Scareycrows (2017) Movie Script

[WOMAN] If you go back
far enough I reckon everyone
must be related to a witch.
Don't call her a witch.
Why not, everyone else does.
In any case, witches were
just poor demented women
that got persecuted.
You think.
Of course.
It's not like they could
actually do anything.
You don't believe in spells then?
Of course not.
So, it wouldn't bother
you if I was to do this?
Stop it.
That's horrible.
Cassie please that's not funny.
It can't hurt it, can
it, it's not real, is it.
- Stop it!
- Cassie!
Have you seen Esther?
Christ, Lindsey, nearly died there.
Oh sorry, have you though?
- Have we what?
- Seen Esther?
Hello Esther, did Lindsey
leave the door open again?
Come on I'd better take
you back, they'll be worried
about you.
Nevermind, she can't
have gone far, bless her.
You shouldn't be on your own
you know, there's no telling
what might happen to a
girl on her own after dark.
No thanks.
- Do you want us to help?
- No, no, no, we'll find her.
She's a sweetie really,
just a little bit confused.
Are you sure you don't want us to help.
She's sure.
Don't worry, don't worry we'll find her.
It's the third time this
week, we ought to have
a tracking device set into her nighty.
- It's okay, she's here.
- Ah...
Esther whatever were you doing?
What are you doing in there?
I can't do this, I can't we're not kids.
We should have a place of our own by now.
We could go back to mine.
[AMY] Sorry.
I thought I heard you come in.
I thought you said you were going out.
We decided not to
bother, your dad's got one
- of his tummies.
- (LAUGHING) Right.
See you in the morning then.
- Yeah night, Mom.
- Night, night Amy.
Night, night Ryan.
Ah shit.
[MOTHER] I keep telling him it's all
the brownies he's eating.
Mom, about last night.
It can't be any good for
him but he won't listen.
Mom, I was wondering...
When I'm in my room,
do you think you could?
Do you mind knocking,
I'm not trying to be funny or anything.
Here he is now, Amy
and I were just saying
you'd be much better off
with a proper breakfast.
This is a proper breakfast.
Mom, I was trying to say...
You'd never guess this
was non-stick, would you?
Or we can talk about it later.
See ya later love.
- Morning, all right?
- Good morning.
Yeah that looks great.
- It does, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- See you later.
- See ya.
- Morning Simon.
- Oh morning Amy.
Hah, PC Summers, if you don't mind.
- Sorry.
- I'm on duty now.
In my official capacity as
a police community support officer.
- Right.
- I know some people
might find it petty, but,
I believe it's important
to maintain the dignity of the
police service, at all times.
Of course, sorry Simon.
In the kingdom of fairies and dragons
There was a light princess
and an evil dark lord
Who wanted to insert his mighty sword
(MUMBLING) across the line
(MUMBLING) very fine
The goblin king, he danced and sung
And the (GROANING)
- Sorry!
- Sorry.
Are you all right?
No I'm not...
What's happened?
It's Nathan, he stood me up last night,
- I thought he loved me.
- Nathan?
He wouldn't do that.
He was supposed to be at
the pub after work last night,
then we had to look for Esther,
and I forgot to text him
to say I'd be late.
And he didn't show, have you called him?
I'm trying but he's not answering,
I've left messages but nothing.
That's weird, maybe
he's had his phone nicked.
You think?
Don't worry he'll turn up.
If I see I'll ask him to call you.
I'm not implying
anything, it just seems like
an awful lot of products.
Well maybe that's
because I've been dealing
with an awful lot of clients.
Really, only the incoming
for this quarter doesn't
seem to have gone up at all.
Well that's probably because
you've had to cut your prices
so low to get anyone in here at all.
Why is that I wonder?
If the customers were
happy with the service,
if they walked out that
door feeling pampered
and beautiful, with gorgeous hair,
I wouldn't have to rely on special offers
to drag them in, would I?
So you're saying there's
something wrong with my cutting?
Well would you want to face the world
- with a bob like that?
- It's the way she likes it!
And what's this?
What it says, kennel fees.
It was my week off remember,
I was supposed to be on
holiday until you begged me to come in.
It was an emergency.
Oh only so you could go on a freebie
on one of your council trips.
This has nothing to do
with my work as a councilor.
I'm asking why you have put down 68 pounds
for kennel fees.
Because I agreed to
look after my sister's cat
during my holiday, what
was I supposed to do,
- leave it to fend for itself.
- It's a bloody cat!
That's what they do!
Right, that's it, I'm leaving,
I've put up with your
crap for long enough.
It's your bloody salon,
you cut the bloody hair!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Where's the appointments book?
- Here.
- I don't have time for this.
I'll put out an emergency call,
there must be a stylist somewhere.
I have finished my training now...
The next one is due at 10:15,
you'd better start phoning.
There's a couple of kids due in later.
I'm sure you could cope with them.
What about me?
Come back tomorrow,
until then, try a hat.
She's going out with birthdays
I wanna be with you
night and day, so swag
Don't you ever shut up?
Music is my life man.
They sound better than you do.
I, I want you tonight,
want you tonight, come on
- Jesus.
- Yeah!
Enjoy, guitar solo!
I'm starving, I haven't
stopped all morning.
Really, lucky you, I've done bugger all.
He's had me trailing around behind him,
putting up for sale signs.
I guess someone's gotta do it.
Yeah but why me?
Maybe he likes to keep you close
so he can teach you things.
Amy I still haven't found him.
There's something wrong there
must be, he wouldn't worry
- me like this.
- What is it now?
It's Nathan, he's vanished,
I can't find him anywhere.
He's probably avoiding you.
He can't have just disappeared.
Well where could he be then?
Well it's obvious,
he hasn't got the guts
to dump you to your face.
- Oh I'm just saying.
- Well don't.
Nathan is not like
that, he's kind and sweet.
Oh yeah, check your texts.
Zip it Ryan she's worried.
Sorry Lindsey he doesn't
mean to be a prat.
It's okay Amy I forgive him,
I know he can't help anyway.
Dillon, have you see Nathan,
has he been on the beach?
Nah, he's probably
gone over to East Point,
they've got some massive surf over there.
I don't understand he always
lets me know where he is.
I should be very disappointed if he's...
Check your texts it will be there.
You guys making Scareycrows this year?
You seem to be forgetting
Dillon the rest of us
grew up years ago.
I'm supposed to be
doing one for the salon,
for the winter display.
I used to love making Scareycrows.
Then make one, there's no rule that says
it's only for kids.
I just hope it goes
better than last year.
Ah, me too, oh my God, all
I remember about last year
was getting bundled into an
ambulance until my appendix
had burst, look I thought I was dying.
You missed out on all the action.
Ryan doing his hero act and
dragging Cassie of the sea.
I still say she was lucky he was there,
most people I know
would've left her to drown.
Dillon, that's a terrible thing to say.
What it's true, she's
a bitch, she always was.
Even so, you shouldn't
be horrible about her.
It's like, well, speaking ill of the dead.
She's not dead, she's
just in a wheelchair.
It's a bit more than that.
Have any of you actually seen her?
Since the accident I mean.
Well didn't you know she's back.
- Really?
- Hmm-mm.
I was kind of hoping
we'd never see her again.
Well her dad's got her.
Hmm, that's all we need.
Cassie causing trouble again.
I don't think there's
much chance of that.
- What?
- ID please.
So who the fuck do you think I am then?
I have no idea mate, no ID, no entry.
If you can't prove your
age, you're not coming in.
- Ah Jesus.
- Please, Sean.
- He's your cousin.
- So?
So you fucking well know I'm over 21.
Passport, driving license
or photographic ID card.
- Have we got a problem?
- Hey, good to see you mate!
- You all right?
- Hello Steph!
Hi Ryan.
We going in?
Not without IDs you're not.
Oh God, nothing changes does it?
Happy now?
Come on.
I'll pay you back mate
I'm just a bit short.
That's all right, forget
about it, it's good to see you.
So are you back for the summer?
Oh God no, I'm doing
a placement in Paris
with an aeronautics company
for a couple of months,
and then I'll be back at uni in October,
so I thought I'd better
pop down and see the family
before I head off, you know.
So watch about you?
You're were working
in that grotty little
estate agents the last time we came back,
what are you up to now.
He's still in the grotty
little estate agents,
doing very well there, actually.
That's great, it's always
busy in the property market
- isn't it?
- Yeah.
Oh I'll be with you in a minute.
And how about you Amy, what
keeps you busy with your days?
Still in hair and beauty,
I could make the most
ordinary girl look stunning.
You should call in sometime.
I'd love to, but my
aunt's got me a place
in a short history of art
course at the Sorbonne.
So I'll be flying out with Alex.
You won't be here for long then.
- Afraid not.
- Right, what can I get you?
- Cranberry vodka.
- Pint of cider.
I'll have a pint of (MUMBLING).
And I'll have a lager please.
Okay, (MUTTERING), yes.
And how's life with your Josh?
- Good thanks.
- Still working hard?
He never stops.
I have to raise money somehow.
- For what?
- Equipment!
Amplifiers, speakers, lighting.
Really, what for?
Oh to launch myself, I was gonna go on
Britain's Got Talent, but
I've lost faith in them now,
so, I've decided to self-promote,
I've got the website,
YouTube channel, all I
need now is recordings
from a few gigs, so I can
start selling my music
direct to the public.
That's impressive, how have
the gigs been going then?
Well I haven't actually had any yet.
But I do have my first
booking lined up though.
- Really?
- Yeah, come if you like!
We'd love to but, we're
only back for a few nights.
Well that's okay, it's tomorrow.
Great, where are you playing?
On the lawn, I'm the
official entertainment
for Scareycrow Night.
- Oh dear God.
- Brilliant, we'll be there.
Oh look it's Jules and Marvin.
Oh right, we'll see you then.
- Bring it to the table Josh.
- Cool!
Pretentious stuck-up little cow.
Why does he get to work
in Paris for the summer
when I'm stuck in this dump?
Because his father owns
a construction company
and yours doesn't.
I bet they don't have to
creep around the park benches.
It's all about opportunity
thought isn't it,
he's had 'em all of his life.
- Here guys.
- Thanks.
Cheers mate.
I'm never gonna get any though, am I?
Not unless I go out
and find it for myself.
How do you mean?
I can do so much more with my life Amy.
I know I can.
Do you know how I spent this afternoon?
Dusting a house.
I'm not joking, some old
lady dies and she's got this
cottage as a holiday let,
so he had me over there
- all afternoon tidying it up.
- Hmmm.
- Shit.
- What?
Oh, I've gotta bring the key back.
Will you get in trouble?
Only if he finds out.
You said it's empty?
I still don't see how
he can just sack you.
Really, because he just did.
Yeah but you could've apologized.
- No.
- Oh sure.
No, I don't like begging.
But you...
And do you know why because
I don't want his crappy
little job.
I haven't meant it to happen like this
but how would you feel about
moving to London?
I know it's a bit sudden, but sometimes
you have to take an
opportunity when it comes.
What opportunity?
If this hadn't have happened,
we might have gone on for
years, never daring to make the break.
What are you on about?
It's what we want isn't it?
A real life somewhere with prospects.
I'm not going anywhere, I've
still got a job, remember.
I thought you loved me.
I do, well I'm not just
gonna throw everything out
and go to London.
What so what, you're saying we're over?
No, you're the one who's
talking about leaving not me.
But if you won't come with
me then it's the same thing.
Jesus Ryan you're unbelievable.
Make your mind up Amy!
Are you coming or not?
- Where is it?
- Pardon?
The Scareycrow you were
supposed to have done
the window display.
I'm sorry I was on my own.
And, Christ Almighty.
I'm sorry.
You do realize that
I am supposed to show
the judges around all
the Scareycrow displays?
What the hell are they going
to think if my own salon
doesn't even have a Scareycrow, hmm?
I did try.
Not hard enough, I want
that window done by lunchtime
and it had better look spectacular.
Now where the hell is this stylist?
Oh Jesus, why do I always
have to deal with idiots hmm?
Just for once, for once, why
can't they send me someone
efficient and professional.
Someone hardworking, talented
and stunningly creative?
Your prayers have been answered.
Hmm, shabby chic meets rural neglect.
Very 1970s.
- Are you?
- Yes, Declan Villers,
formerly of Cuts 'n
Quiffs on the King's Road.
Of course that was before
I went into exile in
the provinces.
Right, well, I'm Donna Bex.
And this must be Cinderella?
It's Amy the junior stylist.
Excellent, I always
like to have a slave.
Now show me the basics.
Can I help you, madam?
I hope so.
There was a bit of a
problem with her cut.
They told me to come back today.
Oh my God that's terminal.
I'm sorry sweetie, but
this is an emergency.
But you've only just started.
- Was it a punishment?
- A what?
It's okay, I think we
can salvage something.
I know a place that does an
excellent range of wigs, joking.
Don't worry, we'll have you
fixed to face the world again
in no time.
Would you like a cup of tea?
I'd rather have my hair cut.
Well I would do it
but Donna will kill me
if this isn't finished by
the time she gets back.
Why did you leave London?
Long story, big city, but a small world.
All those millions of
people and wherever I went
- I kept bumping into my ex.
- Oh...
I got quite paranoid in the end.
I even confronted him
once and asked if he was
- stalking me.
- And was he?
No but it got a bit nasty.
That's when I decided I had to
do something, Declan I said,
time for desperate measures.
You've gotta get away for a while.
It doesn't matter where,
just get on a train and go.
Just like that?
It's the Irish in me,
always been impulsive.
Aren't those things
supposed to go in fields?
You're thinking of scarecrows,
this is a Scareycrow.
And the difference is?
Also a long story.
More of legend really.
Oh go on, I love a good legend.
Well it all started
hundreds of years ago
when we were at war with the French.
Sidcombe was just a little
fishing village back then.
All the men had been
press-ganged and taken away
to join the navy, that
meant the women and children
were left alone with
no one to protect them,
and one day a French ship approached.
Of course they were
terrified, because they knew
they couldn't defend themselves,
and the French raiders
had been burning villagers
all along the coast.
It was looking bad but one
of the women had an idea.
She told the others to gather
scarecrows from the fields
and stand them up along the key side,
as the French got closer, they
saw the scarecrows lined up
thought they were troops and sailed away.
Ah that's sweet.
And every year since then, there's been
a Scareycrow Festival to celebrate.
- Better?
- Oh yes!
- Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.
My God those things are everywhere.
What's it doing there?
Oh I can't cope with that
staring at me all day.
They're personal friends
of mine of course, yes.
Here it is, and look at
that, that's a fine piece
of weaponry wouldn't you say,
a fine piece of weaponry.
Highly dangerous.
Well you know, a Scareycrow
is supposed to be dangerous
aren't they?
Your face!
What is it with you people,
I thought the stereotype
(MUMBLING) not trying to
give everyone heart attacks.
Friendly, Scareycrows
aren't friendly, they're evil.
Aren't you ever gonna grow up?
You said I should make a
Scareycrow, what do you think?
I think you're a twat.
How can Scareycrows be evil?
I thought they saved the village.
Oh they did, but I bet you've
only heard the PC version.
You mean there's a non-PC version?
Oh yeah, there's the
true version, you know
a long time ago when Sidcombe
was a small fishing village,
it happened once all the
men were press-ganged
into joining the navy, there were a lot of
French raids going on back then.
But it just happened one
of the women was a witch.
Next thing you know there's
an army of Scareycrows
with pitchforks and scythes
that are slapping the French
into the pieces until the
beach was red with blood.
Oh no, I don't like that at all.
I much prefer the prettier version.
Anyway Amy's version
is far more believable.
They are stuck in the
Dark Ages around here.
You don't seriously believe in witches?
What are you doing with
that, that's one of the prices.
- All right, all right.
- Playing with that,
you'll spoil it, I
thought agreed to help me.
Okay, okay I'll sort these things out.
- I'll (MUMBLING).
- Yup.
Look, it's Cassie and her dad.
It's horrible, I had
no idea she was so bad.
We should go over and talk with him.
No, I mean what's the point
it's not like we can help her.
But it's so tragic.
Yeah but we don't have...
Hi Mr. Rundle, we were
just saying how glad we are
now that Cassie is back.
We were hoping we could
look after her for a while,
weren't we Amy?
We could show her the window displays.
And now the highlight of our tour.
Please, after you.
Oh my God.
Who did that?
Much friendlier now.
Let's get out of here.
I wanna be with you
I wanna see you
Oh yeah
Oh hello girls, do
you want a to have a go.
We've got some lovely prizes.
No thanks Mom.
I will I can't resist a little flutter.
Oh lovely.
Oh what a shame, oh do
you want to try again?
No thanks.
Are you sure, we've
got some (MUMBLING) left.
Have you?
Tell you what, how
about five for a fiver?
Sure to win.
Go on then.
- These are out of date.
- Ssshht you!
What is this, 2010,
you can't give that away!
It's for a very good cause.
I told her myself,
she won't listen to me.
Not my lucky day.
Do you want to try again?
No, no.
[LINDSEY] There we are,
I hope that's comfortable.
- She can't hear you.
- How do you know?
She might know everything
that's going on, it can
happen sometimes, I read about it.
- You're joking?
- No seriously.
Wouldn't it be awful, can
you imagine being trapped
like that, unable to
move but still conscious.
Oh shut up, I don't
want to think about it.
What happened to her anyway.
No one knows exactly she must
have fallen off the seawall.
It happened this day last
year, it was late at night and
apparently she had a lot to drink.
You don't think she was pushed?
No of course not.
I mean, I could she could be
a, a bit of a cow sometimes,
but surely no one would
really try to kill her?
Oh look it's the comedian.
Hey did you see that?
Well that Scareycrow just moved.
One of your friends was it?
No, no, seriously.
Wasn't it over there just now?
Wasn't what?
Well that Scareycrow
in the green trousers,
I swear it was over there.
I don't know they're everywhere.
Geez, there's another one.
I don't know about you
lot but after all this
entertainment I need a drink.
Good plan.
Oh hey you two.
We're heading to the pub, you coming?
- Yeah sure.
- Yeah.
I could do with a drink.
Oh, how cute.
It's watching us.
Oh Dillon it's not funny.
- I'm not joking.
- Give it a rest okay?
- We should tell someone.
- Has he been on drugs again?
Oh don't panic Dillon,
we'll protect you.
They're only made out of
straw after all, here.
- Shit.
- There's no signal!
We can use the landline in the pub!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- You've got to let us in!
- ID please!
We need your phone, it's an emergency.
Passport, driving
license or photographic ID.
My boyfriend is dead,
you have to let us in.
Coming through.
- We need your phone!
- 999!
- Now!
- Please!
It's dead.
That's weird.
Are there any other phones?
- No.
- What are we gonna do?
The Scareycrows,
they're all on the lawn.
We have to warn everyone.
What about her?
We'll have to leave her here.
- You can't do that.
- It's fine, she's over 21.
Go home it's not safe!
But we caught something!
Piss off mate, it's not
Halloween, don't think
you're coming in dressed like that.
No she was on the lawn
earlier, I haven't seen her
since then.
All right okay, thanks.
Thank you so much everbody for coming,
(MUMBLING), so we have
our third prize winner...
Look at this, look at
this, the weapon and...
What is it?
One at a time!
Our second prize is...
You first!
My boyfriend's been attacked he's dead.
You're driving me on.
Our first prize winner...
And my Nathan, he was
missing and now they've just
fished his head out of the brink.
Thank you so much, all of you.
Listen, I don't know what you...
I'm calling for backup.
Code red, this is Summers, control...
What's she doing here?
Stop, I'm gonna have to detain you!
Stop now, come on!
- Mom, Mom, listen, go!
- What?
Listen to me, go, move it, go!
Start you bastard!
What's wrong?
I don't know, it's dead.
We've gotta find somewhere safe.
You can't do that.
Why not.
This is the house of God,
it's open for everyone.
Not today it's not, it's
every woman for herself.
What's wrong?
Take your top off.
They'll see it.
Mother, if you could see me now.
Run, come on let's go!
Do you think they're gone?
Do you think they'll come back?
I don't know, I don't know.
We'll be safer in a building.
But they'll see us.
They must be somewhere nearby.
Please forgive me for the
mean thoughts I had about
my poor Nathan, I had no
idea he had his head cut off.
I suppose that's why he didn't meet me.
I should have known he
wouldn't have just gone off.
He was such a lovely person.
Such a lovely, lovely person.
Get a grip.
Get the ax.
Hit it.
Hit it!
Cut his fucking head off!
Not so tough now are you Mr. Strawman?
Wait someone's coming.
Look it's the guys, come on let's go.
It's Simon.
Let us in you dickhead
we know you're in there.
- Let us in.
- Get back, get back!
This building is only open
during office hours and...
Scareycrow invasions.
Why are you here?
Me, I thought the
station, someone should...
Because he's hiding.
No I'm not, I made a
strategic withdrawal until
backup arrives.
Good plan.
Help's on the way then?
No I'm afraid not,
(MUMBLING) radio is dead.
It's Cassie.
I know it is.
But how?
I don't know, but it's her.
It must be, she's
blocking all the signals.
It's not just phones, it's cars too.
Yeah it's true, nothing's moving.
So no communication, no way out,
and a town full of homicidal Scareycrows?
What do we do now?
In the circumstances I
think there's only one thing
we can do.
But if it is Cassie
then why is she doing it?
- Because she's evil.
- She always hated everyone.
And now she's found a
way of killing people.
- But it's not everyone is it?
- How do you mean?
Because it wasn't just
random, the Scareycrows,
they're targeting people.
Do you think?
Nathan disappeared first,
then Alex was attacked,
then Josh, then Ryan.
All guys, strange but if you'd ask me,
I would've thought that
Cassie was hating girls
more than guys.
Well there must be a
reason, what have they all
got in common?
Thank God!
I'm safe!
Oh you don't get it, that's
all the guys she screwed.
Alex, Nathan, Josh, Ryan.
[GROUP] What?
Forget I said that.
Is that true?
Listen it wasn't like that.
Really, then how was it exactly?
Please just listen all right?
Amy it was ages ago.
Long before I started seeing you honestly
you gotta believe me.
Keep going.
It was just a once.
I didn't wanna have anything
to do with her after that.
But last year on Scareycrow
night, she was drunk
and she would not leave me alone.
- Oh really?
- She works there.
She was battered.
That's so romantic.
I'm still in love
with her you know that?
Yeah, oh really?
Cassie please.
Oh come on baby.
Let's get together.
Cut it out.
Sorry love I don't
think he's interested.
Yeah well he will be.
I know what he likes.
No, no, no, no, no, I'm with Amy now.
What do I have to do?
Put a spell on you?
Look just fuck off okay?
Then I saw her watching us.
And it was just after
that when you collapsed.
I wanted to get into
the ambulance with you,
but your parents were there.
I was just helpless.
And so the others tried to calm me down
and they took me to the seawall and,
that's when it all happened.
Look, don't worry Ryan, she'll be okay.
No she won't.
Just forget her, she's gone now.
What the hell is that?
You're evil.
No I am strong and you
are weak, all of you!
She's mental.
You're all too scared
to have what you want now,
but I'm not.
Hey, stop it.
Look I said stop it.
You should've told me.
I didn't think you'd understand.
No you're right there.
As soon as I saw what had happened,
when she landed on the rocks
I went in and pulled her out.
And let everyone
believe you were a hero.
No I didn't want that.
You could've told me, Ryan.
You could've told me.
I'm sorry.
- I thought I could trust him.
- I know.
I trusted Nathan.
It's hard when you realize
your boyfriend's an asshole.
Sometimes it's hard to
see any purpose in anything.
There's one good thing
to come of all of this.
Yes at least we know who's she after.
She's probably not interested
in the rest of us at all,
if that, I'm going home.
You can't do that.
I can't guarantee your safety
if you leave these premises.
Simon, you couldn't guarantee my safety
crossing the road, think about it.
If all these Scareycrows
are out to kill him,
the best I can do is get as
far away as possible from him.
But they may be outside.
So, why would they
want me, I've never had
any issues with Cassie, I
never tried to kill her.
I always try to be positive, try to
look for a silver lining, to
see the best in people but...
I guess we have to think
about other people.
About their problems.
About what it's like to be them.
What do you mean?
Cassie she's so alone.
She's never had any real friends.
Maybe she's never felt truly loved.
So, who's coming with me?
Not you Ryan.
Right, stay here and
be victims if you like,
I'm going home for a nice warm bath.
See you later.
I need to pray.
Oh my God, what are we gonna do.
That's not enough, you're
the policeman, do something!
- Like what?
- Anything, protect us!
With what?
How should I know, you're the machoman!
Listen, I bleed just as
much as you do remember?
When I signed up the
training covered all sorts of
situations but there was
no mention of being impaled
by rampant Scareycrows.
But somebody has to do something.
All right.
It's okay Amy, I can see clearly now.
Clearly this is an emergency situation
so I'm taking control.
You'll all do exactly
as I say, we don't know
how long this is gonna
last, so it's important
that we all stick together
and support each other.
I need to speak with her.
It's time we take action,
we're gonna find the other two,
move to the most secure
part of the building
and barricade ourselves in.
No no, come back!
- Lindsey!
- Lindsey?
What the hell is she doing.
- Praying.
- Lindsey!
Get back in here at once!
I've come to share God's
love with you Cassie.
Would you like to pray with me?
I think that was a no.
[SUMMERS] We need to barricade.
Move everything down!
Come on everybody, come on!
Oh shit!
Now what?
- Run!
- No, bike!
[DILLON] Where are we heading anyway?
(MUMBLING), I've got
the keys to Dad's unit.
Amy, Amy!
Like I'm the gay guy
with the girl's bike.
Then leave it, come on!
Declan, come on!
- Coming!
- Come on!
Amy I need to talk to you.
Let's not now, Ryan.
Do you still love me?
- No.
- Really?
Listen this really isn't the time to...
Look if I'm gonna die then
I need to know do you love me.
You're not gonna die.
Just tell me.
Okay, I love you.
What is this place?
My dad works here.
And you have a key because?
Does it matter?
No, I'm not going in there.
Fine stay out here with the Scareycrows.
Okay, follow me.
It's not that bad.
No I can't, it smells like
My mom got me that last Christmas.
Can't we just stay here?
This is ridiculous where are the lights?
Oh no, I don't like this.
So what are we gonna do?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
You mean just wait
for Cassie to find us?
Yeah this place is like a
bunker we'll be safe here.
That's what they told Hitler.
Nowhere safe, Cassie's
cut out the phones,
she stopped the cars, God
knows what else she can do.
Yeah you're right.
Look I'm sorry Amy guys
this was a mistake.
What do you mean?
Well it's me Cassie wants.
Running away is not gonna solve anything,
I might as well just go
out there and face her.
Look, I love you, and I
would do anything for you.
You're not going anywhere.
Look if he wants to be a hero.
Shut it Declan, I've had enough.
From now on, we're doing this my way.
No but there is no...
It's not about you anymore.
Cassie killed Lindsey
didn't she, and Simon.
We have to start fighting back.
Ryan is right about one thing,
he's the one that Cassie wants.
So I think we should let her have him.
- Makes sense to me.
- Listen.
If Cassie has these weird
powers, she's gonna find us.
But if we're lucky, it
won't be for a while,
I think we should be ready.
You mean set a trap?
What with me as the bait no way.
Whatever happened to I love you Amy,
I'd do anything for you Amy.
If we surprise her, maybe
we can catch her on her own.
Look, if I'm supposed to be the bait
then who the hell is
gonna take out Cassie?
And with what, we
don't have any weapons.
Unless we're supposed to
batter her with spanners.
Oh, batter a girl in
a wheelchair, bad karma.
She's not a girl in a wheelchair.
She's the bitch that
murdered my best friend.
I'll do it, for Lindsey.
Cassie, you've got me.
I'm all on my own, there's
no one else around.
It's what you wanted
though wasn't it Cassie?
Just you and me?
Hit her!
[DILLON] Shit!
One down.
Are you okay?
No, hay fever.
Let them go.
They've got nothing to do with this.
Let them go.
I said let them go.
Let him go now.
Yeah you're not helping.
Please Cassie.
Bad move.
Never beg a psychopath.
Okay, okay we get it,
you've got the power here,
you just do not need to kill anybody else.
[DECLAN] Oh my fingers!
Please, please.
[DECLAN] I can't style without fingers!
Just calm down.
Come on!
Not without my fingers!
Are you joking?
(MUMBLING) with those fingers!
Not anymore!
Nonsense, surgeons can work miracles.
Oh my God, there's one.
Come to daddy.
Okay, now (MUTTERING), come on.
Yeah, yeah okay thanks I'll tell him.
Hey, the ambulance is on
its way, they say they got
a surgeon waiting for you.
Oh good, a perfect end.
To the perfect day.
Are you still going?
To London and if you are I
think I might come with you.
I think I've had enough
of Sidcombe for now.
Well, you know he was
standing out from the crowd
Asking himself why I'm
not feeling his sound
Sleeping off (MUMBLING)
Here's how dreams are made
That's why you've been sold
(MUMBLING) begins to flame
Now it's easy and much
better, I'll never do it
You're a wayward country boy