Scars of Xavier (2017) Movie Script

What is the plan?
No plans.
Just work.
Oh no!
Oh man, I tell you.
I'm so happy that I got rid
of the crazy bitch.
I bet you did.
Well, I never had a better fuck,
but her stupid slipslop
was too much for me.
I hope this cunt gets her stuff
off my home until I'm back.
Hope you had
a better weekend?
It was alright.
You're talking
so much, aren't you?
Wait, wait.
I-- I love you.
Can I pick one banana?
Hey! Hey, man. How are you?
Sure you should be out so late?
Hey. I had to get something.
Oh, what did you get there?
Where are you heading?
Me? Oh, I'm just
a bit hungry and
I wanted to get something
to eat really quick.
A little bit of snack maybe.
- Good luck hunting then.
- But wait, wait, wait, wait...
What about drinking some
beers together in your flat?
Because I see always those hot
chicks you bring there and...
you really have
to show me your trick.
No. And if you don't mind.
Oh, sorry.
Where have you been?
I was out
with a friend.
With a friend?
Who is it?
You don't know her.
I don't want you
to meet any girls, okay?
These girls only
want to screw you.
Nathalie is different.
Is that her name?
So, she's from here?
I only want the best for you.
These nasty bitches
are all the same.
She's not. You don't
even know her.
Oh, that's right.
And I won't get to know her because
you will stop meeting her, alright?
Nobody loves you like I do.
See, I care for you.
I try to protect you every single
day because you're so special to me.
And you know?
I thank you for everything.
You must be thinking,
"Oh my God, why me?
What will he do to me?" Hm?
there is no God.
And no reason.
The only God you'll ever
meet is me, me, and me.
I'm not lying here.
I'm gonna bleed you out.
You're God
doesn't care.
And I don't fucking care.
No angel's gonna
weep for you tonight.
What do you want?
Oh sorry. Did I--
did I wake you up?
No, what is it?
Do you have hot chicks
here, a visitor?
For the last time,
what do you want?
Okay, listen, I have an important
meeting today so I won't be at home and
I wanted to ask if you could
receive a package for me
and I will invite you
to some beers then for sure--
No time. I'm gonna leave soon.
Okay, that's not cool
but I mean, okay--
maybe next time then.
It's all then?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Can I bring you something?
Sorry, my--my Czech
isn't that good anymore. Um...
One-- one beer, please.
No problem. Sounds good,
I'll bring your beer.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I haven't seen you here before.
- It's just my second day here.
- Ah, okay.
You're hungry? We have
soup in our daily menu.
What kind of soup?
Potato and noodle soup.
Noodle soup. Uh, I'll take
the noodle soup then.
No problem.
I'll bring it to you.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- You need more, let me know.
Um, a slice of bread
would be good.
Of course. Sorry.
You like the soup?
It's delicious.
D-D-D-Do you have
some bread... maybe?
Of course I have
some bread for you.
I know that you love that.
So? What do we say?
Th-Thank you, mom.
Come on, I'm just kidding.
You don't have to thank me.
I thank you for being
such a wonderful son.
You haven't made
soup f-f-for a while.
I know.
W-w-why now?
Because I wanted
to do you a favor.
I-I'm glad that he's gone.
He was not g-good
enough f-f-for you.
No, he wasn't.
And I swear,
nobody will ever
come between us.
And nobody
will ever hurt you.
I promise.
Sorry? What?
Do you speak English?
English! Do you speak English?
Oh, okay.
Are you here alone?
So far.
Sorry, I have to go back
to my friends quick.
Are you still here for a while?
I guess.
Okay perfect!
See you in a minute?
It's okay.
- I pay for the cleaning.
- It's okay!
You ungrateful
son of a bitch!
I can't believe it!
It's so disappointing! I just bought you
this new pair of pants and you dirt them?
Get rid of them.
Do I feel something? Huh?
Are you enjoying it?
Mom, no!
Mum, no!
Oh, God, shit!
You scared me.
Sorry again about this
But when you're
already here
I can make amends.
Please, don't hurt me.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I'm going to kill you.
Really, really bad.
Enough play-play.
Prague. A brutal
murder announced in Club Starling.
A young woman got killed this night
with several stabs in her back.
Most likely this murder happened on the
dance floor but nobody has seen the deed.
For clarification of facts, the police
needs your help to find the murderer.
The hotline is 420 974 85--
"Needs your help."
"Needs your help."
Oh, what a night.
Oh, do I feel something? Huh?
Are you enjoying it? Yeah?
- You like that?
- No, mom.
I thank you for
being such a wonderful son.
Thank you for everything.
Sorry that you had to wait
that long. It's not my day.
No problem.
- You're good?
- Yeah.
Thanks. Um, would you
like something to drink?
Beer, please.
Yeah, I'll bring your
beer in a second.
Wait, would you like
to sit down for a minute?
You look like you need a break.
No, I can't.
You know my car
broke down today and
I had to walk
half of my way here.
So, I was 30 minutes late
and I have no break left.
Oh! Yeah, I'll bring your beer.
Um... I would like to pay now.
- Why leave so soon?
- Gotta go.
Uh, 30 Koruna.
It's okay.
Oh, thank you.
It's not a lot
of business today.
Not really.
I think it's worse
than the last time.
Some of the guys say that
some will lose their jobs.
We'll see who it will be.
Don't get me wrong but it seems
like you talk less than before.
I mean you have never
been the talky one
but in the last time
you're more quiet than before.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything okay.
I mean, it's crazy to ask you that,
I don't even know your fucking name.
If you like to talk bro,
you can talk to every time.
Oh no.
Please don't come to our place.
I knew it.
Fucking bitch.
It took even longer
than the last time.
I hope there's no scratch on my
expensive car paint this time.
If I could, I would kill
the fucking cunt.
I know how you feel.
What the fuck?
Sorry I was there and your
front door was not locked
and I heard some loud noises
and a crack and I don't know.
You've been out for quite a
while. Where have you been?
Uh, I wanted to meet
Nathalie but she didn't show up.
This bitch, Nathalie,
won't hurt you again.
What? What have you done?
I just took care about
that little piece of shit.
What have you done?
Watch your tongue.
One last time!
I just ensured
that she will never ever
get close to you again!
And then I buried her
in our garden.
Hey darling.
I will make us some tea
and then we can watch some TV?
Darling, honey--
Good evening to you,
you hot bitch!
Oh, I know some nice things we
could do with that finger, baby.
Here, sit down.
Do you like something
to drink?
A tea?
Tea. Of course.
I'll be back in a minute.
Careful. It's hot.
Thank you so much.
For God's sake.
Why have you been there?
God, I was--
Why have you even been there?
Well, I was walking home
and I live near.
Was around.
Could you see who it was?
No, sorry. It was too dark.
Didn't see anything.
Sure it was one of these disgusting
guys from my work who always harass me.
Why do you even work there?
I mean you can find
a better job anytime.
No, it's not that easy.
I'm lucky to have
a job, you know.
It wasn't always that bad.
I had a husband.
And I was also pregnant.
We had a nice house in a good
neighborhood here in Praha.
And somehow...
...I lost everything.
I was so broken after that
that I wanted to kill
myself a few times.
But now, I try to get along
with life and everything.
I have a little apartment.
Not as big as yours but
it's okay.
It's okay now.
Sorry. I don't know
why I told you all that.
It's okay.
Sometimes it's good
to let it all out.
As far as I heard.
What's your story, by the way?
You don't look
like you're from here.
My-- my father
was from Prague and
my mother from-from the UK.
I was born in England. Um.
Lived here till I was nineteen.
Then both were gone.
I've had to move several times.
I lived in Canada for a while.
But now I'm here
in Prague, for now.
Sounds busy and sad.
It's okay.
It seems you've seen and
experienced a lot in your life too.
And you look
a little bit tired also.
Aren't we all?
Maybe true.
But sorry to hear that.
It's okay. Like I've said,
I get along like everybody else.
Gotta do what you gotta do.
What's your name, by the way?
I'm Karolina.
I know. Um, excuse me
for a moment.
I'm sorry. I don't want
to spy on you.
I was just curious. Bad habit.
Is that me?
It's really cool.
You can have it
if you want, it's yours.
It will get a special place.
Thank you.
Thank you
for everything.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything.
I thank you for everything.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything.
Such a wonderful son.
I thank you for everything.
From now on,
I'll take over.
Darling, honey--