Scarface (1932) Movie Script

That's the most I got is 3,000
bottle of creme de menthe.
You got things pretty much your
own way now, haven't you, Louie?
Sure. Everything is just fine.
Well, that's good, but Pete
was saying just tonight...
Ah.! He say that the South Side,
she's get outta line.
I say, what are we gonna do
with the South Side?
Let some of the other boys get
theirs too. I got all I want.
Johnny Lovo, he's talkin'
about starting something.
Yeah? He's lookin'
for trouble, eh?
Johnny's very foolish.
Look at me.
A man always gotta know
whether he's got it or not.
I got plenty. I got
house. I got automobile.
I got nice girl.
I got stomach trouble too.
Better get some sleep
here. All right, boys.
Well, she was a pretty
good party, eh?
Next week, I'm going
to give a party...
which the boys have never
seen nothing like it before.
We'll have much more music, much
more girls, much more everything.
Everybody should say, "Ah! Big Louie,
he sit on top of the world!" Eh?
Good-bye, Louie.
Good-bye, boys. Take-a good
"careful" of yourself, eh?
All right.
I see you some more.
Hello. I want
Lakeside 417, please.
Yeah. 417 Lakeside.
That's the wrong num...
No. I want Lakeside 417.
Hello, Louie.
All right.
Copy boy here.!
Copy boy.!
That's rotten!
"Costillo Slaying
Starts Gang War. "
That's what I want. I'm
workin' on that angle now.
I've got four men on it. Four?
You'll need 40 men on this story...
for the next five years.
You know what's happening?
This town is up for the grabs.
Get me?
You know, Costillo was the last
of the old-fashioned gang leaders.
There's a new crew coming out, and every
guy that's got money enough to buy a gun...
is gonna try to step
into his place.
You see? They'll be shooting each other like
rabbits for the control of the booze business.
You get it?
It'll be just like war.
That's it... war.
You put that in the lead.
War. "Gang war. "
Here come the coppers.
Hello, Rinaldo.
You coming along?
Where's Camonte?
Hello, Guarino.
Come on.
What's your hurry?
I'm gettin' a massage too.
We'll finish that
at headquarters.
Put your coat on.
I got lotsa time.
Who wants to see me?
The chief.
That kidney foot? Never
mind the jokes. Come on.
Hey, how's it look
in the back? Hmm?
Very good.
Come on, you rat!
Come on!
"Tony Camonte,
alias... Joe Black.
"Assault, carrying brass knuckles
and sap, DW, disturbing peace,
"street robbery on three counts,
loft burglary, violation Volstead Act.
"Indicted for murder
of Buck Kempner.
"Member Five Points Gang.
Came from New York, 1920.
At present, bodyguard and
strong arm for Louie Costillo. "
Bodyguard for Costillo, eh?
Pretty smart boy.
I suppose you didn't kill
Louie Costillo. Who, me?
That's very funny.
Big Louie and me,
we're like this.
Can I slap it out of him,
I'll let you have him
in a little while, Ben.
This fella got ideas
I don't like.
Costillo hired you for a bodyguard.
Where were you at the shootin'?
I was havin'
my beauty sleep.
In a lady's house.
You want her name?
Phone number?
- She's very nice.
- We'll go into your alibis later.
You been hangin' around
Johnny Lovo, haven't you?
Lovo split with Big Louie.
What are you doing
at Lovo's house last week?
Now, listen, Tony.
I'm gonna give you a chance.
You play ball with me,
and I'll play ball with you.
Last night, you metJohnny
in Spinelli's Barber Shop.
What'd he give you money for?
Now, listen, you. What
kinda mug you think I am?
I don't know nothin', I don't see
nothin' and I don't hear nothin'.
And when I do,
I don't tell a cop.
- You understand?
- All right, Guarino, you can have him.
Come on, Tony. We'll take
a look at the goldfish.
Here's Epstein.
Hi, boys.
Hello, Chief.
All right,
let's have it.
Writ of habeas corpus for the release
ofTony Camonte and Guino Rinaldo.
Who gave it to you?
All right, gentlemen,
see ya later.
Hey, I-I don't go with this guy? No.
Listen to me. You come into this town and
you think you're headed somewhere, don't you?
You think you're gonna get there
with a gun, but you're not. Get me?
You know why? Because you got $1,000
bills pasted right across your eyes.
And someday you're gonna stumble
and fall down in the gutter,
right where the horses have been
standin'... right where you belong.
Hmm. You've got me
all figured out, huh?
I've spent my life mixin' with your
breed, and I don't like it. Get me?
You can hide behind a lot
of red tape, crooked lawyers,
politicians with the "gimmes," writs of
habeas corpus, witnesses that don't remember,
but we'll get through to you
just like we got all the rest.
Oh, maybe me, I'm
different. No, you're not.
Take your gun away and get you in
a tough spot, and you'll squeal...
like all the other rats.
You're gonna get me, eh?
In your particular case,
I'd give up a month's pay
for the job.
Are you gonna see Lovo?
Yeah. Right away.
Tell him to stay under
cover. I'll come up tomorrow.
Hey, what's this writ
you got me out on?
Habeas corpus... " deliver the body.
" Can't hold you without booking you.
No matter what they think
you've done. That's a fine idea.
You tell Flemming
I want lots of them.
Hi, boss. Come in, Tony. Glad to see ya.
Hey. That's
pretty hot.
Expensive, huh?
I see that Epstein got
to you in time. Yeah.
He's a nice little fella. They
give him a writ of hocus pocus.
Sit down.
He said, " You stay here till
the heat's off. " He said...
Hey. That's pretty hot.
That's Poppy.
Hey, Poppy.
Meet Tony Camonte.
How are the coppers taking it? Huh?
Oh, I didn't pay much attention.
What about the newspapers?
Yeah. I bring 'em along.
The News has got
the best story.
Pictures of you
and one of me too.
Huh! Where'd they run it,
in the razor ads?
Huh? Oh, that.
That's an old business.
You'll get used to that.
I got it in the war.
War... with a blond
in a Brooklyn speakeasy.
Some kidder, huh?
It takes a long time
with the pincher's, huh?
You've got an office for this sort of
thing, Johnny. Why don't you use it?
There you are, Tony.
That's a bonus.
Hey, that's a nice feel.
That was a fine job, Tony.
Remember, that's only chicken feed.
You've stepped into big company.
You stick to me and do
what I say, play square,
you'll be walkin' around
with lace pants and a gold hat.
You know what I mean?
Sure, I know.
Now, listen, I'm gonna cut you in on a
percentage. Give you a raise... double.
The South Side is rollin' in jack.
All we gotta do is step in and take it.
Yeah, and have some fun
with O'Hara too, huh?
Who? Now wait a minute. O'Hara's
too big a guy to buck now.
There's lots of jack
on the North Side.
Now listen, you.
You let me think up the ideas.
I'll take care of that big hop
in my own way when the time comes.
I say we stay out of the North
Side. I say we leave O'Hara alone.
And what I say goes.
Don't ever forget that.
You're the boss.
That's better.
From now on, next to me, the
boys take orders from you.
Yeah, me and you, huh?
That's fine talk, boss.
Here. Have a cigar. There'll
be plenty of work for everybody.
Costillo slowed down too much. Yeah.
And now he come
to a dead stop.
Here. You'd better
smoke one of mine.
Mmm. That's pretty nice. Expensive, huh?
I don't like cigar smoke
in my room. Do you mind?
Listen, I'm gonna hold off that
meeting with the boys a couple of days.
After Big Louie's funeral, it's
better. You know what I mean?
Hmm? Oh, yeah. Sure, sure.
It don't look so good.
And I want you to send some flowers...
a cross of white carnations from me, see?
Yeah, and I send
lotsa purple bunch.
Big Louie, he always
liked purple.
Why don't you go
and do it now?
You'd better
make that meetin' Monday.
Tell all the guys that want to run
beer on the South Side to be there.
Tell 'em I'm gonna make a
speech. Know what I mean? Mm-hmm.
Well, good-bye, Poppy.
See ya again.
She don't like anybody but me. Mm-hmm.
She's a very busy girl.
Expensive, huh?
Here you are, Little Boy.
Easy dough, huh,
for just standing outside
and listenin' to a gun go off?
Cinch. When are we gonna get
some more? We'll get plenty.
There's business just waitin' for
some guy to come and run it right.
And I got ideas. We're
workin' for Lovo, ain't we?
Lovo. Who's Lovo? Just some guy who's a little
bit more smart than Big Louie. That's all.
Hey, that guy is soft. I
could just see it in his face.
He's got a setup, that's all,
and we gotta wait.
Someday I'm gonna run
the whole works.
Yeah? Remember, those monkeys
on the North Side ain't so soft.
Oh, yeah? Say, they're
satisfied, ain't they?
Why didn't they come and
take Big Louie before we did?
Listen, Little Boy.
In this business, there's only one law
you gotta follow to keep outta trouble.
Do it first, do it yourself
and keep on doin' it.
Where's Cesca?
Oh, I don't know.
She go out.
What do you mean? Ain't
she comin' home for dinner?
Hey, I don't like that.
You tell her I want she should
come home for dinner.
Understand? Sure. I tell her lotsa time.
"Come home. Come home.
Tony no like. "
But she don't...
That's a nice way I catch ya,
huh? What do you mean, "catch me"?
I wasn't doin' nothin'.
You was kissin' him.
Sure. What of it?
Well, I don't like it.
You're missin' lots of fun. Listen, I don't
want anyone kissin' my sister. Understand?
You're hurtin' my arm! I don't want
anybody puttin' their hands on you!
What do you think you're
doing? I'm your brother.
You don't act it. You act
more like... I don't know.
Sometimes I think... I don't care
what you think. You do what I say.
Sure, and never have any fun. Oh, "never
have any fun. " You call that fun, huh?
Runnin' around with guys
like that. That's "fun. "
Listen, you want
real fun, huh?
Here. How's that?
Gee, Tony! Where'd you get it? Never mind
where I got it. You just spend it, see?
Tony, you're swell.
Go on.
Get ready for dinner.
And remember,
you do what I say.
No more fellas,
What for you wanna
give her money, huh?
Ma, she's just a kid.
She wants to have fun.
Yeah? Sometime,
I think you crazy.
What for you take that money,
huh? Because I want it. That's why.
Give it back.
It's bad money.
Tony no got it in no good way.
It gonna bring you lotsa trouble.
What do I care where he gets it? There's
nothing wrong with his giving it to me.
Tony wants me to have a good
time. Oh, yes? You listen!
Tony no love you
like he make you believe.
All the time,
he smile on top,
but what he thinks...
Oh, he's got lotsa tricks.
He no give money to nobody for
nothing. He would to his sister.
Sister. Huh!
That make no difference.
To him, you're just
another girl.
Someday when he need you, he
mix you up in his business...
just like anyone else, and he's
gonna make you bad like him.
He can't make me do
anything I don't want to.
I'm gonna live my own life.
I can take care of myself.
Yeah? All the time,
Tony say like that.
Afterward, he no
belong to me no more.
He's-a no good,
and now you start to be
just like him.
No, I'm not.
Don't worry about me.
I'll get along
all right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's all right, boys. Just
changin' the name on the door.
Meet the new president...
Johnny Lovo.
Hiya, boys.
Where's Berdini,
Zeigler, Meehan?
Anybody see 'em?
I did.
They ain't comin'.
Is that all they said?
- They said you could take a flyin'...
- Okay, okay.
Now we know
where they stand.
All right, you guys, I'm
makin' a speech. Here it is.
Big Louie gets a wad of dough,
and then he gets soft.
He lets you guys come
into the South Side and run beer.
Well, I'm gonna change it, see?
You can still stay in,
but, from now on,
you're operatin'the way I say.
Are you askin' us
or telling us?
I'm tellin' ya. We're gonna get
organized, and I'm gonna handle the works.
It's gonna mean twice as much dough
for everybody and half as much trouble.
- You got somethin' figured out, Johnny?
- Everything.
Not being able to get it's gonna
make this town thirstier than ever.
Runnin' beer ain't a nickel game anymore. It's
a business. I'm gonna run it like a business.
Swell. We've been cuttin' each
other's throats long enough.
There are 3,000 saloons on the South Side...
half a million customers. Figure that out.
Add up what they're gonna lay on the line
every year for drinks, and nobody in charge.
- So you're going to be it.
- Yeah, it. That's me.
I make my own beer,
and I got my own trucks.
I don't have to go
into business with nobody.
Where you goin'?
Who wants to know?
You sit down here, and don't
interrupt the president no more.
All right, President.
Well, are the rest
of you guys in or out?
- What about Meehan?
- Yeah. Berdini and Zeigler?
Why, they been sellin' to
700, 800 joints between them.
Yeah? Well, from now on, they're
out. Those joints buy from us.
Sure. If you try to sell
at one of those places,
Meehan'll turn this side of the
town into a shootin' gallery.
Fine. Anything he starts,
we'll finish.
You guys don't have to worry.
All you gotta do is to haul beer.
Yeah? Well, who's gonna stick his
neck in those joints to get the orders?
- My friend Tony Camonte.
- Yeah. I'm what he call "a good salesman. "
Hey, I start right now
to get orders, hey, boss?
All you can get. Go to it. Hey.
Dope, got a pencil?
Oh, boys, I don't write.
That's one.
Come on.
Come on, Little Boy.
Here, have your beer.
Hey! What is this?
Let go of me, will ya?
What do ya want?
Let go of me.
Let go! What's the idea? Come on.
Say, what's the big idea?
Sit down.
Who you buyin' your beer
from? Meehan and Berdini.
How many barrels a day? Three.
He's lyin', Tony.
He's been takin' five.
Chiseler. Well, you're
gettin' eight now, see?
And you're buyin' from us...
Johnny Lovo. But, listen...
Sit down. I can't use
eight barrels around here.
I'll get ya a hunk of
soap. You take a bath in it.
What are you payin' a barrel? Fifty.
Well, ours is 65.
It's better.
You get delivery tomorrow. What
am I gonna tell Meehan and Berdini?
We'll take care of them.
Don't worry.
Well, that's
order number one.
Now we get plenty more. There's
a system to these things.
How many barrels
did you say you wanted?
Well, you're gettin' 10.
You're gettin' a delivery
There's no use arguin' with this
joint. Zeigler runs it himself.
Step on it!
Hi, boss.
Mm! Lotsa garlic.
Get me some too.
Well, how's business? You get
some more orders? Lotsa orders.
They all buy from us.
All we have to do is fill 'em.
Yeah. That's a good idea. You
better tell Meehan and Berdini.
Oh, them fellas, they retired from
business. What have you been doin'?
You remember you say all they have to
do is start something, we finish it?
Well, did ya?
About an hour ago. Hey!
Hey, kid. Come here.
Extra here!
Hey! Keep the change.
All right. Thanks.
Here you are, boss.
There's your South Side, all nailed
up in a box. All nailed up in...
Yeah, well, you didn't get the lid
on very tight. What do you mean?
Look at that.
Come on. Hey, keep this hot.
We'll be back for it.
You can't come in here.!
Get outta here.!
This is a private
hospital! You can't...
Oh! What
did they do?
Hiya, Poppy.
Hey, what's all the time
bitin' you? You afraid of me?
Well, that outfit's enough
to give anybody the yips.
Nice, huh? I got three
more... different colors.
I see you're goin' in for jewelry.
It's kind of effeminate, isn't it?
Huh? Yeah.
I got 'em at an auction.
A bargain.
You sure are
a funny mixture, Tony.
That's the first time you smiled. Yeah?
Well, how do you mean you think
I'm funny? You just are. That's all.
What else are you doing
with all your money?
I hear you're gettin' a new
car. Mm-hmm. It's different.
It's got bullet-proof glass
and a steel body.
And I got myself
a new house too.
Come up sometime?
Yeah. I'll bring
my grandmother.
No kiddin. You come up?
Why don't you get
yourself a girl, Tony?
I'm workin' on that now.
Yeah? Well, don't
tire yourself out.
Is Johnny in?
He's mad, huh?
Hiya, boss.
When are you gonna learn that I
am the boss? Sure, you're the boss.
Then what do you mean by breaking
up that Lakeview joint last night?
Didn't I tell you to stay out of the
North Side? Listen, Johnny, it was easy.
You listen to me, stupid. That was one
of O'Hara's places, and you know it.
Didn't I tell you I wasn't
ready for O'Hara yet?
It was a nice little order... 50 barrels
a week. I don't care if it's 50 a day.
What do you use to think
with, an empty beer keg?
Just when we get this territory
lined up and runnin' smooth,
you step out and gum up the
parade. How do you mean, Johnny?
I just sell a little more
beer. Aw, don't worry.
Don't worry? You know what
O'Hara's liable to do now?
He'll send his guns down here on the South
Side. They'll move around like hummingbirds.
You're liable to get it, and
I'm liable to get it. He's tough.
Aw, he ain't so tough...
hangin' out in a flower shop.
- You afraid of a guy like that?
- I ain't afraid of anybody.
Sure, you're not.
That's a crazy question,
hey, Johnny?
Come on. Don't argue.
Where you goin'?
To clean up after you, you mug,
unless it's too late.
Look out!
It's Keach.
Hello. Hello?
Hel... Hello.
Hello. This Mr. Camonte's
What's the name, please?
This Mr. Camonte's secretary.
Secretary, I told you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Secretary, you dope.
Oh. Okay, boss.
No, no. I no talkin' on you. I was
talkin' on Mr. Camonte. That's my boss.
That's... Hey, hey. Get a name.
Get a name.
What's your name?
No, no. I don't wanna know
what's your brother's name.
I wanna know
what's your name.
Oh, you do, huh? Listen, I come on over
there, I smack you right in the teeth.
I get you, your brother...
Hey! What's-a matter?
That's no way to talk.
Talk nice.
Tell him to state
his business.
Go state your business!
Who was it?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean, "I don't know"?
Didn't I tell you always to get a
name and write it down over here?
Oh, boss, I forget again.
You forget again.
Hey, what are you
writin' there, huh?
I don't know. I can't
write. Can't write?
That's nice... a secretary
that can't write.
A secretary must be able
to write, must be educated.
Get an education.
Can't write.
That's your fault.
This Mr. Camonte's sec...
Oh, no. Please, you're wrong.
I no hang up on you.
I thought you was through.
I told you before. You have to
write a letter. You have to make...
Oh, you do, huh?
Let me tell you...
Aw, shut up, you! You... Hey,
what's the matter with you?
You crazy? Listen,
the last time I tell you...
You pick yourself
a nice one.
You get one for me?
Didn't have time.
Was there any trouble?
Naw. It was easy.
How many was there?
He was alone.
Hello. Who is it?
I'm so...
I don't get...
Boss, I don't get the name.
Hello. Yeah? Who?
Oh, sure.
Sure. Send her right up.
That's Poppy.
Hey. Better nobody
see you with this.
Hello, handsome.
Well, Poppy.
Hello, Tony.
They tell me O'Hara was killed
in his flower shop this morning.
Had you heard that? Did
Johnny send you up here?
How do you
like this place?
Kind of gaudy, isn't
it? Ain't it though?
I'm glad you like it. Come here.
I'll show you something nice.
Steel shutters...
on all the windows.
It's my own idea.
In case you have visitors you don't
like, huh? Uh-huh. That's right.
How do you... How do you
like the view here, huh?
You see that?
Someday I look
at that sign and I say,
"Okay, she's mine. "
You think so?
I got
a"purtty" good idea.
That's-a "purtty" hot.
Expensive, eh?
Yeah. Come here. I'll show you
somethin' what's "purtty" hot.
How do you like
this place, huh?
Come here.
Here's some stuff
I buy.
Mm, aren't they sweet?
You like? I'm gonna get
some ties made to match.
See, what I'm gonna do
is wear a shirt only once.
Then I give it right away
to the laundry.
A new shirt every day. Tsk. You're just
gonna drive the women mad, aren't you?
One of them.
Meaning me, I suppose.
Look at this.
Huh? It's got
inside springs.
I bought it at an auction. It's a buy.
Go ahead, sit down.
Try it.
Yeah. It's all right. You like it? Hmm?
I thought you were
Johnny's friend.
Sure. I likeJohnny,
but I like you more.
Scusa, boss.
Cops is downstairs.
All right. Tell 'em to come in
and sit down. I'll be right out.
Hey, I... I don't wanna be
caught here. This is a mess.
It's all right. Don't
get excited. It's easy.
Oh, great. Thanks.
Hey, Poppy.
After I get through with 'em, I'll meet
ya at the restaurant... on Fourth Street.
Yeah, all right. Hey.
Hey, go to the left.
Hello, Guarino.
You all alone?
Ah, you're a cute fella
comin' here all by yourself.
You ain't afraid of me,
huh? No, nor 10 like ya.
Come on. The chief s
waiting. Hey, Angelo.
Call up Epstein
and tell him that...
Naw. Hey, Little Boy,
call up Epstein.
Tell him that kidney foot here is
taking me down to the chief s office.
Let him come right down with
"habus corpis. " Understand?
Hey, you know, I just hear O'Hara,
he was-a met with a terrible accident.
That's too bad, you know?
Come on, come on.
So Camonte thinks he's
gonna run this side of town,
now that he's got O'Hara.
He's gettin'too big.
He won't get
any bigger.
We'll take him before he
finds out about these guns.
300 slugs a minute. Get
the rest of them unpacked.
How many we got? Plenty. And
there's a lot more coming.
O'Hara had them run in
across the line last night.
We'll have the cops on
our necks. Forget it.
They can't do
anything about it.
There's no law against
bringing guns into the state,
and we can buy
all we want.
What a cinch.
You said it.
Gaffney, listen. Camonte
just left headquarters.
McGill's trailing him.
He's gonna phone.
Hey, you guys.
Load those guns.
You get the cars ready.
Stick the hearse
in front of'em.
Then to the South Side, and I want
everybody. You hang on to that phone.
Right. Snap into it now. Get going.
Hello. Hello, Tony. Have a seat.
Well, what took you
so long?
Eh, the moxie, he was late
with the "ibious corpse. "
Go on, order some food,
will ya? I'm hungry.
You know, every time I
see you, you look better.
That's a cute hat.
Please! My stockings.
What's the matter? Don't do
that, Tony. They're brand-new.
Hands off, huh?
No. Feet.
You know,
I know lotsa girls.
Uh, redheads and blondes... all kinds.
They all like me.
Yeah. You're pretty good, eh?
I'm the best. Are you
gonna eat, by any chance?
I'm not hungry,
except for you.
You got somethin'
I like.
Yeah. I'm nice
with a lot of dressing.
You work fast, don't you, Tony? No.
Say, I've been waitin' a long time.
I'm crazy for you.
Everybody say, "Tony
Camonte, he's a big shot.
He's got everything
he wants. "
Yeah. I got everything but
what I want. You understand?
Pardon me. Telephone
for Mr. Camonte.
Hey, dope, go see who
it is. And get a name.
Hello. This Mr. Camonte's
What's your name?
I say what's your name?
This Mr. Camonte's
You have to speak louder.
I can't hear what you say.
That's too loud. That's
too loud. Talk "lowler. "
Hello. Please.
Don't be a fool, Tony!
What's the name, please?
I can't... Hello?
Hello. Please,
I can't hear what you say.
Hey! That's O'Hara's mob.
I can't hear what...
I can't...
I can't hear
what you say.
It's too loud.
Hey, lookit! They got
machine guns you can carry.
If I had some of them, I could
run the whole works in a month.
I'll get you one
in a minute.
Hey, that's swell! Look,
it's little. You can carry it.
Come on.
Let's get outta here.
Boss, there was too much noise.
I didn't get their name.
That's a dope!
Take him upstairs!
Take him upstairs!
That's all right. The
back door! The back door!
Hey, lookit.
They've been here too.
Hey, look at that.
Come here.
Get me some shells.
Let's see if she works.
Hey, you, call Fugatti. Tell him
we want three cars... side curtains.
Hey, Johnny.
Look what I got.
You dirty murderin' mug! You bumped
off O'Hara. Who, me? That's foolish.
You told me to stay out of
the North Side. I stay out.
I've been home all day,
hey, Little Boy? Sure.
Sure. Oh, so that's it?
I told you to lay off.
I don't hear so good
You won't be hearing anything if you
go on like this. Look. They clipped me.
Lookit, Johnny. You can
carry it around like a baby.
Aw, shut up.! We gotta get
organized. This is only a starter.
They'll be back after us. What do
ya mean? We don't give 'em time.
We throw them Micks
up for grabs.
Yeah, well, when you're laying in
an alley with your head blown off,
maybe you'll learn how
this business oughta be run.
Yeah? And who's gonna
do that? O'Hara's mob.
Gaffney, he's runnin' it now. He'll give it to
you here... a pound of hot lead in the belly.
Make sure it's him, Johnny.
Cars are here, boss.!
Okay. Hey, Little Boy, it's business.
You fix who goes in each car.
Where do you think you're going?
To the North Side.
You can't do that? What do you
mean, can't? Who's stoppin' me?
I am. I'm givin' you orders
for the last time.
There's only one thing that gets
orders and gives orders, and this is it.
That's how I got the South Side, and
that's how I'm gonna get the North Side.
Some little typewriter, huh? I'm gonna
write my name all over this town with it.
In big letters!
Hey, stop him, somebody!
Get outta my way, Johnny!
I'm gonna spit!
Come on, fellas!
Hey, Tony.
Take this along in case that
bean shooter doesn't work.
Come on, Dugan.
All right, come on! Hey, you
see what happened here, kid?
I don't know, mister. It was a
big, black car with side curtains,
and a machine gun
gave 'em the works.
Oh, hello, Ben. Hello, Chief. What are
we gonna do about them machine guns?
What can we do? There's no law against
manufacturing them, just against having them.
If they can't get 'em in one state, they
go across the border and get 'em in another.
These fellas bootleg machine
guns like they bootleg booze.
Yeah. They better do
something about that.
Because with these toys to play with, what
happened before will look like a tea party.
I know it. Say, you better put the
screws on that 22nd Street freight house.
I hear they're bringing
'em in in fruit boxes.
Get that guy's number!
Somebody get an ambulance!
What's the matter?
What is this, a pinch?
No. We're bringing you
a valentine.
Don't you know it's Valentine's
Day? Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Come on.
Line up, you guys.
Over there,
all seven of you.
What's the gag?
Is the heat on?
Face the wall.!
Put your mitts up.
All of you.!
Here's Gaffney. Gaffney, what
do you know about this? Well?
Well, I was on my way here to
the garage to keep an appointment.
I was late.
And a car drives up
and some guys pile out.
Two of'em was cops... at least
they was dressed like cops.
Cops. That's a new gag.
Then what?
Well, it looked like a pinch, so I beat
it around the block. Then he picked me up.
Yeah, lucky you were late. Now take
a good peek and see what you missed.
Gangway here.
Keep it clear.
Seven of'em...
lined up against a wall.
Mowed down,
just like that!
Didn't have a chance! Sit down,
Chief. You're wearin' out the carpet.
Yeah? I'm
the only one left.
Thinks he'll get me, huh?
Fat chance!
Who's there? McArthur, from the Journal.
Let him in.
Hi, Gaffney.
How'd you find me?
Oh, we boys from the Journal
always get around.
Yeah? Anybody else know I'm
here? Nope. Just my own idea.
Sit down. You're
gonna stay for a while.
Can't get a thing on him.
We're right up a blind alley
wherever we go.
And Gaffney's turned yellow.
He's hiding out. What about Lovo?
Lovo is practically out.
He's as scared as Gaffney.
It's Camonte, all right, but we
can't prove it yet. No, but we will.
Hey, Chief.
What do you want?
This fellow Camonte.
What about him?
Public's interested in him.
He's a colorful character.
Colorful? What color
is a crawling louse?
Listen, that's the attitude
of too many morons in this country.
They think these big hoodlums
are some sort of demigods.
What do they do
about a guy like Camonte?
They sentimentalize, romance,
make jokes about him.
They had some excuse for glorifying
our old western bad men.
They met in the middle of the street at
high noon and waited for each other to draw.
But these things sneak up, shoot a
guy in the back and then run away.
I guess you're right.
Did you read what happened? A carful of'em
chased another down the street, broad daylight.
Three kiddies playing hopscotch
get lead poured in their little bellies.
When I think what goes on in the minds
of these lice, I want to vomit.
See if you can find Gaffney.
He'll probably get it next.
They got all the others.
Our organizations are opposed
to your policy, Mr. Garston.
Your paper could be an influence
against the gangster,
yet you keep right on playing up
his activities as front-page news.
Murders, gang war, killing!
That's all we read about!
You're glorifying the gangster
by giving him this publicity.
You're trying to tell me you can get
rid of the gangster by ignoring him?
By keeping him off the front
page? That's ridiculous!
You're playing
right into his hands!
Show him up! Run him out of the country!
That'll keep him off the front page.
In the meantime, you expect our children
to read of nothing but outrage and murder?
That's better than
they're being slaughtered.
The city is full of machine
guns, gang war in the streets.
Kids aren't even safe
to go to school.
You want that to go on?
Certainly not.
But what can private
citizens do?
Even our police force
can't stop it.
Don't blame the police.
They can't stop machine guns from being
run back and forth across the state lines.
They can't enforce laws
that don't exist.
Then it's up to the federal
government to do something about it.
You're the government!
All of you!
Instead of trying to hide the facts,
get laws passed that'll do some good!
For instance?
Pass a federal law...
that puts the gun in the same
class as drugs and white slavery!
Put teeth
in the deportation act!
These gangsters don't belong in this
country. Half of'em aren't citizens!
That's true. They bring nothing
but disgrace to my people.
All right.
I'll tell you what to do.
Make laws and see
that they're obeyed...
if we have to have
martial law to do it!
The governor of New Mexico declared
martial law to stop a bullfight,
the governor of Oklahoma
to regulate oil production!
Surely gang rule
and wholesale law defiance...
are more of a menace
to the nation...
than the regulation of oil
or a bullfight!
The army will help.
So will the American Legion.
They offered their services
over two years ago!
And nobody
ever called on 'em.
Let's get wise to ourselves.
We're fighting organized murder!
That Sadie Thompson,
she's pretty smart girl.
What's a girl wanna hustle
in a place like that for?
Yeah, it's
rainin' all the time.
Yeah, that rain.
That's pretty good.
That comes from a pipe,
just like a shower.
Them two fellas... Which
one do you think she takes?
The guy with the collar?
Nah. He ain't so hot.
Hey, listen. Them marines
ain't so hot too.
Come on. I go take a smoke.
That's a fine show. I gotta
see more shows like that.
You know, serious.
Ain't got no jokes.
I like a show with jokes.
That's-a dope.
What more do you want?
Listen, this girl Sadie, she's
got what you call a problem.
This fella with
the collar, he's gonna...
What's the matter?
They found Gaffney.
Spotted him down at Frank's
Bowling Alley. He got in a game.
Yeah? It's a setup.
Take about an hour...
I'm lookin' at a show now.
Listen, it's the last act.
There's two fellas after a girl
which is called Sadie, see?
And this girl Sadie, she's been
what you call... disillusioned.
We gotta do it now! He's
liable to slip us again.
He's the last one, boss.
Come on, Tony.
Ah, that's too bad.
All right, come on.
Wait a minute.
You stay here.
You stay and see the show. Ah, boss!
I gotta know which fella
this girl Sadie, she take.
You stay here and find out,
then come and tell me.
It's all right, boss.
The copper's gone.
All right.
Come on.
Hey, Little Boy, you go around
the back, up on the balcony.
Hey, Pietro, side door. He may
have friends. You never can tell.
Joe, I want you to stand in the alley.
If he gets that far, you do your stuff.
You keep the motor running.
Bring the presents.
You stay here.
Come on, fellas.
Ah, now we'll know what happened
to that girl, Sadie.
Angelo, did she take
the guy with the collar?
Nah. She climb back
in the hay with the army.
Yeah? That's fine.
She's a smart girl, that kid.
Come on.
What're you doin'?
Not bad, huh?
Just watch this one.
Hello, Tony.
How are you?
Ahhh, that's-a pretty hot!
Hello, stranger.
Chair. Well, Johnny!
Well, you're lookin' swell.
I thought we were gonna
see something of you.
- Well, here I am.
- Where have you been? On a vacation?
I've been workin'. Up on
the North Side, huh, Johnny?
That's what the papers say.
Don't work too hard.
I just finish up tonight.
Now I play a while.
You get your own table,
Why is that?
This is a table for two.
Well, maybe you get
another table, huh, Johnny?
Hey, listen, you!
Who do you think you are?
What are you tryin' to do?
All right, go on.
Nothing seems to bother
you much, does it?
Well, I get used to noises.
Hello, Guino.
Hello, baby.
Why are you always
high-hatting me? Go on, beat it.
I suppose you need
an organ grinder to work with?
Tony's inside. He see you
in that outfit?
I looked pretty good
from two stories up.
Am I different now?
Wanna dance with me?
Listen, you're
Tony's sister, see?
you're only a kid.
I'm 18.
You like that music?
Now do you wanna dance?
Afraid! Afraid
ofTony's sister! Why, you...
Well, I notice
you stood there and watched.
Someday you'll find out
you've been missing something.
Hey, how about it,
you and me, huh?
I thought
you weren't dancing.
I changed my mind.
I need exercise.
We show 'em
somethin', huh?
I think you missed me, huh?
That's right.
We make up for lost time.
How do you wanna play,
Tony? Like this?
That's it.
You wait here.
I take her home myself.
You can't!
Shut up!
You'll be sorry for this.
Next time I catch you in a place
like that, I'm gonna kill you.
You're telling me what to do? I'll do
what I want, same as you! Understand?
You listen to me!
I hate you!
Never mind what I do!
That's all right.
You're gonna stay home,
I'm no baby!
I can take care of myself!
Yeah, runnin' around with the fellas,
huh? Letting 'em hold you like that?
Letting 'em look at you? Dressin'
up like that for fellas to see, huh?
What I do with fellas
is my business!
Oh, Mama.
Cesca, what's the matter?
What-a Tony do to you, huh?
What he do?
He hit me. He said he'd kill
me, and I wasn't doing anything.
I was only dancing! That's
all right, figlia mia. No cry.
All right, tell-a Mama.
Come on upstairs.
No cry, baby.
He hasn't any right to. Just because I'm his
sister, he can't throw me around like that.
All right, no cry, baby.
I tell you.
I tell you lotsa times!
He hurt you! He hurt you!
He hurt everybody.
It's all right.
See if you can put out his tires. Right.
That got 'er!
Look out!
Just shut up.
Give us some nickels. Give
us some nickels. Hurry!
Lakeside 1305.
Get me a drink.
- Hello?
- Hello. Is this Jim?
Tony Camonte.
Is Rinaldo there?
No, Mr. Camonte.
He left an hour ago.
Is Lovo there?
Lovo? No.
He left too.
Said he was going
back to the office.
Bosworth 4503.
- Hello?
- Hello. Mabel?
Rinaldo there?
Why, no. He ain't been here. You know, I
think that guy's givin' me the runaround.
I've had a date with him
two or three times...
Maybe he going home to bed. Ah,
what're you talkin'... That tom cat!
Try Maizie.
Maizie. That's right.
I forgot about her.
Uh... uh, Hatfield 6401.
Yeah, 6401.
Come on.
- Hello?
- Hello, Maizie?
It's Tony Camonte.
Rinaldo there?
Yeah. For you.
- Hello?
- Hello, Rinaldo?
I'm at Pietro's.
- Yeah, come right away.
- Anything wrong?
Yeah, plenty.
Go get me a towel.
I thought you weren't
doing anything tonight.
I'll be back later.
This is worse than being
in love with a grasshopper.
It took you a long time
to get here.
Who done it? I don't
know, but I got an idea.
You just wait. How do
you stand with Lovo? Huh?
Come on! How do you stand with Lovo?
Who's Lovo?
That's good.
Say when.
That's enough.
You callJohnny Lovo at his office
at 10 minutes past 2:00, see?
That's 10 minutes
past 2:00.
You say that you callin'
from the country, see? Uh-huh.
You one of the guys that
took me for a ride. Uh-huh.
Car got smashed,
and I got away.
The car got smashed,
and I got away! Yes, yes.
You think it was Johnny? I don't
know, but we'll find out now.
We'll be there
when Pietro calls.
And if it was Johnny,
he'll stall, won't he?
Let's go.
Open the door!
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, Tony, where you been?
What happened to you?
Yeah, look. They spoil
my brand-new suit.
Who? Coppers?
Nah. Monkeys.
Never seen 'em before.
Somebody must've brought 'em in.
How did they get you?
They smashed my bus,
took me for a ride... almost.
That's right.
You left the caf alone.
You oughta know better
than to do that. Where were you?
I thought you always
stuck to Tony.
Well, baby, I'm glad you got
away. I'd have missed you plenty.
I'll get somebody for this.
I knew you would, Johnny.
That's Poppy. I don't
want to see her tonight.
I'll tell her you ain't in.
Hey, wait a minute.
I'll talk to her.
Hello? Who?
No, there's nobody
here by that name.
What? What?
Oh, ring off.
You got a wrong number.
You better have a drink,
It's a lie!
I didn't do it!
I wouldn't try anything
on you, Tony! We're pals!
Sure, we're pals.
No, I didn't do it.
You got me wrong.
Listen, Tony, you're the last
guy in the world I'd try to cross.
You wouldn't do anything to me.
Tony, gimme a chance.
You can have anything I got,
all the dough you want.
Poppy! I'll let you have her.
I give you my word.
You can have Poppy, Tony!
I'll tell her!
The boss!
Let me go away!
Gimme a break!
I ain't never did anything to
anybody! I never hurt anybody!
Nah, you get somebody else
to do it for ya!
Wait! Don't!
Tony, come back!
Oh, Tony.
What's happened?
- Where's Johnny?
- Where do you think?
Go pack your stuff.
Hey, come here.
Lookit there.
Do you remember
what I told ya?
Tony isn't here.
He's out of town.
You're telling me?
Why did you hang up
when I called yesterday?
Too busy.
The one on the end's
kind of cute.
She ain't bad.
I should think you'd want
something more like...
Like what?
Cut out
that sort of talk.
You're only a kid.
I told you I had
grown-up ideas.
You're like Tony when you
go after something, hey?
What would Tony say?
He'll be away for a month.
The big fella's
on his way from Florida.
Uh-huh. Well,
he better watch his step.
This town's entirely different
than when he left it.
That new crowd down at the
city hall is looking for him.
The first crack he makes,
they'll climb all over him.
Hand it to Hap. Tell him to
play it for what it's worth.
Hey. You stay out here.
Where's Cesca?
She got a place of her own. She say to
me, " Shut up. Mind-a your business. "
Well, is she livin' alone?
All-a the time
that what she tell me.
But one day I follow her. She meet
a man. They go in the house together.
I look and I see her name
under the push bell.
See? See what you do? Once I
have a son, I have a daughter...
Where is the place
she live?
236 Central Street.
What you gonna do?
What you... No, no, Tony!
Central Street.
He was goin' downgrade
makin' 90 miles an hour
When his whistle
broke into a scream
And they found him
in the wreck
With his hands
on the throttle
Scalded to death
by the steam
It's a mighty rough road
from Lynchburg to Danville
And the track's
on the three-mile grade
It was on this road
that he lost his air brakes
You can see
what a jump he made
Hello, baby.
I'm so happy.
You're telling me?
You do love me,
don't you, Guino?
You know I do.
Never stop telling me,
will you?
I'm not like
all the others, am I?
You're up there
all by yourself, sweetheart.
We'll always
be happy, won't we?
Hello, Tony.
Tony, I...
Tony, don't! Tony!
Guino! Guino!
Guino, speak to me!
Speak to me!
Guino, say something!
Tony, he's my Guino!
I love him.
We were married yesterday, Tony!
Really married!
We were going to surprise you.
Weren't we, Guino?
Oh, darling, speak to me!
He's dead.
He loved me,
really loved me.
Don't touch me!
Don't come near me!
Stay away from me!
You're not my brother!
Don't you think I know?
He kills people!
He kills everybody!
He kills everything!
He's a butcher.
That's what you are.
You're a butcher!
You're a butcher!
Drive down to the house.
Come on, boss.
Go on, beat it!
Get outta here!
Come on! Come on!
This Mr. Camonte's secre...
You'll have to speak loud.
I can't hear you.
It's... It's Poppy, boss.
I- I got her name.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
Tony, what is it?
Tony, say something. Tony...
Yeah? Yeah?
He did? Did he get the rest of them?
Let me talk to Duffy. Ben,
here's what you've been waiting for.
Camonte killed Rinaldo.
Holed up in that steel fort of his.
Get him. Take the whole outfit.
I'll send more if you need them.
Don't lose any men. Block off
the street and smoke him out.
Hello? Send those monkeys in.
Tell Jake to stay put.
- Quick, Tony. They're coming. The police.
- Cesca...
They're after you. They're gonna get you.
Why didn't you shoot me?
Why didn't you shoot?
I don't know. Maybe...
Maybe because you're me.
And I'm you. It's always been that way.
You fellas go on that roof
across the street.
Cover that alley
at the back of the house.
Tony, what are we gonna do?
Come here, I show you what we do.
They followed me.
It's my fault. I shouldn't have come.
What's the difference, yours, mine?
You're here, that's all what matters.
- You load them.
- Sure.
- I'm not afraid. I'm like you.
- That's the way to talk.
Come on, we'll show them.
Put it here.
We'll show them.
Look at them monkeys.
They think they'll get Tony Camonte?
What did I tell you? Look, Cesca, see?
Steel! All steel!
All steel. No one can get in here.
Cesca, you and me, we'll show them.
We'll lick them all.
The North Side, the South Side.
We'll lick the whole world!
Let me lie down, Tony.
I'm all hollow inside.
- Cesca, what is it? Where?
- It doesn't hurt, really.
Put your arms around me.
Just for a minute.
- I won't be able to help you now.
- You can't go away. I won't let you.
So dizzy. Hold me.
- Don't let me get scared.
- I'll be here all alone.
- You can't leave me here all alone.
- Tony...
- You're afraid. Don't be afraid.
- You're all I got left.
Little Boy, he's gone. Angelo, he's gone.
I'm no good without you.
I'm no good with myself. Cesca...
Cesca, they're out there.
They wanna get me.
They won't give me a chance.
Please. Cesca!
Guino wasn't afraid.
Cesca, don't go. Please.
I won't let you go. You hear?
You understand? You gotta stay here.
I don't want to stay. You're afraid.
Guino. Guino...
Cesca, please! Come back, you hear?
Come back, I say.
Hurry up with that gas.
- That second window up there.
- All right.
Cesca! Cesca!
I can't see.
Cesca! Angelo! Little Boy!
Cesca... Cesca...
I can't see.
Get him out of there!
Take it down.
No! Don't shoot, Guarino.
Look, I'm all alone. I got no gun, see.
- Give me a break.
- Who did you ever give a break to?
Look, I got nobody. I'm all alone.
Little Boy is gone.
Angelo is gone. I'm...
- My steel shutters don't work.
- Shut up. Come down.
I'll come down. Give me a break.
Don't shoot.
You got me covered. I can't do nothing.
Give me a break, will you?
Don't shoot, will you?
I told you I'd get you without a gun
and you'd squeal like a yellow rat.
Come on. Climb into this.