Scared Stiff (1953) Movie Script

Oh, hey! Hello, honey.
- Am I going to see you later?
- You certainly are.
Wait. You can't go out there like that.
- Pierre?
- Yes?
The Big Boy wants to see you.
- But...
- Now.
- I'll get my hat and coat.
- You won't need them.
Come on, get in here quick.
- Boy, it's sure raining cats and dogs.
- Oh, it sure is, Pop.
There you are, Pop.
Find a home for them.
- Brother and sister.
- Brother and sister?
- Hello, honey.
- Hi, Rosie.
Oh, Larry, I'm just an average girl.
Honey, if you're an average girl,
I've been going out with boys.
Oh, Larry.
- Am I going to see you later?
- You certainly are.
I know a wonderful place
for just the two of us.
Yeah, where?
In a telephone booth.
Remind me to bring along
plenty of dimes, huh?
You're on, Mr. Todd.
So here he is, ladies and gentlemen,
that clown prince of song,
the one and only Larry Todd.
I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I'm
with my baby
Well, it's no fun with the sun around
But I get going when the sun goes down
And I
meet my baby
That's when we kiss and kiss and kiss
And then we kiss some more
Who cares how many times we kiss?
Well, at a time like this
who keeps score?
Well, I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I'm with my baby
I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
When I'm
- I'm living it up
...with my baby
Well, it's no fun with the sun around
But I get going when the sun goes down
And I
I want you to meet
Meet my baby
That's when we kiss and kiss and kiss
Then we kiss some more
Who cares how many times we kiss?
Well, at a time like this
who keeps score?
I don't care if the sun don't shine
I get my loving in the evening time
- When I'm with my baby
- I'm with my baby
Pretty baby of mine
Where is Pierre?
All of his tables are full,
and there is no Pierre to wait on them.
Please don't get excited.
Pierre has been here,
then Pierre disappeared.
- But I arrange everything.
- How?
I sent Myron
to take care of Pierre's tables.
- Myron? Myron the busboy?
- Yes.
- You put a busboy on Pierre's tables?
- Yes.
Where is he?
He just went out
with an order of spaghetti.
Oh, no.
In my estimation
I had to call
'cause you've got so much on the ball
You hit the spot
Like the first embrace
when the knot is tied
Well, you hit the spot
Like a pipe and slippers by a fireside
Matter of factly, don't know exactly
what it is that you've got
But you hit the spot
You hit the spot
Like a balmy breeze on a night in May
You hit the spot
Like a cool mint julep on a summery day
You hit a new high
In my estimation
I had to fall
You, busboy!
I'm sorry, sir, but you know I'm nervous.
I could have spilled everything all...
Oh, shut up.
I'll get something to clean it up
right away, and don't you do a thing.
Oh, there you are. He's gonna get
something to clean you up right away.
I'm awfully sorry, sir, but I'm nervous,
and the man yelled
when I served the spaghetti.
- I'm not too well, anyhow.
- Hey!
Hey, hey! I'm not bothering you, am I?
Oh, no, sir. I'm just trying
to get this straightened out.
You don't mind if I finish my number,
do you?
- Oh, is the show on?
- No. I'm waiting for a bus.
Well, you're in the wrong place, buddy.
It's about three blocks down...
Oh, get out of here.
Let me finish my number.
You know what? I'll get that, lady.
- Oh, get out of here.
- Lady, the show is on, lady. I'll get this.
Just hold still.
You idiot!
- Who do you think you're pushing?
- Get away from me!
- I'm going to get the manager!
- I want the manager!
- I want the manager!
- Oh, yeah? The show is on air!
I was bringing the spaghetti,
and I fell down, that's all.
It seems you like to get laughs
around here.
- Oh, no, this wasn't... Laughs?
- Yeah.
Oh, sure.
Well, how would you like to get
a few laughs with me on the floor?
- What would I do there?
- I'll show you.
- What about this?
- I'll clean you up later.
- Now, you ready?
- Yeah, what do we do?
Well, we'll do a very dramatic scene
where you play the debonair, suave...
- Oh, I'm a debonair slob.
- No, suave, S-L-O-B. Suave.
Now what we need is a girl. Rosie?
Myron, this is Rosie. Rosie, Myron.
All right, easy, easy.
Down, boy.
Hey, you want me to walk you around
for an hour?
No, I'll be all right.
All right. Now you take her in your arms
and you kiss her.
- How do you feel about that?
- Oh, I like it. I like it.
I thought so. I knew you would.
No, wait. No, wait for the cue!
When I say "ready," then you kiss her.
Wait for the cue.
All right, now you get set now. When
I say... Easy, not yet. When I tell you!
I'm anxious. I'm all excited.
Okay, now I'm the husband,
you're the lover and this is my wife.
I come home unexpectedly,
and I find you kissing her, all right?
Not yet. Wait till I say "go." All right?
My best friend kissing my best wife...
My wife.
Well, no...
- Save him! Oh, save him!
- Wait, wait, wait!
- What's the matter?
- This is a good part you gave me.
- You don't like it?
- No, I don't like it.
- What part would you like?
- Your part.
- Oh, you want to be the husband?
- Yeah.
- All right, I'll be the lover.
- Right.
All right, now we'll pick up
right where we left off.
No, you've already hit me.
I'm down here. See?
- Did I hurt you?
- No.
- No.
- I get up and I say,
- boy, you got a lot of nerve.
- No!
- Oh, no!
- Wait, wait, wait!
- All right.
- Wait!
- What in the...
- I don't like that part, either.
Well, there's only one part left,
and that's Rosie's.
- I'll take it.
- All right, you be Rosie,
Rosie will be Myron,
and I'll be the husband.
And we'll pick up right where we left off.
See? I get up and I say,
Myron, we shouldn't fight like this.
We've been friends too long.
- You're right, Larry.
- And besides, it's all her fault.
No, no, no, wait!
Wait, wait, wait!
Come on, Myron.
- He's just a troublemaker, anyhow.
- You're right, Larry.
I don't know what I'm going
to do with you, Myron.
You don't know? You've already done it.
Oh, look, Myron, we've been friends
a lot of years, ever since we were kids.
You made a fool out of me, Larry,
and I'm hurt.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
I like you. We're buddies, aren't we?
I'm your chum
I forgot. You're my chum.
I'm your friend
Through thin and through thick
I'm your pal
That's right, you're my pal
Till you die
- Already I'm sick.
- Which reminds me.
When you were sick
remember how I nursed you?
Stayed by your side
and wouldn't go away
But what have you done for me lately?
What did you do for me today?
Today? Every day, everywhere I go,
I find something for you.
And every time you let me down.
Now, take tonight.
I get you a job as a busboy,
and what are you doing?
- You're waiting on tables.
- Well, they told me to do that, Larry.
I was taking Pierre's place.
- And where was Pierre?
- Oh, he got in trouble.
He was kissing one of the girls
in the show.
That shouldn't get him in trouble.
I kiss some of the girls in the show.
Yeah, but he picked the wrong one.
This one happened to belong
to the Big Boy.
- You mean Shorty?
- Yeah. Could you imagine?
Of all the girls in the line, he gotta pick
Shorty's girl to play around with.
They were dancing
in a telephone booth,
and one of Shorty's men saw them.
- Telephone booth?
- Yeah.
What a dope. What happened to him?
I don't know. A couple of Shorty's men
came over and took him away.
- They took him away?
- Yeah.
- Which girl was it?
- This one.
Oh, no!
- Why, what's the matter, sweetie?
- Nothing. Nothing at all.
Excuse me.
So what's the matter with him?
I just told him about you and Pierre.
Oh, you did, did you?
You better get out of here
before Shorty finds out about Larry, too.
Yeah? Well, it's too late,
'cause he found out already.
- He did?
- Yeah, he did.
Oh, I'd better answer that.
It might be a phone call.
Hello? Hello?
I want to talk to Larry Todd.
He isn't in.
Well, tell him to get over to my hotel
as soon as he gets off.
- I wanna have a little talk with him.
- Who's this?
It's Shorty.
Shorty. Yeah.
Yeah. I...
I'll tell him. Sure, Shorty.
- As soon as he comes in.
- I'll be expecting him.
Mr. Todd will be with us very soon.
Yeah, but not for very long.
- Oh, poor Larry.
- Hey!
Why don't you go talk to Shorty?
Larry's always doing things for you.
Now is your chance to pay him back.
You're right. Larry's always been
like a big brother to me,
and I'm always messing him up.
Say, this would be my big chance
to even the score, huh?
I'll do it.
That's a boy.
Don't tell Shorty.
Shorty. Shorty!
Down for eight.
There they go again.
Hey, Frankie. Go down and see if they
ain't gonna do something about this.
All right.
The whole hotel is in darkness.
Hello? Hello.
Oh, operator,
the lights in my room are... What?
Oh, I see.
Well, do you suppose I could get
some sort of light up here?
I'm leaving for Cuba tonight,
and I still have packing to do.
Oh, that'll be fine. Thanks.
They're sending up some candles.
- At what time does your plane leave?
- Oh, I'm not flying.
It's much too quick.
I've always looked forward
to a wonderful cruise to Havana.
Exciting, isn't it?
- I hope these will help, Miss Carroll.
- Oh, they will. Thanks.
Hold it, sister.
It's like Christmas, ain't it?
More like the Fourth of July.
- Nice night for a murder.
- Yeah.
- Hey, how did you know?
- I didn't.
I didn't.
I just said it'd be a nice night for one.
You will have to get used to candles,
Miss Carroll.
There's no electricity on Lost Island.
The castle today is exactly
as your great-great-grandfather built it.
You mean the ghosts still have to find
their way around in the dark?
How depressing.
You may joke, my dear,
but unfortunately the legends
about the castle
are not to be taken lightly.
Oh, come now.
You don't really believe in ghosts,
do you?
I know that as the executor
of your grandfather's estate,
I'm supposed to paint the castle
as a palm-fringed paradise.
But I also know
that during the last 20 years,
no human being who tried to spend
a night in Black Castle
ever lived to see a sunrise.
Well, and not a moment too soon.
Now I can finish my packing.
Miss Carroll, I urge you to accept
the offer I've been authorized to make.
Now, $50,000 is quite a bit of money.
It's such a strange offer.
The place is haunted, full of bats,
and yet somebody wants it,
$50,000 worth.
Who's making the offer, Mr. Cortega?
I'm sorry, I can't tell you that.
Hello? Yes.
- Who?
- You don't know me, Miss Carroll.
My name is Cariso, Ramon Cariso.
I want to warn you
against selling your castle to Cortega.
What did you say?
Well, not right now. Where are you?
I'm near your hotel.
When may I see you?
- In 20 minutes?
- I'll be there.
In the meantime, be cautious.
Oh, I want to show you a map
of the island.
Lost Island is certainly
an out-of-the-way place, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
And since
it does not belong to any country,
there are no established
trade routes to it.
It's more or less
part of the Greater Antilles,
but the easiest way to reach it
is from Havana.
What do you wish to do about the offer,
Miss Carroll?
Must I decide now, this minute?
Anything over $4 calls for deep thought
on my part.
Take your time. Until sailing time.
- Thank you.
- And I hope you'll change your mind.
I'll be in my room down the hall
if you want to reach me.
Leave your door open,
and your motor running.
- I might be coming out in a hurry.
- Okay.
Oh, thank you.
I'll tell that Shorty guy.
He can't hurt Larry,
not while Larry has friends
like Big Myron.
I'll go right in there and I'll say to him,
"Shorty, listen here.
"If you hurt one hair on Larry's head,
you'll have to deal with me.
"So you better watch your step,
'cause I'm a killer."
You're a killer?
I better think this thing over.
Who are you, Dr. Coffee Nerves?
No. I am the voice of your conscience.
You are not going to run out on Larry,
are you?
Remember, he's your best friend,
and he's in trouble.
Now you go in there and show that gang
that you're just as tough as they are.
I can't go in there and fight
that whole mob. They got guns.
You can get a gun.
They got blackjacks.
You can get a blackjack.
They got big, strong muscles.
You can get a blackjack.
No. I can't do it and I won't do it.
Oh, it's easy, Myron.
All you have to do is be tough.
Oh, you mean like this?
All right, you guys,
line up against that wall.
He wants me to be tough.
Myron. Myron. Myron!
That's tough enough. Now get going.
- Myron.
- Oh, I'm going. Stop rushing me.
Hurry, Myron.
I forgot what I was supposed to do.
Oh, Myron, I'm at my wit's end with you.
You're supposed to help Larry, right?
Well, go in there and be tough.
Show them you're boss. Assert yourself.
You know what you've got to do.
Now get going. Show them who's boss,
don't take no for an answer,
tell them what you want,
and see that it's done
the way you want it.
Now get going and don't come back.
Get going already!
Stop stalling. Get going.
Somebody's gotta move.
Pretty nice hideout youse guys got here.
Now get out of the way!
Hey, when I say "get out of the way,"
I mean it.
Now which one of you is the Shorty?
Listen here, Shorty,
I want you and your guys
to lay off Larry Todd.
Happens to be
a personal friend of mine.
Anybody that fools with him
is gonna have to answer to me.
And furthermore, I want you...
Hey, let's pay attention, buddy.
When someone's talk...
Hey, Pierre! Hey, Pierre, it's me, Myron.
We were worried about you.
He's dead.
- Oh, honey.
- Now look, baby, it's just like I said.
We're all washed up.
I don't mind competing
with a French waiter,
but when it comes to double-crossing
the Big Boy, you can include me out.
Oh, Larry,
they don't mean anything to me.
Besides, Pierre's disappeared,
and Myron's taking care of Shorty
right now.
- Myron's what?
- He's gone over to Shorty's.
He's gonna tell him to leave you alone.
Why, that crazy kid. Shorty'll kill him.
Well, better him than you, sweetie.
Now, lay off, Rosie.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
It's probably too late, now.
Water. Water.
Thank you.
Let's have it, buster.
What's your racket?
- Who sent you here?
- Did Larry Todd send you?
Come on and talk!
What do you know
about Larry and Rosie?
How long they been going together?
Whose mob you with?
How come you don't pack a rod, buster?
You ever been in the pen?
If you wanna get out of here
in one piece, you'd better sing.
You heard him, ape head. Sing!
- All right, I'll sing.
- And you better make it good.
Just one more chance to
Okay, wise guy, you asked for it.
Which way is 1401?
Straight down the hall
and turn to the left.
Thank you.
- Is that you?
- What?
- No, it's not me.
- I'm very sorry.
It's all right. Forget it.
What a joint.
Hot and cold running gangsters.
So you thought
you'd get away with it, huh?
Somebody tipped the cops.
- Oh, this is it.
- This is what?
Don't confuse me.
Oh, Larry, why'd you do it?
Come on, let's get out of here.
There's nothing wrong with you.
Nothing wrong with me?
Everybody bleeds like this?
Come on, let's get out of here.
Oh! Bye.
Back up. Get in there. Quick! Quick!
Get in there, I tell you. Get in.
I just came in to borrow a cup of sugar.
- What is this?
- Don't talk. Especially, don't scream.
If there's gonna be any
hysterics around here, I'll have them.
Put it down, sister.
Put it down and stand still.
Look, if this is another attempt
to scare me into selling the island,
- it just won't work.
- I'm not buying an island, lady.
I'm headed for one.
Don't move.
- Say, you're really terrified, aren't you?
- How can you tell?
I don't mind dying, lady.
It's the preliminaries I hate.
You'd better put down that gun.
The way you're shaking
- you might shoot someone.
- That's the trouble. I already did.
- You did?
- I feel the same way about it, lady.
You better sit down before you collapse.
Thanks. I think my blood's
running the wrong way,
if it's running.
- Who'd you shoot?
- I haven't the faintest idea.
You mean you killed a perfect stranger?
- Nobody's perfect.
- Why'd you shoot him?
- He was shooting at me.
- Oh.
Well, isn't that self-defense?
Lady, when you kill one of Shorty's men,
it's suicide.
You wouldn't be Ramon Cariso,
would you?
Right now,
I'd like to be anybody but Larry Todd.
Stand back! Keep it clear here!
All right, photograph him the way he is.
Oh, let me through, please.
Let me through.
- Do you know him?
- Do I know him? My best friend.
I worked with him. I sang with him.
I ate with him.
- And you want to know if I know him?
- Do you?
- No, I don't know him.
- Get out of here!
Come on, people, back up, now.
We got work to do. Come on.
- Is he dead?
- No. He's waiting for a room.
- Gangway, please.
- All right, all right. Come on.
Make room for them.
Let them get the stretcher through here.
You say you never saw
that man before?
- No.
- This woman says
she saw a tall man wearing
a trench coat and a polka-dot scarf
- running down the hall. Is that right?
- I certainly did.
- He ran right down that way.
- And you didn't see or hear anything?
- No, I didn't.
- Oh.
Well, come on, get back to your rooms.
Go on, folks.
Get back to your rooms and stay there.
- Sergeant, are all the exits covered?
- Yes, sir.
Come on, boys, search every room.
You come with me, Thompson.
It's the police.
They're searching the rooms.
Don't give me away, please.
Someday you may have a little boy,
and he'll grow up
- and commit an innocent murder, too.
- But what can I do?
You're going to make me miss my boat.
- Who is it?
- Police.
Quick, get under the bed.
Wait, take this.
Just a moment, please. I'm coming.
Sorry, miss. We're making a check up
of all the rooms,
- trying to locate a killer.
- A killer? What...
- Do I seem like...
- There's nothing personal about this.
- I just want to look around.
- Certainly.
- Is this the bedroom?
- Yes, but there's nobody in there.
There never is. I'll have a look, anyway.
- Miss?
- Yes?
Will you come here a minute, please?
I see your baggage is all out.
You just arriving or leaving?
Oh, I'm leaving.
Taking a boat tonight.
- You've got your ticket, I presume.
- Ticket?
- Oh, yes. It's in there, on the desk.
- I'll have a look.
Oh, I'll get it for you.
Right there in the big brown envelope.
All right, Sergeant,
check the other boys.
Yes, sir.
What's the matter?
Have you lost something?
No. I was just scratching.
Excuse me, Miss Carroll.
Can I get your trunk?
- I'm busy at the moment.
- I know, miss,
but if I don't take it now,
it might not make the boat.
- Is it all right, Officer?
- Sure. Go ahead.
- It's in the bedroom. Lock it first, please.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry to bother you this way,
but that's the routine.
Oh, it's quite all right,
and I'm sure you'll find your man.
I know one thing.
He'll never get off this floor
unless he jumps.
You can come out now.
Where are you?
- Who are you?
- I'm Myron.
- Where's Larry?
- I said who are you?
Oh, Myron M. Mertz.
Well, what did you do with Larry?
- Myron M. Mertz?
- Yes. The "M" stands for Myron, too.
Your name is Myron Myron?
Yes, you see, when I was a little boy,
I was awful.
And when my mother called me,
she had to say, "Myron, Myron!"
- So it's Myron Myron.
- You're crazy.
- I'm getting the police.
- Oh, no. Don't do that, lady.
You'll get Larry and me in trouble,
and Larry is my best friend.
- Just tell me where he is.
- I don't know where he is.
He's hiding somewhere.
- Mr. Todd!
- Larry!
Larry, come out, wherever you are.
My good dresses,
and I packed them so carefully.
- Good heavens!
- What's the matter?
- My trunk. He's in my trunk.
- Well, let's get him out.
- I'll phone the porter.
- Oh, no, don't do that.
He's got to get out of here somehow,
and the hotel is surrounded.
Well, we've got to get him
out of that trunk. Find it.
It's got my initials on it.
M.C., Mary Carroll.
- Here are the keys and get him out.
- Oh, right.
Wait a minute! Where did it go?
The pier at Pier 54.
I'm sailing for Cuba tonight.
Oh, Larry can't go to Cuba.
He's gotta go to work in a...
Well, the Lieutenant wants to see
you guys right away. Hurry!
Pier 54!
Extra! Extra! Murder!
Murder in a downtown hotel!
All about the murder! Paper!
Get your final edition paper!
Murder in a hotel!
Get your final edition!
Murder in a downtown hotel!
Get your latest, recent extra here!
Hurry! Paper here!
Murder in a downtown hotel!
All about it! Extra! Paper!
Read all about it!
Get your latest-edition paper here!
Larry... me back to ol' Virginny
I don't wanna walk without you, Larry
- Larry.
- Come in.
Larry. Larry.
Gee, I'm glad to see you.
Are you all right, Larry?
Get me out of here.
- Okay. How do you feel?
- I'll tell you when I unpack.
- Well, keep your chin up, pal.
- I can't. My knees are in the way.
Oh, here they are.
It'll just be a second, Larry. Hold on.
I got it now.
Here you are.
Wow! Must've been pretty crowded
in there, huh?
Oh, you can say that again.
Wow! It must've been pretty crowded
in there, huh?
Oh, why don't you shut up?
- What's the matter?
- One of Shorty's men.
He's looking for me.
Is he coming?
No, he's just standing there
looking around.
- Yeah, he's going now.
- Don't you worry.
Because if he comes,
I'll stop him with one word.
- What's that?
- Help!
Now shut up, you idiot,
before you do get him down here.
Hey, let me see you talk
to the trunk again.
That was marvelous, positively terrific.
Never saw your lips move a bit.
Boy, you're the greatest ventriloquist
I ever saw.
Come on, do it again.
Why don't you go home
and lie down on a sponge?
All right,
I can be just as stubborn as you.
I'm gonna stay right here
until you do it again.
Get me out of here!
Terrific! Positively terrific!
Hey, what's going on here?
This guy is sensational!
Talks to the trunk
and makes the trunk talk back.
It's nothing, Officer.
I'm a ventriloquist, that's all.
Get me out of here, Larry!
- See?
- Yeah, that's all right.
I didn't catch you at all. Do some more.
Yeah, come on.
Do it some more, do it some more!
- No, I can't.
- What's going on out there?
Myron, there's a nice
big policeman here. Say hello.
Oh, hello, nice big policeman.
That's all right!
Takes a little practice.
I got to get on the boat.
Just for the fun of it,
open it up and let's have a look inside.
- No, I can't do that.
- Then I can. I want to see the little man!
Oh, no! You don't want to let
the genie escape, do you?
Yeah, you know, the spirit that gives
the power. The officer knows.
You know, the little genie.
Get him out of here.
Oh, the little genie. Yes.
You don't want to let
the little genie escape, do you?
Oh, no.
It's raining out and he'll get all wet.
That's right.
You leave the man alone, now,
and go on back to your party, okay?
- Well, I don't know.
- Oh, go on now.
- Larry, I could've asphyxicated.
- Oh, you'll be all right.
So this is Myron.
I always wanted to meet...
Oh, he's no dummy! He's a spy!
- Officer! Officer!
- Oh, come here. No!
This is my dummy. Look at that. Look.
- Look, it's a dummy.
- He's a big one.
You don't know how big a dummy he is.
- Genuine wood.
- Can I do that?
Go ahead. Go ahead, be my guest.
He don't like me.
Are you all right, Mr. Todd?
That must've been a terrible experience.
You're darn tooting.
Oh, this whole day has been
a terrible experience, except for you.
And I sure want to thank you
for all you've done.
Larry! Larry!
- What is it? What's the matter?
- It's the gangsters.
Watch it, buddy.
We got to load these trunks.
Hold it, Sam.
He's gone.
My trunk. It's going on the boat!
Larry, let me out of here!
- Larry!
- Come on.
- Extra! Extra!
- Where am I going?
Extra! Paper!
All about the polka-dot scarf murder!
Hey, give me a paper.
Get your paper! Paper! Extra!
Read all about it!
- Come on, we've got to hurry.
- I sure do.
- Get your paper! Paper!
- Look out, lady.
You wait in the stateroom,
and I'll look for the trunk.
- Please be careful with that trunk.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Oh, now, it's upside-down.
- Oh, so it is.
- Oh, please be careful.
- Well, I am, lady. I'm taking it easy.
- There you are. Should I open it for you?
- Oh, no, thanks. I'll do it.
- No trouble.
- That's all right.
Thank you very kindly,
and I hope you have a very pleasant...
I will. I will. Thank you. Goodbye.
- Myron, are you all right?
- Let me out of here!
I can't. You or Larry must have the key.
I can't find it.
- There's another key in the top drawer.
- I'm in the top drawer.
Oh, I got it. Here it is.
- Now I know what a sardine feels like.
- I'm terribly sorry, Myron.
Hold it. There's somebody at the door.
- Don't go away.
- Where am I going?
- Why, Mr. Cortega.
- Miss Carroll.
What's the matter?
Miss Carroll, I must ask you a question
that may seem impertinent.
What is it?
Someone telephoned you tonight
while I was in your room.
I would like to have you tell me
who it was.
Oh, excuse me.
- Miss Carroll?
- Yes. Thank you.
From an admirer?
No, just a friend wishing me a safe trip.
Safe? Is there any doubt about that?
Now, about this person
who called you tonight.
It was a man I didn't know.
He said his name was Ramon Cariso.
Did he mention my name
when he talked to you?
I don't remember.
It is very important
that you do remember.
Mr. Cortega, you really must go now.
Thanks for all your trouble
coming down to see me off.
See you off?
Why, my dear, I'm sailing with you.
You're what?
I've decided to go home for a short visit.
My stateroom is right across the hall.
The boat must be getting ready
to pull out.
- All ashore that's going ashore.
- But they can't...
I mean, let's go up on deck
and wave goodbye.
There certainly are a lot of people
going to Cuba.
Oh, my back. Oh, pain! Oh, pain!
My back. Larry!
Oh, Larry! Pain! Oh, my back.
Oh, my back. Larry!
- Larry, help me. I can't get up.
- Well, what's the matter?
I'm a midget. Oh, I can't get up.
No, you're just a little stiff.
Come on, loosen up.
Oh, no. It hurts me.
That trunk had me upside-down.
All I need now is an organ and a tin cup.
- Come on, get me up.
- Come on, try. Get up.
- Oh, no, I...
- Come on, try!
No, I can't Larry.
- All right, put your hands on the floor.
- What are you gonna do?
- Just relax. I'll fix you.
- Oh, but don't hurt me.
- Take a deep breath.
- All right.
And watch it!
There. Don't you feel better?
Look, Myron. Myron!
You hurt me, Larry.
Now look what you did
to Mary's flowers.
Hey, Myron, look at this.
- I don't want to. I'm mad at you.
- Oh, read it.
- Hey, that girl's in trouble, huh?
- Yeah.
She's not the only one. Read that.
- "Polka-dot scarf killer hunted." You?
- Me.
- Wow!
- Wow.
"Ramon Cariso, Cuban visitor,
killed under mysterious circumstances
"by a.38 caliber bullet."
Well, at least it wasn't one
of Shorty's men.
Hey, this is the guy
that called up Mary in the hotel.
I heard her tell that fellow Cortega,
and he's on the boat, too.
Now that I think of it,
when I went into her room,
she thought I was Cariso.
Did you use the gun
in your dressing room,
the one you use in your act?
All right, Larry, don't start thinking
there were blanks in it,
'cause there weren't.
I put in real bullets
on the way to the hotel.
- But you still couldn't have killed him.
- Why?
Well, 'cause your gun is a.32 caliber,
and he was shot with a.38 caliber.
It says so right here in the paper.
- It does?
- Sure.
- Then I didn't do it.
- No.
- Somebody else did it.
- Yeah.
- We can go home.
- Right.
Hey, if I didn't do it, who did it?
- I don't care, Larry.
- Myron, something sure smells fishy.
Why shouldn't it? We're on the ocean.
We're moving!
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to tell the Captain
to turn the ship around. I'm going home.
I'm sorry.
- What's all the excitement?
- Oh, plenty.
Read all about it.
Man killed, but I didn't do it.
What on earth are you talking about?
Well, he was shot with a.38,
and I'm from the class of.32.
- So that's Ramon Cariso.
- Yep.
By the way,
what do you know about all this?
Hey, Corporal, I don't belong
on this boat. I want to go home.
Well, the pilot boat will be leaving
in five minutes.
Oh, good. We'll be right back.
I'm gonna... Tell him to wait!
...trouble. You two make me sick.
Always sick to your stomachs.
- But the ocean, she rocks.
- Oh, get out of the boat.
- Oh, pardon me.
- Oh, pardon me.
- Myron!
- Miss Castinha!
I didn't recognize you
without your fruit bowl.
Did you remember the last time
we see each other?
But I didn't mean to drop the tray
in the middle of your act, honest.
It was an accident.
Besides, that was two years ago.
And you should forget about it.
Anyhow, I was very young at the time.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
- You don't need to apologizes.
- I don't need to apologizes?
No, because you see,
when you dropped the tray, I got fire,
and when I got fire, I find
a wonderful job and now I'm a big star,
and that's why I love you. You see?
Oh, everybody's kissing everyone
around here.
Well, I'm sure glad
you're not mad at me no more.
- I'm not.
- I have to go.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
That was Myron.
- I'm sick.
- Me, too.
And that's all I know.
This fellow, Cariso,
warned me not to sell the castle,
and now I find he's been killed.
Hey, Larry, we can get off the boat
and go ashore with the pilot.
- We can?
- Yeah.
- Great!
- But we better hurry.
- Bye, Miss Carroll.
- Goodbye, Myron.
- Come on, Larry!
- Larry,
- thanks for everything.
- Thank you, Mary.
- When you get back to New York...
- Come on, Larry.
The man's waiting in the pilot boat.
We got to hurry up.
- Come on, Larry!
- I'd like that.
- You would?
- The man said he won't wait too long.
Here we go. Right out there, Larry boy!
Come on, what do you say?
The man... Larry!
Larry, the man's waiting.
We'll be right down, pal!
Larry, come on, let's go!
The man's not gonna wait too long.
Come on.
Pilot boat leaving!
Here we go!
I'm not going back to New York.
I'm going to Cuba.
Cuba! Are you crazy?
Yeah, I'm crazy about Cuba.
Everybody should see Cuba.
Now wait a minute, Larry.
I wouldn't want you to do this
on my account.
- No, don't do it on her account.
- Oh, don't try to talk me out of it, Mary.
Somebody around here
is playing murder and for keeps.
You helped me out of a jam,
so I want to help you.
there aren't any words to tell you
how I appreciate what you're doing.
- It's wonderful of you.
- It's dangerous, too.
I don't know why I do these things.
Guess I'm just crazy.
You're an angel.
That does it. She kissed him.
He's finished.
Now he'll do anything,
even getting himself killed.
- Well, I'm not. I'm going. Bye-bye.
- Myron!
Myron, I'm ashamed of you.
How can you run out at a time like this?
- It's easy. I'll show you.
- Come here.
Look, now Mary's in trouble,
and we're the only friends she has.
- We got to stand by her.
- You stand by her, Larry.
I'm leaving. I don't go
for none of this murder business.
And I don't mind telling you,
I'm scared stiff.
Well, if you're scared here,
imagine what'll happen if you go back.
- What about Shorty and his men?
- Oh, I forgot about them.
No, Myron, it's cut and dried.
Either you play ball with me,
- or Shorty plays taps for you.
- Okay, you win.
But I'm onto your game, Larry.
You ain't got me fooled.
You're risking our lives for that girl.
I know you. Just 'cause she's beautiful,
and she has luscious lips,
a beautiful figure and she's pretty,
and her hair is shiny and silky and...
- You know something?
- What?
I don't blame you.
- Good evening, Miss Carroll.
- Good evening.
I hoped you might be coming in. I have
a very nice table. Won't you join me?
Oh, that's very nice of you, but I have...
- Thank you.
...a table.
It started in the Congo
Where drums beat night and day
It started in the Congo
Where the natives beat away
The beat of the bongo
The beat of the bongo
For down there in the Congo
The rhythm makes you sway
It came to San Domingo
The rhythm was so grand
Way down in San Domingo
The rhythm swept the land
The beat of the bongo
And the bongo from the Congo
And now from San Domingo
I bring a bongo band
In San Domingo
They bongo bingo
It's quite the thingo
In San Domingo
That's where the gang go
The bongo bingo
When they fandango
In San Domingo, ol!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to introduce to you
the most terrific, the most sensational...
The biggest bongo players in history!
- In San Domingo
- Arriba!
- They bongo bingo
- Arriba, arriba!
- It's quite the thingo
- Agua!
- In San Domingo
- Agua! Agua!
- That's where the gang go
- Ol!
- To bongo bingo
- Arriba! Ol!
- When they fandango
- Ol!
- In San Domingo
- Ol! Ol!
Ol! O
- l
- O-lay-hee, too
- Ol
- O-lay-hee, too
- Ol
- O-lay-hee, too
O- lay-hee, too
The castanets
They gaily play
Make you sway
- They bongo bingo
- Ay, ay, bongo!
- They bongo bingo
- Ay, ay, bingo!
- And you'll be kingo
- Ay, ay, kingo!
- In San Domingo
- Bongo bingo!
If you know how to sway
You can learn how to play
Just the way that they play
In San Domingo
If they beat when you hum
Just repeat it on a drum
And they'll know that you're from
Old San Domingo
Bongo bingo
Did you say bingo?
Bingo bingo, bing-gongo ringo
Bingo bingo, bing-gongo ringo
Bingo bingo, bing-gongo ringo
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Go where the gang go
To learn the lingo
When you fandango
In San Domingo
Just bingo bongo
The bongo bingo
And you'll be kingo
- In San Domingo
- Bango
Did you say bingo?
- Well, let's read this girl's card.
- Let's go.
A 17, a 21, a 25, you gotta that?
- Do you got a 9, an 18, 27, 36?
- I gotta that
- You gotta 4, gotta 9, got a 10
- Yup. Come again
A 17, a 24, 31, 35
A "B," and an "I," and a "B-l-N"
A "B-l-N-G," bingo!
San Domingo, bye-bye-bye
Two, three, four, five, six
I really must be going now, Mr. Cortega.
Why, of course.
Hey, Larry, Miss Castinha thinks
we'll go great in Havana.
And I'm going to get top billing, amigo.
I think.
- Oh, get out.
- I'm sorry, Larry.
I was just telling you about Havana.
Why is it no one has ever invented
a cheerful foghorn?
There is a great deal of fog
on Lost Island, Miss Carroll.
At times,
it completely shrouds the castle.
You can't discourage me.
- I'm going to have fun on that island.
- I'm not so sure.
- I'm going to have fun on that island.
- I'm not so sure.
Pardon me.
I was just dropping a few eaves.
- Oh, Larry, I'm so glad to see you.
- Glad to see you, too.
Well, Mr. Cortega, I've heard about you.
Oh, have you been in Havana before?
- No. First trip.
- A pleasure trip?
Not exactly.
Are you interested
in some tobacco plantation?
Look, I'll save you a lot of time.
I'm a ghostbuster.
A what?
Well, you've heard of trustbusters
and broncobusters and gangbusters.
Well, I'm a ghostbuster.
So watch it, buster.
I hope you still feel as comical
when you come off the island.
Good night, Miss Carroll.
He's certainly trying to scare me away
from that castle.
He wants to haunt it in private.
Well, there's nothing like an ocean
voyage to bring people together.
Deck tennis, gypsy violins.
Gay crowd in the cocktail lounge.
Then after dinner,
champagne, dancing, bridge,
moonlight, moonlight nights.
And warnings of death.
- Oh, Larry, I am frightened.
- Don't lose your nerve now, honey.
On the other hand,
stay as frightened as you want.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what I'd do
if you weren't here.
- You've been just wonderful.
- I have?
I've been called a lot of things
but never wonderful.
That's my key.
When someone wonderful
thinks you're wonderful
Aladdin's lamp belongs to you
With someone beautiful
it's so beautiful
To hear her sigh
I love you, I do
Then suddenly you hear music
The song of a thousand guitars
A kiss is a magic carpet
to the stars
When someone wonderful
thinks you're wonderful
It's paradise
a dream come true
Especially if that someone
is you
Oh, Larry!
Larry, I'm scared! I'm scared.
Come on,
someone just tried to kill Mary!
Who? Who?
You go that way.
Larry! I got him, Larry!
Larry, I got him!
- Oh, it's you.
- Well, aren't you glad?
- You do me a favor.
- What?
Will you get lost for a while?
- I'm right here, Larry.
- Come on. We better get below.
Leave me alone, huh?
With a killer running around loose, yet.
Just 'cause you got a girl.
Well, I don't care.
Killer or no killer,
I can take care of myself.
Larry, Larry.
Hey, buddy, what time does this boat
get to New York?
You get a good night's sleep.
Be sure you keep that door locked.
I will.
Tell me, Larry.
- Why are you so nice to me?
- Oh, I don't know.
I guess I've always been a sucker
for girls named Mary Carroll.
- I'll see you first thing in the morning.
- Well, I'll see you long before that.
You will?
You see, I'm planning to dream tonight.
- Good night, Larry.
- Good night, Mary.
"Completed in 1597,
"Morro Castle stands grimly guarding
the beautiful harbor of Havana.
"Cuba is truly the island of romance.
"A land of flashing-eyed seoritas,
"seasoned with onions
and a dash of garlic, all for 50 cents."
- Onions?
- What?
Well, that's what it says.
Myron, let me see that.
"A land of flashing-eyed seoritas,
"many of them continental-style,
spread out all over the sidewalk."
Oh, that can't be right.
You'd fall all over them in the dark.
Look, there's a trick.
There's a trick to this.
See, you got to know
how to fold these things.
Just kind of fold naturally, see?
Like this. Like that.
There you are.
"Cuba is truly the island of romance.
"The land of flashing-eyed seoritas
"equipped with red, green
and amber lights
"to control the traffic."
- See?
- That's better.
- Good morning.
- Good morning!
Mr. Todd, could I have a word with you
and your friend before we land?
- Now?
- It's very important.
- All right.
- Will you excuse us, Miss Carroll?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
What are you doing there?
Pardon me.
I just saw a disagreeable-looking native
listening at your door.
It's none of my business,
but I thought you might want to know.
Why, thank you.
- Aren't you... New Haven.
- Yes, you're...
The Murrays!
- The party after the Dartmouth game.
- That's right. Now I remember.
- You're Tony Warren.
- And you're Mary Carroll.
Right. How are you?
- Won't you come in?
- You look wonderful!
Have you been onboard all this time?
No, I flew down from New York
about 10 days ago.
I just came aboard on the official launch
to meet some friends.
You've lived in Havana
for quite some time now, haven't you?
I'm practically a native.
Then perhaps you can tell me
what that is.
- Oh, hello.
- What is it?
- It's a voodoo ouanga.
- A what?
Ouanga, a charm prepared
by a native voodoo priest.
Some of them are supposed
to bring good luck.
But not that one.
This is a death ouanga.
I don't quite understand this, Mary.
Voodoo's a thing of the past
around Cuba.
The only place you might still find it
are on some of the primitive islands
further south.
- Would Lost Island be one of them?
- What do you know about Lost Island?
- I own it.
- What?
I heard that jinx had been wished
on somebody,
but I didn't know it was you.
I'm simply doing my best
to make clear to you both
that Miss Carroll's
taking her life in her hands
if she goes into that castle tonight.
You know, that gives me an idea
that scares the wits out of me.
- What?
- Yeah, what?
We'll go there first.
- We will?
- Yeah!
Oh, yeah, that's right,
because there's ghosts and spooks,
and we always wanted
to get killed in a haunted castle.
- You're a very brave man, Mr. Todd.
- Not at all.
As a matter of fact,
do you know what's liable to happen
if we should see a ghost tonight?
We'd be so scared,
we'd probably take shots at it.
- Won't we feel silly shooting at ghosts?
- Yeah.
Well, tell your friends.
We'll be seeing you.
Oh, yeah, we'll be seeing you.
Don't fly around too fast.
- Oh, Larry!
- Come on!
Do you know anybody down here?
No, but Larry and Myron are
on my team.
- Who?
- Oh, excuse me.
Oh, come in, boys.
Larry, Myron,
this is Tony Warren, an old friend.
- Hi, Tony.
- Howdy.
He doesn't look so old.
- Hey, Mary, what's a zombie?
- A what?
- Who said anything about a zombie?
- Oh, I always thought it was a drink.
But that fellow Cortega,
he says it's an old dead guy
over on the island,
and he walks like this.
Oh, Larry!
- He was telling the truth.
- He was?
It's voodooism, and not very pleasant.
You see, when a man dies
and is buried,
some voodoo priests
seem to have the power
to bring him back to life.
The fact is, there's an old woman living
on Lost Island who has a zombie son.
- Tomb-mates.
- Oh, shut up!
- How horrible!
- It's worse than horrible,
because a zombie
has no will of his own.
Every once in a while you see them
walking about with dead eyes,
blindly following orders,
not knowing what they do
and not caring.
Just like husbands.
Oh, we're coming! Come on, Larry.
We gotta get ready for the show tonight.
The boys are opening at the El Caribe
tonight with Carmelita.
Oh, wonderful. Let me take you there.
And after the show is over,
we can all get together
and celebrate your first night in Havana.
I'd love to.
Well, I was wondering
what you were going to do
after the show.
Now it's all taken care of.
First night in Havana.
No, thank you.
Hey, Larry, show business
really gets in your blood, don't it?
- First you got to have some.
- Oh, you!
- Hey, fellows, have you seen Carmelita?
- No. Why?
It is time for her to go on,
and we cannot find her!
Hey, Larry, if she don't go on,
we don't go on.
Yeah, and if we don't go on,
we don't get paid.
- And what are we gonna do for money?
- Gee, that's bad, ain't it?
Well, if you can't get the original,
you gotta use a substitute.
Well, that makes sense.
If you can't get the original,
you have to use a...
- Oh, Larry!
- Myron!
- Larry!
- Myron!
- Larry!
- Myron!
Say, why don't we all go over
to my island later?
- Tonight?
- Yes.
But only this morning my doctor
warned me against sudden shocks.
Besides, the boatmen won't go there
after dark.
I bet we'd find a way.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
As you know, tonight we were to have
a wonderful show for you,
but I'm sorry to say
that the star of our show,
Miss Carmelita, is indisposed.
That Myron.
This isn't in the book of etiquette,
but I'm going to do it, anyhow.
What's the matter?
That man!
What man? What is it?
I'm sorry.
I guess I was just seeing things.
I got, I got
All over town with a song
goes the enchilada man
Come gather round for the song
of the enchilada man
And for a treat good to eat
there's nothing better than
Enchiladas so nice and hot
Enchiladas I got, I got
So nice and hot
I got, I got
Say, come along, come along
I'm the enchilada gal
Filling the air with a song
I'm the enchilada gal
Come take a taste of the stuff
that I make like no one can
Enchiladas I got, I got
How you make them?
First, you take a chili pepper
Add a little spice, throw a little salt in
That's nice
Little bit Tabasco, and the vinegar, too
And lots of hot mustard
It's good for you!
Another chili pepper, stir like mad
- Take a little taste, now
- Not bad
Little more Tabasco, maybe a clove
- Little gasoline?
- Oh, that's for the stove
Enchiladas, so nice and hot
I got, I got
My name is Don Ferdinand
I'm the enchilada king
I'll have you all understand
I'm really quite the thing
I make a cheese if you please
that is positively "ugh"
And for a treat
try the meat that is absolutely "ugh"
After you buy it and try it
you'll say it's simply "ah"
Enchiladas I don't know
Oh, hello
Little boy without a peso
There's no reason for your sorrow
All you have to do is say so
I will trust you till tomorrow
Enchiladas so nice and hot
Enchiladas I got, I got
Pay him with your lilting laughter
It's your happiness he's after
If you're happy, we are happy, too
I'm with you
All over town with a song
goes the enchilada man
Come gather round for the song
of the enchilada man
Nobody else in the world
ever sings the way he can
So nice and hot
I got, I got
We got, we got
- Aren't they wonderful?
- They're quite a pair.
- Are you Mr. Warren?
- That's right.
- There is a call for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Will you excuse me a minute?
- Of course.
I'll be right back.
Pardon, seorita.
- A note for you from the two crazy ones.
- Well, thank you.
"Lafayette, we are here."
Lafayette's here, too.
Oh, stop. Here, hold this.
I think it's this way.
Will you take it easy, Myron?
That must be the woman
Cortega told us about.
She won't harm you.
She has a son of her own.
Oh, yeah, I forgot for a minute.
But she sure scared me.
- Who is her son?
- The zombie.
- We're going up to that castle.
- What about that woman?
- Oh, she's only trying to scare us.
- Well, she's doing a very good job of it!
Come here. Come on.
Hey, Larry, how long has it been
since anybody lived here?
Oh, about 20 years.
It's only been two months
since anybody's been killed here.
Oh, what did you go and say that for?
Give me the flashlight.
- What's that?
- Bats.
I wonder which one is Cortega.
What'd we have to come here for,
Larry? Who needs ghosts?
Needs ghosts?
- If that's you, Cortega, you're not funny.
- You're not funny.
You're not funny.
- Oh, come on, it's only echoes.
- Echoes?
Here. Hold this.
Larry, we could have got killed
a lot easier back at the club.
- At the club.
- Shut up.
- Oh, shut up.
- Shut up.
- You got a cold?
- Got a cold?
Now, look. You busted it.
Well, you scared me.
Hey, Myron, who does that look like?
Why, that's Mary!
That's probably
her great-great-grandmother.
Oh, what a dish you must have been.
You're not going up there,
are you, Larry?
Of course I am.
You can stay here if you want,
but if a couple of guys come
running down here in a few minutes,
let the first one go by.
It'll be me.
Yeah, well,
if anyone passes you, that'll be me.
They can't do that to us.
We know better.
Yeah. We know better.
You go down that way. I'll go this way.
We'll get him in between us.
Oh, goody. Oh, wait.
- What?
- Bye.
- Old man Mose is certainly dead.
- Let's go home, Larry.
We'll get to the bottom of this.
I go no farther.
Oh, but please. We're so close.
No, no, I don't go ashore.
I told you before.
Hurry, hurry.
There it goes again.
Look out, Larry!
- Oh, why do you have to be so clumsy?
- Larry!
- What? What?
- Larry, a body!
All right, a body.
- "Maria."
- "Ysobel."
- "Carrillo."
- "1776 to 1820."
Hey, that's all that's left
of that beautiful girl in the portrait.
A mummy.
Yeah, that's Mary's
Oh, I shouldn't have said that
in a place like this.
I must have a frog in my throat.
It's better than having a knife
in your throat.
Hey, old Don Santiago himself.
- That's the guy we saw in the hall.
- Hey, he hasn't changed a bit.
- He sure gets around.
- He's got a lot of spirit.
Oh, Myron.
Now we know
where the ghost music came from.
- Hey, Larry, there's the pumper.
- Go ahead, pump it.
- Would you like milk or cream?
- Oh, shut up.
There's no air coming through here.
This thing's dead.
It's in the right place.
- Yoo-hoo.
- Yoo-hoo.
- Larry, is that you?
- Is that you?
Larry, where are you?
Did you find anything back there, Larry?
- No, not a thing.
- Good. Let's quit while we're ahead.
- Larry.
- Larry.
- That sounds like Mary's voice.
- Yeah.
Wait a minute, Myron.
That's exactly what they want us
to believe.
Yeah, and they can't fool us again.
- Can they?
- No.
Larry, answer me.
Answer me.
No. Don't come up here.
Run away before it's too late.
Get out.
Run away before it's too late.
Before it's too late.
Larry, help me!
Help me!
Mary, is that you?
Larry, we got to get out of here
before we get hurt.
I'm telling you,
we're not going to get hurt
unless we find the real secret
of this place.
Well, what do we keep looking for it for?
- Because of Mary.
- "Because of Mary."
Mary, Mary.
- Gesundheit.
- Gesundheit.
What did you say that for?
I always say gesundheit
when somebody sneezes.
Well, I didn't sneeze.
I haven't got the strength.
Well, if you didn't sneeze,
and I didn't sneeze...
Neither one of us has a cold,
so what are you worried about?
I'll tell you what I'm worried about.
The guy that sent
the death warning to Mary
and the volunteer fireman
that dropped a bucket on us
and the ghost we've been chasing
ever since we've left New York.
He's in this castle somewhere. Myron!
- Hold it!
- Get him, Larry! Larry, grab him!
Myron, get the can opener!
I got him, Larry!
It's the zombie!
Myron, put him in the closet.
- Will you let go of him, Myron?
- Me let go of him?
Larry, the leg. The leg, Larry!
- The legs, Larry.
- Come on.
Wait. One more arm!
- Come on.
- One arm! Larry!
Larry. Oh, Larry.
Myron, let that zombie out again.
Is that really Mary?
It's not her great-great-grandmother.
Always smooching.
Let's get out of here.
Mary, you're the most beautiful ghost
that ever walked.
She was lovely, wasn't she?
She certainly was,
and she's improved with age.
Oh, kiss her again,
and let's get out of here, Larry.
There's nothing in reincarnation,
is there?
Why do you ask?
Because I seem to understand her.
It's as though she were trying to tell us
how to solve the secret of this place.
What's down there, Larry?
Nothing. Just a few
of your stuffed ancestors.
- Take me there.
- If you insist.
You stay here
and keep an eye on things.
Stay here?
- You don't mind, do you?
- Oh, no.
Are you in there, zomb?
I only wanted to make sure.
Larry, look up there.
What does it say?
"God's" something, I don't know.
"Treasures." The word is "treasures,"
isn't it?
"Treasures in abundance lie."
That's it.
Something, something...
"Heavenly key before they die."
There's more to this
than meets the eye.
You're telling me.
That's a message if I ever read one.
Look for a key.
Here are some keys.
- Oh, that's very funny.
- Well, a key could mean music.
Not on that organ. It doesn't work.
- I thought you said it didn't work.
- Well, it didn't.
Someone's fixed that since I left.
Mary, play some more.
Nobody's gonna sneak up
on little old Myron.
Don't look now, but old grandpappy's
having a nightmare.
Mr. Cortega!
Here, hold this. Take it easy, boy.
We'll get you out of here.
There's no use.
I've only a...
He stabbed me.
Who? Who did it?
I came to warn you,
to protect you.
Under the castle is a fortune.
- A fortune...
- What kind of fortune?
You'll find it.
Marching men...
The organ.
Mr. Cortega, tell us, who did this to you?
Marching men...
The organ.
Mr. Cortega.
All right, come on, honey.
Marching men.
Look at this.
I think I've got it. Here.
- Why, that's a bar of music.
- That's it. That's the key.
The marching men are keys of music.
Keep playing, Mary. Keep playing.
That's it. Higher.
Keep playing higher.
Keep playing.
Just a little bit more.
Keep it going, Mary. Keep it going.
Something else is happening.
Myron, come back here.
Oh, Larry, it was terrible!
I lit a cigarette with my third hand,
and I don't have a third hand.
- I wanna go home! I'm scared.
- All right. Come on. Snap out of it.
Myron, listen.
There's a fortune under the castle.
It's right down there.
- A fortune?
- Yeah, come on. Let's go.
You're not going down there,
are you, Larry?
Certainly. Come on.
Oh, not me.
I'm gonna stay up here
where it's safe.
- Look at these old slave chains.
- Look at those old lanterns.
"Made in Scranton, P.A."
- Hmm.
- Double "hmm."
Hey. I wonder who lit that.
Oh, Mr. Cortega.
Oh, am I glad to see you.
Larry and Mary went downstairs here,
and they left me all alone, Mr. Cortega.
Mr... Gee, you're cold.
Help! Larry!
Look at these railway tracks
running through here.
Yeah, reminds me of my hotel room
in Steubenville.
It seems like some sort of mine.
Oh, there's a door.
It's stuck.
- Get something to pry it open with.
- There's something.
Here. Help me. Press on that.
What's the matter?
No, this time you are not seeing
a ghost, Miss Carroll.
It was I at El Caribe.
I am Francisco Cariso.
Ramon was my twin brother.
I want to know why
he was murdered and by whom.
I've no idea.
He talked with you on the phone,
then he was killed.
- Why was he killed?
- Now, look, Cariso,
Miss Carroll
doesn't know anything about it.
- Keep out of this.
- Now hold on a minute.
- You can't get away with it!
- Now listen!
Not you. Look out!
- All right, back away.
- Put that down.
Back away, all of you,
over against that wall.
Come on.
Put your hands behind your backs.
- Let the girl go.
- For what?
I did my best to keep her
from coming down here.
I even tried to buy her out,
but first your brother
and then Cortega crossed me.
What's this all about?
A vein of gold as wide as this island,
that's what it's about.
I discovered it. It's mine!
All mine.
Nobody's gonna carry any tales
away from here.
Close your eyes.
I said close your eyes.
Did I push the wrong note, Larry?
- Now move around a little.
- Oh, yeah.
That's the last of the film.
Oh, well, thank you. You won't forget
to send me a copy, will you, Francisco?
No, I won't forget.
Now you get Larry and Mary,
- and I'll get the boat ready.
- Okay.
We'll certainly have a lot to tell
our grandchildren.
Our what?
Our grandchildren.
Oh, didn't I tell you
about the next 50 years?
- No.
- Now you listen...
Hey, Lar. Hey.
Good morning. Good morning, children.
It's a lovely morning, children.
Come on, we got to get going.
The boat's waiting.
Hey, Larry, look over there.
There's another panel.
I wonder what's in there.
Forget it, Myron.
You'll only get in trouble.
Oh, trouble. I'm going to take a look,
anyhow. Ha, ha, ha.
What is it, Myron? What's wrong?
What is this, a new language?
Myron, there's nothing to be afraid of.
It's all been taken care of.
Will you take it easy?
All right, I'll look. I'll look.
Mary, run! Run, Mary!
- Mary!
- Wait for me!
Mary, quick!
Well, that's the end.