Scarlet's Witch (2014) Movie Script

Once upon a time,
there was a scared little
girl, named Scarlet.
Scarlet, why don't you
play with the other kids?
- Why?
- I don't know, 'cuz it's fun?
Make some friends?
It's normal?
Listen, I don't like normal.
Just like your
mother, explains a lot.
Can I go now?
Go right over there and
play with those girls.
I'd rather be alone.
They just don't understand me.
Honey, they're not
gonna understand you
if you don't give them a chance.
Something was pulling Scarlet
toward the woods,
whatever it was.
Anyone there?
Don't be scared.
Scared, but curious.
She felt the connection.
So what's wrong?
You said to make new friends.
I think I almost did.
Honey that's great,
what's her name?
I don't know.
Can we go back to the park?
It's getting dark
outside, besides
I think your friend's
probably already gone home.
Yeah, I think so too.
Who's there?
A friend.
Where are you?
Can I see you?
Promise you won't be afraid?
I promise.
Don't make promises
you can't keep, my dear.
What... are...
Don't be scared.
I can't.
Please, you promised.
What's your name?
I don't remember.
Do you want to be friends?
I guess, this is weird.
I thought you'd say
something like that.
No one understands me.
Wait, we can be friends.
You know, friendship is
a very powerful thing.
I'm so glad I met you.
I'm glad you came
to see me again.
It's been a long
time since I've had
a little friend like you.
You know what this
is, don't you?
You can use it if you'd like.
No, thanks, I don't want that.
I just want to be friends.
Are you sure?
Yes, stop asking!
Well, maybe when you're older.
You okay?
I'm fine, Dad.
Look, no more of this
scary stuff before bedtime.
I know you're in
here reading a book
when you shouldn't be.
No Dad, I liked it when
you read me fairy tales.
Yeah, clearly.
I just wish you
would read more to me.
Aren't you a
little old for that?
It just makes me
feel not so, alone.
Meeting new people can be scary.
What if they don't like me?
Well that would be their loss.
Why don't you get
some sleep, we'll
talk about it tomorrow.
You're through
with school, then?
For the summer.
That's why I can keep
coming to the park.
Your father must
be very pleased,
To see you taking such
an interest in something.
Yeah, I guess.
How do you know about that?
I know a great deal
about a great many things.
I used to be
scared of this tree.
The first time I saw it.
I don't know why.
It is scary.
But once you learn
more about this world,
you realize how scary
things really are.
Or, not.
Do you think it's weird
I don't have any friends?
Not at all, Scarlet.
You are a very bright girl.
What a pity, the outside
world doesn't see you.
See, you understand me.
We can understand
each other better
if you come back more.
What was that wand you
were trying to show me?
It's nothing.
You didn't seem very interested
when I showed it
to you last time.
No but, I am now.
You were very rude when I
tried to share it with you.
No, I'll listen now, I promise!
Are you hungry, dear?
A little.
I've got some apples
back at the cottage.
Scarlet and the witch
grew closer and closer.
She was like the mother
Scarlet never knew.
Scarlet didn't take
the wand that day,
because she didn't really
know what she wanted.
But she came back the next year.
And the next.
And many years passed.
Hello, old friend.
I almost thought
you weren't coming.
You used to come much
earlier in the day.
I was a kid then.
My, how things change.
How this old world changes.
Do you remember the first time
I told you about the wand?
And how I said if you could have
anything you wanted,
just by waving the wand,
what would you want?
And you said...
And now, what would you say?
I'm on this new diet,
and it's killing me.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You just don't spend much
time with me anymore.
What do you do?
I'm an adult now,
I have things to do.
Well, go do your adult things.
I do have to tutor Megan.
But, I will be back, soon.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
- Where were you?
- I was busy?
Doing what?
Does it matter?
I'm paying you.
It matters.
I'll prorate the time.
This is the last time I try
remedial calculus, I swear.
Well, you have a
choice in the matter.
No, I wish I did.
So, where were you?
Okay, so you know how everybody
has these, weird commitments
they can't get out of?
Well, today is mine.
I have an older boyfriend
you don't know about.
I mean, yeah, you, you
have a boyfriend, sure.
So you just need
to get close enough
to get the results,
and then if you
frame the problem
that way, it doesn't
seem so hard.
You always know
how to break it down,
so I can like, get it.
Yeah well, you do
the same thing with me.
With what?
With people.
You're too hard on yourself.
You still see yourself as that
weird little kid your dad
dropped off freshman year.
I was not that weird.
Scarlet, your roommate
requested a transfer.
That girl could
not live with anyone.
She was a mess.
You're always so quiet.
Well, some people would
like a quiet roommate.
What do you think about them?
Think of them like how?
Come on, we should talk to them.
Am I on the clock
for this discussion?
We'll prorate the time.
Come on, we should talk to them!
Not now.
It's never now with you, is it?
Excuse me.
I'm Megan.
Hello, I'm Brad.
Hey I'm, I'm also Brad.
Meet Scarlet.
Hi, Brads.
Tell me if you
think she's pretty.
Is this a joke or something?
Yeah, I kinda got
a girlfriend, so...
Well just, it's
a simple question,
we're trying to get
her out of her shell.
Umm, okay.
Yeah, I think she's alright.
Well yeah I mean, a
little more than alright.
You know, she's got
really nice, lips.
Thank you.
- She has nice lips?
- Hey, it works, alright?
It works.
Was that so hard?
Well, every girl wants
a fairy tale romance.
Yeah, let me guess
which is your favorite,
the girl ends up in a glass case
surrounded by dwarves?
The little lonely
girl finds acceptance.
And a way bitchin' dress.
Do you wanna know what my favorite
fairy tale was growing up?
- What?
- Goldilocks.
Little girl goes into
a house all by herself,
and she sleeps some
and she eats a little.
It takes a little bit of trying,
but eventually she figures
out what's just right.
And you know the
bears kick her out.
She can't just sleep there
as much as she wants,
she has to make the bed and
find food somewhere else.
Yeah, I know.
Believe me, I know.
Hello, Scarlet.
Ah, you scared me!
I'm a witch.
Do you hate me, Scarlet?
No, I don't, but
if I did, it'd be
for pulling that little stunt.
Are you trying to give
me a heart attack?
Seems like you
were in a great hurry
to get rid of me today.
I had things to do,
I couldn't stay.
I don't understand.
Well, I have to do my job
to pay for school, and...
Why do you stay there?
To get a degree.
For what?
For a job.
For what?
For money.
I don't understand.
Because I could give you money.
I could give you
much more, even.
Why are you doing this?
You know what?
You said it yourself,
you're an adult now.
I'm 22.
I'm only a little
bit of an adult.
You're old enough to
know what power means.
What you can do with it.
Year after year I
wave this in your face
and you do nothing.
Are you blind?
Are you weak?
Why do you stay
on this plan when
I could give you anything?
Because I don't want
to, I don't want anything.
Everyone wants something.
I don't want to use
my friend like that.
Use me.
Just, stop.
Listen to me.
Who are you?
You know who I am.
I really don't, I don't
even know your name.
Well, I could tell you.
But it wouldn't
mean anything yet.
Don't contact me
again, I'll come back
when I feel like it.
I've never known
someone who could
wave a wand and
wish for nothing!
Everybody wants something.
Everybody wants something!
Sorry to bother you.
Hi, can I help you?
Yeah, I just moved in, so
I figured I'd meet
the neighbors.
So, hello.
So, I'm Greg.
Scarlet, I like that.
Is that with one t or two?
Oh wait, don't tell me.
Very good, one t.
I bet most people just make
Scarlett O'Hara jokes, huh?
I bet that gets annoying.
Yeah, it does.
Frankly I don't give a damn.
Well if you need
anything, I'll be next door.
It was nice to
meet you, Scarlet.
Yeah, it was nice
to meet you, too.
- Jeez, Megan!
- Sorry!
People cannot keep doing that,
just scaring other people.
Who was that?
I don't know, just
someone who moved in.
He's cute.
You didn't even see him.
I heard him.
You can tell?
I can tell everything,
about everyone.
Except for you, actually.
How do you mean?
You just flirted with a boy!
And I don't even
know if you know it.
Scarlet likes a boy!
Okay, I've got to go.
No, stay, girl talk!
I have a client.
Remedial calculus is
very big this season.
- You're no fun.
- And you are so sweet.
- Here you go.
- Thanks for the notes.
No problem.
You are a lifesaver.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You're that weird girl
everyone talks about.
Wow, what an incredibly
rude thing to say.
No offense or anything,
but what's your deal?
Oh hey, Dr. Carlson,
umm, sorry about
class the other day.
And today.
- You know, I don't get you.
- Excuse me?
One minute you're
like this A student,
and the next you
vanish into thin air.
I've just been busy, is all.
With what?
Something you're not telling me?
It's complicated.
Hmm, there's a phrase your
generation uses quite a bit.
I know, I know.
All the time you students are all
of a sudden about how complicated
your lives are, as if
it's all great with me?
You know what, Scarlet,
the world doesn't care.
Now, I'm just gonna
assume that this
is some temporary blip, and that
tomorrow or next
week or whatever,
that you'll get your
act together, right?
You're a bright girl,
you got a lot of potential,
don't throw it all away for some boy.
A boy?
I've been teaching a
lot of years, Scarlet,
it's a boy.
Trust me, it's not a boy.
Whoever it is, I'm not judging.
Umm, is there something I
could write for extra credit?
Don't worry about it.
Just don't send me
any more excuses,
I don't need any
more fairy tales.
Thank you, so much.
No problem.
- Scarlet, what's up, huh?
- Umm, hey.
I'm just waiting for
the person I'm tutoring.
Waiting for a person?
What's up, what's wrong?
Nothing, umm...
There was
something different about Greg.
Greg was helpful,
funny and real.
Whoa ho ho ho, let me grab
some of that for you, killer.
Oh, thank you.
Get a work out in or something?
- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.
You know Scarlet,
you're really awesome.
Well, thank you.
You probably have like a
million guys tell you that.
Not really.
What, like two million?
Why wouldn't they?
You know how some
people are open books?
Well, I am a closed book.
I get it.
No you don't.
No, no sure I do.
I know I always
seem, gregarious.
Greg-arious, get it?
Crazy thing is, my last
name's actually Arious.
- No, it's not.
- But I mean, I wasn't always that way.
You know, not as a kid,
I had to work towards it.
It's like I'm playing
this character, Greg.
He's a better version of myself.
To hide the scared,
quiet kid inside
that doesn't know
how to communicate.
And he's still in
there, but be like this,
I get to meet pretty
girls like you.
I guess it's just
like, I'm finally
the person I've
always wanted to be.
You know, it's like magic.
Fake it 'til you make it.
That doesn't mean
you understand me.
You're right, it doesn't.
But I'll always try.
Okay, so what's
your real last name?
- Shut up.
- It's true.
I think you should leave.
I got your text, how did it go?
I don't know.
What do you mean, you
don't know, you were there.
Good, I guess.
Is he nice, is he respectful?
That's very important.
You know, you don't have to
take care of me all the time.
Sometimes, I do.
Yes, you do.
My dad was really worried about me
moving in by myself after high school,
he didn't think I
would make any friends.
But I am glad that we met.
Yeah, I wish you were
a hot Irish guy, though.
Okay, Megan, I'm going to bed.
What, it's not that bad!
They're very good-looking!
Good night, Megan.
But thank you for
caring, though.
That was the worst test, ever.
I don't even want
to think about it.
You, plus me,
equals fun tonight,
that is the only math
I want to do right now.
Hey, you should
invite that cute guy
we met the other day.
- Greg?
- Pass.
He's got player
written all over him.
Besides, he's hooking
up with Julia.
Everybody's hooking
up with Julia.
What does that prove?
I think I failed the test.
- Megan.
- What's going on?
I'm just looking for Scarlet.
Have you tried your apartment?
Yeah, I can't find her anywhere.
She's not picking up her phone.
Come on in.
I just don't know if this is
how she should be playing it.
She just came out of her
shell, for the first time.
And then she just
latches onto this guy.
I just don't know how
to talk to her about it.
That's why I'm here, really.
I just don't know
how to bring it up.
I'm glad she found you.
Glad you're in her life
to take care of her.
I'm gonna talk to
her about this guy.
And I'm gonna buy a gun.
It's a deal.
The witch felt replaced,
and rightfully so.
Hey, Megan.
Where were you?
Out with Greg.
You're the worst liar
ever, what was that face for?
I'm not the worst liar ever.
I love math!
I've been wanting
to tell you something.
You didn't hear it
from me, but I heard
Julia has been talking to him.
Like, for real.
This girl in my
class, knows this girl.
Who knows her.
Wow, you know, you
need some new friends.
I'm serious!
I trust Greg.
He understands me,
and no one else does.
I do.
That's not what I meant.
I know what you meant.
I'm just trying to
watch out for you.
It's what friends do.
Oh, hey Scarlet.
Oh, hey.
Umm, who was that?
Oh that's Julia.
She's another transfer student
and we're doing a group project.
What did you think?
Nothing, don't worry about it.
You can trust me, you know.
I'm your friend.
Umm, anyways, I have to
go see an old friend,
but I will call you soon.
Yeah, okay.
Are you okay?
Stay away from me!
Well, what's wrong?
I'm sick.
I might be dying.
Don't be overdramatic.
What do you care, anyway?
Oh, don't let me keep you.
I know you're a very busy girl.
Look, I got caught
up, I'm sorry.
Well, what do you want from me?
Nothing at all.
Stop being like this, I'm
trying to be your friend.
I know you've found someone.
You found love.
I should have known,
it happens to us all.
Have you been spying on me?
I see more than you know!
I thought you knew that.
I am trying to be your friend,
and you are acting like
some jealous boyfriend and,
this doesn't make any sense.
However do you mean?
I am 22 years old, and
I have a witch friend,
who lives in the woods.
That does not make any sense.
This was fine when
I was nine, because
this works on kid logic.
But now I, I don't even know...
You will know!
Umm, I mean, if you
look into your heart.
What does that even mean?
I can't do this anymore.
I don't want your
grief or your guilt.
And I certainly don't
want your magic.
I am trying to be an adult,
I've got to be an adult.
So I'm gonna walk
out that door, and
convince myself
that you were just
some weird old lady
that lives in the forest
that I visited because
I felt sorry for her,
and I'm going to pretend,
that the last 12 years
of weirdness never happened.
I'm leaving.
And I'm never coming back.
Scarlet needed
her friend in the woods.
She no longer felt understood.
Her old friend was
all she really had.
I'm sorry, alright?
You mean it?
I do.
You didn't come here
because you felt sorry for me.
You came here because you
felt sorry for yourself.
- It isn't like that...
- Yes, it is.
I understand.
I was young once.
Now you see how it feels
to really want something!
You want that boy back.
Was it everything you expected?
Thank you.
Thank you for letting
me back into your life.
I was a terrible
person, but that
is all gonna change now.
You have no idea.
Oh my god!
I feel good!
I'm back!
I'm frickin' back!
What's going on?
What's going on, is I'm
hot for the first time
in who knows how long.
I'm free!
I'm frickin' free!
Oh thank you, thank you!
What did I do?
Used the wand.
Only took you 12 freakin' years.
The last girl, I was this
close to getting her to,
but uh, she moved away.
I cried for like, a month.
I don't understand.
You don't have to.
This is my time now.
Oh, I'm Julia, by the way.
See, now that name
actually means something.
And the curse is off
of me and on to you.
Wait, I don't get it.
Everyone wants something.
Here's what I wanted, to
bring my father back to life.
So, finally, I broke.
March of 1978.
I took the wand.
It doesn't actually work.
Oh, I have so many
things I wanna do!
Good lord!
Sucks that all my
friends are old by now.
I didn't have that many anyways.
It's always the lonely
ones that get the wand,
we're susceptible to its lore.
Oh, uh, it's happening
now, by the way.
What's happening?
The curse.
Your turn.
You're me now.
Why did you do this to me?
To get it off of me!
Jesus, Scarlet!
I gotta go live my life!
Just, I don't know, pass
it on to someone else.
Everything resets when
you get the next twit
to use the wand.
Also, it helps if you
talk like a storybook witch.
Like your friend did.
You remember your friend?
You can't do this to me!
Whoa, whoa!
This all sounds so familiar.
Look, I gotta go.
Oh, one last thing.
Don't break the wand.
What do you mean?
You break the wand,
we're all dead, so.
There's a book in the cottage
that explains everything.
Look, I gotta go.
People to see, things
to do, sex to have.
- What?
- Peace out!
As she read
the book in the cottage,
she learned that the
curse was only created
because no one
would pay the price.
So the debt was transferred from
person to person, with interest.
Scarlet couldn't get herself
to pass the curse on.
She felt guilty.
Afraid and weak.
As Scarlet learned,
with the hourglass,
she could change back
to her younger self.
After seeing Julia,
Scarlet realized
she had to pass the
curse to someone else.
Where have you been?!
I've been looking for you!
Your dad's been looking for you!
Umm, I got lost.
Just, don't worry
about it, okay?
Okay, are you
gonna tell your dad?
Yeah, I will.
Well, umm, I
wanted to ask if you
wanted to go hiking with me.
Because I wanted to show you
this awesome thing that I found.
What is it?
It's in the woods.
Anything else?
- When?
- Now.
Scarlet, what's going on?
I said nothing, can you
please just come with me?!
I just don't, why?
You have been begging
me to go somewhere
with you forever, and
now you don't want to go?
Okay, I'll go with you.
Whoa, what is this place?
It's a twig.
No, it's a wand.
Seems a little low-budget.
Will you just use it
for something you want,
like to pass that test
you always wanted to pass.
Unless it's a pregnancy
test, I'm alright.
Please, Megan, this is serious.
Scarlet, what's going on,
why are you acting like this?
I can't tell you!
- Why?
- It's complicated!
I'm all ears.
We should go, it's gonna rain.
Not until you use the wand!
- Why?
- Because I said so!
What the hell?
Just use the wand!
Am I sleeping?
Use the wand!
Okay, okay give it to me.
Do you want me to
use the wand or not?
I can't.
I just can't, I wish I
could explain it to you,
it's just that, you might
be my first real friend.
Who are you?
It's me!
I don't understand.
Can I go please?
I think you should go.
Thank you.
Where's Scarlet?
I am her!
No you're not!
Where is she?
Just go!
It was here.
It was right here,
I promise you!
Ma'am, I don't see a foundation,
let alone footprints.
There was a wand,
and this old lady.
I wouldn't make up
a story like this,
who makes up a story like this?
I'm sorry, but I don't
see any sign of a victim.
She's not a victim,
she's just deluded.
She's putting on this
whole crazy show.
You sure you ain't Scarlet?
No, I'm not Scarlet.
That's some bullshit.
Exactly, hello
Scarlet, can I come in?
You can't look at me like this,
I'm not pretty anymore.
Okay, well I already know what
you look like, so, moving on.
I figured it out after
you blew up that girl,
that was real subtle
by the way, that's not
gonna cause any
problems for anyone.
- Greg, I didn't...
- Shut up.
You have a responsibility.
For what?
To keep the curse going,
you gotta keep it going.
Why do you care?
I have my reasons,
okay, boy did you
really screw this one up.
Tell me, or I'll kill you!
Okay that's cute, but we
both know that's useless,
so get that out of my
face, also, I already
got a stiff on my hands
thanks to you, appreciate it.
What are you talking about?
Some basket case you met
on one of your sabbaticals
went off on her meds and
then started screaming
about a witch in the town, where
the TV coverage is fantastic.
Yeah, I know her name.
The whole town knows her name.
Then she hung herself
in her crappy apartment,
now I gotta put the
whole thing back.
She what?
Ignore me, I'm venting.
Who are you?
We all have secret lives, okay?
Please, stop this.
No, nothing's stopping,
okay, it's accelerating,
and I need Scarlet to come out of the woods
and explain to the
cops that she's okay.
Okay, I cannot have cops
inspecting this cottage.
I cannot have cops
inspecting the tree.
Just look at it, Scarlet.
Look at that incredible thing.
Megan is dead.
And you are jazzed about a tree?
Megan is nothing in the
grand scheme of things,
nobody will even remember after
we put this all to rights.
When did it happen?
Three days ago.
But it feels like
I just saw her today.
All days seem the
same in your position.
All runs together, am I right?
I don't know if
I've been this way
for a couple of weeks,
or a hundred years.
Well, it'll all be over soon,
as soon as you hand the
wand over to someone.
Why don't you take it?
I'm the high priest
of the frickin' tree,
alright, it's not
gonna work for me.
Did you read the book?
Well what's the
story with the police?
They think some
girl named Scarlet
is missing in the woods,
and yada yada yada,
Megan was not coherent.
Don't do that.
Don't be cruel.
I forget, you still
think I'm this guy.
Well, I'm not surprised
you wouldn't understand,
witches and the
tree have always had
a complex relationship.
Why are you protecting the tree?
This is the last of the
seven great trees, alright?
They've been falling one by one.
Three of them were
dead by the time
my family joined the society.
My grandfather was around
during the sixth one,
but that was in Dresden,
it was a long time ago.
Didn't last long.
Well what happens
when the last one falls?
Everything ends.
Just ends.
All the magic in the world
is left in these trees.
Except I grant you the
teeny tiny bit in that wand.
Useful for parlor tricks
and a terrible curse.
When this tree falls, all
the magic in the world
will be lost, and then we
are in a boatload of trouble.
Chaos incarnate, I kid you not.
Well, what about the wand?
Julia said I can't
break the wand.
Well what if I just
break the wand?
That wand holds the
life force of everyone
who's ever used it,
you break it, you die.
Everyone who's
ever used it dies.
I don't want to pass
this curse on to anyone.
I thought you understood me.
Oh I do, babe.
You're a basket case who
couldn't find a friend
but a witch in the woods.
Greg, please.
- Scarlet!
- I'm here, Dad!
I'm right here, Dad!
I'm right here, Dad!
Dad, I'm right here.
Dad, I'm right here.
Scarlet, please!
Dad come back.
I'm here.
I'm right here.
They said that you
were, that you...
But you're alright!
You're alive.
Sure I am.
The priest, the high
priest said that you...
What happened to you?
It's just that...
Nothing ever changes.
Sure it does.
If you do something about it.
You're absolutely right.
The wand.
What about it?
It's a trick, isn't it?
An old trick.
You were gonna trick me!
I'm your only friend!
What other choice did I have?
I don't go and talk
to random people!
It doesn't feel right.
You'd better go.
I'm about to make
someone very angry.
I'm coming back tomorrow.
With help.
Just go!
You're really
doing a terrible job.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Our very existence
is on the line.
I understand.
She's trying to
break it, you know.
What do you mean?
Right now, she's about to.
Should I go?
What do you think, dumbass?
Sir, I just don't
think she has it in her.
Do you?
But I'm not about
to take that chance.
Scarlet, Scarlet,
Scarlet, Scarlet,
what are you doing?
Nothing, I just don't
want to keep this up.
Okay, you break
that, and it's over.
Don't question who
decides on what will be.
And who decided everything
else, let her come,
I don't care, I'm
not scared of her.
You can't go
changing things, okay?
There's an order to things,
do you want to get us all killed?
I've had enough, Greg.
I am done with all of it.
With you, and Julia, with
the tree, everything.
We are all moving in circles, and I
just want this whole thing to be over!
Okay, you break that
wand and it's over.
It's more over than
you'll ever know.
And in that moment,
Scarlet realized that the
world could never change,
that she would have to pass on the curse,
that she...
Stop, talking.
Scarlet, please...
No, Greg!
No more lies!
You think you can actually change things,
it's already been written.
- Scarlet!
- What?
You are a very
scared little girl.
Do I look little to you?
Yes, you're confused
and you're about
to make the biggest
mistake ever!
I can't live like this.
Look, once you pass
it on, you can get
back with me, whatever you want.
I just don't want
to be scared anymore.
Well guess what?
This scares me.
The little girl
who was scared of everything
had sacrificed herself.
She was no longer afraid.
The end.
Hi, I'm Scarlet,
I just started here.
Hi, I'm Megan.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Hi.
- I like your shoes.
I need to invest in
something besides slip-on.
What's your major?
Uh, English literature.
I want to be a writer.
Oh, cool, okay.
So you like, write for fun?
And stuff, like fiction?