Scavengers (2013) Movie Script

All right, people. Check your systems.
Emerson, are you sleeping? Send me
the data so that I can cover.
To repair the Revelator
we need the loot.
If I'm out,
apply my rules.
It may be your boat, wake, but I
must ensure that it remains intact.
When the Terillianer us in collecting
catch their technique, it's our turn.
In addition, there must be
be more than just space junk.
Yes, yes.
Sign up when you realize what.
Radar clean.
Preparing for
Start of Minotaur 1 and ...
The complete inability to
comply with the protocol.
Revelator, here is M-1.
Request permission to loot.
Permission granted to loot, M-1.
Pass your driving thrust gently.
Soon, not only the ship,
but also the crew back.
- Respect. - A debris field that was close.
Even a few such jumps and I'm space junk.
Stay still in space, Wake. I'm picking an incoming raiders pirated ship.
What? Data Ocean promised the Fund.
I do not trust Data Ocean. He is an information magnet.
He sends ships across the universe to retrieve any knowledge.
And for what? In addition, he would betray us at any time for information.
Maybe, but we need to catch this.
Her goal with the protocols for the damaged warship.
I want to grab me the source of the measured values
and beat it out here to me is too much going on.
I fly to get closer.
Wake, calibrate when docking to the warship
the energy reserves of the Revelator.
Then I should be able to lead you directly to the field anomaly.
As a reminder in terms of looting on intergalactic battlefields:
Actually, we should wait for the fight before collecting the spoils.
Guidelines Plnderrechts.
I'm just saying.
Do you remember the last time when you came to me with the guidelines?
Yes, and it's not a pleasant memory.
But I must point you to it.
That's why you're the best.
- What is the status of the predator ship? - Keeps a low profile.
You probably follow the protocol.
Prepare for the impact.
Docking completed. Drive down thermal and pulse jet engines.
Emerson, you're in command. I look around on the heap space metal.
The battle seems to wane.
No clear winner, everything regiments.
As looters they might have lived longer.
Me is a huge debris field on the way to us appears.
The wave comes death. We will have to maneuver through a sea of bodies.
Wake, the uncertainties are increasing.
We need to move faster.
The object sought is likely to be on the second deck.
In order. I'm going in deeper.
Hopefully I survive this, and alas, it's not worth it.
I have a signal on the radar.
Here comes something big.
- The Gutter jumps into our space. - What?
We are still out of reach. You probably have not yet pinpointed us.
They do not care. They are targeting the prey ship.
Who says no one in space can hear cries of pain?
The death cries of rape ship was deafening.
Could someone please explain what it has brought us,
to destroy this annoying ship?
Nothing. It has brought us nothing.
The energy source was not on the ship. It was laser waste.
Your door should now prefer to stay closed.
The Gutter has received the signal in this sector before we leap.
Sir, I receive the energy signature of another war freighter.
She looks familiar.
Jekel, it is the Revelator.
Stand by for decontamination protocol.
Outer door secured. Doc, I'm in it. There you go.
Phase one of the decontamination completed. Stand by.
- Doc, let me in. - No, you know the rules.
The vessel will be equal split of the Gutter.
You are probably on target straight. Open the door.
In space you can not do anything except to learn.
Would you have the effects of a virus infection among looters
so far studied there in an unknown sector
you would not ask me to cancel the decontamination.
Now I know why you here Wake reserves.
Actually, you taught me to follow the rules.
- Your weapons. - Thank you.
It is Jekel, is not it?
It's been far too long,
since this odious word came from my lips.
What is the Revelator?
A ship that is deeply rooted in us.
A crew that should be shredded.
Such energy values we have never measured.
If we receive such signals ...
Then the scanner Gutter do that too.
That is, if we do not catch us this thing, they do it.
Emerson, we have almost what they want.
This ship sends an energy rare anomaly.
It might be what you are looking for, Jekel.
I love it when you say my name so, Breathtaker.
It sounds ... so dark and ...
so ... So vicious.
Jekel, help me on the jumps.
What exactly are we looking deep in terillianischen airspace?
Well, well, it's the Revelator. Of course.
Very clear.
You have to find out what the search.
I want you to bring it to me.
So I got it.
Then we blow this bustling ship off the face of the universe.
Finally in space ...
bad things happen.
Control to command deck here. Send fighter squadron.
Energy measurements beyond the scale.
That must be it.
Repeat the last transmission.
- Status? - Not good.
The Gutter has sent four ships to Wake's position.
All are better armed and more maneuverable than the Minotaur.
- Wake? - Disappeared.
On the monitors, everything is blurry.
Find him, Olos.
Please doc ready, before the Nasty Steamers.
Is that necessary, Emerson? They are so bad for the universe.
- Disgusting inventions. - Doc, simply prepare the mines.
Revelator, I have our prey.
I'm coming home.
Get out immediately, Wake! There are several.
The Gutter is heading for us and sew to Emerson.
I see it.
We try something unconventional.
This includes a plan my death?
I hate the plan now.
Doc, you need to sickbay.
- Is anyone hurt? - No.
What about the smoke mines?
- Are you ready? - Almost.
Getting her ready, then go off. Wake will get bloody.
Why he comes to bloody?
Jekel, the landing ship sends out a rare energy signature.
It clearly has strange cargo.
Countless systems of the universe I have searched.
No other object in the universe
generates this unique energy signature.
Yes, but what does it do?
It can be anything.
It can be absolutely anything.
Come on, bring me the ship.
Record tracking.
Twelve, go to the scrap harpoon. You know what to do.
Will not like Wake.
I stand by that much longer.
We have lost our prey.
We should arrange to cease fire.
- I ... - No, you ..
I'll kill you if you say the wrong thing.
I think it would be terrible if that happens.
And now you're out of these incompetent morons space debris.
Do it
Your plan has worked.
I never climb back out of a cure ship.
Okay, guys, I'm ready. Ignites the mines.
Activate the smoke mines.
Sir, the Revelator fires.
- To distribute an article .. - A On what?
Is it a weapon?
Possible. It is definitely alien technology.
- And what does it do? - So what I have never seen before.
Charge everything we have, overkill.
The Revelator is a versatile ship. It is tricky.
Prepare guns.
Revelator, I'm stuck again in mortal danger.
My oxygen tank is damaged, I guess I stay two minutes.
Wake, do not waste your breath.
- They give you a part. - Yes, but ...
Get me out of here.
She's gone? The Revelator is just gone.
Why am I not surprised?
Jekel, your energy signature is back.
I am receiving a weak signal. It has probably survived the explosion.
This is good.
Maybe it's time for some ship-to-ship diplomacy.
Put that to wake through, he needs to hear.
Wake, I know you're out there.
You can hear me, wake.
Even in space, I can smell you.
Looters your rancid breath.
Jekel, Diplomacy.
Give me what I want.
Give me the chaos generator,
or I divide this part of the universe, ready to move just about you.
You have given the thing a name?
Then it must be really important, yes.
I'm glad that I'm taking away it to you.
You impudent ...
Is this miserable ...
Verrterweib still with you?
Are you there?
If you're traveling with me
you would have found pleasure in the noble things of the universe, Emerson.
But I let you go.
And you decide for Wake?
I think that was your biggest mistake, Emerson.
- Twelve, what's your status? - I'm almost there.
- Mallory, are you okay? - Yes. Except you no one calls me that.
- How? - Mallory.
Wrong. Wake up calls Mallory.
Olos also, it's a beautiful name. Why do you call yourself just "Doc"?
It's complicated.
No matter what is going on on the ship? What's our status?
Nobody tells me what, until all are full of blood,
or something explodes or apart? IEGT.
Rescue mission. Wake is out there in space.
Again? So that was the plan.
No wonder ...
- Twelve, you need the airlock - Right.
- You are right. - Twelve ...
Go. Go on.
We could calculate random interference pattern,
to sense the position of the reaction Revelator
and they nailed.
Surface fire into the cloud.
This could indeed destroy the Revelator, but it forces them out of hiding.
You can sound the death so tempting Breathtaker.
Therefore, the space is so problematic.
Better a melee after the atmospheric entry.
Come on, overkill.
Space is the last hunting area.
Whole planet to depopulate ...
is simply too intimate, too bloody.
Gives me a battle plan, a configuration.
Maximum scattering, only liquid metal laser.
We want to wound only.
I have recorded Wake. I shoot now.
She comes Wake.
Good ... Good work, Twelve. Bring him in, it is getting tight.
Good shot.
That was close. 've Already breathed spit.
Good shot, Twelve. Emerson, you're on the bridge?
Stupid question. Jekel prepares an attack, I can feel it.
Olos to configure for immediate departure a jump protocol.
- Already done. - She's good.
- Please say that Doc is waiting for me. - Do it.
How do you escape each time just so close to death?
Apparently, just as nearly enough. And I have the best crew of space.
- In the infirmary. - Okay.
You are mauled.
Space Salvage is a brutal job. How is my leg?
It healed. I could set up your muscle, thigh, and connective tissue.
Thank you.
What's this?
I'm not sure. I just know that the core values beyond the scale
Jekel and that it really wants.
- This does not bode well. - No.
He called it somehow ...
The "chaos generator".
Guns loaded. The cloud is already targeted.
I'm tired of this little game.
We destroy the Revelator easy.
- Do you mean not "cripple"? - No, I changed my mind.
Tears it to pieces.
Wake and his whole crew.
The clouds should last long enough for entering the flight coordinates.
- The Gutter shoots with liquid lasers. - What?
The Rays solidify on impact
and cause major internal damage.
Zartaliois technology. Jekel this would certainly have killed his family.
What has before Emerson? This keeps the Revelator not.
Infirmary, prepare to jump protocol!
Ward secured.
Energy output. The Revelator want to jump.
Fires everything we have in the cloud.
That's a lot.
- Under fire. - Start the engine.
Primary clutches failed.
Minimal damage to cover two and three.
I have a faint pattern of persecution for the Revelator.
Withstands the Gutter deep plunge?
- The machines are stable. - I could jump protocol crack.
- I'll bring us get close. - How close?
- With few space sectors. - This is risky.
I want the chaos generator.
He is the ultimate answer.
I ... I can not imagine anyone else in the entire universe,
I would rather hunt down and pulverize.
I'll get you.
I will find you.
Chaos generator or not.
I'm your severed head
see float by on my ship.
That's it? Does not look spectacular.
Rather primitive.
It's easy.
Doc, but bring it into the office and get the opinion of a Olos and twelve.
I could do, but I have in the lab to do more important things here.
I take this thing and go into the center.
Very good, Doctor. Keep me in the loop.
Every time you go out into space,
to salvage something ... you die while almost.
I should just shoot you,
here and now, and spare me the grief.
You can not do that. I am in control here.
Yes, seriously.
Someone that will want to have back.
According to the latest scans of the battle terillianischen
there were no survivors on both sides.
What a waste.
Is not it funny that the Terillianer civil war lead to?
You're a breed of researchers.
"We build weapons, but they do not use" is their creed.
Wake said that the area he has studied,
belonged to a damaged ship weapons technology.
Weapons technology?
What if they have been fighting?
Jekel must have known that it is because he is extra jump there.
What exactly is this thing, guys?
I wonder ob ..
What ... Is this really happening?
Wake, you should probably come from better immediately.
What has happened here?
- Where's Twelve? - You're standing in it.
- He has touched this thing. - What?
- It has killed him. - The thing is harmless.
- Tell him that - I've worn it yet. Looks.
- No! - What?
Why are not you dead?
Kills the thing people indiscriminately? Emerson, it touch it.
Certainly not.
It taps into the power cores of the ship.
There is something else ...
- It scans our system. - Exactly.
It performs protocol testing of all systems.
- All systems? We chase it up. - No, no.
You will probably not believe this,
but your little generator has detected a problem.
What? Where?
Apparently we have a leak in the engine bays.
The liquid laser Gutter
have punctured the coolant reserves and shock absorbers.
- We all bleed out. - So no atmosphere entry.
The heat would cut through our shell.
Great, another certain death.
Drive bays. That is ...
Someone needs to go down there and start the new damper.
And who?
- I. - No.
I know the bays best. I go.
Now I do not play the hero. Go on.
You'd never fit through anyway.
Whatever we do, we should do it more quickly.
Twelve is dead
I will ... I ...
Olos, make clean here.
What? Come on.
Emerson, go down. We meet on the bridge.
- Will you talk to her? - I guess I must.
This is gonna hurt.
You sure you wanna do this?
I do not have much of a choice, right?
Unless I want the rest of my life to look like scum.
Probably not.
Jekel, may I ask you a question about these looters Wake?
Your hatred of him is enough to compulsive depths.
And this woman, Emerson.
Strange that no one has ever mentioned. Not even du
It haunts me. You and Wake.
Let's just say: If one thing is certain in this universe,
Then there is the fact that we all ...
always encounter our enemies.
In fact.
I'm just trying for them to understand the true reason for your disdain.
Love, perhaps?
That's it, is not it? I should have known.
's You ..
jealous Breathtaker?
Pleasure is the ultimate ruin.
A sick, pathetic weakness.
It is a weapon that I perform masterfully.
There is no man I can not kill with the promise of a kiss.
You ...
- You're jealous. - Possibly.
Olos, I have reached the first node.
The Rays have probably hardened in the lower grille area.
After a few cuts the rest should fall apart.
All right, and then what?
The hard part.
You have to seal the cooling tank and start the new damper.
And if I do not manage?
Then the ship will explode.
Sure, of course.
May I join you?
How do you deal with, wake?
I mean, I know ...
This is our thing, our style, but ...
How do you manage to keep your emotions under control in combat?
How do you repress all the terrible things
you have seen or even done?
- I have not done so many bad things. - I know. I know that.
I can not shake the sadness sometimes.
I really try, but it just does not work.
Stop it, to try it.
Our only mission out here is to survive,
To protect ship and crew.
Is that enough?
You sound like Emerson. Yes, that's enough.
For the time being.
It's like something tugging inside me.
I want to rip out what it is, and throw it away.
You've always been strong. Note only the rules at any time:
Supporting a faster gun, your enemy is ahead,
stand about the universe and ...
Scour the universe. I know that.
I know that.
That's all well and good, but ...
- Do you want more? ' - No. No.
No, I like my life on the very Revelator.
I like my life insane.
I practically grew up here, you're my everything.
It is only because of Twelve. Why ...
Why did I fall in love with someone so ...
- Death is Vulnerable? - Yes.
He is unique.
Even in space love sucks.
- Yes, sort of. - Yes.
But you should try anyway. It is lonely here quickly.
Wait a minute ... You and Emerson?
Well, Emerson hates me, so we have a permanent bond.
I need you in the infirmary. My crew will be fit for Data Ocean.
- When you build a new twelve? - Thirteen.
It will be clone number thirteen.
Well, since his emotional and visual image
permanently connected to its personality core
matures you a new body package in case of loss of a lifeline.
- That was a little too technical. - That was nothing.
All his original memories and knowledge cells
be passed to the Nachfolgeklon.
Approximation personality, nothing is lost except for a genetic defect.
It is fairly mature. For a guy he is complex.
How long?
As soon as I can hydrate your brain.
You should Thirteen have to atmospheric entry.
This is not good.
- Wake, we need you on the bridge! - You do not say.
Have you found the second peak?
I could cut off a. Go to the next section.
The system values fall. You have the second hole seal.
Yes, only the movement is restricted here.
Just do it.
I see the second peak.
She penetrated pretty deep.
I should be able to cut away most of the damage,
but the restart of the damper is difficult.
Engines in the critical region.
Jekel wants to see us in surgery. Overkill, please be courteous.
Breathtaker warned me that he sucks on it.
Do you know what I think Mercenary Girl?
The gutter should plunder the universe,
instead of wasting space with relic hunting.
We should be bad-tempered.
I'm hungry war. I say it enough.
This is Jekels ship overkill. He is serious and rarely wrong.
So tear yourself together and even you.
I'm going.
For the time being.
Well, come now into surgery.
I'm stuck.
It's no use. I can ...
I'm not zoom.
You have no choice. The pulse jet engines are in the critical range.
I'm with you.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
- Emerson ... - Pulse drive in the critical region.
Listen. We are atomized into space if you do not start off the new damper.
- This is nothing. - Emerson?
Stretch yourself.
Come on!
I got it!
The system stabilizes.
You did it.
The coolant damper restart.
The air supply stabilizes.
Pack together and come out of there.
Are you going to yell at me because I have unnecessarily risked my life?
Not me. You saved my butt.
Is not that your job?
No, her. In it she is the best.
I leave that to you. In addition, I make the important decisions.
Beautifully said.
And now, whither?
The Savo system.
Data Ocean.
I want to find out what this chaos generator is capable of.
Well done, Jekel. Most do not survive this procedure.
Or they are mad.
I got the rare gift of a determination.
Clarify for us.
I'm going.
I had an epiphany, a moment of enlightenment.
I've searched this subject.
This chaos generator.
In any system.
I heard the whisper,
I announced the existence of such a device.
An alien construction,
which contains the entire knowledge of the universe.
- Impossible. - I thought at first also.
Do you hear the stories often enough, the truth revealed.
Legends become reality.
Emerson and wake time were with me.
We jumped ... in an area.
We ransacked entire planet.
I was not about water, food or technology that we salvaged.
I wanted information.
Any information that leads me to the generator.
I let devastate entire planets ...
only for a spark, a tiny hint
a clue to my search. And then ...
Then they are gone.
They left me in the lurch.
You stole my ship.
Because of a little girl.
It all happened on Prime 7426th
I remember Prime. A horrible planet.
We have looted a colony deep in space.
Jekel just wanted to bump the last survivor.
A little girl. Wake freaked out.
He saved the girl and left us on the planet.
Emerson has gone with him.
You're looking for this thing, as long as you can remember.
And you've still not found it.
Do not you think you should let it go?
Make sure you question me again, looters,
I will shred you.
Do you understand?
Now I want to hear that my ship was repaired
while Breathtaker has plagued me so caring.
Yes, Jekel. All necessary repairs have been done.
At your command we can monitor the Revelator and her crew.
So ...
Well then ... we'll grab us.
One more question. What has become of the girl?
Presumably Wake ...
they exposed on any planet.
Yes, I'm here. What is it?
We finish our jump. Emerson and I go to the surface.
We bring the chaos generator to Data Ocean.
If that's the plan.
I'll stay on the ship and take care of the repairs.
Good. Olos want to do with the Revelator also a few tests.
- I stay on reception. - Let me know if Thirteen is awake.
- He is part of the crew, I need him. - Will do.
Doc, are you okay?
Yes, I'm just doing some final tests.
Sounds good. See you shortly.
You are truly unique, Caleb.
Please, please be careful with this body.
It is the last.
Your defect has finally caught up with you.
That really seems to be a rare find.
Nothing. No picture, no records
no reliable information exists for this object.
With the exception of planetary legends whispered stories
which are unreliable and difficult to document.
Yet you say you got it recovered from a lump Allschrott?
- Yes, this war transporters. - Terillianischen origin?
Yes, Data Ocean. Terillianisch.
You sent us into their territory.
A race whose civil war their exploits.
A breed that is known to travel to the depths of space.
Very dangerous.
How deep?
Well ... Very, very deep.
Beyond the areas which I have knowledge.
You have to beat when you order with us for the jump.
Where we have oxygen tanks,
Alien Technology and inventories sought.
You have sent us into a war zone.
I did well, but perhaps for good reason.
Look at the loot.
Ye say that your genetic clone Twelve were killed.
A unique Looters dies just because he touched the device.
- Now Is Thirteen it? - Yes.
Perhaps the artifact also acts on the genetic level.
It is conceivable that the object
than twelve had direct contact with him, looking at him as a threat.
Speaking of threat: The Predator ship is destroyed.
Jekel was there.
Unexpectedly. Maybe he found us by accident.
Fact is, he sought the chaos generator.
Interesting ... Jekel. He is as ruthless as persistent.
He knows for sure that you would ask me for advice.
Interesting. The Gutter jumped into our system.
We have time. Not recognize our position.
You should leave the system. Just leave me the device for a ship.
You said yourself that the Revelator's scrap heap.
No, she is in need of repair, but not for scrap.
You have to hide it from you anyway Jekel.
- What about you? - Jekel needs my information.
Only I have access to all hopping protocols of the universe.
I would not count on it, Data Ocean.
Look at you around. Information Igen never.
But looters already.
Why do you carry a handgun at all?
Just in case.
What is the case?
I've seen you fight. You do not need a weapon.
Let's just say they completed my outfit.
Technotik locked.
Determine the angle of entry.
Vektorisiere primary thrust boiler.
Drives me to this Data Ocean.
Count on it.
Are you ready? The Gutter is the gravitational field of Savo.
Jekel brings us into the atmosphere.
- What are our logs? - Find Data Oceans mobile hideout.
His new fortress is based on a captured Aufklrungstranspoiter.
So he can move undetected.
We need to shake up the local looters.
Someone knows his pattern. We just have to squeeze it out of him.
Atmospheres? Bow come out.
Ready to ignite the primary engines.
- Jekel glides and slides. - Buckle up.
What does that mean?
Looters surprise tactics. Instead of slowly we enter in a nosedive.
- No plan from outer space, huh? - No, but I could kill you.
Oh well.
Jekel is mistaken, to try a maneuver.
That's why I hired him for. He ran the best bloodlust.
We slip through the planetary sensor network.
For the radar we are falling space metal.
No one expects such a fast ship.
Admission is only half the battle. We have in the gravitational flow.
Hey, Olos, you can give me the core grinder?
Thanks, got it.
You what?
- Thirteen! - What?
- I have to stop to kill me. - I know.
- At least I have new clothes. - Apart, I will sometimes.
This was the first time that you have not killed you.
It was not your fault, Twelve.
- Thirteen. - Right, Thirteen.
We'll get a name tag.
- The device has what done to me. - Yes, you're exploding.
- It was disgusting. - No.
It has burned me a guide
how to use it or installed.
- I'm not sure. - What?
Through the dreams that I've been in the stasis chamber,
can I save memories and new information.
- This is normal. - Yes, but ...
When I once again regained consciousness,
It was very different.
So you want to say that the chaos generator cold has made you ...
He has torn up,
a manual in your core memory bake?
- I ... So ... - I, uh ...
- Wake and Emerson should hear this. - Where are they?
You are using the chaos generator at Data Ocean.
Bring me down. I need to talk to them.
Okay, take the Minotaur 2 I was there to optimize it.
I have installed upgrades, improved navigation ...
Please do not die again.
I love you.
I know that. I hear what you're saying while I regenerate.
Wait a minute.
No, that's impossible.
I know you're watching over me. You stay with me.
You talk to me. I even know my name.
He is Caleb. I like him, he's so altgalaktisch.
You know, when you're down,
Ocean Data includes up to some crazy information extraction device.
Maybe we only learn so what we need to know.
Fit to dive sequence.
Bring us in, in the deep glide.
- The thing is for sure, right? - It is safe and painless.
I use it also for me, and look at me.
You see, his brain already produces images.
Thirteen, you understand some of these symbols?
- No, but ... - Looks like alien blueprints.
This plasma plate we could never penetrate.
Heavy guns, alien supply guilds,
Planet locations, hydraulic specifications.
- Lots of technology. - The number of raw data.
We must save it, collate, analyze.
- You do not know what that is, right? - Yes.
Perhaps the greatest accidental discovery of the universe.
No, this is a guide to control the universe.
No wonder she wants Jekel.
- I'll handle this. - Are you sure?
I was stuck in the gutter in the universe. I need that
We need information about Data Oceans hiding.
I'll be nice. That being said:
When death seemed ever so well?
So where is Ocean Data?
He could be anywhere. His country ship is constantly moving,
No one knows where it is installed the next time.
He does not trust anyone of us.
You mean, no one knows this Looter store where data is Ocean.
That's what I mean.
That is unfortunate.
Are you on the hunt? Want to get pounded?
What was that about?
- We have only one part. - What?
The chaos generator has three parts, we have only one.
We need all three to make it work.
I need to see your logs, find the system.
Which system? What are you looking for?
I do not know. I see this picture of two black planet.
Black rock, black moon.
The rotor system consists of black planet black rock.
Deadly planet, all ran in space.
And there is the second part?
- Yes. - Super. And where is the third part?
My head is just totally obscured.
The information reveal itself to me slowly, in spurts.
We probably all have our fun with you.
Jekel If so what would get their hands on, he would wipe out entire galaxies.
Jekel is on the way here. He puts us all.
Forget the deal, take the chaos generator.
This device is perfect Jekels legacy.
He wants it, attracted to it.
- Could it be used for good? - Depends on what is "good" for you.
For me it looks like a galactic doomsday machine.
You must find the Revelator the other parts.
Then you know what to do when the time comes.
- Where? On the black moons? - Yes, there we fly.
Please write us a jump you log into Ro system?
- I have not done anything. - You're a man, that's enough.
What? This is not fair.
You can not wipe out whole Marauder stock.
I've only just. I want to know where data is Ocean.
Look around, if you need inspiration. I try to ask nicely.
He commutes between three landing points, everybody knows that.
It is easy to find.
Where is the nearest airfield?
The mountainous coast near the outer boundary.
That's all I wanted to know.
I do not need. I do not even like guns.
Crude weapons.
You schienst they do not need to. I've never seen anyone fight like that.
You all killed.
I have. My name is Breathtaker.
Wish it to you, if they ask you who that was.
How is he supposed to remember your name when you wegschiet his brain?
That was an accident.
If you do that on every planet, you never know somebody who is.
But she's worried the information. We know where data is Ocean.
It is rare that we fly so deep into space.
- Crosscheck the lonenmotoren. - So deep space is more dangerous space.
Calculate the parameters.
I do not trust Ocean Data anyway.
It's too late. Hold on, guys.
I have seen and touched him.
He is everything you said and more.
Is that so?
None of us should have it.
That makes no sense, especially in your case.
Data Ocean, your entire existence consists of the acquisition of knowledge.
Knowledge alone is dangerous, Jekel.
- This knowledge is deadly. - Indeed.
So where is the Revelator?
You want information without struggling Jekel?
This is so tiring.
But that is probably to little.
In any case, ... you die tonight.
The chaos generator is like a seductive woman.
Were you even in their presence, you're obsessed.
So, you see my dear Data Ocean,
why I'm ready to tear you in two parts,
to get what I want.
And das. .. I mean fucking seriously.
- I know. - No ...
The rotor system.
What you are looking for, is located in the Ro system.
The ... is extremely interesting.
This is the edge of galaxy, but ...
Why you should simply tell me so?
If you follow Wake and the Revelator,
have you in the darkest, deepest corner of the known universe.
A system that is relentless when it comes to space travel.
- Better than you have died there. - Give me one.
Leaves du ..
ever this shelter Ocean Data?
You ever leave this cell?
Caution, Jekel.
I could send you and your ship easily into a star.
At least spare me with your weak intellectual drivel
before you abknallst me.
Have you done intentionally to always say the wrong thing?
You'll never be able to use the chaos generator.
Wake knows his power and will destroy him.
Not if I can help it.
But you know what I just realized Ocean Data?
You are much more dangerous than I'd like.
It does not matter what you do to me, Jekel. You will die either way.
No. No.
No, I certainly do not.
But I am very impressed
how brave you accept death.
- Honest impressed. - I have a secret.
You're welcome to take.
I receive an anomaly from the other side of the black planet.
This is our system, it just does not appear on the screen.
Hey, wake. We are within reach of the second piece.
Is this also a little more detail?
We are deep in AN. So that's a little vague, right?
- No. - Okay.
I have found Ocean Data.
He was quite cooperative.
Without me you would not make it.
He had the chaos generator.
Have you seen him?
But it's there?
He exists.
He has ... always existed.
I take the pulse bike, check out the All
and make a landing protocol for you and the Minotaur 2
You take Doc and Thirteen with, no?
I really should not?
You have to stay on the ship wake.
If Jekel was at Data Ocean, he knows that we are here.
This means that the gutter will come.
You're the best chance of surviving the Revelator.
This looting ... one of us will cost you your life.
We have taken all the much. It is time to return what.
After all, we save the universe.
Love in Space ...
I just find it ...
painfully ironic that Wake has it.
Now what?
Well ...
We follow the Revelator. We will continue hunting.
I will ... do not be satisfied ...
to me this ship and its crew no longer haunt.
I can only imagine the feel of such knowledge and power.
You'll experience it.
I promise you, you will experience it.
It is something that I want.
Something that we both deserve.
I could not have put it better.
Shall we tear the universe?
Yes, we will.
The anomaly is a black moon on the back of the planet.
Are you sure? He appears on any of my sensors.
Sure, I can see him.
At least what you can see. It is simply a dark sphere.
No star, he hardly stands out from the space.
Almost like the effect of Nasty Steamers.
Dark room. It is a rare but documented galactic phenomenon.
The gravity of a large, black planet
bends visible light from the surface of its moon.
This is a ship-killer.
- Wake, did you hear? - Yes. Yes.
Tried the diagnostic scans the Revelator to focus.
- Calculation running. - The atmosphere is thin.
But you can breathe.
- Wake, there's something else. - And that would be?
- The scanner received characters from ... - Life.
Looters. There is a small colony.
Very small. Looks like ...
Looks like a crash site.
That must be it. I'm coming. Starts Minotaur 2
Flies to the planet and brings the second part.
Wake, the gutter is just hergesprungen.
I'm ready. No matter, it changes nothing.
We follow the protocols, and all will be well.
Why should you land on this desolate moon?
- VW looking for something. - What could you looking for here?
What would interest you?
Look at it: there is nothing but darkness and death.
If I wanted to kill you, I could do that.
I might let you cut out of the shadows.
They call me Black Devert. This is my moon, my rocks.
Your rocks? We have followed a signal here.
You have tracked the signal? They have pursued it.
We followed the same signal to this godforsaken moon.
Tell me what. This black planet orbiting your ship?
Yes, it does. The whole crew is on call.
Your men should lower their weapons.
Why should I? You still direct your on me.
Oh, sorry, Black Devert. You only frightens us.
That was just a reflex.
All right, I see.
You should not have come here!
- I'm not to blame for the second time. - I know.
Addiction that?
I could smell you for your approach.
You want to have my part of the device.
How do you know that?
If the parts are close to each other ...
Or in a certain order, they begin to glow.
Do you not understand that? It has lured you.
It wants to be whole again. It has a consciousness.
You mean, the whole thing is a trap set up by a machine?
Why else we travel into the darkest corner of the universe?
We had to hide this thing that we discovered by chance.
- That's impossible - Is that it?
You're almost here already dies one. Is not that proof enough?
This thing spoils.
It conceals what is right, and amplifies what is wrong.
- Why did you kill me then? - Because we have to.
We do everything possible to remain undetected.
Whole alien fleets have hunted for us through the universe.
Wake, I have a warning on the screen regeneration.
- The Klonkammer heats up. - Thirteen dies.
Bring us closer to the black moon. Trust me.
Data Oceans protocols have sent us into the deepest hole.
- It has something comforting, is not it? - Jekel, the Revelator.
- Is it within reach? - No, sir.
She's gone.
What? Where?
I do not know. We jumped into the system and have it recorded.
Then she flew and disappeared around the black planet.
No jump signatures ...
I suffer not a single word of this man.
The problem took care of itself. We needed him.
- What for? - To fly the ship.
- Breathtaker, fly the Gutter. - I already recalibrate the controller.
Gets everything out of it and turn this beast around.
- What is overkill? - Let loungers. Of not more disturbing.
I receive a signal from the planet back.
We can swing back with the engines around the planet.
- A sort of surprise attack. - This is good. This is good.
Maybe we can swing even a few looters.
So be it. Bring engine aggregates at maximum.
I will not die again.
That you must not also. You must not do.
When you die, you die your personality with you.
There will be no fourteenth Caleb.
I know that. It is clear to me.
Black Devert.
You know that I am a Plnderin, right?
Of a greasy renegade like you I will not kill me.
You can try it, like the others before you.
I'm glad you said that. Doc!
The two were ...
My Best ...
- Really? - Yes, really.
Now comes the part that I really hate.
But I have to kill you.
- You do not have to. - No, but I'll do it.
You've saved me again.
That should be a quick foray.
Did not work out. My ribs are broken.
That's what happens when you go off the ship. What's with the clone?
He was shot.
I'm not dead yet
- Wake, he has the second part. - Got it.
No, no, no.
Stop it, the thing I do not care.
You're too good.
Where is she?
As a Marauder War freighter you can not ...
hide in the open space.
Breathtaker, you're asking too much from the Gutter.
Just a little piece, we're almost there.
Wake, you gotta go. Leave me about the two.
- Where's Thirteen? - In his chamber.
Yes, honestly, I was hoping not to be the one that dies.
I also.
The guy who caught me, this Black Devert,
knew the secret of the chaos generator.
- That's not important right now. - Yes, that's Wake.
That's why we came here.
You have to destroy him.
Even if you have the Revelator fly into a star.
You can now do nothing for them, and Olos needs your help.
So, you have to go now.
You have to stop Jekel.
Finish it.
Finish it if you can.
I'm going. Just do not let them die.
- What is it? - The Revelator was behind ...
A collision warning? That's impossible!
That can not be.
- What can not be? - An invisible black moon.
- We fly toward it. - A trap.
Stop the engine immediately!
Full reverse thrust!
- Three engines failed. - Drive from glidewing.
- What? - The inertia directs us past the moon.
- The Gutter is beyond us. Now? - Yes. Get out of the dark area.
Target acquisition.
Jekel, the Revelator has appeared out of nowhere.
Sensors rash. We will put massive targeted.
Olos, Schadensbe ...
Wake, are you still alive? Have you reconsidered my offer again?
I call you now my offer.
I disassemble the Gutter.
And I'll let you live.
We are done.
So I can not end.
Emerson is dead
My parting gift to you is,
imprison you in this metal ship.
The Gutter is dead, Jekel.
No navigation, the machines are destroyed.
We can not jump.
The long distance communication has failed.
Jekel, Wake killed us.
I know that.
Jekel, I thought you should know
I have two pieces of the chaos generator.
And I will destroy them both.
A final word?
I want to see again this corner of the universe ever.
Get rid of it.
Whatever this device,
it is not intended for us.
So then, looters, we get out of here.