Scarygirl (2023) Movie Script

Welcome back to the Yellow Onion.
It's an honor to do business
with you again.
My bounty hunters
have searched high and low
for this fine specimen of a Squiggler.
It isn't big enough.
He will not be pleased.
I assure you that
this is the biggest Squiggler there is.
My boys have...
We are still waiting
on what you promised us.
The Giant Octopus?
But we have spent years looking
and there's no trace of it.
It's a myth!
Keeper, please. Don't ask...
Find that octopus
or consider yourself finished.
Who's up for another round?
I think I'm tapped out.
How about you, Egg?
In hindsight perhaps getting a loan
from Chihoohoo wasn't the greatest idea.
How much do we owe him now?
Do you want to make some money?
There's a big reward for anyone
who can find me the giant octopus.
See? I told you
everything would work out.
So, fellows,
what do you say
we play just one more round?
Morning! Come on in!
Okay, I'm up!
Check out what I built last night.
So I decided to play around
with the spectral ranges of sea glass
to test their reflection levels.
I wanted to use
the leftover sea glass for something
since it didn't work
with the light beamer.
I just know if I had the right crystal
I could intensify its power tenfold.
I could help the whole Peninsula.
In the meantime, are you ready to see?
Could I borrow some of your light?
You go here.
Okay, and...
Here we go!
Time to get up!
Coming, Dad!
Let's go!
Nothing to it but to do it!
I've still got to stick that landing.
Dad's been busy.
- Good morning, Arkie!
- Good morning, Dad!
Come on! It's practice time.
I know it's hard,
but you just need to keep trying.
You know, dad, repeating the same task
and expecting different results
isn't a great life plan.
Don't give me that, smarty-pants.
You'll be reviving plants in no time.
That's what you keep saying
over and over...
Yes, yes, yes. Don't give up, kiddo.
For me.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I just can't do it.
Arkie, we just need to keep trying.
That beam.
That beam is destroying
all life on the Peninsula.
If they don't stop soon
this planet won't last much longer.
But who would create something
that does that?
Perhaps they don't know
what they're doing.
- If we went there and told them...
- We can't go there, Arkie.
The creatures in the city
use machines to drain the sun.
- They're dangerous and selfish.
- But...
They're different to us.
They don't see the world like we do.
It's safer if we stay here.
Trust me.
But what do I always say?
There's always something you can do...
- To make the world better.
- To make the world better.
So come on, kiddo.
Let's go help these plants.
Good morning, everyone!
Alrighty, let's get you all charged up.
- Arkie, could you...?
- Already on it!
Do you ever think that maybe
not all machines are bad?
I bet they could even help us
intensify the sun's beams.
Arkie, you know how I feel about this.
Machines are dangerous.
But aren't the mirrors
a kind of machine?
And they help the plants.
Well, no, the mirrors
don't take from the sun.
They only amplify what's already there.
And they're powered by our
very own impressive muscles,
not unnatural gadgets and gizmos.
- But I really...
- It's just not the same thing.
Besides we are octopuses.
We're far more impressive
than any piece of technology.
Or at least you are.
Do you know what?
I think it's time for you
to take on a little more responsibility.
Wait. What?
Are you sure I'm ready?
- Maybe we could practice a bit more...
- We can't practice forever, Arkie.
What is it you always say?
There's nothing to it, so just do it.
Yes. Something like that.
Don't worry. You'll be great.
Remember what we learnt.
Hold steady, stay focused
and move the wheel slowly.
You've got this, kiddo.
That's it. Keep it steady.
And here we go!
Okay, little ones, keep the line moving.
Once you're fully charged up,
go out there
and give those plants some sun.
Okay, Arkie.
We need a little more light.
So let's lift that mirror very slowly.
I can't hold it!
Are you okay back there?
Let me know if you need a hand.
My tentacle!
It's slipping!
Arkie, where are you going?
Somewhere I can't mess anything else up.
Hey, Steve.
I'm okay.
I just wish I could convince dad
that machines aren't all bad.
Show him what I can do.
This is exactly what I need
to finish the light beamer.
Come on, Steve. We've got work to do.
Find me a mythical creature
that doesn't exist!
Who does the Keeper think she is?
We've already searched
this planet ten times over.
It's not out here!
We're more likely to find brain cells
in River Bandit's head, boss?
I have brain cells...
Bunniguru and Egg reporting for duty.
- Hello? Chihoohoo?
- Not those two again.
Yes. Keep up the good work.
Boss, why are you letting
the rabbit tag along?
Because when it turns out I was right
and there is no octopus
we can blame it
on those two knuckleheads.
Okay, let's do one more sweep
and then we can get out of this dump.
Hello, Chihoohoo.
He's probably busy.
Take it all in, Egg.
Excitement, adventure, per diems!
We're in the open skies
heading to far-off lands
searching for a rare and wild creature.
The promise of huge stacks of money
at our fingertips.
This is really going to turn things
around for us, buddy.
I can feel it.
Twice in one day?
Maybee, what are you up to?
Arkie, are you there?
Where are you, Arkie?
Okay, if this baby works
it'll definitely change dad's mind.
This way, please.
One super-charged glowbug coming up!
Nothing to it but to do it.
Come on.
Please work.
Here we go!
Almost there!
Come on, open!
Arkie, are you in here?
The light! It burns!
- Turn right!
- Which way is right?
Egg, make it stop!
Collision ahead.
Pull up.
Don't worry, Egg.
I've got this.
And here we go!
Collision ahead.
Pull up.
I can't turn it off!
What was that light?
Spin us around, Rebel King.
I want to see what's over there.
Is that an octopus?
That is one huge Squiggler.
It's an octopus!
We found one, boys!
What are you waiting for?
Go get him!
I've got you!
That's it!
I'm going to skewer this sucker!
The bounty
is for a live octopus, you moron!
If the creature dies, we all die.
- Stop him, Rebel King.
- On it, boss.
Come here, little calamari!
Looks like I got me a mythical beast.
What the hell?
Have you ever seen anything like them?
That one is so cute!
Can I say hi?
No, they're strangers.
I should tell dad.
But they don't exactly look dangerous.
And they're clearly
have no idea what they're doing.
This isn't working!
In fact, they look downright hopeless.
Do you know
what this situation calls for?
My trusty Book of Proverbs.
- Here is a good one.
- Yes.
I'm going to do it.
Embrace surprises like a hot fish.
With tongs.
Okay, here I go.
I love surprises.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
No. We are fine.
Are you sure?
Totally. Undoubtedly. No problem.
Bunniguru, at your service.
Philosopher. Renaissance rabbit.
And a little exploring on the side
to make ends meet.
This is my travelling companion,
co-pilot and general good egg, Egg.
She's a little unwell right now.
Normally she's a bit of a "crack-up".
Get it?
Yes, I deserved that.
Once we get her back to the city,
she'll be her old self again.
The city?
Did you fly from there in this?
This trusty metal stallion
has never failed us.
Well, until now.
I didn't introduce myself.
I'm Arkie.
Is that a... tentacle?
Yes, but it doesn't work very well.
It's not like my dad's.
He's a real octopus.
Your dad is an octopus?
I wish he was here to see this.
Even he'd have to admit
this is amazing.
I mean, look at all these parts!
And what is that?
So, Egg and I are on a bit
of an explorer's holiday.
And we've never met a real octopus.
We'd love to say hello
before we head home.
You're going back to the city?
What was that?
I've got to get home!
Chihoohoo left without us!
That must mean...
What is all this?
This is all my fault.
If I hadn't built this...
Sorry, kid.
It looks like someone took him.
Who would do that?
I don't know for certain,
but that looked like a city ship.
They're probably taking him there.
Right, Egg?
You're heading that way, right?
See, Egg?
Everything always works out.
We might not have the octopus,
but here we have
the very next best thing.
A tentacle to trade in for a reward.
I know.
But with our debt and your new crack
we have to go back with something.
It's looking serious.
Are you coming?
Are you sure you both know the way?
Egg and I have natural
navigational instincts.
We could find a pebble
in a sea of similar looking pebbles.
You know, I've never left
the Peninsula before.
What was I thinking?
How am I meant to find my dad?
Well, it's not like
you're doing it alone.
Egg and I will help you
one hundred percent of the way.
Goodbye, you three.
Keep an eye on the plants
while I'm gone.
Okay, let's do this.
Good morning, my dear citizens
of the City of Light.
Remember, every day is a new opportunity
to be a better version of yourself.
To eliminate the flaws
that hold you back.
I can make you magnificent.
You found one?
Let me see it.
It'll have to do.
Put it in the machine.
Initiating DNA test number 3851.
Crystal activated.
Initiating solar energy extraction.
Generating human genome sequence.
Initializing DNA reconstruction.
Life form reconstruction failed.
This squiggler is never
going to be strong enough.
I need that octopus.
I've sent Chihoohoo on another
full scout of the planet.
It's been made clear what he'll lose
if he returns empty-handed.
It is imperative that we find him.
Do you understand?
He's the only thing
that can bring her back.
Who's got two thumbs
and just found what you are looking for?
This guy!
So nice to see you again.
I like what you've done with the place.
It's very overlord chic.
Show me this octopus.
It's really him!
I believe there is a little matter
of a sizeable reward?
It's done.
Thank you, Keeper.
It's always a pleasure
doing business with you.
You know, kid.
I have just the thing
to pass the time on long trips.
You'll never get lost
when your shoes are made of breadcrumbs.
Wait for me!
Did you hear that?
Filthy trespassers!
Put me down!
Hang on, I'm coming!
Let me help you.
What just happened?
Don't worry, kid.
I've got everything under control.
How dare you trespass
on our secret ground?
Your punishment will be
to feed the Tree of Knowledge.
That's not so bad.
With your souls!
Stop! Don't hurt them.
Why shouldn't I?
Creatures like you are stealing our sun
and killing my Tree!
Wait, no!
It tried to eat me!
Wait a minute.
You're telling me you gave her a vision.
You're unbelievable!
If this is a bad time, we can just...
Or we'll stay right here.
That works too.
The all-powerful Tree of Knowledge
says you have capacity
for great destruction.
You mean what happened on the Peninsula?
No, I was trying to help!
I didn't mean to.
Wait, what's the Tree of Knowledge?
Hear that?
She doesn't even know who you are.
The Tree is connected to all things
and can see all things.
It knows everything that has passed
and everything that could possibly come.
And I wonder
why it's gotten such a big head!
So the things I saw are real?
Well, not literally.
It only shows an important moment
in your future.
A version of your path.
It's up to you what you do with it.
Okay, but what did it mean?
Well I don't know!
It gets very cryptic when it's tired.
But none of that matters!
You'll never escape the forest.
The creatures here are very angry and...
Well, you're certainly
going to a lot of trouble for this one.
You will be given safe transport
by the Great Tempest of Leaves.
Which apparently we can spare
for any old person now.
Double standards.
The forest warns you
to choose your path wisely.
Very wisely.
I hope you're right about this one.
Hello again, Blister.
Twelve years is a long time to hide.
I hope you haven't lost
your abilities in your old age.
Keeper, bring me a citizen.
Any citizen will do.
I want to make sure
the transformation process is perfect
before I run the final experiment.
So I can finally bring her back.
Are you doing alright?
Not too shellshocked
after what just happened?
Is she okay?
Yes, of course.
She's just not used
to flying without a seatbelt.
Have you been friends for long?
Pretty much forever, thankfully.
She has this habit
of bringing out the best in me.
And I certainly think her life
is more exciting when I'm around.
Don't you worry.
We're going to find my dad
and we'll get Egg fixed up.
- Is that...?
- It sure is, kid!
The City of Light!
Thank you!
We appreciate the ride!
How are we going to get in there?
Darn vent!
Let me have a go.
Now let's see.
Good job, kid!
- Only first-class travel for us.
- What?
Everybody out of the way!
Nothing to it but to do it!
Welcome to the city, kid!
Where anything is possible.
It smells like garbage.
That's not garbage.
That is the odor of opportunity.
It's the je ne sais quoi of the city.
No, actually, that's just garbage.
That smell is just rotten garbage.
What kind of maniac
would throw this away?
What's out there?
Kid, you can't just go
charging out there!
It's not safe!
We need to come up with a plan.
Got it!
My handy Book of Proverbs
will have all the answers.
What do you mean?
The book
is an all-powerful oracle that...
Well, then, what do you want to do?
It's beautiful!
There's so many creatures!
There's so many creatures.
How will I ever find dad?
Good evening, my dear citizens.
Here, in my wonderful City of Light
I strive to help you
become the epitome of perfection.
And today I offer you
an extraordinary opportunity.
It's him!
Tonight I will make someone live up
to their full potential.
Our poor friend has spent their life
struggling with wings that can't fly,
legs that slow them down
and a fin that sends them off-course.
But after tonight,
they will struggle no more.
Thanks to new resources at my disposal
I can now transform you
into who you always wanted to be.
Don't forget, my dear friends.
I can make you magnificent.
- Magnificent...
- Is what I would be...
- If I wasn't...
- Stuck...
- With you!
- With you!
- Get off!
- Get off!
- No!
- Don't touch me!
The second I get enough money...
I'm paying Dr. Maybee to get you off me!
No, I'm getting you off me!
And you'd better not start cry...
- A tentacle!
- A tentacle!
Hello, little girl!
Are you lost?
No, I'm just waiting for my friends.
Friends? We can be friends with you!
And with your tentacle!
Let go of my tentacle!
Is that a tentacle?
Mind your own business! She is mine!
Yes, mind your own business!
Stop it! You were never a part of this!
I've been here the whole time!
- Excuse me!
- Get out of the way!
Coming through! Sorry!
Get back here!
- Excuse me.
- Get out of the way.
Over here, kid!
Come down, little girl.
We don't bite.
Thanks, Bunni.
Egg, we can't keep hiding her.
We need to do this.
What was that?
Why did they keep talking
about my tentacle?
Well, who knows
why anyone does anything?
Bunniguru, what aren't you telling me?
The thing is, kid, tentacles are...
They are rare.
They have a kind of bounty on them
in the city.
Bounty? Why?
People will pay big rewards for them.
And when you live
in a place like this...
you do stuff you're not proud of.
What did you say you were looking for
on the Peninsula again?
Kid, the truth is...
I'm going to find Egg some help
so just stay here
and look after her, okay?
You're going to ask
about my dad too, right?
Sure, kid.
Where are you, Chihoohoo?
Otto, give me another onion sour.
Okay, let's get this over with.
I found another two Squigglers
stashed out the back.
I wonder what she does
with all these Squigglers.
I reckon she chops their tentacles up
and throws them in a stew.
Fries them in butter!
- With a little bit of sage!
- And a pop of lemon!
What am I doing?
I can't do this to Arkie.
I have to get her out of the city.
Arkie! What are you doing here?
Look, I just want to find out
where my dad is.
I know where to find him.
You just have to be quiet.
- Come on!
- You know where he is?
Quick! This way!
Eat some greens, River Bandit.
This time it wasn't me, boss.
We need to get Arkie out of here!
Bunni, what's going on?
Get me that girl!
Could you make it upstairs?
Chihoohoo, over here, you mutts!
Spread out!
Don't let the bounty escape.
Coming for you.
If ever there was a moment
for some good advice it would be now.
Looks like you brought me back
a little souvenir from the Peninsula.
I don't know what you mean.
Bunni, don't be like that.
Tell me, who's the girl?
She's not for sale.
You haven't even heard my offer.
But she's really not worth anything.
She's defective and doesn't floss.
Don't be cute, Bunniguru.
You owe me a lot of money.
And you also
need to stop your little friend
from coughing up sulphur
before it gets worse.
You wouldn't want her
to get worse, would you?
So, what's it going to be?
Hang in there, Egg.
Bunniguru, what happened down there?
Are these your friends?
We're real good friends now.
Aren't we, rabbit?
Get me the merchandise.
Bunniguru, what's happening?
Come here, little girl!
Let me go!
Chihoohoo, wait!
The reward?
I reckon she's just about worth
what you owe me.
No, you can't!
We need that money to fix Egg!
Wait, no, stop, please!
Chihoohoo, come back!
Come back!
What have I done?
Keeper, I've got
a very special surprise for you.
I don't need any more Squigglers.
Do you really think
I'd bring you a little Squiggler
after the haul I just brought in?
Trust me, you are going to want this.
You showed her, boss!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Doctor Maybee?
Conforming new energy source.
Optimum energy levels reached.
It's working!
You could run this machine
for fifty years
and never come up with her DNA.
You're draining the sun for nothing!
It's not for nothing,
she's the most important thing
in the world!
You have no idea what it's been like.
Your daughter is gone.
You took her from me.
What happened to her wasn't my fault!
It was an accident!
If you hadn't fought me
it never would have happened!
You attacked me!
Your recklessness killed her.
What kind of father acts like that
when he has a child to care for?
Well, you could never understand
what it takes to be a real father.
You're far too selfish.
I've been a more loving father to her
than you ever could have been.
Incoming transmission.
- Doctor Maybee.
- What?
It can't be.
Wait for me at the landing dock.
Be sure nothing happens to her,
do you understand?
Blister, all these years you had her.
What are you going to do with her?
Maybee, no!
Please, leave her alone!
It's really you!
Doctor Maybee?
What am I doing here?
It's alright.
You don't need to be scared.
I believe you are looking
for your father.
But my dad is here?
Come. I'll take you to him.
But there's something
I need to show you first.
This is my gallery of memories.
Moments from my past preserved forever.
I used to spend a lot of time in here
trying to figure out
how to get my daughter back.
You had a daughter?
I did.
Why does she look so much like me?
Well, in a way, she is you.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this,
but Blister hasn't been honest with you
about something truly important.
He's not your father.
I am.
What do you mean?
Many years ago
my daughter and I were forced
to flee our home as our world
was destroyed.
We were the only humans left
in the galaxy.
Fearing for humanity's survival
I headed to a planet
I'd heard incredible stories about.
This planet.
Legend told of an octopus
with regenerative properties
named Blister.
I knew if I could find him,
he would be able to help me
bring back the human race.
But when I finally found him...
He attacked us!
Killing my daughter, my Arkie.
The only way of getting back my daughter
was to gather as much of her DNA
as I could and try to recreate her.
And by harnessing the power of the sun
I did it.
I created you.
But then,
before I had a chance to perfect you,
fate took you from me again.
Blister never told me
that he'd found you.
I didn't even think
you were still alive!
Until now.
Why wouldn't dad tell me any of this?
It doesn't make any sense! I can't be...
You are human, Arkie.
And you belong here.
But my tentacle...
I'm afraid my technology
wasn't as good as it is today
and it malfunctioned.
Where is my dad?
I need to talk to him.
I'll take you to my lab and show you.
Subject vitals low.
What is all this?
This is where I run my experiments
and fix the citizens.
Wait. My dad's here?
He'll be up in a minute.
But I think we should fix you up first.
Don't you think?
Fix me? How?
Are you going to make
my tentacle heal things?
No, don't be ridiculous.
I'm not going to let you
keep that thing.
I'm going to make you flawless.
- You want to change me?
- Of course!
You saw what my daughter looked like.
You're nowhere near
as perfect as she was.
- Not yet.
- I can't just get rid of my tentacle.
You don't have a choice.
No! I don't want to!
- Dad!
- Maybee.
When are you going to understand
that he's not your father?
We have to get rid of every mutation
he's responsible for.
You have to be perfect!
I want to talk to my dad.
Where is he?
You want to see him? Fine.
Let him out!
Enough of this. Keeper!
Put her in the machine.
Please, I don't want to change.
Dad! Dad, wake up!
Get her inside the pod!
Don't let him do this!
What did you say to me?
I'm not helping you harm her.
I'm not helping you harm anyone anymore.
Think very carefully
about what you're doing right now.
Cover your eyes!
Run, Arkie! Run!
Let me go!
I have to go back for him!
Listen to me.
Maybee would have stopped at nothing
to transform you
and drained Blister to do it.
We have to get you away from here.
So quickly, follow me!
Welcome to the Bower.
Why are you helping me?
You shouldn't have to change for Maybee.
No one should.
Are you...
Part Squiggler.
I was one
of Dr. Maybee's early experiments.
I wanted to help him create life.
I thought his technology
was groundbreaking.
But then I realized what we were doing
to the Squigglers was cruel.
Why didn't you leave?
It would have meant leaving them
helpless and hunted by Maybee.
So I started hiding them down here
and helping them regain their strength.
How could Dr. Maybee think
it was okay to hurt them?
Doctor Maybee is prepared to do anything
to create his perfect daughter.
He doesn't care about the planet
or the citizens.
Or me. Right?
He's become so consumed
by his need for perfection
I don't think he's capable
of loving anyone anymore.
Now my dad is stuck up there with him.
What can we do?
Warning. Sun core unstable.
Maybee, stop this pointless destruction.
Can't you see that you are never
going to get your daughter back?
She's gone!
Actually, you old octopus,
thanks to you and your Arkie,
I'm closer to getting her back
than I ever was before.
Analyzing organic matter.
Arkie DNA found.
This is madness!
The sun won't be able to take it!
You'll kill us all!
Wouldn't you do the same thing for Arkie
if it was the only way?
Final genome trials ready for launch.
Where's that noise coming from?
Maybee must have activated the beam.
We have to go back and help him!
We will but it's not safe
to leave the Bower.
We have to wait
for the machine to stop first.
What have I done?
We sold Arkie out for nothing!
Perhaps the oracle has something to say.
"Be wary of the weatherman
who refuses to look up".
What a bunch of nonsense!
How are we going
to get out of this mess?
Just let me wallow in peace, Egg.
Sun core unstable.
Genome reconstruction requires
additional power.
It's taking too long.
Solar power increased.
Resuming life form reconstruction.
Doctor Maybee!
Well, this is a surprise.
You need to stop this!
If you promise to let Blister go,
you can change me however you want.
Well, after your little outburst
I realized
that even if I were to fix you
you'd still be nothing
like my beautiful little girl.
But with your DNA
I can recreate her from scratch
exactly how she should be.
You have nothing left to offer me.
Whatever you create in there
it still won't be
the daughter you remember.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
She was unique!
There was more to her
than just how she looked.
And what you're doing
is hurting my dad and killing the sun.
She's the only thing that matters.
I can't lose him.
I think we missed the landing bay
by just a smidge.
Quick! Give me a hand.
Kid, let us help.
- Dad!
- Arkie!
I'm so sorry
I didn't tell you the truth.
Dad, it's okay.
I'm just glad you're alright.
Life form reconstruction failed.
Life form reconstruction failed.
Life form reconstruction failed.
Crystal re-engaged.
Sun core meltdown imminent.
Blister, why do you always take
everything from me?
Warning. System critical failure.
Now we're even.
- Maybee!
- Dad, wait!
But he'll get away. We have to stop him.
No, we don't.
We have to stop the beam
from destroying the sun.
But, how?
Warning, crystal overload.
Warning, crystal overload.
Okay, follow me.
You don't get to destroy this world
and simply run away.
Goodbye, Keeper.
Stay back.
Get away from me!
You have to answer
for everything you've done.
Especially to them.
What have you done?
Emergency procedure initiated.
Alright, what are you thinking, kiddo?
- I have a plan but I need your help.
- What can we do?
Okay, everyone get to a mirror.
When I give the signal,
aim at the crystal.
I need you to throw me to the center.
- Arkie, I can't just throw you.
- Dad, I know what I'm doing.
Trust me.
Go get them, kiddo.
Glad I stuck that landing.
Nothing to it but to do it.
Keep holding!
That's it!
We're alive!
Get off me!
You're messing up my moustache!
That was amazing!
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
Dad, I'd like you to meet
two very special friends of mine.
Bunniguru and Egg.
Mister Blister.
- It's a pleasure.
- Likewise.
That's a nasty crack you've got there.
Dad, do you think...?
Ready to see what an octopus
can really do?
Here you go.
Good as new.
Thank you, Arkie.
This is living, Egg.
I wonder what the oracle
would say in this occasion.
Why would you do that?
You're right.
Sometimes it's best
to just enjoy the moment.
Now, I think I've got this.
Is this right?
What are you doing?
Why are you shaking it?
- Stop, okay? Stop.
- Be nice to your old dad.
Alright, what do I actually need to do?
You just do your reviving thing
and I'll do the rest.
Here we go!
So what machine should we build next?
Well, there's always
something you can do.
And I've got a few ideas.
I hate it when you're right.