Scarlet Innocence (2014) Movie Script

These scentless petals covering
the road endlessly make me forget
why I decided to come here.
When a ridiculous misunderstanding forced me
to leave the school
I just wanted to hide
where nobody could find me.
I hoped to find something pure
that is vanishing from me,
to prove myself writing a novel
with a new story I find there.
But my strong intention faded away
as soon as I arrived.
The old and weary mood this town held
almost choked me.
What is this kid?
Never seen a man in a suit?
She stared me
with the inquisitive eyes.
That's how I met her.
He's too young to be a professor.
Guess he had a drink. Look at his ruddy cheeks.
You know the writer...
needs a drink to talk or write on something.
- You want to write novels?
You think anyone can write one?
That's why we're here to learn.
There's an expression called literary youth.
But no such thing like literary old.
Do you know why?
You are telling we old folks
don't deserve writing?
Yes, the old can: write.
They can only keep a diary.
The old man with an old mind
only can write corny things.
Only the one with an open mind
can do the literature.
So if you want to write novels,
you need to be young at heart again.
You need to love!
At our age? How?
But it sounds good!
- Hello.
-You're coming home now?
Tofu and zucchini, please.
Just now. What do want to get?
Tofu and zucchini?
I got them already. Let's go.
Will make you delicious bean paste stew.
You raised Deokee well. So pretty and filial.
You must be proud!
- Good night.
-Good night.
Mom, store owner told me
this town will be redeveloped.
So are we getting lots of compensation?
Well...guess it would some.
Much enough to move to Seoul?
What do you think?
I hope the money is big enough
for your wedding.
My wedding? No kidding!
You should get married
when you meet a decent guy.
If there is a decent guy,
I need to date him first.
But problem is we can't find a decent man here.
The store owner will set you up
on a blind date.
A guy working at a car company.
A car company?
You don't get married for fun!
Are you worried about me?
Don't worry.
I won't live like this forever.
I believe in you.
The machine is too old.
It needs some bashing once in a while.
What do you want to ride?
The rides in this park. Which one?
I didn't come for that.
Are you working here?
Right there.
At the ticket office, I see.
I've never seen a small amusement park
like this.
They'll tear it down next year
and will build a public park.
Nobody came to ride in full dress like you.
I'm not here for the ride,
but for the work.
At the lifelong education center.
No one's dressed up there, either.
I remember!
You were in front of the store yesterday.
So are you a professor?
- Literature writing class.
Thought that class would be really interesting.
She didn't get along with anyone,
and responded to no one.
She simply existed there still and sound.
As if she couldn't see
or hear anything.
She was cowering like a caterpillar
waiting for the spring with every fiber
of her body.
The time she would transform
into a beautiful being.
As you are here, you should have a drink.
Need to leave soon.
Of course, you must be busy writing.
But a drink could smooth your writing.
- Just one glass!
-Then just one.
There you go.
Handsome ones look cool
even drinking monkey swill.
-I'll pour you one.
- Thank you, professor.
It's good!
Deokee, I know you had a blind date yesterday.
- What?
-She did? With whom?
The second son at the photo studio.
He works at the motor factory.
So you'll get married soon!
Why not? That kid is okay.
- Yes, he is.
- How many babies?
-You're so silly.
She needs to square it with parents first.
I'll get going-
- Why so early?
-We want to hear more.
It wasn't fun at all.
Tell us later! Promise!
Where's your house?
The fifth house under the Stairways.
Mine is here.
Guess you need to walk back.
Good night.
Hello, professor.
- Kimchi stew and soju as usual?
Are you writing something?
I'm so bored here, same old shits.
So what did the dean say?
He doesn't want to meet you.
He's being cautious as it's a sensitive issue.
Be patient. I'll try to persuade him.
We're collecting evidences to prove
that you're falsely accused.
Try to take it easy there.
It'll take some time as she's so persistent.
You must feel depressed in that backcountry.
Find some hobby to spend time.
Hang in there.
This place closes early.
Yes, at 6 PM.
Where are you going once it's demolished?
I'll be happy just escaping
from this boring town.
Then you should try something not boring.
Like what?
Not the right one to ask. I'm a boring person.
You must be lonely not boring.
Do I look lonely?
I can tell as I see many people
coming here alone for a ride.
The angry ones scream riding on the pirate ship
while lonely ones ride a merry-go-round.
And the ones to be lost to the world
get on the Ferris wheel.
Then I should try all!
Can I have a look at the bottle?
Yuck! lt's...bitter!
Guess you can't drink.
Yes, I can.
What brought you here, anyway?
They say I did something wrong.
I did nothing but I became the guilty one.
I'll go buy things.
Tend the shop for me, Deokee.
The bad things blindly hit you
like the lightening.
My mother says we have to take a shelter
for a while
until it clears up.
Not the case for where I came from.
It's a swamp boiling with the jealousy.
If I waited like that, I'd be bogged down deep.
But thank you, Deokee.
For listening to me and believing what I said.
Nobody did.
It's my pleasure. I enjoy listening to you.
When are you coming home?
Can you come tonight?
Daddy will be coming.
Do you have to go to Seoul?
You'd better get going, too.
I might be in a trouble
as my wife hates me drinking.
Then go tomorrow when you sober up.
I'm leaving.
80 hot.
It's so hot in here.
Or is it me because of drinking?
You're warm.
Mom, tie my hair.
Your dad is with a girl again.
See he's not coming.
He said he's coming today.
Like father, like daughter. You little liar.
See you later, professor.
Hello, sir.
He's working too hard.
He must be bored to sit still.
I imagined it would be quite scary
at night here.
Are you scared?
Not at all. Because I'm with you.
This is the switch.
Are you sure about this?
Let's stay this way for a while.
Just to remember this moment.
It's my first date with a man I love.
She comes in and out of his house all the time.
The guard at the park told me he even saw them
doing this! Shameless.
We went wild and shameless
at our early days, too.
As the old saying goes
it's always the quiet one.
Oh my, she must've heard us!
It's a nonsense. She's deaf anyway!
- Deaf she is but gets what we say.
-It's okay.
Don't know what to do. Oh my god.
She must be really worried.
What do you think?
Do you like it?
So pretty.
Professor, when did you buy these?
Try a walk?
You like it?
I like whatever you like.
I'll never let you go.
Never. Hear me?
I like this phrase.
Rustling sunlight falls like the fireworks
glowing her hair all over.
It tickles!
I've never tasted coffee like this!
30 good!
What's up? Why didn't you call me ahead?
I wanted to deliver the good news myself.
Good news? I'll meet you at the terminal.
My friend's coming. Need to go out.
Bring him home. I'll prepare the dinner.
Don't worry about it. He might leave soon.
Thank you! How did you find that?
A student came with the thing
she shot with her mobile.
It had that bitch coming on to you. All drunk!
And she accused you of sexual harassment?
Thank you anyway.
You'll be teaching from next semester
as the disciplinary period is over.
It must've been difficult for you.
I trusted you no matter what!
- You're a true friend.
-Where's your place?
Let me see how you live
and have lunch together.
No need as I'm leaving soon.
Let me take you to the best in town.
We need to drink! It's been a while.
It sounds good.
What was the good news?
I'm reinstated, Deokee.
Where did I put my writing...
Here it is!
Deokee, can you check the bus timetable
for Seoul?
It's time for lunch.
I'd like to have dumplings.
I'll eat something on my way.
I'm pregnant.
Sorry, Deokee. For putting you in this trouble.
Will call you when I'm settled.
Wake up.
Let's go home.
Have you eaten?
Like you care.
The medicine?
Excited to be back? know.
Must be excited to flirt with all those pretty
college girls!
You haven't slept again?
Take the medicine first.
And time for bed.
I know that you're a good person
and I must not act like this.
I'm happy to have you back, too.
I'll try to get better.
Stop! That's enough!
Please give some hints on the exam!
Please go easy on us!
Told you I'll be coming soon.
You've been telling that four times already.
Let's meet outside later.
Why didn't you tell your wife about me?
Go home and wait for me. I'll meet you there.
No, you won't.
I promise I will.
You promise?
What are you doing?
What brings you here?
Congratulations on the new project!
The dean is so happy,
he's bragging about you all over.
By the way, who was that girl?
You saw her?
- Remember you just came back.
-I know what I am doing.
- If they catch you this time...
-I would like to ask you...
to knock before you come in.
I knew you'd be coming.
What is this?
Don't wait for me.
Why can't I?
Just don't.
You're afraid the school will find out
about an affair and the abortion?
Calm down and be quiet.
I did everything you told me to.
Keep waiting.
And now you want me to shut up?
Why should I?
If you can't, I can do it for you.
Talk to the school
and to your wife.
- Who knows if I already did?
Let's end it here.
Don't wanna hurt you anymore.
I cannot be the one you want. You know that.
I love you.
I love you so much.
Kiss me please.
Please stop.
What's with you, Chungee?
Stop crying and stay still.
I'll be right there.
Deokee, come back!
It's dangerous!
It's 911.
What shall we do? Deokee!
Somebody help here!
Please help here!
- Are there people inside?
-Yes! Please hurry!
Mom's still inside the room?
On that day, the big wave
completely swept away our lives.
So the text can contain several meanings...
which can be changed upon the interpretation.
For example,
the characters of Chun-hyang
in Pansori 'Chun-hyang'
in 'Flower in the Jail',
the modern novel version,
and in the film version, 'Chunhyang'
are different from one to another.
The last piece of purity inside me
was burnt to ashes with them.
- So the text can contain...
-You said it already.
After that day, everything seem blurred to me.
Do you expect this one
to be another bestseller?
But ironically my books
became the bestsellers one after another.
And I lived life hard and wild to escape
from the past.
Damn it.
Who are you going with to the conference
in Tokyo?
Why do you care?
Can I come along?
Wanna date with you in Shibuya.
It would be romantic.
Do we need to go to Shibuya to be romantic?
What about your thesis and TV show?
You don't have to worry about it.
Told you that our love can only be completed
in the closed room.
You want people to gossip
when they see us together?
Embarrassed to be seen with me?
Think of this place as outside.
It's a nonsense! Since I met you...
It's outside. Outside of your house and mine.
Just change your way of thinking.
Not that difficult.
For the youth, dream can be the love...
...that sweeps you away.
What matters is how sincere they feel
about the work...
I'm going out.
Going where?
To see a sis next door.
What did you do to your lips?
My only concern was my daughter, Chungee.
...we should search for a job
as we do for pure first love.
Well, I guess so.
Then the fearsome price of my lust
knocked at the door.
It is blurry in the center
and everything goes out of focus.
You've got retinal macular degeneration.
What's that?
A problem at macular inside your retina
causes the failing vision.
You have diabetes.
But you keep drinking and smoking
as well as writing which stresses the sight.
I think you've developed the complication.
But I can get better
with some treatment, can't I?
Well...l'm afraid there's no perfect cure yet.
You're telling me
I could lose my eyesight completely?
In the worst case scenario, yes.
But we can at least delay the progress.
Be sure to take diabetes medicine.
And no excessive exercise.
Also absolutely no alcohol and cigarettes!
How about sex?
I heard you visit the luxurious villa
in Gangnam regularly.
The rumor says it's an illegal gambling place.
I heard some public figures were involved
in Group K's slush fund.
You went to college with Lee,
the CEO of Group K.
We won't make a fuss
as it can ruin school's reputation.
Mr. Dean.
I feel bad doing this as you're the face
of our faculty.
You'll get the leave allowance right away.
All gone?
I can't believe how this bastard could be CEO
being so clumsy handling the work.
You know how much I bet for that?
My new car is gone too!
- At least you have a bestselling book...
-Shut up!
I put all my 3 year advance and down payment!
Chungee always strayed and didn't care
about me at all.
She seemed to desperately
search for someone to rely
on even for a short moment.
Notice of seizure? What is it?
Nothing. Mind your own business.
- You're living next door?
I guess Chungee's not home.
Brought some pancakes for her.
She's at school now.
You don't like the pancakes?
You must be Professor Shim.
I've heard from Chungee
that your visions are failing lately.
Guess you're close to my daughter.
Yes, we got along very easily.
Rustling sunlight falls like the fireworks
glowing her hair all over.
I like this novel.
You do?
Professor, treat me as a fan of your work.
You can be at ease with me.
My name is Se-jung. Yoon Se-jung.
Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Yoon Se-jung.
How's your father lately?
He seemed quite lonely.
He's a lonely man with a failing vision.
But I hate him.
You should not. He's your father anyway.
I typed his writing yesterday.
You did what? Why?
I like his novels a lot.
Can I help him writing?
Then can I go to see you every day?
What is it?
I can't read your handwriting.
Which part?
What would it feel like
if the whole world disappears?
And then?
What did I write?
How is your sight lately?
It got worse than when I first saw you, right?
Think so, but can't tell exactly
as I haven't been to the hospital lately.
Things were just out of focus before...
but everything became blurry at some point.
The glasses don't help actually.
Let's see an eye doctor with me.
I know a good one.
Come with me.
I really hope your eyes get better
so that you can write again.
The handwriting's bad,
but your recent writings are powerful.
It won't be easy but can be cured.
There's a cutting-edge treatment from England.
We'll perform medication
for a month then surgery.
The chances are not high but it's worth to try.
Thank you so much.
Happy birthday, Chungee. Make a wish!
I can see you are pulling a long face again.
You should see the doctor tomorrow.
- I'll go with you.
It's time for your medicine.
How do you feel?
I could see the shapes even though it's blurry
with my left eye before.
But now the dim contour only...
Wait a second.
How about now?
I only see the black-ringed contour.
It's all faint.
It's a routine reaction
to the medication treatment.
We can now move on to the next step.
You mean the operation?
You'll see the whole bright world soon.
Thank you.
But how much does it cost?
Will discuss it with your guardian.
Why don't you tell me the cost? Is it that big?
Let me find a way.
You've spent most of money
to stop the foreclosure.
Let's go to the gambling house.
I need to relieve the stress.
So please do as I ask. Now!
I still got money.
As you wish.
- Diamond K, raise anyone?
-Raise one thousand.
Raise one thousand.
Go one thousand.
One thousand received and one more, fold?
- Fold. One thousand.
Call received. Will open the river.
- Diamond 6. Raise?
-Raise one thousand!
Raise one thousand.
Raise one thousand.
- Re-raise by 5 thousand.
-Re-raise, 5 thousand.
Call for 5 thousand?
- Call!
-Call it is.
Will open the cards.
Luck is coming my way today.
The room upstairs isn't open yet?
I think I can do anything today.
I can earn the money for the operation
at one shot.
It will be tens of thousand at most, right?
You should go all the way on a day like today.
All right, professor. Let's go crazy tonight.
Open the cards.
- Ten thousand.
- Call for ten thousand.
- Re-raise by 20 thousand.
-20 thousand
Call for 20 thousand?
-20 thousand!
-20 thousand it is.
I'll take a call and put all in.
Call taken. Will open the cards.
- Call the banker.
-Please stop.
I should get my money back.
Where's the banker?
"AMOUNT: $90,000
"DUE: SEPT. 30,2014"
Have some pancakes.
Is it good?
You remind me of my mom.
She was pretty but wrecked.
She stayed in bed all day
because of depression.
It wasn't just her fault, though.
I guess you are what a mom should be.
Sweet and tender.
I don't want you to be my mom.
Are you going to marry my dad?
No, I am not.
- What should I do?
-About what?
The money.
I could do anything if I can see things.
I really want to see you, too.
I can't imagine how terrible it must be
if I were blind like you.
But you don't have to worry.
You've got me and Chungee.
Give me some time.
I will find a way.
Where's Chungee?
She went to bed a while ago.
Who's that?
Is it Chungee?
It was her, right?
She saw us, didn't she?
It should be okay.
She'll understand if I tell her
we're going to get married.
Of course, she will.
How can't she?
She's daddy's little girl.
Who is it?
It's banker Choi, professor.
I'll come in for a bit.
Your debt with a huge interest...
What should we do?
I can pay you back.
Just let me in some high games.
Nonsense to pay your debt
by winning money gambling!
You must be Chungee. Back from school?
I'm your daddy's buddy. Don't be so guarded.
You're much prettier in person.
Go to your room.
We should go, too.
As the little one's back home.
How old are you?
I will see you around.
Can't believe this!
What is it?
I'm so scared. I can't even go home.
He's coming to our house every day.
It's driving me crazy.
Me and dad, what should we do?
I would feel safer if you married him.
Don't worry too much. Let me take care of this.
What are you guys doing?
You ruthless bastards.
Are you okay, professor?
What's all this about?
I apologize, sir. Let him seated.
My apology. They were so rude.
What the hell were you doing?
I'm really sorry.
I have an idea to end all your troubles.
Let's send Chungee to Japan.
What're you talking about?
No way.
I will protect her whatever it takes.
Let me finish first!
Listen carefully.
Consider it as the overseas training.
All she needs to do is to talk
with the high-class clients.
It could be a chance for her.
Why don't you just kill me and sell my corpse?
It could make you some money.
What is the use of dying?
Want to make a child an orphan?
If you agree with my plan,
I can pay for your surgery.
I can write novels.
I'm a bestselling writer.
Let me write a book for you.
Whatever. Hold him!
Please don't do this!
You should cure your eyes first
to bring your daughter back
and see your pretty Chick's face.
Ain't it right?
I got it!
Son of a bitch!
Why make things complicated
by resisting in vain?
Take him home.
Don't forget the money, sir.
I will make you pay for it
when I have my sight back!
Thanks to my money, you motherfucker!
What happened to your face?
Let me have the surgery with this money.
What the heck did you do?
This is way far from enough.
I even released my bar for you.
What are you talking about?
Where's Chungee?
Where's my girl?
Chungee! My daughter!
My poor little girl...
Please, forgive your dad...
Are you awake?
You'd better behave.
You know what it is?
It's a memo that your daddy sold you for money.
You bastard must've threatened him!
Watch your language.
Didn't threaten anybody.
He signed for the money to open his eyes again.
It's a bullshit, scumbag!
Watch your mouth, I warned you.
Of course, it took him a while.
He's the father after all.
How about Se-jung? How did you find me there?
You mean Deokee?
You naive little girl...
Didn't you get suspicious at all
when the new neighbor treated you too kind?
I'm pretty excited.
I made your favorite. Kimchi stew.
You got a problem with my cooking?
It tastes weird.
You think I'll give you things not eatable?
I'm working my hard ass off
to take care of you.
Be at least grateful.
My bad. Let's not argue.
Please help me wash myself instead.
Got any news about Chungee?
I had a baby.
Where's your baby now?
Because of its dad.
I was just an innocent girl
working at the small amusement park.
I knew nothing about the world.
Mom, do you love me?
My mom couldn't speak,
- But loved me dearly.
-I love you, too.
That son of a bitch ruined everything!
That bastard killed my unborn baby and my mom.
Do you get it?
You ruined everything!
You destroyed my life, motherfucker!
it was you.
I suspected...
but wish it were never you.
I went totally wrecked,
but did whatever it took to survive.
I swore that I'll make you go through
all the same.
My resolution grew weaker,
but then I saw you.
You didn't change a bit.
Still same selfish bastard!
Do you know?
You understand?
How selfish you're? You know that?
You're satisfied now?
Your daughter is dead.
Couldn't even find the body.
You caused it to yourself.
He can never see again
unless he gets the transplant.
My body and soul were completely
ravaged already.
So I couldn't even feel the pain.
But I wished she would stay
even if it's only to celebrate
the fulfillment of her revenge.
Let's go get some fresh air.
This is so beautiful.
You're incredible, professor.
Typing this perfect while
you cannot see anything.
Also this is the best thing
you've ever written.
Here's the secret nobody knows.
I wander around the dim stars
to reach out to your heart.
I haven't finished it yet.
Why couldn't you write this
when you had it all?
Why do you write so good
just when you're left helpless?
Miss me?
Is that you, Chungee?
My girl!
Hi, dad.
Nice sunglasses.
I want to eat the pancakes.
You don't know how much I missed your pancakes.
It's great to be back.
That old man asked me where I wanted to live.
So I answered, 'With you!'
Then he gave me one bill every day.
Guess how much it was.
One bill?
One grand.
I told him I don't need the money
but just wanted to be with him.
He asked me if I don't like money.
I told him that I didn't care about the money
but I did care the money he had.
Then he flicked me on the forehead
with his finger.
He's like a child.
Are you listening to me?
I missed this, so yummy!
You guaranteed
she would never come out of there!
The girl seemed to get out
after paying off all her debt.
Also she seems to be quite spiteful and strong.
I guess it's time for you two spiteful women
to handle it yourselves.
This scar...
It's because of my dad, right?
You paid back quite enough.
Why do you still linger?
You must've suffered much.
As a sweet little girl just like I was
when I met you.
I guess that's why you did all
that to me and dad.
I even hoped you could be my mother.
I suffered a lot too.
I was near to death because of you!
I'll give you back what you did to us.
Just same.
Out Of my way!
I told you not to come again.
You should end what you started.
Cut it off.
I'm officially out of this.
It's your battle to fight now.
Brother, he's here.
Sir, it's an honor to have you here.
It's been a while.
Please follow me.
Come to the clinic right now!
Got some strange visitors!
I'm starving.
You find all this funny?
What the hell are you doing?
I told you...
I will pay back exactly the same
you gave to us.
I know that doctor helped you
make my dad blind.
I think there's nothing you can do for now.
You came too far.
Don't blame me.
Let me see him for once.
You will.
And dad will see you too.
Through your eyes.
Chungee said she brought the best doctors.
We even took a walk together.
She's changed a lot.
I can't be with you anymore.
Why not?
I will get my job back and publish new book
after surgery.
I feel really confident about my new book.
We can start all over.
Please give me
the second chance
to make it up to you and Chungee.
Don't say that!
Don't act like a good man!
You should stay as a jerk!
You have to be the evil till the very end!
I am really sorry.
What was the thing we had then?
It was love, too.
But I had no other choice.
Please forgive me.
I hurt you too much.
I am really sorry.
I gave you too much pain.
Deokee, let's go home now.
I love you Deokee.