Scaregivers (2008) Movie Script

- Let's go to your place.
- I don't want to.
- Come on!
- I don't want to!
Come on.
I will tell my mom about this!
I don't want this anymore!
- Don't be noisy. Someone might hear you.
- Hey! I've been here for hours!
- What took you so long?
- Faster! Someone might see us.
Don't be too loud. Come here!
- Come on! Come on!
- Hey, what's the--?!
- Come on! Yes, of course!
- Maybe you do this all the time!?
- Be careful. Help me!
- Careful... come on!
There's nobody here. Come on!
Your head. Your head.
There you go. Climb up now.
You're always in a hurry.
Hey! Come on!
Hey! Come on!
Don't leave me. I'm scared!
I've been really scared!
Hey, what are you doing there?
What are you doing?
Do you know what you're going to do?
Yes! What do you think of me?
You idiot!
Once you take out the
cellphone, I'm coming in.
Can we just...
say a prayer first?
- Prayer?
- Yes.
Yes. Right. Right. We're going to steal.
- We need that.
- Okay.
We're just really broke that's
why we're going to do this.
You know what? If you only allowed us to
win the lottery, we wouldn't be doing this!
Don't worry, Lord.
We'll give 10% of this to the needy.
To those women who
doesn't have clothes in bars.
Thank you, Lord. Thank you.
- Come on.
- Let's go!
Take care of the world, Lord.
Put all criminals in a ditch, Lord!
Collect all crooks, Lord!
Set them on blazing fire, Lord!
I'll leave it all on You, Lord!
This'll be just a contest on Lord!
Let's go!
Where's your tail?
Nothing. I just remembered something.
In my dreams...
there's a lady like a fish swimming
and swimming and swimming,
- That's just your imagination
- Perhaps.
How much is this? I hope it's cheap.
Oh, here. You might like this.
That's 10 thousand.
Maybe you can give it
to me for a lower price.
It's okay, Ma'am. Here.
This is just one carat.
I want something without "kalat" (dirt).
What I said was "carat" not "kalat".
What I said was "kalat".
I was just joking! You
might lose your beauty!
Just give it to me for a lower price.
It's better if this is what we'll do.
I'll get this and you'll be for free.
I'm not for sale.
No. No. No. Why are you mad?
What I mean is I'll get this and then
I'll get earrings for free. Earrings.
Earrings! Earrings! Earrings!
But no.
It's a fixed price, that's why.
You know, I don't believe those fixed prices.
Oh, this is not Divisoria, Ma'am.
If you want, there at the...
Smells fishy.
Sorry, there's a pawnshop right there.
You can get cheaper ones there.
Good morning, Ma'am!
Can I talk to the manager?
Ma'am, wait a second.
I'll just talk to her first.
Don't worry about me. It's okay.
You talk.
Ma'am, excuse me.
Just wait here.
Did you like anything from our jewelries?
Please bring out the biggest
and the most expensive stone you have?
We have a policy that
That's why I want to talk to the
manager, you are wasting my time.
What is it?
We have a client and she looks rich.
There she is.
Is that so?
I'm asking Ms. Saleslady your
biggest and most expensive
stone because I want to buy it.
We have brochures.
Here. The pictures are here in the brochure.
What do you think of me? ATV buyer?
Don't give me a brochure
before I get hotheaded!
- I'll take care of this. It's okay.
- Okay then.
Please lower your voice.
You take charge in here.
From India!
You take care of that.
- Keep an eye on that.
- Yes, sir. I'll take care of this.
Sir, we'll just have a break.
I'm going now.
- Beautiful!
- I'll go ahead.
Ma'am, wait. Let's talk about that.
- I'll go to the
- If you want that, I'll give you one.
I'll give you a discount.
- Discount? I don't want anything with carat.
- You want a discount?
I want something without carats.
I've been waiting for
you but you weren't there!
Now the telephone is ringing.
I went there. Didn't you see me?
You're the one who didn't go!
What? Wait!
- I've been waiting here. I'll just go.
- Wait a minute, okay?
No. I'll give you a discount.
We'll talk about what you want.
- A while ago...
- Here, I'm talking to someone.
- You said...
- Listen to me first, you're always fighting with me!
Wait a second.
Oh my. I'll go now.
- But...
- Break up with him!
Break up now!
You don't understand me.
I really went there. No!
- I'll go now! I'll go now!
- Wait! Wait!
- Do you want that? How much do you want?
- Dear...
I changed my mind. I won't buy anymore.
Wait. We'll talk about this.
If you want, we'll give you a discount.
- You too. Wait. I'll call our boss.
- I've changed my mind!
Hello. What?!
- I'm still doing something.
- I'll just come back on New Year.
No. No. Wait a minute.
I'll give you--
- Hey, what was that?
- Oh my, I'm dead.
I'm not yelling at you.
- Why?
- Yes!
What's happening? Why?
Hey, what is that?
You broke up with your boyfriend again?
- It's gone!
- What?
Didn't I tell you to watch it
Hey! No! No one will come out!
No one will come out!
No one will go out!
- Me, me, me, me. I'll wait!
- Wait a minute.
I'll wait.
This is beautiful.
This is what I want.
- Hey! No!
- Wait. Wait.
This is evidence.
I'll go now. I'll go now.
I'll go to Iloilo so I can see my mother.
- Wait, Ma'am!
- Wait! Wait!
- No one will come out!
- Chase him!
Why? Are you a "Ma'am"?
Are you a "Ma'am"?!
- I think it's better if you bring it out.
- What's the matter?!
- I said bring it out!
- There. Look in there.
Is it there?
It's not here?!
Hello?! I said, no!
- You're so annoying!
- Where is it?
Oh, is that so?!
You're jealous of my work?
If I don't resign from here,
you'll break up with me?!
You know what? You have such a thick faced!
You're the jobless one and
yet you have the guts for that?!
So that's what you want? Fine!
- Give me that!
- Hey, where is she going?
- You better bring it out.
- That's right.
Or else...
Go, Ramon! Search her!
- You can't search me!
- You don't want? Guard, call the police!
This is a violation.
I'm a woman. I can't be searched by a man!
- And I don't
- That's why...
- What's the problem here?
- Nothing!
This one!
- She was looking at the jewelries a while ago...
- There's nothing!
And then it just disappeared.
- It just disappeared.
- She was the only one here.
- I'm not doing anything!
- What do you want to do?
Maybe we could...
- Search her.
- No! You can't!
- Isn't it... Isn't it?!
- Hey!
- Because I'm a woman.
- I'm a woman.
- I can search.
- There you go.
There's a woman now.
Is she going to search me?
She might touch me in my private parts.
- Don't worry. I have that too.
- There.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Go on, so this'll be quick!
- This way, beautiful miss.
- Is she going to search me?
- Go on. Go on.
- Yes! There's police here anyway.
- I'll take care of you.
- Wait.
- Come on, ma'am!
Get inside. Come on.
You might peep. You might peep!
- Let me handle this, ma'am!
- Go on. Go on!
Mister, don't worry.
Don't blink an eye, hold your breath.
I'll take care of this, okay?
- Can it just be a man?
- Come here!
Just bring it out!
There you go.
- What? Okay?
- What?
What? Where is it?
Did you find anything?
Don't touch me. This is harassment.
There's nothing?
- I didn't find anything.
- So I can go now?
I'm going to press charges!
What you did to me is wrong.
- My wallet?
- Her wallet.
- The wallet?
- Here.
That's empty.
That's a soap box!
- Won't forget you. I won't
- I'm sorry.
I'm going to sue you!
And you too!
I won't forget you!
I knew it!
You're all too rude!
What you're doing is a violation of rights!
What do you think of yourself?
You jerks! You
- Where are they?
- Sir, why?
Where are the two women?
- They already went out.
- They're gone!
- They've left.
- They've left!
No! In the surveillance video,
they're both conspirators!
- Chase after them!
- Chase them!
- Faster!
- Chase them!
You stay here.
Hey! Wait! Wait!
- There.
- There! Let's go!
Oh no! Mother!
She disappeared!
Did you see a woman here?
Oh my! They're here again!
Hey, what?
Is it okay?
Don't tell me you've been followed.
That's what I feel but...
I think I lost the giant one.
That's okay.
Let's split up now.
- Just like the old times. See you!
- Hey!
Wait, Wait!
The ring!
- It's with me!
- then why is it with you?
I'll keep this first!
Why you?
- That's the way it is. So it's sure!
- No!
What if something happened to you?
I'll just hide it instead!
I'm a better keeper than you!
- It's like you don't trust me.
- Wait. Wait. Wait!
Trust? Trust? Trust?
There's really none!
Give it to me. Give it to me!
There. Okay.
- Keep it. Make sure it can't be found in you.
- Yes! I will really keep this.
Hey. Hey, what are you going to do?
I will keep it.
- Here in my pocket.
- Why there?
What if they find that in you?
You're right.
- What will I do here? Where do I hide it?
- Swallow it.
I'll swa--
- I will swallow it?
- Swallow it!
You said you're good at hiding?!
Wait! Are you sure?
I'm very sure.
- Swallow?
- Swallow!
Like... that?!
You don't want to? Then give me that.
No. No. No. I'll do it.
Is it okay now? We're okay now!
What is it again? What?
Is it okay now?
What? What do you want?
What? Have you swallowed it?
Water your face!
Dude, what's this?
What's this?!
Get yourself ready.
We're about to be tortured.
We'll be tortured?
They'll beat us up?
I don't want to!
My face will be ruined!
- I don't want to get beat up!
- You won't get beat up!
We'd be lucky if we would
only get beat up in here.
They're even going to drown us.
What do you mean?
What water--
Where did you hide the rings?
I don't know, sir!
What ring?
The rings that you stole
from the jewelry store!
- Here. He stole it.
- What?
You're a traitor.
You're a traitor! I don't even know you!
Who are you anyway?
- The ring's with you!
- Don't accuse!
- The rings are with you.
- No!
Who are you?
Look! I don't even know him.
Give me a glass.
Will you please drink this?
Give me another one.
Hey, you're next.
Just make it fast!
Is this the water?
The one you're talking about?
Thank you, sir.
Can I have another one?
- I'm just really thirsty.
- You said so.
Yes. And I hope there's ice.
You drink together.
Just make it faster, you still have
a lot of gallons of water to drink.
What? Water?
Want more?
What's your complaint?
Take us out of here!
I won't last another day!
I badly want to go to the bathroom!
Don't be too loud!
What's our condition?
Let me do my ritual first,
I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I'm starving!
Is that okay?
Here it is.
Okay. Follow this up, okay?
It looks like your sentence
will be just for 10 years.
Ten years?
Denmark, I don't want
to be locked up in jail!
Dude, I won't work there!
Find a way!
If I were you,
just bring back what you stole.
And we don't know...
they might lessen your sentence.
Hey! Never mind!
With all those things we went through?!
And then it'll be just like that?
We can find an alibi.
Someone died in this mental hospital again.
The rumor is there are ghosts that
kill patients and nurses working here.
How true is this, doctor?
Oh my! You know,
there are no killer ghosts in here.
What happened was really just an accident.
It's because they go to forbidden places.
That's why they fell and died.
The "Keep Out" sign was huge.
Maybe it's the missing Ramil Guevarra!
The one who kills the victims?!
No, sir.
Ramil Guevarra has
gotten away for a long time.
But it's impossible for him to
stay here in the hospital, isn't it?
Oh, you know, I have to
get back to my patients, okay?
Yes doctor, thank you.
Sir, we just have a question, sir!
How many years is your sentence?
Sir, just comment. What do you think?
Has the sentence been fair?
And they are saying that
you're crazy. Is that true?
They said you're crazy. Oh! Ouch!
- Ouch! He bit me!
- What's happening to you?
He bit me!
Has this murderer really escaped?!
Or is he still here in
the hospital wreaking terror?
I am Mang Enriquez for Balita Mismo!
- If you don't shut up, I will slap you!
- Then go ahead and try!
- Hey! You're so
- We're talking!
Why are you here?
We killed someone!
- What?!
- You killed
- Any complaints?
- Just don't complain!
- They killed someone.
- Okay! Kill each other!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on!
Come here!
Hey! Let me go. Let me go!
- Let me go!
- How will I
Just don't butt in!
We already have a problem.
You know what?
We have to pretend.
We're going to pretend that we're crazy?
We're going to pretend that we're crazy.
You know what,
Billy, Bob, that's an old style already.
Forget about it.
You know, you have to make the
judge believe that you're severely insane.
So that he will believe!
Here. Put your stool sample here.
That's needed tomorrow at the hearing.
They will look for that.
Do it!
The two won't admit where they hid the ring.
Too bad, someone already wants to buy it.
I'm sure it's just somewhere around them.
If you want, we can put
them under surveillance,
If ever they come back
for the ring, we can get it back.
But who will follow them? They know Ramon!
I know someone for that.
- It's huge!
- Hey! Hey! I know it's huge! I can see it.
But don't shove it to my face.
You know where it came from.
What's your plan for this?
How are we going to hide it?
Just keep it.
What's important is that they
won't find it in you. Do you understand?
Good afternoon, Chief!
Are you going to tell
me where the ring is?
And we will set you free.
- You!
- Yes?
Is the ring with you?
No, sir.
You? Is it with you?
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Answer me!
No, sir!
No, sir.
It's up to you.
Bye, sir.
- How about that?
- What?
- I swallowed it again.
- Yes. I saw it. You swallowed it again!
But don't worry.
Just eat papaya and that'll be okay.
Hey. Hey. Hey! Don't talk too much!
Yes. Yes, papaya!
How can we make them
believe that we're crazy?
- Wait. Why don't we have a lawyer?
- Go ahead. Go ahead!
- Go ahead.
- Go on. Go on!
- I'll take care of you.
- Go ahead.
Attorney isn't here yet.
Sir, that's them.
They're the ones I saw.
Are you sure about those two?
I'm sure. It's the two of them!
Stand up!
Give me the bottle of the stool sample.
- But it's still empty.
- Give it to me!
It's empty.
I'll take care of it. Just give it to me!
Time to eat!
You want?
How about you? Come on! Taste it!
Who could've stolen my peanut butter?
- Hey! Come on!
- What's this?
What happened? Hey!
Is there fire? Is there fire?
- Hurry! Hurry!
- How rude!
Take those retards out of this court!
Where are we going?
What a snob!
I'm going to punch him.
I'm going to punch him!
- I'm going to punch him!
- Hey!
- Let me go.
- Don't be so hotheaded.
You're so hotheaded.
Let me handle it.
Where are we going?
Okay, you. Come down now.
Hurry up! Here.
We'll have these two
turned over to you, okay?
Okay. I'll take care of that.
- It's beautiful here!
- Are you impressed?
Sometimes, I am really impressed on you.
- It's like we're in a resort!
- Oops!
It's not a resort. It's a clubhouse!
Billy, what's this?
I don't want this anymore!
I don't want to stay here anymore!
No! I don't want to stay here anymore!
- Oh! It's cold! It's cold!
- Don't be afraid!
- Don't be scared! Hold on to me!
- But it's cold!
I'll take care of this!
We're going to swim.
I will drown!
I will drown!
Don't you have hot water?
- None?
- What's that?
Here. Put on baking powder.
Put on some baking powder.
- How dare you, Billy!
- Why?
What clubhouse were you talking about?
I had no idea we're
going to a factory of powdered rice cake.
Hey, hey, hey Bob!
Whatever it is you're planning,
I'm not going to give in to you.
I'm just going to ask
what's this place we're in.
Don't ask me because I don't know it either.
It's different. Weird.
At least, it's okay in here.
Instead of jail!
And just look at the people we're with.
They all look behaved, right?
Very well behaved.
Yes. You're right about that.
We're so safe in here.
Very safe. No fear at all.
Hug me, Billy.
Hug me!
Of all pigs, this one howls!
According to the files,
Bob and Billy are just petty thieves.
They're just pretending to be insane.
You know what, Dr. Joey?
Our resources will be wasted on them!
I'm sure those two
will escape, given the chance.
What's their background?
Then, they suddenly ate the...
- Oh my, it's disgusting!
- They ate what?
Do they have a history
of psychiatric illness?
Prior to the case, there was none.
What's their case, anyway?
Those two stole two
expensive diamond rings.
The diamond rings
might still be with them.
Are the expensive diamond
rings still with you?
Is it with you?
Come here. Hey!
We still need more tests.
So you better take those patients back
before the final diagnosis.
What does that mean?
Your brains are damaged!
- Brain damaged?
- Brain damaged?
- We are retards!
- We are retards!
We're crazy! We're crazy!
Thank you doctor. We're crazy.
- Bring them out.
- You're crazy.
- We're crazy.
- You're crazy!
- We're crazy!
- Come on.
- We're crazy, okay?
- Come with us.
- Come on!
- We're crazy, okay?
- Thank you!
- It's okay!
Take Bossing with you too.
- Bossing! You're just here after all!
- Hey, what?!
- I've been waiting for you.
- It's time for your medicine.
- Later. I still have patients here, okay?
- The best thing is.
There are more patients in there.
- Really?
- Yes!
Okay then, let's go!
What else are you waiting for?
We've been here for long!
He's crazy?
- There you go.
- It stinks so bad!
- Crazy?
- Crazy!
We're all crazy! Let's go!
Bossing is crazy!
- Crazy?
- Bossing! Crazy!
- Let's go!
- Bossing!
Aren't they beautiful?
So big! These are huge!
I will buy a house and
lot at the Forbes Park!
And me...
I will buy a new...
A new house?
Anew car?
What new?
Anew face.
- A new face?
- Yes.
What face?
The face of Vic Sotto.
He looks like Jose!
- Hey, what?! Are you finished there?
I will take you to the other patients!
You keep it this time.
- No!
- Please!
I'm so tired of trying to holding
it back and taking this out.
- Please?
- Now what?
Are you okay now?
- Are you okay now?
- I'm okay now.
I'm okay.
Answer when someone's talking to you.
Don't be boorish.
Just like before
Go ahead.
Come here.
Move over, someone will sit there.
Sit down.
I have food now.
You don't have yours yet. How poor!
What are you now?!
What makes me wonder...
Hey! Come on! Look at me, love!
Why there isn't a lady nurse in here?
We're already inside an asylum,
and you are still thinking about women.
What you should think is
how we're going to escape from here.
And how we're going to sell these rings.
Keep quiet. Someone might hear you.
Who? Him?
For sure, they're insane too!
This one.
That one!
That one! That one!
Can I kiss you?
Just keep eating, okay?
Just keep eating!
I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse, okay? Just keep eating!
Just keep eating!
What could've happened to that lady?
- She's deranged! She's high.
- Dear, can I kiss you?
For sure she's a rocker!
Hello guys! Can I kiss you?
Dude, how much are those rings?
One million each.
The jewelry store owner will surely be happy
once we have returned the rings.
That's not going to happen.
Why not?
We've already found the rings.
Once we got the rings,
We're going to sell
it in the black market.
One million for each of us.
One million each!
So just stay there.
We'll just stay close to the other one.
So we would know where the rings are.
Come on. Sit down. Sit down.
I want that. Get out of there.
Okay. I'll open it. Just sit.
Go on.
Sit there.
- Bring them there.
- Don't worry.
Right there, at the end.
I'll take care of you. Stay cool.
Okay, just stay here. Sit here.
Watch TV.
Your medicines will
arrive shortly. Just wait.
When can we get out of here?
Once we have recovered.
How will they know that we've recovered?
When we're no longer crazy.
How will they know that?
Whatever! On the next interview...
Just act properly. Answer properly.
It's that simple!
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Drink it.
What's that they're giving away?
They will give us too?
Don't drink it.
That's only given
to the mentally retarded.
Cure for craziness?
Oh my! Maybe you can drink that!
Want me to kick your head?
Just stay put.
What we need is to think of a way
on how we can get out of here.
Then let's tell them we're not insane.
That we've already recovered.
- Just like that?
- Yes?
Just like that!
Try it.
I have a good news for you, doctor!
I'm okay now, doctor!
I don't need that
medicine anymore, doctor!
- Really?
- Yes!
I'm okay now.
I'm no longer a loony!
Drink this.
But doctor, I don't need it anymore!
I'm okay now, doctor!
I'm not brain damaged anymore.
- Would you like me to call an orderly?
- Doctor, give it to me, doctor!
Doctor, there's something I want to tell you.
What is it?
That I'm not crazy.
Dear, don't give me a hard time.
- I'll call the orderly.
- Doctor! I'm not giving you a hard time.
All I'm trying to say is
that I no longer need to take the medicine
Because I'm not crazy.
Is that so?
Why doctor? Is there a problem?
It's because our patient...
He claims he's not crazy.
Oh my! Sane people don't belong here.
We really should take you out.
You heard that my brothers?
Bob said he's not crazy!
But sane people don't belong here, right?
That's why we have to take him out!
Okay then, let's go.
It's because you're not crazy.
- That's why we have to take you out of here.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Friends! Thank you.
- I've been wanting to get out of here because...
- Come on!
- I'm not really crazy.
- Enough. Let's go.
It looks okay.
Is my friend free now?
What do you mean free?
You said, sane people are not allowed here.
Annoying patients are not allowed in here.
They are taken away.
Before they cause trouble
among the other patients.
Is that so?
Where will they bring Bob?
How dare you Billy!
You know what, doctor?
It's a good thing you're here.
Women are still better in care giving.
My mother was a nurse too.
I was just orphaned too soon
that's why I ended up in an orphanage.
Let me have this.
I still have a lot to do.
Oh, doctor. Doctor!
If you need me, just text me.
If I were you,
I wouldn't flirt with that doctor.
And why?
Because she's crazy.
She's just pretending to be a doctor.
And besides, you don't look good together.
She's so beautiful
and you're ugly.
You know what...
If she's pretending to be crazy
It only means, she's crazy!
We fit together, don't we?
That's right.
I didn't think of that.
Hey! Just be careful.
She once had a boyfriend
who was a patient here.
He suddenly disappeared.
You too. Maybe someday...
you might suddenly disappear too.
Damn it!
I thought it was someone else.
I'm sorry.
By the way, I am Marcia.
Marcia Cunanan, the assigned nurse
here in the Solitary Confinement.
Nurse? It's a good thing
there's a nurse in here.
I've been shouting for hours.
I'm all alone in here.
Is that so? I'm really sorry.
It's just that, I don't like
going here too much.
I'm scared, that's why.
But, why?
Don't tell them that I told you, okay?
Because the truth is...
there's a ghost in here
that kills the nurses.
I saw that on the news.
That's true.
So many have died here.
Who is the killer?
What? What?
Wait, I have to look
after the other patients.
Nurse! Nurse, have mercy on me!
Mother... father...
mother... father...
mother... | want bread...
I want coffee...
Brother, I want bread.
Sister, brother.. I want coffee.
Sister... brother!
I don't like it here!
I don't like it!
Okay, get inside.
You'll take your medicines!
Come on!
- Faster!
- What?
Hurry up!
Are you losing your mind?
Then what?!
I'm looking for a way to escape!
I don't want this place, Billy.
The news we watched is true!
There's a ghost killing people.
It has killed nurses and patients.
It seems those are haunting too!
Yes. Someone told me that too.
- And I know who the Killer is.
- What?!
What I'm saying is true!
Now what, am I right?
- It's Dr. Jessica.
- What?
You know, that's possible.
The truth is, she's scary.
Come on.
The one who told me that is a crazy guy.
So, if you want to get out of here,
What we'll do is simple.
We have to pass the interview later.
And that's all!
That's all? Then they'll set us free?
Didn't you hear what doctor said?
Once we are cured,
we'll be released here.
So Bob, there are no ghosts.
Only the retards can see ghosts.
There are no ghosts.
Bob, there are no ghosts.
There are no ghosts Bob!
No ghosts!
- No ghosts, Bob.
- No ghosts!
- No ghosts, Bob.
- No ghosts!
- No ghosts!
- No ghosts!
There are no ghosts.
There are no ghosts!
There are no ghosts!
- Bob, what's this?
- There are no ghosts!
What's that?!
Don't... say...
- Forev...
- Hey! It already said don't say it!
What was written is clear!
- Don't say it!
- Right. Right. I'm not saying it.
- Forev--
- Hey! Come on!
You're so annoying!
It said, don't say it!
- What is...
- There.
You just told me not to say it
then you will say it too?!
Come on.
Bob, there are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
There are no ghosts.
- Louder!
- There are no ghosts!
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts!
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts!
There are ghosts, Bob.
- What is it really?
- There are no ghosts.
- What ghost?
- There are no ghosts Bob, okay?
There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts!
- Let's go.
- There are no ghosts.
- Forev
- Hey! Don't say it!
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts.
There are no ghosts!
- I told you, there are no ghosts.
- There are no ghosts!
- They want to kill us!
- Help us!
- They want to kill us!
- Help!
- Help! They want to kill us!
- They want to kill us! Help!
Okay, have a seat.
Me? I feel so fine and thank you.
Well, doctor...
Before anything else...
I would like to tell you
that the medicines you're giving us,
Oh my, doctor. It's amazing!
I'm feeling better and
I feel different things!
Is that so?
It's good that the vitamins
we're giving you are working.
That we have the patients take vitamins,
for their health.
We'll just ask some standard questions.
These will be our
basis for your evaluation.
Okay, okay.
Do you believe in Tikbalang,
Mananaggal and Enkanto?
Do you see ghosts?
You, Bob.
What is it?
What is it again?
He is talking to you.
Bob, hey!
Hey skinhead! What's the matter?
Hey Bob, what's happening to you?
Bob, he's talking to you. What?!
Are you okay?
- Yes!
- You, Billy?
Do you see ghosts?
Ghosts? Oh my...
Even just a tiny bit of ghost...
Don't kill us! Don't kill us!
- Don't kill us!
- Don't kill us!
- Don't kill us!
- Don't kill us!
We'll behave!
I told you there's a ghost here!
- Why does he want to kill us?
- That's what the nurse told me!
Which is?
That there's a ghost here
that kills patients and nurses!
Oh Bob, maybe we're really going crazy!
What? She's just as scared too!
Bob, we have to talk to that nurse.
Why is she scared?
Bob, I don't want to die here!
How can we get out of here?
Talk to me!
I thought it's a ghost.
- It's just you!
- You can feel it too?
Someone's roaming around right now.
Please help my friend.
We have to get out of here.
- We're not really crazy!
- I know that but I can't help you.
Only one has the keys
for that. It's the doctor.
- My friend! How's my friend?
- The one on the other side?
- Yes.
- There. He's being haunted by the ghost right now.
The ghost is only mad at two things.
The nurses and those who
are pretending to be crazy.
Maybe he pretended to be crazy before
so he's mad at those people like him.
Why the nurses?
He's also mad at nurse like you!
Maybe the nurse was the one who killed him.
Nurse, please help my friend!
Oh! If the ghost is there, no way!
I can't do it.
Then, ask help from the others.
But no one believes me.
How's that? What are we going to do?
Then sneak out!
How? The gates are too high!
Someone has escaped from here before.
And he was able to get through those gates.
What? Really?
What? Wait. Someone's coming.
Okay? Bye.
Nurse! Don't leave me.
What?! Why do you keep calling the nurse?
What do you need?
Doctor! My friend's being haunted by a ghost!
Let him out! Something
might happen to him, doctor!
Billy's okay.
We already gave him tranquilizer
because he was hallucinating.
And you!? Do we have to give you
tranquilizer just so you would shut up?
Doctor, let me out of here!
Promise! I'll keep quiet!
Just take me to the crazy patients.
I'm okay there, doctor!
I'll take you tomorrow
back to the general population.
But tonight, stay there. Understand?
Doctor? Doctor!
Doctor! Doctor!
Why do you look like that?
You look so scared.
I'm not crazy but
I can really see the ghost.
Why did you put powder on me?
Believe in what I'm going to say.
He said he'll kill me
if I don't get out of here.
Then why does he want to kill you?
He doesn't like it...
when someone's flirting with you.
He said he's your boyfriend.
Really? I have a ghost boyfriend?
Doctor, I'm not joking.
You know what?
Of all the stories
I've heard from our patients?
That's the best one!
I have a ghost boyfriend!
But doctor, that's really what he said!
Okay, fine.
If I really have a boyfriend,
then when is our anniversary?
November 1, doctor.
That's the day after tomorrow.
All soul's day.
Why are you hiding?
Because what I did was horrible.
If they find out, I'm dead.
What? Why?
What did you do?
Yes, granny. That's it.
- There.
- I killed Lapu-Lapu.
Lapu-Lapu? The one who killed Magellan?
Then why did you kill him?
Because Magellan is my father.
I revenged for him.
You? Why are you here?
Well, I stole a ring.
I don't want to be in jail.
80, here.
So you have a ring now.
I hid...
I hid it here in my butt.
How many?
What do you think of me? A retard?
The ring is for the finger, not for the butt!
What a retard.
How about you?
Why are you here?
We just want to get something from a patient.
After that...
We'll also get out of here.
- Yes, because it's scary here.
- Right.
I know the ghost.
He's mad at nurses and
those who pretend to be crazy.
Don't be scared because you're crazy.
Yes... yes.
We have to talk.
Oh, Billy! These are my friends, by the way.
He's a retard too?
We have to get out of here.
If we're still here
until the day after tomorrow,
we're going to die.
How did you know that?
I know why.
Every year, there are people who die
on All Soul's day.
Last year, a man died...
The year before that, a fat nurse died.
The year before that,
two patients died in a nightmare
But all of that started
when Ramil disappeared.
Who is Ramil?
The killer?
Has Ramil really escaped?
That's what they said.
How did Ramil get away?
I have no idea.
If I were you, ask his girlfriend!
- Girlfriend?
- Right there.
- Who is Ramil's girlfriend?
- Who?
Who's the girlfriend?
That doctor has a secret.
I'm sure she knows how Ramil has escaped.
They're exactly like that before.
Ramil is always chasing his girl
even if she doesn't want him anymore.
You mean to say...
the doctor hooked up with a patient?
She was just a nurse that time.
And Ramil wasn't crazy.
He's just pretending to be insane.
He's just imitating me.
I'm just pretending to be a retard.
Because if they find out that
I'm the one who killed Lapu-Lapu,
They'll surely send me to jail.
Come here!
What did she say?
She got mad when I asked about Ramil.
But you know what?
Ramil is the key
for us to get out of here.
I already asked around.
- Really?
- Yes!
- From who?
- But, they were saying different things.
But it's good to ask from the other woman.
- A woman?
- Yes!
What did she say?
Ramil has escaped because...
- He's a ghost.
- He's a ghost!
- You're asking from who?!
- Ouch!
You're asking the retards!
Then who would you like me to ask?
It can't be the orderlies, we'll be busted!
That's right.
But I know someone who can help us.
- Who's that?
- The nur!
The nur!
Nurse! What "nur"?!
Nur! Because she's alone!
If there are two, then it's "nurse"!
So, it's nur! You idiot!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
This one. Have you asked him?
Come on.
Don't shout. Don't shout!
Peter, get the ring. Hurry!
- Where?
- Where else?
Do it. I'll just hold his mouth.
You want me to poke you?
Come on, it's just a suggestion.
You're too serious. Here it is.
Don't worry.
Once we got the ring,
We'll get out of here, okay?
Hurry up!
Dude I saw something.
- Are you sure?
- Come on, come on!
Let's get out of here!
If you tell someone
about it, I will kill you.
Hey! Come back here!
You cowards!
You're both so cocky!
Just because you have a knife!
And you're two.
Now what?! Just one at a time!
It's you, Marcia.
Hey! Wait, wait, Bob!
Don't go there.
It's dangerous there.
Scary indeed. What's in there?
That's an old cemetery.
It's a good thing I saw you.
There's something I want to ask you.
What is it?
Do you know Ramil?
Is it true that he has escaped?
I think so.
Do you know how?
My goodness, Bob.
What you're thinking is dangerous.
Ramil is a brave person.
You might not be able to do
everything that he did.
So you know how he escaped?
Let's just say I knew his plan.
What he did was dangerous.
Something bad might happen to you.
I'll take care of that.
Just tell me what he did.
Ramil is handsome and
romantic to girls.
That's why he has fooled
a nurse who will help him.
The plan is...
He will get inside a coffin.
So he will be buried in
the cemetery outside the hospital.
When everybody's gone, the nurse
will dig him up so he will be free.
And since then...
Ramil disappeared.
And nobody knew what happened to him.
It's like on TV!
Billy must know about this!
There's still something I have to tell him.
You'll make me lie in a coffin?
Never mind.
I'll be beside a corpse?
I'm just thinking about it,
but I'm already having goose bumps.
Aren't you going to stop?
That's up to you.
Me? I don't want to stay here any longer!
If the ghost can't kill us,
We'll be killed by the
two who wants to get the ring!
What ring are you talking about?
And who knows about the ring?
That's the one who said that
the ring is placed in his ass.
That Boy iPod? I'm about to kill him!
He's too nosy because you're so talkative!
Boy iPad is nothing!
What I'm talking about...
The two who are always together.
They really not retards!
They followed us here
so they can get the rings!
Last night, they nearly killed me.
So what you're trying to tell me,
Those two are just pretending to be crazy.
- Is that so?
- Yes!
Then where are we
going to find 2 dead patients?
Are you really not going to stop?
If you don't stop, I will kill you.
I'm a goon!
Understand? Goon!
Who are you?! Stay away from me!
I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse! I'm a nurse!
- I'm a nurse!
- Hey!
Oh, a goon?
I'm a goon! I'm going to kill you!
I'm going to kill you!
Fine. If you're really thinking,
What? How?
How can we get out of here?
We will return the rings.
Make way.
- Move over!
- Move!
Wait, wait, wait!
I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse.
- Enough. That's enough!
- I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse.
Wait! I'll give him CPR!
Nurse! Nurse! He needs CPR. He needs CPR.
I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse. I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse!
I'm a nurse!
- Is that them?
- Doctor, doctor!
- The ghost is too early today.
- Let's give him CPR.
All soul's day is tomorrow.
We have to get out of here.
How did they die?
- Nightmare.
- Do they have relatives?
There was nothing on the records.
So, how?!
Tomorrow, before the sun rises.
While the cemetery's
empty, doctor wants them buried.
Perfect. Tomorrow's All Soul's day
Come on! Come on!
- I'm a nurse.
- Did you hear that?
Crazy! I'm not deaf.
I heard it. They died because of nightmares.
I'm serious.
Yesterday, those two wanted to kill me.
But look what happened.
They both died.
We're just really God's favorites.
You heard it from your friends, right?
For sure, we'll be next!
He's crazy!
You're the one who told me that
those two are just pretending.
And all of a sudden, they would die?
And now, you'll tell me...
That he's crazy?
I don't care if they are retards!
I would never go inside a coffin.
I will die first,
before I give this ring away.
If we won't do this,
There might be no other chances.
I heard it. They died because of nightmare.
I give up.
I give up! I give--
Not there. This way.
Hurry up!
What?! You keep going with them!
I don't like this anymore.
I don't want it anymore!
- What is it you don't like?
- I don't like this anymore!
What is it you don't like?
After all that we've been through?
Dude! All of these are just trials!
If we really have tough skulls!
What trials are you talking about?
I'm losing my mind. Can't you see?
I'm going crazy here!
Do you know why those two retards died?
Well, fine. Why?
There's a term for that.
- There's a term for that.
- What?! What is it called?
What's it called again?
- Ouch.
- Why are you asking me? What's it called?
There! There's something like this.
What's that?
This is a sign?
What sign is that?
This is God's sign.
So we can escape!
God's sign!
God's sign!
You're insane!
Sign your face!
What sign are you talking about?!
Dude, what's that?
Let's check it out dude. Come on!
This is Bob.
You're free now?
We're still here inside.
We need your help.
Tomorrow's dawn...
Before the sun rises,
I will be buried in the cemetery.
Just beside the mental hospital.
Why? You already died?
No! I'm going to escape!
I will go inside a coffin.
I've already seen that on television.
Fine! But do you know
where they brought us?
Okay. It's like this...
No matter what happens, make sure you're
already in the cemetery before the sun rises.
Me and Billy's lives are in your hands.
Okay, bro. Count on me.
Don't forget to bring digging tools, okay?
- What for?
- Of course!
To dig up the coffin
that I'll be hiding in.
Okay? Fine. Bye.
I might get caught.
I already called Denmark.
We'll be going later!
What's the matter?
Did you hear what I said?
We're okay later!
Denmark is okay now.
Here. I've already called him up.
Here. Here are the keys.
I already found ways.
- You've called him up.
- Yes.
I give up.
I don't like this anymore.
No! I can't do this anymore!
I'll stay here. Leave
me here. I'll stay here!
We can't back out anymore!
Denmark will arrive later!
No! Can't you see?
Can't you see?
This is a punishment, bro!
This is a punishment for the things we do!
I don't want to lie anymore.
It's all because we're liars!
I give up!
If you don't want to...
then don't!
I thought...
But you're nothing.
You're a loser! Here! That's yours!
It's all up to you!
First of all,
You don't have the right to
meddle with other people's lives.
I gave in to Ramil.
Even if he's a patient and
even if he has a criminal record.
I thought he changed.
Or maybe I just really like bad boys.
Because he's like my father.
Who is also a fraudulent criminal.
I was just projecting the love
that I'm looking for in my father.
Because I gave in to his sweet talk.
So there.
My best friend killed herself.
He was buried on all soul's day.
I didn't think she
would also give in to a patient.
It's already the fourth one, doctor.
I'm saying all of these to you.
Because I've been keeping
it to myself for a long time.
Because if I don't say this to anyone,
I'm surely going to lose my mind!
I'm a thief.
We stole antique rings in a jewelry store.
I don't want to go to jail
so we pretended to be crazy.
We ate...
But it was just peanut butter.
They thought we're crazy.
The people were shocked. They ran away.
They all ran away.
They thought we ate the real thing.
That's why I ended up in here.
But doctor...
It's true that I can talk to the ghost.
It's true that I can see the ghost!
Here in this damn hospital.
But doctor, what's
happening to us might be karma.
That's why doctor, I give up.
I don't want to lie anymore.
I'll return the ring, doctor.
I really can't do it anymore!
Hello, what?! Where are you?
I'm in the hospital right now.
How about Bob!?
He might get buried alive!
Please tell Bob, I'm sorry.
- I'll tell Bob.
- Tell him not to push through with the plan.
Okay, okay.
Lord, just let me out of this mess.
Promise, I will return the rings!
Promise, I'll return the ring!
Can you still handle it?
You're the nurse?
- Why?
- Your cousin...
had an accident and he's in the hospital.
- How about that?
- That's it!
Then no one will dig you up.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Help us instead!
Yes. Please help me, nurse.
You know that I'm not crazy.
You know that I'm not crazy.
Why would I do that?
Then... let's just put it this way...
I will give you Billy's ring,
just help me escape.
Come on, come on.
- Please?
- This is yours!
- Don't shove it to my face.
- This is Billy's ring!
Fine. I will help you.
But Bob, there's something
more important I have to tell you.
There's still another problem.
There's a ghost roaming around
here and he's restless
Now you have to
get him settled in his grave
so he won't visit you in
your coffin while you're buried.
How will I do that?
That's just simple.
You know, ghosts are afraid of garlic too.
Now if you have tied them up
they will go right back to the grave
But, are you sure
about what you're saying?
I'm so sure.
If only I can, I would do it myself.
Fine. Fine. Fine.
I will look for garlic in the kitchen.
Bob, get out of there!
Stop fooling around!
I'm just acting tough!
What the-J?!
Bob! Damn it! What?! Fight? Fight?
What? What?
What? Where am I?
I can't see anything!
Where are you, Bob?
Come out you greedy skinhead!
I will hit you.
Bob, where are you?
This retard is giving me a huge problem!
I will hit your head!
They backed out?
They're backing out!
I will back out too!
I will back out!
Hey! Get out of there!
If you're not crazy, where's
the ring you're talking about?
It's Bob.
It's with Bob!
Then where is Bob?
It's Marcia...
Where is Marcia?
He must've asked for help from Marcia.
The nurse?
Marcia has been dead for a long time.
Give me the ring.
I need that.
So Ramil and I will be together.
Give me the ring!
It's Bob!
Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
I will run?
I don't want to be with Marsh forever! Run!
- Run!
- Run! Run!
Go ahead!
Doctor, wait for me!
Marcia! Don't!
Let him go!
You're so restless, that's why!
Don't worry! I will have you buried!
Don't be scared!
I'll just be here!
Don't be scared. I won't leave you, bro!
Wake up! Wake up!
Bob! Billy! Wake up!
Hey Bob, Billy! Wake up! Hurry!
The moment I got the ring,
We can be together forever!
And who told you
That I want to be with you forever?!
I will do everything for you!
I will serve you forever!
I don't want to!
And what do you want?
To just use me?
Then what?
You will leave me too?
For all I thought you wouldn't fool me.
But you're just like the other men.
You did nothing but use me!
And then what?
You will throw me away like trash?
Like a dirty rug?
But I won't let that happen now.
I won't let that happen.
You can't fool me anymore.
You can't fool me anymore!
Because from now on,
we will never be apart anymore.
We will be together forever!
No way!
Wake up! It's morning!
There's nothing you can do anymore!
There is!
I will kill you!
I've been dead for so long!
Bob! Hurry! Come here! Get out of there!
One... two...
If I only knew it, I could've
killed you a thousand times!
And I will stay beside
you over and over again!
Billy! Hurry up!
- We need the garlic!
- Where? Where did you put it?
- Here! Here's the garlic!
- Is that a lot?
This is for the bad ones!
Give it to me! I'll throw it now!
- I'll throw it now!
- Throw it now!
- No! You!
- Faster!
Throw it now!
Hurry up!
I will melt!
Hey! Come on!
Bob! What?! Get it! Just do it!
Just throw it now!
My goodness!
You really are cowards!
Will you get out of the way?!
You two stay together!
Where is it?
Why did it disappear?
Aren't you a ghost too?
She's not a ghost dude.
There really are ghosts!
Where could the ghosts have gone?
You have something to say, right?
There's something I want to give you.
It's been for a long time.
This is the reason behind all these mess.
You take charge for that.
- What? I already gave it to her.
- Right.
There's two of that, right?
Where's the other one?
Here, it's to follow.
Sir, bye. Thank you!
Thank you!
You're hugging her!
You don't even know them!
Dude, it's the street!
- At last!
- Finally!
We've graduated now!
- Let's take a picture!
- Okay, okay!
Hey! Hey!
Oh. Wait. Wait!
We can't be seen anymore.
Okay, ready.
The flowers are beautiful.
Son, can I have one, please?
- Do you want a flower?
- Yes!
- Sure. I'll get one for you.
- I really want it.
- The fresh one!
- I'll get one for you.
I'll just get it.
- Thank you!
- I'll do it.
- I do it!
- I do it!
- Me!
- Me!
- It looks okay.
- Not that. Not that!
That's still young. This one.
No. This one's better.
That's just a bud.
Let's get this instead.
It's better. It's bigger.
This is okay!
- No! This is better!
- This is better!
What's okay with that?
Look. It's wilted!
It's okay if it's wilted.
We're giving it to an old woman anyway.
Do we really have to
match the age with the flower?
You have to match everything
that you will give to anybody!
So we won't argue,
So we won't fight.
Let's get that one instead.
- Okay. Let's get that one.
- Is that okay with you?
- Yes!
- Okay!
- Here it is.
- Here it is.
Thank you!
- Did you like it?
- Yes!
They're beautiful! Thank you!
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
My friends, my guests...
They are former hoodlums who...
have been in a mental hospital...
they were imprisoned, sent free,
studied Nursing...
Thank you for dropping here in my show.
Thank you too, Brother Boy.
Are we done?
That was just my intro.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Billy and Bob, among the thousands
of caregivers around the world,
you were given an award as the
outstanding caregivers of the Philippines.
This is my question.
Well, that's... that's what I...
What exactly are you talking about?
Come on, Billy.
- You're really a joker. Here.
- I wasn't able to study, that's why.
What really pushed you...
to do a good deed?
Actually, he's really the one who pushed me.
I really didn't want to but he
forced me to steal the rings,
What do you mean I pushed you?
You're the one who lead me to stealing.
That's not true, Brother Boy.
Don't believe in this bald guy.
Bald people are mean!
Don't say that.
We're both bald.
I'm sorry. He said...
What we're talking
about is the turning point.
What was the turning point
for you to return to goodness?
Well, it's because we saw that
no matter what bad things you've done,
it won't bring anything good
that's why we returned the rings.
As my last question.
I will bring out my magic mirror...
You will see yourselves.
What would you like to say?
You Billy, here is my mirror.
There it is.
You can see yourself.
You Bob?
Let's have Billy first.
I'm very ugly indeed!
Me too!
Now what?! You're ugly too, right?
No. Look!
- What?
- There!
- What is it? What?!
- There!
The happy retard showed off his riches
because he said he owns the sun and the moon.
There's another rich one
who lies with his treasures
but his golden coffin
contains full of sins.
The crazy's chanting a song without meaning.
You'll just shook your head
and call them crazy.
There's another one who's
not crazy but knows a different song
who prays the whole day but still a liar.
Who's the mighty one?
Who's the real crazy one?
Who's the lucky one?
Who's calling for help?
Is it those who born who lacks sanity
or those are sane but lacks love?
He only wears ripped clothes
that goes along with his rotting mind.
And there's a boy carrying himself
with diamonds and jewelries
but when he strips off his clothes,
it'll show his snake skin.
Who's the mighty one?
Who's the real crazy one?
Who's the lucky one?
Who's calling for help?
Is it those who born who lacks sanity
or those are sane but lacks love?
We're amazed with his moves and actions.
We see them as someone crazy
but if we'll go together.