny.
As you do get older,
or when you do pass away,
who will be there
to look after him?
My receptionist
is going to provide you
some resources at the front.
I will warn you,
they're not easy to get to.
And they can be quite
far apart from each other.
And each specialist, we have
a limited number of sessions
you can have with
each of them, okay?
A lot of these services
will be done in the home,
but I understand
your housing situation
is a bit unstable at the moment.
It's a lot to take in,
hearing the word, "autism."
But having a diagnosis
is actually a good thing.
Green, here.
You have red and green.
The red one fell.
What these specialists will do
is they'll observe
Johnny's behaviours
and give him some skills,
and teach him
how to communicate better
so that he's not engaging
in some of the behaviours,
such as screaming and biting.
Once he can learn
to communicate,
those behaviours
should reduce, okay?
So these specialists are going
to teach Johnny some skills,
and you'll start
to see some progress.
MS.- Johnny?
You like Bing's painting,
Look, apple.
I don't know if
this is gonna work.
Have faith.
It will work.
MS.- It's just
gonna take some time.
What about...
Michael Jackson?
Bing, everybody
does Michael Jackson.
What about Frank Sinatra?
Bing, you're singing
for a bunch of kids,
not for old folks.
Why are you doubting yourself?
Because I'm a boy
doing a girl song.
Come here.
Can you stand up?
It doesn't matter
if you're a girl or a boy.
You can be as big and cool
as you want in your new outfit.
What do you think
about this fabric?
That's good.
I should make one for myself.
What do you think?
BING &- Yeah.
It's gonna look so good on you.
Oh, these look great!
I'm glad you like it.
- Thank you.
- You are so welcome.
I come here because
I care about you.
I care about all of you.
I really hope that they're
treating you well here.
And I hope that there's
other clients who tip.
I have two hands,
The left and the right.
This is the right.
Hold them up high.
So clean and bright.
Johnny, look!
Look at my hands.
Look at Edna's hands.
You don't want to look?
Can you clap?
Clap them softly,
one, two, three.
Yeah, that's good.
You can go deep around
the thigh muscle there.
- Here?
- Oh, yeah.
That's really good.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's nice.
I like it deep.
Thank you.
- That's okay?
- Yeah, oh...
Yeah, you're good at this.
Johnny, apple.
What do you rub that in for?
So it doesn't hurt too much.
It won't hurt.
I'll be fine.
"Cam came from a promise,
"that monsters do not
belong under beds.
"And ladders sometimes
feel like mountains,"
"especially when you're
learning to climb them"
"for the first time."
Do you love your eyes?
What your cheeks?
Those cheeks.
So cute.
What about your ears?
And your fingers.
Your raisin-y fingers.
I love you, Anak.
I love you, Ma.
Johnny, apple.
Oh, the snorkel masks.
Yeah, the snorkel masks.
MS.- Yeah.
MS.- Oh, it takes practice.
You have to be able to practice
so you don't get
the water in the tube.
Yeah, no, I...
I have these greens here
to represent the land.
For example, like,
sea turtles and stuff.
MS.- So have you decided
what you're gonna be doing
for the talent show yet?
These really awesome moves
that I just love doing
from this game I saw.
MS.- Oh, yeah?
It's this game
called Mortal Kombat.
And they have these awesome,
all these strikes, and all that.
It's great.
MS.- Cool.
MS.- That's great.
It's like a bunch
of these martial arts.
And it's really cool,
and then people kind of...
And they're, like, they're doing
all these super cool moves.
MS.- Oh, that's cool.
Like kicking.
MS.- That sounds like fun.
All sorts of awesome stuff.
I was gonna try and perfect it.
MS.- That's good.
I just think it's the most
beautiful thing in the world
when you get to see
the combination of the colours.
MS.- Give me
one second, okay?
It worked!
You want a cracker?
Cracker, kiddo, cracker!
Is that what you wanted?
You wanted a cracker!
That's a cracker, a cracker!
MS.- Oh, lift the chair.
MS.- Yeah, you did
such a good job.
MS.- Oh my God, kiddo.
Good job.
You did it, Marie.
There are three words
that my brother understands
in his special language,
"Apple," "milk," and "gently."
And my mother repeats
the same three words
each time he gets it,
"Great job, Johnny,"
and "You're a genius."
I have three hours where
my dad could smile pain-free,
followed by three hours
for his nap.
At least 20 times a day,
my mama says I need to calm down
and to be good.
I had two best friends.
Minus one equals one alive,
and one broken heart.
Divided by Heaven and Earth.
But thanks
to the words in this poem,
we could remember her
for an infinite number of years,
and infinite number of moments
in a single solitary heartbeat.
Thank you.
MS.- What a wonderful poem.
Give it up again for Sylvie,
26, 28, 32, 34...
That's not going to be enough.
Do you have anything
to pawn or sell maybe?
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
- Bing!
- You made it.
Of course.
What is that?
It's a karaoke machine.
It's what you're
gonna use to sing.
How are you feeling?
- Good.
- You're good?
Where are all your bracelets?
Listen, you need to relax.
MS.- Everybody,
give it up for that amazing
energetic performance.
Is everybody having a good time?
Are we ready for more show?
MS.- Wonderful.
I'm so excited...
You're doing okay?
I'm scared.
You know...
you remind me of
your Tito Ferdie.
He was brave, like you.
I knew he was different
when we played together.
He even had a boyfriend,
or a girlfriend.
I'm not actually sure
what you would call him.
Remember when Tito Ferdie died?
At the funeral, Tito Ferdie's
friend was there, and...
he cried, and he cried,
and he cried.
We all pretended
like he wasn't there.
I wish I was brave like you,
so I could tell him I cared.
That I could see him,
like I see you.
I'm so proud of you, Anak.
You're the bravest
person I know.
You make me brave,
because I get scared a lot too.
MS.- Welcome to the stage,
even though we are very
sad that Bernard is going
to a new school next year,
we are so excited to see
his performance tonight.
Can I get a huge...
Good luck.
MS.- ...round of
applause for Bing!
You got this.
Hey yeah, huh
Ooh yeah, uh huh, yeah
I wanna dance.
Clock strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away
I've done alright up 'til now
It's the light of day
that shows me how
And when the night falls
My loneliness calls
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel
the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance
with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance
with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Somebody who, somebody who
Somebody who loves me
Somebody who, somebody who
To hold me in his arms, oh
I need a man
who'll take a chance
On a love that burns
hot enough to last
So when the night falls
My lonely heart calls
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance
with somebody
With somebody who loves me